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Tinmen about to get their codex edition
>Death Guard preview

>Konor Campaign: Will Chaos finally get one? Probably not

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine supplement for Daemons, Thousand Sons and Death Guard players
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine and Codex Grey Knights FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing the Emperor's work)

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Leman Russ sucks ass.

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Wish SoS didn't suck so much balls right now

Anyone found a mediocre way to make them work at least?

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Thread reminder to ignore Guardfags

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Understood. Pay more attention to guards

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Magnus did everything wrong

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no i failed 2

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Do any fortifications have rules in 8th? I havent seen any.

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I play guard AMA

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Thread reminder to ignore people telling you to ignore Guardbros

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What about chaos faggers with semi painted armies?

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>inb4 fucking weeaboos

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Who's you're favorite Guard poster, Anon? I think they're all so dreamy~

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Have you tried not being autistic?

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>death guard
the wait is killing me

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aren't autocannons great

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Adversary codex pairings would be cool

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Yes, and theyre bullshit.
Imperium 2 btw

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fucking marxists

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reposting this shit from last night

How the fuck do you people actually start playing this game? A friend told me to look into playing so I've been reading the wiki and looking at models and watching videos and shit for the last 3 months and I still can't pick an army. I've only narrowed it down to like fucking 3.

How did you guys decide on what you wanted to play when you finally did and how long did it take you?

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>being this rump roasted about people's choice of plastic army men
Have you?

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ITT: post a pic of yourself and we try to guess your army

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I like the one with a Valhalla army

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What 3?

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Are they in the rulebook or just in their respective boxes? I think I missed them

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Autocannons are nice and all, but 7pt plasma guns are better when you wanna kill all the things.

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How does this look? I might start using it as a baseline.

Night Lords 1000 (998)pts 4CP
>Outrider Detachment
Sorcerer w/Force Staff, Death Hex and Warp Time
Tzeentch Prince w/Sword and Diabolic Strength

Raptors x10 w/Melta x2, Combi-Melta, MoN and Icon of Despair
Raptors x10 w/Plasma Gun x2, Combi-Plasma
Warp Talons x10

I'm not sure if I want to mark the Talons or the other raptors yet. I don't have a crazy amount of CP to be super flexible like my 2k list.

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I don't know how much clearer he could've made that for you

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I use a mix of plasma/ autocannons/ hot shot las guns and las cannons so i cant complain

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Nurgle Daemons, AdMech, Emperor's Children

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Loyalist Space Marine, where are you?

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Can someone post that comic but with the spurdo faces?

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u wont decide, once you are in this state, you will pick all or be unhappy everytime u play against one army u didnt pick but had on the list.
prepare to get stuff from all three, even if its just your favorite kit or something. I hope alliance rules allow you to use it together

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Its bed time, they can't post right now

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I always liked ants and dinosaurs, so when I first set sight onto tyranids my first thought was: Neat!
Also the friends that got me into playing needed a bad guy

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so much hair on the arm... space wolfs

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No, it's the name of a Twitter account ho posted that. My mate PM'd me thinking it was my account (since I made the picture, well got somebody to do it for me). So I was wondering where he is.

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I like the guardfag with the desert camoguardsmen and plasma russes
because I'm him

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Warp talons just aren't good right now. Raptors are in a weird spot right now because they don't bring as much specialist firepower as terminators do now that combis don't run out of ammunition and don't have a good melee profile. Marks don't matter unless you are buying icons or using god specific powers and stratagems .

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I have some tactical marines. From what I can tell, tactical marines aren't very good.

Is there any reason why I couldn't call them Sternguard or Company veterans? They're power armored marines with boltguns still right?

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Why not take 3 plasmas and an autocannon in your vet squad?

Gives them a nice all round BS+ threat and 5 cheap red shirts to soak wounds

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Does anyone have spoilers from Shroud of Night

>> No.55029728

Sternguard are fancier and have different weapon options

Tacticals aren't terrible, you just have to commit with your heavy weapon choices and use them wisely

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I agree

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You can use them as such but maybe bling them up a bit?

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I was stuck between a ton of different armies when I started, let me think...
>Admech, Tau, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids
Most important factor that played into my decision were the troops and the Hq of the army. IMO, select an army only if even their basic troop model makes you excited to look at and paint and see on the table. Same goes for your HQ.
There is nothing more fulfilling for me to see on the table than about 30 or more Termagaunts being led to battle by my converted Swarmlord.

On the other hand, the way I got into my second army, GK, was rather unexpected. Up until that point, I really disliked marine aesthetics, thought they were too boxy and fat. Read through a GK codex at one point though, and for some reason, everything about the army clicked with me.
Another good tip I can give is one I used to start my GK, namely, I only bought a single model to see if I enjoy painting them and looking at them up close.
Finally, the SC!s are great for their value, but I'd personally recommend buying JUST a box of your favourite troop choice to start out with. No commanders, no fancy big extra models, just (usually?) 10 normal dudes. If you can get through painting that, then you'll enjoy the rest of the army as well.

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Is that an ironic statement ? Looks like a teenager's first growth spurt of arm harm to me

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Blue Guard here.

Fellow Guard players, want to ruin your opponent's day? Get an Aegis Defense Line and Astropath. Put 50 conscripts behind the Aegis and then use the Psychic Barrier power. Finally, use the new strategem from the event to give your conscripts 2+ saves.

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Murder space elves that murder fucked a god into existence. This meant they had to murder fuck more to avoid getting eaten.

How would I have picked anything else?

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It's a tough one anon. My guess is they design things in order to never give an objectively best choice because every army has its downsides and ugly models / design choices. Look at Primaris, Intercessors and characters are awesome, Dreadnought is ok, Inceptors and Aggressors look like shit, Reivers are action-man tier retarded. Of course this is my opinion but I found it to hold for most of the factions I look at. I'll get some model I really like and want to spam them but I discover spamming is not really good so i feel forced to buy stuff I don't like. In the end you need to not care about this since most of the pleasure comes from collecting and painting stuff you like esthetically.
Another important thing is models quality and support from gw. SoB are appealing to a lot of players but are tough to collect since they have old models and high cost.
Also remember that choosing the army is not necessarily the first step. Try looking into subfactions/alternate color schemes and see if you can find something that interests you in particular. For example you may dislike Ultramarines but you may see other chapters with a color scheme which is particularly appealing to you. And so on.

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Nope but you're going in the right direction. It's an imperial subfaction that's hairier than the others.

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I know.

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i also like that guardfag, his lemans look neat.

i am a less known and infrequent posting guardfag

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Because the range difference on those 2 guns means the plasma will be out of range of anything the autocannon fires if they don't move, and moving to fire the plasma makes shooting the autocannon worse. Besides, it's better to just take 8 plasmas from 2 command teams with a commander and slap it in a valkyrie for tactical drops.

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If anyone wants to help a newfag out I'm trapped between
>Nurgle Daemons
>Emperor's Children

I understand Nurgle Daemons are probably going to get a slight buff with Death Guard releasing next month, and AdMech is in a rough spot but going to be more coherent once their Codex releases too; I'm only worried I'm going to be playing against a lot of DG and AdMech due to the hype.

Primarily going to playing with friends though, who play IG, Necron, and Tau around 1000-1500pts.

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extra tip. for some armies there are super cheap snapfit boxes with like 3 marines or 5 guardsmen with lasguns.

>> No.55029814


Well I mean, veterans and sternguard have more decorations and stuff over the normal line space marine in comparison, but if I have no normal tacticals in my army to compare to...

I just wanted to add a couple space marines to my IG army, and wanted them to best version possible so to have a contrast between superhuman dudes and the normal human soldiers.

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Guess my army.

>> No.55029832


Well, you could play nurgle and emperor's children in the same army

Dark AdMech is supposedly coming so you would probably be able to lump them in eventually

>> No.55029850

Fat calves......let's see let's see....

>> No.55029853

>all these awesome melee weapons
>1 attack per model
>can't put it on the Sargent
Total waste of potential to be honest famam, il stick to beserkers.

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>> No.55029861

is that a cut on your lower leg?
if so, then my bet is on DE or SOB. DE because its obvious, SOB because you're fine with taking a beating over and over again.

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>> No.55029864

dark eldar

>> No.55029881

If we're doing tactical plasma drops you can just do scions and skip the Valkyrie entirely.

Kitted out vets are decent since even if they move the autocannon is still BS4+, although they're decent mid field campers with moderate range

>> No.55029888


Damn, that angle really does make my calves look fat.

Nope. Nice try, I'm not a marine player.

>> No.55029893

I find it very hard not to grab one of those Guardsmen boxes every time I play. Especially when I want a drink/snack and the store has a $5 card minimum

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>> No.55029908

Yeah totally do sternguard or a deathwatch kill team then.

Find some extra bits and really kit out your tacticals, make them look experienced

>> No.55029909

Admech? Not hair, but enough cables to make it look like hair
IG not hair but balls of steel
Custodes/SoS have the most hair, i think
SoB have a standard "I'm married" haircut so they are out of the question
30k Emperors Children have goth hair, but prolly dun cout.

Hah i know. you have a lovingly converted beastman/ratling - Imperial Guard army. abhumans, scum that still serves.

>> No.55029911

Buy FW pistol arms for them and settle for the fact that at least your models look cool and you get to examine them up close as you remove them off the table.

>> No.55029914

Nothing close yet. What makes you think that?

>> No.55029920


Son of a bitch how? You lucky git, it is indeed one of those two.

>> No.55029928

Do my old "Count as Neophytes" count for Guardfagging?

