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Endless Cacophony edition

Old thread: >>54727361

>Chaos (and I guess Chaos as a whole)

>Grey Knights

>Konor Campaign: Chaos winning the tabletop. Imperium winning painting and model purchases.

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other Omegas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Chaos' work)

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First for the First

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First for Black Templars!

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Alpha Legion

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What's more fun:

Alpha "everything is turn 1 charging" legion
Night "Absolute Terror" lords?

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>want to get into 40k
>hate Space Marines and that faggy """""Emperor"""""
guess i am fucked

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I'm back! Thanks for keeping the link in the OP!

I'm currently going about catching up on recommended fixes/tweaks/additions, and then I intend to get back to work. I see we have a pdf for C:SM now, with GK and CSM likely coming soon. I've been debating how to handle codexes, and I'm currently leaning towards starting a new doc for them, so as to not erase the old Index calculations or to over-crowd the current doc. Opinions on this? And also, would people rather that I do the Tyranids Index rules first, or dive straight into C:SM?

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4th for chaos victory as dg

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Yes, Space Marines are the only army you can collect.

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nth for why the fuck can't baneblades move and fire without penalty like leman russes

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About half of all factions are not Imperium. Just pick something else. If you REALLY hate SM and the Emperor, pick Chaos.

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Quad Grav Flux Bombard.

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Is there anything Marinelets have that Primaris can't do the same or better?

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Looks like it's Chaos or Xenos for you.

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>shooting penalties when moving
>can shoot shit behind it with all weapons

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Why haven't you gentlemen purchased Primaris Space Marines at your local GW yet?

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You do you bro, i think its awesome

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Night Lords are scary enough to make plasma spontaneously explode with a command point so I'm just imagining they glare hatefully at whoever is about to shoot at them which makes their hands shaky.

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Good thing there are plenty of non Space Marine or non-Imperium-Fag-Emperor-Worshiping factions to play!

What DO you like, anon?

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Pure primaris armies are pretty fuckin' weak bro.

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Problem is that it says Helbrute, not HELBRUTE.

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There's no way to play Alpha Legion on the tabletop according to their lore. If Alpha Legion are going head to head it's because they either fucked up or it's such a weak enemy that they didn't need to bother with sneaky shenanigans (so never in matched play).

So every single game you play is "Welp my warlord fucked up again time to clean up his mess with a pile of our own soldier's bodies"

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Decent anti tank options, though that will come in time.

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Play Chaos and bring death to the False Emperor and his slaves.

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Actual armor saturation, anything close combat, and moving faster than a land raider.

Doesn't work that way, it isn't referring to the Helbrute keyword but the actual Helbrute unit.

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Well a stratagem that makes Helbrutes, a super melee focused unit, shoot twice if it stands still is pretty fuckin' worthless.

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Space Marines with horns, you know you can't say otherwise.
That leaves 1/4 of franchise that is not spacemarined

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Can't into maths

>> No.54730732

If we're being pedantic, it is in all capital letters already.

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You're looking at it wrong.

When you're battling on the tabletop as Alpha Legion, its part of a great plan. You're probably there as a distraction, drawing troops away from some other area to allow a greater action to take place.

You've already won, no matter the results on the field.

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Daemons are a thing, Anon.

>> No.54730740


Vehicles in melee I MEAN REALLY!

>> No.54730743


Oh good, the carnifex units argument is back.

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anyone got that alpha legion glaze image?

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Got an 800 3-way today against either Fex heavy nids, Death Guard, or Primaris. Not sure which till i get there. Feedback?
++ Battalion (CP +3) (Astra Militarum) [800 Pts] ++

+ Troops +

Infantry Squad [63 Pts]: Autocannon, Boltgun, Chainsword, Plasma Gun

Infantry Squad [62 Pts]: Autocannon, Chainsword, Laspistol, Plasma Gun

Tempestus Scions [75 Pts]: Hot-Shot Laspistol, 2x Hot-Shot Volley Gun, Power Maul, 5x Scions
. Hot-Shot Lasgun
. Hotshot Laspistol and Vox: Hot-Shot Laspistol, Vox-Caster

Tempestus Scions [81 Pts]: Hot-Shot Laspistol, 2x Meltagun, Power Maul, 5x Scions
. Hot-Shot Lasgun
. Hotshot Laspistol and Vox: Hot-Shot Laspistol, Vox-Caster

+ Elites +

Tempestus Command Squad [67 Pts]
. Hotshot Laspistol and Medi-pack: Hot-Shot Laspistol, Medi-Pack
. Hotshot Laspistol and Vox: Hot-Shot Laspistol, Vox-Caster
. 2x Plasma Gun

+ HQ +

Company Commander [35 Pts]: Power Axe, Shotgun

Tank Commander [206 Pts]: Battle Cannon, Heavy Flamer

Tempestor Prime [40 Pts]: Chainsword, Tempestus Command Rod

+ Heavy Support +

Leman Russ Battle Tanks [171 Pts]: Battle Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Leman Russ BT

+ 'Faction +

Regiment Selection: Cadian

++ Total: [800 Pts] ++

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You got daemons. Just use them if you want Chaos. Otherwise go Xenos.

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so lord of change anygood

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Is this a decent idea?

>HQ [150]

Tempestor Prime: rod
Primaris Psyker
Lord Castellan Kreed

>TROOPS [368]

2x Militarum Tempestus Scions: 2x plasma gun

4x Infantry Squad: Lascannon

>ELITES [240]

Salamander Command Vehicle: heavy bolter, heavy flamer
2x Eversor Assassin


3x Salamander Scout Tank: Autocannon, Heavy bolter


3x Heavy Weapons Squad: 3 Mortar


Trojan Support Vehicle: Heavy Bolter

FLIERS [360]
Vulture Gunship: Twin Punisher Gatling Cannon, Heavy Bolter
Vulture Gunship: 2x Hellstrike Missile, Heavy Bolter, Twin Lascannon


Dominus armored siege bombard: 2x Heavy Bolter


The dominus, buffed by the Command and Support tank duo spits out an ungodly amount of no-los-required s10 fire while the infantry squads bubblewrap it and the psyker shields it. Eversors and scions disrupt the enemy at his side own side while he gets shelled and blasted. The gatling-vulture can be buffed by the support tanks for 40 2+ rerollable shots at a standstill. The other vulture is on AT duty.

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But anon I have To convert to Chosen, Berserkers and Noise Marines

>> No.54730757

Melee stuff, vanguard vets and assault termis and so on. Reivers aren't amazing in close combat and aggressors are a bugger to deliver if you're not playing raven guard.

>> No.54730758


So still literally every xeno faction still in the running.

But you clearly don't actually like 40k so why are you here?

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Just pick Magnus you pussy

>> No.54730762

sadly, not a hellbrute because fw can't into rule writing.

>> No.54730763

Ah yes. The "space marines with horns".

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In all seriousness theres tau orks eldar tyranids and daemon chaos

>> No.54730775

>Very fast dreadnought purging heretics at incredible hihg speed.jpeg

>> No.54730776

What about rank and file human soldiers?
Martian cyborgs and robots?
Battle nuns?

Space Elves? Dark Space Elves? Clown Space Elves? Pirate Space Elves?

Undead terminator bots w/ Egyptian influence?

Green soccer hooligan aliens?

Blue anime mecha snobs?

NOT! Ridley Scott's Aliens?
Alien-human hybrids?

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nobody likes Tau

>> No.54730779

Thanks! I'm just always trying to figure out what the most efficient use of my data-entry time is and what people would find most useful. C:SM seems pretty topical right now, but I'd feel bad leaving Tyranids without calculations.

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No need to move faster than a land raider when you can drop in 9 inches away with reivers and inceptors.

Reivers are good close combat, maybe they don't have power weapons but 3 attacks per model + shooting from pistols is pretty good.

Heavy Plasma overcharged is Str 9.

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>what are daemons
>what are xenos
Congrats on the (You), anyway

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>May 18th

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Fuck off Gamza you asw

>> No.54730794

Update the points values, but yes I think chapter tactics modifiers would be too much.

>> No.54730795

This one? Apologies for the filesize, been meaning to sort that but never got round to it.

>> No.54730802

i already have magnus?

>> No.54730803

I like their design, but then again I used to build gunpla

>> No.54730810

Am I wrong in thinking that the Repulsor actually saves points overall because it's a transport and main battle tank and effective anti-air all in one model?

>> No.54730817

The Carnifex argument was right, as GW had to release an errata that rewrote completely that rule.

>> No.54730818


Who cares about Magnus? Greater daemons are way cooler than the dreary Primarch fluff.

>> No.54730820

nice one fella

>> No.54730835

This one looks better, formating wise

>> No.54730837

Yeah, especially with some stuff like the Psybolt Ammunition on GK, that could potentially double the number of cases I'd need to cover to be comprehensive. I might throw in the occasion CT calc for what I view to be a common use of it.

