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Dark Crusade was 11 years ago Edition

>Hilarious™ Mortarion Reveal, also some terminators and stuff

>Konor Campaign: Chaos Losing again...

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Chaos' work)

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>tfw Khorne Berzerker Troops

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"Rumors via sources on Faeit 212
I was told something about the new Astra Militarum.. apparently they're going to be Armageddon Steel Legion and they're coming out at the same time as new Orks. (Armageddon campaign I think).
The Ork teasers from a few weeks ago (wheels with spikes) and the laspistol we saw the other week are from those new kits"

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We'll all xenos armies are going to get BTFO next year (don't deny it you alien fuckers), so GW will need something to make them big money

Also, what does a WE army use as troops right now?

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So, question: I'm planning on selling off my Necron Army; Is 200$ a fair price for this?

40 Warriors
9 Scarab Swarms
3 Destroyers
1 Lord
1 Triarch Stalker

All painted Gunmetal and washed with Nuln Oil or Agrax

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tfw you like Guardsmen but hate all their vehicles

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>tfw look at every army's fluff for second army choice
>tfw totally fall in love with the 'Nids
>tfw SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE to build an army

Just the Gants would be comparable cost to my CSM army.

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Where? The index?

Not in Codex.

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Yes, but W H E N

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Black Legion epub pls?

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Great taste must always suffer. I'm in the same amphibious chimeraboat

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How old is that shit no one knows.

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>hating leman russ, basilisk, valkyries, etc.


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steel legion plastics inbound


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for resell the general rule of thumb is 40% msrp

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52 minutes ago today.

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old rules, gtfo

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>Faeit 212
That guy is literally never right

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Page reference in codex?

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I hope so, kind of. If the rumor is true and we are getting Steel Legion and new Orks at the same time, I'm going to be spending more money than I want to think about.

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Really? I feel the opposite. Cadians look like shit, but the tanks looi awesome.

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Since the OP is a fucking dumbass faggot

https://sendit.cloud/0sizkoyfg2yd CSM Codex epub
https://sendit.cloud/ttanhp21trhi GK Codex epub

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Damn it, I wanted to make a list with 4 Zerkers and make everyone hate me for rolling so long, GW y u do this.

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If cult troops were going to be changed to elite only in the codex a whole 2 months after release why were they ever even troops in the first place.

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Fairly sure its in the main mega, friendo.

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Mega folder got updated, faggot.

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Are you one of those guys who only owns 10 dice and rolls 4 times when your guard squad shoots 40shots?

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Bring a Vanguard then. Duh.

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Ultramarines Captain question:

Auto bolt rifle or Stalker bolt rifle?

His main role will just be staying alive and army support, but to do that he'll need to be close to other units.

I plan on giving him Adept of the Codex and the Sanctic Halo.

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Tfw you like Guardsmen, find the cartoony leman russ charming and the huge baneblade imposing, but hate the chimera. And the chimera with a flamethrower.
And the chimera with an anti air gun.
And the chimera with the slightly stubbier anti air gun.
And the chimera with four missiles.
And the chimera with one big missile

I hate that guard vehicles are mostly "chimera, but..." Same problem I have with space marines and the rhino.

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Or you could just use the mega

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use iBooks faggot

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Basilisk is great.

Leman Russ is LAME.

Seems kinda bad to not like a major part of an army though. I play Chaos at the moment and I love everything except the Slaanesh stuff, so thats like 95% of the stuff. Great ratio.

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Last time I checked I had around 70.
Happens when you DM pool systems, becase players are faggots.

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Tyranid swarm is your friend.
40 termagaunts
40 Hormagaunts
10 gargoyles
1 Carnifex
Some rippers you won't be using because they suck.

130 euros.

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I'm kinda in similar straits (except Sentinels. I like sentinels.)

So I'm in the process of converting my Leman Russes into mecha. And when I get a Chimera, that's going to be a hovertruck. Or gets legs.

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>converting my Leman Russes into mecha
>Chimera with legs

senpai your army is gonna look like shit

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How does Purity Seal spray work?

What is it for?

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Hey /tg/, has any of you got the ADB's Black Legion epub? I'm dying to read it, but nobody ever remembers about the book mega ;_;

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ironic you say that, seeing as only fags use .epubs and ibook

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Sounds awesome, make sure to post pics.

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I want to start reading the BL Books.

Good place to start? I'm thinking the Dark Imperium book. Not part of any series, contemporary enough.

Seems good?

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It's just a coat of varnish.

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Does ibooks still convert every page into a freaking high resolution image? Because that totally defeats the whole purpose of having an epub/mobi imho.

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We had one really good mega with loads of stuff that died a few months ago. I don't know what we're using for fluff books now.
Dark Imperium is a good start. Even if you don't read the book you'll want a TL;DR summary to get up to date with the fluff.

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What's that for?pls spoonfeed

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Depends on what you like, really.
I feed myself on Chaos-themed books and Horus Heresy stuff. Started of Night Lords by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and I don't regret it.

My favourite place to start would be the first three books of Horus Heresy, they get you a good outlook on how do BL peeps tend to write shit.

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It protects your paint job by being a transparent layer that's difficult to stick shit too.

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I guess it always was this one, it just rarely ever gets updated anymore. Been searching for Dark Imperium for months now, but found nothing.

>> No.54840281

I dont think anyone updates this. But its still there

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>hating my favorite vehicle

I hate all of you. How about that?

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I've heard it's actually shit and ruins your models.

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It's only a -1 to hit and he has a 2+ bs, right?

Give him a master crafted stalker and have him pop terminators in the head.

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If you don't know how to use a spray then maybe.

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>Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and I don't regret it.
That is something I never thought I'd hear.

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Poor soul, it's even older than the one I posted in >>54840278, be sure to check.

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>Emperors Children Daemon Prince
>Dual Talons
>Stimulated by pain warlord trait
>Intoxicating elixir artifact
>cast diabolic strength on itself
>12 s10 attacks per turn, hitting on 2 rerollin 1

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You can buy paint on shit also.

>> No.54840345

I've a spot for Chaos being the edgy Mary Sue, and ADB is the only dealer that delivers this shit anymore. And he reads good.

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Should I play Nids or Dark Eldar?

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I could read the NL stuff, but Talon of Horus.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Sekhandur is fucking insufferable as a charcter

>> No.54840367

What's a good loadout for a Chapter Master?

What model / models could I use to make him?

>> No.54840368

Just give him the Stalker, the AP-2 is the tits and you won't feel the -1 to-hit on the move that much. He's mostly a buffbot anyway, so don't overcomplicate him.

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Night Lords omnibus was also among my first reads. Top notch stuff relatively speaking

>> No.54840379

Which do you prefer aesthetically?

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Why would you even want to sell your Necrons, when they are so awesome in 8th edition?

It's probably a good price, but you will competing with all of the other cheap Necron armies out there. I have no idea why there are so many for sale now....

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>> No.54840400


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So...can someone convert the epub codices to pdf?

>> No.54840412

how can you dislike slaanesh

>> No.54840416

>Jesus Fucking Christ, Sekhandur is fucking insufferable as a charcter

I found him cool, really gets the trope of "oh look at me, I'm so independent, so wise" Tzeentchian puppet. And bonus points for somehow hinting on everyday life in Eye of Terror, that was my favourite stuff of the book.

Abaddon is still an insufferable a dick tho.

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Have you read Lord of the Night?
I love Talos' progression from a raiding band squad leader with prophetic visions to a fully corrupted warband leader bent on taking everyone down with him.

>> No.54840424

Well mostly the Daemons.

The Marines are alright.

>> No.54840430

yeah I have that one also. I haven't delved to deep into it as i have read most of this shit legit. There is also the ancient HH audiobook only one. https://mega.nz/#F!GEc1QLRR!BcxtPrEdfvI-778sQnTzjg

Abandoned megas always feel like partial STC

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do you want hungry big bugs among swarms or coke head soul snorting aristocratic elves covered in spikes pulling pranks?

>> No.54840435

Deldar is probably cheaper to buy into since you don't need dozens and dozens of infantry models. You could do that but why when the Deldar transports look so sleek and fast.

Nids look fun though, seems nice to be able to toss everything at your opponent and not care what happens to any of it.

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Get a better tablet.

>> No.54840449

I myself like everything slaanesh except for the chariots and finecast keeper

>> No.54840456


>Faet 212

Call me when it's Panda.

>> No.54840458

>Abaddon is still an insufferable a dick tho.

What? Abaddon is a cool cat. So chill.

>> No.54840459

Not yet, I didn't even know it existed. Definitely will have a look for that one.

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>> No.54840466

I'm on a pc, like a normal person.

>> No.54840468

Stupid question i was looking at the DE myself for getting back into 8th. Spearhead detachment would just allow me to spam Ravagers right. Wouldn't that be over powered? Would everyone hate my guts?

>> No.54840472

Updated Chaos models when?

>> No.54840473


Probably Nids, but my money suggests Dark Eldar. But they're both pretty hard to paint well.


