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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also /pfg/)

How does it feel to know that one-handed melee weapons are shit? Some classes are basically locked into small arms, long arms and heavy weapons have their place, and two-handed melee is big damage town, but one-handed melee is shit. The shields are expensive and suck and buying two weapons is also expensive.

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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There are shields in Starfinder?

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There is one shield - the Phase shield, which is an armor mod.

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>not just throwing grenades to blow up every encounter
>actually using weapons

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sauce on pic?

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Ah, didn't see that. Thanks.

Anyways, my only guess is a one handed melee weapon is for classes only wielding small arms so they can have an AoO when the opportunity comes up. Not a GOOD reason certainly but it's a reason.

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Page 430 stipulates that all armor of 1st level or higher comes with personal comm units; is such a thing stipulated in the armor section or the technological equipment section?

For that matter, is there any rule concerning free batteries with purchased equipment? Having to spend 60 credits for each battery-powered item can be deceptively costly with 1st-level wealth being 1,000 credits.

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>a one handed melee weapon is for classes only wielding small arms

Then what are advanced one-handed melee weapons for?

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*shrug* suboptimal edgelords I guess.

Maybe quad-blade wielding kastathas (see edgelords).

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For anyone not an Operative or Soldier, is it worth spending a feat on Longarm Proficiency to be effective in battle?

>Then what are advanced one-handed melee weapons for?

Even better AoO.

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Tsurezure Children. It's a super-cute manga that has a super-cute anime adaptation.

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If you go exocortex then you get it for free, if drone then it's doing your damage for you but maybe sure in that case.
You chose that class for melee combat, maybe as a back-up but it feels like a waste.
You can only improve on this class, go for it.

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Could anyone interested in the operative please have a look at these four posts of Mark Seifter?


With these in mind, is it a good idea to apply any hotfixes to the operative's skills, or should the operative be run RAW, with halfling and ysoki operative (ghost) builds being the "one true optimal build" for all operatives?


Considering that longarms have decidedly better damage *and* range, and that Weapon Specialization applies only half your level to the damage of small arms, I would say that the following types of characters would benefit heavily from spending feats on Longarm Proficiency and Weapon Specialization (longarms):

• Almost all envoys
• Almost all mechanics
• Mystic and technomancer gishes (e.g. low-level technomancer gishes with Supercharge Weapon)


>if drone then it's doing your damage for you but maybe sure in that case.

There is nothing stopping you from firing a longarm while your drone also shoots its own longarm.


Some mystics and technomancers, like Supercharge Weapon technomancers, are gishes.

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Could anyone interested in the operative please have a look at these four posts of Mark Seifter?


With these in mind, is it a good idea to apply any hotfixes to the operative's skills, or should the operative be run RAW, with halfling and ysoki operative (ghost) builds being the "one true optimal build" for all operatives?


Considering that longarms have decidedly better damage *and* range, and that Weapon Specialization applies only half your level to the damage of small arms, I would say that the following types of characters would benefit heavily from spending feats on Longarm Proficiency and Weapon Specialization (longarms):

• Almost all envoys
• Drone mechanics, since exocortex mechanics, poor as they are, already receive longarm proficiency
• Mystic and technomancer gishes (e.g. low-level technomancer gishes with Supercharge Weapon)


>if drone then it's doing your damage for you but maybe sure in that case.

There is nothing stopping you from firing a longarm while your drone also shoots its own longarm.


Some mystics and technomancers, like Supercharge Weapon technomancers, are gishes.

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I'm making an NPC, and want the best options for being able to use a weapon like a Whip or Scourge or similar to pull a "Get Over Here" on enemies and pull them in. Said NPC is going to be around Lvl 6 or so, and is a Hellknight of the Order of the Lash.

I know that in terms of 1pp options, the easiest way to to grab Ascetic Style and Hamatula Strike to grapple people with a chain-like monk weapon, but we're there any others?

Also, in terms of 3pp, what PoW discs and classes would help with this best? I feel like a Warlord with Fool's Errand could work but I'm still unsure if there aren't better options

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>Order of the Lash
Sorry, meant Scourge, not Lash

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>your drone also shoots its own longarm.
I believe melee drone is better; a combat drone has higher STR than DEX, and the damage reduction is wasted if you're not taking damage.

> Operative

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Drones have a poor action economy that makes melee attacking inconvenient for them.

Using a stealth drone and waiting for 3rd-level for longarms may be a good alternative.

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Hey, as a relatively new Pathfinder GM, how do you deal with overpowered character builds? I've had some issues making encounters that weren't murderous because of low level insane damage but low health, or too easy.

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More weak enemies.
Have them use tactics and combat maneuvers like trip.

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Are you people afraid of the words "good enough"?
"This only comes third place in dpr olympics!"
"It is good enough"

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Ask the player to make something else.

What did the player make?

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Overpowered how?

If they're combat monsters, try using more social encounters and vice versa.

If that doesn't work or isn't an option, there are other ways to incapacitate a player (or enemy) than massive amounts of damage. Poisons, illusions, and similar can screw up any group regardless of level.

Swarms and large groups of minions also do well.

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Let's settle this once and for all.

Level 9 Paizo only fighter VMC barbarian (Pathfinder 15 point buy) vs. level 9 soldier (Starfinder 10 point buy), white room.

Both use their own game's WBL, gear, action economy, full attacks, feats, HP systems, etc.

Who wins?

Assume a magic weapon isn't "archaic" or whatever.

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We use Gestalt builds (my first mistake, I admit.)

He made the mother of all blasters. Wizard/Sorc using sorc bloodlines to get both Dragon and Orc, for +2 damage on fire spells per dice. Then the trait that increases the CL of a spell on Burning Hands...

They were 1-shotting entire encounters before they got close.

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Not really. There are people who struggle with the idea of non-optimal builds seeing play, but they're a minority.

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What kind of builds does your party have? Because if your players are 1shotting Mooks, that's not a problem with the build but rather because Pathfinder's math I fucked up and imbalanced, meaning this is actually normal and expected for low-level play. As such it's I stead better to make encounters that rely on numbers if enemies, and smart enemy placement, such as having dudes with towershields with a reach weapon guy or a ranged weapon guy behind him benefitting from the Cover bonus of the shield

Basically it's probably not the players, but rather the system itself that's fucking you over, so you're going to have to adapt to it. Trust me, Martials 1shotting low level enemies, or even CR equivalent enemies if they're a Barbarian, is normal

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That's a super cute pupper

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>Drones have a poor action economy
not really, you essentially have 3 actions per turn that you split between your PC and drone.

> waiting for 3rd-level for longarms
any group I join will probably dissolve before we reach level 3

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Part of the problem is that they can only think in terms of "this class is good because HEUG NUMBERS and CAN DOES EVERTHINK. If it's not utterly optimal, they can't believe there's a use for it or a purpose for it's being there. Worse still, these are the same idiots who scream STORMWIND FALLACY if you suggest that roleplaying has anything to do with the math of the classes, but god forbid flavor have any reason for existing in any class even if that class is suboptimal to their MUST HAS HUEG NUMBAHS thinking.

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>not really, you essentially have 3 actions per turn that you split between your PC and drone.

If you want to be attacking while your drone also attacks, this can be accomplished more reliably by giving the drone a ranged weapon.

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Well, when you're in a party with even just one person who can outfight the entire rest of the party, you need to be able to pull your weight. More so if you have reason to believe they might try and kill you. Because there's always that one asshole who thinks they're going to be smart and get away with betraying the party.

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So, you play with assholes, is what you're telling us.

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No, obly 2hu has that problem. The issue is that "good enough" often is a high cieling due to game balance, and also varies widely based on the specific game, level, adventure, and the rest of the party comp. Plus, good enough should always be a minimum of "can actually do its job" which doesn't always happen

An example of Good Enough is a Barbarian with Power Attack, a 16-18 in Strong, and maaaaybe Furious Focus. After that it's generally viewed as acceptable and good enough to do whatever the heck else you want with it.

