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Bonus question, what are some other good roleplaying podcasts?

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The way he's holding those books looks like a bad photoshop

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Episode 1 is charming. I'm glad I started there. You get to meet Klarota and Lady Kima in this arc, and it's a neat trek through the Underdark.

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The Adventure Zone is my favorite role playing podcast.

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Frozen Frontier

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Go ahead and start with EP1 and go from there. Put it on in the background while you do something else.

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TAZ is great fun. It's heavily narrative based with 'lunar interludes' inbetween each mission of sorts. I've listened to about 40+ hours of it within a few weeks.

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If you really want to waste hours of your life watching it, you can start from the first episode and stop at the end of the Whitestone arc. After it there are some good episodes but most of the dragons arc is boring and the end fight is anticlimactic as fuck, and by the looks of it the final arc is shaping up to be rather mediocre.

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They aren't really sticking the landing for the end, though. They're pandering too hard to their Tumblr audience and it's hurting the podcast.

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>They're pandering too hard to their Tumblr audience and it's hurting the podcast.
Not necessarily arguing because I do feel like there's been a drop in quality, but how have they pandered to tumblr?

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>this show has episodes 1-9001

do you americans not know how to count, or what?

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Well, they had to officially change all of the characters skin colors because Tumblr didn't like that they were white, and now Taako just suddenly has always been in some gay romance that never came up really in the show because it was shipped hard by Tumblr.

They also instantly forgave the main villain without any real conflict AT ALL because Tumblr liked her, thought she was justified, and that they should forgive her.

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He's not one of ours, I thought he was Australian.

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Oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about Critical Role. My mistake.

Sounds like something that I should avoid, then.

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I've been enjoying Swan Song with Rollplay, especially with the GM Turns. It's very Firefly.

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Why would you start with anything other than ep.1

>tfw started HS at Act 5 bc "the trolls looked cool"

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Taako was always considered to be gay, it just didn't come up much in game.

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Is this why all the artwork is blurred out in esp0/1?

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TAZ has always been fun and maintained that you can imagine how the characters look in any way. In game they are fairly vague about the descriptions regarding skin color and physical dimensions. The upcoming comic will be officially licensed soon, so expect whiners to whine.
Tumblr is going to Tumblr, regardless.

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Why the fuck wouldn't you start at episode one you stupid cunt

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If you like CritRole i can recommend High Rollers (and the spin-off HR: Uncharted Territory).

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and now he is also a tranny. go figure

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listen to "the movie reroll" instead
no bullshit politics, no drama, no tumblr

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Not a gameplay podcast, but System Mastery is two lads reviewing a bunch of weird and/or obscure RPGs. They've done a LOT, including Synnibarr (which was a two-parter), Noumenon, Nobilis 2e, Witch Girls Adventures, etc. They're pretty consistently hilarious. I'm also listening to the L5R podcast Shadow of the Cabal, but I haven't listened to enough of it to recommend either way.

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Campaign Podcast hands down. Role playing heavy Edge of the Empire campaign. It's incredibly funny and it flows really well.

I started listening to TAZ because I'd heard so much hype about it and while it's ok I'm so confused as to where all the praise is coming from, can somebody explain

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Probably because of Orion. It's worth skipping all the way to Episode 28 to not have to hear his bullshit.

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Are you still on the first arc? It starts out a little rough but it gets much better come Moonlighting, and it keeps improving with each arc.

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That's retarded, because you think of the "dragons arc" as a single arc. Separating it into peices and foregoing the actual dragon fights, which are typically just 1-2 episodes long, you're still left with nearly 30 peices of great content including Kevdak, Ripley and the whole Feywild arc. It's not as great as Briarwoods/Whitestone but it's nothing to scoff at.

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A shame because Tiberius started as promising.
I think the K'varn fight is where I started finding him annoying. Or bipolar maybe?

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Why would you want to at all? I hate to go all "normies get out reeeee" but I'm going to anyway.

Ever since this shit heap has come out at least half my games have some new player who's enamored as fuck with the professionally produced content and has a prewritten script. And expect the same shit.

At first I loved the idea, bunch of voice actors doing a dnd campaign, except then it started making money.

I guess it's growing the hobby, but it's growing it with fair weather fans and it pisses me off. My irl friends who never wanted to touch dnd before joined my game and then started asking for Matt Mercer shit.

Fuck Critical Role.


I've heard nice things about TAZ. They're pretty cool people.

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War In Scarlet by The Heroes of Awsome
Edited an episode average from 30min to 1 Hour
No attention whoring, no forced jokes, I totally recommend it.

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Bards & Nobles is an entertaining D&D podcast. Just simply a bunch of guys drinking beers and having fun playing D&D.

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I'm mostly with you save for two points.

I genuinely think that it isn't a prewritten script, it's just that the actors are overhamming their roles hard. I seriously doubt that if it was scripted we'd have so many different consecutive resurrection scenes in close succession.

I also believe that Mercer is too good for those people. I've never once thought that the problem with CR is Mercer in any capacity. I've seen people whining about his resurrection mechanics, but eh. I have a dumb way of doing critical fails in my game, every DM has stupid quirks.

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I haven't watched all that much roleplaying podcasts other than some Rollplay series but I can second the swan song for my part. It kept me watching until the very end and definitely some memorable moments throughout the series.

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>I've never once thought that the problem with CR is Mercer in any capacity.
Well, he's the one recruiting these people. Plus, isn't he the one who came up with that completely tumblr-riffic homebrew setting?

