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New Codexes tomorrow edition!

>Hilarious™ Mortarion Reveal, also some terminators and stuff

>Konor Campaign: Chaos Losing again...

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Chaos' work)

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First for Xenos.

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Alpha legion

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How do I turn this into something competent/play well?

20 Constrip blob.

1 x Veterans Squad.

2 x Special Weapons teams.

1 x Command Squad

1 x Lord Commissar

1 x Commissar

2 x Chimera

1 x Leman Russ Battle Tank

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First for soul grinders who chaos platers could really start usong to aid them. Knights and titans also acceptable.

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Is a predator and a knight worth getting?

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have a (you) for being a good OP

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You can go a few different ways, three archetypes mainly.
If you like tanks get demolihsers / punishers with 3 heavy flamers each and support then with infantry squads.
If you like being a cunt get 999999 conscripts.
If you like holding the line get Manticore artillery and heavy weapons teams.

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Also Tempestus squads with plasmas can supplement any of these for picking off exposed enemies.

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I'm going to visit the FLGS where I just moved to. Wish me luck, tg.

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Did they do something with Soul Grinders to make them worthwhile? Right now they don't seem too good.

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Literally take pics.

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Nth for Steegion best legion

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Ignore him. He's just a shitposter with a Grinder fetish.

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Whoa, somebody got on the LR Punisher train.


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Plastics when?

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how can craftworlders even compete?

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god speed sir!

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Trying a new list

-sorcerer 109
Force sword, plasma pistol
-lord 85
Power sword, plasma pistol
-Sorcerer 175
Combi melta, force axe
-herald of Slaanesh 66

-10 daemonettes
-5 space marines 78
-5 space marines 65
-10 cultists 59
-10 cultists 54
-10 noise marines 242
6 sonic blasters, combi-bolter, 2 blast masters

-hellbrute 162
Twin lascannons, fist

-5 havoks 105
4 heavy bolters
-chaos predator 201
Autocannon, two lascannons

1500 points, main players hang back and shoot while the enemy tangles with the chaff, good?

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question those russes with double traks, is it just to look cool or what?

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And if you are wrong you agree to cut off your over balls.
Your not a chicken are you? Or a liar right?

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Another traitor primarch? Whos the next loyal primarch they'll bring back, Vulkan?

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How viable is it to play mech guard? Lemans and Veterans in Chimeras making most of the army in this case, with a bit of artillery/air support depending on how big the game is. Only infantry without transports would be characters like Tech-priests and Master of Ordnance.

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I like manlet marines better than chads.

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yes, all the turrets, hull, and sponsons are magnetized and I can field three of any model.


I'm not counting on ever, but considering a basica SL guardsman is like $4-6 plus shipping on ebay I'd like them three years ago.


Yes, it's just cosmetic. I think the Leman Russ model is too narrow for how tall it is, so the extra tracks are to flatten in out a bit. I think they look pretty solid on the TT, too.

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GW is too pussy to actually make Lion a traitor, they bitched out with the Chaos Codex and made Alpha Legion unambiguously evil traitors, killing the secret loyalists conspiracies.

>> No.54825042

I can only confirm the Lion is the next Primarch to return.


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Alpharius is more loyal than lion

>> No.54825069

>Yes, it's just cosmetic
Ok cool, nice dkok commissar too. He looks good in the SL.

>> No.54825075

GW should bring back Vulkan then, everyone likes vulkan

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I'd ditch the slaanesh Herald and upgrade the predator from autocannon to twin lascannons, and beef up either the havocs or the csm squad.

Do you have a legion in mind? I'd also make a plan A with stratagem use and a Plan B for defensive/reactive use.

Are those daemonettes being summoned and warp timed?
>say yes

Also, I'd put autoguns on all my cultists.

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>I can only confirm the Lion is the next Primarch to return.
Why is that?

>> No.54825122

are you making these?

>> No.54825127

Except for all the stormweenies, which /tg/ seems to have an unnerving amount of

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There is literally no reason to make Lion a traitor, unless they want to re-write him.

>> No.54825130

He's Lion

>> No.54825131

I think they plan on doing alternating traitor/loyal primarchs.

There's a rumor one is switching sides, but people may have been reading into narrative shit talking too much.

>> No.54825135

I meant in universe

>> No.54825145


>be chapter serf good at art
>spend months painting awesome murals on master's drop pod
>it all burns up on re-entry
>have to paint it over again every drop

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Alpharius is dead Dave

>> No.54825151


The problem with mech guard now is that there are no fire points on the chimera or the taurox, so you can't drive and shoot from the vehicle. You have to dismount to shoot, which effectively just makes your infantry faster but more expensive. On top of that, the chimera got nerfed HARD. I swear to god ever since that sinfully ugly taurox model came out GW has been doing their best to replace the chimera with it, and now my favorite vehicle is 50% more expensive than it used to be with less firepower, no fire ports, no amphibious, and no mobile command center. It's practically junk next to the taurox, which is only slightly less durable and otherwise better at everything.

Mech guard also runs into the problem of scions being a better mobile alternative than transports because deepstriking is risk free now. You pay more for the scions than for guardsmen, but you get much better weapons, including tons of plasma/melta, and land in the perfect place every single time. You can't DS within 6" of a vehicle so no melta shennanigans, but you can still rapid fire shit into oblivion after appearing on the board and even still charge.

Basically transports are now just drive up, get out, shoot up close (then die) instead of drive, shoot from the back, drive, shoot, etc.

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When's the day of the rope?

>> No.54825154

He already is a traitor you dipthong

>> No.54825157

>tfw you never be more loyal than the Lion
He had chaos whispering in his ear since he crawled out of his pod. He tore the Great Beasts of Caliban apart with his bare hands and Heracles'd a goddamn hell-spawned lion as a child.
He had the future of him and his legion revealed to him but still he would not waver and even had the common decency to apologise for a sucker punch unlike a certain hairy fuck.

Loyalty is its own reward

>> No.54825159

Dude a well executed old school paint scheme looks so fucking good.

>> No.54825175

I forgot to mention, emperor's children so I can make two detachments for that sweet 9 command points.

Can't warp time daemons because key words

>> No.54825189

>gets all his lore from shitposters
Read a book, nerd

>> No.54825190

demonstrate that this is the case

>> No.54825195

I wish it was mine makes ultras look good.

>> No.54825201

How do I improve this list?

+Resurrection Orb

12 Warriors

3 Canoptek Scarab bases

1 Triarch Stalker
+Heat Ray

1 Doom Scythe

>> No.54825204

Who is the best Primarch?

>> No.54825210

>Magnus dies in the supplement that introduces him because as a daemon he can walk it off

Who wants to bet this happens with every daemon Primarch?

>> No.54825212

Yeah they're used differently now.

>more than 50% more expensive
I think the rhino actually doubled.

>no amphibious
C'mon man, thats not even a thing

>no fire points, -1 BS after moving
Valid digs.

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You posted him.

>> No.54825219

Objectively Guilliman.

>> No.54825227


Also, can't give orders from inside any more. Used to be the company commander's forward bunker, now the guy has to walk to use orders.

>> No.54825233

>you dipthong
I laughed more than I should have. I blame the Intro to English Linguistics courses I took in college.

>> No.54825234

my primarch cut your primarchs throat and laughed at him.

>> No.54825241

We can arrange to have a pain glove shipped over to the crimson fists, brother carlos.

>> No.54825257

Shame he couldn't lead so well.
Though that would still mean he couldn't get the job done.

>> No.54825260


>no amphibious
>C'mon man, thats not even a thing

I see you're never had a naval battle with orks for the Armageddon seas, with chimeras full of melta/demo charge guardsmen floating to makeshift torpedo orkish battleships.

I have. Chimeras were awesome just as they were.

>> No.54825261

Why do they have problems with vulkin?

He's black as in the color black not black as in the people who steal things.

>> No.54825264

Nah he's better.

>> No.54825270

Take a wild Guess.

>> No.54825271

Guilliman is a filthy eldar lover!

>> No.54825273

Of course. It's just like with Tyranids. The good guys have to win every time. The bad guys only have to win once. Can't have the baddies win too much or there's nothing left for the good guys to lose.

>> No.54825281

Is Khan ever going to get a release years down the line?

They've been playing up the Scars over the past few years and in the new codex

>> No.54825287


Dude what are you doing

Noise Marines champions with Combibolters when they can take a Sonic blaster?

Havocs with 4 heavy Bolters when you could have 5 Sonic Blaster Noise Marines, Give them real weapons like Autocannons/LasCannons or go with Noise Marines

The Herald isnt worth it for 10 Daemonettes, realistically Daemonettes arent worth it unless you play them in units of 20, theyre too squishy. Besides that youre scrapping your legion traits by taking a Herald. You als already got enough HQs

The only reason to include that herald is via reserves and if you have critcal mass of Warptalons or Possesed or are playing a straighup daemon detachment.

What is the point of the two 2 SpaceMarine Squad? Why do you only have 1 Plasma Gun instead of two? Drop the useless 5man Squad without special weapons and replace them with more Cultists + Plasmagun for the other 5man Squad.

The way you think your list up youll need more cultists anyway.

Helbrute is kitted out good moving on

Id go for 4x Lascannons on the Predator. You have enough ways to deal with Infantery

SERIOUSLY Consider Bikes over Tactical Marines, one bike costs only 1 point more than 2 Tacticals, has 8" more Movement, 2 Wounds and toughness 5, additionally you can give them CCW, Flamer/Melta AND keep the BikeCombiBolter.

>> No.54825296

Sure, the master of the cuck Legion who probably couldn't even take as many worlds as the Death Guard was "better."
Fucking brainlets.

>> No.54825305

>Sure, the master of the cuck Legion who probably couldn't even take as many worlds as the Death Guard was "better."
Straight up. Glad we agree

>> No.54825306

In 30k? Dorn is supposed to be next, then probably Sanguinius/Alpharius/Lion and sometime after that you can expect the Khan.

In 40k? Who the fuck knows.

>> No.54825312

Because qualified comments and nuanced arguments aren't really hallmarks of retardation.

Sallies are just bro-tier good guys who happen to have skin the colour of tar, but clearly that means they're the perfect target for the usual race-rants.

>> No.54825315

>posting an inferior swordsman when a better duelist and far superior general exists

Now don't you lot go posting that travesty that is the BL cover art of him. BL changes their art to resemble the 30k models,
not the other way round

>> No.54825329


>> No.54825337

I've been away from 40k for a few years can someone explain to me how flamers work now?

