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Old thread >>54707352

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Reminder not to pet the authors.

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I am, of course, the exception to this rule.

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How do you handle walls of text in cyoas?

My current project has a massive lore dump on the first page, and I'm worried it might scare some anons off.

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Advice that I'd give to you, not just as a cyoa author, but generally as a writer; Avoid lore dumps at all, if possible.

The rule of "show don't tell" doesn't apply to anything written for obvious reasons, but the general concept is still important. Try to weave lore into the general body. If there's a situation where you think the readers need to know something, ask yourself these questions:

1: Do the reader REALLY need to know? Are they missing important context, or is it just "pointless" fluff?

2: Can you work an explanation into it?

Ex. Your reader doesn't understand that guns shoot bullets, so rather than an aside where you explain guns need bullets, you write "guns are powerful, but are limited by their ammunition, bullets."

Perhaps not the best example, but you get the point.

3. Can you work it into something else?

As in the above, but in another option.

Ex. "Whilst a big stick won't deal as much damage as a gun, it can operate independently of bullets, which guns cannot."

4. Can you work it into something irrelevant?

Ex. "Dave was mistrustful of guns, due to their reliance of bullets."

This works particularly well as it can help add flavour to other choices/elements. If done well, at least.

Hope this helped

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Just make sure you don't hide the game mechanics in a wall of text.

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Is there a BnHA CYOA?

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>You will never pat SDA's head right between her kitty ears when she gets upset or overwhelmed and tell her it's all gonna be okay
Life is truly merciless at times...

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I want to pet Angieanon.

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anons, what would you want to see in a comfy camping tent CYOA? The tent would have both internal and external features.

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Shit, nigga. I'm camping right now.
Go for it.

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I'm the last person who should be giving advice on text walls, but see if you can boil your lore down a bit, then figure out how to convey them in the actual options. Hopefully, your world and your options are related, so when you explain an option mechanically you can also drip feed lore through that explanation.

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>Go for it.
Oh, I am. Right now. But what would you most want in terms of (low power, no immortality here) magic stuff from a magic tent?

Enjoy the camping, regardless!

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>glowing, floating light
Warm, inviting, but not hot or dangerous.
>backpack of fresh laundry
Anything you put in that is dirty or sweaty comes out clean and fresh
>lavender perfume
Puts insects and forest spirits into a good mood, encouraging them to sing softly but not bite
>water bottle
Lightweight and self filling within reason, the water tastes the way mountain spring water "should" (just a hint of pine/mint and very cool) rather than the way it realistically does
>sleeping bag
Teddy-best print

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requesting that really good 3 or 4 parter sci-fi one with a ton of companions to choose from

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>inb4 ZBG's Dumping For Attention
There are only 12 images in the thread, at least In not just shitposting

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>Divine Might


>Power Armor

>Griffin Egg


>Dire Wolf


The Road Ahead

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>Fires are easy to start, and maintain
>Smoke no longer actively seeks you face
>Bugs leave you alone
>Flocks of birds won't land above your tent and wake you up an hour before dawn
>Large predators and territorial herbivores will leave your campsite alone
>Animals are friendly, and delicious
>The ground is even, warm, and comfortable
>Wind won't blow your tent away
>Rain won't get into your tent
>Snow won't crush your tent
>The sun won't turn your tent into an oven
>Water is easy to find, and won't kill you
>Trees won't fall and kill you
>Reliably edible mushrooms grow nearby that won't kill you
>Reliably fun mushrooms grow nearby that won't kill you
>Wild edibles in general grow nearby
>Cooking pan, and oil that won't burst into flames on your campfire
>Infinite toilet paper
>Clean latrines
>A dog
>A cat is fine, too
>Maybe a human, but only if they're cool
>God damn, I could go for some eggs right now
>Loading bench of unlimited reloads
>Fuck off, you dumbass skunk
>Did I mention rope?

>Enjoy the camping
I can't not.

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Picking right was the r correct choice

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How did you get that L upside down?

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Power of dubs, anon

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>The Free Cities (Braavos) +ruling house

>The Coin (+higher education)

>Tools of the Trade (Dragonglass weapons)

>Muwari Vaballatha


The plan is simple. Use my gold and business to colonize the lands Beyond the Wall. It's not like the wildlings are properly using it (they don't even know how to use a freaking windmill, for petes sakes). In no time what was previously a barbaric wasteland will turn into my own little merchant republic. Depending on when in the Game of Thrones timeline this CYOA happens I could either do this now (if it happens years before any of the current troubles exist) or I could do it after the White Walkers are beaten back. Just in case the White Walkers still cause trouble I have my Dragonglass weapon and the daggers to hopefully do some damage and provide some defense. My companion, Vaballatha, is a rich man, and his insistence on paying my expenses will save me money in the long run.

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>>Loading bench of unlimited reloads

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That sadomasochist makes me moist.

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>Divine Might
>True Sight


>Power Armour



>Dire Wolf

>Death Knight


Don't mind me, just being that guy

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Me too.

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>We're happy with anything from Hide and Seek to Warhammer 40k
Immersion broken immediately

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Being the ever so elitist book reader, I can assure you that your northern realm just wouldn't work out.

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Mode: Reverse Rapture Erotic Horror (I could play noblebright but it seems a bit much)
Joining House Neptune because I'm a sucker like that.

Allure: 3 (+1 from House)
Elusive: 1
Force: 3
Study: 4
Threat: 2

Favorite Class: Language Arts
Friendly (House Points)
Guardian (1 real point): Rapture is a nasty place, but a potent upperclassman who's been above the influence is a good thing to have.
Inherent Magic: Vow (6 Points). At least if I can get someone to agree to something I can be sure it will be followed through
Crush (+2 Points): It's probably a dangerous bad idea, but there's this one Themis girl...
Leftover Points: 4, going to stats (already reflected above)

Mysteries: Fairy Rings, Restricted Section, and Neptune Break-ins. The rings could be handy, and the Restricted section is high effort high reward. The Break-ins are convenient but possibly not super useful...

ENEMY: I pulled a Stalker from House Venus going for the "Controlled" Dark Fate... well, it's certainly not good, but it could be worse.

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Most of what you said makes sense, I suppose I just need to practice weaving the lore between gameplay.

My only issue with this is that whenever I want to explain something, something else needs to be explained for the first to make sense. This quickly spirals out of control for me.

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Just now butting into the conversation, and I have the same problem, but something that helps me cut back a bit is trying to focus first on what the player can interact with. By which I mean, am I explaining things in third person, or can I bring in a character to 'interact' with the player instead, and how much exactly do I need to explain before they are making choices, as in, how quickly can I move the 'conversation' to one where they can give some kind of feedback before I explain things in more detail.