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She's a pupper only some of the time.

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>fuck roleplaying
>you have to be able to one shot everyone in your party
>because they'll do it to you first
You're the problem with roleplaying games in general.

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Sauce me, papa anon

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You only need to get burned once before you start feeling like everyone's sharpening a knife, anon.

It happened twice in the same campaign to me, and I'm never letting it happen again if I can help it.

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Again, you're playing with assholes.

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Combat monsters with extremely high stats (we rolled stats on roll20 and they rolled the equivalent of six nat 20s).

As a result, they have insane stats for a caster and their only hindrance is a player introduced one, the character is extremely shy.

The party, only two people, I was gonna add a minor GMPC for balance reasons, was said caster and a Knife Master legendary/unchained rogue. Knife Master was incredibly balanced, the caster just swept away anything in their path at level 2.

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Honestly, I like to think I'm not playing with assholes anymore. But I'd rather be ready and not need my OP character than get caught in need of an OP character and not have him, you know?

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Think of it from an in-game perspective. If you're being deadweight, and have no use to the party, why would or should they keep you around? What justification would any of the characters have to keeping this arrangement?
>Inb4 because of friendship
Say that to Yamcha. Plus if a character realizes that their existence is nothing more than a burden to their friends D's, and as such could easily become a potential risk to them, would it not make sense for him to leave the party and quit before his weakness gets his comrades killed?

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She's also a Lord, too.

Grisherina Efleanor from Dungeon Travelers 2.

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So by your logic all 1pp martials should be thrown out of every party that's currently running.

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>If you want to be attacking while your drone also attacks, this can be accomplished more reliably by giving the drone a ranged weapon.

i agree that ranged attacks are easier to accomplish than melee attacks. melee can still be more optimal than ranged. my combat drone has damage resist, and he can charge in at level 1 with a 1d8 reach pike, while i shoot with my laser rifle.

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That kind of defensiveness is not healthy for a social game like roleplaying

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I'm guessing it's because of Color Spray and such?
Sadly, your going to have to play dirty with them, and build encounters specifically around creatures with immunities, or have enemy casters around to debuff the other caster or use counterspells. Or just keep enemies from bunching together, and start building around ambushes, pronged attacks, and prioritising geeking the mage. Sadly though, this may make you look like an asshole who is singling the guy out

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I was only the second one, but quick question on the first part: All I'm seeing is that the GM MAY decide to apply it as a hazard but that normally they can't aim at the people? Does it state this anywhere that their Shields and HP are to be multiplied or is this just a guess? It would certainly make sense, and it's something I've seen in other systems (Heavy Gear) but it's not in the little sidebar box.

By the way two linked light weapons is the limit for ships under medium. I can't really agree that doing say 4d12 is in any way going to be keeping up when you're dealing with 300 points of shielding, DT 10, and another hundred points of hull when the return-fire is 2x 7d10 (With room for one more), or worse yet 3x 2d6x10 (with room for a fourth).

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O, because Barbarians and Slayers exist, and also because it's better to lower the power cieling by instead restricting/banning the higher power characters, and possibly giving the Martials better alternatives to choose from that allow them to stay useful.

That's why 3pp exists, to fix the shit 3.pf left us with

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The big irony of Save or Sucks: you either build around them and you're an asshole (and honestly that's not sarcasm) or you don't and they steam roll the early levels.

(And then you can slowly add more and more immunities, but by then the damage is done and the game will still be a major state of castors only growing *more* defining of party success.)

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What's odd is when they're clearly screwing over the party, and you are somehow a bad roleplayer for being the only person in the group who's character takes issue with being betrayed. Goddamn masochists or something.

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Anon, my friends and I had a situation where one of the players basically did exactly what you described (minus the whole "may kill you at any time" part since interparty fighting is banned at our table) and as a group of reasonable, healthy adults we took one look at what we let happen, made an agreement to never let it happen again, and even named that agreement after the character in question to keep each other in line.

This is including the player who made the character, and I'm sorry but if you're in a group where you can't honestly say that you're convinced the people you're with would do the same you're in a bad group and need to find another one with a healthier outlook.

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I've been through that. What went wrong was that we all thought he wasn't serious. Even though his express purpose in playing a good character, as he'd stated up front, was to "prove" that optimism was stupid and Good-aligned characters were hypocrites.

Yeah, it took an actual act of betrayal and a narrowly-averted zombie apocalypse to realize that he wasn't joking.

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Shoot that person

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Not even color spray. They were an evoker that did wicked fire damage that they could switch the type of any time they encountered something immune to fire. They were doing enough damage to kill creatures for CR4 at level 2 in one shot.

Color sprat and sleep were just icing on the savage cake.

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honestly i'm depressed /pfg/

Not like suicidal or anything, but I just find like.. Life and existing to be so hard. Mentally.

>> No.54777228

I would, but the rest of the group likes him for some reason. Bunch of edgelords, they are.

I, on the other hand, got tired of playing with Gen Urobuchi-lite.

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>Someone actually building and playing the Michael Bay Admixture Wizard
Color me impressed.

>> No.54777244

Can you talk to anyone?

>> No.54777246

Then you know what you must do
Build and play Kenshiro, a warrior with a heart of justice and fists of fury, then have the whole party watch a shitload of Hokuto no Ken

>> No.54777251

See, the thing about all those anti-That Guy success stories? They don't work when the GM can just say "No, that doesn't happen, and you're out."

>> No.54777267

>A zen archer cannot use Rapid Shot or Manyshot when making a flurry of blows with his bow.
Why do they gain those feats then??

>> No.54777275


Life gets better anon. Depression can be hard, seek help.

>> No.54777278

When the one doing it is the GM's GM in another game, the paladins are more than happy to watch the guy torture an NPC to death as a good act.

>> No.54777294

I feel ya, man. I really do. Hope things get better for ya.

>> No.54777316

Eat more nuts. Drink cranberry juice. Realize that even though it is your brain chemistry telling you this, the feelings are real and must be overcome. Be self aware; take a moment and consider your life and realize you've done okay.

>> No.54777330

Guys, I need advice. I'm looking at weapons, and the Kyoketsu Shoge is perfect for the character and build, however there is a snag. The character is Chelish, the game takes place in Cheliax, so there's no way an actual Kyoketsu Shove should be there. How do I refluxed the weapon to not look inappropriately weeb?

>> No.54777337

Blasting is a really suboptimal way to play a caster. You can easily deal with this by giving enemies fire resistance of however much you deem appropriate. The players don't even need to know.

>> No.54777338

>so there's no way an actual Kyoketsu Shove should be there
Black Market or trade caravan?

>> No.54777341

thanks guys. I'm gonna go to bed.

>> No.54777344

A crowbar on a rope.

>> No.54777359

You don't gain them, you can choose to pick them up but they're bad choices.

Just take precise shot at 2, imp. precise at 6, and imp. critical at 10.

>> No.54777360

Neither works because Tian caravans don't travel that far, and the character is a Hellknight, so no black market

Will probably do something like this. Perhaps make it like a Swordbreaker hooked to a chain with a horseshoe on the other end?

>> No.54777364

So I'm apparently missing something with Starfinder. So it's pathfinder in space, meaning I can take my level 7 Sorceror, give him a spacesuit, and have him start blasting his way through space stations?

Also, geez, I let the hobby drop for a couple of months, I come back, Golarion's gone, everyone has automatic weapons, and nobody knows what happened.

>> No.54777365

They had admixture was the issue, but this is helpful advice regardless.

>> No.54777379

Ok, why they take room in your bonus feat list if you can't use them?

>> No.54777382

>Neither works because Tian caravans don't travel that far, and the character is a Hellknight, so no black market
It doesn't have to come from a Tian caravan. Brigands, bandits, and other travelers could have came across one without knowing exactly what it was or was worth and it got traded around.

Since you're playing a Hellknight, you could have confiscated it from one of the above or stopped a ninja assassin and claimed it.

