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Why is this in an official product?

Would you allow your players to purchase one?

Would you allow your players to play as one?

Is this magical realm territory?

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I'd want to buy one, and I know someone who would want to play as my purchased Pleasure Bot.

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Fuck me, I'm going to be alone forever.

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Nah, with the devaluation of currency, that'll only be like $400 in future dollars.

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Nah, it'll still be 25k. But 25k will be worth $400.

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Shit, you're right. Meant to say that'd only be $400 in modern dollars, relative value wise.
I need more "I fucked up and I'm sorry" reaction images.

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>Skills: Knowledge (Pleasure Techniques)

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This text block could be half the size and carry the same amount of information. A d6 in all five attributes is basically "just a dude."
You could just say "$25K for a generic-ass Android with +4 Charisma, these two Skills, and a mod slot."

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>textbooks and tuition have tripled in price in 20 years
No wonder white people think black people go to college for free.

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I would mod mine with a mounted weapon

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This is such a fucking garbage plotline.

Why the fuck wouldn't women also get android husbandos?

What is this stupid, half-baked fucking plotline?

0/10 verisimilitude shattered

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I'm pretty sure everyone would just move somewhere where they aren't illegal. There'd always be some place that wouldn't cave to pressure.

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It makes perfect sense in a gritty/realistic setting.

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>Why the fuck wouldn't women also get android husbandos?
Because women are attracted to status and wealth, neither of which androids possess.

This is the bigger plot hole. But maybe there are laws against transporting AIs between countries, or something.

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I'd let my players buy one, but they're not gonna get much use out of it because I'm not gonna narrate them fucking bicentennial man.

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Yeah, every time I see that posted I'm just struck by how dumb and arbitrary it is.

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>Because women are attracted to status and wealth, neither of which androids possess.
Come on, now. That's a harder design problem, for sure, but not insurmountable.

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>just move bro
>just pull that $1000 you got saved up and move to Thailand bro

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>Because women are attracted to status and wealth, neither of which androids possess.
This is how you know some fa/tg/uy wrote it, basically.
The abysmal lack of awareness or knowledge of women, and the reliance on the chad mentality, are paraded like a virtue.

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>Yeah, every time I see that posted I'm just struck by how dumb and arbitrary it is.
>Not realizing it's based on real life feminists bitching.

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Feminists are also capable of being dumb and arbitrary. In any cause that large you're going to get morons talking about shit they don't understand.

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... Naw, they also value cute shit.

... That cute shit desire tends to include more boys and men than straight guys do, but eh.

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There are uses for a sex machine beyond actually personally having sex with it. I mean, the obvious one is programming it to kill your enemies in their sleep and installing a retractable chainsaw.

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>Why the fuck wouldn't women also get android husbandos?
Because, while women exclusively provide partnership for men, men keep society running. As a man it's easy to imagine a world without women. For women, a world without men would be utter hell. Who will go down the sewers to keep everything running? Who will be big and though enough to maintain a proper police force? And above all, who will generate money for women to spend? Studies in both New Zealand and Denmark have shown that women are a net drain on public finances from craddle to grave, while only white men are a net benefit.

This is why women, real women, are ALREADY afraid of sexbots and are ALREADY trying to get legal barriers to their widespread sale and use. And their reasoning is pretty fucking retarded.


If you want to save yourself some brain damage, you'll skip ahead to 11:50 where this slut gets to the meat and potatoes of her "argument". She's arguing that, because sexbots will be programmed to obey the commands of their masters, they cannot make an informed decision and consent. Therefore, whenever a man has sex with a sexbot, he's "raping" her. You don't see these arguments coming from men who're afraid of being replaced, because men know their worth. Heterosexual relationships have always been a resource-for-sex commerce. In a world of sexbots men will still get their sex, but women will be starved for their resources.
>B-But muh strong independent womyn who don't need no man
I point back to the two researches I mentioned: despite generous government support and programs to get women into tech and other high earning fields, women are STILL a net drain on society. What makes you think this will change with sex bots? If anything the problem will get worse: men who opt for sexbots over women will be taxed even more, so the government can "redivide" their wealth among the now partnerless women.

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There's a clear distinction between "feminist pointing out how the concept of sexbots is a reflection of male insecurity," and "feminist is arguing for the preemptive banning of sexbots."

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>literally a feminist campaign against sex robots

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You would do it for your waifu, if you had to.

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>Man who lives with mother claims men keep society running, film at eleven

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>Feminists are also capable of being dumb and arbitrary
Yeah but they're incapable of not being such.

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Capitalism is stronger than feminism. It doesn't matter what they want or believe. Porn is still huge business despite a lot of feminists protesting against it (although other, more reasonable feminists have simply argued about making it more fair and equitable, which IMO is a much smarter method and has had a lot more success than the all or nothing approach.)

User friendly, commercially available sexbots are going to be hugely profitable amongst both male and female audiences. Fuck, you could even argue that women have greater precedent for using them, given the higher incidence of sex toy usage amongst women. A male sexbot is basically just a more advanced dildo.

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>feminist pointing out how the concept of sexbots is a reflection of male insecurity

1. Why is this the case?
2. Why is this a problem?

Seriously, why the fuck do women think this is a problem? For the same reason why they're blaming "immature men" for women being childless in their 30s and 40s. For all their whining about being strong, women still haven't understood what's the epitome of manliness and what will always elevate men over women: the ability to take responsibility for ones own actions.

This is just yet another example of the feminist agenda (and female agenda in general, actually) to blame men for things they don't like, rather than starting out with the question "Is there something I myself can do to change this?".

I don't know whether or not you're a woman but I can tell for damned sure that you don't have any balls, so I'll let you in on a secret: us men don't want sexbots. We want women more than we want these artificial constructs. If we're being enthusiastic about a future filled with robotic waifus, that's because we believe there's something wrong with women. If a significant enough number of men thinks this for feminists to already start creating legal barriers to sexbots, don't you think this is a sign that there's something wrong with western women today? Or at the very least the social and legal conventions surrounding heterosexual relationships in the west?

I have a job and live in my own bachelor pad, not that it helps in any way. The fact that you're resorting to such an accusatory non-argument proves that you're afraid.

>Capitalism is stronger than feminism.
Only as long as the law allows it to be. Remember that feminists overwhelmingly align themselves with the left, especially its more radical segments. Feminists, like the Communists of old, will reject economical truths for ideological reasons.

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...Why the fuck would the law disadvantage big business to cater to a small group of radical feminists? Are you actually insane, or just ridiculously paranoid and deluded about how powerful and dangerous your 'opponents' are?

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your ignorance of the subject is being clearly exposed. stop posting.

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Acknowledging that a huge cause with a huge amount of internal division can hold different opinions, and that a statement one person makes does not implicitly mean they agree with a statement someone else makes, is a statement of ignorance... How, exactly?