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>> No.55029941

Nurgle daemons are getting a new model for AoS which is probably going to get rules for 40k. No new models in general so you should be safe buying them
The admech codex is coming soon but models should not change as it's one of the newest model lines.
New noise marines are coming too, so in case you decide for emperor's children you should wait a little bit before committing.

I like the Nurgle Daemons choice because I like Daemons in general since they are rarely fielded as a pure army, especially god-specific.
Also consider emperor's children should be easier to paint if you don't go for daemonic allies, Admech are full of tiny details and the models are not as large as a space marine.

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>> No.55029955

Emperor's children have great fun rule but no real models.

Space wolves, all the army/ex army dudes round here play them.

>> No.55029960

>Emperor's Children
No models, and it's a shame. They are cool.

Their iconic troop is a set of old conversion kits (not even one, but multiple per unit) build on top of an ancient kit.
So expensive and so old.

If you are okay with converting or don't mind go for FW kakophoni, go for it.

Otherwise, I don't recommend them.

>> No.55029968

Giving them a melee weapon or a second knife raises their attacks characteristic to 2, which the Champion already has.

>> No.55029973

>mfw a non-white posts and all the guesses will be shit like White Scars, Tau, Salamanders, or Crimson Fists

>> No.55029977

well you can ally nurgle daemons with Emperors Children space marines.
Might not make that much sense fluffwise, but they all have the <Chaos> keyword and your models, your money. You should like them.

Plus there is a really funny looking herald on snail coming out for AoS. You need to find someone to pawn the stormcast to

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>> No.55030013

Salamanders. Because Irony.

>> No.55030018

Pretty sure he's going for a -ld bomb. Talons are there to prevent overwatch for raptors, raptors guarantee that the enemy is very low on ld. Then they need to make a few kills and laugh.

>> No.55030021

genestealer cult

>> No.55030033

Solar Auxilia

>> No.55030051

Hahahaha, I'm actually F-4, can't join the army because one of my ears is busted.

>> No.55030052

That's a pretty bad loadout on a prince. Not that you need one for 1000 points. I'd drop it in favour of a lord. And terminators. And plasmas. And more MCU for more -ld buffs. Absolutely no reason to keep talons in a blob and not in two 5-man units.

>> No.55030054

Brosef, you're very brave for actually doing it I stead of just posting a hairy leg. I'll honor you by doing the same

>> No.55030056

>what's your army boipuccis
>post selfies and guess army

Can you guys not. These kinds of posts don't even generate discussion. If you find it that amusing, dedicate a separate thread to it.

>> No.55030060

Continuing from old thread: Draigowing edition

>2x10 paladins (2 hammers, 2 psilencers each)
>paladin ancient
>2x shooty vendreads
Adds up to 2014 points, 1 hq + 6 elites. Can tweak a bit to go within 2k.
Can this work? Should I use a land raider / storm raven or can I go without?
If yes, what do I swap out? Dreadnoughts, ancient, or does it make sense to lose 5 paladins (300 points)?

>> No.55030064

dunno, dark eldar plays are particularly vocal here so I figured there'd be good odds and you look like you'd enjoy the hard rock aesthetic.

>> No.55030073

>Might not make that much sense fluffwise

>> No.55030074


Correct!! (gsc).
I wonder how you guessed. See you studs!

>> No.55030076

Only certain weapon options, basically just any knife/axe combo, a great clever will only ever have 1 attack and a flail will only ever have 1d3.

Meanwhile berserkers are ripping faces off with 6 attacks per turn over two activations (if you go axe/ chainsword as you should).
They can take, what was it, two plasmas and one extra on the Sargent? Just run that and cover camp, melee isnt their thing.

>> No.55030082


Have a sniper!

>> No.55030092

My meta has had a lot of knights in it so I'm a little biased against Ld bombs plus you still have to get wounds to stick for the Ld bomb to work and I've just never had raptors do well enough in cc.

>> No.55030097


>> No.55030103

The GSC have that blue collar shit going on.

>> No.55030106

So you don't deny you play space wolves and tried for the army?

>> No.55030123

Why are you responding as though you're me?
None of the answers were correct.

>> No.55030129

I played Wolves once, sold them off to start CSM. Best decision I ever made, so many kitbashing opportunities.

>> No.55030139 [SPOILER] 

I know a bitch when I see one
All jokes aside, was just a wild guess.
I'll put my money on you playing pic related.

>> No.55030142

I'm sorry what?

>> No.55030146

Is there any correlation between appearance and army, other than the really stereotypical ones like long haired metalhead = Chaos or SW

>> No.55030151

You seem to believe a number of the posters here actually play.

>> No.55030153

Death Korps fag question

Death korps has access to tank commanders like regular AM. But the Korps only has access to Mars-alpha pattern leman russes. Does this mean that my DKK tank commander can only use a stock Leman Russ? Or can he only use the Mars-alpha pattern? Costs are identical for everything, except that the vanquisher turret has a co-axial heavy stubber (which it pays for), has additional turret options in the dual Lascannon or conqueror battle cannon with co-axial storm bolter, and has the option to take a hull-mounted plasma cannon.

Battlescribe is giving me a mixed answer, as it allows my commander to take a hull-mounted plasma cannon like a mars-alpha, but the turret options are the traditional ones without the extra turret or co-axial weapons.

Also I came into the possession of 2 armored sentinels now. They aren't on the list of units that can be given the <regiment> Death Korps of Krieg keyword, but wouldn't get any benefit from it anyways. Can't receive orders from tank commanders or infantry officers, and aren't infantry so don't get Cult of Sacrifice.

I can still bring them as an "Imperium" army, right? I would just need to call their regiment the "Death Corps of Crieg" or something.

It wouldn't be an issue would it?

>> No.55030158

True, but Vets are in a weird place right now. They take up a valuable Elites slot which, frankly, could be used for buff characters or Bullgryns or Ratlings or literally anything else.

If you could still buy the doctrines (one only, not all of them......BEN) then we could see them getting some use. Not how it is now though.

>> No.55030174

Why does only
>I know a bitch when I see one
gets unspoiled when i mouse over while the whole post gets unspoiled once i move to
>All jokes aside, was just a wild guess.
I'll put my money on you playing pic related.
Is it my shitty browser?

>> No.55030177

I see a distinct lack of grand Master nemesis dreadknights.

>> No.55030190

>Bought a new SC box
>Right after I bought it I had to leave home for 2 weeks
>Things get delayed so I have to be away from home for three and a half weeks
>Wanting to get home so I can assemble my dudes
>Finally get home
>Don't feel like doing anything

>> No.55030191

Do you actually fill all 8 elite slots in one of your brigade detachments tho?

>> No.55030193

Appreciate the response, the only problem is I'd be equally happy seeing a swarm of plaguebearers/nurglings as I would a ton of skitarii rangers.
I was always told to buy the SC set but a single box is probably a better idea realistically.

I can agree with this - I like the look of AdMech more than Nurgle for the most part, but I don't dislike anything about Nurgle daemons whereas I think AdMech techpriests look retarded

Is there a precedent for new models getting rules for both games? If so that's good to hear because I actually like the new model.

>no models
both a shame and a relief because it makes it easier to decide

>> No.55030202

Am i missing out too much? I don't really like babycarriers... And wouldn't see them fit in a draigowing army? I don't really see them talked about in the fluff at all actually.. Like is there a story of some awesome babycarrier rider? Especially gm...

>> No.55030211


Put on a batrep and play with your army men.
Always helps me.

>> No.55030212

I dont know either, I only wanted to spoil the first part, for some reason it covered the rest as well

>> No.55030223


>> No.55030231

Nothing special. Just a new option in the book. Hits on 2+, which when taking psycannons and making combat hits count. I believe he even has his reroll 1's aura. So just a dreadknight +1.

>> No.55030242

I'm actually finding filling elite slots to be a good thing, you want that extra CP from vanguard detachments and extra HQs.

>> No.55030257

Dont be a fag, anon. Dont fall for the babycarrier meme.
Only pussies and WAACfags play babycarriers. Real men use steel, true grit and faith in the emperor. Stick to your paladins.

>> No.55030279

Anon....you should really check your background before you snap a shot...

>> No.55030284

Soon hopefully

>> No.55030288

>fingerless gloves
Shit man. Prolly Tau or marines.

>> No.55030307

The generic chaos models are nice but they fit the image I have in my head of emperor's children, it's why I went for crimson slaughter over them.

That and I love kranon.

>> No.55030316

Usually I just run double battalion cause I ain't running that much in the fast attack or heavy support slots, and amazingly I think you could easily fill those slots up for guard if it you aren't careful with it.

>> No.55030318

>mfw I see it
Thats great

>> No.55030319

I thought those were wristpads

>> No.55030320

>That's a pretty bad loadout on a prince.
All the weapon options are 10pts now, so the sword is actually about even with the claws.
>I'd drop it in favour of a lord. And terminators. And plasmas.
This is what my normal list is. Lord, sorc, and large mass of plasma termies. The Prince is there as a big distraction to fly behind the raptors since I can only Deepstrike 2 units, which will likely be the talons and sorcerer.

>And more MCU for more -ld buffs.
This meme needs to die. Building around the Ld hit is retarded. In practice, it's far better to just let it be a nice bonus.

>Absolutely no reason to keep talons in a blob and not in two 5-man units.
Bigger melee units are far better than multiple smaller units because of how combat activations works. One big unit is also better for Warptime from the sorcerer.

>> No.55030332

Dude, there's like a fucking ghost behind you, RUN.

>> No.55030335

nice tombstones

>> No.55030339


Nope. My friend does though.