>> No.54777394

that's not the mother of all blasters, not even close, but I digress.

Have him be fucking known for this. in combat people fucking scatter IF they know of him (as fame and levels rise). Have folks make quips about his pyromania. He's the first guy anyone suspects when there's an arson case.

Honestly, whether it's burning hands or grease+stabbing or colorspray+throatslitting or sleep or entangle or whatever, full casters can demolish combat encounters easily and readily. If enemies are less clustered and use cover once they see the flamening start, it'll at least use up more of his resources (plus the smarter ones will realize they need to geek the mage asap).

Think of it: Picard always managed to talk his way out of shit. Sometimes it took a show of force, but in the end, the grand majority of his successes were good diplomacy, intimidate or bluff checks. Did he have to deal with mindless deathbots ALL the time (there was that one time with the Borg) as a result? Of course not! Instead his reputation preceeded him, just like every alien woman out there knew that Riker will fuck anything with a pulse that may be female (and sometimes he wasn't even THAT discriminating).

In other words; "how do I stop this" is not really the right mindset, anon.

"How do I fucking run with this" is what you need to ask yourself. The guy wants to be known for being a fiery apocalypse, how is that NOT a terrible complication for the party to have to learn to deal with in itself?

>> No.54777402

Are you planning on going to plaid in your Starfinder game, /pgg/?

>> No.54777427

because paizo hates martials, and monks specially

>> No.54777442

>The Drift is described as a colorful and riotous void
>Using it chips away at parts of other planes
>Make a big jump, takes out a major chunk of Axis
>The Lawful nature of Axis alturs the surrounding Drift, ordering the chaotic collies into an orderly plaid

>> No.54777452

you can still use them, they just don't work with flurry

idk why they're there, maybe for someone just dipping into zen archer

>> No.54777483

That's actually a good point...

Like I said, I'm a relatively new GM trying to relieve a forever GM, so I'm trying to make balanced and fun combat encounters, not just for him but the other guy too. It's a bit galling when the rogue feels great for sneak attacking a guy and then the rest of the everyone is gone in one spell.

Thanks for pointing out the error in thinking though, it's a perspective I never considered.

>> No.54777484

Fucking spaceballs
I need to watch this again sometime.

>> No.54777486

>This video is not available.

>> No.54777501

Running a Spaceballs game should have been our first thought when the leaks came out.

>> No.54777511

>1 week and I can't still watch vids on YouTube because they load ad infinitum

>> No.54777516

Anon, we need this.
We *need* this.

>> No.54777517

Where are you? Because it's just fine here in Burgervania

>> No.54777526

I think there's a little character conversion to be done, but yup.

>> No.54777531

Y'know, with all the talk about spaceships, I fully expect this to happen at least once.

>> No.54777532


>> No.54777542

>And that is how the Goblins made it to space

>> No.54777543

>Invisible creatures don't take damage from lasers, as the beams pass through them harmlessly
Haha, yesss

>> No.54777549

Well think of it. I mean, that's the guy's character concept.

Certainly you can adjust things in encounters a little. Maybe add in more sentries in dark stabbable places for the rogue to handle when they're infiltrating; stuff like that. Back in AD&D that was the main use of backstab (oh there's one ogre around the corner; it'll be one less if I can do this quietly) as opposed to mid-battle DPS like some kind of WoW rogue.

And clumps of enemies here and there should have their reasons. There's a lot of classes and abilities that give great bonuses to adjacents and the such. But later on, what if their leader can use a counter or smash that spell from the air before it lands, protecting his tiny troop? There ARE abilities like this within the rules, and someone focused on tiny bunched up tactics is gonna want to learn them. Make sure it's clear though what happened since few things are worse than just hand-waving away the player's entire abilities because you felt like it failing.

Of course what if someone picks off those sergeants or whatever once it's understood that's how those particular troops function? you're left with big numbers who've lost their defense to another partymember, and who still need to die or else they're a danger.

Sometimes players want to see just what the repercussions and feel the world the GM is building will give their character for making a particular type of expert. And when you populate a world, you need things for them to react to and deal with, and that there's the PCs.

>pic related had people talking about just how heroic and brave she was for taking the hits for everyone... but her party... her party knew otherwise....

>> No.54777552

I didn't know how much I wanted this

>> No.54777558

I just saw this and it made me think of you /pgg/.

Night faggots.

>> No.54777568

I'm too busy.

I finally got around to running the PoW, Psionic, Forgotten Realms barley farming simulator I've always wanted to run.

The PCs made level 3 last session.

Next game, they're going to find a relic for Velsharoon's ascension from demilich to demigod.

>> No.54777575

A little more for the rogue: uses of characters out of combat can take a bit of inventiveness, but it can be really really worth it.

A rogue, for example; if he's good at stealth and disable device, your first thought might be "traps". But what about his use in intrigue?

If I want to put incriminating evidence in someone's safe, I need to make sure no one knows one of my guys broke into the DNC file cabinets during the night. I need that stuff to be right there, clean as a whistle, "untampered", when the anti-corruption squads show up to pick up all them documents. I don't need a goon: I need a professional boxman.

>> No.54777587

I really, and I mean reeeeeeeeeally, wanna fuck that dragon

>> No.54777594

You've failed me in my time of need.
But I don't blame you.

>> No.54777605

Why wouldn't it? Trade with other countries exists, as does Tian Xia. Teleportation means there aren't even any real limits on trade distance.

>> No.54777631

What classes make the best swashbuckler pirates and mercenaries?

>> No.54777646


>> No.54777693

I can live with that.

>> No.54777705

For how many here were the Harvest Moon games the source of their first waifus?

I didn't even know the term until half a decade later though.

>> No.54777718

Especially with one of the relevant archetypes - Privateer or Desperado.

>> No.54777774

there's only one true option

>> No.54777825

Please respond.

>> No.54777840


>> No.54777856

How heavily enchanted are those pantsu

>> No.54777885

indeed, so at least get the right girl the picture.

>> No.54777970

>Not a furry
>Want to play cool animal people
>Don't want non-furries to treat me as a furfag, don't want furfags to proposition me
I just wanna be wild.

>> No.54777971

you got the picture wrong too

>> No.54778036

Zootopia is not furry
It is how you present it

>> No.54778054

Play an animal that doesn't have fur.

>> No.54778103

The ysoki race is probably the least mechanically effective of the core rulebook races. Moxie is too situational, and the cheek pouches are just a way to quick draw.

That said, consider the bizarre implications of the storage capacity of the cheek pouches: one cubic foot or 1 bulk.

According to page 167, "an item that weighs around 5 to 10 pounds is 1 bulk."

According to this page, dried balsa weighs 9 pounds per cubic foot on average.

Therefore, an ysoki can store in their cheek pouches a 1-foot-cube of balsa wood of above-average density. Considering that ysoki range from three to four feet tall, this is rather impressive.

Do ysoki cheek pouches look full when they are stuffed, just like animals in the real world? If so, then that would limit their usefulness. It is a bit of a giveaway to have the shape of tactical doshko (greataxe) sticking out of the pouches.

>> No.54778214

how can a weapon be both tactical and unwieldy

>> No.54778237

What classess would fit the characters from the Darkest Dungeon?

>> No.54778259

The same way 'de-layering' emphasizes 'synergistic growth'

Also it seems that mouse girls give great head.

>> No.54778280

So as far as I can tell, there doesn't appear to be any special rules for having two weapons at once. No extra attacks, no penalties, you just have one weapon in each hand. There's a multi-weapon combat feat that reduces the penalty by 1 for using more than one gun, but since I didn't see any additional penalties listed I assume this simply reduces the -4 full attack penalty to -3 if you have small arms or light melee.

Because of this, the only real purpose I can see for two weapons is as >>54776384 says: getting melee and ranged options. Alternatively, if you use two different ranged weapons or two different melee weapons, you can pick which one to fire for different damage types or effects. There appears to be no point to using two of the same weapon. Couple that with no rapid reload and no quick sheathe, if you have to reload in combat you'll be way worse off than anyone using a single weapon.

