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Jeanstealer Edition

Old Thread >>54932313

>Necromunda is coming back.

>Konor Campaign: Chaos winning new planet. But for how long?

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ
>Codex: Chaos Space Marine supplement for Daemons, Thousand Sons and Death Guard players

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing the Emperor's work)

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First for the First.

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1st for whatever I find in my folders

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I'm a new player

Convince me to join your favorite faction with memes

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gorka- or morkanaut my fellow orkses?

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What is this meme

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There any good 40k books out there that have a real bromance?

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Kunningly brutal > brutally kunnin.
Those lions are his armor are cute!
>pets lions
>gets head punched off

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>Kunningly Brutal
>Better than Brutally Kunnin

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Cain and Jurgun? Tarviz and Garro?

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8th ed vehicles have wounds now, Fabius Bile used to have instant death attacks. So before 8th ed dropped some anons concluded that Fabius would be the ultimate titan killer

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Do dark reapers really always hit on 3+? Even against supersonic flyers and in the mission that you get a -1 when shooting over 18"?

I really can't find a way to beat them, some guy deploys 12 of them in cover and they fucking destroy anything in the first turn.

Is there any place where the rules are clarified?

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"I don't like it therefore the rules must be wrong REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Yes, they always hit on a 3+, even when their BS is lowered to 6+ or 99+ or if they have a -200 modifier.

Have you tried, I dunno, charging them and killing them?

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>The coming of a Tyranid hive fleet is preceded by a smothering psychic signal that
envelops entire star systems and disrupts all forms of Warp travel and communication. Swallowed up by psychic-static, whole worlds suddenly go deathly silent, giving no clues as to what is unfolding on the surface below, or of what terrors are about to befall. This is
the Shadow in the Warp, and it heralds imminent invasion and horror.
>It is unknown if the Shadow in the Warp is created deliberately by the hive fleets, or if it
is simply a by-product of the Hive Mind’s innate synaptic control. In any case, the Shadow
in the Warp creates fear and panic wherever it falls, instilling a pervasive dread into the
minds of a prey world’s defenders, plunging entire planets into misery and despair. For
highly psychic races, such as the Eldar, or for luckless psykers caught within this
enervating effect, the malaise is magnified tenfold. Should a psyker attempt to use his otherworldly abilities, the cerebral cacophony worsens even further; the psychic sound of
a billion alien thoughts scratch at his mind, and unless he is particularly strong-willed he
will be pitched into an insanity where he will repeatedly utter phrases in a tongue too
alien to properly pronounce.
Just getting into Warhammer recently and I've gotta say I enjoy the over-the-top grimdark stuff in the codexes. As above, everything to do with tyranid invasion just fills me with dread.

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>Do dark reapers really always hit on 3+? Even against supersonic flyers and in the mission that you get a -1 when shooting over 18"?
>Is there any place where the rules are clarified?
GW's facebook page and twitter, also FAQs

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Fuck that was a mess. Don't know why paragraphs just randomly appeared in there.

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Fabius Bile and his instant death cane. When 8e was announced some guy came up with this silly scenario where he brings a unit of Titans to a game, bile hits them, wounds on a 6 since everyone can do that, fails save and titan is killed instantly since they have wounds, then the other two fail battleshock and run away.

Morale is still a little weird. I know it's meant to represent succumbing to wounds, Necrons phasing out, all that nonsense, but that means that Night Lords Raptors put a magical entropy-inducing field on my Skitarii. I WANT that tech.

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>not bein so smart at bein brutal it's jes propa kunnin'
yer a grot m8

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Why aren't Fortifications more popular? Skyshield Landing Pads and Imperial Bastions look really good for gunline armies.

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Americans shudder at putting terrain on their tables and yuros would rather make their own but are too busy dodging rental vehicles.

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>thinks brutally kunnin is best
King of all Grots right here.

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>regardless of modifiers... so yes

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>The coming of a Tyranid hive fleet is preceded by a smothering psychic signal that envelops entire star systems and disrupts all forms of Warp travel and communication. Swallowed up by psychic-static, whole worlds suddenly go deathly silent, giving no clues as to what is unfolding on the surface below, or of what terrors are about to befall. This is the Shadow in the Warp, and it heralds imminent invasion and horror.
>It is unknown if the Shadow in the Warp is created deliberately by the hive fleets, or if it is simply a by-product of the Hive Mind’s innate synaptic control. In any case, the Shadow in the Warp creates fear and panic wherever it falls, instilling a pervasive dread into the
minds of a prey world’s defenders, plunging entire planets into misery and despair. For highly psychic races, such as the Eldar, or for luckless psykers caught within this enervating effect, the malaise is magnified tenfold. Should a psyker attempt to use his otherworldly abilities, the cerebral cacophony worsens even further; the psychic sound of a billion alien thoughts scratch at his mind, and unless he is particularly strong-willed he will be pitched into an insanity where he will repeatedly utter phrases in a tongue too alien to properly pronounce.
Just getting into Warhammer recently and I've gotta say I enjoy the over-the-top grimdark stuff in the codexes. As above, everything to do with tyranid invasion just fills me with dread.

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Price and points.

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So, Soulburners or Hellflamers for Hellforged Contemptors? I can't decide which is better for one. Not sure if Soulburners are worth their cost.

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>The coming of a Tyranid hive fleet is preceded by a smothering psychic signal that envelops entire star systems and disrupts all forms of Warp travel and communication. Swallowed up by psychic-static, whole worlds suddenly go deathly silent, giving no clues as to what is unfolding on the surface below, or of what terrors are about to befall. This is the Shadow in the Warp, and it heralds imminent invasion and horror.
>It is unknown if the Shadow in the Warp is created deliberately by the hive fleets, or if it is simply a by-product of the Hive Mind’s innate synaptic control. In any case, the Shadow in the Warp creates fear and panic wherever it falls, instilling a pervasive dread into the minds of a prey world’s defenders, plunging entire planets into misery and despair. For highly psychic races, such as the Eldar, or for luckless psykers caught within this enervating effect, the malaise is magnified tenfold. Should a psyker attempt to use his otherworldly abilities, the cerebral cacophony worsens even further; the psychic sound of a billion alien thoughts scratch at his mind, and unless he is particularly strong-willed he will be pitched into an insanity where he will repeatedly utter phrases in a tongue too alien to properly pronounce.
Just getting into Warhammer recently and I've gotta say I enjoy the over-the-top grimdark stuff in the codexes. As above, everything to do with tyranid invasion just fills me with dread.

(Please work or I give up)

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Night Lords 2000 9CP

Battalion #1
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
Warp Bolter, Sword, Diabolic Strength

Dark Apostle w/ Combi-Bolter

Cultists x30 Autoguns and 3 Stubbers
Cultists x20 CCW, 2 Flamers, and a Shotgun

Chaos Marines MoK x10 w/CCWBP, Plasma Pistol, Flamer, Icon of Wrath
Aspiring Champion w/PP+Fist

>Dedicated Transport
Rhino w/Havoc Launcher and Combi-Plasma

Battalion #2
Jump Lord w/Claws of the Black Hunt
Jump Sorcerer w/PP and Force Staff (Prescience and Death Hex)

Chaos Marines x5 w/Plasma and Combi-Plasma
Chaos Marines x5 w/Plasma and Combi-Plasma
Chaos Marines x5 w/Plasma and Combi-Plasma

Termies x10 w/Combi-Plasma and Lightning Claw

>Heavy Support
Havoks x7 with 4 Autocannons

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Soulburners if you face a lot of high saves and invulns, otherwise the Flamers are fine.

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Death Guard

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>that means that Night Lords Raptors put a magical entropy-inducing field on my Skitarii
Night Lords use some pretty cool tech. Against admech, it wouldn't surprise me if they employed some panic code emitter to cause confusion and shit b

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What army you play? If they have drops, just deep strike charge into the reapers and you're fine.

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Up for pre order next week/10

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Reapers, like most eldar, are squishy fuckers. Charge 'em or shoot 'em and they fold, especially if you have a -2 or so AP.

>> No.54935278

Tell me /tg/. Would this have gone differently if Death Guard had a proper release during the campaign?

>> No.54935279

Because they're really situational. The only good build I've found is to take the skyshield, park a Vulture and tech priest there in hover mode, then heal 2d3 as you fire 40.

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I started nids for the same reason, unfortunately being a standard villain as we are, most of the time this stuff is just completely ignored and then you get curbstomped by the good guys. Other times it's almost properly done like those eldar (or Deldar) that lured a tendril to a star by creating the false signals of shittons of biomass or the more recent great rift that ripped in half a tendril so the isolated bit got basically sacrificed to khorne before they ate Baal. So ironically the Blood Angels were saved by one of their main arch enemies. Probably Khorne likes them quite a lot as the sadistic vampires they are

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dark eldar or bust

>> No.54935295

That actually looks pretty good to me. Let's talk stratagems. What's your game plan? Tide of Traitors spam?

