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Continued from >>55041968 (Assuming I did that right)
There seems to be demand for this so let's see how long it keeps going. Post some comfy cozy and d'awwsome images.
yeah this is supposed to be a "lookit this pleb image" but when I saw it I thought, "y'know, this is what GMing is all about, building a story and watching your players get into their characters"

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I still held onto that ring throughout the entirety of the game. It also made me realize how little control I really had over the character I was playing outside of just shooting things and how much of a dick I wanted to be to people.

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Dumping from my 'normally evil stuff that acting nice' folder

Saturday night woooooooooooooo.

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Look at that happy GM

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It was me earlier

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>Happy Golem/rock guardian/thing ... idk

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>The dance at the end

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One of the nicer things to come out of /tg/

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It was such a weird main quest line for me. After Kelogg, I just started faffing about. I didn't care about Shawn, even after the reveal. But I sped through the first part to track down the bastard. I guess I just cared more about what had happened to Nora than Shawn. Probably has something to do with not having a kid of my own.

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I don't think that's it at all. I love kids, but Shawn was basically a sack of flour in a blanket. The reason it's so cathartic to take down Kellog is that he killed someone who was nice to you, which made you seek him out to find answers, and then you finally get close you have to wade through waist deep defenses. Once he's dead, it feels like all the loose ends are wrapped up because telling you care about a baby you never even got to hold or interact with is pretty dumb.

Of course the entire main storyline of that game is pretty terrible. Bethesda can't do main quests worth shit it seems.

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Holy shit. Is this skyrim mods?

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you fucking piece of shit

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What I did?

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unless I am mixing it up with another thing, they fuck thim like literally the next page

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anon, what are you doing reading comics like that?

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It's called Waifu Souls for a reason.

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They do not, and you're a god damned deviant

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We don't talk about next pages.

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buddy, I honestly don't know. I'm not into that kind of shit but I swear I have a vivid memory of this

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Shovel Knight
Plague Knight campaign

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Man, that llama is having a damn good time.

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Llamas live lives of perpetual and increasing ecstasy

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s...s sauce

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I really like the main story line for Oblivion

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Oblivion was fine, it was mostly held back by all the voice actors being awful because 2006 video game

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Oblivion had pretty good quest writing in general, if I remember correctly. The knights of the nine and shivering isles dlc were really good, and even things like the mages guild quest where you go in to some dream painting thing were neat as hell.

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The dream painting quest was one of my favorites in the whole game. I actually kept a save there just so I could replay it.

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I don't remember if it was good, but the dark brotherhood questline where you go do a bunch of assassinations, only to find out you've been systemically killing the leadership of the dark brotherhood was cool in my memories. Felt like a really big twist after the assassin stuff from morrowind.

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wholesome? boi bout to git rapped

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It's only rape until he ahegaos

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Yeah, I believe quite a few anons on /tg/ would trade places with him - then it would no longer be rape

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>thinking deviancy is wholesome
you have strayed too far from gods light anon

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I never said it's wholesome, it sure as hell is not, I just say it would no longer be rape

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Why do I have to be low on such drawings all the time...

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probably because your standards are too high.
How many pictures have you saved from this and the last 3 threads?

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For a man with almost no Cute pics this thread and the threads before are a godsend.

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another 3D model you can spin. also with sound.

It's of a cargo tortoise, even the birds have back packs


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No I meant, I haven't made any of my own for this

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So...Is this an ant or a spider? Either way - cute

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I believe this is SFW but i've been wrong before
You know, i never really noticed, i just saw a cute spider girl and didn't noticed anything else.

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Well shit, i thought i had more.

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....it's a mantis.

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Oh...Now I see it. Thanks anon.

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I know right?
c'mon, don't keep us in suspense - how come?

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I hope one of them died of cancer. Or got hit by a car. God imagine what it'd be like when he got that phone call. Imagine the sheer numb shock he would feel, unable to believe that his rock, his greatest love, his reason for living, is gone. Goddamn imagine what her corpse would look like spattered all over the road , he only identifies her remains from their engagement ring. Goddamn imagining that makes me hard as fuck. Just imagining him kneeling in the road sobbing like a bitch.with the rain washing her entrails into the sewer.

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I'm really glad this site has a 'hide post' button. Not just for this thread but the previous ones as well.

