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Your Marines matter, no matter what color they are edition

Waifu wars sub edition
>Death Guard preview

>Konor Campaign: Will Chaos finally get one?

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine supplement for Daemons, Thousand Sons and Death Guard players
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine and Codex Grey Knights FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing the Emperor's work)

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I like this OP.

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Whats the appeal of space wolves exactly? Why would play space marines with extra furfaggotry?

Like I get you don't want to make even more ultramarines but you can always go Blood Angels or Imperial Fists or something else that doesn't involve fursuits

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Death Guard here, been on holiday, what have I missed?

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Space Vikings

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Will Thousand My Wife's Sons get their codex this year?

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For some reason every Space Wolves player I've ever played against has been a jew. Make what you will of that.

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DG are getting a SM / 6th ed Tau scale release in September.
I'm jealous.

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When will Orks get a flamethrower tank....

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Back in 3rd also known as "best edition" SW where space Viking.

Wolf wolf wolf time wolf lord was a later thing

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Everyone hates guard and you should die

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>why would furries play as the furry faction?

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for the first time in a year I'll be going to my LGS's 1500 tourney with a fully painted army
>is it painted to a quality your happy with? Is it wysiwyg? Is it proxy free?
>will you be touching up almost every model and adding detail? Are there some models you will totally strip eventually
Definitely a lot of work to do but I'm happy to finally be able to put all my dudes down painted, and I can build up from here to higher point levels fully painted

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>not using the superior tyranid waifu
Shit taste

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They got a flame thrower buggy and plane, don't need a tank unless it's a wagon allowed to take skorchas and some sort of supah skorcha.

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Anyone know of good Necron style heads/bits that would look good on Skitarii? I want to convert tgem to look like they've been using necron tech to augment themselves, and given Pariahs are metal and increasingly rare I don't think I can take the heads from those.

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>five aces
Just noticed that

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In 3/4th ed? They were cool space vikings who didn't buy into the whole warrior monk thing and were pretty relatable. The wolf shit was pretty toned down and limited mostly to tassels and wolfen

Since their 5th Ed codex ruined them, white scars ended up taking the "uncivilized but human" theme and ran (biked?) with it

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Ive always been keen on the deathmark heads, the mono eye and markings look nice

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But, are they the furry faction?

They kill the wolves the wear, which goes against most furry's ideals on preserving animals

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> Codex
> New Typhus
> DG Termies
> Morty.
That's about sum it up.

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>Its an 'opponent begins telling you the names of all of his squads and characters and get upset if you dont call them that and words the first 10 minutes wanting to forge a narrative' episode

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So what codex do you think is going to be announced after AdMech drops?

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Are Big Trakks and Supa Kannon Wagons worth looking into?

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Nice work anon, that's a big achievement.

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Tau perhaps, those little shit seriously needs some nerf with their Commander.

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>another guardfag with a table top ready army
Surprise surprise

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Honestly depending how Death Guard is set up, I think Daemons will be soon.

>If Death Guard is a Daemonkin book then nevermind.

Otherwise with the new Daemons of Nurgle in AOS, it makes sense Daemons will get updated to cash in on that.

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Id be happy if we didn't have another marine codex till 10th

>> No.55022428

The rumours say Guard, then Tau, both in October.

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>OP picked my image
>good old SOB waifu beat shitty xeno waifus
What a great way to start a thread.

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Almost like they actually care about the game and hobby

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I've never met a furfag that plays space woofs. They're just space marines LARPing as vikings.

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Good job anon. It feels good. I'm not satisfied with my army quite yet either, but I'm at a point where I can field 1500-2000 points fully painted and it feels amazing.

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Thanks for reminding me to turn my Deathstrike back into a Manticore.
Deathstrikes are complete trash now.

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>guard in October
I hope that's true, I've heard people say anything from they are the very next to come (rip steel legion rumors) to them being a year away

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>Plasma Russes
Anon.....I'm so sorry.

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I played them back in 2nd edition when they were just vikings with the occasional wolf penis on a lanyard.

Also what the fuck ever happened to "There's no wolves on Fenris." So where the fuck do they get all these goddamned wolves they ride around?

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I've met a fair number of ponyfags that play Space Marines.
Marines attract a lot of teenagers, super autistic man children and questionable people.
Does this mean we should ban marines? Maybe

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My problem with SW is how despite the fact that they are literal genocidal unhonorable fucks, they won't shut up about MUH WARRIORS HONOR MUH NOBLE WARRIOR. Like they constantly contradict their words nonstop with their bullshit actions, and despite all this they are never called out for their BS by anyone and never succumb to their hubris. It'd be different if they were honest about how shit they are, but they aren't, so as a result they are fags.

t. Iron Warrior

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And by this point, believe me, we've heard every unoriginal "wolfs wolfing wolves" and furry joke. Makes it more satisfying when you win afterwards, especially versus artists who believe everything they see in memes online.

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Jesus, autists*. The sins of phoneposting.

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Marines and marine derivatives are the most played factions. Of course you'll find the highest amount of retards.

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there really are no wolves on fenris, all the "wolves" are humans that were gene modded with the wulfen genes in order to make them hardier and better able to survive the harsh environment. It's side effect was occasionally turning humans completely into wolves. It's why wulfen are a thing

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Proportion wise anon, proportion wise.

>> No.55022516

We used to have one. But they took it away with 8th edition.

Mekboy Junka

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DAE le furry??? is a meme

>> No.55022523


so you're telling me that all the goddamn wolves in the thunder wolf cavalry are space wolves that turned into literal wolves?

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Ponyfags probably like the bright colors

>> No.55022539

In 30k or 40k?

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>what is the big trakk the post
its a T7 tank with a 24 inch str 6 ap-2 D2 flamers
Its nuts

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Thanks friends, it does feel great, I always felt kinda shitty when I'd put my half painted trash army down up against someone's beautifully painted army, at least now I won't feel like everyone thinks I'm playing guard for bandwagon reasons despite starting in seventh
Some of the models still need some work, some of my characters are worrisomely bad, but the feeling of that model you've owned for months finally going from unprimed to painted is heavenly

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>all the goddamn wolves in the thunder wolf cavalry are space wolves that turned into literal wolves?
Or humans.

>> No.55022543

They're not former marines, they were probably born wolves. It's just that their ancestors were mutant humans, not dogs

>> No.55022545

Should i even bother finishing my psyker models today for points on Vanitor?

Seems like we lost this whole campaign. And imperial players were complaining days ago about chaos steam rolling.

Always a remind Space muhrine players are the worst of the worst whiners.

>> No.55022556

>he says while whining

>> No.55022566

The point is that their wolves are not real wolves. Whether that means they're humans devolved due to the Wulfen gene or just that wolves don't grow to the size of a truck is up to interpretation.

>> No.55022569

Anon, Chaos is still winning.

>> No.55022570

"The Thunderwolf Cavalry are a small elite unit of the Space Wolves, who ride massive Fenrisian Thunderwolves into battle. These warriors do not appear in any official Imperial records, and are seen so rarely in combat as to be considered almost mythical. The Space Wolves continue to officially deny the existence of these cavalry."

I don't blame them. I deny the existence of them too.

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And buffs on everything else save gun drones. Riptides are pathetic.

>> No.55022583

Yeah, that shit is insane. It's horrifying to charge, eats planes for breakfest and has more range than titan flamethrower

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>> No.55022590

The wolves aren't Canis Lupus; more like Homo Lupus

Yes,yes I said Homo teehee yourselves silly

>> No.55022593

I know the feeling with the bandwagoning, I started a Tau army recently and I'm still paranoid I'm going to get Riptide Wing bitterness directed my way from 7e.

