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lewd battlebots edition

>Death Guard preview

>Konor Campaign: Chaos finally got ONE

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine supplement for Daemons, Thousand Sons and Death Guard players
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine and Codex Grey Knights FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing the Emperor's work)

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You bastard! You stole my thread... my dream... my lewd OP images

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Second for help me refine my formation

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There's nothing more sexy than the omnissiah's glory

and robots

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Check out those bots... that is some lewwwwwwd shit right there.

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More Immortals. Most game stores aren't WIZYWIG anymore. Put your 20 man directly behind the immortals, @2" from base. Put your leaders in the 20 immortals. Stalker can technically be placed inside the formation due to it not having a base (I love that tactic) as long as its tiny little legs aren't resting on any bases.

Huddle together! Templates are gone!

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The anon in this image made a Chaos Lord conversion and invoked the sacred 4chan naming ritual

This anon then proceeded to pick some dumb boring name instead of the one the gods of 4chan assigned him, blessing the chosen name with holy trips.

This anon is going to face severe consequences for his sacrilege.

Don't be like this anon.

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So I've wondered this, sisters of battle's armour has breast cups on them, but that's hardended ceramite, and probably is such thick armour it doesn't actually curve around the chest, so that leaves a lot of questions
>is all sororitas amour the same cup size?
>are sisters given armour to match their real cup size?
>are sisters asked what size cups they what their armour to have?
>are there flat chested sisters who have armour with DD cups as a way to overcompensate?
>do they receive random sizes?
>is it like a sorority white dress type thing where all the girls are wondering what size they'll be selected for?
This is important background lore!

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The problem with moving the leaders back is that I like to use them in melee. I beatstick the shit out of people with my HQ's. But I do approve of more immortals AND using warriors. I just need to get more immortals because I only have 5, and I generally dont use them over more warriors.

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Sell me on either Khorne or Slaanesh. Trying to figure out who my warband should dedicate themselves too.

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What a fucked up thing to do.

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So what releases are you waiting for?

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>Chaos finally wins one
>Xenos not acknowledged


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Even the guardfag accepted his name when he got "King nigger jew". This anon is a disgrace to his god and to /tg/.

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necron codex

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The sweat release of death, duh.

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necron codex

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Guard, my balls are pretty blue after that whole necromunda fiasco

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Codex Adeptus Astartes: Primaris Marines.

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Multipart intercessors

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give nurgles pls

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Robotman codex, very surprised we're getting it so early. Other than that, Necromunda.

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Switch your cryptek with Illuminor Szeras, change your Trazyn to Anrakyr, and make sure your Overlord has a Staff of Light for adaptability. Change your Lychguard to BnP Praetorians. When I say burry your leaders in the blob, put them 1-base-length behind your front line of warriors so they can charge out from the blob. Your Lychguard/Praetorians will eat a charge or charge in for Anrakyr to charge into their butt and do some melee. His +1 attack aura does affect the Praetorians (no <dynasty> tag)

Mah niggas.

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New berzerker sculpts and Angron.

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SoB get their armour onces they turn into a militant Sister.
Assuming the church does not go full retard it should be around 25 years old so they are sure the SoB is no longer growing up.

Humans in power armour go full humanity fuck yeah resulting in over the top physical characteristics.
Hence why Coteaz has a triangle shape it is made manly as fuck. Same goes for SoB tits and hips are girly as fuck those and echanct.

There is a smaller bit of lore (the fuck if i remember, dark heresy rulebook maybe) where SoB rub sacred oils before putting on their armour.

TL:DR tits are for show regardless if they can fill them

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What power mauls do I use for my human characters?

Specifically Scions.

Power Maul models seem to basically not exist, and what few do seem to be for Marines or Terminators.

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If I round up a bunch of people and kill them all to summon some bloodletters, is that sorcery and will Khorne forsake me for it?

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>SoB rub sacred oils before putting on their armour


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I'm bored, so I'm reposting my short battle report from my game this week. Apologies if you've seen it already, just tune me out if that's the case.


Short game this week. Two horde-ish armies bring played by newish players, so we barely got through 2 turns before the store started closing. This was probably more my fault given how many characters were packed into the list I was using. The game was 2000 points, my Armageddon 27th vs Tyranids of an unspecified hive fleet.

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The paint scheme on those storm troopers is bad ass, totally steals the scene from the blah nurgle shit next to it.

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Damn dude, What time-zone is two weeks behind?

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I use the Skittles Arc Mauls, they're decent enough.

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Power maul are easy as fuck to make.
Random bits or cogs on a stick and bam! Maul.

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+++Armageddon 27th Iron Horses+++

Pictured is my list. After last week’s game, which illustrated to me how stupidly powerful IG can be this edition, I decided to retire that list and try something more like the exact opposite of the usual conscipts/scion combo with russ support.

Instead, I went with:

>6x infantry teams
>3x Salamander scout vehicles
>1x Ogryn unit of 4
>9x mortar teams, 1x lascannon team
>Yarrick, priest, Straken, Nork, commissar, 2x captains
>1 of each assassin and an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
>A chimera for just about everything

My goal here was a melee-centric list that uses Yarrick’s reroll 1s ability, Straken’s +1 attack, the priest’s +1 attack, and the Fix Bayonets! order to get 5 attacks in melee per turn per guardsmen. Instead of sitting back and shooting, I would run right into the enemy’s face and pummel him with a hurricane of tiny fists.

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+++Tyranid Hive Fleet+++

Here is the Tyranid list. I don’t know much about their codex, but I know he took:

>a big unit of Carnifex including Old One Eye
>another sizable units of Zoanthropes
>some biovores
>a big clump of genestealers and cultists
>2 swarms of shooty gaunts
>shooty warriors
>some huge warlord that conferred FNP and respawned gaunts

Those Carnifex in particular would turn out to be a huge problem.

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Any stick, staff, cane, club, or non sword/axe/spear looking weapon.

Tempestor prime has a pretty neat skull staff maul.

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>Sisters of oil
>lewd sisters canon

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I never even considered this, I had not even looked at the their models since the army launched. Thanks!

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The rolled mission was relic, the rolled deployment was Dawn of War (I think – the 12” from table edge one). Tyranids finished deployment first and got +1, which gave them the first turn.

I threw quite a bit of terrain on the table for this one since /tg/ feedback last game was not enough terrain. My army was definitely shootier than his, so if anything I thought it would give the bugs a marginal advantage. I did not randomly scatter the terrain and kept it balanced instead.

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As before, I put the Salamanders on the flanks with the intent to get deployment zone points and maybe harass biovores. The nucleus of my army was the bunch of characters and the 60 infantry + Ogryns, which I intended to just throw right at him and see what happened. They all went packed into the center ready to swarm the relic. Mortars and lascannons went in the backfield with the vindicare, the Culexus tailed a vehicle in the center and the Callidus and Eversor went into reserve.

I forgot to roll to seize initiative. Because I am retarded.

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I kind of want to post batreps, but I don't want to take photos of my games because I feel like it'd be awkward.
Would it be weird if I posted batreps without taking pics?

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SoB also do naked vigils on stone floors.
Vest made out of hair for???
Write with a barbe wire pen
(3rd edition rule book)

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+++Turn 1+++

The bugs advanced in the center with almost everything, getting to within 3” of the relic. Biovores, warriors, and Zoanthropes all nuked the lascannon team right off the bat and killed all of them. A few shots were fired at the mortars, too, but only resulted in a spore mine drifting menacingly close to them.

On my turn, the Salamanders zoomed up the flanks while every single chimera emptied its passengers,then drove up behind them for support. 60 guardsmen and 4 Ogryns, stirred to righteous frenzy by the Ministorum priest, Yarrick’s speech over the internal vox, and Straken’s gung ho battlecry all moved right up to the insectoid menace. My lines ended up about 6-8 inches away, so I decided to direct all my shooting at the carnifexes, his warlord, and the zoanthropes lest he pick off lots of gaunt casualties to prevent the charge I wanted to get. The Vindicare landed 3 wounds on the warlord, the Eversor popped up behind the warriors, and the Zoanthropes were surprised to learn that one of them had been a Callidus all along.

The Eversor rolled well on his charge, but the warriors did better with 2 6s on overwatch that inflicted 9 wounds on the assassin. He went down like a bitch before doing anything at all. The Callidus had a bit more luck and inflicted 2 wounds on a Zoanthrope with her phase blade, conveniently ignoring their 3+ invul saves. The Culexus fared best of all and, charged by so many psykers around him, drilled 5 wounds onto Old One Eye with his animus speculum.

All the infantry made it into charge, eating about 10 casualties from 30+ overwatch shots per gaunt unit but shrugging off the losses and ramming in with 3 attack a piece. By the end of the bayonet charge I had killed maybe 20 gaunts, and the Ogryn had put 3 wounds on a carnifex.

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I dislike BnP Praetorians. They have the extra attack it seems now, but I just prefer the AP -3 shooting. Especially with the people that I frequently play with. I do need to get Szeras and Anrakyr still. Anrakyr is such a good character. I have yet to complete my Named HQ collection. And I still prefer Orikan over Szeras anyway because of his better beatstick ability, Szeras upgrades are a little too random for my tastes without a chance to use it a few times as test. And the Cryptek's 5+ invuln against shooting has saved me more times than I want to have had to happen.