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>you will never watch a qt young polish soldier gunned down in combat
>you will never watch her pinned down behind a crate as enemy soldiers close in
>you will never watch her eyes fill with desperation as she realizes she is trapped
>you will never watch the bullets skip off the floor around her as she desperately scrambles cover to cover
>you will never watch the first bullet rip open her thigh, tearing the stringy muscle and dropping her to the ground
>you will never watch the other bullets pierce her soft tender belly
>you will never hear her shrieks and moans of agony
>you will never listen to her ragged gasps for breath
>you will never feel her terror and fear as in her final moments she thinks of her family and how she joined for them
>you will never hear her begging for mercy as the enemy soldiers close in to finish her off
>you will never watch the blood soaking through her clothes, dripping from her chest, sticky warm syrupy blood
>you will never watch her struggle to crawl away, helpless, useless, like a crippled animal
>you will never hear the crack of the final gunshot as they finish her, her soft yelp of pain barely audible as her body expires and she submits utterly to the will of death

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Nah not really. Sorry you're a triggered snowflake who thinks everything is edge.

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anon please. don't encourage him or others like him

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>boi bout to git rapped
You kidding me? He learned at the foot of DJ Divine Justice himself, those girls aren't gonna know what's hit them.

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>That thumbnail
Moot, is that you?

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I don't know why the thumbnail ended up like that. Probably a glitch.

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You're all wrong.

It's such an obvious ruse that you missed the actual situation. The buxom blonde is the mother. The knight is the father. The clearly younger blonde is their daughter.

They're playing tag.

Why else would they have a picnic basket?

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top lol

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Why is he drawing his sword, then?

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They're playing pretend. He's not actually drawing his sword yet - if he were actually ina fight or hunting snakegirls, he would have had it out already.

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Let them have their delusions. Besides, Kuroko is a very caring person.

In her own very psychotic way.

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Care to say who is the artist?

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So is that statue just flashing everyone?

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Thank very much

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Thanks virt

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The Edgelord, Master of Edges, has arrived.

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and with two clicks he's gone

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I admit it, I giggled.

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I feel weird for saying this...But I am a guy who knows how to make those round donuts - they are really tasty

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Plz share

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I would love to, but need to find all the names of the ingrediants in english

>> No.55074448

Dang it I forgot the recepi in english

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Nice != gay

>> No.55074626

Ouch, painful to read on more levels than one.

>> No.55074775

Ancient fantasy guardian turtles, turtles in a half-shell!

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Elona fits wholesome Threads pretty well since the whole game is very wholesome.

>> No.55075384

yeah those

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Cripplefucker Simulator. Made by 4chan. I'm not even kidding.

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Katawa Shoujo, a VN done by Four Leaf Studio: a bunch of 4channers mostly from /a/. It's surprisingly not absolutely awful.

>> No.55075694

Damn, that's just mean
>Made by 4chan
Wait what?

>> No.55075771

>It's surprisingly not absolutely awful.
Agree, it turned out far less terrible than it could have been.

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>> No.55075830

It was a true Christmas miracle.

I honestly am not a very good judge of VN's, I only played the grill girl route and skipped like 80% of the text because FUCK ME I'm not reading that bullshit, but it had a few good moments. Who ever wrote the damn anxiety attack scene obviously had a first hand experience - it got me on the edge of my seat - and I kinda liked how the game fucked you over by treating the burn girl too protectively, it seemed like a nice touch in a game so heavily banking on emotional masturbation. Then again, this kind of shit might be standard in VN's, I generally can't say because I hate the very format.

>> No.55075870

I will now go and check it out, seems...intresting. (I hope I won't finish it in one sitting like I always do)

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>> No.55075963

well obviously they must then put a ring on it

>> No.55075999

Why I want this to be made cannon? Because I would love to see this as some reason why one tau joined commander farsight

>> No.55076002

> It's surprisingly not absolutely awful.
As a counterpoint I would just like to remind you that there are KS Generals still going on to this very day.

>> No.55076059

Ok, gonna jump in back in to say what I think, just got it running

>> No.55076112

>I will now go and check it out, seems...intresting.
It's a basic VN except made by westerners, so don't expect miracles. A basic dating game with few 4chan references and the gimmick that all of the girls are physically or mentally crippled, though it's (mostly) surprisingly tasteful handled and hardly fetishistic. They chose the crippled theme because of the emotional baggage that comes with it, not for sexual appeal.
You probably won't finish it in one sitting unless you skip through most of the text, because it has the VN issue of being insanely over-written, plus it has like sixteen endings or so.

Yeah, but those guys are just freaks and the threads aren't really even about the games anymore, just weird circlejerks.

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>They chose the crippled theme because of the emotional baggage that comes with it, not for sexual appeal.

Aaaaaand this is the point where everyone can tell that you are talking out of your ass.
They made it because it was an off-hand comment in the Afterword by the mangaartist Raita in one of his works.

>> No.55076280

Are you actually retarded? How does that actually contradict what I said? Raita's comment inspired the damn project all right, but that does not change why they though it was a good idea to follow, what did they find appealing about it and what direction they chose. Is basic comprehension that hard for you?

