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Holy shit new thread you lazy bastards edition.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W069dPLTXg0 [Open] [Embed] [Embed]

>Grey Knights
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWrG8DofaFA [Open] [Embed] [Embed]

>Konor Campaign: Chaos BTFO!!!

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Chaos' work)

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Any batreps or just shit posting

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Necrons are good an will only get better with their codex

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Fucking space yiffs

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This will not do.

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Hungry Frogboy?

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>bottom tier army that can barely get to 46th place at the BAO

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Frog stronk

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Enjoying the gaping void that used to be your soul?

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Anyone know how to preserve the table of contents when converting the epub's xhtml to PDF with PrinceXML? I'm trying to make properly bookmarked and correct scale PDFs with in-line Errata.

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>necrons are bad because they didn't do well at an event where everyone was spamming their only weakness

You have to look at the whole picture. A grand total of 0 of you guys are playing the top BAO lists because none of us are dedicated enough to waste that much time and money buying 6 Storm Ravens (which are FAQ nerfed now) and 200 conscripts just to have a meme WAAC army that will suck in a year, so yeah, Necrons are powerful. Just wait until you play a good Necron build with any army that's not Armored Company or Flying Metal Circus.

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Better than being in the Stomachs of our Pokemon.

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My brother got some primaras marines. What type of unit are they? Normal muhreens? Fast attack? Heavy? Idk famalam

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It depends which marines they got.

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I cannot see these guys as anything but completely idiotic. Intercessors, Hellblasters and Reivers look good, better than normal Marines, and the Apothecary is gorgeous. Other characters are all decent, but all their big stuff looks retarded. Giant flying babies on skis, even stupider Centurions, a tank with WAY too many random guns and the usual boring brick shape, etcetera.

Also, watching all the Marine players argue and panic about being replaced is hilarious, especially given that my army is Admech and thus almost guaranteed to keep ticking along with decent rules for the next forever and maybe get some new toys to bump them up to good at some point. For once, being the posterboys and getting tons of new toys has bitten them in the ass.

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Gw getting sued for 62.5 mill for Price fixing, breach on contract in America. Marines have a 50,000% mark up on them.

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Disclaimer: I don't play Necrons.

If the army is good, it should be able to deal with anything at the top level to some extent that other non-top armies did. They can't just happen to be countered by both horde spam AND flyer spam and amazing against everything else.

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Fake news. The case won't make it to court and the ramblings of a fucking crazy old retard do not equal facts, we have no idea what the mark-up on Marines is.

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Even if his cost of plastic is accurate, the raw material is not the only cost of production. The guy is just looking for an easy payoff and he won't get it.

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>watching all the Marine players argue and panic about being replaced is hilarious
I think you need to get off the internet, anon, that was the only place where idiots were huffing about being "replaced".
Necron dex is considered very balanced, whereas all of the winners in the tournament people like to quote were outlier lists based on whatever the most OP set up that can be found is.
If more armies were like Necrons, tournaments would be a lot more interesting, a lot fewer expected results.

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Half of the 40k tourney scene if not more has for years has been pay to win types.

Why would it be any different now?

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This is so obviously fake.

In reality the marine would just rip out the metal bar if he tried to hang on it.

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F for fatheads

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First why is your dick so small yet so visible in those pyjama trousers, second why are you wearing them so late, thirdly what's your height as that will define a large part
inb4 manlet

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What're their names again?

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New Eldar models fucking when?

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Anyone have any large, good line art sideviews of marine weapons? Specifically whatever pattern of heavy bolter this is. Looking to make some props.

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Fuck the AELDARI or whatever the fuck they are called

>> No.54750759

if you would dip your models in army painter quickshade strong tone and spray them with anti-shine, your figures would look a fuckton better.


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>that was the only place where idiots were huffing about being "replaced".

Doesn't make it less funny. Quite happy about Primaris honestly, they look much better to fight against and have lots of interesting bitz on their sprues that I'd like to get my hands on. The Apothecary parts in particular would look great for outfitting my Genetor Magi.

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After tyranids why didn't they get a triumverate they're the main antagonist of 40k

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Fun fact: Devilfish are immune to being charged. Their flight stand takes the hull more than 1"+Base Thickness, and since you have to measure from base to hull because of the "Hover Tank" rule, you'll never be able to get within 1" when charging.

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They seriously need to go edition by edition and update models. No reason CSM and Eldar still have shitty 3rd and 4th edition models.

>> No.54750789

Right after Plastic Flesh hounds, Havocs/Chosen and a new Warbuggy

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i can stand on platform near devilfish

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If I needed bodies to soak up shots and tarpit units I want to keep my 1ksons away from, should I use cultists or tzaangors. And would squads of 10 be fine or should I all in on 20?

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I'd argue that the Patriarch, Primus and Magos of the genestealer cult are a kind of tyranid/Genestealer mixed triumvirate, just like the one with the baby slaanesh is a triumvirate of multiple eldar factions.

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>implying I don't convert my models to have tendrils hanging below their own bases for just such an occasion

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My favorite is still Mon'Keigh Business

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They weren't relevant to Gathering Storm.

They're saving Tyranid updates for a much later plot development when they've gotten all the Primarch wank out of the way.

Also the Tyranid model range is mostly up to date, Eldar need new models much more badly. Nids just need a Codex and they'll have it soon.

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In what way were the Stormraven nerfed ?

>> No.54750838

>Doesn't make it less funny
No, it means you are taking the internet too seriously, anon.
It's like the stupid Matt Ward meme that leaked into real life.

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They don't count as being on the table.
Thus if your min unit of Tacticals and Captain die you auto lose.

>> No.54750879

they weren't nerfed, the game was just balanced that flyers didn't count as models on the board for purposes of sudden death.

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How is this for an army:

1498 points / 78 PL
Supreme command detachement

1× Pask, punisher, las cannon, plasma sponsons

1x tank commander, bc, las cannon, plasma sponsons

1x tank commander, demolisher, las cannon, melta sponsons

10 veterans; 1x heavy flamer, 3x plasma gun, 1x autocannon, sarge with a plasma pistol and a powersword

1x Chimera, 2x heavy bolters, 1x storm bolter, hk missle

1x knight crusader with a stormspear missle pod and a meltagun

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Some of the things he did were k, some things he did, were not k.

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If you no units on the board besides airborne units you auto-lose.

>> No.54750906

You don't measure up, its horizontal distance only.

>> No.54750918

Is there any cool semi-cheese you can pull off with Ogryns ?

I just want them to be viable and hog ALL the fucking spotlights.

Slabshields with astra psykers seems legit.

Anything else ?

Again, not looking for WAAC, I just wanna duke it out AGAINST WAACfags and come out ontop once a while; with OGRYNS.

>> No.54750919

How would you fix the Vanquisher? I love the idea of just a dedicated tank that kills tanks.

Would S9 and then 2D6 damage do it?

>> No.54750946

>better than a Neutron Laser
No, fuck off. Post stats that are actually balanced according to other units that are intended to be better.

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The actual margin on marines is more like 40-50%.

Molds are expensive and their packaging is not trivial.

>> No.54750951

Will Death Guard in their codex have access to Dark Hereticus?

They're powers are amazing. Pretty much everything is good. The mortal wounds and str buff one are stiuational but its just so strong.

They can literally murder a commisar on a 4+ after casting a 6+ spell AND gain a spawn.

They can turn off invulnerable saves on a 8, which is high... but you will rape stormshields and girlymen easily after.

You can get +1 to hit, making plasma amazing.

You can move twice for GOTTA GO FAST and turn 1 deep strike charges.

Fuck, so good.

>> No.54750954

for 25 points it's fine. Just grab the FW one with a co-axle for rerolls to hit.

>> No.54750962

Oh, ok. That's only bad news for WAACfags.

>> No.54750966

Abaddon list of vanquished opponents :

-Loken (highly likely twice). Broken body left in the rubble.
-Sigismund the Emperor's Champion. Was known as the best blademaster in Imperial history. Disembowelment via the Talon of Horus
-Kharn the Blood God's chosen. Pinned and losing consciousness due to ironically blood loss, he could not struggle out of Drach'nyen slowly descending towards his head. Got saved by a Bloodthirster
-Celestine Avatar of the Emoeror and the Last of the Living Saints. Overpowered and backhanded to the ground by Abaddon.

Is there any character in the setting that can defeat Abaddon in a duel?

>> No.54750967

Rerolls wounds.

Deals 2d3 damage instead of d6.

>> No.54750971

I've just realised why I hate the Ultramarines. They're perfect to a hilarious non-ironic level.