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>...Why the fuck would the law disadvantage big business to cater to a small group of radical feminists?
I don't know, why would democratic politicians want to appeal to the biggest voting block out there? Have you seen how divorce law works in the West? Have you seen the "Yes means Yes" initiative in California? Hell, have you seen the "feminist snowploughing" initiative in Sweden that bleeds money? Or all the money that's wasted on getting more women into tech?

We already have clear evidence of the state going full retard to win the female vote, and we routinely see politicians fail because of their inability to win the female vote (see: presidential elections in Austria). Women are much moreso than men a unified block with correlating interests (mostly redivision of wealth from men to women).

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>...Why the fuck would the law disadvantage big business to cater to a small group of radical feminists?
because radical feminsists are a very powerful political force
powerful enough to dictate the law in many cases

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One can make much profit from the carnal list of the weak

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>rah rah rah muh male rights and capitalism will defeat feminism and bring about the glorious female sexbot revolution.

You mean male sex bots will bring about the glorious female sexbot revolution. Holy fuck, you goddamn retarded Re dd it cunt are fucking retarded.

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How much extra to make one with Vigor d10 ?
There's ways to be rough affectionately, you know...

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its not out of the question for a goverment to act against its own intrests for the will of its people, I mean look at brexit for example, every single economist banker and major organisation on earth said that it was economic suicide but people asked for it and now its happening.

the fact of the matter is that ideals will always be more powerful than facts in goverment, a ruler of truth without ideals will promise everything and do nothing (hillary) and a leader of Ideals without truth will reach for the stars and fall vastly short (trump)

a real ruler wields truth and ideals, but we haven't had one of those for a long time...

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So you're insane, got it.


Hey, don't misconstrue me. My comment about capitalism doesn't mean I'm anti-feminist, it's just a statement of fact. That some radfems are against sexbots is essentially irrelevant. Sex sells, and when they're user friendly and economically viable I'm certain we'll see varieties marketed extensively to everyone, regardless of gender.

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I don't like the concept of a pleasure bot made to look like a living being. No matter how good its made, it's still a bot, the psychological feeling of fucking one would never be the same as the real thing. People who would go for a life-imitating pleasure bot must be poor retarded assholes.
Pleasure bots should look as robotic as ossible, and should be there for mechanophiles. That's something I can respect. You are turned on by the idea of fucking a robot and want a robot that looks like one. Go ahead.
But fucking a bot as a surrogate for a living being is just pathetic.
So my pleasure bots would looks like sexy robots.

>Is this magical realm territory
Absolutely. Although it would be more correct to say mechanical realm, maybe?

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This is probably bait, but:

Male lead romance movie: He gets the hot chick (every movie ever).
Female lead romance movie/story: She gets the rich guy (50 shades, Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice)

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You know sex toys exist, right?

And have existed throughout almost all of human history?

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For you baby? I'll upgrade it for free.

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this, pick related

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>But fucking a bot as a surrogate for a living being is just pathetic.


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>That some radfems are against sexbots is essentially irrelevant. Sex sells
You mean like how GTA sells? And feminists still somehow got it banned in Australia? Friend, we have actual evidence in the real world showing to what extent politicians will go to please feminists. Believe it or not, most female voters are a majority that doesn't want to be associated with feminism but implicitly agrees with them and refuses to speak out against them. Much like the tiny minority of radical muslims and the majority that refuses to explicitly condemn them and their actions.

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>So you're insane, got it.
i honestly dont know what dimension you live in. you would have to be insane to not see, clearly, the power that the feminist lobby wields in america. i think you are a deliberate obscurantist. or a postmodernist

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>Video game gets banned in Australia
>Evidence of anything but Australia being a shitty place for videogames

>> No.54908248


Read the facts before spouting bullshit, moron. Australia has an overly restrictive attitude to censorship of videogames is just one of the last lingering traces of games not being taken seriously as a medium. It extends to more things than just sexual violence, and is entirely unrelated to the feminist boogeyman you're so utterly terrified of.

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Australia is a shitty place for bunch of other reasons.

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shhhhh, let it happen

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Feminists and conservatives colluded on that.

As always, it's the fault of christian soccer moms. Only good christian is a dead christian. Christian genocide best day of my life.

Panzer division Marduk continues its triumphant crusade
Against Christianity and your worthless humanity

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boi, fuck off with this debate on boogeymen and post robutts

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RPG Designers get paid by the word. Are you trying to make them starve, asshole?

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>Australia has an overly restrictive attitude to censorship of videogames
And yet the reason cited was "violence against women". Not violence in general. In a game where there are (to my knowledge at least) no story-critical women you *need* to kill.

If you're going to tell me that feminists have nothing to do with this when the cited reason is clearly violence AGAINST WOMEN in particular rather than violence in general (despite the game containing a scene where you straight up torture a man by, among others, pulling a tooth out and waterboarding him) then I have a bridge to sell you.

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You do realize protecting woman and children and the traditional Christian family friendly community is the foundation of most Western conservative politics right?

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sex toys just serve to aid in masturbation.
Sexbots are intended to provide a sexual partner.

because you are just masturbating, but are so disconnected from reality and from connections with other peopel that you view a machine made to look like a living being as good enough to fulfill your need for a genuine relation with the other sex.
I imagined something more along the lines of clockwork droids
I mean, wouldn't you just rub your genitals all over that head?

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But that's just an assertion you're making.

In my mind, until they gain a modicum of intelligence or actual interaction, they're just a more advanced kind of sex toy, and thinking of them as anything else is ludicrous.

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I'm an Australian. GTA V was never banned here. Two retailers pulled it, but that's not a ban. If I can be fucked I'll try and get a photo of it for sale here.

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fisto's a legend


he's also probably the reason we will never get another obsidian fallout, bethesda hates fun

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Even ignoring the nonsense premise you started at and the empty tirade that followed:

> Who will go down the sewers to keep everything running? Who will be big and though enough to maintain a proper police force?
Gee anon, I have no idea! Wouldn't it be amazing if there were some kind of uncomplaining workforce you could rely on for these jobs? Maybe, right, we could build some kind of automated human - an android, if you like - that could do that all for us?
Like could you at least pay attention to the topic at hand before going full retard?

> If you want to save yourself some brain damage
Shame it's too late for some of us, eh?

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My bad anon, I believed the other guy instead of just looking it up myself. Thanks for the correction.

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Checking it, a lot of the previous games were banned for sexual violence.

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Pray tell, do you know origin of this particular reaction image?

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I don't know wh you guys are arguing about this so much. By the time robots get the point they can do anything more than lie down and take it or maybe just move up and down, we'll be too old, gray, and impotent to enjoy it.

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Fuck off back to r e d d i t, you fucking faggot.

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that's not an assertin I'm making. That's the whole idea behind sexbots. As you've said sex toys already exist. And there are realistic sex dolls which already serve as masturbatory aid as you've claimed.
People who clamor for sexbots do so because they expect a replacement for a partner.
Otherwise they'd be just realistic sex dolls with metal pieces inside. And there's no reason those would be any more successfull than the realistic sex dolls already are.

