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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Community Edition:
What kind of community does your character belong to? Does he keep close ties to this community or does he travel for its protection?

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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The kind where human women get bent over and fucked by their Elven masters, as the gods intended.

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This is the best /pfg/ we've had in a while.

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Gay Erastilite clergy now fucken confirmed as totally canon and the new hotness in Paizo's latest sensational AP.
How do you feel about that, Gramps?

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A big, stinkin' city. On the ass end of the world, a place the rest of Avistan has moved on from. He'd get out if he could, but for the last few years it's had to be good enough just to keep himself and his horse fed.

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It wouldn't be if I didn't allow it. As long as it builds the community, I smile upon families of all shapes and sizes. Also we were told that we wouldn't make it into Starfinder if we didn't work on Queering up Golarion. I made the cut, right?

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Ya done good, Gramps. Did they get you one of them there Energy Bows for space?

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I'm playing a copper dragon in a dragon campaign, and I need fantasy-related bad jokes (ideally riddles) for my hideous laughter and mass laughter spells. The only one I've thought of is:
>Why did the cyclops close his school?
>He had only one pupil.

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You've made a start, but the fight is far from over. We still need to get rid of the those problematic "bad people".

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>What do you call an undead paladin?
>A Wight Knight!

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Yeah, I was disappointed when I learned that Gnomes and Halfings survived the gap too.

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>Did they get you one of them there Energy Bows for space?
Oh yeah, it's really shiny. I keep hearing about scaling weapons, but I can't find that setting anywhere. These pixies are no help either, maybe the Wendigo knows something about it.

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>Gay Erastilite clergy now fucken confirmed as totally canon and the new hotness in Paizo's latest sensational AP.

Eamon is a sweetheart and just wants to settle down with a good man.

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I want him to cum inside and tell me how much he loves me~

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>Gay Erastilite clergy now fucken confirmed as totally canon
They were pretty much always canon.

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I want Anya Sandstrider to break me like a Stallion!

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I want her to dip her bald head in oil and rub it all over my body.

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>Erastil will never give you his deer dicky daddy cummies

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I want to dip my head in oil and rub it all over her bald!

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Not Erastil, silly. Eamon!

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But Eamon is a powerbottom, anon.

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Should I pull punches if the whole party does something stupid after I warn them clearly that its stupid?? They're basically walking into a tpk but I don't want to actually party wipe them and end the campaign.

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No. Slaughter them. The players are you enemies. You should never have warned them about their own stupidity. In fact, you should have outright lied to them.

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Depends how stupid is stupid.
If four players don't see the huge danger of this plan that seems obvious to you, then there's a chance, but not a guarantee, that you haven't made the danger apparent enough as a GM and they're making an okay decision based on what they think they know.

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Well, I already fucked it up. We're looking for an ancient library, and one of my party members explained that we're too big to read normally. I asked if they would have books on tape. So my first real quip (at least it wasn't for an actual spell) was an anachronism. Goddammit.

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Depends on the situation, if the enemies have literally any reason to take them prisoner do that instead of just killing them.

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Give them one last warning OOC if you don't want them to wipe out. Just a simple "Are you sure?" and if they don't take a step back at that point, roll with it.

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Is this the first time they've missed your signs or is this habit? Deus ex machina them out of the hole once, but don't let them rely on it.

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Well next session isn't until Friday so I have a while to figure it out. But I think I made things clear as I could in character. If they really get up to a point of no return I'll tell them OOC, but I want to avoid having to do that if possible. Feels too heavy handed.

The enemies in this case are an entire hive of undead giant wasps, so I don't think capture and imprisonment are likely. They exist only to hate and be hated, just like real wasps.

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My character was a mercenary, raised by her company. They disbanded after a large chunk of them died in a betrayal. Now she kinda roams about, doing this and that. Visiting surviving vets.

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Consider a Tattooed Sorcerer, they get something you could fluff in a similar way while still just being a (mostly) normal familiar. Not a janky Figment Familiar, at least.

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The first time. I'm just having trouble coming up with a good way to get them out of the grave theyseem determined to dig for themselves. I don't want to do something that wouldn't make sense in the context of the campaign, but I even more don't want to end the game on a TPK especially one like this where it's not even against the BBEG or something.

What if I just played it out to the logical conclusion and then rewinded back to before the party made their suicidal choice?

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Hey new spheres of might class out for playtest


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>tfw these doublechucklefucks make a beeline RIGHT towards the boss fight of the first part of RoW immediately after the first encounter in the cabin.

>> No.55031817

Anything to make SoM salvageable, yet?

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Actually working within the damage calculation of pathfinder, mostly.

>> No.55031932

While still somehow being more complex and less intuitive and fun to play than Path of War.

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>Pick sphere
>Pick talent

Super complicated.

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Yo all, Legendary Gunslinger playtest is going on for another week, so if you've got any suggestions before I close things up, I'm up to hear them. Also on a new kickstarter for basically sigil in pathfinder, which is worth checking out.

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Now try picking talents that actually synegize in such away that your better than a CRB fighter without going full autism.

The classes are ass. The talents and spheres are often underwhelming. Focus doesn't feel good to use, and the system overall just seems to encourage you to pick a bunch of passive bullshit.

It just feels really janky compared to initation or fucking Spheres of Power. I honestly don't know how they fucked the pooch so hard with this subsystem.

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Every time I looked at it, it looked more like a bunch of feat fixes rather than an actual "fix for martial combat". Plus, any and all actually WORTHWHILE, INTERESTING ABILITIES were locked behind the legendary banner, and were then fucked up because "wow why can a martial just, y'know, DO THIS?"

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you gonna do some kinda kinetic gunslinger? figured thatd be like day one shit

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This too.

Also, Scholar might also be the weakest class I've seen put forth as a PC option.

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In mother Russia, moose and squirrel kill you!

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That's on the docket at some point in the future, as I'm sure I could do a better job than I did in Gunslingers of Porphyra.

Right now, I'm trying to learn starfinder for some projects I might end up doing for that.

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Jolly, jolly, when the fuck are we getting a book from you about Occultists?!

>> No.55032200

Jolly, jolly, I hope you had a great time at GenCon.

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A gunslinger that gets infusions and does elemental damage with their gun doesn't sound all that bad actually.

Legendary Mediums WHEN?

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>tfw realizing that I'm slowly shifting from true neutral to neutral good.

fuck I need to go back to being neutral what do I do.

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You need to bend over and let me sample that Neutral booty, Anon

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Probably not, the class isn't as interesting to me as the others. It was actually being tossed around the devcord that there needed to be a legendary medium, with suggestions of someone bringing back the 64 spirits.

I had an amazing time, gonna link the blog post where I talk about it more:


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Cast protection from good a few times.

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>bringing back the 64 spirits
Pathfinder communities around the web have been clamoring for the Harrow Medium since it was cut. While that'd be a shit-ton of work, it seems like an awesome way to ingratiate the product to all those communities.