Regardless, these threads seriously need to cool it for a while. Having one every new episode is bad enough, but shilling for it constantly is getting really old, especially when the "fans" here are the first the admit how terrible a lot of the people involved are half the time.

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I recommend 'Thrilling Intent' on The Third Wheel youtube channel. It's mostly jokey with some ok story, nice art (and occasional animation) and even songs. It's a little slow starting but has some pretty amusing world building to make up for it. Also in ep13 or something one of the dmpcs (called Kier) gets introduced who adds a lot to the group cohesion and is quite funny. There's later dmpcs who are also good.

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I genuinely haven't read his setting. I thought it was just a generic D&D thing.

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Yeah, MM seems like a pretty decent dm. And I'd be pretty surprised if at least some of the plots aren't pre-written. Maybe not down to the actual actions in the sessions, but I'm pretty certain the overall thing has people's working to ensure it's high enough quality. It makes a lot of months, I can imagine, and they put in the resources to match. Half the reason why it's so damn popular is the great production value.

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Yeah, you're right. Forgot about those. The whole Westrun mini-arc is pretty good, but I got so bored with the last few episodes when they fought Thordak and Raishan that it kinda ruined the whole thing for me.

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I thought Lup was the tranny?

Either way, it's all fucking retarded.

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I always thought the "Muh representation" mentality was super two-faced.

For instance, if one of the characters was supposed to be black and the (white) player role played them with stereotypes like "can a brotha' get some fried chicken ova here?" Or "Yeeaaa booiiiii" it's be a total shitshow over offensive stereotypes.

But if they're playing a gay character and being a totally flaming fruitcake like Taako (carrying around a parousel, speaking in a rediculously flamboyant voice, dressing in drag occasionally, or being super thrilled over a fashion show), that same community loves it and eats it up.

What's the deal?

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It is. Nothing special, nothing really tumblr either.

I can't believe the book sold at all, the setting fluff is nothing new or thinly-veiled 4e/Pathfinder fluff and the homebrew subclasses are mediocre.

Oh well, fame sells books.

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Tumblr is mostly 14 year old girls that just try to agree with what the other 14 year olds agree with without critical thinking.

I'm really kind of bummed about the show, though. The last episode kind of sucked. It really seemed like they were pandering. Forgiving the villain with a hug immediately without any discussion, even though what she did was unforgivable, Taako and Kravitz suddenly being in a relationship that came from nowhere, Griffin bringing back the lesbians to undo Tumblr being mad that he killed them, shit like that. Plus the taco thing didn't even make sense.

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I'm also with you, even if I don't agree with the prewritten part. And you can see when they go from a bunch of nerds playing DnD on twitch to treating this like a second job when they completed one year of streaming. It became kinda soulless after a while, they were more interested in putting a show than actually playing the fucking game, with a romantic pause every second. Save for Travis and Sam, with the former actually wanting to see what Matt has planned for them.

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Can someone here explain to me the in-universe reasoning for why there's always two cloud giant kings who are married to each other?

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>expecting SJWs to be remotely consistent

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If you're interested in a show that isn't retarded I suggest Frozen Frontier.

It's a semi-gritty 2e game west march through a frozen wasteland where things like resource management are key. Good role play bits that aren't balls-retarded except for sorta the guy who plays the elf.

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I've seen them argue it's ok if the character has a well written personality besides the stereotype. So play your chicken loving, watermelon eating character. It's ok, as long as he also has a backstory.

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>Officially change the skin colour

Uh, no. They had a podcast (The Adventure Zone Zone) to explain that they felt kind of awkward over the whole fan art thing. The McElroy's decided to let the fans do whatever they want, whatever races they want, because it is an audio medium.

Two main characters are called Taco and Chalupa. Does that really sound like they are pandering?

Now, Griffin McElroy, the DM, is a Deputy News Editor for polygon.com. Whether or not that shows is probably more based off how you read what he does as a DM, not really him.

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Swan Song. Watch it.

>> No.54874155


The glasscannon podcast is pretty awesome. They have a little over 110 episodes right now. Not as long as critical role, most go from like an hour to an hour and a half. Troy is a pretty funny DM but doesn't really give the players bullshit rp passes that go against the rulebooks

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Having a gay character? Or having a transgender character?

>> No.54874183

They made a Tumblr post where they apologized for being white and now Magnus is officially ginger, Merle is black, and Taako is blue. And then they apologized for making the absent father black and for making Taako look like a jew.

>> No.54874200

So as long as my black character "Wawtah Melon" my fighter/rogue has a backstory that touches on why he loves fried chicken, purple drank, shoes, stealing bicycles, and got a 5 on his ACT, he's 100% SJW approved?

Good to know.

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Link to either?

Mainly to prove that you go on Tumblr.

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Playing either of those in itself isn't retarded. Deciding mid way through the podcast the the character is gay to appeal to tha crowd is retarded. Having nearly half the cast of NPCs at the end of the show being either gay or trans to appeal to that crowd is retarded. Writing an apology letter to the fan base for being white is retarded. Changing a character to be black to try and be more "representative" and then apologizing again because the character was a dead-beat-dad BEFORE becoming black, thus, retroactively offending people for a totally different reason is retarded.

I really like TAZ even though they hardly actually play the game, but its a great example on why you should never give an inch to the tumblr types because as soon as you try and "fix" one thing for them, it opens up a floodgate of complaints that you will never be able to satisfy because that whole community's identity is centered around victimhood.

>> No.54874304

I don't know the post. Griffin linked it on his Twitter and that's how I saw it back when. Here's the official graphic novel cover though, showing their official character designs.

