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ydra Dominatus Edition, For the Emperor!

>Alpha Legion (and I guess Chaos as a whole)

>Grey Knights

>Konor Campaign: Alpha Legion winning the tabletop. Imperium winning painting and model purchases.

>Check your local store's contribution to Omegon.

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other Omegas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Omegons' work)

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2nd for the Aeronautica Imperialis

[Ride of the Valkyries intensifies]

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Ld bombs! Are you ready for them?!

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Repost from last thread
Aiming to get into Orks for this edition, here's my almost finished list:

Battalion, 2000pts

Warboss in Mega Armor
>With Power Klaw and Kombi-skorcha
Big Mek in Mega Armor
>With KFF, Power Klaw, Kombi-rokkit launcha, and Grot Oiler

29 Boyz and 1 Boss Nob
>29 sluggas & choppas, big choppa & kustom shoota
29 Boyz and 1 Boss Nob
>29 sluggas & choppas, big choppa & kustom shoota
10 Gretchin

10 Nobz with Trukk
>10 Power Stabbas, 4 Kombi-rokkit launchas, 2 Kombi-skorchas, 4 Kustom Shootas and 2 Ammo Runts
>Big Shoota and Wreckin' Ball
Nob with WAAAGH! Banner

Heavy Support(2)
2 Deff Dreads
>2 Dread Klaws and 2 Skorchas
>2 Dread Klaws and 2 Skorchas
6 Big Gunz
>6 Kannons

There's still 251 points left to go, what should I add to the list? Apologies if this post is hard to read, my first list post and I wasn't sure about format.

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Which should I get first lads?

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What's Leadership?

t.Ork, Imperial Guard and Tyranid.

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So do you think Gulliman noticed that his chapter have been working with a Scions force called the Alphic Hydras?

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>Nids still don't give a fuck within Synapse
>Guarsmen still only lose 1 dude near a commisar

People were ready before it was even a thing.

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Toxicrene are straight garbage

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You will soon find out friend!

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Did all FW QA guys die or soemthing. The state of the last few books they've released has been hilarious

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Bit risky to do significant work after base is done.

How'd you do the base anyway? Looks great.

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Give me poses. I want to see pictures of your custom poses.

I hatched this idea during some late night building for a Reaver doing his best "WITNESS ME" impression.

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Why don't Space Marine players appreciate narrative tension?

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I don't care for stats and sick strats, they just look and sound cool.

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Probably not because all he can hear is Cawl boasting about how his chads are better than the Emperor's manlets

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Would it be allowed for Space Sharks to take Black Templar tactics? Wiki says that they're "most likely" a Raven Guard chapter but that they're unknown overall. I mean, they're both crusading chapters that love melee fighting and fucking up heretics.

Honestly, I'm kind of torn. I like a lot of RG tactics but the BT exclusive relic would be so good for Tyberos. I don't think I can use a single one of the other relics.

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Well, one of them did, yeah.

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Most of them are still in their insecure teenager years, they just can't handle anything doubtfull.

The rest plays shitty edgy armies like Night Lords and think they're cool.

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I don't think he can take relics? Can he?

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well you got one model that you like and looks cool and you have another model that you like, looks cool, and viable in the game.

you know which one to get!

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They are Raven Guard. They were sent to the darker spaces because Corax felt they were too brutal and he wanted them to fuck off.

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Steel Legion plastics?

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>Tale of Two OPs

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I've been playing imperial fists for years, do you think it would matter if I used a decent chapter tactic?

>> No.54721195

Named characters are indeed not allowed to take relics.

>> No.54721198

Personally, I wouldn't care at all. But the issue I could foresee is that all of the ForgeWorld characters do have acknowledged chapters in their keywords... You'll be fine until ForgeWorld releases their own chapter tactics

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Play them however you want. Only a pure autist would tell you you can't use BT chapter tactics because you painted them the wrong colour.

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Legion of the Damned.

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So when will these edgelords attacks Ulthwe and remove the knife ears?

>> No.54721227

if you use black templar chapter tactics, you miss out on this glorious motherfucker.

>> No.54721229

Hearing this
You >>54721166
Should just go raven guard mah nigga. It's helpful getting into combat anyway and sharks are understated as a sneaky beakie chapter anyway.

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qt dominatus

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Wow he is cute

>> No.54721252

I disliked the pose of them just holding the knife in front of them so I tried to go for them drawing the knife from a sheath instead.

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Lose the Kombi-rokkit on the Big Mek and use a kombi-Skorcha

Also would recommend using Big Choppas and Klaws on Nobz instead of making them shooty

Try and pick up Tankbustas wroth leftover points

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I see what you did there. But how can you be sure it isn't a woman pretending to be a man preteding to be a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman ? You can just never be sure with those slithery AL fucks

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venomthropes if you have a lot of infantry.
otherwise toxicrene.

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Is this a hinted conflict or do you just hate elves?

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I got squished in a AM+SM game vs Salamanders today. A thousand point Scion army with an extra thousand points of space marine characters, Greyfax, an eversor assassin, and a chimera against an actually coherent 2k army.
It was fun, especially the part where the crassus got blown up and I had to try to fit 30 scions out of the wreckage without losing more to model placement, while losing two librarians to the vehicle's explosions and killing two of his terminators and almost killing his captain.
Then the captain walked into a chainfist after wiffing all his relic blade attacks, then the two techmarines couldn't manage to take four wounds off a land raider.
But by god not all the scions got wasted

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Well then pick the one that is the coolest looking or does the coolest thing on the table top. Generally people asking that want to know which is better.
And the toxicrene is by far the most tentacle rapey of the nids. Not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat

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Hey Tau player!

>> No.54721315

Reposting for new thread.
That looks like double athonian camoshade for the skin with agrax earthsade in the recesses, is that what it is? Also what are the guts?

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Venomthropes it is then, as I like the look and they'll suit my swarm of infantry

>> No.54721342

better not be, i literally just got a bunch of anvil industry guys im making steel legions out of. if GW comes out with a new sculpt for them right after i just blew a huge wad of cash im gonna cry

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Someone get this man some tissues!!!

>> No.54721364

Thanks, did not know this and now I do.

How would I miss out on him? I thought that since they don't have their own Forgeworld codex tactics yet that Carcharadons could use another chapters tactics?

Yeah, I like their tactics a lot more than most. Theres only one thing I'm a little confused about. Am I able to use their strategem multiple times in the deployment phase? It seems to be set up to do so but I thought you could only spend one CP a phase. I mean, deepstriking a single unit without having the cost of deepstriking is super good on its own but I'm worried that it might be wasted if I only got to use it for a single unit.

>> No.54721365

Honestly that would be insanely disappointing but might fit that bundle of grenades and the lasgun from the rumour engine. Seriously i know guard need a new baseline model because their current dudes are too big and having cadians be the front dudes is silly now that cadia is gone (yes i know cadians still exist) but come on they are hyping this up way too much for it just to be something like that.

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Thats pretty sick

>> No.54721389

I'm using count as and kitbashed models for my ministorum units, but I'm not sure what to use for Arco-flagellants in terms of converting or count as. Any ideas?

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Give me tips on what to make muh chapter's symbol. I was thinking a moon getting struck my lightning.

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Would fall to Heresy if she tickled my pickle

>> No.54721414

Would you a daughter

>> No.54721415


Ah fuck I didn't even think of nids.

>> No.54721417

Anyone got a .pdf of the book that game with the 8th starter set?

>> No.54721422

Tech primaris

>> No.54721430 [SPOILER] 

I would the oldest daughter

>> No.54721431

Plastic Krieg

They're the new IG posterboys

>> No.54721439

What color is this?

>> No.54721442

The apple logo
call them iMarines or something like that and have them all white/cream and a white scars successor since they're all looks and no filling

>> No.54721446

>Mangus breaks into countless shards of himself
>One of those shards manifests itself as a Loli
>Creates buxom rubrics after Ahriman fucks everything up

Why do I want this

>> No.54721451

No, only Thousand Daughters.

>> No.54721452

There's literally only one faction that brings hordes and isn't immune to leadership and that is daemons. So Night Lords are now better at daemon hunting than the GK basically.

>> No.54721454

Awww yiss gimmie them affordable suicide nazis baby!

>> No.54721457

Wasn't it implied in the Void stalker book?

>> No.54721467

yeah thats fine.

there was a warhammer community article about successors tactics and they mentioned using BT tactics for Black Dragons because it suits them even though they're probably a Salamander succesdor.

>> No.54721469

Why would it be a loli when Magnus is an intellectual? Wouldn't his mind be older than his body?

You get Cake Magnus.

>> No.54721477

Thinking of taking some Aggressors in my marines. Is it better to take the boltstorm gauntlets or flamestorm?

>> No.54721479

Update from last bread couple more things some basing then into real space to harvest suffering-n- such.

>> No.54721483

After he got his back broke his personality fractured, stands to reason some part of him wants to be a little girl that is taken care of by his papa

>> No.54721485

Well how close do you want them to the enemy?

>> No.54721487


>> No.54721493

I dunno what's a void stalker I'd read about something like that.

>> No.54721496

Looks like they used they gw gold spray, forgot the name

>> No.54721501

that is the most retarded camel I have ever seen

>> No.54721502

damn, that skull aquilla is cool.

i need to use it on something.

>> No.54721512

He got hit by a coconut, Anon. Can't you see the stars?

>> No.54721515

I think you're reaching here.
Cakes > lolis. Magnus is a control freak. Clearly part of him wants to control younger men by manipulating them with hier vuluptious red tits.

If anyone has enough daddy issues to want to be a loli its Lorgar.

>> No.54721516

>That pic


>> No.54721537

Now I want them to be steel legion just to taste those delicious tears

>> No.54721543

What I was considering was sticking them in a repulsor with a Lieutenant to maximize flamer damage. I'm mostly curious if it would be better to hold them in the rear firing copious amounts of bolter shots.

