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Previous thread here! >>54777731
Archives and other resources over there! https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

Have a nice day, everyone!

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Can you bang the maid?

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considering the erotica and erotic order options, I'm pretty sure that's a yes.

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If she consents I think so. She doesn't HAVE to consent though.

I'm reasonably sure the CYOA was actually creating something more than just builds (shocking I know) and at one point we were actually discussing series arcs and possible episode structure. We could always try that again?

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I've been trying to compile the entirety of what we posted three threads ago, to little success, because I also have a final session to run for a campaign soon.

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Nice. I'm in trouble.

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You named your maid Trouble?

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Damn... i feel like i have not participated enough.

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I need the images for the guides from both magical girl CYOAs gonna use em for this advanced magical girl thing

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>advanced magical girl thing
Wait what?

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Pfff. you can always contribute!

Dumping the base now. Someone else can handle the Dark Magical Girls.

Let's see... I know Season 1 was going to be the standard-issue magical girl fare of saving people, fighting monsters and such, while Season 2 was going to scale back the stakes, but make things personal by focusing on the series Dark Magical Girl... I'd like to propose a slight change though; the first season shouldn't conclude with THE big bad; merely its herald. That way we have something to end with after the other arcs have concluded; something to hit for the big finale of the series.

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Is this one of them?

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I wanna make a version 3 where you have become a powerful magical girl after many adventures

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I have it open in another tab. I'll get it when you're done with yours.

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Pretty sure he meant the ones by Beri and Imaginos.

Also pretty sure he wanted the pictures of the narrators, rather than the CYOAs themselves.

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Oh yeah it kinda irked me to start with the big bad, it makes the rest of the seasons kinda... Low on the powerlevel.

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Reposting OC from last thread.

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Thank you Anon, i forgot to save this piece of art.

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Ok, slightly before you were done... Woops.

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Wait a second, that's just an old version of the MGCYOA that's floating around as a thread! Man, I can't imagine being that old.

Great Negative Space Monster seems just that, a space monster. Outta nowhere. Like, you know, the Fire Dragon from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. Or maybe we just happened to kill a lot of super-strong evil things, so we ended up attracting its attention. And then the attention of everyone else in this world, because we happened to kill a lot of super-strong evil things.

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>so we ended up attracting its attention. And then the attention of everyone else in this world, because we happened to kill a lot of super-strong evil things.
The fact that i have the Idol S rite does not help either...

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Oh don't worry, a flower can be plenty tough.


Even then, the various floral structures, pollens and poisons a flower could generate would make the flower compensate for the lower defense with greater offense.

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Is Priscilla packing heat?

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You don't like puffy vulvas?

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I have S rank agility and the ability to spam teleport on top of that. The combination of the two should make me ridiculously fast. Also with C rank luna I'm nearly invisible. With teleport I'll be changing directions erratically while they chase after me. They'll have to do a 360 and find which direction the invisible bullet flew off in each time I teleport. It should be pretty challenging.

It's not as if I have no offensive abilities at all though. I would just prefer to try to escape first, since this build is about living a comfy live and avoiding fights. In the worst case scenario, if I'm forced to fight, I could use blood magic and command my enemy to kill themselves.

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It's not just a negative SPACE monster. It's a NEGATIVE space monster; the very incarnation of Bad Things; the source of monsters; the kicker of puppies and ruiner of picnics! Monsters (not Kaiju perhaps, but smaller ones) are the direct result of it drawing closer to Earth. Beating its herald buys the planet time, but what we thought was IT, turned out to just be its lackey or offspring. That particular revelation makes a great threat for the final season. "Hey, remember that big thing from Season 1? The thing which posed the biggest single direct threat to the party out of everything that's come since? Yeah, that was the CHILD. Now the parent's rocking up.

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thanks but not sure I can use these I wanna use the narrators and put them together on two sides of a broken heart as for this you can choose corruption or not on one page since this is more of summarizing then getting to the new stuff

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Hey, not your fault. Someone was bound to notice us and our powers. And now we pay the price... or do we?

What's this one, the GREATER Negative Space Monster? Easy, we'll take it down, after Ms. Excalibur, One-Shot Magician, and Big Girl (For You) sacrifice their lives.

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Hmm. A dark magical girl with maxed out Deviance, thematic outfit, young body and ampule along with magical boost should be able to corrupt most magical girls.
270% power corruption effect that is then boosted into a supercharged strike via Ampole.

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I'm sorry, I don't have them. The only thing I can suggest is to try finding the tags to each individual element you see on the image you want, then searching on the boorus.

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No one is going to sacrifice itself!

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Ehh... The big sacrifice feels kind of cheap in what will be the final season of the series. S1 already is going to end with Ms. Excalibur appearing to sacrifice herself, only to show up again part-way through S2. I think the series really needs to end on a high note, regardless of the trials and sacrifices made to get there.

Much as I want to include everyone who's made a character with the CYOA, that's kind of impractical for a coherent series. Ideally, we're looking at 3-4 main girls, with one or maaaybe two dark girls, at least one of which joins the main group at the end of Season 2.

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I like them, but it kind of looks like balls. The full image is more clear.

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You don't like balls?

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The Caller (+1 to Wild Lore, Alchemy, and Lore of Water)
Nyxeris (+1 to Shadowcraft, Charisma, and Lore of the Abyss)

>Skills (20)
Arcana III (14)
Alchemy II (12)
Shadowcraft II (10)
Crafting II (7)
Charisma II (5)
Combat Skill II (2)
Investigation I (1)
Tradecraft I (0)
Wild Lore I (free)

>Magic (20)
Lore of Water V + Arcana Bonus (6)
Lore of the Abyss III (1)
Lore of Fire I (0)

I'm still not clear on when you get the Arcana perks, but I'm working under the assumption that it's only for maxed out Lores.

>Items (10,000, 10% off for Tradecraft, Half off Silver and Bronze Gear for Crafting)
Armor- Living Metal Symbiote (3,250)
Melee Weapons- Earthforged Weapons (3,115)
Ranged Weapons- Artificer Bow (1,765) Alchemical Bombs (1,607.5)
Miscellaneous Items- Specialized Tools (1,247.5) Books (977.5) Potions (910) Traveling Supplies (887.5)
Rights and Properties- Academic Pass (797.5) Safehouse (347.5)
Vessel- Gypsy Wagon (167.5)
Mounts- Horse x2 (77.5)
Hirelings- Skilled Worker x1 (68.5) Thug x1 (64)
Pet- Cat (59.5)
Guess I'll grab two sets of Fancy Clothing with the Spare Change (14.5)

Rights and Properties, Vessels, Mounts, Hirelings, and Pets I did not subject to the 50% off Tradecraft, even though they still have the Bronze-Gold ranking. They're not Gear, so it doesn't make sense to use the discount.

Cinaed, Halfbreed Madwoman
Sahn Long, Monk Dropout
Uharen the Just, Unwilling Hero
Lara Dresten, Escaped Concubine
Grimauldus, Illusionist Drug Dealer

A group of unwilling heroes masquerading as wandering performers, getting dragged into mysterious, quests, and brewing some damned good beer!

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So... who are going to be the lucky ones?

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Who doesn't like balls? Frigid lesbos maybe, but they don't matter.

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>the CYOA isn't about fighting other magic girls
...but there are dark magic girls to worry about!


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That'll be true. I'd probably want something like, Iunno, Gunbuster or EVA levels of wack endings, over that. We'll see, though. We'll see how well we can get through this ordeal.

Gonna have to catch me first, goth! Nyeh.

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>EVA ending
Magical girls and a huge white person ripping itself apart for no reason and everyone turned in to orange juice don't mix.

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Could the author for this answer a quick question for me? I was wondering if anyone can learn magic or if it has to be mentioned in the bio of the race for them to be able to.

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I said it'd be preferable to "character sacrifice", not that it would be a good idea. I'll leave it to that anon, however.

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Oh, it might be nice if someone in the pit of despair pulled themselves together to save their friends by finally using that hybrid suit to switch Undermine to Inseparable, linking to this eldritch being, and pumping all the pure energy she's just been putting aside right up it's ass.
Though that might just feel a little gimmicky.

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Yeah... Excalibur was enough, killing characters here and there makes death kinda cheap.

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You must be feeling better to be posting this again.

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That's the real question now, isn't it? To fill the archetypes, we need one leader, one smart one, one strong one and one caring one... But there's SIX sources of power... Multiple girls with the same source needs to be avoided, or we'd have redundancy... Or on the other hand, two for instance could be willpower, while one is benevolence and another hope or joy or something, so long as their characters mesh well together...

Overall though, I think the season structure goes like...
>S1: Gathering the team, beating monsters, saving people, standard magical girl stuff ending with a big fight with the herald.
>S2: The Dark Magical Girl arc, fighting the dark mirror to the heroes, ending with a big showdown and purifying the/one of the dark girls
>S3: Utopius arc. In the absence of big threats, the girls turn their attention to more 'domestic' things, like the army of high-tech mercenaries. Start examining the responsibility they hold as protectors of earth and questioning if their actions are truly moral when they're protecting from INTERNAL threats. Ends with returning the company to the control of its now-purified director
>Breather arc involving fighting kaiju for a return to light-hearted, high-action battles. Basically filler
>S4: Governments take real notice of the girls after Utopius and start trying to act against them, capture and control them, or replicate their powers. Ends with the destruction of the corrupt secret service branch and a wider acceptance of the girls
>S5: The finale. The big one. The Negative Space Monster is coming and things get steadily more dire. Everything has to come together at the last to save the entire world.