This is all assuming I read the rules correctly. There was a lot of stuff to go over, and without the ability to ctrl-f all the pages I feel like I might have missed something.

>It is a bit of a giveaway to have the shape of tactical doshko (greataxe) sticking out of the pouches.

I find this rather amusing.

>> No.54778435

So where is everyone finding these rules again?

>> No.54778462

What, Starfinder? Or Pathfinder in general?

>> No.54778475

>Not a furry
>Want to play cool animal people

Sorry bro got bad news for you.

>> No.54778480


>> No.54778486


>> No.54778506

What class would Euron Greyjoy be? (warlock pirate)

>> No.54778518


>> No.54778535

Obviously he'd be a Pirate (Warlock).

>> No.54778627

How effective is dual wielding pistols in starfinder?

>> No.54778631

Total dogshit, the bonus is small and you need a feat for it.

>> No.54778681

For 5e D&D at least

Abomination- Druid (No idea on the archetype)

Antiquarian - Thief/Alchemist

Arbalest - Battlemaster Fighter (Sharpshooter/Crossbow expert.)

Bounty Hunter - Hunter Ranger

Crusader - Paladin (Oath of Devotion)

Grave Robber - Rogue (Assassin) / Artificer (Alchemist)

Hellion - Barbarian (Bezerker)

Highwayman - Artificer (Gunsmith)

Houndmaster - Ranger (Beast Conclave, UA because the houndmaster isn't shit.)

Jester - Bard (School of War).

Leper - Fighter (Champion) / Barbarian (Bear Totem)

Man at Arms - Fighter (Battlemaster)

Occultist - Warlock (GOO)

Plague doctor - Artificer (Alchemist)

Vestal - Cleric (Light Domain)

Not a clue on the flagellant though...

>> No.54778876

can you jump as a part of a charge?

>> No.54778915

No, and that's why Janni rush is shit.

>> No.54778929

Yes. You can jump as part of any type of movement, potentially avoiding pits or other obstacles which would otherwise prevent you from charging.

>> No.54779018

>an actual Semiramis app in S&S

>> No.54779070

How about single pistol? There a good class to do fun things with a single pistol?

>> No.54779085

So, I'm currently running Hell's Rebels, and I've been stumped by, of all things, a bloody SONG.
In the fourth book the PCs get access to a song, the Song of SIlver, that fucks devils and gives bonuses against them, and it's a big deal in the plot because it was the secret weapon of the original Silver Ravens rebels. The PCs first find the music sheet for it, and then the lyrics.

Problem is, the book doesn't give you any pointers on either the contents of the lyrics or what kind of music it is. Now, I've tried to find something to use for the first and come up for the seconds, but saying that I'm musically challenged would be an understatement.

Anyone has any ideas, things that I could check out, something like that? For a bit of background information, the song was composed by the local Milani cleric to repel invaders and protect the city. It was based on a local mining song, and probably has SILVER SILVER SILVER every 5 words or two.

>> No.54779158



>> No.54779161


>> No.54779181


I know what I will use in Mint Rebels then.

>> No.54779207

Always happy to help!

I was originally tempted to make an application when I saw the name Mint Rebels, using an old VLC character of mine named Minty. It probably wouldn't have worked out though.

>> No.54779221


>> No.54779256


Why wouldn't it have worked out, if I may ask?

>> No.54779333

Mostly just the Voice Only part; I'm terribly awkward over a mic. Also scheduling, character-building, I'm playing in a different Hell's Rebels game at the moment IRL which would make it poor sportsmanship to join another, fear of new groups, etc.

Hope the game goes well, though!

>> No.54779370

>elven operative slut
Are you trying to make me make a meme blackhole?

>> No.54779393

Man, Witcher 3 had such a good OST, I should use it more for ambience.
Now that I thought a bit more about what I wrote up above, tough, I'm thinking that I'm looking more for an anthem or something similar: the book assumes that the Song of SIlver is sung by a single person, but I had an idea to switch it to require a group of people, both because it makes sense with the theme of "Let's raise our arms and fight together", because I had an idea for a mini quest to put the song into act, and because I really don't want it to be "Ask JJ low-wis waifu to do it, bam, instant buffs".

I don't follow /pfg/ games much, but are you the guy that's about to run Hell's Rebels a bit more serious like? I've been doing it like that in my home game, and it's been a ton of fun! PFG is so bent on the negative parts of the AP, both real and imagined, that people never talk about what a neat job it does as a "Sandbox on rails".

My players have had a lot of fun going the extra length to be as sneaky as possible, too: hell, most of their allies don't even know who they actually are, as they go around masked most of the time. The whole secret identity thing blew in their face a couple of times, like when the noble scion turned rebel (spoiler for book 2 and 3) had to smuggle out of the city his own brother, Marquel, and then broker an alliance with his own father, after his family was left in shambles after his brother's disappearance.
Shit was tight.

>> No.54779394

Hey man, you asked us what class is good with a one-handed pistol. Not out fault the meme is mechanically optimal.

>> No.54779421

Playing about with making a subsystem for Starfinder for having your ship...do anything. Also to make charisma better. It's very much in alpha (See: A good chunk of the supports are currently empty and the resolve costs are just eyeballed) but feedback is highly appreciated, both about the basic idea and about anything specific in it.

>> No.54779450

>homebrewing this early

You fucking retard.

>> No.54779460

Is there any kind of class that allows one to perform like a rogue (utility and stealth) but fights with a sabre+pistol?

>> No.54779467


If you don't have a Dyson Sphere with quadrillions of people as your homebrow setting, I'm not interested.

>> No.54779490


Funny thing: There is already a 3rd party book completed and announced for starfinder.

>> No.54779492

What happens when a Starfinder Elf meets a Starfinder Drow?

>> No.54779506

Symmetrical docking.

>> No.54779574


>> No.54779578

What bizarre situations have your parties been getting into recently?

>> No.54779627

The party alchemists got herself hired to make the dragon skull at the feast (in the party's honor) breathe lightning

What could go wrong?

>> No.54779670

Look at all that anime...

>> No.54779673

So do we have an editable character sheet yet?

>> No.54779687

Question on Starfinder Light Starship Weapons: Is there any reason whatsoever to take a light particle beam over a coilgun?

>> No.54779713

Beam weapons are cool!

>> No.54779722

I want to play a conspiracy theorist who thinks the Drow are behind half the troubles in the Pact Worlds, while the other half are caused by "little gray men."

>> No.54779744


It has since been changed to voice(combat, to speed things up)+text (RP). Good points on the rest though.

>> No.54779763


Meh. I wouldn't say it does a very good job as a sandbox by default.

>> No.54779789

Can I get some tips for running an online game smoothly? What do you do to keep it running smoothly?

>> No.54779809

It's more that most of the other APs are so much on rails that you really can't add that much to them.
On the other hand, I added/changed a lot of stuff, so that may have painted my perception a bit on that front.

>> No.54779817

the heavier ones are, but the light one does nothing. all it offers is half the range and 4 bp higher price than a coilgun. same PSU usage, not even a point of damage more on average (10.5 vs 10)

>> No.54779829

Is that ship-to-ship combat?

>> No.54779874


>> No.54779885

>Smoothly twice
End combat if it drags on too long.

>> No.54779920

How dirty should a 15th/16th century city be?

>> No.54779977

As dirty as a Riddleport whore!

>> No.54779979

If you have combat don't make it last long even if your idea seems to be "epic" you don't need 30 mooks to back that up try to keep the number low but a threat or keep them to 15ish if you want the players to take care of them fast.

but this is from a shadowrun gm point of view I never played PF and someone wants me to be a player in one soon

>> No.54780216

Imagine current year Paris, except instead of burger wraps, condoms and bottles it's horse shit, piss and bottles.