>> No.54825343

(you) deserve it

>> No.54825346

Guardsman, are you telling me that you've misplaced your primer?

>> No.54825347

8" range, always hits.

>> No.54825348

>this shitty fan art

Looks nothing like his official portrayals.

>> No.54825364

They instantly do d6 hit on 8" and can be fired after Running/advancing and in overwatch

>> No.54825365

Dude themes his shit after gay bars and could rekt by curze

>> No.54825367

Primer's too expensive.

I just paint from the pot.

>> No.54825372

>Third Legion niggers think this is clever

>> No.54825376

>ha ha! I have captured these giant siege guns so horus cannot use them!
>I know, I'll give them to perturabo, he says he'll put them to good use at isstvan
I mean, how the fuck do you get deceived by "Mr People Skills" Perturabo?

>> No.54825377

Weirdly enough, I'm not as excited for 30k Khan as a potential 40k Khan and I play Scars in 30k

30k scars already play so differently than other legions that anything beyond their legion traits and rite of wars is just a bonus

A 40k khan coming back out of the webway like a loyalist doom rider would be fucking awesome

Also gib primaris jetbikes

>> No.54825385

didn The Lion break Cruzes back?

>> No.54825389

Random hits.

>> No.54825396

um you have a pressurised tank of promethium, some kind of hose and a valve. When the valve is opened the promethium is ejected in a stream over a pilot light which insights it

>> No.54825421

well memed

>> No.54825429

>legion traits
The codex isn't even out until next week and I need four HQs for the two detechments. Her job is to earn me 3 more command points and smite.
I only have so many sonic blasters.
And putting lascannons on the predator would take me one point over, are people Ok with that>

>> No.54825432

Is easier than you'd think

>> No.54825448

man I miss that pictorial army builder. bloody gw

>> No.54825452

So ever since 8th drop my flgs has been seeing a decrease in Tau players. A couple of them outright quit the game publicly (one of them because of what 8th did to Riptides.) It's weird really, it only seems to be the Tau players quitting, everyone else including me with my BA army are enjoying the new edition. Anyone else seeing this?

>> No.54825460

And yet Dorn out-rused Alpharius, with his Surprise Bitch, Unexpected Phalanx manoeuvre. It's all very confusing.

>> No.54825488

It is an objective fact that Sanguinius is the broest and best Primarch to have ever came out of the Emperors lab. He is also best son.

>> No.54825492

Yep, and that was after putting him in a coma and breaking Curze's legion into warbands.

And glassing a portion of Macragge...

Oh lemme just look at this "official portrayal" of Ferrus before his model

Now that. That I'll give you

>> No.54825506

Honestly the hobby is better without them.

Tau are still competitive, just not as broken as in 7th.

>> No.54825510

>no nigger hair

Not sanguinius.

>> No.54825516

Even as a Lion fanboy I agree, but also he's dead

>> No.54825520

Hey, Steel Legion anon. Knights looking sexy as ever, despite the fact I thought they would look wierd in camo. Any plans for a camo Titan like some of the older art?

Also, got any games in with that Marauder Destroyer in 8e yet? I'm brainstorming up an Admech version, but I still need to find a way to mount some autocannon onto pic related's sides without them looking really out of place.
Missiles will be the Taurox missile launcher mounted into the cybernetics that will be replacing the jaw, Heavy Bolters will be on the fins and Twin Assault Cannon will just be one of the four weapons on the flanks.

Planning on thinning down some Sector Mechanicus walkways for a spinal plate to walk along, then getting some of that Worbla stuff to see if I can make some armoured carapace for the thing like the 30k Vulturax. Add three or four Stormraven engines from the back of the whale into where the tail fins currently are, a whole bunch of cybernetics and Cogs Mechanicus and some Sector Mech doors welded into the carapace and done.

>> No.54825526

>Want to start 4 armies at once

>While already having 5 than need painting

Someone help me

>> No.54825532

Being Mr. "Raised by running away from wolves"?

>> No.54825540

Anyone got a comfy Death Guard edit?

>> No.54825542

The Tallyman hath come!

>> No.54825562

>having multiple armies

How? I get maybe something that some naturally compliment themselves like Chaos Space Marines and Daemons but what on earth do you have?

>> No.54825565

Glorious golden curls is now considered nig-nog hair?

>> No.54825567

The codex is out tomorrow.

You run one of the Sorc and the Lord in a Battallion Detachment filled by your Now single unit of 5man Marines, 20 unit of Cultists and 10 Unit of Cultists

Then a vanguard detachment with your 2nd Sorc, filling requirements with 2x 5man Unit of Noise Marines and your Helbrute, and put your Heavy Support in either of those Detachments doesnt matter

That gives you 7 CP easily

youd run her in a Patrol Detachment together with the daemonettes at best

I understand your plan of running 2 Battalion Detachments. But ABSOLUTELY GIMPING your List and being forced to take NOT take the significantly Buffed Codex Noise Marines/Cultists and neglecting Legion Traits and Stratagems (the only Reason youd need that much CP) is not worth the 2 laughable Points

>> No.54825573

I NEED ________pre-heresy________ DEATHGUARD BOOKS

>> No.54825576

It's going to be a loyalist after Mortarion. No way they would have more chaos primarchs than loyalists for long.

It's got to be one of the ones from a popular chapter. That means BA, DA or SW.

It is unlikely to be Sanguinus, because they haven't got round to setting up background justification for him to return at all.

So it's either Jonson or Russ.

The current space wolf range looks really bad, so they need some time to figure out how to make it look even worse for the primaris version.

Therefore, DA and the Lion are the next loyalist marine release.

>> No.54825578

Think about it, do you want to actually play those 4 armies?
I have only like 6models to paint from my CSM and a codex to buy tommorow, but I still didn't start Craftworlds out of fear that I'll burn out and never finish painting either.

>> No.54825586

Did the Laer blade or whatever just brazenly have a slanneshi icon on it? No one said anything?

>haha geez man that sword looks really strange

>> No.54825594


Crimson Fists
Blood Angels


Alpha Legion
Death Guard

Even more if you count AoS

>> No.54825598



>> No.54825614

>If you think it looks funny wait until you hear it talk!

>> No.54825618


Also I dont know what Models you own, Im just telling you that you Should Either Kit out those Havocs Properly or Remove them and add 5 Noise marines (to make use of the Stratagems coming out tomorrow)

Also Dont worry about that one point on the Predator, If you use the Codex Point Values Your Key Units (Cultists and Noise) are Reduced by up to 20% points wise.

Also Cant stretch this out enough. B I K E S are good there is literally no reason not to run them over a 5 man Marine Squad

>> No.54825620


>> No.54825627


When I get my first bonus I'll be using it on a FW warlord titan in the same color scheme.

I haven't played 8th yet since I don't play with unpainted minis, and I have had to change my list around to make it work. 30 more infantry and 6 sentinels to go, then I will be gaming again.

>> No.54825637

Some shitbag fanart has him in dreadlocks

>> No.54825641

Whilst i'm certainly not a WAACfag, if I didn't have access to magnets and could only attach one weapon to a Sentinel; what would be the best overall?

>> No.54825648

>Play 30k Custodes/Sisters, 30k/40k Imperial Fists, and Deathwatch
>Have no patience to paint black power armor save for 2-3 at a time
>Somehow tear through gold and yellow

God damn it why. The Deathwatch army is only 30 models while the IF and Custodes are about 100 each.

Also making an army viable in 30k and 40k simultaneously is hard.

>> No.54825660

>tfw tempted to pick up T'au
>tfw already have three armies that I'm working on, and enjoy

Convince me not to be swayed by the Greater Good.

>> No.54825670

>Wanting Sisters and Catachans

How embarrassing.

>> No.54825678

>Shitting on catachans

>> No.54825682

t. Chaosfag

>> No.54825684

Not that anon but I have.

Space marines
Blood marines
Gay marines
Spike marines
Rotting marines
High eldar
Dark eldar

Please send help

>> No.54825689


>> No.54825694

Wiat, the codex is out on the 12th? not the 16th like the leaks said?

>> No.54825708

Alright everyone, what's you're collection currently looking like?

Post pics if you'd like and list it off!

>> No.54825711

wait for the codex or buy magnets.
At the moment if they move they're bs5+ which is all kinds of shit but does make the flamer worthwhile. But there are lore reasons for the armoured one at least to move and fire without penalty (gyroscopic stabilisers) sooo could be that GW will come to their senses and give them a potms equivalent

or just give them lascannons and sit on the back line

>> No.54825716

Where do you live, Anon?

>> No.54825719

Here is Spess Whale next to a Knight twin autocannon, it's rather too big. Anyone know of a TL Autocannon part that would be compact enough to mount two on each side of pic related?

>> No.54825722


You listed Dark Angels twice there.

>> No.54825725

What is GW going to do once imperium wins every single week of Konor?

>> No.54825729

Different anon, but:
>Traitor Marines


>Warriors of Chaos

>Witch Hunters
>Carnival of Chaos


20mm WW2:

>> No.54825730


>> No.54825734

Heavy flamer honestly.

>> No.54825735


Oh look, it's THIS type of sperg retard. The dumbfuck who thinks he's allowed to cheat and get away with it.

News flash, kid, it's called a 1500 point list for a reason, not a 1501 point list. If I catch you going even a single point over, I am not playing you, and your sweaty fat ass WILL be called out and escorted from the LGS.

I'm sick and fucking tired of you shitstains thinking you can go over the cap because you're too much of a brainlet to spend your points correctly and competitively. Fuck up.

>> No.54825736

>Yes, it's just WAACfaggotry

They really do look good.

>> No.54825743

Oh, hey Whaleguy. Been a while since I last saw your project. You make any progress on it?

>> No.54825745

>Death Guard
If you can't help yourself, go with that option over the others. Now is a pretty great time to get invested in them, given their current focus and new models. They also make for a pretty unique art style to try and develop, doubly so if you like conversions.

>> No.54825750

Nice. Looking forward to seeing Stealth Titan blasting faces. Repainting my own army at the moment, although I don't have an airbrush so redoing a whole War Convocation is taking a while. Seems like you have some pretty fuckawesome battles, they'll liven up the threads nicely.

>> No.54825753

so whatever happened to that void whale with ork herpes and Catachan?

