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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also /pfg/)

How cute is your character when casually dressed and out of armor and all? Are they even cuter that way?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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First for Shimye-Magalla, the divine two for one.

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>How cute is your character when casually dressed and out of armor and all?

Extremely handsome, put him in a noble event and he'd be the duke of the dance floor!

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Triaxian - Are they just like the Yuuzhan Vong without the warrior culture?

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>Are they just like the Yuuzhan Vong without the warrior culture?

... No? Triaxians are neither organic-based or obsessed with exterminating all life. They're closer to Shadowrun than Star Wars.

The only planet that approaches the Yuuzhan Vong is Aucturn.

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Don't give up, Anon! Where there's a will, there's a way!

Seek out some reviews, and make sure you aren't applying to a game just because you want to get into any game. GMs can usually sense through an app when someone is actually engaged or interested in the campaign material.

Consider friending fellow applicants and talk about each other's app, different view points can inspire new ideas for a character or point out illogical or unnecessary elements in your background!

If you really think the problem lies in yourself, don't let it end there! Improve! Sometimes just noticing the quality of your apps getting better over time can be enough of a reward in itself!

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He could clean up nicely, but there's nothing to be done about his deformities. He'd probably need to wear a Hat of Disguise to a formal event...though he's been told his strange features are charming enough that he'd show them off proudly for the right person.

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In Starfinder they pilot fighter jets with their smol dragon buddies.

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They look like Vong tbat have settled down.
What do you mean not organic based?

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They aren't ideologically opposed to non-organic technology, I think they meant.

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>What do you mean not organic based?

Triaxian technology is not centered around biological constructs and crab armor.

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Probably doesn't qualify as cute. She's short, which can be seen as endearing, but sure a musclegirl.

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Pretty cute, and at most a chain shirt. Sleeves of many garments ensure cute outfits.

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Close, but no cigar!
And he's nowhere near the poet Cyrano was.

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These Triaxian fellows are found in Pathfiner right?
Are they a common played race?

Ie Not oh fuck why are you a Vong.

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...Is Rosy actually your character art?
If so, you're my nigger now.

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They're the dominant race on Triaxus, so never seen on Golarion except in the exceedingly rare case that one of them might fall through an interplanetary gate or something.

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Where are you getting the idea that Triaxians are based or even inspired by the Vong?

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Thanks! I'm a bit nervous talking with other applicants, but I'll try to reach out.

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>9 Int
Would you trust this dumb LITERAL bastard to remember his bachelor snuff?

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She is, needed art for a lusty lady with some vine themed powers and damn does she fit it well.

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Nope, which just means you need to finish him other ways!

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You're the fucking man. I hope you have fun with that character.

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New to Pathfinder so in English doc.
I thought Pathfinder was just a fantasy setting and Starfinder was just rpg in space.

Google images, they look like nice (r) Vong without the crab armour, tatoos and anger issues.

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>I thought Pathfinder was just a fantasy setting and Starfinder was just rpg in space.

Yes and yes, though Triaxus is still a planet in Pathfinder and it's also a planet in Starfinder.

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Nah, Pathfinder has some aliens, and Starfinder is the same setting thousands of years in the future.

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Neat. I forget that in PF/SF you can meet your deity and have tea and biscuits with them.

Two things:

1. Does Hylax find it weird when Humans and other species follow her?

2. If the deity has a physical presence in the setting, do their followers have to make a trip to meet them?

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So they would be essentially an alien in the pathfinder setting?

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Did a little translation of stuff from pathfinder to starfinder, and decided to play about with alternate racial traits.

>Elves (As the corebook elves kinda suffer from a translation that cut out features entirely from them rather than translating that feature to starfinder)

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If he shows up dressed like that? >>54846932

I'd throw my night tea out the window and his bachelor snuff with it.

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I gave S&S an app.

I hope it's not a boozle.

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You are correct on both accounts-Pathfinder is fantasy, and Starfinder is sci-fi. However, there are ways of traveling to other worlds in Pathfinder-one is actually a pretty vital plot device in one of the Adventure Paths.

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>elf mechanics get two free feats


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my crush is flirting with somebody else before my eyes

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Dwarves get an advanced proficiency (Advanced melee vs longarms) and spec as well. On top of the +2 being vs all spells rather than just enchantment.

The intention was to balance them with corebook dwarves/halflings.

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Right so I can't play a Vong without seriously fucking up the dm.

Thanks all.

What is an easy to grasp race that isn't the usual human/elf/dwarf for pathfinder?

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Who with who?

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>What is an easy to grasp race that isn't the usual human/elf/dwarf for pathfinder?

Just read about how that race interacts with the rest of the world, and fill in the gaps. Pathfinder is pretty good about telling you where a race fits into the world.

For example, Tengu are giant crow-people and are notable lovable scamps. If you make one you should make them roguish, fast-talking and slightly kleptomaniacal.

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I lost the url of the preceding image, can someone link me ? Thanks to anyone willing to help.

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Their crush with not them, clearly.

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>Fighter with 20 Str gets a +2 undead bane dragon bane greatsword, which turns out to be his focused and specialized weapon of choice dealing 30 on average per hit at 6th level
>rest of players don't have magic weapons

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How did he come by such an incredible weapon? And how did the rest of you schlubs get to level 6 without so much as a +1 to your miserable names?

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No magic item creation feats allowed
No magic market yet
GM is making a kingmakerish campaign, different enough to not be kingmaker but similar enough in what city creation means

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And the sword was what, an act boss' weapon? Bad idea to leave that kind of thing in easy reach.

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Counterflirt. Or communicate your feelings to your crush, and maybe they'll reciprocate. Unless you like being a mermaid, I guess.

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Magic items that we find are rolled, but so far everything is either leather +1 (yeah, fucking leather, we have already 5 of those), minor wondrous items and then a +1 dagger. That sword was the last shit, and I doubt that was rolled, too fucking good and too much above the level we're

I probably fucked up because I'm playing a monk like character so I don't think I'm going to find anything suitable for me till we improve our city

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>DM takes pity on fighter for playing a shitty class
>anon fails to realize this

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How do you make underwater combat not insane?

>> No.54847742

Not have underwater combat.

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Time to beg for dead suns pdf

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That is my guess aswell. Whenever I gm, I always make sure all the lowest tiered classes get some toys.

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>OP is playing a monk
>"lets help the fighter with a +4 weapon"

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I did.

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Can't do, we're in the realm of the goddess of water and evil

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Someone want to learn more about Aballon?

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Use piercing weapons. Greater hat of disguise for a swim speed, and ioun stone for air. Don't cast fire spells. Freedom of Movement works too.

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Ignore all the new aquatic combat rules with the latest aquatic book.

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I'm mobile and it's an unabashed bamboozle, so maybe later, if you just want a prompt for making an app. If not, make a campaign with rotating GMs or join the Starfinder Discord. I think they're running one-shots.

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That's the one.

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I hate how 4 in every 5 games is a bamboozle these days.

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I also won't shill, but Shackles at least seems slightly less blatantly bamboozled than the other recent AP games. The GM's been active here and has even applied to other games and gotten Roll20 achievements. Still could totally be a fakeout but at least it's something.

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I was told by anon they didn't care if it was a boozle, they just wanted to app to something.

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>Dr. Pavelian, I'm Azlanti Star Empire.

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How's this one?

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The evil that men do.

>> No.54848074

All Boozle GMs have been active till they pulled the boozle cord.

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Iron GodsGM disappeared weeks before the game was supposed to start.

