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Worm 2 is coming soon...so what do you think is her plan?

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Getting caught.

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Her plans? Beyond our comprehension. Her goals? Her own freedom before anything else.

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How soon is soon?

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Plot Device (Ex)

Makes things happen.

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The lack of Thursday updates for Twig has probably improved the quality, true.

But the wait for the weekend/Monday/Tuesday part of the week is agonizing. God Damn.

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S++ rank in shitposting.

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What are you trying to say, anon?

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She shitposts so hard the IRL mods have have to permaban the people who happen to read her shitposts, to stop it from spreading.

That's a high level.

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>Worm 2 is coming soon
What? Isn't the story over?

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It's a repeated element of Woolboat's writing that his other work is referenced as part of the setting. Earlier on, we saw a couple of references to a series of 'Maggie Holt' novels from dime stores that Jamie was reading. There hasn't been anything along these lines until recently, when we got this:

> I still don’t know what happened between ‘The Golden Child and the Queen’ and the ‘The Destroyer’ one.

‘The Golden Child and the Queen’ = Golden morning, Twig 1.
‘The Destroyer’ = later in the SAME SERIES, but with a gap between it and Twig 1. Timeskip confirmed? Also, the third Entity has been fan-christened 'Abaddon'.


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Surefire way to make the Worm fandom even more cancerous. Add WH40k to it.


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The Simurgh orchestrated the death of the Scion.

>Khepri only happened because Simurgh followed Lisa instead of Taylor.

>Taylor was desperate for more power after her visit to the fallen Cauldron base. Taylor only saw the fallen Cauldron base because the Irregulars took it down.

>The Irregulars only existed because Echidna told the truth about case 53s.

>Echidna only exists because the Simurgh made her drink a vial.

Simurgh is literally a lord of change only more durable and able to build super weapons.

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Thinker 10

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Would smash/10

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Thia isn't traditional games, fuck off back to /co/ with this awful shit.

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>statting the Endbringers
One major point about the Endbringers is that they were massively holding back the whole time and they only ever use as much strength as necessary to accomplish their goals. It's basically impossible to meaningfully stat them, because their stats are essentially as high as they want and the only things that can really hurt them are things which outright ignore stats entirely.

They would be better without the whole "denser than a galaxy" thing. Why waste that much mass on one planet? You'd think it would be easier to just build a whole new body from scratch every time one of them was taken out.

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>necromancing this shit thread


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>denser than a galaxy thing
Wot? I mean I knew their 'skeletons' or whatever were super tense and bent the laws of physics but I don't remember that bollocks.

The answer to anything about the endbringers is always just YOU NEEDED WORTHY OPPONENTS anyway.

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It's not a comic either. If you're going to be a cunt, at least be accurate about it.

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Clearly this is all just a seguey into The Friendbringers and everything will be sunshine and rainbows in Worm 2

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The Endbringers lack direction now, their "purpose" as Eidolon's worthy opponents is finished and Scion and Eden are dead. Their search for a new purpose might well be one of the main underlying plot points, but as far as we know they (hopefully) won't have reason to be pitting themselves against humanity without holding back.
Except Simurgh, she's pissed at Lung for killing her dadvisory.

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Didn't several endbringers die?

I'm fairly certain leviathan got got.

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Levi and benny died. The others are still around.

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>being triggered by not even 6% of threads currently on the board
>literally 8 out of 150
>not just filtering

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Don't you mean dadversary?

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Worm is almost as shit as its fans are.
But nothing is a genuinely shit as the shitfucks who would like Worm.

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Clearly she plans to open a detective agency alongside tattletale.
Gotta pay the rent somehow.

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So is twig over?
Haven't followed since arc 18. Is it worth it?

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Eh, it scratches an itch, and the world building and premise is genuinely good.

However, wildbow is a bit of a hack when it comes to actually telling a story.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed worm, but I'll admit that it was flawed. He's planning on rewriting it for a commercial release, so hopefully he will get an editor.

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Don't reply to him. There's always at least one autistic newfag who shows up in Worm threads these days and goes on about how shit it is and how it's off-topic and how anyone who likes it is a bad person, like Worm and other "off-topic" things haven't been discussed on /tg/ since forever, way before he ever started shitposting here.

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>the world building and premise is genuinely good.

This is why people can't take worm fags seriously.

That, and little bitches like this pussy.

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But, it is offtopic, and just because you spammed it before doesn't change that, it just makes you a fag trying to use past spam as an excuse for more spam.

You're one fucked up piece of shit to even try to use that as an argument for why you should be allowed to spam this offtopic shit.

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I have to be honest mate, it just sounds like someone's Super Hero setting, which is /tg/ material.

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The thing is that there's already plenty of better super hero settings. It's actually hard to find one that's worse.

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Being triggered means something else in wormverse.

