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Starfinder General /sfg/

what kind of missions/adventures does your character do?

/sfg/ unified link repository: https://pastebin.com/BBVzM7tm
Cheatsheet: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lk2n?Starfinder-Cheat-Sheet
FAQ: http://paizo.com/starfinder/faq

old thread >>55049984

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Holy crap, that guy has a fucking long neck.

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Tell me about your character, class and concept!

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avenue manton

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whoops meant for

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Post drone inspiration

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Please put a title on your thread so the filter can do it's job and I don't have to see your bullshit.

Thank you.

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I have 3 so far that I really like.

1. Bounty Hunter Technomancer - The Spell Cache takes the form of an implanted 3rd "eye" that randomly looks in various directions. Specializes in hunting down hackers for various corporate entities

2. Star Shaman Mystic - A sort of hippie space trucker who's taken to mercenary work to help raise money for a community he's grown attached to in the diaspora

3. Arcane Assailant Soldier - Basically sci-fi Gunslinger


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>not using a cute droid

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i like your cutebot anon

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I'll reserve it for my Icon Mechanic

Also, what's the story with the cat people of the Vesk empire and when can I play !Ajani as a Mystic?

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>cat people of the Vesk empire

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Why does no one use melee soldier? Is it that bad compared to ranged?

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I haven't heard much, just that Obozaya apparently fought catfolk rebels on Vesk-6 in her backstory. Some people say that they don't fight much anymore, which annoys the Vesk, but that might just be memes. At any rate, they'll probably get an entry in the Alien Archive come October.

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its probably good, gets like +6 damage per shot. the weapons are wierd and awkward with a strange upgrade path. im afraid of using melee cuz KAC is like.... 3-4 higher than EAC

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Well, it requires you to fight in melee, which is a bit more difficult that it used to be, what with the proliferation of guns and all. Still, you could probably make a character who's good at stabbing a bitch and do well for yourself.

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Was swinging a sword a rarity in Pathfinder? Bows are cheap.

Heavy armor is a few points better than light armor, which the ranged Soldiers will have to use to get full Dex bonus.

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This assumes every situation will be good for gun usage or that you couldn't cross the distance and engage in melee somehow

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Anybody who thinks melee is bad at all hasn't played. It's at least as good, if not better than ranged combat.

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Yes, and?

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Is Melee wearing heavy armor viable? Or do you need that extra speed?

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It's an obnoxious, commercialized haircut that honestly does not look attractive?

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So I should stop liking it because you don't?

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It's fine. The idea that all combat will be long ranged fire fights is a huge misconception, maps are no less cluttered than in Pathfinder and moving around is actually way easier. Heavy armor will be no problem at all.

Melee damage is better without bow feats, you don't have to worry about getting locked down, and survivability is increased so it's less damning to be the obvious target.

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Blitz gets you +10 speed. With Hidden Soldier armor, I'm at +5 overall.

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What game is this? Or is this someone's 3d render?

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How much longer until we get a single good OP?

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I'm 90% sure that's a Quake Champions character.

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what do you want in an OP?

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It seems to be very popular with a certain particular subset of arts colleges. Usually combined with hair dye of neon varieties.

In other words, male-hating butch lesbians

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And you're just going to let them co-opt it like that? Why not show your egalitarian spirit by making a lascivious and decidedly feminine character with that hairdo?

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At least they're letting you know it's a lost cause before you talk to them.

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Nyx, from Quake Champions

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space is too scary for me anons.
the cold infinite blackness
soul sucking vacuums
radiation that will boil you alive
aliens that want to suck your juices out
getting lost in the eternal void
alone for thousands of lightyears in every direction
hostile planets that eat through your space suit.

and thats just the science part. now you add in the spooky supernatural stuff and its like 5X scarier than either one is alone.
space skeletons living on the moon hunger for your brains
space ghosts haunting a derelict ship in the middle of the eternal blackness
demons warping in from other dimensions directly onto your ship.

its too much for me anons, i cant play this game. i want to so bad tho

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You can easily spend an entire campaign on a single planet.

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You'd be surprised.
One I saw was wearing a tanktop over a sports-bra said "Down with Cishet Patriarchy" - not sure where that is - and given the adam's apple was quite clearly some thinass guy with that haircut. Queens Uni in Kingston, Ontario.

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>trapped on a single planet with no way to escape

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Too late, the hairdo's been irrevocably poisoned.

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Too bad I can't find a game to try a heavily armored Melee soldier in!

What if I go Guard, not Blitz?

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Sure, if you've got no ambition or courage

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>air supply slowly dindling in your claustrophobic space suit as you wait for death only able to hear your own breathing slowly get shallower and quicker

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the minute but non-zero chance of a piece of debris zipping across the galactic plane at relativistic velocities one day intersecting your position

or the inexorable accumulation of micro-damage against your genetic makeup by all the things that didn't kill you eventually proving themselves to not have made you stronger, just a victim of cancer.

or the blinding searing energies thrown across the void mindlessly by natural phenomenons

or anything resulting from the words "wolf-rayet" with an axis that can put your planet in a line with it....

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>space suit computer voice: oxygen level now at 2%, 5 minutes remaining
computer what is the distance to the nearest oxygen resupply
>10.3 trillion miles

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Was 1.75211 light years just on a whim or is it a specific reference to something?

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>getting trapped in a super gravity well where time goes impossibly slower than the rest of the universe and you are forced to watch the entropic heat death of the universe over the course of your lifetime

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Until you enter the Tesseract and tell a little girl how to develop FTL.

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What's wrong with spending an entire campaign on Verces? Are you such a boor you need constantly changing landscapes to keep people interested?

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What do you think would be some unconventional hooks for a game?

I believe it was brought up before about the PCs all being celebrities of some strip or another but I wonder how you would pull off a group of high powered reporters looking for the next big story?

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>Nyx, from Quake Champions


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Made at the appropriate time without thread politics, with a topic that encourages discussion instead of echo chamber, a useful OP, AND STARFINDER IN THE THREAD TOPIC INSTEAD OF PART OF THE POST. COME ON.

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Getting into this Homebrew game>

Here's some of my shit.


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They've covered wars, you know.

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I know, the Cold war between the Vesk and the Pact Worlds would be an awesome set-up for that, esepcially if the PCs uncover an attack by the Swarm.

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Gdoc free

Optional Rules:

Change Automatic Weapon Trait to Select Fire Trait
Select Fire
Automatic weapons now have three firing modes that can be chosen as part of an attack.
Single-Fire: Attack normally
Burst-Fire: Gain a flat +2 to Attack and Damage to that attack, at the cost of ¼ of the weapon’s capacity in ammo spent.
Full auto fire: Weapon trait as normal

Feat Changes and Additions

You can draw weapons faster than most.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You can draw a weapon as a swift action. Additionally,
when making an attack using a thrown weapon as an attack or
full attack action, you can draw a weapon as part of the action
of making a thrown attack with it. You can draw a hidden
weapon (see Sleight of Hand on page 146) as a move action.

**IF you have 15 Dex or more, the amount of weapons you can draw as a swift action is limited only by the amount of free hands you have.**

Normal: You can draw a weapon as a move action, or (if your
base attack bonus is +1 or higher) as part of a move action,
and you can draw a hidden weapon as a standard action.


You’ve practiced reloading your favored weapons.
Prerequisite: Weapon Proficiency (Weapon Type) [Small arms, Longarms, Heavy weapons, Ect]
Benefit: The time required for you to reload your chosen type of weapon is reduced to a Swift Action.
Normal: A character without this feat needs a move action to reload.
Special: You can gain Rapid Reload multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon type


By using special grip techniques, you can reload your weapon even when your hands are full.
Prerequisite: RAPID RELOAD [Weapon Type] BaB +5
Benefit: You can reload a weapon as a move action when your hands are full.
Normal: A character cannot reload without a hand free.
Special: If the character is carrying something bulky or awkward in their free hand, The GM can wave this feat at their discretion.