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I do, only because I want to homebrew a race from there.

Basically the idea that some of the machines there decided they want and/or need to figure out if they can become like the First Ones so they make more humanoid forms and venture from Aballon to gain experience.

Also, the Androids of Starfinder are nothing like PF androids rights? An idea for Full Body Conversion (ala ghost in the shell) came to me and I kind of want to set down some perks and drawbacks to actually going through with something like that and one idea was minuses to things like being inspired or whatever because of muted (not completely gone) emotional senses.

>> No.54848186

Obviously the motherfucker is going to change it up slightly.

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Starfinder androids and Pathfinder androids are literally the same thing.

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>iron gods boozle GM joined in the winter of 2017
>carnal gm and shackles gm joined in the summer

If it's the same guy, he's had to have been doing this for over 6 months. Not saying it's impossible or even unlikely, but it's a little unlikely that the same guy is making consistent bamboozles.

More likely it's people make a game, especially in the case of lewd games, gets hyped up about it then blows their literal and metaphorical loads and suddenly doesn't give a solitary shit anymore.

If the same happens with Shackles, I'll be pretty wary of games from now on.

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Not entirely, their origin is different.

>> No.54848305

I guarantee its a bamboozle. Its so fucking easy to copy paste content from players guide and use the same formatting and chargen rules as any pfg game.

>> No.54848312

They're almost identical.

>> No.54848330

Starbound races for Starfinder when

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>winter of 2017
So you're saying he's from the future? 4 months and 9 days into the future?

>> No.54848354

>released into the custody of a priest for summ kinda sooside skwad

Seems a bit sus

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>> No.54848358

Time traveling bamboozles.

>> No.54848389

It was the best reference to Journey to the West my whiskey-soaked brain could manage.

>> No.54848404

>20 PB
>Level 5

What in tarnation.

>> No.54848417

>tfw Foxtits in space

>> No.54848424

What, you want more? Go fuck yourself, I'm not giving you more.

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So who are we shipping Daddy Knight with? Who are we shipping his son with? His son is with him as a cohort.

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>Up far north, at the top of the world, one would not normally expect to find much civilization, much less an empire. Yet the Radient Luminerium of Ecladeaux exists regardless of the ever frozen ice-sheets and conditions, centered around its capital city of Aurore. Aurore is a brilliant and gleaming city, perpetually gleaming and basking in the radiance of the Villalize, the crystalline Eternal Tree of Light. IT is because of this light that life is able to thrive here, as the life provides nourishment for the growth of a rare plant known as the Feucine, a hardy root based plant which harnesses light to create its own heat and burrow through the ice. For generations, the people of the north pole have used this plant as the basis of their civilization to provide not only heat, but to also graft other crops onto this plant for consumption.

>The cities of the Luminerium are beautiful and gleaming, expertly crafted and carved from the ice, and often accentuated with fur pelts an light focused into gleaming arrays of light from specialized lenses of varrying qualities of ice. The grand Azure Palace, the seat of government and home to the Solar King, is carved from the finest of Blue Ice, hence the name, enhanced and fortified with the strongest magics, and decorated with masterful sculptors, engravings, tapestries, and with gems and precious ores encrusted within the very walls. Exotic plants, imported from the southerly climes and grafted into pots of Feucine line the halls and promenades, and specially crafted ice lenses paint the walls, ceilings, and floors in a veritable rainbow of lights.

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No no, I'm saying that's a TON of CharGen.

>> No.54848510

I want to play a Radiant Knight of the Luminary Kingdom!

>> No.54848549

>The current Solar King, who has been the one responsible for the recent imperialistic nature of the Luminerium and the spread of its culture and resources to across the arctic realms is the radiant dragon Chiozespierre The Rising. Born from the Eternal Tree Villalize, whilst a large and developing drakefly nesting in the Light Tree, he was found and captures by the previous Solar King, Zephrain the Eccentric, who raised and nurtured the creature for and groomed it to one day have the intelligence and acumen to become th most powerful and long-lived king Aurore would ever know.

>"As a ruler, Chiozespierre has been noted for hisgreat sense of ambition matched only by his cunning and great mind for management and ruling. IT has been under his supervision that the nation has grown in prosperity, prestige, and quality-of-life, and the research in both Feucine use and Lenscrafting has blossomed exceptionally. Nowadays, the nation makes a pretty penny in sales of masterfully crafted lenswork, their famously bold-tasting Feucine based wines, and of course in the sale of arctic fish and whale-oil. Though there have been rumors spilling from the nation that the royal scholars may soon discover some new uses for the extract of Feucine root, including potentially a replacement fro traditional cetacean oils. If such a thing were to happen, Ecladeaux would swiftly become one of the wealthiest nations in the world, with the Royal Military, Farshots, and Drakensang Brigades to protect to protect them.

And there, here's the basic lore of the "Sun worshiping empire that also wants guns"

How about Radient Dragon Muskateer Knight?

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I know, I'm being a shitter. Like I said, it's basically a prompt because somebody wanted to make SOMETHING for SF. The stupid chargen was my drunken way to make sure people understood it wasn't serious, while also giving them lots of room to play around with backstory and weird ideas, like a decent Envoy. Feel free to make something stupid, ignore it, or call me an idiot. You can even poach the idea, though it's incredibly basic. Just please stop demanding other people run games. That's how we get a surge of low quality games and bamboozles. Three system is really new and we don't even have the bestiary.

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I think I made Rokar too badass

>> No.54848597

What's the Starfinder discord?

>> No.54848614

Are there any plans for 9th casters in starfinder or are they committed to this spontaneous casting 6th caster bullshit?

>> No.54848636

Define bullshit.

>> No.54848660

Why can't I get my RP breaking spells as Wizard anymore?

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>> No.54848761

ya'll are a buncha nerds pretending that Verces isn't the best planet on the system

what's your sorry ass reason for not making Verces your home planet?

>> No.54848813

No stats fro native Vercites

>> No.54848897

I had just emerged from my first Starfinder session. We were an ysoki operative (ghost), a vesk melee soldier, an android technomancer, and a human mystic, all at 1st level. (No envoys or solarians here.)

The session was a mini-adventure consisting of three combat encounters. The first fight was inexplicably difficult; our opponents were four 1st-level PCs. The GM had used a mix of First Contact monsters, math-converted Pathfinder monsters, and PCs-as-NPCs. The GM did not have much of a choice given the lack of official monsters.

Before each encounter was a series of skill-related challenges, which spanned a wide variety of the game's skills. Memorable moments included hacking into a cyborg bear's computer, using a Token Spell to paint the party white in order to bypass color-scanning sensors, and cooking a meal so fine as to be poisonous to space goblins (and then rigging two detonator-activated grenades to it).

I was playing the operative. The class exceeded all expectations. The operative is a juggernaut of a skill monkey that can do just about anything out of combat. The operative is no slouch in a fight thank to trick attacks. Our operative had the greatest kill and damage count in the party, even discounting their critical hits. The class sits comfortably in mid-to-high tier 3.

Unsurprisingly, given the abundance of ranged weapons, combats that start at long distances significantly screw over melee-focused characters. Low-level spellcasters suffer too, as their spells tend to be close-ranged. My azimuth-laser-pistol-toting operative was exploiting a range increment of 80 feet against NPC operatives foolishly wielding tactical semiautomatic pistols with a mere 30 feet for a range increment. Predictable.