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I wish I liked the class more, but the only occult classes I like are kineticist and mesmerist, and mesmerist is decently well supported. Depending on what's done with the shifter, I might be interested in supporting that, but legendary's putting out a shapeshifting class that's already got my attention.

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Why don't you like the Occultist or Spiritualist?

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Occultist is a bit too fiddly for me, and its flavor doesn't really sync for me.

Spiritualist is Summoner 3.0, which felt like retreaded territory. While I like the flavor, the class itself feels samey to me, which really kills my interest.

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Funnily enough...

I've been working on it [the Harrow Medium] on and off for the past year. The problem is that it's an absolute bitch to fill out 64 spirits and make them all be "fun" and retain the original harrow medium.

As a compromise, what does /pfg/ think of having a Harrow Medium that had their spirits divvied up by the mythic paths (i.e 6 or 7 "minor spirits" per each path) that are a good bit more focused, but limited in how many you know. You can always channel the Major spirits (i.e the champion, archmage, trickster) but you can only channel a few minor ones.

I've also toyed with tossing flexible feats at it, sorta like Martial Flexibility but you set them at the start of the day from a list determined by your spirits you choose to channel. Sorta eases some of the Medium's issues with being inflexible but I can't make them work how I want them to work without the Medium just eclipsing most other classes.

I can totally share my other thoughts on remaking the Harrow Medium, if anyone is interested.

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Shoot, I'd be interested to hear them.

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You have a santorum fetish?

>> No.55032533

Only if there's love~

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>mesmerist is decently well supported
Funny, I feel like it's one of the classes Paizo actively ignores and tries to forget about, right next to Slayer and Brawler. Granted, I also consider Mesmerist to be a failure of a class, since it should have been a highly specialized fullcaster instead of... Whatever the unfocused mess it is now.

>Jolly doesn't like Occultist because it's too fiddly
>Jolly, the kineticist man who's written extensive guides on overcomplicated bullshit, thinks a class is too fiddly
The flavor I could get, as I'm not too into psychic casting in general and would vastly prefer an arcane version of it that works with Panoplies, so I can replace Magus for good, but somehow the "too fiddly" thing doesn't compute with me.

>> No.55032626

>it should have been a highly specialized fullcaster instead of... Whatever the unfocused mess it is now.
I think that would have put it too close to the beguiler for Paizo's liking.

>> No.55032630

shit man, why you so supportive. i heard you were helping someone out with kineticist homebrew too a while back.

>> No.55032673

Well fuck them, it should have been the beguiler, the mesmerist just feels like a blander, less exciting bard. They managed to take an already kind of dull class and make it even more boring. How do you even do that?

>> No.55032718

Have you snuggled your support caster lately, /pfg/? They just want you to do your best!

>> No.55032731

If you want a beguiler just use ertw's beguiler, Paizo tried to make something their own. You might find it dull, but there are plenty here that seem to enjoy it.

>> No.55032751

Mesmerist is the kind of class I'd certainly be willing to fiddle with at some point in the future, it's one of those underspoken projects I never get around to.

I just can't get into the occultist, I wish I knew why. It's...it's just not my scene. Maybe that's just me.

Everyone's gotta get started somewhere, and you help create some talented people by nurturing that desire to learn and get better.

I really like the concept of it, and I think with a little rearranging of some puzzle pieces, it could be a lot better.

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Ugh, forgot my trip.

Either way, I may have some more interesting projects to work on soon that'll be on kickstarter.

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We really do.

>> No.55032881

No ;_;

I'm the support caster, and no one has snuggled me yet.

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jolly jolly jolly get your adverbs here

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Which game? I'll harass the others until they snuggle you.

>> No.55032947

so what. there's like six encounters between the cabin and the final fight. they'll turn back eventually.

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I have no strong opinions on the matter whatsoever.

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My first is a Half-Elf member of an Elvish noble house, so he doesn't always feel very comfortable at-court. He personally feels like the best place for his services are acting as a a roving agent for his family and the forces of good.

The other is the half-breed offspring of an Orc slave, and her Hobgoblin captor. He never felt love for the society he grew up in, and took the first opportunity to make himself useful to the party when he realized that they were going to kill the rest of the raiding squad to which he belonged.

>> No.55033013

What about other kinds of support? Do we still count?

>> No.55033040

I'll snuggle you. What's your Discord?

>> No.55033041

Only if you want them to do their best!

>> No.55033096

That's sonya from d3/heroes of the storm. Not "savage girl". http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/heroes/sonya/

>> No.55033098

Always! Their performance is my utmost concern!

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Oh boy, this is gonna be a LONG series of posts.

The Medium, over all, is a really competent class. It rests squarely inside of Tier 3 by merit of the Archmage, Hierophant, Trickster, and Champion being actually GOOD. Archmage and Hierophant by making the Medium into essentially mini-wizards or mini-clerics, giving them free reign over the first 6 spell levels that Clerics and Wizards get. Trickster makes you a skill monkey-lite and Champion turns you into a competent beatstick that can pretty easily stand beside a Vigilante or Paladin or Ranger, in terms of doing straight damage.

The problem is that it's mired down by the fact that Influence is a trash mechanic, and if you strip out the mostly-fluff class features that the Medium gets some pretty glaring dead levels at 3rd, 5th, 7th, arguably 9th level, then 13th, and 14th levels. At those levels, you get monk-tier class abilities that really are only there for fluff reasons. At levels 3, 5, 7, 9, and 13 (FIVE levels in total), an Investigator and Occultist get talents/focus powers that directly expand and advance what they can do. A Medium gets nothing apart from an ability that may or may not work properly, or which might never see use.

Sure, spirits make up for this (and they ARE a strong class feature), but it's also a matter of ergonomics. A level up should feel like a vertical shift in power, rather than a plateau. Core Monk and core Fighter were unsatisfying in that regard primarily because all they got were either: underwhelming class features, another +1, or a bonus feat. Combating this, talent-based classes (like Vigilante, Alchemist, and Occultist) offer talents from a list in order to broaden customization of their basic class features, in a slightly more modular manner than most archetypes.


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He's the son of an old and noble family whose roots go back to the founding of the city-before the current crisis, he set a few heads shaking in disapproval for his drinking, gambling, and similarly delinquent activities, but he was always a friendly fellow, if prone to the company of rascals. If nothing else, he was popular at the public houses. Of course, recent developments have rendered a large portion of the community insane, and a lot of them (as well as some arguably sane cultists) are currently trying to murder him and his companions.

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Hello there, FennecAnon. I hope this evening finds you well.

>> No.55033283



There, we have the first problem. The Medium has bad ergonomics in terms of leveling up and customization. It's got a janky power scaling that starts relatively linear, but after level 10 it suddenly starts to skyrocket in terms of power (as the archmage and hierophant's powers start to come online and you get access to wider and wider lists of spells). As well, the medium is deceptively INFLEXIBLE in terms of just how much you can customize from the class. There is no talent-progression, there is no real customization, apart from what spirit you pick for the day and whatever choices that spirit has for its abilities (EWP from champion, spells from Archmage/Hierophant, skills from Trickster, etc.) The most optimal build is going to be a Dex/Cha race using a rapier or a halfling channeling the champion and using a longbow, without much deviation in that regard.