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I'd rather stay inside.

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Please don't kill yourself.

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It's okay anon, I'll only kill myself after I finish the cyoa.

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>something else needs to be explained for the first to make sense.
Not always. Sometimes, you can drop a hint about something, then explain what that hint actually refers to later. It helps keep the reader on their toes.

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Oh, thank you for reminding me.

>Electricity that I don't have to go through hoops to acquire

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I mean, we know that the Frostfangs must have at least copper and tin deposits, since the Thenn have made a small kingdom which uses bronze weapons. Combine that with the timber from the whole region and the furs from the wildlife, and if you're not opposed to slavery you might as well just take the people too like with what happened to Hardhome. Sure, it won't be a great agricultural region with the cold weather, but you can still make a good amount of money from it.

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That's a funny picture. I need to watch more anime. It doesn't fill the void in my heart, but it helps a lot.

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There are muptiple references to modern technology and such, how is mentioning 40K or Hide and Seek break your immersion?

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sorry i fucked up trying to make the new thread... I'll do better next time.

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The 40k part was the straw that broke the camels back, I can imagine them having equivalent tech but the rest of the girls seemed ignorant about the particulars of our world. I would make no sense for them to be able to namedrop that game. The allusions to them looking at 4chins was cheeky and made me roll my eyes but that bit was just too much.

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>/cyoag/ becomes sentient
We have created a horrific creature...
We must not let it survive.

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Don't screw it up, ever again.

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The ultimate waifu: Sentient CYOA Thread.

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Just because Earth has no contact with Zodiac, doesn't mean Zodiac has no contact Earth.
Each girl has internet access my friend.
Sorry if it ruined things for you though Anon.

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I mean it didn't ruin things for me, it was still enjoyable, it was just kind of a moment that made me roll my eyes I guess. I did still like the CYOA overall though.

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>Ultimate Waifu
>Sentient CYOA Thread
Are you insane?!
If /cyoag/ were a Waifu she'd be like an even more unstable version of pic related!

>> No.54723570

if the text takes up noticeably more space than the pictures, it's too much for me (though the size of the text obviously matters too)

you could try splitting up the lore into a number of sections (for example, talk about the people, races, cultures, etc in the companions section)

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Root Beer. It just seems to give me the best of what I want in life.

The fantastic. Sounds like a fantasy world, so yeah, going with this one.

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>Sounds like a fantasy world, so yeah, going with this one.
You willn't be disappointed.

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>Age: 15
CHALLENGE: Something in the Dark! (0)
>Modern Suburban Tokyo World (0)
>Athleticism (3)
>Back Row Seat (4)
>Little Steel Blade (2)
>Cool Snow Globe (3)
>Golden Star Staff (4)
Probably learn teleportation, it's the most subtle one.
>Me? (2)
>Mayumi (1)
>Fumie (1)

I considered doing the challenge with a Fantasy World, but figured "hey, why not be a magical girl/go super-edge". A big sister to keep my potentially psychotic tendencies in check, and I guess Fumie as another moral anchor, as I realize that someone appreciates me in a much greater way. Also, I've always thought the Me? option was the best.

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I have acquired a new combo fetish.

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Would you play a CYOA that is a multiple choice story (like classic CYOAs) with rewards at the end?

>> No.54724045

>Hero Academy
Smithing III
Knowledge III
Tactic I
First Aid I
Ranged Combat I
Teamwork I
>Chosen Class
Airship Training
Blind Date
>Clubs and Organizations
Cultural Club

>> No.54724066

St. Flares

Year 1- Potion Mixing, Ranged Combat
Year 2- Stealth, Potion Mixing II
Year 3- Maneuvers, Illusion
Year 4- Druidism, Monster Hunting
Year 5- Potion Mixing III, Illusion II
Bookworm Bonus- Physical Training, Martial Combat
Exchange Class- Diplomacy

Valerie Bluewood

The Great Tournament- The Great Hunt
The Harvest Festival- Basilisk Den
The Grand Summit- Research Proposal

Paranormal Research

Exchange Program

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I don't see why not, sounds like fun.

>> No.54724131

Only if the waifus are good.

>> No.54724164

I don't really know anything about graphic design and am sort of coming up with this all as I go along. A, is this an obnoxious way of doing shapes and textures and stuff, B, should the white follow the contours more exactly like the top or just be a box like the bottom, and if it should look like the top should the text also follow said contour?

>> No.54724183

Is it weird I hear him as this guy?

>> No.54724194

Well, this looks like a fun affair, don't it?

Super-fast! Super-powerful! The perfect combination!

>Lucianna of House Leo
Angelica's a pretty gallant gal, but not my type (subhuman, and all). The others before her were pretty boring. Suri's too shady, Catherine, while an onee-sama, lacks the greatness of Lucianna, and everyone else past that is a nutcase. She also seems to be a pretty passionate person. I need that fire in myself, too. Together, we will grasp victory with a burning grip!

>> No.54724212

I don't mind it

>> No.54724239

We believe in you!

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Here's the real problem. How is SHE having sex with a zombie? It's a female zombie, yet SHE is somehow penetrating it. I KNOW she can't have a penis.

>> No.54724255

I bet you do Doctor penis

>> No.54724329

either or with the border contour
but i think the text should NOT follow the contour

>> No.54724333

>Garbage Queen
I knew there was a lot of shit taste in this thread, but I had no idea things were anywhere near this dire...
She's not even the best girl in the series you fucking troglodyte.

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>> No.54724449

Junko a Best.

>> No.54724476

Not even remotely.
Just give him a British or Scottish accent and that's fairly close to how I thought of him sounded.
Which is actually fairly close to the dub of Slayer's voice.
Coincidently, I'm unable to read thes intro >>54722102 without hearing it in Rob Cantor's voice:

>> No.54724647

>Regal Fortune Cookie
>Red Bean Soup
>Almond Biscuit
>Lucky Charm Bracelet
>Jade Ring

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>> No.54724743

Always love to see new builds for WotZB!
You have no idea how hard it was to make her different enough from Nero but still have her be the character I wanted her to be.

>> No.54724760

Git gud fagget

Or spread the lore throughout. I don't need to know the king's uncle's second in command has a horse named George.
Tell me the most important shit and spread the rest out so I have to search for it. Keep me engaged and interested.