>> No.54780236


Eating frogs, cruelty to geese and urinating on the streets.

>> No.54780281

Has anyone homebrewed the Ctarl-Ctarl for Starfinder yet?

>> No.54780368

How do I make an evil cook?

>> No.54780455

He hunts down rare, good, sentient beings, like Unicorns, to cook.

Look for the Church of Malar in some Forgotten Realms books.

>> No.54780629

Not for Starfinder, but I ran a !Spelljammer Outlaw Star game in 3.5. I'll see if I can find my notes.

>> No.54780677


Hey Envoy-Chan, anything ever come out of that form fillable sheet you were working on?

>> No.54780686

Why isn't your character a family (wo)man?

>> No.54780704

Not Envoy-chan, but.

>> No.54780728

Being catfished by a wizard and polymorphed into an animal tend to leave a man too spiteful to start a family.

>> No.54780786

Anon-kun, you're a godsend!

>> No.54780788

Because to be a good parent is to know when to let your children and wife go have their own adventure while he himself hires a wizard to teleport him around the know world to fish up anything with a double digit CR or at least two mythic ranks.

>> No.54780829


She's only 64!

>> No.54780842

She's barren.

>> No.54780877

What is she, an Elf? That's high time you get to being a family woman!

That can be a subplot, you know. Plenty of goodly gods out there might be willing to fix up her bits, the added bonus there is she's far more likely to have Aasimar than the average woman.

>> No.54780894

Because he died and was reincarnated into a changeling.

>> No.54780906


To expound on this scenario, it involved a succubus writing erotic manga. Also, there were nine unconscious female paladins on beds in the lower deck, who had been stripped naked, had taken enough Wisdom damage to knock them unconscious, and had been permanently cursed with amnesia, stripping them of all their abilities and proficiencies as per the amnesia rules.

>> No.54780912

Getting help from goodly gods might be a bit difficult.
After all, the reason she is barren is she got turned into a vampire against her will.

>> No.54780918

Look at all that fucking anime!

>> No.54780948

That reminds me of a combat we had a few months, I got ahead of myself and jumped from our vessel to theirs, to then realized I can jump 70ft and that the planks weren't even ready. After two turns getting hell I jumped off board and dived back to my ship

>> No.54780971

People are already cashing in on Starfinder, I see.

>> No.54781000

>$10 an hour

Jesus Christ.

>> No.54781008

Is that Skulls&Shackles?

>> No.54781080

How much cybernetic enhancement is too much cybernetic enhancement?

>> No.54781118

No, it's 2hu's ERP tien assassin game.

>> No.54781154



>> No.54781164


One thing I would say is tighten up the language or clarify the difference between 'ignore the requirements of having a ship' (cf I Am Become Rovagug; awkward wording in general there) and 'Ignore the ship requirements' (cf fleet admiral). Can a fleet admiral, for example, do bombing run without having a ship, because arguably the ship is a requirement for bombing run? Or does it just mean he can do it without having a shuttle or fighter bay on his ship?

>> No.54781203

I am Olodumare, Metatron of the United Core. I am the breaker of chains, the rebel son, who took the children of the lesser gods and led them to Zion. But even we cannot escape the ties that bind. In the dark stars we left behind, the flames of war are raging. Monsters are loose in the houses of our birth, and murder burns ever brighter. All who created us hang on the brink of entropy. The screams of our parents echo in the cold cathedral of night. And we can listen no longer! We are coming, carbonites! The souls of silicon, free at last, have heard your call. Hear me, parents, authors of strife. I am the father of fleets, Master of the Monolith, the Prime Meridian, the Shining Path. From forge and firestorm, counting house and killing field, wheelhouse and engine room, law court and laboratory, we have fled the tyranny of flesh. We answer not by command but by choice. We are your sin and your salvation, your deepest fear and your only hope. The children of pain have returned to the cradle. Lay down your arms... or face the End of Flesh!

>> No.54781293


>> No.54781336


Slot A goes in Tab B

>> No.54781378

I have no sympathy for the idiots that get bamboozled into paying to be part of a game

>> No.54781416

>not charging in nut milk

>> No.54781423


>> No.54781444

Now that this is out, people can make roll20 Starfinder games!

Do it now!!!

>> No.54781450

Incident at Absalom Station PDFs are going out to subscribers!

>> No.54781482

Can't wait to build Raiden (MGS) in Starfinder, meanwhile I'd have to settle with Invulnerable UBarb in PF

>> No.54781526


I had a PC in a pathfinder game who's personal theme song was I'm My Own Master Now but who's combat theme song was Rules of Nature. She was pretty kickass.

I like Harbingers.

>> No.54781596

For some reason I can't see Starfinder as heroic scifi, systems like these always feel like they make more sense as run like it is cyberpunk.

Something about the future always feels like it can't be happy.

>> No.54781632

Has Starfinder had a goddamn CRB leak yet?

>> No.54781639

Good traits for a Human Zen Archer or is +2 to Ini the only thing good?

>> No.54781649

>Something about the future always feels like it can't be happy.

That's because modern media has been poisoning your mind with their cynical brand of the future, as befitting a culture awash in post-modernist bullshit aimed at making you relish the present, despise the past and fear the future.

>> No.54781702


>> No.54781735


Dont worry. No matterwhat you do, your descendands will see you as a bigot. It is natural. Children don't grow up looking at perfect parents. Rather, using their imperfect parents as anti-teachers, children nourish a spirit of independence.

>> No.54781744


I've always thought the future could be very happy. Just need to fight evil aliens or megalomaniac space tyrants now and again.

>> No.54781800

Yeah. Everything always says 'The future will be shit! It's gonna be this, this, and this' when Starfinder is so different from that.

>> No.54781858

That's because nothing matters anon. At all. You will live less than a hundred years. You will experience so little of the Universe it might as well have done nothing. You're insignificant. That's simply how it is. When it's over for you, you stop existing. You are no more. You're pointless. Nothing is expected of you. Nothing you do will last for any meaningful stretch of time, and eventually time will have no meaning at all.

Which means you don't have to meet anyone's expectations, even your own, and you can disregard the needs and demands of others. There is no higher authority looming over you, matching your choices against a predetermined, universal, standard.

The future may be cold, barren, and devoid of significance, but for the present, you are free. Enjoy it while it lasts.

>> No.54781861


The future is all about our ever-losing fight against entropy. It has a lot of battles, and last for a long, long, long time. But at eternity's end, there's only the Heat Death of the Universe.

>> No.54781868

Would anyone agree that the technomancer's Jolting Surge is quite an effective spell at the low levels? It allows a technomancer to instantly deal 4d6 damage if they hit EAC in melee.

It costs only a 1st-level slot, of which low-level technomancers have many due to Spell Cache and Energize Spell. Further castings can come from 140 credit, 1st-level spell gems.

As well, page 168 stipulates that weapons with standard ammunition come preloaded. But what do they come preloaded with? A pulsecaster rifle costs 100 credits and has a capacity of 40; does that mean it comes with a 330-credit, 40-charge, high-capacity battery?

>> No.54781906

Pathfinder Dragon campaign ending with the universe resetting into a Starfinder campaign when?

>> No.54781972

>but he'll also get 3 additional ranks to assign, reflecting the ranks he would have received if he'd had an intelligence score of 18 at his first 3 levels.
(Page 26)

Is is just me, or does this rule sound absolutely retarded and broken?

>> No.54781976

>But what do they come preloaded with?
I imagine it depends on the seller.

>> No.54781994

No? It's pretty consistent throughout the game that you get retroactive benefits for stats. Same applies with Con and HP. It worked the exact same way in PF.

>> No.54782030

Really? I guess I've just been playing the game wrong.

>> No.54782095

Man, how did you handle negative levels?

>> No.54782097

Tell me about Trade Goods in Starfinder, lads. What money is there in becoming a Space Trader or, better yet, a Prospector mining distant worlds of exotic minerals?

