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Need Chaos warbands with an official color scheme to finish the roll table edition pretty please Edition

>Old thread
>Porn thanks to a kind anon, among other things

>New Chaos and GK FAQ. GK invuln cheese nerfed. Cult troops are troops again. Also Daemon Princes benefit from legion tactics, neat.

>Konor Campaign: Chaos comeback is on.

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine supplement for Daemons, Thousand Sons and Death Guard players

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing the Emperor's work)

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Dark angels?

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Haha what a meme.

But seriously Fallen would work. Needs Alpha Legion and The Faithless too.

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Don't worry, I put the other legions, I just wanted to show as much as possible in that pic. Alpha Legion is a pain in the ass, they have no real successors since they stay united, sorta.

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What are y'all painting tonight ?

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Ork Nobz. Got 15 of them to get through.

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These little turds. I'm pretty much assembly line painting these guys.

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I need to paint at least one model before I finish my holidays and internships. Took so much stuff, planned on painting 30 models in 3 months, it's been 2 months and 3 weeks and I haven't painted a single marine.

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I'm thinking about start collecting a World Eaters army, but I'm not really sure how do it. The main I was thinking would be:
-A rhino with zerkers and a dark apostle
-Another rhino with zerkers, but with an exalted champion
-Probably a fuckton of bikes for gotta-go-fast assaults

Tactic would be obvious, charge, charge, and charge, getting the two zerkers units close enough to benefit both buffs. A few questions here:
-Can I charge with the rhinos, and in the next movement phase disembark the fun* guys?
-What should I use as tropps? Maybe cultist would be useful, combining them with that stratagem to redeploy them.
-What AV shoul I use, tanks, or dinobots (or neither)?

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1. Yes
2. Berzerkers are troops for WE now.
3. Dinobots.

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Thanks for reminding me about a thing I was wondering about
Are nobz any good? Shooty nobz or choppy nobz, either way

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How good are ork fliers this edition? I still have a Dakkajet lying around but never really used it since it just got shot to shit last edition. I'm really hoping it's decent now. Or any of the other versions, since I can just add the extra bomm bits pretty easily.

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If you can get a charge, yes, they're pretty brutal. S5 without choppy upgrades hitting on 3s is pretty amazing.

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I would also take a few cultists and maybe a 5 CSM squad with a heavy weapon for holding objectives. Going all into the face is fun but you will loose on objectives

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my canon sensible marine raptor company only because i cant afford to buy my new DEldar army that i really want to collect

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Is there any info out on how primaris marines recruit?

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Dont forget to inxlude the new warbands from the new codex

+ all death guard variations
+ all khorne variations
+ all thousand sons variations

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Pretty good for assembly line.
What were you procrastinating on ?
Not interested in the start collecting box ?

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Both are good. I am doing 1 group of 10 PK boss/big choppa nobz and one of 5 kombi rokkit nobz.

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im going to buy Gangs of Commorragh because of the savings then prob get the starting box

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Finish up my 20 pox walkers

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I just use plaguebearers. I can't stand the sight of nu-nurgle models. Though gw's abysmal color schemes don't really help.

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Jesus, OP, why don't you make pic related a little bit smaller?

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Anyone have any ideas on how to make Kastelan Robors look less retarded? I think it's mainly the heads that do it for me.

>> No.55001286

I'll have a look again, I quickly skimmed through it, and only saw old warbands after each legion.

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>> No.55001293

Travelling, working a job, travelling again, and, my best excuse, not having a daylight lamp to work.

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Fill me in on Mechanicus
Which units are good?
Which units are trash?

>> No.55001308

>play testing chapters to see which I like best
>ultra marines consistently wreck shit by a wide margin
>tfw accepting my fate as the FNG with ultramarines

>> No.55001309

>all these literally who warbands
>missing THE crimson slaughter

>> No.55001317

>Which units are trash?

This one.

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> Play Howling Griffons
> be the envy of everyone because you have best rules and best painting skillz

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Since I want it to be clean, I really want a picture that shows them with their colour scheme properly, like all the others, so a codex picture, from the front, without a weapon if possible. Couldn't find one on google but if you have one I'll take it.

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but how do you differentiate them from Plaguebearers? imho, Poxwalkers are the old plague zombies, right? So Crypy Ghouls might be better.

>> No.55001343

Good: Kastelans, Onagers, Ranger Snipers, Cawl
Medium/tax: Dominus, Vanguard with Arc rifles, Destroyers, Infiltrators
Shit: Everything else

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>csm codex gets released
>sales worse than every chaos codex before
>literally noone posts any lists on various wargaming forums, except a few WE ones
>2 stores, 1 chaos guy that switched to (lul) Orks

Guess that release fell flat on its face.

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Guess I'm gonna wait for the Codex
> tfw you miss Skitarri and not having to take an HQ

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>triple Phosphor robots
>Electropriests dealing mortal wounds up the wazoo
>Neutron Onagers

>> No.55001385

Oh look. Ultramarines happen to have the most successor chapters.

Make your own, man. Let them be YOUR DUDES.

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How do I make craftworld-only, no ynnari Eldar not suck balls?

>> No.55001397

There are a few pictures of renegade warbands in the new codex (including red corsairs, and an alternate scheme for the purge) but they're not in the same style that you want. Will post them anyway in case they're of use.

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Why GW is cheating with Konor? I mean, they gave chaos a head start (75/25) and now they are tweaking results.

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>> No.55001411

Because they need to keep the idea alive that chaos matters, when we all already know Xenos are the actual threat.

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Thanks man, keep going, I'll see if there's any I can add.

For now the Scourged is missing so that's one. I'm still about 30 shorts.

Making the SM roll table like I want it to be done, clean, logical, was hard, but this one is downright nigh impossible since CSM are not as expanded upon.

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Gonna work on my Bloat Drone today.

Looks a bitch

>> No.55001432

They are not.

>> No.55001443

Why don't the Minotaurs have helmets like those?

>> No.55001447

Funnily enough, the Blood Disciples are almost all destroyed by BA and Lemartes in a short story, after summoning Skarbrand.

>> No.55001451

>excludes death guard and thousand sons
>after drawing in tons of DH and TS players with new releases
>didn't sell as well as the last codex
It's just the result of them splitting up the factions, double the codexes doesn't mean double the sales.

>> No.55001469

Add Corpus Brethren and Violators on the Slaaneshi row

>> No.55001494

Perfect, had none of those!

>> No.55001500

Hmm feels like the colour scheme and iconography of the Deathmongers and The Grey Death are the wrong way round.

>> No.55001506

>make the entire setting in to imperium vs chaos with all the xenos just a side faction
>muh cycle of extinction
>big chaos vs imperium campaign, no npcs allowed
>turns out chaos isnt even that popular to such an extented that one side is near absent from the fight
Well great, chaos got btfo, what's the step of GWs master plan?!

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Good catch, I'll make sure to put the right name on the table. Just hope the wikis writers will see it too.

>> No.55001562

All right, got the DG line filled. Still short on many others, AL first among them.

>> No.55001571

Do people still buy Cawl? Thinking about getting a triumvirate box for Greyfax/Celestine but I have zero use or interest in Cawl.

>> No.55001584

i just cant get over the fact that its just a leather clad biker dude with a helmet and a cuirass on

>> No.55001590

Lychguard and Anrakyr, because playing as Necrons is unfun right now, but painting is still good.

>> No.55001596

What changes would you like to see?

>> No.55001665

Please. I was there, when the fourth planet mission started and it was 75/25 from the start. Then Imperium slowly but steadily was gaining on chaos and now, out of nowhere, chaos is back in the game.

>> No.55001698

I fucking watched it, Anon. They always start out weird, 2 weeks ago it was fucking 90% chaos on day 1 for that planet.

Chaos has been gaining ground every week. Look at the other planets, a slow progression towards Chaos taking the lead.

Either less Imperium players are doing stuff, more Chaos are or Xenos are flipping.

>> No.55001704


Thanks guys; I tought GW "forgot" to make cult marines as troops, any more info?
Also, what else do you think could be good ina WE army?

>> No.55001713

Cawl is mandatory for Admech above 1000 points.

>> No.55001714

75/25 of what though? Could have been

45pts vs 15pts, whereas now it is 4000pts vs 3900pts.

Till we know absolutes, percentage is useless.

>> No.55001732

...or GW is tweaking results. Since the playerbase didn't change and imperials still are majority - there's no way they can loose, even with xenos siding with chaos (games between imperial armies still count as imperial wins), unless GW is fucking with results.

>> No.55001750

Decent affordable anti tank, or buff the infantry weapons to make them anti tank, like in 7th. increased range on annihilation barges, larger buff bubbles from characters. We only need a couple of things to bring us up to where the other armies are.

>> No.55001757

Not painting. Assembling. Chainglaive arms are a nightmare, but I like how my counts as warp talons turned out.

>> No.55001767

Anvil Industry has some chainglaives as well I think. A bit late now but you might want to look at them.

>> No.55001771

>buy a land raider box
>sprue is marked 1999

How many of these things did they make back then to still be selling them 18 years later

>> No.55001783

It's just the date when the mold was made you silly. I bought some jetpacks on the website, the sprue said 2004, but the plastic was clearly recent.

>> No.55001788

>grey knights get released
>Have all this generic space Marine stuff you didn't have before!
>also you can convert your DKs into Grandmasters!
>heres a special character from a boxed set you can now get solo!

>Oh... CSM... Hi...
>Yea, so we'll have to errata cult troops
>and Daemon Princes I guess
>What? Drop pods?
>yea... we can't let you convert those...
>what about abbadon? Yea. He's still here
>Um, anyway, we have more Primaris stuff to release, so good luck with that campaign and everything

>> No.55001791

You can't handle losing very well, can you?

There is no proof of tampering and it seems like it's just a natural progression. It's a known fact that if people think their side will win, they are less likely to participate themselves. Or maybe the Imperium wanted it less than Chaos so they stopped.

You don't know what is going on and immediately jumping to "GW is changing it!" Shows paranoia. Maybe they are, but jumping to it first is silly.

>> No.55001797

Oh, right. I am very silly, yeah.

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>> No.55001823

I guess one thing that may be happening is stores submitting their results in a big batch, either at the end of a gaming evening or when they open next morning and it's pretty quiet. If a lot of stores do that, you may see some funny looking swings as a load of points come in at once.

>> No.55001837

Have two dakka jets and deploy them at the flanks on your army.

Make sure they have 6 supashooter and that each plane targets every gun at whatever you want to hit. I usually kill about 1-2 units in the first turn this way. Usually after that they target everything at the planes. Which is good since your main goal is to get your boys in close combat.

>> No.55001840

Why do they wear the masks?