>> No.54840486


You just made my boring cross-country trips much more manageable, thanks anon!

Goodness, Lord of the Night was incredibly cool. Out of all books I've read I find The Talonmaster my favourite character in the series. Too bad he's probably died in the limbo of nobodycareisms.

For a moment yeah, but in the end of Talon he's still the oh so angery dick that doesn't care about anything and is above all. Just when I almost liked him.

>> No.54840495

That anon is describing soul hunter not lord of night, which is about a different night lord.

>> No.54840497

Just don't play Guardblob and you'll be fine.

>> No.54840510


Play nids if you want to paint 500 of the exact same looking model and don't care about developing any manner of character or narrative about your guys.

Play Dark Eldar if you want some of the most beautiful models in the game, which will unfortunately break nearly every time you transport them.

>> No.54840520

Which of these should I read if I primarily care about the World Eaters

>> No.54840523

>sex deamon women who get off on stabbing you
>don't like this

b-but how

finecast keeper is shit thats why ive got fw keeper. I also love slaanesh and only play slaanesh chaos the theme is spectacular.

>> No.54840524



33 points for deepstriking troops is great. They're amazing objective grabbers.

>> No.54840534

If the GW is going to push Khorne and Slaanesh shit, then not earlier than 2020, anon.

>> No.54840538

>Potentially getting Guardsman models that aren't designed to be sold in packs of 20 but put packs of 10 at the same price point out of sheer contempt for the customer.


>> No.54840545

If you only care about world eaters the books for you are betrayer and the after deshea short story.

>> No.54840557


Rippers are also basically untargetable if there's any cover at all because their models are so tiny. My friend has won so many fucking games with rippers.

>> No.54840579

"I'm so fucking bored!!!"
[Screams in slaaneshi]

>> No.54840583

Opinion from you dudes?
Washing the fatigues after significantly darkens the red more than I thought it would. Which shade looks better in your opinions? Seeing as I'm slightly colorblind.

>> No.54840587

GW has done better sex daemons, and can do better sex daemons. They just need courage. Or to just abstract the sex daemon element enough that mom doesn't flip at a single glance.

>> No.54840588


>> No.54840599

Playing a game vs Necrons in a week, I play Tyranids.

Any advice on how to beat them? Never played against Crons this edition

>> No.54840607

You can always transition into the other option at a later date, the key thing is choosing a main army you are invested in so you're encouraged to model and paint them, the skills will come with time and practice. Both are great for their own reasons, which do you feel you could get more invested in?

Or, perhaps, if you imagined an army from each faction duking it out, which would you want to come out on top? Go with whoever the answer is.

>> No.54840626

I like them, neatly painted, cool matte vibe. I'm kinda colorblind too, but I'd just drop at the moment.

>> No.54840648

good to know

>> No.54840654

You can just thin your shade down with Lhamian Medium if it's too strong for your taste. I think it looks fine, though.

>> No.54840656

I like bright but the left drab looks pretty cool for your thing. Might want to paint the guns a different color, although I'm not sure what would work well.

White? Glossy black lasguns?

>> No.54840658

>Washing the fatigues after significantly darkens the red more than I thought it would.

Try a recess wash.

>> No.54840667

slaaneshis are always bored like all the time unless they are doing some EPIC shit

I agree the models could be more like sex demons the fw is great, 6 tits!

>> No.54840678

My gut says Genestealers.

>> No.54840680

Ive only played like 3 games of 8th, so sorry if this is a dumb question. Can anyone fire and charge in the same turn now? Had this discussion today, and we couldn't find where in the book it said that we couldn't. Is this just how it is now? Heavy squads can shoot and charge?

>> No.54840694

This fix works. Thanks brother-anon.

>> No.54840697

Am I the only one who fids Chad marines useless? They are not a big upgrade and cost more to do the same thing. Sure the models are pretter and that is it.

>> No.54840701

When have things not been able to shoot and charge?

>> No.54840710

Left looks better imo, the right is a bit too peach for my taste.

>> No.54840731

In 7th, couldn't you only shoot with assault weapons and still charge in the same turn?

>> No.54840749

Yes, everyone can shoot and charge if they are in range.

You cannot move, advance and charge unless you have a rule that allows that.

>> No.54840750

What the fuck is the point of the new chaos exalted champion? For 4 more points you can but a Lord who has a 4++, an extra wound, BS and LD and can take a bike or a jump pack. For 6 more points you could just take an apostle with a 4++ and a way better aura ability.

What an overpriced piece of shit.

>> No.54840751

Not in my edition

>> No.54840762

I like daemonettes in theory but I hate their current models.
I really should have jumped on the reprints of the metal ones when I had the chance.

>> No.54840772


I've always hated that Slaanesh gets reduced to just "lol sex".

Slaanesh is all about excess, going far beyond mere hedonism. Way more "Hellraiser" than "Girls Gone Wild".

But no, everyone just whines about losing their big-titted animu daemonettes.

>> No.54840783

And pistols, and other weapon types depending on the special rules whatever was holding the gun had. Exceptions on exceptions on exceptions, hurray !

>> No.54840786

How many sets have people here ended up ruining due to not gluing them correctly or breaking pieces etc?

>> No.54840788

I get that meme

>> No.54840790

Lord re-rolls hit rolls of 1, champion allows re-roll all failed wounds in fight phase.

Learn to read

>> No.54840809

This only happens if your hand is your sexual partner.

>> No.54840812

You pair him with a Dark Apoc. and 8 Bezerkers in a rhino. Arm the champ for character hunting.

You now have a 10 man squad that rerolls all hits and all wounds in the fight phase that most fight twice and 2 of them can be given relics.

insert into the face of whatever you need dead.

>> No.54840813

>What the fuck is the point of the new chaos exalted champion? For 4 more points you can but a Lord who has a 4++, an extra wound, BS and LD and can take a bike or a jump pack. For 6 more points you could just take an apostle with a 4++ and a way better aura ability.

true dat, but he can be both a Kharn-lite, and a good support. Imagine the kind of shit your Berserkers would do with Apostle rerolling to-hit and Exalted rerolling to-wound.

>> No.54840835

Last game 20 khorne berserkers, a dark apostle, kharn, and an exalted champion took on a falchion. It exploded and killed everyone but Kharn got the kill so I was happy.

>> No.54840843

Could Magnus take on that super Lord of Change with Weaver of Fates and Death Hex?

>> No.54840853

>Are they? I bought them for the looks.
(talking about Bikes)

I replaced pretty much all of my Tactical-CSM for Bikes.
They have the same Wounds and Dakka (basic equipment) as two CSM, Higher Toughness and Movement, while being able to take 2 Special weapons for each unit of 3, take a ccw AND they get to keep their Bikes CombiBolter and can shoot with both. For 27points (with CombiBolter) while 2 Marines are 26 points

Their only Flaw is that a 3man Bikersquad with ccw only has 7 attacks opposed to their 6man CSM w/ ccw 11 attacks. And that they do not gain Objective Secured as they are not troops, and are less likely to get cover (which their toughness makes up for).

Theyll likely get even better with Chapter Approved because you can msu spam them without worrying about drops.

generally a incredibly mobile dakka unit effectively always in rapid fire range and can always advance 6" and theoretically fire 2 flamers right afterwards. They are surprisingly resilient with t5 and 2 wounds too

Reliable source says Slaanesh is happening mid-late 2018 not sure if daemon or EC though

>> No.54840864

How about you read you retard?
>reroll all failed To Wound rolls in the Fight Phase
That is literally just as good if not better than the Dark Apostle's bubble AND the Exalted Champion isn't locked into Power Maul + Bolt Pistol. Plus rerolling Hit and Wound against Characters is pretty impressive.

>> No.54840885

Will Morty be more than 10 wounds?

That would make him a HUGE liability.

But i suspect a -1 to hit due to clouds of flies or some shit.

>> No.54840901

as much as I like big-titted animu daemonettes. I say I agree slaanesh is excess, the drama of the emperor's children and the eldar being obsessed are amazing tales. I very much like the crazed artist who cant seem to get the right shade of red, he tries and tries but can't figure it out. then he finds out hey if I cut myself the red is perfect then he needs more blood for his painting so he kills someone. he kills and kills then finds out hey the reds even richer if I make them scream as they die so he starts torturing people. that is what slaanesh is.

I can get behind that

>> No.54840918

I've always found something Slaaneshi in Miss Gaga's music.

>> No.54840925

magnus has 18 wounds dude.

Mortarion will be something like 20 wounds at toughness 10. Probably gets disgustingly resilient on a 4+ and a 4+ invuln maybe even saves against Mortal wounds.

>> No.54840941

I wouldn't be surprised by a damage reducing ability either ie take half damage from attacks....

>> No.54840945

Do you think that as more Primarchs are released, people still stop bitching about Robot Gorillaman?

>> No.54840958

>save versus mortal
So he could say fuck off ot girlymen?