>> No.55049598 [DELETED] 

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Ynnari) [44 PL, 770pts] ++

+ HQ [14 PL, 251pts] +

Autarch Skyrunner [7 PL, 119pts]: Avenger Shuriken Catapult , Forceshield , Shuriken Pistol, Twin Shuriken Catapult

Yvraine [7 PL, 132pts]: Ancestors' Grace, Word of the Phoenix

+ Elites [18 PL, 219pts] +

Shadow Spectres [6 PL, 73pts]
. 2x Shadow Spectre : 2x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

Shadow Spectres [6 PL, 73pts]
. 2x Shadow Spectre: 2x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

Shadow Spectres [6 PL, 73pts]
. 2x Shadow Spectre : 2x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

+ Fast Attack [12 PL, 300pts] +

Scourges [6 PL, 150pts]
. Scourge : Dark Lance x 4
. Solarite : Shardcarbine

Scourges [6 PL, 150pts]
. Scourge : Dark Lance x 4
. Solarite : Shardcarbine

++ Vanguard Detachment (Aeldari - Ynnari) [41 PL, 669pts] ++

+ HQ [23 PL, 450pts] +

Farseer [6 PL, 113pts]: 1. Guide, 3. Fortune, Witchblade

The Yncarne [17 PL, 337pts]: Ancestors' Grace, Gaze of Ynnead

+ Elites [18 PL, 219pts] +

Shadow Spectres [6 PL, 73pts]
. 2x Shadow Spectre : 2x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

Shadow Spectres [6 PL, 73pts]
. 2x Shadow Spectre : 2x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

Shadow Spectres [6 PL, 73pts]
. 2x Shadow Spectre : 2x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

++ Vanguard Detachment (Aeldari - Ynnari) [62 PL, 559pts] ++

+ HQ [5 PL, 87pts] +

Warlock Skyrunner [5 PL, 87pts]: 1. Conceal/Reveal, Twin Shuriken Catapult , Witchblade

+ Elites [57 PL, 472pts] +

Shadow Spectres [19 PL, 142pts]
. 5x Shadow Spectre : 5x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

Shadow Spectres [19 PL, 165pts]
. 6x Shadow Spectre : 6x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

Shadow Spectres [19 PL, 165pts]
. 6x Shadow Spectre : 6x Prism Rifle
. Shadow Spectre Exarch : Prism Rifle

++ Total: [147 PL, 1998pts] ++

no bully

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How would you guys design some new crusader units?

>> No.55049625


+++Turn 2+++

The nids reeled from the unexpected charge of human fleshbags, withdrawing with the gaunts and Zoanthropes. Purestrain genestealers outflanked with cultists in tow and charged in on a mortar team, while the warlord bug advanced to tie up the guard infantry and cover the diminished gaunt swarms (really the casualties ended up about 50/50 at this point for the gaunt/guard melee). Nid shooting was light since most units were falling back or in combat, but the zoanthropes nearly smote the Callidus to death, her life spared by 4 simultaneous 4+ invul saves. The infantry took more losses, but even with morale losses kept the bugs tied up across the entire front. Old One Eye kills 3 Ogryn in a single round of combat.

(It has since been pointed out to me you can't take invul saves against smite. This was an error on our parts)


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I did that a few times, but nobody seems to pay any attention to them, and people already barely seem to care about battle reports with pictures.

>> No.55049634

You could take a shot of your army before the game starts as like a header for it or something. I was wondering this too actually. I doubt anyone I play with would give a shit about me taking pictures but at the same time it would be awkward and I don't want to slow down an already slow enough game by taking pictures every damn turn.

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IG is up. Those infantry squads locked in combat pull out, and those out line up into orderly ranks. Get Back in the Fight! And First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire! Orders cover the field and lasgun volleys chew up the already-depleted bug ranks and tack a few wounds on the monsters. The Culexus again takes 3 wounds on the enemy warlord, though his psykout grenade completely fails to wound. The Vindicare knock a few wounds off, too, and the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor dominates Old One Eye and tries to force him to use crushing claws on the carnifex next to him. All four attack miss. Finally, all the chimeras hear the mortar team getting torn apart behind them, turn around, and light up that terrain piece with heavy flamers, multilasers, and heavy stubbers, dropping all the genestealers but 1 and the broodlord.

The entire Imperial line charges back into melee. Straken compeltely fails to wound the warlord, and Yarrick fails to wound Old One Eye. Nork does headbutt the warlord for 3 wounds, though, yet it is not enough to fell the beast. As an afterthought I throw the attacks of my last 12 guardsmen at the thing and they take the last wound down, killing it with monoknife bayonets. victory is fleeting, though, as old One Eye gets his vengeance and lands 9 wounds on Yarrick, whose refractor field stops all but 2 of them. He fails one of his 3+ get back up rolls, which I spend a command point to reroll and he still fails it. Fuck.


>> No.55049640

Was the Primaris LT not released? I can't find the model.

>> No.55049650

Battlebot a cute!

>> No.55049654

Give them Eviserator options.

>> No.55049658



At this point the store is about to close, so we call it a draw. While it’s clear the battle will swing my way when one of my many character picks up the relic and just runs away with it, all my infantry and vehicles blocking for him, at this stage of the game both warlords are dead and both deployment zones are violated. We shake hands and promise to start the next game earlier should we ever play again (2 turns took almost 3 hours).

I was disappointed with the Callidus and Eversor assassins, and the Ogryn definitely didn’t do well against the carnifexes, especially Old One Eye. It seems like I should have used FRFSRF on the bugs during turn 1 instead of charging with all my infantry, which did almost as much damage to me as to him. Then again, it did invalidate many of his units, which all fell back or were locked the following turn. Altogether it was a fun gimmick to try, but I’m not convinced it’s better than just shooting those lasrifles instead.

Straken’s buff was good, but he himself didn’t do anything at all, even with his anti-monster ability. Yarrick likewise did nothing at all – really the only characters that pulled their weight were the vindicare, culexus, and Nork, who did more damage than all the officers combined just by slamming his face into the biggest bug on the table.

Fun game, but I’m hoping to actually get a full 6 turns in sometime in the future.

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>> No.55049678


>> No.55049694

Tyranids for new Lictor models, IG because new infantry might be cool and chapter approved to see if theres anything cool.

Death Guard is going to be cool, if there arent any other Primaris stuff this year then Im definitely making a 1000pt DG terminator force and then wait for EC to get their codex to add another 1000pts.

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>> No.55049700

But sometimes cool shit happens in my game that I want to share, like a daemon prince tearing a storm raven out of the air, or a terminator sorcerer going toe to toe with a captain and a lieutenant at the same time, or Lucius the Eternal and a squad of lightning claw chosen bringing down a horde of genestealers well over double their own number.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's awkward.

>> No.55049707

not standalone. currently only available in the dark imperium box.

>> No.55049720


>> No.55049726


>> No.55049728

BnP beats out the RoC in pure numbers (6.30 Wounds vs 5.56 Wounds on manlets, not including Anrakyr leadership and aura). And I am talking about raw tournament list, not kitchen table.

Szeras is a reliable lascannon, something our army is in short supply with and on a mobile platform (at 3+, can advance and shoot, can be given a +1 to-hit with Anrakyr leadership). Melee is nice, but you will have melee elsewhere (Wraiths, Praetorians, etc.) Don't lose sight that we are a shooty first army with a melee vanguard and leadership. Orikan is good only because of his powered up form is permanent. You get more from cover than a 5+ invuln, anyways.

Szeras' +1 strength is a joke, but 20 S5 warrior charging in on manlets after double tapping is disgusting. +1 toughness and +1 BS are the ones we really care about. So he is cocaine 66% of the time and icing at 33% of the time.

>> No.55049734

AdMech new models and codex

>> No.55049753

> Best looking model in the entire franchise
> No rules to use it in 40K

Why are we here? To suffer?

>> No.55049756

Do harlequins drink the Ynnari cool-aid or are they still dicking around doing their own thing?

>> No.55049766

>Best looking

Life must be suffering when you have shit taste.

>> No.55049773

>tfw you play Admech, and even you didnt expect to be the first non-marine codex to be released.

I am a happy beep boop. Although, I still can't believe we beat out the Space Woofs, the Dork Gayngels, the Asstra Miliretardumb and the Blood Angles.

>> No.55049788

Aren't the Quins like essentially NAP with everyone? Like even get a pass to visit Imperium worlds. They do their own thing always

>> No.55049792

Thousand Sons, daemons, and/or Necron codex.

>> No.55049809

>Not liking giant golden knights with flaming swords

Go back to your NPCs please

>> No.55049830

It is a good feeling, I wonder what our Strategems are gonna be, or what the differing Forge World rules are. Hopefully not just copy and pasted marine ones.

>> No.55049832

how many lascannon would you say is optimal for a multipurpose chaos army that will run into IG, orks, tau, and eldar on the regular?

>> No.55049850

That tech-priest looks likes he is getting a little too excited watching that world go up in flames

Hard to blame him though

>> No.55049854

Szeras' +1 strength would be extremely good for Praetorians in general and Lychguard with shield. It would make them wound on 2's against most IG and Eldar units.

My heavy melee focus, which I say is a melee 'focus' but I still have the extreme amount of shooty we have in general, really lends to strong beatstick HQ's like Obyron and Trazyn. Especially Trazyn bonking characters and spitting mortal wounds at people. Since his attacks do D3 damage, the Lychguard can split attacks to whittle down any sargent or other leader to 2 wounds then let Trazyn mulch it to get the mortal wounds on everything else around it.

>> No.55049899

You can only Szeras Warriors and Immortals

Trazyn is just an aufl HQ, and I love the guy. He has a worse Warscythe and it only does a mediocre thing if he kills a Character... in an edition where killing a regular HQ is something that happens round 3 or 4. And his stand up with 1d3 wounds on a full health Overlord or Lord with 5 or 4 wounds, is just terrible. Wait til they fix him or put him on the shelf.

How many Heavy Destroyers are you fielding? I hope you say 3 or you have a very specialized army, and not in the good way.

>> No.55049906

I have no fucking idea why GW hates money so much. I'd blow my hot load all over their wallets if they opened up even half of the FW Custodes units to 40k.

Different anon, but I cannot imagine how trash the rest of your opinions are on anything if you don't think the Custodes Contemptors are fucking sick looking.

>> No.55049940

>new lictor models
Muh nigga, plastic lictors would be great.