>> No.54721549

Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d6)

I cast smite on this post

>> No.54721559

>T-tau poster

Depends what you're facing
Standing still and getting that sweet double flamer over watch is sweet

>> No.54721560

cyborged up AoS flagellants perhaps

>> No.54721564

Hey Dustyman. Probably upset that daddy Magnus wouldn't let you do this, huh?

>> No.54721571

Lets see how many mortal wounds I get

>> No.54721572

Jesus Christ, I feel bad for that thing, what the fuck happened?

>> No.54721577

i think im gonna hold off on buying anymore. worst comes to worst, i can just use the anvil ones as conscripts i guess. still gonna cry though

>> No.54721584

Too good to be true

>> No.54721593

You admit to being a filthy blueberry!

>> No.54721596

thats what happens when a cow dosent wear a bicycle helmet

>> No.54721599

Any day now. Any second now.

>> No.54721614

Whatever Tzeench you can't just magic them outta a tyranid tummy... can you?

>> No.54721616

lightning getting struck by a moon

>> No.54721617

Last of the Night Lords Trilogy by ADB

>> No.54721623

No clue honestly. Probably a disease or brain damage.

>> No.54721630

raptord aren't to bad for going after the comissar first, flying over the bubble wrap and all.

>> No.54721634

I can't tell if your Squat posting is ironic or not.

>> No.54721635

You mean the rules, the one with the space marine heraldry, or the one with the plague marine heraldry?

>> No.54721644

I think I would be okay dying that way...

>> No.54721647

Lighting that is mooning

>> No.54721651

This probably seems like a hell of a weird question, but me and one of my friends have gotten into 40k recently, we both have about 1000pts of stuff, basically he's not playing enough for my liking (reality in the way and all)

How do I go about playing games at a GW? Do they like have a system for knowing when people will be there and able to play?

>> No.54721653

You trying those Trench fighter dudes out? I use their pants for my kitbashed commissars.

After 2 years of fucking around with flash their product was a welcome relief.

>> No.54721657

Cool I'll have to check that out I've heard good things about the books here.

>> No.54721659

The space marine one please. I hear it had some heraldry stuff the codex didn't. I guess if that was incorrect I'd rather have someone say so rather than the pdf then.

>> No.54721674

If its bubble wrapped then the commissar is impossible to reach flying or otherwise as there is nowhere to land.

>> No.54721696

You cant fail morale if they're all dead! CHECKMATE HERETICS!.

>> No.54721698

just show up, theres normally a couple people hanging around who'll probably be up for a game.

if you and your friend want you can just show up at the same time and play each other.

>> No.54721707

As far as I know, every store has their own system for setting up games mostly because table space is limited. Drop on down to your GW, introduce yourself to the dude at the back of the cashier and ask how do you get into games at the store. He'll point you in the right direction

>> No.54721709

Retributor armor from the priming can
The retributor base paint is more of a bronze / gold color which I actually like more I could post my WIP leviathan for comparison.

I spend more time converting models than I do painting or posing them unfortunately.

>> No.54721734

A broken neck isn't worth it.

>> No.54721745


A..Anon, Stop

>> No.54721782

maybe people do it differently in your local area but I've found in my games i usually have rom to go over the guarsmen and commisar to land behind him for a charge with my shrikes.
in the gap thats normal appears between the advancing frontline and the artillery.

>> No.54721785

Does anyone have a citadel carry case? Does a land raider fit in it?

>> No.54721795

Have one more.

>> No.54721802

This Anon be right...

By taking Tyberos, you lose out on CTs. Kind of lame until effdubs decides to do CTs for all of the Chapters from their Index.

>> No.54721812

i got greatcoats and gasmask heads. its amazing how there is little to no clean up on them. im not 100% happy with the gasmask heads, i think im gonna check other makers, but the legs, torso and arms are all aces for me

>> No.54721816

Fair enough, thanks guys

I just simply didn't believe that there was an Evergreen field of people waiting to play at my tiny suburban store and was wondering if there was some universal "Don't go tuesday because that's AOS night" or something

>> No.54721819

Thats fine but they aren't bubble wrapped then. A bubble wrap is physically surrounding the model.

>> No.54721825

Might be adeptus titanicus, given the machine industry noises in the trailer

>> No.54721826

Honest LOL! wtf is that?

>> No.54721833

Kombi rokkits are incredibly overpriced. Kombi skorchas is the way to go.

Get another trukk and fill it with tankbustas.

>> No.54721842

It's a camel in pain from the looks of things. And here's something that won't make you laugh.

>> No.54721846

They make 3

>> No.54721868

This guy again

My army isn't a grey tide but I'm playing Harlequins and if more than 500pts will be allied with daemons, I'm assuming I only have to avoid the crazy fluff dude and no body else will care seeing as I'm new and all?

Actually, fuck it, is there a universal list of "playing against people you don't know" expectations or something past "just be a decent fucking human being for two hours"? because my first priority is to not show up and be "that guy"

>> No.54721881

blood angels will never look this cool again

>> No.54721891


>> No.54721909


It was mentioned in an article about Chapter Traits that successor Chapters can use any traits that best fit their character, rather than being stuck with their progenitor's.

So Carcharodons can absolutely use BT rules.

>> No.54721914


>> No.54721926



>> No.54722000

I think your nobz will get smoked and dont do anything.

>> No.54722008

Anon no one will really care, save for that one sperg. Just show up, be cool, and ask for some games, the expectation is pretty much don't be a douche.

>> No.54722022

But if you take Tyberos, any CTs you would want to take are null and void.

>> No.54722033

Just turn the commissar into a spawn nerd

>> No.54722044


Technically, you would replace all instances of Black Templar Chapter Traits with "Carcharodons" and then take Tyberos.

At least, that's how I'd rule it. Just means you can't run Carcharodons characters alongside anyone else, nor can you run Black Templar characters or special units either. Well, not like either of these stalwart and edgy motherfuckers is going to be being buddy-buddy with anyone else anyway.

>> No.54722054

Popular culture has made it seem like joining a gaming group is basically a fucking ritual where you die if you're not accepted

>> No.54722061

That kind of stupid. The least GW could do is allow successor chapters to take their founding chapters bonuses...

Atleast I can still use them in friendly games.

>> No.54722070

> Moon getting struck by lighting
I painted every chapter symbol on damn near a company's worth of Crimson Fists, make sure you don't mind painting the symbol because you'll be doing it a lot. Practice on some paper or something to nail it down.

That said your symbol is pretty metal so it fits the setting.

>> No.54722074

Both were Alpharius.

>> No.54722083

Pop culture is retarded. I showed up at my FLGS with a shoebox of poorly assembled and painted Orks, and I'm still with that group of friends I made 5 years later, just be cool.

>> No.54722088

But I am Alpharius.

>> No.54722101

Fucking what? Pop Culture has a group of friends who already exist smashcut to a game of DnD that is already going on and one of them is miraculously a perfect DM

>> No.54722103

I recently tried out a nob squad with big choppas in a game.

They seemed really crap compared to sluggas to me. Are they?

>> No.54722120

> shoebox
And I feel like the weird one for using a brownie tray and magnets because foam is a fucking rip-off

>> No.54722123

why don't any of the new primaris come with 10 helmets on the sprues? don't these people wear their PPE?.

>> No.54722127

Thank you, Anon. I'll be sure to do that.

>> No.54722136

What are your store stereotypes for each army?

>> No.54722137

Posted these in the wrong thread by mistake.

Has your store done anything cool like this for the Konor campaign?

>> No.54722151

Forgot the header to my photo dump

>> No.54722170

no successors just pick a chapters Tactics to use without having to jabenyhe relevant keyword.

it'll be an issue when/if FW make rules for Chararodons tactics. But for now BT tactics Chararodons with Tyberos is fine.

>> No.54722177

I would be happy.

>> No.54722181

I don't think I have ever seen that many Titans in a room.

You could probably buy a car for all of those.

>> No.54722199

Lore wise, is a fleet based Guard Regiment a thing? I am in the early stages of planning a Guard army with the looks being inspired by the Savlar Chem Dogs.

>> No.54722202

SM: Kids mostly.
Chaos: Edgy teens.
Tyranids: Women or "women".
Imperial Guard: Neckbeards.
Orks: Good wholesome and handsome men who are popular with the ladies.

>> No.54722209

The store manager also tossed in his Warhound it was cool, I had never seen titans OR admech at all before today.

>> No.54722216

wot? that literally says BT tyberos is all fine.
They're a chapter of unclear founding so you just pick one.

>> No.54722218

Could run them as imperial navy

>> No.54722237

>Don't go tuesday because that's AOS night" or something
that varies on a store by store basis and is something you'll have check on. My local GW does boardgame sundays, but otherwise is do whatever when ever.

>> No.54722251

I don't think that's how it works. It reads that if every unit belongs to the same Chapter they get the CT of that Chapter. Every unit has to have the same Chapter.

So you take your units and claim they are use RG CTs. They would share the chapter Raven Guard. If you add Tyberos who has the Carcharodon Astra Chapter keyword, they would no longer all share the same Chapter and could not benefit from any CTs.

>> No.54722284

Are squad Sargeants still characters?

>> No.54722305

It literally says that if your chapter does not have tactics of its own that you pick the one that fits the best.

>> No.54722326


>shit ton of superheavies and a few other units running about their ankles

yep, typical apocalypse

>> No.54722336


The Navy probably has Marines (Human) for boarding actions and policing crews, as well as general whenever you need a guy with a gun for duties relating to space and space things.

They'd probably be trained a lot like Imperial Guard, but with special training and equipment for Zone Mortalis conditions and airless vacuum.