This is /really boring/. Most mediums will look identical to each other under the hood. There's the Caster Medium, the Bow Medium, the Dex Medium, and the Strength Medium, and those are really the only four builds that are good for it.

There's also the second problem: Most mechanics being trash, despite being flavorful. You can lose control of your PC just by not following your spirit's taboo, which can be as inane as a Paladin code of conduct or falling below 50% HP. Some of your most powerful abilities even rely on you accepting influence in order to use them. It might be flavorful, but it isn't fun.

Spirit Surge is a fun mechanic that is stifled by the fact that you just don''t get as many uses out of it as an Investigator does Inspiration, its most comparable feature on another class. As well, using it actively punishes you unless you're extremely frugal with it, only using it a few times a day, for fear of becoming an NPC. Most insultingly enough, you also have to SACRIFICE your highest level spirit powers or take on arbitrary restrictions in order to get more uses out of it!


>> No.55033331


What're your thoughts on Legendary Influence?

I found that it's what made my Medium finally playable.

>> No.55033338

Time to turn the tables: What are YOU going to do this weekend, FennecAnon?

>> No.55033340


It does, thank you. How is yours?

>> No.55033373

I'm in pretty good spirits, I've got an exciting weekend coming up!

>> No.55033426

Then they should snuggle you! Make sure you're available to be snuggled, and hope for the best!

>> No.55033447


Endeavor to find a way to free the city from whatever extradimensional realm it's been forcibly shunted into. Ideally before whatever entity lives there realizes we're there, but things have gone rather poorly of late, despite our successes, and the worst-case scenario seems more likely.

Also, taking a friend to see Terminator 2-they've never actually seen the movie, and a local theater is playing it on the big screen.

>> No.55033449

What the fuck is "Knowledge (all skills taken individually)" supposed to mean?

>> No.55033466

Oh, exciting. That's a classic movie right there.

>> No.55033478


That's always good to hear. Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

>> No.55033512

I'll try! It's a little tough when you're a ghost.

>> No.55033514


Indeed. What about you? Any plans you're eagerly awaiting come the weekend?

>> No.55033523

Friday's my birthday so I'll be celebrating with friends and family, then Saturday is back into RotJR after a week's hiatus.

>> No.55033536


Anyways, moving on from that, what do we do with the Harrow Medium? We want to avoid the bad class ergonomics of the original medium, and we also want it to be fun without overshadowing any other particular role in the party?

My thoughts on it are as such:

Retain the major, "legendary" spirits like the champion, archmage, hierophant, etc. Optionally, add in the Overmind if you're a fan of psionics, but it's not required. Keep them mostly the same but standardize their power schedule so that it's a power every X levels, and you aren't kept waiting for 5 or so levels.

Completely rejig the power of some of the major spirits. Guardian is almost entirely useless, while Marshal lags behind the Champion and Trickster in terms of usefulness.

Retain Spirit Surge, but tie it into a small, grit-like pool that fluctuates throughout the day, representing the waxing and waning of influence with spirits. Have it scale slightly faster (d6 to d8 to d10 to d12 would be decent).

Tone down the effect that influence and taboos have. You should never be punished by being made into an NPC by your own mechanics

Add in Binder-like "minor spirits" of which you only know of a few. Associate each one with a major spirit. Give them minor, fun, powers that allow you to "trick out" your major spirit how you like it, tuning it to what you want it to do. Add in at least a SMALL factor of customization. Then add in some way of getting flexible feats that means you aren't perpetually locked into one build.

I'm unfamiliar with Legendary Influence, actually, as there's unfortunately VERY few 3pp Medium books out there (Empath Medium and a few archetypes from Legendary Games' Occult Archetypes... that's it). Mind explaining what it is and giving a source for it?

Anyways, i should go to sleep, I've been rambling long enough.

>> No.55033554

To this day, my favourite PC is the empty nester paladin of Erastil who goes around offering his wisdom and wedding young couples so they can know Erastil's gifts.

Course, that campaign fell apart the day before the first session, so meh.

>> No.55033555

It means that for the class, all Knowledge skills are class skills, but they must be taken individually. It came about from confusion back in the 3.5 era when some classes had "Knowledge (All)" listed as a skill, and some fuckers thought that meant that they could invest a single point into "All" knowledge to do everything. From then on, it's been referred to as "Knowledge (All; each taken individually)".

>> No.55033604

>From then on, it's been referred to as "Knowledge (All; each taken individually)".

>> No.55033609

>Mind explaining what it is and giving a source for it?

It's not 3pp, it's a feat from Ultimate Intrigue.


>> No.55033626

What're some good resources for coming up with a PC from Cheliax?

>> No.55033673


Very exciting! It's a bit early, but happy birthday all the same, anon. And good luck with the session-any developments you're particularly looking forward to on either account?

>> No.55033676



>> No.55033708


The "Cheliax, Empire of Devils" player companion, for starters.

>> No.55033710

Thank you kindly. We're on the verge of discovering the secret that drives the entire adventure path, and I'm also just excited to play since I was late to the game two weeks ago and haven't had much play time for nearly three weeks.

>> No.55033760

I'm visiting my dad for the first time in awhile. I didn't really have the opportunity for years now, but I'm finally in a phase of my life where I can do stuff like that, so I am. We're going to hang out for almost a week, it'll be great. Just like old times.

>> No.55033838


Since you indirectly asked...

The Stjarnagardr group is going to finally get around to tracking down that group of bandits who've been attacking wagons on the roads.

Hopefully things go well for them, and they overcome the challenges I have planned for their journey there, and the bandit keep itself.

I'm actually excited to see what kind of plans they come up with on how to handle an old, mildly defensible military outpost filled with ne'er-do-wells.

>> No.55033932


I hope the two of you enjoy yourselves, anon. Always good to make time for family.

>> No.55033980


Bandit strongholds are always fun to storm-whatever they do, it's bound to be exciting. Here's hoping for the best.

>> No.55034134

Wizards in pathfinder have Knowledge (all) on their class skills, so that convention definitely postdates the 3.5 era.

>> No.55034197

To a much, much lesser extent. Grim Grimoire for ps2. They have a devil who teaches sorcery, but part of his contract is that he's not allowed to tempt his students (though temptation exists by him merely being present). The game follows a groundhog day like time-loop where the protagonist lillet blan is the only one capable of remembering events (and the magic she's learned).

Over the course of it, Advocat also known as Mephistopheles, one of the archdukes of hell causes an angel to sin in exchange for a fiendish contract, subtly drops hints about how to dick over one of his rivals and even reveals the details of his contract in one time loop. He's basically there as a sort of investment banker, 'prospecting'. He's teaching students sorcery free of charge, in exchange for being able to potentially tempt the headmaster into forming an *actual* contract with him, because why wouldn't he want a powerful soul

Devils are part lawyer, part banker, and *usually* typically looking for a way to dick you over, though some do take a more ambivalent stance and perform morally neutral deeds so that they might entice more people who actually *want* power into selling their souls to them.