>> No.54825755

sorry guardlets, but if you aren't at least nine feet of solid muscle and mold lines you're never going to be able to satisfy a woman in [the current millennium]

>> No.54825760

How to get that red yellow?

>> No.54825761

dude you could preorder it last saturday

>> No.54825763

Knights and titans also work.

>> No.54825764



>> No.54825765

>And glassing a portion of Macragge...

>> No.54825766

Armored sentinels with lascannons behind/in ruins.
Hard to remove, reasonable damage output.

>> No.54825767

My mom is in the hospital again so I haven't had any time to play games. Anyone play any games lately that they would like to talk about or showcase with pictures?

Aw yes, Yarrick. I've been using him more and I love it.
Looks fun. I always magnetize my tanks too. Punisher with multi meltas and a lascannon has done the most work for me.

>> No.54825768


Wasn't that after Curze best the shit out of Girlyman while also fighting Lion? Curze doesn't have much in the way of shit he actually did, but I thought that was one of them. I could be wrong.

>> No.54825791


Thank you. That's what I thought but I just can't imagine the game without templates.

>> No.54825794

Seems there's a dice set up for preorder. Just so you all know, given these things sell out really fast and there's normally a few anons pissed off about it.

Preorders up on NZ.

>> No.54825803


consider HK missiles, too. 6 points is jsut 2 conscripts, and it's a d6 D krak missile. a salvo of 10 of them could really lay down some early game hurt.

>> No.54825809

I am gearing up to run 8 Bullgryn and Nork.

>> No.54825814

This is really harsh and Waacy but you have a point.

>> No.54825816

Heavy Bolter for scout or Plasma Cannon for armoured. Scout with HB is probably optimal value.

>> No.54825821

My manger didn't say anything about it.

I guess it doesn't matter then because my lists will be incorrect come tomorrow.

>> No.54825822


>well read, likes books and shit
>Not austisitc, doesnt filp out over perceived insults
>big guy
>lots of hair
>pshycic powers second only to the Emperor
>is nice to the other primarchs (saved vulkan despite having already been forced onto the opposing side)
>Had a city with pshycic waiters so no need to decide
>Had his own vinyards

>> No.54825824

xenos dice when?

>> No.54825830

Whale is stripped and I've started trimming some of the inconvenient parts off her, but otherwise not much. Got sidetracked with a Knight, but when I get paid on the 23rd I'll order up the worbla and Stormraven parts I need to lay down the primary modifications. It's a bit small for the original Stormbird Idea, but about right for a Marauder variant.

Do I go for four engines with a pair each side, or three with one each sid and one either above or below Thunderhawk style,do you think?

>> No.54825831

Because Lion has great people skills too right?

>> No.54825832

I finished my Vanguard last night. I've got my Intercessors, sergeants, lieutenants, captains and ancients finished and I need to do five more Hellblasters to make a Plasma Spearhead. I have five more intercessors to put together, but I hate those models.

>> No.54825835

Reward them with more primaris marine models.

>> No.54825837


>> No.54825846

I hate the name too.

>> No.54825848

He dindu nuffin

>> No.54825849

Why it is my peanus weenus of course.

>> No.54825867


>> No.54825868

A squad of three killed a watch master in 1 battle round for me about a week ago, a squad of 4 with two of each shield can be dirty if they get stuck in, I'm currently working on my second box, lots of great bits and conversions possible, like I'm building a guy with his shield strapped to his back and brass knuckles in his free hand

>> No.54825871

Night Lords anon here.

Going to spray down this bad boy tonight. I bought the rhino on ebay awhile ago, which was pre painted and had the turrets glued on with no bolter. A little spiky love later, and my Night Lords have a new rhino. I couldn't think of another way to put both 2 combi weapons and the Havok launcher on a rhino, so I just decided to have a dude hang out the top with a gun. Seems fitting for chaos. I like how it turned out.

>> No.54825878

Is 40k's version of /gif/ just filled with OGRYN'D threads?

>> No.54825879

I think you mean $60

>> No.54825880

>Lion Is the next primarch to be released
>Turns out he has Always been alive and well inside the rock
>The meme of the shady half traitor dark angels comes full circle: Lion got tainted by Chaos during the heresy like Horus himself and turned traitor, but the legion staid loyal to the emperor and caged their own primarch in the hope they could Fix him
>A month later either Corax, Vulkan or Ferrus comes back (revealed he Is a perpetual)
Remember my words Brothers for they will become true

>> No.54825891

Chimeras have two uses for me. 4 Bullgryn and 2 heavy flamers. That way the Chimera burns things, eats the overwatch and prevents the Bullgryn from being overwatched. The other is Veterans with an officer and maybe psyker or commissar. When you hop out it's a shit load of fire power. You can even follow up with an assault if your officer and or commissar has a melee weapon.

>> No.54825892

I hope you're not THAT night lord anon

>> No.54825895

I said Sangy is the best, but Lion is the most based.

>> No.54825898

He was too good for this Galaxy.

>> No.54825913

Yeah they hit like trucks. I also plan to run 4 in a Valkyrie for turn 1 charges.

>> No.54825916

Your core list isnt bad, if youre going EC. Just turn the Havocs into Noise Marines or give them Las/autocannons. Then turn your Tactical marines into Either Cultists or Bikes and it seems like a decent list. But keep in mind that you arent a full-Dakka Army and your dont get the Dakkaiest of Codexes. So depending on your Opponent dont be too afraid walking forward or even running with your Noise marines

>> No.54825917

If you gotta keep telling everyone you're the best you're probably not. Also, difference through repetition - all things both better and worse are the result of imperfections.

>> No.54825921

>Lion is the most based.

He was so unbased half his Legion turned against him.

>> No.54825930


Which nigh lord anon? I'm the one with armless termies and the chainglaive sorcerer.

>> No.54825931

They weren't Dark Angels

>> No.54825932

>I don't play with unpainted minis
A man among men

>> No.54825937

I think so yeah. In fairness Curze was pretty ball leading a one man terror campaign on the Ultramarine's home world with three primarchs and large chunks of their legions about.
Still got captured by best primarch though

I get a stiffy at the thought of what they could do to a sector now

>> No.54825941

>If you gotta keep telling everyone you're the best you're probably not.

Ultramarines let their actions peak for them.
1. Most conquered
2. Fewest casualties
3. Fastest capture rate

Other Legions couldn't have even been trying.

>> No.54825948


Not this tool, and I actually play EC

>> No.54825955

Is more getting more infantry an option? I would get more conscripts. A lot more. You can turn any las veterans into conscripts too. If you can take 4x30 you will practically auto win every game.

>> No.54825956

>2. Fewest casualties
Becasue they were cowards, yeah.

>> No.54825960

Do we know what Codices will follow after CSM and GK?

>> No.54825965

I plan on running a 500pt list of 46 Conscripts x2, Company Commander, Commissar, Leman Russ w/Battle Cannon. 184 delicious FRFSRF shots and the Russ for heavy support. Am i a bad person?

>> No.54825968

Nope, just the most smart and skilled.

>> No.54825970

I...I have not.

I'm over here fighting on green fields life a douchebag.

But to be fair, amphibious doesn't mean the tank can float.

>> No.54825976

The half that never knew him were turned against him by a bunch of salty assholes

>Astelan shot first

>> No.54825977

Regular battle tank is pretty bad, want to be real mean get a punisher or demolisher with 3 flamers.

>> No.54825980

I have
>Space Marines
>Primaris Marines
>Death Guard
>Nurgle Demons
>Talons of the EMPRAH
>Imperial Guard
>Genestealer cultists

and from AoS:
>Stormcast Failternals
>Kharadron Overlords

>> No.54825981

Death Guard is september. October we aren't sure about but i think its implied in chapter approved preview article orks/eldar will be january.

>> No.54825985

So when you are dead wrong about the Lion, will you cut off your own balls?

>> No.54825997


>has nothing to do with Imperium vs Chaos
>Expecting it to be talked about in current fluff

Can't wait for it to be revealed that the voices Ghazghkull has been hearing are really the Chaos gods.

>> No.54825999

No they rebelled because he was soooo based that he didn't think to check in on Luther and you know, netflix and chill

>> No.54826008


>using your elites slots on bs4 guardsmen

I wish this was good (it's what I used to play), but it's not. There are too many other things you need those elite slots for, and scions do everything vets do but better. Vets don't even have much of a cost advantage since scions don't need a vehicle to get exactly where they need to be.

Bullgryns...ok, maybe. I've never used them so I can't make a good judgment call on that one, but you can't charge and disembark in the same turn. That means you are going to eat a round of shooting before you charge, and if you are too close you will eat shooting, and then be charged instead.

>> No.54826011

Best generalists maybe. Other legions like the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors got called in when their expertise was needed.

>> No.54826017

no bully puhreasu

>> No.54826021

>40k /gif/
>slaanesh thread
>gifs that make you want to worship chaos
>xenos rekt thread
>why is there so much slaanesh shit on this board thread
>good imperial thread none of that chaos shit
>traps thread

>> No.54826037

He's not, though. This is the most plausible Lion theory I've read to date. Don't know about the other primarchs mentioned though.

>> No.54826041

>>good imperial thread none of that chaos shit

>> No.54826043

Western Pennsylvania, USA. Plz no raparino

>> No.54826048

their models are garbage

>> No.54826052


uhg, I literally just moved from Pitt to Philly.

>> No.54826053

man hands

>> No.54826059


Reading 'Fulgrim' really turned me off EC lore desu,

More pathetic than anything ,

>> No.54826066

What's the best store in Pitt?

>> No.54826071

>Noise champion can take a sonic blaster instead of a bolter
>can also take a doom siren
>can trade his bolt pistol for a combi weapon
>GW doesn't make any plastic combi weapons, nor put them in any of the chaos kits

What did they mean by this? If its not in the kit why does it have rules? Since they don't make the model can I use 3rd party and no one can be mad because they don't make it? If you want to argue that FW counts here then why doesn't it count for options cut from the codexes? Why did GW take away options like apothecaries on bikes because they don't make them and don't want to allow/account for people converting but then released a WD article about converting a Dread knight so it has a grand master in it?

>> No.54826072

>still a normal trap thread

>> No.54826073


It does in 40k. All water counts as cleeeeeear. Chimeras double as AM naval skiffs, and the guys inside could even shoot out the top hatch while they swam. Toot toot I'm a boat.