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Sorry for the spelling. Typing quickly on a phone.

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I read a study someone did on modern cartoons that showed SJWs left Gravity Falls alone but bitched about Steven Universe, despite loving both, and GF mostly having white characters. The study found evidence that SJWs only tend to attack things that are actually trying to pander to them, basically.

>> No.54874367

>wasting your time watching a 4 hours podcast of numales and basic bitches who have no idea how to play the game

Why would you do that?

>> No.54874417

>hey guis I totally remember a study about how ess jay double U's are the source of all problems in the world!
>I'm serious

>> No.54874458

It makes sense and re-affirms my long-held belief that most of those people aren't nearly as offended as they ever claim to be. It's just about power.

They only have any power over you if you allow it, and as soon as you do, they own you. If you ignore the initial attack, you show that you're not giving their accusations of '"misrepresentation" or "white washing" won't enter your mind as a valid criticism, they'll give up and move on to somebody they CAN control.

>> No.54874516

Of course it makes sense, it reaffirms your long-held beliefs.

>> No.54874523

The article mostly took the stance that if you try to pander you can't do it well enough to make them happy and that's why they bitch. If you don't even try, they don't have anything to complain about except that you don't try.

>> No.54874583

Post the study.

>> No.54874616

I read it a couple months ago on Reddit. I know you're now gonna bitch that I have no proof, but this is a fucking off topic discussion on /tg/. I don't really need to prove anything. The most you're accomplishing here by getting butthurt about this conversation is showing us that SJWs indeed really do get offended by everything.

>> No.54874634

It's still more logically sound than the behavior of these people as noted here:

You're more than welcome to make some counterpoints instead of just snarking about what appears to be self-evident to most people here.

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According to him the voice was based on a friend of theirs, rather than trying to make him fruitier than a Caribbean ice cream shop.

>> No.54874692

>I have a pre-conceived opinion I swear I have proof for
>except I can't find it
>but how dare you point out I'm bullshitting I'll just have my pre-conceived opinion more!

Yeah you're winning that one matey.

>> No.54874727

Oh drat, you're right. I'm losing an anonymous argument on 4chan. Now my whole day is ruined.

>> No.54874769

I'm not the one talking about any stufy, merely replied that it would make sense to me if others have made the same observations I have.

Once again, I'm pointing out observations and coming to what I consider to be self-evident conclusions.

All you're doing is making non-commital "nuh-uh" statements.

>> No.54874830

>my opinion is self-evident because made up studies and anecdotes reinforce my existing beliefs
>how much harder can I stick my head up my own ass? We'll find out!
>and proving I'm bullshitting "doesn't really count"

I see. Well good luck with that. It must be hard being retarded.

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they are popular therefor are bad

>> No.54874954

Why does every single thread have to disintegrate into culture war bullshit? Why can't you just keep politics in /pol/?

>> No.54874974

They appear to be self-evident "to me" based on real-world observations.

If you have anything to add to the discussion, you're more than welcome to do so instead of just continuing to say "nuh uh, you're retarded" and avoiding actually presenting an opinion or any reasoning to back it up.

You're not making yourself look smart here.

>> No.54874989

>This guy is calling other people retarded. Unironically.

>> No.54875041

>I have no self-awareness or understanding so I'll just assume my opinion is the only right one and anything I see is justification

Okay bro, have fun with that. I'm sure thinking of new or different things is really hard for you so may as well not bother.

>> No.54875098

Because near everything is a culture war now. Politics has permeated near everything. If someone mentions a substantiated dislike of something they are allowed to. Change for the sake of it or poor reasons is a legitimate problem. Go fuck yourself.

>> No.54875203

I'm open to new ideas and different perspectives. That's why I'm asking you now for the 4th time to present an opinion or a counterpoint.

You've continued to refuse to say anything besides "you're retarded", so I don't really understand what you're trying to do here.

>> No.54875242

> Oh no, these people are having an actual discussion and bringing up actual real-world examples. Better call them all retarded! That'll show em!

Can't tell if he's trolling or just completely unaware that you actually have to attempt to prove a point to be taken seriously.

>> No.54875405

Pretty clearly a troll at this point.

>> No.54875419

Stereotypical gays are funny and harmless. Stereotypical blacks are imposing and frightening.
It's more comforting to feel that nigger has neutered himself by accepting white culture. The gay has already neutered himself, and thus is no threat.

>> No.54875446

>I don't understand, my brain hurts

Welp, there you go.

>> No.54875513

You can't be serious. You still haven't presented a single argument. Are you really that deluded or are you just a really bad troll.

>> No.54875635

He wrote a "gazetteer" for literally Faerun minus all the things that make Faerun good. It also has forced gay tokenism and ethnic harmony between all fantasy races.

>> No.54876240

Taako and Kravitz literally went on a full on date in a previous episode, if you think it's out of nowhere you need to actually listen to the damn thing instead of reading fan wiki summaries of the plot.

>> No.54876452

Not that person but
>they seem to focus on those that surrender to them
does not make SJWs inconsisten in their ideological beliefs or merely 'power hungry', they are still following their SJW goals.
If the given situation is still not satisfactory, it would make sense to fully correct it (from an SJW world angle), since it should be somewhat easy now that the 'perpetrator' has already shown willingness to surrender.

Besides, I personally don't see this trend being that clearly. SJWs hate on a lot of things that refuses to acknowledge them, or even speaks against them.

>> No.54876537

They went on a date that wasn't known as a date till halfway through, and then suddenly two years later it's "kiss I miss you my beloved!"

