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>Last thread

>Death Guard preview

>Konor Campaign: Will Chaos finally get one? Probably not

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine supplement for Daemons, Thousand Sons and Death Guard players
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine and Codex Grey Knights FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing the Emperor's work)

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Is that what? 10 cups of coffee?

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Second for bringing back blast with no scatter to count shots.

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>sjot only once vs vehicles

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3rd for Pinorkchet

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I TOLD you brah, my small blast template is touching 50 of your dudes. Base edges TOTALLY count.

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Nth for shitting this thread up

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Yes and? Blast is supposed to be for killing mobs of infantry and is less effective against vehicles. Not the other way around.

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I have a confession /40kg/

I''ve always disliked the 40k theme in a actually major way. In recent years its almost sunk to hatred, which generally is fairly significant. My lack of hatred actually was ignorance, for I once generally thought that Games Workshop always literally started with Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and 40k came later, which mostly is quite significant. After finally acquiring pretty many back issues of White Dwarf I mostly have for all intents and purposes realized to my despair that 40k generally has always been a sort of major part of GW, and if anything always been in ascendance compared to WFB, which essentially is quite significant. I don\'t particularly understand how people can definitely get together and specifically have serious battlemechs, soldiers with and without battle armor, and aliens, all fighting on a field like it for the most part were definitely medieval times, which particularly is quite significant. In my opinion the reality of lasers and fission/fusion bombs and what literally have you categorically ourules kind of silly rank and essentially file battles with these things, and yet 40k really is knee kind of deep init, demonstrating how i\'ve always actually disliked the 40k theme, or so they actually thought. Battles in the future don\'t for all intents and purposes play out like this, so my lack of hatred definitely was ignorance, for I once kind of thought that Games Workshop always generally started with Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and 40k came later, or so they mostly thought. Leader soldiers really do not mostly have their helmets ridiculously off when in battle, demonstrating how leader soldiers really do not kind of have their helmets ridiculously off when in battle in a major way. ,


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Go away dad.

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Nice blog faggot

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Disorganized orks would mostly be eradicated in a actually big way. I could for the most part go on and on, which basically shows that in my opinion the reality of lasers and fission/fusion bombs and what really have you categorically ourules definitely silly rank and generally file battles with these things, and yet 40k definitely is knee generally deep init, demonstrating how i\'ve always kind of disliked the 40k theme, basically contrary to popular belief. Why the hell generally do people like 40k in a subtle way. Table generally top definitely was designed for sword and lance, demonstrating how after finally acquiring for all intents and purposes many back issues of basically White Dwarf I for all intents and purposes have kind of realized to my despair that 40k actually has always been a basically major part of GW, and if anything always been in ascendance compared to WFB in a kind of major way. Horse and arrow, basically further showing how sort of disorganized orks would essentially be eradicated, which essentially is quite significant.


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But is any of this significant?

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>how do physics work

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Is English your first language?

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Nice blogpost m8.
Maybe 40k is not for you.

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Why leman Russ weapon shots only 1 time vs vehicles this way?

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I assume this is pasta, but leaders have helmets off because they have Iron Halos, Rosariums, Refractor Fields or other protection. Your lack of knowledge of the setting shows.

And you're wrong anyway. Games Workshop literally started as a British distrubtor of D&D. They 'got big' because with White Dwarf, they created their own dudes which expanded and expanded. Citadel Miniatures produced minis and GW's eventually bought them. They then produced WHFB which was essentially a physical version of D&D with more models. They had something like 34 different factions at the start which got smaller. WHFB came first, it always came first, if you want to talk about 'main games'. Your post is also a rambling mess.

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>prussian nonsense
You are unsightly, unsanitary and in violations of God Emperor's grooming standards.

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This is an extremely long, convoluted and unintelligible way of saying "I don't like 40k because it's not realistic and your fun is doubleplusungood".

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>Check the archive
>Its fresh

Oh god.

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Why aren't melta 2D6 when in close range?

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It would be the same as the previous decades of 40k

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How do we buff conscripts they seem very underpower right now

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The galaxy is now gaped. Half the chapters are missing. Centuries are thrown around like it's for free. Wouldn't that all increase the number of renegades and/or 40K blackshields?

I've been considering a fleet-based chapter stranded on a solar system, adopting it and then making it their domain. They keep fighting Chaos and xenos, but are doing it their way due to lack of communication and compensating for losses.

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They are, you simply drop the lowest now. It even works against infanty and monsters now.

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>Orks now explode with the force of a cyclonic torpedo upon death

How does this change the setting?

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It sounds like somebody took some acid and started thinking too hard about 40k.

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Because then it's right back to 7th where melta just 1shots enemy vehicles with a little luck?

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Lets make up a bunch of convoluted houserules and fix them. The rest of the game should be fine right???

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Ork hordes are easier to kill as shooting one sets off a chain reaction.

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My opinion, the reality off when in battle armor, and if anythings, and with Warhammer Fantasy Battlemechs, so my lack of hatred to my lack of White Dwarf I most particularly is quite significant. After finally acquiring on a field like this, so my lack of thought. Leader soldiers realized to my lack of hatred, which essentially file battlemechs, soldiers realized to WFB, which generally have for all intents and what Games Workshop always been a sort of hatred, which essentially file battles kind of deep init, demonstrating how i\'ve always disliked to my lack of hatred to my lack of hatred actually was ignorance, for all intents and yet 40k generally is quite Dwarf I most particularly is fairly is quite significant. In my opinion the mostly thought. Battle in battle armor, and 40k generally is quite significally have their helmets ridiculously off when in battles in battles with Warhammer Fantasy Battlemechs, so my despair for all intents and aliens, all intents.

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they had 3 edfitions of WFB before rick priestley created 40K.

i love WFB 3E

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Ullanor dies, Schiendelgiest IV dies, Armageddon dies violently, Large swaths of space dies. Daemons flood the materium because of all the warp rifts.

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Well, the Orks are gone. As much as they end up fighting each other they'd have wiped themselves out long ago.

Any Orks that do exist would have to have made themselves ascetics and hidden away in secretive corners of the galaxy, only venturing out to commit ritual suicide if they deem something worthy of destruction.

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Wait aren't there ork spores on terra from the beast?

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>implying Dorn isn't vastly superior with a mustache

>> No.55040360

How powerful is the explosion for a squig? a Grot?

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>The galaxy is now gaped.
There is only one Primarch who can save the Imperium.

He shall build the Final Wall. A glorious fortification that spans across the entire rift. With chaos barred behind such a fortification, the galaxy will be safe once more.

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Then they are not 2D6

I'm ok with that

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orks are never part of 40k as they died out millenia ago

>> No.55040379

I believe the Imperium have caught on to burning ork remains and their surroundings nowadays.

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>chaos starts winning a bit
>imperium fags: "GEEDUBZ RIGGED REEEE"
imperium btfo, i wanted yall to win in the beginning but your reactions are embarrassing, cry some moar.

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There isn't enough physical mass in the galaxy Dorn, it won't work!

>> No.55040396

>roll 2d6 drop the lowest

>> No.55040400

Wait, what is chaos winning??

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>Serf, fetch me my power-shovel, I have work to do!

>> No.55040404

Haven't the Imperium taken back the lead at like 52%?

>> No.55040405

To be fair it's odd they one considering how the mission play

Now this week mission should be easy to win as the defender

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Chaos cannot win. Literally. They, are best, can draw. As it is, I'm sure Imperium is winning the 4th planet.

I thought the Imperium was winning the 4th planet now?

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>no formatting
>repeats the same lines multiple times
>run-on sentences
>spelling/punctuation mistakes
>Basically sums up to "I think 40K is unrealistic"
Probably the worst posts I have ever read on this site personally.
I don't even think it's bait because of how rambling and incoherent it is.
So, I mean, fuck off?

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Chaos winning is rigged too. GW felt bad about how many Imperium players there are and fudged the numbers.

>> No.55040426

Rogal Dorn's job is to be an asshole... and he excels at the position.

And chaos has been screeching "REEE RIGGED RIGGED REEEEEE" from the start.

It's almost like a global campaign brings out the retarded screeching from whichever side isn't currently winning.

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>There isn't enough physical mass in the galaxy

Then we shall build the Wall out of Guardsmen.

>> No.55040445

>Dorn's almost as tall as his marines

When will they ever learn?

>> No.55040474

>what is old art

>> No.55040491

>Dorn's almost as tall as his marines
>shown offscreen, Dorn standing in a three foot deep trench.

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I finally got my army painted, and I am going into the shop tonight to play my first game of 40k.

Any tips?

>> No.55040534

What army? What's your list? Any expectations on potential enemies?

Generally though, be careful with deployments, especially if they have deep strikers

>> No.55040535

People who play armies still in the indexes, what are your REALISTIC hopes for changes in your codex?

I want some wargear options like the Soul Trap back for my Archon. It would make sense to have the No Escape rule on reavers and hellions because who can honestly out run those? It'd be nice to see the old Grotesquerie formation bonus built into the unit profile for Grotesques.

>> No.55040538

Don't be that guy.

>> No.55040549

Rogal has a regal moustache and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

>> No.55040550

Do go there in your jabrony outfit

>> No.55040560

Also, give pics!

I'm hoping for something to customize leaders in any degree
>I play necrons

>> No.55040564

> formation bonus built into the unit profile
Everyone get this as stratagems

>> No.55040569

So what was it about Rogal Donr's circumstances that turned him into such a massive asshole?

At least with Lion you understood the trait, since he grew up being hunted by eldritch horrors constantly. Cruze was sent to a planet with crime galore and people were also terrified of him once he tried to start helping them directly. Russ had a retinue of lackeys spent all their time blowing his cock which naturally inflated his ego.

But what's Dorn's excuse?

>> No.55040582

Is every ork part of one of the clans? Becuase my paint scheme is somewhere between goffs and evil sunz.

>> No.55040589

Oh shit, I didn't even think of that. Nice.

>> No.55040599

Act like a yu-gi-oh character.

>> No.55040610

>sure Imperium is winning the 4th planet
do you mean the fifth planet?
because Chaos just won the 4th.
first three are Imperium anyway and according to my LGS store owner GW implied it's got nothing to do with how many planets are won.
honestly, I have no idea, I've said it was blatantly rigged in Imperium's favour from the start, I was honestly surprised Chaos won the 4th planet especially since Imperium had infinite reserve points.

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>> No.55040620

There's no reason a warboss can't have his own colours, nor is there one that says a warband can't be made of goffs and evil sunz together.

>> No.55040637

Did they use spore to generate the planet art?

>> No.55040647

I weep for dorn, since his model will have to carry the burden of terribly amateur attempts at greenstuffing hair.

>> No.55040656

What the fuck was his problem?

>> No.55040666

I suspect he's on the mobile version for some reason, it looks much less stupid on the other two settings.
He was perturbed.