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>> No.54724859

Vitality, analysis, magic

>> No.54724974

I ligitmately do not understand how anyone could find that character even remotely appealing.
Like, I like a crazy Waifu as much as the next guy.
But not that crazy.
And certainly not with such a vague and stupid raison d'etre

>> No.54725005

Oh come on, Anon.
That's the single shortest build I've ever seen!
Come on, tell us your reasons!
Tell us your plans!
Please? I really love reading people's thoughts and builds on my CYOAs...

>> No.54725040

>School Under Siege (1)
>Fantasy (4)
>Size (6)
>Front Row Seat (7)
>Cool Snow Globe (9)
>Big Red Glasses (10)
>Big Fluffy Teddy (13)
>Chef's Cooking Hat (14)
>Old Bamboo Broom (15)
>Alone (16)
>Shino, Hiroya, Fumie, Yoriko (20)

I have the most boring fantasy worlds because I like the idea of living in a place where it rains or snows all the time, and has this particular aesthetic that I'm not sure how to describe. Brutalist buildings and that kind of thing.

I just want the comfy experience so I took everything that would put me in that area.

>> No.54725121

I would take shitposting over you spewing your cyoa's in all threads

>> No.54725124

Kill everything

>> No.54725225

They were only ones I could easily upload while I was on my phone, sue me.
Well, that's... rather dull don't you think?

>> No.54725243

Yo! I'm still kinda stuck in my "want to think about the cyoas I'm making but don't want to actually work on them right now" mode, so I thought I'd ask:

Besides companions, what else would you want in this cyoa? Anything from new features to options you want in the old ones.

And, on the subject of companions, what are you hoping to see? Trying to make a ton of them, and I don't think my own ideas will be enough.

>> No.54725254

>>54724859 >>54725124
I like the cut of your gib, kid.

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>> No.54725262


I need to practice typing responses and posting images at the same time. This is getting embarrassing.

>> No.54725267

I want to love her into normality and submission.

>> No.54725276

He doesn't want to jerk you off. Let it rest.

>> No.54725285

That is an acceptable and arousing response...

>> No.54725306

You just like her body then.

>> No.54725336

Is that a problem?

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>> No.54725361

>School Under Siege! (19 Stars)
This one is literally impossible to fail. You're completely immortal and the goal is to survive to the end of the year.
>Modern Suburban Tokyo
Japan always seemed nice, and it's in relatively modern times.
I'm not entirely sure what kind of color I'd prefer, so an arbitrary one for now. The athleticism is a good boost.
>Front Row Seat
Actually learning things is nice.
>Cool Snow Globe
>Cat Ears Headband (Cat)
>Little Steel Blade
>Chef's Cooking Hat
>Blue Safety Razor
Because I'd rather remain male, cooking is a good skill, stealth is fine too, especially considering the impending military danger, the ability to transform into a cat would be interesting at worst, and the snowglobe can hopefully mute the Steel Blade's negative effects and then some.
One of the best bonuses one could have.
Honestly I'm only using her for martial arts practice, but if she's going to become my best friend then I suppose by necessity she'll serve a larger purpose than that.

>> No.54725414

B-02, B-04, S-11


Have her grow infinite vines, use super speed and TK to tie up all the other girls. Use direct TK for the ones that could easily get out of the vine hold.

Use super beauty to convince them all to marry me.

Harem route = best end

>> No.54725575

What CYOAs have the option of letting you attach another CYOA to it?

Looking to see how many I can chain together of super fun time adventure.

>> No.54725646


>> No.54725661

You mean, outside of Jumpchains? Some genie galleries or meta cyoas let you combine them with others.

>> No.54725766


>> No.54725963

I always liked the gist of this one

The setting at least
Not the meta

>> No.54725998

Ej Har

3x Ranged Combat
2x Divine Arts
2x Unholy Arts
2x Maneuvers
1x Stealth
1x Illusion Magic


2x Battle Royal
2x Great Hunt
1x Security
3x Battle of the Arts
1x Bodyguard
1x Party Planner

Cooking Club
Literature Club

Pen Pal

>> No.54726009

>Year 1- Ranged Combat, Maneuvers
Time to give a little kid access to firearms. This is also where I first come to meet the colorful characters of Edge Hard Academy, including the token bard, the awkward centaur, and some emo chicks. Well, I can certainly dig being part of the black-and-grey crowd. While I attend the events, I am still fresh meat and therefore do not do anything special.

>Year 2- Ranged Combat, Divine Arts; Great Hunt, Battle of the Arts
Doubling down on the gun kata, specializing in the twin-barreled military rifle. The weapon is almost as tall as I am at this point, so I think we’re doing well. Last year I noticed that Silene tends to take a lot of damage when she fights, so I begin to study holy stuff to help her. After all, the tribe back home is really into worship anyway. I’ve also gained enough confidence to try my hand at competitive poetry and beast-slaying, a great part of that courage coming from the fact that I can stand far in the back while the melee guys tangle with the monsters.

>Year 3- Ranged Combat, Unholy Arts; Battle Royal, Battle of the Arts
Now the coldsteel begins in earnest. I’m beginning to feel a little more hostile towards non-Ej Har kids, and that in turn influences my decision to take up the unholy arts. Lucky for me, the tribe already worships a dark god alongside the light one. That shit’s sure to go well with all those Lunestier snobs and Legem Dei prudes at the battle royal. This is also the year I start studying illusion magic on the side because I think it will give me a “secret weapon” or something like that. On the relationships front, I duel against a pretty chill swordsman from Uzuza and begin to feel the first repellant stirrings of a teen crush on Miss No-winged Angel.

>> No.54726017

>Year 4- Stealth, Maneuvers; Great Hunt, Security, Bodyguard
Dammit, they won’t let me take marksmanship classes anymore. Alright, may as well use this time to get better at sneaking and running around, because gods know what the hell I’m going to do with the rest of my time here. Farhat says no poetry this year– some punks want to shit up the winter festival. I guess I’ll put a bullet in someone’s head if Inas doesn’t get to them first. She’s amazing.

>Year 5- Divine Arts, Unholy Arts; Battle Royal, Battle of the Arts, Party Planner
Decided to dedicate myself to serving the god brothers. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, mom. Time to finally do better than tie against Izuki. I’ll get around those swords, I know I can. I guess it’s also time to start thinking about the future, too. What am I going to do when I get out of here? Should I get all my friends together and begin a career in murderhoboing? No, we’re not really built for that– and besides, I don’t want to look like some tryhard from St. Flares. I don’t know who’s going to take care of Cassie, either. Does she have anyone else outside of this school? Whatever, I’ll think about this later. Gotta plan for that stupid party.