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The latter; that's one of the balancing mechanics of the choices. For example, if trolls could learn magic they would be way too awesome of choice. It's also what makes liches tempting in spite of their abysmal quality of life: they are the only things on here with unrestricted magic access.

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Phoenix or Wendigo is the way to go for me.

Although I would prefer to not look like that particular Wendigo.

>> No.54788736

I think we're pretty agreed that Ms. Excalibur (mine - her name is actually Magical Guardian Kimi-chan) is in then? Leader or just the group's strong girl/lancer?

>> No.54788770

>Multiple girls with the same source needs to be avoided, or we'd have redundancy
And thus the Cute well shows it's superiority once again!

>> No.54788790

So far there have been takers for every option except werebeast, which is great. I'm not surprised to see that one passed on, but anon asked for it, so...

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Where does muh dark knight fit in?

We still set on her being the face of the dark magical girls?

>> No.54788819

Did anon make any more of this
>pic related

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If S2 does not end with dark knight/skitter getting pile-hugged i am going to be very upset.

>> No.54788948


One more question, how does all the magical girls being anons real life fit in?

>> No.54788987

You'd think S2 would end with the purified magical girl doing a big gesture like baking everyone a massive cake to share with her new friends, everyone saying she didn't need to overdo it, and her saying she wants to make a good impression on "her' new team with a pleasant but confident smile. Cut to current leader's shocked expression, followed by everyone else's "eeeeeehhhh!?", pan up to sky, roll credits.

>> No.54788988

Plenty of points left to get high speed and intellect to make a plan to get you.

>> No.54789007

Basic Beauty Package (1)
Divine the Secrets (7)
Silvered Tongue (9)
Rendable Flesh (13)
Grace and Poise (14)

Two Free (12)
Delve Too Deep (5)
Word Triggers- Insomniac (3)
Discomfort in Comfort (0)

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Post the connected CYOA.

>> No.54789017

Miss Dark Knight needs to be one of the dark girls, certainly, but whether she is one that joins the group or continues to be a lone wolf (antagonism optional) is up to you, I'd say.

We including ripoff-Skitter? If so then yes, she needs hug-piling and a possible re-alignment of her powers... Ideally the dark girl team should have a mastermind, a powerhouse and one that turns good... Though possibly the one that turns good could be one of the other two; I just want to avoid over-lap once she joins the main girls. Also, it NEEDS to be kept ambiguous which one will turn good; the audience will be expecting at least one, but the least we need to do is keep them guessing which it is.

>> No.54789033

I don't have it, sorry.

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I dunno if we are including ripoff skitter but i don't remember other dark magical girls, so this one came up to my head.

>> No.54789053

Thank God.

>> No.54789072


As the Astra/ K A B O O M guy from last thread, I'd most likely be some minor comic relief or side character, because having a wide-angle orbital bombardment specialist in the Main Crew seems a little silly.

>> No.54789073

>not basking in the glory of Saber

>> No.54789077

Here ya go

>> No.54789097

And the box (despite my continued thinking it was a mistake, I should have connected it to the dog one...)

>> No.54789107

One of my favorites

>> No.54789110

Oh, you're still alive?

>> No.54789111

Why to the dog one?

>> No.54789118

Speaking of the dog one...

>> No.54789123

Wendigo should say "Secrete", not "Excrete". Excrete refers to waste, so unless he shits from his claws you shouldn't be using that word.

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>> No.54789134


>> No.54789144 [SPOILER] 

And the box

Not really. Lost job, had to move in with family, been dealing with illness, ran out of money, etc. I'm mostly dead these days.

Cause I like the dog one, but it doesn't get a lot of attention.

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>> No.54789177


My vision is that Dark Knight ends up not really liking what has changed since becoming a dark magical girl, and semi-willingly submits herself to purification to return to normal.

Outwardly, not much changes, although she agrees to only conquer kingdoms doing "bad" things. In reality, when she returns, her well becomes joy and her rites refocus a little more into magical enhancements, and season by season she hangs out with the main crew more, embarrassed at first, but becoming a little more at ease by the end of the fourth season. Still largely doing things on her own, but more willing to join the group from time to time.

>> No.54789270

Don't you fucking DARE die on us!

>> No.54789286

We may need some new ones, some with IMPACT!

Duly noted. So far though, I think the only confirmed ones are
>Magical Guardian Kimi-chan (Ms. Excalibur)
>Dark Magical Knight
With a tentative Totally-Not-Skitter

Hmm... Good question. Any suggestions? I'd say leave it in, with some being more comfortable as girls and some not, but everyone eventually trending towards staying as girls. But that of course, comes with a whole bundle of other problems and questions we may not want to answer, so perhaps have them all start as girls? I genuinely don't know...

Dark Knight's tendency to conquer 'evil kingdoms' could actually be what sparks S4's big plot, with governments worried the magical girls are over-stepping their bounds and even those within the group going, "Are we sure this is the right thing to do?"

>> No.54789295

>Lost job, had to move in with family, been dealing with illness, ran out of money, etc. I'm mostly dead these days.
Hey! Me too.

>> No.54789297

"excrete" refers to expelling a lot of byproduct. You can excrete sweat, for example. But you're correct that secrete would have been a better word to use there.

Synthetic Augmentation says "Your flesh will become more accepting of implants and augmentation", and "Adding augmentations will be easy and your body will shift them so that they will never cause you problems". Does that have any effect on the follow-up Fleshweaver visit, either in terms of powers, costs, or payment effects?

>> No.54789308

sounds tough as shite mane, have a Saber

>> No.54789313

Yeah, Will is crazy popular. Probably because of Arma. I don't blame them, I freaking LOVE Arma. But I'mma see what I can do about trying an alternative.

Average Age, Well of Hope. Guts and determination!
>Tempora S, Love S, Luna S, Agility A, Dexterity B, Stamina A
Low-collateral set I'm going for here. Also a few specialized fields of expertise.
>Ampoule Tool
Probably something charming, like her mother's amulet, or something.
>Armored Phased Outfit
Heart-OVER! With these wings, the Lunar Night shall seek JUSTICE, the light that brightens the sins of this world!
>Copycat Companion
She's probably one of those lazy folks that sympathize with Copycat.

>Help People, Fight Crime, and most of all... Purify Rogues.
Helping people is wonderful! They get to know that being helped is nice, so they'll help others, in return! I'll help everyone I can.

To my understanding, the build from A New Magical Girl CYOA is further built upon with A New Dark Magical Girl CYOA.

>> No.54789348

Could cute idol get in?

>> No.54789358

Excrete specifically means to "expel as waste". That doesn't exclusively mean shit, but if the thing being expelled is desirable to the thing expelling it in some way, it's the wrong word.

>> No.54789387

I'd be down for it. I don't know if I could help, though.

>> No.54789391

Excrete yourself from this thread.

>> No.54789398

I'm only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. After all, I've still got something to live for. And that's to blave.

Keep your chin up, anon. We'll make it some day.

I've never thought of that before. I'd say that it'd be a lot more comfortable in your body. Perhaps a reduction of cost, but I don't want to make it too complex to go between the two CYOAs. However you get an extra 1 coin for that.

Thanks, anon.

>> No.54789417


If we really don't have that many people... Astra might be something like a 'sixth ranger' character, who shows up for big fights where excessive firepower is the name of the game. The rest of the time, her fighting style would just kinda get in the way (because her attacks consist mainly of massive explosions and even more massive explosions).

>> No.54789435

Maybe it is waste. Generated from the consumed bodies. I don't think "desirable" is the key thing, since it's desirable for us to excrete sweat since it helps cool us.

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear that I do intend to make that change; secrete is definitely the superior word choice, regardless of the source of the poison.

>> No.54789445

So she wants to marry me or torture my soul or both

>> No.54789448

A new life. Infinite potential (in an itty bitty little lizzy)! Going to hope we're not too common, though considering we're trying to meet Quotas here I doubt that's a major issue. Just gotta look for a big castle type dealy, or larger superstructures if that's more the thing of the day in Zekenor. Living in a Forrest would give alignment to nature magic. A Coastal city might leave me blue with powers in waves and flows.

Still, a city has the creature comforts I've come to expect and I found one with both! More so? Pets. Get myself a cushy spot with a royal looking family, comfy place to stay, plenty of protection to help ensure I'll make it beyond being a scaly housecat.

>Very Young
My "Master" has grown up from a little youth to the very beginnings of their adulthood. For five years I've been on the shoulder of a future king, keeping an extra set of eyes out, warning of dangers ("reeeeeegh" "What's wroOH HELLO PROFESSOR SORRY I MISSED TUTORING TODAY")

Learning I couldn't talk with my mouth this size has been a pain, but communication has become a bit easier over the years as we learn mutual ques.

A decade passes. The young prince stands coronation as the decided heir. There are joke suggestions of having me be the first Knight of his retinue. I won't be, but I don't think they're entirely wrong about putting me on the roster in time. You don't stay some place for twenty years without some investment in keeping the place afloat.

Plus we have a court wizard I can rip off now! Bastard wanted to drain me for blood components, but we talked him down to bartering scales.

>> No.54789451

More than probably! It needs more than a build though; you need CHARACTER. Ms Excalibur gets in because her anon did a big writefag piece that informs us about her character and makes her stick in our mind. From it we can tell:
>She used to be weak, hospitalised even
>She's dutiful, brave and bold
>She's a big dork with a flare for the dramatic
>She is a weeb who rips off Saber and isn't even sorry
>She doesn't mind dying if it's to save others, but will fight to survive
>>54789313 this goes for you too. Builds are good, but personality is better.