>> No.55022594

At least Spacefurries have something unique that defines them. Blood angles and imperial fists are just red and yellow ultramarines.

>> No.55022597

Substantiate your claims

>> No.55022598

Anything is better than grey plastic, and those models have lots of character.

>> No.55022606

>mfw I have to paint 200 orks, a dakajet a wartrack, two trukks and two deffkoptas.
I've never painted before, and am just getting back into the hobby since I was young. Help

>> No.55022607


oh it's homo alright

>> No.55022608

New rumour engine.

>> No.55022610

First pony knight I've seen. Do you have more? Or is part of a marine army?

>> No.55022613

I like helfrost weapons

>> No.55022614 [DELETED] 

That was just Magnus memeing

>> No.55022615


Blood angels are vampires or some shit.

>> No.55022617

Looks like it's still very close, go for it!

>> No.55022618

What'd he see tg?

>> No.55022620


Necromunda gun. Probably a shotgun or stubber of some sort. That's my guess.

>> No.55022627

Looks like more dwarf shit for AoS

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>> No.55022630

Well it's not 40k, that's for sure.

>> No.55022631



You're welcome anon.

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>> No.55022637

can't even pick a character to focus on unlike that one pic that's an entire army 4/10 would not play with

>> No.55022638

Iron Dwarves, without the blimps

>> No.55022641

What's wrong with them? I know they aren't ass efficient armour rapists as manticores, but I think they're cool and put in a lot of work with proxy harker babysitting when they aren't melting down from ones
plus they're magnetized

>> No.55022643

Peach Guard Guy here with my gigantic phallic ego, to show off my amazing paint jobs. : ^ )
Almost have all my lasguns done. Just need to do highlights and belts on 30ish more. Then comes the other two trays of officers, specials, vox and heavies...

What're the rest of you working on lately?

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>> No.55022650

What have they done in 40k that makes you say they are hypocritical genocidal fucks? All I know of in 30k is the burning of Propsero, which isn't inconsistent with their previous or latter portrayals taking into account 10k years of evolution.

>> No.55022655

In this picture we can see some Space Marine-MLP fan art

>> No.55022663

Just don't put in six Commanders if you don't want to get bitched at. Or to win.

>> No.55022664

>almost legend
>denied repeatedly
>seen constantly on the table top

>> No.55022672

The void

>> No.55022675

But Executioners are amazing.

>> No.55022680

>playing a game about marines
>hates marines

I've never understood you faggots.

>> No.55022682

Does anyone know if GW or any third party company has something like pic related but on a larger scale. I really want to make an Alpha legion Daemon prince that looks like a hydra or at least has the lower body of a snake.

>> No.55022690

Good taste in videos

>> No.55022693

This the mentality that people hate about marine players
Go play horus Heresy if you wanna play a game about marines

>> No.55022709

Anyone have the new abacus plague marine image with him fudging number on GW prices?

>> No.55022715

Looking nice anon, I like this colour scheme.

>> No.55022718


best i can do for you friend

>> No.55022720

Good man. Give them a go then try Punishers 3x Heavy Flamers or Demolishers 3x Heavy flamers.

Don't forget those plasma cannons get -1 to hit when moving and thus blow up on a 2....

>> No.55022722

>This the mentality that NPCs hate about marine players

>> No.55022723

>reason why even marine players hate other marine players
Go be a fag somewhere else.
When I started playing 40k it was a joke of WHF

>> No.55022734

Kustom Shoota for the new plastic Warboss

>> No.55022736

That wasn't english but I'm going to assume you're disagreeing with me.

Literally every promotional poster for 40k features marines.

>> No.55022737

>daemon prince
>alpha legion

That aside, check out the medusa looking thing from the dark elf bloodwrack shrine.

>> No.55022739

put 7 skorchas on a grot mega tank.

>> No.55022745

check Mierce Miniaturers

They have a whole line of snake people...some with tits

>> No.55022749

Look up the medusa from Aos or fantasy? I saw one here and I think that's what it was from. I intend to convert her to be a gsc patriarch and your idea sounds doable too

>> No.55022754


>> No.55022755


>Kustom Shoota
hey that could actually be...

>for the new plastic Warboss
haha, nvm

>> No.55022758

Being this wrong

>> No.55022759

>Probably no Agents codex until next year
>Veridyan will simply be a normal canoness until then
Why didn't they just put her in the Index? Was it really so hard?

>> No.55022760

Bloodwrack Medusa from the Fantasy Bloodwrack Shrine.

>> No.55022772

Provide evidence faggot.

>> No.55022775

Going Mark of Slaanesh? There's always the boobsnake.

>> No.55022786

>asking npcs for evidence
That requires them to quit whinging. And that wont happen

>> No.55022787

Also this fellow

>> No.55022789

I know about the canons blowing up on twos, usually I spend a turn moving into position and not overcharging them, then turn two I start overcharging everything
After this tourney I plan on seeing what the punisher hype is all about, next I guess is demolishers but they have a pathetic range which turns me off to them

>> No.55022791

Who would be the best sex in 40k?

>Slaanesh for sheer excess?
>Eldar for centuries of experience?
>Deldar for the kinky shit you shouldn't like but might anyway?
>Tyranid with feeder tendrils?
>Sisters for passionate angelic stuff?
>Callidus for versatility?

>> No.55022792

God, I hate their website so fucking much. It looks like a Geocity page.

All their miniatures are fantastic when someone else posts them, but I never browse them because their website is so fucking garbage.

>> No.55022796

>the Eldar poster
>the imperial knight in the bags of GW

>> No.55022797

Or, ya know, the dark elf HYDRA.
Glue a marine torso onto each neck in place of the head and have a scaly multi centaur.

>> No.55022807

>Sisters for passionate angelic stuff?
You get missionary and then flagellation to keep yourself pure

>> No.55022809

Sisters should be used to being shafted by now

>> No.55022812

Commissar, because you likely earned it.

>> No.55022815

>Meatloaf soundtracks plays in the background
>"with the voice of a horny Angel"

>> No.55022816


I doubt the brides of the emperor only did missionary with that crackpot cult dictator, whatever his name was.

>> No.55022819

Oh yeah, it's fucking atrocious

>> No.55022820

Is your reading comprehension shit or are you just pretending to be retarded?

>> No.55022827

You want to be close with the Russes now that they overwatch.
3 Heavy flamers is no joke to charge, and they are tough as fuck. Much better as infantry support since manticores/basilisks are just better for range.

>> No.55022838

Thanks /40kg/. Think i found a few that could work.

>> No.55022839

>From Atia on War of Sigmar, don't share this
>AM codex launch has new models, dual kit vehicle transport/artillery unit "like the Krios but with legs", 40mm base robot infantry unit, small base HQ based on "old favourite" model (possibly AM =][= mini)
>next codex after AM/DG is Emperor's Children, launches to include Primarch Fulgrim, Sonic Hellbrute, Noise Marines/Enhanced Warriors dual kit
>New boxed game to come out, DAEMONIFUGE, features Ephrael Stern mini (similar style to Verydian) and new plastic Inquisitor + Scions

>> No.55022842


Easy answer is easy

>> No.55022845

Correct answer

>> No.55022854

>that wasn't English
Nigga what sort of English do you speak?

>> No.55022860

Why would they put Emperor's Children in the Chaos codex and then release an Emperor's Children codex?

>> No.55022863

you were going well until plastic scions and an EC codex

>> No.55022866

The only answer.

