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What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Arms of the Chosen Previews

>Dragonblooded Charm Previews:

>Other Ex3 Resources

>Resources for Older Editions

New NPCs and a Behemoth rework

Tell me about your favorite character.

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Since OP forgot
Last Thread: >>54760362

Mouse of the Unconquered Sun

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>Tell me about your favorite character.
An illiterate Western shaman of the Twilight Caste who hailed from a moving island populated by Fair Folk and humans who kind of but not exactly served the Fair Folk. Also the only character I've actually gotten to play, in a campaign that died after a couple of sessions.

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>Tell me about your favorite character.
I've never played Exalted but Mnemon has always been my favourite for some reason.

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So how many sorcerers do you think Ysyr has?

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As we have seen time and time again, people's estimates on the number of sorcerers in Creation vary wildly. This obviously affects what seems like a reasonable number of sorcerers for Ysyr. In other words, there's no correct answer at the moment, and there won't be any kind of consensus either. That said, my version of Ysyr has dozens of sorcerers, but definitely fewer than a hundred.

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Oh, an Exalted General again. How nice.

I might be blind. I might be going insane. But I can’t find any information on starting equipment for 3rd edition. How is available equipment dealt with during character generation? Just allow people to get anything they match the Resources rating for? Let people take whatever is logical for their character? Please assist.

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>The Resources Merit needn’t pay for all a starting character’s mundane equipment—a destitute
former soldier may retain her arms and armor, a pair of smugglers might have won their ship in a
bet, or the last scion of a broke and fading noble family may own title to an ancestral manor
house (albeit with no money for servants’ salaries). Characters begin play with whatever
possessions are appropriate for their concepts, within reason

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So I am blind. Good to know. Thank you, kind sir or madam.

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>Tell me about your favorite character.

A Full Moon lion totem Lunar former prince of some little shit of a city-state that got run over by the Mask of Winters when he rode Juggs through Creation on his way to turn Thorns into what it is today. Exalted for surviving the clusterfuck that was the fight. Made several allusions to Thundercats in the backstory just to see if anyone would get it. They didn't. Sad.

So then he went on to cross Creation looking like a wandering pile of shag carpeting because he wore a bunch of desert-ey clothes piled atop one another to hide his tattoo's after the Silver Pact got ahold of him and explained he'd turn to goo if they didn't scribble big moonsilver cocks all over his face and body (or whatever, not like the tattoos have ever been too uniform or anything in both description and art, ie: it's a joke ye ponces). Eventually he stumbled into an area he liked, mostly because he met a woman he began to fancy. And by "fancy", I mean "bang the bajeezus out of", who also ended up being an Infernal with delusions of grandeur. Since he was an ex-prince due to his country being, well, basically shat on, he figured, "Hey, I've got some of those too!" and promptly went about paling around with said Infernal, who he pretty much loves. Then he nearly died, got stuck in Malfeas for a while, and was rescued by the Infernal, who, shock and awe, loves him back, probably because he can shapechange and lets face it, probably enjoyed the Lunar ability to grow like 50 cocks and all that in the bedroom. I mean, theres a reason Solars kept these guys around, am I right?

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What's the state of naval technology in Creation? What are the common styles of ship and how do they carry out combat against each other?

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Read Savage Seas from 1e.

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are you that lunar who got ate by a sea monster and then super tortured before the infernal came In, started a riot, stole you and called you hubby the whole time?

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>Tell me about your favorite character.

Dawn Caste samurai princess from Vaneha who wanted to murder her brother and lay claim to the Imperial Daiklave. The Circle wanted to unite the Hundred Kingdoms under their banner and she was fine with it so long as it meant she got that sword. She eventually became the militant arm of the Circle's expanding empire (declaring herself Demon Lord of the East for intimidation and a complete misunderstanding of what demons are) and grew from a sociopathic murder machine with no sense of right and wrong to a Goddess-to-Her-Men murder machine who struggled to balance her honor with her newfound morality.

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What is your favourite shaping ritual?
Is there a list of custom ones somewhere?

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Okay so by taking the charms you can choose/create a shaping ritual? How does that work in story?
And you can gain shaping rituals for doing shaping ritual worthy things in story? But doing that without having the charms to initiate you won't initiate you into the Circle?

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Is adamantium not a thing in 3e?
Or was that Autochthon only thing?