>> No.55030344

I've got wyches and a DE SC, what's my next step?
I'm planning on getting a Lelith Hesperax, then thinking Gangs of Commoragh, a second SC or a box of scourges.

Also, cheap ebay bits from Dark Vengeance.

>> No.55030345

Perfect use of pic my dude!

>I like the look of AdMech more than Nurgle for the most part, but I don't dislike anything about Nurgle daemons whereas I think AdMech techpriests look retarded
Not liking techpriest is a huge one since they are your only HQ choice if you go for a pure admech army (i.e., not imperium). It's also curious and show how everyone has different taste - i've never seen anyone disliking them, or considering them the worst unit of the army. I personally hate electropriests instead.
Fortunately with Eight you have a larger choice because in seventh you had Cult Mechanicus vs Skitarii to choose from, both with limited model selections. The Admech Start Collecting is one of the most cost efficient btw.
Try to build an example army list and see if it would be 90% models you like. If not, you should opt for a different army in my opinion. Or at least decide if you prefer some model you really like and some you dislike or a more balanced stuff where you like everything but not particularly.

>Is there a precedent for new models getting rules for both games? If so that's good to hear because I actually like the new model.
Well chaos is mostly the same for both games with some boxes (eg tzaangors) having 40k vs aos weapon options (pistols or swords and stuff).

>> No.55030362

Vikings are cool af and I like the wolf motif (though it's super overdone currently, hopefully they tone it down in the future) and the Space Wolves are actually one of the nicer Chapters (in 40k).
After 3 months I have a 1.5k list I like, but probably around like 1750 points worth of models (some bought second hand). Unfortunately I don't really have anywhere to play on campus so I'm stuck painting and maybe building, and I'll probably have to start ordering online since I obviously don't have a store to go to anymore.

>> No.55030377

Goddammit, so close. I was going with DE because SOB are a rarity and expensive af.
Oh well.

>> No.55030389

>just some nurgle demons who heard this cool band do a set in the eye of terror
>now they're tagging along the raiding parties acting like a bunch of groupies
I dig it

>> No.55030402

So basically a non useless ndk?

This is what I wanted to hear.
>pls give suggestions about army list anon-senpai

>> No.55030415

thin paint

>> No.55030423

I fucked up, I like techpriests and can't stand electropriests. I wouldn't even want to paint one - how relevant are they to the army?

>> No.55030425

pretty sure Hammk did this picture, but it was totally fucked.

But see if you can see the problem with it (I fixed it).

>> No.55030430

Look man, it is what it is.
(You're half right. Marines.)
Good eye, and good guess. Negative, but I do have a nice allied group of scions painted like ww2 commandos.

>> No.55030434

NO termies, too expensive and no purifiers, too shit
Everything else go ham

>> No.55030447

all bad choices. Only good choice is space wolves

>> No.55030454

thin paint

>> No.55030460


>> No.55030468

The hideously added shoulder text

>> No.55030470

They are viable in this edition but they serve the purpose of short range / melee as ruststalker/sicarians do (in a beefier way). They were the melee option for the Cult Mechanicus army as ruststalkers/sicarians were for Skitarii so it's a bit redundant. Nonetheless it's a gunline army so you can live without them. 100% optional in my opinion, and replaceable with other units (especially if you go about the Imperium faction keyword at large).

>> No.55030471

Don't think so mate, you won't get orders for them but you can definitely run them along with you DKoK

>> No.55030473

Is the AdMech based on the Strogg from Quake?

>> No.55030476

Tinman pride worldwide

>> No.55030481

thin paint

>> No.55030492

Thin paint - Paladin edition

>> No.55030503

Where are these cool dark eldar images coming from?

>> No.55030504

AdMech predate quake.

>> No.55030509

Don't play ghosts, sorry

>> No.55030510

Oh. Well, nevermind then.

>> No.55030513

Based Luth and their adorable drawing skills.

>> No.55030516

Hey anon I meant the list prototype i posted above. Check it out here: >>55030060

>> No.55030518

You're likely to spend more time building, painting, and reading stories than playing. 40k's never been a deep or terribly involving game, so it's more about the hobby. Make sure you enjoy it.

I don't personally see the appeal of the Death Guard aesthetic, but if you do, be aware that it's relatively challenging. They look best with blending and heavy weathering. You'd save money by going this route since they're in the starter sets.

AdMech are currently a somewhat limited army. That doesn't matter when you're starting out, and there's a decent chance that they'll get expanded before long. I think they're a great choice.
Forge World will bring a lot of its Horus Heresy-era Mechanicum units into an M41 AdMech army list sooner or later, which is good if you like (and are willing to pay for) those models.

Emperor's Children are a lot of fun; I'm a fan. Lots of opportunities to add Forge World's Horus Heresy-era bits, like heads. But... it is probably a bad time to buy their minis because all marine infantry are getting larger. That started last year when the new Thousand Sons rubric marines were noticeably taller than past minis (this was back before we knew Primaris marines were coming). New Emperor's Children minis will almost certainly be of similar height.

>> No.55030527

Get more transports. Dark Eldar are a vehicle army with meat a meat tax. Venoms and Raiders are both good, but it depends on what you want to do. Trueborn in Venoms is a classic strategy, but wyches need more bodies than a venom holds. That means raiders. Kabalites in raiders are good because warriors are cheap as fuck. Even if you don't do 10 man squads, you can do 2 5 man blaster teams in a lance raider for 215pts. Personally, I have been running 2 raiders with a 5 man squad of Kabalites and blaster and a 5 man trueborn squad with 2 lance 2 blaster in each followed by a boat full of bloodbrides and my HQs.

>> No.55030533

[Is that your own model? Looks dope AF]

I play a list with a 10 man paladin block led by draigo, but also throw in a bunch of strikes, razorbacks and other stuff, which you are trying to avoid with pure draigowing.

You can fit Draigo, a 10-man Paladin Squad and a Lascannon-Missle Dreadnought (sadly not venerable) neatly into 1000 points.
I'd probably stick to just 15 paladins, grab a land raider crusader (imo, crusader is the only raider worth the points in a GK list) for the points instead and stick draigo, your ancient, the apothecary and the 5-man squad in there. Alternatively, use a Stormraven for similiar results.
Stormraven vs Crusader comes down to your local meta imo, depending on weither or not you need more antitank or horde control. If you do opt for a stormraven, you could give one dread a fist, flamer, and dual flamer instead of lasmissle and drop him out of the stormraven on T2 for 3d6 autohits and a pretty much guaranteed charge.
Emperor protects.

>> No.55030534

Bad lighting desu

captcha CALLE PLUS

>> No.55030538

No, its medieval Catholic church with cyborgs. They have nothing in common and admech predates the strogg.

>> No.55030541

Yup. I fixed it though. Somehow I have lost it though.

>> No.55030546


thin paint

>> No.55030547

No termies or purifiers
You dun gud

>> No.55030558

>Look mum I posted the meme again

>> No.55030568


>> No.55030574

>Look gw I painted your models wrong again

Fuckin retard

>> No.55030576

The electros are very good countercharge melee and will kill pretty much anything they touch, but they're fragile and slow. Absolutely optional, since you have other units that do similar jobs.

I also dislike their models, so I bought some Kairics for literally a third of the price and I'm using my vast number of spare parts from a whole Admech War Convocation to put together a score of melee Servitors who will use the Electropriest rules. Personally I think they look better.

Another thing about Admech is that since their lore is so varied and their kits have so many spares, they've got a licence to kitbash and convert pretty much anything if that appeals to you. Make custom Magi and Archmagos if you want, custom electros, custom crazy vehicles that are either Dunecrawlers or an allied Imperial unit in terms of rules, generally go fucking nuts.

>> No.55030581

Yea, that part really bugs me off.
Otherwise, I really like his style of drawing GKs
Especially this one

>> No.55030583

>Death Guard
honestly not a fan myself, if I went the Nurgle route it would be pure nurgle daemons, I suppose with neutral chaos daemons as needed but no CSM. That said, would the daemons also use blending and heavy weathering?
I understand Death Guard is blatantly better gameplay wise but the aesthetic of the army more than makes up for that imo

>> No.55030585

Raven Guard

>> No.55030590

What's the best way to kill Wave Serpents with Thousand Sons/tzeentch csm? I tried 2 predators (didn't have pts for 3rd for the strat, was a low points game) and even with pretty good rolls those serpent shields fucked me up.

>> No.55030591 [DELETED] 

thin paint

>> No.55030601

the funny part is that I had a friend years ago that got out and gave me his shrike and raven guard. I have them sitting in my box with the rest.

>> No.55030617

Post models or GTFO

>> No.55030623

funny story related to tattoos, some WAAC fag at my local GW got a UltraMarine Tattoo last year, this year he hates UltraMarines and has sold his marine army.

>> No.55030631 [SPOILER] 

Stop thicc painting

>> No.55030635

Thats what he gets for playing smurfs

>> No.55030641

>feeding (you)'s

>> No.55030645

That blows lol. I'm with the wolves forever, already have to explain my chevy tat and my 91 jeep wrangler.

>> No.55030664

That's good to hear. Though I wasn't aware sentinels could even receive orders in the first place?

>> No.55030692

sweep the leg

>> No.55030695

Something that''s always basically troubled me about the heresy in a basically big way. So prior to the heresy, Russ and his barely literate tribesmen generally destroy Prospero for no reason, killing millions and destroying a beautiful world in a pretty major way. The Emp really is so gimpy about following the Edict of Nikaea, that despite Magnus using this power to literally warn him of Horus and his betrayal, he\'s particularly such an ungrateful fuck that he punishes Magnus anyway, further showing how the Emp definitely is so gimpy about following the Edict of Nikaea, that despite Magnus using this power to definitely warn him of Horus and his betrayal, he\'s kind of such an ungrateful fuck that he punishes Magnus anyway, or so they actually thought. I literally know Horus basically had involvement in that, but Russ would really have done it anyway, which actually shows that something that\'s always really troubled me about the heresy in a for all intents and purposes big way. They\'re the generally good guys, apparently, so something that\'s always fairly troubled me about the heresy, actually contrary to popular belief.