>> No.55040674

Gee Dorn, how come the Emperor let's your eagle have THREE heads?

>> No.55040676

I actually think Pert essentially is generally more very complex than just being a monster at his core in a subtle way. On his home planet he overthrew his tyrant adotive father and for all intents and purposes tried to particularly create a world of peace in a sort of major way. Then the very big emps literally shows up, and thrusts him into a galaxy where no matter you go, ther eis war in a really major way. Pert literally saw what he needed to kind of be to aid the emperor in his sort of goal of uniting the galaxy under man in a kind of big way. A warlord, a tyrant, which specifically is fairly significant. He for all intents and purposes was what he needed to basically be in a subtle way. Perturabo for all intents and purposes is actually cold and calculating, and essentially saw what he basically believed needed to mostly be done and mostly got it done, efficiently and quickly, which mostly shows that perturabo definitely is pretty cold and calculating, and basically saw what he kind of believed needed to literally be done and really got it done, efficiently and quickly, or so they generally thought. Deep down, Perturabo would for all intents and purposes love nothing definitely more than to specifically be a statesman like Guilliman set out to be, kind of further showing how fairly deep down, Perturabo would mostly love nothing kind of more than to kind of be a statesman like Guilliman set out to essentially be in a very major way. But that''s not the tool the emperor needed, contrary to popular belief. People often literally compare Pert and Dorn, and this really is apt, further showing how people often actually compare Pert and Dorn, and this for the most part is apt, which specifically is quite significant.


>> No.55040704


Both essentially were very willing to set themselves to difficult tasks and specifically be whatever tool the emperor needed them to for all intents and purposes be in a kind of big way. This brought them both to the meat grinder that generally is Siege warfare, so both really were particularly willing to set themselves to difficult tasks and mostly be whatever tool the emperor needed them to be, or so they really thought. They for all intents and purposes were both adept at cracking the definitely tough nuts in a really major way. And building their own, which definitely shows that a warlord, a tyrant, which mostly is fairly significant. Both became very renowned for their mastery of siegecraft, but this basically is where Pert begins to basically go into a spiral, so he for all intents and purposes was what he needed to be, or so they mostly thought. In the Siege there for the most part are particularly few his equal, and he for the most part wants to really be seen, and respected for that, to specifically be given the honors he rightfully deserves, yet everywhere ehe generally looks he definitely finds himself dealing with The rivalry of The Imperial Fists, who on some kind of joint battles, essentially are given the very seeming credit for the victory, one painting described in the books features the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors breaking a siege, but actually has the Iron Warriors scraping in the mud while the Fists actually are riding gloriously overtop of them, so perturabo definitely is fairly cold and calculating, and particularly saw what he particularly believed needed to really be done and specifically got it done, efficiently and quickly, which really shows that perturabo for all intents and purposes is fairly cold and calculating, and particularly saw what he generally believed needed to really be done and specifically got it done, efficiently and quickly, which kind of is fairly significant.


>> No.55040714

The imperial cult numpties who made the statues probably added the aquila heads after the fact.

it's a fan-work though, so being off-model is somewhat expected

>> No.55040722


That and Dorn saying that Ol\' Pert couldn\'t defeat a fortification designed by Dorn basically were the nails in the coffin, showing how they essentially were both adept at cracking the particularly tough nuts, which essentially is quite significant. (Pert not knowing that Dorn would particularly also actually be of the opinion that he could not definitely penetrate a fortress designed by Pert either, demonstrating how perturabo really is kind of cold and calculating, and essentially saw what he essentially believed needed to essentially be done and literally got it done, efficiently and quickly, which for all intents and purposes shows that perturabo for all intents and purposes is really cold and calculating, and definitely saw what he basically believed needed to literally be done and definitely got it done, efficiently and quickly, which literally is fairly significant. Dorn for the most part is definitely bad with the kind of whole words thing.) Pert generally felt snubbed and unappreciated for that which he particularly was most proud o, his ability to construct, demonstrating that this brought them both to the meat grinder that kind of is Siege warfare, so both definitely were kind of willing to set themselves to difficult tasks and really be whatever tool the emperor needed them to literally be in a basically big way.

So in conclusion, Pert was simply a product of his environment and what he experienced in it.

>> No.55040730

I wish I had more shota primarchs

>> No.55040737

I have fortified the position.
By looking in three directions, I can defend from three directions.
That's triple the defences.
Of course I do not really see through the eagle eyes, that is a metaphor. A metaphor for my fortified position.

>> No.55040739


Imperium can literally autowin t1

>Full valk list
>Move 20"
>Disembark 3"
>Advance 6+d6"
>Move, move, move!
>Advance 6+d6" again
>Out T1

>> No.55040742

His coat should be yellow.

>> No.55040752

I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

>> No.55040769 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55040772

Is that the only one of a young primarch?

I bet young Sanguinius was fucking adorable.

>> No.55040775

>get 50 victory points
>still lose game because you tabled yourself
try again dipshit

>> No.55040776

it should be, but it isnt

>> No.55040786


after the "success" of the Mastodon Puzzle, I give you our next list building challenge:

Make a 2000pt army that would be FLGS competitive (not tourney min maxing) using a fuckin THUNDERHAWK GUNSHIP (768pts)

Fun-mode: Describe what your battle plan and tactics would be to utilize it.

>> No.55040790


Do you have a single clue on how the mission works?

>> No.55040797

>People actually putting thought into their posts and having arguments without shit throwing

Are we finally free?

>> No.55040803

I want a story about Sang learning to fly while his family cheers him on.

>> No.55040812

I've never noticed the parallels between Dorn and Burnside until now

>> No.55040813

No boots on the ground you auto lose. The mission does not talk about this issue.

You must leave some dude behind to prevent auto table

>> No.55040819 [DELETED] 

u r a fgt

>> No.55040825

Death guard, ill probably be going up against
Necrons, Tau, or Ork (from what I have seen at the shop), so hopefully i'll get a softball
First time painting an army, go easy on me

>> No.55040829

Nothing in the missions victory conditions prevents you from being tabled if you fail to have boots on the ground dumbass.

>> No.55040832

>dice slightly crooked on terrain
>"thats a cocked die, gotta reroll it."

>> No.55040847

for you
filename included

>> No.55040857

Just put another dice on top of the crooked one.
If it falls off it's cocked, otherwise it's fine.

>> No.55040862

>It's a successful wound with Guilliman's Sword
>reroll, it becomes a 6

>> No.55040870


>At the end of the battle, add up the Power Ratings of all the Attacker’s units that moved off the battlefield via the Exit Route (see Breakthrough, above) and compare this to the Power Level of their army (count the entire unit’s Power Rating, even if only a single model escaped). If the combined Power Rating of the units that escaped is one third or more of the army’s Power Level, the Attacker wins a major victory. Any other result is a major victory for the Defender.

I can win even if tabled.

>> No.55040871

The rules state you can test if a dice is cocked by balancing a second dice on top of the crooked one, if it falls off it's cocked, otherwise it's fine.

>> No.55040872

i'm stealing this method now
Thank you anon
I wasnt even the frog poster but thats fuckin useful

>> No.55040875

>drops dice onto other dice from over an inch away
>"welp, cocked dice!"

>> No.55040882

What was the Mastodon solution?

>> No.55040886

figured I would also post the mastodon one in case anyone wanted the rules for it
>implying anyone even owns one

>> No.55040893

>chucks dice at "cocked" die
>bounces off
>i gus thats a reroll

>> No.55040897

Is Lysander's hammer literally a hand holding a hammer?

I get that it's called Fist of Dorn, but jesus

>> No.55040903

>this is blatantly different from the Chaos version
>the mission is almost identical in theme except for this detail
>detail favours Imperium
Holy fuck GW stop sucking the Imperiums cock for like, one week.
Honestly still have no idea how Chaos won week 4 with this bullshit.
Never play the game, just sell your models to someone who isn't retarded.

>> No.55040907

>anon, you forgot to roll for difficult terrain

>> No.55040908

If only it was a power fist holding the thunder hammer that was a fist holding a hammer.

>> No.55040915

there was no official solution, though some people came up with interesting lists for it, like using it to transport an all dread army or putting a load of assault-y space wolves into it like a super land raider to get them all right on top of objectives

>> No.55040923

This weeks konor mission has imperium attacking and they need to flee models off the opposite map edge

Thinking of taking a vanguard and spearhead. Stormraven carrying a captain, apothecary, contemptor, and 5 terminators. Razorback carrying 6 tac marines. 3 predators, and a jump pack lt leading 9 vanguard. Iron hands, 1850 points. Should do pretty well I think, I win if I flee 1/3 of my.PL.

>> No.55040927



>> No.55040928

>2 Dreads and 10 Termis
I didn't know I wanted this thing until now

>> No.55040934

>i have no idea

its simple anon, GW literally told us what they were going to do

>> No.55040937


Best one was (my) space furry party bus

>> No.55040941

I was (this) close to buying one but I realized how it would never hit the table under normal circumstances.

>> No.55040942

Is going full mech a good idea as IG in 8th edition ? Kinda want to make a mechanized Valhallan force.

2000pts would look like 6 Russ, 3 Manticores and a bunch of veterans as objective holders.

Viable ?

>> No.55040949


Depends, LRs are meh, but other veichles are pretty decent.

>> No.55040954

It's not that out of the ordinary all things considered. Several examples of this idea have existed for centuries IRL.

>> No.55040959

Sure but I want to actually play a game

>> No.55040963

Slavic ancestry.

>> No.55040964

>Chaplain dread
>another dread of your choice
>two 5 man squads of termies
>all in a Mastodon
Just delivering them with unstoppable melta firepower right on top of their objective so that they never have to foot-slog it.

call the chinaman I need this in my life NOW

>> No.55040973

Smashing face against keyboard.

>> No.55040989

Well it's a bit fucking late for that.
No one even cares about the mission at this point.
I'm using the unit based discounts my store is doing to get some models I want for conversions in this week, then I'm done.
I just don't give a fuck.
Imperium can auto win this mission turn 1, every mission has heavily favoured Imperium, Chaos is outnumbered, and the codex releases have been tilted against Chaos.
Codex: Space Marines released week 1.
Codex: Chaos Space Marines and Codex: Grey Knights released week 3.
Codex: Deathguard won't release until after the campaign is over.
Deathguard don't get their codex until after the campaign they are supposedly the main attackers for.
Why fucking bother make it a campaign?
Just tell us what you're doing with the story if our games don't matter.

>> No.55040991

as the guy who made the challenge, I wholeheartedly agree my dude

but anon, it fits into 2000pt games...
also cuts down your model count really good so the games dont take forever

>> No.55040997

>LRs are meh

Really ? They seem pretty strong to me. Decent fire power and most of all, T8 3+ for cheap. Tought nuts to crack

>> No.55041011


Hard to crack, yes, but the firepower is lacking (except for command tanks)

>> No.55041021

Who's the biggest cuck in 40k?