Are you talkng worse in quality or in chance of setting survival, because I have to disagree with you on one of those and the other ones completely true

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Worse in quality. The only way I could even understand someone trying to disagree would be for Worm to be their first exposure of super hero settings outside of Marvel and DC.

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I mean, Marvel and DC are the two biggest superhero settings, unarguably being "THE" standard for superhero genres as a whole due to them being the most marketable.

They are both also literary steaming piles of garbage with writing teams that couldn't stay consistent if there lives depended on it.

On top of that, DCverse is nonsensical with just how much historic divergence there is. With magic in the middle ages, vampires, hell being real, people having powers as early as 15000BCE or older... It just makes no sense for DCverse to resemble anything like our society.

At least worm makes a candid effort to keep consistent and is a deconstruction on heroes and the general effect on society that they have.

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As soon as I saw this thread I knew Wormfag was going to come sperg out about how bad the series was. 10/10 autism, was not disappointed.

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Worm has a single author.
A shitty one.

For your entire rant to be "at least Worm only has one author", that kind of shows how shit it is.


Trying to use big words you don't understand doesn't really work here. Watchmen was a deconstruction. Worm is just the worst kind of edgy shit you can find in the dregs of Marvel, and is nothing novel or inventive.

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>wah, why can't my offtopic spam thread be a hugbox
>stop calling shit shit wahhh

Go back to the worm reddit and fuck off forever.

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Hi Wormfag. I see you're as triggered as ever people like a setting you don't.

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Wait, Wildbow is serious?

Is this a meme or reality? Why? Worm 2, wut.

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>only one person thinks worm is shit

99% of /co/ agrees that worm is shit. Hell, 99.999% of all people agree that it's shit.

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>that one thread on reddit where Wildbow came in and said Saitama would one punch the Endbringers
>the autists still tried to make a case for Saitama losing

What is with this series' fanbase?

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It's literally one of the worst fanbases, judging how they feel entitled to the point of spamming it on a traditional games board.

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Don't reply. It's pointless.

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I was planning on making a Duper Hero setting for a project. Are there any other ones you'd recommend I read for ideas?

>> No.54887929

Not who you are replying to, but why not? There's material in there for one.
Or a kickass TV miniseries. And now that the superhero craze is running it's the best time for that.

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What is it with wormfans and acting like little kids?
What are you even doing on this board?
I mean, fuck, you're not even pretending to want to discuss traditional games, you're literally just spamming advertisement for your pathetic fandom.

Get out. Quit acting like a brat and shitting up this board if you don't want people complaining about you shitting up this board.

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It's not traditional games by any stretch of the imagination, and web serials go to /co/ just like web comics do, you moron.

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The amount of hypocrisy in this post is mind-boggling.

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4chan considers everything to be shit anyway so.....

Currently in the middle of arc 6.

Worm is pretty gud so far.

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What a retarded Wormfag you must be. You probably think cops speeding while chasing criminals is hypocrisy.

>> No.54888237

Everything up to Arc 10 is the best part of the story. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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>it's not traditional games
What is Weaver Dice?

>> No.54888265

Holy shit, is that how you see yourself? A big bad lawbringer chasing off rule-breaking scum? Oh my god. I have to go lay down.

>> No.54888308

They're able to notice logical contradictions. It's a surprisingly common condition.

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>Mod erases all the posts by the guy bitching about how Worm isn't /tg/
>Leaves the thread otherwise untouched
Well, I guess that settles that debate.

So, anons, what are your thoughts about Weaver Dice?

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>mods deleting even the posts that just called Worm shit

But Worm IS shit.

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Their skin is as durable as aluminum alloy, and the durability doubles with every half a percent of their body deeper you go. So at their core, they're 10^60 times as deep, which means any force that could damage them could blow up most of a galaxy.

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>So, anons, what are your thoughts about Weaver Dice?
I like its tinker system, which I referenced when trying to make up a tinker character for fun. It really helped me understand how tinkers work in Worm, being based more around abstract categories, things like approaches and applications instead of just fields of science, although there are tinkers like that as well.

I wouldn't mind playing a game of it.

>> No.54889313

From the looks of it it doesn't seem very forgiving, nor would I expect Wildbow to be a forgiving DM. I'd definitely dig it, were I in the mood for a challenge.

>> No.54889408

Isn't this just a thinly veiled /co/ thread? You can't just write stat me on OP and then discuss whatever unrelated matter you please.

>> No.54889437

Weaver dice exists anon. And the last person to try and bitch about worm in the thread got deleted by mods, so..

>> No.54889438

It's not /co/, people are trying to discuss Weaver Dice now, go away.

>> No.54889476 [DELETED] 

But, if you're not going to actually discuss the game, I really get a sense that the mod was in the wrong here, and you are trying to use their mistaken judgement in order to feel entitled to bend/break the rules.