>> No.54876917

>download latest episode of adventure zone
>it's literally a two hour recording of Griffin masturbating

>> No.54877182

notice how in this picture only ashley and mercer look attractive

>> No.54877244

Probably the shitty makeup on the rest of them

>> No.54877269

damn /tg/ yall got some bad bad takes about those good good mcelroy boys

>> No.54877439

Well I still listen. I want the show to be better because I listen. I wouldn't give a shit if I didn't.

>> No.54877470

You shouldn't start watching critical role at all.

>> No.54877488

That's because Travis Willingham's handsome mug is covered.

>> No.54877505

>Critical Role

>> No.54877573


i agree but i think there's "griffin is stifling the good creativity the rest of them have shown through the whole show, just because he's anxious about making the ending as good as possible" criticism and then there's "the mcelroys are SJW apologist cucks" criticism

>> No.54877680

I don't have a problem with lup being trans or Taako being gay. I have a problem with them caving in to unreasonable tumblrites and apologizing for being white men.

>> No.54878292

"because we aren't minorities, we didn't think about how this might be offensive, and because we aren't assholes, we're sorry for offending people" isn't the same as "we're sorry we're white"

"hey it's kinda weird that uhhh these characters are all white" is a reasonable thing to say, for various reasons. "hey you're right, there's no reason not to make one or more of these characters non-white in a graphic novel adaptation" is a perfectly reasonable response.

and when people STILL weren't happy with that (which in my opinion is unreasonable), they apologized again for upsetting people but stuck to their guns about their second round of decisions in what was a pretty eloquent statement on griffins part

>> No.54878370

"Let's all sit around and cringe over a popular thing so we can get sick nerd cred for not liking it!"
>"Oh man we all feel so super cool now, and it's so easy! This is great!"
"Oh man I'm so smug right now you guys"

>> No.54878748


>> No.54880057

Charlottesville was yesterday.

>> No.54881251

Shut up Marisha.

>> No.54881647

Roll4it - These guys are chill, having fun and badass moments in excess.

>Shadowrun, Dark Heresy, Stars w/o Number, A Buffy the Vampire Slayer homebrew, Dnd.

PSYLP - These guys have a lot of hours under their belt. The girl in their group makes pretty good art OC and they have their community draws stuff too. They're good fun and both their DMs do a good job, but their vanilla Rifts campaign is the best imo.

>Rifts, Rift homebrew, another Rifts campaign, 13th Age.

>> No.54881668

Roll4it - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCifkjVaOOT5VxraQpYUwL6A

PSYLP - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRE27Y9AZeJFqR_e9_JLzTA

>> No.54881993

I like DnD is for Nerds. It's a bit silly, and the people playing it are mostly retarded, but there are some really good moments, and there's multiple types of campaigns for variety.

>> No.54882003


Glass Cannon is the only actual play podcast I really follow these days. They are a little pathfinder fanboyish, if I'm honest, but the players are genuinely enthusiastic about playing and have a very nice group dynamic. Episodes are audio only and are around an hour to an hour and a half chunks so they can be easier to sit down and digest as compared to something like Critical Role where episodes can sometimes be 4-5 hours in length.

>> No.54882343

Orion was going through some shit at the time. He actually made a video not long back going into further detail.

>> No.54882455

You can kinda start anywhere. The show started well into the campaign itself anyway, so no matter where you begin watching you have to play catch up. I would however recommend the Briarwood arc from personal preference.

>> No.54882472

Makes sense, they have little power so must go against easy targets

>> No.54882561

The entire Lup storyline is making me like Taako even less than I did before, which was already far, far less than Magnus or Merle.

The Magnus/Fisher relationship has been a highlight of the campaign end tho.

>> No.54882613

IMO, the best buts of TAZ are just the interplay between the four of themy as a family. Stuff like ragging on the dad for being bad at understanding D&D and the like.

>> No.54882709

That... could be Merle's Beach Dwarf tan?

>> No.54882827

You seem to be implying that the Taako/Kravitz relationship came about recently, as opposed to dozens of episodes ago when Kravitz first appeared in the Lunar Interlude. Also Taako called Kravitz handsome during like their first ever encounter so it's hardly a total Tumblr asspull.

>> No.54882955

That date they had when they were trying to get info from him was months ago too.

>> No.54882957

>magnus has a full beard, just as he was originally described
take THAT tumblr

>> No.54883472

>called him handsome one time months ago
>true love

>> No.54883979


Didn't Riegel and Mercer get huge backlash for making Taryon "too gay"?

>> No.54884087

I think it was about how taryon came out as gay and then promptly got pressured into sex by that strong barmaid lady because he was confused about things.

I think they wanted him to be more gay, to be honest.

>> No.54885815

CR used to be fun and unpredictable in the first arc, until it just becomes a clusterfuck of forced romance, forced drama, forced edginess, and boring and predictable plot lines and plot armour. Not sure why I'm still watching to be honest.

Doesn't help that you can't even vent your constructive criticisms on the subreddit because it's a massive hugbox and you'll get warned, and in my case, banned for stating an opinion, or as the mods call it, being a dick. Absolute degenerates.

At least this arc is nearly over and it will hopefully be back to being fun and properly adventurous, with meeting actual new people and going to new places, instead of teleporting back and forth on fetch quests and killing bosses with no trouble at all.

>> No.54886223

While it's good to be a little optimistic, I doubt they'll stop doing those things you and many other dislike. By the fourth episode with the new characters there will be a fuckton of shipping already and they pay attention to this. The whole thing between Percy and Vex was born from it. We can only hope it won't be anyone with Marisha or Liam, but there's a big chance that'll be really similar from what we have now.