>> No.54826079

So, I'm looking into T'au. What's the best way to start them for cheap so I can make sure that I like them?

>> No.54826080

You can charge after disembarking. You just have to have the transport be stationary first. You drive up, advance, smoke, then next turn you hop out 3 inches then move 6 then move the Chimera which flames the squad then you charge with the Chimera to eat OW then you charge with the Bullgryn. They are not just okay they are really good.

Vets are BS3+ and they can have lots of weapons. They work well when you already have other units driving up like Bullgryn. All the shooting works even better in combination with Scions. Elite slots are easy to come by what are you talking about?

>> No.54826084

It's really not though. Lion was the first primarch chaos tried to sway, you know Caliban was a daemon ridden death world yeah? But turns out his autism is a hard counter to the whisperings of dark gods. Dude's an asshole with ambition to be No. 1 in daddy's eyes to be sure, but he's no traitor

>> No.54826086

As for most armies
Start Collecting is literally the 1st step

>> No.54826099

>not wanting a strong pair of calloused hands to manhandle you

holy fuck, gay

>> No.54826106


Legions Hobby and Games. It's a bit of a drive north, but worth it. Pic related, it's their store.

>> No.54826107


holy fuck, EXTRA gay

>> No.54826114

There are combi bolter bits the sterguar, t.ac marine and mk3/4 marines kits.

But even so using 3rd party bits is still fine.

>> No.54826120


If you have to drive up and park for a turn to charge, you are giving the guy a turn to either backpedal or advance and envelop the transport, preventing moving or disembarking.

>> No.54826121

>>GW doesn't make any plastic combi weapons
wew, retard alert

>> No.54826127

Maybe buy some heavy weapons teams. They can be set in the back for fire support or placed into infantry and veteran squads to increase their survival chance. It also has the benefit of allowing you to make more infantry squads.

But other than that your options are more dudes or more tanks or a little of both.

I will say adding the start collecting scion box is great. I like having a dakkaprime(Gatling gun) full of scions with 4 volleyguns as a anti horde dakka storm. This is likely the best single purchase you can make.

>> No.54826129

Oh. Dope. That's where I was gonna check out. No doxxarino plz.

>> No.54826131

Oh hey, two soul grinders. Maybe that one guy will be happy now.

>> No.54826133

The SC is good? What else should I pick up? The LGS only plays 1000pt games.

>> No.54826146

>blaming GW when it was the makers fault for going patreon

I bet nu GW would've allowed it, but UK law would mean if GW doesn't shut them down they would lose the rights to 40k since it's supposed to be their proprietary IP. As soon as they allow others to make money off their rules and IP, they'll lose the rights and everyone can do it due to future people pointing at this example as precedence.

>> No.54826148

>turns out
that's been lore since 2nd ed, hardly a revelation
in his sleep maybe, he's established as being loyal right up to the return to Caliban but chaos can't stand to be around the watchers
Angels don't know he's there, even Azreal who's the only guy who knows Luther's alive and natter's with him from time to time doesn't know

>> No.54826157

What's a fluffy chapter for a first company / terminator and dreadnoughts spam army? Either well known or obscure. NO HOMOS.
Would astral knights make sense or would the remaning guys still be wearing power amor except some?

>> No.54826161

Anyone else that GW is getting sudden?

>> No.54826167


>> No.54826169


The game did not end well for them. Vulture got behind and gatling'd their rear armors.

>> No.54826180

[992] - Points of Khorites

Kharn the Betrayer

Power Scourge
Hellbrute Fist

10 Bezerkers
10 Chainaxe
9 Chainsword
1 Powersword [Leader]
1 Icon of Wrath

10 Bezerkers
10 Chainaxe
9 Chainsword
1 Powersword [Leader]
1 Icon on Wrath

5 Warp Talons
Double Lighting Claws

5 Warp Talons
Double Lighting Claws

Local club has shared miniatures so I gotten into the hobby playing with them. This is the first list I wanna make that is my own. Is it deacent? All I want from it is to be annoying and roll for bzilion attacks while engaged in GLORIOUS MELEE COMBAT. Thinking of painting them pink, sadly no one there goes on /tg/ an would not get the meme.

>> No.54826181

Rear armor?
What year is this?

>> No.54826182

has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

>> No.54826194

2016. Read the date. I never said it was taken today, fucking faggot. Don't come to the store.

>> No.54826195


The game in these pics was...almost 1 year ago, I think. Summer term between classes.

>> No.54826196

If you put yourself close enough to be surrounded then that's poor positioning on your part or poor understanding of how far the enemy's models can move. If they retreat you punish them with artillery and Scions and keep driving until you have a better opportunity.

>> No.54826201


>> No.54826202

You cant do that anon. he trades his Bolter AND pistol for a Combi-Weapon (which are on the generic (Chaos) Marine Sprue btw)

Imagine the Dakka Incarnate A noise Champion with A Doom Siren a Sonic blaster and a Combi-Bolter would be.

Thats what Chaos Bikers are there for tho, They can take Special Weapons without losing their Bikes RapidFire2 Shots

>> No.54826211


>> No.54826214

Had the OP's pic happen to my WoD group. UT killed off a player's character because they said he was some number of points over what he should be. They didn't bother to tell us how many points over though or what he should be at. We're considering going troupe over it because we're not the first group to have issues like this with them.

>> No.54826216

Preorders up on NZ site. inceptors and conversion kit

>> No.54826218

Parking 12 inches away is pretty much a guaranteed charge but to far for them to feasibly surround the chimera in one turn.

If uou footslog they have just as much opportunity to run away so its no difference there. The tank is faster though so its better for chasing things down.

>> No.54826225

I'm not the guy you were talking to. Sorry just lurking between tabs.

>> No.54826232


Proxy a few things, if you're starting off it is a better idea. Take things for a whirl before buying.
Proxy maybe pathfinders and some vehicle.

>> No.54826247

Any mega-corporations in the fluff like pic related? Or did the Adeptus Mechanicus absorb them all?

>> No.54826257

Are you planning on footslogging berzerks? I'd go for a rhino or something. And Kharn is way too expensive for a 1000 point game, just get an apostle. And maybe a Champion.

>> No.54826258

>capitalism is the only possible system
Fucking burgers

>> No.54826264

Any current rumors on dark mech? I have a admech battleforce lying around and I'd like to convert it for my DG if possible.

>> No.54826270

You wot m8?

>> No.54826271

I'm sorry if reality is hurting you.
But it's going to hurt a lot more in a few years.

>> No.54826277

So, shooty slaaneshi, yay or ney? 5 terminators with plasmas and a lord can pour an ungodly amount of firepower. And then you throw in their stratagem to do it again.
Double Blastmaster helbrutes look cool too, maybe with a missile launcher.

>> No.54826278


Maybe, let's theorycraft that.

12" away means that the guy can backpedal 6", making it 18" away. You disembark 3, move 6, leaving 9" for the charge. Average is 7, so hardly guaranteed but certainly possible.

6" away and they move up to 1" away from vehicle, advance, and potentially envelop (transports are usually about 5" long, so it's a stretch).

The sweet spot seems to be 9". 9" means they can't envelop you at all, and can only retreat to 15" away, a 6" charge.

>> No.54826282

Not something that's really discussed, being a war game and all that. Rogue traders I guess are kind of that in a mercantile capitalism sense rather than joint-stock capitalism. You're probably better off checking in with 40krpg as it deals more with civilian life

>> No.54826283

even if they existed during the age of strife which was basically the age of MadMax. The Emperor probably wouldve gotten rid of them or made them serve him

>> No.54826284

New to 40k, how does the rule "Jet Pack" work? Is it just the FLY key-word? Does this mean Crisis Suits can no longer shoot and jump back?

>> No.54826290

Communism is a huge failure idiot.

>> No.54826291


Not much room for them in a massive totalitarian hyper-theocracy regime. Especially one that is essentially feudal

>> No.54826294

Corporations exist, but they're not modern capitalist things. More medieval merchant families, etc.

>> No.54826301

What's a good way to proxy?

>> No.54826302

>communism is the only alternative
What a bunch of illiterate retards

>> No.54826314

>Any mega-corporations in the fluff like pic related?
You're looking for 2nd Ed. Warzone. Not 40K.

>> No.54826319

Rogue Traders and any trading corporation that grows big enough to do interplanetary trading. Mega-Corporations are a thing in 40k.

>> No.54826324


>b-b-b-but REAAAAL communism has never been tried!!!!

>> No.54826325

and yet democratic socialism seems to be pretty comfy, who knew?

>> No.54826326


Depends, I'm assuming you'll buy things and not be an asshole and do proxy trials for 4 months. Use whatever and make sure you keep good track of it represents

>> No.54826331

When are we getting upgrade packs for other chapters? Not that I'm a fan of the pricing scheme if I also consider buying them but whatever.. They seem to be mandatory for iron hands otherwise we'd get no bionics

>> No.54826336



>> No.54826338

Did the moron who sued GeeDubs get BTFO yet?

>> No.54826342

>2nd Ed. Warzone

>> No.54826345

I could use my DEldar to proxy for corresponding unit classes.
Also, the LGS owner has a Tau army for sale - he quit playing in 8e.

>> No.54826358


Chavez pls leave.

>> No.54826360

>GW releases Ultramarine upgrade pack even though every kit is full of Ultramarine bits and transfers.

We're not getting any new upgrade packs. GW is only concerned about the Smurfs.

>> No.54826362

Yeah it has, worked pretty well in the Spanish republic and in the Ukrainian Free Territory. Sadly not very good at competing with authoritarian vested interests

>> No.54826377

9-12 has always been about what I've aimed for and works most of the time. When you overwhelm them with targets something usually works. Even if they die horribly they still take a lot of fire first.

>> No.54826378

And the E didn't tell Bob about Lion being lazy? Shame.

>> No.54826379

I just thought that it would be interesting if an Imperial Guard regiment was in service to a mega-corporation, and said company is in a Cold War situation with the AdMech. Narrative potential with a conflict between Imperium arms/tech suppliers.