As far as point values go, I'm currently planning to do separate Index and Codex sheets, for people who may want to continue playing with their Index to evenly face non-Codex opponents.

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It's literally HELBRUTE in bold though. Plus it's explicitly called a keyword. He's complaining because the H is larger.

>> No.54730853

And that's why I love tzeentch themed armies. Everything, every death, every loss, even my warlord dying.

All according to keikaku

>> No.54730858

No thats corrects, its why Storm Ravens are much better than Predators and Razorbacks are better than Rhinos.

>> No.54730862

Daemons, Xenos, Guard, Admech especially if you want to be humans, look good and give no fucks about Emps, Renegades if you prefer Chaotic troops, whole bunch of options.

>> No.54730867

Also heres a color wheel from white dwarf

>> No.54730868

Does the new Chaos 'dex have Lieutenant equivalents to really exploit the shit out of this ability?

Because having a dozen different Warlords would be friggin' hilarious.

>> No.54730872

>rewrote completely

>> No.54730875

The problem is that it's not in capital letters in the stratagem. Meaning that that stratagem only works on the unit called Helbrute, not on HELLBRUTE keyword units.

>> No.54730877

Yup. Exalted Champion.

>> No.54730881

you are truly a master baiter

>> No.54730883

I miss when you could do it to marine and cultist champions too.

>> No.54730884


He's right tho. And dreads have always been CC things.

>> No.54730893

>Slaanesh is the god of lust and tits
>It's followers and daemons are the worst waifu candidates

>> No.54730896

I have to admit I really like this. Very fluffy.

>> No.54730899

For the purpose of the argument, changing Carnifex into CARNIFEX changes everything.

>> No.54730906


>> No.54730908

What's new in the "new" GK Strike Squad kit?

>> No.54730911

>Lust and tits
>His daemons only have one tit each
You've been lead astray somewhere, anon.

>> No.54730935

>As far as point values go, I'm currently planning to do separate Index and Codex sheets, for people who may want to continue playing with their Index to evenly face non-Codex opponents.

hmm, you think people are actually doing that? I viewed point value changes as sort of like additional faq entries instead of codex specific additions like the strategems and relics. Since they mostly fix unplayable units like Obliterators and Helldrakes.

>> No.54730937

This guy is so autistic, and I mean really autistic not just as some result that gets thrown around here alot

>> No.54730944

So can I deploy multiple units 9 inches away from my opponent with alpha legion?

>> No.54730964

>one tit
Mine have 2-6

>> No.54730965

A datasheet I think.
Maybe new assembly instructions.

>> No.54730971

Sorry, I totally overlooked the hellblasters, my bad.

But yeah those with a las pred would be amazing at taking out hard targets, while also being able to take on soft ones pretty well.

You could use the drop pod to drop in hellbladters strategically, or to drop in a close-quarters dread as a distraction, or to contest a point.

Finally, is there any difference between assault on black reach and normal minis? I cant tell an Ästhetik difference so they're probably the same, right?

>> No.54730974

when are the 55th Alphic Hydras going to turn on the ultrasmurfs?

>> No.54730977

There's more to Slaany than tits and lust. No it's not just drugs and rock 'n roll. It's obsession. The obsession to become the greatest swordsman, to spend hours at perfecting your technique until you can get a high from it. However, the high from that or you know the drugs will stop being pleasurable and now you're addicted and will have to keep going further. Push your boundaries until you're so desensitized that you immolate yourself just to feel something.

>> No.54730980

I'm really not sure. I definitely see them acting as a balancing fix needed from the Index, but they also interact with potentially new rules on datasheets which may affect a given unit's value. If I already have the sheets, I'm biased towards preserving them and just copy-pasting to make the updated Codex versions.

>> No.54730997

So kits getting "sold out" are really just getting new paperwork?

>> No.54731001


This is why "NPC races" are actually the best factions. Not only are Admech awesome and cool, if I'm fighting Marines or CSM or something similarly "Elite badasses that cost a bazillion thrones and there's only a million and so on" I basically can't lose. I kill like two squads of Marines I've paid my army's fluff cost back a dozen times over, and I have another thousand of the exact same force on my Explorator Fleet and another ten million on the Forge World.

One game I fought Blood Angels and it wound up with a crippled Dread, two Devastators and a Stormraven flying away from a battle with a Battle Maniple/barebones Battle Congregation, that's a massive defeat in materiel terms even though they tabled me.

"Sir, we've wiped out a supply convoy at the cost of 4% of our entire chapter, and the Primarch Guilliman, who showed up for some reason like he does every mission has been killed or crippled"

>> No.54731002

>implying female khorne cultists would have an hour glass figure and not the figure of a power lifter to better rip and tear.

>> No.54731011


Who cares, it isn't going to be handled well.

>The 55th Alphic Hydras execute order 666 and begin their attack on the Ultramarines along with the aid of the Alpha Legion, Black Legion, and Death Guard. The Ultramarines take heavy losses but ROBOUTE GUILLIMAN counter-attacks and the Ultramarines are victorious.

Look forward to it...???

>> No.54731016

They're reboxing them. Updating the packaging at the same time.

>> No.54731020

But the 55th Alphic Hydras aren't traitors, that would be too obvious. Do you even Alpha Legion?

>> No.54731030

That only applies to marinelets though. Now that mass produced marines are better in every way, they're probably the most cost effective troops in the galaxy, fluff wise.

>> No.54731033

Nah. This is Khorne's waifu.

>> No.54731035

Anon, I ~

>> No.54731040

>implying an npc faction like scions will important in lore ever again

>> No.54731044

I feel like B is the obvious choice.

But thought I'd get other opinions

>> No.54731049

BL fucking up the lore again.

>> No.54731058

What do peeps think of admech this edition, picked up Cawl at the end of 7th.

>> No.54731063

B looks better

>> No.54731074

Kinda average.

>> No.54731076

>Sorry, I totally overlooked the hellblasters, my bad.
Don't sweat it buddy. Simple mistake.

Can Primaris units used Drop Pods? I thought they were exempt from SM transports.

The Black Reach minis are pretty much the same as others, they are just more static and you only get a flamer and missle launcher, opposed to the full suite of weapons in a usual tactical squad. Plus, they use old slotta bases, so they need to be scaled up.
Top is my unassembled generic dood and beneath is the squad when it's finished

>> No.54731083

all her art is way better than her model

that pose on the model is so weird and is so scrawny

>> No.54731109

>worst waifu candidates
>he doesn't love the prettiest and most perfect waifu
it's a shame really

>> No.54731126

>Can Primaris units used Drop Pods? I thought they were exempt from SM transports.
Nope. The only transport options Primaris have are the Repulsor and the Thunderhawk.

>> No.54731128

>Can Primaris units used Drop Pods? I thought they were exempt from SM transports.
check the keyword restrictions

in the index they could not, probably true for the codex too

but do it anyway. GW is trying to push people to buy new primaris drop pods just like they did with the repulsor

>rhino primaris
>cannot carry primaris marines

>> No.54731132


>> No.54731145

The name predates the Primaris marines. It's just a command Rhino.

>> No.54731149

>GW female faces

>> No.54731151


>rhino primaris
What a stupid naming convention that was. Command Rhino would have done fine.

>> No.54731161

They haven't actually said how many Primaris Marines there are yet, but given a bunch of chapters were destroyed and new ones created and the codex still says "One Thousand Chapters" or something similar it's a decent bet they're still around a million, although without that casualties previously taken.

Also because of the three extra organs and fancier armour it would make sense that Primaris are even MORE expensive to create, so I will take even greater glee in burning them down with glorious phosphor fire.

>> No.54731162

Drop pods are bad anyway.

>> No.54731177

That's an incredibly flawed statement.

>> No.54731182

That reminds me, Sigvald is called Geld Prince, does that imply what I think it implies?

>> No.54731193

Command Rhino is a FW model.

>> No.54731194

That much is true, I guess in that case I can just wait and see if they ever fuck it up so I can go over the internet and revel in the forthcoming raging shitposting. This is sad now and will be sad then

>> No.54731198

Oh and the Stormbird.

>> No.54731204

The command rhino predates the forgeworld model if I recall correctly.

>> No.54731208

Alarielle from AoS has a decent enough face. Shame about her topknot, though.

>> No.54731223

>Can Primaris units used Drop Pods? I thought they were exempt from SM transports

Nvm, close quarters dread it is. An Ironclad with a Dreadnought close combat weapon and a seismic hammer can be very scary. I once had one that got charged by a full health Demon Prince of Khorne and killed it that turn.

>> No.54731228

Old germaric word for "gold". Current German for "money".