>> No.55001855

>Listen to the Black Legion audiobook
>that emotion in Abaddon's voice in the Sigismund chapter
>The earnest joy that Abaddon feels when he sees Sigismund
>that heart felt plea Abaddon gives Sigismund to hear him out and understand why they are doing this
>the sorrow and disappointment Abaddon feels when realizes that Sigismund is too gone becoming a champion of ignorance and unthinking zealotry
>the moment when Abaddon kneels over the fallen Sigismund to tell him to that rest now in peace
>the moment when Abaddon has champions respectfully carrying Sigismund body to the captured Templar ship
>the solemn moment when Abaddon gently cleans Sigismund face of blood
>All this emotion and respect was received with coldness and hate by Sigismund to the very end

WTF I hate loyalists now. Poor Abaddon and damn the Emperor for forcing him to slay a former brother that he admired greatly.

>> No.55001865

Doesn't mean it was made in 99, thats when the mould was made.

>> No.55001866

Actually, I cheer chaos in all this (I have Black Legion army, along with Ultramarines, IG, orks and GCult). But I don't like the idea chaos won some planets because GW decided it would look stupid, especially when Mortarion miniature is coming up.

>> No.55001870

Shoo ADB, shoo. Sigi was and always be in he right.

>> No.55001912

That's what my store does

>> No.55001920

>what about abbadon? Yea. He's still here
>one, if not the main villain of the setting
>gets mentioned non-stop in the lore
>has entire 40k campaigns based around his exploits
>shitty 20 year old resin model
Really boggles my noggin'.

>> No.55001927

Funny how Abby is portrait as this noble, reasonable and intelligent person in ADB's latest book when in all the early HH novels he was the most hot-headed and ruthless commander of the bunch. It's almost like somebody is trying to make it look like getting corrupted by Chaos does the opposite of what it does and has done in the fluff since Chaos has been a thing.

>> No.55001929

I like Chaos/Renegades best. What book should I start with?

>> No.55001933

Shouldn't gone traitor then, Ezy.

>> No.55001937

thanks a lot dubsbro :)

>> No.55001962

They didn't screw with the clean sweep in AoS's campaign, they won't in this.

>> No.55001968

>so volatile underlings would kill themselves than bring him bad news
>used to have a rule where he would open fire on his own men if they fled
>shiggy spits in his face and he starts crying
Maybe he's just insecure?

>> No.55001972

>there is not a single black person in warhammer
Why is this horrific racism allowed

>> No.55001975


>> No.55001977


>> No.55001978

Dude, you confirmed to me that you haven't read the Black Legion novel. Abaddon during his pilgrimage changed from his previous self becoming an idealist of sorts. Khayon in sadness notes that Abaddon (and the entire group of friends) changed after they picked up Drach'nyen and fully gained the attention of the gods. Abaddon became more warped by the endless screaming of the Chaos Gods in hios head coupled with Drach'nyen's continuous sinister whisper. He became consumed by dark rage and ambition., dimming the idealism that he started with.

So you have three versions of Abaddon bnorn from his character development.

30K Abaddon-------> Pre-Drach'nyen Abaddon--------> Post-Drach'nyen Abaddon (current Abaddon)

Hopefully, we will gain the fourth version at some point in the future (Dark Emperor Abaddon).

>> No.55001980

Just more of ADBs daddy issues being injected into the setting

>> No.55001982


>Two new things. I'll start with the shakier one.
>1. Fabius Bile will be released with a personal guard of "Chaos Primaris". Several of these are female, or at least extremely effeminate.
>New boxed game coming out, Sisters vs. AdMech. Up to four players with one AdMech guy each fight against a large amount of Sisters, with the fifth player working as a GM and controls the SoB. The Sisters are all unique (think Silver Tower Kairic Acolytes) and are led by a Canoness/Sister Superior. This fig will be later available in stores and features a swappable head as well as weapons, standard fare.
>The kit will also include a monopose Penitent Engine, male. The later planned PenEng kit for store release will include both male and female bodies, as well as a wide array of different weapons and cowls (heads) for the pilot.
>The AdMech guys is where things get interesting. They're all considered heretics by the SoBs, causing the core conflict of the game.
>They're on a quest for some kind of chaos artifact, whoever gets the artifact first will be corrupted and gain powers, moving the game into the next phase.
>Each AdMech guy has two figures, one uncorrupted and one corrupted. AdMech players roll a dice and pick one if they're undecided. The idea is that whoever gets his guy corrupted will swap out his fig for the corrupted one, each of the four are being designed with a Chaos god in mind.
>Name of the box game is a WIP but is known internally as Infotomb.
>Sorry for the long-ass post but keep this safe and screencap it if need be. Do not share it.

>> No.55001985

You need to try harder and think of some better bait if you want to fish in here.

>> No.55001989

It wouldn't kill abaddon to get a facelift, but the current sculpt is still bettter than 90% of the bloated, over designed CAD action figures released recently. New doesn't necessarily equal better.

>> No.55001990

We all know GW is cheating.

They did this with Storm of Chaos, which was a clusterfuck because of how much Chaos got stomped. It got so bad that nobody had any idea of how the fuck they even got anywhere, with GW pulling the "T...they are not winning, but still progressing! Uhm... somehow... give me some time to figure this out!" Bullshit.

And then they retconned everything because "Muh everchosen mary sue, so cool and handsome and cant lose ever <3"

This is the same shit. Chaos have been in a constant state of failure since forever, GW has to make sure Chaos stays ahead, even if they have to cheat. They might let Imps win in the end, but they will make it appear as though Chaos is in the lead, I can guarantee that.

>> No.55001996

Again, ADB has no daddy issues. He has best stepdad. Daddy issues can only stem if you have no good father figure in your life.

>> No.55001997

Anon, stop using Storm of Chaos and use the newer campaign they did last year.

>> No.55001999

It's almost like ADB really has a chaos boner.

To be fair, he does say several time how close he's to wrecking shit, and that's BEFORE he gets actually corrupted. It's easy to argue that later on he's much more touchy and more of a cunt, which is basically what Khayon says.

>> No.55002006

ADB please, Amy the armless taking anger manage classes is even worse.

>> No.55002008

I don't give a fuck about his topknot, when we get a new plastic model, he's getting a helmet.

>> No.55002009

They are just dark caucasians

>> No.55002013

Keep telling yourself that adam.

>> No.55002025

>1. Fabius Bile will be released with a personal guard of "Chaos Primaris". Several of these are female, or at least extremely effeminate.

That's complete bullshit, the honour guard for a special character would not be wasted on Bile. Calgar had one and that's it. Even Abaddon did not. And that's without even touching the chaos primaris fem shit.

>> No.55002027

There is no anger management. There is only things getting worse which is properly why Khayon left to Terra rather than see it all go to hell.

Khayon major issue with Moriana and Drach'nyen is that they corrupted the hell out of Abaddon. Twisting him to be more monstrous and bloated with the power of Chaos.

He wants the old Abaddon back... but that can never happen, and it's the Emperor to blame for all of this.

>> No.55002030

How are Daemons these days gents? I'm kicking around the idea of starting up a Tzeentch or Slaaneshi force starting with the Start Collecting box and building from there. I have some conversions in mind for Slaanesh but like the base models more for Tzeentch. Any advice on either group? And would it be worth taking a big group of Possessed Marines as a compartively tough unit that can benefit from Herald/DP buffs and powers?

>> No.55002033

Confirmed for Truth by Tzeentch trips

I bet you're one of those people that also hates Magnus' nipple horns, Lysander's fist-thunderhammer, the sacrophagus on a Dreadnought ...

>> No.55002034

>Two new things. I'll start with the shakier one.
>1. Abbadon will be released with optional arms. He can be fielded without them.
>New boxed game coming out, Squats vs. Zoats. Up to four players with one Zoat each fight against a large amount of Squats, with the fifth player playing rebel gretchin, the Gains Grots. The Squats are all unique (one skipped leg day, one is kipping a pull up) and are led by a personal trainer. This fig will be later available in stores and features a swappable head as well as kettle bells, standard fare.
>Name of the box game is a WIP but is known internally as Leg Day.
>Sorry for the long-ass post but keep this safe and screencap it if need be. Do not share it.

>> No.55002040

>a bunch of insane, backstabbing, disloyal cunts can't form an effective fighting force.
Who would have thought?

No one cares about AoS, it's not relevant to 40k.

>> No.55002043

Aaron, please stop coming here. We aren't going to suck your dick and praise you for your shitty daddy-issue, Chaos dindu nuffin! faggotry. If you want mindless praise and adulation, go to B&C or something.

>> No.55002045

Fabulous Bill always had the enhanced warrior retinue tho

>> No.55002046

>covers the Mark of the Chaos Ascendant on his forehead

You are kinda defeating the point of the 10K years of him trying to get that mark.

>> No.55002048

Where is that model from?

>> No.55002058

Nope, I just hate unhelmeted faces with a passion. Be it on TT, on vidya, in arts, I prefer unknown faces.

>> No.55002060

>the emperor is at fault for armless destroying his life
>so he goes to the seat of his enemies power to throw a tantrum

>> No.55002063

Age of Sigmar I think, I went on a big catalogue hunt while looking for Daemon Prince candidates and saved a bunch of neat looking models.

>> No.55002064


>> No.55002077

>He wants the old Abaddon back... but that can never happen, and it's the Emperor to blame for all of this.

>Rebel against the one being that legitimately wants the good of Mankind and has the means to do so
>Whines that your terrible life choices make you barter with demonic powers

I will never not laugh at that poor excuse. CSM fucked the Imperium, and it's their fault it became shitty. Period.

>> No.55002080

Mono god is always meh. Tzeentch can get by if you lean on Brimstone Horrors and an allied Magnus.

>> No.55002085

Daemons in general are pretty weak right now, they lost all the things that made them good coming in to 8th but their codex is coming up soon.

Allying in chaos marines is a very good idea.

The curseling, a WHFB chaos lord/sorcerer.

>> No.55002086

Oh you're right. Still, that seems very fucky.

>> No.55002089

>black chapter
>end up destroyed by the cops

>> No.55002099

Dakka bots are fucking terrifying. As a nids player I fear the 6 dakka bot squad, not that i would tell my AdMech m8 that. 108 shots from 2nd turn seems retarded strong especially at 110pts per kastelan

>> No.55002107

>Two new things. I'll start with the shakier one.
>1. Guilliman is going to die at the end of the campaign, causing the ultramarines to fall into disarray.
>Each space marine chapter will be going back to getting unique codexes instead of pulling from SM, as more chapters distance themselves from the dead man's codex astartes and adopt more and more unique tactics.
>Name of the storyline is a WIP but is known internally as fixing 40K
>Sorry for the long-ass post but keep this safe and screencap it if need be. Do not share it.