The mechanics were not particularly inspired, but they vaguely accomplished what they set out to do: run generic Pathfinder adventures, except in space. It was serviceable, and it helped that 1st level in Starfinder is not quite a rusty dagger shanktown.

>> No.54848912

>not buying a ship from their famous Skydock
>not owning a penthouse on a Temperate Zone skyscraper
>not bringing your hunnies to the Darkside's frozen monasteries
>not killing shit in the Fullbright's Outlaw Kingdoms
>not starting the game with the soon-to-be most prevalent language "Vercite"

you dont get stats from Homeplanet choice, don't even kid nerd

>> No.54849012

Would metal wire be sufficiently "rope-like" to animate with Animate Rope?

>> No.54849053

It's Animate Rope, not Animate Rope-Like Wire. But in all seriousness, sure? Give them a CL check or something for inappropriate target or something?

>> No.54849083


There is a disclaimer here: even after I had shown the GM the statements from Mark Seifter concerning the errors in the operative as printed, the GM opted to run the operative RAW, since what is printed in the book is what is printed in the book.

I am confident that the operative (ghost) would be significantly less potent if the GM takes Mark Seifter's word and removes the +4 to the ghost's trick attacks; that would mean denying the "one true operative build" that is a halfling or an ysoki operative (ghost) with a pistol, and encouraging more variety in operative builds.

>> No.54849094

The thing about rope is that it can flex and coil and all that shit no worries.

metal wire quickly suffers metal fatigue and snaps.

If it was a chain, I'd say yeah. But metal wire? Not so much.

Unless you're referring to like, electrical cables, which might swing...

>> No.54849097

sure why not, spell description says "rope-like" anyway

unless you're trying to do something non-rope-like with it, like doing your taxes then no

>> No.54849127

I think that's a good balance point to work with

>> No.54849150


I like it, don't get a lot of sun gods in the frozen north, typically.

>> No.54849192

Which has always been silly to me considering that Midnight Sun has always been a thing

>> No.54849226

Not at all. I'm a hunger-seed tiefling so I have a spooky oni face. My character wears an oni mask modeled after his own face to cover it up and hide his identity. Mostly just so people ask who I am I can take it off just to revel the the same face under the mask.

Though on the subject of this character I have a feeling I've painted a huge target on my back. I'm playing a kensai magus so I can do that thing when I crit I bump up the weapon crits to x3 and I crit on a 15-20 using a Katana because this is an oriental campaign and we are all weeb trash.

So on a crit right now at level 5 its 10d6+3d8+27

So on I feel like I need to do something to stop my character from waking up one session to an assassin slitting his throat. we have had three fights so far, and I've displayed the ability to oneshot the shit out of things in two of them. In the first I oneshot some large sized spider with a human upper half dude for for 80 points very first round of combat. Then this week I crit some mook that I thought was actually important before i realized he was part of a hivemind for 87. We are only level 5 and most things that he can handle at this level die to a hit like those. I could just stop keening my weapon and let my crits only happen on 18-20s but thats what the build is based on. I guess I didn't realize how strong it would be in play vs on paper.

>> No.54849227

He means the verthani, the native race of verces. But yeah, you can be from verces without being a verthani.

>> No.54849244

oh and that 10d6 is with a spellstrike crit of course

>> No.54849259


Yeah, they seemed like two races with some strong features without being overwhelming.

The elves (At least imo) had the opposite situation. A racial feature that is incredibly situational (Piercing spell resistance when most classes can't cast spells) and not much that couldn't be done a good chunk better by androids.

>> No.54849307

You are giving elves a very general pair of feats that are not only good but supplemented by their stat blocks. This isn't really comparable to the dwarven proficiency/specialization, because most positions can make good use of a long arm, but only a few select characters are going to be intentionally entering melee.

A better solution that would be more elven-like and less general infantry would be to give them these feats for sniper weapons. It would make elven soldiers viable sniper characters, mechanic commandos have a reason to take elf outside of the perfect stat arrangement, and every envoy, mechanic, mystic, technomancer, and solarion aren't going to take a sniper rifle, compared to the previous version, which is a race that gives them +2 INT +2 DEX and two feats that they want anyway.

I don't think elves even need to be buffed because almost every class wants both INT and DEX already

>> No.54849342

>I don't think elves even need to be buffed because almost every class wants both INT and DEX already

Mind you, starfinger doesn't allow stats to go past 18 at chargen even with racial bonus. So which stats you get bonuses to matters a lot less beyond not letting it be a dump stat.

>> No.54849409

Apex - convert vanara or that other ape race
Avian - convert tengu
Floran - convert those delicious plant people.
Glitch - refluff androids
Human - duh
Hylotl - now we get the hard shit. Probably convert locathah.
Novakid - I have no idea. Beings of contained plasma with metal brands for faces, and an old west culture. Penalty to wis or int due to forgetting culture, probably a bonus to dex for good gunslinging. There just isnt enough lore to really give an idea for stats.

The Other Races
Agaran - myconids with laser guns
Alpaca - centauroid alpacas, unsure.
Fenerox - fennec kitsune without transformation with primitive caveman civilization
Frogg - merchant bullywugs
Penguins - penguin physical stats, bonus to int, can grasp things with their weird flippers.
Shadows - not even bothering

>> No.54849412


>It would make elven soldiers viable sniper characters

Nothing makes sniper soldiers work. The sniper fighting style for soldiers? It's about Full Attacks (Getting reduced penalties if you focus the same guy with all your attacks). Sniper rifles can't full attack as they are Unwieldy.

Honestly, sniper rifles right now are in a state where no one ever wants to use them. They can't full attack but they also don't have the AOE of heavy weapons to make up for it. They also can't be used by either of the classes proficient in them (Soldiers and Operatives) worth a damn as Trick Strike for operatives doesn't work for them and Soldier class abilities don't either.

Paizo design!

>> No.54849487

When the fuck does anyone get to fire at a thousand feet, anyways? The best I ever got was "uh okay you kill him" for three rolls in a row and then the party had a full normal encounter minus my own character because now (but not before) there were buildings in the way to compensate.

>> No.54849524


It's more than 1000ft. It sets the range category to 1000ft. Which means 10000 is your max range. It's weird with the whole 'This one weapon gets to fire at long range. Rocket Launchers or the literal Artillery Laser (That is it's actual name) can go get fucked.

It feels like 'Snipe' would have been a better idea as a general action people can take. Spend a move action, double or triple your range category with whatever weapon you have.

>> No.54849531

What would a "do taxes" spell level be?

What about a "cheat on taxes" spell?

>> No.54849536

summons tax tentacles that have their way with you

>> No.54849537

>cheat on taxes
Stop right there in the name of Abadar!

>> No.54849556

Nah. That sounds reasonable. We can't have that.

>> No.54849564

3rd level spell. [spoilers]6th with evil descriptor for cheating, you monster.[/spoilers]

>> No.54849572


>Breaking the law
>On my watch

>> No.54849578

While Solarian is known as both a Bad Thing and a Stabby Class, can you make it better by being a Shooty Class?

>> No.54849584

You don't need magic to cook the books. You just need enough money that there are no consequences whatsoever when you have your employees threaten anyone daring to investigate you.

As long as you have that and didn't outright steal from other rich people, you can cheat on your taxes all the way to the top of the country.

>> No.54849596

>[Resist Arrest]

>> No.54849602

someone to leak the fucking dead suns pdf

>> No.54849606

there is no solar-bolt archetype, and your abilities are overwhelmingly melee-oriented.