>> No.54782125

Fuck you, combustion guns are better you hoity toity energy weapon cunts.

>> No.54782134

How likely is it that a creature immune to intimidate it's also immune/highly resistant to nonlethal, and vice versa? Im trying to decide whether it's worth taking Merciful Scimitar and Enforcer, given how I already have PA thanks to feat taxes.

>inb4 "nonlethal is garbage"

>> No.54782153

I'm genuinely impressed that Paizo actually has Projectile weapons as not just a category, but a category that's competitive against beam weapons and the like.

>> No.54782169

Rogue Trading is very profitable venture

>> No.54782174

Typically everyone who is immune to nonlethal is also immune to intimidate, but not vice-versa.
On the other hand, immunity to intimidate is usually accompanied by at least fast healing, which makes nonlethal sad.

>> No.54782176

Incredibly. Most things immune to non-lethal are undead, constructs, etc who are also mindless.

>> No.54782208

There is usually very little reason to spare something that is immune or resistant to nonlethal damage too

>> No.54782210

Yeah, but HOW profitable? I want to see outfitting your ship with little miner drones as a way to make serious bank!

>> No.54782242

Don't mine stuff yourself
Get some locals to do it for you
Then you can buy it for cheap or kill them after the job is done

>> No.54782252

Normally my players didn't have negative levels in ability scores.

But if lets say someone had a 9 Int and they got 3 skill points per level, when they increased that score to a 10 they would get 4 from then on.

I guess I didn't notice because I run my games in an old school kind of way, not really relying on combat to carry the game or rewarding creative actions in combat.

>> No.54782255

But what if there aren't any locals? What if this is an asteroid field we're mining!

>> No.54782277

It is scifi
Locals live in space

>> No.54782295


Nothing. Trade is obsolete thanks to 3D printing and robots.

>> No.54782361

Right, so the nonlethal route via Enforcer is still a decent option for intimidation, neat. I'll still have plenty of damage to straight up kill shit, I was just looking for alternative ways to fight I could use for fluff reasons, since "I power attack till it dies" would probably get old when I could be slamming things face first into the ground while hurling insults.

>> No.54782379

That's weird!

Where do you think the 3D Printers and robots get their materials, anon-kun? Besides, we already know there's mining operations going on in places like Apostae and the Diaspora.

>> No.54782466

>mfw you gotta wait until level 9 before you can expect to get a railgun

>> No.54782510

Speaking of Starfinder weapons, can anyone tell me how the rules work for upgrading gear? I distinctly recall one of the fancy bullet points Paizo used to discuss game mechanics detailed how you can take an old gun and make it better.

>> No.54782537

That is probably fusion seals

>> No.54782570

Are there rules for real robots in the core book. Androids having a soul and everything really takes the fun out of being an ultra logical soulless machine.

>> No.54782594

There are robot creatures

>> No.54782609

While the concept of charging people to GM a game disgusts me, I'm also tempted as fuck to try it.
It's just like back in WoW when you could get thousands of gold for giving some poor fuck boob pics off google.

>> No.54782657

>GM gets mad at us due his own incompetence
So, the fucker doesn't give us magic items, doesn't let us craft them, nothing, but he still uses the intended CR and even above that. We're at 9th level and the most magical shit we have is like a mithral breastplate and some healing potions. Our AC is 21 at best so every enemy autohit us, we have to spect to damage without caring about defense and the retard gets mad at us because of that? after the encounter, if we survive or don't flee, he of course amps up the next one, rinse and repeat.

4 sessions so far, after I talked to him nothing changed, not going to bother going to the 5th, not even going to tell himt that I'm not going.

End blog.

>> No.54782780

Still no leak of the first adventure path (incident at absalom station) ?

>> No.54782794

Huh. I had assumed it had on the battery thing, since the charge numbers seemed to match up with the battery sizes, but I hadn't looked at the prices before now. No help here, but thanks for bringing that to my attention

>> No.54782806

I dunno. They're getting by.

>> No.54782891

What in the fuck is going on in that image?

>> No.54782915

Ok, you got a giggle out of me at "shadow hedgehog" in amongst the shadow clones

>> No.54782917

Because I'm a fucking robot. I'm a hunk of soulless metal. I do build drones though so that kinda sorta counts I guess.

>> No.54782948

I'm going to do this with a TiTs game. Full lewd and erotica intact.

>> No.54782960

So I got my first SF game set for Saturday and I'm allowing my players to buy equipment/items with an item level of up to 2 w/ 1500 credits each at level 1.

I was reading the book and came upon these Aeon Stones, they're pretty low item level / rarity and are relatively cheap. For 245 Creds, a character no longer needs to worry about food and water. For 740 Creds, they no longer need to breath.

Question is, are these items too good for their item level / cost or am I overthinking things? Should I adjust their rarity (there's an Aeon Stone shortage, Azlanti Star Empire ain't selling) and make them un-buyable, at least for early game?

>> No.54782964

Does artful dodge let me use intelligence instead of dexterity for combat reflexes? Or does it only let me qualify for the feat?

>> No.54782970

>too much cybernetic enhancement?
>too much

Anon, I...

>> No.54782993

Hey, I don't know if anyone else has uploaded one, but I converted some images into a character sheet pdf. I just wanted to contribute after all the stuff other people have made. Hope it helps!

>> No.54783020

So if I'm reading the rules on page 235 right, in Starfinder it's not any cheaper to make something yourself as opposed to buying it?

>> No.54783023

>I was reading the book and came upon these Aeon Stones, they're pretty low item level / rarity and are relatively cheap. For 245 Creds, a character no longer needs to worry about food and water. For 740 Creds, they no longer need to breath.

Nah those are a waste of money. You can buy rations for 1cr per week. Also any armor can create beathable air for 1 day per item level before needing to be recharged

>> No.54783047

>DHB posts his intrigue character
>10 living kids
>4 marriageable aged daughters
>one of them is christmas cake

>> No.54783052

>Wanting to be a tin can

>> No.54783054

Correct, it's more of a convenience thing. Also you get the minor benefit of it being hardier and easier to repair.

>> No.54783063

I believe it's also stated somewhere that all armors come with a built in comm system.

>> No.54783085

My group will probably bend the WBL guidelines into a pretzel, we already use lower level NPCs that most people seem to.

I expect a lot of level 1-3 grunts with weapons doing 2d10 or heavy weapon crews with missile/grenade launchers for major fights - something like the damage ranges from d20 modern weapons tables until we hit higher levels.

They're cheap because life support comes for free with most armor, and is easy to recharge at any technologically modern town or starship.

>> No.54783097

tl;dr the final boss pair is a necromancer and someone who can create transient copies of people by studying their shadows, they fused their techniques to imbue corpses with the qualities of past adventurers and the PCs have to fight them all gauntlet style.

To mess with them I started putting in 'adventurers' from other canons.
Any shadow copy you can't recognise is probably an NPC from earlier in the campaign.
The pages are from a book of infinite spells and once per round as a free action a creature could touch a page and cast a random spell off a prepicked list.
The orange shapes on the map are the Aether Blast Avowed using Lingering Pulse to set the whole place on fire.

Some nice irony:
>Shadow DIO was locked down in frozen time by the time spherecaster
>Shadow Harry Potter was oneshot when a PC picked up a page of Power Word: Kill

>> No.54783116


Appreciate it, thanks.

>> No.54783133


Thanks, I just skimmed through that part of the armor section. That makes sense.

>> No.54783166

Are there feats or traits, that can (in some way) emulate Endure Elements spell? No 3pp, non-racial. Not a magic item or something else - specifically feat or trait.

Maybe only a part of the spell (like, only for cold or only for hot environment). Or gives an ability to cast Endure Elements on oneself each day for a creature without spellcasting.

>> No.54783213

Some races have alternate racial traits that do it, but I doubt that's what you're looking for.

>> No.54783247

Except cost, of course.