>> No.55002109


>> No.55002117

Bleak Brotherhood or Hakanor's Reavers. Go big or go home.

>> No.55002152

I guess I'll wait for the Codex and maybe just build a Daemon Prince for fun in the mean time. I don't mind being a little lower on the power scale in any case though.
>Allying in chaos marines is a very good idea.
On paper Possessed looked like they could actually be pretty good with all the daemon synergy; +1 Str from a Herald, -1 to be hit by the enemy from the Masque or Changeling, Powers that boost their stats further or let them attack in the psychic phase; some good stuff there. Warp Talons too but the durability of Possessed seems like it'd help Daemons more.

>> No.55002178

So CAN you summon possessed and Warp Talons?
They're Demons, right?

>> No.55002183

If you want marines, daemon princes and lesser daemons are included in the codex so it's a not a bad idea to start a small faction with lots of lesser daemons and then move the daemon force to the new codex. Gives you time to paint it all.

>> No.55002185


>> No.55002188

Yeah, they're kind of beastly. I only have two, but they probably pull more weight than most of the rest of the army. Basically point at one or two units of MEQs a turn and gut them.
It's a shame they look so derpy, since they're really simple to paint and work really well. The meta Admech army at the moment is Cawl and however many Domini you need to run multiple Spearhead detachments of bots, Onagers, a few Datasmiths and either brawling Vanguard or big packs of electropriests to screen, then season with Arquebi and Dragoons to taste.
Personally I just want pic related so I can actually move around the board rather than setting up and shooting all game. 20 Fulgurites in a Triaros, Thallax and Ursarax, some Dragoons and assorted other stuff to make a Mech assault spearhead.

>> No.55002196

You can only summon Daemon units that have the Daemonic Ritual ability

>> No.55002208

Base coating my breachers and it looks like I've got a whole free day so I might even get onto my dragoon and clear out my backlog.

>> No.55002214

Well then someone here liked to me. I only got sold on World Bearers and summoning because of it. Guess I'll put this stuff on eBay.

>> No.55002215

No, but you can summon a Soul Grinder

>> No.55002220

Tzaangors. So many useless little details on a 7 point unit.

>> No.55002223

>I only got sold on World Bearers and summoning because of it. Guess I'll put this stuff on eBay.
You never deserved to be a Word Bearer

>> No.55002225

Wait really?
Also meant to say lied to me. I'm a dumb phoneposter

>> No.55002230

>Trusting others on their rules knowledge
>Already making purchases without checking yourself if the gimmick you had in mind is allowed

You fooled yourself anon

>> No.55002236

Storm Lords. This army is going to take me a while even with a lower model count.

>> No.55002238


>> No.55002244

>Wants to play Word Bearers
>Doesn't read

>> No.55002245


Power Level 11 makes it about a 50% chance before rerolls too.

>> No.55002250

>Plastic Sisters
Welp, you lost all credibility there, champ. Been waiting 10+ years for that, and its been made abundantly clear it ain't happening anytime in this decade.

>> No.55002259

Daily reminder that the Emperor abandoned the Great Crusade and betrayed the legions first.

>> No.55002263

If my post I'd dubs, Leman Russ variants will get a much needed point drop with the codex.

>> No.55002267

Yeah that seems like exactly what my m8 is building towards. Im just not sure how to take care of the bots at this stage short of t1 charges

>> No.55002268

Check out the 1d4chan 8th ed tactics page, it breaks most of the army down.

For me though, Infiltrators are doing amazing, they chew through anything they get into combat with.

Dragoons are now just distraction carnifex and Balistarii aren't fantastic either.

Rangers have guns as good as bolsters but no special rules anymore so you're better off taking vanguard for Skitarii troops as they're just more useful and deadly.

Kataphron breachers are awful against everything but on the off chance they actually get a sound in, they can instakill light vehicles and destroy knights in a turn of shooting. Destroyers melt MEQ with their plasma but don't overcharge them because the amount of shots they put out normally makes them explode.

Dominii are beasts in close combat, mainly because they can regenerate wounds and repair any nearby units, if they get in combat with a unit of Kastellans they're never going to die.

Onagers are insanely good and so are kastellans, the Icarus array is crazy good now even against non fliers and the neutron laser rips open transports no problem. Kastellams woth phosphor blasters put down crazy amounts of shots a turn.

Rust stalkers have trouble making it into combat but if they do, they have no trouble shredding elites. Electro priests are the same, they're very slow and fragile but will kill anything near them easily.

>> No.55002271

When will they make Riptides great again?

>> No.55002274

What region are you in?

>> No.55002275

So I've just finished washing my Blood Angels tac squad after finishing the segreant as a tester model, and now I'm tidying them up with really watery Mephiston Red so still retain that airbrush-smooth red. It's boring as fuck.

At least once this is done the highlights and details will be enjoyable.

>> No.55002285


>> No.55002287


>> No.55002290


>> No.55002292

Noice. How did you choose such a rare chapter?

>> No.55002304

I wouldnt be surprised aboit that game tbqh. Seems like a great way to introduce the dark mechanicum into 40k

>> No.55002310

>This army is going to take me a while even with a lower model count.
It's worth it for the top tier paint scheme.

>> No.55002312

Daily reminder that it was justified and that's it's pretty normal to expect an army of superhumans to know how to behave when you stop handhold in them.

And fucking off to your secret lab and no telling why in order to avoid war with the Navigators is not "betraying" anyone.

Turning against your ruler (who legitimately knows better than you) when some demonic entities tell you to, on the other hand, that's betrayal.

>> No.55002314

Storm of Chaos has the same format as this one.

End times did not, because GW learned that the results won't go the way they want it to.

Now they have either forgotten, or don't give a shit, but still cheat to make it look like they are relatively even.

>> No.55002322

You're a brave man anon, looks great so far though

>> No.55002326

Land Raiders can now legally drink in the UK.
You can now fuck them in the US.

>> No.55002334

Nothing tonight, but I'm going to paint up a second Talos this weekend, maybe even finish up that Voidraven I'm trying not to think about.

>> No.55002339

I was fucking them and giving them booze well before now.

>> No.55002342


Abaddon's model can drink in the US.

>> No.55002351


>> No.55002356

They struggle against big beasties because they only have 1D and S6. I don't know much about Tyranids, but I suspect just rushing them with a pack of Carnifex will just draw neutron fire. In their shooty mode they can't move or Fall Back, so maybe keep a big pack of 'Stealers or something in reserve and try to lock them up. 18 S6 AP- WS4+ attacks aren't exactly going to hurt much.

Failing that, drop a deepstriking Nidzilla like a Trygon or Mawloc on their heads, drown them in S4/5 shooting and fish for wounds against a 3+ save, rush the Onagers with gaunts and harry them.

T1 charges is probably your best bet. Don't think Nids have any shooting that stands a reasonable chance of downing W6 2+ 4++ on the first turn. Deepstrikecharge the Onagers, preferably a few at once, then run the bigger creatures towards the Kastelans when the "Bang and the 'Fex is gone" guns are busy crawling away.

>> No.55002358

>it's another "ADB shitposts on 4chan about how BASED abadoo is and how TRAGIC his character is" episode
Why does he even do this to himself
When will he learn that no one likes armless the harmless

>> No.55002388

Shut up Dan, you're just jealous that I'm the better writer!

>> No.55002392

>1d4chan 8th ed tactics page

>> No.55002405

Nah you're all shit. There is no such thing as "good Black Library books".

>> No.55002415

And the lying continues. Please fall off a cliff today okay? The SoC wasn't about stopping Chaos from going anywhere. It's about seeing how much of Archaon's forces reached the Wolf God's city. Too few arrived and Chaos lost.

I want you to take that dick from your mouth and stop being a faggot with you trying to rewrite history.

>> No.55002416

just had to make changes to it anon?

>> No.55002418

Just listened to a Strip short story. He's a pretty cool dude

>> No.55002421

Chris Wraight's stuff is still good, working for BL hasn't ruined him yet. It's probably just a matter of time though.

>> No.55002422

So where are your NYT bestsellers anon :^)

>> No.55002423

I wanted a White Scars successor. I really like Jaghatai, the Scars and the 8th ed. WS chapter tactics in particular. But I wanted a successor rather than Scars themselves since I plan to go more of a Jump Pack and Primaris focus rather than Bikes. I also didn't want to feel unfluffy if I ran some Dreadnoughts.

Beyond that I wanted an existing chapter and one with a scheme that wasn't just a solid color. The problem with something like Marauders or Destroyers is you kinda just look like Fists or Bangles at first glance. It mainly came down to between Storm Lords and Mantis Warriors. For Mantis Warriors having some Forgeworld fluff and support is cool, but I didn't feel right playing a chapter largely defined by CS Goto. I also thought Storm Lords would be a more interesting painting challenge. Luckily B&C had a decal sheet for Storm Lords so I could print my own transfers to handle chapter symbols.

>> No.55002428

>No one cares about AoS, it's not relevant to 40k.

And WHFB is relevant, you piece of shit?

The AoS campaign is the most relevant since the Order side number crushed the other 3 factions. It's similar to what's happening now.

>> No.55002437

I'm shameful phoneposter. Meant to type STRAKEN

>> No.55002451

He comes here to bite the hand that feeds him, which is weird. He writes for GW and gets paid by them, but he fucking bitches about how they won't let him turn 40k into a pro-Chaos circlejerk, how they won't let him turn Abbadon into a mary sue bigger than Draigo or Calgar, and always manages to include IT DOESN'T MATTER IF CHAOS LOST THIS BATTLE BECAUSE IT WILL WIN THE LONG WAR HAHAHAHAHAHA GET FUCKED IMPERIALCUNTS into fluff.

Meanwhile Tyranidfags have had to suffer every day that their faction will never, EVER, get anything done.

>> No.55002452

>you have to be an oscar winning director in order to criticize Uwe Boll

>> No.55002475

for all the flaws of 1d4chan the tactics pages have their uses in that they give a pretty comprehensive break down of all the units/gear/strategems etc that you can't find in a lot of other places. Its good if you're looking at an army that your otherwise unfamiliar with, so long as you remember its just some anons opinions on stuff and not gospel its a good resource.

>> No.55002477

>but he fucking bitches about how they won't let him turn 40k into a pro-Chaos circlejerk, how they won't let him turn Abbadon into a mary sue bigger than Draigo or Calgar, and always manages to include IT DOESN'T MATTER IF CHAOS LOST THIS BATTLE BECAUSE IT WILL WIN THE LONG WAR HAHAHAHAHAHA GET FUCKED IMPERIALCUNTS into fluff.

I wonder why people lie like this. It's childish and self humiliating. This makes me believe that the Imperial side is full of manchildren.