>> No.54750975

>They can literally murder a commisar on a 4+ after casting a 6+ spell AND gain a spawn.
Firstly you need to get within 6", which you will never, ever do against a good player, and if you think otherwise you've never played against the conscript terror.

Secondly you have to pay points for that spawn.

>> No.54750976


s9 and 2d6 against non-titanic VEHICLES only

Perhaps a price bump too.

>> No.54750980

Seeing as there isn't a 40krpg general up, I have a question for folks who've done Only War.

Have any of you played/GM'd No Surrender?

How is it?

>> No.54750984

It's a little too obvious the guy is looking for a pay out.
Trying to leverage the influences that helped get 40k started decades later gives it away.

>> No.54750987


I love that the thunderhawk and stormbird aren't affected by this because they're LoW

>> No.54750990

>realized just now

>> No.54750992

No one cares carnac

>> No.54750996

Newbie here

I have a set of rubric marines and tzaangors from a box. Once I start acquiring more dudes, how do I actually put together an army? I know the basic rules but I don't understand how army lists work. Should I go by the "power" listing or by points if I'm not trying to go hard?

>> No.54751001

Yes, you do.

>> No.54751007

>Will Death Guard in their codex have access to Dark Hereticus?

No. They'll get their own powers. Bring an allied Sorc if you want.

>> No.54751008

Link to old thread which is STILL on page 7

>> No.54751012

S10 AP-4 D6. Counts damage of 1-2 as 3

>> No.54751013

>They can literally murder a commisar on a 4+ after casting a 6+ spell AND gain a spawn.
If you can actually get close enough to spawn a commissar then he's already done his job.

>> No.54751016

Originally I thought it was ironic, as in, mocking. But reading the 8th edition codex it's clear it's not meant as ironic.

>> No.54751019

>Forge World shit is still OP
Color me surprised.

>> No.54751021

>whenever Commissar tries to force Conscripts to pass a morale check, roll a D6. On a 4+, unit will pass a morale check and take a mortal wound; otherwise, unit will fail moral and Commissar will be removed as a casually


>> No.54751024

I might actually do that you know. I like Word Bearers, Alpha Legion and Black Legion.

Could start a small force of them to ally with my Death Guard in a separate detachment.

>> No.54751026

And the memery was worse.
Amusingly enough, the same people who bitched about Ward were the same types who complained about 8e. Fuck'em.

>> No.54751028

go by points, its more commonly used.

if you run into the odd fellow using levels, its easier to to figure out you levels on the fly.

>> No.54751030

Deep down inside I know you do. I believe in you, anon!

>> No.54751032

D3 shots OR 2d6 rolls for damage against vehicles, pick the highest. Both if the point cost would increase.

>> No.54751045


If you think paying 1000 points for a non-macro turbolaser and 10 heavy bolters is OP, I guess

>> No.54751046

You can't make that claim when you don't even know what was being played and in what numbers.

BAO is the same event where orks DE and CSM have all had tops in 6E and 7E. Simply making statements based on top lists is retarded.

>> No.54751048

Go points, power is just suppoused to give rough balance. Next you should buy this https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/exalted-sorcerers , then one of this https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/start-collecting-chaos-space-marines , and build the terminator lord as a terminator lord

>> No.54751050

Can't wait to ruin those Thunder hammer termi dickheads

Heretek discipline when?

>> No.54751051

>being this new

come on, at least educate yourself.

>> No.54751053

FW shit needs to leave.

>> No.54751057

>Is there any character in the setting that can defeat Abaddon in a duel?
Girlyman probably. Abaddon's plot armor and GW's desperate attempt to make him seem badass pales in comparison to the illumination of the Ultramarines plot armor and GW's desperate attempt to make them seem badass .

>> No.54751060


>> No.54751061


Why not Heavy Bolter sponsons?
He doesn't have rending anymore, so his role is more anti-infantry than tackling monsters or vehicles.
I know units can choose multiple targets now, but it's still better to specialise in one role.

>> No.54751062


If you make conscripts unable to affected by orders theyre hardly worse than poxwalkers

>> No.54751064

Only thing more saddening than utter void that is Abaddon's character is BLs failing to make people take him seriously despite trying so damn hard.

>> No.54751074

>2d6 rolls for damage against vehicles, pick the highest.
That is what it already has.

>> No.54751075

Nope. E-mail GW and ask, tell me what they say when you try and claim Devilfish are literally immune to being charged. Go on.

>> No.54751078

Someone said renegades don't get access to any command traits or "Votlw" style stratagems... is that true?!
Why use them then?!

>> No.54751081

played a game today, chaos demons and EC csm vs guard, 1750 he brang 7 tanks is this a dick move?

>> No.54751082

They're like 750 points. Not OP.

>> No.54751087

>not playing baneblade creed
He did well on you anon

>> No.54751088

In what way?
How Guilliman came back, looked at the Ultramarines, and asked them why they were fucking up so bad?
That they are winning, being led by one of the most capable commanders the Imperium has ever had?

>> No.54751089


Archaon at least had an arc

Abaddon is just the same asshole he was in 30k but with SSJ4(tied directly to his top knot length rather than hair color)

>> No.54751092

They don't have any 'renegades' only stuff.

Which leaves them 1 relic short, 1 warlord trait short and 2 stratagems short of everyone else since they don't have their own stratagem and can't use VotLW.

>> No.54751094


A recent FAQ allows psychic barrier to adjust invulnerable saves.
So 3++ saves for your ogryns seems nice.
Might save your skin against a pack of Meltaguns/Lascannons.

>> No.54751095

Just a skewed list. Sounds like you need to consider bringing more anti-tank.

>> No.54751103

>said no one ever except every single IG player with 100+ conscripts

>> No.54751106

Which kind. Chimeras weak. Leman stronk

>> No.54751108

spamming Manticores and conscripts is the new hot shit

>> No.54751125


I actually say that as a DG player with 80 poxwalkers

>> No.54751128

Except that they can shoot. So a million times better

>> No.54751132

When do you choose spells/powers? Do I get to see what my opponent is bringing before?

>> No.54751134

It seems British Amazon.co.uk sells kindle edition of Black Legion now.
Only BL site put sticks in buyers wheels.

>> No.54751136

In what way what? You mean in what way they're too perfect?

>> No.54751138


>> No.54751140

>Abaddon is just the same asshole he was in 30k but with SSJ4(tied directly to his top knot length rather than hair color)

Everyone who read the two Black Legion series book disagree with you by saying that 40K Abaddon is nothing like his 30K self. You must be repeating what other say in 4chins.

Archaon got just 2 novels. Abaddon will get a whole series that could go up to 4 or 5 books.

>> No.54751143

Magnus the Red would smack his bitch ass apart. Or Guillaume. Or that GK faggot Mary Sue that carved his name on a demons heart or whatever.

>> No.54751145

I, Cato Sicarus could, because I, Cate Sicarius, am an exemplary swordsman. If it wasn't for the fact that I, Kate Scardycatus, am currently stuck in the warp, Abaddon would already have fallen, and all across the Imperium people would be hailing the name of me, Cake-o Sicariariariariarius.

>> No.54751152


Fun fact I made the same claim about Ravagers and Venoms. Raiders, Reapers and Tantalus have the "hovering" saying you measure from anywhere on the model but Ravagers and Venoms do Not. So you have you measure from the base, which you could use a drone base for as their is no specification anymore, making them unchargable. When I brought this up here /tg/ went into a REEEEEEE fit calling me a waacfag

>> No.54751160

I mean, you could say that it's because he got overshadowed by Primarchs, but Ahriman, Kharn and Bile are loved still.

In the end, his design is just silly, and his character is unfocused mess of whatever latest writers decides to be cool.

>> No.54751166

>a recent faq
i've been using it to get better invulns since release

>> No.54751171

Yes, because it's said a lot, when many of the complaints can be lodged against say, Black Templars, but aren't, because they are a /tg/ favorite.

>> No.54751177

Always go by points unless you're attending an event that requires power. Make sure you have an answer to everything ie. infantry, vehicles, assault. You'll need to fill out a detachment or two for full games but with what you currently have you're just an HQ short of a patrol detachment, check out your local store for information regarding beginner days or noob nights as the hobby is very open to new comers and the hardest part is getting your foot in the door

>> No.54751182

1k sons codex when

>> No.54751185

Omegon subplot has been retconned completely, just read index chaos

>> No.54751186

Poxwalkers are bros who hold objectives and with the -1hit debuff and Typhus buffs are DISGUSTINGLY EXTRA RESILIENT against a wide variety of targets. Tempted to buy a second half of a starter set of those.