You'd make a good mastermind or something for the dark girl team perhaps? Dark Knight is the strong one and wants to have her character turn good, so they need a brain and- There has to be another role to fill...

All the dark girls need tragic backstories though and moments of both horrible villainy and genuine heroism, again to keep the audience guessing.

Works for me. She could even have a solo arc and come more into the spotlight during the kaiju-filler.

>> No.54789473

Age: Old
Well: Will

Sol C [19]
Frost C [Free]
Motion C [Free]
Arma S [16]
Blood C [Free]
Strength S [13]
Agility S [9]
Defense S [5]
Dexterity B [3]
Mind B [2]
Stamina A [-1]
Flexibility C [-2]
Reserves C [Free]

Tool: Sword
Outfit: Elegant/Flowing [0]
Familiar: Shimmer
Issues: Fight Crime, Slay Phantoms, Rebuild Utopius

Desired to clean the streets of scum. Tried Batman route, switched to Punisher tactics after encountering repeat criminals. Not well received. Ambition turns to frustration. Corruption buildup attracts the DMG "recruiter". DMG build to follow.

>> No.54789475


>Skills and Traits
Combat- Bows, Swords, Throwing
Mental- Charismatic, Unflinching

>Demonic Runes
Chastity Rune (Free)
Cleansing Rune
Watcher Rune

Sword, Cutlass- Vampire, Avatar-Slayer
Bow, Longbow- Scope, Barbs
Throwing, Knives- Seeker, Chill
Armor, Leather- Feather, Unhindered, Cooled

>Avatar Form

>Avatar Form Abilities
Regeneration III (Free)
Toughness II (Free)
Speed II (7)
Strength II (5)
Natural Weapons III, Against All Odds, Avatar-Slayer (2)
Breath Weapon II (0)

>Magical Spells
Missile- Heal, Fortify, Chameleon
Cataclysm- Madness, Blind, Cripple

The Hidden Blade of Woadheim
The Everwalking Knight

The Escaped Gladiator
The King's Daughter
The Wolfmaster
The Atoning Knight
The Battlemage
The Sister
The Repenting Samurai

Love tends to be a bit of both

>> No.54789500

The particular personality I had in mind for that one was "a semi-NEET who really liked Sailor Moon, so she attempts to become literally Sailor Moon".

>> No.54789516

Am I the only one here that thinks Saber is the most shit waifu of them all?

>> No.54789519

Yeah, Cute idol NEEDS character because otherwise i will end up having no ideas for writefagging.

>> No.54789564

your opinion is wrong

>> No.54789565

Which Saber?

>> No.54789572

Are Mind C and Reserves C free, or are you required to pay for them?

>> No.54789578


>> No.54789595

Saber's not the most shit tier waifu out there, but she's pretty low on my personal scale.
Personally, I think her most redeeming quality is that she allowed for the creation of a True Elder God tier waifu.

>> No.54789597


"I can talk again!"
Much to the surprise of the court when I accepted the title as Aide-Protector. My King managed not to laugh at the faces of some of the less dedicated retainers and I'm very proud of him for that among other things. His family is coming along nicely, the Queen married in from a neighboring country. Poor girl was scared witless that he might feed her to me if she wasn't satisfactory.

Their little ones are starting to get to the age where riding me around like a horse sounds like a grand idea. They're lucky I'm playing the long game or else they'd be in for quite a bit of draconic ire the little rascals.

Some of the councilors and courtiers have started paying attention more when I'm around. They're not stupid enough to think my loyalty lacking so they're keeping it quiet where theirs might be. Makes it tempting to consider pulling out the human form I keep in reserve some times; a foreign maid to put ears to doors. Still, best keep that to a minimum until I've mastered the Polymorphing school. The old wizard is still around and kicking, probably planning to keep at it as long as I do if I know him at all by now, though I don't know if either of us know who the apprentice is some days; it's worked out well.

>Young Adult

My King rules well over my home city-state. We've seen our way through small returns, banking mistakes, poor harvests and even a couple of assassination attempts...and an assassination.
I may never forgive myself for not being fast enough, but few will forget the mangled body of the perpetrator, nor of the conspirators once we ferreted them out.

Still, he must be more careful than ever in his silvering years. I am no longer as spry and small as I once was seventy years ago. By the turn of the century I'll likely be an "Out-Door" dragon outside of enchanted constrictions.

>> No.54789604

All of them.

>> No.54789620

Your taste is shit
I don't need facts to back up the objectively superior choice

>> No.54789628


I really need a better name than 'Astra', because that's literally just the name of a spell...

anyway, out of combat she's mostly chill and soft-spoken, but quietly cheerful and optimistic. In battle, though... She goes maximum chuuni, and starts yelling chants and flailing into ridiculous poses to focus her spells. If anybody brings it up to her outside of battle, she gets extremely flustered and defensive about it. ('Wh-what about it? I'm allowed to have fun!')

>> No.54789650

Age: Old
Pit: Wicked

Shadow C
Twist C
Deviance C
Void S [16]
Mental A [14]
Defense A [12]
Reserve A [10]
Strength A [7]: Wolf Ears
Stamina S [4]: Robot voice, glowing eyes
Flexibility C [3]
Agility A [0]: Red eyes
Dexterity B [-2]

Tool: Sword
Outfit: Thematic (Void)/Flowing [0]
Familiar: Shimmer
Offer: None
"Jobs": Clean Up, Slay Phantoms, Destroy Puppets

Desires to "punish" the "wicked", by now fighting fire with fire. Unrepentant murderer, personal definition of "wicked" not quite the same as the dictionary's, also not 100% consistent.

>> No.54789665

>I don't need facts

>> No.54789685


>> No.54789719

>gender-is-a-spectrum man
You're still wrong. Saber a shit.

>> No.54789735

Not bad, but repeat homicide and bloodthirst kind of bar her out of redemption without a MAJOR arc dedicated to it. Plus, she needs a more sympathetic backstory and traces of still wanting to be heroic at heart, if we're going to fool the audience. Besides that, more characterisation and she could be a good addition to the dark girls... If they didn't already have an armoured-up front-liner...

>> No.54789737

Wow, you two idiots have differing opinions!

>> No.54789746

I didn't even know you were the author.

Sweat is technically a secretion though. People mistakenly call it an excretion because it's gross, but it's not accurate. I had to look that one up before I said anything, it's a pretty common mistake.

>> No.54789757

-0 Frost C
-0 Motion C
-3 Arma S
-0 Blood C
-3 Strength S
-3 Agility A
-4 Defense S
-2 Dexterity 2
-0 Mind C
-3 Stamina A
-1 Flexibility C
-1 Reserves B
Sword (Armored Gauntlets)
>Outfit Traits:
Armored, Phased
Destroy Puppets
Rebuild Utopias
Defeat Kaiju

There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved by sufficient punching.

>> No.54789758

no, opinions are in a spectrum, therefore we have the same opinion, prove me wrong

>> No.54789779

I think that might also be why the pirates have started trying their hands and cannons against our trading routes; not that it hasn't cost them in blood.

Still, it bodes poorly that the new Prince will probably be coming into his crown as troubles escalate rather than a time of peace like it was when I came into this world; into their lives really.

I'll be there to see to it that they come through all the same.

...Two kings and a Queen later, we're still here.

Two other settlements now bow to us for protection and connection to one of the more potent powers in the region; another island, one farther off the coast than ourselves, is in talks to determine if they'll be a third along with the one across the bay from us and a big agricultural development a little further inland. I play the part of a mascot to the public, the grand golden mount of the royal line. In quiet, I stand among our generals, strategists, treasurers, guild masters and admirals. The King's word is final, but they recognize that I've been here longer than any of them. A personal seal of mine is on half the goods in the capital, and it's known through all of our trade partners, though my assumed identities keep them separate in their minds. The Court Wizard and I counsel in our own time; wards over the Castle will need to be replicated or expanded for our outter holdings soon to avoid infiltration, and we're considering the rammifications of tidal alterations to accelerate internal trade between my...our settlements.

The royal mausoleum has been moved to my cavernous resting place on the far side of the isle. My collection...my hoard, is growing slowly.

>> No.54789795

>Posting Bill Nye the Degenerate Guy

>> No.54789811

>The Wyrd's Way & Ended Hunger
Daughter has more powerful magic, and is more energetic.
Body has no need for nutrients, sleep less, never feel a pang of hunger.
>Mystical Manipulation & Magical Sight
Daughter can figure out new magics.
Senses are adapted to deal with infinite dimensions and creepiness.
>Siren's Call & Will of Iron
Daughter is better at spoken magic, magic voice in general
Mind is clad of iron. Meditation, impenetrable.

> 1: Grace and Poise
> 3: Monster's Energy
> 4: Thought Processing
> 6: Divine The Secrets
This in combination with Magical Sight... man.
> 5: Fountain of Youth
> 3: Impenetrable Skin

>7 free
>Parasitic Organs 2
>Informal Gluttony 2
Limited effect, I don't need nutrients due to Goddess' blessings. Does prevent me from enjoying normal food for the first century. I don't think I can pull the same trick with Eternal Hunger, unfortunately, which messes with my network.
>Weeping God's Toxin 3
>Delve Too Deep 7
Magical Sight & Will of Iron blessings will mitigate the effects of these, if not entirely.
>Word Triggers 2
Really easy to find an extremely rare word, yet more common than "concupiscience". I'll go with "captious" off the top of my head; say anon use it in thread the other day.

My daughter is going to be an amazing wizard, and hopefully I'll ride on her coattails a bit. Father & Daughter wizard team, go!