>> No.55030702

Is there a precedent for new models getting rules for both games? If so that's good to hear because I actually like the new model.

It is a Daemon. Daemons almost always have rules for both games.

>> No.55030712

sons of horus, identifying heresy..............

>> No.55030722

Go to bed, ABD, its way past your bedtime.

>> No.55030728

Deep strike your terminators. Wound on 5+, mortal wound psychic powers, AP bonuses, serpent shield can't stop 1 wound weapons. Make them pay for what they can't use.

>> No.55030736

I have Tau - about 4000 points worth
Chaos - about 2000 points
IG/scions - about 2000 pts
Admech about 1000pts

Thinking of reviving my Iron Warriors now that I have 2 leviathan dreads and getting in on the cultist spam

>> No.55030743

>magnus don't do magic
>does magic and fills the imperial palace with daemons
>gets rekt

>> No.55030759


>> No.55030769

>No town of salem like Horus Heresy game where the players control primarchs and the emperor

Why live?

>> No.55030772

We all had our first fucked up eyes, anon... I bare my shame to you.

>> No.55030776

I own a pair of tombstones and play scions so close enough

>> No.55030778

What's the most efficient weapon type against necron vehicle shields - lots of 1-2 damage, high str shots with good ap?

>> No.55030789

Rifleman dreadnoughts

>> No.55030792

Originally russ was just supposed to capture Magnus and bring him back home to answer for what he did.

Horus changed the orders to eradicate the thousand sons, hopefully either destroying/crippling both legions, or pushing magnus to his side.

Big E wanted magnus to run the golden throne, until he gave in to chaos during the Burning of Prospero.

>> No.55030798

5 Scarabs only do 3 unsaved wounds + minismite. I guess they can try to charge with their power swords and stave?

>> No.55030802

Nah anon, unfortunately it's just for inspiration. Your dudes are awesome and the force weapons are 100% boss, also I like the original shield designs. Them stark bases look interesting. Is that lava I'm seeing on the dudes on the back? Got some closeup? I'm looking for basing ideas atm...

Yes I'm trying to avoid pagk and keep it pure Draigo. So I'm limiting myself to what I can take... The crusader is a good idea I haven't considered. It saves a lot of points and the additional transport capacity comes pretty handy to drop the deathstar.
But also dropping a Dreadnought from the stormraven sounds interesting.
Note that Dual flamer would remove the additional psychic power since I'd need to use the Index datasheet IIRC.
Now I fear if 15 paladins is too low? Surely it fits the theme of the army though!
Thanks for the suggestions anon...

Thanks anon-san

>> No.55030825

>not helmeting every dude
Are you fucking crazy??

>> No.55030830

Did the SC! prices go down today or yesterday on GW's website? I remember them being like 130 USD an now they're 85. Am I retarded?

>> No.55030839


>Russ woulda done it anyway.

Unless my memory was shit he was lementing the necessity the whole time and actually tried to talk magnus down and convince him to go woth him to the emperor before magnus lost his shit cause he saw that they had torched his (forbidden) library.

>> No.55030840

you were on kangaroobux

>> No.55030850

Yes. Theyve always been 80ish

>> No.55030858

FUCKING aussies

>> No.55030860

Valdor was the one doing the diplomacy.

>> No.55030864

Is that all? 3 magic double bolters, a magic assault cannon, magic missiles, magic bolt pistol, mini smite, and (I would assume) an extra smite from a nearby dropping in sorcerer (possibly casting prescience) only does 3 wounds?

>> No.55030879

My brother. I'm actually kinda excited, I just got an elysian drop sentinel - I'm planning on headswapping the pilot for a scion helmet. Have been churning through yellow marines for a while now; it'll be good to go back and work on some humies in khaki now that my painting skills have improved.

>> No.55030882

Oh. I was doing the math with a minimum squad, cause putting all those points in seems like a bad idea. Probably more efficient to just buy more Predators.

>> No.55030884

that is an ork chad if ive ever fucking seen one

>> No.55030900

Ah I see, I run brigade just because I have plenty of HWTs and 3 sentinels

>> No.55030911


Wait was Valdor a primarch?

>> No.55030926

Oh....okay it worked out.
Damnit I wish it wasn't so simple.
Now I have another step before these assholes are done.

>> No.55030927

>that fucking noise marine art
holy shit a fucking marine with sunglasses

>> No.55030941

Found it. Had to go back a year in discord to find it.

>> No.55030950

Constantin Valdor is/was one of the main Custodes dudes (IDK if he's still alive or not).

>> No.55030961

No. Depending on the views of some he was though. He was near Primarch level, as close as you can get. He was the Head of the Custodian Guard.

He disappeared, he could be.

>> No.55030967

I did the same thing to the pilots of the vendettas I'm running. Right now I'm Still trying to figure out a color scheme for the scions that isn't the 55th Kappic eagles

>> No.55030980

Has Forge World said if hellforged dreadnoughts get legion traits?

>> No.55030981

No but he was the absolute closest someone could get without actually being one.

In TT he's a very genuine opponent versus most primarches

>> No.55030987

Your choice. Good things come from dropping a minimum squad in the backfield as well. Especially if they leave a character unguarded from behind.

For the points, sure an autocannon preadator is probably better for singling out a wave serpent. Hell, even quad Lascannon is cheaper than a load scarab unit.

>> No.55030989

lol omg I just imagine this being his face day in day out b4 during and after the battles

>> No.55030991

They have the hellbrute keyword, so they get them, yes.

>> No.55031000

Hello /tg/, quick questions:
>Do Scouts and Assault Centurions make sense in a full Primaris army? Like, could Centurions be Primaris in a Centurion armour and scouts Primaris in the making?
>My XS layer brush is starting to suffer and it's opening itself. How can I restore it back to normal? Soap and hot water didn't work too well.
>What's a good way to paint grey hair? I've managed to get an Ixion Hale head and wanted that smooth beard and moustache, but I don't know which color(s?) to use.

Thanks everyone.

>> No.55031015

yeah, eyes are kinda tricky, not that hard, its just all about how much paint is on the brush and properly stabilising the model and your hand.

i honestly have no idea how well the eyes can be seen in this, but it was from the first week of the campaign.

>> No.55031018

If you never stumble and crawl how do you expect to walk, anon? Faces suck ass to learn, but I gotta do it sometime if I want to improve.

>> No.55031028

also, the primary reason it all got so bad (in the newer fluff) is because magnus had the brilliant idea to hide away and block all communications

>> No.55031032

Ah, found it in the FAQ.

>> No.55031043

How paint skull Good?

>> No.55031052

You also left her belly and boobs exposed... Now that's really careless and dangerous!

>> No.55031054

>>Wanting to get home so I can assemble my dudes
>>Finally get home
>>Don't feel like doing anything

Story of my life. I'm always feeling like I want to get stuff done and enjoy the THOUGHT of painting, but when it's time to paint I don't feel like it.

>> No.55031057

not him but

>ushabti bone
>agrax/seraphim sepia
>pallid wych flesh over the top

>> No.55031058

>>Do Scouts and Assault Centurions make sense in a full Primaris army? Like, could Centurions be Primaris in a Centurion armour and scouts Primaris in the making?
as far as i know, no. centurions especially have normal marines somewhere in there.
and scouts are not primaris either

>> No.55031059

Anon, you're having a stroke.

>> No.55031066

Ushabti Bone or any light brown/khaki, let it dry, Agrax it and let the shade pool in the deeper recesses.

>> No.55031068

Awesome.. That reflection on his helm

>> No.55031070

The Raven Guard Contemptor still needs a few details. Almost done with all the legions.

>> No.55031074

From a dark grey like eshin grey all over the hair, light lines of dawnstone with slight slivers of dark between for depth. Light lines of I think celestra grey inside those for highlights.

>> No.55031079

Scouts are in the process of becoming full marines so no.

>> No.55031081

What army is best for a Gladiator themed melee force?

>> No.55031083

Is the stormraven model as horrible irl as it looks in picture?

>> No.55031085

Scuse me cunt, they're dollarydoos

>> No.55031087

>Become Chaos Lord
>Hear a "WRYYYYY"

>Be Space Marine
>Become Chapter Master
>Don't have to worry about anything

Explain this shit chaos fags.

>> No.55031095

ministorum, run piles of crusaders and repentia for the ecclesiastic rapetrain

>> No.55031096

>That said, would the daemons also use blending and heavy weathering?
Blending, for sure. Weathering... only on weapons and palanquins or chariots or whatever other equipment they have.

>> No.55031103

What is this warhammer for ants?

>> No.55031110

its far worse

>> No.55031115

Yeah they FAQ'd it and said that they all count as Helbrutes

>> No.55031119


>these thick ass paints

>> No.55031129

Get the chapterhouse conversion kit for it if you get one.
Without it, they look so stupid.

>> No.55031131

Fugg.. So land raider it is?

>> No.55031134

chaos space marines
you get cheap cultists for low/weak dudes
and the strong/buffed dudes with armor are the csm and the chaos lord.

world eater legion ofc

>> No.55031159

Chapterhouse is shut down, you can't get them anymore

>> No.55031160

forgeworld makes a stormeagle thats waaay prettier (and more expensive)

some people have also converterd, read elongated the stormraven

>> No.55031161


>> No.55031167

The Storm Eagle is also one of the harder FW kits to assemble, unfortunately. Hard to recommend.