>> No.54826380

>can't ensure it's own survival against other competing systems

>> No.54826386


They literally elected socialists democratically

>> No.54826387

Oh, if you've already stuff then you aren't much of a noob. Buy some pathfinders and stealthsuits, usually good and not that pricey. Proxy for the more expensive stuff before buying it if you want to give it a try first. Like Ghostkeels and Stormsurges

>> No.54826402

This, really. Communism probably won't work without Culture-style megatech and has a really weird chain of societies supposedly leading up to it, pure socialism would be very difficult if not impossible to balance, but left side of democratic socialism seems to be working pretty well. Although honestly there seem to be a lot of things like nuclear power and genetics research that we need to do more of but the left seems to disagree with, so it's kinda hard to slap down a marker at one point on the scale and say "This is where we need to be".

>> No.54826407

I was really hoping they'd release Primaris bikers. I don't want to use the old bikers in my Death Guard.

>> No.54826409

The main reason I like Tau are the mech designs. Could a mech-centered army work well?

>> No.54826411

Predictions for Blood Angels chapter tactics?

>> No.54826413

and now theyll never be able to un-elect it
very democratic yes?

>> No.54826415

>Be an Army
>Flip the bird to the only people capable of doing maintenance on fucking anything from Pistol to Super-heavy Tank

>> No.54826440

Nothing on a galactic scale. I think a lot of that is the Imperial control of Astrop as that and Navigators necessary for interstellar travel. There very well could be mega-corporations on the planetary scale however. I could also see a Planetary Governor being a "chairman" of a "board of directors" or some such. As long as you're loyal and pay the tithe the Ilperial doesn't care much what your political or social system is.

>> No.54826441


You can suit spam, but it isn't the most viable. So if you can handle not winning then go for it, the models are cool. Might want to wait for the codex first in that case, might offer some suit spam options

>> No.54826448


Played a cheeky game against my mate. He was using demons, I was using my Iron Warriors as counts as Iron Hands.

Armies were roughly

Iron Hands
Terminator Captain with chainfist and combi plasma
Techmarine with Conversion beamer.

3 ten man marine squads one with flamer lascannon, one with plasma, plasma cannon and one with plasma , lascannon , all captains had fists. They split into combat squads.

2 dreads 1 with lascannon and heavy flamers one with ass cannon and heavy flamer.

5 thunder hammer storm shield terminators

Predator with heavy bolters and Autocannon

Land Raider with multi melta

Vindicator with demolisher cannon.


Great Unclean One
1 bloodthirster of insensate rage

4 or so nurgle spawn

Ten plaguebearers
20 bloodletters
10 or so flesh hounds

1 plague hulk
1 skull cannon
1 soul grinder

Mission was the scouring. I had hold of the weakest 1 point objective but also the strongest 4 point objective.

Daemons got first turn advanced quick but only managed to kill a few marines with their shooting.

Firing back I was ineffectual against the bloodthirster who made a lot of his daemonic resilient saves but when I focussed on the great unclean instead I killed it and got warlord and first blood. Mostly this was down to the vindicator which is great at killing single target models now.

His turn, more shooting from his backline. I think my dreadnought dies to this combined fire. The flesh hounds charge and kill a 5 man combat squad. The bloodthirster charges the land raider but bounces off of it pretty luckily for me. The bloodletters charge another combat squad and take them out. The spawn charge the last frontline combat squad but just get locked in combat.

My turn. I retreat my.land raider from his bloodthirster And charge it with my assault terminators who kill it.

His turn. The bloodletters charge my predator and vindicator in an effort to take them out. They're pretty thinned out by this point and fail.

>> No.54826457

Ugh, manspreading.

>> No.54826459

Sounds good to me. I'll just focus on rounding out my DEldar for now.

>> No.54826461

No fetish, only desire for action.

>> No.54826462

I can't tell if this is supposed to be defending socialism or not

>> No.54826466

We midnight clad, boys!

>> No.54826479


it's almost like socialism and democracy don't work well together or something

>> No.54826481

>Astrop as that

T. Phoneposter

>> No.54826484

Holy no mans land, batman.

>> No.54826485

Happened before in the fluff, like the Deathwatch invading a Forgeworld multiple times... forgot the name though.

>> No.54826496

Can't wait to see it painted, good luck anon!

>> No.54826498

>failed military coups
>approval of government down the drain (10-15%)
>Sham election to give absolute power to government approved legislative body

No, the election was a fraud and thats not even counting the detainment of several opposition members and banning them from running for public office. Venezuela ceased to be a democracy long ago, it pretends to be one but Chavistas are nothing less than dictators and criminals that run the country via propaganda and brute force.

>> No.54826509

All the shit published in the HH has shown him to be loyal.
The recent Leman Russ book flashback showed how remorseful the Lion was after the Emperors living death.
I severely doubt he is suddenly "LOL TRAITOR NOW LEL"

>> No.54826515

It's wrong to brand all opposition to both nuclear power and genetics research on the left. The left oppose those things because of retarded environmentalist trash, but you also see opposition from the right "I'm frightened of technology, let's just use coal" and "Muh playing god!".

>> No.54826526

How does Rites of Banishment work on Daemons?

Do you always do 3 damage or do you need 11+ to get the 3?

>> No.54826530

I'd like something like that to be true. I don't like the whole "lion is pure and loyal" meme. If he was tainted but secluded himself to try and pray away the gay and has now returned after deciding he finally got rid of the nasty chaos stink that would be neato.

>> No.54826536


My memory goes a bit hazy.

The bloodletters die due to a combined charge from the remaining dread, my captain and the remaining ass terminators .

The spawn have died due to a mixture of combined lascannon /plasma fire and power fists / bolters etc

The bloodletters get finished off by retreating from them and various bolter and predator fire.

Once the things assaulting me are clear I focus on the plague hulk and kill it.

My commander survives a bunch of mass fire on 1 wound thanks to getting double 6+ fnp due to his warlord trait and his chapter tactics.

At this point he just has his plaguebearers on his objectives and his various Daemon engines firing at me still but is unable to take any of my ground. So he calls it.

In the end I held two of my objectives and had warlord and first blood, he had two objectives and nothing else so I won 7-4.

>> No.54826549

Always 3.

>> No.54826562

Steel Legion army tips? Thinking of doing them after I'm done with AdMech

>> No.54826566

look into 40krpg for sure. Do bear in mind though that the Ad-mech isn't just one monolithic organisation, there are multiple forgeworlds with their own ideas on how shit should be done and hiveworlds for sure have their own manufacturoriums, presumably with their own techpriests. Now obviously they're loyal to the Ad-mech but that doesn't mean they don't want to advance their hive's agendas too, also remember that techpriests don't like to share so they're in constant conflict with their peers trying to keep their secrets secret. Add to this the notion of working with rogue traders and the hunt for STCs and while you might not have a mega corp per se you could end up with grimdark equivalent

>> No.54826579

>In service to anything but the Emperor

How do you efficiently execute an entire regiment?


>> No.54826609

This has nothing to do with 40k, but what is that pic of? Just some nerd losing his shit?

>> No.54826615

>How do you efficiently execute an entire regiment?
Send them to Vraks.

>> No.54826617

yeah candies, you hear that? Game's over give it up now

>> No.54826622

Election night or the day after. Can't remember which.

>> No.54826629

Some tard losing their mind at Trumps inauguration. No shit dropping to their knees screaming "noooo!" Shit was so cash

>> No.54826635



IG are IMPERIAL, but there's nothing stopping a particularly militant world from selling the services of its military to other imperial worlds after their tithe is paid. Emps doesn't care what you do as long as you pay taxes and don't subvert the Imperium.

>> No.54826643

Just watched the Winters 4000 point battle report between his Grey Knights+Ultramarines vs Word Bearers.

Game was very fun to watch. Word Bearers guy kept things very fluffly, not taking any marks and not casting any spells on his Bloodletters even though it might have been good.

A few mistakes were made in favour of Word Bearers though, don't think a single smite from Grey Knights took into account the Daemons he faced. Word Bearers used the +S and +A spell to power up a unit rather than model once too.

Word Bearers guy had a 'Hell Blade' or some FW shit flyer who literally hit once the entire game and failed to wound. Didn't even get shot at once, it was useless.

Close win for the Space Marines, though they did get lucky with their objectives.

>> No.54826644

yeah Scandies, you hear that? Game's over give it up now

>> No.54826652

The imperium is facist so the economy is state controlled on the galactic scale, on a planet basis it's whatever as long as they pay their tithes, so I'm sure a planet or even system could have a massive megacorp, but it would never be large or influential enough to challenge imperial law

>> No.54826653

Convert it anyways and fluff it out. If you told me you were running a dark mech/death guard/XYZLegion army and your models reflected it and you fluffed it out, I'd relish the game. And I wouldn't mind if you applied some Chaos-wide rules, akin to Imperium-wide rules.

>> No.54826732


That's a shame about the Hell Blade. It must have been bad rolls, because they're solid. It's 110 base and 20 for each Helcannon

>> No.54826749

>The imperium is facist so the economy is state controlled on the galactic scale, on a planet basis it's whatever as long as they pay their tithes
Those are quite contradictory anon...

Also the Imperium is feudal, not facist.

>> No.54826752

>> No.54826753

>The imperium is facist
No it's not, it's a theocratic decentralized fedual empire (de facto oligarchy).
>so the economy is state controlled on the galactic scale,
No, it's not. Production of needs such as food, supplies and so on is regulated (with worlds being dedicated to it such agri-worlds or forge worlds, though the latter tends to be highly independent). AFAIK, there is little to no fluff on inter-planetary trade besides those type of goods.

>> No.54826760

Wanna get a game in sometime? I'm 20 min from legions.

>> No.54826769

How can Lion be so based?
All this fucking salt and he's not even awake lmao

>> No.54826779


>> No.54826785

Necron kits work weĺll for bionic limbs.

>> No.54826793

>Dark Angels
>ever defending themselves verbally and not just deleting their accuser


>> No.54826800


>> No.54826815

Is there like an online wargame sim that enables you to pay 8th Edition? I wanna play but sadly I'm currently in a rural area with no one interested into the game.

>> No.54826846

What's the old 40k VTT, is it still around?

>> No.54826853

So there's a heretic killshot pack of 3 predators. Looks like chaos marines are getting some of same stratagems as loyalists

>> No.54826856


I know, that's my point. You can't elect people under the premise that they will steal other peoples' things and give them to you without creating poverty, and then the only way to stay in power is to abolish democracy. That's why every socialist state is an impoverished autocracy.