>> No.54731237

Oh yeah, God of thicc

>> No.54731243

Oh. in that case, GW is silly and wasted an opportunity for a great model and a good name.

>> No.54731246

That is not what I thought they meant by that at all.
I can't be the only one who noticed the hidden meaning there? It's a normal common word.

>> No.54731261

Yeah what >>54731177 said. They're good for not only getting big things into CC quickly, they also are useful for bringing in reinforcements where necessary

>> No.54731280

they also made the rhino primaris and land raider excelsior exclusive to warhammer world because selling products to customers who aren't in the UK just makes too much sense.

>> No.54731284

>big things
None of the "big things" can take a pod anymore. Unless you mean the Lucius pattern.

>> No.54731289

Moon Nazis confirmed?

>> No.54731301

>Want to get into swimming
>Hate getting wet and that faggy """water"""


>> No.54731306

>They're good for not only getting big things into CC quickly
like dreadnoughts!

oh wait..

>> No.54731315


I honestly hopes Gamza gets hit by a truck. He once called Terminators in a Land Raider a Deathstar during 7th. He once said that he hasn't lost a game in years, and tabled a decurion with normal marines with no grav.

He's beyond retarded. On top of that he's poisoning the minds of the youth by giving them blatantly wrong information about how the game works.

>> No.54731320

What big things? Terminators teleport. Dreads can't go in there. Assault marines can jump down.

>> No.54731336

Dammit I'm just going to stop talking now.

>> No.54731352

Sorry to ask this again, but right now I'm running 800 points of dark eldar (just bought my army). Should I swap the 3 reavers I'm running from the SC for 8 carbine scourges (or 7 and one lance/blaster)? Is it worth losing my T5 W2 tar pit for the deepstriking firepower? I already have anti tank covered for the most part with a ravager, a raider, and a trueborn blaster venom.
In either of these cases, is it worth using a succubus instead of an archon? They're going to be on foot running like hell regardless.

>> No.54731372

Reminder that Drop Pods can literally block entire streets. Reminder that Drop Pods can literally form blockades. Reminder that two Drop Pods can force entire armies and armoured columns to change direction or waste time and shots.
Reminder that Drop Pods are the PERFECT way to deploy the highly underrated 10 man, 2 combat team Devastator squad.

>> No.54731377

>I honestly hopes Gamza gets hit by a truck. He once called Terminators in a Land Raider a Deathstar during 7th. He once said that he hasn't lost a game in years, and tabled a decurion with normal marines with no grav.
hold on a moment, while I don't like his content (he lectures instead of creating discussion) I wouldn't wish any harm to come to him or his channel.

If anything, I would prefer if he just improve the format of his content so that we have more actually good content.

>> No.54731385

I'd prefer GW stick to female characters with face like this.

>> No.54731399

>you can only overwatch if the enemy is within the range of the your weapon when they start charging
>those with weapons with a shorter range get to stand there and do nothing as the enemy runs straight for them

Or does charging teleport the enemy in front of you or something, giving those with shorter ranged weapons no time to react?

>> No.54731412

you first friend

>> No.54731414

Thinking of making a Tyranid army, what's the meta thing to do right now?

>> No.54731418

RAW it's "nothing personnel kid"

>> No.54731425

Don't disembarking count as moving? Seems real bad. Also devastators have long ranged guns. They can stand in 1spot all game

>> No.54731427

the meta thing is to spam genestealers and charge on turn 1

use the swarmlord. His buffs are nuts

>> No.54731428

Question you guys, I have this squad below:
>Company Vet Squad(5), SS(2), P Sword(3), P Axe(2), Plasma Pistol
I'm wondering how to load out each person. Do I give a shield to an Axe and Sword? Both Axes or Swords? I'm guessing Axe and P pistol for Sarge, but I'm up in the air after that. Help would be appreciated.

>> No.54731441

these clickbait thumbnails on his channel have got to stop

>> No.54731448

ferrus i swear to pops

>> No.54731460

Tervigon, blob of 30 Termagants with 10-15 Devourers and Fleshborers on the rest, Exocrine and a unit of Venomthropes and, unless your store bans FW, a Malanthrope. After that play whatever you like the look of.

>> No.54731502

Disembarking, not sure.
Standing in one spot is shitty if there's a better spot somewhere else.

>> No.54731504

Game in one hour. Advice or feedback?
Also how do people feel about Red Hunters?

>> No.54731514

I just finished the Last Chancers, and holy goddamn fuck that whole thing was a ride. Haven't had a book series have me that fucked up for a long time, was some Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now type shit.

I'm glad I got an explanation as to the fucked up shit Kage did in each book, and that he wasn't a monster, he was just fucked from the beginning. The whole final act of book three had me furious right up until the end, that wasn't the Kage I knew, but then I was right, and everything was okay.

Has Thorpe ever said if The Colonel made it out or not? Obviously Kage didn't, but in the end he did his duty, and earned his goddamned salvation in the eyes of the Emperor.

>> No.54731516

Since when is a bloodletter hotter than this?

>> No.54731522

>man butt

>> No.54731534

Shit, just realized that the Intercessor kits are up apparently, any thoughts

like all the extra bits they come with, no more single model with a holstered bolt pistol

>> No.54731539

Orks are going to be the last codex, arent they

>> No.54731563

Swords with boards and pp with axe on sergeant. That way you get more wounding on 3 attacks and you'll be taking the sergeant off the board last anyway so it's a good idea to give him all the cool stuff. Also, let your guys die like this:
No AP: sword w/ Bolter, axe w/ Bolter, sword w/ SS, sergeant
AP: sword w/ SS, sword w/ bolter, axe w/ bolter, sergeant
Your SSs are meant to take the brunt of high AP attacks so you should make them justifiably expendable, but protect them against attacks where their SSs would be useless.

>> No.54731575

He doesn't have anything good to say. He should just stop making videos. It'd be one thing to lecture about the mechanics of the game if he were actually knowledgable about 40k, but he knows nothing.

Actually he knows less than nothing, what he knows is contrary to the truth.

>> No.54731576

So it will be the best one

>> No.54731583

Yupp, 6 months before 9th ed is released

>> No.54731586

hopefully we're going to be in one of the xeno ones that hit before the end of the year

and when we get that dex I think our army will be one of the best in the game, assuming GW gives us just a couple good warlord traits/stratagems

>> No.54731594

That's a lady butt and you know it. It's a forgivable assumption considering most of the men in this hobby are thikk

>> No.54731597

Daemons don't exist anon. We have dismissed those claims.

>> No.54731609

Has anyone tried using a Daemon Army for both WH40K and AOS? I'm trying to save money by using the same army for both games.

>> No.54731612

I thought this might be marginally interesting, so I tried to chart the number of products that GW sells of each major faction on their store. Sadly, you can't just use the values they have listed, due to lots of overlap, so I had to do a fair amount of manual counting and as such these numbers likely have a small margin of error. Regardless, the overall trends should be accurate.

This is potentially useful as it gives a very rough indication of how much product-resource GW has decided to allocate to each faction.

>> No.54731623

How they did the stalker and auto bolters is really smart. I admire that.

>> No.54731635

Well, I've heard word of a 'nid codex around December.

>> No.54731638

consider fritz's videos, where there are a lot of things he gets wrong or doesn't know

but fritz videos are awesome because he doesn't claim to be any authority, he presents things as his experiences and wants viewers to share their own experiences and to spend time thinking about 40k.

Gamza's videos are more "this is the way it is because this is the way I think it is and I am so manly and the best and don't give a shit about what other people think"

>> No.54731651

I have for WHFB and 40k, now just 40k.

Thanks for reopening that wound.

>> No.54731652

Thanks anon. It is interesting to see for example that GSC have the least number of unique products although they are relatively popular. However in this particular case I think that it might be biased due the faction using most of the imperial guard stuff.

>> No.54731654


>Apostrophe on Tau

Fuck it's leaking everywhere so fast, why are people this stupid.

Nobody's using Aaeldarii, but the apostrophe is happening.

>> No.54731663

It's interesting that there's no power sword in the kit. I guess the only way to get a power sword for them is to buy one of the chapter upgrade packs (which is presumably why some chapters don't get a power sword). The accountants win again!

>> No.54731666

*or duplicate products

>> No.54731669

That is Hank Hill butt, pic related is female ass.

>> No.54731673

you don't like it when the Astra Militarum do battle against the T'au?

>> No.54731675

This looks pretty good to me. At 800 points you'll just have a ton of bodies on the table, with enough good weapons to have an answer to anything I can think of that they might have, aside from flyers.

>red hunters
I've never seen a Red Hunters army personally, although I heard they were quite good in 7th edition. No idea about 8th though. Your WIP models are looking pretty good though.

>> No.54731677

How would people feel about a guard army with a bit of a pin-up/punk feel to it? Nothing too over the top, but having some pin-up girls on the end of my valkaries and even tanks seems like it would be sort of badass.