>> No.55031170

With this goddamn slow drip release schedule maybe a year?

>> No.55031175

Gotcha. Too bad, I liked the models but I like a fluffy army more. Thanks for answering.
Great, will buy them now. Thanks a lot.

>> No.55031200


>> No.55031207


>> No.55031211

Wych cults are literally gladiators.

>> No.55031219

I think they're wrong about the Primaris stuff.

Consider: many of the Primaris that joined chapters aren't from Cawl's legion, but are instead normal Marines that get buffed up.

It would make perfect sense for such a chapter (that got the juice to make their own Primaris but didn't get any from the first batch) to still use Scouts and Assault Centurions, since they would still have Neophytes and non-Primaris from before the changeover. Furthermore, you might need to go from scout->normal->primaris if you weren't in the first round, though I'm not certain on that.

Basically do whatever the fuck you want.

>> No.55031227

dark angels

(because of the color of your shirt)

>> No.55031237

You can still look around on ebay and swap groups

>> No.55031245


>> No.55031246

>With this goddamn slow drip release

what, bitch please you know nothing of a slow release schedule.

>> No.55031261

Marines of some variety. Probably Chaos.

>> No.55031263


Correct answer is: Death Guard.

>> No.55031268

Wow this is what a flyer should look like. Not that goofy shit. I'm curious, how is it hard to assemble?

>> No.55031276

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.55031277

My brother and my old friend each gave me the dark angels models from their dark vengeance sets

>> No.55031283


>> No.55031299

Your Strongpoint is in the background PeachAnon-Kun-Chan-Sempai

>> No.55031307

Many thanks. I painted like an autistic 8 year old so I need all the help I can get.

>> No.55031310

Yup. Looked like a young edge lord.

>> No.55031317

Put on your cowboy hat you disgusting fuck.

>> No.55031325

My cowboy hat is fucking awesome.

>> No.55031345

RGG is handsome desu
I feel weird about this

>> No.55031383

I found some great advice by searching "Storm Eagle assembly"

>when putting together the fuselage, the first page of the instructions makes it look like you put the sides and bottom together and then after that's done you put on the plastic part on the top from the storm raven. I'm afraid you'll have to put it on at the same time with your third hand. If it isn't put in between the sides of the fuselage while those are going together with glue etc and drying it will sit on top and you'll have to greenstuff the gaps.

>The above poster is right about having reshape pieces which are curved, you'll have to do this a lot.

>I found when I built the front part of the wing (the part which is resin which sits on top of the fuselage) were different sizes so I had decide where I wanted the gaps to be and fill them with greenstuff.

>The struts for the missile pods which sit on the top will probably be miscast so I cut them to an equal length (though one of the struts still had the base buggered) and greenstuffed some more.

FW is good about replacing parts that are too screwed up to save - that means parts with serious mold slip or parts that aren't the right size. It does not include warped parts, which are considered normal in the resin world.

>> No.55031463

Oh god this sounds painful. Is resin that much better than plastic, especially on larger models?

>> No.55031533

I think its more of an issue of manufacturing costs. High quantity sales justify making the molds for plastic models (not to mention all the research and development that'd be needed for large models, as well as quality control issues), FW isn't exactly in that market, they have a smaller audience.

>> No.55031536

been looking at starting my first army. I really like the look of the sisters of battle, but apparently they haven't had an update in a long time. I did a little research, and people were saying there was a new codec and models coming when 8th was about to drop..but we have had several codex releases now and a couple more upcoming and none are SoB. should I wait it out or just pick another army? I like the idea of the imperial guard as well, but it seems like a TON of models to paint and assemble since they seem to depend on numbers as opposed to quality, and that's a little daunting.

>> No.55031540


Resin isn't better than plastic at this point, not really.

>> No.55031563

The current Sister range is about 20 years old. The "new models and codex" has been a meme for more than 10 years.

>> No.55031575

I really like seeing ones in the all black with white and metal accents when they're done well. May be a bit edgy to have everyone be callofmodernwarfare punisher shooter guy, but excessive tacticool is kinda the point of scions anyways, so might as well embrace it.

Other than that, I think the pale green and yellow and red boba fett / kasrkin type schemes are cool too.

>> No.55031577


Come and walk the path of conversions with me Anon

Tbqh we don't know if or when we are getting an update. We hope we will, but it isn't certain and many are despairing. I like them, and I'm happy with my choice, but frankly it's a lot of work. I honestly think you might have an easier time with guard.

>> No.55031578



are they essentially a dead army then?

>> No.55031581


>> No.55031585

>single kairic acolyte (tzaangor twistbray) in combat with guardians
>kills three eldar before dying
>muh dying race
>muh no hope
>he just gets teleported into the warp to get reborn on the planet of sorcerers or as a horror

feels gud

>> No.55031587


They live in my heart and on my table. But sorta yeah.

>> No.55031593


what kind of conversions? it looks like most of the models are metal as opposed to plastic. I imagine that would complicate things greatly.

>> No.55031604


I see you cannot distinguish between the pathetic scribbles that pig footed rat bastard japs call writing and superior Korean 한굴. No, not Tau.

>> No.55031605

Oh god the guy grabbing his chainaxe arm


>> No.55031608

FW used to be resin because resin was better at grabbing small details, now the technology makes plastic the better option and Im not sure why FW hasnt gone full plastic.

>> No.55031614

Best feeling. Shoot half a company of Marines, lose a handful of dime-a-thousand Kataphrons, set the Imperium back thoisands of lives and a few decades while I'm back to strength in an hour.
NPC races best races since we actually have eno dudes to make an impact, scalelets like Marines and Eldar just can't compete.

>> No.55031617

Nah, you convert other models into sisters.

For example, Sisters of Silence into standard sisters. Or elder wych cult into sisters.

There's also a Russian guy who made some really nice, detailed resin sisters knockoffs. Grishnak.

>> No.55031618

>mfw the /soc/ aspects of this thread

kill yourself

>> No.55031623


>> No.55031625


I convert mine out of the Sisters of Silence kit personally, but there are a lot of people who use 3rd party options. There are a couple of different places you can go depending on the look you want. There's this Russian guy who does a really good one thst I've been meaning to try, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

>> No.55031629

Eldar it is then!

>> No.55031642

I was considering the black with white highlights and red glows on the eyes and monitors but would have to see what the result would be

>> No.55031645

Resin allows more detail because you can undercuts in your mold. But no, it's used for kits that won't sell in high volumes because it has smaller up-front costs. There's a fair amount of labor involved in each casting, but the mold (which is some sort of rubber) is cheap.

>> No.55031647

According to Eye of Medusa, kataphrons are more important than Iron hands.

Then again, they treat their own lives pretty lightly when it comes to their toaster waifus.

>> No.55031648

They had a new model recently. They are kept alive by force

>> No.55031660

How do you actually go about making a list? I've read the core rules so I know how everything works, but it still feels like I'm kind of mindlessly slapping units that fit in X role as long as I've got my detachment complete.

>> No.55031661

this my life now
and it lasts forever

>> No.55031665

Look who's talking. Are you expecting comments on your pic too, you fucking bald weirdo? How old are you? 50? 60? Still playing with plastic toys?

>> No.55031677

Kastelans are more important than Iron Hands, you mean. Don't think Kataphrons were ever mentioned, and if they were then the IH are pretty fucking idiotic since the Admech dex mentions they're expended like bolt shells by the Magos Domini and produced in the millions. It's the Kastys that are "matches for Dreadnoughts" and are enough of a pain in the ass to build they're worth a few Marines.

>> No.55031679

Essentially, but there is a company that does decent proxies called Raging Heroes. There is a few other 3rd parties as well.

>> No.55031682

Here's a nice example. I think they look pretty tight like this.

I know there's an anon around here too with pic related.

>> No.55031687

Slapping together stuff is the basics. Except you typically start by having in mind what you want to buy or field. Then you try to even out the list by putting in units that balance your army e.g. support stuff like anti-armor or fast units for objective capturing in case you find your list lacking. Then once you get to a total close to the maximum threshold you can tweak stuff and replace units etc

>> No.55031688

One of the LGS I frequent has a whole player base of historic miniatures players that are older than sin. It warms my heart to see those old dudes chuckle and roll dice. Really the classiest niggas I've ever seen play a war game.

>> No.55031689

>1 attack becomes d3 attacks
>each failed save can kill 2 models

The flail is civilization.

>> No.55031691

Oh, woops. Misread.

>> No.55031716

>decent proxy
>raging cheesecake

>> No.55031725

That's got my future written all over it
Im saving this picture
Thanks for the assist

>> No.55031732

Yes? How are these cheesecake? You do realise GW still sell Repentia, right?

>> No.55031794

>hyper exaggerated poses to show off curves while wearing 5in heel space boots
>not cheesecake

>> No.55031807


What the fuck are those poses?

>> No.55031814

Black Moons, or Ard Moons.

What name does /tg/ like more for the name of my Ork Freebootas warband.

>> No.55031838

Blud Moons

>> No.55031843

Go with 'Ard Blacks

>> No.55031851

>probably not


>> No.55031863

>Dees 'umies keep gigglin every time we shout our battel-cry?!

>> No.55031866

SoS conversion > Grishnac>Valkyr conversion> old metal SoB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Raging heroes

>> No.55031868

>hating RH

Probably the same no-taste faggot who thinks eisenkern Statuesque SoShits are good conversions.

>> No.55031880

Damn, I like that one too.