So, you could take the armor form and use a gun, but then why aren't you literally-any-other-class-in-the-game?

>> No.54849613

Knowing everybody's secrets helps too.


>> No.54849639

Yeah, gimme a minute. I'll post 'em.

>> No.54849655


Yeah, Longarms might be a bit too nice because it's an upgrade for most people. On the other hand, I am hesitant to go to sniper rifles for the reasons people are talking about in this thread.

>> No.54849675


>Centauroid alpacas
>Caveman fennec foxes
>Merchant frogmen

It's been a while since I paid any attention to that game, it seems.

>> No.54849707

Any chance on the Character Folio as well, please?

>> No.54849708 [DELETED] 

Every time you pray to Abadar your nose gaints an additional millimeter.

>> No.54849723

I'll see what I can do.

>> No.54849728

Every prayer to Abadar lengthens your nose by an additional millimeter.

>> No.54849797

I was reading this and I thought about you /pgg/.

>> No.54849805

The alpacas are scottish norse weirdos who live in sod houses in a mountainous biome and you can get a special costume to look like them.
The fenerox are just a race of fennec foxes wearing caveman costumes and who live in stilt houses in savannah biomes.
The froggs are merchant swamp dwellers whose language is just a bunch of croaks. You mostly loot molotovs and fairy lights from them.
You cant play any of these races without mods. Though you can recruit them to live in your constructed towns, space stations, or starship with colony deeds.

>> No.54849807

Is that some Plastic Neesan?
That's good stuff.

>> No.54849815

I'm sorry, did you say something? I was too busy thinking about dicks.

>> No.54849834

Some of us do more than think about them.

>> No.54849954

Like how Tonari no Seki-kun is /tg/ approved, I think Plastic Neesan deserves to be the /pgg/ manga.

>> No.54849964


>> No.54849976

Whatever happened to the translating of seki-kun?

>> No.54850069

were you too much of a bitch to post it or what

>> No.54850159

don't play with my heart like this anon

>> No.54850240

Sent :^)

>> No.54850259

Why are Ysoki so bad?

>> No.54850295


The only reasons why I had opted to play an ysoki in the game in >>54848897 were:

• It was a 1st-level game, and infrared sensors for darkvision were beyond my price range.
• I was using a wrist-mounted computer for social skills anyway.

I would have played a halfling otherwise. Halflings and ysoki both have +2 Stealth, thus making them ideal for "one true build" operatives (ghost), if the GM is running operatives as-printed.

>> No.54850309

>The first fight was inexplicably difficult; our opponents were four 1st-level PCs.
They've gone over this, PCs have low to-hit but high AC, monsters have low AC but high to-hit. You're not supposed to be fighting other PC builds.

>> No.54850312

Would pic related be more example of a soldier or a mechanic?

>> No.54850345

Next session the monk will find some +4 hands

>> No.54850349

What? Where?

>> No.54850365

Thanks anon. You planning on adding Character Folio?

>> No.54850366

Technically speaking you can give normal clothes armor enchantments, so if you really wanted to you could give him the option to get clothes with the Brawling enchantment on them.

>> No.54850376

Done :^)

>He doesn't know

>> No.54850384


The GM, in fairness, had written the subsequent encounters with that in mind. I am not sure why they had opted for PC-built enemies in the first encounter. It was a tough fight made easy only by timely critical hits from our side.

>> No.54850407

>Being this new

Oh I'm laffin.

>> No.54850408

We need to intrigue ship!

>> No.54850426

What kind of back-room deals are you going to shoot for, /pgg/?

>> No.54850432

No we don't, the game does that by itself.
they're going to a port city after all.

>> No.54850444


what're you talking about? i can't find it too

>> No.54850457


nvm found it

>> No.54850464

Even trips won't save you from your newfaggotry. You should know where to look.

>> No.54850495

Mind helping out a "newfag"? I checked the MEGAs and found nothing

>> No.54850496


A soldier with really tricked out armor.

>> No.54850499


Little geisha dolls with big heads that wobble.

People love those.

>> No.54850501

How much of yourself do you put into your characters? Do you do so knowingly?
And does it ever get too real? What do you do when you get in too deep? How do you come back to reality?

>> No.54850552

Fuck off, I don't spoonfeed.

>> No.54850553


If the PCs can do this job for the Madame of the establishment she can leverage her network of spies to find out info for them. They still have to pay he fee of course but they get head of the line privileges.

>> No.54850567 [DELETED] 

Pick the best S&S apps go.

>> No.54850578

Say something nice about an S&S app go.

>> No.54850586

I go out of my way to play characters really different from me and from each other. I don't "get" playing characters similar to yourself.

>> No.54850615

Sharktits has nice tits.

>> No.54850617

Your app is bad, and your attempts to get us to shill it are groan-worthy.

>> No.54850620

Your app is worse desu.

>> No.54850625

DHB's character is a strong masture man with 18 Str, 12 Dex, 14 Con, and 16 Cha. He's been shown he's willing to cheat on his wife regularly while off doing shit. He's charming, well positioned, wealthy.

How can he can take all the girls in intrigue?

>> No.54850663

Tomas is decent eye candy. That's literally all there is to say about him.

>> No.54850666

I haven't applied to anything since the end of June though.

>> No.54850683

Admittedly, every one of my apps has a part of me in it. Nothing positive though.

>> No.54850715

There's actually quite a lot of Novakid lore written by their original creator, but Chucklefish simply never implemented it.

>> No.54850737

My players are all new. How do I convince them that they have to escape the room a Clockwork Dragon is in and not fight it, without telling them?

>> No.54850743

c-can i play too?

>> No.54850747


>> No.54850752

How small are Halfling children?

>> No.54850755

What level are they?

(Also if they're clearly too weak for it, you can always just have the thing toy with its food, pulling your punches is something that Pathfinder characters almost never employ for obvious reasons but is totally a viable option)

>> No.54850777

Description. Let them roll Perc to gauge fighting ability or something. Let them die to it.

>> No.54850791

why wont you let me play anymore?
we used to be friends....

>> No.54850807

They're called quarterlings for a reason

>> No.54850809

We were never friends, manchild.

>> No.54850812 [SPOILER] 

I went too deep and then got killed. I think I got out okay though

>> No.54850815

You're still the one playing them, and the one making their decisions though. Aren't their actions fundamentally what you, yourself, want? And if not, then why are you making them?

>> No.54850817

Just run a game like you do on /mlp/

Like those Fallout quests
Or those time traveling ones
Don't forget the three sci-fi ones

99% of all GMs are secret horse amigos. The rest hide their power level

>> No.54850818

this is because i wanted to be a druid of friendship, isn't it?

>> No.54850828

I'm a GM who's pretty openly a horse amigo, though then again I'd rather be caught dead than go on /mlp/

>> No.54850854

Yeah, but every Caballito Connoisseur hates /mlp/.

But it's also a fact they're the only other place that runs games.

>> No.54850891

Judging by how many of them start out as shitty NEETs with awful people skills? Too damn much of myself. There's also the family issues, though those are less pronounced.

>> No.54850902

I noticed something similar myself about my own characters. I didn't really have the best relationship with my family, and I keep ending up making characters from broken homes.

>> No.54850906

What are innovations a mage or wizard could make that would drastically change warfare as a traditional fantasy land would know it?

>> No.54850913

Easier to use wands?

>> No.54850924

I mean for one proper nutrition is always a plus, even if that's a more "mundane" use of one's powers that would more than likely go unappreciated by the masses.