>> No.54726068

Yes, means you don't give a shit about a shitty character, which is fine, but then act like if she's not a shitty character. Got an interesting design as far as physicality goes, but otherwise - shit's a shit.

>> No.54726309

She's not shitty, she just needs a little fixing.
Which is part of her appeal.

>> No.54726404

I will pet ALL the authors.

>> No.54726421

If you roll you need to make the cyoa or your penis implodes. None of that faggy rolling for fun shit.

>> No.54726515

Rolled 498, 416, 262 = 1176 (3d500)

Let's see what happens. Won't be the next cyoa I make, but I'll be giving it a shot.

>> No.54726627

Poker, No Hit Points, The Internet.

This is just online Poker.

>> No.54726681

>just online poker

I can imagine a hidden society that plays games of online poker in which they bet everything they possess: from their money to their youth to their future children. The most succesful players quickly acquire wealth and power beyond measure. The worst players dissapear into nothingness as they lose their very souls, a state known as "0/No HP".

That's just one thing you can do with it. There's tons more. Just pretend you're writing the synopsis for a shitty anime and the ideas will come flowing.

>> No.54726705

>This is just online Poker.

Alternatively, instead of your money you're betting your life. Win and you get a slave, or years added to your own. Maybe you'll regain your youth, or trade up to a brand new body. Lose, and you'd best hope all they want is a slave out of you.

>> No.54726722

>MFW I just gambled my soul and my cards are shit

>> No.54726786

Ah, I see. I thought it meant I couldn't use hp as a mechanic or plot point, not that I need to include a mechanic or plot point around having no hp.

From there, the game is still basically Poker, which I can't really make a CYOA out of, but I can totally make one out of finding an online poker game, with one's life essence as the chips being played, and maybe the ability to choose who you're playing with and what you're aiming for.

It still feels really flipping dull though. I'd reroll the poker thing if I wasn't worried about getting something even more boring. Although at least it isn't a mmo where "if you die in the game, you die in REAL LIFE!"

>> No.54726809

I don't think people who play mmo's have real lives.

>> No.54726821

Anyone know the answer to a few Daemonology questions?

If you have higher innate power, does Innate Body function as a higher vessel? Like is it a Tier 5 vessel for Bloodline with all the assorted costs?

When Third Eye mentions being able to use a demon's knowledge score, does it intend to say only AFTER you have created the Third Eye, not to create it?

Why does an Artefact cost as much knowledge as a Third Eye or Halo despite being objectively inferior? Third Eye is also objectively inferior to Halo, but I guess he wanted Celestials to be better than everything.

Is there really no way to bind demons to increase your power other than Jars?

Basically I'm trying to figure out how to bind Wiseard as a Bloodline, and as far as I the only way to do it would be to put Ragnin in a Familiar, put two Tier 3 trolls in Jars, then finally put Wiseard himself in a Third Eye. All that collectively costs you 82 points, which is doable with the DLC but I feel like there should really be a more direct way of doing it.

>> No.54726827

>Innate Body
Bound to Body.

>> No.54726853


Can confirm, I played MMOs once and still don't have a life years later.

>> No.54726969

Kaiji you piece of shit, this ALWAYS happens.

>> No.54726993

>When Third Eye mentions being able to use a demon's knowledge score, does it intend to say only AFTER you have created the Third Eye, not to create it?
Yes only after.

>Why does an Artefact cost as much knowledge as a Third Eye or Halo despite being objectively inferior? Third Eye is also objectively inferior to Halo, but I guess he wanted Celestials to be better than everything.
I dunno. But if you ask me the idea of putting a concept of reality in a gun is quite amusing.

>Is there really no way to bind demons to increase your power other than Jars?
Nope jars only.

>> No.54727012

340 -Aliens
254 - Court Trial
462 - Child Prodigy

I can make this work.

>> No.54727042

Artefact works really well as the Troll specific god-mode. You can stick Ymir in it and thus gain both fleshsculpting and infinite toughness, letting you just fleshsculpt the artefact into the center of your now invulnerable body. I'd say it's pretty comparable to Halo and outright superior to Third Eye.

>> No.54727081

Do you age while in the Custard Tart pocket dimension?

>> No.54727090

-Larger on the inside than on the outside.
-Always has warm gween tea/masala chai/kombucha/yak buttermilk
-Smells of fresh tea/heavy cinnamon
-A small terminal with satellite internet access. No GUI, just text for innawoods gentoo. USB support costs extra.
-easy to set up, dragonball capsule style
-solar power
-magic tapestry that can act as a scrying mirror of sorts to any location you have set up the tent in, but it's just a static image updated daily when you sleep.
- Alternatively it contains the spirit of a qt Tang-Dynasty maiden cursed to forever be a 2d waifu bound in the magical cloth
-self replenishing Incense that can temporally affect the mood of anyone who smells it. Pink Incense makes people get in the mood, Blue Incense helps with meditation and study, Iron Rods help to get gains
- or finite amounts of St, Ma and Lu Incense
- or a clay incense holder that houses a demon willing to trade different boons for exotic, authentic cultural fetishes burnt on his altar
- a hole driller that always hits a small water reservoir

>> No.54727109

Rolled 187, 254, 323 = 764 (3d500)

for fun.

>> No.54727113

Sucks, you basically end up with two useless demons and a Ragnin that can't even forge shit for you.

Also I REALLY don't see any purpose for Bloodline. Occultist has to spend 91 points to bind Wiseard , but they actually end up with 9 points left-over pre-DLC because of their starting points. So you get more points, then the option to use your stars to purchase from another demon family, which is probably going to be a MASSIVE boon even outside of the scope of the CYOA (you effectively double your long-term flexibility and potential.)

In fact, can anyone here think of any reason to EVER choose Bloodline in this CYOA?

Anon, Ymir is a Tier 10 demon and Artefact is a Tier 5 vessel. If you put him in something five levels below him, as per the rules, you start to destroy reality because Ymir himself is the mortal realm.

>> No.54727173

Rolled 230, 483, 362 = 1075 (3d500)

Probably won't make the deadline, buuuuuuuutttt....

>> No.54727177

RP purposes. Bloodline is clearly the chad option: you are genetically, innately superior and bind demons through your own raw power. Occultists are pathetic virgins who spend all day browsing /x/ and reading esoteric nonsense.

>> No.54727184

Yeah I'm not inclined to take your opinion even remotely seriously when you talk like that.

>> No.54727191

Go read a book then, nerd.

>> No.54727197

You're only inferior as long as it takes you to shove a demon in your brain, in your body, then into your weapons, before summoning a few as your waifus, vastly outpowering a bloodline.