>> No.54789825

Why do cyoas like this never feature becoming a cute boy? Is cyoag incapable of grasping the greatness that is /ss/?

>> No.54789849

>Sweat is technically a secretion though
Huh; you're right. I stand corrected.

>> No.54789850

Magical boys lend themselves to inherently different story conventions than magical girls. The only one that came close was Li Syaoran in Cardcaptor Sakura and even then, he was meant more to fill the role of love interest.

>> No.54789854

What if I want her to turn me into a doggirl though? Also I kind of don't want two puppies

>> No.54789858


Also, should probably repost my build:



Luna C
Love B
Tempora C
Shift C
Astra S
Circa A
Blood C

Dexterity S
Defense B
Mind S
Reserves S


Thematic (Astra)


Slay Phantoms
Destroy Puppets
Defeat Kaiju

>> No.54789861

Do magical boys even exist?

>> No.54789867


>Skills, Traits
Combat- Pole arm, Shield, Throwing.
Mental- Unflinching, Tactician

Chastity rune
Watcher rune
Comfort rune

Spear- Vampire, Against all odds
Shield- Barrier, Repulsor
Throwing knives- Barbs, Chill
Armor- Seamless, Feather, Unhindered

>Avatar form

>Avatar abilities
Strength 3
Speed 3
Natural weapons 3 (Avatar slayer, Vampire)
Regeneration 1
Toughness 3

Missile- Fortify, Chameleon
Cataclysm- Cripple

The Band of friendship and fellows
The hidden blade of Woadheim

The shield maiden
The sister
The long bowman
The atoning knight
The templar
The kings daughter
The wolf master

>> No.54789883

I exist so yes

>> No.54789927

Do you want some candy?

>> No.54789938

I do actually

>> No.54789968

Then conjure up some candy and give me some too.

>> No.54789998

>Mature Adult
The Court Wizard and I are seeing other people. We haven't split it's just been a century and goddamn you'd think we'd have gotten better with time but there's a plateau you hit if you don't look to something new and while technology's been coming along nicely in the Kingdom of the Dragon Bay after that lull from the Storm Rider's Raiders battering our ships and coastlines.

They made the tragic mistake of Flooding My Collection Room. Then their attacks just stopped and no one is ever going to find their souls bound to their True-Ice encased gemstones buried in the wreckage of their ships at the bottom of the deeps off the continental shelf.

Twelve cities, thirty or more smaller settlements...I think I may need to go bring up a revision from Kingdom to Empire if we keep this up. I'll bring it up with the next meeting.

The Emperor reminds me of him when he was first crowned. Almost caused a bit of a commotion by excusing myself from the ceremony but we smoothed it over easily enough. He handles the crowds better; he's been Taught better about such things and it shows in our prosperity. The late Empress passed in as much comfort as we could manage, but she kept Herself stressed over getting as much done before it was over. I knew for decades that she'd die at her desk if we let her and not even I was going to tell her to stop. It was part of her charm really, though I fear the new Emperor resented her for it some days.

He'll learn of that in time too. He'll have to.

In other news, word has gotten around that I am not, in fact, a "Pet" dragon but rather a "Smart, Probably Money-Grubbing Monster of Greed and Hunger That Must Be Destroyed!" type of dragon. Someone seems to have set their sights on our growing wealth and sicced the contryside's adventurers at my collections.

I'm always happy when they find an empty, cold stone room with monuments and memorials. Not so much when they try to pry them open.


>> No.54790043

I can only conjure rapy amazons, sorry anon

>> No.54790070

i thought that art was lost.

>> No.54790105


>Skills and Traits
Combat: Sword, Brawling, Shield
Mental: Tactician, Charismatic

>Demonic Runes

Sword: Vampire, Avatar-Slayer
Brawling: Atlas, Slamming
Shield: The Wall,Barrier
Armour: Radiance, Absorbent, Supporting

>Avatar Form

>Avatar Abilities
Strength 3
Speed 2
Toughness 3
Wings 3
Regeneration 3

>Magical Spells
Cataclysm: Madness, Fortify, Harm
Missile: Heal, Ward, Cripple

Band of Friendship and Fellows
Everwalking Knight

King's daughter

>> No.54790108

I also have a spell to summon clingy rapy psychotic girlfriends, whom will not stop fucking you into submission until you are literally crying and screaming you love them

>> No.54790110

Oh yeah, zero redemption for her, she believes her methods are absolutely in the right. As for sympathy, well, at her core she has the right idea: removing both supernatural and mundane threats to public safety. She became disillusioned after run-ins with the same criminals, indicating that her efforts were futile (or at least inefficient) without a change. Rather than try to change the system, she opted to change herself. Downward spiral from there, fueled by push back from mundane law forces and/or other magical girls.

Moot points if the slot's already filled, but it was fun to build her regardless.

>> No.54790113

The only magic fueled by white power.

>> No.54790115

Ha fuck you guy who said liches cant get holy magic. I hope you enjoy your tan vampires. (you can aim for a Ainz build. Super op death magic but then can summon like angels and revive people and shit).

Although now that it's confirmed I can dragon sex some humans I'm gonna still pick dragons. My female dragon probably going for a nature theme while I go for a holy theme. Im gonna make my own religion and focus on repelling beasts and using magic to help grow crops and heal people. So I get the holy theme to focus on healing while my female dragon focuses on using nature spells to ensure good crop growth. And add a few cute girls each generation to our treasure horde. They will be our toys and mikos. And I will dragonlewd them and also have them pass on our will to the people.

>> No.54790143

Found out a century later who it was that managed to carve a big piece of our territory out. Deals, invasions, "Accidents", they were good and they knew what they were about. Even managed to get a sea-monster to go after the capital, had to work with Admirals again for the first time in ages to get things done rather than Generals; no one's challenged our fleets in a long time.

As usual, wizards did it; some personal rival of my dear partner it seems. Apparently there was some long-past slight but hey, subtle and quick to anger, etc etc.

Settled things in a magic-duel once we'd managed to come to a stalemate and stolen half his library for leverage. At the end of the day, we ceeded some territory, gained a Hell of a library, and got permission from the Circle of Sequestered Magic to proceed with some major paradigm-shifting developments with a slightly smaller economy.

It's been centuries, but I still remember gunpowder weapons and combustion engines.

>> No.54790188


She could be a counterpoint or foil to Dark Knight, with DK being a more sympathetic villain to contrast with your char's violence. Perhaps one of the final catalysts of DK's redemption is a confrontation with your char? DK's not my char, so I'm just pointing out possibilities.

>> No.54790194

A strong word. I would prefer, "not ruled out". But, have fun with it, by all means.

>> No.54790216

>All the dark girls need tragic backstories
Hmmm... That is a thing.

While I'm good with plans and strategies, I have no ambition, and I'm not a leader.

I got nothin'. The best I could pull is the dark comedy relief using the slapstick and mock suicide through the use of the Undermine hive mind.
It's ok, though. I'll just go find another line of work. I'm sure the sleep clinic could use a despair powered fatigue enhancer.

>> No.54790259


>Warp C
>Conjure S (3)
>Shock C
>Crysta C

>Strength A (6)
>Agility S (9)
>Defense A (12)
>Dexterity B (14)
>Mind B (15)
>Stamina A (18)
>Flexibility C (19)
>Reserves B (20)


>Fight Crime
>Destroy Puppets
>Defeat Kaiju

I'm a bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl. I fight by creating copies of myself and then pummeling my enemy until they give up. I don't have much mana but I mostly rely on my free flight and powerful punches.

I'm a bit sensitive about my weight but it's not like anyone will bully me for that. I'm sure no one on the internet or on social media will write mean things about me. That would cause me to fall into despair. Not that it matters because people will like me for who I am and what I do!

>> No.54790274

(Whoops that last one should have been >Very Old)


A thousand years on this coastline.
A thousand years of steadily growing my collection.
A thousand years.....all in the blink of an eye? no. I remember nearly all of it, each face, each family, each betrayal and betrothal. Things have changed for sure, but my Empire, my Emperors and Empresses, My Wealth, My Achievements are numerous and grand.

I worry I may have stayed here too long, but I remember, as with all else, that the duration to which I agreed was far grander than this first, slight millennium. Perhaps I should consider a change of pace, a vacation? But what would become of my work should I let it carry on as it is?

Love keeps me here in more ways than one, but curiosity has begun to struggle against complacency and stability.

...I'm going to need a bigger nest too. It's getting cramped in here again, every few centuries or something my scaly-tailed ass gets too damn big.

>> No.54790289

I shot for melancholy and ended up at angsty livejournal entry. So now I need to try and reinject some lightheartedness and comedy somehow and not induce whiplash. Writing is hard. End blog.

>> No.54790327

Perhaps. If DK is at the point of feeling doubt, I imagine coming face to face with someone who is utterly irredeemable might act as a bit of a wake up call. A glimpse at what she might or could have ended up as.

>> No.54790451

Wew, that was a mid-life crisis if I'd ever imagined one.
Did you ever wake up one day and realize the world kind of passed you by when you weren't looking?
I nearly blasted an air-ship out of the sky until I realized it was one of ours about a decade ago. Now they're all over the place and I actually had to go to Air-Traffic Control in person to tell them that This Is My Goddamn Sky And I Will Fly As I See Fit.

Though I am not entirely set in my ways; I'm still flying around as I care to but I'll give them warning if I'm doing it without poly-morphing into something smaller.