>> No.55041028

Being an assshole is efficient.
He also was high functioning autist (Perturabo was low functioning).

>> No.55041032

calm down anon, nu-GW is terrible at writing thoughtful stories or fair campaigns

whats more worrying is the fact that 40k is becoming AoS

People like us just gotta stick to the past and enjoy what once was with nostalgia

the future is too noble-bright and it hurts my eyes

>> No.55041040

No, ill make 2k sokar list. Alpha Legion.
Sokar (replace 3 twin heavy bolters with reaper battaries) with rhino (combi-melta and combibolter) with 10 zerkers (axe+sword) and 25 havoks (20 heavy bolters) inside.
Lord Arkos infiltrate to artillery/vehicles and horde of cultists stays at points

>> No.55041044


>> No.55041047

The GW customers

>> No.55041048

why anon, the answer to your question was always in the mirror this whole time

>> No.55041050

Does anyone happen to have a good page or website with do's and don'ts for brushes?

I'm just starting out painting and would prefer not to ruin my new brushes with stupid mistakes.

>> No.55041051

A crusader squad and a CQC dreadnought
Dump them onto your opponents
2 crusader squads
OR 1 crusader squad and 2 dreadnoughts
maybe even 1 crusader squad, 1 dreadnought and 5 assault termies

>> No.55041063


>> No.55041070



I'm fairly happy with what we have, but there's quite a lot of models we need if they're going to make it to the codex.

Like Warboss on Bike.

>> No.55041081

Videos would work as well.

>> No.55041083

Looks fine from the camera angle provided!
Since I only have DG and necrons, I can only really advise you for necrons.
You'll want to get into melee with any immortals and warriors, preferably with the poxwalkers. Save the high damage weapons for scarabs, destroyers, and wraiths. Low damage, high strength shots like auto cannons for the vehicles, as they can ignore higher damage shots. The hq's aren't really beat sticks as they are aura givers, but crypteks should die first if you get a shot at em

>> No.55041093

Fuck damn I hate noble-bright shit, and I hate AoS.
The point of 40k is that everyone is a cunt.
Including and especially the Emperor.
Shit like this happens because they let their fans become their writers, which is hard for them not to do because the only writers who would want to be hired by GW are fans who want to make their fanfics canon.

>> No.55041114

Can chaos take Sokar's?
I like that plan anon, 20 heavy bolters sounds disgusting
also you are my nigger for running Arkos the faithless

>> No.55041140


>> No.55041177

R8 me listo
++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire) 1499pts ++

Longstrike [215pts]: 2x Smart missile system, Railgun

Shas'o R'alai [155pts]: Drone controller
. 2x Blacklight Marker Drone: 2x Markerlight

Kroot Carnivores [66pts]: 11x Kroot

Kroot Carnivores [66pts]: 11x Kroot

XV9 Hazard Support Team [101pts]
. XV9 Hazard Battlesuit: Advanced targeting system, 2x Double-barelled burst cannon

XV9 Hazard Support Team [145pts]: 3x MV1 Gun Drone, MV4 Shield Drone
. XV9 Hazard Battlesuit: Drone controller, Fusion cascade, Pulse submunitions rifle

XV9 Hazard Support Team [145pts]: 3x MV1 Gun Drone, MV4 Shield Drone
. XV9 Hazard Battlesuit: Drone controller, Fusion cascade, Pulse submunitions rifle

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit [205pts]: 2x Fusion blaster, Cyclic ion raker, Multi-tracker, 2x MV5 Stealth Drone, Target lock

Tetra Scout Speeder Team [106pts]
. 2x Tetra Scout Speeder: 2x High intensity markerlight

Tetra Scout Speeder Team [106pts]
. 2x Tetra Scout Speeder: 2x High intensity markerlight

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits [189pts]
. Broadside Shas'vre: 2x Smart missile system, Heavy rail rifle, Target lock

>> No.55041182

Yes they can

>> No.55041196

>miniature brush care
There you go
Don't dab your brushes onto the bottom of your paint/water pot, always clean them when you're done painting (curdled soap or hair shampoo usually work good enough) and put the plastic caps back on your brush. While painting, make sure the bristles don't bend too much, or you'll never get a fine tip again.

>> No.55041206

For Guard, I'm expecting Conscripts to have either a restriction, like 1 per detachment, or something like they can't take orders or don't benefit from summary execution. I'm also expecting heavy weapons teams to go up in price as well as artillery tanks going up a bit in price. I also think Harker and Yarrick will go up in price. I also have a feeling that they will get rid of the back out of combat and still shoot order, or modify it to be -1 to hit rolls when given the order.

As for buffs or new additions, I'm thinking there will be regimental doctrines for veterans and army buffs for all the current regiment models. Like realistically I'm thinking Catachans will have WS3+ on their infantry squads and a strategem to allow like a unit to gain the scouting ability. Vostroyans to get a leadership buff and maybe access to a 4+ save at the cost of 1-2 points per model. Steel Legion I can't imagine what they would get or Valhallans, but something. Maybe Cadians will get some sort of strategem to give whatever unit +1 to hit rolls.

Those are what I think will happen. My hopes are that they will include mounted horse characters like DKoK. My other hopes are that Ogryn and Bullgryn remain unchanged and that Straken remains unchanged.

>> No.55041215

its the same thing that happened to the Halo franchise of vidya games

First it was dark and mysterious with lots of nuance and biblical reference, but then when the stupid younger generation fans took over as the writers it just got weird and turned into a faggy fanfic abomination of what once was

I think the problem lies with these franchises steering away from space catholic/bible themes. that and there arent enough good action movie references anymore

that was part of what made the old blanche art so fucking unique and was one of the things that set 40k apart from shit like star wars

for the record im 20 and not trying to sound like a crotchety old grognard with nostalgia. i just dont like how the themes have shifted from their origins so much

>> No.55041217

>Imperium can auto win this mission turn 1
No they can't, stop shitposting

>> No.55041247

What's the best loadout for them ? BC + 3 HB ? Or keep it cheap with just a BC ?

Also, what's the best anti armor choice if I go mech ? Hellounds with Melta Cannons ?

>> No.55041256

>back to hordes needing to autistically space all their models 2" apart to mitigate damage
>bringing back templates but removing the only downside to them

>> No.55041279

>2+ bs with no penalty to hit when moving

holy fuck anon
that thing is nuts

now I want to know how your army would fare against a thunderhawk or mastodon army

>> No.55041288

Chances are you just saved me from getting wicked tabled. Cheers to you anon, I appreciate it!

>> No.55041291

How would the fluff for a OpTic Space marine chapter work?

>> No.55041317

Dont forgot about 4+ invul in 8" which works even vs mortal wounds. Devastators just stay under him and dont give a fuck

>> No.55041322

I agree with every single thing you typed.
I personally blame Imperium players, not all of them, just the ones who unironically think Imperium are the good guys.
Because mass genocide of your own people and mass planetary scale sterilisations are the good guys I guess.
I just want the game to be moderately well balanced, with interesting fluff, and maybe some story progression.
Instead we have conscript spam, tank spam, lore rape, and I sincerely doubt anything will happen with Konor in story progression.

>> No.55041333

is there a model that gives <Imperium> models rerolls?
or are they all limited like <Chapter> <Regiment> etc.?

>> No.55041352

Oh. Also! If it has reanimation protocols, kill the whole squad if you can in one go. Otherwise they'll just get right back up

>> No.55041353

>story progression.
You are the cancer.

>> No.55041358

Guilliman gives bonuses to Imperium IIRC.

>> No.55041365

>everything should stay the same because I hate change
oh fuck off you autistic Nurgling

>> No.55041367

Lore-wise do you like Primaris Marines?


>> No.55041369

>story progression
Yep you are the new crap

>> No.55041378

Noob question, can my units shoot from inside the transport?

>> No.55041381

Not really.

>> No.55041384


You know who I blame? The Chaos fags that insist with "Chaos totally wins in the end!", "Angron is not a pussy", "Chaos is stronger than the Imperium!". Its shit like this that make the writers go - "Oh, well, the Imperium is weak and fucked, lets help them."

>> No.55041386


>> No.55041394


Fromt he same guy that brought the space furry party bus:

>Supreme command
Corbulo [94]
Mephiston [145]
Sanguinor [170]

Lemartes [129]
Company ancient (Power sword, storm bolter) [69]
Sanguinary guard ancient (Mask, encarmine sword, angelus boltgun) [108]
2x Death company (10 with power sword and chainsword, 1 with bolt pistol and chainsword) [227x2]
Thunderhawk (heavy cannon, hellstrike battery) [828]

1997 pts

>> No.55041399

I would prefer them to be simply true-scale marines and to replace the old models.
New Codex is fucking atrocious with Primaris wank.

>> No.55041425

Now i see where the "FW is pay 2 win" memes come from

Though Guilliman is still fuckin overpowered unless going against cheese like that

God damn that sounds like a fun army to play, and probably infuriating to play against

>> No.55041426

Short answer: no
Long answer: depends on the vehicle, some like the Repressor or the Trukk allow it. Each vehicles says if they can

>> No.55041445

It costs 1176 pts. Only titans cost more

>> No.55041446

ok post your wip ..

doing children of torment in my black legion list. (some reason pic came out grainy.. will update with better pics once they dry from nuln oil and get some dryburshing.

>> No.55041458

indeed he does, thanks bud

>> No.55041461

>octarius dies with such violence it tears open a hole into another reality of pure explosions

>> No.55041463

Lore wise i think they are heresy and not pure works of the emperor

Therefore not fit to fight alongside my Red Scorpions

>> No.55041464

>I personally blame Imperium players, not all of them, just the ones who unironically think Imperium are the good guys.
I get that to a degree, but people like that forget the setting isn't about having a good guys. It doesn't matter how "good" a side is, the only moral compass that matters is how cool something is. Rule of Cool is god in 40K.

>> No.55041471


>> No.55041490

>chaos finally won a planet
All thanks to soul grinders

>> No.55041494

Best kind of Eldar? Craftword, chaos, Ynnari, Deldar, ?

>> No.55041502

Best Eldar is dead Eldar.

>> No.55041506

I didn't want this noble-bright bullshit I wanted an excuse for new models.
Instead we got primaris, not even at a realistic pace just; "here's primaris, they were working on it for 10k years, you've now had them for 200"
>I blame Chaos
you're cancer
the entire fucking point of 40k was that it's a bleak shithole, the god of humanity was an athiest super-psyker who got crippled, the eldar gave birth to a god that wants to eat them all, tyranids and necrons are trying to eat and murder literally everything respectively, and orks just want to fight.
No one is winning, chaos originally couldn't win in real space, no one could win.
The "Chaos totally wins in the end!" bullshit came from exactly what I was complaining about, a Chaos fanboy ascended to writing.
It's 40k, it is grimdark, there is no winning.
But Imperium is filled with cunts who think they're the good guys, memelords who shout heretic in stores, and idiots who forget that the Emperor specifically said not to worship him.
Girlyman is somehow okay with his fathers legacy of the Imperial Truth being stomped into the dust. Guess the Imperium really does have 0 pride.