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I think that you needed the catalyst of the ritual before you are allowed to actually get the charm, so depending on the gm it could be played out or could be a down time thing. So if you do something ritual worthy like breaking the rules of reality to cut a swallow without having the charm it would do nothing but you would have something primed if you grab the charm.

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>Is adamantium not a thing in 3e?

It never was. Adamant was though, and what it does has depended on the edition. In 1E it was fragile shit that had little use, in 2E it was hard as fuck. 3E...Who knows?

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So, what's the general opinion on The Tomb of Dreams? Worth a read?

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While a character may gain Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes at character creation by learning one of its shaping rituals, rather than investing dots in the Artifact background, it is still a four-dot artifact, as are any other relics of comparable sorcerous power. A character attempting to craft such a wonder must first design the perfect shape of a relic to channel mystical energies.
This is an Ambition 1 working of the Celestial Circle. If the sorcerous working succeeds, the character may then begin crafting the artifact using the usual rules (p.
241), unlocking one of its shaping rituals for free upon completion. If the working fails, then the design is intrinsically flawed, and the sorcerer may not attempt to recreate it again without some source of inspiration for a new design.

>Crafting Sorcerous relics is a Sorcerous Working

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I'm currently running a group through a modified version of it. It seems okay, I guess if you're experienced with the system it might be kinda boring but the three characters in it could be poached or used for inspiration.

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Guys guys, I just had the *coolest* idea for my own special exalt type! See, they're all about freedom and hate fate so they use fate powers just like sidereals, except they use them to attack the loom of fate for freedom instead of forcing people to obey it like jerks and they don't show up in the loom themselves because they're free and can do whatever they want and pattern spiders live inside them and help them do magic! They're so freaking epic!

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>What is Exalted?

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I mean you could do that kind of explanation for any exalt

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Early 1e adamant was described as being kind of like magical glass. By the time the Autochthonians made the scene, it referred to magical diamond, which was on par with orichalcum, jade, etc.


Let's not fill the thread up with low-quality bait.

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>Exigents are being pushes back until Lunars are finished.

Now if we can get them to throw out Exigents altogether we'll be set.

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Hey folks, I'm starting up a campaign set in the Southeast Dreaming Sea region. Since these threads are often a pretty great source for awesome art, does anyone happen to have artwork I can use for darker skinned NPCs?

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>mentioned explicitly in the core book
>getting thrown out

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Remember that time Alchemicals looked like Autobots?

Remember that time Fae were Creatures of Darkness?

Remember that time the Incarnae knew the Great Curse was coming, so built a shield to deflect it?

Remember when there was a Dragonblooded Infernal?

Etc, etc. Tons of shit in Exalted has been tossed out as time went on. It'd be a blessing for the setting if Exigents were too. Making Exaltions less special should never be a thing.

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>dark skinned NPC's

Lets see what I can dig up. Most of it might be delicious brown, though.

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Except there are actual stats and characters for Exigents done.

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There were actual stats for that Dragonblooded Infernal, too.

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You mean the Akuma?

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Maybe too light skinned? I dunno how brown you're wanting here.

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Too light skinned maybe?

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One of my favorites despite the robot arm. I just tell people to imagine he has both regular arms. Or not. Depends what I use it for.

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And now we're about to go balls deep into delicious brown territory, since my shit ends up somewhat alphabetical, and I've got a bunch of shit under "Anubis" thanks to an egyptian -themed game in Exalted.

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And yeah, I had eye candy pics for both male and female players. Because everyone gets some eye candy.

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Whoops, skipped one.

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Maybe too light skinned. You be the judge.

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Everything posted so far has been great, thanks. The region seems to be a mixture of Middle Eastern, Indian, and African influences, so anything other than Asian or Caucasian (which unfortunately is most of what my own art go to sources consist of) would fit.

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Alright. I'll just keep dumping then.

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And now we're hitting delicious browns. Yep.

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>this is from a Square Enix game
>they hired a porn artist for it

Feels good man.

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And thats about all I've got for "brown skin" I guess.

>> No.54832285


Hey, that's definitely plenty!

Thank you so much for taking the time to pick these out from your stash. It's going to be a really big boost to my game that I'll be able to pull out an appropriate pic for major NPCs, and depending on what players come up with for their characters, I might even be able to loan one or two. I know it took a bit of time to sift through and post what fit what I was asking for, and I definitely appreciate it.

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No problem. Good luck with your game. Also, found another.

...My folder isn't exactly well organized.

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And shit, here's another.