>> No.55022869

>Slaanesh for sheer excess?
I think Slaanesh would be more painful than enjoyable (to the point where your body is LITERALLY broken), but I guess some people are into that
>Eldar for centuries of experience?
Thats IF you could even get the eldar to mate with you...them having to constantly keep their emotion in check and all that shit
>Deldar for the kinky shit you shouldn't like but might anyway?
Sex with a wych or succubus could be fun, they might be kinky but at least they'll usually be having sex for the point of enjoyment and not what other races want...
>Tyranid with feeder tendrils?
Enjoy being digested by bioacid while you slowly lose conciousness while a lictor sucks out your brain....whatever your into, buddy
>Sisters for passionate angelic stuff?
Honestly, I worry that they might be kinda like space marines in the sense that they might not know how to...."do it"
>Callidus for versatility?
Now THAT's something that sounds pretty damn nice. Could go from vanilla to anything you like.

>> No.55022876

My dad works at GW and he says this is all bullshit

>> No.55022893

>This the mentality

NPCs on siucide watch

>> No.55022907

>Sisters might not know how to do it
Ciaphas Cain confirms that despite the rumors sisters are not required to stay chaste, and in that story a high ranking sister has a FwB relationship with a fat accountant

>> No.55022916

Holy shit anon thank you.

>> No.55022922


>> No.55022926

Commissar because she'd shoot you for having sex with any of those other options

>> No.55022936

BL books don't really confirm much of anything given how often they contradict GW fluff.

>> No.55022942

>Glue a marine torso onto each neck in place of the head and have a scaly multi centaur.
>Because SUBTLETY.

Alpha Legion squad is so skilled at deception they attract the attention of Tzeentch

Tzeentch offers Daemonhood to one member.

They say make Alpharius a Daemon Prince

Little does Tzeentch know the entire squad have been gene-modded to have the same DNA, look the same, and they all had the same name.

They tried tricking Tzeentch into making them all Daemon Princes. Instead he takes all of them and melds them into the same being: one daemon prince, but with nine seperate minds. Each Marine's torso a "head" to the Hydra-like body they now share.

>> No.55022949

Finish it! Finish the imperium brother!

>> No.55022954


Looks like new admech stuff announced

>> No.55022957

Nice English bro.

>> No.55022961

Show us your glorious marine army anon.

>> No.55022968


>SIsters not knowing how to fuck

Vandire disagrees.

>> No.55022969

Please tell me where in the SoB codex says that?

Fan fact Chaos marine have less codex than SoB

>> No.55022975

Non-native English speaker confirmed

>> No.55022977

Nah, that's probably an AoS thing like a Kharadron Overlords™ Aethershootman Cannongunner

>> No.55022982

That looks way too low tech for AdMech.

It's either AoS shit, or Necromunda.

>> No.55022987

>Sisters are kissless virgins that get embarrassed when their Superior sets them up with guys in order to make more servants for the Emperor because they don't know what to do
I like this idea.

>> No.55022998

that studio is from wiesbaden. saw that knight in person.

>> No.55023012

Usually only high ranking Sororitas interact with outsiders. So this is somewhat canon

>> No.55023016

>eldar for centuries of experience
>implying eldar don't spend their days as awkward kissless virgins

>> No.55023037

>Thinking Vandire's "Bride's of the Emperor" are the same thing as the current iteration of the ecclesiarchy's Sisters of Battle
But don't worry anon, >>55022907 already proved me wrong

>> No.55023038

>this level of mad
Dark Angels are gay by the way

>> No.55023039

>Make each Torso complete with arms holding weapons and heads
>This DP tactic of choice is hiding behind rubble with the "heads" showing and shooting
>When his position is assaulted SURPRISE DP appears

>> No.55023041

Probably something in Trazyn's collection that we don't know about.

>> No.55023045

Dwarven Tanegashima.

>> No.55023051

I do the one punch man approach. 20 words or less. Here's mine for my hive fleet Titan:
Hive fleet splinter and fell on arctic death world. They started changing color and weapons now use frost weapons.

>> No.55023057

These men know where its at.

>> No.55023058

Aetherwrought Skypyrate Gunshooters with Blundermusket Aetherlocks

>> No.55023062

"Modern" sisters of the Orders Famulous probably are fucking their nobles all the time.

>> No.55023078

Don't forget that they're loaded with Kharadron Aethersteel Skyrounds.

>> No.55023079

honestly all I can imagine is each of the "heads" separately claiming to be Alpharius, denying that the others are Alpharius. Because in my mind Alpha Legion straddles a fine line somewhere between master black ops and information warfare specialists, and cartoonish shenanigan-factories

>> No.55023083

So I've got a spare metal Coteaz that I'm thinking of converting into the Inquisitor Lord from Daemonhunt, since fur collars and hoods are supremely badass.

Pic related, its clearly based on Coteaz. The only challenge is that I'm not sure what to do with his left arm with the eagle. The shoulder itself is pointing outward, so even if I arm swap he'll still have about the same pose.

This wouldn't necessarily be an issue except that his head is molded in place and it would be exceptionally challenging to head swap something else.

I can't imagine I'm the first person to attempt this, has anyone seen this conversion before?

>> No.55023092

>ice tyranids with liquid nitrogen mucus guns

that's pretty rad, anon. Makes me want to work more on My Dudes.

>> No.55023093

>Why would play space marines with extra furfaggotry?
I don't let memes and shitposting take decisions in my life? unlike you it seems.

>> No.55023104

Part of the job description.
Some times you need to take one for the team to prevent too many inbreed nobles

>> No.55023113

I've committed myself to not make any shooty vehicles until we get a codex. Just doesn't feel worth it right now to get another set of d6 shots at BS5.

>> No.55023117

Okay I'm basically picturing finger puppets screaming at each other now until the attackers just watch in awe as a much of marines start bodyslamming one another

>> No.55023123

Yeah, but they pretty much exist for that sole purpose.
We're talking about the traditional nun flamer melta crazed bitch sisters.

>> No.55023133

The hell is Daemonhunt?

>> No.55023147

Yeah I was banging my head against the wall on doing tyranids or space wolves, so I painted tyranids sorta like SW. And I'm totally stealing the helfrost and ice weapons scheme from SW too.

>> No.55023150

Those orphan babies can't come from the Guard alone

>> No.55023158

Snek tits, not even once.

>> No.55023163


You could build an Inquisitor from the ground up using regular SM power armor instead of cutting up a Coteaz. Otherwise, fill it in with a power armored arm featuring any other weapon you'd prefer in its stead, like a wrist-mounted storm bolter as preferred by Grey Knights or something.

>> No.55023164

>T.the grey legion anon
I bet you're a WAAC fag that changes armies when they're no longer top tier.

>> No.55023170

god tier dawn of war 1 mod that added daemonhunters, got rolled into ultimate apocalypse.

It was before grey knights ever got a codex, so all of the Ordo Malleus guys are in one army and its pretty kickass.

It was made with a lot of love, they even got voice acting that was pretty decent for being a free mod.


This nails what I imagine most Inquisitors to sound like.

>> No.55023189


I'm considering arm swaps currently, but its hard to find one that wouldn't look odd with his pose.

This is probably the best I've found, I'm considering this but with a psycannon instead of a shield.

>> No.55023190

Did anyone else notice this goof in White Dwarf? They accidently put the Tzeentch Daemons picture for what was suppose to be the Slaneesh daemons picture.

>> No.55023191

>Mfw a mod is better than DoW3 will ever be

>> No.55023198

Just as planned.

>> No.55023205

>This nails what I imagine most Inquisitors to sound like.
Maybe the hardcore militant types. Which seem like they'd be the minority, Inquisitors aren't really all that suited to battlefield duties.