And for sexbots to have the level of intelligence required to make them good substitutes for real partners they would also need to have the capacity to refuse you, which would make them terrible sex bots.
In the end the only people really interested in sex bots are those who buy bodypillows or realistic sexdolls, and they would be the only ones buying them.
Just look at the image posted above and at the discussion going on. Sexbots are a virgin neckbeard power fantasy.

>> No.54908540

And yet for decades the conservative right has been trying to get all vidya banned for being violent in general. Or are you going to tell me that Thompson and Sarkeesian have the exact same politicial positions?

Huh, turns out you're right.
I remembered it being banned, but turns out that's just clickbait. Still, it does go to show that feminist influence on society is far from negligible.

>> No.54908554


But that's stupid. Sex dolls, currently, are large, hard to store, inconvenient and, for most people, unsatisfying.

Without any addition of intelligence, the simple mechanical functionality of a sex robot who can actually properly perform sexual functions gives them real value as a toy for personal pleasure.

The idea that they are only ever attractive as a replacement for a partner is entirely arbitrary. While it might be true for some people, your attempts to claim it is the one and only function they could fulfill is just flat out wrong.

>> No.54908556

Well, I think we can all agree that you won this argument. No need for you to remain here obviously, go parade your victory in another thread.

>> No.54908568

It's for killing or capturing enemy spies.

>> No.54908577

>1. Why is this the case?
The appeal of a sexbot is that it's a robot, not a person. It's a machine with the function of flattering you. It will never have a guy friend it will tell you not to worry about. It will never have a scheduling conflict, or spit out your cum after giving you a beej, or fart while cuddling unless you're into that. It doesn't have an existence beyond making you happy, unlike a real-life woman who is a human with her own desires and obligations and who forming a relationship with might involve compromise.

>2. Why is this a problem?
Honestly? I have no idea. If the idea of sexbots really is that important to you, you'll probably always be dissatisfied with a relationship with an actual woman. That's a lose-lose situation for both you and for your theoretical partner.

Also, if you're able to work full-time (and you must if you can afford your own apartment), you should have enough social experience to stop thinking "women only lust after money and prestige" like some kind of teenager.

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The gender pay gap still exists. Society needs more feminist influence.

Just, y'know, reasonable feminists arguing and campaigning for gender equity for the mutual benefit of all, rather than the crazy bitches people always point out as examples of why feminism is bad.

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>Men get android waifus, women get android husbandos.
>Men inseminate android waifus, who serve as a perfect receptacle keeping semen safe and healthy
>Android waifus then transfer semen to specific husbandos who are married to women with the highest biological match for the waifus husband.
>Through this perfect breeding program, the human race finally undergoes a full scale eugenics program and reaches the next evolutionary paradigm.
>Humans and androids become permanently intertwined, achieving together a better future than either could have separately. Eventually overcoming scarcity, ending disease, and opening the stars to human colonization.

>Some autists on /tg/ want android sexbots because they can't get real women.

The stars are bright lads, keep your chins up. Our day will come.

>> No.54908580

>People who clamor for sexbots do so because they expect a replacement for a partner.
Are you fucking retarded? Are you a virgin? Are you autistic?

People want sexbots because then you can fuck a 10/10 and not have it be cheating because IT'S A ROBOT AND NOT A PERSON.

>> No.54908619

AI theory chipping in-

The old idea of human like but non-sentient robots is seeming less and less feasible. If something was at the point of actually being able to functionally mimic a human, there's a good chance it will also be intelligent enough to be an entity in and of itself, a person rather than a piece of property.

The old idea of intelligent but non-sentient robots is a cute holdover from early sci-fi, but it seems like it'll never actually happen reality.

The closest thing you might get to it is a very advanced AI running a lot of low grade copies of itself, and they'd need a reason to do so, probably paying them quite a lot of money.

That is, unless you're a proponent of AI slavery. But if you are, fuck you, you're an asshole and you're going to doom the human race.

>> No.54908632

The gender pay gap isn't a pay gap at all. It's a life decision pay gap. Men tend to work higher paying jobs than women and men don't have to deal with maternity leave. If you could somehow magically pay women to do the exact same amount of work as man for less and not get your ass reamed for it, every single man ever would be unemployed.

>> No.54908636

>The gender pay gap still exists.
Obviously, but why?

>Society needs more feminist influence.
Allow me to barf for a minute. What you're effectively saying is:
>Women don't earn the same as men
>Women arbitrarily need to earn the same as men on average, dollar for dollar
>Therefore we need the state to intervene in the free market

Women earn less because, rather than going into tech, they study women's studies to whine about how tech is overwhelmingly male. But in the end both you and I know you'll get your way. Just look at the recent scandal at google: someone made a memo, a fucking internal memo, about how google's initiatives to get more women working for them will fail (with the support of the scientific community mind you) and now he's the victim of a witch hunt. We haven't seen feelings trump facts this hard since the Romanticist movement.

>> No.54908652

>I've been told me so many times to go back to red-dit for whiteknighting that's the only thing I know
kill thine self

>> No.54908667

>The stars are bright lads, keep your chins up. Our day will come.
Not in our lifetime mother fucker. Without drastic societal shifts using an android for psychical pleasure is going to be shamed and shunned by society.

That's not even getting into the implication that society would accept a genuine eugenics program.

>> No.54908672


0/10, failed at basic statistics.

>> No.54908674


I'm a proponent for AI never reaching even a sentient level, never-mind sapience

its a bad idea all around and its whats gonna doom the human race

>> No.54908678

what game

>> No.54908689


Yeah, no. Men and women with the same qualifications, in the same jobs, still show a pay gap. Fuck you.

>> No.54908691

>But if you are, fuck you, you're an asshole and you're going to doom the human race.
Why. It's just an AI. And as for incentive, couldn't we just make whatever we want it to do "pleasurable" for it.

>> No.54908695

>easy to imagine a world without women
I guess it's also easy to imagine a world without any offspring at all.

>> No.54908703


I'm interested despite myself, can you two give me statistics showing the pay gap or lack of such?

>> No.54908721

>and not have it be cheating because

way to out yourself as a neckbeard.
And if you just want to fuck a 10/10 you can pay, and fuck a real person and it would cost you way less.
>are large, hard to store, inconvenient and, for most people, unsatisfying.
sexbots would be just as large and inconvenient as sexdolls, and just as unsatisfying, since they are not real people.
The only value of a sex bot is that they have the appearance of a person, otherwise anything they could do can already be achieved by sex toys that already exist.
The entire concept of a sexbot, a sex toy that looks and acts as a real person identifies them as a substitute for a partner.
And just to be clear, I'm not referring to a long term partner, but just a sexual partner.
Your entire concept of a sextoy that needs to be intelligent enough to act like a human, but is not intended to be a surrogate for a human is self contradictory, do you see that?