>> No.54731693

How did they fuck that up?

>> No.54731697

All xenos are about 5% if we divide the factions between.

Better off than I thought.

>> No.54731704

well my orks are in a better place than I thought

I just wish there was a way to know how many of us played what army

>> No.54731707

I've considered this as well. It's really clever on GW's part, as they got an entirely new and thematically distinct faction while needing to supply a minimal number of new products.

Eh, T'au was already the name of their home planet, now the apostrophe has just moved into their race and empire names as well.

>> No.54731719

>pin up models in your army
paint them well, don't sperg over them, and have some male pin-ups too

>> No.54731720

Forge World < Citadel.

>> No.54731722

>not buying Black Templars, Grey Knights, Blood Angels or Dark Angels kits from "hoards of bits"
>not archiving that extra cool factor on your minis.

(you) (yourself) to blame.

>> No.54731726

Each loyalist legion gets about 3.5%

>> No.54731730

Have the chaos codex leaked enough to make an army yet or is there blanks?

>> No.54731733

I get conscript spam is hated, is it because it's cheesy or because it takes way too long time to play?
How much less will people hate me if i get trays to make it go fasta.

>> No.54731734

>Want to buy Horus Rising audiobook

What the fuck, is there somewhere cheaper?

>> No.54731747

Slaanesh model < Everything else.

>> No.54731751


>> No.54731753

Don't do it. Nobody's ever been able to make it seem in good taste and everybody's going to look at you weird for plastering tits and ass all over your toys.

>> No.54731754


>can only achieve warlord slain objective if all AL characters are slain

now that is fucking cool

>> No.54731755

Yeah! I was surprised to see that sort of symmetry. Along with the fact that SM is about 1/3rd of releases and Imperium as a whole is about 1/2 of releases. Makes me wonder of GW considers these sorts of ratios when they release products.

That's really what I was trying to approximate here. It's very difficult to get an accurate census of players, and I'm not immediately aware of accurate sales numbers per-faction, so the next step out is the indirect measurement shown here: Where does GW think it'll make the most profit by providing products? While not a direct one-to-one with playercount, it likely sheds some insight into how GW views these different playerbases.

>> No.54731761

oh my asuryan

>> No.54731767

>implying I'm not a DA player with enough swords to outfit a company

>> No.54731768

Christ dude thin your paints.
Take your time so the paint goes where you want it to.
Add highlights.
Actually paint the lenses instead of doing one flat color. They're really easy. Paint them black, or any dark color. Do a highlight in one corner, and a white dot in the other.

Drill your barrels if you haven't already.

You don't need to be Michelangelo to paint something decent.

>> No.54731784

Nah, but, what I meant was blood angels and space wolves intercessor sergeants cannot take a power sword. Presumably because their primaris upgrade packs won't include one.

>> No.54731793


>> No.54731794

What a miserable faggot

>> No.54731803

What should I get to turn my IW 30k force into a 40k one? I have 30 dudes, 10 havocs w/ autocannons, 10 missle havoks, 10 siege termies (probably will just have to sit out sadly) 2 medusas, 1 basalisk, 2 earthshaker platforms. Some HQs.

I know I want a DP, I have a helldrake. I really just have no idea how to make a SM army, I've been a necron player for 5 editions, I'm not used to having options

>> No.54731804

And that was my concern. The appeal of how it was done in WWII seems great, but I feel like everyone who has ever actually done it was a giant faggot about it.

>> No.54731809

>hm, maybe I should listen to an audiobook
>hm, maybe I should listen to some 40k audiobooks to keep in the mood
>lol $50 for a Horus Heresy audiobook

Any links pls

>> No.54731822

Whats interesting about it, its just the way he organized it by including all the other micro factions within their parent except gsc.

>> No.54731845

I just got these from a friend and was already going to redo them. Thanks for the tips though Sheman Williams.

>> No.54731850

OP mega mah nigga.

>> No.54731856

Tell your friend to step up his game

>> No.54731862

I don't think he's talking about the models, I think he means the paintjobs/transfers.

>> No.54731867

Well, first two are easy. A box of hellblasters, a box of Blood warriors, boom.

>> No.54731882

I'm thinking of doing a mini diorama with the newest deathwatch Primaris I've made.

I want to attach one part of a xenos at the bottom of the blade, and the second part with thin wire, and blood effect to the top. Like he's just cut a xenos in half. I've got spare orks, Gsc, and harlequins.

( also the arms are temporary till I get some longer Primaris arms, and I'm filling the mold gap at the front etc.)

>> No.54731889

No wonder he gets shit for views and has no subscribers. All he does is bitch about changes he doesn't like, call everyone stupid who might disagree with him so he doesn't have to face criticism, then lets his retarded subscribers defend his honor in the comments section while he tops up his vape fluid.

>> No.54731895

Dude, this is exactly what I was looking for. Much love.

>> No.54731904

I had the numbers anyway, so why not.

>> No.54731910


>Eh, T'au was already the name of their home planet, now the apostrophe has just moved into their race and empire names as well.

Exactly, so it comes across as a fuckup whenever they get it wrong.

>> No.54731915

What got me was "This is a REAL opinion!"
Like holy shit how full of oneself can you be?

>> No.54731917


>> No.54731924

I saw a guard player with little plastic flags on his vehicles that he'd glued playboy photos to, it's just weird.

>> No.54731932

Lads which unit is your MVP in 8E?
I'm finding mine to be my Emperor's Champion just because of the amount of enemy characters knocking around

>> No.54731937

My Imperial Guard Sergeant who took out 3 nobs before going down.

>> No.54731944

>thinking the 55th Crimson Herrings will amount to anything

>> No.54731946

Flags are weird. He should have just glued the photos to the side of the tanks.

>> No.54731950

GW nerfed Huron Blackheart, fml

>> No.54731957



here's a lot, I suggest mirroring it yourself if you can.

>> No.54731963

Reavers would be mine no one I've played pays attention to them so after my Kabalites pump'em full of poison the reavers come in and finish them off with shooting. Then they are off to tie someone up in melee.

>> No.54731966

Breachers in devilfishes
Such a fun distraction and that drone with a 5++ has done me so much good

>> No.54731982

My idea was doing the traditional pin-ups from back in the day. Everything being covered.

But still sounds like everyone is sour on the idea.

>> No.54731983

How so?

>> No.54731996

My orkanaut has done an impressive amount of work

>> No.54732007

Why didn't you just deploy on the right spot?

>> No.54732018

I like it honestly give a neat WWII feel to them. As long as it's not super magic realm filled I don't see it being a hindrance bro.

>> No.54732028

That one regular Grey Knight in power armour with Psycannon that was the only survivor of his unit after a drive-by from 10 Nobz with kombi-skorchas in a battlewagon, who then proceeded to survive 5 lootaz shooting at him, getting shot at by sluggaz and 4 trukks, then got charged by 7 Orks, killed 2 on Overwatch, made all his saves and then killed another Ork with nothing but the fists the Emperor gave him ... surviving untill the end of the battle.

Still thinking about how I should promote him.

>> No.54732031


Thanks anons

>> No.54732035

Morkanauts for my orkz, they're really goddamn cost effective

Boys also, people just underestimate the pure murder that is a wall of boys coming at you

>> No.54732041

Did deathwatch get Primaris support? They have the intercessors and hellblasters under the deathwatch tab in the store

>> No.54732050

Not a problem paint the food paint! Listen to the good listening! And don't smoke crack!

>> No.54732052

Italian, of course.

>> No.54732058

Lord of the Red Corsairs
Friendly Red Corsairs units auto pass morale
Friendly Red Corsairs re-roll failed to hit results of 1


>> No.54732059

Doing a female Emperor pin-up with "For the Emperor !" could be funny.

>> No.54732060

>I've been playing since 2003, so 3rd edition
>so I know what I'm talking about
Lol. Vehicles having attacks in 8th is harking back to 1st and 2nd edition with ram values. When they removed ramming in 3rd people bitched big time that the game was dumbed down.

8th edition has a simplified version of ramming, doing away with tank shock. So it's basically going for a simplified version of a thing that was removed to dumb down the game in an older edition. Gamza is just a massive retard.

>> No.54732063

Yes, Deathwatch gets access to those units.

>> No.54732068


>> No.54732073

Something like that was really what I had in mind.

>> No.54732093

they got them, but there's not really any reason to use them over mixed veteran/terminator units

the only primaris unit they have some use for is the apothecary, and only because GW doesn't let deathwatch take normal apothecaries

>> No.54732099

Take more plasma.

>> No.54732103


>Deathwatch intercessors

Intercessors aren't veterans with access to fancy wargear.

>> No.54732104

Go for it man their your dudes! I'd much rather face that than MLP marines or dicks on bases or some such.