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Ysoki Outlaw Mechanic. Pretty bog standard, playful hacker sort of mentality. Uses her drone for scouting and not much else (couldn't afford to put a gun on it with level 1 cash, well, maybe I coulda, but I didn't). Joined the party to escape the fuzz from Absalom Station.

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But we can already do that, it's called Pathfinder

>> No.55077554

Envoy (Male)

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You can make up for the lost speed with a Speed Suspension aug.

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I haven't played, but melee in this setting reminds me of melee in Shadowrun. Yes, advanced technology means that on an open field anyone who didn't bring a gun will be shot from fifty directions by people who did. No, you will never be fighting in an open field.

Shadowrun has you fighting in urban environments, this game looks like it's going to be about interiors of ships and space stations. Sure, someone might decide to run a campaign set on the steppes, but it seems unlikely.

>> No.55077800

There's a difference between "there's just a short hallway between your SMG and the angry troll street-sam with a halberd" and "everything is nothing BUT the corners and the enemy chaos prince starts infiltrated inside charge range of your own deployment zone and cannot be shot while engaged in melee"

For a game it's fine if you can average one volley for short-ranged decently strong ranged weapons, or two for weaker but long ranged (as you've paid for this shit) ones before the melee gets to you, but if everything always appears inside "you're meleed on turn 1" range, either the GM is a piece of shit or there's some serious fuckup in the rule system.

>> No.55077837

>this haricut will make up for the fact that i have 50% less upper body muscle mass, 25% less VO2 max, and 50% less cortical area in my skeleton.

>> No.55077898

Don't worry, they're expert fighters because they can hack into their opponent's body and, as they always say, "use their own strength against them."

>> No.55077912


Oh boy, you're one of those guys arn't you? Let me guess, do you enforce the -4 STR meme on your players to?

>> No.55077933

Considering fiction and games don't care about actual scientific physical differences for the sake of people not bitching about "Balance" in their waifus, and the fact that most of the people with sidecuts are primarily worn by neo butch lesbians and Male J-Pop idols I really don't think it matters in the end either way and you are now in fact sperging more than the person just spamming the pictures at you.

>> No.55077967

>you are along along the smooth hull of the ship, goblins jump out of hatches.
>roll initiative

>> No.55077976

I think he's really just making fun of sidecuts being used to establish a girl as "tough and totally badass" in whatever media they're shown.

Curiously, the woman with a sidecut is always shown as heterosexual in those works, too.

>> No.55078008


Or they could just be a bitch in the same league as realism fags who like to shove in people's faces why fantasy armor is impratical like we're supposed to be impressed.

>> No.55078027


3ft tall rats have a -2 to strength. Same for halflings and such from other systems. -4 STR always seems bizarre to me.

>less cortical area in my skeleton.
doesn't mean anything, but thanks for the trip round google, it was interesting.

Smooth? Also, you're demanding some strangely specific plausibility for someone talking about a space goblin fight.

>> No.55078059


>-4 STR meme is a helluva drug

>> No.55078141

>Smooth? Also, you're demanding some strangely specific plausibility for someone talking about a space goblin fight.

goblins have taken over the pleaser yacht and are holding hostages! board the vessel in your space suits at these points on the hull. goblins jump out of hatches. roll initiative.

>> No.55078171


>Be a Starshaman
>Don't even need a space suit

I bet you don't even hear the song of the heavens do you?

>> No.55078194

>> No.55078208

you are on the hull of the pleasure yacht, butt naked, having hot sweaty monkey sex with your waifu without your space suits. goblins jump out of hatches.

roll initiative

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>> No.55078236

Sidecuts are just broadcasting you should stay away from them, they're in the same league as Problem glasses and brightly dyed hair.

>> No.55078238

Rolled 14 (1d20)


Bitch all I need is my pistol and my stick.

>> No.55078255


Sure, if you're deathly afraid of females in general.

>> No.55078273

If only you'd spent 740 credits earlier. This could have been avoided.

>> No.55078290

You sound butt hurt. Life's too short to associate with people you know are going to be annoying.

>> No.55078329


I guess I should take your advice. At least do us a favor and don't spam the -4 meme and no white males bullshit in the thread. I actually came here to enjoy things unlike you.

>> No.55078350

Rolled 15 (1d20)

I got this

>> No.55078389

Why don't you make a character with a Hitler youth haircut?

Same reason, moron.

>> No.55078423


Man, fucking Nazis ruining toothbrush moustaches for everyone.

>> No.55078450

The greatest crime of WW2 honestly.

>> No.55078495

But there are white males, and they're all evil Cannon fodder.

>> No.55078511

Knowing Paizo, this mentality is probably already canon in Starfinder.

>> No.55078680

>this mentality is probably already canon in Starfinder.

Fuck it, I'm counting them up.

Here's the tally of explicitly Human characters, either solo or part of a set piece* and found in the CRB or Dead Suns #1. Characters, whether white or otherwise, will be mentioned separately as "Evil" if they're shown as an "opponent" or "enemy" character, aka something the Iconics are shooting at. For simplicity's sake, the Iconics themselves have not been added to the tally.

*I have only tallied the ones whose ethnicity can be easily determined

>White Males: 2
>Colored Males: 6

>White Females: 6 (one of the six is a slave getting sold to aliens)
>Colored Females: 11

>Evil White Males: 12
>Evil Colored Males: 0
>Evil White Females: 0
>Evil Colored Females: 0

>> No.55078685

I enforce that, because I don't need any sweaty ugly men trying to pretend to be female and try to role play sexual encounters with me. I don't play with any actual women or trannies because I'm smart and don't want cancer at my game...

>> No.55078750

>aka something the Iconics are shooting at

I must add an addendum, that I had also tallied characters who are, although not explicitly shooting at or being fired upon by the Iconics, are mentioned as antagonists and should be treated as such by the DM. For these purposes, Silek Odegard is one of the 12, for he is a white male and described as Neutral Evil.

Not only is he described as Neutral Evil, he is the "Enforcer" for a neighborhood on Absalom Station that has "forced out" all "non-human" residents, forming a "racial enclave" for humans, populated by humans, segregating the unwanted away.

>> No.55078802

>I don't need any sweaty ugly men trying to pretend to be female and try to role play sexual encounters with me

Sounds like you're projecting your wants and desires here.

>> No.55078845

I hope they actually start believing their own bullshit so that the Paizo devs just kill themselves out of racial self-hatred.

>> No.55078879

>he plays the game differently from me
>it must be a a psycho-sexual disorder based on Freudian pseudoscience! no-one can have valid reasons for their different taste!

>> No.55079010

So, you're gay and in the closet. Makes sense to me.

>> No.55079048

There's nothing wrong with gays in space, anon! Decreased emotional bonding, higher incidences of domestic violence, and epidemic disease transmission rates aren't a problem if you have healing magic!

>> No.55079058


as long as they don't have sidecuts right? That's just the last straw I imagine.

>> No.55079081

And spliced clone babies!

>> No.55079111

There are only FOUR sidecuts in all the art for the CRB and Dead Suns!

>> No.55079125

>higher incidences of domestic violence
thats my favorite statistic of all time, lesbians are like 166% more likely to beat the shit out of eachother than hetero couples. it takes a giant watery shit all over the religion of feminism.

i wonder if piazo will make an adventure book that showcases the realities of lesbian violence since they love gays so much

>> No.55079134


>> No.55079161

>i wonder if piazo will make an adventure book that showcases the realities of lesbian violence since they love gays so much

... Are you forgetting how every lesbian relationship in the APs is shown as beautiful and perfect, with one being literal star-crossed lovers (Reign of Winter #2) and another being the ideal relationship (Irabeth and Anevia.)