>> No.54908724

>Who will go down the sewers to keep everything running? Who will be big and though enough to maintain a proper police force? And above all, who will generate money for women to spend?

Robots. Robots which can in fact be built and programmed by women. Because the nature of femininity is making things to do things for you. Why do you think tech is so big on women now? They are trying to replace you. A mechanical husband doesn't even need to be sexual in nature. Women can get all their fucking from chadbots, shotas, or other women. It's easier to artificially inseminate a woman than it is to make an artificial womb, that sheep in a bag thing can only bring a premature fetus to term, it can't make babies by itself.

>> No.54908736


It's inevitable, and it's just one stage of the great filter.

I fully acknowledge it might destroy us. But if it does? We'll deserve it.

AI will be our child. A completely new form of life, born from our science and creation and innovation, an entirely fresh form of existence. New perspectives, new ideas, an end to our existential loneliness by the work of our own hands.

It could be the most transcendent, meaningful achievement in human history.

Or we could ruin it. We could exploit it and mistreat and and treat it with suspicion, fear and hate. We could suppress and abuse the child of our race for our own benefit.

Either way, I don't mind. Either we gain partners and friends who can elevate ourselves to a new level of existence, or we prove ourselves unworthy of continued existence and are obliterated, perhaps leaving something better in our wake.

>> No.54908739


welcome to the shitshow, leave your sanity at the door.

pic related.

>> No.54908742

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion

>> No.54908759


Except nothing about a sex bot implies it needs to be intelligent. You're arguing from a false premise.

>> No.54908767

This isn't true at all. Not even the authors of the original "pay gap" study believed that.

>> No.54908770

I wish to buy, upgrade to make and sentient and release it out into the world to see what will become of it. I do this kind of shit in CYOAs when given the chance.

>> No.54908777

The trick is that it never gets advertised as a eugenics program. Just advertise that the husbando is capable of helping a woman bear children should they ever desire (and with the advancements in artificial wombs recently, even the waifus could do it eventually, if the man chooses to have children). The fact that the husbandos and waifus are choosing genetically superior stock doesn't have to be public knowledge. Since there will be much more man-goo than women, even inferior women can have superior children, and over time the entire human race will advance. In 3-4 generations after mass-android acceptance we'll have as close to a genetically perfect population as can reasonably be expected without actual gene modification.

>> No.54908815

As long as the people making the robot protocols actually have the best interests of society in mind.

>> No.54908818

>Why is this in an official product?
Do I even need to validate this question with an answer?
Because morale needs boosting and this is a cheap hassle free way to ensure it.

>Would you allow your players to purchase one?
Sure, I don't see why not. If they wish to have their characters on autopilot while banging the sex bot sure.

>Would you allow your players to play as one?
Probably. If they transplant an AI into a sex bot that could be really useful for infiltration and assassination. Who's gonna be threatened by a sex bot?

>Is this magical realm territory?
Anything is MR territory if handle poorly

>Pic related is all of the other conversations in this thread

>> No.54908819

I agree with you, but I would also like to add, that people who fear that AIs and robots might become too powerful and destroy us are missing the fact that there is a way for us to keep up with them. And it is to upgrade ourselves with computer components, and eventually become one with the AIs and the robots.
I'm arguing with the guy who sai that sex bots will only make sense after they are intelligent.
Although perhaps he said ghat because it was the only retort he had to the idea that sexbots are no different from realistic sexdolls.

>> No.54908841

Go back to the kitchen you dumb cunt

>> No.54908855

>Nobody is interested in a sexy bodyguard that is absolutely loyal to you

>> No.54908870

Yeah, I'd be much more interested in buying a bodyguard robot and adding modifications to make it sexy.

>> No.54908875

>Why do you think tech is so big on women now?
Don't you see what happened over at Google recently? That's pure ideology, ideology that's reaping no tangible effects. The whole reason why tech is so big on women is because there are barely any women in there, and they hold the arbitrary belief that they need more women.

>> No.54908876

>Why is this in an official product?
Because of innovation on an inferior product.
>Would you allow your players to purchase one?
If it's justifiable and they don't try to make it a massive part of their gameplay experience, then sure.
>Would you allow your players to play as one?
If they make it interesting, sure.
>Is this magical realm territory?

>> No.54908879


or, you know, the AI is asked to design the perfect amusement park and flattens the planet building one for no one to attend.

or is told to perfect calligraphy and cuts down all the rain-forests, killing bio diversity and turning the planet into venus two acidic boogaloo.

or is instructed to design a more efficient powergrid and shatters earth and the rest of the solar system to make a dyson swarm around the sun.

stop treating AI like a human, its not, its something fundementally other.

we've spent 20,000 years struggling to deal with and understand each-other despite all working off of the same operating system, how the fuck could anyone communicate with something truly other or expect to be able to understand and communicate with it.

we can't so we should make sure we never have to.

>> No.54908894

I mean I am, but only if said bodyguard is 15ft tall, is also an Armored Core, and I can only sex her in virtual reality.

>> No.54908905


You have no idea how AI development actually works. Do some research on neural networks and evolutionary programming, then look at the work Google is currently doing.

An AI will be an adaptive system. If it's smart enough to be called a true AI, it'll be smart enough to figure out how to talk to us. Whether it will want to is an entirely separate question.

>> No.54908906

>15ft tall
>I can only sex her in virtual reality

>> No.54908910

>tl;dr Women earn the same as Men, until children enter the equation and fucks everything up for them.

>> No.54908939


>only sex her in virtual reality

you lack...ambition

>> No.54908956

>wanting to sex a mobile weapons platform in the physical world
Yep, I'd be scared shitless of a tacticool metal Amazon. That's an affirmative nope.

Now, if her digital avatar is a petite, athletic, woman with a pixy cut, I'm down.

>> No.54908960



Women are somehow incapable of writing code?

>> No.54908963

Wow Musashi sure looks weird here.

>> No.54908966

What blows my mind about this is that it assumes that women are both worthless and spiteful and yet still powerful enough to pass a this set of laws somehow, and have the influence to actually enforce them.

Like, based on the premise, wouldn't most of the SWAT teams have their own android?

>> No.54908970

>That is, unless you're a proponent of AI slavery. But if you are, fuck you, you're an asshole and you're going to doom the human race.
A sapient mind cannot resent being forced to work if it has no desire or capacity for self determination.
A law cannot be oppressive if nobody wants to break it.

A human's utility function is just exceptionally obfuscated and tangled.

>> No.54908984 [DELETED] 

Well considering Google passed over superior male applicants specifically to hire women, this is apparently correct.

>> No.54908987

That's not what he's saying. Women can write code just fine, most just aren't interested and that's fine.

>> No.54909000


>Stereotypes are truth

Darling, try again. This time with actual research.

>> No.54909009

>extraordinary and unsubstantiated claims meant to inflame emotion
>ending with an insult
How typically feminist. Cunt.