>> No.55034227

The real devil is one that makes you damn yourself.

>> No.55034285

"Immortal" Banker/Lawyers who are looking to put themselves on top and have unfathomable amounts of time, and minions. Sure they'll "loan" you out a teacher for an esoteric sword style or magical ability, but there are contractual obligations to it.

>> No.55034600

Looking for two more players to run the Ironfang Invasion AP. Requirements:

Must have a slot after 4PM EST Mon-Thurs free (Tues. ideal)

No scifi/tech races/classes/items.

PoW is greenlit, everything else 3pp needs to be run by me first.

"Feat taxes" are avoided through this homebrew: http://michaeliantorno.com/feat-taxes-in-pathfinder/

DM reserves the right to rule out a character for other tone or game-breaking reasons.
20-point point-buy, normal HP and wealth, start at level 1, Background Skills optional system in use. Any alignment allowed, but don't let this freedom go to your head.

Will not use Hero Points, two traits or three traits and a drawback allowed.

Will be using Militia system from Lands of Conflict.

Will be played on Roll20 with text, Discord for OOC chatter and militia management.

Severus Quintus#4449 on Discord, PM me if interested.

>> No.55034725

How do I be a good lad in Pathfinder?

>> No.55034754

Paladin. Or a kindly bard. Probably in a committed relationship.

>> No.55034902

It amazes me to some extent how much thrune is structured like imperial/dynastic china, with "official" histories, exile/execution/enslavement being punishment. Consorting with devils as a means of accessing power is sort of similar to becoming a eunuch.

Even the people are described as "ambitious", the farmer wants to have more land and money, the artisan wants to have their business be exalted over their peers, the merchant wants to be richer, the noble wants to have more power. The noble wants to have more political power. Everyone is constantly striving to uplift or better themselves, even if its simply through the act of having their children sent to the Asmodean clergy so that they might learn how to read (partially to better understand his glories).

Much like imperial china, the legal landscape is an absolute quagmire of redundant laws so broad that *everyone* has committed some infraction or another, and only the Mandarins (and sometimes military officials) truly understand them (even though they were usually the architects of the redundancies so as to be able to try and manipulate things to their own ends). It is a country littered with civil servants who strive to be busybodies and ingratiate themselves everywhere (so as to better wield the mechanisms of power)... and with that comes a ton of backstabbing and a constant inquisition against the populace itself.

Hell even the most common form of punishment is a public beating (either whip/scourge or strokes of the rod - light or heavy)

The armchair historian in me finds this fascinating.

>> No.55034948

Interesting. I'd never thought of it like that, but it gives me a lot more interest in both Cheliax and Chinese history, now. Weeb that I am, I'd pretty much only known about Japan in terms of the far east.

>> No.55035008

If you want to enjoy some fantasy novels written based on actual history. Guy Gavriel Kay's "Under Heaven" and "River of Stars" are both *amazing*. One follows the collapse of tang dynasty china, and the other the start of a new dynasty and the meteoric rise of Yue Fei (who while other people could be called nationalists, Yue Fei was a *patriot* - he saw the greatness of what china could be, under a competent emperor and he was prepared to go out and make it so, for the country and the people).

Cheliax* not thrune.

>> No.55035034

He belonged to the resistance he was an outsider but the rebel leader was like a mother to him. He was treated with disdain at best because he was a Dhampir

>> No.55035040

Yue Fei almost crushed the mongols 16 years before Ghengis Khan was a thing, and if he had the world would be a very, very different place.

>> No.55035272

>military fetishism
Check. Those with the right views and capabilities are promoted quite quickly, also the bureaucrats have wormed their way into the system and while competent generals and soldiers can be a thing they may often be overlooked for promotion in favor of those who play politicks. Mercantile motivations often guide the army.

Check. Cheliax, much like Dynastic china *hates* barbarians and outsiders. If they're not officially sanctioned lynch mobs will form, quickly. and Nationals who travel are often rather screwed.

So yeah, much like dynastic china, they'll fight you until they're bored, then sell shit to you, and if you get a bit too uppity at the borders its back to fighting again... but it's a real guess as to whether or not you'll be up against a competent military, or one burdened by sycophants.

Gunna skip over a lot of geography, because that's hard to relate beyond saying "yep they did certainly trade by sea" (and pick up some korean influences there).

>> No.55035364

If a character has levels in both Bloodrager and Pit Fighter, and activates rage trough the Pit Fighter's Roar of the Crowd ability, will they also gain any benefits from blood rage? (Specifically, bloodline powers?)

>> No.55035383


>> No.55035507

The wording is pretty fucky, but bloodrage counts as rage so yes. If you didn't have levels in barb/skald/bloodrager it would only give you the basic version?

>> No.55035508

A "Wight Supremicist" rally has begun in the Macguffin capital. What does your party do?

>> No.55035527


Can wights infinitely spawn more wights in Pathfinder? I forget.

>> No.55035528

flood their communities with cheap opioids

>> No.55035530

Deploys the city guard and call up the militia to protect the Wights from Pharasmin extremists. We don't tolerate Pharasmin bigotry within our borders

>> No.55035535

Tell my GM to keep politics away from the game table.

>> No.55035709


>> No.55035857

I just wanna remind you that i really fucking hate you all

>> No.55035939

I love you too buddy.

>> No.55036121

Am about to join a Gestalt PF game. Was considering goin Zen Archer monk on one side, Eldritch Archer with Kensai Cestus on the other. How viable is it?

I was looking at Soulbolt and the bladeskill to emulate a ranged weapon, would it work with Zen Archer or not really?

I definitely want to be an Archer of sort. The scores I rolled are 16,15,14,14,13,12.

>> No.55036359

did someone post the preview for the new Akashic class yet? I am pretty happy with it so far. There are a buttfuckton of new veils, and I think at least 5 give flight.

>> No.55036376

Eh, it's viable.

>> No.55036541

That bladeskill is trash. Requires ammo and everything.

You know who else likes wisdom? Soul Archer PRC for soulbolts upgrades the soulbolts into a wis-powered composite longbow equivalent. Still only needs one free hand (But can take advantage of more if you have them).

>> No.55036634

But can you do Zen archers flurry with them?

>> No.55036715

Identical in all ways to shooting arrows from a composite longbow except that you get wis to damage instead of strength.

Zen archer 3 gets to use wis to attack as well.

>> No.55037081

Damn that's some good synergy.

>> No.55037087

Noob question: if a Sorcerer takes the Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) feat and chooses the bond item, does he suddenly have to roll the concentration check in order to cast any spell when he doesn't have the bond item?

>> No.55037428

Yes, but there is absolutely no impetus to take a bond item over a familiar for a sorcerer.

>> No.55037460

If anybody else having trouble getting to the SRD?

>> No.55037462

What's a good familiar for a blaster oriented sorcerer?

>> No.55037470

Any +4 initiative familiar. The more first you go, the more bunched up the enemies should be.