>> No.55023207

GW really seems to just pretend Slaanesh isn't a thing

>> No.55023223


of course I forgot the pic

its what you get when something is made by passionate people over the course of years

You know what, that's fair. Maybe the paladin-esque Ordo Malleus types then.

>> No.55023231

May fate smile upon you.

>> No.55023234

Banging your pet dog doesn't count as preserving them.

>> No.55023243

Is Lord of Change any good this edition?

>> No.55023259

Go away Carnac.

>> No.55023264

Kind of. But honestly, it's a case of 'Why not Magnus'
He's only like 70 points more and has an insane Smite and Murderfucks everything in combat

>> No.55023265


If you're using the Terminator Armor profile (because that's all Inq has for anything above Carapace) then I'd suggest just picking out terminator bits and building from there. Get a Dark Angels head if you like the hoods, assuming it'll fit in Terminator Armor.

There's enough different Terminator marks and variants out there that you can probably find everything you need to make a fittingly baroque Inquisitor. If you're really dedicated to building from the ground up, I'd check bits resellers and just pouring through their terminator armor stuff, especially if they have Forge World bits because HH just DUMPED archaic-looking terminator armor out there.

And, if it needs more embellishments, there's always greenstuff if you have the skill. Etched brass if you don't.

>> No.55023268

When did white dwarf stop being fun? I wish i still had that dark eldar warrior

>> No.55023277

White Dwarf has been fun again for like a year now.

>> No.55023285

It's inconclusive since even the author of the book won't tell mostly because expected to look too much into that, it's mostly autists shitposters that take it literally to derail threads.

>> No.55023299

During the same time GW went turbo with the marine wank.
Are those related? Maybe

>> No.55023301

Does /tg/ not play Orks? Those barrel are the staple Ork shoota barrel. Could be a new Kustom Shoota. Probably Necromunda shit tbqh tho.

>> No.55023302

There was an error in the prior one too. Half a harlequin instead of a genestealer.

>> No.55023306


Looks like they're bringing that back.

Newest book featured their artists doing custom conversions and paint jobs, showing off how it's done my the experts. Plus they had a free primaris attached to the front. Why, did yours not come with a free marine on the front? I think your retailer might need to be asked some stiff questions.

>> No.55023314

>If you're using the Terminator Armor profile (because that's all Inq has for anything above Carapace) then I'd suggest just picking out terminator bits and building from there. Get a Dark Angels head if you like the hoods, assuming it'll fit in Terminator Armor.

Actually way ahead of you, I had a lot of fun making a proper termie inquisitor a few months ago, even put some pics here of him.

I'm thinking of just using this conversion as Coteaz himself.

>Etched brass if you don't.

Shit FW still makes Inquisition brass don't they? Great idea.

>> No.55023315


>> No.55023329

I don't remember these but they're beautiful

>> No.55023334

Or Jacob's shotgun from the SoB
It is a gun. So it can be anything right now

>> No.55023341

He's mehh.
He's large, targetable, decays, and barely more killy than a Daemon Prince.

His biggest buff is +2 to casting, but overall the Change lore is pretty lackluster. Once we get Codex Daemons and get a full 6 powers he might be worth.

>> No.55023350

Said the Grey Knight who spammed purifiers

>> No.55023355

I haven't read a white dwarf for about 6 or 7 years now, I'll have to try it again. It was really really bad for a very long time

>> No.55023386


Damn i'm making basically the same unit for my grot fandex

>> No.55023390

Any suggestions on what to use for Slaanesh demons? The FW greater demon is alright, but the GW stuff is...well...

Not sexy enough

>> No.55023404

Hello Leo you fucking greenskinned faggot.

>> No.55023422


>> No.55023424

I liked this most recent issue. It's still got sort of a catalogue feel to it, but the articles were solid enough, and while I don't play AoS, the batrep was interesting enough.
Not much is gonna beat the older WD's, where they were throwing out new scenarios, conversion ideas, bits deals and experimental rules every issue, but it has been getting better, if nothing else.

I also liked how they featured two giant letters about how shit WD was and suggestions on how to fix it.


>> No.55023456

Quick reminder chaos players can win more if they unload soul grinders!

>> No.55023460

Go scratch ian you lanky fucking skeleton looking ass nigga

>> No.55023468

Speaking of that gigantic, greasy manfucker
Has all this new DI lore pointed in any way to Moloch being a secret Primaris marine instead of a secret Custodes? It certainly would make a bit more sense if the High Lord's got to sample Cawls secret project in exchange for cooperation.

>> No.55023488

I know he is Greek and not Roman, but I always imagined moloch sounding like legate lanius.

>> No.55023501

I just got the limited edition of Black Legion. While flipping through the author notes (interesting read), I found a sentence in its own page.

>Peter Jackson once said: 'We all felt like Luke, but we all wanted to be Han'. This one's for Gav Thorpe and Andy Chambers. We all felt like Gav, but we all wanted to be Andy.

What does ADB mean by this?

>> No.55023507

This, it's no longer the weekly paid advertisement that is was for a few years back there. They even(!) acknowledged that conversions are a thing that you're allowed to do and showcased a few with brief parts lists, which is pretty much the first time for that in about a decade.

>> No.55023513

Dunno. I'm completely out of the loop on current lore, aside from the most commonly found stuff. Haven't really dug into anything.

Personally, I find it highly likely he's more Primaris than Custodes - the wargear can be explained by their High Lords connections, but a Custodes leading a chapter of marines (even after their sorta reformation) is too odd to me.

Side note, his model is being an asshole with all its fiddly detail. Every time I think I'm done, I find something else I missed.

>> No.55023516

"I'm not gay, I just hate women. To be honest, I wish I was gay"

>> No.55023518

>GW ever acknowledging something FW did
>Forgeworld ever getting off their asses to do something

>> No.55023527

Goddamn I miss old WFB

>> No.55023545

Jokes on you i really was gay all along

>> No.55023553

Still want transfer sheets for Minotaurs, Lamenters, etc. I cant freehand worth a shit, FW, GIVE ME TRANSFERS.

>> No.55023558

>Made out of metal
It's fucking wraithbone you pleb.

>> No.55023574

Dogs of War. They had a bunch of really interesting stuff like pikes and crossbowmen with pavises. Plus the army "standard" that boosted morale was the paychest.

>> No.55023575

There's 3D printed shoulderpads for them on Shapeways.

>> No.55023589

Aren't firedragons made of metal still?

>> No.55023590

Those must become a thing

>> No.55023593

I want to get some FW transfers but, fucking Christ, they're more than 20 Freedom Burgers

>> No.55023615

>last known contact between brother primarchs Ferrus Manus and Fulgrim prior to the istavan massacre circa M.31

>> No.55023624

No. The remaining metal sculpts from major armies have been converted to resin now. The only stuff left in metal are some odd balls like Sisters.

>> No.55023633

Not EVERYTHING is made of wraithbone right? Like, there's got to be some easier obtained metal they use.

>> No.55023635

Minotaurs transfers, brass, terminator shoulders and various vehicle doors existed. Until FW decided they needed more room for HH, and left everything except Red Scorpions in the dust.
And that's one of the reasons I got them from a recaster.

>> No.55023642

I don't need direct references but I'm just curious if there's some lore overlap now that we know more about Primaris.
Also I'd like to think the Minotaurs are 90% Primarine now. They probably got TWO Thunderhawk full of them week one complete with bows on top. Then they presented transfer orders to all the Lamenters reinforcements mid-delievery.