>> No.55079174


I don't think the cat lady in the glasses consented to that.

>> No.55079191

>lesbians are like 166% more likely to beat the shit out of eachother than hetero couples
Interestingly, that's only because there are two women involved, and women are more likely to be victims of domestic abuse regardless of sexual orientation. Gay men are significantly less likely to be abusive to their partners.

Also, you're equating domestic abuse with physical violence. Well, the source you're misquoting is, at any rate.

>> No.55079194

It's a cat lady; you don't need their consent, anon.

>> No.55079202

The violence is caused by the internalized white patriarchy that they are struggling against.
So even though you think it's their fault, it's still YOUR fault.
Which proves you are a subconscious sexist and need to be removed from society.

>> No.55079229

>likely to be victims of domestic abuse regardless of sexual orientation
you mean perpetrators.
women commit like 60% of DV

>> No.55079239

See >>55078680 and >>55078750

Paizo already recognizes this, which is why white men are meant to be gleefully destroyed like the low-level dogs they are.

>> No.55079265

The fact that they are even in the game at all is proof that Starfinder is a horrifying nightmarish dystopian setting.

>> No.55079319

>Not only is he described as Neutral Evil, he is the "Enforcer" for a neighborhood on Absalom Station that has "forced out" all "non-human" residents, forming a "racial enclave" for humans, populated by humans, segregating the unwanted away.

Oh fuck this.

>> No.55079333

Certainly not with any of the dreck known as Adventure Paths.
Random fight 1, Random fight 2, Dungeon Crawl 1, Dungeon Crawl 2. See you in two months.

>> No.55079373

>tfw you will never play the trans wife of an abusive kitsune star shaman who threatens to maroon you in vacuum after sex

>> No.55079390

LOL paizo is so fucked

>> No.55079403

The link the core rulebook is in is the most like sketchy shit.

>> No.55079417

The president's daughter has been kidnapped by a cyber-dragon and the advanced predictive AI advisor has determined the freshly assembled motley crew of PCs are the ideal candidates for the rescue mission

>> No.55079488

Oh you big silly willy, you didn't read the best part! Silek Odegard is not only the neighborhood enforcer for a racist Human neighborhood, he's the representative for "Absalom Strong," a grassroots nativist organization that believes the Starstone should only be used by the refugee races of Golarion and that aliens should GET OUT.

He is literally a Donald Trump expy.

>> No.55079490


Don't forget to have them walk around with a picture of the president's daughter and plainly asking if anyone has seen her.

>> No.55079513

do androids have families? do they fuck? they dont have kids, so they must not fuck? and if they dont fuck they dont have families. sooo... what is android society actually like? what are their motivations for doing anything? why do they have a society at all?

>> No.55079519

A famous pirate getting her ship repaired at your odd jobs shop dies of her wounds, bequeathing her ship and vendetta to the party.

>> No.55079549

>Do Androids have families?

Not in the traditional sense, but they can get married and adopt.

>do they fuck?

Absolutely, they're often humanoid in appearance and described as being used for a variety of occupations, this would inevitably suggest sex work if the breasts are any indication. They're sterile, but have the parts.

>> No.55079559


Androids are manufactured and they can "die" and a new soul takes hold in the body effectively becoming a different person. It's actually part of the backstory of the Android operative because he gets a note from himself essentially to GTFO as soon as he wakes up.

They also recently achieved civil rights and are kind of all over the place many living on aballon because they have a court system favorable to machine races and others are just whatever.

>> No.55079574

Something I'm not clear on is are they still making new androids? If they are why?

>> No.55079596

>do they fuck? they dont have kids, so they must not fuck?

... What makes you think "they can't have kids" means they don't have sexual organs? If anything, their sterility and status as "autistic slave race" means they're very open to sexual relationships.

>Something I'm not clear on is are they still making new androids?

Yes, this is mentioned in the lore. Some places operate the factories legally, but many of them (often owned by megacorporations or the Azlanti Star Empire) are producing "illegal" Androids they treat as slaves or indentured servants.

>> No.55079597


Because they can and do. Sometimes they are made by illicit groups and sometimes they are just fresh out of the factory. It could be that a lot of adroids have taken over manufacturing more of themselves since achieving civil rights to ensure they are being made into slaves essentially but it still happens.

>> No.55079601

theres a bunch in the asteroid belt building a planet out of asteroids and comets
new androids i think are illegal? except those built by other androids. theres rogue corporations building them for slavery tho

>> No.55079656

Paizo can't make good systems, OR good settings.

Why the fuck should anyone be hyped for this again?

>> No.55079663

> they are being made into slaves essentially
> treat as slaves or indentured servants

Which literally makes no fucking sense at all. If you are so technically advanced that you can make androids, just make a cheaper robot to do that one menial job you'd use a slave for.
But hey, it's fantasy (and Paizo at that) so they need a poor oppressed race that are being treated bad... because EVIL. Fucking game developers.

>> No.55079687

Then use a sword that does energy damage? Duh?

>> No.55079704

>elves are still racist isolationists
>lashunta are racist against bug people but everyone still loves them, even the shirren who understand that #YesAllBugs

I think Paizo are just racist against humans

>> No.55079726

Why the fuck indeed, the interest on Myth-Weavers and Roll20 seems to be absolutely minimal.

Let the game rot.

>> No.55079731

Take Fleet, also a +10 speed

>> No.55079745

Not sure about that assessment. It's heavy-handed, but a great many sci-fi settings heavily emphasize the difference between AI and sentient life. Creativity and problem-solving are the big ones. The Corporations probably do have lots of automation where they can, but a slave race able to generate out-of-the-box solutions? That's worth the risk of running illegal android forges.

>> No.55079757

Their most (only) successful game was an unashamed copy/paste of an existing game with houserules. Their status is almost entirely unearned, which is hilarious given their political affiliation.

>> No.55079781

slave + decision-making = revolt

>> No.55079800

But historically, slave revolts are rare, and generally lose in the end.

>> No.55079808

>and generally lose in the end.

The one in Haiti was successful at installing a black government!

>> No.55079842

Also a common sci-fi plot point. Harrington had the Mesa Genetic Slaves, Thrawn had a planet under his thrall, etc.

It usually ends very badly for the slaver, but these end up closer to the Clone Army from Star Wars. Despite being patterned on the genes of a highly independent and dangerous individual, they were trained and conditioned from birth to submit to and obey certain authorities. They had a near-zero incidence of actual disobedience or revolt for the 50-odd years they existed.

>> No.55079850

That's a mohawk with a ponytail... Not a side cut

>> No.55079867

I'm making fun of the big fat face, not the hair.

>> No.55079873

It was the only slave revolt in the new world that worked, and it wasn't a revolt for the freedom of all. The leaders only wanted freedom for themselves and the mixed-race slave owners wanted to preserve their slave holdings. The new government was brutal and chaotic in the finest African traditions, and it's history of un-civilization has continued into the present era.

When freaking slavers are nicer people than you, it's fair to call the new regime a failure. Unless you're the new strongman ofc.

>> No.55079901

Speaking of big fat things in Starfinder, what's everyone planning for their character's backstory?

>> No.55079922

Lashunta are racist against bug people for the same reason dwarves are racist against giants and orcs and such. They spent a long time at war with them, they tried to conquer them. Just because a sub sect of them broke off and are more normal now doesn't mean they just forget what they did and get all trusting and lovey dovey with them.

>> No.55079930

Sentient fart cloud race when?

>> No.55079948

Yes it does you bigot

>> No.55079952

Why do padlocks cost more than spacesuits

>> No.55079981

How much do padlocks cost?

>> No.55079998

Maybe spacesuit costs were discounted on purpose to match 1st-level wealth?