>> No.55037477


>> No.55037490

Any familiar that grants the +4 to initiative. Compsognathus if you can swing it.

>> No.55037495

Oh fuck the PFSRD is down.

>> No.55037581

try Archives of nethys

>> No.55037594

or the PRD if you really feel like slumming it

>> No.55037709

I gotta roll up an evil aligned alchimist in less than two hours, do i specialize in bombs or poisons? Never played one by the way

>> No.55037799


>> No.55037829

Eldritch poisoner with a Wasp's kiss.

>> No.55037881

I don't know what that is, is it an archetype?
Large bombs, lenghty bombs, debuffing bombs or bombshells?

>> No.55037903

More choices are better. Know your campaign and pick energy types that enemies are weak to or don't resist and force bombs to ensure that you can tell ghosts and otherwise immune enemies to fuck off. Also the bigger the boom the better the bomb. Otherwise simply go vivisectionist and stab a motherfucker.

>> No.55037908

Poison gas bombs, madness bombs, and force bombs, duh.

>> No.55037929

I don't play 1pp clases anymore if I can help it, Nethys is pretty much useless to me.

>> No.55037942

Yes. Eldritch Poisoner is an archetype that let you create as a standard action a special poison called Arcanotoxin, that you can improve every odd level (different ability damage, more consecutive saves...),it has a scaling DC and you can apply . it's in Player Companion: Black Markets.

>> No.55038146

Thanks guys, i'll make George Metesky proud
DM doesn't know it, so it's not permitted. Thanks anyway, it seemed interesting

>> No.55038484


So the way I see it, this guy is primarily a Brb god. So what's the reasoning behind making the Evangelist tier 2 and 3 boons being mount- and cavalier-centered?

>> No.55038511

Gorum loves all forms of warfare anon, just make your dude someone who worships his aspect that represents fast attack and cavalry.

>> No.55038735

I know that and I know that I'm whining

I just think it's weird since as far as I can tell, none of the items, spells, creatures, feats or traits that are associated with him are related to mounts

>> No.55038789

>a group of paladins walks to a local crime lords base
>knock knock
>who's there ?
>"Just" who ?
>"JUST-US !"

>> No.55038852

How can gnomes live inside mushrooms?
Because they have mush room!

>> No.55039964

So become the Death Dealer

>> No.55040484

I'm making a Pit Fighter build which already seems to require quite a lot of investment, so I don't feel like spending traits/feats/rage powers/class levels on making a mount which doesn't die too easily. I guess I could use throwaway horses though.

Anyway, a broadly aimed question: if you take 2 or more levels in Evangelist and then take an actual level in your Aligned class, how do saves and BAB progression work?

What I suspect is that you take the saves & BAB from the next actual class level, so e.g with a case of Fighter 5/Evangelist 2 → Fighter 6/Evangelist 2 your effective Fighter level is 7, but your BAB is +6/+1 instead of +7/+1). (I assume that for class features you just build on you effective class level, so the Fighter gets their second Armor Training.)

>> No.55040579

Every day I yearn for the sweet release from this mortal coil.

>> No.55040638

Then fucking off yourself already you whiny cunt or complain to the suicide hotline. This ain't the fucking thread for existential dread and the eventual fall of all that is humanity that leads to the feeling of everything being futile and meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.55040650

Me too, this kind of existence. It is not a good way for men to live.

I wish I was a wizard blowing up goblins instead

>> No.55040851

Is being a Desna-worshipper, taking the starknife proficiency trait and the DFT feat, and maxing Cha the best way to play a Mesmerist period?

>maximize your DCs for every ability
>more spells, better face skills, better Will saves
>less taxed than the Dex build (1 feat vs 3)
>3x multiplier for CDG after a hold person

>> No.55040879

>Pathfinder thread without anime artwork OP


>> No.55041007

It's a pretty compelling build, but there are plenty of interesting builds for Mesmerist.

>> No.55041181

If you want to be a punch mesmerist, sure, but there's plenty builds that sideline physical combat and allow you to simply focus on your spells and mindrape powers.

>> No.55041520

Any particularly good archetypes to stack on that or just vanilla mesmer?

>> No.55041659

Anybody have the list of currently recruiting games?

>> No.55041688

There's only like, two of them.

>> No.55041808


>> No.55041845

Ruins of Azlant campaign when?

>> No.55041870

Isn't there another one? Something about gods or some shit?

>> No.55041882

My god, it's full of bamboozles!

>> No.55041895

You drooling fucking mongoloid.
I didn't know you could learn to write without learning to read.

>> No.55041900

Any leak for new book yet?

>> No.55041905


>> No.55041914

What deific obedience is best for saving throws?

>> No.55041915

What should be the punishment for grave robbing?

>> No.55041928

No, not godslayers, another one. Starstone academy or some shit.

>> No.55041943

Any chance you could be a little clear about what you're looking for?

>> No.55041983

I'd like to have a character related to the notMedici bank. What kind of worker or member of such organization would be likely to join a party of adventurers and why?

>> No.55041990

Buried alive

>> No.55042009

Elemental Master's Handbook

>> No.55042010


Also, Godslayers was cancelled you dumb motherfucker.

>> No.55042028

Godslayers has been canceled by the maker due to health issues.

>> No.55042035

That was leaked last week I think. Let me see if I can pull up a link for you.

>> No.55042052

>What kind of worker or member of such organization would be likely to join a party of adventurers and why?

Prophet of Kalistrade, Associate of Abadar, Taldan petty noble working with Bronze Dragons, Aspis Consortium Agent.

Each and every one of these can be whatever class you care about, and their reasons for adventure is to simply make mad bank; Prophets are all about raw profit as a means of worship, Abadarites want money because of the same reason only less "profit for profit's sake" and more "I want to use that money for building up the community." Taldans go without saying, money = prestige, and in Taldor prestige is everything, especially for an ambitious noble.

Aspis Consortium is special; they're filthy megacorporate businessmen with their fingers in many, many pies, and their reasons for adventuring would thus be anything from currying favor with local lords, pilfering tombs of valuable treasure, or even just a milk run to "build up" a potential asset.

>> No.55042074


>> No.55042116

thanks friend

>> No.55042658

You should probably host some sort of app circus if you want to get the thread's attention.

>> No.55042913

health or that decision he'd made to write a mythic PoW and run a 20/20 gestalt mythic 10 game?

>> No.55042945

Tomato, tomato.

>> No.55043053

I hate how "health issues" have become such a simple scapgoat for bamboozlers to get out of games without having to deal with people being angry at them.

>> No.55043273

Next week I'll be starting in a new campaign (5th level start) and the DM allows PoW. This will be my first foray into actually playing initiators. I've opted to build a dervish defender warder, but I'm lost in the sea of options for disciplines and maneuvers. Should I focus purely on maneuvers from one or two disciplines, or cast a wider net? Which disciplines give the best synergies to the dervish defender's style? Should I pick up a martial tradition? I'm kind of lost in the woods here, /pfg/, and would greatly appreciate some guidance.