>> No.54935298

Well, the Skitarii themselves have those, and they work on the Night Lords. The one time I fought them my Infiltrators pulled a mutual morale kill on some Raptors. NL actually do a really good job of fighting Admech, since I don't have the infantry screens needed to keep them off my dakka. They just land and shred me.
I'm working on a big pack of electros ATM, so if all else fails I can wrap up a firebase in those for a turn.

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>> No.54935302

There are simply too many imperial players, period. Having Space Marines be the first Codex helped make it even worse though.

>> No.54935304

So, there's a tale about Flesh Tearers boarding the space hulk Soul of Damnation and finding ancient Luna Wolves marine in a stasis. The guy, after they told him about fate of his legion rages and goes into the void.

Any more information about this guy?

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If they had done a full death guard release with Mortarion right as the campaign was gearing up to start? Yes, I think at least one planet could've been chaos controlled by now.

>> No.54935313

not really

if it were a full generic chaos release maybe, but even then I doubt it

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>> No.54935331

let out a hearty chuckle at rental vehicle dodging
good thing about living in a politically insignificant place is not having to care about such things

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He got AIDS and died

>> No.54935369

Are you sure you're not misremembering Garviel Loken?

>> No.54935370

taking into consideration the sheer volume of imperials

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we have organic welding torches

>> No.54935423

No. It's in the current chaos codex.

>> No.54935431

Skyshields are cheap and the distance deep striking units will have to climb if they start 9" away from the Skyshield will protect your gunline.

>> No.54935433

Honestly I think it would have been interesting if GW had a set amount of wins the Imperium players needed to reach each stage, with Chaos playing spoiler against that.

As it stands it incredibly dull and it's clear how the campaign will end up. It really doesn't reflect the struggle the Imperium faces in the fluff and nobody aside from sad muh good-guys fanboys are happy about how it's playing out. Most normal Imperium players wanted some sort of conflict and sport out of this.

>> No.54935434

You NPCfags disgust me.

>> No.54935446

>buying into """organic"""
you're a git

everyone knows GMO squigs are superior

>> No.54935451

chaos might tie by getting the last three because GW is handing them free points

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>> No.54935458

The torch is the thing in his right hand.

>> No.54935459

The plan is to have options, really. The mass of termies lands with the Sorcerer and Lord near whatever needs killing asap. Dump prescience and go to town with overcharged plasma. If need be, I can give them a mark for 1CP and then use whatever strategem I need. Ideally, that'll be Slaanesh, which will give me a whopping 40 overcharged 2+ rerolling 1s plasma shots. The only downside to that is that I need to use it at the start of my turn, which means it doesn't happen right away. I can always spend 1CP to swap out Death Hex for Warp Time to pull a fast one the turn after they drop. I can also really stack the buffs and go with Veterans of the Long War, too, which means I'd even be wounding Land Raiders on a 3+ with the plasma. Tide of Traitors is of course always an option. I feel that after the first attempt, my opponent might just give up trying to kill them. Fury of Khorne could be used on my melee squad depending on what they reach, though 3CP is big. I am also tempted to give my sorcerer a MoN so he could potentially cast Miasma on the Termies with a simple swap, which give a whopping -2 to hit with In Midnight Clad.

Basically, I have a lot of options with 9CP for some fun tricks.

>> No.54935467


Gorka every time. KMK is probably overall slightly better than the Deffstorm but the rest of their shooting is more or less identical. It comes down to the melee, and there the Gorka has the edge with +2 attacks. That means 18 Str 8 Ap-2 Dmg 2 attacks hitting on 3+, vs the 12 of the Morka. Morka needs a price drop or a serious boost to its KMK to warrent taking. KFF is nice but not much to write home about.

>> No.54935468

>waaaaah why didint they just give up.

>> No.54935472

>painting black armor by painting black first then painting black on black and then highlighting with black


>> No.54935473

He retired to Rophanon and lived the rest of his days as a masseur for high ranking Imperial officials. He perished in 993.M40 when the world was subject to exterminatus following a short lived rebellion and subsequent Tyranid invasion

>> No.54935475

what would you call the squig then

>> No.54935476

Is there a collection of WH Community comments that clarify rules?

>> No.54935480


Chaos Primaris when?

Getting tired of my osbsolete manlet chaos marines.

>> No.54935483

That is what I did, sadly where i play the scenery are huge ass buildings and they always put reapers and shit on top of them so you cant drop and charge at the same time. Also they tend to block with lesser units so you can't drop close.

>> No.54935486

Most of them end up in the FAQ in time I think. They have been doing pretty well of compiling everything recently.

>> No.54935488


You questioning Duncan?

>> No.54935491

FAQs and probably Chapter Approved when that becomes a thing again

>> No.54935501

2 Archons
10 Hellions
1 Raider
10 Kabalites
5 Wyches
5 Incubi
9 Reavers
5 mandrakes
1 Troupe
1 Death Jester

Adding a venom or another raider soon. What sort of list should I run with all this stuff?

>> No.54935504

I see this got fixed. Very nice.

>> No.54935505

What free points? Proofs?

>> No.54935511

The campaign shows how the fluff of chaos should be always be written.
Guerrilla wars at best, with random terrorist acts. Chaos marines are insignificant without lore asspull Chaos does not have the numbers to even conquer a random hive world.
They are the Tau of the Bad guys if you like.

>> No.54935515

He's just butt flustered there is actual resistance this time don't mind him.

>> No.54935517

A dark eldar list would be my suggestion.

>> No.54935521

What would you assume about a regiment with this color scheme?

>> No.54935533

Either GW is fudging the numbers or all the Xenos out of fucking nowhere started giving points to chaos while the Imperials just got bored and went home.

>> No.54935536


It has ties with the cog boys and the regiments homeworld is urban/tundra based?

>> No.54935538

That they're going to give me some nice presents this christmas.

>> No.54935545

>being so pleb you can't tell different shades of black
That said it is hardly worth it unless you doing s painting competition.

>> No.54935548

Nothing to do with Chaos getting a codex then?

>> No.54935552

It's all so clear to me now! Thanks Anon! I think I just feel insecure about my lack of paper boats.

>> No.54935581

Nop, the only way Chaos won something during EoT was by cheating. There simply not enough chaos marines in the lore and in the game to make any difference without an asspull.

Even lore wise only retard Xenos or paid ones would help chaos. So it is basically Imperium and Xenos vs chaos. Helping chaos is like helping terrorist groups destroy a bridge you use, just because the enemy country also use it. If it gets blown both of you get dick over.

>> No.54935585

Abbadon black has a different finish than chaos black primer

>> No.54935595

They pay really well though! Then we just fuck back off into the webway.

>> No.54935596

Hey wait a minute.....

>> No.54935600

Two raiders with warriors and a ravager has pretty much been the DE mainstay for as long as they've existed as a faction.

depending on how much you hate painting boats you can replace the ravager with some scourges, though

>> No.54935608

>i had a homebrew regiment that had a simmilar scheme
>tfw thanks to his raging autism i canf bring myself to do it anymore
Fuck RGG

>> No.54935609

There's a reason we're the most popular faction and the face of 40k

>> No.54935611

Not too much hate for painting boats. Ravager sounds nice though so I guess the next things I'll get will be another raider and that then more mandrakes. Thanks pal-o-!

>> No.54935614

Even then DE are even more insignificant than chaos or tau.
DE are like the Italians of 40k

>> No.54935623

> Everyone but the imperium is eeeeevul or stupid.

>> No.54935634

>shoving marines into everything makes them popular
I have my doubts about their popularity on their own merits

>> No.54935636

Fuck.. now I'm gonna read all dark eldar with Italian accents thanks Anon.

>> No.54935638

That is a Grot Oiler. That is an oil gun, not a welding torch.

>> No.54935643

The owner of said infantry is not particularly talented at color schemes and most likely can't paint well either

>> No.54935649


>> No.54935650

Everyone is stupid and evil in 40k, chaos supporting is just another entire level of stupid. Like burning your own house intentionally while trap inside.

>> No.54935652


>> No.54935654

Yeah 65% of the playerbase was just tricked into playing loyalist marines

>> No.54935673

Well I haven't bought a single marine since I started playing back in RT and now I have over a 100.
Why? Because every started has marines and it is easier you to number the spinoff games that do not have marines than the ones that do.

>> No.54935680

I should never phone post. Bloody sneaky autocorrect.

>> No.54935681

I'm pretty sure it's more around:
> Everyone IN CHAOS is Evil (Stupid may or may not apply)

>> No.54935691

bad link, it was this one:

I'm pretty sure it's more around:
> Everyone IN CHAOS is Pure Evil (Stupid may or may not apply)

>> No.54935696

New crew models for the Repulsor?

>> No.54935699

Lolol chaos fags on plebbit whining about chaos fags whining.