This thread really is offtopic.

>> No.54889488 [DELETED] 

Paying lipservice is kind of obvious, man.
Especially when the OP is what it is.

>> No.54889494

People are literally trying to discuss Weaver Dice. Go away.

>> No.54889512

Where are the rules for it at?

>> No.54889586


These are the new, unfinished rules. It has a Reddit page with all the supplementary stuff.

>> No.54889697

Worthy opponents

>> No.54889703


The rules themselves are in a series of Google docs that are linked on there.

Honestly, it doesn't look that much worse than World of Darkness, Exalted 2e, or Shadowrun as far as lethality goes. You don't have quite as many health boxes in Weaver Dice, but you can also lose more than one box of damage in a typical attack in those systems, too. Also, in Weaver Dice, armor effectively gives you extra HP, which also helps.

If anything, it might be *less* lethal than Exalted 2e was, and I've certainly seen Shadowrun characters get mulched by a full-auto machine gun burst, too.

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How complete is weaver dice? why not just use something like GURPS?

Hey that's actually cool, I hadn't realised that. I guess it was kind of referenced with that tinker kid, whatever the fuck his name was, who figured out his concept was 'modularity'

>> No.54889753

How would you -or how have you- set a game of Weaver Dice? Do you make up a new city with its own scene or use Brockton Bay and its characters? Do you deal with Endbringer attacks and the other S-class threats and the fallout, or stick to street level cape stuff and explore the setting when it's more than smoking rubble?

Kid Win.

>> No.54889771 [DELETED] 

I was kind of wondering if you would just sort of start with some really akward lip service, but I didn't think you'd get this awkard.

This reads like a guy who hasn't really played the games he mentioned. It also sort of reads like you feel like your back is against the wall. It's really unnatural.

Calm down, geez. It's really almost gross to see you sort of flail like this. Just type like a human and don't get so self-concious just because this thread is off-topic.

>> No.54889795

>you don't get to choose your trigger or what kind of powers you get
Oh boy. This might be a neat and appropriate idea on paper, but in practice I think it would be horrible. I mean if somebody wants to play a flying guy let them. I definitely wouldn't trust a bunch of jerkoffs around a table to make up half of my character for me, even if those jerkoffs were my friends.

>> No.54889896

>Wormfag is literally so triggered the concept of people talking about the RPG gets him flustered.

>> No.54889980 [DELETED] 

Why do you try to call everyone wormfag? Aren't you a wormfag?

>> No.54890009

That's one of the things keeping me from going out and looking for a session. I'm not sure how I'd dig little hand in my character.

>> No.54890020 [DELETED] 

If you actually were familiar with RPGs, you realize how akward that post is.
The whole system is really sort of a half-baked amateur tie-in, which is why it's not surprising people wouldn't have much interest in discussing it. That might be why that post felt sort of forced. Well, really forced, to be honest.

Just relax. No boogey man is gonna delete your offtopic thread.

>> No.54890125

I get what you're saying. What mystifies me is when people want an RPG game based on [popular webserial/comic] they start from scratch rather than making an endorsed PDF supplement for an existing generic system, like GURPS, Savage Worlds, FATE, or something. That's the half the idea of those systems anyway and unlike the special snowflake system they'll actually be you know, good or at least passable mechanically. Assuming you like the base system.

>> No.54890126

I actually quite like the idea, but I would only want to play it with certain people, let alone with people I don't know online.

>> No.54890166

The best course of action would probably be to transplant the unique ideas and mechanics over to an official system. This system might be amateurish and unfinished, but just from an initial look it seems pretty extensive, and at the very least workable, since games have been run with it. There are also important concepts and such you would need to capture the feeling of a Worm game.

They're more likely to delete your attempts to derail the thread.

>> No.54890178

IIRC the main character of the story starts homebrewing an RPG system on the fly during one of her PR trips to a school when she's talking to a bunch of kids. I think it was right before the Behemoth fight.

I guess the thought just stuck in his head, because then Weaver Dice got referenced as an in-universe game in Pact.

>> No.54890212

>IIRC the main character of the story starts homebrewing an RPG system on the fly during one of her PR trips to a school when she's talking to a bunch of kids. I think it was right before the Behemoth fight.
Yeah, that's where it came from. It was a fun scene, but the point she was trying to make was that cape life sucks and that goes double for villains, but the way to avoid most of the suck was to join the heroes.

Since then the concept evolved into one for a full Worm RPG. One that will hopefully be finished and polished one day.

>> No.54890215 [DELETED] 

I don't think anyone is really acting under the idea that anyone seiously cares about the RPG tie in, which is why it's no surprise that the people making it are extreme amateurs with no clue what they are doing. If it were ten years ago, it would just be another lazy d20 adaptation.