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...Ok, maybe I had a few more, let me keep digging. I obviously passed over some.

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Correct term is "Silver Moon" IIRC

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I never played Thief in the game anyway.

>> No.54832394


The Silver Moon and Necromancer classes are shit.

The Kunoichi and Blood Dancer are pretty fucking strong. I actually kinda wanted to make a thrown weapon evocation set based around the Kunoichi's abilities.

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I usually played M.Nen.

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File: 2.46 MB, 1190x1800, LanternMan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I dunno if this counts. I just like the pic.

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Ok, I think now I'm out of them. Maybe.

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Well, now when know where Lion-O's paired Solar Exaltaion ended up.

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>GM of that here

Nope. They're specifically not paired.

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When was this?

>> No.54832915


Sweet, came back and there are a few more. Thanks again!

>> No.54832997

>Making Exaltions less special should never be a thing.
Good thing that's not what Exigents are about then, huh?

>> No.54833017

>responding to a troll

>> No.54833067

>implying that making Exaltions just something that can be done by any God, no matter what it costs them, doesn't devalue the idea of Exalted themselves

>implying thats a troll

>> No.54833368

>>implying that making Exaltions just something that can be done by any God, no matter what it costs them, doesn't devalue the idea of Exalted themselves
I am now explicitly stating that making Exaltations something lesser gods can do, with help from the Unconquered Sun and at a tremedous cost, does not in any way devalue the idea of the Exalted.

>> No.54833489

Can Alchemical Exalted make babies?

>> No.54833498

Stop replying.

>> No.54833594

I think they're sterile but with all the necessary parts.

>> No.54833753

It's probably not a troll, though. It's an opinion some people actually have, and while they are wrong, it's not that hard to see where they're coming from.

>> No.54834158

Is 3rd edition still a "bucket of dice" game? Rolling 20+ dice on most rolls. If so is there a fix for it. I like the idea of the setting but enormous dice pools slows the pace of the game

>> No.54834192

I think it's max 15 (attribute+ability+essence*excellency)+charms dice?
I don't think the number of dice slows it down as much as the charms you have to juggle, especially with the superfluous generic upgrade charms to previous ones.

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How does sorcery initiation work in story in 2.5e?

>> No.54834279

And/or in 1e?*

>> No.54834297

No. Its Attribute+Ability which is 10 at max. +1 for specialty. +10 for charms. Then you have things like weapon accuracy. And stunt which gives 2 extra dice.

>> No.54834327

I dont know where you got 15 from. A Solar with a base pool for something of Attribute 4, ability 4 can already Excellency themselves to 16 Dice.

Plus 2 from a Stunt bonus. I'm going to assume you meant "non-charm" dice. I guess we can ignore accuracy bonuses on withering attacks since that wouldn't count as "most things"

>> No.54834376

Oh excellency was attribute+ability dice, I remembered it was essence dice.
My bad.

>> No.54834440

That's the Sidereal Excellency, or half of it.

>> No.54834580

Right, and Sid Excellency lowered the difficulty required for rolls, right?

>> No.54834815



>> No.54834944


Their unique excellency did. Their dice-adders
could go up to a max of their Essence, and they
were better at the reroll excellency than other

>> No.54834991

We are talking about 3e. Dragonblooded reroll. Sidereals reduce the target number. So instead of needing to get a 7 or up on a die to get a success it can go down as low as 4. And that is powerful as shit.

>> No.54835036


Oh sorry; I didn't get to that part of the book yet. I've only been reading third edition on and off, and haven't gotten to that part of the book yet.

>> No.54835629

>declaring herself Demon Lord of the East for intimidation and a complete misunderstanding of what demons are
Gods do I love it when dumb warrior types make up their own names. It's always a treat.

>> No.54835747

Isn't that what Exalted is about?

>> No.54835914

Actually it is. And now it's my turn to ask Anon a question !

What great names did you come across in your time playing Exalted?

We had a White Heart of the Sun. We had a Scarlet-Crowned Crane. We had motherfucking Cathak Hanshu, Husband to the Roseblack, Star of the West, Sunderer of Fleets, Shogun of the Scarlet Empire, Protector of Creation and Warden of the Divine Mandate.

>> No.54836050

I saw a Supernal Performance character called “Resplendent Beats” on OPP forums.