>> No.54935700

>HIS raging autism

>> No.54935709

Joining chaos is stupid on itself. Like those European kids from Germany joining Isis

>> No.54935726

>by cheating
I mean they are Chaos, cheating is pretty in character
>Xenos helping chaos
Depend what your short medium and long term goals are doesn't it? A chaos victory at Konor or better yet a stalemate could well draw imperial resources away from fronts more important to x xeno species for example
>because lore
pretty irrelevant given the nature of the campaign

Meh Imperium will wnl, GW will throw Chaos a narrative bone or something and the world will return to normal

>> No.54935737

Like I said, Chaos can't win without asspulls

>> No.54935741 [DELETED] 

>someone recieved $5 for making this post
What is wrong with plebbitors

>> No.54935752

>Reducing a 2000 point list to a 1000
It's like choosing which fingers to chop off

>> No.54935757

That's alot of conscripts

>> No.54935764

They more than likely won't win. You seem particularly invested in the imperium though so I hope they don't lose just for your mental wellbeing. You are loved Anon it's not worth it man the blue boys are gonna bring it home for ya!

>> No.54935765

We are paying a lot more for worthless plastic. That said it is still stupid.

>> No.54935774

Unremembered empire has this

>> No.54935778

Nah, we all want to dick over Ultramarines, just not by chaos because that requires Tau level of anime protagonist lore.

>> No.54935780

sure but can't win and can't make gains are different things Choas making some gains in the week after their codex dropped doesn't mean they're cheating, what it probably means is that they're gaining points for going out and buying the codex and it might just be possible that the legion tactics, points drops and other benefits of having a codex might be buoying them up a bit

>> No.54935782

Memes aside, please share, I'm curious at the idea of an Iron Warrior and a Fist teaming up

>> No.54935784

Chaos Primaris should be kept as a rare elite unit or two only, IMO, if they ever get to the tabletop at all. It makes no sense to have the Traitor Legions making Primaris en masse, when loads of warbands are still forced to scavenge new equipment, and many still only get new recruits through absorbing others. Plus, Primaris defectors are probably going to be quite rare, due to the added corruption resistance in their gene-seed.

It makes sense for CSMs to be the primary continuation of mini-Marines, IMO. But new ones definitely need to be somewhere around Thousand Sons, or even Death Guard, scale.

>> No.54935787

Magnus did nothing wrong.

>> No.54935804 [DELETED] 

But anon, you're paying money to entertain yourself. Someone paid, no, GAVE $5 to the writer of an abhorrently shitty post on an abhorrently shitty site. Think about that.

>> No.54935806

Magnus did everything wrong

>> No.54935822

Why not use newer kits to kitbash good lookin CSM?

>> No.54935830


>> No.54935837

Damn son are you modeling as a receptionist at work?? Because that's gangster.

>> No.54935843

Nice buttplug

>> No.54935854


>> No.54935861

I hate this. I make 2000 point lists where I can include everything I love to play with. Then everyone wants to play 1500 due to time. I then have to cut tons of flavor to keep my list balanced. I hate it!

>> No.54935863

Guiliman has an imperial fist help him with a secret project, which is being run by a loyalist warsmith. They eventually become best friends

>> No.54935871

Looking nice btw I work a desk as well and the thought never occurred to me Night desk is boring as shit.

>> No.54935882

It's legit as fuck, I sit around all day so I might as well file and glue models

>> No.54935897

We need more of these

>> No.54935960

Go back

>> No.54935971

I plan on painting Guardsmen the moment my stack of manager paperwork is done. Rainy Fridays are slow in commercial auto parts.

>> No.54936001

I'm in the courthouse business myself. It helps that my director is awesome as shit though, he pretty much just expects me to be at work everyday, and he considers that to be a good worker.

>> No.54936044

Should I get a unit of scourges with some heavy weapons or should I fall for the mandrakes meme?

>> No.54936073

>chaos requires Tau levels of anime protagonist lore

>primarch given literal superpowers, plus marines who were given almost super powers, plus cultists, plus limitless daemons
>vs. a primarch who just woke up from a 10k year nap, plus slightly taller marines, plus almost limitless guardsmen and toys
Seems like an even bout to me, even leaning a bit towards the stinky legions

>> No.54936076

A short lived meme that still makes me smile. This picture is my total favorite.

>> No.54936083

>Name tag on the star

Is week 7 going to take place on the surface of the sun?

>> No.54936094

>missing my (You) this badly
At least my image is exactly how I feel now

>> No.54936098

Shame there are no plastic Mk2s. The IW upgrades fit in better with those.

>> No.54936111


I don't know why they made plastic mark 3 when Mark 3 is basically just mark 2 Gravis.

>> No.54936117

Because those still mostly look like loyalist Marines. The Mk III armour fits Iron Warriors, since a lot of artwork for them emphasises their industrial aesthetic instead of the organic, arrow-overdosed style of most CSMs, but 40K Word Bearers built mostly from Calth Mk IV parts would take away from the fact that they're meant to be... well, Chaos worshippers.

>> No.54936131


Making up a recently fallen renegade chapter, using mostly loyalist parts but making them still look like a chaos force might be a fun challenge.

>> No.54936167

Gav Thorpes one good piece of writing (I guess two pieces of writing) are about a group of Avenging Sons going Renegade. Good source of ideas.

>> No.54936170

mk3's easier to make in plastic than mk2, so I can see why they chose it

putting the cataphractii with the mk4 marines and the tartaros with the mk3 marines will never stop triggering me, though

>> No.54936176

Seeing as how the 40K IW upgrade torso is a variant Mk II, yeah. I think Mk III and IV were FW's best-sellers though, so they made sense as the first two up.

Mk II armour definitely makes more sense. Only a few Legions ever used Mk III as a general-issue armour, since it was primarily intended to fill the void that was later taken over by Terminator armour.

I'm still hopeful that GW will do plastic Mk II at some point. The only way I can see loyalist mini-Marines getting any significant future releases is through another HH plastic release, and Mk II would be perfect for that. Although I suspect it might be a bit harder to pull off the segmented armour plates in plastic, since they go around the entirety of the legs, unlike on Mk III. It could lead to some problems due to the lack of undercutting for plastic sprues.

>> No.54936192

You could post updated stuff though. It's been the same picture and replies for the last week at least

>> No.54936205


Eh, modern plastic kits are about as detailed as FW kits. In fact, a lot of recent plastic releases have been better detailed than the resin kits.

>> No.54936217

That is a good point. GW had some examples of exactly that in the 3rd edition CSM Codex, where they had some recent renegades from loyalist Chapters wearing mostly loyalist armour with a few CSM parts mixed in.

>putting the cataphractii with the mk4 marines and the tartaros with the mk3 marines will never stop triggering me, though

The skeptic in me figures that they did it because they wanted people to buy both boxes.

Also, I think Mk IV was one of FW's bestsellers, and Cataphractii was pretty much legendary among HH players, even before receiving official models, so it made sense to release them both first up. Tartaros, on the other hand, didn't even exist in the lore until FW released it as part of the Badab War stuff.

>> No.54936223

One last try at a rules question. I know auras don't work while a unit is embarked but what about abilities? Can Fallen use their rerolls if in a fortification, provided that they didn't move last turn?

>> No.54936233

It annoys me that FW don't make a set of jump packs and leaping legs for mk IV armour. At least with Mark III you can justify that people comboing jump packs with the heavier plate would be vanishingly rare.

>> No.54936241

>the faction that scores the worst gets packed up into cruisers and thrown into the sun
>all of said faction's model lines are squatted

>> No.54936282

I won't argue on that, but undercutting issues might be an issue on Mk II armour, depending on the posing. Resin's one advantage is being able to handle undercuts, even though plastic is starting to surpass it in terms of detail. It's why the studs on a FW studded shoulder pad are all properly rounded, but the studded shoulder pads in things like the plastic Mk IV kit look like the studs are all aligned perpendicular to the mould line, rather than following the curvature of the pad.

It might not be a drastic issue though, since the gaps between the segments on Mk II armour are fairly fine.

>> No.54936301

They do have the Mk IV assault squad, but the legs aren't very dynamic at all. They've got jump packs and cool variant torsos though.

>> No.54936306

>chaos loses the event
>GW doesn't release mortarion or the death guard, since they've been banished for the next thousand years

>> No.54936339

>take place on the surface of the sun?
>Chaos wins control of the sun
>The ONLY win Chaos gets

>And Morty and his Death Guard succeed in their TRUE goal. Corrupting Konor's star. Now the star is a DAEMON STAR OF NURGLE corrupting and decaying anything the tainted light touches. The Konor system is lost. Chaos wins again.