>> No.54890241

The docs aren't bad from a design perspective, but personally I'd grab gurps and use those as a design guide for a set of GURPS templates that can then be used to quickly and easily make characters, in a reasonably balanced manner.

>> No.54890303

Your serious replies are wasted. Anon has just switched to attacking the game to derail the thread since he can't get any more traction from attacking Worm itself. I imagine Wildbow touched him somewhere when he was young.

>> No.54890385 [DELETED] 

No, they're awful from a design perspective. Like you said, it's a doc that leaves people wondering why they tried to make its own system.

What is your problem? You honestly think that weaver dice isn't just a really awkward tie in?

>> No.54890450

I honestly think that you don't care about Weaver Dice at all and are just trying to derail the thread because for some reason Worm on /tg/ triggers you on a fundamental level. It is my serious recommendation that everyone just ignore you, although I'm sure you'll persist, pretend to be someone else, reply to yourself, etc.

>> No.54890520

>You honestly think that weaver dice isn't just a really awkward tie in?
No, it's not. He's ultimately making the rules for the game because he's *playing* those games, and running an IRC channel where other people play games of the same system.

He could have made a hack of another system that did what he wanted, or he could have just spend a little bit writing up his own rules-light system that handles the sort of dynamic he wants to model.

The problem with GURPS is that it A: gives the players too much control over their characters' abilities, and B: is set up so that if you have the option between buying a blaster power and buying a regular gun of equal strength, the gun is the better option basically every time.

Also, it's a lot more lethal than Weaver Dice is, unless you've deliberately built your character to function into the negative HP.

>> No.54890560

What the fuck is Worm. No I seriously mean this, I tried to find any thread on /co/ and found nothing.

>> No.54890647 [DELETED] 

It's a really awkward game made by an amateur that's worse than simply adapting it yourself. It's basically someone publishing a not-great personal project, and honestly it's really obvious it was only mentioned to try and dismiss accusations of this thread being offtopic.

It is offtopic. There's no real argument there, because it's a web serial stat me, one of the laziest and most blatant examples of an offtopic thread made on /tg/. The only reason weaver dice was even mentioned was because people were complaining that this thread was offtopic, and it's really almost amusing to see people try to force discussion about it when the nicest honest thing you could say is "it's a game for no one, not even fans of worm."

Man, relax, and quit being a little bitch just because the obvious is being stated.

>> No.54890648


It's about a girl with Insect Control as her superpower.

>> No.54890681

So just how weird can powers get in Worm? Weird enough you'd have to wing it, should you try GURPS for Worm content?

>> No.54890685

>I tried to find any thread on /co/ and found nothing.
Because it isn't /co/ related. It's /tg/ related.

>> No.54890737 [DELETED] 

No, it's definitely /co/, since its not only a web serial, it's an american comic inspired web serial.

The reason there's no thread in /co/ right niw is because people know about it there and shit on it, so that's its handful of fans end up trying to take it to other boards. They got laughed out of /lit/, and are basically here because they are abusing /tg/'s hospitality.

>> No.54890742

It's a superhero story set in the US, made by a Canadian who doesn't know anything about the US.

Consequently, every organization or government body is more corrupt and incompetent than anarchists believe they are.

>> No.54890763

They can get pretty weird. Maybe not on the surface, but rarely is a power ever what it seems on the surface and figuring out how a power works can give you a huge advantage.

>> No.54890806

>It's a really awkward game made by an amateur
How, pray tell, is it "really awkward"? The basic task resolution is "1d6+stat bonus (ranging from -2 to +2), roll over Target Number". Combat is "make an opposed roll for your attack vs your opponent's defence roll, and if you succeed, they take a point of damage and maybe a debuff based on the damage type".

That's not really that awkward, anon. I called it a rules-light system for a reason.

>"it's a game for no one, not even fans of worm."
Except that that's not true, because there's literally an IRC channel dedicated to playing it.

>> No.54890817

You can't just play fast and loose with the purview of one board and then be retardedly anal about another. For something to be /co/ related, as laid out by the mods, it has to be a:
>adaptation of either a comic or a cartoon

Meanwhile, it has a traditional game based off of it, which is played and was being discussed, and the setting is also discussed at length, both in a story sense and in a sense of a potential game setting, which is very /tg/.

>> No.54890841

Their only argument is "I don't like it, so it's off-topic" dressed up in various layers of bullshit. Where's this IRC?

>> No.54890847

What he means is "Wah, I don't like it, it should be banned from /tg/"

Because some retards can't comprehend the idea that /tg/ isn't just their favorite things and nothing else.

>> No.54890868

>Where's this IRC?
irc.parahumans.net #weaverdice

>> No.54890904 [DELETED] 

It's media of western origin, you tard. Right there in the rules. That includes webcomics and webserials.

And no, having a game no one plays doesn't make this any less offtopic, any more than people discussing a new season of My Little Pony would belong here because there's a fan made RPG. You'd actually get banned for discussing MLP here because that topic has a containment board, and the general principle applies.