>> No.55023648

That he's out of his meds, really who the fuck cares about his opinions? The last time he pulled that shit in MoM we had a shitload of threads about what he wrote at the end of it
>Hurr Durr chaos win forever
>Deal with it nerds chaos best step dad
Fuck that

>> No.55023654

Why would they use anything other than Wraithbone?

>> No.55023657

Why are Skyweaver Bolas grenade type, do they really intend you to run units of the 2 with one glaive, one bola or something?

>> No.55023660

This makes me unduly happy, thank you

>> No.55023675

in fear of having anything better than a 4+ save

>> No.55023678

Really, they had Terminator shoulders? I don't remember those. Bummer. I didn't see them on Z or ccon either, will have to check again.

>> No.55023680

Get some blank printable transfer sheet paper and print your own. Bolter and Chansword has premade transfer sheet images for just about every chapter out there.


>> No.55023684

Thought on this scheme for a Death Company / Sword Brethren proxy?

The metallic is just unpainted ceramite ( they get stripped of all markings) and the black of the helmet represents shame

They're melee marines with no jump packs.

In my chapter they're a few that have done shameful deeds or royally fucked up and they're kept locked away in penitence. Size of this company varies and they're kept with the chaplains.

>> No.55023691

I think IG psykers are made of metal too

>> No.55023709

Well shit, thank you anon. Appreciate it.

>> No.55023716

They had. Also Rhino and Land Raider doors. Thankfully, easterneuropeanman exists.
And I'm happy to have 2 sheets of their brass, seen one on ebay the other day. The auction went up to 60€ before I stopped watching. And there was plenty of time left.
But as the other anon said, shapeways has quite a bit of shoulderpads and 3d transfers.

>> No.55023722


the regular marines for comparison

>> No.55023734

Some stuff is weird. I got Arcos and Coteaz and they were resin, but I also got Straken and he's metal. All the Guard Psyker stuff is metal too. I wonder if the Crusader and Death Cult models are metal still.

>> No.55023744

Yes and no, I've seen both in the same rack

>> No.55023747

Nope. They're resin. Penitent Engines are metal though.

>> No.55023795

Going through the CSM model range now, jesus a lot of this needs an update.

>> No.55023802

Oh they are resin now? I made count as Crusaders and Death Cults thinking they were still metal. I may have to get the normal models now too.

>> No.55023806

unpainted ceramite is nonmetallic grey

>> No.55023807

The author notes says he had talks and advice from the developers, editors, and fellow BL writers. He was given fluff notes of unpublished material. So it's not his lore. It's the company's lore.

>> No.55023808

Penitent Engines are made of pain and suffering.
If i didn't knew about Malifaux goblins PE would be the most annoying model to assemble

>> No.55023813

Its the same thing for orks, eldar, and (I think) guard.

Too bad only Space Marines get new stuff

>> No.55023823

The bulk of the Tau's main units are pretty damn new, they've done well with new models.

>> No.55023838

Yup, I ordered a bunch earlier this month.

>> No.55023839

Plastic Cadians are from 3rd or 4th.
By the way the oldest marine model still being sold is the chassis for the Landraider from 1999

>> No.55023852

You really just have to pin them.

>> No.55023864

Plastic Cadians are from relatively early 3rd Edition. Plastic Catachans came first and for some reason the sculpters went full retard and scaled the plastic Cadians to the roided up Schwarzeneggers instead of the metal Cadians before them.

>> No.55023901

Come get awesome wargaming terrain here for dirt cheap.

T. Any fish store

>> No.55023905

Based Mydas the Mean

>> No.55023912

100% dwarfs sadly.

Gw said somewhere last year they wanted 3 factions for dwarfs like how elves have high, dark, and wood. And that they wanted them done in short order.

they did slayers as one faction, blimp pirates as another, and now the third and final faction which is your traditional infantry/ artillery gunline.

Good news for squat fans I suppose, as the dwarfs are supposed to be very industrial but not steampunk. Think little tiny iron warriors.

>> No.55023948

>Gain hate if their money is stolen
love it

>> No.55023966

Panic, THEN hatred.

>> No.55023971


>> No.55024040

Those rumours have been proven wrong 3 times now.

>> No.55024045

if we assume AM means admech, we may still see a tau release ASAP

>> No.55024046

Are Full Dakka Orks remotely viable now?

>> No.55024076

The fact that shootas are default assault now really helps, but your gonna need alot of boyz

>> No.55024078

>Adeptus Ministrorum
SoB confirmed!
Nah might be a new faction. Like hell SoB would get something

>> No.55024136

Tau are a faction that easily could be a modelless release.

Same with AdMech.

Daemons might be soon as Nurgle is getting love in AOS and everytime Daemons got stuff in AOS, 40k was affected. Khorne>Daemonkin, Tzeentch>Wrath of Magnus

Craftworld Eldar could use kits. So I'd expect them to be a release with models.

Necrons are a toss up. They could be modelless, but I can see them getting some stuff. Maybe a new sprue for some of their existing kits, to add option (similar to Stormtalon becoming Stormhawk/Stormtalon)

>> No.55024171

And Guard?

>> No.55024201

>Go to GW for birthday 40k.
>Wind up just kitbashing more dudes and talking because not enough people with armies to play game.
>Finally get game, against Primaris, I'm attacking with Admech.
>Doing well, killed his heavy guns and severely wounded the Redemptor Dread, Dragoons are in process of shoving Intercessors off one objective and already have another.
>Probably can manage tabling, Kastelans untouched and I've managed to keep healing the Crawler to keep it from dying with Command Points
>Store closes 15 mins early at end of T2, as Marines still hold 2/3 they win despite three turns left for me to kill their defenseless infantry
>Point goes to Chaos because Imperium defending.

Why?! We fucking had the bastards, I didn't want to help bloody Chaos win. Evidently I will have to murder faster next time. On the upside, Dragoons did really well, probably would have locked down both objectives on that flank with one on 3W and one on 1W and his danger units dead, he didn't manage to kill a single model of mine thanks to good saves and repairan.

Not going to do a full batrep because my army is mostly unpainted trash next to his painted Ultramarines and I'm ashamed of it, although I'm making progress. Here's my army, all WYSIWYG.

>> No.55024206

Guard don't NEED new models? (As in all models have plastic kits?)
But their infantry line is old. I expect a new line Guardsmen kit

>> No.55024214

What are you, gay?

>> No.55024221

>Tau are a faction that easily could be a modelless release.
>Same with AdMech.

True but GW isnt going to release two of those at the same time, one codex needs to have new models to sell otherwise you are wasting time and money. By that same token you wont see two codexes with new models released at the same time so as not to overwhelm the consumer and make sure you make the most of the people that go around buying the new shinies because they are new.

I dont think Tau is next or if its next alongside AdMech theywill have new models, Orks need new models and its quite likely they will be paired with Deathwatch since they dont need new models. Imperial Guard needs new models and of the xenos that dont need new stuff is Tyranids (though a new lictor would be sick) and Tau.

>> No.55024224

So, when can we get a Blood Angel unit that is just straight vampire, not even like Death Company, I want shit like assault marines that regain wounds or get more strength/toughness by killing enemies and shit, and have raggedy as fuck armor that gives them a 4+ but like 7 movement.

Turn this shit up to 11 GW, make it hurt their bitches leadership if they catch someone too, 'oh shit, the sarge just got fucking drained by our red saviours'. I fucking love Blood Angels but that ain't nearly playing off the horrific beautiful space vampire shit

>> No.55024234

I don't think we'll get a full Daemons Codex until after Slaanesh is updated. Death Guard might include Nurgle Daemons for now.

Guard are probably getting updated models, which means don't expect their Codex until 2018.