>> No.55080031


My Technomancer had a run in with what he believed to be some kind of strange AI that occasionally shows itself to him in dreams and he's been chasing after it ever since as his secret goal.

If I ever get to run a game the entity will be a part of the setting. Basically a reimagining of Coyote as a free wheeling AI that likes to tackle various problems in his own way.

>> No.55080127

Padlocks still don't have a listed cost, you shitter.

>> No.55080176

>Just because a sub sect of them broke off and are more normal now doesn't mean they just forget what they did and get all trusting and lovey dovey with them.

Of course it does, anon. It's worked with the West and immigration and it should work here.

>> No.55080209

That sounds anti-semitic, anon...

>> No.55080212

Good locks have a price of 3,600.
D-suit Mk1 have a price of just under 3,000.
I too thought it was a shitty meme.... it's not.

>> No.55080262

I don't know that all those 'evil white males' should count, since in at least two pictures featuring them it looks like the artist got lazy and just drew the same guy five times using the crappy justification of 'they're in a gang, so should look exactly the same'.

>> No.55080313

>since in at least two pictures featuring them it looks like the artist got lazy and just drew the same guy five times using the crappy justification of 'they're in a gang, so should look exactly the same'.

Only one, actually. The one in the CRB, which still counts even if it's because the artist was a lazy piece of shit. The second image that features numerous "Evil White Males" getting mowed down by the protagonists is in Dead Suns, and that actually has five unique gang members; they aren't the same guy, and they're still all white.

>> No.55080372

To be fair, it's an existing game that they (at least, the company at the time) helped build - Dragon and Dungeon, when Paizo made them, were instrumental in the course of 3.0 and 3.5, both mechanically and aesthetically.
When WotC pulled it's bullshit at the launch of 4, cutting them off, they honestly did what they had to to survive - if WotC hadn't pulled the plug on the magazines, Pathfinder would never have happened, and Paizo would have continued happily towing the party line of whatever official edition exists. But instead, they made their own game with the only mechanics they knew, occasionally copying ideas that WotC was trying out, but in their own autistic way. Aesthetically, they made this great big mess, as the crappy 3.5/4.0 style clashed with the people who wanted classic pulp adventure, which clashed with the people who wanted vanilla dnd, giving us the gigantic mess that is Golarion.
Then, of course, all the new people showed up. They all suck, and yes, their status is definitely unearned.

>> No.55080416

The dudes being killed by fat-head and Rocket Rat-coon?
We'll have to agree to disagree about them not being clones.

>> No.55080491

>We'll have to agree to disagree about them not being clones.

They've got identical tattoos and gear, but otherwise they're each different.

>> No.55080561

Not to mention that they are all oozing with toxic masculinity.

>> No.55080577

>Lock (Average, Good, Simple, Superior)
>Locks are extremely advanced reusable devices, able to secure any fastening or closure by bonding with its surface and then holding fast.
>Locks usually open with a code, security chip, or voice command. Successful Engineering checks can disable locks.
>Locks come in four levels of quality-simple, average, good, and superior-which determine the DC of Engineering checks to open them without the proper key or code.
>A lock takes two hands to secure or open with a security chip. For more information on locks, including the Engineering DCs to open them, see the Engineering skill on page 141

Not even the shitty 100 credit 'simple' lock is a padlock.

>> No.55080594

Don't forget these guys

>> No.55080604

Oh no! It's Multiple Man!

>> No.55080607

If it has a numeric keypad on it it would technically be a padlock.

>> No.55080626

But you aren't denying that a lock costs more than a spacesuit?

>> No.55080638

I can't believe they actually described an NPC in Ruins of Azlant as reeking of toxic masculinity.

>> No.55080639


Maybe it's like Payday 2, where the totalitarian state uses mass-produced armies of clone enforcement officers to subdue lawbreakers.

>> No.55080664

Upon deep forensic analysis, I see that there right.
But let the record show that I've seen Paizo art of Goblin hordes that showed more individuality between members then is on display here.
Honestly, I feel like Paizo's art has gotten shittier in general. Like, I just can't get into any of the Starfinder art at all. Which is weird, because I'm usually into the 'cosmopolitan gonzo space opera' aesthetic they seem to be going for.

>> No.55080685

*I see that -you're- right, god fucking dammit.
Not even phoneposting, no excuse.

>> No.55080773

Fuck really? Where, the AP book?

>> No.55080836


>> No.55080870

I don't see the problem with this character? He's your standard "macho" loser who's way too puffed up on his own perceived importance.

>> No.55080886

I can't believe the Inspirational Media page is just "FUCK DRUMPF" over and over

>> No.55080897

lol omg missed the part with
> resenting the other man’s sense of entitlement, again not recognizing that he shares some of the same traits
the hilarious part being the "other man" is of course another cis-gendered white shitstain

>> No.55080927

I just realized that mech rules, being an original sub-system, will probably be shit.

>> No.55080949


So, he's feeling the big man because he's the only metalworker left in town, gets snitty about people stepping on that, and is striking out with a girl whom he explicitly admires for her strength and power because she's not into him like that?

Seems like an okay guy. Got a nice 'stache.

>> No.55080954

>master of his craft

One of these is not like the others.

>> No.55080983


>> No.55081022

Look, honestly I don't think the writing and role of this guy is a problem. He's fucking Gaston.

The problem is that the majority paragraph of Gaston's description is devoted to how cool the girl is that he's never gonna score with and we're just informed that Harcourt is probably not going to get along with him either, as long as we're talking about NPCs.

I wanna see this Anya's statblock and description and I'll be greatly surprised if it's not twice as long as Calewicks and her personal failings revolve around her being too special, beautiful or talented.

>> No.55081090

>I wanna see this Anya's statblock and description and I'll be greatly surprised if it's not twice as long as Calewicks and her personal failings revolve around her being too special, beautiful or talented.

>> No.55081157


>> No.55081185


>> No.55081192

well keep in mind that Luetin is only part of the problem.
You see he is but one aspect of the Evil Triad of White Men in the colony.
The other two being:
- Harcourt the entitled rich snob who despite not doing anything evil is literally listed as "a minor antagonist".
- and Kurvis the "curmudgeonly and easily irritated" priest who "will spend his life alone" (yes these are literal quotes).

>> No.55081240

>- and Kurvis the "curmudgeonly and easily irritated" priest who "will spend his life alone" (yes these are literal quotes).

He's a good guy, though, because though he bickers with his gay best friend like an old married couple, they're really there to help the Colony. That said, the only respectable male character in the entire Colony is a Pathfinder Society agent (and old, to boot) which brings us to the exciting realization that the male PCs are the only "good" marriageable men in the entire Colony.

>> No.55081287

Gotta shoehorn in those Bioware Romantic Sideplots somehow!!

>> No.55081400

>mfw three women per PC

>> No.55081436

>mfw I play ladies into ladies, but know that'll work out fine because paizo

>> No.55081445

I do the same thing. It works out with bioware games too.

>> No.55081483

You know Paizo has a good game when the thread is busy talking about the other game they make.

>> No.55081534

>/sfg/ talks about Pathfinder
>/pfg/ doesn't talk about games at all
I really need to learn more games.

>> No.55081551

Do you like star wars? We could play some of the ffg game some time

>> No.55081562

I hate Star Wars. We will never be friends.

>> No.55081756


Well, there's a lot you can play besides Star Wars games! There's Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, the 40k RPGs, the WHF RPG, Deadlands, Legend of the Five Rings, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the Dresden Files RPG, Traveller, and Ironclaw, just to name a few!

>> No.55081924


Uh... Tell that to the Jews and the neo Nazis...

>> No.55081950


Consolidated a few rules, because feat taxes are bad. Need to get to the cool stuff.