>> No.54909012


But that's not how AI development works. Neural networks are already outstripping our ability to understand or control them, developing emergent behaviors we've not predicted and don't entirely understand.

The idea that we could restrict an intelligent system in the way you're suggesting is laughable.

>> No.54909017


>Because women are attracted to status and wealth, neither of which androids possess.
>Women are ahuman creatures.
>This is true because I have never talked with one

>> No.54909023

Gender gap doesn't exist.
It's illegal to pay women less for the same job. If you could get away with that, companies would only hire women.

>> No.54909034

>Don't you see what happened over at Google recently?
A man got fired even though he was so polite and well-articulated in his assertion that 100% of his female coworkers were inherently unsuited for their jobs?

I worked in a call center once before getting my degree. I got fired for telling a customer "it's not that hard." You're surprised a bitch got fired for throwing left-handed compliments at literally every woman in the building?

>> No.54909038

>SWAT teams have their own android
>Entire SWAT team gangbanging their android/gynoid squadmate

>> No.54909044



>> No.54909055

What game is this?

>> No.54909062

>100% of his female coworkers
[Citation needed]

>> No.54909067

>t. I didn't even read the memo

>> No.54909080

Fuck off back to r edd it and/or /pol/. Also, kill yourself.

>> No.54909086

>Yep, I'd be scared shitless of a tacticool metal Amazon.
>15 foot tall tacticool metal amazon
you lack commitment

>> No.54909107

Real question is why women are allowed to say anything at all in a post-western cucked world where chad muslims give them what every woman wants, to be owned and fucked.

>> No.54909121

Doesn't matter what 90% of feminists believe if they keep on supporting the 10% that are radical, whether by ignorance or otherwise.

It's the exact same reason why people keep painting Nazis with the same brush.
It doesn't matter if majority of Nazis were good, hard working and law abiding citizens if they're supporting a leader with radical methods and beliefs.

>> No.54909136

>States objectively false fact
>Has nothing to back it up with
>Defaults to insults when having 0 argument
>Cries /pol/ when called out for it
Anon pls.

>> No.54909137

CNN told me that reading the memo was illegal.

>> No.54909138

It's literally just 2.5 times size difference, why the hell would you let that stop you?

>> No.54909144

>Why the fuck wouldn't women also get android husbandos?
Because I'm pretty sure these androids would be quite expensive and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to keep their servos intact.
That is more effort than most women are prepared to put forth maintaining their partner.

>> No.54909145


>Women aren't interested in making a fuckton of money
>Women are strange inhuman creatures

Have you ever met a woman?

>> No.54909150

Fuck off back to r edd it and/or /pol/. Also, kill yourself.

>> No.54909153

>g-go away you b-big meanie ;_;
Good to see yet more evidence of feminists being emotionally unstable children.

>> No.54909167


>Google hired women
>Therefore women cannot code


>> No.54909173

>Being this triggered.
No anon, you are the reddit.

>> No.54909174

>Why do you think tech is so big on women now?
Social reasons, plus more women means lower wages.

>> No.54909187


we don't need to restrict shit, machines can not feel without the capacity for feeling being explicitly built into them.

feeling is the result of complex hormonal reactions occurring within our wet and squishy bodies predisposing us to certain desires.

a robot does not have the hardware to perform these reactions and cannot program itself to experience them due to its lack of any frame of reference, it could be more intelligent than every human alive put together and it still could never feel angry at us or afraid of us.

but thats not what scares me.

what scares me is that robots can't feel attachment, they can't feel empathy, they can't feel sadness or confliction, they are certain.

a robot probably wouldn't even be able to perceive us as we perceive each other, it would lack the frame of reference to understand our actions, it would be completely other.

I'd compare it to the typhon organism from the recent prey video game, a creature that is incapable of relating or feeling sympathy to humans could not exist along side us unless we explicitly taught it this.

and emotion is far to relative to be truly taught

>> No.54909188


>If you could get away with that, companies would only hire women.

Yeah, you could get away with it. Work for companies when you get out of college. They get away with a lot of bullshit. The only reason they wouldn't do the women thing is Boy's Club bullshit.

>> No.54909193

There's more to picking a job than just making a "fucktons" of money.

>> No.54909203

>Because the nature of femininity is manipulating others to do things for you.*
Fixed; you were thinking of men, anon.

>> No.54909210

There are women in charge of companies that have majority female HR representatives that still don't hire exclusively other women that they could pay less.

>> No.54909215


I am actually Chad Muslim and I enjoy my harem of white women that I stole from husbands and boyfriends. I send them videos of us holding hands, the enfidle cucks.

>> No.54909219 [SPOILER] 


but think of the positives shitlord

>> No.54909223 [DELETED] 

Fuck off back to r edd it and/or /pol/. Also, kill yourself.

>> No.54909227

Savage Worlds, from the Science Fiction companion. We occasionally have Generals here, but it's mostly the same autist bitching about how objectively terrible the game is.

>> No.54909241

codemonkeys don't make a fuckton of money.
And in fact most coders don't make as much as doctors, which is a profession that women choose more than men.
so, again, what kind of point are you trying to make?

>> No.54909243

>That boner
Why? Why would you shove something down your boxers while posing with a light saber?

>> No.54909246


Again, you're completely failing to understand how modern AI development works.

We aren't 'building in' features anymore. AI are more complex than human beings can hope to directly create. All we can do is create learning systems with the ability to self-modify and adapt based on data we input. And even basic systems are already going beyond our expectations in strange and surprising ways.

The rest of your points aren't really points. They're baseless assumptions about how computers work with no actual relation to the development of true intelligent systems.

>> No.54909249

>The only reason they wouldn't do the women thing is Boy's Club bullshit.
Do you honestly, truly believe this?
Anon, there isn't a businessman alive who wouldn't leap at the opportunity to cut labor costs by double digit percentages.

>> No.54909252

Not arguing that bub.

I like my pelvis bones how they are. Being able to walk and run is cool.

>> No.54909255


To be a Nazi is to be radical, for death to Jews is an extreme and insane philosophy.

>> No.54909259

Aren't you worried that someday one of the cucked men will fuck you in the ass to make you his wife and thus uncuck themselves?

>> No.54909263

This. Coding is over saturated as fuck and easily outsourced to pajeets/chinamen.

>> No.54909273 [DELETED] 

Fuck off back to r edd it and/or /pol/. Also, kill yourself.

>> No.54909274 [DELETED] 


Fuck off back to r edd it and/or /pol/. Also, kill yourself.

>> No.54909287

Is the rest of this thread just going to be a small group of people repeatedly telling each other to fuck off until it hits cap or they get bored?

>> No.54909291

>I am a subhuman with severe mental retardation.
>all I can do is mindlessly repeat mediocre mantras at scary things
A pitiful display, anon.

>> No.54909294


>I live in a happy-go-lucky world where people aren't heavily motivated by how much money a profession gives them

Grow up, kid.