>> No.54850942

Fortifications aren't so important when you can cast fly or teleport.

>> No.54850951

Dead Suns PDF?

>> No.54850956

Maybe more efficient golem armor? Something that makes it way harder to just take out normal rank and file soldiers. Like an analogue for tanks, something that foot soldiers can gather around and use to spearhead an attack.

>> No.54850960

>Strap a bunch of wands onto a spinning disk
>Gatling Wand
What could go wrong?

>> No.54850968


>> No.54850974

I entered roleplaying through theater then narrative systems like Fate before I played anything with structured systems. I treat games as cooperative story-telling.

I generally build my character around narrative versatility and direct them to whatever I think will get the most interesting play out of the DM or other players. Their actions may be fundamentally what I myself want, but it's almost never what my character wants.

>> No.54850977

I recall there was a wand rifle in some early Pathfinder module...let me see if I can find it.

>> No.54850987

>Flying golems with gating wands of magic missile
That's going to be a hell of a world war 1

>> No.54850989

If you insist. I like to think I want to have my character act according to their personality, even when it's not beneficial to them. But their desires are still what I've decided for them, so I don't figure it's right to say they're separate from my own.

>> No.54850993

it got posted earlier

>> No.54850995

Here it is.

>> No.54850996

If I could hate you to death over the internet, the resulting explosion of gruesome flesh would permanently traumatize a jaded field surgeon after 20 years in a modern war.

>> No.54851020

2 (they MIGHT be 3 when it happens)

>Let them die
I'd rather not

>> No.54851030

Of course characters do need to maintain consistency, but I think even most real people aren't so rigid that there're many things they'd never do.

Things like alignment, personality, and race are things I like to treat as barriers and challenges when roleplaying. I set myself up a premise and the goal is to navigate my way to the best story I can find, and more often than not that involves putting the poor character through the wringer and seeing if they break.

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with inserting some self into a character knowingly or otherwise, but I've just never understood the why. It seems really boring to me. I want to take an alien mind and navigate it through inconceivable adventure, y'know?

>> No.54851031

Fuck, am I missing something?
Don't see it?

>> No.54851056

I guess. I don't think of it that far through, and I honestly don't like to go in with the intention of breaking down my characters. I'd rather have them start at the bottom as damaged individuals and try to work their way up from there. Maybe they fail, maybe they die, maybe they actually succeed, but they die trying if they do.

>> No.54851061

I feel like a random assortment of miscellaneous wands would be far worse.

You'd have some poor sap doubling over laughing, while another is uncontrollably dancing, while another is hit by Finger of Death and is a zombie, still another is trying to get away but can't, because his boots sunk into the mud which just turned into stone.

>> No.54851069

yeah, so /mlp/ and /tg/ are friends!
so you should let me use my pony-customized armies, so what if they break rules

>> No.54851072

Focus your energy on these:

>> No.54851082

Well for one at either of those levels a Clockwork Dragon, being a CR like what, 16? could probably literally eat them in a single round especially given that it's probably physically larger than anything they've likely seen up till this point. That said IIRC they're also capable of being sentient, so my suggestion earlier of having it "play with its food", so to speak, is one that I still think is a good one. Bopping around the party strongman with CMB pushes, intentionally missing its breath weapon right above their heads but still giving them the option to roll to see how powerful the blast is, not bothering to dodge their attacks because most level 2-3 characters likely aren't going to do much to get past its DR/15 adamantine, and even if they do it's not going to be by much, stuff like that.

>> No.54851090

Either contribute or finish Poor Unfortunate Foals, but please don't spam here

>> No.54851098

have a comparable level NPC go up and attack the Clockwork Dragon, let them watch the NPC get one shotted

>> No.54851100

I mean.

3pp is all the rage here...

And Ponyfinder is a full fledged 3pp subsystem with its own self-moderated balances...

>> No.54851111

that is dead forever now.

>> No.54851114

Yes, give them a buddy! Then horribly, HORRIBLY murder the buddy. Alternatively, have some one-off knight charge out comically, yelling about how he'll do such and such to earn the princess' hand, then get rekt. That way, they have no attachment to the poor sod. Better they don't want to avenge their comrade, I think.

>> No.54851152


Found it where? I needs to know!

>> No.54851200

If it did, wouldn't more people be talking about it?

>> No.54851210

It's Saturday, give it time.

>> No.54851221 [DELETED] 

What bothers me about Starfinder is its attempt at using real-world science as part of its sci-fi feel. The solarian and the solarian weapon crystals make mention of gravitons, photons, W-bosons, and gluons. Page 290 mentions "the hard limit of the speed of light."

However, as per page 470, the Inner Planes still exist, and thus the Material Plane's physical reality is built of a dance of positive energy, negative energy, air, earth, fire, and water. How do real-world, 21st century physics even begin to apply here?

In a multiverse comprised of building blocks of positive energy, negative energy, air, earth, fire, and water, by the time people reach the equivalent of 21st century physics (or even 20th century physics), physics and Inner Planar mystical theory would be one and the same.

>> No.54851231


>> No.54851244

What bothers me about Starfinder is its attempt at using real-world science as part of its sci-fi feel. The solarian and the solarian weapon crystals make mention of gravitons, photons, W-bosons, and gluons. Page 290 mentions "the hard limit of the speed of light."

However, as per page 470, the Inner Planes still exist, and thus the Material Plane's physical reality is built of a dance of positive energy, negative energy, air, earth, fire, and water. How do real-world, 21st century physics even begin to apply here?

In a multiverse comprised of building blocks of positive energy, negative energy, air, earth, fire, and water, by the time people reach the equivalent of 21st century physics (or even 20th century physics), physics and Inner Planar mystical theory would be one and the same.

Starfinder is trying to have it both ways in terms of "the basic building blocks of the Material Plane," and that results in something nigh incomprehensible.

>> No.54851254

Create Water (you can get a decent full-time job just cantriping the stuff in many regions) and create food/drink/purify can reduce the logistical difficulties of any army by a matter of caravans. Not pounds, not barrels, FUCKING CARAVANS.

The various move-earth, shape earth/stone/mud spells. Again, construction can be shortened from weeks of having the peasants leave their farms into a handful of days with a spellcaster just casting the spells, possibly with far greater resulting quality. Trenches. Canals. Done.

Wall of Stone: As above. from repairs to high-end pallisades, this shit adds up fast.

Also greatly underexploited in the settings - somehow - are the various divination and messaging systems. Knowing the weather ahead of time? useful as fuck when marching armies and picking the time of a fight. Knowing what's coming? HALF THE BATTLE. Being able to transmit information instantaneously instead of having some shmuck ride a horse for days? Priceless, yet somehow ignored in settings the majority of the time!

>> No.54851255

I don't care if it's a glitch in 4chan's system, but please stop multiposting.

>> No.54851265

That's generally 4chan's fault, so tell 4chan that.

>> No.54851279

I love how everyone forgets this little addendum at the end of Create Water
>This water disappears after 1 day if not consumed.

>> No.54851287

With paizo, the inclusion of physics or science is generally a red flag. Not only will they be generally ignored anyways, but they will in the future be used to justify complete retardation here and there.

Since page 290 mentions c ... expect photon solarian nerfs in the future.

>> No.54851288

Please keep posting and never let anybody stop you.

>> No.54851294

Arkwright pls

>> No.54851306

>Since page 290 mentions c ... expect photon solarian nerfs in the future.
Don't they deserve it if all-photon solarians are overpowered against balanced/graviton solarians?