Sweagle's Optional Starfinder Rules:

Change Automatic Weapon Trait to Select Fire Trait

Select Fire
Automatic weapons now have three firing modes that can be chosen as part of an attack.
Single-Fire: Attack normally
Burst-Fire: Gain a flat +2 to Attack and Damage to that attack, at the cost of ¼ of the weapon’s capacity in ammo spent.
Full auto fire: Weapon trait as normal


Feat Changes and Additions

Change Quick Draw into Fast Hands

Fast Hands
You’re faster than most when manipulating your weapon.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You can draw a weapon as a swift action. Additionally, when making an attack using a thrown weapon as an attack or full attack action, you can draw a weapon as part of the action of making a thrown attack with it. You can draw a hidden weapon (see Sleight of Hand on page 146) as a move action. In addition all reload times with weapons your class is proficient in are reduced to a swift action.

Normal: You can draw a weapon as a move action, or (if your base attack bonus is +1 or higher) as part of a move action, and you can draw a hidden weapon as a standard action. Reload time for all weapons is a move action.

By using special grip techniques and practice, you can manipulate light and maneuverable weapons as if they weren’t there.
Prerequisite: Fast Hands, dex 15
Benefit: You can treat a hand wielding small arms, or Operative weapons as empty for the purposes of any action. Such as reloading, typing, bandaging wounds, manipulating objects ect.
Normal: A character with a small arm, or operative weapon is full and cannot be used for other tasks.

>> No.55082008

>stronk barbarian mummy gf who wants to snu snu the pretty boy

I'm okay with this

>> No.55082012

Sure, tell that to pretty much every African American who thinks the "white man" (read as: all white men) is trying to keep them down.

Not that they are wrong, this country is fucked.

>> No.55082233

I feel like Starship combat takes too long.

Anyone else feel the same or can offer some advice on how to make it faster?

>> No.55082287

Double all damage dealt.

>> No.55082322

Oh also wanted to add another question one of my players had. Is there anyway to scavenge the ship after causing it to become incapacitated?

I am thinking this as well. It seems like the real combat was over in a few rounds and it was just tedious of the enemy trying to run away while returning fire. I guess I should just have said "oh the ship is destroyed now".

>> No.55082369

By default, winning ship to ship combat doesn't result in the enemy ship exploding.
Board and loot in exchange for their lives, blast them and collect the parts, either way works.

Worth noting that ship BP are split from the credit system for very real reasons; do not let them try to salvage a nuked ship and sell the scrap for credits or they will damn near instantly be millionaires.

>> No.55082407

Can you point me to the RAW, but I like the idea of allowing them to blast them and collect the parts.

>> No.55082467

Actually I think that's what the fucking exoskeleton is for. I think the other one probably has some discreet cyberware.

>> No.55082506

Well we know who came first... which one of you was the waifu again?

>> No.55082544

It's like the central conceit of the BP system. When they upgrade their ship just say they got the parts from salvaging

>> No.55082615

The best part of the Starfinder setting, since it's in space you fuck right off to the other side of the galaxy to a new system, away from the identity politics of the pact worlds.

Downside is, it means you won't be able to stay and hangout with all the space liches and you'll miss out on the spicy torture porn gameshows of Eox.

Hmmm.... maybe we could nuke another planet out in the Vast and offer it as prime real estate for the up and coming space zombie looking to set up shop.

>> No.55082632

Oh I see. Thanks

>> No.55082651

They aren't just padlocks, the are near magic technology that can instantly latch on to any solid surface or release from it harmlessly to keep just about anything that can open closed.

>> No.55083406

How often will social skills even come up?
The way I see it you roll culture to not piss off aliens, so diplomacy is useless.
Intimidate is already useless on its own.
Bluff needs you to be ultra-invested in it to ever beat a Sense motive, and even then it's still unlikely.
Disguise is literally a potion you can afford at level 1.

>> No.55083748


You roll Culture so you know how not to piss off aliens. You roll Diplomacy when you want to convince them to do something for you. You roll Intimidate when you don't want to ask nicely. Liars should invest in Bluff if they want to be good at it. Disguise helps keep people from realizing you drank that potion.

>> No.55084055

Be honest with me, am I the only one waiting for other people to run games here before I run mine so I don't have to be first? Or am I just imagining /sfg/ chicken on my own?

>> No.55084265


You are imagining /sfg/ chicken, anon. And because of that, you have become the /sfg/ chicken.

>> No.55084338

Does anyone have suggestions for a lightweight map editor or something? I like having working and walkable ship interiors but drawing this shit out in paint is agonizing.

I could freehand it on a grid thanks to my wacom, but I'd really find it nice if I didn't have to.

>> No.55084529

I've been using this for my maps, but it can only make simple layouts


it's been pretty good so far for my Roll20 campaign, but I'm looking for alternatives with more detail

>> No.55084547


example of what I've made recently, it's an abandoned asteroid mining base

>> No.55084758

Not even the guy who asked but that seems handy so have yourself a second thanks

>> No.55085364

>Profession: Janitor
>So popular by 6th level that literally everyone not retarded auto-passes a take-10 on Culture to know me by name

>> No.55085399

You are the street sweeper MLK Jr was talking about. Congrats.

>> No.55085727


>Common Charisma-based Profession skills include actor, artist, comedian, con artist, courtesan, dancer, musician, orator, poet, politician, video personality, and writer.

>Common Intelligence-based Profession skills include accountant, archaeologist, architect, corporate professional, electrician, lab technician, lawyer, mathematician, philosopher, professor, psychologist, and vidgamer.

>Common Wisdom-based Profession skills include bounty hunter, cook, counselor, dockworker, farmer, gambler, general contractor, herbalist, maintenance worker, manager, mercenary, merchant, miner, and smuggler.

What do Icons of the following Profession skills look like?

>con artist
>courtesan (l-lewd)

>corporate professional
>lab technician

>general contractor
>maintenance worker
>smuggler (ONION KNIGHT)

>> No.55085887

Con Artist: Martin Shkrelli. You're famous for the massive scheme you pulled. May or may not be reformed and helping the bottom half nowadays.

Courtesan: Ranges from cam girls to counselors (think a famous Companion from Firefly).

Orator: too easy. Winston Churchill is the best example, but Mark Gungor works. Someone famous for inspiring speeches.

Accountant: the guy who took down Al Capone.

Corporate Professional: an Undercover Boss, maybe? Perhaps Bruce Wayne.

Electrician: there is an HGTV series about a guy bringing houses up to code, look there.

Lab Technician: there's one in every police procedural, but Abbey Sciutto is the first that pops to mind.

(Part 1/2)

>> No.55085930

>TV series about a guy
This is a good point. Almost anyone could be made into an icon with a bit of charisma and the right format for a tv series.

>> No.55085962

Couldn't come up with good examples of the last bunch, though it's late here and it may just be fatigue. You get the point, though.

Yeah, anything can be an Icon now, just have to get the message out.

>> No.55085963

There's the thing with green house space stations orbeting the sun.
Green houses filled with genetically modified plants which extrude rare and complex chemicals.
Page 434 in the book

>> No.55085966


I mean, we have TV shows about:

>Bail Bondsmen
>Whatever the hell the Kardashians do.

Hard to get weirder than that.

>> No.55085978

And Talent scouts, and reformed thieves making homes more secure...

>> No.55085994

Would anyone ever play an android mechanic with an artificial personality in their brain-mounted custom rig, handling all of their social skills and serving as their best friend?

You could be an artificial creature who implanted their waifu directly into their brain. They could have their waifu speak on their behalf to get through social situations, compensating for Charisma 8 and Sense Motive -2!

>> No.55086015

>50% less cortical area

What does that have to do with fighting capability?

>> No.55086022

>Whatever the hell the Kardashians do.
Be rich and autistic.