>> No.54727211

>Blacking Out
This goes nicely with the first one...

Well, guess we'll see where I can go with this... Or if Illl go anywhere at alll...

>> No.54727241

Ebola-chan is p cute

>> No.54727264

> If you put him in something five levels below him, as per the rules, you start to destroy reality because Ymir himself is the mortal realm.
Define "destroy."

>> No.54727291

>If you have higher innate power, does Innate Body function as a higher vessel? Like is it a Tier 5 vessel for Bloodline with all the assorted costs?
I think this one is the only question unanswered. So if anyone talked to him about this before.

It just tells you bad things happen, but it implies it's pretty nasty. Don't forget that Ymir also attracts other demons and all the arch-mages and martial heroes, who are vastly more powerful than any demonologist at anything, will want to kill you.

>> No.54727322

>Don't forget that Ymir also attracts other demons and all the arch-mages and martial heroes, who are vastly more powerful than any demonologist at anything, will want to kill you.
I think that having the world bound to a dildo will make it so you don't have to worry.

>> No.54727360

Even if Oriadne can allow me to take all the elixirs, that wouldn't be fun. So, I only chose six (also, I can think of more interesting ways to spend the time with Oriadne).
B02-Grace - because a target hard to hit makes the opponent lose their temper
B03-Vitality - so that damage hardly matters
M05-Skill - i don't need to know everything from the start, just master the skills that I really will use
M08-Analysis - as to not be outsmarted by anyone and make the best plans
S09-Magic - because magic should always be on mi side
S10-Guardian - an additional member for my team (and I don't really know how good is Oriadne at combat so we need take precautions)

Though there are 13 opponents in total, most of the time will be 3 vs 1 so I don't think things can become difficult at any time. One of many possible tactics is cause some of the brides to fight each other (those who can use area attacks are perfect to weaken groups, like the automatons of Sephy or the beasts of Talisa). Some of the brides don't even have seem interested in -or capable of- a fight, so I go first to talk to them. Conveniently they also seem reasonable enough to agree with the harem route, which is my final goal anyway.

Finally, when I get all the powers of the king (those that make gods cower) I'll use it to get one of my favorite abilities: create copies of myself linked like a hive mind; so each bride has her husband 24/7.

>> No.54727385

You kind of do because the Troll's natural enemies (I forgot which ones those are) will think this is a great opportunity to destroy their a Tier 10 leader of an opposing faction.

>> No.54727403

Now this is a good CYOA! All the orders get me thinking on different paladin adventures to have

>> No.54727414

Get a better waifu.

>> No.54727426

FUck off cunt!

>> No.54727430


Dancing Noir Apocalypse.


>> No.54727442


What was this, three years ago? Four?

>> No.54727445

I'm here to stay, shitposters be damned.

>> No.54727466

Really? That much time has already passed? Fuck i feel ancient.

>> No.54727468

If you have all the power of Ymir, and thus all the powers of all the trolls, archmages and martial heroes will be easy pickings.

>> No.54727479

Read the lore dump at the end of the DLC, arch-mages are apparently able to easily dispel all of your power without trying by fiat.

>> No.54727480

>Fuck i feel ancient.

Some of us will have been on this site for fourteen years in just two months.

>> No.54727486

You're a shitposter though. You're not the only one by a long shot, but you're just the same as them, just more visible.

>> No.54727487

Die of aids from buttsex!

>> No.54727501

Yes, but I contribute to the thread through my work. What do you do? Shitpost away without contributing jack.

>> No.54727521

Actually, I rarely post aside from when its time for me to post OC (which admittedly I haven't done in a couple of weeks, so I've barely posted at all). I'm just making an observation. Also, your contributions to the thread that are actually content are drastically outweighed by those that aren't.

>> No.54727544

What's the best format for a CYOA?
I like what the OP one did, choose one of many options, and then at the end, you get to choose a special based on your previous choices. Everything else seems so confusing.

>> No.54727546

>No Smug.jpeg
>Not proper SDA looking name
>Suspicious behavior
I think this SDA is broken

>> No.54727642

I'll run you down where you stand if you speak another word.

>> No.54727656

>What's the best format for a CYOA?

>> No.54727679

>Everything else seems so confusing.
Ah, you're retarded. Maybe you enjoy the button cyoas the best?

>> No.54727685

How do you balance explaining options succinctly without being too ambiguous or reading like an RPG stats page

>> No.54727691

>What's the best format for a CYOA?
as in layout, or what format it should be saved in?

>> No.54727715

But i am typing words.

>> No.54727744

How do you answer this question with no added explanation?

>> No.54727759

Apparently in the old version people were all going Bloodline, so when he did the DLC he gave all the good shit to Occultist and everything useless to Bloodline so now everyone goes Occultist.

>> No.54727776

Just give information in the form of waifus. It's the only thing anon can never get enough of.

>> No.54727779

Most cyoas in this thread seem to be in the 900 or 1500px ballpark. Coincidentially, 992px is the current standard for tablet content in high format. 1170px for desktop content, but for viewing it on here you have to keep in mind that 4chan adds some padding to each image.

If you're talking about fiel type, whatever your graphic program uses like .xcf .psd . For delivery, use png if the file size allows it. Avoid .gif and .jpg.
There's also various web services that can reduces file size without loosing too much quality.

>> No.54727810

Just put exact numbers and stop worrying about being too precise. Vague powers are like mystery box that can never be opened.

>> No.54727839

No, the button cyoas have no world. They're boring. But I don't wanna have to use a spreadsheet to write or read a cyoa

>> No.54727867

You forgot to take your name off. Is this like fatposter trying to "stimulate conversation" because you're bored?

>> No.54727884

I didn't forget anything.

>> No.54727898

Funny. You do realise your cyoas have a terrible case of spreadsheet-itis, right?

>> No.54727912

I'm trying to make a build for daemonologist with a halo/third eye Ouranos. I'm not involved in this.

>> No.54727931

>Haloing Ouranos
You easy-mode pleb go futher and halo something more interesting than fucking celestials.

>> No.54727944 [SPOILER] 

>Making a cyoa, 90% done
>Suddenly come across an inconsistency in the writing
>Don't know what to do to change or fix it
>May have to write it all over again
>Probably just gonna drop it
>Can't stop myself from making and not finishing cyoas

Someone pls help Pic related

>> No.54727949

Ouranos is the only thing that fills me up, anon.

>> No.54727957

When will your mass be large enough to collapse in on yourself and disappear forever?

>> No.54727965

>its been weeks and I'm still trying to balance mission points

>> No.54727969

Shape the inconsistency into the form of /or attach it to a pure waifu with huge tits. Everyone who complains about it will be branded a faggot.