>> No.54936352

ok /tg/ here is a mini i haven't done anything with in over 15 years (put it goether and sat in a box.

decided i'd do some work on him today. Yes it's the GW Mailorder Trolls Magnus The Red. i was going to paint him up more like the old epic colorscheme but i said fuck it .. can't use him as magnus now so he'll just be a demonprince.

i still have more details to pick out (charms/skulls) and i have to make a chain for his tabard. also i think i'll do some gems on his staff. I need to let the wash dry first tho.

>> No.54936354

>chaos gets squatted
I can live with this, if we can throw marines under the bus too 40k would improve immediately.
Sadly demons would be gone too.

>> No.54936360 [DELETED] 

The sad part is, this is probably what will happen.

>> No.54936368


>Genestealer paying for jeans

0/10 meme

>> No.54936391

Noise marine sonic weapons are out of stock at GW and ebay is pretty dry as well. Are there any other reliable sites that might sell them? I don't want to settle for third party bitz when it comes to sonic weapons.

>> No.54936413

why exactly does everyone care about the Konor system anyway? I can't imagine a reason for so many soldiers dying to take control of seven fucking planets.

>> No.54936428

Which primarchs would be the most proud of their legion? Which would be the least proud?

>> No.54936429

No idea what I'm doing, but I like the Black Templars and I have almost all of this.

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [109 PL, 1999pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Black Templars

+ HQ +

Chaplain Grimaldus [6 PL, 120pts]

High Marshal Helbrecht [9 PL, 170pts]

The Emperor's Champion [4 PL, 75pts]

+ Troops +

Crusader Squad [12 PL, 194pts]: 3x Neophyte w/Shotgun
. 7x Initiate w/Chainsword
. Initiate w/Heavy Weapon: Power sword
. Initiate w/Special Weapon: Grav-gun
. Sword Brother: Grav-pistol, Power sword

Crusader Squad [9 PL, 109pts]
. 3x Initiate w/Chainsword
. Initiate w/Heavy Weapon: Power sword
. Initiate w/Special Weapon: Grav-gun
. Sword Brother: Grav-pistol, Power sword

Crusader Squad [9 PL, 109pts]
. 3x Initiate w/Chainsword
. Initiate w/Heavy Weapon: Power sword
. Initiate w/Special Weapon: Grav-gun
. Sword Brother: Grav-pistol, Power sword

+ Elites +

Reiver Squad [10 PL, 200pts]: Combat knife, Grav Chutes, 9x Reiver, Reiver Sergeant

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 148pts]: Missile launcher, Twin autocannon

+ Heavy Support +

Hellblaster Squad [16 PL, 330pts]: Plasma incinerator
. 9x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol

Land Raider Crusader [16 PL, 314pts]: 2x Hurricane bolter, Multi-melta, Twin assault cannon

+ Dedicated Transport +

Razorback [5 PL, 115pts]: Twin lascannon

Razorback [5 PL, 115pts]: Twin lascannon

++ Total: [109 PL, 1999pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

>> No.54936430 [DELETED] 

Make that 6.

And apparently it's because it's a forgeworld, or something. Some dumb planet system that no one cares about.

>> No.54936439

>chaos is squatted
>carnacs asspain is felt throughout all of humanity

Stop anon, i can only get so erect

>> No.54936449

Clever girl
Pay for some steal a bunch more.

Just like FoC

>> No.54936459

>All this effort for some shit-tier forge world we've never even heard of
>Primarchs are getting involved in the antics involving this shit

Godammit GW..

>> No.54936460

>this many people caring about some literally who internet autist
You fags are fueling his ego with all this hate, I hope you know this

>> No.54936464

>so many soldiers dying to take control of seven fucking planets.
>seven fucking planets.

Nurgle's number is seven and the Chaos Gods are autistic as fuck where their numbers are concerned.

>pic related. Tzeentch literally picked that system because of 9s.

>> No.54936473

Most proud: Vulkan
Least proud: Conrad Cruze. He literally killed himself because he hated his sons so much.

>> No.54936500

>I can't imagine a reason for so many soldiers dying to take control of seven fucking planets.
I mean, the Somme's just a river.

>> No.54936510

Guys im mentally retarded.
I ordered a larger order from GW to get free shipping and avoid going downtown to pick my shit up at the store.

now since the order contains paints it got stopped in customs, and im charged 16.5€ customs fee and 35.4€ VAT on items that I already paid 20% VAT to England on.

So my 141€ order is now 193€

It takes me about 15minutes to travel to GW and 2minutes to my local post office. Now if the queue at the post office is 5minutes... Then I just paid 50euro to save 5minutes.

>> No.54936513



>> No.54936546

Help? Game in an hour

>> No.54936549

Last time I ordered spray cans on the site, it made it clear that the requirement for special courier bullshit meant no free-postage option

>> No.54936555

Shit sucks man. Best thing to do is just write it off and learn from it to avoid a similar mistake in the future.

At least you'll have your items eventually, look forward to putting them to use when they eventually turn up.

>> No.54936557

Then I hope you get paid 600+ yuros per hour to justify it

>> No.54936574


To be fair, forge worlds are kinda nuts. Lucius is Kardashev 1 from the massive reactor and most others at that point with all their fusion plants, they hold billions of troops and Kataphrons (Which have fucking grav-cannon, that's kinda insane for basic heavy troops) and outfit entire sectors. They're some of the most powerful worlds around, not least because they hold stupid quantities of secret tech. Konor doesn't look like a very big one from the area of the planet left unurbanized, but they have turned their moon into a fucking Death Star megacity. Frankly this just looks like a logical amount of effort to take a solar system, planets are fucking big.

Seems like the Imperium has already got the important worlds in the system locked down, though. We'll have to see how many extra places GW can come up with on the other planets that are actually worth a damn, though.

>> No.54936590

I've sent them an email asking if this is normal. And they also comped my full order and sent me another order since it was delayed by two days over their delivery time.

but im not sure if its such a good deal to get x2 order when I have to pay 50€ customs on both and its basically just paints and electropriests.

>> No.54936602 [DELETED] 

We already know that the last 2 planets are an ocean world and a death jungle world. Not much else left to fight over in the system honestly.

>> No.54936629

if only she were a
perverted noble into body modification
instead of a
perverted noble into body modification WHO IS ALSO A FOLLOWER OF CHAOS

>> No.54936630

Ready for a batrep my fine anons? Played a 2000pt 2v1 as the forces of the Primaris Marines and Imperial Guard attempt to hold back the forces of the blood god Khorne.

>> No.54936639


No, Death Guard is new and cool but very niche.

It could only have happened if regular undivided chaos got a big release

>Multi part csm
>New chaos lord
>New terminators
>New posessed
>New cultists


>> No.54936647


They operate in snowy mars-red earthy environments

>> No.54936657

Not Peach enough. Anything you can do to compensate?

>> No.54936683

>last 2 planets are an ocean world

>> No.54936690


I think there are some russian sites that still have em.

good luck with that

>> No.54936714

that terrain is pretty dire, man

>> No.54936719

Anybody have some spare Sentinel flamers to donate? Mine came ebay'd with LASCANNONS despite the pictures and that's kind of useless IMO. You'd be helping to hold the line.

>> No.54936730

Will they be Slaanesh or Nurgle?

>> No.54936760



>> No.54936777

I'll try my best to make it as peach as possible anon. Whatever that means.
We started the game with me and my primaris ally stealing the initiative,which immediately got a round of complaining from our opponent about how he should never have played us. We tried not being assholes with our shooting and took out only a Rhino and a squad through shooting with the rest of our fire damaging the other Chaos vehicles on the field.

>> No.54936779

>Whale song causes you to hallucinate and your nose to bleed

>> No.54936785 [DELETED] 

Dubs decides which texture paint I use to base my Grey Knights.

>> No.54936795 [DELETED] 

>which immediately got a round of complaining from our opponent about how he should never have played us
What a cocksucker.

>> No.54936798

The grey one.

>> No.54936818

He's meming about your rose-hued counterpart who's exiled until he repaints all his dude.

On that note how do YOU feel about RGG, GGA?

>> No.54936821

Calth all over again! My Word Bearers could not be more enthusiastic

>> No.54936828


>> No.54936831

Well the mission wanted a barren field but I put some terrain on the table anyway just because once again I don't want to be an asshole. That and it just looks better.
He moved up and tried shooting some bolters and combi bolters from the Rhinos. The Maulerfiend running up the field too and got seven Hellblasters to kill themselves as they overcharged to take it out on overwatch. With us killing more of our own models than he had so far.

>> No.54936835


>> No.54936849

>the mission wanted a barren field
oh, fair enough

>> No.54936860 [DELETED] 

upvoted :)

>> No.54936879

Is there any reason fro chosens in army expect melta-suicide via infiltrate?

>> No.54936888

4 Flamers in a Rhino

>> No.54936898

What should I put on my piranha? Dakka cannon or pew-pew blaster? Also do you paint your flyers bases or keep them transparent?