>> No.55049972

I will continue to use Trazyn exclusively on the his performance in my games until he finally stops doing well for me. He was also my very first named HQ. Once I get started at my new job im going to put out some money on the rest of the named HQ's and some destroyers and more immortals and at least one more group of Lychguard.

And I dont have any destroyers, someone stole them while I was at a shop in Dallas-Ft.Worth a couple months ago. I only had the 1 heavy destroyer too.

>> No.55049986

Trying to pick an army, I like Orks, but they seem sort of limiting compared to going with chaos or the imperium, since you have the potential for more room to grow, or am I just being a faggot about it?

>> No.55049989

Goddamn. Guess I could convert.

>> No.55049996

So I'm working on a Deathwatch Fire Raptor. Is using the Raptors shoulder pad for the pilot too subtle a pun?

>> No.55049999

Just so you know sergeants aren't characters and don't count for trazyns weapon ability.

>> No.55050007

>Dallas-Ft. worth
Where brah?

>> No.55050024

What would happen if you were a relic dreadnought serving alongside some Mechanicus forces and the magi kept fondling your servos?

Should you report it to your chaplain?

>> No.55050029

Well, I feel for you son. And as long as you are having fun, more power to you. But if you go into any tourneys, don't expect to place too high.

>> No.55050032

Boxnaught is the only walking death machine I need in my life. All the others are just trying too hard in a vain attempt to compensate for knowing the fact they will never even come close to the perfection of the castaferrum pattern dreadnought.

>> No.55050061


Pick whichever army looks coolest to you.

You're gonna be spending a shitload of time assembling, modeling, and painting your models, so they have to be models that you think are fuckin' rad.

Unless you have a very specific playstyle that you really like (ranged vs assault vs defensive vs whatever) because some armies do better with certain playstyles.

>> No.55050063

I dunno, Ork Cylinder Dredds are pretty cool.

>> No.55050068


Old boxnaughts are tiny and ugly on a modern table.

It's like someone playing with RT models.

>> No.55050075

Ha, it's literally a can of whoop-ass.
Less can be said for actual killa-kans though; you need quite a few for them do get much done.

>> No.55050078


My ideal set of releases for Tyranids would just be two kits:

A Bio/Pyrovore dual kit that redesigns Biovores.

And a Lictor kit paired with a new elite infantry unit, possibly something like mini-Dimachaerons.

>> No.55050091

>shit taste; the post.

>> No.55050102


The size difference between old and new Dreadnoughts is borderline imperceptible. The only real size difference is one or two of the weapon arms.

>> No.55050112

I live in San Marcos, but I was in DFW and visited Cosmic Asylum for just a pick up game and when I went to the bathroom someone swiped my destroyers and left. They never found them or the guy so I never got them back. :(

I dont play tournaments, I tried it once and had absolutely 0 fun despite placing 3rd with my unoptimal list and pissing off like 20 other people who realized I wasnt playing optimal. Monolith make Girlyman go kill with Eternity gate. Finally lost to riptides but not before I took down 4 of his 6.

Its nice to get to talk Necrons with someone else who understands them a bit. I only know one other necron player and he just started the hobby last month so he isnt exactly a wellspring of theorycrafting.

>> No.55050113

Anywhere from 0 to as many has you can possibly take.

No seriously. If orks guy is horde and IG or eldar goes mech you're screwed if you don't go all in on either crushing horde or killing tanks.

>> No.55050117

>Robby G has three lore confirmed scars that aren't healed fully
>sucked out of an airlock at calth
>head smashed in by lorgar
>Throat slit by fulgrim
Does his 40k model reflect any of this or do modelers not care about lore and wanted him to have a perfect face?

>> No.55050118

I like your list. I did a 1500 point game a little while back with Yarrick and Straken and focused it around punching people. It was a blast, pic related.

I also did a list recently that was melee focused that used Celestine, a Canoness, Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders and Bullgryn and my usual Conscript blob and 3 infantry squad combo. Good fun.

>> No.55050130

But I think that somewhat dances around my point, sticking with Orks seems to lock me into a limited number of play styles, compared to say going with chaos, which would let me use chaos marines, and demons, and knights.

>> No.55050151

T'au Empire.

Need my Sept rules.

>> No.55050162

is that orange on your dudes supposed to be like prison jumpsuits?

>> No.55050173

>Basilisks facing sideways directly behind a building
>Can somehow shoot the enemy forces on the other side of the board
I'm all for basilisks but this shit is just inexcusably retarded.

>> No.55050174


They were always ugly and the topic of many jokes for as long as they were around.

Don't worry though, I'm sure GW will keep waddling washing machines around until the nostalgia runs dry.

>> No.55050182

Dark Eldar Dex.

With Plastic Incubi, more Archon wargear options, No Escape on Reavers/Hellions, Kabal/Cult rules, and some shenanigans from the old Covens supplement built into Stratagems.

>> No.55050188

Necromunda followed by plastic sisters. Please... I've been patient these last 20 years.

>> No.55050193

Well it's not the real girlyman, so it makes sense

>> No.55050196

Yeah it was my attempt at penal legion dudes that I use as conscripts.

>> No.55050202


>> No.55050209

They suffered for that crap. I Doomsday Ark'd one of the missile launchers and it exploded and destroyed another one which exploded and all the combined MW's destroyed them. Dont you just love the lack of 'facing' now?

>> No.55050213

Wait till next year's Necron codex.
>crossing my fingers for new models for Flayed Ones and a Bad Ass Silent King model!

>> No.55050234

Honestly, if they're willing to release new Necromunda, then I bet their willing to release plastic sisters. The initial cost of making new models is rather large, but as I said, if they're willing to take the risk with Necromunda then sisters seems like a reasonable expectation.

>> No.55050240

Something cool I realized about imperial/Eldar/chaos having access to all their armies is you can basically make legal counts as models
For example
>buy a squadron of predators and captain
>convert them to look as guard as possible, completely kitbash the captain if you want
>basically say they are a different regiment that uses advanced vehicals and power armour for their officers
While obviously it leans towards cheese it allows some cool fluffy head canon shinanigans too

>> No.55050260

No. Do it.

>> No.55050266

I wish DW could use special ammo with storm bolters.

>> No.55050268

I'm certainly hopeful. I wish they'd give us a date on Necromunda, so I could decide if I want to spend a few bucks on other things before it comes out. But I guess GW wants me to be on the edge of my seat ready to preorder the starter set and any additional gangs the moment they announce a date.

>> No.55050278

>Silent King model
That boner has been up for about 6 years for me. I would love to finally [hotglue] that shit. Fuck Imotekh

>> No.55050348

That, and units got Special Issue Ammo for being in the army. As is, Watch Captains don't have it.

>> No.55050354

Got a squad of scouts I'm going to use for SWA and Kill Team, they all have snappy nicknames because they're aloof badass cunts, except for the one with the helmet and the boltgun, his name is Dave and he is the designated straight man. I was thinking of painting them as Crimson Fists because I think their cool, but I'm open to suggestions. Anyone got any chapters I should consider?

>> No.55050373

People still play SWA?

>> No.55050378

Wonder how many they'll include
Especially since Enclaves is far more fleshed out than any other possible <Sept>

Yeah, boxnaughts are awesome and reflect their tomb nature.
Other dreadnoughts, newer ones are fugly robot looking things that are ultra generic. Big suit man bot is covered in spades

>> No.55050394

I can run 2 C-beam, and about 4-5 lascannon if I squeeze them in. I have 4 more lascannon in the mail.

Do you focus fire veh for orks or just punch the horde?

>> No.55050405


>> No.55050412

I have a friend in my 40k group who's interested and hopefully I can get others interested as well.

Thank you for the snarky comment instead of suggestions for SM Chapters

>> No.55050420

Yeah, DW seems rushed and hit/miss

Take vanguard vets, literally worse than normal vanguards but 2 points more. And you replace their pistols anyway with wargear.

But bikers get special ammo and wreck face with it.

>> No.55050439

I played last weekend with a bunch of other dudes but everyone playing spent most of it chatting about how awesome it will be to have Necromunda back. So it's more of just a placeholder.

>> No.55050456

Make them Raptors and paint them as tributes to the cast of Predator.

>> No.55050459

could I start a titan army? like a maniple with admech allies want to end up with at least 2 warhounds and a warlord. im trying to stick with legio titanica with only a small amount of allies.

>> No.55050464

Konor campaign is still going, are chaosfags finally believing in the power of soul grinders? (and knights and titans)

>> No.55050470

Holy fuck I didn't think of that, that's a great idea

>> No.55050471

Oh well, if new Necromunda rules are good, I'm sure fans or GW will convert SWA kill teams into it pretty quickly.

>> No.55050476

You absolutely can.
You absolutely can shell out 1000s of pounds too.
You absolutely, can expect few people to ever play you again.

>> No.55050489

Crimson Fists are a good idea. Another chapter that you could do would probably be either Raptors or Raven Guard since they employ heavy usage of scouts on missions.

>> No.55050491

If you do go for it, I look forward to seeing the pics. They look pretty cool already, so I honestly look forward to seeing them finished no matter what chapter you go with.

>> No.55050509

Guard codex, I guess. Although I only need three entries out of it.

>> No.55050517

I only play with one friend anyway not a fan of the hobby stores as I dont know any of them. I mean this isnt a waac its just I love giant fucking robots and titans are awsome.

>> No.55050528

No one plays at that kind of points level, you can certainly do that but waiting for Adeptus Titanicus is probably better.

>> No.55050539

Why do people play with in primed models?

It honestly seems the laziest thing to do, like even just fucking PRIME your models, fucks sake I'm not a good painter bit at least I try

>> No.55050553

Pure speculation here, but I imagine its mostly ornamental and the all the same size. Given that SoB were organized as they are to get around the letter of the decree passive it makes a certain sense to extravagantly emphasize their "femaleness" with big titty armor. That means they probably picked a pretty big cup size for the armor that fits most girls and add padding on the inside to fit the owner. If there's a sister with really big tits I'd imagine she actually just gets a breast reduction.