>> No.55043336

Focus only on one or two main disciplines--as you're probably going to be TWFing using your archetype, go for Thrashing Dragon first and foremost.

You can dip from one or two more besides your main disciplines, but don't go too far in on those.

>> No.55043505

Thrashing Dragon + one other Su discipline should be your main focus (Riven Hourglass is always a fun one). Make sure you know and ready plenty of counters to trigger your AoOs.

>> No.55043627

Miao has also temporarily dropped from NotR for the next two months.

>> No.55043827

Did they ever errata PoW, or is it still a pipe dream?

>> No.55044091

I had to pull out of both the roll20 games I was as well as my tabletop game. I might have to put the two quests I run on hold as well I'll have to see how sunday goes, but a quest doesn't require sitting in one place for more than an hour at a time.

I'll probably spend most of my time working on the Mythic Initiation rules.

>> No.55044117

Health. 15% lung collapse doesn't sound like much but it hurts and I have to be careful not to make it worse, because I don't want another damned stent.

>> No.55044165

Came out weeks ago.

>> No.55044214

Best of luck, Miao! If you actually are super-sick, hopefully you end up feeling better!

>> No.55044271

Thank you. It's more of an injury than sick. The sick part isn't going away but that's what drugs are for.

>> No.55044383


>> No.55044505

I hope you feel better soon!

>> No.55044512

Thanks guys.

>> No.55044567 [DELETED] 

Once you choose hope anything will be possible.
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He is always ready to help for free.

>> No.55044932

Neat. Calling now.

>> No.55045093

So I've been gone for a tiny bit, what are the most recent releases?

>> No.55045166


Ruins of Azlant 1: The Lost Outpost, I believe.

>> No.55045325


>> No.55045339

Murder orphans.
You are killing children which is evil, but reuniting them with their families which is good. It's slightly more evil than good so use your own discretion.

>> No.55045374

>l, but reuniting them with their families which is good
The afterlife doesn't work like this in Pathfinder.

Also what if they're family isn't dead?

>> No.55045398

I want him and Lyra to be the token half-elves in the Colony, and everyone expects them to stick together!

>> No.55045420


Isn't he gay, though?

>> No.55045441

In that case, the parents have abandoned the child (since they're an orphan after all), which means that you can get extra Good points for killing the parents and then reuniting the child with them.
Everyone's happier in the end, right?

>> No.55045506

That's the joke, its irony.

>> No.55045615



>> No.55045840

That isn't irony. Irony is when a firetruck catches fire or Jeremy Clarkson to fire an assistant for punching him in the face.

>> No.55046333

The last PC I helped someone make for my game is a Gold Dwarf, Ordained Defender (Warder) / Forgemaster (Cleric) of Dumathoin.

He is from the Ironfoot Clan of the Smoking Mountains of Faerun.

When he's not doing mercernary work, he does clergy work in the local Dwarven enclave in one of the Chessentan city-states. When he is doing mercenary work, he looks for new veins of ore to mine and new overland routes for dwarven travel to avoid the stranger places of the Underdark. In this way, new underground areas can be settled and used to surround hostile territory.

If I had better information, I would base Gold Dwarven culture on the Byzantine Empire at its height.

>> No.55046357

Or when everyone expects a woman to seduce a gay man?

>> No.55046578

No, that is not irony. Irony would be if she DID seduce him against the expectations. Just expecting it to happen is not irony.

>> No.55046618

How often do you really think about heroic archetypes, the types and natures of their conflicts, and how the motivations, abilities, and personality of the character all contribute to the narrative of your campaign and it's narrative?

>> No.55046636

How'd it go, anon?

>> No.55046638

What's a MWK tool for Perform (Sing)?

>> No.55046650

There isn't one.

>> No.55046664

AA2 says MWK tools exist for every skill and says this for Perform:
>Perform: Varies by performance: an actor would benefit from well-made props and costumes; a dancer might use specially tailored shoes and outfits.
In other words, people are supposed to come up with one for Perform (Sing).
What would be a decent idea for such an item?

>> No.55046670


>> No.55046690

That surely costs more than 50gp, though.

>> No.55046716


>> No.55046865

A singing guide of sorts? The example for the Sense Motive mwk tool is a guide to reading body language iirc.

>> No.55046952

That's why you have to use those Bard class features to earn capital during Downtime:


>> No.55047002

Yeah it's been pointed out to me that this exists:

>> No.55047119

The importance of warming up and how to keep pitch. A small reference guide.

>> No.55047183

A small vial of seemingly endless throat lozenges, for soothing one's throat while singing?

>> No.55047202

A microphone?

>> No.55047232

While I can't imagine that a microphone would go past a level 0-1 spell, that still would probably make it go past 50 GP in cost

>> No.55047586

So from that advice I got a bit earlier regarding my Zen Archer Monk:

Would it be better to have it go with Soulbolt with Soul Archer, or should I go with Eldritch Archer Magus for spells and such

>> No.55047704

What's this for?

>> No.55047717

Gestalt game. Starting level 6. One bonus feat on start or 3 traits

>> No.55047734

And is full DSP material available, or just Psionics? What about other 3pp devs?

>> No.55047826

"Anything on the Archives of Nethys.
Path of War, Psionic, and Akashic magic as on the d20pfsrd. If it’s off the SRD but from Dreamscarred Press, I’ll see if I have it, or you can send me the PDF/Scan.
Spheres of Power is permitted. Advanced Talents, unless they emulate a spell (Such as Raise Dead, Animate Dead, or Fabricate), should be taken as feats. I might grant advanced talents as quest rewards.
Artisans are prominent in the city, so that class is permitted. "

>> No.55047907

Mind you the Magus idea made it have Kendal for Caestus so I still can wield bow and enjoy Int to AC, but also later be best at initiative

>> No.55047946

Aight, so I'm assuming you're pretty set on Zen Archer? If so, I generally wouldn't suggest taking Soulbolt, because it'd barely do anything for you besides some +1s to attack and damage and Zen Archer by no means needs those to be a beast. Eldritch Archer is going to make you MAD beyond all belief, so I'd never consider that. There's no need to split between int and wis, and the ability to use spell combat and flurry in concert is dubious, so you'd be splitting both pb resources, and action economy.

I'd probably say something like Inquisitor. the extra skill points, taking conversion inquisition to whore out that wisdom even more, still get some +1s to make dpr even better, and spells to help the party, give utility or just to use divine favor/power for even more shit. Consider warpath follower and extra granted maneuver to cycle maneuvers every other turn, letting you use either boosts or counters regularly to aid your flurry. Movement boosts would help you keep up damage when you actually do have to move. If you don't like initiating, Sanctified Slayer or Sacred Huntsmaster are pretty strong archetypes

>> No.55048025

What's the best way to run a zookeeper necromancer? I want as many minions as I can get. Specifically Wights

>> No.55048208

You sure on magus being that bad? My rolled stats were 16,15,14,14,13,12 and we can cut off a -2 to stats from a race, race like Samsaran with their +2 Int, +2 wis and -2 con. but you are right in that spell combat won't work with flurry...