>> No.54732112

I just wanted fearless advancing and charging berzerkers :^(

>> No.54732113

>But still sounds like everyone is sour on the idea.
No, I legitimately love the idea of pin-ups on vehicles. It's just a lot of work to do right, so I understand why most people don't do it.

>> No.54732115

Or ARE they??

>> No.54732124

Now you charge and plasma pistol

>> No.54732125

20 Reivers in a Primaris list overkill?

>> No.54732140

Does anyone have a discreet carrying case? I'm looking for a solution to bring a small force to work so I can leave right from the office to play. I just don't want a giant aquila or some gamer symbol with flaming letters all over it.

>> No.54732143

40K lore in a nutshell.

>> No.54732144

Why did GW change bloodletters from being mini bloodthirsters to being hive fleet behemoth tyranids?

>> No.54732151


Thanks for the input. I think I will pick up an iron fist box and try the paint scheme and idea on a box of dudes and chimera.

>> No.54732157

>MLP marines
Not that Anon, but I had a friend who became a bronie or whatever the fuck they were called back in middle school. Holy shit was he obnoxious, literally everything he did had to have fucking ponies plastered over it

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure he's moved on from that phase

>> No.54732159

Leave them in yoqur car

>> No.54732162

Five more Hellblasters and my 636pt Plasma Spearhead Detachment is finished. Feels good.

>> No.54732169

not even close

>> No.54732176

You could just put foam trays for minatures in a regular suitcase. Like, order some seperate foam trays from somwhere, put them in a classy looking suitcase, and done.

>> No.54732181

Abaddon went from a mediocre unit who only really got taken in fluff scenarios to an absolute force of nature. Before the codex he was good, now that he's cheaper, adds command points, and can get every single god-specific buff cast on him, he's ridiculous. Not Guilliman-tier broken, but very good.

>> No.54732182


>> No.54732184

Don't bother playing

>> No.54732190

A little conversion to a brother champion and maybe some touch up on his paint job? Or just maybe a shield badge from a paladin and let him keep his role as a veteran gunner?

>> No.54732205


>> No.54732206

if I were to hypothetically make a 60 hellblaster list, what would be the best HQ for it?

>> No.54732209

Maybe. I'm just not sure they're that amazing. Or, to put it another way, IMO their best use is in their ability to grab distance objectives that other primaris stuff couldn't reach, not being killing machines. So if you want 2 ten-man objective grabbers, go for it.

>> No.54732211

thanks anon, i will take your advice to heart

>> No.54732213

Only change seems to be UK chaos lost ground, WTF happened guys, did Tau fuck us over?

>> No.54732215

Wait, Yncarne is female?!

>> No.54732217

How small are we talking?

>> No.54732219

im so hard right now

we might actually get a region this time

imperials btfo

>> No.54732230

Any Captain and anyone that let's you re-roll wounds and an apothecary. Optimise your hitting and staying power.

>> No.54732231

No, it's Slaanesh

>> No.54732234

its an eldar yes

>> No.54732235

Didn't ultramarines just get done fisting the Tau into submission? Poor lads have Stockholm syndrome.

>> No.54732236


>> No.54732244

Thank you for this.

I'm going to use this every time someone asks about how weapons actually work in 40k.

Just look at the belt of ammo going in, and then the spent cartridges being ejected. GW couldn't into functional guns if they were shot with one. But, it doesn't really matter in my plastic mens army of space-pretend.

>> No.54732246

Awesome. It's a good feeling to be able to field a fully painted force.

>> No.54732255

I figure the smallest i could do is 15 custodian guard and a contemptor and still contribute to a 2v2 team game

>> No.54732258

>Chaos Marks STILL don't give benefits to models that take them

>> No.54732275

Ultras, along with everyone else, got BTFO by Tau in Damocles. Then AdMech came in to set space on fire for Chaos.

>> No.54732276

Been poking through some older books, since I started getting into 40k in middle 7E. The 5e Rulebook states the Tyranids have consumed a dozen galaxies prior to the Milky Way, and a little maths there makes them past Kardashev 2 levels of power given they almost literally eat planets. I doubt they'd be K3 due to not having sustained energy from those galaxies, but still, DAMN that's a lot of bugs.

Omnissiah damn them, that's considerably more potent than what we've seen of Chaos or pretty much anyone else in the setting, since there's about 17 million Bloodthirsters (8^8), and if we assume the other gods have roughly the same that's 70ish million Greater Daemons. If they follow the same Sacred Number exponential system, which is unlikely, because Tzeench would be all-powerful and Slaanesh screwed, four hundred million. Anyone have any lore on how many lessers and misc. Daemons one Greater Daemon would command?

>> No.54732278

Disintegrating ammo belt linkages have been a thing for ages, retard. Kill yourself.

>> No.54732283

Feels SO good

>> No.54732291

My Sergeant who, after having his squad wiped, killed a charging yarrick with a combi-melta

>> No.54732295

I'm thinking of writing a medical sitcom starring an Apothecary, Medic, Hospitaller and Dok. MASH 40,000.

>> No.54732301

God I miss that game

>> No.54732303

I made that, here's another I made.

>> No.54732314

Add a Magos Biologis in there. He'd oscillate between being a straitlaced emotionless motherfucker and wanting to join in with the Dok's experiments.

>> No.54732326

Thank you for your service Anon!

>> No.54732330

Is daemon summoning going to be a viable tactic as Word Bearers or should i just forget about it?

>> No.54732349

Added the Buttery Biscuit Bases to my Wario Marines and fixed the shitty flying stand for the inceptor. Did you get anything done today anons?

>> No.54732358

My Lychguard which have invuln saved a total of 582 wounds so far this edition.

>> No.54732363

Who the fuck knows. Being able to deliver a greater demon properly is nice

>> No.54732371


Sounds good, I want people who could feasibly work together so he's a fine addition. I figure they'd tolerate the Dok as his unorthodox methods of cutting things off and reattaching them occasionally proves useful.

>> No.54732372

Cyraxus get announced yet?

>> No.54732379

Yeah, like two years ago.

>> No.54732392

Not sure if this is bait. I'm talking about the size of the actual ammo, dingbat.

>> No.54732399

Contemptor dreadnoughts. Killed three carnifexes by himself. A godamned mvp that fucker is.

>> No.54732415

>"Whoever made this rule should go dive off a bridge and never make rules again"

what a nice guy

>his made up story about girls and yugioh

I wonder how many friends he has

>> No.54732419

with what loadout

>> No.54732426

This is the first I'm hearing that the base/stand for the inceptors is bad. What's up with them?

>> No.54732437

I don't like to glue models and paint but i like models in general
what do

>> No.54732439

Getting back into 40k. What do I do with my old Iron Warriors Basilisk? I don't see any rules that show that I can use it due to KEYWORDS.

>> No.54732441 [SPOILER] 

primed some eldar stuff (damn this Houston weather i'm getting my eldar finished painting this week come hell or high water)
planning a build for sonic blasters
ordered a warlock/autarch on bike
planning an ork warlock conversion

burning chariot, pistol and anti tank for my army that lacks it (or my damn havocs have a nice view but the enemy is out of line or sight or range every game)

>> No.54732443

Tyranids have always been assumed able to overrun the entire galaxy eventually... but they won't because they don't sell enough to be the greatest threat to every other race at once. I guess you can explain it as the fleets that came from every completely devoured galaxy just sorta went everywhere, and very few of them will actually make it to the Milky Way. And if the nids ever did eat everyone in the galaxy, all the Chaos gods would starve and die. I imagine the galaxies they did eat had their own Warp deities that are now just rotting husks in the Immaterium, with no being left living to remember their names, much less worship them.

>> No.54732447

what do you think of my Primaris Chaplain?

>> No.54732452


Commission someone. All the satisfaction of buying, choosing paint schemes and looking at/playing with them with none of the effort.

>> No.54732459

I'm not sure. If I've understood the rules correctly, it probably takes 3 turns to get a summoned daemon unit into close combat, where most daemons want to be:
>1 turn to get the summoning character into position (because he can't move & summon)
>1 turn to summon (but they probably won't make the charge this turn, even with an icon)
>and then finally move & charge
It just doesn't feel worth it IMO.

>> No.54732476


>> No.54732481

Kheres and fist.

It was just insane.
Also the same dreadnought killed Longstrike on a shooting battle.

>> No.54732485

Ding ding ding autism alert!

>> No.54732488

You can get camera cases with pluck foam pretty cheap, they look pretty professional

>> No.54732497

It's list tailoring on the fly though.

>> No.54732499

Highlight the bone up a bit further, then youll be a+

>> No.54732502

I'd put a brighter highlight on the "ribcage", but other than that he looks great. Did you get the model early or did you literally finish this in less than two days?