>> No.55002485

What did they mean by this?

>> No.55002491

SoB models are legal all over the world and even rent cars, buy a house, etc
Daddy GW is asking why they haven't settle down yet

>> No.55002493

It's getting reboxed

>> No.55002494

Still baffles me there wasn't a "Triumvirate of Chaos" release at some point with a new Abandon and couple other guys, like Bile or Lucius maybe.

>> No.55002498

Stop fucking Land raiders you pedo
I'm calling Chris Hansen

>> No.55002500

Be'lakor is getting a new model.

>> No.55002501

>big campaign from when GW still cared about stuff other than 40k
>side project of 40k conversion bait so that GW can sell more space marines
I wonder which mattered to GW more

>> No.55002503

Still on your lunch break, Azza, you salty fuck?

>> No.55002511

Well WHF is a world in 40k and 40k is a bottle experiment inside a wizard tower in WHF
It is clearly more relavant than AoS

Or they removed that little bit of lore when I was not looking?

>> No.55002515

They wanted to focus on the Deathguard and Eldar. They got feedback that the fans wanted more variety.

>> No.55002516

if Uwe Boll was an Oscar winner, since in this example you gave you're implying that he is

>> No.55002520

Even NewGW is still very skilled at missing golden opportunities

>> No.55002524

They're going to add a Nurgle DP upgrade sprue to the box.

>> No.55002526


>WHF is a world in 40k and 40k is a bottle experiment inside a wizard tower in WHF

Was literally never canon. Ever. Keep your fanwank to yourself.

>> No.55002534

Nope, WHFB/AoS and 40K exist in the same multiverse

Nobody cares about your opinion. Don't shit up the thread with your history revision and AoS hate.

>> No.55002538

I bet you say half Eldar librarian are not canon too

>> No.55002542

I dunno I just bought one as a gift in store.

>> No.55002549

Otherwise they wouldn't have done two imperium ones.
They just make what makes money
And space marines make money

>> No.55002550

>you have to be a Grammy winner in order to criticize Bieber

>> No.55002561

Is it viable to stuff two Death Korps Heavy Weapon Teams equiped with heavy Flamers in a Chimera? I'm kind of liking the idea of dumping 6 Heavy Flamers in my oponents face.

>> No.55002563

>Two new things. I'll start with the shakier one.
>1. Single Riptides will be released as the Tau's TEQ. Several of these can be brought in the Wing, then yes that is pretty cheesy.
>New boxed game coming out, Kroot vs. Genestealers. Up to four players with one Kroot guy each fight against a large amount of Genestealers, with the fifth player working as a Firewarrior and is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units. The Genestealers are all unique (think Silver Tower Kairic Acolytes) and are led by a Broodlord. This fig will be later available in stores and features a swappable head as well as weapons, standard fare.
>The kit will also include a monopose Battlesuit, male. The later planned Battlesuit kit for store release will include both male and female bodies, as well as a wide array of different weapons and Optic Clusters (heads) for the pilot.
>The Kroot guys is where things get interesting. They're all considered expendable meatshields by the fire warrior unit, causing the core conflict of the game.
>They're on a quest for some kind of cheesemonger artifact, whoever gets the artifact first will be incredibly boring and gain powers, moving the game into the next phase.
>Each Kroot guy has two figures, one uncorrupted and one corrupted. Kroot players roll a dice and pick one if they're undecided. The idea is that whoever gets his guy corrupted will swap out his fig for the corrupted one, each of the four are being designed with a Tau Auxillery in mind.
>Name of the box game is a WIP but is known internally as muh riptides.
>Sorry for the long-ass post but keep this safe and screencap it if need be. Quit bitching.

>> No.55002566

You're commiting a genetic fallacy of the "appeal to accomplishment" variety, you dumb fuck.

>> No.55002567

>ur opynjun dun mattyr >:(
10/10 retort, stay mad AoShill
its not my fault no one gives a shit about your bitzbox of a game, only 40k matters

>> No.55002571

S-sou uka...!

>> No.55002572

Question anons, I know I've been bothering you about Daemon Princes a couple of times over the last few days, but one more thing I wanted to ask

I don't think there are hard rules on this, but do you feel that a Daemon Prince conversion needs to be a required size? What if the model itself wasn't that large but its base was suitably ornamented to make up for it (and give it a similar battlefield footprint as it were)?

I had an idea for an Eldar sized guy on a podium with tentacles leading into the ground and bursting out on a 60mm or so base that is what I'm thinking of specifically, but I'm testing out a lot of things

>> No.55002596

for real though I'd love more Kroot anything

If I had money when it came out I would have made a 3rd edition army for them with the Chapter Approved rules

>> No.55002604

Fabius Bile had a personal honour guard before Calgar.

>> No.55002606

i have a feeling GW will drop kroot instead of giving them new stuff

>> No.55002610

>chapter largely defined by CS Goto
How dare you say those words

>> No.55002611


Main models of GS 1 : Inquisition, Admech, and SoB
Main models of GS 2 : Grey Knight, Space Marine, CSM
GS 3 : 3 models that combined the themes of the three playable Eldar factions

A lot of factions got a model of their own. The Imperium is broken up to my factions that require some love, you know.,

>> No.55002620

They haven't drop SoB in 21 years what makes you think kroot would die? Specially when they already have plastic

>> No.55002621

hurts how old some models are
t. ork

>> No.55002622

You got GS2 and GS3 mixed up

>> No.55002627

Yep, your butthurt doesn't matter. We deal with facts and evidence. Not feels.

>> No.55002634


>tfw still using wartrakk models from 2nd ed

>> No.55002635

Oh darn I did. Doesn't matter. You get the point.

>> No.55002638

SoB keep popping up in lore and BL books
Kroot though?

>> No.55002651

Facts are exactly what I am stating bub

>> No.55002652

I miss the old days where is was METAL as fuck. Even the Citadel logo looks like an electric guitar. Shit was much simpler back then.

>> No.55002653

I hope we´ll get mono god deamon prince kits

Or atleast this guy repackaged with upgrades dedicted to one god respectivly atleast

>> No.55002659

Drop, no. Never give any new units too, yes.

Its a shame, they have some neat fluff and tend to be pretty cool characters when they show up in the novels and RPGs.

>> No.55002668

They show up in the Cain book.

>> No.55002677

Nope, snikt.

>> No.55002679

It was always odd to me that GW repurposed Seb Perbet's Golden Demon Open category winner Nurgle DP but didn't bother to make a Slaaneshi one or a Tzeentchian one.

Nurgle/Death Guard weren't even all that popular back then.

>> No.55002690

oh yeah I'm not saying it would happen like in a year or two
rather that in the long run I figure they might get dropped before getting new stuff, as unfortunate as that is since they're neat

>> No.55002708

They show up at least once in the Commissar Cain book and they're a playable option in the Rogue Trader RPG which is pretty neat.

>> No.55002718

No one cares about age of shitmar. The campaign was a bunch of literally who factions fighting over some place that no one had ever heard of before in some place that didn't even matter in the grand scheme of things.

Mean while storm of chaos had the main players of their respective factions fighting over lore relevent locations.

>> No.55002730

As opposed to the Chaos wank?

I am just a xrnofag minding my own business, and these anti-chaos are way less obnoxious than the pro-chaos screeching autists.

>> No.55002749


>Office 2007

The fuck, anon

>> No.55002758

Blue edition is 2007 if I recall correctly.

>> No.55002780

Next codex is admech? What the actual fuck?

>> No.55002785

That's floating castle.

>> No.55002793

>Have all this generic space Marine stuff you didn't have before!
All being one flyer kit. Still missing a lot of that "all", guess Chaplains too. Tho tbf GKs had Chaplains in fluff for a long time.

>heres a special character from a boxed set you can now get solo!
We're finally splitting up those Triumvirate boxes for 35bucks a Marine character

>also you can convert your DKs into Grandmasters!
Hey, remember that "new" 35 buck model? Be a good goy and buy TWO. One for Voldus and one for your NDK.

>> No.55002796

>boxed game
>Sisters vs. AdMech

yeah... sure.

>> No.55002844

>No one cares about age of shitmar


And planet Konor and the OC planets are relevant? No.

This makes Seasons of War and Konor have the most in common. Set in OC locations, have little relevance to the main fluff, both campaigns had been decided by numbers alone, and most importantly were developed and organised by the current studio.

So eat a dick and act as an adult. Forget to mention something. The majority of the playable factions gain nothing from Konor further removing it from SoC and even EoT.

You make missing the point an art. Re-read my post and try again.

Only Imperialfags lie and slander like this about easily verifiable stuff. Recently, one anon threatened ADB's family. Imperialfags are the antifa of the fandom.

>> No.55002849

Typhusfag BTFO
Here's what the REAL typhus model looks like

>> No.55002858

You can't put Voldus in a NDK.

>> No.55002861


>> No.55002863

>Sisters vs. AdMech
>yeah... sure.

It will be Sisters of SILENCE.

>> No.55002867

>Primaris are taller than plague marines they said

Look at them they are smole. And where is Typhus in that picture?

>> No.55002884

>You can't put Voldus in a NDK.
But you can use his kit to make a GM in a NDK.

>> No.55002891

Look at the helmet

>> No.55002902

Not sure if stupid, trolling, new or just young.

GW will never make biker nuns.

>> No.55002909


>> No.55002948

>The tip of mort's scythe is even a chainblade


This whole line is the most overdesigned shitheap they've released in years.

>> No.55002964

Oh shit he got big.
Went from being just about the size of a normal terminator to Gravius captain size. Maybe bigger.

>> No.55002988

>Only Imperialfags lie and slander like this about easily verifiable stuff.
As opposed to Chaosfags, who... lie and slander like this about easily verifiable stuff?

Look mate, I don't care what happens to some random ass acronym that means fuck all to me, but this is what happens when you throw stones while living in a glass house. We have had to listen to obnoxious Chaoswankers for years, getting buttblasted because people start fighting back is not doing you any favours, and just looks like karmic justice.

>> No.55002994

Question about Pink/Blue/Brimstone Horrors.

When it comes to allocating wounds can you apply them to the Brimstones and Blues first to keep the Pinks around as long as possible? I'm assuming you can, just want to make sure I'm reading it right.

So say a unit of Pink Horrors took two wounds; one Pink Horror dies and is replaced by two Blues. Could you assign the remaining wound to one of the Blues, or would it need to be allocated to a Pink with the Blues only coming into play after all wounds for that attack were resolved?

>> No.55003017

Chaos might lose again, they really need to send out all their soul grinders.

>> No.55003021

The blues are added to the unit BEFORE removing the slain pink. So after the 1st Pink is removed your unit has 2 Blues. Perfectly valid to use them as your next save

>> No.55003031

Did someone say Soul Grinders?