I mean, my sister-in-law watches it as her guilty pleasure (I'm far too refined to enjoy it, as a connoisseur of magical elves and 500 page board games), but one episode I looked in on involved one of the women speculating aloud as to whether her sister's boyfriend would sleep with her instead and then being completely unable to understand why her sister got upset. Maybe "autism" isn't the right word, but there's definitely a learning disability of some sort going on there.

Isn't that every Mechanic, android or not? Technically you could have your custom rig as a tool you carry rather than something built into you, but from level 7 onwards having a computer with Artificial Personality and skill rating equal to your level is a class feature.

>> No.55086029

50% less cortical area in your skeleton, anon. So it's irrelevant, and made up, and nonsense. Shitpost trifecta.

>> No.55086059

Ah thanks, was just curious and thought I was missing something.

>> No.55086087


Why not do it from level 1? A custom rig in the brain can be a personal comm unit, and a personal comm unit can have a computer added to it.

>> No.55086144

They mostly harp on Bajorans, really.
Not that it isn't deserved but they are kind of a dick about it too.

>> No.55086155

So I was thinking of creating of an android empire that was a forward expeditionary force that went rouge and founded their own civilization in a distant system.

How would succession work? One idea I had was that there would be royal monarchs. The idea being that when one moves on and releases their soul, the other one takes their place. The newborn android is essential the prince or whatever and is groomed to be the next ruler when his time comes. Essentially the "royal bloodline" is these two androids bodies constantly switching places with new souls and such. And for added flavor, lets say that the two bodies are near identical and they were originally the leaders of the force when they went rouge.

Another thing, the book states that methods of mass productions of androids with souls and shit were are actually known. So, would a civilization of androids use this method of procreation or would they see this as a symbol of their oppression and devaluing their lives?

>> No.55086186

Why do it at all? It's nice to imagine that your character gets to install some skills to their cyber-brain, and it's easier to imagine that the bonuses your computer is giving you are intrinsic to your character if your character is an Android rather than a human with an implant, but...

They're terrible bonuses. An Operative (or Envoy, but everyone hates them) with an emphasis on Charisma is likely going to have ratings in those skills at +8, +10 if Specialized (or higher if they're really focusing, I spitballed that number assuing Dex and Cha were both 16). Meanwhile, your level 1 character's tier 1 computer gives you a +2. The Operative continues to improve as they level, but you're still only adding a +2 every time you update your OS. You're never going to keep up with the DCs, whether they're based on what the Operative can do or the downright hostile suggested numbers the book provides.

Nice to imagine, if you're into comfy. Which you are, you shameless catgirl avatarposter. But not really relevant to actually playing the game.

>> No.55086199

Dr. Phil

>> No.55086214

Actually your first question should be why they're all still humanoid (or perhaps 'how long' before they all stopped being so).

Combine a neo-feudal movement based partly on popular icons in the 'kingdom' and form following function.

So you've got a nobility, except being robots they really can't excuse complete uselessness and wastefulness, so nobles are stuff like icon-type diplomats whose decadent styles and ornamentations are meant to optimize awe to shock ratios during negotiations.

You've got knights, which are probably outright goddamn mechs, with their 'squires' / 'steeds' (and CAS) being fighters or shuttles (latter the equivalent of a draft or heavy warhorse) carrying extra munitions and equipment-packs a-la-toomanyGundamseriestocount.

The court mages ARE the different floors of the mage tower. That cathedral-tank IS the archbishop, and so on.

>> No.55086218

i find it hard to believe that a high IQ race like androids, with their history of slavery, would create a monarchical empire. make them a republic or direct democracy ffs. at the very least make them some kind of oligarchic technocracy.

that doesnt mean they cant be militaristic, and aggressive, and nationalist. model them off the united states in early 1900s/ late 1800s. democratic crusaders.

>> No.55086225

>Herbalist (conman type)
Dr.Ho, Alex Jones, Dr.Oz...

>> No.55086242

>Gets a space terrorist to stop their plan to crash an orbital colony into a populated terrestrial city by getting them to talk out their issues and move past their abusive childhood

>> No.55086258

Until about a series and a movie later when apparently it all came back to him

>> No.55086263

>what does a larger, stronger skeleton have to do with fighting

>> No.55086276

Cortical zones are parts of the brain not the skeleton.

The bits on VOmax and upper body strength aren't wrong, though.

>> No.55086295


>> No.55086323

There we go, that's the sort of criticism I'm looking for.

You raise excellent points.

>> No.55086354

and i would add, their low cha, and unique reproduction, is probably going to lead to a social structure that is not as heavily dependent on social relationships. families, clans, bloodlines, all that kind of shit would be irrelevent to androids. i see them adopting some kind of turbo meritocracy

>> No.55086437

I imagine that their family structures would be less set in stone and more informal. I'd imagine two androids who awakened the same time in the same place seeing themselves as siblings or and older android taking in a lost and confused newborn.

I also imagine that that their equivalent cemeteries would be a hall of records listing the names and accomplishments of specific android personalities.

You think they would have special places to do their soul release thing, or is it just something you do in your room?

>> No.55086485


>Meanwhile, your level 1 character's tier 1 computer gives you a +2.

Try a tier 2 computer. Ignore the bulk restrictions, because you place it inside a personal comm unit anyway. Computers are affordable.

>> No.55086618

there will be a need for some kind of system that guides new android souls into their new life. maybe that could be a family, maybe a government agency, maybe a educations system/training program.

maybe families consist of the same bodies and they support eachother when they are new souls. they develop emotional attatchements over multiple generations with eachother. a "father" cares for a "son" when the son is young. then when the father dies the son cares for the new soul in the old body unitl it is able to care for itself.

>> No.55086671

>Ignore the bulk restrictions, because you place it inside a personal comm unit anyway.

Off to a dodgy start, there, but moving on...

Tier 2 is doable at chargen, but you're taking a larger chunk out of your starting funds and away from the thing your character is good at, which is not going to be social because...

+4 still isn't very good. Better, sure. You'll probably get some mileage out of the Sense Motive, because everyone can roll a social spot check, but it's still not enough to make you the social guy, and it doesn't stack with your social skills if you are the social guy anyway, and you just spent ~300/1000 starting credits on something other than a better weapon or a few extra grenades.

Why not just pretend that your character is good at social and not tell anyone at the table or write anything down? It's a cheaper option.

>> No.55086684

>Why not just pretend that your character is good at social and not tell anyone at the table or write anything down? It's a cheaper option.
Because I'm not stupid.

>> No.55086824

>Android crime lord shoots your father/mother/sibling/master in front of you
>swear revenge
>years pass
>You finally find the fucker living peacefully in a small city
>Turns out the android had already reset years ago and the soul and personality of the one who killed your father has already been replaced

What do you do now?

>> No.55086834

But you are considering putting time and effort into taking what is functionally half a skill in a game system that doesn't support that as a viable option.

Being sort of good at something rarely works in RPGs. Being sort of good in a system where everyone's complaining about the obnoxious save DCs is really unlikely to work well unless the mechanics aren't really the reason you're doing it. In which case, just roleplay a character who is social to the degree that you want them to be, and don't roll any dice for that. You'll probably have more fun.

>> No.55086848

>save DC
>skill check
You're a bit more than confused.

Also, the Dc guidelines=/=the Dc's the GM uses. Because there is ALWAYS an outlier that forces the Gm to figure out something on the fly.

>> No.55086871

So I am joining my first Starfinder Campaign, we have been told nothing of the story and I have been asked to make a character. I need inspiration, is there anything someone might recommend. or any quirky ideas that they have wanted to try after playing??

>> No.55086873

So what? Is it a different computer if you change what version of windows you're running?

Kill its variant/descendent/replacement the same way it once killed yours.