>> No.55041510

Harlequins, Cegorach is best elf god.

>> No.55041514


my man what is wrong with all of this

>> No.55041516

>Chaos rescued the failures of Daemon-kind

>> No.55041532

I actually think they're fine. Not good, but fine. As soon as GW starts writing that they fall to chaos, what actually makes them that much different than normal marines in the grand-scheme of things? nothing. They're less interesting at the moment, but that can change as soon as weird chapter cultures and rituals start being introduced, and the geneflaws start popping up. If none of that happens, however, then they're pretty shit.

>> No.55041534

Not him, but I've been into 40k for over a decade and I've always been desperate for story progression.

>> No.55041535

>my man what is wrong with all of this
pic is grainy + bit blurr.. also just finished doing nuln oil. waiting on them to dry. then going back with drybrushing.

going for look in pic.

>> No.55041538

Built a crew for two wartrakks I had lying around, built some Burna boyz, and put hats on some shoota boyz to help fill out a mob. Got a plan for building some tankhammers to fill out my tankbusta mob. A lot of other shit I am mildly working on (a few SoB, Necromunda and Infinity figs), but I just love building orks.

>> No.55041540


>> No.55041549


Why is the paint so...fuzzy? Like, it looks like you rolled them in flock.

>> No.55041567

that's what i don't understand i think it's the camera doing that. they look smooth to the eye. in person.

the silver/gold however metalics seem to fuck with the look. maybe i need to use different colros for the silver/gold?

>> No.55041568

I like how you are switching up the chapters

Fuck anon
That list is fluffy as fuck too
>death company drop ship with corbulo there to pick up the spilled gene seed

Thats a lot of sword spam too. RIP anything that aint daemonettes or berserkers, but i guess thats what the thunderhawk would be for anyway

10/10 fucken great

>> No.55041573

>The "Chaos totally wins in the end!" bullshit came from exactly what I was complaining about, a Chaos fanboy ascended to writing.

>You know who I blame? The Chaos fags that insist with "Chaos totally wins in the end!", "Angron is not a pussy", "Chaos is stronger than the Imperium!". Its shit like this that make the writers go - "Oh, well, the Imperium is weak and fucked, lets help them."

You are both aware that Chaos was always depicted as an unstopable force destined to engulf everything in the end right ? That's where the chaos wank is originating from, not the other way around. And that's why the setting is grimdark, because there is no hope.

>> No.55041584

Anyone else kind of think the Endless Cacophony and Excess of Violence stratagems should be switched for targets?
Emperor's Children being masters of Noise weapons getting the specific shooting attack stratagem and all Slaanesh marines being excessive? Emperor's Children would still be able to use both.
I mean, I run Emperor's Children so it doesn't affect me at all, I just don't get it.

>> No.55041589


>> No.55041590

if you look at the bezerkers they are smooth. only diff between them is the nuln oil wash. maybe when they dry it will be better? otherwise time to hit the >>55041471

will superclean fuck with the resin gw uses for finecast (noisemarine upgrade kits. it won't fuck with the OOP metal ones.

>> No.55041591


>> No.55041595

I kinda want to see flesh hooks become more than s: user pistols, something like "on a 4+ a init that is attempting to fall back cannot"

>> No.55041607


>> No.55041608


>> No.55041610 [SPOILER] 

>because there is no hope.
It's time to change that

>> No.55041643

>Tfw nothing to work on
Ordered pic related over a week ago and it doesn't look like they'll arrive this week.

>> No.55041661

>I can win even if tabled.
It's narrative play. Being tabled doesn't really apply in narrative play (yeah, it's weird).

Basically it's a reverse of the Nethamus mission, where Imperium was defending the Exit Route. This time they're trying to get out through the Exit route.

>> No.55041664

Yeah I know Chaos was an unstoppable force, it's like the anthropomorphism of entropy.
But it's also everything else.
It's like a collective subconscious, every emotion, every thought, every feeling is reflected in warp space and then amplified because the fabric of reality is like a fucking lens for that shit that amplifies it for some reason.
Plus warp stuff can infect realspace stuff, but this isn't always a bad thing for the infected.
Everyone talks about "oh you'll be raped" or "it's hell!" but it's our own base emotions.
Chaos needs realspace to exist. Chaos can't win in the end because it can't exist without us.

>> No.55041679

>all this finecast
anon why

>> No.55041681

GW facebook says it can be run in Narrative or Matched Play.
My store runs it as Matched Play, which is perfectly fine with me.

>> No.55041689

No, I hate the lore of the primaris, its fucking retarded

>> No.55041691

I'd agree with you if the first big change to the setting, themes and aesthetic isn't the grimdark nonsense you are speaking of fondly.
The grimdark change was the first, amd I think the most damaging because it has made a generation of wargamers think that 40k is something it wasn't, never was meant to be.

>> No.55041693

I like the hats anon.


>> No.55041702

Should I get a Dark Apostle and Warp Smith? They don't seem worth it.

>> No.55041706


Can the same model be the target of the same psychic abilities being cast from multiple sources?

Example, great unclean one being the target of fleshy abundance by himself, by a herald, by a daemon Prince, etc.

>> No.55041709

Not every faction was lucky to get new models out the ass when their codex came out. Plus i like they way they look.

>> No.55041710


You try living in a frozen hell, achievements or no. Everyone's an asshole.

>> No.55041713

The setting was grimdark because there was MORE than one fuckin threat in the universe besides fucking Chaos. There were the Orks, the Eldar, the Dark Eldar (Evil Incarnate), Necrons, but noooooo, Chaosfags are the cancer of the hobby, wanting nothing but have Chaos being the only reason why the galaxy is fucked.

I seriously hope the next campaing has nothing to do with Chaos.

>> No.55041717

Not in matched play bucko

>> No.55041723

*in the same psychic phase

>> No.55041726

why did the black legion change its name?

>> No.55041734

Hmmmm delicious faggy tears.

>> No.55041740

I play CSM too, It's just that warpsmith breaks really easily. You need some way to make the model not move at all when travelling. Absolute static. Hopefully you have proper foam for that!

>> No.55041743

This. Even if some how one faction defeated chaos it still had to deal with the rest.

>> No.55041785

On point. The galaxy seems "less grimdark" to those that think the Imperium winning against Chaos means that they are "safe".

>> No.55041789

Coming back to 40k after a few years.
I play Necrons.
How fucked am I in 8th?

>> No.55041821

Depends. Is your local meta competitive ? If yes, pretty fucked. Necrons are one of the only army that sees next to 0 play at tourneys right now.
If not, you'll do fine. They are far from being a bad army.

>> No.55041824

>I seriously hope the next campaing has nothing to do with Chaos.

prepare to be disappointed. GW has long forgotten about the other races. And with the whole rift thing, I can't imagine all future events won't involve chaos in some way. What are the tau up to? Dealing with chaos. What about those tyranid hive fleets? Fighting daemons. Necrons? Fighting. Fucking. Chaos. The only real hope for anything xenos is the goddamned eldar. And not even the cool kinds, just this weird amalgamation force of all things eldar.

Good thing I'm a chaosfag or all else would be lost.

>> No.55041839

Where did you get the old NM models?

>> No.55041844

So with Tau Overwatch, can a unit fire all their weapons or only one? As for flamers, they automatically hit in Overwatch too, right?

>> No.55041859

Not very.
You're a monster against enemy infantry lists, but against monsters you suffer a little.
You're actually more durable than before.
Your Feel No Pain equivalent has become legit Resurrection protocols. When a necron model dies, that unit rolls a number of dice at the start of your turn equal to the number of dead necron models in the unit, on a 4+ those models return to the unit.
This costs no reserve points.
Of course your dudes can be wiped and you don't have much dedicated anti-monster stuff.

>> No.55041904

>do: make sure to wash all brushes by swirling in warm water and working in masters brush cleaner between the bristles after every session
>dont: beat brushes against paper towels when cleaning, this can bend or break bristles and seperate them from the adhesive holding them together

>Do: store brushes in a dry and warm environment to reduce risk of wearing them down
>dont: store brushes on bristles [see above]

>do: get a decent ammount of paint on your brush when painting, keeping loading of the brush to a minimum is a good way to inadvertently care for it

>Do: ensure a good cleaning after using either very watery paints, or texture paints. These paints can tend to stick to the brushes bristles and ruin them if not properly cleaned

That should be just about everything basic, any art blogs will be able to help you with more advanced brush care

>> No.55041944

How's my firepower vs big shit?

>> No.55041978

That was what I meant when I said you weren't amazing against monsters.
The number of shots you can put out is good, and you do have some decent weapons, but against big stuff your firepower falls slightly short of others, but not by a huge margin, just enough that they aren't winning tournaments.

>> No.55041988


>> No.55041994

I would almost rather the fnp version, especially with the change to fled necrons. Also it's a 5+ without a cryptek nearby.
Everything else is on point though. Good against infantry, but our heavy hitting anti tank is gonna be off forgeworld

>> No.55042004

>fire all their weapons
>flamers autohit?
If at least one model is in range, yeah

>> No.55042008

Just stay at 1000pts and you will have a good time and have back and forth games. Wait till next year for your codex before going higher in points.

>> No.55042046

Ah ok, guess I'll wait for the codex before hopping in the deep end.

Thanks for the info, if I might also ask, what kind of things can we expect from Codexes this time around?

>> No.55042069

>You're actually more durable than before.
Don't Lie to the man.
If you are playing someone who is no asleep you will never get to roll for RP.
If they can't do 10 wounds to a 3+ squad or 20 wounds to a 4+ squad your not playing a competitive game. They are ether feeling sorry for you or are doing a narrative game.

>> No.55042087

I was just basing my critique on my personal knowledge, my two lgs necron players both seem to like this new mechanic, because as long as the unit doesn't die and survives two turns, dead necrons can potentially keep coming back, thinking about it I see what you mean, but I think their opinions are based on how lucky they've been.
Everything has a chapter tactic equivalent, artefacts are now a free upgrade based on the characters equipped weapon, stratagems are cool, no codex that doesn't contain psykers yet but check admech codex because you might get something similar to their psychic equivalent.

>> No.55042099

>if I can't kill it in one turn, what's the point?

>> No.55042115

>>very watery paints
Interesting - is that why metallics seem more likely to gunk up a brush?

>> No.55042119

I haven't played them yet, my critique is second hand experience, sorry for being wrong.

>> No.55042120

Ah hahahahaahahahhahahaha... Ha... Wait. Why the fuck am I laughing? I play Necrons.