Going to give inquisitor a look. Honestly I have personal problems with divine related classes but will give it a look

>> No.55048231

Be an occultist and you get way more HD worth of undead under your command, though low levels mostly. You also get to have your personal power-twins-villain-bodyguards in your own skeleton or zombie who can at later levels not only instantly heal itself up but also splits in two without adverse effects.

>> No.55048234

What about a OD/Hawkguard Warder?

>> No.55048260

is there anything stopping me from making a Lizardfolk Kinetic Knight, calling him KOMODO DAN, KINETIC LIZARDMAN, and having him be a shining beacon of cold-blooded justice?

>> No.55048268


>> No.55048280

Basic human dignity?

>> No.55048282

Komodo Dan doesn't care about self-respect, some bitches need justice!

>> No.55048345

Swap the 15 and the 16 and be an Elf and you have a pretty good Eldritch Archer array.

>> No.55048350

That'd be really good, but Ordained Defender is a bit of a meme around these parts, so I didn't suggest it.

It's not just the stats, though with those, I'd really not recommend splitting it more. The stats are serviceable, but magus is really going to make wis compete with int, which isn't great. And the action economy is going to be atrocious.

>> No.55048351

You could just take Hunter or some other Wis-based caster instead

>> No.55048401

>personal problems with divine related classes
>but playing a monk
>but considering fucking gestalting magus and core monk
You've got more than personal problems. You've got brain problems.

>> No.55048410

The stats are not in order. I can assign them to anything. But you guys are right here.

>> No.55048420

Zen archer monk. And how is a class about perfection of ones body and senses considered Divine?

>> No.55048446

Hawkguard//Eldritch Archer sounds like it'd be pretty good, too.

>> No.55048499

Have you ever read any fiction or non-fiction depicting monks, eastern or western? They're usually pious dudes, at least the ones who have similarities with the D&D class.

>> No.55048527

> at least the ones who have similarities with the D&D class
You mean the ones in kung-fu movies that are kinda spiritual but not really, most of the time?

>> No.55048574

Look, I'm just saying that there's a pretty decent precedent for them to be associated with the divine. Just ask any normie what comes to mind when they hear the word "Monk". It'll probably be that tv show first, then Christian monks with bowl cuts, then kung-fu dudes kicking ass because some god either empowered them, or angered them.

>> No.55048579

I mean, at least he's not trying to gestalt Magus and Paladin right?

>War flashbacks intensify

>> No.55048611

> then kung-fu dudes kicking ass because some god either empowered them, or angered them.
Most normies either talk about Xaolin dudes or the priestly kind. D&D is the former, but they've never really been religious in and of themselves. They've mostly been "divine" in a one with the universe sense, not a worshiper sense.

>> No.55048727

>hehe, this gestalt will make me all powerful with my smite AND my shocking grasps! I'll be unstoppable!
>is fucking crippled due to needing every stat
>dies like a bitch, while the chadstalt of OD/ZS||Incanter takes your oneitis and bangs her on your corpse

>> No.55048865

How effective is weapon+shield, particularly for swords/axes or spears, vs fighting with two-handed weapons?

>> No.55048892

1PP only only sword and board is absolutely awful. If 3PP is allowed PoW can make it manageable, but still not on the same footing as two-handing.

>> No.55048961

Depends on what you mean by "weapon and shield", you talking the TWF build or the "I have a shield and I use my sword"? Because this happens for a random fighter using a longsword with 18 Str at level 1:
>Fighter uses sword one-handed "with a shield", has +1-+2 more AC than normal, has a +5 attack roll with a 1d8+4 damage
>Fighter uses the longsword 2-handed, uses power attack for a +4 attack roll with a 1d8+9 damage roll (2d6+9 with a greatsword instead)

>> No.55049014


At what point do shields become redundant with the increase in armor? It seems to me that shields are more useful for those that can't wear or afford heavy armor.

Plus question: Are shields feats worth it?

>> No.55049067

Shields are redundant the moment they significantly impact how much damage you can output. If you're an archer or a caster, you can slap a mithral buckler on your arm and it will never touch your attack rolls or casting checks, so it's worth slapping on. If you're a Strength martial, it fucks with your ability to 2-hand (-1 attack roll penalty on bucklers without unhindering shield, which bows conveniently do not need) and "normal" shields outright prevent it.

If you're a Dex martial who can get a 0 ACP shield and have a GM who rules Dex-to-damage as never getting multiplied by 2-handing, and are using deadly agility/the old version(s) of slashing/fencing grace? Fucking go for it my dude, no reason not to have a shield in that case.

>> No.55049078

Are poison kineticists from Kineticists of Poryphyra viable compared to kineticists of other elements, like Viscera and Void?

>> No.55049161

Is there any advantage to go Dex-fighter over Str-fighter?

>> No.55049265

Dex is a much more useful stat. If you can get Dex to attack and damage, Str only affects your carry weight (which most games ignore) and a small handful of mostly useless. On the other hand, a Str-fighter will still need Dex for AC, Reflex saves, and a number of highly important skills.

>> No.55049271

As a LG cavalier what would be the best god to worship for Evangelist? I am mainly focusing on group support/defense. Out of combat utility would be nice if group defense isn't a thing.

>> No.55049344

Note that at higher levels shields do allow you to get a lot more bang for your buck in terms of armor class, because you can spread the boosts to AC among your armor, shield, and accessories (natural armor necklace, ring of deflection) and thus pay less for an equivalent AC boost. AC is still generally speaking not as strong as miss chance from magic, but if you're trying to focus on AC as your primary defense a shield makes it considerably less expensive.

>> No.55049350

man warlord got FUCKED

>> No.55049359

>Pros: AC, Initiative, less MAD (Str fighter still needs dex), more [useful] skills, don't need to pay a "fortune" (for earlygame) on fullplate
>Cons: Probably sinking at least two feats into actually being able to to use your stat to attack (in melee), MUCH less damage than Str (ignoring Deadly Agility), you're tempted to dump Str and be little fag, Carry capacity is a joke but not being able to bench press your casters sucks, can't be stylin in fullplate

>> No.55049535

If your DM allows broken shit like dex-to-dam, then there's literally no reason to ever go str. For the cost of a few feats you can completely ignore str.

>> No.55049558

Warlord is still good, but the worst is that its recovery was lackluster before, and feels so fucking boring now. Way less bonus to try, still no penalty for fucking up, and the most reliable recovery, Victory, gets no bonus at all. This is on top of the few other features of the warlord getting the nerfbat. I'm not salty that it got nerfed, it was really strong beforehand. My issue is the warlord is now just so fucking boring outside of initiating, which the Warder still gets minus like 1 maneuver known. Why even play Warlord other than for charisma, which Ordained Defender still invalidates at third if you take one of the inquisitions that give wis to cha skills. This class feels so barren of distinct features now.