>> No.54727985

What is that inconsistency supposed to be?

>> No.54728007

>Can't finish my build because I want to use Bloodline but Occultist's Multi-Discipline is just too good and Cambion is dogshit useless and my autism cannot get over this.

>> No.54728012

Have you been running your own builds?

>> No.54728023

Shockingly I think you might have just fixed my problem or atleast given me an idea. Thanks thought provoking black man.

>> No.54728041

>Waifus are the answer for everything
A surprise to no one.

>> No.54728044

Hi can someone post demonologist please

>> No.54728053


>> No.54728065

Yeah, but it seems bland to me. I either have too many of them, or too little.
And the girl not having enough mission points to clear a stage is supposed to be a danger in longer missions, as she can survive damage only once, unless you get her one of the life saving devices.

>> No.54728083

>Want to halo Gaia and solve the absolute retardation that both courts have
>To halo Gaia you must adquire that celestial locked perk
>To access the celestial perk you need celestials
>To access the celestials you need to be a fucking occultist for multi-discipline
Bloodlines are a shit and it makes me angry

>> No.54728098

I can't fathom what his thought process was. Cambion just says it makes you good at some things. What things? What does it do?

>> No.54728136

Cuddle partners.

>> No.54728187

>Your bloodline has magic and shit
>Somehow the ocultists can purchase magic power even if it is your whole thing
>Not only you don't get to purchase magic power or some sort of innate magic fireworks stuff your bloodline perks are pointy ears or become a fucking monstrousity
Whatever Cambion does is probably so insignificant that can't compare to what the nerds get.

>> No.54728189

Thanks, anon; that's a lot more useful suggestions than I hoped to get.

>> No.54728204

>>glowing, floating light
>Warm, inviting, but not hot or dangerous.
>>backpack of fresh laundry
>Anything you put in that is dirty or sweaty comes out clean and fresh
>>lavender perfume
>Puts insects and forest spirits into a good mood, encouraging them to sing softly but not bite
>>water bottle
>Lightweight and self filling within reason, the water tastes the way mountain spring water "should" (just a hint of pine/mint and very cool) rather than the way it realistically does
>>sleeping bag
>Teddy-best print
Missed this; thanks!

>> No.54728258

I'd imagine bloodline is what the world's elite would have. Innate demonic power, superhuman stats, etc. Even without messing with demons you're already a literal ubermensch. It's obviously been balanced for cyoa purposes too. There's no logical reason why a family of demonologists so well-versed in it would hold 0 occult power.

Occultist might be the superior cyoa option but in the setting I'd argue they're made outclassed by the bloodlines.

>> No.54728262

"dump play" Is this a saying in some places? Pretty sure it's a typo of "dumb play", but I like the CYOA enough to give it the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.54728279

*0 occult knowledge. It makes no sense a family of literal demonblooded demonologists would know nothing about demons.

>> No.54728296

>Innate demonic power
All this does is let you bind demons without study, it doesn't give you anything else.

>superhuman stats
This isn't anywhere in the CYOA. It explicitly doesn't do this.

Also I want you to read the blurb at the end of the DLC. Daemonologists are looked down as scrubs by real wizards and fighters who can both instantly disable all your demon abilities with a thought. No Dmonologist is any kind of elite.

>> No.54728368

It always seemed to me that demonic power signifies the combat/destructive potential of a demon as well. I don't see why it would differently for a demonologist.

>> No.54728379

Because it's called occult power, not demon power.

>> No.54728389

Is the stat called differently with demons?

>> No.54728401

I'm pretty sure that was talking about the top tiers of wizards and fighters in comparison. An elite demonologist could handle most things that are not innately tuned to fuck demons up if they are somewhere in the ballpark of their demons. The smartest move is just to have one of the smart ones teach you real magic after achieving immortality.

>> No.54728405

Please mark where anon should be assuming a cyoa in the setting.

>> No.54728411

Fighters and bloodlines their power mentioned as ''Intrinsic power'' So it is a different thing

>> No.54728425

I'm pretty sure the cyoa suffers from bad design decisions and any attempt at thinking things through leads to loreholes. Don't go analyzing it.

>> No.54728428

Yep. Occult power for demonologists, demon power for teh demons.

If your elites are inferior to their elites then you're the underclass. Hell demonologists generally seem like they're just shit-tier that managed to snatch power despite not naturally breaking physics like martial heroes or being born into wizard nobility like actual magic users. They're only demonologists because they don't have access to anything better.

Re-read the bloodline profile. It says intrinsic occult power.

>> No.54728471

>cyoa sneakily turns you into the king of losers

>> No.54728502

Well it is time to create a demonologist army full of haloed T10s and conquer the world.

>> No.54728508

Starting somewhere between Bruce-Lee, and Experienced Hunter as default, with clear options and indications of power progression going up to mid rank werewolf mostly ensured by the cyoa.

>> No.54728571

Then the arch-mage waves his hand and instantly all your vessels release their demon back to their realm.

>> No.54728607

That is why you blow the arch-mage houses with them inside before starting world domination.

>> No.54728633

>Implying arch-mages are hurt by your petty demonologist tricks.

>> No.54728644

>That is why you blow the arch-mage
Yeah, I'm sure he'd be fine with letting you do what you want for awhile after that.

>> No.54728649

>Having the power and knowledge of the motherfucking universe
>Not able to pop the magic bubble of an archmage where it was the celestials the ones who teached magic to humanity

>> No.54728669

Can't help what the CYOA says, senpai. No matter how little sense it makes, archmages can just instantly disable all your powers.

>> No.54728687

[Citation needed]

>> No.54728718

You're that same anon that always bitches that every cyoa with a smidge of difficulty is impossible and peoples' characters will always lose to things in the setting aren't you anon? I won't deny it's a good way to get (you)s but don't you get tired of being a one trick shitposter?

>> No.54728732

>Demonologists are not the only and certainly not the most powerful kind of magic user. Magical societies are ruled by wizards. You can teach yourself some wizardry but not as much as the arch-mages, unless you use some high level mindmelting technique, and even that is borrowed power that is easily taken away if one knows what one is doing.

To highlight:

>even that is borowed power that is easily taken away if one knows what one is doing.

>Smidge of difficulty

>> No.54728770

If you know that you are powered by borrowed power and you managed to summon a stupid strong demon to use as halo you probably know how to make safeguards, and you will surely know how to do that if you have a demon that knows about magic whispering you shit.

>> No.54728826

>you probably know how to make safeguards
That doesn't seem to be in the demonologist's kit from reading the CYOA, senpai.