>> No.55024235

>as Marines still hold 2/3 they win
>Point goes to Chaos because Imperium defending.
Am I reading this wrong or does this not make a lick of sense?

>> No.55024242

And his army. Bit of a jumble, but it's the Redemptor, Captain, one Lieutenant, 2x5 Intercessors, 5 Hellblasters, 5 Sniper Scouts and a regular Marine Dev squad with one of every weapon for some reason.

>> No.55024246

I know it's too early to tell, but if they go for the Sandwich approach
>1 New Model Release (SM)
2 No Model Release (GK & CSM)
>1 New Model Release (DG)

Really depends if Codex AdMech is alone or not.
It could work being paired together.

>> No.55024255

>True but GW isnt going to release two of those at the same time, one codex needs to have new models to sell otherwise you are wasting time and money.
Tell that to CSM and Grey Knights.

However, if Tau were actually going to be released alongside AdMech they would have announced them both at the same time. Since AdMech got a solo announcement, I expect they might actually be getting some models. Probably not anything crazy like the Death Guard release though.

>> No.55024260

Necrons need to get rid of resin crap looking Flayed Ones and all their characters are fineCrap as well.

>> No.55024270

Damn anon, that's a grand idea.ty

>> No.55024289

>Death Guard might include Nurgle Daemons for now.

The reason I don't think that will be the case is the new models created for AOS would get rules in codex without being able to purchase the models.

Could be wrong, but I can see them doing a quick "No model release" for Daemons, but conveniently port over the new Nurgle kits as well as Glotkin* and Maggoths*

Tho if Legion books will include Daemons+Traitors, I'll be happy. Saves me a codex purchase.

>* folks claim to have seen DG pictures including the Glotkin and Maggoth Lords, but I've never seen them.

>> No.55024311

>The reason I don't think that will be the case is the new models created for AOS would get rules in codex without being able to purchase the models.
The rules for the new Plague Marines are already in the CSM codex but those are still not out.

If the kits are going to come out within a few weeks of the DG Codex then they may have no qualms about putting their rules in there early.

>> No.55024341

I'd be happy with just getting plastic flayed ones. The current model is so shit that I won't buy them, even though I want them in my army. Already spent the effort on the character models... Some of those kits were terrible.

I'd be happy with anything new, to be honest. It'll make me feel better about how shit Necrons were at the start of this new edition.

>> No.55024349

Battlefield was basically "me charge across no-mans land at the guns", since there's no more terrain out of shot and my army is just ranked up in the clear. Did manage to make it work for me, though, since I popped Shroudpsalm and charged the Dragoons up one flank, and his troops had a couple problems with the buildings blocking LoS to my Dragoons with his Hellblasters and Redemptor on the left. Pic is after T1 shooting from me, at deployment there was a gun sticking out of basically every window.

We weren't using the reserve rules, mostly because we'd agreed they were pretty OP after seeing the Guard player bring back three Russes and all his Scions earlier.
Game was 950 points, since we both wound up about 60-70 points short when listbuilding 1k.


Basically we rolled off for who was Attacker and Defender, and a Defender victory would count for Chaos. Hence the game being cut short unexpectedly handed the point to Chaos when I'm pretty certain I would have otherwise managed it.

>> No.55024352

That's pretty much a given with Greenskins now, isn't it? I'm okay with loads of boyz, I have 120 shootaboyz from the days of old. I just want to know if an army going for full Dakka can pull its weight.

>> No.55024377

Look, if some animals have to die so that I can indulge my fantasy, so be it. Besides, I'm wolf-kin. It's okay for me to kill a wolf, but for you humans, it's just cruelty. Fuck.off.

>> No.55024387

They play a game with people where they have to guess who is truly Alpharius. If the choose the right answer, they get some cool shit and are induced into the AL.
The question would be "Which one of us is truly Alpharius?"
The correct answer is "I am Alpharius."

>> No.55024389

>tfw it takes you 5+ hours to paint a Terminator sized model
>tfw you have 20 Genestealers, over 40 gaunts and a bunch of monsters to paint as well
Life is suffering

>> No.55024397

In fact, I'm gonna keep going on this fucker. Shit's called a Blood Rage Ascendant, fills an Elite choice. You pay 70-90 -or however someone sane balances them- points for one, and can add 1 or 2 more bloodfuckers to the team by the move independently, like Lieutenants.
Give em the same special rules as Lemartes' charge and hit reroll, with a 5+ ignore damage and their only weapon is the claws and teeth, which are Str +2, AP-2, D3, when rolling a 6 to wound, roll a further D6 and on a 4+, regain a wound up to the Ascendant's maximum wounds.

Statfuck: M7, WS3, BSwhocares, S4, T4, W3, A4, LD8, SV4+

GW Shill take heed and throw this shit at your bosses, I need my Von Carsteins in 40k

>> No.55024414

Any suggestions, anons?

>> No.55024419

Base looks good, highlights on the back is good, the skin is a little flat looking.

>> No.55024425

If by Guard you mean Tech-Guard, you are right. AdMech is next, already confirmed. Still hope that Tau in October is true because that would line up with the new IA-Book forgeworld wants to release for like a year now.

>> No.55024432

Buy a dildo. Kitbash a SMT Mara

>> No.55024451

I don't see any pepper shakers in that picture

>> No.55024466

Here we see the ork in his natural habitat.
Pissed, and retarded looking.
Though don't underestimate him, for he and his once alive friends may roll 7 5s to hit and 6 3+s and 1 shot your battlewagon.

Tabletop photos are fun

>> No.55024512

If new plastic sister came out with one new infantry unit what would you want? Sisters terminators? Primarus sisters?

>> No.55024539

Nude mods

>> No.55024548

So we're all convinced IG is getting a new infantry box right?
So what the hell do we do with our dozens of existing Guardsmen?

>> No.55024566

eat em
they'll make you stronger

>> No.55024567

melt them into a blob and toss them, obviously

>> No.55024570

Use them as conscripts and infantry and use the new guys as vets

>> No.55024597

Glue on penis.

>> No.55024604

The problem with that statement is that Guard vets are shit.

>> No.55024629

None of those.
Do you want Primaris and terminator Guard too?

>> No.55024638

if new models are coming out it's safe to assume that a new codex is as well and maybe vets will be ok

>> No.55024641

And what's sad is they think giving us a stratagem to give them 4+ armour will make them worth taking

>> No.55024650


>> No.55024652

Sisters don't really need new infantry, but I've always thought pic-related was hilarious.

>> No.55024657

It's true, scions are just so much better in every way, plus they're troops

>> No.55024660

Not until the moment you mentioned them but yes.
Yes I do.

>> No.55024663

power-armor-wearing melee fighters. And/or plastic Crusaders, with some female Crusaders thrown in.

>> No.55024665

lol scared of conscrips

>> No.55024667

I mean, pic-related.

>> No.55024674

Berets sisters when?

>> No.55024677

Then play 30k
Or not since 30k has less marines than 40k oddly enough

>> No.55024678

Sauce? I hadn't heard anything about this.
Though I do like the thematic idea that taking Creed would lead to free vet upgrades

>> No.55024684

Some sort of cheap sister -1 unit, like marine scouts or guard conscripts.

A fluffy option would be schola progenium recruits being pressed into service in light of current events.

Alternatively, since the new heading is Ad Ministorum and Girlyman is already breaking rules, they could get non-sisters infantry and put crusaders/flagellants back on the table in force.

For extra heresy, I've thought it might be interesting if the Macabian Janisaries got models under the Ad Ministorum heading; snowflake guard with access of acts of faith instead of orders could be interesting.