>> No.54751188

Guillman after his return, russ, magnus, fulgrim, sanguinus, the emperor (pre-fight with horus that is) angron, the lion. Probably horus, but abby did beat some horus clones IIRC

>> No.54751193

Marinelet squatting can't happen fast enough

It'll mean my FW Badab army becomes even more exotic and I can finally stop buying models for it and only focus on the better proportioned and simpler Primaris

>> No.54751195

I vote Lord Gearhart, or possibly Prinzhorn. Hell, they'd do it with one attack.

>> No.54751196

Will we ever have separate World Eaters and Emperor's Children codex books and new Khorne/Slaanesh themed models?

>> No.54751203

Is it true a double one on a charge roll is an autofail? I know it would through terrain that minuses 2 from charge rolls but in general?

>> No.54751204

>implying it won't be tzeentchkin
why not the easy to build guys?
yep, khorne and slaaneshkin coming 2019

>> No.54751206

conscripts with 200 shots are somewhat killy
conscripts with 100 shots are nothing more than a big scary distraction while decently equipped units kill shit
and this is coming from a guard player who dropped the conscripts in his list for infantry squads
that said , i feel like having damage spill over on them would be a better way to fix things

>> No.54751220

if your taking typhus you might as well bring at least 20 if not 40 pox walkers.

set them up in terrain and laugh at how resilient they are.

>> No.54751224

I can't wait

Hopefully the new psychic abilities will be worthy of the sons of Magnus

>> No.54751243

If you can't source it, you are pissing in the wind.

>> No.54751250

So when the imperium takes this weeks planet who do you guys think the NPC camo will be by?

>> No.54751255

>5+ save chaff

Haah waaw

>> No.54751263

Of course it isn't. You just have to be really bloody close...

>> No.54751267

>1k sons codex merged with tzeentch daemons like the disciples of tzeentch book in AoS
>plenty of powerful options both daemons and marines can take like in the said book

I'm ok with this

>> No.54751268

There's nowhere that says I can't use a microscopic cell as a miniature or that I can't beat the living shit out of you either moron. GW has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that RAI trumps all. There's enough precedence to literally bring your argument to court and prove you wrong due to the mountains of FAQ and clarification GW has released in the past 2 years.

>> No.54751269

So by that logic if an enemy unit is 400" above me in a ruin, but I am only 1" horizontally away, I can shoot them with my flamers?

>> No.54751278

Na, different issue. The Devilfish actually has the Hover Tank rule, he's just being a douche. They left "Hovering" off the Ravager and it had to be added via FAQ. For the Venom you do just measure to the base. It works fine because there's generally room.

>> No.54751284


6 weeks, 6 xenos. Works perfectly.
Don't think they have any order to let them participate but probably a a few guidelines. Psyker week isn't going to have deld/tau/crons doing anything. Probably nids fucking over the loser faction's psykers.

Elite week:?
Psyker week: nids probably
fast attack:?
LoW: not deldar

>> No.54751300

I dunno, Abaddon might actually put Cato in his place.

If there was going to be a final battle between Abaddon and someone, it should be Dante.
Get revenge for Sanginious.

>> No.54751301

If you go by the new rules for official GW tournaments, all that stuff needs to be written on the army list. Relics, powers, variable keywords, stratagems used before the start of the game, etc. So yes you should know exactly what your opponent is bringing right down to which psykers have which powers.

>> No.54751309

Punisher Cannon still kills 9 ork boyz, 7 guardsmen or 4 marines on average per round. Plasma shots 4 times on average and kills around additional 2 of each. Meanwhile, 2 heavy bolters shoot 6 times and do almost the same, a bit worse with marines and a bit better with orks/guard. But plasma also does much better than hb against heavy targets so it proves more effective when you want to do something else than delete a squad of infantry. Or when you are dealing with marines in cover.

It is also to fill up the points to 1500, since the points saved on sponsons would not allow for anything better.

>> No.54751320

Have people posted about 5 flamer havoc squads yet with warptime
they only have 1 primarch listed for the alpha legion

>> No.54751325

You were correct to do so, the FAQ didn't actually change anything, it just shut up the retards who claimed invulnerable saves weren't saves.

>> No.54751326

No, my complaint is that they're literally best at everything.

>omg Girlyman is best at everything and unsurpassed!
>omg Girlyman made Ultramar and that's unique out of all Chapter and it's a super awesome place and it's a blueprint for other sectors and they can't match Giryman or Ultramarines
>omg Ultramarines Legion were super amazing and suffered less causalities and won everything and were super awesome brilliant
>omg Ultramar was awesome and became Imperium Secundus and Girlyman was so humble giving Sanguinius the title of Emperor
>omg Ultramarines were super important in saving the Imperium after Horus was killed, nobody else, just Ultramarines
>omg Girlyman did the Codex and super important
>omg people worship the Ulramarines and they're brilliant and they're 2/3rds of all chapters and the AdMech love them due to their geneseed
>omg Ultramarine Chapter Masters have never failed in their duty
>omg Ultramarines are the first Primaris Chapter foundations
>omg Ultramarines have the oldest Space Marine alive
>omg Ultramarines have the only Primarch and are worshipped and are awesome
>omg Ultramarines save all the other Chapters during Indominus Crusade
>omg Ultramarines have the best histories, glory, honour and everything and nobody can match them
>omg Ultramarines have literally ZERO negative aspects unlike every other Founding Chapter

I could go on. Ultramarines are so perfect and have so much unique shit compared to others that they obviously not being done as a parody.

>> No.54751329

So how does this work exactly? I take all my models, and just slap them into Detachments? And as long as there's a Faction keyword that matches, they're kosher? So I can have a detachment with units from all the Imperium factions in it? Is that how I'm suppose to field all the psykers, techpriests and psykers that aren't listed under IG anymore? Is that how I'm suppose to get all the company and platoon commanders and command squads, and advisers fielded?

>> No.54751332

Draigo is the strongest human in the universe so probably.

>> No.54751333

Flesh hounds look like shit regardless of material. Save yourself some cash and proxy in some chaos warhounds from WHFB and get twice as many doggos for half the price.

>> No.54751337

-1 to hit, 4T, 6+/5fnp

you'd be surprised how hard it is to remove 20 of them. Plus if you get too close, you get mauled by typhus and his rape scythe.

>> No.54751339

New codex when?

>> No.54751341

Yes, but clearly not for awhile since they included their rules in CSM.

>> No.54751342

I have a yearning to make the kind of classic Nid list my young 11 year old self could have made with the 3rd edition codex, had I had a better work ethic back then and not bought a few boxes, arsed around a bit then dropped back out the hobby until the closing months of 6th ed.

>> No.54751360

In general, no. If you don't have negative modifiers to your roll, you cannot fail a charge within 3".

>> No.54751361

>zero negative aspects

>> No.54751369

Write one yourself in this thread for funsies.

>> No.54751370


I have no idea why this gets/tg/ so mad!

Some of the models have the hovering special rule which allows you to charge any point. A written rule.
Others DO NOT. Their base is unreachable within 1" to fulfil the successful charge criteria.

It's plain black and white even without being abused my boy, not that id enforce this against anyone but a little troglodyte like yourself just to see you sperg out.

>> No.54751378

>when many of the complaints can be lodged against say, Black Templars
How? How could the complaints against the Ultramarines be lodged against the Templars? Genuinely want to know.

>> No.54751380

There's been a post like this every thread. What am I missing?

>> No.54751381

No, guns measure up. Hover vehicles treat their outer hull as their base at ground level.

>> No.54751385

You're just ignorant. Guilliman himself admits Sanguinius is better than him and the lore makes it obvious many Primarchs are better fighters.

>> No.54751390

Extra Plague Marines and a Bloatdrone would be cool too. Actually got a the first strike box for extra bodies and the Blight Launcher.

>> No.54751392


Ah didn't see it had been FAQ'd, surprising about the venom though it makes disembarking from the nose of the vehicle or the extreme sides of the hull difficult.

>> No.54751393

>Save yourself some cash and proxy in some chaos warhounds from WHFB and get twice as many doggos for half the price.

That's the nigger-tier option, they look even worse and are tiny as fuck, sometimes saving money isn't everything

I use the OG metal Flesh-hounds. i wish they would remake them in their image, so much better than the dumb fuck lizard looking shits we have now. But they won't since it's the canon design

>> No.54751397

Self exile of one of our bro teir guard players until his minis meet the criteria of spergfags.