On another matter, I was thinking about Experience. After playing the new Chronicles of Darkness for some time, I really liked the flat experience cost for progressing your character. An Attribute dot costs X xp regardless if it’s your second of fifth dot. Maybe it’s slightly less “realistic” that getting to the pinnacle of human ability costs the same as getting to the human average. But! With flat xp costs people do not optimize their characters to “save xp”, and actually choose Attribute and Ability levels they deem most suitable to their characters fluff wise. You do not “miss out on xp” for spreading thin.

Do you think Exalted would benefit from changing the “current dot x something” system to a flat price? Say, just multiply the costs by 2.5, and have every dot cost that.

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File: 1.05 MB, 1390x494, Party.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tell me about your favorite character.

My favourite character was a Zenith priest King who exalted around the age of 16, when her town was attacked by Fae. The town in the east, devoid of help from Volivat, was protected only by a Lunar (a PC), a Dragonblooded (NPC) and a Heroic Mortal named Teicuih who previously was the town's head priestess. Because of her heroism and self-sacrifice he was Exalted into a Zenith by Sol Invictus.

She rallied with her friends and sliced Raksha's bodyguards into very tiny little pieces, all the while only suffering minor wounds. After the attack, she visited the nearby tribes the Lunar had been organising, mustering more Dragonblooded NPCs to help as well as meeting the rest of the party, a Night caste Solar and a Lunar Sorcerer. With a thousand good men and her exalted coiterie, Teicuih the Ray Breaking through the Clouds counterattacked the Fae and alongside Lowireen (the Lunar who had showed up to protect the town from the Fae when she exalted) turned the Raksha into fine green-darkblue paste.

From left to right: my Zenith, Lunar warrior, Night Caste and Lunar Sorceress.

We went on a very bloody rampage the few following months, completely obliterating the Wyld area that was near our homeland, slaughtering goblins and generally being very purge-happy. Other notable things we did after some cleaning up in the vicinity was kicking The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears in the ovaries by destroying an artifact she was after and replacing it with a home-made holy grenade that our local Twilight Caste (NPC) had made... she was very thrilled by explosions, sort of like Megumin. Except she had tits and ass that just wouldn't quit. Another thing we did was to purge Rathess of the Leech gods, that scattered and apparently went on to bother some Lunars near the Lair of Ma-ha-Suchi. We rebuilt the city shortly after.


>> No.54836092

There's been talk of flat XP since before Core released. I'm sure there's homebrew for that out there.

>Inb4 someone brings up Holden now that we've talked about XP.

>> No.54836097
File: 624 KB, 500x375, kutchers.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54836208

Bah, I'll just calculate the average cost of everything, and make the cost flat. That will result in 10 xp for an Attribute. So, an attribute boost every 2 sessions. May be a bit too fast... may be OK. Dunno. Thoughts?

>> No.54836473
File: 1.05 MB, 1968x520, PartyofNPCs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[From left to right my favourite NPCs: fire DB who was also a cheerful murderer, Twilight Caste explosion maniac, Dawn Caste "I will fist you to Malfeas", Eclipse Caste "we can work this out", Alchemical Exalted "A violent approach would be best"]

So after retaking Rathess and rebuilding it a little, we coerce Volivat to joining our alliance while we plan another purge of Fae. Before we can do that, however, we are visited by representatives of Champoor. Since we don't like their tone of "Surrender now and we will spare your lives" we kill them and then nuke the city with a bomb that Megu-Twilight had found and activated. The bomb destroyed Champoor completely and made it Wyld land. So, now with a target to strike, we went and purged what once was Champoor free of Fae and made an outpost there, too. With them out of the picture, unfortunately we couldn't protect Rahess from the Realm forces that had been mobilized: Anathema are not supposed to have artifacts of the first age, you see?

So we got back in time to witness the burning of our city, which triggered our complete and total annihilation of the force that had been sent to deal with us.

>> No.54836688
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Does anyone have any images of Chimera? Going to post the two I have.

>> No.54836695


so does the dicepool stop at 20+ dice? I know 2ed was horrible when things started escalating toward 50-60 dicepool combos and 10+ automatic successes

>> No.54836711
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>> No.54837064 [DELETED] 

Max dice without non-charm dice which is somewhat rate is 20

>> No.54837071

Maximum dice without non-charm dice, which are somewhat rate, is 20.

>> No.54837111
File: 92 KB, 554x410, mnemon_Scroll_of_Swalloed_Darkness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is because of her rocking tits?

>> No.54837150


how many dice could be added on top of this? Give your estimation.