Had the same thought.

>> No.55031883

>now the technology makes plastic the better option

Resin still has sharper detail than plastic. Look at Cataphractii and Tartaros if you think otherwise. If you have, and still think otherwise, you're just another typical blind faggot who probably has an ugly army too.

>Im not sure why FW hasnt gone full plastic.


>> No.55031889

Hey chaosfags, sell me on your preferred god of chaos.

>> No.55031907

I know, right?

>> No.55031926

Nurgle will make you less depressed

>> No.55031933

>less depressed
I don't believe you. But I'm listening.

>> No.55031939

Resin is fine for small to medium sized models with lots of very fine detail on them.

But for large, boxy models with huge flat panels plastic is more consistent.

>> No.55031944

He really is a pretty happy guy, prolly the only happy soul in all of 40k.

>> No.55031947

I would have to agree.
I used the fortress of redemption in a 5000 point game on monday, and it was a pretty fuckin' mixed bag. it's bs of 5+ sucks ass, and as far as i can tell, there's no 'gun emplacement' rule that allows your models to fire it's weapons and increase it's bs into decent territory.

>> No.55031967

Cegorach the laughing god is probably a jolly ol' fella too

>> No.55031968

No problem bro.

>> No.55031983

I don't know why, but pic related sold me on khorne, so maybe it'll do the same for you.

>> No.55031989

I usually try to go for the starter box first, then you get to start out with two whole armies

>> No.55032077

Need comments on my proposed 1k SM list

Jump Captain-Plasma Pistol/Power Axe-105

Scout Marines-50
Tac Squad-74 (flamer)
Tac Squad-75 (Heavy Bolter)


Terminators-211-Assault Cannon

Dread-Assault Cannon-133

Dread-Multi Melta-139x2


>> No.55032141

Mimicing female comic book poses that show off boobs and ass despite the body being horrendously contorted

>> No.55032184

>Model based on John "Heels are my fetish" Blanche artwork from the 2nd edition cover
This was done on purpose.

>> No.55032201

so I am still not clear on how something works.

What happens when you include in your army a unit that doesn't share a <your dudes> tactic, but does share a same faction keyword.

Do you totally lose the <your dudes> tactics bonus? When you do this?

>> No.55032212

Tzeentch will give you magic and intellect. Also, he'll only kinda slightly fuck with you at times, though if you put up with it you get things like cool sorcerer towers and stuff.

>> No.55032215

I have no idea what you're talking about, but the only thing close to resembling a good SoB stand in are Grishnak, but his faces are worse than GWs.

>> No.55032216

All your other dudes will bully him, they commit suicide on failed d6

>> No.55032220

You do realise they're ball jointed fit, right? You can literally pose them how you want if they trigger you so much. As for that, I'd rather have an option to pose them than have to deal with metal models that cost x3 the price. I have Verydian and Celestine and according to GW they never expected them to sell so well yet THEY STILL REFUSE TO UPDATE THEM. GW would be redeemed in my eyes if they did a full Adeptus Ministorum update.

>> No.55032240

His Battle Sister proxies are better, though I love the Seraphim, Repentia and Karazamov proxies from RH. I was planning on mixing and matching both but I decided to wait since Lady 'Never Wrong' Anita totally said that SoB were being updated...

>> No.55032244

Why don't you try reading the fucking rulebook. You know, the paragraph where it says you only get your fucking tactics if every unit in the detachment has the same chapter keyword.

>> No.55032256

FW probably doesn't make plastic vehicles due to lack of sales. People bought shit tons of power armor and they made plastic power armor boxes for 30k. For vehicles there probably aren't that many people buying Fellblades and stuff. The Rhinos use plastic parts, and I wouldn't be surprised if they made a plastic Sicaran.

>> No.55032284

So could you then include a vanguard detatcment from another army and everything be good? Since they are in a separate detachment?

>> No.55032292

Douchiest photo I've got.

>> No.55032307


>> No.55032314

A starter box does not get you two "whole" armies.

>> No.55032319

What are you, casul?


Chapter tactics: Iron Hands
Terminator Captain
Terminators until points filled

>> No.55032348

Yo, general question. Does TTS have any facts not related to the characters' personalities or in-story events, that is to say, lore details, that are completely incorrect or made up? I'm a lore casul.

>> No.55032361

TTS is boring and stale memes with 0 actual lore, only dumb sluts think its funny and only retarded animals believe it has anything resembling real lore.

>> No.55032367

They're all highly exaggerated and memes out. Consider it a parody comedy that is loosely based on the real thibg.

>> No.55032374

magnus and leman were lovers

>> No.55032375

top kek.

>> No.55032381

>dig slaanesh
>'sex drugs and rock and roll as a faction? Awesome!'
>>Their models are hideous and their theme is excess, not just pleasure...excess that nobody would ever enjoy
>dig orks
>hilariously stupid faction of green mushrooms who can believe hard enough to make even the most worthless of tools deadly? awesome!
>>they have instinctive memory, making all their vehicles look janky in a boring way
>stop trying to get invested into 40k
>find out about the Dark Eldar
>over the top drug addicts all about casual fucking, torture, and edge? awesome!
>the models are appropriately edgy and evil looking
>they're fast and deadly in crunch, but can't take a hit
and like that, I started, and still play Dark Eldar.

I'm buying a IG 7e army in a few weeks, and starting to build a TSons army soon as well.

>> No.55032410

Define whole.

>> No.55032416

pic of myself and my newborn niece a couple years ago

>> No.55032417

yes, extremely. Turbo newfag in fact.
Wanted room to grow to 2k at some point.

>> No.55032427

This definitely. Ministorum units are best for it and they are insane in melee.

>> No.55032455

>ecclesiastic rapetrain

>> No.55032459

...Dark Eldar Wych cults are LITERALLY gladiators.

>> No.55032484

An army that can function at normal point levels.

>> No.55032512

smurfs or DE?

>> No.55032518

You'd fit right in with the Kings gang from Fallout: NV.

I'm gonna say Nids.

>> No.55032552

Starter set forces function just fine. Even "cheap" wargames don't give you a "full army at normal levels". You're asking for a 2000 point box.

>> No.55032589

She and literally every other rumor monger backed the fuck off of that rumor in a hurry.

>> No.55032594

The chadest of chadmarine players

>> No.55032624

Getting into 40k, debating on an army. Is it just me or does going with either an imperium army, or a chaos army much more appealing since those offer the options of expanding an army in more direction.

Going with Orks, you are stuck with just getting more Orks, but with chaos or imperium, you can easily add in other units from other books, adding in a lot more potential growth for an army.

Xenos armies seem cool, but also very limiting.

>> No.55032636

No, I'm asking you to not blatantly lie. A starter box does not give you two "whole" armies.

They give you a start to two armies.

>> No.55032646

Eldar are little like their own little imperium. They allow you to draw from Craftworld, Dark, or Harlequin varieties. You can also change them up further by making them Ynnari.

>> No.55032653

Gotta be 'nids.

>> No.55032656

Conversely, Tyranids will lets you expand into GSC and also Guard

>> No.55032657

I follow as well friends

>> No.55032664

40k armies have variable sizes you dipshit.

>> No.55032671

I'd be hard pressed to start a Xenos army right now, it's pretty obvious the major focus is on the Imperium and Chaos for the foreseeable future.

>> No.55032678

No starter set in any game gives you a "complete" force, that's why it's a STARTER set. Back when newfags like you weren't around, 1 HQ and 2 Troops counted as a whole army already.

>> No.55032698

Except they never will. It's literally a fucking joke to them. Regardless, RH is shit because they're shit. It's simple as that. They don't fit the 40k feel nor do they look anything like SoB. Instead, they look like something that should be on a horny 14 year olds wall, which I suppose is GW's target audience, so well done there.

>> No.55032699

>Im the only one dumb enough to leave an incredibly easy to identify model in my shot
Ill stop being a baby and guess....fellow Guardanon

>> No.55032709

Dark Imperium does give you about 900 points of each army. And people very commonly play 1000 point games.They aren't optimal of course, but you do have almost a "whole" force of each.

>> No.55032715

Cawl - 250
Dominus (eradication ray; macrostubber) - 141

Skitarii Rangers (omnispex; 2x arquebus; 3x galvanic rifle) - 107
Skitarii Vanguards - 50
Skitarii Vanguards - 50

Cybernetica Datasmith - 52

Heavy Support
Kastelan Robots (4x heavy phosphor blasters) - 220
Onager Dunecrawler (data-tether; neutron laser & cognis heavy stubber) - 143

total: 1013

first list, is my army shit at a core level? also help me get rid of 13 points

>> No.55032736

>FW murdered HH by not moving to 8th
>GW is too busy ducking Primaris dick
>Plastic MKV never

>> No.55032737


Short ranged dreads don't really work unless you're drop podding in or carrying in via stormraven

Walking up the table with 24" guns gets you shot off the table pretty fast

Not sure why you want a jump captain when nothing else in your army is jump packed unless you plan on deep striking him with the terminators

>> No.55032752


yes, separate detachments makes everything peachy

>> No.55032810


Drop the eradication ray for a volkite blaster on the dominus, drop the omnispex off the rangers

It's not like AdMech has much variety anyway, just load up on the good units which you have already done.

>> No.55032814

What should I get as a first purchase for T'au Empire?

Start Collecting! Boxes are sold out right now.

>> No.55032830

Good ol fashioned Fire Warriors

>> No.55032845

>HH moves to 8th

Either way they lose. At least this way there is consistency and they can update the rules if need be at the end in a single book.