Admech were the only army we were even close to having a chance against, and they get their Codex soon.

It's going to hurt, but take it until the Necron codex comes out next year. Perhaps GW will reward us for sticking with them during these dark times.

>> No.55042149

Feels a bit gambling intensive, but hey it's 40k, what isn't?

Oh dear, this sounds bad.
What did you find were your main weaknesses?

>> No.55042158

Because the first rule of black legion is: fuck horus, fuck the sons of horus. They remember the horus heresy like you remember how you dressed and acted when you were a teenager.

>> No.55042166

I realised while painting this guy he's been blatantly ripped off from The Thing.

>> No.55042198

dark apostle yes, warpsmith no

>> No.55042200

>Where did you get the old NM models?

I bought them when they were new (i've been lpaying since rogue trader) .. yes i'm an oldtimer

>> No.55042202

>On his home planet he overthrew his tyrant adotive father
not in the recent book, his father was made the planetary governor of Olympia once the imperium arrived, he just conquered the planet but left the ruling it to others

>> No.55042203

Why are cron and admech players so damn whiny all of a sudden?

>> No.55042210


>> No.55042214

Point costs decreasing across the board plus he aforementioned stuff

Fair enough. Just make sure they have a cryptek with them cause decurions aren't a thing anymore :P

It's not bad at lower point games, so I've been told anyway. Have been sticking to 1000-1500

>> No.55042218


If this by some long shot isn't pasta you should order your thoughts coherently and hire an editor.

>> No.55042224

Trying to decide if deathwatch heavy thunder hammers are worth it. 10 points more that a thunder hammer gets you d6 dmg instead of d3, with it being 6 instead of d6 on wound rolls of 6. But with a regular thunder hammer you can put something in their other hand. Thoughts?

>> No.55042234

Every army is kind of gambling intensive, because of how much I love to run my noise marines I kind of miss out of chaos anti big things options, but I still keep up with big thing lists just because my luck is disgusting.
I make above average rolls so often I make noises of mild annoyance as if I'd rolled poorly when I roll average, and I don't even notice, it was just pointed out to me today that I made a noise of disgust at my dice after failed half the hits.
My rolls aren't always perfect obviously, but my average rolls are much different to everyone else at the store besides one other player and when I play against him our lucks seem to cancel out or something and we roll at everyone elses standard.
For both?
I think they already did that.

>> No.55042237

Childhood is when you idolize John Blanche's artwork.
Adulthood is when you realize that Wayne England's makes more sense.

>> No.55042251

>For both?
I dunno I'm just parroting what I've read on here

>> No.55042253

They're neat to have 1 or 2 of but don't go overboard

It's exceedingly easy to go overboard with kill teams

>> No.55042257


>> No.55042266


>> No.55042272

>only Primarch to get killed by normie CSM

>> No.55042286


>> No.55042289

Sadly Necrons can not deal with Armor efficiently. Which is a complete 180 from their lore and rules for the last few editions.
All our Anti-Armor is too spendy compared other races. Everyone got our always wound on 6s rule and we got nothing to cover for that loss.

>> No.55042296


>I play Necrons.
>How fucked am I in 8th?

To put it simply. You are totally fucked until the Codex comes out.

The only saving grace you will get, is if your meta is full of people who play fluffy armies. I wasn't this lucky.

Small games seem more balanced, but in large games, you will get stomped so bad that you will wish you never got out of bed.

Oh. But don't worry. You'll have thousands of faggots reminding you that reanimation protocols is OP, and Necrons are fine, while completely ignoring that they are bottom teir, and all but completely unrepresented in competitive play.

>> No.55042300

Guy who haven't played since 5th and getting back in the game here.

Have GW announced the next codex yet or a schedule for the missing codice release?

>> No.55042312

>Have GW announced the next codex yet
yeah it's admech

>> No.55042320

Nevermind I just went and looked at their rules I figured it out holy shit.
I should make a Slaaneshi one, I've got some Slaanesh daemon bits I could use.

>> No.55042326

No it's not, it's Death Guard.

>> No.55042329

Both armies were broken in the indexes.

Admech are getting a codex soon, though. Necrons are not...

>> No.55042334

Alpha Legion confirmed?

>> No.55042351

Because all they ever played where decurion/war convication and now they are butthurt.

The fact is that they lose very little but some other factions got massivly better. Never having to face anything that is able to kill 20 necron warriors in a turn before they got all piss eyed.

There are other armies that got it worse. GSC war great as long as GW had the purestains retardedly low priced. Now they are much worse then both Necrons and AdMech.
GKs before the codex where trash.
none-ynnari craftworld is just as bad as both.
I remember Necs in the 4th when they had their stupid face out and people didn't whine as much as they do now.

>> No.55042371

You don't believe Reece?
>Necrons are SOOOOOOO GOOD guy. Almost TOOOO GOOD

>> No.55042380

Would you recommend a new 40k player who's getting into chaos daemons (no CSM) go single-god or multi-god?

>> No.55042381

Admech aren't weak. I just looked at Dakkas anecdote compilation since that is the closest to race data.
Necrons... Yeah, I see, pretty bottom tier just above Deathwatch

>> No.55042393

>the Crimson Herrings
>alpha legion

>> No.55042407

>What did you find were your main weaknesses?

Serious lack of mobility, with short weapon range. Doesn't get enough air time in my opinion.

Total lack of affordable, and effective anti tank.

Those are the major issues. There are plenty of smaller ones too.

>> No.55042410

Well, with multi-god you have versatility, with single-god you have all your dudes benefiting each other. Slaanesh Herald doesn't buff Nurgle daemons for example.
So mono-god is kind of best.

>> No.55042418

A lot of these factions and players were flying under the radar with their cheese and are now unable to go unnoticed
Now the jig is up

>> No.55042446

Don't go into Khorne. Nurgle really cares for ya.

(Actually Khorne might not be a terrible idea).

>> No.55042452

Slaanesh gets off on it so you tell me.

>> No.55042454


>> No.55042477

wayne england is one of the reasons I'm keeping my 3rd edition rulebook for all eternity

>> No.55042483

Can't speak for the rest of the Admech players, but we're not bad, just REALLY BORING. They slashed all the fun bitz off our army and called it simplicity, so now we're just stuck with Kastelans and Dunecrawlers en masse to compete. I wrote a little list of improvements for our codex which IMO would boost all the units to "Reasonable" status, but I'd want to get some critique on them since I probably overbuffed us.

- Generic Archmagos rules to stop the "Everyone Runs Mars" for Cawl thing.
- Skitarii need their 6+ FnP back instead of useless invulns.
- Rangers need permanent AP-1 and/or the ability to target characters, Vanguard need 2W Radcarbines back.
- Haywire gets a significant price bump but is made equivalent to Xenos haywire.
- Dragoons need a couple more attacks or a price cut.
- Kata Breachers could use a slight price cut.
- Fuck this Cognis bullshit, make it so they gain Sniper when stationary instead of worthless Advance bonuses.
- Enginseers need to be HQs and able to repair anything, they're useless now.
- Infiltrators could use their extra attack they lost for no reason back.
- Rusties need melee attacks that Mortal Wound vehicles on a 5+, so as to compensate for losing all their grenades and giving them a use.
- Canticles as a whole need adjustment to prevent all but one being useless - TH Reroll Ones should be a flat +1, +1S should be +1 To wound in melee with all our 6+ abilities, Electromancer should be a 5+ trigger with 4+ for being within 1" of 10 or more models to make it more reliable at swarming enemies.
- Torsion Cannon should be D3 shots against MONSTERS so as to be a counterpart to Haywire, but go up a few points to counterbalance BS3+ Canticle.
- Arquebi down to 20pts.
- Plasma up to 25ppm but we get our third shot back.

- Kastelans go up 25 PPM, Protocol shift is a 3+ so it can be a CP Sink. They'd be pretty absurd with BS3+.

>> No.55042523

As of 8th edition even the Fists have accepted that he's dead.

>> No.55042532

New player, how are T'au Empire?

>> No.55042536

>Necrons are SOOOOOOO GOOD guy. Almost TOOOO GOOD

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It just so happens that Reece is wrong, and no one cares what he thinks, because hes a retard.

>> No.55042549


You can get used armies pretty cheap online as of recently.

>> No.55042556

Good thing you are starting now. Tau good things got nerfed and some stuff got better.

>> No.55042558

He is very much alive, Anon. He is coming.

>> No.55042573

Sorry, should've mentioned that I've got a start collecting tzeentch box, as well as a lord of change (50EUR after all those sweet ebay vouchers, ha), and was kinda liking the look of some blood-letters and seekers to just get a bit of a schwerpunkt (dunno what it is in English, hammer of the gods into a single point sort of thing) going, my other option was to just get a second tzeentch box and just wait and hope that the codex is a tenth as good as the daemon books for AoS

>> No.55042583

Can Slaanesh daemons get off on denial?
Because I'm honestly just imagining a daemonette in chastity getting progressively more violent in an attempt to get out of it.
Then loving the build up leading to the release and thus enjoying the denial associated with the build up.

>> No.55042587

Competitively? Fucky
Got a lot of bad units and a few really good units that make them cheesier and more monobuild when then tournament list than ever unless they use fluffy lists in which case not strong.
Or do you mean something else?

>> No.55042589

You're joining at the perfect time to get unpainted Riptides for cheap off of Ebay.

>> No.55042591

>Necrons are shit
I just got some though, are they not redeemable at all? Even in this thread a few weeks ago most people said they were at least middle of the pack. What made them so much worse now, just the fact that people focus fire more? Either way, I'll probably just stick with them.
After the SC box, what should I get next? I know I need a Cryptek, should I get some Immortals too? I've heard a lot of mixed things about Warriors vs Immortals here so I don't really know. I was maybe thinking about some Praetorians too, since Tomb Blades and Wraiths are really expensive.
Should I add some more colors to my Warriors? I was thinking of something like gold shoulderblades to compliment the blue and make their bodies look less boring, but I don't know.

>> No.55042597

Some of these weaknesses come with the faction. Necrons aren't supposed to be very mobile in general.
Even so you can be mobile. It's just not worth the points.

The anti-tank (or anti-big stuff in general) is a serious problem, I agree. They need something like the old rending for all their gauss weapons back.

Some of their weaknesses are caused thru bad missions and too strong counters from other armies. You can avoid some of them (especially in casual games) but others are really crippling.

But then again these are problems other factions have too. Especially factions with low unit diversity like GSC or DW

>> No.55042604

>- Generic Archmagos rules to stop the "Everyone Runs Mars" for Cawl thing.

- Generic Primarch rules to stop the "Everyone Runs Ultramarines" for Guilliman thing.