>> No.54751400

while not listed in the same bit of the book, all the imperial psykers have the "Astra militarum" keyword, so you can slap them in and still have them be the same for any odd rules akin to Admech needing everyoen to be admech to keep their war cants.

>> No.54751403

>poorfag being a poorfag

>> No.54751413

Was actually curious to know if I could wait to pick powers until after I knew what my opponent was fielding. For example: I probably wouldn't typically take the new CSM spell that removes invulnerable saves, but if I was playing against hammernators I would consider it.

>> No.54751419

>paying huge amounts for shitty models with broken rules


>> No.54751427 [DELETED] 

What model exactly are you reverring to? Everything should either have hovering/hover tank or a reachable base. There is no intended unchargable models.

>> No.54751449

>thinking the price difference between FW and GW is actually significant

get a load of this poverty stricken third worlder

>> No.54751452

>eyes glaze over the entire part mentioning RAI and FAQs because he's sperging too hard

Why indeed? Why, oh why, does /tg/ get so angry when I act like a fucking moron who's too stupid to realize why he's wrong but thinks he's right? When I flail about and shit my intellectual diarrhea all over the already shitty generals and prance about like the Dunning-Kruger effect incarnate? Why?! I guess we'll never know, despite the fact that you were only pretending.

>> No.54751453

By these new rules, no, you need to write your psychic powers down on the army list before you see your opponents list.

It makes the new Stratagem to change powers mid-game more useful.

>> No.54751454

W-what? We're they unthinned?

>> No.54751455

Those resin lizard shits look like trash. Even the chaos hounds look better. Finecast was a mistake.

>> No.54751456

ran the numbers, 144 bolter shots from marines to remove the 20 buffed pox walkers in cover

>> No.54751466

Vulkan will fuck him up when he returns, better spread those cheeks for some Bad Dragon action.

>> No.54751468

>I don't read FAQs
>why does /tg/ get mad at me for smugly spouting obviously incorrect and also outdated bullshit

Gee wonder why dipshit

>> No.54751476

Nope just painted really basic until they came up with a regiment.

>> No.54751481

Bollocks, mate.

Sanguinius might be better than Girlyman, but that doesn't make the BA's better than Ultramarines. Girlyman realised what Sanguinius represented and how he was a better leader than him; this is thought of as humbleness by Lion and Vulkan. Either way that does not mean anything. Anything of relevance is linked to Ultramarines and how they're the best. There is no negative stuff.

>Blood Angels have The Flaw(s)
>Space Wolves have Wulfen curse and not following codex and indepdence and shit
>Dark Angels have the Fallen and refusal to talk to Imperium and self-interest and shit.
>Iron Hands are slaves to logic
>Raven Guard are morose and rarely work with others
>Imperial Fists are stubborn to a fault which fucks up plans
>White Scars are considered primitive barbarians who follow stupid shit
>Salamanders are ashamed by the civil war on Nocturne and the schism of the chapter to Chaos

Ultramarines have no major negative flaws.

>> No.54751482

[Citation Needed]

>> No.54751493

>want to start eldar
>SC! is a tank and some gay ass bikes no infantry at all
What do I do fellow space elves?

>> No.54751497

Which has pretty much never hurt them at all.
It's like the Tau, their flaw is supposedly small size and massive naivete, but that never show up asides from in a couple random bits of fluff text - They easily muster hundreds of billions of troops, which would need their entire empire to be made of Forge and Hive Worlds to support, and they win everything effortlessly and have the best fleets and perfect timing and are always outmaneuvering their opponents despite being stated to be slow as balls in space.

In the Ultras case, their hidebound and dogmatic views never bite them, unlike the Admech who are ALWAYS complete idiots in fluff because GW made everything grimderp and needed a punching bag. They either have a special snowflake dude like Ventris who doesn't have their one flaw present or the Codex is presented as so perfect or so vague it doesn't matter. Now they have Guilliman, and as he wrote the fucking thing he can tell them all exactly how to use it.

>> No.54751498

So when it comes to using the codex vs index do you have to;

A. Pick codex and use all entries from that.
B. Pick index and use only entries from that.
C. Mix and match as you see fit.

Like say the codex nerfed ravagers, could I take the index version but keep all the codex goodies for the rest of my army?

>> No.54751502

>not buying shitty chinaman fakes to do you part in further sinking the bongistan economy

>> No.54751504

convince me to build a raptor comapny

>> No.54751510

Ok. I guess this is a bit better than Unbound and Formation galore, but I'm a bit taken back. I guess I need to start making notes of the amount of which Battlefield Role I got, so I know how many slots I need/can fill with what.

>> No.54751516


Go deldar

>> No.54751520

Man the fuck up and pick up a dark eldar SC instead.

>> No.54751522

So you sperglords ran out a new player just trying to have fun with the game? Fucking typical. I hope the dudes okay

>> No.54751534

>feeding the Chinese beast

>> No.54751544


Or, you could just, deny the power, get re-rolls to hit, and blow them away with like 6 Inceptors.

>> No.54751551

>hardly worse than Poxwalkers
>for half the cost of Poxwalkers
seems fair. not.

>> No.54751553 [SPOILER] 

I play chaos already, I dont need more edge and spikes.

>> No.54751554

dont buy the SC!

fire prism is bad this edition and bikes are meh.

if you want the best units in the army its wraithguard with d-scythes in wave serpents

>> No.54751557

What combi weapon should I put on my Terminator Sorcerer if I'm teleporting him in and want turn 1 deepstrike

>> No.54751563

you can have multiple detatchments in your army, so for example, you go with the supreme command oen that's 4 HQs, an elite, and a lord of war, stick all your flash psykers in the corner with that one while the rest of your dudes fill a normal army list.

>> No.54751566

Yeah pretty much there was a straw poll and everything. The guard guys always post batreps and shit dispite shitposters but I guess it got to be annoying.

>> No.54751579


If you're blue you are basically winning at 40k

>> No.54751593

>Salamanders are ashamed by the civil war on Nocturne and the schism of the chapter to Chaos

you forgot a more significant flaw

>> No.54751596


Poor excuse. But if you're dead set on the worst elves at least go wraith army

>> No.54751597

A poll for what? Quitting?

>> No.54751603

Nope, you use the most up to date thing, so can use khorne juggerlords using the index but use points from the codex

>> No.54751609

You use entries from the Index only if they were not included in the Codex.

>> No.54751610

Do you want this to happen again? They must feed. The resin must flow.

>> No.54751611

Chaosfags where's your artillery? Knights and titans and Soul Grinders are a must for the campaign.

>> No.54751614

Majority of people said they enjoyed their presence.

>> No.54751629

Please delete this. Racism is NOT allowed on boards other than /b/. Thank you.

>> No.54751639


To guess each
Elite: Necrons
Psyker: Nids
Fast Attack/fliers: Deldar
Vehicles: Orks
LoW: Tau

>> No.54751641


So let's say they remove the "heavy weapons become assault on vehicle" rule from ravagers and decreased their cost by 15 points. I could take the index version (with assault dark lances) for 15 points cheaper (codex points)?

>> No.54751643

what's the power ranking in your opinion of the new chaos legion rules?

>> No.54751645


>> No.54751648

Why are all you white nerds arguing about the stupid story and math. Just play the game bros. Grab some models, count up the points, crack a beer, nosh on some pretzels, and


Just played a 50 point game with one of my bros at the GW store. Gotta say guys, the new agressor space marines are SAVAGE I'm telling ya

>> No.54751650

While I hate the sculpts at least it gives you everthing you need if you bought 4

>> No.54751659

>/b/ is the only racist board

wew lad

>> No.54751660

I dunno, they look better than any of the remakes

>> No.54751671

Combi Bolter. Flamer can't shoot from deepstrike, Meltagun and Plasma aren't worth the price on a BS3+ model. Meanwhile the Combi-Bolter is cheap as chips.

>> No.54751673

Go Ynnari. Buy the Triumverate and a bunch of Wraithguard. If you're looking to play the craftworld stuff you're going to go Ynnari in the end anyway.

>> No.54751676

What wait link please

>> No.54751677

No because this hypothetial 8th ed codex is newer than the index,

>> No.54751679

That's sweet, what are some units I should get too? I have a lot of money to waste.

>> No.54751681

Has anyone here ordered from miranda irene? They sent my deredeo today. I have no prior experience with recasters but so far the communication has been fabulous

>> No.54751682

Our nigga just showed up in /WIP/ today. He ain't even mad! He's just doing this to be as petty as them and I fucking love him for it.
If you can see this, godspeed RGG!

>> No.54751692

Salamanders are literal blackface anon. They are black because of radiation.