>> No.55050557

some people are slow and are more interested in playing.
I don't mind because I get to brag about my army being fully painted and based and point out all the details while my models are removed as casualties

>> No.55050584

>San Marcos
My nigga

I live In New Braunfels; what shop do you go to?

>> No.55050591

My hope is in their book, the special ammo will be like a chapter trait, so it extends to anyone who gets it.

>> No.55050593

>makes a certain sense to extravagantly emphasize their "femaleness" with big titty armor.
Shit, that actually does make some good sense.

>> No.55050603

bet you get a lot of time to point out details then lmao

>> No.55050604

Or has to rub some extra oil on to squeeze them in...

>> No.55050629

I will definitely be posting pictures in /wipg because I spend most of my time on /tg there, but I'll try to remember to post them in here. I might end up with Crimson Fists anyway since I don't have an olive drab paint, but I'll definitely be milling it over until I get to painting them.

>> No.55050634

Collin's store on South Lamar in Austin. You should come this weekend for the Apocalypse match, we did one several weeks ago and it was awesome.

>> No.55050657

Lovin' the paintjobs on the tanks. Love a good paint job with some cool terrain.

>> No.55050663

if only the legio had sime cheaper ground units aside from the titan guard. yeah they are to many points. maybe ill get a warhound and just add that to a mechanicus list.my poor giant robots.

>the autist titan on the right

>> No.55050669

Holy shit they must have no back problems.
I mean how many girls get power armor bras?

>> No.55050702

>All those recast, old eldar models


>> No.55050705


>> No.55050712

this so much this

>> No.55050718

That is the old Armorcast, its legit, just super old. I do agree though, disgusting.

>> No.55050732

Who here's gonna really invest in a mini titan army for titanicus?.....I fucking will.

>> No.55050735

And 10 plus years still unpainted? Holy shit.

>> No.55050746

>hating on armorcast scorpions/phantoms
actual plebeian

>> No.55050749

Sounds pretty tight; unfortunately, work is going to be a bitch this weekend, since I'm in the middle of transistioning from a night shift job to a morning one. Plus, I already had plans for a big 2000 point narrative game with my buddy.

To make up for it, have one of my skittles surrounded by Screaming elves.

>> No.55050758

So how's the Spartan? As I predator user I like the look of all those lascannons, but that shit sure is expensive

>> No.55050759


Why must Apoc games always be superheavy slugfests? Does no one else want to see swarms of infantry and tanks maneuvering around your giant death machine's legs?

>> No.55050769

Would a daemon prince that's a torso with bursting from the ground be acceptable? Thinking of using the soul grinder torso as a base, then adding extra spider arms and a head.

Hell, depending on the size I could make the torso be appearing out of a portal I guess

>> No.55050791

Portal would be far cooler

>> No.55050793

As long as it's roughly the same size as a standard daemon prince most stores would accept your conversion.

>> No.55050797

Regardless, theres going to be plenty of pictures on the facebook page, definitely something to look through.

I agree. But I didnt bring any big stuff that day, I literally ran all of my HQ's my Lychguard and praetorians a Ghost ark, Doomsday Ark, and Triarch stalker. Then later on we brought out 100 warriors and shot shit with the hoard. It was fun but I would still rather just see a colossal amount of small stuff in a match this big.

>> No.55050802

They will fuck them up though. Another kit of AoS trash and fug huge Angron in mid flight that is supported by a tiny pole and wings so huge, they would make the hero from huge quest blush

>> No.55050805

Dark Eldar and Daemon Codexes.

>> No.55050826

I mean i dont see why not. My DP right now is just one of those winged undead modles from the Nagash release AKA obviously the perfect Iron Warriors DP untill I figure out what I want to use to convert one

>> No.55050829

>Pretending to like old models to seem cool

Yeah, we get it
But anyone with two eyes can see they look like complete ass

>> No.55050833

I'll have to check out the size of the mutalith chaos vortex beast or whatever it's called from fantasy when I get home.

>> No.55050924

Just make one out of white glue/water effects and food coloring

>> No.55050934

Read or listen to "Betrayer", skip to the last 2 hours of audio for the best show of what "Apoc" should be
>tons of warriors fighting at the feet of massive war machines, legendary heroes battling it out in a planet set to be executed

>> No.55050936

Its an assault transport. Good for armies that need that. Laser Destroyers work well against LoW too.

>> No.55050960

I'm absolutely terrible at that kind of thing

>> No.55050978

>sisters aren't super feminine due to eye candy or 1980s warrior girls aesthetic
>it's because they literally had to be instantly recognizable as female
>if a sister was too masculine looking or acting she would be properly "feminized" so that she could be easily recognized
>may have even started the trend of few sisters wearing helmets
I like this lore

>> No.55050983

In a game about lost technology and the passing of ages, older models are thematically appropriate.

>> No.55051025

I have about 50 cadian troops. What should i do with them?

>> No.55051027

Never said they weren't
Just that they look horrible

>> No.55051035

Burn them

>> No.55051048

Eat them

I hear it gives you super strength

>> No.55051062

OC pls improve

>> No.55051080

Needs more wounds

>> No.55051084

Any one want to try and sell me on the merits of taking an exocrine over a tyrannofex? Deffinitely buying one this week just not sure which?

>> No.55051114

When you play Doom what do you like better?

The ripping and tearing and blowing shit up?

Or the kick ass metal music?

>> No.55051121

>4+ FNP
Daemons completely incapable of feeling pain only get a 5+
Why would some guy get a 4+ cus he's pious?

That, and 4+ is too powerful.

>> No.55051136

The exocrine is just straight better. The rupture cannon just isn't reliable enough compared to 12 plasma shots.

>> No.55051168

>Daemons completely incapable of feeling pain only get a 5+

Think of it as a step down from complete revival like Celestine or Bobby G. Besides, this is on one guy, not a whole squad.

>> No.55051175

>4+ is too powerful

Nigga he should get a 3+

>> No.55051180

Slaanesh is a bit better rounded

>> No.55051233

How would I do an Eldritch being from beyond army, kinda like Eldrazi? I'm figuring heavily converted Demons, but any other ideas?

>> No.55051254

I wanna believe that's not true, but it probably is. I figured you can get around the +4 to hit of the Tyrannofex with the reroll stratagem and ap-4 d6 dmg is strong siren song indeed. 12 plasma at +3 to hit is still pretty solid against most things too though. Plus Tyrannofex has dat sweet T8 and 14 wounds makes it a pain to remove easily when backed up with catalyst.

>> No.55051282

Slaanesh is like the bard of the group in the chaos gods.
Tzeentch is wizard archetype.
Nurgle is cleric in D&D terms better health and harder to kill
Khorne is barbarian.

Slaanesh can't fight as well as Khorne but is better in Melee than Nurgle and Tzeentch, not as durable as Nurgle but more durable than Tzeentch and Khorne, not as good at magic as Tzeentch but better psykers than Nurgle and Khorne.

>> No.55051310

Exocrine only has two less wounds and even when the rupture works it works out basically the same as the exocrine anyway.

>> No.55051319

Tyranids converted with less teeth and more tentacles, like the ymgarl genestealers

>> No.55051321

Daemons and Nids converted together could work.

>> No.55051365

I just dislike the fact that the exocrine is bordline useless if it has move. I get its better off parked but it can just be out manouvered. Tfex is a little less reliable but at least he can move and conduct his business

>> No.55051393

Okay, so Tyrannofex as Anti-Tank doesn't work out too well due to gimmicky weapon not reliably dealing dmg. What about 40 str5 ap0 shots of the fleshborer hive or 2 squirts from the acid spray? Does it work better as a giant anti-infantry unit or does it just become redundant cause nids have enough of that already?

I really like the big bug and just want to find some kind of capacity for the one I already have.

>> No.55051397

I fucking hope Slaanesh has better psykers than Khorne.

>> No.55051410

I feel like you've asked for advice before, but didn't take said advice for flat top scout. Unless you did.

>> No.55051413

So, DW can use SM powers/strategiums. Can they use SM relics? They are Space Marine characters.

>> No.55051419

Yeah the stormlord has never had good enough rule to take outside of Narrative play

>> No.55051421

Biggest problem with that is the 18" range means it has to move and that means it isn't double tapping.

Tfex doesn't like moving either as it loses double shots as well.

>> No.55051442

Advice on which army to use for fear inspiring monsters from beyond?

>> No.55051450

Khorne rarely has psykers, it's not common and not shown in game, but in fluff there have been angry psykers turning to khorne and instead of casting spells they just use the equivalents of smite and force.

>> No.55051460

I have one of each and regularly bring both to games. Exocrine is hampered by a stuborn unwillingness to move and needs to be baby sat with synapse as the rest of your army moves on to choppier pastures. Tfex still doesnt like moving (no shooting twice) is a little less reliable but can move with the times and isnt just stuck parked in the back and doesnt need baby sitting to much because he can just move along with the synapse every other turn or so. Point cost difference is basically negligible. While both are great the exocrine just wins over imo so long as you never have to move it

>> No.55051472

Probably nids, wait until the codex for both drops, at the moment Daemons aren't amazing.

>> No.55051489

I was confused until I saw that you weren't talking about a 40 man transport capacity super heavy tank with a 20 man firing deck and vulcan mega bolters.

>> No.55051497


>> No.55051509


>> No.55051514

My bud runs 2 Exocrines babysat by a Tyranid Prime and it's fucking disgusting how much dakka they put out.

>> No.55051522

Lore has also said flat out that Khorne doesn't do any psykers. It's something that the lore is inconsistent on, but generally the examples of khornate psykers are seen as odd exemptions or more usually errors.