>> No.55003033

Hey, different blight drones (the spines are different, and the one at the front has a tri-barrelled cannon). Obviously not unexpected, but still neat.

>> No.55003036

Best Legion report in

>> No.55003041


>> No.55003049

Tri barrel reminds me of the icarus autocannons that Stalkers and Stormhawks have.

>> No.55003051

Then move up Morty as the Chaos Triumvirate Monster slot.

>> No.55003055

That is not the Sons of Malice.

>> No.55003056

this is how i'm doing my god specific units for my black legion

>> No.55003067

Excellent also because it means I can get away with buying/painting less blues and brimstones and just use them as ablative wounds, thanks

I am this close to making one the centre piece of a Daemon army

>> No.55003074

All I wanted was a bloated angel of death, not this mess.
Until now I didn't really get the hate for overdesigned stuff but Jesus this makes me understand. I guess it's what people like these days? I draw the line at admech stuff now, if you stuff anything more onto a model than the admech units it's just ugly.

>> No.55003077


Because it was always like that you crybaby overdetail shitlord.

>> No.55003079


Because John Blanche drew it that way YEARS ago?

>> No.55003080

The only cool looking thing there are the Scion.
When will GW stop doing a George Lucas?

>> No.55003090

Sons of Malice isn't a legion

>> No.55003099

And that makes it better how...?

>> No.55003104

>>there is not a single black person in warhammer
>Why is this horrific racism allowed

there is an entire chapter of black people. (Salamanders)

oh you mean niggers? see orks. those are the space niggers.

>> No.55003110

George Lucas in all his fuck ups at least tried something different. And George Lucas sellout merchandise everywhere is far FAR different than the god awful depressing soulless Disney sell out merchandise everywhere and dog shit new movies

>> No.55003111

>They managed to make Mortarion figure just as portrayed in the fluff
>People complain it doesn't look as it should
What do they mean by this?

>> No.55003113

Not sure if retarded or just new

>> No.55003114

>buying/painting less blues and brimstones and just use them as ablative wounds, thanks

That's what they are. Summon a blob of 20 Pinks. 480pts for full split and that's 100 Wounds with a 4++

Its a hell of a tarpit.

>> No.55003117

>It's too much detail , I can't handle it.

>> No.55003124

>lie and slander like this about easily verifiable stuff?

> lie and slander like this about easily verifiable stuff?

Nope, Chaosfags never done that and I am more here than I am not. You are trying to make both sides to look bad but only one side that's bad here. The one that lied about what ADB said on the forums (go check his postage) and threatened his family. You seem like total douche who is just projecting. Luckily for us we have the archives on the Dakkadkaa and BnC forums that show us what ADB said and we have the 4chan archives to show us the threats of Imperialfags towards his person and family.

>> No.55003129

I'm so sorry for your shit taste

>> No.55003138

Not End Times, dumbass, the AoS campaign last year, where three cities were fought for, it worked exactly like this except it was smaller so it was equivalent to a single planet.

>> No.55003141

It was meant in the sense of adding stuff for the sake of adding stuff.

>> No.55003157


Here to get your latest model for kid, like you.

>> No.55003162

Does the idea of a "Relic Fortress" make sense? Like, a fortification so old and expensive that it gets packed up and taken with them after every campaign then dropped in again on the next planet? One that's been with them for literally generations?

>> No.55003163

Did they drop the models in acetone and try to save them?

>> No.55003164

Awesome, here I was worried they'd cost me more effort and money per point but it seems the opposite is true.

>> No.55003165

Instead of pic related, we got >>55002849

It's the fucking paint scheme that ruins it. It's fucking HIDEOUS and does the model absolutely no favours whatsoever. The model could have been painted subtly and it would look much less overdesigned. I don't like the way 'eavy metal are going.

>> No.55003174

>Calling other people kids
>Thinks detail for the sake of detail is good design

Good on you champ
You go get em

>> No.55003178

You've asked this before anon

The Imperium has done much stranger things for less reason

>> No.55003179

>Flash Gits get an amazing, customizable plastic kit finally
>They're garbage in game

>> No.55003185

That is not how you use a scythe Morty!

>> No.55003191

I'm gonna be so fucking broke next month

>> No.55003194

So you're a crying adult?

I happen to find the perfect one for crying adult,


>> No.55003203

I agree with you, like the first DG models from the starter set, this will look 100x better with a different paint job

>> No.55003204

that's typhus allright

>> No.55003208

>robes, in several parts (almost bandages)
>many censors on chains
>many other trinkets on chains
>lengths of parchment
Man, that drawing is really overdesigned.

>> No.55003214

He looks pretty bitchin!

>> No.55003222

I have 30 Blues / Brims and I find it super sufficient. (Probably could've made due with 20 of each honestly.)

Just pay attention to your Split pool models and you'll be fine.

>> No.55003229

I see this a lot, but don't play orks. So, why are flash gitz terrible?

>> No.55003234


>> No.55003236

>Not sure if retarded or just new
but they are.

every where they go then run the places to shit (see detroit)
everywher they go ti's ultra violence everywhere shooting everyone.. even themselves.
they even prize their teeth (just like IRL niggers prizing gold in their teeth).
orks = space niggers.

prove me wrong.

>> No.55003240

>AdMech and DG getting a simulrelease
I was not expecting this at all.

>> No.55003243

>Build WE Sorceror
>Use him in one game
>Fucking Glorious
>Chaos FAQ

>> No.55003248


They've got no niche. They're not particularly good at anything.

>> No.55003250

Let's hope they bring back the dataspike and grenade. I don't even hope for them to buff the shitty Transonic weapon rule.

>> No.55003251

They are hooligans you brain dead retard. Remember this is a British game from old

>> No.55003256

Go away, Kyras.

>> No.55003261

Literally my first time. I want to make a terrain piece for my home board but the way I'm thinking of would be very hard to remove after. I was just thinking about justifying it always being there.

>> No.55003266


>WE sorceror

how did you possibly think this was going to be allowed

>> No.55003268

I like new Mortimer's appearance.

>> No.55003272

That actually makes a fair amount of sense.

>> No.55003281

As if GW's been that stiff about fluff adherence any time recently

>> No.55003284


The change in Morty's was explained in the short story that came out yesterday. When Morty was a normal Primarch he exploded his lab by mistake causing him to get KO'ed. His soul went to the realm of Chaos where he met Ku'gath. Because of the timely woomily nature of the Warp, Ku'gath changed his form to reflect his future self so that he can pursue his xenos father, Now Ku'gath reimagining of daemon Mortywas have always been his daemon form.

Neat eh?

>> No.55003287

Because John Blanche pretty well defines the look of 40K?

>> No.55003292

You must love this! It overflows with tiny details!

>> No.55003295


Orks are, and always have been, a parody of football hooligans.

>Cockney accents
>Dress in different colours depending on klan
>Become more powerful the more of them there are
>ERE WE GO chants

>> No.55003299

He looks much less busy here than he does in model form. The muted colours help a fuckton.

>> No.55003301

>It's the fucking paint scheme that ruins it.
Yeah, it's so horrible how Citadel minis come pre-painted these days, so there's no way you could improve on that colour scheme, either. Oh, wait.

Yes, the colour scheme is terrible, absolutely hideous, but the model itself isn't so bad, except for the face. The wings look fantastic and I like them a lot more than the original artwork with the moldy bird wings, but the face is terrible. Or rather, the face is invisible thanks to the fucking respirator.

>> No.55003303

Football Hooligans from the 80s, Anon.

>> No.55003304


It's hilarious that they made a typhus model and a completely passes as typhus model.

>> No.55003306

No they are Hooligans, why are you so stupid?

>> No.55003310

>They are hooligans

lol wut



>> No.55003312


Why does a daemon prince need a gas mask?

>> No.55003315

As if it makes a difference.
A shit model is a shit model. Doesn't matter who drew art of the character years ago.

>> No.55003327

For you

>> No.55003328

They must be using plague shit SO POTENT that even the Nurgle Daemons gotta' mask up

>> No.55003345

Because he likes breathing the air from his home planet, which is some fucked up poison
And the mask keeps out the clean air

>> No.55003347


>Literally bath in shitty putty sculpting and plastic glue melting,

0/10 It's not even hard to find an exampple, and you wasted 10 minute finding to give me this piece of garbage.

Pic related are what overdesigned look like (and 90% of the thing on that site), and it changed the character into bdsm gaylord

>> No.55003348


Maybe he's not actually a daemon prince, I mean, he looks like he just has a gift of wings and is otherwise just a sick Primarch.

>> No.55003352

He inhales frugs from it.

>> No.55003353

Well, that's unexpected. Colour me pleasantly surprised, although pray to the Omnissiah Kelly doesn't write this one. He doesn't like us, which probably explains why our Index rules were so terrible.

On the upsoide, FORGE TACTICS BITCHES. Going to go all Divisio Genetor on some bastards ASAP.

>> No.55003354

>british people in the 80s, a time before the internet, gave a fuck about American nigger culture when their country was being decimated by football hooligans

>> No.55003355

Why does a daemon prince wear loincloth?

>> No.55003358


Oh I knew it wouldn't last, I was just hoping for more time with him. That's why he didn't even get a base coat lol.

>> No.55003365

>not the land raider with all the eyes
Come on anon, step it up.

>> No.55003367


Except for the sword, that model looks like the good kind of overdesigned. Just don't put too many colours on it and give it some serious shading to really make it pop.

>> No.55003374

Are you really this dumb, or are you just pretemnding
you better not be

>> No.55003375

I want GW to release their Skaven walker-tank thing already

I'd buy 3

>> No.55003378

B-but....muh guard Regiments....

>> No.55003380


Well, Belakor isn't slaaneshi.

Honesty if the Fulgrim model doesn't have breasts and a huge dick then they aren't even trying.

>> No.55003390

I do want to stean that head and sword for a conversion abby. But the rest is shit.

>> No.55003391

This model is like the limite of overdesing crap.

New DG and what ever the hell you posted are just random crap on top of human like shape.

>> No.55003411

This. I'm disappointed that people aren't all familiar with his lore.
And Mortarion is my least favorite primarch.

>> No.55003423

>good kind of overdesigned
>BDSM gaylord is good.

>Chain axe on tip of scythe is bad.

Ok now I know what's your taste.

>> No.55003430

You mean this one? I'm sure loving all the detail and design put here!

>> No.55003440

yeah I think it's called "shit"
that guy might have a different word for it though

>> No.55003447


>> No.55003456

Just wake up lad?

>> No.55003459

>For ants

>> No.55003463

>The shitlovers are tearing each other apart now

Just writes itself

>> No.55003469

Oh shit nigga what are you doing?
Posting a lower resolution version of an image already posted in the thread.