>> No.54936902

Any fluff for how the Orks are viewing Primaris Marines and Guilliman's return?

>> No.54936907

No raptors in a NL list? Wouldn't you want to split termis into two units?

>> No.54936928

I'd leave them with the cannon
S5 is versatile as fuck these days
Leave big-thing-murdering to the suits

>> No.54936936

Yes? Melta and Flamer chosen are good. Hell, 5 Chosen with Combi Bolters is cheaper than 10 CSM with bolters.

You should take Chosen over CSM almost always, and Chosen for Special Weapons too.

>> No.54936938

>Also do you paint your flyers bases or keep them transparent?
I personally leave them transparent, tends to look better on the table when you play.

>> No.54936952

How do you go about making IW Chosen since they hate submitting to the warp and cut off mutations?

>> No.54936970

Fancy armor. Chosen are just vets at the core. Get nice fancy shoulders and helmets, go with older armor patterns, etc.

>> No.54936976

Warp-touched desert.

>> No.54936978

Oh, and for IW, lots of bionics.

>> No.54936979

He really loved to bitch this game. Even when he was winning he still complained.
He's a cool dude.
On our turn we got into a fatal obsession with his stupid Maulerfiend. With it getting reduced to two wounds and still not dying even with the sacrifice of my overcharging Executioner to kill it. But we still managed to hit two of his Rhinos hard too which would come in handy for late game points.

>> No.54936981

Just fluff it as them being really hardcore veterans, soldiers who have REALLY fought the Long War against the Imperium. They don't need the Dark Gods, only their skill and equipment.

>> No.54936986

Nurgle, Slanessh has pods of enhanced rape Dolphins

>> No.54936993

Nah, let them stride through a (chaos) strawberry field.

>> No.54937009

Ding ding ding

>> No.54937011


>> No.54937014

Partly the imperial fist has brotherhood issues since he couldn't save his brother when they went to the trials on Inuit

>> No.54937017

Where's your line of sight blocking terrain pieces?

>> No.54937022

>Even when he was winning he still complained.

I know a guy like that.

>> No.54937027

I don't think so >>54937011

>> No.54937031 [DELETED] 

>silver models on a grey base
fuck you

>> No.54937036


>> No.54937045

Then this shit happened and all but one of my infantry squads got wrecked in the melee giving Chaosfag a shitload of points and starting our glorious comeback to kick his ass. This was pretty much his high point for the game.

>> No.54937060

then why is he wearing a mask

>> No.54937072


>> No.54937073

Because no one cared who he was

>> No.54937074

What about combi-plasma-chosens? Like unit with 4 combi-plasmas, 4 bolters, 1 heavy and champion with combi-plasma. It costs 260pts but looks impressive

>> No.54937099

It could work with some additional colour added in. Perhaps something like patches of vegetation, craters or even paving stones with material between the cracks.

>> No.54937104

Torch or oiler, in any case the hose should come out the squigs ass

>> No.54937110

To muffle the endless screaming. Ol' Gritzna has never been the same after that one night in the Painboyz' hut ...

>> No.54937118

i assume they pumped the squig full of oil and then they squeeze it.

and squigs are like 99% stomach.

>> No.54937121


>> No.54937130

Maybe it's the squighs drool that does the lubricating.

>> No.54937143


>> No.54937145

Americans aren't pussies like Europoors. We actually bring lists that can take a hit.

>> No.54937148

Please dudes? I'm starting soon and want to know if I'm shoving them in this bastion.

>> No.54937154

Pretty much the trees. It didn't really matter that much anyways because once they got into melee LOS didn't matter that much.
Speeding up to turn four we slaughtered his berserkers through plasma fire and melee and blew up another two of his Rhinos+the Maulerfiend. Then shit got risky. I overcharged my Executioner and since the Daemon Prince was slightly closer fired fucking everything and that plus some Primaris fire got that Daemon prince down to one wound so we decided to fuck it and charge everything into the Prince.

>> No.54937155

1250 Death Guard
>Typhus/Miasma and Plague Wind
>Malignant Plaguecaster/^^
>Dark Apostle/Nurgle/Black Mace
>Noxious Blightbringer
>Contemptor dread/C-beam/havoc/autocannon
>Pox x13
>Pox x11
>Plague Champion/chainaxe/combiplasma
>Plague Marines x4/blight launcher
>Bloat drone

I am not super satisfied with this list but we will see

>> No.54937159

I think they'd be fine. If it's on their stat card, and the thing they are embarked inside of hasn't moved then it should be fine.

>> No.54937174

>Bastion starts walking around the table
>Damn possessed buildings! I can't aim like this!

>> No.54937182

Cant have 4 special weapons in 1 PM marine squad my man

>> No.54937193

We managed to kill the Daemon prince and high fives and cheers were had by everyone in the store even our Tau player joining in for the celebration.

>> No.54937195

yeah I meant 1x blight launcher. my b for not singling it out

>> No.54937203

>tried to paint one of my minis with dark skin because it's fucking dumb the only black people in the galaxy got turned it by radiation sun
>Realise I suck shit at painting, especially shading flesh
>Accidental black face
>Racist mini or not?

>> No.54937221


Well, it's more that you're just a shitty painter. Although there are guides to painting different types of skin tones you should check out.

>> No.54937224

Dats raycis anon, lose-lose

>> No.54937233

>Cypher twists around and lets out a frustrated sigh as he watches his well-trained Fallen Squad being escorted around the battlefield via a colossal, adamantium building with bi-pedal legs.
>Somewhere in the warp, Tzeentch cackles to himself mischievously

>> No.54937241 [DELETED] 

Not only are you a cringeworthy cultural marxist motherfucker, you're a really really really bad painter. Seriously, how fucking dumb are you?

>> No.54937246

What's a competitive Tau Battlesuit with FW list look like?

>> No.54937255

6 quad-fusion commanders and drones.

Enjoy your nerfs in the next FAQ faggot

>> No.54937263

Eat dat watermelon eat dat watermelon

>> No.54937269

>add forced diversity because you think something is racist
>end up being far more racist in your attempt to fix things

Classic Liberal move

That being said, GW is painting a shit load of dark and black complexioned figures now on their site and promo pages so I'm not sure what you want and you deserve your shitty blackface.

>> No.54937270

No, I want just literally battlesuits. The big ones.

>> No.54937275 [DELETED] 

sheeeeit muhfugga dat xenos be holdin a KFC bucket yo
git dat nigga

>> No.54937282

You're better off going straight plasma. I do this in my AL list. 5 plasma, champ with two plasma pistols (cus it looks cool) or a combi-plas if you want. Sit a lord with them. Combi plas isn't worth it as you take a -1 penalty which risks blowing up too much if you overcharge and even if you don't, you're getting less hits of the shots you want (plas) for a few bolter hits. Not worth it.

If you're doing it, keep squads small and do MSU. Helps fill up detachments for CP. Comes in at 185 points.

On that note too, Hellforged Contemptors are good. One with twin butcher cannons and a havoc is 217 points and they benefit from legion tactics. Can use the Double Fire Strategem as FAQ added the Helbrute keyword.

Also good are Hellforged Predators. Both fill up Elite slots so Vanguard detachments are easy with chosen.

Rapier batteries in Heavy Support are also good. Better than Havoks honestly, for the most part.

>> No.54937286


Greenstuff a bucket in the crook of his right arm

>> No.54937293

your painting isnt as horrid as people say it is but the picture has bad lighting and your colours needs a second thin coat and Highlighting, still can se the primer through. And Drill the Bolter Barrels.
The Face is too Dark, use the brown used for his hair and shade it darker

On your actual comment. Its a huge fuckoff universe and sure there are dark-skinned Marines but why does it matter to you, besides that all marines of one chapter would have the same skin-colour due to their geneseed being the same.

>> No.54937296


>> No.54937307

Fuck off.

>> No.54937320


>> No.54937322 [DELETED] 

Don't be so racist, just because he's black doesn't mean he's a crook.

>> No.54937327

Death Guard becoming thunders cunts because of healing soon.

>> No.54937329

here is your (you), (you) deserve it

>> No.54937340

On turn 4 he managed to slaughter most of our remaining units in melee. But on our turn five with an absolute miracle we managed to take out the Bloodthirster and the Hounds with focused fire. Leaving only the Chaos lord alive. He ran towards us confident he could kill the Primaris Heavy Plasma in melee since he still had the Heldrake. He charged and was killed by three overwatch shots and since flyers don't count for units on the board he counted as tabled which gave us the game. The rage was legendary anons.

>> No.54937342

I've got you. Always thought chosens is shitty unit even compared to normal marines squad.
What does it mean?
> Hellforged Contemptors
I prefer Leviathans. Twin grav-flux is monster.
> Hellforged Predators
Didnt found good weapons for them. Normal lascannons and autocannons good enough.