>> No.55024689

Jump pack infantry with their packs made to resemble the living saints' wings.

>> No.55024701

So new Seraphim sculpts?

>> No.55024703

>bewildering regiment with no fear of death
>their only fear is failing their commander, who has become a mad god of human sacrifice after centuries of consuming his own men for failing him

>> No.55024708

Statuesque has some heads like with that

>> No.55024709

Someone doesn't put hoard control in their army list

>> No.55024719

Forgeworld already has rules for renegade and traitor guard

>> No.55024725

the second that guys head gets blown off is the second they scatter like rats on a burning shit

>> No.55024733

>Sir, how do you suggest we win this battle?
>How about we give our men better armor and camo and NOT stand in firing lines out of cover?

>> No.55024735


>> No.55024787

You mean Duardin and they already exist and have gunline troops

>> No.55024791


More weapon options for retributors
New repressor
Legatine (SM lieutenant equivalent)
Novice sisters (cheaper, -1 BS -1 Ld)

>> No.55024817

Ork Stratagem:
1 CP/3CP
Looted Vehicle
You may include any one/two noncharacter vehicle(s) in your army, in an appropriate slot. Replace any instance of a faction keyword on those vehicles with <CLAN>. Any vehicles added to your army with this stratagem have their base BS score changed to 5+. Increase the shots characteristic of all guns on the weapon by one (for instance, a gun that is "heavy 2d6" becomes "heavy 2d6+1".)


>> No.55024838

Can multiple units enter a transport or are bullgryn a waste of a Gorgon or a CRASSUS ARMORED ASSAULT TRANSPORT?

>> No.55024841

not an ork player

add a d6 to the shot characteristic if they become b5+

>> No.55024856

Multiple units can go in a vehicle

>> No.55024860

you can put multiple units in a vehicle

>> No.55024874

Awesome thanks

>> No.55024882

d6 would be a lot.

Quadlas predator would get 4d6 lascannon shots. That's fucking insane, even hitting on a 5+.

>> No.55024887

Add 1 to WS as well

I just want a looted warlord with wS3+ desu

>> No.55024892

>their only weapon is the claws and teeth, which are Str +2, AP-2, D3
>only weapon is the claws and teeth
>claws and teeth
>Str +2, AP-2, D3

Jeez. Calm down there. Give them regular weapons, but have it so if they roll a 6 To Wound they deal an additional Mortal Wound, and everytime they slay a model in melee roll a d6 and on a 6 they gain +1W.

Also give them decayable stats for WS, S, and Toughness, but have them start at the lowest rung.

So WS*
1-5 W = WS3+
6-8 W = WS2+
9+ W = WS2+, inescapable
inescapable = always hits on a 2+, ignore negative penalties.

>> No.55024894

hmm good point

>> No.55024897

>Looted Teseract Vault

>> No.55024898

Sauce on this?

>> No.55024935

Who /slate bases/ here?

>> No.55024944

Given the background of the Contemptor Dreadnoughts, how would a chapter that isn't 1st or possibly even second founding get access to them?

Or is the answer they don't get them

>> No.55024954

i cant read

>> No.55024960

Well, the Blood Ravens probably 'Found' a few

>> No.55024962

>they will find the sword of the inquisition is long indeed

>> No.55024977

You could add to the natural damage characteristic as +D3 to make up for the lower ballistic skill, and to account for the fact that Orks fiddle with their looted shit to make it more killy.

It's fluffy that if an Ork Lazkannon actually hits something it's gonna have a bad time because "DIS LAZ FING AIN'T KILLY ENUF. PUT MOAR BATTREEZ ON IT, MEKBOY." "YESSIR WARBOSS SIR."

>> No.55024982

What's the best way to weaken/remove super glue? I accidentally glued two pieces together backwards and I can't pull them apart without damaging them.

>> No.55024990

>Quadlas predator would get 4d6 lascannon shots. That's fucking insane, even hitting on a 5+.
>add a d6 to the shot characteristic
Except it would be 1+d6 for each sponson, and top would be 2+d6, so 4+3d6 or just 3d6 if he meant to replace the flat number with a d6

Either way:
Heavy 4 at BS3+ = 2.66 Hits
Heavy 3d6 at BS5+ = ~Heavy 10 at BS5+ = 3.33 Hits

Orks make every vehicle better!

>> No.55024995


add 'explodes on a 4+'

>> No.55025004


Nail polish remover

>> No.55025010

Brake Fluid.

>> No.55025012

Fucker, this is how we get shit like Wulfen.

>> No.55025014

>Not basing for advantage.
You scumbag.

>> No.55025022

Nice to know Dragoons are performing for someone. It's become a running joke that mine are more harmful out of combat, they've not even scored me a wound so far this edition in combat but routinely cause plasma to overcharge from the incense cloud. I'm happy I went against my original idea of a whole dragoon knight order army

>> No.55025024


>Its a "I'm a retard and I don't understand that all of the chaos undivided legions actively court daemons and the gods themselves on a daily basis" episode

>> No.55025052

Recovered Archeotech.

>> No.55025068

>send Furios Dreddnot in'o klose kombat
>rip 'n' tear da filfy 'umies
>dem silly sods hit it bak
>dey assplode it 'n' all die

>> No.55025075

>Melts plastic.

>Melts plastic.

Any non-troll answers?

>> No.55025080

>being retarded

Nigger IW acknowledges the Chaos God as a Pantheon and treat them similarly to how the Greeks did theirs. They only call on them when they want something from them, but don't actively look to serve them.

>> No.55025087

Lost vault of Horus Heresy Tech Found

Warp Jump sends them back into the Grand Crusades, they stock up and flee


Granted them as a Gift by a founding chapter

>> No.55025088

>66 KB
> What's the best way to weaken/remove super glue?
put in freezer. if its cold it gets very brittle.

>> No.55025112


Sorry anon, I used nail polisher remover on my hands if I superglue myself, didn't know it melts plastic

Simple green soak seems to work, also strips paint and safe for plastic

>> No.55025120

real marine chapters don't need manlet dreads,

>> No.55025123

Break fluid does not melt plastic. You can leave it there during a year and nothing would happen.

Freezing the model also helps or buy a debonder

>> No.55025129

My models come apart whenever I clean them in Simple Green

>> No.55025131

I wish I could find smaller bits of slate. No fucking shop anywhere online has one and I know no one in my neighborhood has any sitting around on their lawns.

>> No.55025136

Fuck. I just realized I can't have my converted Bullgryn and a Crassus in my army anyway since that would require 2 IG detachments with my stealer cult.

Fuck I hate whoever did the rules for stealer cults this edition.

>> No.55025183

I 'procured' some from work out of a planter, I'm sure that some building has slate in plant pots of scattered around decoratively?

>> No.55025217

there is acetone free nail polish remover and stuff that contains acetone.
for plastic make sure u get the acetone free stuff.
its the acetone that melts plastic.

>> No.55025230

Not sure if I would want to smash it, too. I'm looking for smaller pebbles rather than huge chunks

>> No.55025237

Buttbuddies with AdMech

>> No.55025241

This is why I'm more inclined to like 40k wolves, and whenever someone tries to say Space Wolves are dicks they can never find a 40k example and can only use evidence from 30k.

As the universe got worse the Space Wolves got better (at least in terms of being decent people, maybe not the whole wolf thing.)

>> No.55025245

>Break fluid

>> No.55025251

Tau are getting new things though

>> No.55025259

Looks like it broke you, anon

>> No.55025265


Freezer, unless you bought something like Gorilla Super Glue that's resistant to extreme heat and cold. I broke the arm before the glue on one of those guys.