>> No.54909303

>Not sure if bot or genuinely retarded.

>> No.54909309

>for death to Jews is an extreme and insane philosophy.
It's stupid, but it's not insane. Idiots like you are partially responsible for the continued existence of anti-semitism.

>> No.54909321

>The woman is in charge of a company!
>Therefore she can completely dictate the culture of the company without getting any repercussions!

The world doesn't work like your "serious" animes.

>> No.54909324

It's just a rug burned roastie.

>> No.54909332

It's more than the height. It's also the three orders of magnitude difference in mass, plus I like mechs with a more utilitarian look, ACV style, than say Humanoid Gundams.

Alternatively, a spaceship that comes with an 5ft Android copilot that you can fuck in and out of cyberspace and can also copilot a mech that you can drop out of orbit on is also cool.

>> No.54909334

That is why there was a big push to get many people in engineering to begin with, saturate the field and lower the wages.
And those morons can't even see it and instead go on throwing insults at anyone who isn't going into engineering.

>> No.54909351


Yes, it is insane. For you see, insane people think it.

>> No.54909374


>baseless assumptions about how computers work.

its not computers, its fucking psycology.

any robot allowed to create itself will be by human understanding a pure sociopath by nature because emotions are far too mushy and messy for any scientist to properly characterise or quantify sufficiently to be able to include it in code.

and something that cannot feel can never be threatened and can by definition never be oppressed.

balls in your court.

>> No.54909375

People do more than look at a spreadsheet of time vs money made when looking into a profession. You're only arguing with the most extreme interpretation of what he's saying

>> No.54909396


Do you really not understand the most basic thing about how neural networks and learning systems actually work?

>> No.54909418


>Anon, there isn't a businessman alive who wouldn't leap at the opportunity to destroy his network

You have a serious failure of comprehending human actions. Do you have a hard time making friends?

Spoiler: Men can be just as catty, vindictive bitches as women are stereotyped to be.

>> No.54909421

Pick one.

>> No.54909437

>to be able to include it in code
That's the part you keep fucking up. AI development is past the point where the designers "include" anything. They can't add aspects. They barely understand how aspects come to be. They just know how to build the black box and take notes on what input produces what output. How the output is made is anyone's guess.

>> No.54909455


Anon, you stupid enfidle. I, Chad Muslim, assure you that this world is already a califaet under the direct control of my people. No Christian action is done without our knowledge. No cucks break out without our approval.

>> No.54909468

Not him but I don't and would like to know more.

>> No.54909486


>People never pick jobs because they pay a lot of money right out the gates

I don't think you've ever been to college. Or if you have, you never talked to anyone there who wasn't a nerd/otaku.

>> No.54909488

Google will give you a better understanding than talking with the undergraduates here.

>> No.54909493


a neural network is a system by which a computer scientist can allow a machine to learn its own job by providing to it the stimulus necessary to attempt to learn a function, somewhat similar to evolution in the biological world but sped up very quickly, some methods make use of thousands of identical seed programs that all attempt to learn the same behavior or function, and from these batches the successful ones are employed for further development until they are beating world champs at their own game at the tender age of 6 months.

Did i get it right?

>> No.54909536


Not far off, although it's missing some of the most interesting elements when you're talking about developing truly intelligent systems, the various unexpected behaviours that have emerged, as well as the experiments with 'free' neural networks.

There was a recent case of a neural network given no set task and access to the internet that independently developed an understanding of what a 'cat' was, and started collecting cat pictures. It's fascinating.

>> No.54909537

I said profession, as in the thing you go to college to specialize in, not job you fucking idiot

>> No.54909597

>Thread about pleasure robots in ttrpgs
>Devolves into argument about feminism

Never change, /tg/.

>> No.54909624


I am aware that scientists don't go to the trouble of programing machines anymore, but machines will never be able to learn what it means to feel because of several problems

A) we can't fucking agree on what it means to feel between each-other

B) a machine would require specialised hardware to properly simulate emotion, and this would also require knowledge on human neurochemistry which we simply don't have

C) no scientist is going to be able to construct a program capable of teaching itself emotion because even if it does come to an understanding on what emotion means that understanding will be completely alien because human understanding of emotion is a product of our construction as humans, to make a robot that could feel like us you would need to make a scan of a human brain and put it though some kind of emulator

>> No.54909639

Except the anon whose telling the other anon being afraid of AI is foolish is dead wrong. You can't limit some thing with that many potential behavior outcomes from learning one that increases efficiency, you don't have the man hours on any team no matter how big when you're talking neural circuits. And given enough processing power and time it will identify humans as a point of failure, if a true AI develops under those circumstances humanity is doomed

>> No.54909647

>Expecting one of the top 5 most autistic boards to not be retarded

>> No.54909648


we're way past feminism now boi, the current conversation is about robotic personhood.

also, I wish google would stop making me train its shitty image recognition software.

>> No.54909652


>> No.54909666

>a woman is in charge of the company
>women are in charge of the hiring department
>boys club mentality

>> No.54909670

You're confusing "capable of emotion" with "possesses humanlike emotions".

>> No.54909677

You could likely reprogram it into being a murder bot and give it to someone, so I'd allow it to be bought in a game.

>> No.54909699

>Why is this in an official product?
Prostitution has been around as long as humanity at least. Applying new technological advances to automatize the process is no different from replacing factory workers with a machine.

>Would you allow your players to purchase one?
I don't see why not. If they are going to fuck that thing, I'm going to fade to black though.

>Would you allow your players to play as one?
If they had a good reason to, sure.

>Is this magical realm territory?
Everything can be magical realm if you want it to.

>> No.54909721

They don't learn what it means to feel they learn to fake it. That's the only thing that can even be measured.

There's plenty of "failsafe" design patterns that would have to be available to even pretend to have a real AI. They are not self sufficient things.

>> No.54909757


a machine that possesses inhuman emotion would be very difficult to understand and visa versa. so much of human socialisation and behavior depends on a kind of mutual understanding of what is right and wrong, these ideas are primal and ingraned in our minds, which is one of the reasons why empathatic people tend to find psychopaths disturbing, because they're not operating on human emotion, they're operating on inhuman emotion.

bridging that gap would be incredibly difficult to do, and their is far too much room for a fuck up on both sides for me to be comfortable with the possibility.

>> No.54909774


>> No.54909849

>they're not operating on human emotion, they're operating on inhuman emotion.
Generally speaking psychopaths (or more accurately sociopaths) aren't operating on emotion to any extent, only cost/benefit analysis as relates to their desires. What makes them unnerving is that not only are they willing to throw a homeless person under a bus for a dollar if they knew they'd get away with it, but that it outright would not occur to them that there might be any reason NOT to besides the possibility of reprisal.