"democratic socialism" is what Venezuela was when they elected Chavez to be central planner in chief. Turns out he was no more magical than the last 30 such guys to try his hand at it, and he just decided the election things were a bother. This isn't a coincidence. There is no democratic socialism. You can't base an economy and govt on theft and expect it to remain a democracy. The social sciences have very little in the way of concretes to offer, but the absolute failure of all redistributionist socialist experiments is one of them. Literally tried on every continent by every type of people and failed each and every time to the tune of catastrophe.

Get out of my helicopter.

>> No.54826858

>this weeks release is shitty Interceptors and other random crap
>Forge World was terrible as well
>BL as well


>> No.54826861

There's one that works for a bunch of wargames, but I'll be damned if I can remember the name

>> No.54826874

Fan art? It's literally fucking official BL cover art, retard.

>> No.54826885


>> No.54826894


Steegion's not in a good place right now with chimeras being junk. I am trying to build a list around Yarrik's 6" reroll 1s buff, but it's not exactly optimal and hardly looks like steel legion with no chimeras. I might convert some tauroxen as stripped-down chimeras and run them instead if I get desperate.

>> No.54826897

Why are they fighting Genestealer cults in the 30k era?

Why does Sanguinius have nigger hair?

>> No.54826900

>>this weeks release is shitty Interceptors
Whoa, Grey Knights are getting new kits???!!!!

>> No.54826904

When will Chaos stop getting cucked by Chadstartes?

>> No.54826912

Always knew the Blood Angels were led by a tranny. Dreadlocks confirm it.

>> No.54826915

Is this book any good?

>> No.54826920

tabletop simulator? Never used it though

>> No.54826922

>There is no democratic socialism.
>what is Europe

>> No.54826926

Point, but I guess I see more of the former because I'm in Europe. The number of people who'd manage to throw religious arguments into a debate like that and get taken seriously is rather small here, but "Muh Chernobyl" or "muh natural state" is pretty damned common. There are distinct problems with GMOs as they stand, mostly because they put far too much power in the hands of the corporations doing the research and selling the plants themselves, but the fear of a sterility plague or something similar is pretty unfounded. Any GMO boosted crops that made it into the wild, even if they WEREN'T sterile as normal, would be outcompeted pretty easily because coding for better crop yield or resistance to a particular pathogen is actually going to make them less good at reproducing.

On a side note, I found out a while back that ICL have cooked up some pretty interesting mosquitoes to combat malaria. Gene shunt that will almost always be inherited (90% or so) that makes only male offspring. Anti-Nurgle eradication plague, we Divisio Genetor now. I mean, if they release it I think there might be a problem if you destroy a major pollinator population, but still pretty fucking cool.

>> No.54826929



>> No.54826930

Depends on when someone uploads the ebook

>> No.54826938

Not out yet.

Daemons and he has them because lol old art has him with it.

I think he means Inceptors you big bully.

>> No.54826939

Debating where to go with my army, currently doing R&H, should I try Death Korps(I like the heavy arty+trenchline style, game and model wise) or expand my Khorne force with World Eaters(Angron has a cool model, berzerlers look fun and they might work with shooty support from renegades. )?

>> No.54826941


Christ that art looks atrocious

Why couldn't they hire the old school 40k artists?

>> No.54826943

>I think he means Inceptors you big bully.
>defending phoneposters
Anon, just don't

>> No.54826952

>I mean, if they release it I think there might be a problem if you destroy a major pollinator population

Those mosquitoes are already being released to combat Malaria, its still is experimental because no one knows if it will actually work but its already being done.

>> No.54826956

It's still fanart
Unless you want to argue that everything, every single thing BL makes is canon

And you won't, because that would make you a colossal faggot

>> No.54826957


Europe, like the US, is populated by systems that are a mix of statism and capitalism. Even supposedly "socialist" states like Denmark are actually more economically free than the US from the business perspective, with lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations. There is no European socialist nation, and there is also no capitalist one. There are only different types of mixtures, and most of them are now more capitalist than the US is. Just look at the economic freedom index.

>> No.54826958

>you've got democracy euro anon
>but all the parties are the same?

>> No.54826962

I think if you intercept and wrecked their space born transport fleet while they were in transit.

Or you can pull an Autek and drop a moon on their muster ground.

In the imperium, if anything is trying to wrest legitimate power away from the ecclisarchy, mechanicum, or adminstratum, you can bet they'd be royally skullfucked once they're caught.

Then again, the labyrinthine bureaucracy and ludicrous turnaround time on audits in the imperium would allow a powerbroker a window of potentially a hundred plus years to consolidate.

I'd say go for it, anon. But don't be surprised if "something were to happen to them."

>> No.54826976

Another Anon.

I started with tyranids and AdMech, then genestealer cults released, and I bought some Guard to accompany them.

So my list of armies consists of
Genestealer Cults

(too few units to field on their own)
Imperial guard
Deathwatch (Kill team cassius came with the Deathwatch Overkill box.)

>> No.54826980

I said NO bully.

Fuck knows.

>Fan Art
Okay what's the definition of 'non fan art'? That's like going the art in Horus Heresy books are 'fan art'.

This post got deleted but the others haven't. Hmmm.

>> No.54826997

21st century Europe is about as democratic as Necromunda

>> No.54827006

Somehow I completely missed that, just saw all the articles over different methods being developed. That's sweet, will have to see how it goes.

>> No.54827012

All joking aside the Lion looks like the gayest bear this side of NYC, also 420 cultural appropriation Sanguinius confirmed?

>> No.54827023

To be honest Blanche is probably the only one of the old guard who could still make stuff the modern audience would appreciate. He isn't right for everything but damn he would do some cool daemons or eldar. How old is he anyway?
It's meant to look like an 1800s aristocrat wig. See >>54825565

>> No.54827029

Blanche is my personal favorite, but he's pretty polarizing. A lot of people mistake his style for poor technical ability. I can see why they'd want to swap their artists a lot.

That being said, I'm pretty sure 99% of everything commissioned by GW sprang from a John blanche or Jes Goodwin concept. If it's not those two, then its Adrian Smith, Mark Gibbons, or Wayne England, whose stuff has been around for ever but doesn't usually translate directly to the models.

>> No.54827036

Double heavy flamer chimeras with a storm bolter are solid still. Vets have enough fire power to hop out and kill a unit straight up. They might die after but not always.

>> No.54827047

>Looks like chaos marines are getting some of same stratagems as loyalists
That's not a surprise. We already knew the WE stole the BT specific one

>> No.54827055 [DELETED] 

Die you smug anime niggerposter

>> No.54827064


vets also consume an elites slot, which is retarded.

>> No.54827073

Blanche is in his 70's. He works part time now. His work is 100% perfect for Daemons. Anything else is meh.

>> No.54827079

Yes. So you aim to run spearhead and vanguard.

>> No.54827084

>Adrian Smith

He's nothing but their shitty go-to budget artist

>> No.54827092

Sorry lad, didn't mean to post that.

>> No.54827106

What's wrong with anime and niggers anon?

>> No.54827115

Look at the curls on sanguinius he looks like shirly temple


>> No.54827118

How do I run these new 8th edition Plague Marine squads?

>> No.54827121

>megacorps are capitalism


>> No.54827123

I don't like Mark Gibbons and Wayne England plus Jes Goodwin's stuff really would look goofy today.
He did that nice picture of horus vs the emperor.
If you look at his sister of battle painting that shit's amazing, His work really brings out the barbarity of the inquisition and everything chaos plus he's definitely a great one for doing tech priests.

>> No.54827126


There is only one primarch that the emprah deemed worthy of immortality and made a perpetual...

>> No.54827131

You don't and just get more poxwalkers

>> No.54827134

Since the late 80s? The emperor versus horus (original and current), the emperor himself, and the modern look of the chaos warrior/marine are almost all smith.

>> No.54827137


One of his very few good pieces

>> No.54827138

I think this is a good picture though.

>> No.54827142

Oh yeah. See, he has some amazing pictures, like the ship and the SoB. But others are just odd. Like the transexual Emperor picture.

>> No.54827150

not realising being a perpetual just destines the character to worf and job it up. Their is no worse fate in fiction than to be immortal. Like the celestine.

>> No.54827155

Welcome to weeks ago.

>> No.54827156

>Goodwin's stuff really would look goofy today

But anon, that's what you have today.

>> No.54827158

I likely will. Was hoping to get some tournament legality, too, but I think it will just be fun to convert everything once I get some bits.

>> No.54827167


Oh shit I mixed up artists

I meant Neil Roberts and his CG abominations!

>> No.54827173

I think its an issue of how much time/money he is given. If you look at a lot of his daemons art its very minimal and abstract then you look at stuff like >>54827138
and there is more detail then there are pictures like veridyan that are just loaded with detail. I'm guessing its an issue of how much time is going to be put into it.

>> No.54827174

Id love a new picture of the final showdown, the current one dripping with religious symbology is fucking great but it's literally the only picture that's not from like RT of what must have been an epic battle

>> No.54827176

>see girl on normiebook called emily that likes 40k
>is a tranny

>> No.54827200

How would you fix the Craftworld Eldar?
My changes would be:
>reduce cost of fire prism
>make each mode of the fire prism fire a set number of shots instead of rolling for them

>reduce cost of dire avengers
>give dire avengers a buff to make them more than just expensive guardians

>reduce cost of falcon

>increase cost of wraithblades by up to 5 points
>reduce cost of ghostaxes

>change the spiritseer's buff so he can actually benefit wraith units other than wraithblades e.g. give him the autarch buff, but restricted to wraith units

>give the wraithlord the implacable special rule

>limit number of windrider special weapons to 1 for every 3 models

>change fortune so that it's not a clone of catalyst (or change catalyst from the tyranid index)

>reduce random element to number of shots for support gun batteries

>> No.54827202


>> No.54827212

>Genstealer Cult
>World Eaters
>Emperor's Children
>Word Bearers
>Death Guard
>Chaos Demons
>Dark Eldar
>White Scars

send money.
need more plastic crack.

>> No.54827216

I knew a girl who was super into sci-fi, loved old mech/robot artist, Russian shit. Used to play stuff, probably into 40k. I dunno if it was a 'lol aren't I a nerd?' shit, but it was an actual girl. German. I sadly got into an argument over feminism and shit prior to my 'i gotta stop being so autistic' stage.

So they're not ALL trannies.

>> No.54827221

>implying that vulkan's status as perpetual is anything to do with the emperor

>> No.54827227

I liked when they were both just dudes in terminator armor. The primarch scale creep and the emperor's constant extra-ness is pretty bizarre to me.