>> No.54937345

>tau have one good unit in a sea of complete shit
>faggots still call them waac despite roboute, ynnari, nids, and guard running over everything

>> No.54937357

>This multi-part plastic boxed set contains three Meganobz and a Grot Oiler.

>> No.54937364

Blood Angels Codex when ?

I want my unique blood stratagems, reduced cost value for Sanguinary Guards and DC Dreadnought, one or two new Primaris special characters and some fancy Primaris Sanguinator Bloodsquad(tm) or something.

>> No.54937381

>He charged and was killed by three overwatch shots
Those plasma marines are going places.

>> No.54937382

Many Small Units. Chosen that are shooting should be 5 or 6 in size for the most part.

Leviathans are more expensive and have to get closer. Contemptors are for sitting farther back. Leviathans are also kinda bullshit and cheesy so I avoid them.

Hellforged can run the normal guns. Its the slot change thats good.

>> No.54937389

Any other thoughts?

>> No.54937391

It will never end, 25% of all marine players are still butthurt over the 3.5 chaos dex.

>> No.54937399

Probably won't get anything really new. Maybe 1 or 2 things ala Grey Knights.

>> No.54937409

I swear, out of the 3 special snowflake chapters BA players are the most entitled faggots.

>> No.54937415


>> No.54937424

True but Yiffs are pretty unbearable.

I actually don't mind the gays as much.

>> No.54937427

Hello newfriend

>> No.54937430

He did say seven of them blew themselves up on an earlier Overwatch. The survivors were evidently in practice from seeing what happened to their comrades.

>> No.54937439

Yiffs are bar none the worst. I'm just saying the vampies are entitled brats.

>> No.54937441


>> No.54937446

They are WAAC and the playtesters already confirmed they're getting nerfed, eat shit taufag.

>> No.54937451

dammit, Tzeentch!

>> No.54937459

C-beamers just arent that good; to be in the 'okay' bracket, you hav to be >48" away(str 10 ap -2/3 i forget, dam 3D3) which is outside your autocannon range. 24-48" you are better off getting a twin lascannon.

and by autocannon, i assume you mean butcher cannon? if thats the case, get two, and split fire to make good use of the LD penalty

The blight bringer is also just meh, dosent hit too hard, and his aura is pretty meh

other than that you will struggle vs armour, and you have spnt too many points on HQs. if you can, get your self a las preditor

>> No.54937460

>Plague crawler
>Blight drone
>Blight walker artwork thing
>Plague marine kit
>Potion dude
>Lord of Contagion

So much for my mixed God army, I know where my raise money is going.

>> No.54937463

>start chaos at the end of 7e
>play my first game at 8e
>all this sperging about 3.5E
W-what have I done wrong?!

>> No.54937468

I don't even tau retard, I can just recognize garbage datasheets when I see them.

>> No.54937474

>Plague crawler
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?

>> No.54937475

>the rage was legendary
>everybody in the store celebrated when his dude died
Gee, I wonder why he wasn't in the best of moods. Protip: do not bully chaos players, they don't take it very well.

>> No.54937479

the nurgle snail beast thing, probably

>> No.54937486

The Plagueburst Crawler tank you slow-ass weak-ass google-fu motherfucker

>> No.54937489

>reduced cost value
GKs didn't get a point decrease. Enjoy your properly costed dudes.

>> No.54937503

Disagree in C-Beamers. 24" is Str 8, AP3, 2d3 damage. Thats nasty on its own, as good or better than a lascannon.

>> No.54937504

Don't forget
>40k Glottkin
>40k Maggoths
>New GUO
>Horticulus, Grand Cultivator of Nurgle

>> No.54937506

Someone should do an army of soul grinders in super sentai/power rangers colors. Just say they're chaos furies in their previous lives and boom!

>> No.54937513

Alright anons waiting for their own CSM/SM codex, what is one thing you want the most?

>> No.54937516

>GW recommend daisy chaining
Well then.

>> No.54937518

no one is going to buy your recasted soul-grinders chinaman

>> No.54937524

Honestly 40k Maggoths make me kind of wish I'd jumped on board the nurgle train, the nurgling guy seems fun.

>> No.54937527

>Porting AOS models over to 40K
I was kinda disappointed when Gaunt Summoner and more Tzaangors didn't get into 40K

>> No.54937529

Why wouldn't they, the rules were literally designed for this

>> No.54937534

I mean, it is a valid tactic. I use it really often with my Deathwing when deep striking.

>> No.54937535

What is the prime faction for maid waifus?

>> No.54937542

Chaos Sentai Grindanger!

>> No.54937543


>> No.54937545

They might make it into the new Thousand Sons Codex...

>> No.54937547


>> No.54937562

> have to get closer
You still can take butcher cannons
And i think at least 1 infantry unit must be big, cause Endless Cacophony stratagem+VotLW combo

>> No.54937563

no, have a /m/acro

>> No.54937598

>Tzaangor Skyfire on a disc with a Soulreaper Cannon.

I'm imagining this would look really stupid anyway.

>> No.54937605

Oh my, how the diddely-doo did i miss that

>> No.54937611

>is Str 8, AP3, 2d3 damage.
>30 points
humm, thought it was 40. fair enough. personally, i would still stick with a TWL LC, but i can deffintly see C-beamers

>> No.54937612

Anons, I'm building a Black Legion army built around Abby and a squad of 10 terminators with combi-weapons. Whats the better option, combi-meltas or combi-plasmas?

>> No.54937629


But anooooons that is waac!

>> No.54937635

Plasma, has longer effective range and with overcharge it should be on tier with melta anyway.

>> No.54937644

>>Blight walker artwork thing
Oh fuck where??????????? My dick is already rock hard from the rest of your list.

>> No.54937682


I went for Death Guard too after years in 40k and not comitting to a single army

>> No.54937702


I do the same thing with Yarrick, not even guilty about it.

>> No.54937708

>Properly costed dudes

DC dreads are pricier than fucking Redemptors despite being weaker, while Guards have snowflakes bolters which, despite being Assault 2 S4 AP-1, cost 9 points each.

>> No.54937737

nothing, this is just /tg/ having a fit of autism.

the 3.5 chaos codex was notoriously o.p. and chaos hasn't really recovered after it got nerfed (justifiably) into the ground. there are still chaos players who get really salty about it.

as long as you don't act like a cunt, no one cares what you play.

>> No.54937739


>> No.54937747

Nearly identical damage OC against up to t8 outside of melta range with full hit rerolls. Plasma is cheaper and better against infantry, but one will explode pretty regularly when you fire 20 shots and cost you 55 points. Ridiculously expensive unit btw, I'd look at obliterators instead.

>> No.54937764

Star Trek "redshirts" reference, presumably, character have similar scheme with blue and yellow.

>> No.54937779

He was complaining from the start anon and even when he was winning he still would not stop whining whenever we shot one of his beserkers or charged anything. And I think after the comeback we made we should be able to celebrate it.

>> No.54937783

>Disks with turret-mounted Heavy Weapons crewed by Tzaangors...

Hmmm. Unsure if works or not, but Tzaangor Enlightened / Shamans are an easy port.

>> No.54937793

Properly. Costed.

>> No.54937836

Dreads suck but guards are just paying tax for, put them with a warlord sanguinor.

>> No.54937841

I usually run butcher but I wanted a 48 inch gun. Cbeam is pretty solid for 30 pts, and I have had good luck with the blightbringer but I am going to take your advice there

>> No.54937870

In this day and age, using something good is waac

>> No.54937892

>plague marines not in units of 7
Nurgle isn't satisfied with your list either

>> No.54937905

if I win it's because of my superior tactics, experience, game knowledge and above average intelligence.

if you win it's because you're using OP shit and are a friendless waacfag.

>> No.54937999

I can fix that by dropping the blightbringer so all will be well in the world

>> No.54938054

>he's more plasma now than man
>twisted and overheating

>> No.54938077

what's a good fluffy chapter for a terminator spam list? Possibly something I may have not heard about...
No gays/special snowflakes, thank you.

>> No.54938093

>Plasmagun fingers
Kekd hard

>> No.54938097

You are cancer

>> No.54938100

Which one is better ? Land Raider Godhammer or Crusader ?

>> No.54938146

You mean the one and only Land Raider?
Of course it's better. Don't settle for filthy imitations made by special snowflakes (aka faggots)

>> No.54938167


I have been using conscripts for years, dude. I don't feel inclined to stop using them now that they are good, especially when my only other troops options are line infantry that are horribly orders-inefficient or stormtroopers, which imo are too elite to be guardsmen proper.

>> No.54938203

>flyer spam
Like pottery

>> No.54938210

Conscripts being able to take orders was a mistake.