>> No.55086885

So the guy's dead. If you're a vengeful sort of dick, you kill his "kid". If not, you let it pass.

If you're doing an entire episode about that specific dilemma, you might have a plot twist where it turns out that he's not actually passed on, but faking it to get out of his obligations. But that works better for a sci-fi TV series where that detail gets introduced in the first act and fully understood by the audience in the third act. In an RPG, we all already know that's exactly how androids work, and we assume that it makes sense in setting. (Or we insist that it doesn't make sense, and that there is no explanation that would make it make sense, and we enjoy complaining about games we don't play.)

Does make me wonder though. How do they tell? What widespread device or technique allows you to discern which soul is in a particular android body?

Also, I think the idea that androids let their souls pass on every century or so is a really neat idea, but it doesn't make sense in Starfinder which has Space Elves and Space Dwarfs and probably Space other races that live for centuries. I really don't care for the standard fantasy races in this setting, but I guess they're relatively easy to remove being hidden away at the back of the book. More of Paizo being super-conservative with their design.

>> No.55086928

An assburger envoy musician with good piloting skill that eats leaves and only really cares about getting as many people as possible to hear out his lyrics.

>> No.55086957


What the fuck? How do you make a show about fat pieces of shit buying worthless crap interesting?

>> No.55086977

>Low Charisma
>Poor at emotions, cant get attached or fall in love
>Dextrous, humanoid, sterile

Are Androids the ultimate fuckbuddy?

>> No.55086981

sure is quirky...

>> No.55087012

They should have just made the spaceship part more spaceoperish and "magical". So that the only actually pricey part of the ship is the FTL-drive and even that could be partially cut by having a wizard with say skill ranks in astronavigation.

So small ships would be literally tin-cans with salvaged weapons but affordable to any half-competent merc or a small company.

And leave the million-billion prices on spaceships to GURPS.

>> No.55087013

Have it be a family run business and have them all yelling at each other all the times. Atleast I assume that's what makes it interesting because that seems to be what happens in any of the 2 minute clips I've seen flipping through channels when nothing worth watching is on.

>> No.55087020

Whoops this is meant for >>55086957

>> No.55087025

How do I add mechas to my starship battles without revealing to everyone that I'm a faggot?

>> No.55087041

Build them using the smaller ship classes and be vague in their description.

>> No.55087059

the mechas show up to a space battle and immidiately get fucking ruined by dedicated space ships. thats how

>> No.55087139

except it's been proven IRL that naval ships don't stand a chance against well-piloted mechas

>> No.55087193

.....alright I'll bite. How?

>> No.55087209

Wannabe 2hu level autist BTFO

>> No.55087337 [SPOILER] 

>con artist
Pen and Teller.
>courtesan (l-lewd)
Depends on the species and the clients species.
Bill Nye the Science Guy, Alton Brown, and Carl Sagan.
The Secrtetary, or the Salesman; you see him and her in every commercial, the perfect example of the person you need to do your numbers for you, who knows best, and looks calm and friendly.
>corporate professional
Depends on the species, unfortunately, but you can expect the styling to be severe, businesslike, and PERFECT.
Jim Carry in the Cable Guy - goofy, likable, and deadly serious.
>lab technician
Pristine, with perfectly white sealed cleransuit with neatly pocketed and carefully orgaized tools. Beaker. The Muppet._You know it is true.
Dr. Drew.
Mike Rowe.
Everyone knows what Farmer John looks like, regardless of their species.
>general contractor
Bob the Builder.
That One Hippy Lady Who Ages Gracefully.
>maintenance worker
The Property Brothers.
The Property Brothers.
Hasan. With Camels.
Pic Related. Pun entirely intended.
>smuggler (ONION KNIGHT)

>> No.55087357

Them and catfolk.

>> No.55087370

The best part is when they always bring in an expert to give a brief 10 second blurb about the history of an item just to warrant the show being on The History Channel.

>> No.55087382


>> No.55087404

Actually by the point in time of Starfinder they do have emotions, they just have a hard time showing them properly.

>> No.55087416

That's what I meant by "poor at emotions!" They might love things or desire things, but nowhere to the intensity of other races - in other words, perfect FWB.

>> No.55087713

Starfinder meme campaign when?!

>> No.55087718


>> No.55087761

Be patient, I'm sure somebody will put up an ad for DS inside of a month and the circus can begin to ruin another general.

>> No.55087807

So Far I'm debating between:

Outlaw Android Mechanic that acts like a mixture of Jonah Hex, Mad Max, and Django Unchained. He was a slave of the Azlant Empire until his greedy master went to Embroi to make a deal with a devil. The noble didn't read the fine print and was double crossed by Embir and ripped apart. My character fled while they ripped him to shreds. Their ship was busted as soon as he got there and waited for the Embri to scavenge most of the ship. He then snuck back in and scavenged as much as he could to create something that he could use. Except for an antique revolver the noble had all he had was scrap metal. He used that scrap metal to build his drone "Black Betty", a robotic combat horse he used to traverse this hell planet. For the few months he remained on that desolate planet he went Cowboy Doomguy on the embri to scavenge parts to upgrade his horse and make a beacon to get out of there. He lucked out because another noble came at the end of the forth month to make a similar deal. He ambushed the noble, freed the slave (a Lashunta female), and took his ship off the hellscape while Embri started to swarm the noble's corpse. The Lashunta showed him that the noble had several slaves he was going to sacrifice to the devils in the cargo bay. Seeing that enough was enough he flew as far as he could into the disputed free space where he was attacked by pirates. The pirates wanted the loot since he was in a noble's ship but once they boarded they realized what was going on. They still wanted the ship and anything they could scrap. Free Captain that attacked them, a one-eyed Ysoki with a mechanical leg noticed the girls in chains and despised slavery (as he was once a slave to Azlant himself). He interrogated my character and let him go after the other slaves collaborated his story. They still took the ship but to make sure they would be safe my character joined the pirate crew as payment.

>> No.55087857

He obtained his name Solomon from his chassis type Sol-0-Mn1 and his last name is a reminder that there are no strings of the Azalant tying him down. After joining the pirates he helps with their sieges on Azlant ships and also acts as a liaison between the Abolitionists and the few Free Captains opposed to slavery. Azlant has a high bounty on his head but he's slowly becoming a psuedo-icon in his own way.

>> No.55087939


The other one is an Icon Human Envoy named Mr. Fahrenheit on account of his flamboyant behavior. He's Ruby Rhod, Michael Jackson, and a dash pf Daft Punk on top. His main thing is distracting opponents by dancing in combat and using his improvisations to confuse and debuff opponents. His weapon is a microphone that can also be used as a whip to disarm opponents and use Pull The Pin as he does a Michael Jackson crotch grab/yell as he spins around and they blow up behind him.

>> No.55089004

some sort of dog robot with an arm to manipulate things like guns/swords.

>> No.55089106

my favorite thing about the internet is how easy it is to BTFO limp dick white knights and feminists. their entire movement depends on lies and ignorance, but the power of the internet lets people skull fuck SJWs in the eyesocket with the rigid cock of truth, and ejaculate red hot burning knowledge directly into their braincase.

it brings a tear to my eye everytime it happens. its beautful.

>> No.55089320

something tells me you're responding to the wrong anon, anon. I have NO idea what part of that one you're replying to.

>> No.55089762

Have the "mandatory" feats for each class been figure out yet? Looking to make an Android Operative for a short level 3 game my GM wants to run to give the system a test, but I haven't looked too hard into Chargen at all.

What the fuck do I do with 11-14 skill ranks, holy shit.

>> No.55089810

My Operative needs more skill ranks. I want so many skills.
But, uh, Operative in specific? Mobility+Shot on the Run/Spring Attack.

You will have to move and shoot in the same turn, sometimes you'll want to shoot first or at least get back around cover. This makes that suck less.