Also fuck you go back to pol.

>> No.54751697

As always, use FW bits plus CSM.

>> No.54751699

>flamer can't shoot from deepstrike
wait whut
What FAQ was that, and plan was warptime after deepstrike

>> No.54751700

Charge your phone nigga

>> No.54751711

Lemme give some context:

SS Tier:
Imperial Guard (nerfs are coming though)

S Tier:
New Chaos Codex
Guilliman lists (Nerfs are coming)
Ynnari CWE
Tau Commander Spam (Nerfs are coming)

A Tier:
Space Marines without Guilliman

>> No.54751714


Understandable have a good day.

>> No.54751715

Or you act like a functioning human being and just get Space Marine Devastators for much more recent, non-fineshit sculpts and add spikes as desired.

>> No.54751716

>File Deleted
Not to me!

>> No.54751718

Flamers are range 9"
Deep strike is more than 9" away (9.0000001 Or whatever)
So they never get a shot from deep strike

>> No.54751720

All the top boys from Yoyhammer are pretty reputable. Just got my Leviathan and Bobby from CCoN. Shipping took about two weeks. They can be a bit hard to contact but they always deliver.

Quality from him is great, people say that MI is even better.

>> No.54751726

I assume he means that a normal flamer would be out of range of anything if you deep strike as flamers are 8" range and you need to be more than 9" away from an enemy unit when you deep strike.

>> No.54751730


>> No.54751731

No, if they update a datasheet it overrides the old one. The only thing you can take from old ones are wargear options that aren't on the new ones.

>> No.54751732

He can do it with Warptime.

>> No.54751734

How do you reason that the new dex makes CSM that good?

>> No.54751735

Flamers are 8" range.

>> No.54751740

Well, I'm starting on my Slaanesh terminators. Already have 3 of these and will cast more. All I need is some combi-plasmas and power axes and I'm good.

>> No.54751743

>Yin Ziqi had besieged the city for a long time. The food in the city had run out. The dwellers traded their children to eat and cooked bodies of the dead. Fears were spread and worse situations were expected. At this time, Zhang Xun took his concubine out and killed her in front of his soldiers in order to feed them. He said, "You have been working hard at protecting this city for the country wholeheartedly. Your loyalty is uncompromised despite the long-lasting hunger. Since I can't cut out my own flesh to feed you, how can I keep this woman and just ignore the dangerous situation?" All the soldiers cried, and they did not want to eat. Zhang Xun ordered them to eat the flesh. Afterwards, they caught the women in the city. After the women were run out, they turned to old and young males. 20,000 to 30,000 people were eaten. People always remained loyal.

Don't fuck with China

>> No.54751748

Yessa massa

>> No.54751757

>omg Girlyman is best at everything and unsurpassed!
not sure how you got that
>omg Girlyman made Ultramar and that's unique out of all Chapter and it's a super awesome place and it's a blueprint for other sectors and they can't match Giryman or Ultramarines
I cant even read that
>omg Ultramarines Legion were super amazing and suffered less causalities and won everything and were super awesome brilliant
I guess you forgot calth you know that place where they lost over 100,000 marines
>omg Ultramar was awesome and became Imperium Secundus and Girlyman was so humble giving Sanguinius the title of Emperor
yeah a pretty smart move by big G
>omg Ultramarines were super important in saving the Imperium after Horus was killed, nobody else, just Ultramarines
thats why the imperium almost had a split during that period and dorn had to go through the whole "iron cage" thing right?
>omg Girlyman did the Codex and super important
yeah the codex is pretty important. what an astute observation
>omg people worship the Ulramarines and they're brilliant and they're 2/3rds of all chapters and the AdMech love them due to their geneseed
"people like space marines" im also pretty sure before the heresy iron warriors had better geneseed
>omg Ultramarine Chapter Masters have never failed in their duty
as do most chapter masters (except blood raven ones)
>omg Ultramarines are the first Primaris Chapter foundations
another astute observation its almost like Guilliman commissioned them himself
>omg Ultramarines have the oldest Space Marine alive
didnt know they had bjorn
>omg Ultramarines have the only Primarch and are worshipped and are awesome
yeah until the next one comes out
>omg Ultramarines save all the other Chapters during Indominus Crusade
1 or 2 =/= all
>omg Ultramarines have literally ZERO negative aspects unlike every other Founding Chapter
they are rigid in their dedication to the codex which has caused them to get fucked up in some campaigns

>> No.54751763


Sick, i went with MI because i suck at finding email adresses for other recasters, it was so much easier with a proper website and just asking for a paypal link

>> No.54751764

Stratagems are pretty fucking good. You can wound land raiders on 2s with Lascannons.

I'm just happy my Dusk Raiders finally have rules.

>> No.54751771

As they come to the same price...

What can 7 Intercessors with an auxilliary grenade launcher do better than 10 tactical marines with a heavy bolter?

>> No.54751772

Yeah that was weird idk what happened but I put another one up here

>> No.54751774

denying the power is a crap suit BUT

if you get rerolls
80 boltgun shots

if you deny the power
90 boltgun shots

if you deny the power and have rerolls
68 boltgun shots

mean while the plague marines are running around molesting your army

>> No.54751782

>and the lore makes it obvious many Primarchs are better fighters
It actually does not.
Other Primarchs are better in their respective niches however.

>> No.54751786


I'm not that guy nor have I seen the codex but jus seeing the fact the SM codex was mass price reductions and a load of free buffs, it's reasonable to think that csm codex is now high tier by virtue of being against index armies

>> No.54751788

>Flamer 8" range
>Deep-Strike 9" away
Yes, you can Warp Time your lone Sorcerer, but why would you ever do that? Don't you have anything better to cast that power on? Or a better power to cast? Like, I dunno, Smite?

>> No.54751790

Stratagems and Psychic powers are better than SM.

Best Legion traits are better than SM.

No one else has a fucking Codex yet. Remains to be seen how GK do, but I don't expect much from them. They won't be trash tier or anything but I'll be surprised if they blow out to S tier.

>> No.54751795

Why not? -9 to ld from night lords, RIP and TEAR World Eaters, decent-to-good shooting from EC.

>> No.54751817

Nah son ultra marines put the sue in marysue fuck outta here.

>> No.54751824

>You can wound land raiders on 2s with Lascannons
Same with SM, and they can use lietanants to get to wound rerolls. The dex is good, but that much higher than C:SM despite most of the best stuff being the same in both books?
I suppose CSM have warp time termies, but is stuff like that really that much more powerful than the SM unique stuff?

>> No.54751835

Melta, bye bye armor

>> No.54751844

The Lion, Khan, Angron, Mortarion, Sanguinius, Russ, Magnus, Fulgrim, and Horus could all best the crap out of Guilliman.

He's a statesman not a warrior, though he still outmatches pretty much any non-Primarch without divine help.

>> No.54751850

>It actually does not.
Horus, Lion, Sanguinious, Angron are all outright better, Russ could be argued to be greater.
Anon, the memes are too strong. You won't get them to look at things sensibly.

>> No.54751851

Stop taking your info from 1d4chan, kid.

>> No.54751861

The fucking madman

>> No.54751873

>nothin personal.

>> No.54751893

Until more Codizes come out, any army with access to Stratagems is better than any army without access to them. And even then, a lot of the CSM Stratagems and point cost drops are damn good. Crowd a bunch of powerful melee units (like 2 20-man Berzerker squads) around a Dark Apostle and an Exalted Champion for example, and nothing, up to and including Hammernators and Custodes and with that amount of attacks probably even Knights, can survive your onslaught.

>> No.54751894

At least spell it right, fool.

>> No.54751907

You know they can cast two powers right, so smite AND warptime

>> No.54751910

Tank 40% more Wounds unless your opponent wastes multidmg weapons against basic infantry (this happens less than you would think), inflict more damage in CC, get more shots off at >24"-30", get more shots off at >12"-15", lose less firepower per Wound suffered, be better at passing Morale.

>> No.54751913

>Stratagems and Psychic powers are better than SM.
How so? Which ones in paticular? I haven't seen a lot of good in depth analysis of the CSM dex yet, and from what I've seen the special stuff isn't really much better or worse, just favors different play styles. VotLW is the only one that sticks out as being really good and unique to CSM

>> No.54751917

The range is the main thing. Particularly that 15" rapid fire range. Makes it a lot harder to be charged after you move up to RF. That plus the extra wounds and attacks more than makes up for the slightly fewer shots in my opinion. I like Intercessors.

If you're taking Tacs it's mainly for the special weapon and heavy weapon. So I wouldn't bother with a Heavy Bolter. Even better if you want cheap troops consider scouts.