>> No.54938281

Get godhammer, you can buy the crusader upgrade later if you want it but you cant buy a godhammer upgrade for a crusader

>> No.54938296

Konor :
>Planet 1 = More manpower for Imperium
>Planet 2 = More production of tanks for Imperium
>Planet 3 = More food for the Imperium

You know, mundane campaign source stuff

>Planet 4 if Chaos wins....
"If the Imperials cannot break through this formidable barrier, the agony of the tortured astropaths will only flare brighter, drowning Vanitor in the surging tides of the warp. Surely the damnation of the entire Konor System will swiftly follow"

Isn't the victory on that planet a bit OP?

>> No.54938300

Your facebook is showing

>> No.54938321

>whew lad.
Honestly whenever I see these lists that what I thought they always looked like even in shitter renditions.

>> No.54938337

Realistically not every planet should have the same strategic value.

>> No.54938345

>++Only dreams now imperium++

>> No.54938347

>literally admitting to be a WAACfag
As I said, cancer. Enjoy your upcoming nerf.

>> No.54938488

>especially when my only other troops options are line infantry that are horribly orders-inefficient
>140 points for 20 infantry with plasmas, heavy bolters, and a company commander.
>waaah so inefficient

>> No.54938489

>i am the edgiest

>> No.54938493

The fuck is RGG?

>> No.54938578

Now that redemptor is out, is there any good reason to take a tiny box naught?
The plasma cannon on the redemptor is fucking bananas and beats any other weapon as far as I can see.

>> No.54938604

It's fine in theory but it falls apart as soon as you start adding terrain.

>> No.54938606

Simple: it looks like ass.

>> No.54938625

Lots of shots via autocannons
Ironclad goodness
Venerables are 2+
Smaller model so easier to hide
Doesn't decay

>> No.54938626

You have terrible taste.

>> No.54938643

Has roughly half the wounds.

>> No.54938653

The only box dred worth taking now that chadreds are out is the space wolf venerable.

>> No.54938656


If you'd listened to Duncan you wouldn't be a racist, but you didn't, so you are.

>> No.54938669

>Actually liking the Dadnought
I thought everyone was being ironic when they said they liked it. It looks worse than the baby carrier

>I kid of course. Without the sarcophagi armour it looks cool. Otherwise it looks too much like it has a gut.

>> No.54938671

Where is alpha legion right now?

>> No.54938686

>b-but m-my opinion is f-factual
Like pottery.

>> No.54938720

You dumb mother fucker, ALL skin pigmentation is a result of the sun's radiation and cellular mutation of the gene that regulates melanin.

>> No.54938741

>There will never be a shonen anime about a kid who wants to be edgiest of them all, but he's too upbeat and positive and almost gives up on his dream until a chance encounter makes him the new protégé of Konrad Curze.

>> No.54938756

They were wiped out, anon.

>> No.54938758


Honestly I'd be fine with a nerf. I think conscripts and infantry are in the right place for points, but taking away the ability to order conscripts or reducing the effectiveness of commissars would be a fair way, I think, of reining them in.

Believe it or not I don't enjoy it when people don't enjoy playing against my army. I'd like massed infantry options that both work but aren't worthless.

>> No.54938761

Ven Rifledread costs about 50 less. Has double the change and can sit back and hit on 2+

While dakka Beernaught has to get to 24" to unload. Hitting on 4+ when it moves.

Also being larger means it can't get out of LOS as easily or receive cover (needing 50% of the model obscured.

Not saying the Redemptor isn't good. It's just not an auto-replacement (yet)

>> No.54938768

Who's edgier: Night Lords or Dark Eldar?

>> No.54938781

Just take a Contemptor and call it a day.

>> No.54938782

If they are shooting at your chadnaught then they ain't shooting at your little chads

>> No.54938810

Night Lords. There's a difference between being a sick fuck and being an edgelord. You have to put some effort in to be truly be an Edgelord. Dark Eldar are just being themselves.

>> No.54938813

Seconded. I haven't been here since 6th. Context?

>> No.54938825

Night lords because dark eldar shit themselves at the thought of slaanesh and do what they do to stay alive, night lords just do it for funsies

>> No.54938839


I'd agree with that so long as infantry could be blobbed up again. The FRFSRF order just isn't at all satisfying with 10-20 guys. Right now with conscripts being able to go 50 and take orders there isn't much utility in 10 man infantry squads at all.

>> No.54938840

Dark eldar do edgy things to survive
night lords do edgy things to be edgy

>> No.54938841

You misspelled Drukhari

Seriously, the only successful Ynnari lists I saw so far were either autistic reaper spams or full harleys that would actually be equally good with their own rules. There is absolutely no reason to go ynnari until their codex comes out

>> No.54938889

>Ven Rifledread
People still haven't figured out autocannons are terrible yet?

>> No.54938913

I thought they were no longer an option

>> No.54938927

I'd go Ynnari just to run 10 wraithguard with it.

>> No.54938933

That's probably because DAngels have given up hope and fur fags already have everything they want. BAngels players are basically just C:SM players who want to pretend they aren't playing generic 'who gives a shit' marines.

>> No.54938952


5/4/3 Wounds at AP-1 dealing D2 against T3/4-6/7

It ain't bad. Reason I enjoy them is they're a TAAC choice. Enough shots to hurt Infantry. D2 to hurt Elites and Light Vehicles. And enough range to capitalize on the stationary 2+

>> No.54938955

>That's probably because DAngels have given up hope

>> No.54938959

You new, anon?

>> No.54938968

FAQ my friend.

>> No.54939010

>he spams flyers
>"I love it when people enjoy playing against me"

Is this guy for real

>> No.54939049

>imperial guard

>> No.54939050

Are Possessed worth kitbashing for?

>> No.54939189

I've run all the numbers already, they suck. Either take assault cannons or twin las. The only thing going for it is there's no venerable mortis dread.

>> No.54939193

Id get the possesed to use them as Bits,

what would you use to kitbash them?

>> No.54939205

Forge World HH sonic weapons
They look better too

>> No.54939207

Got a Tzeentch Horror Split question:
>Can you use Split to daisy chain your Horror blob? As in you lost three Blues and pay to have them Split into Brimstones. Can you place the first Brimstone 2" away in coherency and then place the second one 2" from the first placed one?

>Split says Each time a Blue Horror is slain you can add one Brimstone to this unit before you remove the slain Blue Horror.

So I guess the crux of the question: are slain models removed one at a time or in batchs?

>> No.54939217

I've always loved the possessed models, because they're so damn happy looking. It also pissed me off how shit they were, but now they're like a weird mixture between spawn and a space marine and actually can do well if you have them target the appropriate things. They mulch MEQs pretty well.

>> No.54939258

Got those numbers to share? As I find it interesting that you say Assault Cannons are better.

For +8pts (25 vs 33) you get:
-2 attacks, +1S, +1Damage, +24" range.

>> No.54939267

>feels bad about stealing initiative
>"goes easy" on his opponent to make it more interesting
>game goes badly for him
>just tables chaos anyway
>pretends it was a longshot, taunts and shits on his opponent afterwards

IG is cancer, amazing what 3 months of being op will do.

>> No.54939286

I mean yeah it's pretty shit but it might not be beyond salvation, go check with /wip/

>> No.54939349

IG is cancer because of its players, if we could take out all the HFY retards it would be a respectable army

>> No.54939354

What's broken about DE?

>> No.54939361

Guy has a fully (nicely) painted steel legion army that has clearly been built up with love over a number of years but you fags keep complaining.

>> No.54939370

are there any official dreadnaught kits with dual fists? I wanna kit bash a Chaplin dread

>> No.54939398

I was saying it looks strong but I thought that's what all those listed were supposed to look like though bruh.
Also like him on FB if you love him so much :^)

>> No.54939401

Who cares, he's still an IG WAACfag, worst of the worst

>> No.54939403

What on earth does 'like pottery' mean.

>> No.54939419

one at a time

>> No.54939425

Assault cannons aren't good either but its the option to take that's better against geq, which is the only thing autocannons do better than las. BS2 twin las which can be taken on a mortis contemptor does 4x the damage against t7 sv3 for 34 points. I'm not taking an expensive long range gun platform to shoot marines but even if I have to 4 las still does more damage to them than 8 autocannons.

>> No.54939464

The new rumour engine is something Nurgle, right? Age of Sigmar is getting the Poxwalkers, but what about the Nurgle shit for 40k?

>> No.54939473

The new Lucius the Eternal figure will blow your dick apart.

>> No.54939485

show us a tease

>> No.54939489

it mean like poetry newfag

>> No.54939506

What ork unit is good at killing knights and wraithknight and the like? I can't focus all my tankbustas on it well enough to kill it fast as I usually got other threats coming

>> No.54939523

Ah. Okay you're including FW Dreads too. I was doing a codex only comparison.

Always forget about the FW variants

>> No.54939531

On /tv/, there is a meme about George Lucas talking about random shit he wants done in the prequel. During a behind the scenes video he says something like

>It all comes together, it's like poetry

And /tv/ would mock this and people would mistype/spell and phoneposters would auto-correct to pottery. So 'it's like poetry' became 'it's like pottery'.