>> No.54840963

These people you are talking about are human so...

no they won't

>> No.54840967


The only way to stop that is for Gorillaman to get a price increase. He's hilariously undercosted right now.

>> No.54840973

>Grey Knights venerable dreadnoughts can cast Astral Aim on themselves now
>Hide one in a corner, have it buff itself and shoot across the table from behind a building with a twin lascannon


>> No.54840982

he might have 9 seeing as he's about the size of guilliman but not monstrously huge like magnus

if something else comes out and it's powerful then yes

>> No.54841002

If other Primarchs will have similar bullshit buff auras, sure. But reroll ALL failed To Hit AND To Wound AND him giving you 3 Command Points is too much. Look at Magnus. Magnus' buffs are reroll 1s To Hit and 1s on Invul Saves. Woo fucking hoo.

Nah man, you're fanwanking. Morty will have Girlyman's profile only with an additional point of Toughness and Disgustingly Resilient on 4+. And frankly that'd be all he needs to be hilariously tough.

>> No.54841006

Lads, If I did circled, Scion with a helmet + telephone... does that make sense?

>> No.54841025

> tfw just picked up 3 tactical squads
> a terminator squad
> a bike squad
> and 2 hqs
> for $75CDN

>> No.54841026

Weak attempt

>> No.54841039

but he's a master of karate and friendship for everyone so his auras should be awesome.

>> No.54841044

It's 40k
Shits broke
So that works just fine

>> No.54841057

I would love it if Slaanesh stuff got more "mad artist" type type stuff rather than "insane hedonist".

I hate the game but I really love this guy, he's exactly the kind of character I want in my army.

>> No.54841065

Marines have helmets and look down rifle scopes.

>> No.54841066

Brother You-Fegs goods?

>> No.54841074

not as long as he provides insane utility for such low points

all these supercharacters are cancer

>> No.54841081

Makes perfect sense. Helmet comm is only channeled to squad. Telephone talks to high command.

>> No.54841085


I'd Love to see Slaanesh Daemons reimagined in a Baroque Masqued Courtesan Aestetic or something like White-Phyrexians (Elesh Norn pic related)

Slaanesh is all about temptation and wanting something but by the time you achieved what you wanted you already dropped it and want something even better.

I always Imagine Slaanesh Followers to turn everything into an art and want to destroy everything that is ugly in their minds. If the Khorne Berserker has no grace or style swinging his huge axe would be agitating for example. Someone trampling the Patch of Roses the Slaaneshi was admiring mid-battle, would make the Slaaneshi Snap and go straight after him and trampling that guys Head into a pulp with an ecstasy

>> No.54841095

"what do you guys want on the pizza?"

>> No.54841098

In 40k there are dudes walking around in neurologically driven armour with plates the same quality or even better than that of a tank running at their opponents to stab them with swords. Using a phone whilst wearing a helmet kind of pales into nothing compared to that.

>> No.54841104

Yes, but how can he hear the telephone through his helmet? Wouldn't it make more sense to just switch to another channel to talk to high command?

>> No.54841111

A chapter master is just an upgrade for a Captain you spend a CP for, so either use a Tactical marine and kitbash the shit you want on him or buy a Captain model.

As for loadout, it depends what you want him to do. Sit in back and be a buffbot? Fairly barebones, maybe a Combi-Plas for spice. Do you want him to go with Terminators into assault? Bling him out. The whole kit will depend on what you want him to do.

>> No.54841112

I'm pretty sure that pic related is going to be on match with Mortarion, so they could make more crappy books and sell more models.

>> No.54841117

>Slaanesh is all about temptation and wanting something but by the time you achieved what you wanted you already dropped it and want something even better.

Holy jesus, Slaanesh is Capitalism.

>> No.54841127

A few of them are okay if they make sense in the story, but if you start bringing back Sanguinius just to sell more overpowered giant models that is bull shit.

And honestly, how is it that a Primarch costs less points wise than a Baneblade or a Titan? Aren't they supposed to be essentially demi-gods.

>> No.54841132


Take a useful captain instead?

Jump and Bike variants are best, they can hop about to place the buff bubble where you most need it.

>> No.54841133

I both really want this but also dont because of all the plastic cadians I have

>> No.54841154

I agree. I don't think the sexual element should be removed, but just made more abstract, and used to creep out rather than titillate, while other elements are brought to the forefront.

To do that, though, they'd have to remove all the tits.

>> No.54841161

I have 100+ plastic catachans, 36 plastic cadians. I don't mind getting another 50+ new plastic guard.

>> No.54841165

fuck you, primaris marines are awesome

>> No.54841172

They are supposed to be on pair with the Emperah. That means titans can kill him?

>> No.54841176

Space Wolves omnibus was mine.

Bad writing, but it made the Swole-ves vaguely likeable to me.
Father Christmas punching Ragnar in the face for backchat, telling an inquisitor to go fuck himself.
Fun little things.

>> No.54841177

>t. GW

>> No.54841191


That wouldn't fucking fix anything. I don't want to have to take a fucking primarch to every battle in order to have a chance of winning.

I really hate how this edition is making named characters almost compulsory, the games supposed to be about "Your Dudes" not "Important People feat. some schmucks".

>> No.54841192


Just because you find them visually awesome doesn't mean they don't have shit equipment loadouts.

>> No.54841200

What? You don't have three phones?

>> No.54841203

Better put your rave hand up so you can shoot lasers from it.

>> No.54841208

Look it's another GW shill !

>> No.54841218

agreed, stuff like this that catches your eye with it's unusual-ness at first glance is awesome

>> No.54841234

>They are supposed to be on pair with the Emperah. That means titans can kill him?
That is part of the problem. Because honestly the Emperor, if he were ever released/when he is put into 30k, should be something like 5000 points on his lonesome given all that he can do.

>> No.54841236


>> No.54841255

Can any random joe upload on the mega?

>> No.54841277


My store birthday is next week, is the plasma pistol and power fist loadout any better?

>> No.54841286

Possibly not. Security of transmission comes to mind. Or simply not wanting the command soldier to be able to access the command channels at a whim.

>> No.54841295

No, it is like any other file sharing platform.
If we used DC+ you could do that.

>> No.54841304

4th edition rapid fire weapons prevented this iirc.

>> No.54841312

This. White-Phyrexians have a design element I think would really improve Slannesh: Obscured faces. I think Daemonettes really suffer from GW's inability to sculpt female faces. Stealing that element would circumvent the problem and, if done right, really up the creepiness factor.

Pic related: Another example of what I'm getting at.

>> No.54841328

>Aren't they supposed to be essentially demi-gods.

In name only, I think, unless you're some worldcracking megapsyker like Magnus. The 30k Primarchs were damn powerful, yeah, but also glass cannons relative to their strength.

Lorgar and Angron barely survived an encounter with one Warhound Titan, kine shields and all, RG said that one bolter shot to his unarmoured head would probably be him dead, Vulkan was literally atomised by a nuclear blast and a Lascannon did serious damage to Magnus when it got through his psychic screens (although I can't remember if he deliberately let it through or not). Sanguinius managed to tear the pilot out of a Warlock Titan and kill it, but was out of action for months after taking a glancing hit from a Phantom Titan gun.

Basically, they're very smashy but can't really afford to take many hits, if they get surrounded by a pack of heavy melee infantry like Ursarax or Termies or even Electropriests they will probably have a lovely Uber-like time gettting basically lynched.

In game, they should almost certainly cost more points, though, since at the moment >>54841191 is completely right.
I am probably going to put together a countsas Cawl, but I'm annoyed I need his rules just to make half my units playable.

>> No.54841329

So much this.....cant agree more.

>> No.54841339

14 wounds
T 9
Minus one to hit aura
Buffs/debuff T aura
Sounds from Silence carry over

>> No.54841340

Dude Shlanesh is not female, nor male.
Demmonetes aren't Succubi.

>> No.54841342

Well if they get new plastics im gonna switch to steel legion so looks like im gonna need to repaint my tanks D:

>> No.54841384


I actually kinda like the one-tit thing. Slaanesh things should be really androgynous and make you feel kinda confused when you look at them. Too many of the third party slaanesh demons are just hot-glue bait though.

>> No.54841391

best slaaneshi song go

>> No.54841421

Dont care if its Face-Plates Horns or Harlequin style Masks, but I'd love to have a Keeper of Secrets in a leaning over pose doing a "shhhhhhh be quiet" Motion with a Mask Obscuring their Eyes

>> No.54841430


>> No.54841447

holy shit we need a slaanesh containment general

>> No.54841464


>> No.54841467

>big-titted animu daemonettes
When has this ever happened? Diaz sculpts had bare breasts but they weren't anime.

>To do that, though, they'd have to remove all the tits.
No. Slaanesh is excess and hedonism.

>I actually kinda like the one-tit thing. Slaanesh things should be really androgynous and make you feel kinda confused when you look at them. Too many of the third party slaanesh demons are just hot-glue bait though.
This guy gets it. Uncanny and sexual. Not Playboy pinup, but not soccer mom friendly either.