>> No.54890933

>a game no one plays
It has a dedicated IRC channel, that had people regularly discussing things on it last time I was there.

That's more than /tg/ original games like Dungeons: the Dragoning or Engine Heart had.

>> No.54890961 [DELETED] 

Then discuss the game, and make that clear in the OP if you don't want people correctly identifying this as offtopic and commenting about how it's offtopic.

Just don't try to pretend it's not blatantly offtopic.

>> No.54891002

A discussion of the game was starting up before you and possibly other autists decided to keep flinging shit everywhere. Just fucking go away, anon. Filter the thread and go to one of the other 149. Go to the RWBY one and yell at them. They fit your bill for being off-topic. They don't even have a game to discuss.

Side note, Weaver Dice isn't fan made.

>> No.54891074

Perhaps dropping the discussion on how on topic or not Worm is would be for the best.

That said I am actually interested in seeing some 5e Endbringer stats. What fun is a campaign if you can't borrow from your favorite properties?

Anyone have those Leviathan stats?

>> No.54891122 [DELETED] 

A discussion of the game was only starting up because people were correctly identifying this thread as offtopic. Let's not pretend otherwise.

And, the RWBY people have an OP clearly stating their intent, they're genuinely discussing traditional games, and they don't make threads here repeatedly just to discuss the series. Notice these key, distinctive and important differences?

Now, you can lie a bit, and act like everyone needs to be stupid and not understand how blatantly offtopic "stat me" threads are, but the reason Worm gets shit is not just because it has a reputation for being low quality and edgy for the sake of being edgy, but because people have made offtopic threads for it in the past and assume that's enough reason for them to continue to do so without even trying to even pretend to discuss traditional games.

So, discuss the game if you don't want people correctly calling this offtopic. That's not so hard, so there's really no reason to be upset.

>> No.54891222

you are literally the cause of this off-topic discussion
if you're going to be an obnoxious cunt about this at least have the decency to acknowledge your own bait

>> No.54891246


Mate. Please listen one sec.

Worm is /tg/, because Worm's demographics is /tg/. It's a kind of logical bind, but it is true, as far as everyone know.

/tg/ likes shit like D&D and Exalted and WoD. People who like shit like D&D and Exalted and WoD are incredibly into Worm (something like 90% of causal link). Thus Worm is /tg/.

Don't try to shit on Worm. It's like your favorite traditional game, except your favorite traditional game is probably shit. Don't believe me? Please tell your favorite traditional game. I can assure you with 85% certainty that it is shit.

>> No.54891265

>/tg/ likes shit like D&D and Exalted and WoD. People who like shit like D&D and Exalted and WoD are incredibly into Worm (something like 90% of causal link). Thus Worm is /tg/.

That doesn't make it /tg/. If we were discussing Sentinels of the Multiverse, sure. That has a card game and soon an RPG. That's /tg/ superhero stuff. Not Worm.

>> No.54891270

You should have been proud of yourself. You caused the thread to go on-topic! But then, for some reason, you shifted gears to just shit on Weaver Dice so you could derail the on-topic discussion. Why would you do that, if your interest is in having things be on-topic?

>> No.54891285

>That has a card game and soon an RPG. That's /tg/ superhero stuff. Not Worm.
Worm has a now RPG. So /tg/ superhero stuff.

>> No.54891287

Worm has an official RPG mate.

An official RPG mate. Official role playing game. Mate. Traditional game.

Mate. You still haven't answered your favorite traditional game by the way. I can assure you it's probably shit. Something like 80% certainty. It's shit. Why won't you answer the question?

>> No.54891378 [DELETED] 

No, that's really shoddy logic, and it's actually just more cements it as a /co/ thing.

You might as well argue that anything is /tg/ thanks to your evidence-less assumptions, but I'm going to stop you before you start again by just reminding you that it's really, really obvious that you're just lazy and don't like posting in /co/. /tg/ is a nice board, but you are really abusing it's hospitality if you post here without the intention of discussing traditional games, and the Worm serial is not a traditional game.

By all means. Discuss the game if you don't like people correctly calling you out for this being offtopic. But, for fuck's sake, don't try to act that anything you like magically becomes /tg/ because you like it. That's not how this shit works.

Games you think are shit? They belong here. Things that are not traditional games, like a web serial? Sorry, but that specifically goes in /co/. A one-of thread probably wouldn't be an issue here, but you seem genuinely committed to offtopic posting your favorite things here, and that's really just not cool.

>> No.54891655

I'd say the best way to stat an Endbringer is to design it as a standard CR-appropriate Legendary Monster, but give it a rule where when its HP hits zero it immediately takes the disengage action as a reaction, then moves to escape as fast as possible. It ignores any further damage. Actually destroying it should follow Artifact Destruction rules.