>> No.55076303

It really captures what shy people are actually like. Beautifully cynical.

>> No.55076393

>> No.55076631

>what did they find appealing about it and what direction they chose
Except the directions of the characters didn't change from their basic descriptions on the page so what the hell are you even going on about.
> Is basic comprehension that hard for you?
Is if for you? You claim they chose the cripple team because if MUH BAGGAGE when they chose it because of Raita you autistic blithering retard child.

>> No.55076685

I give up.
You are actually, clinically mentally retarded. You can't comprehend most basic stuff like the difference between "image that sparked the project" and "reasons why people found this particular concept appealing and the direction they took with it". You just really, really wanted to flaunt around your amazing knowledge that yes, KS was inspired by Raita, could not figure out a way to do it without being a dick, and now you are arguing about absolute nonsense and refusing to acknowledge most basic common sense concepts because you literally don't know how to back out of a discussion.

Have fun with that, I'm not wasting more time on you.

>> No.55077295

(Out of pics right now)

>> No.55077992

So yeah back on topice

>> No.55078324

There's so much going on in this pic.

>> No.55078382

As of right now anons thanks, this thing made me quite happy

>> No.55079162

I genuinely think this is a good post.

>> No.55079386

Bethesda VAs always suck. They were hardly better in Skyrim.

>> No.55080091

you mean all five of them?

>> No.55080107

Old Woman
Male of Weird Race
Female of Weird Race

Yup that's all of them

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>> No.55081187

>> No.55081195

>3 and 4
You holding out on me?

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>> No.55081358

There's a bit too many for this thread's limit at the moment so I'll try to post the rest.

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>> No.55081381

Last pic of the thread.

>> No.55081425

You're doing god's work

>> No.55081452

Where the hell is 2?

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>> No.55082076

Thank you anon, I needed this.

>> No.55082687

>look at me ma, I am projecting!
Yes you are, John-boy, yes you are.

>> No.55084657

I have gone on a long journey and I don't know if it was worth it.

>> No.55085371

So, anyone up to start a new one? Or should we wait for next week?

>> No.55085406

I would, but all my comfy images came from the last two threads

>> No.55085419

Ah....Dang it, we need to get some artists to make more? Is drawfag thread still up?

>> No.55086688

>TFW this might be my favorite piece of art

Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan!

O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight are thou, that canst not slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil shits, and your army eats. Thou shalt not, thou son of a whore, make subjects of Christian sons; we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck thy mother.

Thou Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig's snout, mare's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw thine own mother!

So the Zaporozhians declare, you lowlife. You won't even be herding pigs for the Christians. Now we'll conclude, for we don't know the date and don't own a calendar; the moon's in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day's the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!

- Koshovyi otaman Ivan Sirko, with the whole Zaporozhian Host.

>> No.55087809

Oi do you guys think this should continue on monday?

>> No.55088609

Monday. Otherwise they get boring/run out of good stuff.

>> No.55090994

bump for night

>> No.55091094

You know, I always wondered what that "Feudal Technocracy" government in Traveller looked like.

>> No.55091460

I for one was all about finding Shawn. I geared up in my MINUTEMAN BRAND POWER ARMOR, built the teleporter down the street from his crib, and got ready to storm the creepy ass Institute because MAMA IS COMING FOR HER SON.

Then the plot kind of fell apart when the Institute's objectives turned from mysterious to arcane to ridiculous. War never changes, but if the Institute gets everything they ever wanted, they retreat into their hole in the ground and are never heard from again. So what was the point of the plot again?

That game taught me that Skyrim was a way better written plot and that exploring old trash piles for aluminum TV dinner trays was apparently better than having kids.

>> No.55091552

I remember the first time I went through the ending. I basically just shot everyone in sight and told Fake!Shaun to fuck off and die because I just didn't give a shit.

They could all burn for all I cared. I've never felt so unsatisfied by a game's ending.

>> No.55094494

I found Shawn, told him I would think about his offer, and then dicked around for 4 in game months doing side quest, playing around with mods, and making Curie a step mom.

Apparently, I made the right choice.

>> No.55095972

Are these from a series? They're adorable.

>> No.55095979

This is exactly what I did.
And I'll be doing it again when it comes out in VR. The setting is so much more interesting than the dumpster fire of a main story. I've been hoping for some sort of official DLC that fixes it, but that's only ever going to be a dream.

>> No.55096712

sauce me boss

>> No.55096722

Konosuba, or Seinfeld but for anime.

>> No.55096737

buddy, go back and play oblivion. They were leagues better in skyrim. The nord/orc female voices in oblivion are literally grating.

>> No.55097349

I want a full show of this

>> No.55097427

I want to frame this

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