There's so many people now. For the first time in a thousand years....I'm reminded of the times I spent in my old life. Hustling an bustling cityscapes, ferries ferrying fairies, harpy yoga instructors (they call it something else but whatever I'm old), and of course the cultivation of wealth in more and more abstract forms.
Not that the money matters by comparison, but it's also Really Cool that I can now have holographic interfaces on my Actual Hoard.

Security has gotten better. No one's disturbed my hoard in decades without permission.

Politics has gotten...strange. Complicated. The Emperor is still the Emperor in name, but the power is more in the hands of the council and the wealthy (Meaning Me and My Cronies at this point). It's taking a more active participation style of action on my part that I haven't needed in centuries since the armadas were uncontested in my oceans and skies.

Then again, I'm not keen to find out how high a caliber weapon it takes to pierce my scales. I've taken to magical warding of course, been at that for centuries as well, but point-distortion devices for lasers are in the works and actual force-field technology seems to be on its way as well.

>> No.54790465

We need more wizard CYOAs

Preferably ones with actual elderly mages and not unrealistic young anime magicians.

>> No.54790487

Slayer ruins this cyoa.

>> No.54790509

Hardly. It isn't a mary sue anti-mage at all.
Wizards still reign supreme.

Gambler ruins this cyoa.

>> No.54790545

>unrealistic young anime magicians

Anime has ruined a good quarter of people's outlooks towards wizards. It's fucking revolting.

>> No.54790557


Age: Average(magic bonus)
Pit: Despair

Void S
Undermine C
Abandon C
Twist S
Petrification S

Mental S
Reserve S
Defense S
Stamina A

Weapon: Ampoule
Outfit: Thematic(Void), Flowing(+2 Glamours)
Pet: Copycat
Offer: Take Magical boost(for a total of 125% Magical and 80% Physical)
Activities: Purify Rogues, Slay Phantoms

I figure the Despair pit's Aura is a really powerful attrition ability that seems like it can win fights all on its own. I'll use the void glamour for armor, and use petrification and twist(by creating traps and obstacles) to stop people from escaping, so they'll despair even more. If they ever do land a decent hit I can regenerate quickly and I'll have way more stamina. Copycat pet for extra annoying spells, and the ampoule is for even more endurance.

Fighting against me will be so fucking annoying and tedious that nobody will even bother, and since I won't fight often I'll have a gigantic mana reserve just in case.

>> No.54790588

After the fourth time you've done this, it's clear you're shitposting.

>> No.54790615

Nah, I'm just speaking my mind whenever it gets brought up.

>> No.54790625

>> No.54790636

>world of lolis
Lure: lolis. I mean.... lolis.
Windowless white van. Best combination of everything yeah?

Acts: Head patting, Hugs, Kiss, and Lewd

Lolis: Lets be honest, all lolis are lewd lolis. Some just like pretending a little more than others. Of course, I'll have to take care of all of them because who else will?

Kate. A good girl, will take care of the house and the other lolis. Will ask if I want to have dinner, or a bath, or ... her?

Sammy: The brave boyish one. Can help defend and lead the others. Seems to secretly enjoy being forced to wear girly things and played with in girly ways and being seen doing so, although she'll deny it.

Loretta. Another good girl. Will handle the finances and distributes allowances to other girls. Has to make sure the other girls are good girls and earn the allowances though. Will make sure everyone does plenty to earn their spending money and to thank me for taking care of them.

Mary: A good? girl. Seems to be very curious about all sorts of things. Including her now sisters. Seems her curiosity may be contagious. Likes sharing stories about things she's learned.

>> No.54790640

>in /cyoag/

Oh the humanity!

>> No.54790665

>Great Wyrm

My children, both literal and adopted royals, are doing well for themselves these days. Their father is as reclusive as ever but he either made time or time-travel for them whenever they needed....though I'm not sure which one some days. If he keeps this up I'm not going to care what manner of weirdness he's up to when I barge in and demand an accounting of which timeline we're both in.

The Imperial Federation (of the Dragon Bay tends to get left off these days) is running itself pretty well these days. The traditions are in place to continue adding to my collection, and the...expansion of my own blood's welcome to it will lead to its greatest expansion since I started it....though I think the sadness of its reality will be a bit more poignant for a while again once that starts. Hopefully it should be a few centuries at least.

I can be alerted from anywhere in the world if there is something wrong. I will continue to protect what's mine...but it's time to live a little. Go get into some trouble, shake things up.

Hiding power-levels isn't too difficult, just sustaining polymorph (alternate form now really) and a handful of illusions to avoid detection.

It used to be called Adventuring, what I had in mind, but that era has past for quite some time.

Still, I think I'll have fun as a shadowrunner for a while and see where that takes me.

Wonder what the dress-code is for that...

>> No.54790667

What about unrealistic oppai anime magicians?

>> No.54790674

Like dragon dildos. But irl. I mean, it's part of the girls' duties. Including cleaning our scales and advocating our teachings. And finding cute next generation believers to take the Miko test.



Good thing we have a holy dragon that can use healing magic on the Mikos.

>> No.54790704

Setting fire to the house just because the curtains went up on the assumption that it can't be helped is fucking retarded.

>> No.54790713

That wouldn't be unrealistic if the sorceress was American.

Or Korean.

>> No.54790756

Just saying but, if your build is basically melee, dexterity is not that useful, obviously you can aim better the things you trow at your enemies but most of the time you gonna be hand in hand with them

>> No.54790767

Dorf (earth) wizard
>Geology specialist
To find, navigate, and create caverns deep underground without light
To populate and protect my underground fortress. Golems make perfect sentinels, standing guard for eons without consuming their energy.
>Seismic Specialist
Through the vibrations in the earth, I should know everything that goes on in my halls.

Kind of a tough call between Seismic and Magnetism, but I think building and protecting the caverns is most important, and Geology should do just fine for locating ores.

I should like to team up with a trustworthy Life wizard, to create a livable ecosystem in the caverns. They would benefit from creating life where there is very little but bare rock, and with their help I could create a civilization deep below.

>> No.54790768

Calm down, you fucking teacher's pet.

>> No.54790770

Needle Pulling Thread/Craftwork Planning
Like Clockwork/Synthetic Augmentation
Spark of Genius/Scientific Rigor
-2 Empowered Eyes
-1 Within Your Grasp
-3 Monster's Energy
-5 The Fountain of Youth
+2 Eternal Hunger
+2 Word Triggers
Brahmin Cattledog
Solar Spitz
Subservient Collar
Gloves of Fecal Command
Musicker Box
Mellow Flowers

What a weird week.
I was voluntold to adopt a god-kid; went through a really shady, probably illegal set of medical procedures; and got a couple of awesome supernatural dogs by helping out this dog-girl-guy.
I'm always hungry, and I spazz out if hear a word I'm not telling you, but all in all I'd say it was a net gain.
My mind is buzzing with ideas and I don't need to sleep anymore, and I think the baby is smarter than me, so that's convenient.

>> No.54790787

>Hating on terrible anime clichés

We could use more of him, anon. Japanese fiction is horrendous.

>> No.54790806

It's not an anime cliche. Look at Harry Dresden or Rincewind or something. Pretty much every modern western novel with magic has young 20's-30's magic users as the protagonist, and there's plenty with protags younger (fucking Harry Potter.)

>> No.54790814

*Otaku* fiction is trash
Legitimate Japanese literature is just as good as European stuff.

>> No.54790829

I don't think you know what otaku means either.

>> No.54790839

I want Reddit to leave.

>> No.54790851

(in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

when I'm saying "otaku fiction" I'm referring to fiction targeted at said audience. Anime, manga, light novels, VN's, ect.

>> No.54790855

There's more to punching than just hitting motherfuckers really hard.
Doesn't matter how strong you are if you don't have the reaction time to keep up with them.

>> No.54790856

>Harry Dresden
A prodigy

Not a child

>Harry Potter
Actually written with the children being incompetent compared to the adults, minus a select few.

>> No.54790879

Otaku is used for people with an unhealthy obsession with their hobby. Some kid watching a cartoon is not an otaku, someone who collects every piece of media and obsesses over it is. Most anime, manga, and LNs produced are still for kids and teenagers, you know.

>> No.54790885

>Pretty much every modern western novel with magic has young 20's-30's magic users as the protagonist
>Pretty much every modern western novel
>every modern western novel


>> No.54790886

I got it for the reflex/reaction speed boost, which is invaluable to have in a high-speed fight. Improved hand-eye coordination also helps in melee combat, too.

>> No.54790894

>A prodigy
Just like all young magic users are.
>Not a child
Neither is anyone in the CYOA you're complaining about except one girl reading a book.
>Children being incompetent compared to adults
And your evidence this isn't the case is?

Nice evidence.

>> No.54790910

Whining about anime on this anime website should be a bannable offense.

>> No.54790923

The 'anime cliche' he is referring to corresponds to little kids being better than everyone else for some reason.
Everybody looks like a supermodel and the younger you are the more powerful you are.

It's trash.

>> No.54790940

Where's the evidence that's the case in the CYOA he's complaining about?

>> No.54790948

He's not talking about the CYOA you fucking moron. This whole discussion is about anime clichés in comparison to the west.

Jesus fucking Chris almighty.

>> No.54790952

alright then let me rephrase my argument. Japanese literature that isn't targeted to degenerates or youth is just as good as it's counterparts in other parts of the world. Happy?

>> No.54790966

>Just like all young magic users are.
Yeah, no. In anime maybe.
>Neither is anyone in the CYOA you're complaining about
What CYOA?
>And your evidence this isn't the case is?
I've read the books?