>Demon that knows magic
Only puts you at arch-mage level according to that snippet, then the arch-mage just zaps it all away.

>> No.54728879

Who all "jar conceptual beings" here, fuck most of the shades, their asses are going into the jar..

>> No.54728918

The only Shades that seem to matter to the world at large either seem to A) Be benevolent or neutral in alignment unlike lesser Shades (War, Rebellion etc) or B) Sit in Tartaros and do jack shit all day.

>> No.54728922

I literally can't read shit, does anyone have some bigger versions?

>> No.54728929

Why not invoke hazards for specific types of girl

>> No.54728989

Surely the drive in the pastebin has it. I can't be fucked to post it no one makes builds.

>> No.54729018

Can I free the girls, fight for their equal rights and freedom of choice of partners?

This whole setting disgusts me t b h.

>> No.54729021

Bored fatposter.

>> No.54729024

>I don't like THING
>I demand to play THING but destroy the setting!
What's your tumblr handle?

>> No.54729066

So I'm not allowed to play a game in a setting I find disgusting? Do you not see the appeal in rebelling, being the underdog, etc.?

>> No.54729087

>if life gives you lemons, DONT YOU DARE MAKE LEMONADE

>> No.54729109

>I'll use it to get one of my favorite abilities: create copies of myself linked like a hive mind;

>> No.54729116

I really don't understand this ship-girl thing. Anime is fucking weird.

>> No.54729118


>> No.54729127

Yes, there's a faction about strong independent robot girls that graduated top SEALs of their academy.

>> No.54729141

Eh, its fun. And, apparently, veterans find it amusing, or don't care at all.

>> No.54729179

Japan is creatively bankrupt but its consumers aren't. So the majority of manga just resort to pandering and fucking strange plots to give the illusion of quality. A below average war story becomes interesting and appealing if you make all the tanks, jets, etc. literally girls.

Thank god it hasn't infected board games much.

>> No.54729186

>> No.54729190

>>if life gives you lemons, DONT YOU DARE MAKE LEMONADE

That's right. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! "I don't want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these?" Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give you lemons!

>> No.54729194

I could put minefields in mission stages, or fill it with enemies that penalize a selected type/size, but that'll probably look like punishment for choosing that type.

>> No.54729213

Oops. Wrong image lol.

>> No.54729222


>> No.54729223

What is that map depicting? Looks like a club of some kind.

>> No.54729241

What is it?

>> No.54729254

Might as well post the rest of character creation part of the cyoa. The thread is about to end anyway

>> No.54729256

It was my chill zone for >>54729222 but lacking many details. Accidently posted that instead of the CYOA.

>> No.54729270

We're not dying for a long, long time, mate.

>> No.54729275


>> No.54729283


>> No.54729295

>implying less than 5 hours is not nearly ded

>> No.54729297

Which sci fi cyoa would you advice to a man who hates sci fi?

>> No.54729311

And that's it.

>> No.54729326

A job application for some form of real world space exploration based organization.

>> No.54729329

I'd force him to play Star Dust for my perverse amusement.

>> No.54729463

Speaking of which, I need to go find that.
I don't have it on this hard drive.

>> No.54729498

Character Creator
Save State

If I die, could I go back to my save spot, at point of either of my two saves?

>> No.54729503

SDA has a megaupload instead of a google drive for unknown, likely retarded reasons.

>> No.54729517

Yeah, I already got it.
Time for math.

>> No.54729664

I'd presume not, thats what extra life is for. Otherwise Save State makes extra life obsolete.

>> No.54729700


>Extra Life
>Save Point

The usual plan; one save point as early as possible for groundhog day style "immortality" of a sort; the other is used for stuff like winning the lottery, redoing particularly enjoyable or important days multiple times, stuff like that. Extra life is a contingency in case of accidentally falling down the stairs or whatever

>> No.54729705

That's true, I was just hoping. It would be like groundhog day with your whole life, that'd be awesome. (for several hundred thousand years, then it'd probably get boring.)

>> No.54729920

>pick Fantastic because I wanna save the girl
>big tits, oh yeah
>thought I made the best choice
>mundane's waifu is yandere

damned me

>> No.54729921

Grind EXP in the Scientist subclasses until you unlock some form of life extension.

>> No.54729971

What do you mean scientist subclass? Just take xp and dump all my xp into intelligence? I'd rather be able to do save states and experience my life at different moments and different possibilities.

>> No.54730019

Why not use cheat code and fund a huge team of scientists to do the dirty job for you?

>> No.54730047

mundanes waifu is also a boy

>> No.54730058

Looks like we've got an imposter, my friends. It's probably just Imaginos, though.

Also, I'm like 75% done this thing unless I want to add in more schools, which I kind of want to. But time is ticking, the contest deadline is in about 30 hours from now and I'm gonna be out all evening.

That wasn't me.

Nor was this.

Or this.

>> No.54730104

Do as you please, I just like SCIENCE!
Especially when you use your four or five centuries of practice to build something stupid, then start laughing as though you lost your sanity along the way.

>> No.54730106

Not with that skirt.

>> No.54730125

SDA you can't post this kind of shit here think of the children!

>> No.54730155

I've decided that I'm going to turn my CYOA into a game. Where should I go to learn about game design?

>> No.54730165

>You are bored
>Suddenly inspiration strikes you!
>You design a quantum potato peeler so you can instantly peel potatoes by abusing superposition
>You end up with a doomsday device
I can see it.

>> No.54730174

>Extra Life
>Save Point

Use one save slot immediately. The other will be used fairly constantly for dicking around, like winning the lottery or making a killing on the stock market by redoing weeks. When I'm quite old, or my extra life expended with no real ability to reclaim it with the "near" save point, use the "Start" savepoint to warp back with my knowledge of what is to come, and (ab)use this knowledge to prevent any global catastrophes and advance human technology. If I make sure to understand as much of the inner workings of important breakthroughs as possible I can be an inventor (or a shadowy mentor to inventors) in later loops, advancing technology quicker and ensuring that I reach more new stuff. Eventually, I should get to a point where immortality or at least truly massive life extension tech hits while I'm still more than able to enjoy it and have my Extra Life. At that point, I make the second save after my personal upgrade and hold both saves. Once I'm sure it's worked and I'll have enough lifespan after that point to continue to push my survival and humanity's progress forward I can overwrite the start save, accepting the timeline up to where we beat the reaper, and use the "Day after upgrade" save as my new start and the other slot for day-to-day mischief while I play for the next great leap in human evolution. Right now, I believe that compressing the timeline of technological advancement via time loop could eventually solve any problem, allowing me to eventually move forward step by step and experience truly new days.