>> No.55003474

Are Noble Knight Houses kill, a footnote in the upcoming Mechanicus codex or do you think they will get their own book ?

>> No.55003476

Am I to understand you CAN use a Chapter's stratagems if you're playing a successor of it, but you have to be playing the actual Chapter to get access to the restricted Relics and Warlord traits?

>> No.55003491


Who cares? As long as you have the rules you fan fluff what you like.

>> No.55003493

>Traits for a not-Space-Marine army
Well damn, I was honestly expecting that wouldn't happen. Good sign for Ork clans, Eldar craftworlds, Guard regiments and so forth.

>> No.55003502

How do they look?

>> No.55003510

Where's a good place to go with Orks if I'd be starting with a Warboss, 5 lootas and 5 burna boyz and 15 boyz+boss nob? Looking for a good mixed force and plan on adding another box of boys every month but I'm unsure of what makes Orks tick as far as army comp goes. Any advice?

>> No.55003512


>Are Noble Knight Houses kill
No, Questor Mechanicus is the Knights lore name, like Astra Militarum, Militarum Tempestus, etc.
It was a stupid idea to put an army with 1 customization unit into its own book.

>> No.55003516

You just stuck some heads on some models. Wow!

>> No.55003523

So I think that's ok

>> No.55003525

>I was honestly expecting that wouldn't happen.

After they explicitly said it would happen? Why?

>> No.55003531

Yeah I did, but I wanted to know if you thought it look okay, I felt the hoods looked a bit off with how much space there is around the neck.

>> No.55003535


>> No.55003536

GW that is why.

>> No.55003539

They've said they're doing it for every not-specific-chapter book? I didn't know that

>> No.55003542


They should really make the Questoris frame knight one unit like the renegade version.

>> No.55003547

Like CSM.

>> No.55003549

"I know not with what models Ninth Edition will be fought, but Tenth Edition will be fought with 54mm Inquisitor Models."

>> No.55003556


The hoods look a bit off with no other robe elements on the armour. Note that generally Dark Angels models have robes and hoods if they aren't fully power armoured.

>> No.55003569

He's just not doing the marine squat is all.

>> No.55003571

It was a great idea for making money anon

>> No.55003576


>> No.55003583

Hows this, usually i run Death Guard but i got a Khorne lord of skulls and a Khârn on the cheap from a guy at my local store so i decided to try World Eaters:

HQs: Khârn=160
Exalted Champion=70
Dark Apostle+Maul=76

Troops:35 Cultists(Autoguns)=140
27 Cultists(Melee)=108
15 Berzerkers(Pistol/Chainsword)=240
12 Marines+ 1 Flamer=165

Elites: Helbrute+Reaper autocannon+ Helbrute fist+ combi-bolter=129
Helbrute+Multi-melta+ Helbrute fist=139

Heavy Support: Predator+Twin Autocannon+ Heavy bolter=150

Lord of War: Khorne lord of skulls +Gorestorm cannon+ Hades Gatling+ Cleaver=623

For an exact 2000 points and 6 total command points

>> No.55003587

That's fine. I'll move onto Epic which will be a 28mm scale game by then.

>> No.55003589

Get more boyz.

Get trukk

Get some flavor unit that you like. (Flash gitz, kan, dread, dakkajet, morkanaut....)

Warboss and ork can be fun to convert/kitbash since AoS have some nice orruk kit but it look like you're on tight budget so just keep that in mind.

>> No.55003609

His legs are more spread than a dutch whore.
He used to be "big for a 2e terminator" aka a bit smaller than a modern terminator.
I think it's kind of justified with him of all terminators.
I don't want this to be a common thing though. I dropped DoW 3 because of it.

Ork Warbosses are welcome to get bigger though.

>> No.55003623

what does any of this have to do with dow

>> No.55003629

This is mine. It's a bingo ball from Walmart and an Onager smoke launcher.

>> No.55003658

Finishing some howling griffons and being depressed about how slow my pace is

>> No.55003661

Gabriel is twice the size of a normal terminator.

>> No.55003676


Sure, just source Centurion shoulderpads, stick them on and you get bulkier shoulders without losing that retro sci fi look. Fixes them right up immediately.

>> No.55003692


>Alter paint-scheme slightly
>Run WE detachment for troop zerkers and trait
>Run second detachment of <YOUR WARBAND> CSM for tanks / long range support and sorcerers
>Use sorcerer to warptime WE zerkers

>> No.55003726

Does anybody have link for this little inquisition drama?

>> No.55003739

Are pic related the same size as the newer Deathguard & Thousand son models? I don't want my Noise marines to be manlets.

>> No.55003744

Can I ask how you got enough of those sensor packs for your whole bunch of robots? Do you just have half a dozen onagers?

I used that part to make some cyber-occularis, it seems Admech spares are pretty versatile.

>> No.55003747


dayum those dg termies look sick (no pun intended) glad I didn't pick up those FW ones but on second thought maybe I will to mix and match with the new plastic parts

>> No.55003766

I've been running renegades tactics for my dudes, and I do this, also having bezerkers that can advance and charge is sexy.

>> No.55003771

>Mix and match
The styles are completely different
and the new ones are probably going to be monpose shitters anyway

>> No.55003773

No, They are (very) old big head marine with ugly pose, and weapon,you need to cut the handle of the bolter out and glue them on the hand, that's how old the kit is.

>> No.55003779

>Reminder that Abaddon's plan to "save the imperium" is retarded

>> No.55003783

They are manlets. And the sculpts are old. Which is really fucking annoying when you're trying to paint the trimming on the legs.

>> No.55003788

look mom i posted it again xd

>> No.55003802

RIP <Wu-Tang Clan> allies

>> No.55003818

>Funny how Abby is portrait as this noble, reasonable and intelligent person in ADB's latest book when in all the early HH novels he was the most hot-headed and ruthless commander of the bunch.

He's still portrayed as ruthless and a gloryhound hot-head,the guy goes around asking warlords to join him or die by eating shit and when the long war begins he's the first to go into the Eternal Crusader and charge past his own forces to get to Sigismund. The only difference between HH Abaddon and Warmaster Abby is that one is constantly going into the fray because thats his only job while the Warmaster needs to organize his forces more than charging forward.

Black Legion didnt portray Abby as reasonable.

>> No.55003821

Wu-tang has been dead for ages now, guy
infact, it was stillborn

>> No.55003824


Sure is low test nerdburgler in here.

>> No.55003826

The "new" name from the index is Questor Imperialis. This is Questor Mechanicus are obviously the Mechanicus aligned Knights and the question still stands.

>> No.55003829

My friend's scarab occult terminators, or finishing up a stormboy.

>> No.55003850

This guy wasn't corrupted by ancient eldritch deities, though. Abbadon is just a retard MUH CHAOS IS A TOOL I CAN BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME LOL.

>> No.55003864

>you need to cut the handle of the bolter out and glue them on the hand
>implying that's not the vastly superior option

Shitty built into the hand weapons can't be used for any other modelling purposes the way the complete weapons could and it sucks dick.

>> No.55003865

Mars is obviously represented, but what's the other 6 Forgeworlds that are getting special rules?

>> No.55003870

Nah son they are hardlined run and serviced by mechanus. They don't need a whole codex for a hand full of units.

>> No.55003875


>> No.55003879


Okay, it was a stupid idea for anyone to buy it.

>> No.55003888

>Kitted out Wraithknight costs 600pts

Why is this allowed?
Any idea when the eldar codex is coming out to fix this shit?

>> No.55003889

the Imperial-aligned Knight Houses aren't though

>> No.55003890

So what you're trying to say is you don't think they will get their own codex, ok.

>> No.55003892

To tease Carnac

>> No.55003894

Wonder if they'd gotten fucked up on Konor if it would have been reflected here? Also The Death guard not coming out till the ass end of Konor does that mean they are gonna try and tack on some of the campaign lore?

>> No.55003900

It is unknown. Official comments on the Facebook page imply that there might be a difference between the Mechanicus Knights and the Imperial Knights, but the comments are vague and I don't really want two Knight codices.

>> No.55003916


Lucius, Agripinaa, Stygies VIII, Graia, Metalica and Ryza.

There's 7 paint schemes shown off in the Skitarii codex, so this is kinda a no-brainer.

>> No.55003924

eBay. I also ordered bits enough to replace the weird gun fists with more of the back guns for my Phosphor Kastellans.

>> No.55003929


Is Armageddon a Forge World?

>> No.55003931

Stygies VIII

I think those are the more known and probable forgeworlds.

>> No.55003939

These proud and haughty warriors can trace their bloodlines back to Terra itself and are colloquially known as "Nobles" in Imperial society and as the Questoris Familia in formal High Gothic. Over the millennia, the pilots of these massive war suits have established a rich culture, Noble houses each sworn to the defence of their homeworld, bound by oaths of fealty to the Golden Throne of Terra and the Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars.

>> No.55003942

Budget isn't too tight, I just don't have much of a clue where to go. Are Killa Kanz any good in a mob, liked the look of those. Might go dread mob with a stompa/morkanaut at some point.

>> No.55003950

>Is Armageddon a Forge World?

No, its a heavily industrialized hive city, probably trades their production or mining to a local forgeworld.

>> No.55003952


>> No.55003956

Gryphonne IV
Stygies VIII

>> No.55003967


>> No.55003973

Most titanic shit costs at least half a grand in points, as it should

You are aware it was ludicrously UNDER-costed in 7th, right

>> No.55003978

>that space marine statue with the Nurgle icon strapped to it

>> No.55003979

<Forgeworld> tactics guesses anyone?

>> No.55003980


Raw guesswork.


Actual reasoning.

>> No.55003983

Anon are you being serious right now?

>> No.55003985

A defiler claw?

>> No.55003987


>> No.55003990

I like the scopedog look on the heads. A pity the bodies still look like cheapo chinese toy robots by design.

>> No.55003991

Directed at

>> No.55003993

>Redemptor Dreadnought
>18 S5 AP-1 from the two gatlings
>8 S4 AP0 from the storm bolters
>1D3 S7 AP-1 from the rocket launchers

I am become Dakka, the destroyer of MEQs.

>> No.55003997

I dont see the problem here

>> No.55004000

I thought it was like THE production center of Chimera in the area.

>> No.55004005

Aaron, I'm gonna rape your son.

>> No.55004009

>No Konor
Come on chaps, why the fuck WOULDN'T Konor feature as a Forge World when the DG are literally assaulting the planet and system right now?

>> No.55004010

Defiler claw foot / hand.

>> No.55004011

They were good in 7th and everyone will make fun of you for asking. Just wait for the codex and laaaaugh and laaaaugh while you one shot knights.