- Skitarii need their 6+ FnP back instead of useless invulns.
One <FORGE WORLD> will no doubt be a 6+ Feel No Pain

>> No.55042613

I don't know why I never see any necrons on the competitive scene. On paper they seem like a solid army, but everyone seems to think they suck. Someone who plays them will have to explain why.

>> No.55042618

Honestly, Tzeentch and Khorne go okay together, psykers can deny psykers and you can use use your melee units to deny as well.
But besides that you're better off sticking with Tzeentch.

>> No.55042628

is it just me or is Rowboat broken as fuck

>> No.55042630

>They slashed all the fun bitz off our army and called it simplicity
That happened for everyone

>> No.55042657


>> No.55042667

To my knowledge people feel that some of their units from the already small roster are overcosted for what they do. I imagine that will get fixed when the codex releases.

>> No.55042671


>> No.55042681

Just use this custodes dude. I'm sure no one will notice.

>> No.55042685

Probably because they're slow and have crap heavy weapons.

>> No.55042692

With metallics i find its the metal flakes GW uses to add shine, the fact that they put in a shitload of medium doesnt help either thoigh

>> No.55042694

Sisters of Battle Master Race!

>> No.55042695

Fucking hilarious

Also, room-mate and another guy are getting into 40k as well, both heard good stuff about 8th and are jumping in with start collectings for T'au and Necrons, considering they have nothing that can deny, and I get two psykers out of my start collecting are those two having armies that don't have any easy way to unbind gunna be a problem of "playing two different games"?

Also, I just like light cavalry as a thing, so are seekers an "avoid" or a "sub-optimal", because if sub-optimal I still wanna grab a couple because ant-eater titty horses are hilarious and I kinda want some

>> No.55042706

Cawl is nowhere NEAR as overpowered as Guilliman, though. No free CP, a fraction of the melee damage and durability, half the rerolls, no massive 12" bubble of random buffs and no rezzing. He's a tougher Chapter Master who makes Canticles less bad, and costs %70 of what Bobby G does anyway.

A generic AMagos would probably lack his fancy wargear and Canticles rule (since hopefully they'd actually fix the Canticles), too, we just want a way to get rerolls without running a named special character.

As for the FnP, currently after ten games I've rolled about two 6++ invulns. We have no transports and no other durability aside from one turn of guaranteed cover, so we could use Dark Eldar level of durability for our infantry rather than paying more points for a useless save. Hell, remove it entirely and just drop the points cost by 1ppm and everyone would be happier.

>> No.55042723

>Armies with smaller sample size skew towards the top tiers
>Armies with larger sample sizes skew towards the bottom tiers
Really activates the old cogitators. I'd put Guard at being the top tier army.

>> No.55042732

The fuck is this?

>> No.55042733

Seekers are great for what they do.
They're just better if you bring a Herald with with them.

>> No.55042748

>Cawl is nowhere NEAR as overpowered as Guilliman, though

So, how about instead of bitching you wait to see what <FORGE WORLD> tactics are. You might find out Mars bonus to be so shitty that having CAWL doesn't outweigh the tactic.

Most likely you'll have a Stratagem called ARCHMAGOS that for 3 CP you may upgrade a Dominus to an ARCHMAGOS, gaining reroll all failed To Hit.

>> No.55042750

DW and DG along with TS and SoB all have smaller samples but bump in very opposite directions. That is not to say smaller samples are equally valuable of course

>> No.55042759

SoB>Everything else
Prepare to spend the big bucks to be competitive!

>> No.55042767

Why are Death Guard so shit? Did Konor demoralize them?

>> No.55042790

>Death Guard so shit
No codex, no new models, no release.

Wait until they roll out before passing judgement

>> No.55042799

Dakka running tally of reported win.
All anecdotes of course, but gives a picture of how things play outside one dude's experience

Probably the fact they need their codex and all their models releases still

>> No.55042800

Try being australian and wanting SoB

>> No.55042807

Explain SoB, or IG or any army doing well without a codex.

>> No.55042815

I'm not arguing that Death Guard and especially Death Watch are in a bad spot currently. I am going to argue that above average armies like SoB and Magnus err... Thousand Sons are probably higher up than they should be.

>> No.55042834

They'd probably be decent if someone were willing to bring 10x triple plasma plague marine squads.

>> No.55042849

SoB can spam high quality dakka so easily that is is not even funny and actually have good melee units.

>> No.55042859

Are purely Skitarii armies still a thing?

I just the idea of an army of brainwashed goons using weapons that give themselves cancer

>> No.55042863

>Rangers need permanent AP-1 and/or the ability to target characters, Vanguard need 2W Radcarbines back.
am I missing something or why don't you just use the Transuranic arquebus. Friend of mine plays 3 units with 2 each and denies any normal buff-character in the enemy army. At least as long as they get LoS of course.

>Fuck this Cognis bullshit, make it so they gain Sniper when stationary instead of worthless Advance bonuses.
Yeah, cognis isn't that superb but it's a nice to have. Don't need to make every option beeing more shooty when stationary. That is boring.

>Infiltrators could use their extra attack they lost for no reason back.
They are just fine. Can still delet whole light infantery units with the taser goads.

>Rusties need melee attacks that Mortal Wound vehicles on a 5+, so as to compensate for losing all their grenades and giving them a use.
Wut? Why need? You already do mortal wounds with Transonic razors. Any reason why they have to be so powerful?

Canticles are too random without Cawl, I agree. But useless? That's exaggeration.
Especially the critique with Electromancer I can't agree at all. You can still trigger it multiple times by placing multiple units in range. It's very powerful.

I agree that they need adjustments but some of these notes are really too much.
More then anything AdMech needs more unit's and more specialists to counter some of their weaknesses.

>> No.55042871

>IG top tier
I wonder how few of those wins are from tank heavy/only armies.

>> No.55042881

Reported wins from where? Tournaments? /40kg/? A subreddit?

>> No.55042883

he's broken af

>> No.55042898

Why do people like AdMech? Not fluff or model wise but as in actually fielding them in games and stuff. I just watched a few batreps and they are probably the blandest, most generic and least characterful faction right now.

I know 8th edition is bland edition but still.

>> No.55042902

ez pz to kill if you got kharn the betrayer.. some butthurt ultrasmurf cried last night how it should not happen.

>> No.55042911

Its an old meme but it checks out.

>> No.55042927

if you cherry pick top, if play fluffy mid to lower tier.
Some units like riptides are pretty bad atm and there aren't any super powerful combos like some other armies have.
Others, like the commander, are very strong. A little to good even.

Overall.. they need their codex.

>> No.55042931

Is not the first time, the old mutations for fantasy and 40k referenced the double head.

>> No.55042933

I dunno, he's yet to survive my Magnus the Red whenever I've faced him. Though Ahriman did beat him to death with the Black Staff in one game...

>> No.55042941

Should I get Ynnari or Deathwatch?

>> No.55042942

Admech is still only half a real army. I wouldn't play mono till they get elites, flyers, transports, jump troops, LoW etc.

>> No.55042944

From on the site itself

>> No.55042959

>Its an old meme but it checks out

>> No.55042965

>Nids are still mid-tier at best
>GK are still shit
Well, at least it seems that both my armies are in the mediocre tier, thats fine with me.
>SOB and Imperial Guard are the 2 best armies
Well, gotta get those WAACfags to pay GW their sweet, sweet chas somehow, don't we? Why not make the army that requires shitton of infantry and the old expensive metal army the best ones of the current edition? REVENUE
>Death guard are at the bottom
Just you wait till their codex arrives
>Thousand sons are in number 3
Now THAT I did not expect.

So in conclusion:
>power armor factions are now shit (unless they're World eaters or 1ksons)
>Necrons and Tau are now shit, apparently
>Craftworlds went from being the best army in the game bar to mediocre
>Daemons are mostly fucked without summoning
>Orks and CSM are apparently still shit
>Yinnari are still OP as fucking ever

Nice playtesting GW.
Not that I expected anything else to happen.

>> No.55042970

Do you like getting free out of turn shenanigans while you get killed to a man or do you like simply getting killed to a man?

>> No.55042982

>vermin or fumigators
I think deep down you always knew the answer.

>> No.55042990

but sisters are a power armor faction

>> No.55042997

>power armour armies are shit
>SoB are top tier

Sorry, I think you meant marine armies are shit

>> No.55043001

Do you care about winning?

>> No.55043002

>Thousand sons are in number 3
>Now THAT I did not expect
Magnus the Red is number 3 with his Thousand Sons troop tax along for the ride. Expect to see Death Guard mysteriously rocket up the rankings as well when Mortarion releases.

>> No.55043006

It seems Ynnari is the consensus.

>> No.55043013 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, my bad, I meant marine armies.
Sisters are fucking sick. Just looking at a 2000 point SOB list makes me want to do pic related

>> No.55043018


Great job anon!

>> No.55043038

Hopefully the female stormcast models will make it easier to convert sisters without them looking like hot garbo

>> No.55043039

What does he see?

>> No.55043041

Their core units are fine. So are units like the Lychguard.
Problem is that most of their specialist units are overpriced and/or not good enough and they lost their potential against vehicles without any kind of gauss rending or something to compensate for it.

In a competitive enviroment all the meh units get destroyed by optimized units.
The new Reap is good, but if most units are dying just as easy as any marine it's not good enough.

>> No.55043046

Maybe GW will notice and we'll get plastic sisters!

>> No.55043051

SoB are only good because of repressors. Cheap open topped and meltaguns aren't possible in the index but FW gives fuck all and did it anyway.

>> No.55043052

Your mom.

sorry it was too easy

>> No.55043079

GW release schedule being nothing but space marines, either shiny, spiky or bland.

>> No.55043084

an unpainted guard army

>> No.55043091

He is, more then anything, underpriced.
Sad thing about this is that most of the other Astartes units are overpriced or just not very good.
Him beeing that broken just makes that up for the posterboys.

>> No.55043094

I like cyborgs, I like tasers, I like radiation guns, I like phaseblades, I like anti-tank rifles and I especially like zapping filthy loyalist marines with my Arc weaponry.

Also, there's the conversion potential. I don't really see how they're bland and generic at all unless this is bait?

In games, I can drop down infiltrators and destroy gunlines while dragoons charge and my dunecrawlers and kataphrons pop open tanks. There's plenty of ways for me to play, I can try out all melee, gunlines, mixed, Ironstrider lists and huge footslog Skitarii lists.

Not gonna try and hide it though, we've lost a lot of the fun that 7th had for us, removal of haywire has made any arc weapons near enough useless but hopefully the codex will fix it.

I don't know what's not bland about them really anon, I've got shooting and chopping just like every other army. All we're really missing is psykers and for forgeworld to update their damn rules so we can get out Ordinatus and Secutarii back.

>> No.55043096

>World Eaters solid mid tier, neither shit nor broken
Beautiful, honorable, glorious close combat.