Now you're caught up on shit tier memes.

>> No.54939534

There was a review of some shitty movies, and the shitty director said "like poetry, it rhymes." It has been mutated into what you see today.

>> No.54939548

Have you tried Nobz in a 'Naut yet?

>> No.54939555

Sure if they sold the weapons separately. Not paying 40€ for 5 sonic weapons.

>> No.54939557

I can't draw for shit but it's a very actiony pose, with him swinging that tentacle whip in a wide arc. One of the tentacles has diverticula sculpted onto it. Scenic base, as is the standard now.

>> No.54939584

I'm building an Emperor's Children army and I was going to get a box of Hellstriders for parts anyway, but I've realized I'll have some spare Chaos Space Marines, so I thought I could probably get 10 Possessed by out of the leftovers.

>> No.54939588

draw it

>> No.54939600

Utter bullshit of the highest order.

>> No.54939618

Does his face still looks absolutely disgusting ?

>> No.54939634

Is it actually good tho. In theory now that you can assault from transports as well as nobs are cheaper and naughts are better it doesn't seem so far fetched an idea

>> No.54939638


The flyers in that picture are from last year in a 10,000 point apocalypse game in which the Orks took unlimited reserves of fightabomas...

10,000 points and I fielded everything I have, which included 4 valks and a marauder. Seriously, are you guys for real? It's like you just hate people having fun.

>> No.54939651

Like this?

>> No.54939653


>> No.54939658

>New Lucius model, new Fabius Bile kit that comes with Chaos Primaris and Fulgrim getting released around Christmastime this year
>Next year we're getting Huron Blackheart and Armenneus Valthex in a twin-pack much like
Korghos Khul & Bloodsecrator
Feels good to be a Chaos player man

>> No.54939662

Your facebook is showing again.

>> No.54939682


What does this even mean? Posting pictures on an image board is equivalent to facebooking now?

>> No.54939701


The tokens are from vassal, the image was assembled by hand in GIMP

>> No.54939704

It means he is posting his identity on an anonymous board

>> No.54939714

>dosent take round by round action shots of his games.

>> No.54939739

>Chaoscucks actually believe this

>> No.54939743


>> No.54939748

Screen capping for great justice!

>> No.54939769

Okay, Just keep in mind that normal CSM have really dumb squatting poses which is kinda unfitting for charging possessed, If you happen to have some Legs from newer Sculpts use those instead. The normal Possessed have really cool poses already, you could just take those and replace the onbviously not-slaaneshi parts with Hellstrider bits

If you have the Raptors sprue and have no use for their Left-arms where pistols are supposed to go, you can easily fill it in with a bigger leftover Daemonette-Claws looks pretty cool. Pic Related.

I just find generic CSM Poses to static for Possessed

give abstact proof

>> No.54939771

What's that little creature always with Huron?

>> No.54939775

Make way blue ball gargler! Real champs coming through.

>> No.54939779

As someone who's returning and who has none of my old collection still around, is there any reason for me not to buy chadmarines?

>> No.54939789

his personal little Pet, similar to Yvraines Cat boosts his psychic prowess. dont ask how

>> No.54939797

>not posting about primaris gk instead
What are you, a fucking heretic?

>> No.54939821

> 2 Daemon Primarch in a round.
Yeah, sure.

>> No.54939830

But I do

>> No.54939844

My nurglings and helbrute just showed up. Do I want to swap anything for either of these guys? Also how does "poxwalkers without borders" sound for an army name?

>> No.54939853


>> No.54939865

They lack tactical flexibility but gain extra wounds and melee attacks. Your call really

>> No.54939881

We'll then post a bat rep then nigga!

>> No.54939896

Ok please do

>> No.54939902

Well that certaintly looks like he waving a dick around.

>> No.54939911

>Chaos Primaris
I knew it would happen but it's still baffles me. Who the fuck thought, in setting, that make a weapon that's much stronger and still able to go Chaos was a good idea?

>> No.54939916

Look at that smile. I trust him.

>> No.54939920

Is that cat eating said dick?
That pic sucks ass btw

>> No.54939942


>> No.54939971


>> No.54939983

They won't be Traitor Primaris. Fabulous Bill is kitbashing his own ones.

Which does raise the question: Are Chadmarines, in addition to being taller and more charismatic, also better people than Marinelets?

>> No.54940010

We will have Morty next month, I doubt Dubs actually releases another Primarch in Xmas.

>> No.54940016

That sounds like it would be really exciting if it were true.

Perhaps not as exciting as new Noise Marines though!

>> No.54940030

You sound like a heretic

>> No.54940034


make it happen

dont care what and how, just do it

>> No.54940048

Yeah. Now explain why a shield-captain cannot be a hq.

>> No.54940050

Well I doubt GW will ignore the option for Primaris to go Chaos. Which is daft.

>> No.54940061

So? Where are the pics?

>> No.54940064

Noise Marines when? I'll buy absurd amounts for my Kakophonie

>> No.54940071

>order new daemonettes
>bonus tube of peanuts
>open tube
>huge purple dick explodes out and stabs you in the eye

>> No.54940074

New foes of the Emperor to crush under your boot heel would be an exciting prospect for any loyal champion of the Imperium, no?

>> No.54940091

>Americans aren't pussies like Europoors. We actually bring lists that can take a hit
That's a curious way to say that burgers cheap out on terrain.

>but muh LGS has great terrain.

And you have none? Well, that's the point.

>> No.54940109

Cheers my life now feels more complete

>> No.54940111

>Pretty much the trees.

Trees are not LoS blocking terrain.

>> No.54940116

To be fair it was anon. I didn't even bring 'scripts so I don't know why it was WAAC .

>> No.54940119

Is this tripfag confirmed?

>> No.54940130

>believing a baseless claim
>can't even win a single planet in konor


>> No.54940138

There is nothing broken, they are just really good for once but people still expect them to fall apart when they sneeze in their general direction

>> No.54940141


Nop jus filtered out chaos talk to avoid carnac

>> No.54940146

So do I just wait for this theoretical slaaneshmas or do I break and grab the new deathguard stuff coming out? The chaosfag in me needs toys, dammit!

>> No.54940158

Hah, yes.

I used to rip on a buddy because his ~300 guardsmen are all white.

He paints a squad of black guys with no special weapons or equipment.

We rip in him more for being racist.

He give the squad a special weapon and a vox caster. Carried by white men who stand at the back of the squad so as not to be killed first.

>Protect our tanks and planes too operation human shield.

>> No.54940168

Second-hand information from very reliable source.
Huron is modeled with a gout of flame incinerating a Marine of some kind, Hamadrya is modeled on the same base as him, larger in size and lankier, to match Yvraine's Gyrinx more. Supposedly leaping from some ruins in the sculpt.
Valthex is baller as fuck, completely corrupted with his conversion beam projector being covered in some sort of Chaosy sinewy matter, similar to how Obliterators look. His lashes are partially organic as well, with many barbs and thorns sticking out of them randomly.
They've already teased Fulgrim's return. It will coincide with release of Lion El' Jonson, new Azrael with Watcher in the Dark to be on the same base just like Huron, and remodeled Fallen. No word on anything else.
I know nothing about their look, only that they are currently being worked on.

>> No.54940177

>imperium is the vast majority of players
>they're so incompetent that they can barely manage to win a campaign rigged in their favor against chaos, despite also having a 2 to 1 numbers advantage.

>> No.54940179

Yes. Just don't make them too tall please.
>t. grey knight battle-brotherlet

>> No.54940182

So if they're going to be making the cult legions into proper armies, some additional models I'd like to see for Thousand Sons would be:
>Sorcerer Dreadnoughts
>Corrupted Psy-automata
>Pyrae Warpsmiths
>Jackal Occult Blade Cabals
>Ammitara Occult Snipers
>Aether Rays
>full units of heavy weapon Rubrics

And maybe some new special characters like Malagor or (gods help us) Khayon.

>> No.54940188

I thought common consensus was that the Lion is coming back next?

>> No.54940202

>Plastic Noise Marines, Fulgrim, Lucius and Bile

The only way my dick could get harder is if we added Doomrider.

Always wait. If Slaaneshmas is a lie, then there will probably be a Nurgle Battleforce style box in December anyway.

>> No.54940207

Next Loyalist, yes.

>> No.54940231

And, most importantly, some psychic powers that can actually do damage. I don't want to buff shit, i want to wreck shit

>> No.54940243

Finally time for my own break. I think I might work too much...

What are y'all working on today?

>> No.54940259

That's the biggest one, one 6 power Psychic discipline for every Prosperine cult is the ideal, plus another one for Tzeetch.

>> No.54940265

Ye and they are presumably going traitor - loyalist -traitor - loyalist so the lion is next

>> No.54940272


>> No.54940273

Is death guard confirmed for sept.23?

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