>> No.55051570

It's usually an exception more than a rule, generally if an example of a khorne psyker is given he's usually just such and angry, violent, honorable badass that harvests so many skulls and spills so much blood that Khorne is willing to overlook him being a psyker.

>> No.55051587


>> No.55051621

>It's something that the lore is inconsistent on
No it's not. It's very consistent that Khorne hates psykers and most of the featured Khornate factions refuse to use them.

When they are shown it's always blatant fluff rape.

>> No.55051629

Austin, Texas? Aren't you about to be skullfucked by a hurricane this weekend?

>> No.55051648

>>statlines a space marine would be jealous of on a human

Are you being retarded on purpose? You better not be.

>> No.55051652

I thought Khorne hated magic because it's wasn't personal strength. Then again, that was back when magic and psykers were different.

>> No.55051686

Pretty sure even Custodians aren't as tough as that.

>> No.55051713

There's been a fair few examples of that sort of lore ignoring stuff out there, but overall I agree that it's just getting the lore wrong.

>> No.55051716

Hence the apocalypse game

>> No.55051718

The most recent fluff is just that he sees it as cowardly.

>Though Khorne despises sorcery and sees it as beneath a true warrior, he does not rely on swords and axes alone to gather skulls. Technology, and even arcane relics, are all tools to increase the tally of the fallen. Greatest of Khorne’s weapons are the part-magical, part-technological Daemon Engines.

>> No.55051743

>Sorcery and guns are lame
>This magic sorcerous axe though and my dude with blud guns and more blud guns though don't count

>> No.55051753


>> No.55051765

i'm in houston. austion will just get rain .. nothing big .. houston and chorpus christy is going to get skullfucked

>> No.55051768


It's for an HQ unit. Some humans reach S/T 4 (see assassins). It's not much of a stretch.

If you're complaining about the -1 to wound rolls, you should know that the harlequin Shadowseer has the same ability as an AURA effect.

>> No.55051772

Yeah, cus they are all still used to get up close to the enemy and cut them up.
Having an axe with some degree of magic that helps you cut people in half is great.
Sitting back and casting spells from afar is not.

Having your big kill daemon engine shoot guns as he's charging at the enemy is great.
Sitting back in a predator and shooting things all day is not.

>> No.55051785

>Using your brain to rip someone skull out of their exploding body isn't enough for Khorne

>> No.55051801

When has anyone said Khorne doesn't like guns? Cares not etc. etc.

It's the World Eaters who are dedicated to close combat, there's Khornate factions that are ranged weapon specialists like the Blood Pact.

>> No.55051806

Because he likes fighting, and duels, and angry people fucking each other up.
Not just blood.

>> No.55051811

Do you guys think Sisters will finally get plastic models when their index gets released sometime next year?

>> No.55051816

No. Stop asking.

>> No.55051822

>Chaos is being hypocritical

Huh, who'd a thunk that.

>> No.55051826

>Wow, that took so much skill. You literally fried his mind with your mutation. You're such a glorious warrior.

Killing someone with psychic powers isn't combat, it's murder. Which has always fallen more under Slaanesh and Tzeentch's respective hats.

>> No.55051836

Note to self: do this with my nids.

>> No.55051841

>r8 my homebrew

Dude just field Coteaz.

>> No.55051842

Harlequins are also way harder to play as an army. I'd say ditch the -1 to hit, the rest is fine with a moderately high point cost.

>> No.55051850

Kruellagh the Vile
Kruellagh the Vile
If she don't arouse you
You're gay in denial
To see her means "gotta protect that smile"
Kruellagh, Kruellagh the Vile

>> No.55051854

Probably, if only because they'd make bank on them.

>> No.55051865

>The god of hatred has an irrational hatred for X

>> No.55051866

Yeah..... posterboys get some cool ass toys.

>> No.55051873

I think it was when Farsight ran into Khornate daemons on that world.
Lotta "gun vermin" shit talk

>> No.55051881

Last thread people mentioned they wanted some more crusader units/characters. So I'm just imagining what they might be like.

>Harlequins harder to play than AdMin
I don't know about that, laddie.

>> No.55051886


Anon they are codexes.

And no, they will be in a plastic boxed game first.

>> No.55051911

Yeah it doesnt like moving buy it doesn't suffer as badly for it. Tfex has the no -1 modifier for moving and firing H.weapons but only shoots once. Exocrines when it moves has its +1 to hit replaced with -1 modifier and no shooting twice. Going from 12 shots at 3+ to 6 at 5+. Tfex doesnt like moving but can deal with it alot better

>> No.55051915

Yeah, because all 12 of the Sisters players would buy millions of dollars worth of them amirite?

>> No.55051931

You need just have faith that the Motive force will drive us to greatness.

>> No.55051934

What chaos god would you associate with spiders?

>> No.55051935

You made an effort to do a thing, and I appreciate it, anon.

>> No.55051951

>implying people wouldn't start a new army with cool plastic kits
>implying hot chicks in power armor won't sell

The only reason sisters are unpopular is that their models are overpriced and all suck, and they've been neglected

>> No.55051955

Aye, that they will alongside dark mechanicus.

>> No.55051965

Depends on if sisters or inquisition get lumped into admin.

I mean, PURE crusaders, dca, flagellants, priests is unplayable. You literally cannot pull it off. You don't even get rhinos without sisters.

>> No.55051969

Slaanesh or Tzeentch, more Slaanesh.

>> No.55051973

>p-people just d-don't buy my fetish army b-because it hasn't been updated! i-i swear!
SoBfags really do live in another reality

>> No.55051974

Those a 'Unique' characters, this guy is spammable

>> No.55051976

Tzeentch. Webs are associated with plots. Spinning plots, lies. Secretive. Alternatively, Slaanesh, but Tzeentch came to mind first. Take your pick.

Khorn can have wolf spiders/tarantulas and maybe jumping spiders, since they all just murder the fuck out of their prey, rather than trap them and take their time.

>> No.55051986

The God of NOPE
Daemons are "Fuck that shit, I'm out" and "hell the fuck no"

>> No.55051998

What's it like being this deluded? I never understood SoBfags and their failure to understand literally no one cares about their army but them.

>> No.55052001

>Khorn can have wolf spiders/tarantulas and maybe jumping spiders
Shit, actually a tempting way to do it

>> No.55052004 [DELETED] 

>release sisters as part of a box with [popular army x]
"Those are nice models at a good price, and the game sounds fun. I'll buy it."
>release sisters codex woth remaining models
"Well I already have all these, might as well round out an army."

Nust as planned.

>> No.55052007

Sisters, deathwatch, and the big I will probably get a Witchhunters codex or something.

>> No.55052008

Upvoted :)

>> No.55052010

Slaanesh. He even had a world of Spider-men worshipping him that ended up turning the Emperor's Children in the first place.

>> No.55052014


How about you samefag some more?

>> No.55052017

>>55051886 #
>>55051915 #
>release sisters as part of a box with [popular army x]
"Those are nice models at a good price, and the game sounds fun. I'll buy it."
>release sisters codex woth remaining models
"Well I already have all these, might as well round out an army."

Just as planned

>> No.55052018

>and they shall know fear

>> No.55052024

Vanguard detachments boiiiii

Fair point. I guess the Ancient could be converted to a limit 1 or into a special character.

They are pretty durable, but their damage output isn't that high.

>> No.55052031

It will be Ad Mech/Dark Mech.

>> No.55052033

Assassins are almost as modified as SM are, they are not 'humans' in the way a Crusader is.

>> No.55052035

They were serpentine.

>> No.55052040

But if they're buying the box for the popular army why in god's name would they then play the faction no one likes?

>> No.55052043

SoB players truly are model fondle-ers

>> No.55052049

Only if you want me to anon

>> No.55052054

They were snakes.

>> No.55052056

>multiple people disagree with me about my shitty army
>f-fucking samefag

>> No.55052060

True but the Rupture cannon is so reliant on the double hits to be worth it. If the base profile had the same AP it'd be so much more worthwhile.

>> No.55052062

>muh maymays
That's why no one played them back when I went to a store in 5th. A single person would occasionally pick some up, but they got them for their sister who never gamed there. Same with Grey Knights before their new codex in that edition, Dark Eldar to an extent, and generally any units that were metal-only. People avoided them because it was hard to work with and costly, especially when marines, IG, orks and Chaos marines were either almost completely in plastic or everything that mattered was plastic.

>> No.55052065

Assassins are more modified than even marines, they're no where near normal humans.

Make them S3/T3 but give them a +1S sword, the 3++ and 4 wounds makes them very reasonably tough anyway

>> No.55052068


>> No.55052069

The popular faction is SM
Why on earth would SMs be trying to fight SoBs

>> No.55052079

Probably because the Sisters are a shit army that need to be wiped out so SoBfags can stop with their bullshit.

>> No.55052083

Uh oh, there's 2 retarded idiots that share an opinion on the internets!

>> No.55052087

Which would be better:
>SoB vs World Eaters box
>SoB vs Black Legion box

>> No.55052092

>SoBtard is a reddit le reddit fag
Of course. I wouldn't have expected anything else

>> No.55052107

You sound like a bottom 50%er.

>> No.55052108


>> No.55052109

I also got a sweet miniature in the mail. Look for it in /wip/

>> No.55052117

I never want to get off chapter master Seth's wild ride

>> No.55052124

>SoB players being BTFO
Shame that Shit sters posters died or was banned before he could see this

>> No.55052126

>Le Raddish

Are you a troll from /pol/? Because you post like a troll from /pol/

/pol/-tard pls go

>> No.55052129

As a masochist who plays both Harlies and AdMin I can say with certainty that AdMin are easier to play.

Harlies hit hard but are LOT squishier and cost a lot more per model. One mistake and you're out a sizable chunk of your force. The -1 to hit and -1 to wound stuff is an absolute necessity to Harlies survival, that's simply not true in AdMin

>> No.55052138

Using an insult that originated from /v/ makes me /pol/? Are you fucking dense? Legitimately go back to /r/warhammer.