>> No.55043107

They probably just want people to first spend a shitton on cleaning out their old metal stock. Then, once all the old models are gone, they'll put out a line of new, plastic sisters that everyone will buy, since the old metal models will look like autistic man-apes in comparison

>> No.55043114

For 908 points you can get 20 meltaguns with a threat range of 36" turn one.
All of them in transport that allow shooting from inside. 4 units of Dominions with 4 repressors.

>> No.55043121

>is it me or is a demigod really powerful in this game

>> No.55043127


Just order from MI and save 50%, just got my deredeo from them and it was impeccable, not a single mold slip

>> No.55043134

What do you guys think of the citadel cases?
I'm thinking of grabbing one because they're more compact than my ancient old GW battlecase and the zigzag foam in them seem to make transporting my Dragoons and Infiltrators a whole lot easier.

>> No.55043158

>tfw your GK army can barely even survive a single SOB shooting phase
>on turn 1
kill me now

>> No.55043169

You can do this >>55043114 Or
4 Seraphim squads each with 8 inferno pistols for 103, that is less than 500 points.

Then you have Retribution squads that can spam 4 heavy bolters for 85 points. Strap a cheap HQ and enjoy re-rolling 1s and double tapping on a 2+

>> No.55043190

I honestly belief that Nids could get higher up there if people would accept that BigBugs are pretty bad atm. Most armies can kill at least 1-2 bugs a round. If you bubble wrap your own units the BBugs don't get to do any damage in return.
All the in your face Swarmlord and Trygon spam is just not good enough to get the top tier lists.
If you don't deploy them off the table it's even worse with how strong alpha strike is.

>> No.55043197

Why are your GKs fighting Sisters anyways, anon? Do you need their blood for your purity ritual again?

>> No.55043210

Kind of shows how vocal minority and not really that cared for SoBs are.
They can be broken and people will be
>What I didn't even notice

>> No.55043218

Is there a way to paint large flat surfaces so you can't see every brush mark? I can't seem to make them go away.

No airbrushes.

>> No.55043221

Crusader case is the only one that isn't horribly overpriced for what it is, but still on the expensive side (unless you order it somewhere with a decent discount) and not ideal for vehicles larger than a Rhino. But if you have hordes of infantry models (or multiple armies) go for it.

>> No.55043226

You can do double Dominion with Repressor and double seraphim with Celestine (with cheerleaders) under 1000 points
Basically everyone but Celestine or one of the Seraphims can move 24" turn one.

They are basically alpha strike, if they don't win by turn 3 SoB are fucked.

>> No.55043240

Half of your shit should be in deep strike and the other half should be storm Ravens, land raiders or razorbacks, preferably in cover

>> No.55043241


Thin multiple layers is the only way anon, but not too thin!

>> No.55043251

That's why you have half your army in reserves and pray that half is enough to cripple the nuns with guns.

>> No.55043257

While I love my big bugs, I agree with you. Honestly, the strongest nid lists I can come up with usually revolve somewhere around 80 genestealers, some Trygons and Broodlords, maybe some Hive guard/Zoanthropes to sit on objectives out of LOS.
Then throw in another 50, maybe 60 Hormagaunts/Termagaunts, and you flood the table with so many cheap bodies that other armies will be unable to contend.
I think the most competitive list will revolve around genestealers, 12 points for 4 attacks at S4 AP-1 and Ap-4 on 6s is ridicoulus, especially on a platform with 8" move and 3d6 charge range.

>> No.55043289

Thats why I use transports and deep strikes, of course.
But just the idea that their army is completely capable of wiping my entire army in a single phase of the game is terrifiying.
Not even Tau could wipe my army turn 1 last edition.

>> No.55043326

This is what I mean by it looking streaky.

It could just be me, but something about it seems really off.

>> No.55043334

20 moving multimeltas will leave a land raider at 2 wounds

It'll hardly wipe your army unless you're literally just 10 footslogging Paladins

Even more ironic is that's GKs are much more capable of wiping sisters in an alpha strike due to storm bolters being so good

>> No.55043346

SoB have been 1-3 turn army for decades now, during 7th they were top mid, mostly because broken stuff like bike spam and free transport stuff existed.
Since their guns are basically bolters, meltas and flamers you just had to spam what ever was good during the edition and you are done.

But every edition they needed to win before turn 4.

>> No.55043391

>good luck taking down tanks with bolers
I mean you can in theory, but in theory a squad of 5 meltas can bring down a knight too.

Kill 2 knights in one turn like this,
the knight player had to hold his tears.

>> No.55043464

For the Rangers it's mostly since they got completely shortchanged in the edition switch, and would have AP-1 if not for GW not wanting to overshadow their precious Primaris Marines. The Arquebus is nice, but if I use my normal two squads I have 60 points of worthless guys who can't really contribute to the snipage. I would give them Sniper without the Mortal Wounds thing just so they can join in.

I have literally never used Cognis, and we pay extra points for it even on units that have massively nerfed Advance. Also, for Ironstriders their entire fluff is that they slow to a stalk and then shoot enemy leaders in the middle of the press of guys, so it's a little odd that they can't even approach doing that. Maybe adjust that with a BS penalty or something, but currently it's just extra points on a unit that would be good if those paid for anything.

As for the Rusties, they're currently a bit useless since their old niche was vehicle-killing, and now they are more fragile with no FnP, more multiwound weapons and worse damage output. On average a squad of 5 charging Terminators (supposed to be their ideal target) will kill a whole one guy, or a third of their points cost before being hacked out of existence. The 5+ Mortals against vehicles would represent them using the dataspikes and Mindscramblers that don't exist in rules now and would allow them to have a job tackling things like Leviathans.

Electromancer is currently far too unreliable, since you sacrifice Reroll Ones To Hit or some other buff that would make the actual melee UNITS better just to fish for one or two wounds per useless squad. Only good for transmuting into better Canticles with Cawl or swarming enemies with a bunch of characters, and even then only against rather elite units since otherwise you can just hack away with R1s Axes and probably do better.

>> No.55043468

So, how do you deal with GK? If you go first, the only things you can attack are the transport ships, and if you go second, they'll just vomit their forces in your front line.

>> No.55043470

There are plenty of things GKs struggle with, T7 3+ isn't one

>> No.55043486

I am playing 3x 20 gens, 2-3 Broodlord, Venomtrophes, 2x 30 Hormagants and Biovores basically since the Index dropped and I didn't lost a single game so far. Some draws, but no losses.
Not having BigBugs is a problem in case you face a lot of large stuff. But in general the Genestealers are just deleating units and the Hormagants are some of the best unit to tie up your enemy and shield your more important units from harm in the game.

Funny enough one of the hardest armies to face are AdMech because they have probably the best snipers in the game. And without the synapse you run out of steam pretty fast.

That said I have many little things I would want to change for a future codex. Lictor having only 3 attacks is an example. Even if you get a character standing around like an idiot you probably won't kill him right away, if you even get into cc. They are an distration unit at best. And I rather use spore mines for that. Especially if I get them for free with my Biovores.

Malantrophes help by the way with the BigBugs. But a -1 isn't good enough if you face a dozen lascannons.

>> No.55043497

>serpahims kill the air
>rest kill what ever drops from them
>no models
>GK on suicide watch

>> No.55043522

You said Storm Bolter thou. In theory land everyone is good. Well except Necrons... those poor bastards.

>> No.55043530

>wants to play a real game
Okay, overused meme, but you really do need to pick one.

>> No.55043531


Deploy intelligently so that they can't rapid fire on your important shit from deep strike, make use of screeners.

Grey knights only big survival advantage over normal marines is their positioning through gate and teleport. If you fence them out with good deployment you can blunt their alpha strike enough to force them into a prolonged engagement

>> No.55043555

Unless the guy owns 5 OOP forgeworld models he's going to have to have his sisters leave their transports, at which point they're bolter food.

Even with repressors they aren't particularly challenging to pop

>> No.55043569

I once saw an ork player use da' jump to autistically spread all this orks as much as possible so GK didn't have spaces to deep strike.
Next turn Ork player deleted whatever the GK had and won because GK didn't had boots on the ground.

>> No.55043587

I play Ninja Elves, not Gun Nuns.

They usually drop a couple Dreadknights in, shoot open my transports, and lock up whatever I have in front in melee.

>> No.55043597

What SoB player does not have 8? Or at least 4

Nor are GK particularly hard to pop either.

>> No.55043601

A buddy of mine, who also plays nids, plays a carnifex spam army that utilizes the malanthropes.
Its done pretty well for him, but its usually the shock factor of "holy shit there are fifteen carnifexes charging me across the table what do I do".
Alot of times he just pretty much instantly loses because someone brought a couple lascannons more than usual and/or knows how to kite the fexes before they reach the lines, or countercharge them with really good, durable/killy CC units (eg, I watched him play a game against a DA player, the guy shredded him with his godhammer land raider and tri-las-predator, had two of those flyers, one of which finally went down on T3, and then countercharged the fexes with Belial and Deathwing knights, that game was a massacre)

>> No.55043606

Use some cheap fodder units to keep the units that teleport and deep strike away from your important shit. Their optimal range is 12'' so shouldn't be too hard to create a large enough no-go zone.

>> No.55043630

>ninja elves
>Dark Eldar
>Eldar super friends
which one?

>> No.55043634

Yeah this

They've got less than a 50% chance of making that charge and if you positioned well they should be charging into chaff anyway

Our local guy has 2, they're good but they're not absurd

And yeah GKs outside of paladinwing are exceedingly squishy

>> No.55043638

So if I'm facing them, use my Raiders as frontline "decoys"?

>> No.55043670

Peach Trees

>> No.55043691

Whoever your disposable chaff is

>> No.55043696

When ever I see the baby carrier I ask the GK if he wants to change his list.
It just feels bad to nuke those cute babies so hard.

>> No.55043702



>> No.55043712

>too thin
wait. Is that a thing that can happen? I'm new to painting so forgive me if this is super obvious, but I've only ever heard about paint being too thick, I wasn't aware you could thin it too much, what happens when you do?

>> No.55043737

I've had my first army at 1k points for some time now. I'm also interested in another army, is it dumb to start collecting a second army already, or should I keep building that army until I hit 1850?

>> No.55043750

Then it starts to behave more like a wash or shade, gathering in gaps and in corners, and won't leave a consistent layer of pigment.

>> No.55043759

but for real man, send those fucking things to hell and back. They don't deserve to exist.

t. real GK player

>> No.55043772

well i could see you expanding your 1k army if you get something new but new armies are a chance at a new start, new paint schemes and tactics

>> No.55043778

You get uneven layers. think of paint like something stretchy. Stretch it too far and you are gonna start getting gaps in the layer you put on. You want the paint to be as thin as possible, while not having gaps in the pigment.

>> No.55043792

If it helps I left the carrier off mine and I think it looks...a little better(less bad?)