>> No.54790983

No, you're still on the wrong website. At least you're not using words wrong.

>In anime maybe!
When's the last time you read a book about a young magic user who wasn't better than normal?

>I've read the books
Learn what 'isn't' means.

>> No.54790991

"I've read books" isn't evidence. Specific books are.

>> No.54790993

As much as I hate people complaining about anime, the weebs sure do seem autistic when they fight back.

>> No.54791006

>I hate people complaining about anime
I don't believe you.

>> No.54791011

>When's the last time you read a book about a young magic user who wasn't better than normal?

So they're prodigies? There's nothing wrong with that. That's an actual scenario in real life. Most anime never bothers to give a credible reason for such talent.

>> No.54791020

>the younger you are the more powerful you are
I don't remember anything like that in any anime I've seen recently. Could you name me an example? In every case where the magic user is young it's generally because they're the one the protag meets/the only one interested in helping them, not because they're the best.

>> No.54791029

Which animes?

>> No.54791034

Again, Anime is pure escapism. They don't want to add social logic to that mess. It's annoying, but the Japanese aren't very good writers compared to Westerners.

It's not like historians haven't already acknowledged this.

>> No.54791049

Somebody mention Science-magical Jesus?

>> No.54791054

Here we have a prime example of the 'evangelical weeaboo' demanding evidence nobody will ever bother to give, on account of how blatant it already is.

>> No.54791059

>> No.54791068

This is probably the fatposter again. He loves picking stupid fights.

>> No.54791077

How is saying someone's a prodigy anything other than a cop-out excuse to say "wow they're really good without having to actually develop their skills or train?" Saying that western series have their main characters be prodigies and anime have their characters be good for no reason is exactly the same thing.

>> No.54791078

>I can't actually lend credible evidence to my argument but I'm right anyway. Let me prove it by attacking your presumed character.
Someone should post the argument pyramid.

>> No.54791079


>> No.54791089

Wizards fucking suck and so do you

>> No.54791102


>> No.54791106

Every fucking book in HP has its youngsters being rightfully inferior to the older generation for obvious reasons. The only kids that really stand out are Harry(albeit plot armor) and Hermione.

Younger Albus, Gellert and Tom were also evident prodigies.

>> No.54791119

Here you go!

>> No.54791128

You still don't know what 'isn't' means. I told you "What's your evidence this isn't the case?" referring implicitly to whatever you're complaining about. You're not being asked to name western books, but LNs that prop up your "ANIME MAKES ALL CHILDREN SUPERIOR" argument.

>> No.54791135

The weebs are getting rabid

>> No.54791155

I wanna start making cyoas but i have 0 motivation and drive what do

>> No.54791156

To be fair, retarded or not, he's not wrong. Anime is terrible when it comes to capability and consistency.

>> No.54791164

Take one step forward and force yourself to write one sentence, maybe more.

>> No.54791172

Cite something, lazy bones.

>> No.54791176

Gee, I've come across a lot of terrible works. All with pretentious names I never cared to remember.

>>54791049 rings a big fucking memory bell though.

>> No.54791197

They will defend anything pertaining to anime, even when it's evidently terrible. Which is 90% of the entire genre.

You think young anime wizards are terrible? Science anime is worse. Don't get me started on mecha suit anime.

>> No.54791214

>>>54791049 (You) rings a big fucking memory bell though.

It shouldn't. Because he is a science experiment and while amazing in every way compared to the other kids is not as impressive compared to some of the adults in the world.

Basically adult wizards raped his brain using magic and science to make science-magic Jesus.

>> No.54791215

Here's the image I used for A New Dark Magical Girl. https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2605534

Here's the image Beri used for his narrator. http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1866301

Why U so Mean? Dork magic..really? heh,

>> No.54791216

I'm not in this argument. I'm just agreeing with something rather obvious. Anime has shit tier writing.

>> No.54791227

How about you gobble my cock, you sissy faggot.

>> No.54791232

>defending one of the biggest mary sues in anime

Yeah, I can tell exactly what kind of individual you are. I think we're done here.

>> No.54791239

>muh feelings trump your facts

>> No.54791247

You think I posted science jsus? D'aaawww, the weeaboo is getting paranoid.

>> No.54791249

Good fucking Christ, can we stop arguing over pointless bullcrap and go back to posting CYOAs and builds, or discussing the magical girl series?

>> No.54791254

You give up after one guy counters your one bad example. You didn't have much of an argument to start and just want an excuse to quit.

>> No.54791261

Nyxeris x2 (+2 SC, +2 Cha, +2 Abyss)
Level 2 combat (-3)
Level 1 Gov (-1)
Level 1 Alch (-1)
Level 3 SC (-3)
Level 2 Investigation (-3)
Level 3 Cha (-3)
Level 2 Trade (-3)
Level 2 Arcana (-3)

Lore: Abyss level 4 (-7)
Fire level 2 (-3)
Water level 1 (-1)
Earth level 2 (-3)
Wind level 3 (-6)

Rangermail (-500)
Artificer Weapons (-1400)
Artificer bow (-1500)
Travel supplies (-50)
Ammo (-75)
Potions (-150)
Specialized tools (-400)
Academic pass (-100)
Trading license (-250)
Safehouse (-500)
Horse (-50)
(5025 gold currently left over)

For companions i'll take Lyra bowsung, Katrana Artix, Jada Nmonila, Assassin, Svana Palandine.

I will be the main moneymaker of our party by infiltrating areas of interest and stealing riches from them. Lyra and Assassin may be useful in these endeavors. Katrana, Jada, and Svana, and Assassin can all be of use when we're in a larger battle scenario. Lyra and I will probably not be near Katrana if we are using abyss magics. We have quite a bit of muscle considering Lyra and I can use abyss magic to raise the dead and Svana comes with 4 knights. Our combined muscle is 10+ fighters at any given time. Jada can point us towards areas of interest for my moneymaking endeavors. Katrana is a good defender and could probably be taught by other party members to be a more capable fighter. Also, she's a cute. In fact, my entire party is cute girls which is my REAL goal: obtain a waifu. With my superior charismatics, at least one of them will no doubt fall for me, and if i'm REALLY good, then they will ALL fall for me.

>> No.54791263

Fatposter wants attention.

>> No.54791264

When weebs get surrounded they tend to lose all sense of self. They deserve to be pitied.

>> No.54791269

No. I posted science Jesus. Hence why the extra you is after my post.

>> No.54791286

None of them had any arguments to begin with. They're just autists screeching at each other.

That said, I tend to agree that anime is rather annoying regarding magic.
Not that there haven't been exceptions to this.

Fate handles it pretty well. Usually.

>> No.54791289


>> No.54791299

You can think it's annoying, but he made a specific assertion (children are always superior to adults) and doesn't want to back it up.

>> No.54791300

>That said, I tend to agree that anime is rather annoying regarding magic.

Escapism. That's why. There's no internal logic in it. Even D&D has more consistency, and it constantly broke the fourth wall in 2e.

>> No.54791311

Ya'll talking about anime like every anime the comes out is equivalent to shonen garbage or LN bullshit. Why don't you try watching something good like Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, Mushishi, or Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Most of it is garbage, but you can't just say "anime sucks" because shitty stuff is famous. That's like saying all music is bad because shit like Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift top the charts all the time.

>> No.54791318

Thank you so much!

>> No.54791333

>but he made a specific assertion (children are always superior to adults) and doesn't want to back it up
Why would he need to?

Children being better than adults is a very common occurrence in anime.

It isn't even exclusive in fantasy inspired anime.
It's an actual trope that makes anime appeal so greatly to younger audiences.

I'm not saying he's right or wrong in the "hurr durr anime is trash' sense, but he -is- correct in that children have always been flaunted rather much.

>> No.54791353

>Children being better than adults is a very common occurrence in anime.
Then post examples. I've asked you several times. No matter how many times you pretend to be someone else, you still need evidence. False consensus from samefagging is worthless. You think this is highschool? Nobody cares about your artificial 'peer pressure' or argumentum ad populum garbage.

>> No.54791358

This whole topic started because 2-3 anons acknowledged Japan's hard-on for youths being better than everyone else.

One Piece is damn popular, yet the oldest people in it are consistently the strongest individuals.

>> No.54791376

Its very rare that the kids are better then the adults. You just see the kids defeat an adult because the kid is the protagonist. But that does not mean that there are not adults who clearly outclass the kids.

>> No.54791383

>Why U so Mean?
Because humor is a very effective coping mechanism. It let's me remain functional.

>> No.54791386

Hmmmmm, paranoid indeed.

I'm not in this.
I'm just posting what I think of this discussion

Nobody is going to bother with said citation demands when they already know how obvious the trope is.

>> No.54791412

>I'm not in this.
Yes you are, you're making an argument. Hell, you're repeating your arguments from earlier while pretending to be someone else. Be less of a fool.

>> No.54791417

>But that does not mean that there are not adults who clearly outclass the kids.

No, I agree. It's not just the average in terms of setting. That's the entire point these idiots are making.

You're all fucking retarded anyway.

>"no u"
sums up this argument

>> No.54791436

You poor thing.

>> No.54791447

You've got to be kidding me. You're using THAT series as an example? Do you seriously think it's not going to end with the teenage main character kicking the ass' of all the bad guys with nothing more than the power of friendship? Ya they start weaker, but that's how it works in every series that isn't a fucking magic high-school show (which is the cancer of the earth FYI). If it's half competent the main characters start weaker, but that doesn't make it any better when they get as strong as the adults while they're still kids.

>> No.54791453

Are you so defensive that you have to consider everyone that disagrees with you as the 'same anon' ?