>> No.54751918


>> No.54751935

>not sure how you get that
Literally says so in 8th edition SM codex.

>I can't even read that
Yes you can, you're using it as an excuse not to answer it.

Again, totally irrelevant because 8th edition says they were able to easily replace this loss, suffered less than everybody else, ended up being the largest legion post heresy.

>Smart move
Irrelevant, Girlyman was still played off as awesome and the Ultramarines are brilliant.

>Imperium nearly split blah blah
And yet, 8th edition says the Ultramarines were the reason it didn't, which was my point.

>Codex is important
Except it's played up as the best thing ever and every other chapter bar Space Wolves suck dick cause of it.

>Iron Warriors better geneseed
This is just factually wrong that I don't know why I'm continuing to reply after this post.

>Most Chapters don't fail
I never said that, only that Ultramarines never have.

>Girlyman commissioned themselves
And why should they be the vast majority of Ultima Founding? The reason is because their geneseed is super perfect.

>Hur dur Bjorn
You're an idiot, reread what I said. Bjorn is a DREADNOUGHT, not a living Space Marine. The oldest living Space Marine was always Dante, since 2nd edition, now it's Calgar.

>Until the next one comes out
And will totally be Lord Commander and use the Emperor's Sword, right? Fuck off.

>1 or 2 = All
Literally dozens, again, 8th edition says that. 20 of them were Blood Angel's successors alone you daft cunt.

>Codex is a negative thing
And that applies to every other chapter that uses codex, it's not the same thing has having genetic flaws or personality problems.

>> No.54751936


>> No.54751941

Not him. But Warptime is better than anything the loyalists have.

>> No.54751947

Space Marines can only get +1 to Wound on Sternguard, CSM can do it on anything with INFANTRY or BIKER and then stack a second shooting phase on that unit that still benefits from the Wound buff.

>> No.54751950


>The Lion, Sanguinius, Magnus, Horus
Yup, these are better than Roboute.

Questionable. He didn't even get a solid kill to stick despite being souped up and had a pretty even due with Ferrus despite the latter being mediocre.

Guilliman was fucking him up until he turned into a daemon AFTER guilliman already dueled Lorgar. Bobby G would fucking wreck him 1v1.

Got beaten by Angron, soundly. See above.

>Khan, Mortarion
Doubt it. Neither were remarked as being better fighters than Russ or Angron.

>He's a statesman not a warrior, though he still outmatches pretty much any non-Primarch without divine help.
Nope, he's remarked as among the best combat Primarchs.

There's a reason why he's among the top duelists rules-wise.

>> No.54751970

>Other Primarchs are better in their respective niches however.

Exactly. And Guilliman's niche is being better than others.

>> No.54751971

I still like White Scars jump pack ninjas.

>> No.54751979

Ladies and gentlemen! The worlds toughest ultramarine player!

>> No.54751981


the kid was actually much more fun to watch than some of the other guests

>> No.54751985


Two special and combi-special 5 man squads sharing a rhino is pretty good.

Maybe fill your third troop slot with a third 5 man Special and Combi squad in a dual assault cannon razorback. Would be a pretty good way to utilise a tactical marine army.

>> No.54751993

No need. The rulebook comes with enough such info. Remember when the Tyranids were attacking Baal? And the Blood Angels had to call in ALL their successors including the excommunicated Knights of Blood to make a heroic last stand? And remember how they only survived because MOTHERFUCKING GIRLYMAN swooped down and saved the bloodsucking prettyboy damsels.

Because nobody except for him gets to win anything right now.

>> No.54752004

>Remains to be seen how GK do, but I don't expect much from them. They won't be trash tier or anything but I'll be surprised if they blow out to S tier.

GKs are good, doubt top tier, but above average.

>And 3rd Codex released and GKs have a 2++ combo.

>> No.54752020

>a sw fan
that explains it , you're retarded
the calgar thing is probably gw not proofreading again i doubt they just added over 2k years to his age for no reason
numerous chapters ignore parts of the codex, because unlike ultramarines they realize things are subject to change and common sense should always prevail over doctrine

>> No.54752031

Yeah. Marines doing their best SoB impersonation is pretty solid.

>> No.54752035

What do you mean before or after K'banda used a warp Storm to dump the Tyranids someplace else.

>> No.54752044

Thanks anon I learned shit today

>> No.54752046

Yes, but you only get Warptime once per turn and I can think of a lot of better targets. Like, for example, a unit of Terminators you could deep strike right next to your Sorcerer so your very expensive Sorcerer doesn't get focused to death the instant your turn is over

>> No.54752055

But Gman showed up after Khorne saved the BAngels

>> No.54752061

How is arriving with reinforcements a bad thing or him 'winning'?
How is sacrificing your home and source of pride to save the Imperium winning?
Why are you so butthurt?

>> No.54752063

Why does GeeDubs make it so damn difficult to run fun things? All I wanted to do was use the Teeth of Terra on a Terminator Captain for my Carcharodons. Was gonna convert him from a Legion Praetor Tribune (Based Z) and give him a solid paint job.

All of the new Space Marine stuff just seems really bland in terms of options and such limiting availability.

I can't be the only one like this.

TL;DR I want my Space Sharks to be fluffy and fun, and am a special snowflake.

>> No.54752064

it states pretty clearly that there were still enough nids on baal to wipe em to a man

>> No.54752079

>can't even meme right

>> No.54752085

> dat tab
Checked my nigga

>> No.54752086

Kinda digging the thought of a GK wrecking crew, interceptors with hammers good enough at to replace a dread/pred?

>> No.54752097

Ah, typical. I use facts and evidence to support my claim and you just go "y-you're a s-salty x f-fan!". But when you run through logical fallacies in order to defend your mary sue chapter, I guess you're adept enough to know what's retarded and what's not.

Do you people even READ the stuff provided by GW? It outright states that even if that didn't happen, they'd still have been wiped out.

No he didn't. Only the moons of Baal were saved by Ka'bantha, not Baal Prime.

>> No.54752108

Stat a thunder warrior with Unification Era Boltgun.

>> No.54752123

Is kaldor draigo really worth the points? I can't decide between Kaldor Draigo or Voldus as my warlord.

>> No.54752137

>Is kaldor draigo really worth the points?

>> No.54752139

That hurts :(

>> No.54752140

WS 3+ BS 3+ S 4 T 4 W 1 A 1 LD 7 SV 3+
Bolter in exactly the same stats

>> No.54752141

They'll be ~35ppm for 1 Hammer attack each with the durability of a 13pt Tactical.

A little expensive for what they do imo

>> No.54752142

>people are unironically defending Ultramarines

Cringe. Successors are OK but UM are just... Just awful.

>> No.54752146

>Warptime is a better power than Veil of Time (and better than the entire Librarius discipline, desu)
>Killshot, one of the best Space Marine Stratagem, is also in the CSM dex
>The renamed RG Stratagem, is in, exclusive to Alpha Legion
>Daemonforge and Fire Frenzy are fantastic
>VOTLW is also fantastic
>The Relics are just better than what Space Marines get, with the Murdersword and Black Mace being flat better than the Burning Blade, and most of the others being far more interesting buffs than the Armour Indomitus and the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
>Daemon Princes are a better HQ than Captains

>> No.54752149


The legal excerpts are misspelled and misreferenced. The guy isn't wrong, but... this is gonna get thrown out.

>> No.54752150


uni era boltgun 3/-2/1

>> No.54752154

We'll see exactly how it happened soon enough.

>> No.54752155

So I got Chaplain Grimaldus in the mail today. How am I supposed to tackle painting such an intricate model like him?

>> No.54752172

well if i was just starting a new eldar army id for sure get 2 boxes of wraithguard and build them with scythes, two wave serpents to transport the wraithguards.

from there you'll want to pick 2 HQ units, Farseers are pretty good general all purpose HQ units and warlocks are cheap and useful for the second.

Now you need 3 troop choices for a battalion detachment, I like dire avengers but they are over costed for their points so for bare bones army list i'd take guardian units

Farseer on jet bike

Wraithguard w/ d-scythes
Wraithguard w/ d-scythes

guardian squad
guardian squad
guardian squad

Dedicated transports
Wave serpent
Wave serpent

all of this should cost around 1300pts giving you 700 to wiggle around in a standard game.

>> No.54752174

Primaris Marine with S5 T5 LD8 Sv4+ because only the front was armoured.
Bolter would be 20" S5 AP1 Heavy 2 because only the Emperor had a proper legit bolter at the time.

>> No.54752177

Work from the inside out. Take your time.