Read the attached image. Chapter names can be substituted. Otherwise, you couldn't run Gabriel Seth at all, even though his own army is a Blood Angels successor with all the fixings, like Death Company units and Sanguinary Priests. Although I suppose Blood and Dark Angels are a special case, as their own special units do specify Chapter. I guess, common-sensing this, it'd just be characters who can't ever change Chapter.

If there were, for example, a Novamarine character, you'd just take Ultramarines chapter traits and substitute <Chapter> with <Novamarines> while taking no characters or units that have <Ultramarines> as their exclusive <Chapter>.

>> No.54722349

With how the rules currently read. Wouldn't it be of a benefit to paint your dudes in your own unique paint scheme? just so you can choose the most effective faction to get their rules?

Instead of locking your Wordbearers into a set of rules that aren't good/you don't like.

>> No.54722365

Some people like their army instead of trying to minmax the absolute life out of a system as an attempt to vindicate their failed childhood successes

>> No.54722372


>t. Griznak DeffDakka

>> No.54722398

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Don't mind me.

1. Alpha Legion
2. Emperor's Children
3. Thousand Sons
4. Black Legion
5. Iron Warriors
6. Word Bearers
7. World Eaters
8. Death Guard
9. Red Corsairs
0. Night Lords

>> No.54722401

Tempestor Prime - 50
++power fist, command rod
Inquisitor Greyfax - 85

10 scions - 124
++2 melta guns
10 scions - 115
++3 grenade launchers
10 scions - 121
++3 flamers

3 sentinels - 180
++3 lascannons
3 sentinels - 165
++3 plasma cannons

Crassus Armored Transport - 232
++4 heavy bolters


What would you suggest to bring this list up to 1500 points? The special weapons stay because those are the kasrkin models I have, the crassus stays because that's the whole point of the army. I would prefer non static, non-leman russ options.

>> No.54722425


>> No.54722427


Anon, in that case you'd basically just be running the most broken faction you can get your hands on, but with your own favorite Legion's fluff and paint.

This is minmaxing, but minmaxing combined with faction cultism. I'm not exactly sure what to call this, but am fairly sure this is some sort of advanced faggotry.

>> No.54722436

500pts of melee Ogryns to go in the Crassus.

>> No.54722439

>I don't know what precision targeting is.

>> No.54722445

SM: Normies and kids
Chaos: Edgelords
Tyranids: Women
IG: /pol/
Orks: Autists (the likeable kind)
Eldar: Powergamers
Tau: Assburgers and weebs
Necrons: Nihilists
DEldar: Deviants
Sisters: Neckbeards

Who did i forget?

>> No.54722450

That's not really anything new. Space Marines have always worked that way for example.

>> No.54722456

More troops, god damn you have like zero board presence with that shit. Throw in either some regular guard squads or a conscript platoon with a commissar here or there to actually hold objectives and what not. Something that won't ensure you get tabled by turn 3.

>> No.54722468

conscripts and some bullgryns.

>> No.54722472

I would make an argument about that but I actually did get just about tabled at turn three today so that's good advice

>> No.54722496

>Precision Targeting
>Commissar hides behind a Leman Russ

Your Snipers are harmless!

I mean, unless they can deep strike or something. Honestly, a bunch of snipers that could teleport would be the perfect counter to any guard army.

>> No.54722500

>not gay trap faggots

you really make me think

>> No.54722510

GSC, Clowns, AdMech

>> No.54722511

Man, chaos is still losing hard, someone should be deploying battalions of Soul Grinders by now.

>> No.54722525

It's not RP off the table I'm not a deviant

>> No.54722540

That's the people you posted, not Eldar.

>> No.54722551


>> No.54722561

Raptors and Warp Talons up the ass.

But really though, it's a shame that Chaos doesn't get access to snipers of any kind. Hopefully they'll get a psychic power of some kind that can help.

>> No.54722578

I only own one soul grinder and why the fuck would I want more of them they aren't even that good.

>> No.54722581

calling someone a faggot powergamer is redundant if you ask me

>> No.54722587

GSC: 40 year olds.
Clowns: Never seen anyone play them.
Admech: Imperial Guard players second army.

>> No.54722600

So I'm a deviant, powergamer /pol/ack

>> No.54722604

pdf of chaos dex when?

>> No.54722611

>just soul grinders
>not a full army of just daemon engines like titans and knights and maulfiends and shit

Step up your game!

>> No.54722613

I'm a Normie/kid, weeb/aspie, deviant. Cool.

>> No.54722626

that describes about 90% of 4chan so yes

>> No.54722632


sigh .. i guess there is just no wining.

>> No.54722638

Are Berzerkers a good answer to conscript bubblewrap? Are Rhinos good enough to get them there?

>> No.54722651

I'm a Normie/kid/edgelord/neverseenayoneplaythem, sweet!

I should go tell my room-mate he's a woman because he plays the feminids

>> No.54722671

khorne berzerkers are a good answer to almost anything.

and rhinos can take the overwatch of constricpts pretty well so yeah they good

>> No.54722674

i would assume they often work with the navy when they are assigned to space-related tasks like holding down secured areas of a space hulk.

>> No.54722675

>90 percent of 4chan are wannabe nazi shitheads

yeah no, there's a containment board for a reason

>> No.54722697

>likable autist

I think the proper term for this is "way too much time and money, way too little things to do"

>> No.54722713


Even /pol/ isn't mostly nazi LARPers, I don't think. Most flags are AnCap or Libertarian.

>> No.54722716

>8th ed rulebook mentions the possibility of "unaligned" models
I don't suppose GW could be planning to do a "miscellaneous" codex with shit like Khraves, Laer, Hrud, Exodites etc and all the other random shit mentioned in 40k but only really worth one or two models? That would be neat if unlikely.

>> No.54722741

Honestly this
At this point actual nazis are a minority on /pol/, there are far more libertarians, deus vulters and ethnic nationalists (that is to say people who are so called "racial realists" but not nazis).

>> No.54722745

Chapter approved coming this winter is a good bet for all that.

>> No.54722765


>Imperial Agents (Inquisition)

Well, I've just got to go and be a huge fucking hipster. Also I play Kill Team rather than 40k proper. Pretty sure that does not refute my previous statement.

>> No.54722768

No. Most fortifications are "unaligned".

>> No.54722774


>> No.54722781

>tfw edgy autist

>> No.54722783

So CSM leaks are out. Will Chaosfags stop bitching now?

You guys are on par with Space Marines finally. I daresay you actually have more than we do in the customization and unit options department.

>> No.54722793


>I'm a /pol/ likable autist nihilist

>> No.54722803

Predictions for Blood Angels chapter tactics?

>> No.54722805


>/pol/ for 20 years...


>> No.54722809


>Tarellian Dog Soldiers
>Automated Sentry Guns
>Kroot Mercenaries
>Human Mercenaries

Possibly in the grimdark of the far future as far as Chapter Approved is concerned. Recent White Dwarf books have put a spotlight and emphasis on conversions, but ultimately it's all subservient to getting 8e off the ground.

>> No.54722814

I'm looking to start CSM and with the current model range being the age it is I want to use HH models, and possibly make a force that could function in both games, is that actually possible? From what we've seen the chaos codex seems to have little focus on renegade chapters or warbands that don't use actual chaos units and stick to legion structure. Would I be better off using SM? I wanted to do a force that would have a fair few apothecary equivalents, but being new I didn't see chaos lacked those.

>> No.54722819

Red Thirst: +1S during the fight phase.

>> No.54722854

renegade gaurd is a good source of snipers.
command squads can be 4 BS3+ snipers for 32 points as an elites.

>> No.54722870

That would be such a shitty buff. But seeing as how they like to constantly fuck us over I can see it happening.

I'd rather have advance and charge.

>> No.54722871

Carnac and kin have ruined the lore. They're never content

>> No.54722872


Where is our cost-efficient Repulsor tank then? Oh wait, we don't have one. And I have to buy, import, and risk my lungs to assemble a Leviathan Dreadnought just to have a chance at that Redemptor plasticshit that some kid can just buy off a store shelf. No, fuck you. Fuck you and fuck your space marines.

>> No.54722882

Any fellow Renegade players here?
My Imperial Armour arrived today and i just made my first list for the models i have.

1x Commander with Khorne Covenant
1x 9 Command Squad with vox net
4x 10 Disciples w/ lascannon teams
1x 20 Mutant Rabble with Enforcer
1x 20 Milita with 4 flamers and Enforcer
1x 10 Heretek Marauders
1x Earthshaker Battery

1000 points total, what do you think?

>> No.54722889


I see the official Blood Angels successors getting their own chapter tactics deviations, either in actual chapter tactics and/or unique CP powers.

>> No.54722899

>ever stopping bitching
They won't be happy till they have all the stuff space marines have, plus all the stuff they have AND a bunch of HH era stuff because "muh thousand year old vets"

>> No.54722908


That's the problem with Chaosfags. It's not enough to have Chaos marks, icons, legion rules, daemon summoning, cheap and fuck cultists, daemon engines.

They want to have all that stuff and then they turn around and say "where's OUR primaris stuff?"

You guys are the fucking worst.

>> No.54722918

>repulsor and redemptor
>good, let alone worth envying
Top kek, are you the same retard who thought that codex abbadon was Guillman tier yesterday? You faggots really need to get better at unit analysis.

>> No.54722920

As long as i have legion rules i'm happy

>> No.54722931

>Why do things other than Chaos get anything ever waaah

>> No.54722932

So I've been reading the orders of battle/campaign fluff thingies in the BRB, and there's a few references of chaos beastmen.

We've already got tzaangors, it would be awesome to see pestigors and bloodgors get rules and models.

What's your over under on seeing these as releases, /tg/? And not a fine cast rerelease of the old beastmen minis.