>> No.54851313

Nice doublepost.

Regardless, part of me agrees with you and wishes that for at least some of our weaponry we took the Jak and Daxter approach where our ammunition, technology, and stuff like that was at least in part powered by what earlier generations would have just referred to as the basic building blocks of the world.

Basically what I'm saying is that it's a crying shame that I can't wield a ray gun that shoots negative energy.

The fact that the water can be made with a cantrip (aka effectively endless) sort of negates that fact somewhat, since if you're filling a trough full of it it's still, in the end, perfectly clean water being summoned. Plus any dirty container you were hoping to use can just be cleaned out by, you guessed it, more applications of Create Water.

>> No.54851314

So what?

No, really. SO WHAT? There are THOUSANDS of science fantasy magic+science fiction books around. They make even less sense than SF and PF. No one cares about your self involved opinions.

>> No.54851324

gravitational - earth
electromagnetic - air
strong nuclear - fire
weak nuclear - water
Negative energy is literally entropy and positive is not well mappable. There. That's how you square this weird disconnect you seem to have. Their physics includes these fundamental energies and explains how they map together to form what we consider to be physics.

>> No.54851343

Sure. and if not consumed it vanishes. that means you can't flood a city or supply water to an entire army without an army of cantrip casting peons who do nothing but cast create water.

And they will be killed in the way first, because the first thing you do in a way is take out the supply trains. Even peasants know this. You won't have anyone to cast those cantrips - they'll run away, or you'll have to literally enslave them.

People always take these things to a conclusion, but it is rarely the logical or the most basic conclusion.

>> No.54851360


Why are we using cantrips cast by vulnerable individuals?

>> No.54851366

Okay George RR Martin, thanks for the input.

>> No.54851373

>if not consumed
>24 hours

A single casting of the cantrip by a level 1 character: not even a six second act, creates two gallons of water - enough for four people's daily intake on a temperate day. LADLING the shit into four receptacles would take longer than that.

An army can line up and within ten minutes (100 rounds = 200 gallons) four hundred soldiers have gotten their daily requirement. No barrels. No horses. Just Ted the apprentice.

>> No.54851391

you're quoting their future bullshit aren't you.

fucking diviners

>> No.54851394


If a setting has D&D-style Inner Planes (positive, negative, air, earth, fire, and water), that says something about the physics and chemistry of the setting.

Grass still burns, ice melts during a sunny day, and a rubber ball bounces on a hard surface, but these are the result of Inner Planar interactions rather than real-world physics and chemistry. In other words, the "on-screen" physical interactions work the same, but the "behind the scenes" scientific laws are totally different.

Gravitons, photons, W-bosons, gluons, and the speed of light are all "behind the scenes" scientific laws, and it takes a strong stretch to justify them in a multiverse wherein the "behind the scenes" scientific laws are already decided upon by Inner Planar metaphysics. These are two different sets of "behind the scenes" laws; it is foolish to try to blend them together.

>> No.54851407

Because that is an item created by an IMPORTANT (it's CL9) individual, and if stolen or broken costs many many times the yearly salary of "level 1 cantrip bitch"

>> No.54851427

I guess. Seems valuable for wartime efforts, though cantrip bitch certainly works as well. If you're worried about them dying, the decanter is safer, which might be worth the value if there's a great risk of the cantrip bitch catching an arrow to the throat. A decanter is easier to cram into a lockbox than a person, generally.

>> No.54851437

What would go wrong if I made weapons scale instead of having players replace them?

>> No.54851438

Except that's not true either. Taking 10 on any profession skill at level 1 (which most printed commoners/experts/ect aren't) with 1 rank in it is enough to earn multiple GP a day and much more a week.

>> No.54851453

Nothing really? Might screw over some class/archtypes whose power budget is caught up in auto-scaling weapons.

>> No.54851460

WBL might get fucky, but there isn't so much to buy that this would break things, I think. They might have more grenades than you want, or all kinds of horrible augments.

>> No.54851473

Because Items like that are expensive and not exactly something that a kingdom is just going to send out along its supply chains.

Maybe we need to settle the actual demographics of these kingdoms and just how many wizards and other casters are around, including their levels, to actually get a handle on just what is feasible for a kingdom's army by way of magic assistance. Because right now, i'm guessing everyone in these threads ha sa very different idea of just how powerful and how many of these casters re around to do the things mentioned.

w-bosons are just the scientific name for elemental particles of water. A gluon is a particle of quintessence that binds elemental particles together. The same can be said of the rest of these little things. Are you this unimaginative?

>> No.54851476

It's not GRRM stupidity, it's basic warfare. Stuff like this was known well before GRRM showed up on the scene. The Worm Ouroborous, Changeling/Madwand, The Belgariad, etc. etc..

>> No.54851487

And if Ted the apprentice cannot perform, you had better have an alternative.

>> No.54851512

Are you stupid?

>> No.54851516

No, it really doesn't. The fact that you cannot reconcile that both systems can function is simply a measure of your inability to accept that magic and spiritual existences can exist in a science fiction setting, and that both can in fact be correct. There is absolutely no reason spirits of fire and cehmical xcombustion cannot have the same effects on the physical world. Both can be interacted with by different systems of magic or skill, and sometimes that can be crossed over by really talented and exceptionally skilled people.

Your inability to cope does not necessarily indicate bad writing or even flawed 'mechanics'. It only indicates your inability to comprehend and cope.

>> No.54851522

Yeah, you bring along 10-15 Ted like individuals.

>> No.54851523

Yes, he is that unimaginative and that seriously autistic. Take his "build advice" at your own risk.

>> No.54851531

Switch weak and strong force and I think you may be on to something.

>> No.54851535

What? Its a Water boson. And Z-bosons are Zater bosons.

Im literally winging this, since ive never sat down and tried to square this shit properly, but it works.

Oh, I know of the 2hu/colette. Ive always discarded his shit for the weird autistic mess it is.

>> No.54851540

So, enslaving them and making sure that the enemy wizards don't scry and die them and assassins don't sneak into your camp and kill them. Because people who supply invaluable things to make the army work NEVER get killed by the enemy.

Just as expected.

>> No.54851551

Enslave them? Literally draft clerics as part of your military. And your supply lines for water are as or more fragile than a group of clerics with class levels.

It's easier to defend a group from a crying and assassins than it is to ensure water is supplied to the army. It's less resources because it requires one or two level 9 wizard to hide the clerics. The clerics can also be guarded.

>> No.54851560

>Speed of light is an inherent limit
>Can still teleport anywhere in the galaxy with a 800k magic item, only slightly more than a single build point for a starship


>> No.54851568

Also, you're seeming to imply that a transportable, semi-infinite, and clean source of water isn't something worth investing in for an army? Are you an actual fucking retard? It unshackles your army from so many supply issues.

Having a group of defended priests would enormously help your army compared to defending water supply lines. Also, wells can be poisoned, so can rivers, sometimes there just aren't rivers around. Clerics are an EXTREMELY useful investment for any military force. Also if your fucking retard argument is 'what if they get assassinated' then you can make that for literally any important individual, like commanders, generals, medics, etc.

>> No.54851569

Speed of light only applies when you're physically traveling through the intermittent space.

>> No.54851584


Page 470:

>Elemental Planes
>The Planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water are home to creatures and landscapes formed from their respective elements, often inhospitable to mortals. Within the planes, many different factions vie for control, from genies to minions of the elemental lords.