>> No.54732513

it looses the point though...
i WANT to paint and glue but i can never make myself do so.
It just feels tedious, fug

>> No.54732518

Daemons also don't have conventional transports though, and many of them will just get destroyed before they reach melee. Summoning is one of the best ways to actually ensure they reach melee.

>> No.54732526

62 attacks not including pistols for 2 10 man groups

I'm thinking more disruption with leadership and overwatch fuckery than super killy. They're still 2w 3+ too don't forget

>> No.54732536

So I'm trying to make a BA successor and bought a couple of the BA Tac marine Squads so I could get heavy flamers for them. Anyway so on the BA Tac marines the left pauldrons have the BA symbol modeled on, but since these aren't BA I was thinking of explaining that away as being part of the armor itself that was given to the successors when they split. Can anyone think of a better explanation? No-one else will care but I still want an explanation for why these guys are still wearing BA heraldry.

>> No.54732539

Interesting to see such a good freehand on such a shitty painted tank.

>> No.54732540

just got done doing that rib highlight, and yeah got it yesterday and almost finished today

also should i dust up the lower part of the coat some?

>> No.54732555

Well, how much have you painted so far? Sometimes just seeing FINISHED minis motivates you to finish more of them.

Have you played many games with them unpainted? Sometimes a particular model doing something cool will inspire you to work on that character or unit as "reward" for them doing good for you on the table.

I know it's hard to stay motivated, but if you gotta trick yourself or make up interesting reasons to work on a particular model right this moment, that's what you gotta do. Because it is fucking tedious, but it's also rewarding. Focus on the reward more than the process.

>> No.54732561

If you have experience with it, sure. If you've never dusted a coat, don't experiment and ruin a very nice model.

One last thing: The next time you use that Texture paint, apply it thicker, you can still see the brushmarks.

>> No.54732570

Guys I want to get into HH novels and I wonder where should I start.
Would Mechanicum be a good starting point?
I know I should go in chronological order but I like AdMech and I want to see if I will actually like the novels at all.

>> No.54732577

i didn't play any games my bro
i have no friends.
i just collect for collecting purpose

>> No.54732578

Start with the first one

>> No.54732588

I lost so many games already but I'm doing lass bad on week two. I did really good and won a game vs guard but today I played a game vs harlequins and got tabled easily.

How the fuck does one even fight harlequins? they have huge penalties to hit everywhere and 4++ across the board and tons of psykers.
Mortal wounds? from what? Expensive sorcerers?

>> No.54732599


How's this for highlights?

>> No.54732603


is this a new meme?

>> No.54732616

woops my bad

>> No.54732621

Well, in that case, it would be doubly a waste not to paint them. Just focus on how good they'll look on display once done.

>> No.54732640

Awesome! Man, his pimp stick is just perfect.

>> No.54732647

Which skull is best skull, and which model is need of more skulls?

>> No.54732663

human i guess, also there are blood letter heads in there since i think daemons lack bones

>> No.54732664

i wanna get some necron compound for better metal highlights but im glad with how this came out, only started painting warhammer a month and a half ago

>> No.54732686

Do legion traits have the same restrictions as chapter tactics?

>> No.54732692

Well I guess I have no excuse for not making a bunch of Servo-Skulls, what else should I make with the other 337 skulls?

>> No.54732700

you should use scourge as heavy weapon teams.
4 blasters/lances in one squad.
A cheaper anti-infantry squad with carbines/splinter cannons

>> No.54732704

None of them


>> No.54732705

What about it? Bolt rounds have small cartridges that ignite the propellant but also launch it out of the barrel at a high enough velocity that it's still a lethal projectile at point blank range. This was one of the key weaknesses of Gyrojet - it's close range power was entirely non-lethal until after about 10m.

Retard some more, lorelet.

>> No.54732710

>tfw GW solidify Black Legion as Abaddon And Those Other Guys I Guess

God, I fucking hate Abaddon. I want to play Horus' legion, not Abaddon's.

>> No.54732722

Yes, much better!
Skip the Necron Compound and get Stormhost Silver, though. It's nice and shiny and dry-brushes well enough.

>> No.54732756

"Hours was weak. Horus was a fool. He had the whole galaxy in his grasp and he let it slip away" - bitter edgy first captain

>> No.54732758

Them being veterans from the parent chapter makes sense, maybe keep that one shoulder pad in pure vanilla BA colors (assuming yours are different) to sell it even further?

>> No.54732761

No, I've just never gotten an answer

>> No.54732777

Hows this for a list?

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [81 PL, 1498pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ HQ +

Captain [5 PL, 98pts]: Master-crafted boltgun, The Armour Indomitus, Thunder hammer

Primaris Captain [6 PL, 92pts]: Master-crafted stalker bolt rifle

+ Troops +

Scout Squad [6 PL, 70pts]: 5x Camo cloak
. Scout Sergeant: Boltgun, Combat knife
. 4x Scout w/Boltgun

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 65pts]
. 4x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chainsword

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 65pts]
. 4x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Chainsword

+ Elites +

Redemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 202pts]: 2x Storm Bolters, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

Centurion Devastator Squad [19 PL, 402pts]
. Centurion: Hurricane bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion: Hurricane bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion Sergeant: Hurricane bolter, Two Lascannons

Devastator Squad [8 PL, 170pts]: Armorium Cherub
. Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher

Predator [9 PL, 190pts]: Twin lascannon, Two Lascannons

+ Dedicated Transport +

Rhino [4 PL, 72pts]: Storm bolter

Rhino [4 PL, 72pts]: Storm bolter

++ Total: [81 PL, 1498pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

>> No.54732782

I've got enough heavy weapons, so I was considering using 8 with carbines. The only thing I can see the T5 reavers being good for is locking someone in combat

>> No.54732797


You have. Multiple times.

>> No.54732818

not that Ive seen, beyond sarcasm

>> No.54732826

Go play ForgeWorlds Horus Heresy then, You'll get all the Primarch you can handle

>> No.54732838

Yeah, some brief off-the-wall maths (that pretty much just give us "within two or three orders of magnitude") suggest the Nids mass about thirteen million billion kilograms, even assuming that a) they only eat creatures, and only creatures bigger than bacteria and b) the number of planets with an Earth level of biomass is a pretty conservative estimate.

If they ate the entire mass of the planets in those galaxies, they'd have on the order of 10^39 kilograms of matter to play with, which is enough for half a billion suns made entirely of Tyranid.

Most of that mass is probably just one REALLY big Tervigon. "I'm not fat, I'm just big-biomassed".

>> No.54732856


I already do.

>> No.54732888

Am I right in thinking that a Gorkanaut (and any other unit for that matter but using Gorkanaut for an example) costs its 295 base cost + The cost of two rokits + the cost of two twin shooters + the cost of a skorcha for a total of 364 and not just the 295 base cost where all the wargear is included?

>> No.54732889

Oh i have stormhost, and it looks pretty nice dry brushed on, neat, thanks

>> No.54732908

You pay for everything

>> No.54732931

>but they won't because they don't sell enough to be the greatest threat to every other race at once

GW supports more what sells right?
They push Chaos hard but it doesn't sell enough to merit that super threat status though

>> No.54732932

Carbine Scourges are meh. Grab a Venom. That will give you two splinter cannons and a ride for your HQ.

HQ wise go Succubus if you want better melee or you plan to run any wyches. Go Archon if you want a BS 2+ Blaster.

>> No.54732935

Either run it as a Renegades and Heretics CHAOS Basilisk for no synergy shenanigans, or counts as Vindicator for KEYWORD support

>> No.54732940

1999/2000 salamanders

techmarine on bike-97
-twin boltgun, conversion beamer, axe, salamanders mantle

-MC boltgun

-MC boltgun

(10x) tactical squad-168
-plas, lascannon
-storm bolter

(10x) tactical squad-168
-plas, lascannon
-storm bolter

(10x) tactical squad-168
-plas, lascannon
-storm bolter

(3x) aggressors-129
-flamstorm gauntlets
-twin HB, HVY onslaught cannon, onslaught cannon, 5 fragstorm launchers

(5x) devestator squad-170
-2 lascannon, 2 missile, cherub

Knight Paladin-458
-RF battle cannon, chainsword, 2 hvy stubber

>should I sub out my devestators for a stormhawk?

>> No.54732952

>tfw no gellar field

>> No.54732960

How do you guys kit out your foot slogging imperial guard infantry squads

I'm always conflicted about giving them a missile launcher or something, on one hand wound allocation means it lasts a lot longer, on the other hand it costs half of a squad

>> No.54732971

Fuck off you no flamer having wacc shitlord get away from my fun and friendly chapter

>> No.54732972

Why did they just straight copy paste the alpha legion rules?

>> No.54732977

Thanks! I think I'll try running a squad of 3.
Are bastions worth it (I want at least 2) if I take a Warpsmith and park a Havoc squad inside?
I fucking love the idea of fortifications.