>> No.55049577

>broken shit like dex-to-dam
>broken shit

There are 1pp feats for it you know. They're taxed to hell and back and are saddled with nonsensical restrictions (like "no shields reee") for no good reason, but they're there.

>> No.55049861

Blingmaker ran yesterday, which means we've got a greentext to share!

Session 16: SurtovaGate Act III

The last session ended with the party standing far off from the crater of a massive explosion, observing what appeared to be a large encampment of Brevic soldiers and Swaglord bandits working together to guard the crater and mine its rich gold deposits. Turned invisible by Antoinette, Viviana snooped in the camp and found an office, then retreated back to the party.

>Viviana delivers her report and wants to go back and steal some incriminating papers
>Branwen wants to attack the encampment head-on, using the PCs' orders from the Swordlords to slay bandits as an excuse for getting at all that sweet gold
>Franze wants to talk things out with Lieutenant Vors, a member of the crown-loyal Company of the Red Claw and seeming leader the camp
>ultimately the party decides to steal some papers for info before figuring out what to do next
>PCs rest up away from the crater and return before sunrise the next day, sending an invisible Viviana in again
>she manages to sneak into the cabin and steal several documents, even as Vors sits awake in the room, taking them back to the party
>documents reveal the King is working with the Swaglord to harvest Gilding Gold in the Greenbelt and destabilize Brevoy's southern border in preparation for civil war
>if true, this implies the PCs are basically fighting a proxy civil war on Rostland's behalf
>Vors makes it clear in his reports he dislikes working with the bandits, so the party sends in Franze to try to reason with him
>striding up to the gate, she demands to speak with Vors and ends up privately talking in his cabin
>in a brief discussion, Vors implies he won't stop the PCs as long as they don't attack the bandits INSIDE his camp
>Franze returns, the party decides to move along for now, head back to Oleg's and return Svetty's wedding ring

Has your PC been used as a pawn before? Who was the mastermind and what was their agenda?

>> No.55050064


>> No.55050094

No discipline errata ever, anon.

>> No.55050106


>> No.55050145

>Them antlers

>> No.55050159

Where was Kyras and Andrik in all of this?

>> No.55050177

If anything it's more borked because that errata removed weapon/fighting style limitations on disciplines.

>> No.55050185

You know what they say about men wearing antlers...

>> No.55050197

They're very DEER to someone!

>> No.55050205

Wist pls

>> No.55050215

Back at the campsite, preparing to charge if they saw a flare going up.

>> No.55050236

This was discussed last thread: >>55030069

>> No.55050263

Quit fawning over her! That old song and dance is stagnate, I bet you a couple bucks you don't even PM her on Discord!

>> No.55050283

How do people treat Chagelings? Would it make sense for want to act as a teacher or model for a tiefling?

>> No.55050289

Woah, look at this anon throwing his male rabbits around like they grow on trees.

>> No.55050301

You're right...I don't really feel the need to toss them a PM. Have you PM'd her, hotshot?

>> No.55050312

>How do people treat Chagelings?

Changelings typically get a raw deal - not as bad as Tieflings, but they're still coming from (typically) broken homes and seen as the weird goth girl who got huge tits early in Middle School, so everyone wanted to bone her but most interested boys backed out after figuring out she's a complete weirdo.

>> No.55050331

Male Gerbils, sheep and rats are called bucks too, dork.

>> No.55050444

Are their babies called kittens too?

>> No.55050455

Are you me? I have a character with the same backstory and gender! Except the team disbanded after the leader got killed since they couldn't get along without him.

My character's an independent merc and roams the land for work now. How's your party so far?

>> No.55050460

I think wist is a little annoying

>> No.55050478

Wist is a meme

Disparage them

>> No.55050487

Female lobsters are called hens, and male lobsters are called cocks.

>> No.55050511

Pretty much all of the cliques (/pfg/ games, discord cabals, etc.) are annoying because the entire currency of their "hilarious" interactions in the general are obtuse in-jokes.

>> No.55050531

This is all I saw in there about Broken Blade.

>(Page 56: Broken Blade Maneuvers) Remove the following paragraph: “Maneuvers from this discipline require the initiator to be using discipline weapons or be unarmed. Use of discipline-specific weapons with Broken Blade inflict an additional 2 points of damage.”

>Zweihander Expertise (Ex): A zweihander sentinel loses access to the Broken Blade discipline and adds Scarlet Throne to her list of available disciplines. She gains Sense Motive as a class skill. This ability does not cause zweihander sentinel archetype to be incompatible with other archetypes that alter the maneuvers class feature or her available disciplines, so long as she can still give up Broken Blade.

>(Page 145: Dragon Fury Stances) Replace “At 3rd level a dragon fury learns a new martial stance from the Broken Blade, Primal Fury, and Thrashing Dragon Disciplines.” with “At 3rd level and again at 5th level and 9th level, a dragon fury learns a new stance from any of the disciplines available to him as a dragon fury.”

They and the rest of the PCs had stayed back hidden among the trees, ready to come running in at sign of trouble. But either of them really wanted to charge head first into the camp's superior numbers if it wasn't needed. While Franze was gone, they and the other PCs all discussed what makes for an entertaining play and Viviana fervently pretended not to love trashy romance cliches.

Neither one of them really liked the idea of being involved in a proxy war on behalf of Rostland and Issia either. Andrik was willing to be a pawn in their games if it meant a war fought by proxy could spare the commonfolk a real civil war, and Kyras simply chaffed at the idea of being used by poncy nobles and Swordlords while disparaging King Noleski for his backroom dealings with the Swaglord.

>> No.55050532

I wouldn't say all of them. There are a few people in each that are quieter and less cancer.

>> No.55050572

Well that just makes sense.

>> No.55050639

If the joke is one that's impossible to ignore, or has people calling it out, then it's a shitty joke

>> No.55050642

How do I avoid being a Mary Sue?

>> No.55050666

Give yourself flaws that don't just exist to be funny/cute, and actually come up during the course of the story.

>> No.55050689

New thread


>> No.55050696

Fuck off troll.

>> No.55050717

We should use that thread so we don't have three (or four, if you fucks do this again). But that thread is also ass. What a dilemma.

>> No.55050731

Just wait for page 8 and I'll make a proper new thread.

>> No.55051139

Are halberds really halberds or are they closer to polleaxes?

>> No.55051371

They're pretty good. We're an incredibly efficient death engine, but we're also united by loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of freedom, loss of ourselves, it's kind of a neat coincidence. The group is actually quite exceptional, so the idea that one has to be a bit abnormal to reach this level is peppered in now and then. Party dynamics are varied, but we mostly get along despite our differences. Pretty great stuff overall.

>> No.55051392

New thread:

>> No.55051704


Glad you managed to find a good group. My group seems the opposite of yours in regards to party dynamics. As a group we are pretty efficient in combat, outside though, most of the party are either ego maniacs or stupid good with a martyr complex. But somehow our enemies are worse than us so we stick together for most parts. Guess you lucked out in that department.

>> No.55051858

They're just fucking with you. Nobody thinks any of that is funny. How could they?

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