>> No.54722936

Your list looks fine, but I'm just curious if you like the new book compared to last ed? I think it's pretty bland now.

>> No.54722955

A friend intends to run a Knight in our 1k mini tournament. Should the rest of us just give up? It's probably just going to be Purge the Xenos games.

>> No.54722964


Well, to your credit you seem to be taking the exact same attitude that an actual Iron Warrior would.

>> No.54722971

>get legion rules, tons of stratagems, great relics etc, things CSM have been bitching for years about
>but where is our [insert thing that it makes no sense lore-wise for CSM to have in any significant numbers, or at all]? Waahhhhhh
Faggots like you are the worst. How can it not get through your thick skull that you aren't just C:SM with even more chaos stuff?

>> No.54722972

>"A lot of people in chat are commenting "hey conscripts are too cheap", hey you're right. And like we've been saying since the edition dropped, if anything is too good or too bad, it's an outlier, it's on the list, and the clock is ticking. Sooner or later, that unit will probably get changed by Games Workshop, because they are aware of these things, and your friends at Frontline Gaming are telling you, if you're taking a massive conscript army, look at your watch and be prepared for changes. When that's gonna come is up to Games Workshop, if it comes is up to Games Workshop, but I would be willing to bet that, much like razorwing flocks, or some of the other units that are probably too cheap, like brimstone horrors, I wouldn't live in that realm of, I don't wanna say exploiting, of, maximizing a unit like that, because you're probably not gonna be able to use it in that way for a long period of time. That's just a little friendly tip. So Brandon Grant's army [BAO first place winning IG list] might be an army that only exists for a certain slice of time - and that might be a small slice."

Conscript nerf confirmed incoming.

>> No.54722991

I'm assuming we'll see the other gors at least, if only to make AOS daemon kits more compatible with 40k and therefore sell more shit with less effort.

>> No.54722992

Good. Spam armies are shit, the more GW makes it so that good lists are fluffy ones that rely on a variety of units, the better

>> No.54723009


>> No.54723024

Since I'm tired of waiting for new CSM models, what are everyone's thoughts on converting primaris intercessors into regular alpha legion csm and helblastors into combi plasma chosen?

>> No.54723039


It's possible, but it just seems like a horde unit specific to each god. Cultists are unaligned/Black Legion, devotees to any or all, but all the while still cannon fodder.

Tzaangors are Tzeentchian cannon fodder, and Poxwalkers are Nurgle cannon fodder. Khorne might get a different unit entirely, though some form of beastman seems likely, but either way they're going to be a bloodied, angry swarm of cannon fodder. Not sure what Slaanesh would get, if anything, but having specific pleasure-cult cultists might be neat for an alternative kit.

>> No.54723042

So what are you working on tonight, anons? Im putting the finishing touches on pic related

>> No.54723050

>don't be an autist


>> No.54723056

It was hinted in the new lore that it'll prolly happen.
>calm your REEEEEE'ing ghat damn.

>> No.54723064

I am pleased with what has been delivered. This with the addition of the Hellforged vehicles in the FW Index has left me satisfied.

Our boons are not incredible, but they will allow us to stand on par with the hated loyalists.

>> No.54723071

Love when people hop on the most broken lists and get fucked.

>> No.54723073

Another Renegades player here, bland is putting it lightly. I admit I'm fairly new, but I just can't win with what I have of them.
Gotten to the point of just going to the store to paint and hang out rather than play, until I can get new stuff.

>> No.54723078

2500 Point List using models I own

>Celestine + Geminae
>2x5 Dominion Squads with 8 Storm Bolters total
>19 Seraphime with 4x Hand Flamer

>Captain in Terminator Armor w/ Santic, Relic Blade, and Storm Bolter
>5 man Intercessor Squad
>5 man Scout Squad sniper-missile
>10 man Tactical Squad bolter-missile
>2x5 Terminators Assault Squad (8 TH-SH)
>2x5 Terminator Squad (2x Cyclone, 2x Chain Fist, 6x Power Fist)
>Venerable Dreadnought w/ Twin Las & Fist
>Predator with all the lascannons + Storm Bolter

Theory: Seraphim turn-1 charge the enemy (doable) while Dominions & Celestine follow close behind to support. Terminators teleport right behind them and charge by turn 2.

Predator & Dread work on vehicles.

I've asked for opinions before...but I have an additional one:

1st Company Terminators in 1500 points. That basically would be Captain, the 4 squads of terminators, the ven dread, and predator. 23 models in 1500 points.

Would I be better off dropping 2 Terminator squads and shoving in more bodies?

>> No.54723079


I will add that, what seems to have slipped under the radar, is that Helldrakes are real dragons now and not dragon-shaped fighter planes. They can assault other units and seem very competent in melee, especially since other flyers don't have much WS at all with which to fight back.

>> No.54723088

As a night lord player, I am kinda annoyed, but not too upset. I just hope eventually Guard get's the LD stuff nerfed. I want to make a conscript memer cry.

>> No.54723093

knights aren't so bad anymore.
they didn't get any better but went up in cost significantly.
1 knight is normally fine

>> No.54723101

I'm kinda mad they didnt include devotions and left out the cool units like blood slaughterers, zombies and blight drones.

But the current IA books seem like placeholders anyway. Until the complete ones get released i'll get some CSM units as allies.

>> No.54723102


Knights are fucking garbage against anything but very small elite armies.

>> No.54723111

Guilliman and Tau Commanders were also namedropped as things that are "too good and we knew they would be" or "hated" so I would hazard a guess they're also on GW's shitlist. I fear that GW might hold off on nerfing Guilliman because they want to sell his expensive new model, though. But Tau Commanders are probably going to eat the nerfbat really hard because if there's one thing GW has their eye on this edition more than unbalanced units, it's unbalanced units that make the game experience really unfun for new players and drive away customers the way Riptides did.

>> No.54723113

Played with my Ultras for the first time in 8th.

Holy shit Adept of the Codex is broken, but I love it.

>> No.54723116

>Identical Chapter Tactics
I want to be mad, but I can't. IW/Fists is one of my favorite rivalries, and the thought of the two armies accustomed to fighting from battlements saying "fuck it" and running to the middle to fight because cover does nothing for either of them makes me smile. They're both so good at what they do it devolves into the Iron Cage all over again.

>> No.54723123

Dude, Robby G is a primarch - he's supposed to be good - that's the whole fucking point. They have had more than enough time to tone him down if they wanted to do so.

>> No.54723125


Knights are actually worse now in toughness and firepower.
On paper, they're both about the exact same in toughness against AT weapons,
but now in 8e they can take wounds from your regular infantry, where before they were immune to them.
They also lost their crazy stomp attacks, and blast weapons entirely, so they have no anti horde capability.

>> No.54723126

>>not stubbornly, masochisticaly doing the thing you hate forever when that was the duty you were given
Weaksauce, desu

>> No.54723127

GOD I HOPE THIS HAPPENS. i can finally use my wfb 5th edition beastmen again in 40k

>> No.54723131

Looks good so far, has a few things I'm miffed about like losing demonic mounts, but I can just take the index ones so it's not to bad, getting new chaos tactical models would be nice.

>> No.54723132

I looked it over a couple of times, didn't see a "warherd" in any of those slaaneshi orders of battle.

And cultists are a catchall for the "human factor" once chaos rolls into town.

I'd like to see new khorngors and pestigors just for the throwback. The tzaangors are cool sculpts, even if they are a bit shit in the game.

>> No.54723146


Bland is indeed lightly. Another player here. I'm so hurt over it I honestly want to sell or convert to Chem Dogs. Not trying to 'follow the flow' - but rather, I'm fucked up. I've had a lot of personal loss in real life... my renegades were bought for me by my father back in 2007-08 as gifts. They mean a lot to me. I've played them ever since... and now they are so bad I can't even use the army list I built long ago. All my theme and flavor is gone. They're just on the shelf collecting dust.

I won't sell/convert... its just hard to want to play them now when what I own is useless - meanwhile WAAC-fag all-tanks-with-chaos-marines (except Iron Warriors) are in perfectly acceptable positions.

>> No.54723149

chaos primaris confirmed

>> No.54723157

We'll see, I think the chances of him getting nerfed next update are around 50/50. They might wait til a few Codexes come out for Factions that don't have a Primarch equivalent, and if those guys can't handle it after that, it'll be the nerfhammer. That's my guess.

Conscripts and Tau Commanders are definitely fucked though.

>> No.54723162


Honestly guys I don't think they will ever update these books. FW doesn't really care about 40k anymore, as they are focusing on the new 30k shit.

If you want an example of this, look at the newest vehicle FW just put out. The 40k 8th ed list has super bland rules, and sucks pretty bad. While the Horus Heresy rules have tons of BS, costs more of course, but clearly has more effort into it.

Maybe I am just jaded, but I don't think even if they made the new book they would add devotions at all.

Personally, I have to use mine as regular guard now to represent the Bloody Handed Reavers I loved so much before.

>> No.54723181

So you're saying your IFs aren't siege masters? Interesting.

>> No.54723188

Gulliman is undercosted. He can still be crazy good he just needs to be appropriately costed.

>> No.54723196

Same. Don't give a shit that we don't have everything, I never wanted everything. I just wanna cut some fuckers open with an axe.

>> No.54723206

Play on a table with the proper amount of terrain, you idjit.

Actually - I'm kinda glad GW made this a thing. Now we have a really good litmus test for whether or not you're using enough terrain in your games. "Do you think Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics are bad? If yes, you're not using enough terrain."

>> No.54723209


I knew Bile would get involved with these guys. I mean, he's spent as long fucking with Astartes in a thousand different twisted ways, and suddenly the Imperium delivers "Astartes 2" with three new and exciting geneseed organs to play with.

>> No.54723212

Quad fusion blaster commanders are just straight up stupid right now. Something needs to be done.