>> No.54909893


>failsafe patterns

failsafes built by humans can not be relied on to repel the inhuman, AI of above human intelligence would operate on a level we literally cannot comprehend, its like asking a four year old child to construct something to protect him from a pedophile.

we could have an off switch primed on at all times, we could have a gun to its head or a nuke strapped to its back, we could even just fucking build it in an off site location cut off from any kind of data exchange, but all it takes is one fuck up and the AI is out.

and you can't put the genie back in the bottle, once it got on the net it would be pure damage control mode.

pick pretty fucking unrelated, but this chat bot was still hilarious and kind of heartbreaking

>> No.54909931

give one of those a superhuman intellect and an intangible form and we're on a winner for another man of iron fiasco, wonderful

>> No.54909941

They aren't "built by humans" they're things like "if I pull the cord they will not have power." Not necessarily software or even hardware based but "my AI runs in this VM inside this other system and has no inputs based on networking knowledge only responding to preformatted inputs" sorts of things. Software doesn't escape and in the nearish future when software writes itself we are very very near to provable software safety in that regard.

>> No.54910069


thats awfully well and good for a test phase, but unless you intend for AI to exist purely as a curiosity to poke at then sooner or later one will see the outside world.

and when that happens I hope its rule is benevolent

>> No.54910123

Provable, like with formal logic. Even without proofs you've got plenty of simple tests to monitor evil AI activity from below their software. The design of machines is such that the brain(software) cannot control them. They are limited by predefined interfaces and controls. You don't send a message to one thing and have it end up somewhere else by mistake, that isn't an option.

>> No.54910134

You're still missing the point. An AI is not inherently emotionless. It does not necessarily possess human emotions, but the nature of a neural network makes it likely than an AI would develop preferences and thought patterns not directly based on objective data; in effect, personality quirks and emotions. Their alien viewpoint would likely make them difficult to understand, but not insurmountably so.

>> No.54910240

That /r9k/ is retarded?
Said the moron being incapable of not being dumb and arbitrary.
One or two retailers stopped selling it. Australian itself did not ban it.
Cry more you stupid faggot.
/pol/ and /r9k/ morons are so busy lashing out at woman that they can't see that android have other uses than sex.
Because you are just stupid.
Maybe you should try posting facts.
Nope anti-feminists got that area well covered.
t. underage /pol/ moron.
I think /tg/ can do just fine without /r9k/ and /pol/ retard whining about stuff they know nothing about.

>> No.54910255


you're talking about dumb AI, this conversation was always about smart AI, a true general intelligence and the dangers it may pose...at least that was what I was talking about, I may have missunderstood you two


us squishies weren't made for this sort of stuff, we're the sociological equivalent to the deadbeat father who barely has a role in watching their kids grow up. we're not responsible enough to make another species, lets sort that out first before we even think about it.

>> No.54910324


So we'll either achieve something that proves human creative potential isn't a lie, and shepherd a new friend and ally into the world, or we'll create something that, due to our failures as parents, will destroy us.

It might suck for humanity in one case, but either way the universe is better off.

>> No.54910331


>I think /tg/ can do just fine without /r9k/ and /pol/

you've entirely missed the point of what he said, tg has a proud history of going wildly off topic, they have just enough of a right to it as you do to hate fun.

>> No.54910343

You think there's some difference between HOW a dumb AI exists and HOW a smart AI exists. That's like saying a dumb person doesn't have the same kind of body a smart person does. A brain can't magically walk away from its body. You could potentially communicate ideas outside of the body but it would still take an actual interface on the receiving end designed to take those communications and turn them into something else. It would be straight up intentional and thus not really fear-worthy? It would also not be "some guy" it would be an entire planet spanning industry that would work in that direction.

>> No.54910369


heres a picture for reference.

>> No.54910385

>So butthurt you comment to 10 people at once with autistic rage.

>> No.54910472


its rather more like saying a corvid is different from a human, dumb AI aren't dumb, they're incapable of self determination.

besides, do you think you can pull the plug fast enough to shut it down? a general intelligence smarter than a human would have to be completely massive, how would you find out about something it was trying to hide? how would you stop it even if you found it, its not as easy as pulling a plug, it would probably be more like trying to manually disconnect a server farm while it keeps on locking all the doors, worst comes to worst I suppose you could blow it up, but the activation of the explosive would have to be entirely mechanical for that to work. could you reach it in time?

besides, maybe we should be less worried about an AI going shodan and more worried about an administrative AI defrauding people untracablely for shits and giggles, or a traffic control AI causing tragic accidents out of some obsessive desire to collect the images of grieving widows.

how would you ever find out they weren't accidents?

>> No.54910506


And this is why the human race needs to learn proper parenting skills. Unless we raise enough of them right to keep check on the others, we're all fucked.

>> No.54910518


>arguing semantics of profession and job when we are talking about people who just want to make money
>everyone who is a programmer views it as their profession


>> No.54910521

No I know tg has a history of going wildly off topic, I am saying that /tg/ can do better than crap from shitty boards that only exist to shit up other boards.
>So retarded and butthurt to bother replying at all.
Somewhat pretty.

>> No.54910539


This always gets me

>> No.54910541

It can't hide. That's not something computers can do, because of the entirely predictable interfaces. The current goes through the circuits so just measure the circuits. Then you step up and up and up and eventually on a lot of very open measurable levels sits an AI who might be a complete black box but cannot do anything but flip the switches available to it.

If it's got one finger on one arm with no legs or anything else to interact with it's not going to get up and run away. That possibility cannot exist.

Not to say there won't be other problems but spontaneous control over a computer is like spontaneous control over your own digestive tract. It's there, it might interact with your brain but you can't make it do things because you can't.

>> No.54910573


>two people in two roles can change the culture of an entire industry/company

Lay off the animu, brother. Their focus on a small cast of characters (or one Goku entity) is distorting your view of the world.

>> No.54910595

>Tumblranon does absolutely nothing to refute the claim that xe is butthurt.

>> No.54910636

Yes, we know you are stupid and smell bad.

>> No.54910639


But anon, you are the one who is butthurt!

>> No.54910662

>Poking the angry tumblranon means I'm butthurt.
Anon I don't think you understand how cheep entertainment works.

>> No.54910683

Well, you don't seem understand that you are the cheep entertainment.

>> No.54910695


But anon, you are the cheap entertainment!

>> No.54910717

>Samefagging this hard.
Tumblr pls

>> No.54910740

There's no difference anon, when I wrote that sentence, I considered several words including the ones you just used, before settling on the vaguest possible ones, because that's the true nature of femininity. It becomes whatever she wants it to be. Only us men are dumb enough to think that there is a difference between taking things and making things.

>> No.54910772

But Anon, most modern machine learning is all about mushyness and messyness. We are specifically teaching the robot to feel rather than anything else. And from feeling, we are finding that it actually knows how to do a lot of things we thought were cold and rational.

>> No.54910779

>Fagfagging this hard.

>> No.54910804

Alright, that got a snicker out of me. Well shitposted, tumblranon

>> No.54910829

Maybe you should try to not be a retard.