>> No.54886263

Marisha will just play herself again instead of being able to play a character, so it's not like I expect much in the way of change. I'd just be happy with Sam seeing what else he can play well, and see Travis play an intelligent character and take lead instead of the people who aren't as smart as they think they are.

>> No.54886268

Start at 1 and skip the Felicia Day/Wil Wheaton episodes

>> No.54886300

I found the Felicia Day episodes fun.

>> No.54886347

I used to watch this thing called drunks and dragons. Not as produced as Critical Role, but a ton of fun. Annoying that guy in the first 10 episodes but eventually they booted him for being obnoxious. Funny stuff, and it sounds very real, just like friends having fun.

>> No.54886510

I used to listen to Drunks and Dragons a few years ago. I had quit when they added the new girl and spent like three episodes horribly off topic and they kept going "the girls could be lesbian for each other ha ha isn't that funny".

Apparently it picks back up again but I couldn't bring myself to continue after wasting so much time on nothing.

>> No.54886531

Ah, I never got to that point. I stopped watching around some time that they were visiting islands?? I don't recall it was a while ago

>> No.54886538

Let's play Spot The Shill...

>> No.54886737

It'll take a while, but if you can dedicate the time to it, it's worth starting from the beginning.

Don't be in a rush to finish. I made the mistake of binge watching over the course of several months, only to catch up to Critical Role just in time for what seems to be their end-game story arc.

So take your time, and know that the current campaign will likely be long over with by the time you complete your archive binge.

Once they've completed the current campaign, they will be rolling up new characters for a campaign stet some time later in the same world. Assuming that they actually defeat the Big Bad.
The way the group plans some times (a combination of over-planning, under-planning, and often being more reactive than proactive in combat) makes you think they're asking for a humiliating TPK...

Either way, the perfect jumping-on point would probably be once they start their new campaign.

>> No.54886752

Today I learned having an opinion on something is shilling.

>> No.54886773

How dare you appreciate stuff? It's disgusting...

>> No.54886997

>confirmed as shilling samefag

You shills are always so defensive. It's your tell.

>> No.54887007

0.05RMB has been deposited in your account!

>> No.54887037

>"you're a shill"
>"ha I knew it!"

>you're a skill"
>"ha, you're being defensive, shill confirmed"

The logic of retards who cry about "shills". Accuse someone of being one and anything they say after is invalid, because "muh shills".

>> No.54887195

>agrees on the show being prewritten meme


>> No.54887361

>Marisha will just play herself again
That would be fine by me, but what really irritates me about her is that she turned from "playing herself" into "metagamer" and now into "Wants to win D&D" imho. Oddly enough, I feel like she wants to be recognised as a good roleplayer, but her most memorable moment will forever be the lolgoldfishsplat! meme.

>> No.54887416

he's not bipolar

>> No.54888026

>That would be fine by me, but what really irritates me about her is that she turned from "playing herself" into "metagamer" and now into "Wants to win D&D" imho
Pretty sure she's always been like that, it's just that it either didn't become clear or she didn't start until Orion left. And in that time since Orion left Liam joined her in becoming a metagaming must-win faggot.

>> No.54888054

Great news, Wang Feng, 0.05RMB has just been deposit in your account for make benefit grorious people of Clitical Rorr

>> No.54888104

The funny part is that both Marisha and Liam are way too stupid to actually win when they both could own almost any encounter, between knowing what 90% of their spells do and abusing sneak attack with haste.

>> No.54888150

But the CR subreddit told me they're both geniuses and perfect roleplayers, and that it's just a game so it doesn't matter!

>> No.54888160


>> No.54888261

Click boots of haste, fly 20 kilometres, attack, luck, attack, attack, luck, 5000 sneak attack damage, 10000 first attack extra damage, bonus attack, luck, bonus stealth haste attack, luck, disengage, last luck of the day, fly to my original position, grab Keyleth's face and say I love you, hide, luck.

Just a game bro

>> No.54888281

None of it, anon. It's pure cancer that should be purged from the hobby with fire, along with anyone who thinks it's good.

>> No.54888300

You forgot the part about the enemy being surprised, while not surprised, and that means he gets auto-crits for the entire round.

>> No.54888321

You forgot smite and muh Raven Queen.
It's too bad his "girlfriend" doesn't cast something useful like Freedom of Movement on him, thereby preventing guranteed deaths due to paralysis.

>> No.54888336

>gets hit with fire in retaliation

"Actually DM before we left I made my armour resistant to fire"

>> No.54888352

A lot of people were crying that it broke their "safespace" by actually having a bit of realism in the fantasy hugbox that is Exandria, because it was implied (not confirmed, just implied) that Taryon's father was anti-gay. Taryon revealed he had been in a relationship with his male tutor, and his father, upon finding out, made him disappear.
I mean if the servant you had hired to tutor your child started getting freaky with them, any noble is going to shut that shit down asap, so all the SJWs screeching about "stop bringing real things into our safespace despite the fact that it wasn't confirmed that he died or that it would have been OK if the tutor was female and that it's not even our game alfkdjalfdkj!!!!!"
Of course the bitch capitulated on the subject.

>> No.54888387


Campaign Podcast is amazing.

>> No.54888396

Why are shillfags so bad at coming up with original or funny responses?

>> No.54888419

Anyone listen to Dungeons and Randomness? I don't, but I am curious because years ago they ran a pretty good pro wrestling podcast, and then out of nowhere shut it down to play D&D full time.