>> No.54732979

Finishing up these here incubi I started yesterday.

>> No.54732986

>tfw this would be considered a rather tame warp breach

>> No.54733000

OK, using my conservative estimate, the total Tyranid fleet masses at least four or five times every planet in this galaxy. Necrons and Chaos better get their author fiat ready, because I doubt even Kryptmann could kill THAT MANY NIDS.

>> No.54733007

so sad

>> No.54733009

Thanks Doc

>> No.54733010

Is it just me or did GW just eliminate a lot of grey knight models? No interceptors, no 5 man strike squad. Book looks good, but no new models.

>> No.54733022


>> No.54733030

They're still there. It's the same kit for all PAGK's. They just removed the other 3 options because it's the literal same kit no matter which button you hit.

>> No.54733035

Already running a trueborn blaster venom. I figure if I just make the archon run he'll be ok move and shoot (3+) wise.why aren't carbine scourges very good? I'd assumed that the 24 shots with deep strike I'd be getting would be pretty good compared to 3 reavers

>> No.54733038

>tfw I want to know how it tastes when grilled

>> No.54733041

aggressors have flamers dum dum. and I didn't write the rules, I just play by them

>> No.54733042

Wtf are you on about ? Interceptors have models (though it are just PAGK with a different back pack) and GW isn't squatting things that have legit models,

>> No.54733056


>> No.54733071

>tfw you see something you didn't even know you needed that badly to make your life complete

>> No.54733073

Can we expect tons of converted skeleton armies due to this release?

>> No.54733075

1 unit

Not even putting them on tacticals

>> No.54733079

Does anyone have that bit that confirms Fabulous Bill is working on Chaos Primaris.

>> No.54733082

Noticed that, they did eliminate the 5 man strike squad kit though which is how I want to run mine to fit in razorbacks. So now I have to pay twice as much and not get a second justicar.

>> No.54733083

Someone is going to base they're khorne army in skulls

I want to see this

>> No.54733097


Every Khorne player should. I play Word Bearers but I have 20 bloodletters who are definitely getting skull bases.

>> No.54733098

Fabius has been working on chad marines pretty much his entire life and existence in the fluff. What more confirmation do you need ?

>TFW Fabulous Bill was making Chads before it was cool

>> No.54733101

I don't need confirmation, I just want the picture from the codex

>> No.54733109

>Fabby trying and failing for 10,000 years
>Cawl shows up
>"Yeah, I've been churning these things out for a few centuries. Wasn't too hard"

>> No.54733111

maybe if they're flamers were better. but I guess GW wants them to have overcharged plasma and lascannons.
why give a flamer heavy faction re-rolls to hit when they auto hit? doesn't make sense to me
>but I'm not complaining, I play IH and RG too but I like sallies most this edition

>> No.54733118

How the fuck do demon skulls even work?

>> No.54733121

They got rid of the 5 man, but I can bet you LGS's still have them. They just won't have 32mm bases and 8e rules, which is what I assume the repack includes. But fuck GW, the old 10 man pack used to cost $50, and then they bumped it to $60 because of new bases and the rules. You can still build 2 Justicars because it's just 2 5 man kits in a single box.

>> No.54733127

Here ya go anon!

>> No.54733132

Has anyone produced an editable datasheet template yet? I haven't found a good one.

I want to create a sheet for Arbites and Frateris Militia.

>> No.54733137

It's the warp. Deal with it.

>> No.54733141

>m-muh Tau are best-selling xenos!
>outsold by literally every army in the game except genestealer cults which also buys tons of Tyranid and Imperial Guard stuff that isn't counted

>> No.54733142


>> No.54733148

> my warlord fucked up again time to clean up his mess with a pile of our own soldier's bodies

That's just what they want you to think. The forces that died were disloyal and the enemy has simply saved you bullets while the real force waits in reserve. The Warlord is a puppet to your real mastermind, the enemy is right where you want them and the real objective was achieved.

I'd argue that Alpha Legion make sense in basically any battle. They aren't tied to any one place, and their inscrutability means it makes sense for them to fight everyone from Imperials to Tau to other Chaos Space Marines.

Also, they aren't cowards that avoid open battle and only attack the weakest forces with overwhelming numbers. The Alpha Legion is driven by it's own brand of martial pride, where out-thinking your opponent is just as important as outfighting them, and every battle is an opportunity to prove themselves the superior Legion.

>> No.54733149

I have 2 sets of DI primaris, what can I do from here to get a decent 2k list?

>> No.54733168

Goddamn, Nurgle's disgustingly resiliant rule pisses me off.

>> No.54733171

Please note that these numbers are based on the number of different products sold on the GW online store, not sales figures.

>> No.54733174

Question for you guys. I was at a large hobby shop the other day and after looking at the 40k stuff my friend and I came upon an enormous wall of gundam/japanese robot models. I have never watched the show and know little of it but we both agreed they looked pretty awesome.

Our group of friends uses proxies all the time so it's no issue to us as long as it's the same size, so I am using one I got as a Riptide for Tau.

Here's the question though. Could anyone who is familiar with those Gundam robots recommend some thicc looking ones to match the slightly fatter Riptide or Stormsurge-thing?

The one I bought will do, it looks awesome - it's just really thin.


>> No.54733183

Any screen capture of the chaos relics?

>> No.54733185

>even assuming that a) they only eat creatures, and only creatures bigger than bacteria and b) the number of planets with an Earth level of biomass is a pretty conservative estimate.
Thing is, we know they don't just eat creatures. They eat all biological life, including the microbes, and they also succ the minerals out of the planets molten interior, and all the moisture and atmosphere. They leave a giant ball of brittle, crumbly dead rock.

>> No.54733188

Centurions piss me off. No 3 infantry models should be able to hit you with 80+ dice

>> No.54733189

It is basically an invulnerable save

>> No.54733190

They aren't terrible, just low priority. All they're bringing is some splinter fire. Most people get plenty of that via Kabalite gunboats and Venoms among other things.

>> No.54733191

Imagine if it was rolled before damage was applied

>> No.54733194

Wouldn't that just be pictures of chaos marine models? :^)

>> No.54733195

Ok the description says you can build ONE as a justicar, but maybe I don't know. If you can its actually $6 cheaper than buying two old five man kits.

>> No.54733198

Then you're good, go back to the Horus Heresy

>> No.54733203


>> No.54733204

>can't really paint that well to begin with
Who else knows this pain?

>> No.54733205


>tfw the warp is overtaking you

>> No.54733207

Yeah but every unit gets it. Shooting a zombie with a rocket and it lives is some bullshit.

>> No.54733212

So I might as well just snag another gunboat

>> No.54733214


>> No.54733221

It didn't feel the pain, bruh. Whatchu gunna do about it?

>> No.54733227

I have been giving mine a lascannon. 60 pts a squad ain't bad. I use them to just fill the detatment needs. Ussually set them and forget them. One solid lascannon shot ussualy ends up making up for the three squads.

>> No.54733236

Because it works perfectly.

Having the same faction trait and stratagem is fine when you also have different relics, warlord traits, units, other stratagems, psychic powers, and so on. It actually adds diversity by not locking every subfaction trait in its own faction and allowing some overlap to combine in new ways with the different aspects of other races.

Also you can now pretty legitimately play sleeper cells of Alpha Legion using the loyalist codex by taking RG tactics which is a huge fluff win.

>> No.54733242

No because it's not a save. InvSv are rolled before you count damage, DR is rolled once damage has been calculated. So you have to roll DR for each damage you take.

>> No.54733246

What configuration of Centurions manage so much dice?

>> No.54733248


It's not meant to troll...I am genuinely interested be cause #1 I am a poorfag and they cost like 1/3 the price, and they look cool.

>> No.54733253

I know that feel, that feel got me to get gud at painting. Watching how to videos on YouTube really got me to move up my skills.

>> No.54733258

So don't shoot a rocket at a fucking zombie, retard, that's not what they're for.

>> No.54733260

>It is this guy again

Gets annoying when you can recognize shitposters because they all post the same thing every time

No sense bothering

All the fun shenanigans AL would have is hard to translate to tabletop
>Your tanks have no ammo cause I sabotaged your shit a week ago

>> No.54733269

If the rumors are true and guard is about to see some Steel Legion Models, do you think we are going to see a scale change compared to the current models?

>> No.54733274

Im not sure, I dont play marines but I had 3 centurions drop behind some of my infantry then about 2 minutes later he comes up to me with a 32 ounce cup filled with dice and said "my centurions are shooting your praetorians hitting on 3's" I lost all 10 of them with a 2 up save from cover

>> No.54733287

I doubt it, but if they actually do, then I will take it as confirmation that they are indeed phasing out Marinelets. It would look retarded for a Guardsman to stand taller than a Marinelet.