>> No.55004018

>raw guesses

yes, but guesses based on the forgeworlds that GW/FW have released models for (i.e. IG tank conversion kits)

Ryza will obviously get something to help plasma guns. If they're feeling saucy you might get to give the FORGE WORLD keyword to the plasma superheavy or a Russ Executioner.

>> No.55004032

Next year biiiiiiiiitch

>> No.55004045

Noice. I need to get some more shoulder guns to arm up my Genetor Castellax (Stormfiends, with the detail on the armour removed and their back ratthings replaced with power coils). Ebaying bitz is irritating, but it works pretty well.

What do you want for Forge Tactics, anons? I'm hoping to pick up something for melee or mobility because I've just done a bunch of Electropriests, but my guys are a custom green scheme so I can basically pick whatever.

>> No.55004069

It will be Anon!

>> No.55004071

didn't they say it would be released by Christmas or am i mistaken?

>> No.55004076

>Light blue as detail highlight in an olive green nurgle color scheme
... why?

>> No.55004081

>Codex: Death Guard will be out in September, with Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus not far behind.
This is actually good since the AdMech might get new models, if it was a 2 book release they wouldn't likely get anything.

>> No.55004119

Of course i was nakedly guessing, I'm on a phone right now.

>> No.55004121

Yeah, the detail is not very sharp and the trim definition varies wildly and sometimes just disappears in places

>> No.55004136

>admech codex comes out
>nothing is fixed and everything is still shit
Search your feelings, you know it to be true. It happened to the Grey Knights and it'll happen to us too.

>> No.55004152

It still does. Terminators are fucking atrocious in places.

>> No.55004153

01000111 01100101 01110100 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 01100001 01110011 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01100101 01110010

>> No.55004156

My bad, I'm still new to 40k and forgot defilers were a thing desu

>> No.55004183

Admech is almost in a perfect place. They just need a transport really.

>> No.55004184

>Death Guard codex release in September
>entire Konor campaign hilariously one sided


>> No.55004192

>Are Killa Kanz any good
Don't think so.

But at least they lost their stupid rule from 7th.

Now if they can get 2 arm guns, or WS4+ they would've been a lot better.

>> No.55004196

It's so they can get shit on in their own codex!

>> No.55004219

Is it too much to ask for Rangers to have guns that are AP-1 all the time, perhaps AP-2 on a 6 to wound?

>> No.55004221

>new models

There you go.

Okay who else want new model?

>> No.55004223

how do i make a decent looking Daemon Price for the Thousand Sons?

>> No.55004247


>> No.55004249


Next question.

>> No.55004254

What about the Posessed or the raptor / warp talon models? I can't for the life of me find decent looking third party leg bits that look enough like something a Chaos marine would have.

>> No.55004259

>Nope, Chaosfags never done that.
Newfag, holy shit.

We went through so much terrible bullshit from Chaos fags during 7th, that any retaliation you get now, is 100% deserved.

>You seem like a douche
Go back to whatever hugbox you came from, faggot.

>Keeps writing about ADB
>the point

>> No.55004260

Codices are printed in China, then distributed worldwide. This shit takes weeks. It wouldn't surprise me if a few stores had some DG Codex copies already.

If the fluff mentions Konor and talks of a key winner, then we know the campaign's outcome was preordained.

>> No.55004280


>> No.55004283

A mega armored Warboss and an Ork Kaptin as a new HQ please.

>> No.55004295


>> No.55004317

I made mine

>> No.55004335

They didn't really lose their 'stupid rule', now they're just a unit of models with a leadership low enough to ensure they'll have to test any time one dies

>> No.55004336

WD that month : how to kitbash your warboss. (with multiple expensive kits)

>> No.55004345

Way, way too small for a DP.

>> No.55004348

Do you think Deathwatch will get their codex before Christmas ? Really want to start them but from what I heard they've already changed what weapons you can take thrice and people had to dissemble their models to adjust.

>> No.55004357

But that's wrong

>> No.55004363

Why would you not fill those gaps?

>> No.55004372

Lol, the bitch puppet of the Chaos Gods complains about coercion while torturing his own men for trifles and looking at him funny.

>> No.55004373

>mfw new BA Codex still not announced

>> No.55004402

Honestly didn't notice, but it's only about 10 minutes to fix it, not including drying

>> No.55004417

I was thinking of getting the Meganobz kit for a Big Mek and convert a Nob into a Warboss, but people here think he'd be too small.

>> No.55004419

does the sticky have Shadow War: Armagedon? cant find it anywhere.

>> No.55004426

With GW's apparent urge to ensure at least every second book is Imperial, they've a good chance

>> No.55004433

Hey mister, can you tell me where a man might find a bed?

>> No.55004434

>I heard they've already changed what weapons you can take thrice and people had to dissemble their models to adjust.
thats the first I've ever heard of that.

>> No.55004435

Could always model him standing on a rock or something and cover him with boss-poles and the like

>> No.55004449

They WERE, in 7e.
In 8e I came up with a list of fixes they kinda need:

- Cawl needs to be unaligned, restricting him to Mars is HARSH.
- Skitarii need their 6+ FnP back instead of useless invulns.
- Rangers need permanent AP-1 and/or the ability to target characters, Vanguard need 2W Radcarbines back.
- Haywire gets a price bump but is made equivalent to Xenos haywire.
- Dragoons need more attacks or a price cut.
- Kataphrons of all stripes need to lose 10-15 ppm to make them not "Worse Kastelans".
- Fuck this Cognis bullshit, make it so they gain Sniper when stationary instead of worthless Advance bonuses.
- Enginseers need to be HQs and able to repair anything, they're useless now.
- Datasmiths need to have their Power Fists points adjusted like the Marines.
- Infiltrators could use their extra attack they lost for no reason back.
- Rusties need Xenos-haywire melee attacks, so as to compensate for losing all their grenades and giving them a use.
- Canticles as a whole need adjustment - TH Reroll Ones should be a flat +1, +1S should be +1 To wound in melee with all our 6+ abilities, Electromancer should be a 5+ trigger with 4+ for being within 1" of 10 or more models to make it more reliable at swarming enemies.
- Torsion Cannon should be D3 shots against MONSTERS so as to be a counterpart to Haywire.
- Arquebi down to 20pts.
- Plasma up to 25ppm but we get our third shot back.

- Kastelans go up 10-15 PPM, Protocol shift is a 3+ so it can be a CP Sink.

That would be my list of fixes, although I may have gone a bit far taken all together which is why I don't write homebrew often. Anyone have any thoughts?

>> No.55004452

>that poor helbrute in his chest
:( poor little guy, he never asked for this

>> No.55004459

Is he a big guy?

>> No.55004461

Convert the Ironjaw megaboss/brute into a warboss. Give him gun/boss pole/klaw I think you can find one (the one from the Wyvern kit) for cheap on ebay

>> No.55004463

> tfw BA codex will have Sang in it.

>> No.55004465



>> No.55004485

I fucking hope not, they should just give the Sanguinor primarch tier buffs and model, its the best solution. Let Sanguinius remain dead, he was too good for this world.

>> No.55004486

>codex releases: you can have a bolter and a special weapon like the shotgun or meltagun on one model
>faq releases: you can no longer have a boltgun and a shotgun but the rest is untouched
>index releases: you no longer can have a bolter and a special weapon on one model
They didn't think through the weapon tables when they released their first codex and then went ohshit! and changed it so people had reassemble the models.

>> No.55004490

Last official mention of Thousand Sons said "very soon", it'll probably be before Christmas.

>> No.55004494

>Cawl needs to be unaligned
This is like Marinefags saying that Guilliman needs to be unaligned.

>> No.55004501


>> No.55004506

Maybe, its a small book that can fit anywhere and I think SW/DA/BA will probably be released next year so they can get enough Imperial books to counter non-Imperial ones.

>> No.55004507


>> No.55004544

>death guard got FNP in their index
>dark eldar got FNP in their index
>space marines got FNP in their codex
>CSM got FNP in their codex
>SOB players want FNP instead of their invulnerable save
>admech players want FNP instead of their invulnerable save
Hello new edition, same as old edition. FNP for eeeeeeeveryone!

>> No.55004548

Dante is going to be possesed by the spirit of Sangy and over time transforming into him.
Screen cap this.

>> No.55004550

Big enough.
Note that this guy is a deamon prince kind of, he's once a mortal and ascend into this beast at the end of his adventure in Silver Tower.

>> No.55004555

Is he that bad? He costs %70 of what Guilliman does, is flimsier, fights WAY worse, provides about 60% of the rerolls at best, doesn't buff everyone out the stratosphere as WELL as adding rerolls and doesn't give 3 free CP.
He's good, but given he's pretty mandatory to fix the current problems with Skitarii and Cult Mech I wouldn't say he's OP.


To be fair we have infantry almost as fragile as Dark Eldar but without any transports to hide in. We kind of need it just to Not Die, and we did have it until it was randomly stripped.

>> No.55004559

With chaos and SM ain't it just certain chapters? Ones with small player bases at that?

>> No.55004561


I don't think Deimos was moved to be the Grey Knight's Forgemoon. Could be wrong tho.

>> No.55004562

The intention was obviously to have one weapon, anyone who actually assembled their models with an extra shotgun or whatever, which I doubt anyone actually did, is an idiot. Or at the very least a newfag.

>> No.55004565

Is it just me or do agressors seem weak as fuck when there is already a more mobile unit with better weapon options?

>> No.55004584

>Is he that bad?
No, he's a good unit, but bitching about "HURR WHY ISN'T THIS SPESHUL CHARACTER FOR EVERYONE DURR DURR" is no better than wishing Guilliman was unaligned. What you should be asking for is a generic Archmagos unit or at least a strategem to upgrade a generic Dominus to a generic Archmagos.

>> No.55004607

We need more pasta like this.

>> No.55004612

>Cawl needs to be unaligned, restricting him to Mars is HARSH.

Guilliman needs to be unaligned, restricting him to Ultramarines is HARSH

>> No.55004621

I mean, thanks, and not to sound ungrateful, but I looked in there and cant find it, even with the search tool, in what file is it?

>> No.55004622

>codex allows you to take something
>wow, what newfags for using options from their codex

>> No.55004644

Basically not playing ultras is the wrong choice this edition, between rowboat, chronos and tigger everyone else has been BTFO

>> No.55004651

Invulnerable saves of a 6++ are rather pointless in 8th
During 3rd to 7th that was good enough, but in 8th? with AP-X having a 2+, or 4+ is not that great like it used to be.

>> No.55004657


>> No.55004660

>not holding out for DA codex when the Lion returns
Lion will BTFO Girlyman in EVERY respect, just as he did in the lore.