>> No.54723249

Yeah. I think limiting them to one per Detachment and limiting their hardpoint options to a maximum of 3 weapons and the 4th can only be used for support systems is a good start. Also increase the points obviously, they're retardedly too cheap.

>> No.54723256

I had 2 Renegade things going. Nurgle Zombie Guard (now useless) and Renegade Mechanicus Cult troops (now useless.)

Regular guard works yeah - and that is why I'm tempted to just convert to Salvar Chemdogs by filling in Chaos shit. The models would otherwise be intact... then I could use them with other units.

>> No.54723258

Cawl and Fabius need to have a Pokemon fight.

>> No.54723260

That's what the Infernal Gaze power is for

>> No.54723266


But anon, Marines are the only reason a state of doubtfullness even exists.

If they didn't the Inperium would have just been destroyed already.

>> No.54723289

Is there anything out if the new Primaris marines that I should add to a deathwing army? Are redemptor dreadnoughts any good?

>> No.54723295

Tyranids are fucking awesome.

>> No.54723304

dont ruin them, just play them with IG rules and hope for a better codex

I know its probably not a priority for FW but i wont believe that this sad excuse of an Imperial Armour will be all.

>> No.54723306

I did 14 wounds to a Tessaract Vault in one round of shooting with the plasma cannon.

>> No.54723312

>Charge 10 Bezerkers into Conscript blob
>Make 81 S5 attacks
>Laugh all the way to the bank

Repeat as needed

>> No.54723330

How do we think we will see them bring Conscripts down? They can't change point costs of then, since they are only one point cheaper then infantry men.

Would letting Commanders lot let them give them orders fix the issue?

>> No.54723334

>tfw none of my fetishes exist in the 40k canon so Slaneesh can't get to me

>> No.54723335

Funnily enough later in the same stream

"You know how we were talking about there were units that were gonna get better or worse?"
"Riptides can't get any worse!"
"Well Riptides are definitely on that list but they're not on the same side of the list as conscripts."

GW realized they overdid the Riptide nerf and are going to buff them back up a bit again.

Go snatch up those cheap eBay Riptides now before the FAQ.

>> No.54723343

being too poor to afford commission work to build your chinese resin

>> No.54723345

The virgin Imperium VS the Chad Chaos.

>> No.54723351

Tau went from being shitposted about when the index dropped back to pissing people off again
Can't keep the blueberries down

>> No.54723356

honestly I find theme mostly comes from modeling and paintjob.

sure much of the fancy and unique rules are gone. but you should still be able to put your army onto the tabel.

>> No.54723357

>Implying the IG posterboys won't be ultramar auxillia

>> No.54723358

They could possibly do something with morale, since Commissars make it a non-issue with them but I'm not an expert on balance.

>> No.54723365

>Would letting Commanders lot let them give them orders fix the issue?
No, that's the change the Conscript players are pushing for because they know it has no effect on what they're really for.

Look at what they did to Brimstones and Razorwing Flocks. Points increases. You think they won't do that to Conscripts because Infantry are 4ppm? Then Infantry will get upped to 5ppm. Trust me.

>> No.54723371

Make them immune to commissars and remove the ability to recieve orders.
Or maybe lower/reduce their armour save.

>> No.54723385

What if she/he/it can make them exist for you? Pretty good deal, right?

>> No.54723386

If commissars killed D6+*Number* guys Only for conscripts of course or something like that would fix it. Also maybe not let them get orders.

>> No.54723394

The issue is that they act as an extremely efficient meat shield. The fact that with orders they're efficient damage is a bonus. It's been stated that even without guns they'd still be frequently taken due to how good they are at crowding objectives and absorbing fire.

Simplest way to fix them is to limit their ability to benefit from Commissar, so they crumble faster. No orders would fix their damage, but not their durability.

>> No.54723400

New sculpts wouldn't hurt

>> No.54723407

8th legion reporting, what units are you guys looking at using? Im thinking of doing Lord + Sorc dropping with three units of raptors to just bomb the fuck out of characters. Think I'm going to run a lot of cultists so maybe a Word Bearers detachment?

>> No.54723409

I wonder what they'll buff about them
Exactly what role does GW want them to hold? Fluff is longer range armour fucker or infantry mulcher

>> No.54723410

Just because it's not covered in the lore doesn't mean it doesn't exist, there's probably people doing your fetish somewhere in the galaxy
They're probably doing it right now

>> No.54723413

no orders would work.
limiting the commisars ability may work.

perhaps have him execute d3/d6 instead of 1l for large squads. bigger groups of panicked men need more brutality to bring inline.

>> No.54723415

Interestingly, one of the other most popular Commander builds would be unaffected by that hardpoint restriction; 3*MP+ATS.

>> No.54723418

No Tryzan?

>> No.54723429

That'd be a pretty serious blow to IG overall. Vets would cost the same as Boyz.

>> No.54723435

That was covered in Chart-Anon's sniper comparison. It works, but is pretty mediocre.

>> No.54723447

Every time you would take a morale check with conscripts with a commissar you instead roll a die.
If its a one, both get removed because the conscripts scatter and the commissar starts executing as many as he can

>> No.54723451

Uhhhhh, anyone Finish Black legion yet?

Sigismund vs Abaddon.

>> No.54723452

Have a hard cap on how many Conscript Platoons you can take in an army max. So 1 Conscript Platoon per detachment so you have to take excess other choices as well and you can still only ever take 1 per detachment.

>> No.54723454

I honestly thought that commissars would just reduce battleshock losses by half.

>> No.54723455


Ideally, such a change would come with overall rebalancing of other unit costs to encourage combined arms builds.

>> No.54723459

>I have to buy, import, and risk my lungs

Holy shit. The level of laziness and circular logic in your little tantrum is fucking mindblowing. Resin isn't really unsafe to work with, first of all. If you're really that worried, buy one of the little breathing masks folks in Asia wear due to poor air quality. They cost like 2$, and it's really a basic material for hobby, or shit, even working on your house.

Second, don't rant about importing. Show me again all those customs forms you filled out? All you did was literally click a button. Also, I'm not sure but I think fw has an American warehouse now, so if that's where you live it's a totally invalid concern.

>> No.54723466

Anyone know if Huron received any changes in the CSM codex? He was one of the best HQs in the 6e dex, so it sucks seeing how bland he's become.

>> No.54723468

True but I'm resigning myself to buying some AOS blood warriors from ebay and converting them. I'm too fucking impatient to wait anymore.

>> No.54723469

You say that like it's necessarily a bad thing.

>> No.54723470


You already know that Sigismund jobs to Abaddon and the greatest evil sword in the universe and the Black Templars pretend nothing happened ever since.

>> No.54723474

Boyz have 6+ saves and BS 5+.

>> No.54723486


5ppm for guardsman was overpriced, though. The current pricing for guard and conscripts actually makes good sense, it's just silly that conscripts are more efficient at taking orders than line infantry are.

If the roles were reversed so that infantry could blob into 50 and take orders but conscripts couldn't receive orders at all (inferior training and whathaveyou), I think that would be the ideal solution. You get the impressive dakka out of a big platoon, but you have to pay more for the training. Conscripts would be reduced to just meatshields, not firebases.

>> No.54723487

Orders have to be rolled for to see if they work for conscripts. A Commissar would only be a reroll for morale plus killing a guy. So you fail a morale role, Commissar kills a guy and you reroll. You fail that, then follow rules for failed test

>> No.54723488

It just doesn't make any real sense. For 160 points you get a guy who can kill a tank every turn.

>> No.54723504

Enclaves is bigger and more uniqur than other <Septs>
Is it going to be a special army layout in the dex? Plus, you need something other than supcom detachment cause 8 HQs

>> No.54723511

Ooh, I like Commissar giving morale reroll.

>> No.54723513

Boyz are S4 T4

>> No.54723522

Commissars giving morale reroll would be a good change. Still powerful, but not "fuck LD it don't matter" powerful

>> No.54723530

Yes, which is why they should be the same cost instead of cheaper.

>> No.54723537

The big problem with conscripts isn't the orders, it's that 50 and a commissar is way too difficult to shift.

>> No.54723543


This is actually how it used to work, kind of. Back in 3rd if you failed a Ld test, the Commissar executed a dude and you rolled on his leadership instead of the unit's. Then, if you failed that one, the unit fragged the commissar and bolted entirely.

>> No.54723544

I never said it was perfectly balanced though

>> No.54723551

No one else has got a "special army layout" yet. White Scars don't get bike troops. World Eaters don't even get Berzerker troops in the Codex if I'm not mistaken. Your blueberry snowflakes aren't getting that kind of attention.

>> No.54723569

yes and thats dumb. Boyz should be a cheap horde unit and not space marines without armor

>> No.54723573


Abaddon doesn't have Drach'nyen in this book.

Sigismund is 1000+

>> No.54723576

They're bigger stronger and tougher than humans. They are a cheap horde unit.

>> No.54723584


Hmmm...that actually sounds like a commissar problem, not a conscript problem, since by default morale rules conscripts will die in droves every melee they lose without the commissar there to negate it. Sorry if that's been said already, i just jumped into the conversation midway.

>> No.54723586

That'd need to be changed somewhat.

Maybe you always get the reroll if youre within 3", and you can execute a guy to have casualties reduce your LD by half the normal amount?

>> No.54723592

Then the army literally doesn't work since it is an 8 HQ group
Unless a couple get combined into a LoW unit or something then it fits that detachment

>> No.54723611

Whats the consensus on running Abbadon with 20 man marine blobs?

>> No.54723612

Weren't they S3 in 7th?

>> No.54723613

So take two of those detachments if you want 8HQs so badly.

God taufags are so fucking obnoxious, definitely worse than chaoscunts.