>> No.55032846

Got the captain upgrade because I wanted him to be with the terminators and I had the extra points. I didn't realize that range would be that much of a problem for the dreads. Should I try to go lascannon instead?

>> No.55032850

Just go rummaging through the trashcan and you'll find something.

>> No.55032855

Breachers any fun? Or do they just get wiped early?

I want to avoid a gunline, so Breachers moving up close is how I would use them. Wondering if it's a good idea.

>> No.55032886

A bit dick-ish to bring Cawl at such a low points level

>> No.55032895

They need all the help they can get.

>> No.55032898

Has anyone bought minis from Anvil Industries? If so, how good are they?
And what's some good model alternatives for Leman Russes?

>> No.55032899


Basic fire support option for dreads is twin las + missile launcher or quad autocannons (there is no model for this outside forgeworld)

Though really the main question is are you trying to make a list around models you have already or are you brainstorming a list before buying models, because the advice changes considerably depending on which position you're at.

>> No.55032900

>HH players complaining about cost
They wouldn't be playing HH if buying a £15 book was an issue

>> No.55032902

I honestly just kitbash dark eldar and fantasy dark elves with my Slaanesh stuff to make it look better.

>> No.55032914

Newfag so I didn't know there was an etiquette to what you should bring outside of blatant cheese, and I didn't know Cawl was cheesy. Should I just put 2 Dominus in there and add something else?

>> No.55032917

Honestly I have no idea. I'm from 3rd/4th in regards to Tau. In that case grab a box of Stealth suits. They'll be a blast to paint/build and they will always have a place in your army. If they have the old style, even better

>> No.55032930

You mean once per year if we're lucky? HH was only good because 7th was garbage and HH had much better internal balance. The rules for 8th aren't perfect, but the game is significantly more enjoyable than anything in 7th edition. My friend and I tried playing HH again and we couldn't even make it through the game. Literally every single person in our HH group dropped the game after FW announced their decision to remain in 7th edition.

>> No.55032942

I think its fine as long
Just know that if your bringing an army that you know is very strong inform your opponent about it before had. This would only apply in a casual setting of course.

>> No.55032943

Is deathwatch a real army or do I need to ally them with some other army to make them playable?

>> No.55032955

Shit I already have. I got the dreads, terminator and all the troops with the Rhino. Havent gotten the HQ yet.

>> No.55032961

You can run an entirely pure deathwatch army or you can run them as support for another imperial army. Up to you.

>> No.55032977

If you are getting breachers make sure they are in a devilfish otherwise you are never gonna get to shoot the short range profile.

My personal experience with them has been mixed, they either fucking annihilate something each turn or they fail to kill their target and immediately die in the following melee.

>> No.55033002

Magnus go home

>> No.55033047

Holy shit are you Mitch from the MWG batreps??

>> No.55033079

>Actually giving a fuck about MWG people

>> No.55033087

>Not actually giving a fuck about le meme man with the supposed tranny gf (who I don't think is trans, for the record)

>> No.55033092

Good luck going to an LGS and getting a good game in with your 500pt list.

If you get one it'll basically be the equivalent of a pity fuck to help out the new player.

>> No.55033127

Hey man
500pt skirmishes can be fun
Get a few of them in a couple hours
bretty good

>> No.55033132

Post Tranny

>> No.55033138

What is it about /tg/ that attracts so much /soc/faggotry? Why are we cursed so to have this plague brought upon us?

>> No.55033153

The fact that you care about it, so shut the fuck up you whiny little princess and dont give them (You)s.

>> No.55033179

>implying I've given a single one of the /soc/fags (You)s
Eat shit faggot, they're here whether or not we pay any attention so we might as well figure out how to get rid of them.

>> No.55033245

How do you deal with people who spam FW cunt models?
Just shame them into not being try hards in casual games?

>> No.55033271

But we tried getting rid of the Guardfags and not only are they still here but theyre better looking than me!

>> No.55033278

What models are giving you grief?

>> No.55033289

You are part of the problem. Please fuck off.

>> No.55033300

Try not being someone that spergs out over resin.
There is nothing special about FW models in 8th edition.

Coming from someone that doesn't have a single FW model

>> No.55033333

3 Levi dreadnaught and some smaller looking ones. He never told me what they were he just to me what they hit on (2s) and how much damage they did. Also he brought some gattling cannon things that didnt need line of sight and ate all my guard squads with them.

>> No.55033336

dont know about the sarcastic part but I love this place

>> No.55033349

Do you guys ever play against someone who doesn't have their index/codex on hand?

>> No.55033353

Thunderfire cannons? Because those are in the codex

>> No.55033372

He forgets it at home every goddamn day.
He also doesnt know his stats so the game grinds to a halt every time he has to open Battlescribe

>> No.55033389

Meant for >>55033349

>> No.55033393

My store plays SW:A and KT all the time.

>> No.55033414

That shit drives me nuts. My friends all fucking do it, too. I at least print out my list beforehand. I keep it with me along side my codex.

>> No.55033423

>3 Levi dreadnaught
How many points are you playing? Did he have 3 heavy support slots? Relic units have a special rule where they need an equal or greater number of FOC slots of the same type to be run.

So for each Leviathan, he needs to take another Heavy Support unit.

If you're playing 2000 points then half his list should be those leviathans, so you should focus on killing the rest of his army and then just sit on points with mobs of guardsman.

Or just tell him you don't want to play if he spams shit.

>> No.55033432

>open battlescribe
wtf why doesn't he just print his list?

>> No.55033433

I've played against this one guy twice so far, that has the rulebook and codex open in front of him, and will still call over the shop assistant or a friend literally 5-6 times a turn, just to ask them a super basic question about a rule.

I want to rip my fucking hair out every time.

>> No.55033453

At this point I know his nids better than he does.

>> No.55033465

He had those Dreadnaughts, the smaller dreadnaught things, 3 of the cannons, some kind of tech preist thing that gave - some amount of AP if they were near it and it looked like 1 group of marines with a Lascannon.

>> No.55033488

The nid player isn't too bad about it. It's the Space Marine player and the Daemons player.

>> No.55033495

I have a trables with people who do this but this comes with the new edition and what not

I cant wait to have a game where my opponents know their army like I know mine

>> No.55033502

Well then, apparently he cheated.

>> No.55033547

OR we could wait till we have evidence, actual accurate facts and a list to go off of before we make him go spazz on his friend for cheating

>> No.55033564


>> No.55033581

First, not a friend. A try hard cunt who no one at the shop wanted to play. Second I don't know what list he was playing, I never saw it and he never told me what things were. He may have been cheating, I'm sure he wouldn't tell me what he ran if I asked him again.

>> No.55033599

What dreads were they. Contemptor dreads? Box dreads? Describe them

>> No.55033600

Then thats your fault for not asking at any point and just taking his word for it.
Ive got some 2D6 hit Basilisk if you want to play a game sometime.

>> No.55033616

lol i wish

>> No.55033619

I googled FW dreadnaught
It was 3 of these

>> No.55033631


>> No.55033638

What were the smaller dreads, and how many?

>> No.55033640

Thinking about picking up Deathwatch - they're really cheap moneywise for their points, and I like the whole "special forces" thing. What's a "good" Deathwatch list look like? I know they kind of suck right now, but I want to try them out, and have the models at the very least.

>> No.55033641

Now do the cannon. Google Thunderfire Cannons

>> No.55033656

3 of these

>> No.55033666

What guns did they have?

>> No.55033680

Depends if you ask or not ; ^ )

>> No.55033689

A 10 shot S5 I think, and I don't remember. He never really pointed out what was shooting. He would say this shoots that, this shoots that and then start rolling dice. After killing Pask on turn 1 when I thought he had put wounds on a different tank I had given up and stopped paying attention.

>> No.55033694

Quickly ran the list
3 Leviathans, 3 mortis contemptors, and 3 thunderfire cannons comes in at 1,710pts with their most basic gear.

If he was running a devastator squad on top of that, and no HQ, then he was playing you big time.

>> No.55033719

SO this is literally all your fault and youre buttmad because you didnt pay attention or ask him what he was doing?

>> No.55033721

Until FW get their shit together and unfuck the DKOK lists your stuck with bog standard AM russes not you neato mars alphas. If your playing against cool people they might let it slide tho. Death Korps are kinda fugged right now IMO.

>> No.55033731

Most likely explanation is the dude 'forgot' that you have to pay for weapons.

>> No.55033744

Shoulda paid more attention to what he was doing

>> No.55033752

He never told me what anything was and yes I was really tilted after he had pointed his tape at one tank, rolled a bunch of dice and then fired at Pask and once Pask had wounds on him, told me that Pask was the one he was shooting at with the first 6 wounds.

>> No.55033772

Easy solution. Have both of you go over your lists before the match begins, after deployments.

>> No.55033779

I didn't expect him to fuck me in a casual Fate of Konor game.

>> No.55033780


>> No.55033788

>DE Can't take a hit
Are you high? They're tanky as fuck this edition universal -1to hit and 5++/6+++ is bananas.

>> No.55033798


Seriously. How hard is this? Before the game starts, I have all my dudes organized by squad, then I go through what ever one is, and if anything isn't wysiwyg, I make sure my opponent knows.

>> No.55033800


Had an amateur 1,500pt tourny at my flgs, where none of the lists were checked because it was just casual
Ended up with one guy running a 2,250pt SoB list because he didn't realise to add the weapon points.
Could have been avoided so easily with this.

>> No.55033832

I went over every unit as I placed them, he would take something and say "I deploy this, here." That's it.
I talked to the store owner after and apparently the reason he paired us up is because he likes to call out newer players and pick on them with this try hard lists. He had me play him because he thought it'd be a closer game.