>> No.54888450

>older man trying to get it on with a young child in a corrupt feudal world and is likely killed and thrown in a ditch as a result

"This is offensive to the gays!"

>> No.54888452

Another 0.05RMB, you're doing well today! Maybe little Wang will eat tonight!

>> No.54888488

It's because they only know memes, and memes are often a crutch for people who desperately want to be funny but don't know how to do so without parroting others.

Do you honestly expect SJWs to use logic?

>> No.54888529

To be fair and honest, his character wasn't a child at the time, I think he was 17 or so. A minor by our standards, but in D&D, eh. The tutor was older, and still in a position capable of easy manipulation, but I don't think he was older than 29.
Of course, at this point the question becomes why was he still recieving tutoring at such an age?

>> No.54889011

Not a minor by the standards of most of the world.

But the age is irrelevant. The tutor was using his position to try and get it on with the son of a wealthy land baron, who was already established as corrupt and not exactly nice. How anyone can complain that when he found out, he got rid of (killed) the tutor likely by way of hired thugs, is just beyond me. Getting upset over that is completely nonsensical.

>> No.54889121

Do you think Crit Role stats would be kind and make a list about every single time Liam tried to metagame? I bet half of it would be about assassinate.

>> No.54889146

That stat would be a negative opinion and negative opinions aren't allowed

>> No.54889226

God, I fucking hate that. Not just about Critical Role. No one is allowed to criticize anything anymore without people feeling personally insulted. What happened to being able to enjoy something and still being able to see that it's not perfect?

>> No.54889283

Rooster Teeth is no different. If you have something to say about them that doesn't involve worshipping them or sucking their dicks, you're just a hater and deserve downvotes and harassment. I'm so glad I left that dumpster fire of a fanbase.

>> No.54889331

Fanboys gonna fanboy, and it only gets worse when there's a hugbox culture in the fandom with support from the creators. Just look at how many internet personalities are losing steam and followers because of their anti-criticism attitude. Total Biscuit is a great recent example.

>> No.54889364

>Total Biscuit is a great recent example.
Elaborate? I don't know anything about him, I just recognize the name and enjoy when big-headed youtubers get shit on.

>> No.54889390

Are there any noncomedic AP podcasts?

>> No.54889442

People seem to like godsfall. I didn't, but a lot of people do. Maybe check it out, it's a serious DnD AP.

>> No.54889463

No, I can say this for a fact. The second they started changing backstories and making characters trans just for those diversity points, I bailed. They're pandering hardcore.

>> No.54889538

Oh, I don't deny that at all. Just clearing up that it wasn't a hot shota+tutor hentai scenario that I enjoy.

Keep in mind that later in the campaign, while in the Hells, VM fights a golem in a prison, and some singular dumbass on twitter claimed it was antisemite because "the group was taking pleasure and excitement in seeking to destroy a fictional creature that protected Jews in mythology."

I wish I was making that up.

>> No.54889559

I agree that they're pandering but I feel that Lup is probably trans so that they can have a sister but also so they can clone her a new body using Taako's DNA

>> No.54889568

Pandering is a buzzword for people angry that people they don't like exist. Adventure Zone has dropped in quality because they've decided to prioritize story over game, and it's gotten railroads as fuck.

>> No.54889589

Fuck no mate. I am one of 'those' fags they pander to, and its shit.

>> No.54889629

It really does feel like it's unnatural and just shoehorned in to meet some PC checklist. It can be done better.

>> No.54889734

He's famous for being one of the first pc-oriented youtubers, known for having a strong ethical stance and being against some of the most retarded practices on the gaming industry, but he's a huge crybaby when you criticize him to the point of leaving social media (and coming back a few months latter), disabling comments from his videos and even creating a official hugbox subreddit because he didn't like the original one. Recently (more like at the end of July) he exploded on twitter after someone asked the "Are traps gay" question on a convention created by a close friend of his, calling the guy transphobic, asking for people on the show floor to identify him and ultimately expelling him from the con. People tried to talk to him that it was an overreaction and he was being unreasonable but, like any other criticism, he ignored and kept crucifying anyone who didn't thought the question wasn't transphobic. Because of that he's lost almost 20k subs from youtube, don't know how many he lost from twitch, and the counter's still going down.

>> No.54889747

No you dipshit, Lup is literally just Taako but played by Griffin. They're also trans you know just because. It doesn't feel natural, like it was forced into the story just so they could have a trans character.

They could have never introduced Lup and the story would have barely changed.

>> No.54890078

>"Who could not love you?"
>"I could name a few."
>"Nobody of any worth."
What did they mean by this?

>> No.54890353

>you're a skill"
I wish I was a skill.

>> No.54892145

Mbmban is funny enough, TAZ was good until the stolen century arc. The rest of their shows are pretty meh desu

>> No.54893684

Griffin realized other RPGs exist and tried to switch it up right at the end, so he could just narrate everything without pesky player freedom getting in the way.

>> No.54893726

Seconding System Mastery. They also have a podcast where they play Gamma World 7E, it's called Gamma Crawl X. It's hilarious.

>> No.54896208

Exactly what your pic related says.

>> No.54896443

A solemn reminder that the world would indeed be a much better place if everyone had to do at least 2 years in 4chan at some point in their lives.

>> No.54896512

>vague attempt at medieval armor and weaponry
>one faggot with a revolver
Well, now I know to never touch this pile of ass.

>> No.54896549


All that does is make his bullshit understandable.

Still doesn't make it any more fun to watch.