If they encounter it again, advance it in CR to be level-appropriate again. It's sandbagging a little less now.

>> No.54893175

The antagonist of Worm is a man whose wife died because she was distracted while driving. He meanders through life for years, trying to do right, before a psychopathic villain with knife powers completely breaks him mentally. Enraged, he proceeds to use his own superpowers to try to eradicate humanity.

>> No.54893193

Yeah, the story's really just this big high school drama. The main character's a girl, and she gets bullied in high school, and she runs away from home. When she finally goes back to school, she gets outed -- and this is a really big deal because she hadn't told her father and then everyone knew. There's this really powerful scene where like half the student body backs her, but still she ends up leaving all her friends behind because of it.

>> No.54893210

The youngest trigger ever was one year old.

Relatedly, the first hero the protagonist meets in the story gets in a serious relationship with a 6-8 year old. Because of his powers with technology he screws around with her brain to "free" her and let her be with him properly

>> No.54893229

Is Worm violent? Well, put it this way: probably the single most feared human villain while he was alive in the entire world doesn't ever kill people. He's stopped by a fairly young girl who believes in fairies. Really, how bad could it be?

>> No.54893237

You guys are mean. Clever, but mean.

>> No.54893315

A bullied high school student tries to recover from the experience, but eventually gets shot in the head by someone who was trying to help her.

>> No.54894933

D-Danny Hebert is final boss!?

>> No.54894978

as much as i dig some of the ideas and pretty much all of the creativity involved in the powers, lets be realistic theres no plan she's just a one of many named plot devices smashing a shitty story into a barely coherent whole held together only because multiple people whose powers are plot says so. also taylor was a boring crappy character whose real power was making all her enemies develop new and nonsensical weaknesses so she could pull "clever" wins since she was never allowed to actually lose

>> No.54895010

Smasher 10

>> No.54895056

>Someone apparently starting posting about how Worm is not /tg/
I gave up a long time ago friend, so should you.
If you really want to make a difference start making shitty homebrews and start making threads about everything non-/tg/ using "b-but it has an RPG system" as an excuse to expose the hypocrisy of the mods.

>> No.54895114

If I ever have the guts to start my own game with my group, I would just ask what my group wants. If they want street-level, we keep it that way with news of Endbringers across the world and not at our area. If they want more than that, give it to them with an Endbringers leaving a wake of destruction for them to clean up.

>> No.54895234

A friend of mine wants to play as a Tinker based off of Orks who can combine random materials to work (I don't know much of 40k)

How can this be done constructively and how broken will this be?

>> No.54895327

Why didn't you post this in /co/?

>> No.54895349

To be fair, he was going to destroy humanity with his waifu anyway.

Basically, he's asking to make Squealer, but not limited to cars.

>> No.54895571

trainwreck sort of did this, gtenerally these sort of rough and ready tinkers are more limited but able to make things out of rusted car parts and not hyper advanced meta materials like proffesor haywire had to

>> No.54895677


>Leviathan stats.

No but I have the behemoth ones and might be able to find Simurgh ones.

>30d20 +660 (990hp)

>Initiative: +9 (+5 Dex +4 Improved Initiative)

>Speed: 60 ft (12 squares)

>Burrow Speed: 100 ft (20 squares)

>Armor Class: 41 (10 +5 Dex +30 Natural -4 Size)

>Melee Attack: 51 (30 +25 Str -4 Size)

>Ranged Attack: 31 (30 +5 Dex -4 Size)

>Slam: 8d6+25+2d6 Fire | 18-20/×3

>Bite: 4d6+25+6d6 Fire | 18-20/×3

>Space / Reach: 20 ft /20 ft

>Special Attacks: Heat Generation, Lightning Generation, Roar, Shockwaves

>Special Qualities: Endbringer Traits, Energy Redirection, Scaling Damage Reduction, Regeneration 40, Tremorsense 200 ft, Radiation Field, Kill Aura, Multiplanar Core, Death Blow

>Fort Save: Fort 38 (18 base +18 Con +2 Great Fortitude)
>Ref Save Ref 23 (18 base +5 Dex)

HWill Save Will 22 (18 base +0 Wis +4 Epic Will)

>Abilities: Str 25, Dex 5, Con 18, Int 12, Wis -, Cha 0

>Skills: Climb +45, Intimidate +20, Jump +75, Listen +20, Spot +20
>Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Epic Toughness, Epic Will, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Improved Toughness, Dire Charge, Legendary Leaper, Legendary Climber

>Challenge Rating: 20+


>> No.54895767

>+75 Jump

But when did he jump?

>> No.54896027

It looks like Leviathan's Abilities.

Leviathan was the leaping all over the place like a ninja.