>> No.55052155

All they ever do is say "I wish we would get plastics finally" and fags like you start going apeshit. It's like way back, when some tau guy asked if there was an example of tau displaying honor toward humans in the Kauyon book, and some marinefags sperged so hard 300+ posts later it was still them throwing a shitfit.

>> No.55052156

Doesn't Chaos already have spider tanks and spider dreads and spider drop pods?

>> No.55052158


>1:49:02 x2

Samefag some more, proxyfag.

>> No.55052160

>you must be a samefag
>you must be from /pol/
Man SoBfags are even more deluded than I thought. I just thought they believed that an unpopular army would get an entire new line when actual popular armies need updates.

>> No.55052167

This notions fills me with positive emotions

>> No.55052168

Yes, b/c that's all /pol/ ever shitposts

/v/ pls go

>> No.55052172

If I actually were both of those posts then how exactly would I have released them both at the exact same second? I definitely don't have 2 computers to do that at once.

>> No.55052176

So why is it when everyone else, like Orks and Eldar and what not bitch about their need for new sculpt people are sympathetic, but if Sisters do we get a bunch of anons sperging? I don't get it.

>> No.55052178


>> No.55052184

You are so fucking out of touch with reality it's not even funny. Before this I might have sympathized with SoBfags. Now I consider you bunch Tau tier.

>> No.55052188

A proxy and a simple program?

Or am I to believe that 2 shit trolls posted the same bait at the exact same second?

>> No.55052191


Solid points. The Ancient would be rare or a special character.
Now consider:
>Hector Rex (who I believe is S4)
>Straken S6 and T4 (cybernetics, but muh faith could be a substitute)
>Harker is S4
>Eldrad T4 (not human, but from a T3 race)

My point is, there is precedent for exceptional humans reaching S4/T4 levels, so it's not totally unrealistic for a single individual to have these stats.

I'm tempted to run a crusader force that counts as catachans so I can have a heroic crusader leader and some decent troops backing him up.

Anyone know of some models that work for this?

>> No.55052194

SoB vs Grey Knights

>> No.55052195

>you're a samefag
>you're from /pol/
>you're from /v/
The ground shrinks beneath your feet, anon.

>> No.55052198

Chaos in general, yes.

>> No.55052208


I'd really rather you didn't judge us all based on that one guy. You get assholes from every faction, even orks. Just because there is one sperg doesn't mean you should write us all off. If you did that you'd have to write off every faction and fan base in the game. I've seen players from each and every one go ape shit here.

>> No.55052211

I'm not aware of any proxies that can even post on 4chan, much less one that's capable of changing my IP in less than a second.

>> No.55052212

dork gayngels lolol

>> No.55052213

>Max kekington

>> No.55052214

>I can't accept multiple people think I'm retarded
>they must be using space age technology to bedevil me they must

>> No.55052217

Yeah and thats where i agree. Rupture is fucking great if all the shots hit, if not that ridiculously low -1AP is terrible. Hoping for a slight buff when the codex drops to like a -2AP or something. Although its pretty unlikely to get buffed

>> No.55052219

Don't worry they don't even have any models. They just want plastic waifus. If they actually wanted to play an army of Joan D'Arc, they'd shell out, go recast, or go raging cheesecake.

Personally, I'm actually worried about plastic because sisters are a prime candidate for MAXIMUM OVER-CAD that GW loves doing now. However, I've been burned so many times that in won't believe my army is getting updated until I see an official statement from Geedubs.

>> No.55052223

Less whining from those other factions despite them actually being much more popular.
As well as less, "GW would totally make millions and millions from plastic sisters cause everyone would buy them but they are stooopid"

>> No.55052225

I honestly believe the SoB sperg must be false flagging.

>> No.55052231


>> No.55052235

What characters do you want to be given unique rules or a model?

hoping for Ku'Gath the Plaguefather personally

>> No.55052238


>> No.55052240

I can see it now, not a real change to the weapon stat line, but a stratagem that basically lets you take any hit and make it AP -4 for any of the Ruptures shots. Not what we want, but what seems likely.

>> No.55052241

Okay please stop, you're just making SoB players out to be tremendous faggots. There doesn't need to be any more encouragement.

>> No.55052242

>A troll! On my 4 chan?

It's more likely than you think.

>> No.55052248


I just want more options in general really. I love conversions, but whenever i do it it feels like i'm metaphorically kicking myself in the dick since it can't really be used wisywig.

>> No.55052252

Dark Angels-> DAngels
Also works cause they are all about the dangly bits

>> No.55052253

I'm an idiot and would like you to explain over-cad. I'm also an old-fag, and think of CAD being computer-aided drafting.

>> No.55052255

I'm glad you understand where you stand.

>> No.55052260

Warp Spider Phoenix Lord

>> No.55052261

>I-I was trolling guys, I'm not retarded

>> No.55052272

But you are anon, not that there's anything wrong with that.

>> No.55052274

> I think X army should have plastic models.

>Being this retarded
>Autist X player detected, FUCK YOU

>> No.55052281

Kugath and some KoS will get the LoC/BT treatment.

I want to see no special characters because I hate hero hammer, but I've been dreaming about SoB bike jousters since like 5th edition when we got our shitty pamphlet rules that weren't actually that bad.

That's exactly what it is. They design everything on the computer and fill in as much space as they can with obnoxious detailing that doesn't need to be there and/or make wildly crazy designs that are just bad looking such as the Mortis Engine in AoS.

>> No.55052287

I got sick of waiting for an Exalted Champion model, cut the sword hand off one of my Aspiring Champions along with his plasma pistol, then I strapped a whip and a daemonette claw from my leftovers from when I made my Exalted Seeker Chariot and now I'm waiting for the glue to dry so I can redo the base coat and then I'm gonna finish painting him.

>> No.55052289

It is, and it lets GW go full retarded with small details because not one has to physically sculpt the damn thing

>> No.55052290

CSM have some decent AT besides Lascannons that can multitask as horde clearing. Combi-melts on terminators, catapulting things into melee with Warptime and/or Alpha Legion shenanigans, princes with Unholy Strength. Even Rubrics can seriously threaten T7 vehicles in rapid fire range with VoTLW.

I haven't had a problem just running a 2 Las 2 Missile Havoc squad as my only dedicated AT unit, IG tonk squad was tough but beatable.

>> No.55052291

>metal models

The only metal models worth it are the old kasrkin.

Plastic kasrkin when.

>> No.55052320

I thought this might be what you meant.

They do seem to have a love of that. The grishnaks seem like a good balance, though.

>> No.55052331

There are better ways of making things "holy badass" than just trying make the ultimate tank with Space Marine stats.

Interesting auras, special bodyguard rule, give them act of faith access with a unique act, zealot access, make them "unlock" special rules in the the other "priest"-class units so that the force can be played standalone.

You're turning a cool concept into cheap vanilla stormshield Space Marines characters.

>> No.55052337

I could deal with that, even a strategem that gives +1 to BS or somethong would be great. Although the rupture cannon will always hold a special place in my heart after a game last month where it 1 shot a knight t1. the rupture cannon has done absoutley jack shit since then for me though

>> No.55052341

>Sisters have some of the best rules they've ever had
>Just got a new (and badass) model this year
>Lots of 3rd party options for models, some of which are better than GWs
>LOL should be squatted already! Hurrr!

Yeah, sure dude. Never-mind that no one who actually plays the army is complaining right now, if anything I've seen more people just posting sisters out of love of their army.

But I that's not something I'd expect a WAAC to understand.

>> No.55052350

>SoB vs Heretic Sister

>> No.55052363

He was just dropping in to spam bait posts.

Picking on sisters seems to be the go to for low resolution bait these days.

>> No.55052370

There are no fallen sisters...

>> No.55052374

I'm totally open to ideas.
If you want to go more in depth, I'll record them and put them in a "possible abilities" section.

>> No.55052389

Sisters players indeed seem pretty happy right now. Like orks, it's been a while since they've been not-shit.

>> No.55052390

Christ, its the chaos eldar all over again.

>> No.55052409

Sob vs Squats.

>> No.55052412

Not as funny as >>55052194

>> No.55052419


>> No.55052430

Sob vs Half-eldar Ultramarines then.

>> No.55052435


They're pretty good, honestly. I just wish they had more poses.

>> No.55052438

>above copulating with one

>> No.55052443

>copulating with a tyranid
How is this even a question?

>> No.55052451

I would limit yourself to one warhound titan for money and so you can actually find people with large enough armies to play against you.

>> No.55052486

Did someone say chaos eldar? They were totally a thing once upon a time, never retconned and still are hinted at in the fluff.

>> No.55052556

Has anyone besides me noticed the multipart bloat drones with new guns?
also the CSM codex plague marine datasheet is of the chain

>> No.55052583

The only good eldar is a dino riding eldar, and maybe howling banshees!

>> No.55052595

There's been a couple of more recent examples.

I can't remember the book but there was a relatively recent BL novel featuring a Chaos-worshipping Eldar seer.

>> No.55052599

>not striking scorpions

>> No.55052604

Kruellagh the Vile is shit, all hail the true queen Lelith Hesperax!

>> No.55052629

>Three small pieces of LoS blocking terrain.

>Three skyshields in the corners being pointless.

You seriously need to sort your terrain. Jam a couple of containers under each of those skyshields so that they become LoS blocking or something.

>> No.55052638

Is Faeit ever uh right?
I wanna know whether to take the Codex releases of 2017 rumour remotely serious

>> No.55052647

>Not choosing lascivious experienced MILF
Both are overrated.

>> No.55052664

Literally everyone noticed. You ain't shit.

>> No.55052665

>her headpiece is a when u nut but she keep sucking reaction image

>> No.55052670


>tfw have 4 full squads of old kasrkin models

Steel Legion models are also very good, imo

>> No.55052682


They were LOS blocking, and there was shit underneath them.