>> No.54723615

Yes, if you step back and look at it, commissars letting units just lolnope morale is the issue.

>> No.54723631

Just take two detachments? The bigger question are the FSE exclusive signature systems. What about things like Fusion Blades and Earth Caste Pilot Array?

>> No.54723648

Doing a 40k team tourney with my buddy. He's bringing IW. All I've got are loyalist SM so should I bring BT or be iron bros with an all dreadnought IH list?

>> No.54723652

Yeah but with +1 S on the charge. And Ork players bitched about it endlessly. So GW simplified it and gave them base S4. And it works well. There's no reason for Ork Boyz to have the same Strength value as conshits.

If there's anything OP about Boyz it's their sheer number of attacks. But considering that they barely made Top 8 in the recent tournament, there's not really any proof yet that Orks are OP.

>> No.54723660

Fuck off furfag.

>> No.54723671

>Guys how do we fit this army from 7th to 8th?
>f-fucking tau ruined my life and my anus

Neck yourself, no one is as annoying as you or your mentally ill fellow chaos players

>> No.54723673

So I see that one of the big issues with Conscripts is that a single Commissar can make them hard to remove. This might be more an issue of lack of Sniper or character removal options in the various armies, I would imagine that if just as 6th introduced flyers but lacked a significant counter to flyers other than other flyers before new units were introduced to help with that and codices were updated accordingly. Perhaps what we need is more anti-character options to counter the obviously powerful AoE buffing that characters now supply to forces.

>> No.54723689

Gonna work a bit more on my mortar squads I think.

>> No.54723691

Agreed, but you can't make Character removal too efficient or people have no reason to take Characters anymore.

Much easier to just fix the raw point efficiency of the offending unit.

>> No.54723699

Orks as a faction are fine and i'm glad they arn't as bad as in 7th anymore.
Still, i think boyz should get cheaper per model but have S3 and 2 attacks max. It just shits on the lore if 10 of them can take out 10 Marines in close combat (And no, i dont play marines and dont even like them).

>> No.54723711

Just nerf the comissar himself, make the execution give +2 leadership or something instead of an autopass.

>> No.54723721


For what reason?

>> No.54723722

Make conscripts an upgrade for commissars rather than their own unit. you'd never take them without a commissar nearby and fluff wise the imperium would never let a bunch of raw recruits fight without a watchful eye nearby. Just an upgrade "you can take 20 conscripts" for him.

that way they still cost points, they do what guard armies want them to do, but you need to invest points into filling troop choices, too, which makes regular infantry more appealing.

>> No.54723725

I don't think the lack of anti-character is the problem as much as it is commisars in general. For 30 points you can make 3 or 4 giant blobs just outright ignore all but 1 morale casualty, and that's broken as fuck. Commisars need a debuff or a significant increase in cost

>> No.54723748

10 boyz vs 10 marines ends with 7 boyz and 7 marines on each side after boyz get the charge.

After the Marines shoot bolt pistols and fight again in the following turn it's 7 Marines vs 3 Boyz.

Seems legit to me.

Marines also have ObSec, better movement, and better shooting before the melee clash.

This is perfectly fair.

>> No.54723754

Yeah, commissars are just a little OP at this point.

>> No.54723760

Conscripts are just what happens in desperate circumstances when soldiers need to be thrown into battle wether they're ready or not, a Commissar's unavailability won't change such an immediate need

>> No.54723768

How bad is tank heavy IG in 8th? Either mechanized or no infantry at all. It look like the moment something gets within 1" even if it can't hurt you, you lose.

>> No.54723782


a) Felinids are 40k canon
b) That Felinid isn't even a furry
c) How about I stay right here, and you deal with it.

>> No.54723783

But tablewise no one will ever, ever run Conscripts without a Commissar.

Their entire design is flawed. They are an ungodly point efficient unit in every way for what they do, except for Morale.

Commissars are a point-efficient way to negate almost all Morale losses. They are auto-take with conscripts which are auto-take in general.

>> No.54723784

Did you include marines overwatching?

>> No.54723795

Can't take Orders.

>> No.54723807


>> No.54723828

Yes. I rounded down fractions unless they were very close to a whole number.

One boy died to overwatch, they killed 3 marines on the charge, the remaining 7 marines killed 2 more boys.

Next round they killed another 2 with bolt pistols and another 2 when fighting.

The remaining 3 boyz should have killed one more marine, which I forgot to do.

So you end with 6 marines to 3 boyz.

The Boss Nob should change the math in a realistic game but then you have all kinds of other factors to consider, like whether the marines have a flamer for overwatch, a transport to block the boyz, whether the charge roll fails, buff auras from nearby characters, and so on.

>> No.54723835


Battle tanks actually got some points reductions, but they have some new issues now.

First off, any weapon can hurt them. Even bolters. Granted the chances are small, but it can happen now.

Second, the -1 penalty to hit rolls when moving makes sponsons much less dependable. Turrets are ok, but plodding dakkatanks are going to miss A LOT now. So point per point armor is sturdier, but less effective and dishing out damage.

Third, tanks can fight in hand to hand without instantly dying now, so that's okayish.

Overall I'd say it's a net loss for armor.

>> No.54723842

Ok, fair point.
I think i've just seen too many instances where a big blob of boyz charged a unit of marines/CSM and wiped them in one turn without taking more than 1-2 losses. Just feels wrong as someone who read some BL

>> No.54723853


>> No.54723859

a) They aren't furfaggot.
b) Then I guess I'm just imagining the fur tail and ears furfaggot?
c) Go fuck a cat or something furfaggot lmao it's probably legal in the degenerate shithole that is your country

Or you could just kill yourself idc, I'm just gonna sit here and shit myself laughing holy kek there are people who want to fuck humanoid cats and get mad when other call them out ahahahahahahha

>> No.54723860

Not him but,
>a) Felinids are 40k canon
Yes, but they are confined to their home planet, and are not allowed off it.
>b) That Felinid isn't even a furry
Yes they are. Canon-wise they have cat teeth, cat ears, are covered in fur and are agile and "graceful" like a cat. The only thing that you can argue makes them not furry is the lack of a tail

>> No.54723864

Not enough. Equivalent points of SM rapidfiring into them won't kill Conscripts and a Commissar even if they take 5 turns while the conscripts just sit there drooling.

Being able to get an armor save was a huge boost in survivability, but they didn't account for that when writing the indexes.

>> No.54723885

I still think the problem is the commissar, they wouldn't be a thing without them otherwise.

>> No.54723886

Do cat ears suddenly make people furry now? Since when did that change?

>> No.54723889

Seriously, why the fuck do bolters have no ap at all now?

>> No.54723894

>covered in fur all over the body
>extended canines
>cat ears and eyes
>not furry
Top kek, yiff in hell furfaggot

>> No.54723895

>Plus, you need something other than supcom detachment cause 8 HQs
no you don't. just take 2 supcoms or a supcom and some other detatchment.

with the new detatchments they don't need anything special. Battlesuit army? just use the Vanguard detatchment.

>> No.54723897

Better load out for Reivers?
Bolt Carbine vs Combat Knife
Grav Chute vs Grapnel Launcher

>> No.54723901

Do the Start Collecting sets have similar point costs, or just price?

>> No.54723905

Is there like a TF2 Medic healing ray or some kind of psychic healing powers?

For all the sci fi bullshit its hard to believe that the one thing no one has is the ability to heal or regenerate.

>> No.54723908

>"Codex vs index is unfair, let's play a friendly gamen
>Proceeds to spam wraiths and tesla immortals

>> No.54723911

Because that's what the AP conversion dictated? It's the same conversion used for the vast majority of weapons.

>> No.54723915

Boyz should win if they massively outnumber the Marines. Black Library is fucking shit, like objectively bad writing in 19/20 cases.

>> No.54723923


So are SW 13th company furries?

Also as far as I'm aware, the only "lore" regarding Felinids is that they exist and their planet is Carlos McConnell. Everything else is peculation.

>> No.54723938

Price, mostly. Also note that they don't all make balanced starter forces out of the box in 8th. For example, the Eldar SC doesn't even have the stuff to make a Patrol detachment, since Windriders are FA instead of Troops now.

>> No.54723941

Furfag blood for khorne

>> No.54723944

>So are SW 13th company furries?

>> No.54723946

The anons original pic didn't have fur all over its body. It had cat ears, sharp anime teeth, and yellow eyes.

Most felinids are furry sure, but not that specific picture. If you're going to shitpost, at least do it properly.

>> No.54723949

Because it was fucking stupid that a bunch of troops in the game might as well have had Sv -. Armour in 40k is just as highly developed as weapon tech. In the fluff even the smallest Tyranids have boltshells bouncing off their armour like pebbles.

>> No.54723953

> Not wanting to have a QT felinid waifu to fuck platonically and not in a slaaneshi way at all.
> Not knowing what a "Sanctioned" mutant is.
> It's totally not heresy guys, they're people too, just with adorable cat ears!

>> No.54723956


And as all threads before, some ass ravaged spergs have begun to shit up the thread

>> No.54723966

Is he dying?

>> No.54723967

And a lot of eldar fanart depicts them a cute girls, that doesn't mean they are in lore.

>> No.54723972

>So are SW 13th company furries
The entire chapter is a giant furfag convention. Kill maim and burn.

>> No.54723975

Chute + knife so you can land and fight as needed

Batman with Gun so you can kill snipers and take their hiding hole

>> No.54723981

I was thinking of picking up the CSM set, seems like a pretty good deal for some marines and a hellbrute

>> No.54723982

People have been calling the Wulfen yiffshit for ages, is this new to you?

>> No.54723989

Pretty sure most of it is just one waste of human life who thinks shitposting about furries is still cool.