Zwitter - Rammsetein

>> No.54841483


>> No.54841489


>how dare people talk about things that aren't space marines in my 40k general.

>> No.54841506

thats actually pretty amazingly fitting

>> No.54841507

What's the best way to get Cultists?

Is the Cultist + Champion thing a good deal? E-bay?

5 man packs?

>> No.54841511

So, do TS/DG get new spells for CSM discipline?

>> No.54841520

What are the fluffier Chaos God combos?

I know pretty much all of them can and have teamed up, but in terms of lore friendly, which are the best?

>> No.54841539

How many do you want and what do you want them to be equipped with?

Don't be afraid to kitbash.

>> No.54841554

>I think Daemonettes really suffer from GW's inability to sculpt female faces.
Yes, I'm sure that these were intended to be pretty but they just couldn't manage it.

>> No.54841560

a slanneshi general....Masquerade.

>> No.54841561


>> No.54841571

go back to your safe space on Cadia, loyalist

>> No.54841588

>Can't stop screaming internally and externally

>> No.54841590

depends, you'll have alot of the same guys if you just buy the 5man boxes. Im thinking of getting some Genestealer-Guard to convert to chaos Cultists. But its not the cheapest way obviously

>> No.54841614

But that is good music. It's probably what day one cultists listen to. Once slaanesh has you music is discordant sound that makes your ears bleed, you can't feel anything anymore, so you play random shit as loud as possible hoping to find a new riff which will you finally enjoy. Simultaneously space cocaine is fed directly up the hole in your face that use to be you nose.

>> No.54841623

Multi-damage weapons are useless, so spam gants. 4 blobs of 30, 15 devs in each, with 2 textbooks and 20 Hormagaunts to tie up their shooting.

>> No.54841642


I'm not sure a plasma pistol is really a good weapon, but it certainly gives you synergy with the fist and the fist has a defined role beyond just standing there as a buffbot.

Still not as good as a fast or deep striking captain, but it's something.

>> No.54841643

not sure of the lyrics are very slaanesh like, but its sounds slaanshi like most of her music.

>> No.54841659

>so you play random shit as loud as possible hoping to find a new riff which will you finally enjoy

You mean dupstep ?

>> No.54841699

I was suggesting removing a gender specific element of their design to make them more androgynous.

Daemonettes wear corsets and are called Daemonettes. They're clearly a riff on sirens. Creepy female sexuality is overtly what they're aiming for.

Daemonettes are also Slaanesh's premier model. They're featured in all plastic Slaanesh kits. The problem with that is Daemonettes are way too on the nose about the sexual elements of their design.

I think we all realize that this GW is reluctant to support Slaanesh in the same way they support Tzeentch or Nurgle, and I'd rather a redesign than a slow death from lack of support. That has to start with making Daemonettes something other than strippers with crab claws.

>> No.54841739

Do you have the space marine epub??

>> No.54841743

This guy to me is what true slaanesh is about. Desensitization. Dubstep would probably interest him for 20 minutes.

>> No.54841746

>One Rubric Marine may may replace his Inferno Boltgun with Soulreapper Cannon. If unit includes 20 models, a second Rubric Marine can also do this



>> No.54841750


>> No.54841757

That's not what capitalism is.

>> No.54841761

This feels like bait but I am optimistic

>> No.54841763

Check the main MEGA link, they are in it.

>> No.54841773


This worked for the CSM book but the GK book didn't seem to fix. Was there another font pack for that one?

>> No.54841788

Plaguebearers + Berserkers

Plaguebearers take the enemy shooting while Berserkers drop in from behind to rip + tear

And dude, stop avatar-fagging or people are just going to hide you.

>> No.54841791

Having 2 units of 10 is better tho.
You get more heavy guns and two times to use Smite.

>> No.54841799

yes! I paint my Emperors children pink and black but I paint any cloth on even some bits of armor bright yellows greens and blue anything neon and damn is my army BRIGHT.

>> No.54841803

I don't know, that was the only font pack I downloaded.

>> No.54841806

So why are you on here talking about GW again?
Just to screech about how you hate the company and/or game?

>> No.54841814

All infantry Guard armies are a thing ya know.

>> No.54841816

Literally check a Epub faggot

>can take SC at 5man
>SC got point reduction
>no extra cost for sorc

Six squads here i come!

This means that you can use units of 5 instead of 10.

>> No.54841822

I want jump Gravis characters.

>> No.54841826

how is slaanesh not an actual cult already?

>> No.54841841

What exactly are you talking about? Scarab aren't even in the CSM dex, are they?

>> No.54841843

You have a bad sense of bait.

>> No.54841851


Because she's obviously fictional and Scientologists don't have enough leftover money for plastic crack after their auditing fees.

>> No.54841859

Every thread
Just name fag already you fuck

>> No.54841863

I'm talking about Soulreaper Cannons. They are five points cheaper now.

>> No.54841877

>more wounds than a literal giant

yeah nah

>> No.54841882


Neat, 5 man Soulreaper squads make for good troop slot fillers.

>> No.54841883

What's the best loadout for deffkoptas?

Thinking bomb and rokkits, since the bomb is free, the basic spinnin blades is good enough for melee and the other two main weapons either kill you almost as fast as the enemy or duplicate what you can get from bikes.

>> No.54841895

that is a sexy concept image

>> No.54841899

>Zwitter - Rammstein

I agree, but about a half of their songs would fit just as good

>> No.54841900

>still listening to the ADB's Black Legion audiobook
>mfw the reaction aboard the Vengeful Spirit when Moriana tells everyone that the Emperor is now being worshipped as a god by the Imperium

Sweet Jesus. That scene is 10/10. Lyras deserves an Oscar.

>> No.54841908

How to read the ePUB without broken font? The zip that one guy posted on last general does not work.

>> No.54841912

Debating my second army. Need opinions. Do I go Slaaneshi noise marines or Imperial Guard?

>> No.54841913

Why is it so hard to find a functioning .epub reader on WIndows?

>> No.54841914


>> No.54841925

>he wants to namefag but is too scared people will filter him

How can one be so insecure?

>> No.54841927

That guy here. What doesn't work?

>> No.54841933

Ohhh, Mathcore. I getcha.

>> No.54841936

some guy said the font is corrupted in the download. But yeah I'm not really into epub.

>> No.54841947

slaanesh is real to me!

>> No.54841949

Azardi is the only free program I've found that reads the dogshit known as EPUB3

>> No.54841961

Use Adobe Digital Editions.

>> No.54841964

>TFW most of your Custode collection isn't even usable in 40k right now

>> No.54841973


>> No.54841977

I legit have no idea what that is. googling now.

>> No.54841980

Every time I try to download it the download breaks.

What is a name fag?

>> No.54841981

Is there a mega for this?

>> No.54841987


>> No.54841993

did you grab your talons of the emperors index thing they were giving out? it might be in there

>> No.54842002

And it never will be

This is what custodes look like in 40k

>> No.54842006


That empty spot front and centre on the second shelf down better be for a Telemon.

>> No.54842008

>lightning claws 1st cheaper
>8 and 12 points
>warp talons are 15ppm
>they're 27 points total
>still only 1+1A

Fuck. I want to use Talons, but they're just so expensive

>> No.54842010

I tried that at first back in the day
Ended up using azardi since it ran better and didn't keep trying to integrate with all my files.

>> No.54842011

That covers 1% of his army.

>> No.54842013

Hold on. They can take a Soulreaper Cannon in 5 AND the Aspiring Sorcerer doesn't cost extra anymore? Am I in heaven?

>> No.54842022

Did those traps that were shitting up the general ever get banned?

Also my Black Templars tee came today, should I autisticly wear it next time I play as em?

>> No.54842029


>11 years....

Wow... Im getting old...

>> No.54842037


>> No.54842042

I want to buy some cases for my horde army (traitor guard), should I buy GW's crusade case or go with a third party?

>> No.54842047

someone who uses a tripcode, always posts the same picture when he posts or puts a name above their post*

All while 4chan is supposed to be anonymous and its generally agreed to be dumb

>> No.54842050

They can't be overwatched when they arrive, only costs 10 points to take re-roll charge icon, minimum 11 attacks with re-rolls to wound. Easily worth taking.

>> No.54842051

What does it look like?

>> No.54842052

>13 times within 6 days
You're really proud of that gif of yours, aren't you?

>> No.54842053

Never wear the same shirt as the army you are playing, doing so will reveal your autism. It is known
Can't wait to see what the TS codex will be like.

>> No.54842056

Non gay men that indulge in gay activity and play dressup.

>> No.54842058

Boys who dress like girls have been allll over the general recently posting pics of their anuses and such. It's kind of shitting up the generals.

>> No.54842061

Seems so, plust Soulreaper got cheaper as well. They cost like 120pts total.

>> No.54842063

Unless it's a 4 legged walker, that shit is going to get knocked over every time it tries to fire it's battlecannon.