>> No.55025270

No u

>> No.55025280

What did the wolves do bad in 30k?

>> No.55025281

They call em breaks cuz MY MAD DRAFTS BE BREAKIN YO MIND

>> No.55025285

Is this going to be the new "Hoard army" ?

>> No.55025313

I'm an /o/tist and have been since 2005. Sometimes little things trigger me.

>> No.55025316

New thread soon, this time post your favorite model you own and I'll use it for the op image

>> No.55025322

Can i mix paladins and terminators head or is it heresy

>> No.55025341

Didn't notice.
Maybe you should take a brake

>> No.55025352


>> No.55025354

Seconding the freezer technique

>> No.55025357


>> No.55025364


>> No.55025371

>they can never find a 40k example
Months of Shame. Where the Wolves let millons of Chaos tainted refugees escape and taint billions

Reminder that the Inquisition uses the Emperor's own policy for dealing with Chaos.
>The suppression of information concerning the existence of Chaos and the daemonic was a policy instituted by the Emperor himself before the start of the Great Crusade; it remains perhaps the most fundamental core interest of the Imperium, and also the main reason for the Inquisition's existence.

>> No.55025372


>> No.55025388

Martians would rather drink beer.

>> No.55025397

Nope, we have Daemon Prince Iron Warriors. Don't generalise you racist.

>> No.55025399

Wait Orks aren't a hoard (of models) armies?

>> No.55025427

have a kit kat

>> No.55025440

Is there an easy timeline or reference for space marine equipment in terms of when it was introduced?

Like Primaris stuff is brand spanking new, stuff like the Stormraven came out 41st millenium, Contemptors aren't made since the Heresy and so on and so forth

Thinking of making a 13th/21st founding chapter that doesn't have much links with the rest of the imperium and trying to figure out what they would have

>> No.55025449


>> No.55025470

You say something, BITCH?

>> No.55025477


>> No.55025481


Explosions on a 4+ may make the stratagem too much of a wall of text, but +d3 to damage characteristic is cool.

>> No.55025485

The bat?

>> No.55025503

the strat seems tough to balance

>> No.55025516

I just finished the short story in the "Black Legion" limited edition version.

Khayon on his lonesome comes face to face with a Grey Knight ambush. 5 Grey Knights vs Khayon. Khayon notes that individually the Grey Knights were not powerful psykers (compared to him) but working as a gestalt they are quite formidable. Khayon insta-kills one of them with a snap of his fingers and then engages the other four in melee. Moments later all Grey Knights lay in the dirt dead except for one. Khayon is intrigued by the endurance of the Grey Knight. The wounds inflicted on him should have killed any regular marine.

Khayon mind-steals the information about this new breed of Imperial space marine from the wounded Grey Knight and then leaves him to die. Khayon says that was a huge mistake because years later it's revealed that the Grey Knight did not die but became the Grand Master of the Grey Knight 3rd company. His name is Abel Sathras and he would bring fury and fire on Khayon as he hunts him for years to come.

Why is Khayon such a badass?

>> No.55025517

>Land Raider Krusader wiv Hurrikane Boltaz and Assault Kannons


>> No.55025538

I use Paladin helms because they look fucking great.

>> No.55025541

That's what I did, wrapped up the pieces I had in a plastic bag and smashed it up.

>> No.55025545

Nice, but do you have the version with more guns photoshopped onto it ?

>> No.55025563

thats legit the photoshoped photoshoped version

>> No.55025570


>> No.55025573

>D3 wounds with Hurricane Bolters

>> No.55025575

>Khayon is intrigued by the endurance of the Grey Knight. The wounds inflicted on him should have killed any regular marine. "Heh," Khayon says. "You made me use 10% of my power."

>Why is Khayon such a mary sue?

>> No.55025585


If a single random GK were as powerful as a sorcerer or librarian that would be OP. It makes more sense that the entire squad must work together to come close to a hero who specializes in it.

>> No.55025620

>Grandmaster of the third company is Abel Sathras
>Not Voldus, the officially released GW character, as stated in the GK codex
So either BL is officially confirmed as being non-canon or I just got to laugh at some pasta.
Both is pretty good by me.

>> No.55025629

hitting on 5+ its actually not too strong against things that have multi wounds

>> No.55025634

>ABD is back to shitpost about his new book
Lmfao I thought you'd be above doing shit like this considering your "success"

>> No.55025650

Are you retarded. Yes, you are retarded. The story takes place 5 years into the First Black Crusade. That's like 9000 years before Voldus was even born.

>> No.55025674


Also didn't Voldus's shit say he was just promoted after his leader died.

>> No.55025695

Autistic retard confirmed.

>> No.55025698

>Are you retarded. Yes, you are retarded. The story takes place 5 years into the First Black Crusade. That's like 9000 years before Voldus was even born.
Ok, my bad. I thought it took place after Gathering Storm.
How did they know about a "new breed of Imperial space marine" aka primaris marines tho, if it was 9000 years before they arrive?

>> No.55025701

Yes, he was promoted in he field and Draigo himself did it.

>> No.55025717

Dude. Read please.>>55025650

>> No.55025719

>Aldrik Voldus became the Third Brotherhood's third Grand Master in a single year after Valdar Aurikon was killed by the Daemon Primarch Magnus[2] and Doriam Narathem fell in battle with the Lord of Change M'kachen on only his fourth mission in command

>> No.55025726

Guys new-ish player here
Do fulgurites get their buff to invuln if the enemy they were fighting disappears due to morale?

>> No.55025727

>new breed of Imperial space marine

The new breed of space marine ARE THE GREY KNIGHTS. At the time it was the first time they were being released into the galaxy from Titan. Khayon's fight with these Grey Knights counts among the first encounters that the CSM had with the GK.

>> No.55025737

Who are: The Grey Knights?

>> No.55025755

New thread for new butthurt about new lord

>> No.55025778

Ok, I suppose that makes sense. I concede.

>> No.55025864

dat skin tone

>> No.55025880

You forgot Plague Marines in plastic with new weapons.

>> No.55025904

Thousand Sons is promised 'soon' and would work as a new model free lazydex

>> No.55025959

Necromunda Goliath shotgun.

>> No.55025983

>page 8
Calm down fella.

>> No.55026401

Middle is my favorite since it was my first HQ.

>> No.55026414

Meant to reply to that'n

>> No.55026441

whats the wording? if its "kills a unit" then no, they didn't kill the unit

>> No.55026662

Because following doctrines blindly has always led to great outcomes and slaughtering millions on the off chance some are tainted is the decent thing to do.

I haven't seen anything that points to widespread taint originating from the people who lived either.

>> No.55026683

I don't really think they did anything "bad", but everyone loves to go on and on and on and on about how the Space Wolves are "dicks" because of Prospero. I haven't read either A Thousand Sons or Burning of Prospero yet so I can't really weigh in, apparently it's just the shining example of why the Space Wolves are "dicks" in a universe where everyone is a fucking dick.

>> No.55026983

Get back to editing, Billy.

>> No.55027072

>I wish i still had that dark eldar warrior

Eh. They aren't really good, dude.

>> No.55027225

The Dogs of War/Regiments of Renown were always some of GWs best.

>> No.55027269

There already is a third dwarf faction. Chaos Dwarfs.

>> No.55027368

Faith-based sisters- a reworking of the old "cloth robes into combat" style repentia to basically be weaponized zeal and acts of faith over mundane armor and firepower.

>> No.55027419

Are renegade knights worth the buy or should I just wait for Morty?

>> No.55027737

wait for Morty if going deathguard

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