>> No.54896068

I'm pretty sure that's not how Tinker powers work. Orks make weird half-finished machines that look like they run on science but are actually powered by ork magic, while Tinkertech is apparently based on actual scientific principles that Tinkers can use instinctively. I mean, that's kind of how orks work, but it's not like they're just channeling their powers through fake tech or anything like that; it works fine for other people, it's just hard to maintain and repair.

>> No.54896261

These were for Mutants and Masterminds. Didn't make them, just picked them up from another thread.

>> No.54896578

Being able to build high tech crap out of junk isn't an uncommon tinker concept in the setting. Trainwreck, Squealer, and Chariot all did it.

>> No.54896666

Taylor's story probably is but a lot of stuff got set up at the end.

>> No.54899386

That's the Crude methodology. I'll grab the doc describing it in a moment; this thread's on Page 10 so I don't want it to archive itself first.

>> No.54899429

Here's an example of how you'd go about making that sort of Tinker, as an example of how you go about making Tinkers in general:


And an example of a finished sheet:

>> No.54899463

If I ever get the chance to play a game as a tinker, I would probably take the Lady card, because I'm a vain bastard,

>> No.54899556

You don't get to pick, unless the GM is really kind. You roll. Weaver Dice isn't just called that because you roll to see whether you succeed on your actions. It pretty heavily hearkens back to the old days of DnD's early editions in its focus on having randomized CharGen.

Though at least it's not as bad as early games of Traveller, where you can die during chargen if you roll poorly. Though, if you're playing a Cauldron cape, a poor roll on deviation can make your character wish they *had* died...

>> No.54899602

So who is that Pokémon in OP's post?

>> No.54900061

That's the Simurg. She's a giant alien crystal monster that looks like an angel, and has precognitive and telekinetic powers that she uses to look into the future of people around her, and then telekinetically manipulates their brains to turn them into "living bombs" that hurt people. She can also build tinkertech devices using the specialities of any Tinkers in her range.

This can be as straight forward as turning a hero into a psychopath, or as convoluted as building a Tinkertech interdimensional portal device to pull a bunch of gamers that then go on to be supervillains, one of whom turns into a giant monster and results in the revelation of an illegal conspiracy by the world's biggest heroes, and another of whom kills one of the world's best Thinkers at exactly the worst time possible during a fight against one of her siblings.

>> No.54900457

It's theoretical but if he could convert all the energy in his Kill Aura into kinetic Energy directed at point X then he could fling himself in that direction.

>> No.54900641

Wasn't his Kill Aura nuclear radiation?

He did demonstrate telekinetic blasts, though, so it's theoretically feasible for him to use his power like that.

>> No.54900673

He could probably also fly like Godzilla.

>> No.54901191

So, anons, anyone want to post Trigger events, for the other people in the thread to create powers for?

Here's one for a fanfic character idea I've been kicking around:
>she was born the child of a Japanese immigrant and a white American man from the deep South
>he was a bit of a survivalist nut, and starting making a living making Endbringer/parahuman attack survival bunkers for people
>he regularly took her to the gun range; she enjoyed shooting, and got fairly good at it
>her mom was stereotypical Asian "tiger mom" who pushed her to be good at everything
>last year, her dad's business got bought out by another company with a big contract for building Endbringer shelters
>get moved to Brockton Bay, where her dad's new boss works
>get sent to Winslow High School
>get surrounded by boys from the white supremacist gang, and when one of them jokes about making her suck his dick, she complies out of fear
>the next day, gets surrounded by the Asian gang who call her a race traitor, and she does the same thing
>face immense pressure at home to continue excelling at a half-dozen different hobbies, and to get a part-time job, and to do well at school
>sexual harassment escalates, and her reputation suffers heavily when she continues complying
>feels like she can't tell anyone because doing so would bring shame to her family
>has basically no free time outside of school due to parental expectations
>has no friends in school, just a bunch of guys sexually abusing her
>pressure continues to build, until one day she decides to end it
>writes a suicide note explaining what had been going on
>unlocks her father's gun safe while he was at work, pulls out one of the guns they had so many fond memories together during her childhood, then loads it and places it under her chin
>triggers right as she's about to pull the trigger

>> No.54901225

Say what?

Who when where how why?

>> No.54901472

His kill aura wasn't really an aura, it was a range within which he was able to directly influence energy without you being able to do anything. You didn't die if you entered that range, you died because now he can start a fire in your heart or directly electrocute your brain just by thinking about it.

>> No.54902099

Do triggers usually arrive when pushed from an outside source? It doesn't make sense that she would trigger from her own volition to kill herself unless someone was also there to push her to do so.

>> No.54902188


Holy shit, I didn't really appreciate how retarded Worm was.

>> No.54902203

Triggers happen when someone is at their most desperate moment and they have nothing else to fall back on. This can be internal or external.