>> No.55033850

Dude just admit you fucked up and live with it

>> No.55033865

That doesn't really work if you havent committed to memory the entire FW index and all GW codices and indices.

Like I'm not going to look at some space marine player's list because idk how many fucking points a space marine costs these days. logic dictates like 18-19 barebones but most lists i've seen on tg would be cheating if that were the case.

>> No.55033877

What did the Leviathan (big) dreadnought have for weapons?
It does have some obscene guns, putting it up there for most likely to be actually OP FW model

>> No.55033894

You don't need to be an expert for it.
Just look, and if you notice that none of his units have weapons on their profiles, ask him about it.
Or if his list doesn't fit into any FoC then bring it up.

Points fudging is pretty rare.

>> No.55033896

Did he have 3 fire support squads ? If not then he flat out cheating.
[spoiler[But damn, no matter how many times I look at it, the Leviathan dread are just too cool.[/spoiler]

>> No.55033897


>> No.55033905

Callidus assassin I painted for my buddy's GK biz.

>> No.55033914

>universal -1to hit
You mean Venoms and Planes?

>5++/6+++ is bananas.
Vehicles get 5++ and infantry gets 6+++. Only some Covens units have both. What you're not mentioning is that all of our vehicles are T5 or T6 with a 4+ save vs the standard T7+ that most armies have, which makes them significantly more vulnerable to small arms fire.

>> No.55033918

What's a fire support squad? Like tac marines?

>> No.55033919

I want to use the cadian karskin as my scions but i dont know what to use for any tempestor prime i want to use

>> No.55033950

Fucking no, like those of Devastator Squad, he must have 3 of those to field 3 Levi Dread.

>> No.55033954

How many colours did you use for the blade?

>> No.55033962


>I want to use the cadian karskin
Those were discontinued years ago

>> No.55033963

>Devastator Squad
Didn't have any of those. Just some guys behind then cannons and a tac marine line with Lascannon.

>> No.55034001

I know a guy selling 20-30

>> No.55034010

Oh shit did they magically destroy all of the models that were made? I know the new models are the only ones in production by GW but i personally like the old ones alot more if not for the better ability to customize so im going to keep picking up the old models second hand.

>> No.55034040

3 smaller dread could have been Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought.
Oh well, better luck next time.

>> No.55034072

Those look right. Do they carry melta?

>> No.55034079

They can
But giving them meltas pushes the list way above 1,750pts

>> No.55034094

He probably didn't buy his wargear.

>> No.55034123

So it's ok if you lie about your points and use FW models that you never name so people can't eyeball your points as long as you don't get caught?

>> No.55034128

>>a good deathwatch list
a question I think a lot of deathwatch players are still trying to answer.

I honestly don't know. I can tell you that there's a couple stand out unit choices - Corvus Blackstars, Frag Assault Cannons, and actually venerable dreadnoughts with lascannons and missiles, because there are few and far between answers for ranged anti tank otherwise. I personally put the continued build up of my kill teams on stand by until their codex drops to avoid screwing myself.

>> No.55034153

Download the FW Index and read the shit out of it.

>> No.55034164

Are you actually for real right now? Just cop to your goddamned mistakes and learn from them.

>> No.55034183

I dunno, sure people cheat
But for friendly LGS games I'd prefer not having to double check and add up their lists, and instead trust they did their math right

>> No.55034196

You can start looking this fucking autists with care. They are sociopaths and only care about winning. You'll find one who rolls very quick or away from your sight, one who changes equipment on a whim, one who conveniently forgets he used all his CP, that bastard who will argue about every single thing you do... just be carefoul.

I don't won't to say everyone is a cheating bastard, it may be sincere mistakes. But don't rule out malice.

>> No.55034243

Talk to your opponent, see his list and pay attention to what he does. Its a social hobby, not solitaire, quit being a little bitch and learn from your mistakes instead of becoming tilted because your HQ died on turn 1.

>> No.55034244

Alright. Frag Assault Cannons look hilariously good. If I get the SC, how many magnets should I get to make sure I can keep my Deathguard flexible?

>> No.55034264

Death draws near

>> No.55034266

Not the same person you mong, literally my first post in this back and forth

>> No.55034287

Don't listen to >>55034094

This guy has impugned the honor of your house and you can't let an insult like that stand. You should get 5-10 of your greatest and most trustworthy warriors and go burn down his family lodge. Cut down anyone who flees without mercy.

>> No.55034297

Pask wasn't even my HQ, but apparently it's my fault when I get fucked because I don't trust my opponent wont cheat when given the chance when there is nothing to gain.
Fun game you FW players play.

>> No.55034307

Or just tell him to go fuck himself and that you won't stand being cheated again if he asks for a game. That might work, too

>> No.55034319

plays guard and complains
is this 7th Ed?

>> No.55034328

No this is /tg/
You can't name a single Guard player who's not a fucknut

>> No.55034329

>Bringing Pask
Just use infantry Lmao

>> No.55034331

Nothing to do with FW
Just that guy being a dick

>> No.55034334

>blaming the victim
Wow what a pair of fucking faggots we got here.

>> No.55034336

Meh. I didn't bother magnetizing mine. Just stuck to general focuses for squads and I'll roll with whatever the tides of balance take them. The dread is nice though since it has peg arms that you don't need magnets to swap.

>> No.55034341

Well I guess it finally happened.

>> No.55034351

Yeah I am pretty retarded
am >>55034319

>> No.55034358

I was trying a list with Vets in Chimeras and some Guard squads to play the narrative mission. Don't try and call me a WAAC fuck.

>> No.55034380

Fuck you too faggot, he doesn't even know what Leviathan Dread and Contemtor dread are.

>> No.55034381

Guard has replaced Tau in the hate meme. No matter how you actually play them people will shitpost about hating them and accuse you of only playing the WAAC builds.

>> No.55034393

How hard did GW have to fudge the system?

>> No.55034397

> I perceive myself as wrong therefore can't questioned
How do you function in the world?

>> No.55034398

bro Im not saying that we are all a bunch of power gamers
Im just saying that It could be way worse
7th edition guard was thud gun line or nothing

>> No.55034400

>The average player doesn't know about the full 30k line
Wow no shit

>> No.55034404

That's because the previously fun all infantry all the time builds are now waac

>> No.55034408

I dunno bro, he should at least bring a warrior-priest with him for proper dedication and challenge the dude to a duel under the eyes of the gods. Or like, at least one god. Do not wanna fight a duel without the permission of at least one god in case that dude's someone's favored champion and you slay him and now it's, "whoa, no, my children were carried off by a swarm of deific bees - damn you, Beesius, Lord of Bees!"

>> No.55034431

>liking Guard outside of tryharding with WAAC lists

>> No.55034432

There's plenty of people breaking out Russ' and other vehicles now that they don't all explode turn 1.

>> No.55034435

Feels good people won't shit on me for my painted Tau anymore
Thanks for taking the heat Guardboys

>> No.55034440

As hard as humanely possible, and more.

He is the hero that chaos needed but didn't deserve.

>> No.55034445

Are you fucking kidding me ? That's why I told him to download the index FW and read it so atleast he knows what he playing against with.

>> No.55034460

How it's supposed to work:
- Pick an army that you like, you can always customize the points you don't like, or start another army in the future!

How it actually works: If you're indecisive between 3 armies because you feel once you start collecting it, the money spent will make you feel like you can't go back, that's because you are too poor to start collecting/playing 40k to begin with.

>> No.55034472

>I am talking to only one person, my solipsistic view grants me the right to take that for granted
How do you function in the world?

>> No.55034483

Guard players get hate for playing with unpainted blobs and constantly wanking over their armies.

>> No.55034506


>> No.55034514

>How it actually works: If you're indecisive between 3 armies because you feel once you start collecting it, the money spent will make you feel like you can't go back, that's because you are too poor to start collecting/playing 40k to begin with.

Truth. I have 4 armies that aren't even assembled let alone painted that I've just collected over time through various spurts of good deals

>> No.55034525

>>guard armies
>>unpainted blobs

For whatever other criticisms, I've never personally seen unpainted guard armies ever - pro-painted tier or not. The owners all clearly made an effort to not be scum.

>> No.55034530

>I'll reference a philosophical idea to add weight, but use it incorrectly so instead I look like a dumbass.

>> No.55034547

>arguing in a thread about children's plastic action figures

>> No.55034561

On /tg/ no, but elsewhere yes unpainted guard.
It is just IG wasn't a super hot army before cause it was actively WAAC repellant. Now you've siphoned the WAACers from all the 7th factions into your ranks

>> No.55034574

So... new thread?

>> No.55034576

I own a guard army that's fully painted, but every time I see a battle report on here it's the black boyz feat. grey baneblade.

The only painted guard I see are the pictures of armies are the same three that have been posted a dozen times.

>> No.55034581

lol never thought id see the day

>> No.55034583

Why did they butcher these things? The model was always cool to me and the potential for kitbashing was massive.

>> No.55034598

It took me a while to understand what the fuck I was looking at.-

>> No.55034615

filename helps

>> No.55034647

Drinking more water and getting proper sleep would help better.

>> No.55034653 [SPOILER] 


>> No.55034661

Oh, and I suppose you'd have him what, bring his dispute before the elder council? Like a commoner?

How is anon supposed to protect his land holdings from future invasion if he doesn't present a strong, unequivocal stance against his challengers before his rival warlords? Because you -know- they have their spymasters watching. Only a matter of time before someone tries to claim his fields and fill his daughters with little neckbeards.

>> No.55034662

Alright. I'm just curious because the local Hobby Lobby has 1/8" neodymium magnets for a quarter each.

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