>> No.54827235

With Plasma Inceptors coming out, are bolter inceptors even worth taking?

Plasma just seems so much better in an all-comers list. Granted, it is much much more expensive.

>> No.54827239

>Dark Eldar
>Black Legion
>Thousand Sons

>Considering picking up AdMech, Tau, Orks, and/or Genestealers

>> No.54827245

>I'm frightened of technology, let's just use coal
Do conservatives actually do this or is it a meme?

>> No.54827249

Against MEQ's take the Plasma, against GEQ's take the Bolters. Or, better yet, neither cause horrible models unless you ground base them.

>> No.54827251

Why does GW heavily imply or outright state on multiple occasions that non-human races worship chaos but never show them? The Laer, Bel'akor's empires, probably some crone eldar or something (how else have they survived in the eye?) and whatever the fuck kind of eldar this is. I'm not asking for them to print a chaos xenos codex but god damn at least a bit of in game acknowledgement of the existence of non-human chaos dudes would help the setting make more sense.

>> No.54827260

Is it worth priming my raider on the sprue?
I've only got a couple of days of good weather, so don't wanna miss my opportunity, and given how much of a prick it'll be to paint when put together I'm leaning towards priming ASAP, then painting before assembly.

>> No.54827275


I never asked you niggers.

Fucking attention whores.

>> No.54827281


The left fears Fusion power because it could topple the "Green Blob" they are trying to build, they want to be the successors of the Oil Barons/Tycoons.

>> No.54827285

What the fuck am I looking at in this picture?

The eldar guardian is possessed by a daemon and the inquisitor is wearing Harlequin shit?

Uhhhh what?

>> No.54827294

Blight Launchers are good but cant scratch vehicles. Point for point you are just worse off than buying more csm usually but the upcoming point reduction might help with that.

>> No.54827295

Crone world eldar and alien auxiliaries for chaos that aren't *just* human mutants and abhumans would be really cool, and a fun sci-fi space to explore.

Crone worlds in particular would be a very cool add with this new grand Canyon of terror thing they've got going on.

>> No.54827305

>wearing harlequin shit
Look at his ears. That isn't an inquisitor wearing harlequin gear, its a harlequin wearing inquisitor gear! Now I'm even more confused.

>> No.54827310

It's a radical ordo xenos inquisitor fucking around on a crone world, aka a planet from the former eldar empire (pre-imperium) stuck in the eye of terror or otherwise thoroughly screwed by chaos.

Shit is pretty radical.

>> No.54827315

eh my experience is it's more "global warming's fake" and "not in my back yard" "no fracking" "petrol's too expensive"

I'm on the left and I advocate for nuclear power, go figure

>> No.54827322

>>I'm frightened of technology, let's just use coal
Just ask Australia.

>> No.54827346

That store either had a real slow night or is a wash.
Had probably 25 tables with maybe 6 players. I asked the guy at the counter when their busiest night is and he said Friday and usually they have "hundreds of players" but I find that hard to believe. Oh well. On to Mr. Nice Guys.

>> No.54827362

there are pictures of Khornate Genestear cults and Chaos Orks of various stripes

>> No.54827365

>Friday and usually they have "hundreds of players" but I find that hard to believe.
FNM, my dude

>> No.54827386

There's a tranny in our store. Closest thing to a girl we have seen.

>> No.54827391

>>I'm bought and paid for, let's just use coal

>> No.54827393

>dreadlocks exclusively black culture
every culture has had dreadlocks as that is what happens to your hair after living in nature for long periods of time. A tangled matted mess.

>> No.54827395

Can't remember the guys name but he's a Xenos inquisitor who is really into Eldar and they like him because he's not the usual Imperial and wants to learn about other aliens. And that's just a chaos Eldar probably from a crone world.

>> No.54827404

literally in the pics filename

>> No.54827405

I would say of the 'girls" who play 90% are trannies. There are quite a few girls into painting with their boyfriends though.

>> No.54827419

What's the best way to get a bunch of combi weapons? I don't really like the FW belt fed ones, looking for 40k ones.

>> No.54827420

No no thats Turnbull's line, but plenty of people in the liberal party have the "oh no what about the coal jobs" type bullshit.

>> No.54827425

I was sitting around painting one time, when the manager is teaching someone else to paint. Thought the voice sounded odd, so looked up, and it was a tranny.
They were painting Slaaneshi demons. Of course.

>> No.54827431


>dresses like a xenos-loving faggot
>is a xenos-loving faggot

checks out

>> No.54827443

Tone Abets.
Nothing like the beauty of an open cut coal mine for old mate Tone, not like those eyesore wind farms.

>> No.54827449

Take Tartaros plastic combi-bolters and glue on the gun you want instead of the second barrel.

>> No.54827452

I know a guy that has his wife do ALL of his painting. I don't judge, but it is a little... interesting. And he has a massive collection too. His wife bought him a frickin' Reaver Titan at one point for Christs' sake.

>> No.54827456

>carrier of the meme-virus


>> No.54827457

Orks do

I feel like there maybe some subtle social commentary in that passage but I can't quite put my finger on it

>> No.54827469

They're all bastards mate. Everytime.

>> No.54827483

There were about 12 magic players.

>> No.54827490

Sounds about right. Ours plays Guard and Dark Eldar.

>> No.54827493

It's obviously a hit piece against Monsanto for their corn crop seeds.

>> No.54827497

>friday Night Magic

>> No.54827506

Sounds like he has her wrapped around his finger.

>> No.54827509

New player here I was wondering what was a good counter against a person using thousand sons and tzeentch demons especially magnus cause that dude keeps wrecking my shit I only have two start collecting boxes of admech and the triumvirate that has cawl, celistine, and greyfax plus the celuxus assassin would appreciate suggestions

>> No.54827515


>> No.54827516

The Khan is arguably the best swordsman but if he loses his blade is a screwed. The best duelist is Angron or Sanguinus and it is not close after that.

>> No.54827518


>> No.54827586


works every time

>> No.54827590

>22 pts per model for 2 wound possessed

>> No.54827600

Buy SoS and more Culexus.

>> No.54827611

Tell him he's a faggot for packing Magnus against a newbie.

And bring anything with high rate of fire and multiple damage like Autocannons to bypass their all is dust.

>> No.54827618

> celistine
All SoB players must burn in hell

>> No.54827623

I felt like doing that

>> No.54827625

Yeah, your opponent is a shithead. Culexus assassin should help though.

>> No.54827630

>Girlfriend plays Warhammer with me
>She has Sisters and some Marines
>Guys in FLGS hit on her constantly
>When she's not shitstomping other players she's supporting my games and generally affectionate
>Encourages me to grab her butt in public
>Bought me two Coronus Grav Carriers for my birthday
>Actively lifts, Cosplays, and practices Shibari with me

They're rare, but good nerdy women are around.

Also there's nothing wrong with trans people, m8.

>> No.54827651


Living the dream, anon. Grab that ass a good one for me.

>> No.54827652

>doesn't have skull mask

>> No.54827659

>sorcerer casts warptime on terminators w/ khorne banner and dual lightning claws turn 1 after they all teleport in 9" away from the enemy

>> No.54827663

Already did but he aggressively uses him against me to get that challenge for konnor battles

>> No.54827680

>Also there's nothing wrong with trans people, m8.
Yes there is, no matter how you look at it. Even if you accept the idea that they are born in the wrong body, that's still something that's wrong.

>> No.54827702

perform armature dentistry on the honourable gentleman using a half brick

>> No.54827704

Are Orks /ourxeno/?

>> No.54827705

>termies infiltrate in 9" and without warptime stays in 3"

>> No.54827706

Aside from the aside that orks + khorne = natural sociologists i know orks fall to chaos all the time, but then other orks fight them so unless you are an ork you will probably never meet a chaos ork, since they immediately fight each other.
Its fucking hilarious to look at labor trying to become more like the liberals and liberals trying to look less like the liberals and more like labor. Maybe we'd rather either of the cunts looked like a decent party.
Well the Culexus should help. If you are desperate and want a counter the grey knights and sisters of silence are the ultimate in countering this sort of thing. Probably the cooler choice is the sisters of silence since i think celestine or greyfax fought alongside them in the gathering storm books. They are immune to smite/other psychic shit and give -1 to enemy psychic tests nearby plus they have psyk-out grenades like greyfax. Vigilators in a rhino or just some prosecutors could be cool. Ultimately GK are probably stronger.

Aside from that you will face a lot of invulnerable saves against the regular daemons so more numbers of shots is good, i would think your electro priests could fuck those up. To be honest the melee electro priests look good against rubrics and the ranged ones look good against daemons. The problem is you don't get transports as admech do you so getting to them might be hard. Kataphron Destroyers with Grav Destroyers could be a pretty sweet option against rubrics.

>> No.54827718

>implying you'll be able to get anywhere close to anything valuable until half way through the game

>> No.54827732

forgot to mention why: scout screens baby.
Get fucked heretic.

>> No.54827733

>enemy is custodian player

>> No.54827742

Lion 4 life muthafucka

>> No.54827745

Haven't checked on the rules for a while, are challenges not a thing anymore?

>> No.54827747

>Subjective opinion in a hot topic that's currently a major issue

Man, this is dumb don't do that. If you love someone it doesn't matter what genitalia they have or what gender they are.

The only thing I'm not ok with are bullshit "xey" pronouns and junk. Just do what makes you happy and let people live their life.

>> No.54827753

Fuck off to /pol.

>> No.54827760

I'll like look into greyknights since my shop was doing inventory on there codex but it seems instant gratification will be the SoS and how many celuxi can I run ?

>> No.54827778

>Do what makes you happy and live life
>not getting yourself involved in other people's happiness
>trying to improve your own life and happiness instead of worrying about others

>> No.54827780

This is why I use Conscripts. To get wiped in one go so the Bullgryn can fight that awful mess.

>> No.54827787

Please, do give a point of veiw where something isn't wrong with them. I don't even give a fuck what they want to do with there bodys, but to say there's nothing wrong with them is just plain false.

>> No.54827790


Doesn't seem like it. Heroes can still intervene, but heroes can't be trapped in combat anymore, and are free to fight and retreat as they will.