>Negative and Positive Energy Planes
>The Positive Energy Plane and its dark twin, the Negative Energy Plane, exist to create and destroy life, respectively. While the Negative Energy Plane drains life and creates strange mockeries of it (and is responsible for animating undead creatures), the Positive Energy Plane is no safer, as its pure vitality overwhelms and consumes mortal bodies.

Nothing suggests that the Inner Planes are anything but positive energy, negative energy, air, earth, fire, and water.

Under your logic, all water elementals would actually be embodiments of the weak force and W-bosons. While that would be interesting, there is no evidence that this is what Paizo is going for.

It *is* possible to have a space fantasy setting with D&D-style Inner Planes. That is what Spelljammer did, and it took the Inner Planar metaphysics to the hilt, down to having "air worlds" (gas giants), "earth worlds" (solid planets), "fire worlds" (suns), and "water worlds."

What Paizo seems to be aiming for is "We want scientific concepts and physics-babble, because it is just not sci-fi without them... but we also want our Great-Wheel-expy cosmology, including the Inner Planes, for legacy purposes," which is the wrong way to go about it.

>> No.54851588

Please either stop being autistic or stop posting

>> No.54851630

So you can't admit defeat honorably so you just attack someone...riiiigghhht

>> No.54851644

Is there even a way to add weapons or weapon slots to heavy armor in Starfinder? The soldier can get the ability to add power armor mods to heavy armor, but that only means the titan shield and the autoloader, and the autoloader only affects mounted weapons.

Speaking of the autoloader, I can't even find anywhere that says mounted weapons require autoloaders or can't be reloaded otherwise, nor do I see anything that dictates whether or not you can use weapons with your hands while in power armor. Am I overlooking this stuff, or did they print this book before they finished the power armor section?

>> No.54851673

>Under your logic, all water elementals would actually be embodiments of the weak force and W-bosons.
No, they would be water. Elemental particles, which are not elementals, govern these things, but they are also more than just the various fundamental forces. Earth is gravitation, but it is also the archetype of earth and metal. It is the very concept of heavy, and heavy things are formed from and within it. Fire is the very concept of burning and is energetic interactions, spitting off plasma and photons and radioactivity.

The same is true of the other elemental planes, they are metaphysical planes which govern platonic ideals and the fundamental forces of reality. A w-boson works because an elemental plane governs its interaction and behavior.

>> No.54851679

Arkwright, 2hu isn't gonna give you nudes for being a whipped faggot

>> No.54851690

wrong person, but it's funny watching you flounder to find actual reasons to fight back with. For the record I despise 2hu, but a broken clock can be right once a day

>> No.54851692

How is this any worse than having to lug multiple additional carriages filled with barrels of water, with their own drivers, the horses, the additional feed and salaries and supplies, any of which could go wrong in some way due to wizards or assassins or hell even just a few stray arrows or even illness or bad weather?

Don't fucking pretend putting an apprentice on cantrip duty is the only thing that can go fucking wrong.

>> No.54851701

>envoys can't have nice things, coming to a splatbook near you soon

>> No.54851707

We should definitely stop carrying all those soldiers to the war, too. The war goes bad when they start dying left and right.

>> No.54851725

>not slavery
>clerics grow on trees
>the church won't complain about them being used for military purposes
>'what if they get assassinated' then you can make that for literally any important individual
And that is exactly the point I am making. Those major military personnel do and did get assassinated regularly. Being an investment to an army, and a critical one, doesn't make you safe. You spend even more resources defending them - such as 9th level wizards being employed to protect a bunch of clerics instead of being used against the enemy. Those don't grow on trees either., and they're an even more prime target for assassination than your military leaders.

And you're calling ME stupid.

>> No.54851735

That isn't even a defeat. That's 2hu being incapable of non-autistic reasoning.

>> No.54851747

Because the water doesn't vanish after 24 hours, and you aren't reliant on a person who can be killed to make the water appear.

>> No.54851752

Thing is, he's right. The inconsistencies are there and the fluff of the setting is so poorly written it's unworkable as is. They're just pointing that out and the fact still remains the planar cosmology is still the correct interpretation of how physics work in starfinder because paizuri are retards desu

>> No.54851758

How serviceable is Starfinder as a sci-fi system? Can't see myself using the setting over a homebrew, but does it contain mechanics that make it distinct from "3.5 in Space"?

>> No.54851768

It's a better mechanical chassis overall than Pathfinder/3.5.
There's extremely few options right now and some of them (e.g. Solarian) are garbage, though.
The game should become decently good once more content is published.
I'd still recommend playing 4e or the 4e-based edition of Gamma World instead, though.

>> No.54851777

Can't wait! LEAKS WHEN?

>> No.54851803

>And you're calling ME stupid.
I'm saying the resources you spend on them is less than what you spend on maintaining clean water supplies for an entire army on the move. The total investment is less on the priests, especially because Adept, an NPC class, can cast create water.

Adepts make up 5% of the total population anyway according to pathfinder's settlement statistics. A level 1 adept can create 12 gallons of water per day on average, actually more than enough for himself and the average 19 other men there are before you get another adept.

>> No.54851812

More on this. When I say cleric, it's any religious person, including adepts.

A level 1 adept can make 12 gallons a day. A level 2 adept 24, and a level 3 adept 42. 42 gallons is the water ration of quite a few men.

Level 1-3 adepts ARE actually extremely common.

>> No.54851814

waaaaaah, a space fantasy game doesn't adhere totally to physics, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, my autism hurts so MUCH

>> No.54851817

Right now our go-to is D:tD, so the draw of Starfinder is something new but familiar with presumably lighter crunch to it.

Nobody in our group enjoyed any aspect of 4e.

>> No.54851844

I don't enjoy 4e or Gamma World, and from what I've seen I'll enjoy Starfinder. It's also got all the sci fi AND fantasy trappings, so it can be refluffed to fit into either or both genres, as you prefer - some anon was talking about doing a final fantasy based campaign in Starfinder a while ago, even.

>> No.54851878

Is this how an orcish warband celebrates a victory in golarion?


>> No.54851898

Brawling enchantment only works on light armor

>> No.54851901

No one would care if it didn't adhere to physics. The problem is that it doesn't understand the physics and the implications caused by breaking them, and doesn't adhere to the concepts it itself establishes. For example:

>Yet even in this new age of space flight, voyages beyond the solar system remained rare; traveling to even the nearest star at conventional speeds would take generations. While a few starships had drives capable of circumventing this obstacle, all relied on extremely expensive magical technology, often controlled by churches or other organizations.

>Drift [...] would allow mortals to cheaply and easily travel between points anywhere in the galaxy.

>Magic item in the gear section does just that on a galactic scale, instantly and safely, costs about 1/50th of a Tier 1 starship.

>> No.54851907

So the Intrigue party is LG/NG and LE/LE/NE.

Is it just me or are they going to kill each other?

>> No.54851923

Then why haven't we had any FOUR FUNDAMENTAL FORCES elementals ever?

>> No.54851938

You know why clerics in an army are a bad idea?

Because they answer to a higher power than the general of the army they are in. The one who grants them their spells. If their god says "take a hike" or "stop doing the generals bidding" there is a serious chain of command issue in the making.

>> No.54851939

Holy shit I want to play an orcish bard based off of this guy.

>> No.54851948

Actually, it's an incredibly stupid interpretation on his part when there is literally SCIENCE AND MAGIC ARE THE SAME, the class, in the SF core book.

>> No.54851957

It's a level 20 item, only level 20 guys can craft it?