>"surely only one idiot could disagree with me!"
>"how could I be wrong?"
Grow up

>> No.54791470

Also I am pretty much trying to make two CYOAs they just get the same intro

>> No.54791471

Are you even reading the current manga? The fact that they can't beat the older characters is damn pivotal at this point.

If you want true 'friendship beats all', then go watch Fairy Tail.

>> No.54791511

If you're saying the same thing over and over? Then yeah, you're the same person. People don't lack pattern recognition.

>> No.54791518

You poor baby

>> No.54791522 [DELETED] 

I bet you fagots watch narut- What?
Oh, yes sir.
Thank you sir, I'll tell them.

Ok, looks like this topic belongs on >>>/a/

>> No.54791540

And this is why people hate anime. The fans have salsa for brains. The simplest criticism has torched countless threads.

>> No.54791545

>that autist on /a/ who spergs about the young vs old thing really IS the same shitposter that ruins these threads

Holy fuck, and I though I was just being paranoid. How many other places are you constantly shitting up?

>> No.54791572

Jesus Christ, stop shrieking at each other and post cyoas. Neither of you are going to get anywhere in this argument.

>> No.54791575

No, it's clear that you're schizophrenic. You're so damn entitled to your love of anime that you just can't conceive of so many standing against you.

This is the internet. You best learn to accept opposing opinions.

>> No.54791605


>> No.54791607

I saw him in the /trash/ thread recently.

>> No.54791622

>young vs old
It's not uncommon of an argument concerning anime. You eventually realize the bad things about anime, and want to ramp up about it.

It's petty, as it's hardly the most annoying thing about Japanese animation.

>> No.54791644

>he thinks it's only one person screeching over it

>> No.54791679

I did my best. but I'm to wasted to stay awake. Sleep time npw

>> No.54791697


> Old

> Flare S
> Stamina B
> Arma A
> Strength A
> Agility A
> Defense A
> Dexterity A

> Sword

> Minimal

> Shimmer

> Slay Phantoms
> Defeat Kaiju
> Save the World

I'm a hot (puns) warrior girl, who fights on the frontlines against evil spirits attempting to destroy the world.

>> No.54791728


Oh, forgot, I chose Romance for the Well.

>> No.54791736

What are we fighting about now, cyoafags?

>> No.54791754


>> No.54791755

Reddit bitching about anime.

>> No.54791766

Someone acknowledge a simple annoying little tidbit relating to anime.

It all went sour.

>> No.54791772

Ah, the meme characters.

>> No.54791797

So, do we have a full cast for the magical girl thing? at the moment I've got:

>Magical Girls
>Ms. Excalibur as team leader
>Cute Idol as... something
>Astra as 'sixth ranger'

>Dark Magical Girls
>Dark Knight
>That one girl who murders people

am I missing anyone?

>> No.54791803

>anon notices that young anime characters are mary sues with no actual backstory or reason for that
>anons lose their shit over such a small slight and declare him an idiot
>more anons join in and also mention how incoherent anime can be
>some schizophrenic anon starts splooging all over the thread in absolute fury
>reddit insults start getting thrown arouns

Basically that

>> No.54791812

For once can't we all try to pretend to get along long enough to get through a thread?

>> No.54791832

>Do you have a single fact to back that up

The best part about the NSF guy is that he was actually right but his reasons were complete bunk. One of my favorite recurring themes in the franchise.

But of course, this means that your choice of reaction image means that Saber is indeed a pretty okay waifu.

>> No.54791836

No. You don't understand. Someone was wrong. I was right. I HAD to declare how right I was, and how wrong they were.

>> No.54791842

Welcome to 4chan

>> No.54791891

Yeah, me.

>> No.54791896


>> No.54791913


Alright then, what's your build/character?

>> No.54791939


Ooh, me!

I'm the fire sword girl from above!

>> No.54791945

I don't understand, I thought everybody knew that Anime sucked with ages and realism?

Why is this such a hard thing to accept? It's not as though realism is needed in fiction. It's all for fun.

>> No.54791965

I'm the magic girl that runs away the moment she sees danger:

>> No.54791980

You're late to the party. The autism has ended.

>> No.54791999


>> No.54792007

Motivation: Vengeance

Combat Skills: Sword, bows and brawling

Mental traits: unflinching and tactician

Demonic runes: Chastity, cleansing and watcher

Weapon enchantments

Sword: vampire and against all odds
Bows: seeker and chill
Brawling: Cast fist and atlas

Armour enchantments: Weathered, feather and absorbent

Avatar form: Titan

Form abilities

Strength 2 (free)
Speed 2 (free)
Toughness 1 (free)
Regeneration 3 (6)
Toughness 3 (4)
Wings 2 (2)
Breath weapon 2(0)


Totem: Fortify, ward and blind

Missile: harm and heal

band of friendship and fellows
The ever-wandering knight

The Battlemage
The Longbowman
The Sister
The Repenting samurai
The Bombardier
The Mutant child
The Fairy

>> No.54792013

>Magical Rites
Frost B
Warp S
Conjure B
Arma C
Shock B
Crysta C
>Physical Rites
Strength A
Agility A
Defense B
Dexterity C
Mind B
Stamina C
Flexibility C
Reserves B
>Elegant and Flowing
>Pip and Pop

I like to go fast.

>> No.54792020


>Marked down in my notes as "Fire Gal" and "The One That Runs Away from Everything"

That's two more builds in, do either of you have any ideas for personality?

>> No.54792103

Anyone wanna post that domain master or whatever it's called? I mean, since I went and made myself a dragon plan I might as well get my dragons some powers right and a domain.

>> No.54792105

seiba a shit, his butt isnt even that cute

>> No.54792125

ur mom

>> No.54792128

Here's an RYOA. Ain't exactly the greatest, but it's alright. Lacks the same pep as A New Magical GIrl, though.

>> No.54792247

Teachers: Tristain (+2 combat, Command, lore of winds)
Combat 3
Command 3
Arcana 3
Wild lore 3
Trade craft 2
Shadow craft 2
Lore of Wind 5 (With Arcana bonus)
Lore of Water 1
Lore of Earth 3
Lore of Fire 1
Armor- Living metal symbiote
Melee weapon- Lightning enchanted long sword
Ranged weapon- Artificer bombs (Wind lore 5 makes these ridiculous)
Misc Items- Traveling supplies, Books, Specialized tools.
Rights and provinces- Academic pass, Trading license, Safe house, Knighthood.
Hirelings and employees- Knight body guard
Pet- Familiar
Chloe Shireslight (Basically the squire of the group when taught)
Cinaed (Being able to use all forms of magic is worth her insanity)
The Pellini sisters (Experienced archers)
Lady Aria heldesvard (not the best tank, but she'll manage)
Birch nightningale (Charismatic bard with abyss magic)

>> No.54792330

Ooh, we're character building now?

Ok, Infiltrator is a girl that grew up with the grand dreams that any child would have, however, the true nature of the world has left her jaded and doubtful, although her original hope still exists in the back of her mind. She comes from a country, where people struggle to make ends meet, thus she often has the welfare of the common man in mind. She began her career doing solo missions in her home country, becoming more and more saddened by the way of the world, until she discovered the Magical Girl Network and came in touch with other Magical Girls. Whenever she feels down, she spends some time with her friends, to remind herself that not all good in the world has been lost, and their presence in battles, boosts her own well. She has started bringing Frost Monk along on her missions ever since the Dark Magical Girls appeared, acting as the battlefield support and getting the two of them where they need to go. She prefers to assess the situation and all options before acting, and is the team's only tech support.

>> No.54792332


You mean what's Fire Gal's personality? Obviously she's full of energy. She's very self-assured, and extremely passionate about whatever she gets into. Having Romance has her well, she'd probably be obsessing over cute boys all the time as well, in a cliche, teen-girl way.

>> No.54792388

Might be easier to see who's what if you added like, Main Well/Pit and something of their motif?

>> No.54792558

Magnificent. I love the ending twist. Thanks for writing all this.

>> No.54792675


Just to make sure, is Infiltrator the 'runs away from everything' build?


Noted down.

Problem is that I don't have most of the builds, I'm mostly just pulling from what I saw of the earlier organizer-anon's posts.

>> No.54792679


>> No.54792740


Cool, thanks! Also, she'd probably be hot-tempered, because of course she is.

>> No.54792808

No, I'm different, mostly because I didn't say "run away from everything"

Posting build, (from beginning with Paladin)


Luna - S
Love - S
Tempora - S
Shift - S
Tech - S
Astra - S
Dexterity - C
Mind - C
Stamina - B
Reserves - S



Pip & Pop

Slay Phantoms
Purify Rogues
Rebuild Utopius

>> No.54792824

you can choose another outfit style and you have free C rank in these rites: sol, flare, life, circa and defense

>> No.54792859


Ok, sorry about that. Your character and her blurb has been added.

>> No.54792876 [SPOILER] 

I don't think I'm going to be able to make this only one page...
I have half the writing done but I only have a quarter of the actual image done.
My text walls will be the death of me.

>> No.54792905


Oh, sweet. I'll choose Thematic for the outfit (double up on that firepower), and I'll use the point I didn't spend to get Stamina from B to A.

>> No.54792923

The secret to success?

Smaller font.

>> No.54792928

Which ones?

>> No.54792930



>> No.54792954

How small can I go without making it illegible though?!

>> No.54792983

The Bombardier, for one.

>> No.54792998

You don't need to linebreak every thought. Use it to separate paragraphs and more rarely for emphasis.