>> No.55004665

Different jobs (imo)

Aggressors are the missile unit that comes as a distraction. Enough dakka to clear chaff, multiple Powerfists to destroy vehicles.

Inceptors are harassers. Fast and their shots are less for chaff clear, but for moderate / heavy infantry.

Inceptors also can't melee for SHIT

>> No.55004674

Iron Hands chapter tactic and an Iron Warriors stratagem I think.

>> No.55004682

>select "Warhammer 40000" folder

>Oh shit nigga look what I found.

This is why there are people who make stupid amount of money by doing no-shit stupid job.

>> No.55004690

>implying blue, red, yellow or green marines are different armies
Just use what ever rules you want for your super special snowflake army. Like every marine since the retardation of multiple rules for the same bloody army happen.

>> No.55004694

>Codex is vague and allows waac fags to exploit it
>this later faq-ed away.
get fucked newfag. How about you post pics of these "models" that had to be reassembled?

>> No.55004698

Slaaneshi Psychic Power too

>> No.55004717

Yeah, I'm totally fine with getting those instead. I did think about putting them on the list as well, but simply changing Cawl to <Forge World> like some of the Necron characters would solve the problem much more easily and seems like the kind of thing GW might actually do in the Codex.

To be fair, he's WAY less tied to Mars than Guilliman is to his Ultras given he flies all over the galaxy in his pimp ship working on stuff and doesn't really associate with other Priests much.
Generic Archmagos would honestly be my preferred solution, especially if they gave him a proper number of wargear options I.E. ALL OF THEM, but odds on that are pretty low.
Pic related is all the different Magos Prime gear and types for Heresy, plus the Magos Dominus who is basically a Librarian Magos with techno-buffs for robots and the Magos Reductor who buffs artillery.
Makes the Dominus look a little sparse, hey?

>> No.55004720

>implying blue, red, yellow or green <YOUR DUDES> are different armies

They've announced their doing different rules for different <BRACKETS>. Every army is getting this treatment.

>> No.55004721

>Cawl needs to be unaligned, restricting him to Mars is HARSH.

Pask needs to be unaligned, restricting him to Cadia is HARSH.

>> No.55004722

Well it's stated that the only corvex(hover) bike, is in the hands of the dark angels Raven wing master Sammael. So sit down gold smurfs

>> No.55004731

Are vindicators shit now?
>D3 shots
>BS4+ if moved
>statistically 1 (one) hit on the move
>D3 damage

>> No.55004732

Hardly seems like everyone then. And the ones that have it make sense.

>> No.55004733

>two tables clear as day
Sure kid.

>> No.55004737

And Sanguinus will never get a model.

>> No.55004748

He will in 30k. And only in 30k.

>> No.55004758

>implying there won't be an objectively superior choice of <YOUR DUDES>

This is GW, they still haven't figure out Chaos is not as popular as they think it is.

>> No.55004767

What the fuck is this

>> No.55004770

>implying the Sanguinor is not a Shard of Sanguinius that was transferred to a mortal host
>implying the Sanguinor will not be reborn as Sanguinius when Baal's need is most dire

>> No.55004778

>Generic Archmagos would honestly be my preferred solution,

Archmagos Stratagem
Costs 3CP
Use before the battle. Select one Magos Dominus. He lets <FORGEWORLD> reroll all failed to Hits for shooting instead of just 1s.

>> No.55004782

D6 damage.

>> No.55004786

And still no pics of these poor models that had to be reassembled?

>> No.55004788

sure they get p fists but they are slow like fuck and only get 2 attacks, not only that but their regular weapons are so shit against tanks (well lets face it they are worse than the assault bolters in every way) that they need to double shoot to get anything done and piddly 5" move and terrible range they well need to constantly repostion to do anything. let alone actually getting them into combat with something.

>> No.55004798

>D3 damage
You mean D6. It's funny, they're actually better at blowing holes in fortifications in 8th. Depends if that's what a siege tank is for, I guess.

>> No.55004801

We can't let little Timmy have options! He might get confuse!
Here have this new PRIMARIS Librarian with no options!

>> No.55004804

Even shield drones get fnp

>> No.55004817

I'd be more convince if he has a fucking pairs of wings instead of a jump pack. So, yeah, no, I still bet he is Azkaelon.

>> No.55004823

new thread up

>> No.55004833

What pics ? If you want them then google them you lazy faggot.

>> No.55004842

Nah Bobby G took was their savior instead bb.

>> No.55004844


Grav leviathan dreadnaught
22D3 S9 AP-5 D2 shots vs 50 conscripts
2D3 S9 Ap-5 D5 shots VS a tank, titan or monster

I am become EnuffDakka, the destroyer of everything

>> No.55004853

A 6++ means nothing in this edition, is not like previous edition when AP removed your normal save.
Plasmagun used to ignore a 2+ and 3+ now? it just makes them a 4+ and a 5+. Meaning that the 5++ or 6++ are pointless

It seems that low save models benefit from a invulnerable save while high save models benefit from a FNP one.

>> No.55004878

first anon was claiming people had to reassemble their models due to the rules changes

>> No.55004891

So I, as a dark angels player, managed to beat a grey knight list containing 3 NDKs, I thought they would be impossible to defeat, but my deathwing knights+ belial got them one after one

However the rest of my army struggled doing much of anything besides stay back and fire at the paladins and terminators.

Are grey knights shit now?

>> No.55004894

Nope, they'll keep adding smaller characters instead, like not-even-a-real-boy from DOW.

>> No.55004908

They got saved by Chaos. Corrupted Sanguinus confirmed.

>> No.55004910

>piddly 5" move and terrible range they well need to constantly repostion to do anything. let alone actually getting them into combat with something.

They suffer no -1 To Hit for Advancing. So their Movement is instead 6"-11". Average being 8.5".

Honestly Aggressors shine depending on Chapter Tactics.

Raven Guard can Infiltrate and be a threat T1

White Scars get +2" so they're now 8"-13" with a 10" being average.

Ultramarines can Fall Back and shoot. Which is "okay". Arm yourselves with Flamers and ignore the penalty.

Others don't jump out as huge (no important shot that you need to Wound / Hit for Salamander, Ignore Cover is okay, 6+ FNP is okay, reroll Charge is good. But only helps once you're up the field.

Inceptors imo are for killing MEQ, TEQ, light Vehicles

Aggressors are for Hordes and bun punching.

>> No.55004912

Yes, people were posting about it here, B&C and other forums. But I don't think anybody took photos, why the hell would they.

>> No.55004916


It's the problem with the new AP system (which otherwise I really like like most people)
If you got a good save, a crappy invuln is useless, especially on 1W models
Nobody is gonna fire melta at a non-character SoB, and the invuln does not come into play until -4AP weapons

>> No.55004917

>D6 damage
Yeah i fucked up. Nevertheless, i feel it just does not have any oomph behind it, you know?

>> No.55004931

because its bullshit, at most they'd have to pull off a bolter crappily stuck to model's back.

>> No.55004971

Yeah I hear you. I use the Demolisher, which has the same gun, and it's always the sponson guns that do more damage than the Demolisher.

>> No.55004973


Good grey knight lists makes use of large GKPA squads now

Turing 10 storm bolters in 13.3 heavy bolters with no heavy penalty is a game changer.

>> No.55005028

or how about:
>use same model for archmagos instead of cawl
>gives different boni in line with belisarius cools buffs

problem solved and gives room for all flavours

>> No.55005038

Yeah, I get what you guys are saying. I just think there's other options to make stuff tougher than simply giving almost every army an FNP style extra save (the bonus against D1 that thousand sons get, the ignoring AP-1 rule, etc.) which is kind of a boring solution.

>> No.55005050

Different people assembled it differently and what does that have to do with anything ? What's your point ?

>> No.55005121

that its a bullshit thing to complain about, and that I doubt anyone actually had to "reassemble" their models just because of that faq

>> No.55005133

Necrons and TS in December

>> No.55005144

Well that's your shitty opinion, I would hate to have rip off anything off my models every few months because GW can't make up their damn mind.

>> No.55005321

They're pretty shitty, should hit on 2s or have a base 5++ with 4++ shield for 500 points.

>> No.55005535

Alright, let another Admech player break it down:

On point. They are just THAT good, even with the Nerf. Their Flechettes will murderize any T3 hordes, and Tasers Str6 will completely brutalize GEQs. Now, for power armor, PowerSword/Carbine is better for tackling MEQ's, especially if you pop the +1 str.

Only really good offensively in Numbers, but dragoons are a ideal unit for soaking up firepower and delaying charges. Ballistari are there for cheap Lascannon's or Autocannons atm.

Sorry, but from what I can tell, Vanguard will never ever reach their target alone. Unless they get a points drop, they will die consistently before they reach the enemy. Sure, if you get there, you'll let loose hell, but with T3 and 4+/6++, you just won't be getting there.

Rangers are preferable, since they can contribute to the fight from a distance, while dealing similiar damage to vanguard up close. Think of them as better Firewarriors, and park them in cover.

Don't bother with Breachers. Arc Rifles are okay, but the bot itself is too expensive, and now with a 50% to hit, they have a hard time hitting. Destroyers are better at killing what they hit, but Breachers are more survivable and can actually do shit in Melee, so take your pick.

Overcosted, underwhelming. The lack of a 4++, WS 2+ and a flat re-roll of ones to hit really hurts his damage output and his surviveability. This is coupled with his high cost, which is almost the same as 3 five man skitarii squads. Keep him the back, bubblewrapped in Skitarrii. Volkite is okay, but the Ray is more reliable damage against MEQ and vehicles. Also a good anti charge weapon.

Pretty good. Onagers can and will delete tanks, MC and anything else. Kastellans are devastating against hordes/anything, but need Dominus, or better, Cawl.

>> No.55005571

>it's this eternally salty NPCfag again

>> No.55005885

Huh, the Invocators hints at other gods. Veiled reference to other Chaos gods or do they mean xenos, I wonder?

>> No.55005897

Anyone tried Shapeways for bits yet?

>> No.55005903

The only KNOWN one, but back then the Custodes also were sitting in Terra.

I'm guessing we'll get new Cawl-pattern jetbike Primaris too before long.

>> No.55005934

Helbrutes, or Hellforged Contemptor Dreads are good too. Honestly probably better than dinobots simply because they get the Legion tactics.

>> No.55005987

I have. Shoulder pads for the Black Guard and also some tactical markings. They came out pretty damn good, and pretty fast.

>> No.55006009

One of our players runs a 1500 point list that's 2 broodlords and 98 genestealers. How the fuck do I fight this? I play space marines.

>> No.55006050

helbrutes are wat squishier, but contemptors are good

>> No.55006051


captan, liutenant, and rest only heavy bolter devastators.

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