>> No.54851961

Good fluff concept.
Fucking terrible execution when you've still got the Inner Planes AND modern science.

>> No.54851965

Teleport - even interplanetary teleport - can be truly fucked up in areas where magical fields cause interference.

t. conjuration magic explanation in core books

>> No.54851966

Generally gods don't directly talk to anyone but very powerful clerics (commune is a 5th level spell). As long as the army isn't violating their god's teaching it should be fine. You just pull from national churches who support what ever war you're on.

>> No.54851976

Its like an... indian Gaston... and it's beautiful.

>> No.54851979

Technomancer says fuck you.

it's not even difficult to accept both could exist.

>> No.54851997

>god gets annoyed at the secular armies pulling his clerics into their war
>has his clerics institute a theocracy
>crusades everywhere
>secular armies no longer in control of anything

>> No.54852005

They can, but not in Paizo's fluff.

>> No.54852023

>GM insists on making 1 encounter per day games
The fucking alchemist is constantly shining and saving the day. Last 3 sessions I was sure I could be in my home doing nothing and the result would be the same

>> No.54852033

This relies on so many factors it basically reduces this to an argument starter. Some armies are theocratic.

Who knows, the church could have called for a war. The church could have given it's explicit connect/favor for the war.

I mean fucking sure, if the church say "nah we don't approve" and they were drafted anyway their god might pull support, but the idea that most gods would want their church to overthrow the government and create a theocracy rather than just lending their support to causes they agree with is buttfuck retarded.

>> No.54852119

Hylax in her city says hi! No really, she just said hi and waved at you, you better go talk to the bug goddess.

>> No.54852132

I said generally. Some gods do, but most gods are relatively aloof.

>> No.54852224

Reminder that power armour is for little weaklings and heavy armour is where it's at.

>> No.54852294

This is propaganda by Big Heavy Armor. Don't you fine folks listen. Buy Power Armor. It's takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!

No refunds

>> No.54852310

In a world where people literally get their powers from a divine being because they are devout and ask for them, then you send these people into wars to be watermakers who become a literal threat to the existence of other countries sovereignty, it seems highly unlikely that several deities would not sit up and take notice.

>> No.54852315

yo nerds i got accepted into a game, help me make a soldier

which fighting style is best? i got 16 str and 16 dex so i can do whatever

thx senpai ill get you back

>> No.54852329

Guardian, but get this. Don't use armor. They'll never see it coming.

>> No.54852330

How many threads ago?

>> No.54852347

>real-world science

Wrong in path/starfinder. Objectively provable and plainly observable elemental forces of the universe are still true and the new fangled gibberish a sorcerer tries to justify his weak fire elemental powers with doesn't change that.

>> No.54852351

shit i only have enough milkmoney to buy weapons anyway

>> No.54852357


>> No.54852366

Go uh, Armor Storm? I hear it's good. Sharpshooter might get you extra damage, though, which could be nice. I dunno, I haven't looked in enough detail. I have heard good things about Armor Storm and Guard, though. Guard is more defensive overall.

>> No.54852404

Blingmaker was just as bad

>> No.54852415

yeeaah i get ya, i was lookin at Armor Storm, but til i get 18 str, all it does is give me 1 extra damage

Guard lookin good tho, gotta admit, its either Guard or Bombard i think, the free nade and heavy weapons look good too

>> No.54852438

Heavy Weapons are going to be better than nades, though a free one is nice. Sucks you can't take spec with them, though there may be a loophole in taking spec with a grenade launcher. Dunno how legit that is, though, so YMMV. Heavy Weapons are nice.

>> No.54852441

LE is a very party-friendly alignment, it shouldn't really cause much trouble.

>> No.54852485

Alignment is poison. It is the mindkiller.

>> No.54852492

Then how are there gravitons, W-bosons, speed of light, etc. etc. etc. etc. when STARFINDER SAYS THEY EXIST?

>> No.54852517

Wrong and just there for your benefit. Primitive understanding of the magical nature of reality.

>> No.54852543

Does anyone realize how ridiculous the crew sizes of the Colossal-sized dreadnoughts are in Starfinder? These ships are **at least** 2.84 miles long, and possibly well over a dozen miles long, yet they have a minimum crew size of 125 and a maximum crew size of 500.

Would it not feel rather lonely to be in such a heavily computerized capital ship?

>> No.54852549

They are also ridiculously light-weight for that size.
In real life, 200m long ships had water displacements of over 20000 tons and crews of over 1000.
Here, 4600+m long monstrosities weigh 8000 tons and have tiny crews.

>> No.54852554

Doesn't that mean 2hu is right about it being bullshit.

>> No.54852556

THAT I can make sense of: starships need to be really light.

>> No.54852564

They really don't.
Light weight only matters with shittertech the kind of which we have today.
Realistically, the bigger end of future starships will be behemoths exceeding millions of tons.

>> No.54852582

That makes no sense.
The fucking space shuttle weighed over 2000 tons, an entire quarter of those supposedly gigantic ships.

>> No.54852662

No that really depends. In Golarion? Most of the major gods aren't involved enough in mortal affairs to care.

>> No.54852726

Is there a 1pp feat like:

>> No.54852826

I mean, there's Quickened Metamagic. Quicken Blessing for Warpriest, but that's not for spells. Other than that, I don't think so.

>> No.54852827

Closest you'll get is being a warpriest who can buff herself as swift action when you use fervor for it.

>> No.54852901

I want to get lost in a Shirren ship!

>> No.54852913

>can't find anybody
>no clue where you are
>all you hear is the hum of machinery
>and scuttling
>endless chitinous scuttling

>> No.54852922

They haven't killed each other yet, so it's okay!

>> No.54852990

>Shirrens define themselves by their individualism. When they left the Swarm, they assumed partial control over the neurological pleasure and pain systems by which they were formerly directed, and even generations later, making choices for themselves can literally flood them with pleasurable neurotransmitters. While this ability is not always beneficial — some shirrens deliberately drug themselves this way, becoming "option junkies" blissed out on sequences of trivial decisions — freedom of choice is crucial to shirren identity. At the same time, shirrens remain highly communal, and are valued as collaborators by other races due to their ability to foster teamwork and put the goals of the group first

>Option Junkies

>> No.54853059

That would make Paladins be good and not just a 2 level dip, so no, Paizo doesn't want that

>> No.54853077

>2 level dip
Not even that, there's a feat that literally gives you anything attractive from Pal

>> No.54853083


>> No.54853095

That feat that adds your Cha to your saves.

>> No.54853104

Got nerfed to useless point, thank god though

>> No.54853136

When I started, I could get by a whole adventure with just two.

But nowadays I don't even feel like I'm fully powered up until I take my fourth.

>> No.54853153

There's more than just Divine Grace to a Paladin you know.

>> No.54853192

What games are currently recruiting?

>> No.54853217


new thread

>> No.54853260

Because mass is still mass, even in zero g. More mass=more energy to move said mass.

>> No.54853387

This a hundred times
People mistakes weight for mass, mass still exist in ""zero g"", inertia is a fucking thing in ""zero g""

>> No.54853406

There's also disease immunity.

>> No.54853426

Go ahead. I'm claiming your horsegina and donutierre for my personal use though.

>> No.54853478

Genuinelly don't know if this is serious or a joke

>> No.54853563

It's pretty clear that they really didn't much of the si-fi stuff over

>> No.54855722

Rarely. Somehow, they always seem too different to be me. Too selfish, too dumb, too skilled.

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