>> No.54752179


S and T5 space marine probably.

>> No.54752186

>Guilliman was fucking him up until he turned into a daemon AFTER guilliman already dueled Lorgar. Bobby G would fucking wreck him 1v1.
What fucking book were you reading, you delusional fuckpocket? Angry had been stepped on by a titan, buried alive and was battering the fuck out of girly.

>> No.54752190

We were there! Always nice to help out a lesser chapter.

>> No.54752198

Tougher against D1 attacks, higher range on most of their shots, better AP on most of their shots, more attacks in melee

>> No.54752201

Was the lesson you learned "chinaman gon eat my ass"? Cuz chinaman gon eat yo ass

>> No.54752219

Can someone help me
RAW shouldn't flamers only hit one model, and hit him d6 times, or are they assuming I roll each hit once to see if it wounds

>> No.54752234

Well, they're better than Space Marines. So raise their stats, weaken their armour and make the bolter a bit shorter range but maybe an assault weapon

>> No.54752235

Sure, sure, just that I know not to go and take a detachment I don't have enough units to fill the minimum, etc. Like if I need 3 HQ for one detachment and 3 for another, but only have 5 HQ units total, so it's a no-go.

>> No.54752249

These truely be the end times m80.

>> No.54752256

What the fuck? If that were the case Pask in a Punisher can only ever kill 1 model. How the fuck are you so dense?

>> No.54752260

>being this retarded

>> No.54752263

But Baal is the moon they take recruits from and have their fortress monastery on

>> No.54752266

From /hhg/
>Siggy is 1000+. Khayon mentions that Abaddon later told him that this didn't mean Sigismund was slow, it just meant he was finally down to the level of other master bladesmen rather than better than literally everyone. he was going to lose this fight to Abby, no two ways about it. But as Abby later states "He just wouldn't die." This caused Abby to lose his temper, which was just as planned by Siggy. He knew he couldn't beat Abby and live, so he does a suicide play. He stabs the Black Sword hilt deep into Abby and Abby disembowels him with the Talon. Abby almost dies. As Siggy lays dying he tells Abby that Abby will die weak and shamed just like Horus. Abby takes his corpse and the Black Sword, places it on an empty BT cruiser, and sends it to Terra with the phrase "We have returned" engraved on the blade. He doesn't desecrate Siggy's corpse.

Abaddon had to wait until Sigismund was weakend by old age before he could beat him. What an amazing win.....

>> No.54752272

yes they are assuming you're rolling each wound separately

>> No.54752280

Why does GW keep putting gigantic fucking gorgets on everything nowadays?

Wouldn't this make the head __more__ vulnerable to stray rounds?

>> No.54752281

They hit the unit, the owner of the unit applies wounds to a single model until that model dies and then goes on to the next model and repeats this until the wound pool is exhausted.

Damage doesnt spill over, wounds do.

>> No.54752296

Not if you're big armoured bonce takes up 95% of the space

>> No.54752303

double kek

>> No.54752331

Why not stick a Daemon in the blade first? I feel like that shit would be giggle worthy

>> No.54752342

Design cue borrowed from Mk8 power armor. I think it's supposed to make MkX seem more like a natural evolution.

>> No.54752346

But I, CATO SICARIUS, was not even there. I, CATO SICARIUS, was too busy being skullfucked by Bloodletters to go help.

>> No.54752355

And so thanks to lack of FAQ as long as 1 model is within 8" you can kill the whole unit potentially

>> No.54752367

>My Pask got treason of Tzeentch cast on him
>Deleted 2 units of guardsmen in a single phase
Jesus christ. I don't like this feeling.

>> No.54752383


>> No.54752387

Did they buff out the cravings on the sword?

Unless all Emperor's Champions in the Black Templars just use replica Black Swords.

>> No.54752396


>> No.54752401

>blood angels
>supposedly beautiful beyond compare
>that fucking face

>> No.54752405

Prime in the darkest grey
wash in badab black 3 times

Base: Zandari dust
Wash: devlan mud
layer 1: ushabti bone
Highlight: screaming skull

Base: lead belcher
Wash: badab black
layer1: lead belcher
highlight: chainmail

cloth white:
base: celestra grey
layer1: ghost grey
wash: vallejo grey wash
highlight: white scar

cloth red:
base: mephiston red
wash: canthorbury crimson
layer1: evil suns red
highlight: wild rider

Base: mournfang brown
layer1: leather brown
wash: devlan mud

If you want to really make it work do all the steps except for white cloth up untill it needs devlan mud, apply the devlan mud, then finish off the model and whites

>> No.54752408

The gorget is to keep bullets from ricocheting off the upper half of the chest plate and into the neck.

>> No.54752435

Would you say that he betrayed you?

>> No.54752437


>> No.54752441

Yeah well combined with that hood I think that makes it more likely for a stray bullet to ping-pong around inside the hood and gorget.

>> No.54752464


>> No.54752466


>> No.54752469

As long as there are no more than 6 models in that unit, sure. Obviously someone runs around on fire and ignites his friends. Forge that narrative, son

>> No.54752471


>> No.54752479

>that picture
>"Hm, I wonder which one of my faggot marines is on Lion-Blowjob-duty today"

>> No.54752482

Is it even worth considering
Not many ricocheting bullets to worry about

>> No.54752517

Fuck that. Rip and Tear.

>> No.54752519

I'm sad no one likes me anymore, Azkaellon, even Sanguinius liked me before

>> No.54752520

actually, i'd rather

bones (except layer1 and highlight)
metal (except highlight)
leather (except devlan mud)

apply devlan mud to the whole figure

go back and finish bone and metal

then to the cloths

>> No.54752526

He looks like he is pondering, if he is able to hold his sword whilst sitting like that without anybody commenting about it, would he also get away with furiously masturbating right there.

>> No.54752528

Ultramarines are prettiest spess marines.

>> No.54752541

Who was it that had 2 power fists and 2 ass cannons, also why have termauntoes never been allowed heavy bolters and lascannons

>> No.54752549

>2 chainfists with guns
Is it even legal?

>> No.54752560

>Literally says so in 8th edition SM codex.
please post where it says that
>Yes you can, you're using it as an excuse not to answer it.
no I cant read your broken English
Again, totally irrelevant because 8th edition says they were able to easily replace this loss, suffered less than everybody else, ended up being the largest legion post heresy.
they had 200,000 marines at the start and then just held up in their empire the whole time no shit they had the most
>And yet, 8th edition says the Ultramarines were the reason it didn't, which was my point.
>when the empire builder holds the imperium together
really makes me think
>This is just factually wrong that I don't know why I'm continuing to reply after this post.
"It was by this gene-seed adaptability and proven success in battle that the IVth Legion became one of the most numerous of the Legiones Astartes during the earliest years of the Great Crusade, enabling its forces to successfully split between several substantial early Expeditionary Fleets."
>I never said that, only that Ultramarines never have.
point is you can say that about most chapter masters
>And why should they be the vast majority of Ultima Founding? The reason is because their geneseed is super perfect.
why wouldn't you give your sons the best toys?
If you going to credit guilliman with anything its that he can train lots of soldiers better than other primarchs
>And will totally be Lord Commander and use the Emperor's Sword, right? Fuck off.
only imperial primarch alive who better for the job?
>Literally dozens, again, 8th edition says that. 20 of them were Blood Angel's successors alone you daft cunt.
ok then 20 out of how many chapters total?
>And that applies to every other chapter that uses codex, it's not the same thing has having genetic flaws or personality problems.
>everyone has to be fucked up. what a boring concept
>You're an idiot, reread what I said. Bjorn is a DREADNOUGHT
still a space marine

>> No.54752567

Anon he's going commando

>> No.54752569

>he wasn't your warlord
you deserved this

>> No.54752584

They're stormbolters
He's MOTHERFUCKING AMIT who tells Sanguinius to his face Horus betrayed us, and even the primarch doesn't hit him for this

>> No.54752607

Does anybody know where one could get the old 40K Moonscape terrain pieces for a reasonable price?

>> No.54752666

> treason of Tzeentch
Whats this?

>> No.54752694

Mark VIII made this believable.
But I think Mark X has just taken it as a meme.

>> No.54752696


>> No.54752704


>> No.54752706

Tzeentch psychic power.
Take control of a non-Warlord unit for a turn.

>> No.54752711

what to change in this list:

>Techmarine with conv. beamer

>Ancient with combiplas
>2 units of 3 vets with plasguns
>venerable dreddy with assault cannon and storm bolter, power fist

>las predator


1000p. Maybe I lack some troops but the plasma fuckery is too good.