>> No.54842076

>see gif I like
>post it
>people sperg out every thread, guaranteed (you)s

Its like poetry.

>> No.54842077



>> No.54842086


>> No.54842097

Not sure whats up with that, here's another link.

>> No.54842099

For you.

>> No.54842101

I'm glad to have dodged that shit.

>> No.54842103

School starts tomorrow though! Not much longer ya got to post that dank gif.

>> No.54842106 [DELETED] 

If the Codex doesn't directly override the Index then it's rules are still valid. Therefore Berzerkers are still troops for World Eaters since GW has stated Index stuff is still valid if thr Codex does not have an equivalent, for the World Eater detachment bonus to disappear it would need a World Eater detachment in the Codex without the bonus.

>> No.54842107

Still saying there are errors with the file.

I've tried Icecream, Opera/Mozilla/Chrome extensions, and converting to pdf, but I think something is off with the file on mega.

>> No.54842115

Just be wary of imgur links. They lead to not 40k content and infact is man ass.

>> No.54842117

Wear your shirt anon. You're playing Warhammer for fucks sake, who there has any right to criticise?

>> No.54842122

So I got some scourges recently and made some changes to my 2k point DEldar army that I was fairly successful with so far. Basically, I dropped two raiders and a cabalite 10 man squad and split one 10 man squad into two 5 man squads in venoms (so I can keep the battalion detachment).
The rest of the list are a couple of ravagers, 5 incubi and the black wings of commorragh box (2 razorwings, 1 voidbomber).
Would you say this is a reasonable change? I'm planning on building the scourges with 2 heat lances and 2 blasters. Are they worth losing 10 guys and 2 raiders or should I make some other adjustments?Any advice is appreciated.

>> No.54842131

>pay 18-25 points to bump your movement up on a guy who can go the entire game moving with heroic interventions

Bike and jump pack captains are great but they're good for a themed list, they're unnecessary if you just want a buffbot to make your hellblasters and repulsor unreasonably good

>> No.54842132

>school starts tomorrow

>> No.54842135

>Doesn't like traps
>Plays a gay army
>Wears an even gayer t-shirt
>Somehow thinks it's okay to complain when he's bringing all that to the table

>> No.54842138

I will heed your warning and thank you for your sacrifice.

>> No.54842139

mother of dark gods anon, please deliver it

>> No.54842141

Guys, please


I want my Magnus to have that sweet 3++r1

>> No.54842144

Not yet.

>> No.54842147

Everyone, rather or not he listens is a different story however.

>> No.54842152

Thanks, does it work for the Gray Knights as well?

>> No.54842170

8th edition best edition

Nob with Waaagh! banner best unit in game.

>> No.54842172

theyre really good with some setup. They ignore overwatch so you can charge them into big blobs to lock them in combat and let your other units charge them at will. Theyre even better when a Sorcerer gives them warptime to guarantee the charge. They are my go to answer to people spamming huge Blobs of Cultists/Conscrips etc

>> No.54842176

How are Black Templars gay? Just sounds like you're one of the traps that shits up the general.

>> No.54842178

thats fucking gross

>> No.54842186

Some guy in the last general asked GW on facebook like 4 hours ago if they are still troops. GW responded no.

>> No.54842199

Anyone else tired of *like this shitting up threads?

>> No.54842200

No. Grey Nights need two more fonts, PelicanStd.otf and OCRBStd.otf.

>> No.54842201

Anyone recommend a good table to buy? Faggot friend broke mine

>> No.54842208

Build one from scratch for cheap. My brother did that and it ended up nice.

>> No.54842209

Are you really asking? Jesus Christ what is wrong with you.

>> No.54842216

>disliking traps

>> No.54842218

RGG just got a Realm of Battle for free. How much do they usually cost? They seem pretty versatile

>> No.54842219 [DELETED] 

Prove it faggot, I was in that general and he never posted about GW saying no.

>> No.54842220

In that case it would be a World Eaters Detachment from the index WE, making you lose the Codex WE shit. wouldnt it be?

>> No.54842228

>rather or not he listens is a different story however.
>Rather or not

You're correcting someones behavour and you can't even use words correctly.

>> No.54842229

Since Deathwatch can explicitly use Codex Space Marines powers and Magnus generates from Dark Hereticus, I assume so.

>> No.54842231

He posted a pic, maybe you missed it.

>> No.54842236

Telemon that's being painted today and the eventual Aquilon Terminators.

End my fucking life m8.

I mean hey, I guess I could run seven squads of 10 Custodes, 4 Contemptors, and convert some Repulsors into Grav Land Raiders like this?

>> No.54842237


>> No.54842240

Been seeing this done in /bbg/.
Though I'm a handy man I'm afraid of it coming out shit

>> No.54842242

I always used a regular dining table with 6 by 4 mdf (cut in half) placed on top. True poor man garage hammer.

>> No.54842243

GW cases are pretty good. They are nice and sturdy and the new foam design fits a lot of different stuff.

But if you've got an infantry horde it's probably best to shop around and just get whatever holds the most for least money.

>> No.54842256

He posted it on the facebook page and they responded there.

A screenshot was posted. That's those little image links at the beginning of each post.

>> No.54842258

My brother is a total idiot and did it. If he can, you can.

>> No.54842260

are you a reaction to pol posters or are they a reaction to you?

>> No.54842269

Just saying the brotherhood of homosexual crusaders is pretty fucking gay.

>> No.54842274


>> No.54842294

Oh shit how much was this?

>> No.54842296

Iktf bro. Custodes is what got me back into 40k last year and now 90% of my shit is unusable since the local hh group basically died

>> No.54842299

Not worth taking mixed weapons, all blasters or all dark lances imo (deep strike makes you OVER 9 inches away so you can't get the melta bonus of heatlances).

A squad or 2 of blaster scourges has a high chance of wrecking whatever you drop it near. I've had success with 2 dark lance squads sat in buildings for 3+ 6++ 6+++ saves.

>> No.54842302


4chan bringing us together. Would you had preferred the weather?

/head slap

>> No.54842303


but why the hell did you buy the Ravager and the cabalites instead of a 2nd SC!?

>> No.54842306

Me and my friend knocked together a table to play on; its not that hard so long as you go into it properly, make sure you get all the right shit and fix it correctly. I guess that's true of most anything, but still.

>> No.54842308

xenos player
Which one are you?

>> No.54842314

$320 cad
It's my start. Also two boxes of scourges on the way

>> No.54842315

Liver and a Kidney.

>> No.54842322

>Chaos gets nice Stratagems
>Can't muster more than 3, maybe 4 CP with the army I have because can't get 'zerkers as troops
Why must there always be a catch with GW?

>> No.54842327

First born for next day shipping

>> No.54842330

as a male I play all eldar factions

>> No.54842333

Stay booty blasted over your gay spanish inquisition is space Mon-keigh

>> No.54842334

Because Im paranoid to all hell about armor. Will have 7 carbine scourges tho, so that's the dakka I need

>> No.54842340

opinion disregarded.

>> No.54842347

and am not gay*

>> No.54842352 [DELETED] 

Nope, because GW has already said Index-only datasheets still get all the Codex bonuses for their Chapter/Legion. Guess what, Khorne Berzerkers have a troop datasheet in the Index.

>> No.54842355


>> No.54842357


Sub £100

>> No.54842363


>> No.54842370

Bring cultists in a battalion and another +1 detachment.

>> No.54842378

So is Vect still not in 40K but Guilliman is?

>> No.54842386

Tyranid-playing lesbian with an oviposition fetish.

>> No.54842388

Welcome newly minted Archon may you realspace raids bring misery and agony in equal parts to your enemies.

>> No.54842390

How many psykers are too many psykers in a list? Thinking TS or Librarians spammed out

>> No.54842393

Who is next in command bellow the Emperor?
Is the Primarch who made Primaris?
How coherent are Emperor's messages from Psychers?

>> No.54842398

Almost there. I play Dark Eldar.

>> No.54842404


Geeze anon, what are you gonna do with TWO Archons??

>> No.54842412


Nop busy fucking malys while their respective kabals scrap and divide what's left of shadow demon land commeragh

>> No.54842421 [DELETED] 

Then I don't trust you until you post it.

>> No.54842423

Too much. Much more than I deserved to be gifted.


>> No.54842428

Whats the best way to transport my army short of buying a case? I'm broke as balls but got a 1500 point space marine army.

>> No.54842437

Despite it being controversial on /tg/ I really liked Master of Mankind. Custodes are my #1 favorite 40k thing and it had bits of my favorite Mechanicum (#2 favorite 40k thing) stuff like battle robots and a cool little titan tidbit.

Can't wait for the new Custodes novel later this year.

>> No.54842438

>Who is next in command bellow the Emperor?


>Is the Primarch who made Primaris?


>How coherent are Emperor's messages from Psychers?

Not very, he doesn't directly talk.

>> No.54842439

>Elite detachment with 3 squads of 'zerkers and a Dark Apostle
>Elite detachment with 3 squads of 'zerkers and an Exalted Champion
Boom, 5 Command Points.