>> No.54837728


21 with a speciality

>> No.54837777

>Do you think Exalted would benefit from changing the “current dot x something” system to a flat price? Say, just multiply the costs by 2.5, and have every dot cost that.

>Calculate the cost of of buying an attribute up to 5
>divide by 4
>That's the new cost
>repeat for abilities but divide by 5 instead

>> No.54837813

It depends on the ability. Melee can add up to (Essence) more but it's very unreliable and expensive. Presence can add up to 3 more but it's dependent on your opponent boosting a lot. Craft gets dice out the ass so don't get craft.

There's no reliable way in 3e to get more than your alloted 21 dice.

>> No.54837838
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What's the difference between 1e/2e/3e thaumaturgy and Sorcery?

>> No.54837868

Right now I do "Semi-flat" experience where the first three dots in an ability cost 3, then the last two dots cost 5 (3/3/3/5/5), attributes cost a flat 12, and players get 75 XP at chargen instead of 15 BP.

>> No.54837934

2e Thaumaturgy is 3e Sorcery (but strong), and 2e Sorcery is 3e Thaumaturgy (but useless).

2e Thaumaturgy is the science of Essence and Creation. How things work together, how essence can be manipulated to create small scale wonders. This is 3e Sorcery, but remove 'small scale'.

2e Sorcery are rote rituals no-one really understand, seemingly only working because they work, hermetic and esoteric. This is 3e Thaumaturgy, but make those rituals absolutely useless to anyone.

>> No.54838330

Haha you have a nuanced opinion on splat inclusion in a niche game you're trying to promote by using the thinnest veneer of logic. You are truly a god among humans.

>> No.54838538



>> No.54838541


Someone doesn't know how opinions work.

>> No.54838842

So magitech was Craft+Thaumaturgy then, in 2e?

>> No.54839582

are there any greek demigods who produce quarterblood children of their own? and if so what if any power do they pass on?

>> No.54839585

Nah craft+occult (Sorcery)

>> No.54839670

I think Godblooded can learn Charms of their parent Gods?
Exalt-blooded aren't a thing in 3e, but in 2e they could learn some Charms, I think?

>> No.54840302

>Godblooded can learn Charms of their parent Gods?

Not anymore. Or at least, the old devs were really against it.

>> No.54841014

the new devs have stated that essence 1 dragonblooded charms are way to powerful for god blooded

>> No.54841220

according to google there are very few (if any?) examples of heterosexual female demigods in Greek mythology, so there is no precedent for demigods procreating among themselves(still halfblood?).

the only demigod I can think of offhand that had children with regular humans would be hercules and he murdered them during limitbreak. but I'm sure there must have been more somewhere. unfortunately difficult to find because of percy jackson crap filling the top results

>> No.54841243

Yeah, you do. Opinions are founded on what one believes to be true. As such, an opinion founded on a belief that is demonstrably wrong is, in turn, demonstrably wrong itself.

>> No.54841650

Where can I find examples of/for 6-10 dot attributes/abilities?
You had to be E6 and above to get there, right?

>> No.54841861

There are no examples of that kind.

>> No.54841875

Back in 2e yes you could. Your Attribute/Ability dot cap was was 5 or your Essence whichever was higher. So at Essence 6 you could get up to 6, at Essence 7 you could get up to 7, etc.

What do you mean by examples? Write ups that had characters over Attribute/Ability 5 or the rules text for it?

>> No.54841944

>What do you mean by examples?
Like in the 3e book, 4dot attribute had the following text as example for it

>The character’s Attribute is truly extraordinary, putting even other notable individuals to shame. He casually out-wrestles strong men, outwits smart ones, or outshines the merely charismatic.

That kind of stuff.

>> No.54841998

3e likely won't have higher than 5 in Attributes and Abilities for Exalts at all. Strength is the only one I can really think of that might and there are a few of the Quick Characters who either have higher than base 5 Strength or have some Merit/Trait that effectively gives them that.

>> No.54842345

Yeah but was there any 2e material with description of them? It'd help give perspective. I have a shit imagination.

>> No.54842692
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>he thinks Exigents being good is truth

>> No.54842787

Whether Exigents are good or not isn't the matter being discussed, though. Whether their existence devalues the idea of the Exalted is.

>> No.54842811

>hair noose

>> No.54843091

How do you even get from

>Opinions are founded on what one believes to be true.


>he thinks Exigents being good is truth

Do you just add words as you read or something?

>> No.54844648


See >>54833017

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