>> No.54752717


See Kharne was done really well because they inverted his character for pre-heresy by making him a pretty damn reasonable guy and showing how overtime he just lost it

Abbadon has always just been an angry dickhead

>> No.54752718

Primaris Chaplain Redemptor Dreadnought when?

>> No.54752747

200 double reroll attacks from 20 charging berzerkers will indeed kill a knight.

>> No.54752753


No see, with 2+ skill stats and an invulnerable save the Redemptor would be -good-, and we can't be having that.

>> No.54752761

>Ugh boss, are we the bad guys
>why do you say that
>Well we keep on killing these chaos folk, and they have these 8 pointed stars, and our banner also has an 8 pointed star
>Nah, nothing wrong with that, just an alternate version of the eye of Horus our primarch once wore
why the fuck do the angels vermillion kill a sanguinary priest rather than just hook him up to a machine to constantly drain his blood
And how much blood do you need to give someone to stop a bout of the red thirst

>> No.54752764

Soon, or never, I dont know. They did say they had more Redemptor variants coming so personally Im expecting another Redemptor for the next marine codex this year, probably a close combat version.

>> No.54752772


Boxy captain dread when?

>> No.54752788

hmm, i need DP with this shit

>> No.54752791

How do you get 200? I get 160.

Even still it should be enough to do the job.

>> No.54752811

Niches like fighting, dueling, and swordsmanship, which multiple of them best Guilliman in.

>> No.54752813

>Berserkers are now always elites, even for World Eaters
>Same with Noise Marines

Chaos is KEKED again

>> No.54752827

Anon that won't be right, you just know it

>> No.54752846

Who cares? Take a vanguard detach and zerk everything

>> No.54752852

It is, but you can just use the Troops datasheet in the Index.

Or just take Vanguard Detachments, it's not like you NEED Troops in this edition to build a legal army.

>> No.54752862

can I ask which one of us is the best?

>> No.54752873

That changes pretty little actually, You can just run an Elite Detachment. Instead of a Battalion Detachment

>> No.54752886

>-2 command points

>> No.54752887

What intersectional girl power squads do you have in your marine lists?

>> No.54752892

>attacking an attacker for being wrong is defending

I bet you call people GW shills when they tell you to shut the fuck up

>> No.54752917

If I'm not mistaken that's Assault Squads isn't it? So uh, I guess I have two squads of those, yeah.

>> No.54752926


I like to represent intersectional girl power with siege drills, personally.

>> No.54752929

take cultists you fucking autist

>> No.54752947

It's 160 attacks, not 200.
Not that it matters, it's impossible to get 40 zerkers in range to fight.

>> No.54752956

World Eaters and EC are getting their book next year most likely, CSM is vanilla spikeys book.

>> No.54752958


>> No.54752968

There should be some in the horus heresy rulebooks/codexes/whatever the fuck they use. This one is a heavy bolter from the heresy so it's probably in forgeworld books.

>> No.54752979

You baby it was always you.

>> No.54752984

>Using Codex unit markers.


>> No.54752985

20, not 40. And it's not that hard to get 20 guys around a Knight in 2 ranks. And it doesn't even take 20 of them because by my math they wipe it with just the chainaxes before you even make the chainsword attacks.

>> No.54752987

Emps children, so I guess all of them?

>> No.54753007


So how do the Black Templars demonstrate intersectional girl power?

>> No.54753037


>> No.54753039

Tankred fights for his bitches.

>> No.54753051

15 guardians - 120
farseer - 120
warlock - 37
10 wraithguard w/scythes - 450
2 hemlock fighters - 422
2 wraithlords w/ lances - 306
10 shadow spectres - 230
2 wave serpents w/lances - 314

>> No.54753055


By crusading with our gal pals.

>> No.54753076

I hate how the Primarchs go apeshit on their loyal officers for reporting the betrayals. But I guess that's how close they were as brothers and I guess snitching on the Warmaster is technically pretty much like denouncing the Emperor himself.

>> No.54753102


>> No.54753111

>-2 command points

The Battalion Detachment has 6 Slots for Elite. More than you ever want to fill.

Can fill the Troop Slot "Tax" with Cultists (120points for 3 MSU!) or Daemons to eat some bullets

You also get "taxed" to take another HQ unit

Personally I think Outrider Detachment and Vanguard Detachment is the Way to go unless you can somehow get to a Brigade

I mean I get your feels bro, getting Objective Secured but not being able to have my 5man Noise Marine squads confidently sit on objectives is annoying but we get much more toys.

inb4 they errata the Troops thing

>> No.54753145

The Templar cross is just a FA symbol tilted with arrows inverted

Because all BT are assaulters

>> No.54753165

Double swords with +1 from chapter tactics is 5 each, then they fight twice. Theoretically you could do it with 20.

>> No.54753184

Mongoloid. Also the fact that he brought 7 tanks is almost to be expected of the Guard. Were any of them Chimeras? Because those don't count.

>> No.54753187

>a 50 point game
How many models?

>> No.54753193

You know Horus was the only person to know about the red thirst right, that's how deep they went, and he didn't even broadcast that to all the loyalists during the heresy

>> No.54753227

Is there a link to the new Imperial Armour indexes?

>> No.54753236

That guardsman doesn't give a single fuck.

>> No.54753239

16 conscripts vs 4 marines

>> No.54753242

All I enjoy is the will of Khorne

>> No.54753256

This is going to be my Penitent Engine and you can't stop me.

>> No.54753258

I assume power level.

>> No.54753274

Where do you fuckers keep getting this double chainsword thing from? That's not an option non-Champ Zerkers have.

>> No.54753277

And not a glorious icon of the Omnissiah?


>> No.54753294

No but I can laugh at you for being a faggot and play against someone else.

>> No.54753296

So a bit like my pic related

>> No.54753306

They can't take double swords except for the campion. All they can take is chainsword and pistol, axe and pistol or sword and axe. None of which gives 5 attacks.

>> No.54753322

They can't take double swords.

>> No.54753382

I mean OK, but you are missing out on these.

>> No.54753385

Are FW chapter tactics likely?

>> No.54753409


New thread

>> No.54753415


For Raptors and other prominent chapters, I'd assume so.

>> No.54753458

Where's all their chopping?

>> No.54753477

>Poxwalkers are bros who hold objectives and with the -1hit debuff and Typhus buffs are DISGUSTINGLY EXTRA RESILIENT against a wide variety of targets. Tempted to buy a second half of a starter set of those.
I have 2 DG halves myself. i think 40 is fine. allthough i am tempted to try 80

>> No.54753499

>not bringing 40 poxwalkers with typhus and 2 pleauge casters


>> No.54753724

Are these 3d renders or the most time-consuming NMM?

>> No.54753744

Digitally colorized photos of models.

>> No.54753858

Just noticed it needs to replace a chainsword, that is kind of shitty from GW

>> No.54754272

And no Primaris Marine (character) has that option. Bullshit, right?

>> No.54754397

nigga it's supposed to be this

>> No.54754706

Will we ever see Lieutenants on bikes?

>> No.54754864

>Warptime is a better power than Veil of Time (and better than the entire Librarius discipline, desu)

>Killshot, one of the best Space Marine Stratagem, is also in the CSM dex
having the same =/= better. Try again.

>The renamed RG Stratagem, is in, exclusive to Alpha Legion
see above

>Daemonforge and Fire Frenzy are fantastic
Not even close to what you can do with character buffs. Mainly because it only ever benefits one model.

>VOTLW is also fantastic

>The Relics are just better than what Space Marines get, with the Murdersword and Black Mace being flat better than the Burning Blade, and most of the others being far more interesting buffs than the Armour Indomitus and the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
The SotEA is ridiculously good. And with an Apotecarius you can even get models back again.
The Flaming Sword is better then the Murdersword. The only situation in which the Murdersword is better is if you nominate something like Draigo and cripple the enemies offensive because he relies on him. Also called: playing against a retard.
Tome of Malcador is much better then the Chaos equivalent.
Eye of Night is still crap..
There are good once and bad once in both codices.

>Daemon Princes are a better HQ than Captains
The equivalent to a captain is a Chaos Lord. Which is worse because of the access to equipment.
Daemon Princes are awesome, but so are Storm Ravens.. Every faction has it's own merits.

I hear mor whining then arguments here. Just because CSM get some toys loyalist don't doesn't mean they are plain better.
As far as I can tell loyalist still have more shiny toys to play with. CSM finally beeing good again is something you should be happy about. Or do you really want to just play agains other loyalist marines, eldar and tau?

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