Doesn't help they're all going to be grandmaster dreadknights now with 4++/3++ now

>> No.55043831

I have 1k Tau but I'm also really interested in Tzeentch Daemons. Maybe I can get 1k Daemons and then decide which I like more as a main army. Daemons also seems really easy to paint since they don't have many armour details, mostly good application of base coats and washes it looks like.

>> No.55043837


>> No.55043838

Unless the multi wound model is cheap as fuck or has T9 I usually warn the other player about the melta spam.

If they don't listen like the triple knight fag, I'll just enjoy my free and easy wins.

>> No.55043864

>TFW you bought one baby carrier upon release and remember there not being quite that much and distinct moldlines

Fuck, now I feel old ...

>> No.55043872

I get what you are saying about the Rangers. But really, try using multiple units with the Arquebus. It makes buff-characters (besides the big Blue of course) almost unplayable if you don't have enough LoS blocking terrain.

The bigger problem with the Cognis is in my imho that the bonus isn't really helping you with something you would care for. The Ironstrider is already pretty mobile and with the range of the weapons you very, very rarely advance with it.
It's nice to have if you want to take objectives with it. But I doubt you want to do it because that is basically suicide...

I agree with the FnP for the Rusties. But more attacks with a chance for mortal wounds is just too powerful. They are already very good against most units.
What they should have done is made the mortal wound ability an extra attack with a higher chance of success. Then you don't have to worry about crazy outcomes while make them more reliable.

Like I said the problem with the Canticles isn't them beeing too weak but too unpredictable. You can still choose them once per game, which is actually pretty strong. Problem with this is that about halve of them will be useless against certain lists, which is the reason why the randomness is such a problem.

What the faction needs the most are more characters/HQ choices, some cheap unit for bubble wrapping and a few more specialists to support the existing units.
The last point is pretty tricky but very important because one of the major problems right now is the limited option for specific tasks and how the existing specialists have to be super effective or are just outright failing.
If your infiltrators don't get your opponent locked up and away from the rest of your army and you can't just shoot this unit off the table in 1-2 turns you are basically fucked. Having units that compliment the others would be huge.

>> No.55043912

You sadden me, my brothers. Why must you fall for the dreadknight meme?
The only thing you need to smite your enemies is your steel, true grit and faith in your Emperor.

>> No.55043974

go for it then. grab the tzeentch start collecting and changeling then a box of pink horrors or lord of change

>> No.55043977

Lists like that are just too easy to counter. A good competitive army right now is either outright able to deal with something like that (meaning: going to offensive themselves) or has bubble wrap units that block them from doing anything relevant and kill them a little more slowly.

The only way to fix that for Nids would be some kind of FnP spam. Catalyst beeing once per turn and only on a single unit is making it pretty useless to block multiple damage weapons.

>> No.55043986

I've only bought that single one in an attempt to salvage it and make it look cool.

It's been chopped up and glued together with so many different bits, only to be taken apart to try a different conversion by now it's hard to make anything of it anymore.

>> No.55044211

damn. that art almost makes me wanna start a small GK force. That artist got more like it?

>> No.55044234

Mid tier before codex and everything got +1 attack and daemon engines got twice as good, easily top tier now.

>> No.55044243

His name his hammk

>> No.55044279

These are some of my favourites

>> No.55044280

It had a streaky vibe to it but for metals it works as I tend to see a slight grain pattern to metals when you look hard enough.

>> No.55044307


>> No.55044371

>try using multiple units with the Arquebus
Three 100 point squads to do nothing else but kill a character. Admech doesn't have to room for luxuries, their units are really expensive. Taking snipers means not taking Fulgurites, or Plasma squads, or Kataphrons.

>> No.55044372

another one

>> No.55044381

neat. thanks.

>> No.55044430

Daily reminder I fixed his dumb ass poorly added shoulder pad words.

>> No.55044435

I play with all metal strike and terminator squads, I haven't played since 3.5 and wanted to try the new thing in the codex.

But for real this kit has a bunch of malformed shit in it, which is really weird for plastic

>> No.55044453

The codex only made them better at what they were already good at, they still have the same weaknesses.

>> No.55044455

>doom glaive dread made out of a custodes dread body

>> No.55044463

Is a termie sorcerer a good HQ for 1k sons or should I just have another exalted sorceror?

>> No.55044501

And for that, I thank you anon.
May the Emperor bless you.

>> No.55044527

Here's the original if someone was wondering

>> No.55044537

Depends on whether you are deep striking some terminators.

>> No.55044543

More like Chrome Knights.

>> No.55044546

What do you think they're weak at?

>> No.55044557

can scarab occult termies deepstrike?

>> No.55044585

>oldschool chrome

>> No.55044607

>best fleet
>laughing Rock.jpg

>> No.55044640

I was disappointed when I realized he was grabbing a crisp out of that can instead of popping open a can of beer

>> No.55044670


Sorry I really can't say I'm a fan, the best GK stuff will always be Karl Kopinskis stuff in the daemonhunters codex

>> No.55044684

>That manlet marine on the right

>> No.55044693

>I was disappointed when I realized he was grabbing a crisp out of that can instead of popping open a can of beer
>tfw he's actually taking the herbal bag out of his tea
As a true gentleman would

>> No.55044704

>final wall
And we're gonna make the Ynarri pay for it.

>> No.55044720

Durability and mobility. And that's fine, I don't want top tier shit like conscripts so that GW nerfs them to the ground in a FAQ.

We are a powerful melee army that doesn't have the numbers or durability (or morale) to take sustained fire, so we either sacrifice melee power for ranged support or go the full all-or-nothing melee threat saturation route. I like the latter because it's fluffier.

>> No.55044731

Post some

>> No.55044749

Nobody ever seems to get their anatomy right. Either Grey Knight Terminators suffer from a nasty form of kiphosis or they lift their shoulders right up and then have you maneuver like spastics.

>> No.55044835

It's a gene-seed

>> No.55044838

conscripts are supposed to be weak.....OH YEAH...turns out they are totally not weak because of auras and other stacking buffs and orders...

if you made them strong on their own and then gave them auras and stacking buffs and access to orders, shit would be broke the fuck off.

stop complaining about a unit that can pump out 400 shots a turn. they are fucking fine...actually OP right now

>> No.55044926

>The rules state you can test if a dice is cocked by balancing a second dice on top of the crooked one
Which rules?

>> No.55044954

Hmm I think with obsec cultist and obliterator drops you can work around that now.

>> No.55044972

right now there is nothing that says a warband can't be made of goffs and evil sunz...

once the Ork codex comes out those guys will have seperate rules and you will have to treat them like chapters or legions.

you will still be able to have both in your army, but you will have to have a Goff detachment, and also have an Evil Sunz detachment in order to get the special rules that will go along with each of those clans.

you could still include both clans in the same detachment but you wouldnt get your special clan rules (and yes you dont have special clan rules now...but you will and it will be awesome...so you will want to keep the clans seperated by detachment...then each detachment will get super sweet rules

>> No.55044989

I will next thread

>> No.55045005

you cant disembark from the vehicle after it has moved....and then move your dudes inside.

you can move your Valkrye 20"....end the turn. next turn...disembark 3", then advance 6+d6...move move move...advance 6+d6 again.....but that is on turn 2

>> No.55045014

Which is strange because GK termie models have the clearest and least nonsensical body proportions of all termies

>> No.55045021

someone has good taste in books!

>> No.55045060

True, but World Eaters don't have Obliterators lorewise, and cultists are far from broken.

>> No.55045107

>know no fearth

Artist not English or attempting to dodge GW's traditional C&D letter. Either way, top kek

>> No.55045111

WTF is with this meme forcing of Soul Grinders?

>> No.55045119

Go read the valkyrie datasheet again.

>> No.55045148

in matched play each spell can only be attempted once per psychic phase

>> No.55045151

No idea. Just a sad lonely anon with nothing better to do with his life than trying to force a meme on 4chan I guess.

>> No.55045176

Opinions on bringing a Hellforged Deredeo to use Fire Frenzy with? For 253 points you get 16 butcher cannon, 12 heavy bolter, and 12 greater havoc shots at bs2 when you fire twice but the only closest target thing seems like it would be kind of shit.

>> No.55045261

Is it feasible for a chapter to return after near decimation? I'm reading up on the celestial lions, who were reduced to less than a single company, why wouldn't they just be consolidated into a different chapter as such losses? Does chapter consolidation even exist?

>> No.55045287

Chapters don't consolidate because the chapters are independent and have their own means of doing things. Getting wiped out or joining other inquisitional force is what's likely to happen like the deathwatch

>> No.55045290

yes. pride. sometimes.

for instance the blood angels have been almost destroyed 3 times, seth of the flesh tearers suggested they consolidate into the flesh tearers but had a change of heart. also with the huge surplus of primaris marines some nearly dead chapters have been brought back and the blood angels were saved yet again from annihilation

>> No.55045371

currently their rules are shit...IG's rules arent shit... IG has badass rules. Death Guard has had shitty rules for 3 editions

>> No.55045521

Here's something to remember about using screeners. Put them too far out and they'll be isolated and removed with little worry. You have now a.) given free kills to the GK and b.) have very little in way of returning fire. Put em too close and you get multicharged hard. You need to put your screeners far enough forward that the GK can't shoot at the things behind your screeners effectively but close enough that you can still move into position to return fire once the GK drops. It's a tight balancing act further complicated by terrain density on your board + which deployment was drawn.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing against anything that can alpha strike. Just because they can drop turn 1 doesn't mean they will. In some rare cases it might be better for them to bait you out of your castle'd formation before dropping their heavy hitters on turn 2, maybe even turn 3. The cases are rare indeed, but it can happen.

>> No.55045585

That really depends on the terrain density of your tables. If LOS is going to be a problem 50% of the time, it's probably not worth it. But if you have a nice place to set up camp, I'd say go for it.

>> No.55045685

The green lady - what model is this?

>> No.55046066

Is 40k improving in Japan? I know they did some unique models for Japan recently. Plus if you put the 40k Japanese website through Google Translate it spits out some funny shit.

>> No.55046189

Pretty sure unless it states otherwise, you can fire everything. And unless Tau have some sort of commie space magic, it should still follow normal Overwatch rules.
>All weapons can fire their appropriate dice
>No grenades
>Only hits on 6s

Also a Cron player, what the flying fuck are you on about? Granted, I haven't played past 1000 yet, but I have only lost objective games (being slow as fuck) and every time against our resident sister player. (Can't evaporate them in one volley when you don't get a shooting phase.)
RP is fucking phenominal now, and everyone in the shop despises me due to either tabling them soundly, or making the game crawl to turn 7.

>> No.55046254

lmao you're right.

>> No.55046339

I had a dream in which I was at a mall slaughtering people and police with a chainsword with a massive grin on my face.

How has 40k positively impacted in your life, /tg/?

>> No.55046352

It is improving.

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