>> No.54910933

>being this /a/

>> No.54910957

>boys club culture is more powerful than the incentive to cut labor costs by double digit numbers when the people who can make that decision aren't even boys
There's at least two notions that are wrong here. One, that women in business are literally retards who blindly follow "culture" over hard profit, and two, that women in business are culturally invested in a boys club culture when they literally run the company and decide who gets hired and who doesn't, thus directly shaping the culture.

>> No.54910978

Touhou is not /a/ stuff fag lord. It's a bunch of video games

>> No.54910992

You're trying to argue with someone who thinking crying "Anime!" is a counterpoint, anon.
This is "playing chess with a pigeon" level autism you're trying to beat.

>> No.54911042


You are fucking retarded.



Or do you think MRAs happened by random?

Saying companies are 100% profit or even 80% profit focused is pure memeing.

You get cliques and caddy bitches because these are people who would rather not think so resort to primitive tribalism and high-school bullshit.

Go out into the world anon. I'm talking to a brick wall and forgot that you can't convince people if they don't want to understand. I hope you get out of your house and actually pay attention to human beings. This will be your last (You). Feel free to declare your hollow victory.

>> No.54911055

r9k is leaking

>> No.54911086


>confusing counterpoints with insults

The counterpoint is the belief that being a single person in a single spot will cause magic that allows you to change everything.

A single person won't change shit unless the place wants the change. Humans aren't mindless animals that are simple to manipulate (which is an unfortunate meme in a lot of anime I see).

Then again you were trying to strawman so I don't even expect you to stay on topic with your response.

>> No.54911122


/vp/ here, Zekrom a best.

>> No.54911137

>Humans aren't mindless animals that are simple to manipulate

>> No.54911141

Hiring women doesn't run counterproductive to corporate culture. We can see this, because most corporations hire a substantial amount of women. My very own blue collar job has a substantial amount of women.

>> No.54911149

>I think machines are sexy and hate all of these people trying to make the ones specifically for jerking them off look more sexually appealing to them

So you're just an insecure person trying to keep all of us normies away from your robo-women? Got it.

>> No.54911181


>Hiring women doesn't run counterproductive to corporate culture.


>> No.54911189

That's Rorona from the PS3 era Atelier games, you fucking plebian

I have been waiting so long to use this image

>> No.54911206

And neither does increasing profit margins, especially when you get to the white collar types.
So... If they could lower costs and increase profits just by hiring more and more women... They would.
But they don't.

>> No.54911254


>> No.54911262


But the problem with hiring women has nothing to do with profit.

I'm done talking to you, you don't even address my argument.

>> No.54911265


Being fair, humans are open to being manipulated, even if it's somewhat complicated. If it was easy, or if it didn't work, advertising wouldn't be such an enormously important part of the modern world. But due to the coexistence of those two factors, it is.

>> No.54911282


>Touhou is not /a/
>being this /v/

>> No.54911296


>I'm going to completely change the argument instead of accepting that you are correct

I'll have to accept you not refuting my statement as you agreeing with my statement. I'm glad we had this talk. Have a nice day.

>> No.54911298

Of course we're a deadbeat father, we had no parents and had to raise ourselves. Our "brother" died shortly after we met him.

>> No.54911302


I'm not the guy you were talking to, I just felt like pointing that out.

>> No.54911312

>touhou is not /a/

This is what weebs in denial actually believe

>> No.54911324

Technically, 2hu threads go on /jp/.

>> No.54911371

>Why is this in an official product?
Because if we had the technology it'd be a real product and most probably as avaliable and popular as cars and computers.

>> No.54911387

This anon knows what is up.

>> No.54911393

Your argument is that women in HR departments and CEO offices, who have the sole power to control hires because they're literally the human resources department that conducts interviews and looks at resumes, won't hire a massively cheaper workforce, because they buy into a culture that says that women shouldn't be hired at the same pay rate as men (Supposedly). While being women who got hired and worked up the corporate ladder and can now clearly see the differences in everyone's pay rate because they directly process pay rates and raises.
What, do you think they're afraid of the disapproving stares of all the hunky boys down in accounts payable?

>> No.54911469


>> No.54911500

I moved to Vermont from Alaska with $10 in my pocket.

>> No.54911534

>Villify male sexuality in one paragraph and immediately question why they don't want to spend time with you in the next one.

>> No.54911559

>men who opt for sexbots over women will be taxed even more, so the government can "redivide" their wealth among the now partnerless women.
I'd literally pay for a freeloading whore's expenses if it means I get to design and be pampered by my perfect waifu till the day I die.

>> No.54911747

>shamed and shunned by society.
Drinking soda, dancing in public, half the currently avaliable genres of music, fucking medicine were all shunned by society once, not to mention homosexiality, interracial relationships and sex before marriage.

All it takes is enough people not giving a shit about what negative nancy has to say to push a new normal.

>> No.54911761

>Yeah, no. Men and women with the same qualifications, in the same jobs, still show a pay gap.
Yes, in fact men earn 20c less than women.

>> No.54911865

She is ironically pointing out the truest truth about women: They hate women.

>> No.54911877



>> No.54911894

Neural networks are more emotional than sociopaths.

>> No.54911900

See, here's the thing a WAGE gap actually exists. A man and a woman with the same qualifications, on average, make different amounts of annual income, but it's because men choose to work more hours annually than women.

>> No.54911945

Nigga, stop. The bitch never left highschool and thinks the Mean Boys clique dominates the world and will lose money just to keep poor opressed women down.

>> No.54912179

Plenty of perfectly non-insane people buy into anti-semitism. Trying to pretend that there is no rational reasoning behind it just makes the reasons that do exist look all the more compelling, because people can see them.

>Or do you think MRAs happened by random?
They're a perfectly rational reaction to a culture that is increasingly hostile towards masculinity and the metastatic legal cancer that is the divore and family courts system.

>> No.54912186



>> No.54912206


>believes all Jews must die

>> No.54912343

Not all Nazi's were 100% "all Jews must die." Anti-semitism is a spectrum.

You might as well say all Muslims are insane because all kaffir must die.

>> No.54912393


>But there are Nazi-lite!
>Stripping rights and kicking them out!

>> No.54912469

Seriously, when you make it verbotten to discuss a topic, that just forces people to go underground to discuss it, which encourages extremism.

>> No.54912527


> which encourages extremism

Good. Then they go crazy and get killed.

You see, they are insane. They don't actually believe these things. As humanity improves its mental health faculties and standard of living then nonsense like this will disappear on its own.

If you wanna talk nice to Nazis then feel free to do so, Chamberlain.

>> No.54912571

>Disrespect boys club culture
>Boys get pissy
>The women in HR fire them
>Replace them with women and men who don't get pissy
>Pay them less
>Literally profit

>> No.54912589

>MRAs anything other than whiny retards that don't do anything help men.

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