>> No.54842445

kek, don't trust me then

>> No.54842446


Making your captain a pure buffbot is lame and gay.

Since he can't take great shooting for his points, that leaves melee. Especially with the statline.

Plus, you're a better buffbot if you can reposition in a hurry. I'd never take a primaris liutenant when I can take a jump liutenant.

>> No.54842448

you get 3cp for being battleforged
you run 1 lord and 3 units of Zerkers termis or Helbrutes get 4 CP
You run an Exalted Champion of another 3 units of Zerkers Termis or Helbrutes. get 5 cp

Alternatively, you run 3x 10 Bloodletters a Termi Lord and Exalted Champion and 3 units of Zerkers,termis Helbrutes get 6Cp

then round it out with a vanguard of another Lord or ExaltedChampion and 3 units of Zerkes for 7CP

>> No.54842455

What kinda scenery you gonna do lad? I'm partial to snow tables myself.

>> No.54842457

I'm not into fluff, all I want to do is spill blood for the blood god. But I can't seam to find rules for army making, where are they, can anyone help?

>> No.54842463

Fulfil the stupid as fuck HQ tax that is suffering for deldar.


Plastic bag m80

>> No.54842477

so you got a roller after all. good stuff anon

>> No.54842481

Dump it in a box

>> No.54842483

For a second i thought that was a knight with a tricked out cockpit.

>> No.54842484

But in a bag they will rattle around and might break.

>> No.54842485

>not sure if bait...

In the rulebook? check the MEGAs

>> No.54842498


I thought the succubus was more than decent.

I don't used named characters because my armies are always <my guys>, but they can't be THAT bad, yea?

>> No.54842500

I hope you don't use Citadel to paint that...

>> No.54842503

Go to a home depot or something and get one of those plastic spare parts cases for like five bucks. Doesn't really help with tanks though.

>> No.54842512

3 pots of gw paint might lightly dampen a small section of that roller

i hope you put those there for some other reason

>> No.54842523

Not bait, I'm slow cant find the pages.

>> No.54842537




>> No.54842540

Eh. They put out scenery paint sets with like a massive 250ml bottle of base paint. I mean, you're already paying a fortune for a Realm of Battle board, so you really shouldn't be stingy and end up ruining the tiles with craft store paint.

>> No.54842549

gives a nice overview

>> No.54842552

So is it just me, or did the Decimator get better?

Also, C-Beam Cannons are surprisingly fun.

>> No.54842558

Thanks man!

>> No.54842574

>another glorious day in commoragh

>> No.54842576

I played a guy with one yesterday with c-beams. He parked it and shot at my 'nought and that was about it.

>> No.54842580

No prob.

>> No.54842587 [DELETED] 

Massive waste of points

And absolutely no anti-vehicle at all.

>> No.54842588


She's aiight, best of a bad bunch.

Archon are only good for the blaster (Agonizer is just as good on a syrabite as archon)
Succubus is cool for killing but we got enough of that, the buff is meh unless you're taking wyches and brides which aren't gr80.
Haemonculus is boss and great for killing en mass or characters, great buff for coven.

Named ones aren't worth a damn as they're usually just expensive versions of standard ones (urien isn't as killy as normal haemonculus but is tougher, lelith too expensive, Drazhar doesn't have teeth and you're better off with more incubi over him.

So yeah unless you run coven the archon is the cheapest option and is basically a tax

>> No.54842611


So carry superglue in the bag Too, or buy a case

>> No.54842632

But sempais, I only needed two for the whole thing nyorn

>> No.54842637

oh by the way berzerkers aren't troops now, its shitty, you either bring cultist or run vanguard detachment.

>> No.54842645

Well then fucking take some Havocs, Heldrakes or fucking relic Sicarans in the Detachments instead of whining. youve got 2 Heavy Support and 2 Flyer spot in every basic Detachment

Cultists are never a waste of Points 3x 10 Cultists and +2 CP for 120 is a great investment even if they just exist to distract your opponent or grab an objective

>> No.54842658

Today my Swarmlord moved up the board unmolested and blew up a Baneblade on the charge (everything else were conscripts). This demoralized my opponent, after which he then conceded. This satisfies me. Konor suffers an Imperial defeat today

>> No.54842671

Zerkers kill light-medium vehicles pretty well desu.

>> No.54842672

>the can opener

>> No.54842686

what do they do against dark eldar?

>> No.54842688


zerkers with Axes have S6 and can easily "punch" through Light to Medium vehicles

>> No.54842694

>napoleonic guardsmen fighting in lines
I like it

>> No.54842698

Flamer or Heavy Stubber?

>> No.54842705

Get a box, some cardboard and some bubblewrap. use the cardboard and the bubblewrap to section it to the appropriate size for whatever models you're carrying

>taking meatshields but not using them to shield your fucking tank
deserved everythihng he got desu

>> No.54842708


Readium refuses to open the corrected epub :(

>> No.54842725 [DELETED] 


are shit

>Cultists are never a waste of Points 3x 10 Cultists and +2 CP for 120 is a great investment even if they just exist to distract your opponent or grab an objective
Except you have to waste even more points on HQs for those cultists which are lame as fuck and means less Berzerkers and less other troops and customization. It's a direct nerf no matter how you look at it.

>> No.54842726

Did you remember to rename the zip file to .epub?

>> No.54842727

And they can overwatch without a special character plus relic.

>> No.54842736

Get shot up in a cartel style drive by

>> No.54842746

Ok, just stop playing then.

>> No.54842758

teeth of khorne aka havocs aren't unfluffy.

>> No.54842759


It works fine in a primaris list where you inevitably blob up with your gunline. With a power sword (or burning blade) he's a fine counter charger against stuff that makes it past your shooting and stays cheap, with his +1W/A being fairly affordable for the consideration.

Jump packs/bikes are neat but being 19/24 points on top of the inevitable thunder hammer and combi plasma means we're talking a difference of 39 points, which is probably worth it with a bike list but when the fastest thing in my list goes 10", primaris is fine.

I've been appreciating the cheap HQ option over the last few weeks, I find the extra hellblaster/aggressor worth more than non-relic captain wargear

If I played white scars though I could see a thunder hammer bike captain being really fucking difficult to resist though

>> No.54842762

Just when I was about to buy them..
Fuck It I will play a vanguard of 3 units instead of 2. But damn would have to cut stuff for Rhinos.

>> No.54842766 [DELETED] 

Does anyone know a mobile EPUB reader that can zoom, or at least doesn't display every text like it was made for ants? I'm struggling not to go blind with Lithium here.

>> No.54842771

Thanx. Seems promising. Guilliman apparently wants to gi on a crusade with the new tech and units.

>> No.54842797 [DELETED] 

Nah I'll just bitch like the SoB players until GW listens.

All World Eaters are Berzerkers, this has been canon for a while now.

>> No.54842800

So, Igorrr.

>> No.54842805

I am debating between berzerkers and DE myself. Not being troops is odious

>> No.54842810

Is battlescribe updated to the codexes?

>> No.54842815


Of course "Epub damaged"

>> No.54842818

whys this cunt have a heavy bolter then. You can still do it.

>> No.54842825

They got on C:SM pretty fast, and I think they've already been updating using leaks/scans. I'd probably give it a couple days if they're up on it.

>> No.54842829

Why not get pdf?

>> No.54842830

>All World Eaters are Berzerkers
Not anymore. Git with the times

>> No.54842835


A lot of the primaris models look awesome, no doubt about it.

But they BLOW NUTS by essentially doubling down on marines biggest weakness, and they do not provide enough in return to justify their presence on the tabletop.

>> No.54842836

no one has converted it.

>> No.54842843

got that myself first time over.

Second time i just converted to zip, opened the zip folder (didn't extract) put the font in and "re-pubbed" it.

>> No.54842844

Anyone have any pics/guides on how to paint some Zerg-like Tyranids with purple flesh and brown carapaces? Google search has some decent ones, but are there any others?

>> No.54842848

That psychic ability allows it to ignore los

>> No.54842856

Well either decide between picking all Berzerkers or picking something against Vehicles.

Could always go with a Zerker locked in a Helbrute as anti-tank

>> No.54842859

All world eaters are marked with Khorne but not all of them are berserkers, which is reasonable considering that Khorne is also the god of mercilous war machines that turn the battlefield into uncaring slaughter, so big guns are completely okay

>> No.54842860 [DELETED] 

Because he's fucking Black Legion and didn't even like the World Eaters before he left, and only had Khorne sigils on his armor for "good luck". And his entire story was just after the Heresy before they all went full Khorne.


>> No.54842866

There are others but really what we'd be doing is googling it for you.

>> No.54842872

Do the four god-worshipper Legions still get their cult unit as troops? That was in the Index: Chaos, but I've just picked up the Chaos Codex and I'm not seeing that anywhere in there. Have I missed something or do I need to use a vanguard detachment to run my all-berserker World Eaters army now?

>> No.54842883

You need to vanguard.