>> No.54896672

Agreed. There's something about this website that is addicting in spite of every negative quality you can accuse it of. I approach online discourse differently from before I avidly lurked and posted on 4Chan and for the better because I take everything so much less seriously including myself. I just have a tougher hide, know when I'm being baited, and how to laugh at trolling for what it is. Anonymity is the best format overall. And when 4chan is genuine, authentic, sincere, etc it is second to none.

>> No.54896721

Also, just to add to the whole story, TB also started going for the "anime avatar" argument, when his fucking podcast is sponsored by Crunchyroll and he has a bunch of weeb friends. Yeap, he's that retarded.

>> No.54896772

>"hey you're right, there's no reason not to make one or more of these characters non-white in a graphic novel adaptation" is a perfectly reasonable response.


>> No.54899639

I thought he was dying. When's he gonna die?

>> No.54900957

What's your modifier in autism? I bet it's high.

>> No.54901925

Save or dice is probably the best roleplaying podcast right now.

>> No.54903821

>no mention of "Acquisitions INC"

Fuck all of you guys.

>> No.54904654

Fuck Penny Arcade

>> No.54906160

The big problem I have with The Adventure Zone is that it's an awful example of DMing. The storytelling is great, but it's pretty clear that Griffin is telling his story and everyone else is just along for the ride. So an entire generation of DMs are going to learn that's how you DM - you ask "what do you do," and then whatever the players say, you play things out the exact same way.

>> No.54906614

>"what do you do,"

This reminds me: any good podcasts of groups playing Apocalypse World or it's hacks (except Monsterhearts, of course)

>> No.54906671

Adventure Zone fans actually seem to be trying to run the adventure zone exactly as the podcast story has gone. If you look at their reddit, it's filled with people asking how to deal with players straying from Griffin's story. I remember seeing a comment where someone said their players were complaining about lack of freedom, so he gave them freedom and then they complained about lack of story. He claimed that it proves players want railroading.

>> No.54906898

That sounds worse than I ever could have imagined.

>> No.54907699

You say that, but he named the middle eastern nation "Market" and it's full of drugs, gambling and androgyny.
That's pretty red pilled, if you ask me.

>> No.54907829

Did he?
Got a link to that? I'm curious.
It might mean he could be returning for the next campaign, though I have a sneaking suspicion that Ashy J won't be because she's not around half the time as-is.

>> No.54907901

Picking the Assassin archetype over the Thief is a mistake in general already.

That said, what makes you guys think they're metagaming it? I agree that they both seem fairly incompetent, but I'm not sure where you see the metagaming part.

>> No.54907970

I don't see why this is a question.
The answer is so easy.
Traps are very gay but the dick only makes it better.

>> No.54907984

I think that bridge is burnt, personally.
I totally didn't notice the phonetic "Marquet" and "Market", am retarded.
Maybe that retardation is carrying over, but wasn't J'mon the only androgynous figure, ant that was purely for SJW brownie points because he was "non-gender binary". It chapped a lot ass when the cast kept "mispronouning him" or whatever.

>> No.54908085

But honestly I don't see why that's a big deal. Mercer played the character as a creepy, inhuman lizard, which is... actually pretty interesting for a Dragon.

I don't really see why it was a tumblr thing, honestly.
I would really have loved for MM to point out that, technically, the proper pronouns for an unknown, uncertain or ungendered thing in English is just the male pronouns, but I guess that's a bit much to hope for.
I'm sure he knows, though, which is probably why he was using them so much.

I suspect jajmajgsasshiorgsb was meant to be more like an androgynous persian warlord kind of vibe than an actual weird third-gender tumblrism. That's what I'm choosing to believe, anyway.

>> No.54908456

See, when the party first encountered a bust of him, Mercer's description made me think exactly what you did, though I didn't consider a dragon.

He described it something like "featureless, not because there's no face, because there is, but as you stare at it, you can't seem to focus on it."
It actually sounded really fucking cool, like some Fey being perhaps, or a changling.

>I suspect jajmajgsasshiorgsb was meant to be more like an androgynous persian warlord kind of vibe than an actual weird third-gender tumblrism. That's what I'm choosing to believe, anyway.
Me too buddy, me too. Unfortunately, he confirmed, multiple times on stream and Twitter, that smitty werber jeagermanjenson is, in fact, a tumblerite.

>> No.54908490

Where and when?
Fight me
I hate this
I don't believe you
Don't tell me that

>> No.54908512


... Eh, given the gendering of boats as female pronoun requiring.... The Technical stuff people pretty much ignore.

They works as being generic enough in just assuming a level of personhood in Modern English usage.

... "gendered" pronouns and other forms of agreement can get weird.

>> No.54908904

Uh, sorry man. It happened after they killed Thordak and immediately engaged Raishan. The tweets are buried, so I'm not gonna go digging, sorry.

He mentions it most frequently in episode 80 though, and that's when people spazzed out over "misgendering" the most, as even the cast kept calling him "him".

>> No.54909815

There's been a large number of examples of all of them besides Sam and Travis metagaming, but someone else would probably have an easier time/more interest listing various examples. Seems it's Marisha and Laura who do it the most. Marisha does it so she can get advantages in combat or to retcon something "her character wouldn't have done" when she does something stupid as usual, and Laura does it to stop Travis doing something that Grog would absolutely do, like breaking something or spending money. She doesn't care if Vex is in the same place or not, she'll just either handwave that Vex sees Grog doing something and interfere with Matt doing fuck all to stop her, or she'll just start giving Travis shit out of character. Props to Travis for never giving in to her though.