You aren't the first person to say that bigger terrain should have been in the center, though, so I'll do that next time.

>> No.55052688

If you routinely play at that points level then why not.

>> No.55052710

Is there any reason to play Mono-Daemon without using FW? They seem pretty shite even at a casual level (1000pts-ish) but then using FW models at that level of points instantly makes you a faggot. What's an anon to do before Codex: Daemons drops?

>> No.55052737

thank you for belittling me for trying to start conversation

>> No.55052740

Could I make a semi decent 2000 point mostly dread army? I have 3 so far and have a weird obsession with them.

>> No.55052742

Unfortunately Daemons got hugely fucked over by 8th.
No shooting, Invul saves are mediocre, squishy troop choices.
Our only saving grace is we can have more psykers than anyone else, but at that point there's no reason not to just go full Tzeentch, also the only god with actual shooting.
Until Codex drops and gives us some kind of anything we're just backup for CSM.

>> No.55052760

Since GW is dumping historical options that don't have a current model this world be the perfect time to kill the SoB range and just never release a codex.

>> No.55052776

So you put your three largest LoS blocking terrain pieces in the corners in order to make sure they had no effect at all?

>> No.55052813

If new models come out for SoB we're going to have months of these faggots complaining about the influx of new people playing their armies, about how the new models aren't exactly low the old ones, etc.

Them and chaos faces just can't not bitch and whine.

>> No.55052816


I put them where I thought they would look cool.

>> No.55052838

You should try having a game where both sides don't cluster their whole army directly across the board from each and start shooting immediately.

Might be a novel experience for you.

>> No.55052851

Hector Rex was gene modded from by the Inquisition from a young age

Straken is half robot

Harker is literally half ogryn

Eldrad is made of crystal

NONE of them are a generic HQ

>> No.55052878

That's super disappointing. I remember being able to have armies of single gods and they'd at least work. I can't see an 8th edition list not getting shit on by most other armies unless you smite spammed with Tzeentch.

>> No.55052881


You should try reading things. The list I fielded was almost entirely melee. 0 battle tanks, 0 plasma guns, 0 scions, 0 conscripts. Infantry, Ogryn, Assassins, Straken, Yarrick, Nork, and a priest. If you even looked at the report you'd see the entire guard army moved up and charged the tyranids instead of shooting at earliest opportunity. The entire game was assault on both sides.

>> No.55052902

guys plz

im a newfag. and honestly, I think its my calling

>> No.55052921

astra milleretardum got me pretty good too :D :D

>> No.55052926

You mean since 7th? They were top of mid tier in 7th pretty solidly.

>> No.55052927


This looks like Scibor's old press moulded conversions.

>> No.55052933

Exactly the problem.
Daemons are usually dangerous in melee, but if with Fall Back and the new Battleshock morale rules there's no way a pure melee army can survive in 8th.
Hopefully our codex fixes this, I play both CSM and Daemons but I don't want my daemons to be relegated as CSM sidekicks.
We need warp storm table and a shitload of daemon artefacts to compete with other armies. Last two games I took my daemons to, I lost one because he was all bikes and I just couldn't catch him with my troops, and my cavalry was killed by focus fire, the second game I won, but it was a close thing because he wasn't a long range shooter and I was able to get close enough to drag his things into combat.

>> No.55052963


>> No.55052965

You want to see what top human performance looks like in 40k? Pic related.

>> No.55052968


Wrong quote. Fuck.

>> No.55052971

Oh, come now Anon. I'm sure there's actually at least 3 SoB players out there.

>> No.55052983

I one of them. I have my C:WH and White Dwarfs to prove it.

>> No.55052986

>You want to see what top human performance looks like in 40k? Pic related.

Peak female performance that is. A man could reach higher S T and W.

>> No.55052987

What does /tg/ think of my dudes?

Disciples of Purity: Specialized in fast, overwhelming strikes. They scout the weakpoint of the enemy, hit it hard, scout the new weakness made by said strike, rinse and repeat. Built their fortress world on a pleasure world, home to great artists, decadent nobles, fine foods and powerful drinks, etc. etc. due to some prophesy about a sector devastating incursion that would start on that planet. The astartes of the chapter started to interact with the nobility, which over centuries influenced them enough to have similar interest as them, art, music, food and drink, etc.

This led to many rituals and traditions being based around artwork. When an astartes proves himself a great warrior, he is given the right to ask an artist to design a modification of that astartes choosing, whether it be a unique pauldron, ornate helmet, sick trims etc. They regularly compete for pieces of artwork and the more veteran a warrior gets the more elaborate and gaudy his armour becomes. Many become fantastic duelists due to a contest held every decade by the chapter were two astartes duel each other unarmored wielding only rapiers.

The winner is selected from a pool of winners by a jury of noblemen who rate them based off of 'swordsmanship' which leads to fantastical and extravagant displays, as the astartes attempt to impress the regular humans who have never seen a real fight in their lives. This is meant to prove martial prowess as well as find those who are favored by the people. This has led to a really innefficent style of fighting, that only works because they themselves are superhuman machines of death. The astartes are quick to sing their own praises and are seen as prideful and haughty pricks by pretty much everyone who isn't themselves.

My plan is to make a small force of these guys and then whenever GW decides to release emperors children have them fall to chaos and make a chaos warband from them. Are they too emperors children?

>> No.55053004

What the hell are they going to add to Daemons that would give us more ranged? They already gave the castrated pink horrors a shitty shooting attack. That just leaves Soul Grinders and the Skull Cannon, neither of which are all that great. And with no transports and the loss of deep strike, our foot slogging infantry are easy pickings.

>> No.55053006

>implying there's a stat difference in the 41st millennia

>> No.55053011

>this triggers the feminist

>> No.55053031

>tfw I remember when horrors had pic related

>> No.55053043

>Harker is literally half ogryn

Yarrick is T4 too.

>> No.55053045


>> No.55053057


>Disciples of Purity
The name could use a little work. It's not that it doesn't make sense so much as it makes less sense than it should - people are usually disciples (students) of people, not of abstract concepts like "purity." That are marines that learn from purity? Kinda works, kinda doesn't.

>chapter full of stuck up, pretentious and arrogant aristocrat blowhards
No problems here, this is 40k after all.

>Get more bling for heroism
You can tell Brother Arturus is the baddest mother-fucker because he has three oversized ostrich plumes on his helm and his power plant is sculpted to look like one of those armless Venus statues.

>Inefficient style of showboat fighting
Except you started off talking about how they are a rapid strike/recon force. Pick one or the other.

Overall it could use some refinement but makes enough sense, and definitely gets points for trying to be different. You put a few weaknesses in them, too, which is good. Make them joust each other and convert them with old Bretonnia bits.

>> No.55053064

Isn't Yarrick more machine than man?

>> No.55053066


T b h I don't understand why inquisitors don't have that statline anymore

>> No.55053076

You are now imagining Deathwatch Aggressors with special issue ammunition.

>> No.55053078


ermigerd stronk indipindint womyn showing that toxic masculin pig wat fer

>> No.55053092

He has a klaw and swapped out his eye as far as I know. Powerfists and klaws don't usually raise T.

>> No.55053096


I'd rather see Primaris Deathwatch with all combi-weapons and SIA, and melee weapons.

>> No.55053098

I did read it.

I also saw yet another battle report where both players bunched up their armies directly across from each other, where everything that wanted to shoot was doing so immediately, where the only maneuvering was forwards or backwards.

>> No.55053107

He's an honorary Ork

>> No.55053109

That sounds like a few trolls and retards, who complain about EVERYTHING. I've seen people bitching about Necromunda models being bigger than the old gangers, as if suddenly you won't be able to use old metal gangers... or something. I actually have old metal gangers, and expect my juvie to be pretty tiny with the new models, but I don't care, I look forward to seeing new and old models together on the board. Most of the trolls don't seem to have any pics of their minis to show, and I doubt their have any sisters to show if they start stirring up bullshit when SoB plastics hit.

I don't think most SoB players will complain about new people playing their stuff, they KNOW new players will flood in once plastics hit. 20 years of demand will make that kinda thing happen. It's not like GSC being introduced in last edition, either, I can start planning my SoB army now with index rules, and try to get deals on sisters on ebay. It would just be a lot less costly to buy boxes of plastic sisters, and any normal person will know they won't look exactly like 20 year old metals, because nothing new from GW looks that much like the old style. Since we get trolls pretty often, we end up with a skewed idea of what actual players are like.

>> No.55053111

Maybe they're not as battle hardened? By that I mean, a canoness is a front line war leader.

>> No.55053116

>implying a commissar wouldn't execute a cannoness

>> No.55053124

Honestly, it's very likely she out ranks the commissar

>> No.55053126

>Marines being this influenced by mortal men
/tg/'s cuck marines?

In all seriousness, I think they sound cool. I don't really get an EC vibe from them if thats what you're worried about, your dudes seem more obsessed with physical possessions, while EC focused on personal perfection. Like >>55053057 said, either they have really showy fighting or they're rapid strike force. I would pick the showy fighting because its more unique.

>> No.55053128

Just noticed Death Cult Assassins and Arco-Flagellants have S4 too.

It takes more than drugs to bring you to that level.

>> No.55053132

Fucking DO IT! If you love dreads, you make an army of dreads and you win no matter the odds! Dreads with anti-tank weapons, dreads for crowd control, dreads for getting stuck in and halting the enemy tide... just dreads for every occasion! Name them, give them unique touches in building and painting, have a more spectacular and varied army of pure dreads then most people have of mixed troops. You got this!

>> No.55053145


As I've said before, my biggest fear is maximum over-CAD because I would be shocked if GW didn't put fluers everywhere and shitty plastic glowing effects on the [new special unit] and [BIG FUCKING THING] that new armies get anymore.