>> No.54842887

What are some of your favorite ork vehicles from forgeworld? Im looking for some good anti tank vehicles that arent tankbustas

>> No.54842889


>> No.54842890

>Do the four god-worshipper Legions still get their cult unit as troops?


>> No.54842891

>four amazing new powers, one of which makes Magnus twice as tanky
>Soulreaper Cannon point cost reduced by 5
>Aspiring Sorcerer point cost reduced by 12
>You don't have to take 10 Rubrics to unlock Soulreaper Cannon anymore

Feels good to be Thousand Sons!

>> No.54842914

I have such high hopes for the codex. Kind of worried I'm setting myself up for disappointment.

>> No.54842918 [DELETED] 

Helbrutes are slow, useless shit that die to a breeze, I'd rather take a Blood Slaughterer but tanks to this retarded restriction I can't have them and a reasonable amount of CPs at the same time.

Nice headcanon. All World Eaters are Berzerkers, but not all Berzerkers are World Eaters. Read your fucking codex.

>> No.54842923

I just learned that the Grey Knights Codex has rules for a Grey Knights Chaplain. I can't decide whether that is the dumbest or the coolest thing I've seen all week.

>> No.54842928

still has the nails.
>didn't even like the World Eaters before he left
You could be describing Kharn right now.
>only had Khorne sigils on his armor for "good luck"
Believes in Khorne, just hates his guts, as it should be.
>And his entire story was just after the Heresy before they all went full Khorne.
Angron is a daemon prince before they get to terra end of betrayer book. When is full khorne in your mind?

>> No.54842929

Pretty pumped about the DG as well, loads of new toys.

>> No.54842939 [DELETED] 

No rubric troops 4u.

>> No.54842944

Someone convert with this http://www.convertfiles.com/convert/ebook/EPUB-to-PDF.html. Epub is broke even after I swap the fonts out.

>> No.54842951

At very least, i think that we can expect Scarab to get lower cost on their sorc as well. And it's not like getting access to new Strategems, Relics, Legion Trait, Warlord Trait and Powers will somehow make them worse.

I mean, they might nerf Magnus, but he's kinda bullshit anyway.

>> No.54842953

Okay, fair enough. Thanks for the replies. Will probably just stick to the standard detachment and fill the troop slots with cultist groupies so I'm not jewing myself out of command points and objective secured then.

>> No.54842963

Tsons will eventually get their own dex. Although it would be hilarious if rubrics still weren't troops when it came out.

>> No.54842965

See here's the thing.
tThe one with working epubs won't bother with pdf shit, and pdf supporters are too inept to repair or convert.

>> No.54842985

you should take a look at>>54842953
here is a fine example of a sensible anon
not like you
We'll see if Plague Marines are troops for DG. If they are, Rubrics should be troops for TS.

>> No.54842995

Pathetic Guard player! We would have had a better game where I would rush Straken and Nork into your Swarmlord along with Bullgryn and we would gloriously beat each other to death while my Conscripts and other Bullgryn would fight your other MCs and Gaunts.

>> No.54843002

>theyre faster than berzerkers

Youre just trolling arent you

>> No.54843003

sweet jesus kys already

>> No.54843007

You guys asked for it so here it is!
>Maelstrom: spoils of war
>1500 pts
>7CP each
It's the tan half painted guard against the purple fully painted Orks, first instant shock was the ork player saying he was trying something new with an ork footslogging gunline list, this guy usually builds pretty dirty lists so I was worried, meanwhile my guard list was made to get in your face and blast everything, so it was already set up to be a weird one...
pic from around the start of turn two because I'm stupid and forgot to grab a picture of deployment

>> No.54843009

Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on this model?

>> No.54843010

Im looking straight at the World Eaters rules and they're just required to be Khorne marked, they can take havocs, obliterators and tanks like any other chaos force

>> No.54843016 [DELETED] 

>You could be describing Kharn right now.
Nope he only hated it's command chain, which he proceeded to hunt down and then unify most of the legion under his command.

>Believes in Khorne, just hates his guts, as it should be.
>as it should be
Your opinion, far from Kharn's and from any World Eater.

>When is full khorne in your mind?
When they stopped being bitches about it locking Angron in the basement of the Conqueror? When he started leading them in literal Blood Crusades against the Imperium and wrecking shit all across it?

>> No.54843017

Yet another reason to fill Troops slots with Brimstone Horrors biotch!

>> No.54843027

Grey knights have had canon chaplains since 2003, they just never had rules

>> No.54843029

I think it's great. It should look fantastic with a gritty paint job.

>> No.54843030


But you're going to get 14 bare heads and 14 with masks/helmets!

>> No.54843033

I hope you made sure to keep a close eye on your stuff with the black around.

>> No.54843040

Did you do it? Did you bring the Bullgryn?

>> No.54843044


I actually hate it. Doesn't really feel like Mortarion at all, just a fat guy with wings

>> No.54843048

I like the look of the wings, the gun and the scythe. I hate his face and the fact that nobody will be able to transport him unless they assembled him with magnets.
I hope they'll give him variant heads.

>> No.54843050

Awesome but needs a better paint scheme

>> No.54843065

Vastly inferior to Magnus, unfortunately.

>> No.54843068 [DELETED] 

Yeah a fine example of a comformistic little bitch that lets GW cuck him out of his army.

And slower than a Rhino.

Bahahahaha cry more anime faggot your tears are delicious

Fluff =/= crunch

>> No.54843070

Think they already confirmed he has a variant head and on the twitch stream

>> No.54843072

Eh. Looks like a nurglified version of the FW Morty with wings and bling and mutations stuck on. It sure as hell beats the old "literally a winged grim reaper" design from Epic.

>> No.54843081

>sgt upgrade is free now
>chaos no longer forced to pay an extra 10pts per unit because of the dipshit aspiring champion

Based 8th editon. Cultist champions costing more than an actual chaos space marine was ridiculous, even if it was a drop in the ocean at the end of the day.

>> No.54843093


>> No.54843097

>a fine example of a comformistic little bitch that lets GW cuck him out of his army
>as opposed to a whiny little bitch that lets GW cuck him out of his army
You're saying you won't?

>> No.54843115

Nice, thanks for the heads up. I like how they seem to cater to the "I fucking hate painting faces" demographic. Girlyman also has a helmet option which looks infinitely better than his fratboy face.

>> No.54843116

Can anyone tell me what's better in a TS list between regular sorcerer vs exalted sorcerer? It seems like I'm only taking the regular sorcerer for equipment and terminator armor.

Also, how important are disks? I kinda hate them

>> No.54843124

Not a fan of those bird/bat/insect hybrid wings, pure fly for me

Scythe is *way* overdone, again trying to be daemonic, mechanical, chain/power all at once.

His infernal cherubs, again need proper insect wings.

Tryign to touch too many bases, inthe porcess fallign short of most.

Not a fan of the spike halo, or the vox, trimmed it off the termie lord, probably gonna do that on Morty as well.

His gun is growing on me.

I'll probably get him though.
First of my armies to get a large plastic centerpiece

>> No.54843128

He will he's just loving the attention right now. If he dosent I hope he posts his army burning video here!

>> No.54843129

They've always been like that though, since world eaters ever got rules. There are other ways to be a Khorne worshipping psychopath than a berserker.

>> No.54843132 [DELETED] 

>implying i'm settling down and accepting it like the cuck you are
>implying i won't be using them as troops anyway because they have a troops entry in the Index
Say hi to your wife's son, you are unworthy of your legion.

>> No.54843135

Midgame was looking not good for guard, a terrible deepstrike misplacement made his warlord not the closest model which allowed him to get priority orders, my plasma russes were overheating like crazy despite rerolling ones, and a single nob refusing to die lost me first blood and kept me from getting overwhelming firepower, ogryns got out and got in to combat... with grots... ensuring they'd be tarpitted all game, on top of all that the red skull kommandos infiltrated in and now own my deployment zone
Basically I made a ton of errors playing and somehow this shitty shooty ork list had me on the ropes and was pulling away in points...

>> No.54843140


Good advice

>> No.54843161 [DELETED] 

Except not all Khorne worshipers are World Eaters, so the fact that they are all Berzerkers does not invalidate the fact that ranged Khornates exist.

>> No.54843163

So if running repentia, it's two squads in a rhino one with a mistress and one with a priest ran up a flank and working in tandem with both buffs, right?

>> No.54843164


>> No.54843182

This is the most aesthetic unit in the whole Imperium.

>> No.54843190 [DELETED] 

Kek enjoy wasting points on cultists animecuck.

>> No.54843207

You take regular sorcs for deepstriking with termies and ExSorc for everything else.

>> No.54843210

Cancer battling cancer!