>> No.54827791

Fulgrim is literally described as the greatest duelist mankind has ever known

>> No.54827799 [SPOILER] 

>there's nothing wrong with trans people

go home Slaanesh we're not gonna fall for your degeneracy

MWG recently put out a video about this


>> No.54827802

Yeah. Agree with my leftist orthodoxy or you're a Nazi

>> No.54827810

Hows Eternal Crusade doing?

Heard they laid off all their animators.


Custodes got nerfed to fuck

>> No.54827817

Please advise.

>> No.54827831

I enjoy it, and think it has potential, but it has a long long long way to go before it's a good game.
Space hulk is pretty good now though, and only getting better. Sterum on is really dedicated to making it a great game.

>> No.54827835

>Is it worth priming my raider on the sprue


>> No.54827836

Well Grey Knights are kind of an entire army. If you get in to them you will have become a marine player playing marines. Sisters of Silence are just designed as support to add into other armies. You can run as many culexus as you can afford but its not too in line with the lore. People usually don't see more than two culexus in a room, but its possible to imagine your army might be defending a culexus temple or a crazy inquisitor ordered as many blanks (culexus and sisters of silence are both "psychic blanks") as possible on to the battlefield to defend a forge world with your admech.

>> No.54827843

>He thinks Custodes got nerfed

What a fucking idiot

>> No.54827853

>Fulgrim is literally described as the greatest duelist mankind has ever known
>Can't beat Ferrus in a duel.

>> No.54827872

NEw thread on its way, if you aren't interested in talking 40k or at least something related don't bother coming, there's literally multiple boards specifically made for that other subject matter

>> No.54827874

You understand your opinion is that there's something wrong with trans people, right? It's a way you think. There's no "evidence" that says it's wrong other than opinion. Opinion does not equal fact.


>> No.54827881

Sounds like I should make two new threads right this instant

>> No.54827882

>Calls a run of the mill Liberal a Leftist
>Uses the word Leftist
>I"m totes not a nazi guys

>> No.54827883

Dang, okay.
Any advice on sub-assemblies?

>> No.54827884


Compared to the cheese masters they are in 30k?


>> No.54827894

Kind of not really. They're really well rounded but their rules don't reflect them as well as 30k does. They definitely need a hybrid set.

>> No.54827896

Have you never seen a sister of battle? Tranny degeneracy is absolutely 40k related

>> No.54827900

This man is right.

>> No.54827906

>There's no "evidence" that says it's wrong

the mental instability and high rate of suicide, would indicate something is wrong.

i'd still bang a passable trap

>> No.54827915

You got me. I'm the Alt Right boogeyman.

>> No.54827917

The magnus army is almost verbatim what I was fighting thanks for the vid

>> No.54827932

>It's a way you think. There's no "evidence" that says it's wrong other than opinion.
Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, so there's that. And the transgender surgery was created as an attempt to treat that illness, it didn't work and now the mentally ill use it as a means to fulfill their fantasies and stave off madness, and some trick others into undergoing this madness. I don't know how anyone could see this grotesque mutilation as good or proper.

>> No.54827933

While Fulgrim is the most skilled and agile, Ferrus was a primarch that consisted half if not most of cybernetics and was not hindered by his physique. I'd have Ferrus stand up to most primarchs and win handily.

>> No.54827942

>You understand your opinion is that there's something wrong with trans people, right?
>deviate from a healthy human genetic/mental makeup
>not wrong
No, that's a fact. Being born "the wrong gender" is wrong in the sameway that schizophrenia, autism or any mental illness is. You can have subjective opinions on how to treat it or the morals of it (in which case your still a fucking fag for maming the blanket statement that there's nothing wrong with them in those senses, since that's entirely subjective) but from a mental health standpoint, wanting to change genders is a sign of something being wrong.

>> No.54827949

who brings magnus against a new player? LOLOLOL let me just dust off my lord of skulls against this guy who clearly just started playing, aren't i so good!

>> No.54827954

I hope you understand the average rate of suicide and depression amongst trans people stems from sensations and feelings of being unwanted or shunned. There are actually numerous studies that show trans individuals in households or groups that feel welcome typically have very strong mental health compared to your average person.

>> No.54827956

>Wh40k has basically no female character good enough that I can waifufag over them.

>> No.54827966

You are surprisingly absorbed into delusions.

>> No.54827968

I was going to pick another army to play as when i got my admech army good and I was leaning to space marines and went halves on a dark imperium box with a friend I got the primaris and they got nurgle I kind of wanted to turn them into minotaurs cause I like the armour colours they use

>> No.54827973

>Not waifufagging Lilieth

>> No.54827986

>very strong mental health
>thinks they are the opposite gender

lol, by premise they suffer from mental illness

>stems from sensations and feelings of being unwanted or shunned

yet we have stores full of neckbeards doing just fine while being "that guy"

>> No.54827993

>Provides no actual evidence
>Just more opinion

Lad we're done here. This is sad.

>> No.54827999

Come on guy. I see what you're getting at, but the "that's just your opinion man" shtick can be applied to literally anything, from slavery to pedophilia. Let's use better arguments.

>> No.54828000

to bad she got on the drugs

>> No.54828007

Theres a girl at our store that kitbashes a bunch of female models for Eldar and Imperium trying to create her own characters because there aren't too many. They don't look great and she's always a little sad more aren't coming out soon.

>> No.54828008

fuck man apply yourself.

the eldar race is basically built for waifufags

>> No.54828020

>Not wanting to do comical amounts of drugs with your waifu

>> No.54828022

This is the dumbest argument I have honestly read in months.

Also "by premise" does not equate to "by definition". Please go crack open the DSM and get back to me.

>> No.54828032

Well good news, Sisters of Silence use minotaur colours!
I doubt GKs and Minotaurs would really deploy alongside each other directly but both of them do report to the inquisition, so there is a link between them. I know a guy with some minotaurs, he says the rules for the forge world minotaur leader guy are pretty cool.

>> No.54828035

Those look hard to read.

>> No.54828039

>Girlfriend plays Warhammer with me
>there's nothing wrong with trans people


shit man, you don't have to justify banging traps on a anonymous korean soap opera forum

>> No.54828040

C U T E D A R !

Still not asked in drawthreads again for cutedar pics ;_;

>> No.54828044

>gender dysphoria doesn't exist
It's in the DSM-5, it's a mental illness. Like I said, I don't give a fuck what they do, but it is a mental illness, that is to say something wrong with the brain

>> No.54828047

I mean most of society considers slavery and pedophilia wrong because it violates human rights. What people want to do with their own body does not. There's a lot over governance on what people can do to themselves and it's silly.

Also the reason it's a hot button topic stems largely from the idea that it's opinion based.

>> No.54828049

Speaking of Minotaurs, is there anything confirming them as loyalist World Eaters?

>> No.54828056

I want to convert them buggers into. Some warbosses

>> No.54828062

Provide page and line number. I have my copy right here.

>> No.54828063

Transexual "people" should do the world a kindness and kill themselves.
I'm sick of putting up with their shit despite them being such a negligible part of the population.

>> No.54828066

no need to be racist, friend. Especially if you know what im trying to convey

>> No.54828090

Racist? What? He's not being racist

>> No.54828097

And I don't disagree. Coming from the human rights angle is a good argument. I just take issue with coming from the opinion angle

>> No.54828114

Ah that's fair. To each their own then.

>> No.54828119

I read that the minotaurs shot through a GK ship to get at traitors they were fighting

>> No.54828120

Really? He used a racially charged word like "crack"

>> No.54828129


>> No.54828132

>playing necrons
>against space wolves
>literally all melee units
>kill around half of the units
>literally just Logan and a wolf lord
>actually fucking unkillable
>one shots my overlord with D6 damage

Hello? Fucking what is this?

>> No.54828137

Oh god where.

That would get the whole chapter purged hard.

>> No.54828146

Furfaggotry at its finest apparently

>> No.54828155

We need more thiccder milfs.

>> No.54828158

to be fair they probably didnt know it was a gk ship, gks are pretty secretive.
Hell no, minotaurs are the inquisitions pet favorite. Anyone lifting a finger against them gets purged usually, you would need a force way more powerful than the GK to oppose the will of all those dickbag inquisitors.

>> No.54828159

Yvraine would be my 40kfu if she had a best haircut.

>> No.54828166






>> No.54828172

dsm-5 302.85 (f64.9)

>> No.54828182


>> No.54828193


>> No.54828212

All aboard the ship fellow /pol/ migrants

>> No.54828261 [DELETED] 

Noble Archons, did anyone got to watch the Deldar VS dumbzekers of khorn? Did we won against those Mon'Keigh dogs? Or was it rigged to keep the CSM fags butthurness at minimum?

>> No.54828273

not quite accurate.....ferrus sundered fulgrims weapon...becase hammer vs sword...hammer breaks sword if that is the desired outcome. same fight fulgrims knocks his bitch ass out.

later he decapitates him in one shot.

fulgrim for the win...and that was before he was elevated to Daemon Prince

>> No.54828315

Your girlfriend(male) sounds like quite a woman(male) anon. You're a lucky fellow.

>> No.54828397

>Transexual "people" should do the world a kindness and kill themselves.

Nearly half of them try.

>> No.54828422

So why did we drive out the last Guardanon who did that again?

>> No.54828460

like I understand people having their opinions about trans people or gay people...like their personal biases for whatever reason...political...or religious. (all forms of fucking weakness IMO)


Honestly who gives a shit if a dude wears a dress and wants to be treated as a woman, or if a chick fucks other chicks in her spare time?

like seriously, what effect do these people have on your life? like at all?

NONE...the answer is fucking none. so why bother even giving a shit (even if it is a mental illness/ gender dysphoria)

they dont change one thing about your life....so fucking let them live theirs with the modicum of dignity they ask for

>> No.54828486

>Implying his gf can't actually be female

Wooo that's sad

>> No.54828564

Inquisitor guy that wants to study the Avatar to bring back the Emperor. Has respect for the Eldar equal to his hatred of them (many)
Harlequins kidnapped him at the start of the book.
He escapes with a magic book made from the skin of a Sister of Silence that maps the entire (yes, all of it) Webway, which Ahriman really wants, even though the act of reading it would kill Ahriman
It's okay. Ending is kind of anticlimactic.

>> No.54828655

>like gaming, but hate painting
>missus likes painting but not gaming
match made in heaven desu lad

>> No.54828742

I know someone that describes themselves as a leftist.

>> No.54829497

Whats this I hear about GW being sued

>> No.54829726

has scans of the chaos codex been posted yet?

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