>> No.55053149


There was a relic in the middle we had to race each other to capture, and the game was only 2 complete turns long.

I swear to christ this community is complete garbage. I offer to contribute reports for everyone's enjoyment, and get shit for posting too many times. I make a template and edit all the pictures so I can post fewer times, and then get shit on for not having a fully painted army. I paint the entire army, and then get shit on for the type of list I bring. I change the list to be as different as possible, and then people bitch about the amount of terrain. I add more terrain, and then people bitch about the placement of the terrain.

It's like none of you want people to contribute anything at all. Why are you even here? What do you want people to offer to the conversation if nothing I do seems to be it so far?

>> No.55053151

>Orks believe he is a worthy, orky foe
>He gains T4 due to enough orks believing he should have T4

>> No.55053157

DCA are genetically modified super humans and Arcos are exposed up murder cyborgs

>> No.55053159

Newfag here. If I go to a shop and want to start as an AdMech player will I get flamed for being a bandwagonner since the Codex announcement?

>> No.55053164

I have no idea, our daemonic ritual is supposed to be our new deepstrike.
I just hope they fix us.

>> No.55053165


>> No.55053178

Cool thanks, I'll get rid of the rapid strike thing and stick to the show-fighting.

For name, how about The Emperors Purity? The purity thing is meant to be ironic due to the fact that they're a bunch of vain, glory-seeking asshats who will eventually fall to chaos.

>> No.55053181


I would judge you silently for being a bandwagoning newfag while being openly welcome because I'm not going to stop someone from enjoying the game.

>> No.55053184

You clearly don't know what a commissar is

>> No.55053193

If you are tell them to fuck off. Play the armies you want to play, regardless of anyone else shitty opinion.

>> No.55053194

Please reassure me that there will not be 8 marine flavours this year

>> No.55053197

>DCA are genetically modified super humans
Patently false

>> No.55053200

I'd only judge you if you picked up space marines as your first army
Anything else is 100% fine

>> No.55053214


>> No.55053218

i remember those weird chariot rules and skulltakers 4+ rending instant death attacks. also splitting your army was either fun or hurt you more so when the entire army is forced to deep strike turn 1

i miss greater daemons having 4++ by default because this 5++ on a keeper might as well be a tshirt

>> No.55053219

>prophesy about a sector devastating incursion
>have them fall to chaos
are they the sector devastating incursion?

>> No.55053223

I'd take just bolt rifles and variants with SIA honestly. Or master-crafted boltguns with SIA as an option for normal DW.

SB with SIA would almost be too good I think.

>> No.55053227


>> No.55053229

Honestly, if any old army would actually benefit from the over designed clutter of newer miniatures, it would be Sisters of Battle. They should be overflowing with iconography, purity seals, skulls, fire, the works.

I don't know what big thing they could really get though... and EVEN MORE Penitent Engine? I wouldn't be against a Canoness riding some huge mount, but don't know if that would work.

>> No.55053230

Not for a new player
I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they aren't looking to instantly powergame.

Now, if someone was selling off their 7th ed eldar for a guard army...

>> No.55053233

it will be done! You have my word!

>> No.55053237

SoB Terminators.

>> No.55053242


I miss it. Dropping piles of 5man horror squads was legit my favorite thing to do back then.

>> No.55053246

It's a new edition and it looks like GW is actually going to be getting codexes out at a good pace. If they tease you for being a bandwagoner, they'll have to tease EVERYONE for it. Enjoy your army.

>> No.55053247

Mono Tzeentch is okay but not great between lots of smite, ++4 everything and endless Horror matrushka doll action, but has no real melee aside from daemon princes.

>> No.55053248

that was the idea, yes.

>> No.55053257

Said it before I'll say it again: jousting Bikers with power lances

>> No.55053266

Remember that even a Tzeentch Daemon Prince is a beast in melee.

>> No.55053269

I look forward to seeing it someday. Best of luck!

Oh, and start small, 500-1000 pts or so. Get a feel for how pure dreads will fight, magnetize at least a few of them so you have options (though if there is a configuration you just know you'll want every fight, do one up special for it). You'll get an idea of what does and doesn't work against what pretty quickly, and then you can expand from there.

>> No.55053280

Not how commissars work anon

>> No.55053284

Consider Seekers. 16+3d6" is considerable melee threat range.Also don't forget all your characters can summon. Heralds on discs and steeds as well as Belakor are pretty good for this.

>> No.55053287

Parasite of Mortrex

>> No.55053293

As long as they're loosely based on Sister Sin.

That sounds fun.

>> No.55053296


Something like "Paragons" "Exemplars" "Saints" "Knights" "Lords" - titles that imply they are better than everyone else

>> No.55053299

Thanks anons. They stuck out to me the most fluff-wise and aesthetically from everything I looked at. Hopefully Death Guard takes the heat long enough for me to get them.

>> No.55053300

Nah. But I kinda feel like GW just rolled their weapon strength into their profile because they can't change it.

>> No.55053302

Bikers, Dreadknight versions of Penitent Engines, Sister Beastmasters with hounds/birds, close combat Seraphim, Storm Shield/Flamer squads, and another named Canoness group.

>> No.55053307

there fine i guess but they do seem a bit like emperors children lite. maybe thats just me

if your plan is to make the EC in the first place why not just grab chaos?

>> No.55053316

Literally every army should have that, I really need to get around to buying some Dragoons for my Admec.

>> No.55053326

Nostalgia from the comfiest time.

>> No.55053329

Fuck off retard.

>> No.55053337

No, just like Commissars don't get to blam Space Marine captains at will either. It's separate chain of command. I mean, he could ATTACK her. But it would just be him attacking her. Not summary execution under his authority.

>> No.55053339

Sure, but he's still just one figure. Aside from that there are Soul Grinders and LoC s, both of which are unfortunately fire magnets, though at least that ++4 is something

>> No.55053359


>> No.55053364

3rd ed 40k, when chapter approved fave us rules for Cursed Founding Chapters and Kroot armies was the truly comfy time.

>> No.55053365

4++ and having guns makes Tzeentch unironically the strongest daemon faction.
Which pisses me off since Slaanesh is my favourite.
My daemons need to be heaps faster to make up for how squishy they are.
The only way to win with them currently is with Spearhead detachment fast attack spam.
Daemons getting a bonus for taking max size units then being raped by battleshock even if you take a daemonic icon is just a slap in the face on top of everything else.

>> No.55053381


>> No.55053385

This was preGK 5th edition, when the SoB got their pamphlet.

>> No.55053389

You have me beat there. I started during early 4th.

>> No.55053418

It's one of the imperial nicknames for Catachans

>> No.55053449

so... shining spears..?

>> No.55053453

I don't want to grab stuff that I'll just end up replacing when actual noise marines + hopefully more drop (whenever that is). Figured I'd grab an army that I have a secondary interest in.

>> No.55053458

I must admit I'm increasingly tempted to run tzeeentch daemons with a big blob of possessed marines as muscle, seems like it'd be a good way to toughen up the force a bit especially as I don't want to spam horrors.

>> No.55053466

>laser lance jetbike

>> No.55053483

Someone put some decent work into this.

>> No.55053485

Shit dude it works.
Dedicate the Possessed to Tzeentch and put a Herald near them to buff their strength to 6 if you want, or take a CSM Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, since their is no reason not to so you can grab the Dark Hereticus Tzeentch power to buff their invul saves, and give them rerolls to hit of 1.
That's just a single elite and hq choice that'll hit harder than most things.
But trust me as a Slaanesh Daemon player, 7 inch movement is not as much of an upgrade as you think it is.

>> No.55053499

Fresh thread
Now with less redundant pasta bloat

>> No.55053544

I was thinking keeping the daemon prince the non CSM version, both for fluff reasons and because it let's him keep his ++4 as well as the buff spell that can give the possessed +1s or +1t or +1a. I'll miss out on a relic, but the rest of the csm specific stuff doesn't bother me too much. I'll have to pick up the changeling sometime too.

>> No.55053563

Oh actually I forgot about the Tzeentch discipline in the index.
Anyway you do you man, at the moment daemons faction keywords are the name of their god and Chaos.

>> No.55053731

anon, I appreciate your illustrated bat-rep's.

fuck the haters...

>> No.55054159

Nah man. Nah.

>> No.55054175

Replied to one of the replies. The shame.

>> No.55055387

How are deathwing armies faring in Eight edition? I'm considering starting an army but i'm not convinced by the color scheme. Do successor chapters have access to deathwing or is it heresy?

>> No.55055457

Was this an Andy Chambers book? I remember it being one of my favorite codexes

>> No.55055481

Show me a better unaugmented human stat line in 8th.

>> No.55055538

I don't think they have the authority. They're not Inquisition. If they thought it was the right thing to do they might try it on, but since they are politicos, they'll probably know it's not a great idea generally.

>> No.55055539


Sergeant Harker

>> No.55055555

Straken only works on <Catachan>, though, doesn't he?

>> No.55055638

AWWW yeah!

You know it. Yeah, Chambers.

Higher S, less wounds, worse to hit. Debatable at best.

>> No.55055689


>Higher S, less wounds, worse to hit. Debatable at best.

I thought higher strength was the whole point?
He's a guy in a tank top who's stronger than a woman in power armor.
He's not as tough (probably because no armor) and not as accurate (being a human wielding a heavy bolter may have some influence there)
but he shows gender dimorphism of strength exists without question in 40k

>> No.55055803

The challenge was better stat line in response to >better S, T and W

One higher S, two lower W isn't really meeting the bar. Mainly I'm interested to see what overall best human stat line is, using 40k stats to talk about -4str memes is dumb on a few levels.

>> No.55055810


Well the canoness has power armor, so that's hardly a pure human statline.

>> No.55056107

This pretty much. They have other things going on, like investigating and paper work. It makes me sad that Inquisitors in Terminator armor don't have WS2+ because with the Thunder Hammer they hit on 4s.

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