>> No.54733290

Can't they each take a hurricane bolter and a heavy bolter or assault cannon or something?

>> No.54733291

Unless GW went through each sprue clipping out the Justicar legs/torsos(pic related, you can build 2. Because each kit is 2 5 man kits. And they used to sell a 10 man kit for $50 vs the 2 individual 5 man's for $28-$29.

>> No.54733299

That is what I was thinking. It also then causes the same issue with marinelets. Now guard would have a gaurdlet issue, or the new models being smaller than current guard models.

>> No.54733300

It was the only target in range famalamadingdong. He bumrushed me with his hoard and my muhreenz had to try and kill em before they melee'd us.

>> No.54733314

I believe that is the case

>> No.54733321

Has GSC changed at all?

>> No.54733323

Gundam Heavyarms, Gundam Virtue, Buster Gundam,

>> No.54733329

I was told /tg would enjoy my homemade chaos spawn. His name is Gary.

>> No.54733335

I know this feel, worst part being that I just got back into the hobby in February after a 10 year hiatus and bought like 2k worth of tau but I have not left the house with them in fear of being a meme. At least my dark angels are hard to fuck up right? wrong

>> No.54733338

They can each take a Hurricane Bolter and two Heavy Bolters.
Best case scenario is 54 shots. Maybe if you're Imperial Fists you can get another 7-10 shots.

>> No.54733349

It's just a rebox. So yeah.

>> No.54733366

lel, he looks like a gary

>> No.54733368

Just make my autistic deathwatch friends piss his self in rage.

Made him a present.

Deathwatch Librarian from the Black Templars Chapter.

>> No.54733370

Do you guys have any weird headcanons about characters?

Personally, I think the reason Yarrick is so strong is that he absorbed a lot of Ork spores because he's killed so many of them. If Orks can terraform an entire planet, who's to say they can't ork up a humie?

>> No.54733372

Gary looks like a fun guy.

>> No.54733380

fucking kek

>> No.54733381

I was into Gunpla before getting into 40k, and I'm just going to warn you, you DO NOT want to be that guy. I have seen tau conversions of gundam that looked good, but used extensive tau bits that would probably cost double what you are trying to save anyway. Gundam kits are also often MUCH more delicate than gw kits and will be a royal pain in the ass to transport.

There was a guy at my gamestore who proxied all 6 (yes 6) of his riptides with different 1/144 scale gunpla, and he was universally despised for being a scumbag and weirdo.

tl;dr don't proxy tau with gundam unless you want to convert them heavily

>> No.54733387


The possible configuration for that are hurricane bolters and either twin heavy bolter or twin flamers. In the first case for three centurions there are 36 bolter shots + 18 heavy bolter shots, in the second 36 +6d6 averagin 58 S4 shots.

In both cases, if you are talking about triarch pretorians he must have had some insane rolls, as against them they average 3 wounds in the first case and 2 in the second.

Or, now that I'm thinking about it, the grav configuration can instead do 36 +15 shots, doing an average of 8 wounds.

It's still an average of 4 dead pretorians, so I'm calling insane rolls or bullshit in 3 Centurions killing 10 Pretorians in cover.

>> No.54733388

I have cool head cannon for a lot of "my dudes" but not autistic enough to share them with my opponent.

>> No.54733403

I think hes as tough as he his because orks respect him as a threat and thus power his legend

>> No.54733405

Yeah, exactly, so there would be more, but I made up for that somewhat by assuming that every planet that COULD support life had an Earth-equivalent amount of biomass on it. My large estimate (1.55x10^39 kg of Nid, or 1.41% of the Milky Way) was assuming they ate the entirety of every solar system and that the average mass of a solar system consumed is equal to every planetoid Mercury size or larger (a complete assumption to make the maths simpler), which they don't, but I wasn't about to dig up Granddad's old geological survey data and work out how much of a planet is useful minerals so I could judge the required number of fictional space bugs.

>> No.54733409

Iktf combined with a fucked up hand which means I'm unlikely to ever be able to git gud

>> No.54733431

what faction do you play? maybe you can get away with a ghost theme

>> No.54733436

Bring melta.
Fix vehicles.
Have a named char add flavour to a chapter.
Etc etc

>> No.54733485

Gary is a fun guy. He enjoys chaos and holding back field objectives. He even has a catchphrase, "GlaRghagurglarur". Which he repeats every few seconds. Now that I think about it, that's all he ever actually says.

>> No.54733548


Yeah, I guess that's a good counterpoint of making its point cost back in one shot

>> No.54733578

Play one of the Thrice Cursed Traitor warbands still loyal to the memory of Horus then, it isn't difficult.

>> No.54733595

>tfw you lose a bit in between the store and back home
Is there anything worse, especially if that was the head you picked out for your champion

>> No.54733617

English Dub Mikasa is a fucking pyschopath.
"Choose your side. Eren, or the whore that I'm going to Kill."

>> No.54733628


>> No.54733631

>mfw my champion is FULLY magnetized
I know it comes and the dread this day

>> No.54733633


>> No.54733642

Watch episode 11.

>> No.54733644

Anyone else actually really like old abilities becoming strategems
Why are you commenting on AoT here, the last time I saw anime on /tg it was in 40kg on Levi's dad

>> No.54733656

Wait, this was for a converstion on /vg/ my bad

>> No.54733674

Just starting back up because of 8th. I need a quick rundown on the "new" split fire mechanic.

1. Can I declare shots at models inside of a transport after it gets blown up? Like in 6th, after you killed a transport you could continue allocating shots at the unit inside because they were considered the "same unit".

2. You can only target a character if it's the closest model. What if there is a character behind another character? Can I declare excess shots vs the one behind the first, or do I have to waste an entire shooting phase with obvious overkill on the first?

>> No.54733744

If it's one they released on CD you can sometimes find them on eBay cheaper. But not often and not by much.

BL audio pricing is nucking futs. Some of those 10 minute dramas are $20.

>> No.54733991

I play custodes and a bunch of different marine armies

>> No.54734044

>1. Can I declare shots at models inside of a transport after it gets blown up? Like in 6th, after you killed a transport you could continue allocating shots at the unit inside because they were considered the "same unit".
No, because you have to declare all targets for the shooting unit before resolving any of them. So the transport can't be blown up until you start shooting which is after you've already picked all your targets.

>2. You can only target a character if it's the closest model. What if there is a character behind another character? Can I declare excess shots vs the one behind the first, or do I have to waste an entire shooting phase with obvious overkill on the first?
You do indeed need to waste a whole units shooting on the first character and kill him before another unit can target the next closest one. Yeah it's kind of bullshit and one of the things that might be getting addressed in an FAQ.

>> No.54734068

Well this is exactly what my flayed ones needed, ive been converting them from other moddles because the real ones are just too off looking

>> No.54734218

Dab for Gary lemme smash

>> No.54734307

I really hope GW confirms that this works on everything with the Helbrute keyword. My Alpha Legion Leviathan with double Grav Flux is getting brutal.

>> No.54734514

>Back in middle school
This board is 18+ you know

>> No.54734578

>I play custodes

>> No.54734582

I'm not him but MLP FIM came out 7 years ago.

>> No.54734655

So anon could be between 16 and 21 years old depending on his birthday and how smart he is

>> No.54734684

Kinda hope one of the Orks Klans gets something like it to represent "I'm the biggest now, so's all you runts gosta listen to me!"

>> No.54734686

It didn't become hugely popular until 2012- 2013. Plus, he writes like a 15 year old, and he still thinks anything that happens in middle school is relevant at all.

>> No.54734825

Master of Mankind wasn't that bad.

>> No.54734842

>not playing golden bananas in 30k
it's like you dont want an army of flying tanks or something

>> No.54734982

So is this including forge world or not. Because the Custodes and sister of silence numbers, as compared to Assassins, makes no sense if otherwise.

>> No.54735067


>> No.54735160

r8 and b8 ork 2000
Patrol detach
>2x weirdboy 62p each
>2x 29boyz slugga/ choppa 1nob big choppa 193p each
>19boys shoota 1nob big choppa 133p

>heavy support
>big gunz 5 kannon 108 p
>Morkanaut KFF 374

Spearhead Detach
>wierdboy 62
Heavy support
>Big gunz 5 kannon 108p
>2x Deff dread Skorcha/big shoota 284p
>2x Deff dread Skorcha/big shoota 284p
>2x Killa Kans with skorcha

I'm playing against mostly LSM and Chaos, they might expect an horde army and prepare accordingly. Also help me trim it down to 1750 points, 1500 points 1250 points 1000 points 750 and 500.

>> No.54735187

>dworfs in space, but get this, they have bikes

>> No.54735223

Why isn't that patrol a battalion? YOu have 2 HQ and 3 Troops.

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