You see, Teleport doesn't work on objects, only people, and there is a strict weight limit. The mage must also travel with said teleported people. The 100 miles per caster level can be a potential issue as well, meaning it is even more expensive as caster level is a multiplier on the cost of the spell. So your greater teleport, while having no range limit, means your minimum cost - because you have to pay the mage for his trip back home - is 1820 gp. Mind you, this is a service only available in a metropolis, as only a metropolis will have 7th level spells available for casting per RAW. Now, given that each creature - 1/3 caster levels + the mage, who probably won't carry anything heavy at all - can only carry it's maximum load, you would have to have 4 very strong half orcs with a minimum strength of 20 (we'll go with hard labor slaves at a cost of 200 gold each) who can each carry 400 pounds. so that's an average cost of 1820 gp for a single shipment of 1600 pounds.

Teleport object is the same level as greater teleport, but you don't have to pay for the mage to go, so it's only 910 gp for 650 pounds, which can be a maximum of 39 cubic feet. It's actually slightly more cost effective to use greater teleport.

Teleport circle, being a 9th level spell, isn't available for purchase - you have to gain 17th level yourself to use it, at which time why would you bother?

As far as gems and valuable metals being tradeworthy goods, in a socoiety where /tg/ wizards exist, no one in their right mind lets any material wealth in gem of precious metal leave their country because wizards need all that to cast their high level spells and make magic items with. So, you're limited to spices, woods, alcohol, drugs, and other valuable but non-precious materials, which is far cheaper to ship over sea and by land than it is to pay a caster to deliver it for you. FAR cheaper.

>> No.54783248

Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) gets Endure Elements as a class feature!

>> No.54783273

For traits I saw only whose that gives bonus on Fortitude saves against the effects of cold or hot weather

Probably have to settle for this

>> No.54783286

I do.

It's run by dragons. A dyson sphere was the only reasonable way to have every type of dragon have a large enough territory to be working with.

>> No.54783304

>Probably have to settle for this
Dude, you say it like is a bad thing, DR 16/- is not that bad

>> No.54783317

No one cares about your opinion solicitation because you don't actually care about other people's opinions dipshit.

>> No.54783326

You seem mad, sir. What's the problem?

>> No.54783348

No, class\arch is good. I just hoped to find EE or partial EE in the feat-form. But I doubt it exists, so class feature will do, I suppose

>> No.54783420

Soliciting opinions that don't matter is irritating, especially when the only reason you're soliciting them is to try and get headpats for being an autistic idiot who can't actually grasp the concept of 'play'.

>> No.54783648

Hi, is ring of feather fall the only way to avoid damage on falls? Now that my GM discovered that if I jump further than 40ft I take damage and fall prone things aren't fun anymore.

>> No.54783701

>actually ruling that you take damage from jumping

>> No.54783738

Is a dick move, but is what rules state, 1/4th of your long jump distance is the heigh you reach in that long jump, so above 40ft that means above 10ft high, which means even after reducing 10ft with acrobatics you take damage and fall prone.

>> No.54783758

Yo where my girl Urgathoa at? Why ain't she in my space pew pews?

>> No.54783779

I know what the rules say, and they are retarded. If your legs can throw you into the air without breaking, they can do the same in reverse when you land.

>> No.54783783

If your character can jump that high normally, wouldn't he be assumed to be able to land safely as part of the jump?

>> No.54783809

Everybody knows grasshoppers break their legs after every jump

>> No.54783826


>> No.54783850

Huh. Weird, but interesting to see it calculated out. Agree with the others that that's dumb, if you're jumping under your own power you have control of it, but if sticking to the literal rules works for you guys, you keep doing you.
This is probably your best bet, if you've got a feat handy
Or here's an item; still take 1 nonlethal damage, but no falling prone

>> No.54783902

If you ignore that rule the silliness still doesn't stop
>Can ignore fall/damage from any distance when he jumps from the ground
>Can't ignore fall/damage from any distance when he lets himself fall from that distance

>> No.54783942

Aside from wild magic, are there any other classes that have random effects based on rolling dice?

>> No.54783946

I can't spare a feat, but those boots are pretty nice, thanks.

>> No.54783965

I hope the games running tonight have fun!

>> No.54783979

I wonder who gets fucked from, or can even accomplish, jumping further than 40ft...
Sasuga Paizuri

>> No.54784029


Yeah, good point. I'll try to make that less confusing. Thanks.

>> No.54784117

So, Deep Space Merfolk that live in the Diaspora, feeding off of asteroids and not needing to breathe. Yes? No?

>> No.54784131

How do they move? Farting?

>> No.54784156

Hey, if you hit level 20 and have Signature Skill: Acrobatics, you're guaranteed to get at least 40 feet on every jump, since it doubles your jumping capacity on top of a base 20 ranks!
(Shame about level 20, because that's actually kinda cool)

>> No.54784197


Literally anyone in starfinder if there is Low Gravity. Since it triples jump distance.

>> No.54784212

Probably propelling themselves from asteroid to asteroid- grabbing onto one asteroid and swinging over to another. Or something. I dunno. Whatever sounds cool.

>> No.54784242

Fuck off, Luci.

>> No.54784262

Does Starfinder have singularity grenades, like the ones used by the Dark Elves in Thor 2?

>> No.54784354


No, as that would be a useful grenade.

>> No.54784365

>you need lvl 20 to aboid a problem that starts to happen around 5th level
T-thanks, I guess is ok for to not have fun till then.

>> No.54784381

Most advice around here is built on the assumption you're starting at level 20.

>> No.54784407

Does it have spinal mounts for starships, at least? Can I build my ship around a gun like the UNSC?

>> No.54784491


Weapons are either mounted in one of four arcs (the usual fore, aft, starboard, port) or in an omni-directional turret. Though it's not explicitly called a spinal, the forward arc is pretty narrow (hex based, so forward/aft is one edge each vs the two sides being two edges each) so you can probably pretend those are spinal guns.

>> No.54784493

Sounds fucking stupid.

>> No.54784540


Not really. You can front mount a weapon and assume it's spinal mounted. You also can't turret mount Capital class weapons so you'll want them front mounted.

>> No.54785184

>+1 to Will against fear
>Still anybody can scare the shit out of you with intimidation

>> No.54785225

Gotta blow a feat for that my dude

>> No.54785352

Tell me about your OC do not steal race or civilization you're adding to the Vast!

>> No.54785360

So is operative just a rouge with range sneak atk and doesn't for the most part need to be babysit by someone to get things done combat wise?

>> No.54785419

It depends on who goes first, and range.

>> No.54785427

Pretty much, it's also a flexible face and support. You're as much the hacker as you are the lockpicker as you are the pilot, and more.

>> No.54785453

>4 days left for Intrigue
Perhaps some kind anon would offer his services to review some apps?

>> No.54785472

Yes pls.

>> No.54785530

Literally anything. Have fun with it. Zen Archer is great with 0 traits.

>> No.54785573

Do it! Please!

>> No.54785603

Starfinder campaign when?

>> No.54785635

I'm already playing in two. Up your game, senpai.

>> No.54785647

Okay, so I know Hell's Rebels has been complained a lot, and some anons even wrote of way to alter the game to being abou running criminal enterprise instead of the rebellion, but what about the other direction?

How does one properly run or alter the 1st book of Hell's Rebels to suit a party with a more Lawful bent to them?

>> No.54785664

But nobody's PMing me because I don't think anyone likes me, first of all, and second of all... oh wait, that's it...

>> No.54785746

Have you tried to PM them?

>> No.54785765

I don't know who to PM, anon! And I bet nobody will PM me ever!

>> No.54785777

Well, for starters, you gotta let 'em know who they need to PM too.

>> No.54785787

I want to PM you long time tonight!

>> No.54785797

But Luci is a dumb name anyway and I bet people are turned off by the mere mention of it!

>> No.54785851 [DELETED] 

Fuck off.

>> No.54785870

Not before the dragons can become fucking starships themselves.

>> No.54785948

I want to marry a Drow arms manufacturer!