>> No.54723991

maybe have commisars only be able to autopass 1 unit a turn.
so if you want to baby sit 4 units you need 4 commissars. or limit the number of models. so he can do 4 units of 10 guarsmen or 1 unit of 50 conscripts.

>> No.54723994

In grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there's only Apothecaries and vehicle repair

>> No.54723997

>So are SW 13th company furries?
Yes, as are all of the yiffs. This is something people have said for YEARS, how do you not know that?

>> No.54723998

Official art shows them as cute

>> No.54723999

>mentally ill furfaggot thinks his shit was ever accepted or even tolerared
Ahahahahahahaha yiff in hell furfag

>> No.54724001

Which Legion/Warband are you thinking about?

>> No.54724009

Am I allowed to mix 5 of each and still get their combat squads rule that lets me separate a 10-man squad?
Will probably do all 10 with knife as I have no other melee dudes

>> No.54724013


Kind of, I don't play SW and think the 13th company models are ugly as sin.

>> No.54724015

We should have a word for people like you who want to fuck an egg on sticks.

>> No.54724019

The other anon said
>"That felinid isn't even furry"

As in, that one. The specific pic he posted. The one that was being referenced.

Do I need to draw you a chart or something? Maybe an infographic? Are you incapable of even the most basic levels of reading conprehension?

>> No.54724022

Yiff in hell furfag, your fault for thinking furries would be accepted in a general who's history traces back to hating furries on /b/

>> No.54724036

The other anon was a retard, since I came into this conversation explicitly saying that I wasn't the original anon, and only got involved to correct the notion that felinids aren't furry

>> No.54724039

yeah, although i don't see why

>> No.54724040

>that random nigger

>> No.54724042

not sure yet, I like the color schemes of the Black Legion and Word Bearers, but I haven't looked into their actual legion traits enough to make a decision.

>> No.54724044

nvm it says ALL models may replace my bad

>> No.54724046

Could you at least come up with a new catchphrase if you're going to repeat the same posts over and over again until someone gives you attention?

>> No.54724053


Man you're just shitting out all these super original insults aren't you

Bruh-chan I don't even into furries, I'm just amazed there's this badly of a booty blasted autist pitching a fit about it

>> No.54724057

Anyone have a link to Black Legion epub by ADB?

>> No.54724058

yiff in hell furfag

>> No.54724061

Another key piece of lore is that they are restricted to said homeworld. Meaning they're not off being in the Guard.

>> No.54724063

Post weird outdated official art

>> No.54724067

Top kek, way to show you're a newfag.

>> No.54724068

>im not a furfag i just came to shill for them
Ahahahaha yiff in hell furfaggot

>> No.54724069

This is pointless, just ignore him

>> No.54724070

Well of course canon felinids are furry. It's silly to pretend otherwise. I was discussing that fanart.

>> No.54724075

Every piece of art that depicts the Lion in green armor ever

>> No.54724085

Or just spoiler the good bits!

>> No.54724087


All this triggering over a half-naked human woman with cat ears...makes me want to post a gritty 40k fanfiction about a felinid regiment.

>> No.54724088

Oh, in that case I don't give a shit. Have a good night/day anon.

>> No.54724091


>> No.54724094

>fuck platonically
how do you fuck non-sexually?

>> No.54724096

>4chan meme /b/ chapter

>> No.54724101

But that'd mean he has nothing to spoiler

>> No.54724102

Yiff in hell furfag

>p-please no bully
Lmao cry more mentally ill furfaggot your tears are delicious

>> No.54724104


That's news to me. Where is it, if I may ask? I don't even know where the original mini-reference to them is from, desu.

>> No.54724105

>E-Everyone hates furries still, right?
>Maybe if I just k-keep talking about them, I'll be popular!

>> No.54724108

For your consideration.

Night Lords: Models in enemy units must subtract 1 from Leadership for each unit with this Trait within 6″ of theirs to a maximum of -3

Iron Warriors: Enemy units attacked by units with this Trait do not gain any saving throw bonuses for being in Cover. You can re-roll failed wound rolls when targeting a Building

Emperor’s Children: Units with this Trait always fight first in the Fight Phase even if they didn’t charge. If enemy units have charged or have similar ability alternate units to fight starting with player whose turn is taking place
Black Legion: +1 to LD and when a unit with advances all of their rapid fire weapons become assault.

World Eaters: When a unit makes a successful charge you can make one additional attack with each of the models in the fight phase.

Word Bearers: Re-roll any morale checks

Alpha Legion: -1 to hit at 12″ or more

Renegades: Can Advance and Charge in the same turn.

>> No.54724111

Do iiiiiiitttt

>> No.54724112

It was a different, simpler time.
That pic is what, more than 10 years old now? Christ, I feel old

>> No.54724114

Platonically means non-romantically anon
Like fuck buddies

>> No.54724119

I think he meant aromantically instead of platonically.

>> No.54724123

It was the Before Time, anon. Things were different.

>> No.54724124

Hey, I'm down. A lot of regiments needed to be formed because of the Red Path.

>> No.54724125

>m-maybe if i sperg out and start spamming my autistic paraphilia t-they w-will make it s-stop!
Lmao yiff in hell furfag

>> No.54724126

Anon, you might want to look up what platonic means

>> No.54724127

Platonically means non-sexually.

>> No.54724129

Pankakes pancakes pancakes

>> No.54724130

6th Ed rule book, page 405.

>> No.54724134

>Renegades: Can Advance and Charge in the same turn.

Wait, are actual renegades included in the new codex or just vanilla cultists?

>> No.54724145

I'm mostly happy. I wish possessed were a little better (d3+1 attacks, or w/e), and that most of our wargear was less of a copy-paste of the Imperium stuff, but otherwise happy.

>> No.54724151


Ah, that explains it. I missed out on 5th and 6th editions, so I never got the books.

>> No.54724154

Renegades means Warbands that aren't part of a Legion. So Crimson Slaughter, Red Corsairs, etc. Not traitor guard.

>> No.54724155

Well fuck I've been using that word wrong this whole fucking time, my bad

>> No.54724158

Would it make you feel better or worse if I told you that I started this hobby in 2008, and I have never even seen that chapter before today?

>> No.54724161

I guess what I'm saying is you can't use any Stratagems, WTs, or other specific items like RG relics because Carcharodon is a specific Chapter. So you just get the CT. Which is all some people want I guess. Taking Tyberos gives some nice Auras to boost your force, but nothing groundbreaking.

>> No.54724162

I believe all non-Legion descendant warbands (e.g Red Corsairs) are counted as renegades for rules purposes.

>> No.54724168


>> No.54724178

Don't you besmirch cheetanon, he actually creates funny shitposts.

>> No.54724185

>I read yesterday that overwatch doesn't take the weapons range into account anymore.
>Can someone tell me where that's located cause I completely forgot.
Wait excuse me? Is that legit?

>> No.54724186

I really like the Defiler, Hellbrute and Predator, is there any legion that has more vehicles than others?

>> No.54724191

Cheetahfag officially died on the day of the Esdese spergfest so it's pretty safe to assume anyone else posting like him is copying him.

>> No.54724195

Neutral, when you started the hobby doesn't mean you were on /b/ during the days of telling furfags to yiff in hell.
I mean, that pic is older than this board, a lot of people here wouldn't have been around for those days

>> No.54724200


>> No.54724209

> Bile-senpai is at it again.
Fucking glorious.

>> No.54724210

Oh god he doesn't know.

Anyone have the screencap?

>> No.54724213

Lore wise that would be Iron Warriors. Although I feel like the Defiler is a very Black Legion thing. Iron Warriors would use normal artillery and tanks rather than a Giant Enemy Crab.

>> No.54724214

I speaking to prospecting book posters!

>> No.54724215

Why is the Crimson Slaughter the face of CSM according to GW? Why not one of the original traitor legions not this literally who warband

>> No.54724220

Just be glad you weren't there to know what he's talking about.

Cheetah anon laughed until he ran out of cheetahs and then was presumed to die by heart attack and hasn't been heard from since.

>> No.54724227

>i-it's not funny when you target my mentall illness!
>so shitter-shattered he can't tell an original when he sees it

>> No.54724229

How are dreadnoughts in their "default" versions, the Asscan + CCW or the Twin Lascannon + Missile Launcher?

I don't see people using them anymore and that makes me sad. What so bad about them?

>> No.54724232

Why does Magnus the Red have a blue and gold leigon? The world will never know.

>> No.54724233

Because it is so hilarious to troll the CHSM players

>> No.54724234

Didn't he pop back up a few days ago?

>> No.54724238

Because they have cool art already done.

>> No.54724244

You could easily see a lot of Predators in a Black Legion Warband. Plus Predators got dangerous with either Autocannon/Bolter mix or the LasPred combo. Won't be hurting either way with it this edition.

>> No.54724248

It's all pretenders trying and failing to ape him.

>> No.54724249


So you're telling me that this guy:


Not only is low-energy shitposter, but is a low-energy shitposter who resorts to using another person's trademark posting style for his stale shitposting?

>> No.54724256

Oh shit are you talking about that slaneeshcuck autist?


Praise kek, I'm out.

>> No.54724258


Are characters the only things limited by <Chapter>, or is it also the stratagems and relics and warlord traits? If you can keep Chapter Traits, why not the rest? Is there a passage we can cite that explicitly states this discrepancy?

So far, I can only see the exclusion of characters with a stated Chapter, rather than anything else. Seems like they're all inherited if you port it all to a successor Chapter through the substitution of one <Chapter> with another, so long as you adhere to all the original restrictions of that <Chapter>, including the explicit prohibition of its unique, named Characters.

>> No.54724259

He doesn't. The Thousand Sons under his command are red and gold. It's Ahriman's exiles who are blue.

>> No.54724261

Naturally you'll see everything CSM have in the Black Legion.