Best example for Laura is when Grog found the deck of many things. Taliesin started running his mouth "accidentally" about how it's super dangerous, and that made Laura want to stop Travis from messing with it. So she just retconned that Vex would have been keeping an eye on Grog while he was searching for things, and saw him pick up the cards, just so she could interfere. Then when he shut her down she started giving him shit out of character like a raging cunt. All this happened with Matt doing nothing to stop her.

It's infuriating.

>> No.54909848

If you start paying attention to Liam's usage of Luck you'll see he lied a couple of times, but the worst offense was during the episode before Thordak's fight, where he used one of his 3 luck points on a duel against Kashaw and then used a 4° luck point on his last blow against the Cinder King. Even Sam saw that, you could see him making a strange face when Liam said he still had a imaginary luck point.

Other than that, there's the whole assassinate thing that I must acknowledge he's stopped debating, but some times he uses it in the wrong way and I kinda feel Mercer just let it pass because he doesn't want to be fucking bothered by this shit again (during the fight against the pirates, where he used it while throwing a dagger on a pirate that was not remotely surprised by the situation).

I can only say about Liam, thought, because he struck a nerve when he screamed THIS IS A GAME. There are instances that Marisha metagamed but I honestly never paid attention to her, so I can't talk about it.

>> No.54909880

You have a great taste, my friend.

>> No.54909905

Speaking of his bullshit luck and Matt not giving a shit anymore, he even gave in and handwaved that he now has four lucks per day just so he doesn't have to argue about fucking luck anymore.

Liam's fault for knowingly cheating, Matt's fault for not shutting that shit down straight away.

>> No.54910043

Jesus fuck, so this is actually real. If I was Matt I would create a halfling diviner with luck NPC just to show him how fucking retarded this feat is when you actually abuse it.

>> No.54910152

I don't actually play DnD so for all us normal weirdos I'd like to know why a halfling diviner with luck would do anything.

>> No.54910314

The school of divination on 5e gives you a ability called portent, where each in-game day you roll a d20 twice and save the numbers you got, which you can use to alter any d20 roll during this time period. You can give you and your allies a better roll or give adversaries a Nat 1. You can also use luck to make a enemy roll again and pick the worst result, and halflings can re-roll once any 1s they get on a d20. Basically, it's a "fuck you, you don't get to play" kind of character.

>> No.54910426

>you roll a d20 twice and save the numbers you got, which you can use to alter any d20 roll during this time period
So what do the numbers you role do? Twice a day you can either add or subtract either of those numbers to another character's roll?

>> No.54910464

You can change. If you got a 1 and a 20, you can give yourself a 20 without rolling and give someone else a 1 without them rolling. Lorewise, you're controlling fate.

>> No.54910561

Well that just seems extremely OP

Not that I'd ever be against Liam being taken down a peg or two by it

>> No.54910775

What do you mean? The mug is in his hands.

>> No.54910842

It's one of 5e's meme builds, and one of the few that are legal (only use stuff from released books). There are others that, frankly, are worse than that, but they require you to abuse the rules to an extreme level that's kinda hard it'll go past any DM that gives a fuck, and they use playtest material so those interactions are almost guaranteed an oversight from the developers. Nuclear Druid is a good example, but I recommend you to actually search for it because it's a bit complicated to explain.

>> No.54911140

Makes me glad that if/when I ever play, all I'd want is my character to be some stock ex-mercenary or something with sensible weapons and abilities. I could never imagine myself playing a game that's just meant to be fun, and trying THAT hard to break to and win.

>> No.54911195

At least those are competent ways to actually breaking and "winning" DnD, not pulling a 4th luck point from the ass for the killing blow.

>> No.54913356

Oh, but remember that IT'S JUST A GAME! *cue austistic screeching*

>> No.54915678

Er... wait, what? Is there someone who thinks it isn't a game?
I should clarify I don't watch all of the episodes, so I miss some of these things.

Also, the fourth luck point thing, could he have just miscounted?
Personally I track these things myself when I DM as well, to stop them being miscounted, but...

>> No.54916856

Yeah, the game part doesn't make any sense if you didn't watch said episode. In the duel against Kashaw he spent a luck point and some people on the table judged the decision to be hasty considering they would face a colossal red dragon on the day after, but he said fucked it, that he didn't care and yelled "IT'S A GAME" while looking at the camera, complaining about how some fans would always judge his decisions. While it could be that he miscounted his luck points it just felt wrong. Even Sam who never had a character with luck until that moment knew how many points he had, so it always looked like he cheated just to get the killing blow because Thordak was part of his backstory.

And just to remember, Liam also said to Taliesin (or Orion, I don't remember) that he couldn't be the only one with a guitar solo or something like that, so it just adds when, during the whole Conclave arc, he was always hogging the spotlight because of his interactions with the Raven Queen and Keyleth. It makes him look like a huge hypocrite when he justifies dumb actions saying that it's just a game but actively tried to "win" DnD.

Also, maybe it's time to let this thread die. Most likely there will be another one during the next episode where most of the audio will be dominated by don't know how many thousand retards screaming. It'll be great.

>> No.54917140


>> No.54917187

Hmm yes, but it's in favor of the storytelling.

>> No.54918232

>Also, maybe it's time to let this thread die. Most likely there will be another one during the next episode where most of the audio will be dominated by don't know how many thousand retards screaming. It'll be great.
Is there only ever one "official" thread which is only started when they stream? I don't give them money so it's not like I want to sit through a discussion full of spoilers when I won't be seeing the episode for a few days after the thread dies.

At least with Reddit they have live discussion threads for the stream, and then post-episode discussion threads after it's on youtube.

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