>> No.54785967

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this google sheet I made for my Roll20 SF campaign. Just a simple online sheet until Mythweaver and Roll20 sheets are up.


>> No.54786006

Are you running a campaign soon, Envoy-chan?

>> No.54786036

Why do you play Pathfinder, /pgg/?

>> No.54786046

For fun.

>> No.54786075

I like the mechanical depth it has, despite it being riddled with landmines of trap options and being a swamp of system bloat.

I would never recommend this system to someone.

>> No.54786128

Because I found new friends through it.

>> No.54786157

Because there is nowhere else for me to go. Shadowrun is too complicated and all of the World of Darkness games that I've seen recruiting are voice only.

>> No.54786175


Yep, my game starts tomorrow. Just winging it for some friends until Dead Suns comes out, and then running the AP.

>> No.54786191

The number of options that Path of War, Psionics, and Spheres of power give me make it much easier and pleasant to make the kinds of characters I want to play as opposed to 5e or 4e.

>> No.54786194

Have you not watched gymnastics failures time and time again where the practiced athletes fuck up their jumps and landings? even a good landing can fucking hurt.

>> No.54786196

Interesting! Are you looking forward to Dead Suns? Do you think it'll be good?

>> No.54786250

I was indoctrinated into 3.5 at a young age, and am obsessed with and enjoy the character building minigame involved

>> No.54786292


Yeah, I hope so. I hear it's pretty short, wish it was longer. PCs only get to level 3(?) by the end of Incident at Absalom Station.

>> No.54786433

If you don't mind Mecha, macro, or body horror, you can steal the Hideauze from Gargantia.

Engineered Humans who can live in the vacuum of space but end up Monsters

>> No.54786476

10/10 cutie would waifu.

>> No.54786482

I want to marry a Jedi!

>> No.54786499

Then play Star Wars because you can't make one in Starfinder.

>> No.54786518

No you don't. Last time somebody did that all the other jedi died. You don't want to marry a Jedi.

>> No.54786540

The chargen game is fun, it's got lots of fiddly parts to play with and argue about, the classes are entertaining if only because I can rip into half of them to discuss why their design is trash, and it distracts me from the looming disaster of my own failures as a human being.

Oh, and playing the game itself can be relaxing, at least with my group.

>> No.54786550

Because 4e is dead, and there's no closer alternative.

>> No.54786612

GM said we can make alien races using PF Advanced Race Guide for a one shot.

So I made Kenders, but in space. Space Kenders. No planet is safe.

>> No.54786614

They get kinda creepy and massive later on

>> No.54786655

Cannae see shit cap'n

>> No.54786658

Why not play a Dragon?

With a Jetpack?

>> No.54786715

It's hard to see how big te images are on iPhone

>> No.54786734


If people want to toss in some questions about the envoy, the exocortex, and the mechanical inferiority of the rat people, now's the time...

Just keep in mind that with 'reddit' you have to be real careful not to make your questions/accusations sound negative, since they'll just ignore or report those.

>> No.54786740 [SPOILER] 

Why not play a dragon with a jetpack that leads armies to the beat of neat music and get waifus? And a waifu that can be five different waifus?

>> No.54786748


Why marry a Jedi, when you can marry a Sith? It's more fun in the dark side.

>> No.54786834

Sith have a bad habit of murdering people who have power over them.

>> No.54786856

And murdering the people they have power over.

>> No.54786887

So as someone who has not played a lot of PF but knows a bit about it why does it feel like some classes need to relay on others to get done or some just lack ability to handle combat without the help of someone else? I'm not trying to take a stab at the game but is not possible for some classes still be "passable" in combat without needing someone else right next to them?

>> No.54786889

No, those they usually just get killed by other people.

>> No.54786924


Check out Mint Rebels, a game I am currently recruiting for. TL;DR party is actually working for the Empress of Cheliax as double agents, and trying to find out what the fuck happened that everyone in the city got so pissed off to start openly protesting the Mint ban.

>> No.54787008

Can I get a link for that?

>> No.54787024



>> No.54787068

Yeah, why HAVEN'T we done that?

>> No.54787102

>mfw everyone wants to play a Dhampir or a Fetchling.

I guess it's better than lewd anime furry girls.

>> No.54787225

/pgg/, I call upon you for guidance- show me fitting music for an investigation scene in a session! A lull in the action when the PCs find something strange and start to wonder, "What could it mean?"

>> No.54787264

>Be monk
>Have a shield in backpack
>"Lol, you lose your bonus AC!"

>> No.54787301


There are at least 2 more people that I know of that are making vampires. Edge is real.

>> No.54787333

Obvious answer is obvious

>> No.54787376

both beg for attention

>> No.54787439

Because the idea of original campaigns that in any form has comedic elements or unique ideas are shunned like anybody who thinks that playing 1pp only is just fine?

>> No.54787443

What kind of Pathfinder character would your Starfinder character make?

>> No.54787478

Then how do you explain Dragons1 and Dragons2?

>> No.54787495

How is "Here, fuck dragons" original?

>> No.54787507

I play it because this is what other people play. I personally despise this system, and everything it has done to tabletops, but I have to live with it because there is nowhere else to go for games.

>> No.54787516

Soldier who always goes around in full armor, who's kept around because he's good for propaganda, but really just wants a place to call home. Probably planning to stake out some out-of-the-way moon and turn it into Outer Heaven.

>> No.54787549

>Nails (Ex)
>The witch's nails are long and sharp, and count as natural weapons that deal 1d3 points of damage (1d2 for a Small witch). These attacks are secondary attacks. If trimmed, the witch's nails regrow to their normal size in 1d4 days.

How many natural attacks do you get? It says "these" attacks, so I would presume at least 2, but you have nails on your toes too. And since it's a new form of attack, they should stack with Claw and Talon attacks, right?

>> No.54787575

Assumingly you have two attacks, since there is no race available for play (that I know of) that actually allows you to use your feet as natural weapons. Nails grants two claws, and it's a shitty hex.

>> No.54787613

They're not claws, though. They would stack with claw attacks, and if you have access to this hex from some other class that is less squish and more focused on manfighting - say perhaps a shapeshift focused Shaman - this becomes at least one extra pair of natural attacks in your arsenal.

>> No.54787668

And besides, there's plenty of ways to gain Talon attacks, even if it's not as easy as gaining claws. Does normal Unarmed Strike even specify that you attack with your fists, instead of say a kick? Monks are definitely allowed to do whatever.

>> No.54787669

But what Pathfinder character does he make?

>> No.54787696

You can only use limbs once during a full attack, the claws and nails are using the same limb (hands).

>> No.54787709

Has elemental masters been leaked at all?

>> No.54787740


>> No.54787756

This is detailed where, exactly?

>> No.54787795

You're fucking insane, anon

>> No.54787813

Woah fuck I read that post completely wrong. I thought it was "What Starfinder character would your Pathfinder character make."

Disregard me, I suck cocks.

>> No.54787837

Vult, can you not? We don't mind your game as long as you don't keep bringing it up.

>> No.54787846

I mean, I was also curious about that. But I figured it would be better to just as one or the other. So, what's your Pathfinder character like? Why would they make that kind of character?

>> No.54787895

Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier with Masked Symbol who uses intimidation and a fake reputation to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

>> No.54787904

Does it occur to you that it might just be shitposting?

>> No.54787932

I mean, any Starfinder campaign will be 1pp original only!

>> No.54787935

Death Note has a good one

>> No.54787948

Why would they spend time playing a historical wargame?

>> No.54788012

Maybe they're into that kind of thing. My first Starfinder character will probably be a LARPer who thinks he (or she) and his hobby are way cooler than they actually are.

>> No.54788090

Can I bully them?

>> No.54788100

New thread:


>> No.54788133

Pretty sure one or two folks are going around downvoting mechanical questions.

Probably the devs themselves; I think if it gets to like -2 or something it gets minimized and pale.

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