For instance, Browbeat canonically triggered after he jumped into a freezing lake and began to drown just to see what it felt like. This is why he triggered as a Brute with both biokinesis and force fields: the deep tissue damage from the lack of oxygen caused the biokinesis, and the icy cold lancing in from the outside caused the force fields.

>> No.54902219

I like to think that there's been a few accidental suicides because idiots out there tried to follow suit and tried to trigger themselves.

>> No.54902246

One of the few things that they know in-setting is that if you're *trying* to cause a Trigger to happen, they probably won't.

Jumping into a freezing lake and drowning yourself to see what drowning is like might cause you to gain powers. Jumping into a freezing lake and drowning yourself in an attempt at getting powers will probably just get you dead.

>> No.54902312

That's actually really nonsensical. The "don't try to trigger yourself" is great for liability reasons, but "You can still gain powers if you do it just to see how dying is like" is kind of a bad joke.
But, I'm guessing trying to murder your friends to trigger them still works out and the "Worm Murders" will make headlines eventually.

>> No.54902396

It's a psychological thing. If you are doing it because you want to gain powers even if you are saying you still have the hope that you'll be saved by the sudden appearance of powers. An extremely important part of triggering is that you must feel truly alone, with absolutely no hope of outside help.

We see this in the case of Golem, a third generation cape. Second generation capes have extremely easier trigger, with Glory Girl triggering because of losing a basketball game. Third generation capes are even more easier, but still as long as Golem had people around him helping he was incapable of triggering. The second they realize that and abandon him he instantly trigger.

>> No.54902406

Meant for >>54902312

>> No.54902423

>That's actually really nonsensical. The "don't try to trigger yourself" is great for liability reasons, but "You can still gain powers if you do it just to see how dying is like" is kind of a bad joke.

The powers come from extradimensional alien space monsters that attack themselves to your brain. They can literally read your mind, and they are more than happy to sit there and wait until an event happens that meets their criteria for a suitable trigger event.

Also this >>54902396

>> No.54902424

So, anyone who knows the existence of powers and that triggers happen couldn't trigger, because they'd have subconcious hope they would trigger?

>> No.54902492

No, you can't just be thinking about them in the moment. It might be something you know happens to people, but you aren't thinking about it happening to you. Like "that wouldn't happen to me, it's something that happens to other people" sort of thing.

Ironically, it's entirely possible that someone with no other options who's spent a long time trying to get powers and failing might get powers after giving up in despair and going "I'll never get powers! I'll never be a hero! I'll always just be some worthless nobody!"

That particular one would probably be some sort of Stealth-oriented Tinker, or maybe some sort of Stranger.

>> No.54902521

>No, you can't just be thinking about them in the moment.

When you're about to die, it'd be pretty hard not to consider that.
It's really starting to just sound like PLOT, like bad GM fiat.

>> No.54902707


Saitama's ability is basically purely narrative - It doesn't jive well with attempts to compare what fictional characters can do by following their demonstrated abilities.

A good comparison is Popeye. Popeye doesn't really have a defined strength level beyond "has he just eaten spinach y/n".

>> No.54902717

>When you're about to die, it'd be pretty hard not to consider that.
When you're about to die, you're probably going "OH SHIT I'M ABOUT TO DIE" not going "Oh, man, I hope I get powers from this!"

>> No.54902775

By that rationale, wouldn't forcing yourself into those kind of situations work?

>> No.54902866

So anyone hear read pact?

>> No.54903007

I'm afraid to after hearing its the worse written out of the three, but I want to due to the magic system I keep hearing about.

>> No.54903216

The shard's reading your mind. It's watching literally everything you do. It can tell whether or not you're being genuine or not.

>> No.54903467

Does nobody have any ideas on powers that this Trigger might have? I'm thinking Tinker, because of the extended stress it involves, but I'm interested in hearing you guys' thoughts about what sort of speciality and approach they might have.

>> No.54904208

Master power is another possibility, due to the social aspects. Long term though, so also potentially tinker.

Not sure on speciality, but there could be a subtle mastering effect on whatever she creates?
Given the pressure to succeed and the tanking of reputation, perhaps something akin to glory girls aura, causes awe in those who use her stuff?

>> No.54904225

The magic system is seriously underutilized. It gets set up as a big deal in the early parts of the story, only to not matter that much to the protagonists later.

>> No.54904260

To expand, perhaps that which she creates works better for others. So she can create items for others that bring her reputation and the benefits of the mastering power, but she's not actually "useful" for anything other than the power, feeding back into the ironic aspect of powers.

>> No.54904339

Dexter tinker, two specialties that can overlap. Isolation results in a Drone specialty, like a technological master. Harassment from violent gangs culminating in attempted suicide by gun, specialty in ranged weapons. Since these specialties are broad she needs to do research to have a basis for specialized technology. I recall something about a Scanner type, where they scan powers to use in research. She can do that through the drones.

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