>> No.54724263

>claiming to be the original
Cheetanon kept his shitposts invigorating and reactive. You just spout the same textual diarrhea in an effort to get people angry.

If cheetanon saw you, he would be ashamed.

>> No.54724268

It's difficult to tell the real cheetah anon from the imposters who saved some of his pics. Almost since the beginning cheetah anon has been a composite of multiple people using the identity, but you can occasionally tell when it's the original guy if you spend way too much fucking time in these stupid general threads like me.

>> No.54724269

Then why do I only ever see art of the blue ones? Dammit. Fuck.

>> No.54724272

tl;dr An autistic transexual slaanesh player "renowned" for ERPing on /40kg/ went ballistic when people told him to fuck off. Then someone identified him from discord and he went full chrischan on the thread.

>> No.54724276

>GW makes donutsteel warband
>looks exactly like world eaters
They could have at least used the Red Corsairs instead of these nobodies.

>> No.54724278

It gives new entrants to the hobby a blank slate to work on and create their own thing, and allowed GW to make characters and models for dark vengeance that fit with an undivided warband without pandering to one specific legion.

Course now DG are the poster boys.

>> No.54724296

Are there any caps? I could use a laugh.

>> No.54724310

they're restricted in the ecological sense. There's no other worlds with significant populations of them is all.

even Beastmen that are specifically mentioned to be the most oppressed abhumans are still able to travel around most of the imperium.

>> No.54724312

Indeed there are

>> No.54724318

>Look like world eaters, with word bearer rules

They're a big so what. Also you know GW wanted people to call them Crimson Slaughter Marines.

>> No.54724322

Crimson Slaughter played exactly like what you'd expect from the fucking Word Bearers last edition. A bunch of cultists and Possessed running around summoning deamons. No idea why they didn't just make them Word Bearers.

>> No.54724323


>tranny slaanesh player who ERPs in public chat


>> No.54724324

I'm not a big fan of Iron Warriors, don't really like Perty
Is Abbadon pretty much a requirement in a Black Legion army?

>> No.54724332

>implying cheetahfag didn't laugh at furfags back in the day
Also, does anyone know how many impersonators there are? I don't recall the cheetahposting ever stopped, or at least the constant referncing to it.

>> No.54724338

You don't have to, but he's really good. It'd be kind of weird to be a Black Legion player who didn't have him, kind of like a Thousand Sons player who didn't have Magnus.

>> No.54724342

>So far, I can only see the exclusion of characters with a stated Chapter, rather than anything else
thats correct. the only thing successors don't get is the parent chapter characters

>> No.54724344

Shouldn't be, don't know any of the new stars but all they've shown is that he gives two command points and has a warlord trait

>> No.54724347

>Course now DG are the poster boys.
No they're not? Not any more than Dark Angels replaced Ultramarines as the Loyalist poster boys when Dark Vengeance was a thing. They only have focus right now because their Primarch is coming out soon with their own Codex. They'll be overshadowed by the next Chaos Codex just like Thousand Sons are overshadowed by them right now.

I started capping some of the highlights of the thread back when it happened but I ended up giving up because there were just too many max turbo moments to even capture it all.

>> No.54724352

And that's why Slutneesh is worst Chaos God.

>> No.54724362

I have no doubt cheetahfag shitposted about furries. But his shitposts generally had an ounce of creativity.

As for how many? Who knows? We had three self admitted imposters a few threads ago I believe, so there's probably a lot.

>> No.54724364

Thousand Sons won't be getting any new models though, nor, let's be honest, will regular CSM.

>> No.54724365

Update some of the old models, maybe bring out some new unaligned models and I'll be more than satisfied.

>> No.54724369

They'll be forgotten like the Thousand Sons are eventually. It's just a matter of if Fulgrim or Angron are the next Daemon Primarch.

>> No.54724381

>that GSCB quote
Gets me every fucking time

>> No.54724387

Is it in the archives at least?

>> No.54724394

Does anyone have a link to the CSM codex, assuming it's been leaked?

>> No.54724398

You wound me, anon.

But, no. Abbadon is a great model that will wreck face all day everyday, but his cost means you won't want him for every list. The classic use for him is teleporting in with his Terminator buddies and destroying whatever you deem most dangerous be it the enemy warlord, artillery or tanks. You also don't want to leave him alone so Terminator friends are pretty much a necessity.

Consider Abbadon as an extra (if very potent) option rather than a necessity.

>> No.54724405

Not yet boss. There is a MWG video with stuff in it apparently.

>> No.54724407

>As for how many? Who knows? We had three self admitted imposters a few threads ago I believe, so there's probably a lot.
I just don't get it. What did a single, shitposting cheetah man do for so many to find him worth emulating?

Did he ever get a tripcode?

>> No.54724410


Why would they, they literally got an overhaul and primarch not even a year ago

>> No.54724415

I think the mods might have nuked it. If it's on a third party archive host I wouldn't know where.

>> No.54724417

They probably wanted to push more non-legion warbands for people to latch onto. Problem is, they had plenty of original ones they never used and don't suck instead. Like, Skyrar's Dark Wolves have literally no more and would be perfect for a supplement like this, or the Corsairs.

>> No.54724420

The original thread

>> No.54724421

I feel like most IW and AL players have already given up on new models and use the plastic Mk. III and Mk. IV armor instead.

>> No.54724424

CSM are getting primaris marines though mah nigga.

>> No.54724426

I know. We gained a codex and had it thrown out in less than 6 months. Now we'll be the only chaos faction without one for a while.

>> No.54724430


Uhhhhhhhh..... Most of the IW themselves don't like Perty.

I don't much care for him, but I love the IW.

>> No.54724431

The cheetahs were just fucking funny. No matter how mad people wanted to be they couldn't help laughing.

He never tripped. If he had it probably would have ruined the mystique.

>> No.54724432

>no lore*

>> No.54724437



>> No.54724461

Holy shit thank you anon. I'll relive this later.

>> No.54724468

This. Chaos Primaris is only a matter of time.

>> No.54724478


Lel, might just be among the last ones. I think we know why they let Magnus be a beatstick, going to be what you've got for a while.


Some of the impostors were just terrible, not funny at all and just clearly trying and failing to impersonate

>> No.54724479

Do you have any of the original GSCB threads? I think I missed most of them.

>> No.54724501

There are two possibilities here that both have pros and cons.

Either Thousand Sons are billed for a new Codex pretty damn soon, in which case you won't have to wait for all your neat buffs and things, but almost definitely won't get any new models, or...

Thousand Sons are going to be held off for awhile, but when they come out you'll get more models to bring you in line with the Death Guard update.

I'm placing my bets on the former.

>> No.54724503

Nah, not a fan of GSCB so I didn't keep track of her attention whoring.

>> No.54724513


Also does Overwatch let you shoot both parts of a combi-weapon?

>> No.54724523

If Chaos was getting new models, they would have done it with the CSM release. Most of the models in there are ancient.

>> No.54724546

It'll be a Primaris into chaos upgrade spru or some shit. Mark my words. They kept talking about using the primaris parts to inbiggin your dudes.

>> No.54724552

I'm talking about TS, not CSM. Obviously CSM aren't getting new models. We don't know when the TS Codex is coming out, so it may come with new models if it's a later Codex. If it's an earlier Codex, probably not.

>> No.54724555

Nudes were pretty solid for sure.
fuckin sluts man

>> No.54724560

No way would they give thousand sons new models.
They had the Sons of Magnus update 7 months ago.

>> No.54724562

I'm fine with that if it's actually a good upgrade sprue. The new Ultramarines one is kind of shitty.

>> No.54724564

What new models do TS need? Heavy Support?

>> No.54724578

I don't mean replacing the new models that just came out, I mean expanding their options with a second wave. Like when Skitarii came out and then got more shit with Cult Mech.

>> No.54724583

I imagine it would be a pretty in depth one with lots of fiddly bits. Gonna cost as much as a tac squad.

>> No.54724597

They only have like 5 kits, compared to the DG getting like a dozen. You would think they would expand their options just a bit if they're getting an entire Codex to themselves.

Disclaimer I don't actually play TS, I don't know what the army needs. I'm just speculating because it's fun.

>> No.54724598


>> No.54724611

>tfw Deathwatch will never share Infernus bolters or those cool powerfists with built in melta guns with normal marines
>if I want my Salamanders army to have those cool, Salamander fitting items, I need to ally with Deathwatch

A-atleast we have Flamestorm intercessors.

>> No.54724619

Throw that shit up on Imgur son

>> No.54724639

Access to some higher strength heavy weapons, a fast attack that isn't chaos spawn, weapon options for the Exalted Sorcerers, and powerfists for our overcosted terminators would be nice. Discs of Tzeentch losing +1T in exchange for a single extra S4 AP0 attack also kind of blows.

>> No.54724685

You didn't lose them. You can still take them based on Index costs, they're just not in the codex.

>> No.54724713

Giving them stuff from AoS would fit. Tzaangor Enlightened on Discs maybe.

>> No.54724719


>> No.54724826

don't you mean... bitch?

>> No.54724948

Actually, I lied. I also wish the Icons were a bit better and that we got new vanilla (CSM, Chosen, Havocs, Bikers, etc) sculpts. *Otherwise* happy.

>> No.54725330

Fighting in 2v1 against a common adversary and then beating the remaining enemy as it has no actual power against them. This is some Tau level bullshit, but for the space bugs
>So mary sue=awesome?

>> No.54725961

Just bring down the Commisar ability to "make one model less flee" instead of "make only one model flee". Everything but Conscripts is capped at 10 models anyway, so it wouldn't matter much to them, but it would sure as hell nerf Conscripts to the ground.

>> No.54726423

I think it is Adeptus Titanicus, if I remember it should come out sometime this or next mont

>> No.54726447

Yeah, we knew already that GW loves money

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