That, and taking a few decades off to be a billionaire playboy or something could help

>> No.54730184

P-purity should be safe for work!
>That image for Kiss Dispell
Oh boy I'mma need a towel

>> No.54730244

I censored the handholding and leglocking, don't worry.

>> No.54730445

Do EXP Points still increase during pauses?
This is incredibly important.

>> No.54730490

Are you going to pause for decades to become a god?

>> No.54730497

What is this, a chinese isekai story?

>> No.54730508

What cyoa let me inseminate lesbians with my huge dragon dick

>> No.54730526


>> No.54730583


>> No.54730611

Attempt to, but it doesn't seem to stop my other biological processes outside of aging.
Maybe I can learn how to travel around the paused world, it only seems to make me blind as a downside.

>> No.54730617

1. Play Lavender
2. Get gargantuan dragon dick
3. Find Angel's character
4. ???
5. Profit! (and eggs)

>> No.54730819

Like money angel characters whore themselves to anyone with higher pedigree than them. Hell probably my loli fairy character fucked one of them once or twice

>> No.54730926

That doesn't sound very nice.
Why not settle down with a sweet, demure waifu instead?

>> No.54730967

That doesn't sound very sweet ...

>> No.54731025

She is just excited to see you, don't worry about it.

>> No.54731079

I was busy playing one of the best games ever when I got this huge craving a city builder cyoa with elements of politics. Does such a cyoa exist or do I have to make it myself?

>> No.54731103

She gets better, she's just very stressed. She's an intern for for a less ethical Jonah Jameson.

>> No.54731111

That's a memory right there ...

City builders are rare, and I think the only one present with a large focus on politics is Time of Troubles.

>> No.54731178

How much information about a companion is too much?

>> No.54731188

Number of living cells in the body. Unless you do a microbiology CYOA, of course.

>> No.54731192

Depends how many there are. the more the less info, you don't want to overwhelm.

>> No.54731206

Visions of travellellerer 2.0...

>> No.54731214


>> No.54731226

>two brothers that think they're better than their other brother

>> No.54731238

We expected you to know by now. How long have you been here?

>> No.54731241

You never asked.

>> No.54731244

Comfy Camping!

Fully functioning draft. Tomorrow I'll have a final version with more pictures, once anon tells me what is shit about this one.

>> No.54731258

Oh God please no

>> No.54731273

Blank duplicates of Beast Repellant under Outer Comforts and Other.

>> No.54731283

This is the retribution of the Prophet Mohammed upon us for our waifu fuckery. God help us all.

>> No.54731286

Good work!

>> No.54731293

Gah; can't believe I missed something so obvious, thanks.

>> No.54731295


I hated that game.

>> No.54731300

So ... is Highlander the prophet of the Prophet?

>> No.54731307

No problem, thanks for making it.

>> No.54731328

So the 2D tapestry waifu didn't make it eh?
>Hunting gear
Are bows included? because i might actually use it to get good at archery while i am at it.

>> No.54731366

Nothing wrong with waifus, you just need to keep a balance.
>I hated that game.
Why? It has cyberpunk, bartending and excellent waifus.

>> No.54731392

Such a great /u/ game.
I don't even want to waifu the girls there, just want them to love each other.

>> No.54731491

I want to befriend Jill and have a drink with her from time to time.

>> No.54731550

I don't want a wife...Just the cookie and red bean soup.

>> No.54731559

>So the 2D tapestry waifu didn't make it eh?
Not my style, sorry
>Are bows included?
Definitely; only limitation is the price tag, but plenty of excellent compound bows cost only a couple hundred.

>> No.54731585

Hey, what's the CYOA with this Third Eye and Halo stuff

>> No.54731607

I want to create drinks using actual ingredients with her.

>> No.54731629

Needs better presentation of information maybe add some more spacing in between section

>> No.54731692

I'd call mine The Tender Bartender

>> No.54731694

Didn't see the reply Rosanon left last night. If Rosanon is here, you have excellent taste in waifu my friend. Chiaki is best.

>> No.54731714

Nice, with that i can surely get myself one of those fancy longbows that have a shitton of draw weight. Mine is a bit too weak for my taste.

>> No.54731752

Using just Karmotine doesn't give you alcohol. It requires other ingredients to turn into booze.

>> No.54731780

I still intend to try.

>> No.54732019

Here's some new stuff from r/makeyourchoice

>> No.54732032

Sorry forgot to post image.

>> No.54732051

Just what I expected: nothing

>> No.54732055

And one more.

>> No.54732057

Zeus is the youngest of the original six Olympians if you count birth from Gaia. He's only the oldest if you count "birth" from Cronus.

>> No.54732102

Fucking hell, got 'em.

>> No.54732158

>Fae Pitcher

>> No.54732180

What is wrong with it?

>> No.54732196

Not him, but giving anybody on /tg/ infinite anything means flirting with disaster. You could flood the entire world with that.

>> No.54732233

It's tiny so it will take a while

>> No.54732250

You could basically use it to create infinite power. Either via some sort of water wheel, or through nuclear fusion.

>> No.54732254

>build force field around Africa with moon tome (no rule on the size of it)
>flood Africa
>they all get tons of clean water before they die
>world peace

>> No.54732257

>choose fae pitcher
>move to africa and sell water

>> No.54732261

Even a tiny dick can produce an army of sons if it can fuck whoever it wants.

>> No.54732296

You'd be killed in no time.

>> No.54732360

Pretty comfy. I like it.

>> No.54732689

Ymir gives all the troll powers allow you to eat magic, see the future, and do a bunch of other stuff.

>> No.54732767

Fae Pitcher, Apple of Truth, and Spirit Fountain.

Really I'm not planning to break the world with an upended pitcher, it just seems a slightly better side bonus to skill and knowledge than the scarf.

>> No.54732781

Yeah pretty much if you have Ymir or Gaia archmages are nothing because magic drain

>> No.54733440

Gosh dang it is dead in here.

>> No.54733500

Revive it. Start a new thread. Go hog wild.

>> No.54733516

>Eternal persona 3 adventures
Sign me the fuck up

>> No.54733648

New Bread >>54733646

>> No.54733792

>tfw like this cyoa
>tfw dont want to be a little girl

>> No.54733896

Sauce on that bath house?

>> No.54733924

It has been six hours, and the thread is still alive. Look at what I implied and tell me I was wrong.

>> No.54733971

I'm going to pick two of these because no one can stop me.
Choices: Most Talented, Protagonist

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