>> No.55089832

>Have the "mandatory" feats for each class been figure out yet?
no, weapon spec is important for everyone, imo
>What the fuck do I do with 11-14 skill ranks, holy shit.
buy everything

>> No.55089875

Soldier (hit and run) combat medic. Will likely end up the parties cyberdoc too. He is a medic first and foremost, but god help you if you endanger his friends or patients (which are usually the same).

>> No.55089989

Doesn't every class get "FREE" weapon specialization for class weapons anyway, or did I speedread too hard?

>Mobility+Shot on the Run/Spring Attack
>Actually useful
Color me surprised.

On a related note, are there any skills I should actually AVOID? Is the medicine skill actually useful this time around?

>> No.55090043

>Is the medicine skill actually useful this time around?
Medicine is only as useful as your party completely lacks access to the spell Mystic Cure.

>> No.55090188

Like it you have to stabilize the Mystic...

>> No.55090196

You max as many skills as you can. Any skill you DON'T max, except possibly athletics, is a skill you are basically completely incapable of using.

>> No.55090247

Deadly Aim is gross and weapon focus is pretty good if you get the second tier of it as soldier.

>> No.55090430

Deadly Aim is only good at high levels where the damage bonus is actually worth the accuracy you've giving up.

>> No.55090611

I think it was on every class, yeah. Just as there are now low BAB classes in core.

>> No.55090822

Do I get it right that operative are the only class that can get 4 attacks in a full attack, and soldiers only manage 3?

Medicine is so-so, I wish it had covered the creation of medicines and drugs, but then physical sciences would have been kinda weak.

I would say that disguise is the least useful skill for most campaigns, though. Now there are less skills and no 2+int skill classes. but I still doubt most people would ever consider taking it.

>> No.55090972

>Do I get it right that operative are the only class that can get 4 attacks in a full attack, and soldiers only manage 3?
Yeah, but remember it's 3/4 vs full BAB and Soldiers can also use real weapons.

>> No.55091103

>and weapon focus is pretty good if you get the second tier of it as soldier.

What's the second tier of Weapon Focus? Weapon Versatility?

>> No.55091251

By the looks of it, Operatives can get 4 attacks, but have to do it with Operative weapons (space knives) or small arms (pistols) which means... Well, even if you do as much damage as the guy full-attacking with longarms, you'll get fucked twice as hard by damage resistances.

>> No.55091258

these are actually pretty cool

>> No.55091259


A dorf xenobiologist mystic, looking for information on new planets to scout in the second quest for sky, and for ever better recreational plant drugs.

>> No.55092116


>> No.55092352

How do you envoy, /tg?

>> No.55092379

You don't.

>> No.55092421

Go all in on charisma and dex, hope someone else can carry your sorry ass.
Don't fall for the "envoys don't need cha" meme because without cha you're literally just a shittier operative without class features.

>> No.55092462

>"envoys don't need cha" meme
who are people saying that the charisma skill class doesnt need charisma? i dont believe that people could actually say that and mean it

>> No.55092517


I think they might be getting it confused with the Solarian, who genuinely has no use for Cha other than 'It's my resolve stat' (Which can be fixed) since his save-causing stuff is so bad.

>> No.55092525

Solarians are the ones I've seen people say that about, not Envoys

>> No.55092557

Devil's advocate. It's extremely easy to avoid improvisations that use Cha, at which point none of your class features scale off of it. Envoys are also still generally the best faces even with a lower Cha modifier since expertise outscales every other skill bonus on average. Cha is only absolutely necessary for resolve points.

But yeah, I do agree with the other guy. You'd be a shitty operative if you aren't going to pump your face skills. I'd really have liked to see one more Cha-based feature on envoys.

>> No.55092663

This post looks like someone's mixing up Operative and Envoy

>> No.55092726

>Doesn't every class get "FREE" weapon specialization for class weapons anyway, or did I speedread too hard?
This is true. I am currently wondering whether my Exocortex Mechanic (yeah, I know, I just don't like pet classes) gets to apply that to his Exocortex proficiencies, like Heavy weapons at level 7.

>> No.55092730

This post looks like someone's stupid.

>> No.55092857

Because a revolution resulting in an even worse government has NEVER EVER happened ever.

People who have known misery and deprivation the entire lives often end up just as horrible or even worse than the people oppressing them. (Unless of course they are gay androids in a Paizo setting.)

>> No.55092991

you missed the important qualification there anon
>high IQ
revolutions in low IQ coutnries happen all the time and they usually turn to shit. revolutions in high IQ countries tend to go.... good enough

>> No.55093029

This post looks like a post

>> No.55093144

Toasters toast toast.

>> No.55093154

What exactly is your definition of "high IQ"?

Because IQ is just the result of a test (which some claim to be rather biased). And hate to break it to you, but there are a large number of exceedingly smart people who are rather selfish and terrible individuals. In fact this board is rife with examples.... just the stories, not the actual people who post here, cuz they are all awesome Chads....

>> No.55093162

What high IQ Revolutions are you talking about?

>> No.55093451


>> No.55093608

Why the fuck did they decide it was a good idea not to put out a bestiary until October

>> No.55093648

cuz it's Paizo and they are bad at their job?

>> No.55093677

That's just what they do. 5e had only a bunch of farm animals in the back of the book for that long too. Just give a bugbear a laser gun, that's the whole point in it being 3.PF.5 right?

>> No.55093732

New thread


>> No.55093733

High g (the variable, denoting general intelligence) on a properly proctored, accredited IQ test. g isn't the only quality involved in intelligence, but it is the most important, and fully applicable to all facets.

The "IQ tests are culturally biased" myth is on par with creationism, btw, so you might not want to mention it around any psychologists if you value their friendship. The more abstract the test (Raven's matrices...) the more reliably it functions for finding g. and the more /pol/ the conclusions get - think Aborginals vs Ashekenazim

>> No.55093827

Reminder to ignore threads posted before page 8.

>> No.55093901

Not sure if you are the same anon regarding the "high IQ revolutions", but assuming you are.... how does the g-factor relate to "good enough" revolutions? and could you provide any examples?

an anime OP thread, surely everyone will enjoy that....

>> No.55093918

>an anime OP thread
An EARLY anime thread. Just ignore it.

>> No.55094050

i'm not

See http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160289616303282 . The collective smarts of a group aren't a magic hive-mind emerging from a diverse population. They're just the totted up average. A country made of lots of dumb people will still be dumb as a group.

So if sub-Saharan Africans (average IQ under 75) start a revolution in perfect conditions (Haiti's founding) it will turn out as Africa all over again. If Englishmen and Dutch (average IQ 100) start a revolution, it turns out as England/Holland/Scotland all over again (America).

>> No.55094085

Yes, because winning arguments based on reality in a fantasy game is so important.

>> No.55094101

Or have to help deal with something that isn't damage, like poisons or diseases.

>> No.55094103

This current thread was posted on page 5.
What now?

>> No.55094127

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it?

>> No.55094148

No, you have to take weapon specialization feat for your exocortex weapon proficiencies, so you should probably specialize in one or the other.

On the other hand, you can always buy or steal a drone later, so exocortex is much easier to start off with.

>> No.55094735

Take Versatile Specialization since every one gets atleast a few weapon specialization bonus feats at 3rd (which are the prerequisites)

>> No.55094798

No, the Exocortex says you get those proficiencies as if you got them from class. So you get Weapon Spec for them.

>> No.55094938

I know what it says. It says that in Combat Tracking and specifically calls out longarms. No where does it say anything about the bonus proficiencies you can get from the exocortext mod, so RAW it doesn't give you specialization with those. Atleast not in the version of the book I have. I'd only be mildly surprised if they had slapped together some emergency errata'd version because it's desperately needed.

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