>> No.54793008


Noted down as 'Plant Giantess', unless you've come up with a name.

>> No.54793019

I've been having issues with walls of text for a week now.

Turns out you can make it pretty fucking small.

>> No.54793038

Depends on the font.

>> No.54793048

I choose Toki!

>> No.54793092

ZBG-nii, trust in Falchion!

>> No.54793163

That's more of a stylistic thing than anything else.
I've always written like that so it's hard to not do.
Welp looks like it's time to experiment!
Or turn this thing into a multipager...
The current canvas size is 1200x6000
Your support means to world to me, bud!
>trust in Falchion!
I... uh... I don't know what that means...

Do you guys think I should make the portaits bigger? They feel kinda small to me, but I'm having size issues as is...
Eh, I'll just finish writing the other six and worry about size and formatting later...

>> No.54793180


Full list so far:
>Ms. Excalibur (still need build) (apparently team leader) Well: ...Will?
>Cute Idol (need build) Well: Cute, probably
>Infiltrator- Stealth and Tech Support. Well: Hope
>Fire Gal- Front-line warrior with a firey personality. Well: Romance
>Plant Giantess- size-changing, ecology, and biology. Well: Hope
>The One That Runs Away From Everything- you can probably guess. Well: Will
>Astra- Chuuni orbital bombardment specialist. Well: Hope

Dark Magical Girls
>Dark Knight
>Murder Lady

working on getting the DMG builds at the moment.

>> No.54793216

>That's more of a stylistic thing than anything else.
It's also what is eating up so much of your space.

>> No.54793218

Okay yeah, >>54793038 has a point.

My small font is a standard sans serif, you can't make it too small with your flowery font. Disregard my advice and pray to a higher power instead.

>> No.54793281

What do you have to do to be included?

>> No.54793313

Here's Excalibur's Build from beginning

>> No.54793328

Post build and give your Magical Girl some characteristics and traits

>> No.54793331


At the moment? Just post a build and ask. We really need more Dark Magical Girls to be put on The List (and I need to find the builds of the ones already on there) as there's a lot less of them then there are normal Magical Girls.

You can do either, of course.

Thank you! Added to The List.

>> No.54793411


I found the three DMG builds, and they've been updated to The List.

>> No.54793465

>Magical Rites
Frost B, Flare B, Motion C, Arma A, Shock S, Blood A
>Physical Rites
Strength B, Defense C, Mind B, Dexterity B, Reserves B, Agility S
Sword (Actually a Halberd)
Armored, Flowing
Pip & Pop
Slay Phantoms, Defeat Kaiju, Save the World
I bet I miscounted something somewhere.
An all-rounder, pretty good at a variety of things. Does decently in close combat and at range, but not nearly as good as some of the more dedicated types. Good at swapping between the two on the fly though.

>> No.54793554

Seems like it'll work.
>Not automatically going for Flower Power.

>> No.54793618

I want to kiss those lips.

>> No.54793631

Does anyone have that cyoa with the norse goddesses?

>> No.54793661

I've got nothing better to do.

Because I don't want to be to young OR sacrifice magic.
Does NOT happen! (Although why this isn't next to Hope rather than Romance I will never understand.)

>Motion S(3)
>Warp B(2)
>Conjure A(3)
>Tempora B(2)
>Circa B(2)
>Arma S(3)
>Astra C(1)

>Strength B(1)
>Agility C(1)
>Mind A(2)
>Reserves C(0)
This world is MY WORLD!

>Tool: Sword
>Outfit: Flowing, Hybrid
Two additional Rites are Agility B and A. Hybrid lets me swap Arma and Astra - they get too far away for me to catch, I cast Meteor Swarm! Of course, if they did get that far away from me and the Sword of OP-ness, I did something wrong.

Arma rite. I now have a sword-spitting dragon. Today is a beautiful day.

>Purify Rogues
>Slay Phantoms
>Save the World
There's 106 days to Ragnarok, we've got a full tank of mana, half a pack of candy, it's dark out, and we're holding swords. Hit it.

>> No.54793662

There's no such thing as a shit waifu. Everyone loves who they love for a reason.

By that same token, there is no best waifu either. Everyone loves who they love for a reason.

>> No.54793697

so if you somehow managed to get all your selves back together, would you just turn into a living nuclear explosion again?

>> No.54793724

There are a few Norse ones in Picking A Goddess, I have that one.

>> No.54793733

Out there is a world that is...wrong. It's full of people who hate, people who hurt, and people who simply have stopped caring. And someone - someTHING - is trying to wipe it all away.

This will not happen, because I will not let it happen. Because underneath everything, there is still a spark of goodness in humanity, and while there is breath in my body I will not see that spark snuffed!

>> No.54793752

I mean the one that has Loki as the mystery box

>> No.54793754

Life Wizard, Healing, Plants, Animals
Time to play god.

>> No.54793774

This magical girl hates herself. She has no self-esteem, and she avoids people whenever possible despite her extreme loneliness. She can hardly find any joy in life, and this makes it difficult for her to manifest her powers. She knows this will get her killed in battle one day, and she almost welcomes this.

>> No.54793779

Ah, that one. I remember it but I don't have it, might be in the drive. It was a PDF, wasn't it?

>> No.54793804


>Skills and Traits


>Demonic Runes

>Weapons & Armor Enchantments


>Avatar Form

>Avatar Abilities
Regeneration 3
Toughness 3
Wings 3
Breath Weapon 3
Natural Weapon 2

-Cataclysm Release-


King's Daughter
Living Wall

"I have one Goal, to Conquer. I will take the powers vested in me by my goddess, and the allies I meet as I prepare myself for my goal, and lay waste to the the armies of The Thirsty King. Then, I will destroy any and all factions and kingdoms that oppose me as I expand my kingdom. I will form alliances with all kingdoms and factions open to peace and cooperation, and slaughter all factions that defy me and oppose my rule. I will become the King of this land, remembered for all eternity as the one who united and conquered Woadheim. Once my legacy is both an eternal legend and the pinnacle of perfection, I will allow myself to rest with my Goddess for the rest of eternity."

>> No.54793834

That's a nice sentiment, anon, but is the "love" of a fictional being enough?

>> No.54793870


>> No.54793877

If they inspire you, if they improve your life, if they give you an ideal to work towards or seek out, if the thought of them makes you happy or comforts you, if picturing them smiling brings a smile to your face, if you improve yourself out of a desire to be worthy of them,

then yes, of course

>> No.54793890


>> No.54793898

Yes, thats the one, thank you.

>> No.54793962 [SPOILER] 


>> No.54794068

I'll get back to you on that...
It'd be a lot like trying to shove three turkeys into a microwave at this point.
I'll let you know when I come up with a better countermeasure.

>> No.54794131

What happens when you die? Unless you can cut a deal to keep being split your soul is going to get mixed again.

>> No.54794157

I got a work around for that.
I'll tell ya about it once you've made your choices.
For the time being... Don't do anything stupid.

>> No.54794171

Guardian Spirit prequel?

>> No.54794308

Whatever happened to guardian spirit?

>> No.54794349

ZBD is procrastinating making a cyoa by making a cyoa.

>> No.54794357


>> No.54794437

Whatever happened to Empire Revival chan?

>> No.54794442

I dunno, he HAS died about 17 or so times recently, so he's probably figured out a way around the whole 'death' thing anyways.

>> No.54794538

I want my extra soul stuff to crammed into machine or something.
All that energy could be used to power something, like a city – or even better, a big-ass laser.

>> No.54794899

This thing is golden. I've been trying to bomb through it all so I can post a build before going out of reach of the internet for a few days, but it looks like I'm out of time. I hope this is in the new thread when I get back, I can't wait to get through this because it's so fucking awesome.

>> No.54794933

>I don't need facts to back up the objectively superior choice
Quite the opposite. It it's "objectively" all you need is facts. Otherwise it's not. But I know it's meme answers at this point. Anon's right though - Saber's nothing special.

>> No.54795014

>>54783061 I'm liking this cyoa so far. Looks good.
Can't wait to see it finished.

>> No.54795161


>> No.54795250

Somebody should make a 12 Tribes of Isreael CYOA, which each tribe being some sort of deliniation of magic or whatever — and each tribe having a Matriarch waifu celebrity tit cow.

>> No.54795261


I'm being very serious. Imagine the possibilties.

>> No.54795272


The great, Jewish Jewbie possibilities.


>> No.54795359

>with jpg mystery box seperate

there is a special hell for you and your kind scum of scum

>> No.54795361

Looks Good so far.

>> No.54795497

So, uh, you want to play god in my cave >>54790767?

That came out sort of wrong. I'm looking for a life wizard to create new species of flora and fauna to populate an ever-growing system of barren caverns deep underground. Hopefully you can make something edible and rapidly reproducing in there.

>> No.54795821

A most elaborate system. Still, it seems to be working out well for us.

>> No.54795994

That somebody could be you!

>> No.54796006

Here is the build of cute idol i still need to figure out the character but i will manage. >>54770473

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Have a new thread: >>54796035

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I think Murder-princess is out, purely on the level that she can't fool the audience into thinking she could possibly be redeemed

That'd be me. I had to go to sleep and the sheer scale of shitposting and autism made organising anything a rather fruitless task anyway.

Alright it's simple; if you want in the group as either main cast or dark, link your build and at least something about your character to THIS post. You will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis, with as little overlap as possible, so for example as Ms Excalibur (or whatever her Anon called her) is already the main group's Will and Arma-S character, unless you have some other way of standing out, having another Arma-S and Will-powered magical girl will result in you NOT being accepted!

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