>> No.54843221

>Nope he only hated it's command chain, which he proceeded to hunt down and then unify most of the legion under his command.
Was that what he was doing at skalathrax? Wasn't just burning everyone he met because he decided they were all cowards for seeking shelter? Known as the betrayer ironically? He hates everyone.
>Your opinion, far from Kharn's and from any World Eater.
Khorne Berzerkers kill because of the nails madness and hate. They try to use Khorne worship for the personal power it brings. Khorne isn't anyone friend. Angron didn't even know who he was before becoming a daemon prince. You just kill people and maybe he notices you.
>When they stopped being bitches about it locking Angron in the basement of the Conqueror? When he started leading them in literal Blood Crusades against the Imperium and wrecking shit all across it?
They have been bitches for ages. Why flee the siege of terra? Why serve abaddon? Angron's armageddon war where he got krumped like a bitch. They are still bitches using your criteria.

>> No.54843226


>Primaris Gravis Sanguinary Guard
>Nipples, wings, and Boltstorm gauntlet and power axe

>> No.54843228

Anyone hahve any ideas on what to do for a GK Brotherhood Champion model? Only just realised GW don't sell it anymore.

>> No.54843239

Wait I read that you can mix Index and Codex rules together. What are the limits on this?

How does this not allow for taking Legion elites as troops if it's in the Index?

>> No.54843241

Any PA GK with a sword.

>> No.54843242

Where's the fucking GK PDF CODEX???

>> No.54843245


What's with this tool who keeps posting yawning cheetahs anyhow?

Is he trying to tell us he's tired of life?

>> No.54843248

Why are some of the most notorious /40kg/ shitposters all Chaos players?

What's it all mean?

>> No.54843253

I would love to make fun of them for being the manlet version of AoS Prosecutors, but unfortunately pic related exists so I can only grudgingly agree

>> No.54843254

>This is the most aesthetic unit
That's not how the word works.

>> No.54843256


I used to be like you, then I worked out how to transfer ebooks to my tablet.

>> No.54843257

>Why are some of the most notorious /40kg/ shitposters all Chaos players?

Chaos really is the mental issues faction

>> No.54843261

Please make me a run up on Blood Angels lore. Lexicanum is kill

>> No.54843265


I use one of the robed DA bodies that has a knightly helm

>> No.54843268

Shit, you're right.

Just kitbash one from a PAGK box, or use Crowe, swap the weapon and leave the banner off if you feel fancy.

>> No.54843274

Chaos attracts assholes like me, and has conflicting fluff.

>> No.54843275

In the store waiting for you to pay money for it you cheap cunt.

>> No.54843276

End of the game truely swung hard in guards favor, I went to the bathroom and decided to give it my all even if I was gonna loose, two turns straight of units doing their job and flamers finally getting in range meant Orks started to vanish, even accidentally moving conscripts out of commissar range and watching them all run away didn't stop my advance, by the end of the game Orks had 3 units left, and guard was victorious, I shook and told him gg and apologized for getting demoralized and being a bitch for a bit there
>14-6 guard victory
>random pic from the game because I was too worried about getting food to think about a post game picture

>> No.54843289

What are you, a fucking casul?

>> No.54843296

>Wait I read that you can mix Index and Codex rules together. What are the limits on this?
Codex unit entries override Index of same name

>How does this not allow for taking Legion elites as troops if it's in the Index?

Because there can be only one and Codex Berzerker trumps Index Berzerkers

>> No.54843302

See this is what I was under the impression of. It's supposed to make older armies still viable. I have 40 berserkers from 3rd edition ready to rumble.

>> No.54843305

Red space marines had a dad who was an angel and also a vampire.
Dad died and the red space marines got very upset.
Sometimes they get so upset they go into a killing frenzy.

>> No.54843306

Were you playing 7e? How did your warlord DS mishap?

>> No.54843307

There is no pdf in the store, you fucking faggot

>> No.54843317

Dey got fugged XD

>> No.54843329

This isn't how their list is presented though. Instead it's a special rule for the Legions in question. For instance World Eaters gain the World Eaters faction keyword and in turn can take Berserkers as troops. They are still otherwise elites.

>> No.54843336

I like it. And I like their bits.

>> No.54843342

It also doesn't mean there are not world eater havocs, obliterators, tanks and transports. In fact, the whole "not all berserkers are world eaters but all world eaters are berserkers" meme is just that, a /tg/ fan-canon like most other things in this thread

>> No.54843356

I wish Dark Eldar had more HQ choices. I want to play a Kabalite army, but to make a battalion, I need two HQs, and it feels wrong fielding two Archons.

>> No.54843367


I'm a zoologist. That cat is yawning. It doesn't have a human understanding of humour.

>> No.54843368

I was just stupid and put my unit 10" from his warlord and didn't realize unti the shooting phase that one model was 9" from some lootas so I had to shoot them

>> No.54843369

when dafuq will there be a pdf of the new codexes

>> No.54843379

Is this what it's like to be in a pathfinder general?

>> No.54843385

Except it was literally in the 6th edition codex. But cry more.

>> No.54843387


When you buy and upload them.

>> No.54843395

Why aren't Ork players running Nobs with Waaaggh! banners.

Do they not realise it affects every unit in the codex?

>> No.54843402

>two you's

Not bad.

>> No.54843403


>> No.54843409

What is wrong with taking a succubus and a haemonculus, or Drazahar and a haemonculus?

>> No.54843417

>is this what it's like to be on 4chan in general

>> No.54843420

Because it's more efficient to just Jump even more 30 boy mobs boys behind the enemy rather than using a HQ to teleport a single banner nob.

>> No.54843423

No, this is what it's like when we're trying to trigger people who hate taiwanese basket weaving despite visiting a taiwanese basket weaving forum

>> No.54843430

Gentlemen, behold?

>> No.54843431

>referencing an outdated codex

>> No.54843440

this is a scottish grudge forum

>> No.54843444

He's a shit poster, ignore him

>> No.54843446

>as opossed to you referencing your ass

>> No.54843451


Because keywords. Succubus is <Wych Cult> not <Kabal> etc.

>> No.54843453

Looka great, but is it supposed to be a moonscape or a frozen tundra?

Not that i would have painted it any differentially, just curious.

>> No.54843454

from only those 3 paint pots? wow

>> No.54843456

Looking good!

>> No.54843458


>> No.54843462

>Not mongolian finger painting

>> No.54843463


>> No.54843467

ctrf '[deleted]'

See the Cheetah guy's posts before he posted cheetahs.

>> No.54843469

Btw how are the next seasonal basket weaving shows looking? I haven't heard anything because I've been doing non-NEET stuff, also no JoJo so I'm already less excited for the fall seasonal shit

>> No.54843471


>> No.54843474

Yeah feel free to actually read that codex because again, it did not disallow world eaters from taking anything besides chaos lords and berserkers

>> No.54843478

That doesnt affect you for the purposes of getting a brigade/battalion.

>> No.54843500

It is e entire moon made of skulls covered with regolith that is in fact skulls crushed to powder?

>> No.54843504



>> No.54843511

Settle down m8 I'm not even English. kek

>> No.54843523

>crunch = fluff
The desperation is real lmao

>> No.54843526

What about <wu tang clan>?

>> No.54843527

Where? I was thinking of having the skulls in lava but I don't know how to do.

I plan on justifying our janky ass aquarium terrain and infinity cardboard by saying that some other Dynasty fucked with Trazyn's collection via tesseracts or some shit and some of it vomitted into realspace here. Hence everyone scrambled to investigate.
Two and a half, and a pot of Dawnstone, a pot of white scar, and a good bit of Nuln oil.

>> No.54843529


It fixed the CSM book but not GK.

>> No.54843548

Personally I'm a fan of "korean ladyboy trading forum"

Fuck off, /wip/ is a shitshow and you know it.

Nothing has been able to capture my attention since Shimoneta ended. It all just feels hollow and dumb to me, so I haven't been keeping up either

>> No.54843645

Excited for the new editions of Battlefleet and Epic in development?

>> No.54843853

Can someone explain to me why Lysander aka "the khorne berserker who put on the wrong color armor" gets a warlord trait that encourages turtling up?

>> No.54843890

Wait I'm think I might have read it wrong. Can named characters still choose from the regular list?

>> No.54843925

Looks like shit which i suppose is fitting.

>> No.54844328


i hate all these overdesigned monopose setpieces on these nigh-autoinclude units

they're going to make armies look very samey

>> No.54844378

which chapter is that? :^)

>> No.54844471

best modern kit for SM. only the 2015 tacs surpass it in pure extract for assembly.

>> No.54844619

no. Chads are not that chaddy. a termie is better. a tac can outswarm and is more flexable. primaris a shit.

>> No.54844883

Lol, Gifts of Chaos looks like Gifts of Chads

>> No.54845064

>the Khorne Bersekrer has no grace or style
>he has no style
>he has no grace
>This Khornate has a funny face

>> No.54845122


>Monopose setpieces

Do you even hobby anon?

>> No.54845228

Sweet! My Cadians can get Scions, without paying Scion prices!

>> No.54845270

Being this new.

>> No.54845298

I want to replace Rowboats sword with a hammer and give him a sweet chaplain skull helmet.

>> No.54845565


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