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New Codex Previews Edition


>Grey Knights

>Konor Campaign: Chaos winning the tabletop. Imperium winning painting and model purchases.

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

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T'au (Tm) dominance below this line

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Other thread still on page 6

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>let's reduce the number of dice rolls!
>here have more dice rolls!

The 27D3 attacks from arco-flagellants was annoying this gets its own cherry of annoying

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>roll 3d3
>this is somehow translated into 27d3

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>200 points
>12 shots, hitting on 3s
>Strength 8 on average
>AP2 on average
>2 damage on average

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Tell me about the Blood Angels.

I've been wanting to make a Marine army, but I can't really decide on what I want. I like the lore of the Salamanders, being cool chill dudes, and all that fire and such, though I'm not too sure on the practicality of fire in this current edition, plus the only fire units out of the Primaris lineup are the Agressors, and there are no options for Primaris melta.

Dark Angels seem neat, and plasma makes for a reliable all rounder, especially with Hellblasters being a thing, and they would fit lore wise with the Dark Angels, but my friend group already has a DA player.

Raptors seems cool too, and they would really fit with the tactical feeling of Reivers and Intercessors. I've also considered Deathwatch but I'm not sure on them, as it kind of seems like model count is what matters in this edition.

Also have considered making a mech infantry guard regiment possibly. How well does that work out? Like not all vehicle dependent, but infantry units in lots of dedicated transports instead.

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Breddy good on average

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You literally roll 3 dice in succession. It's not that fucking difficult.

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9 Flagellants in a unit.

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>Was expecting nothing but disappointment from the new GK codex
>new GK Codex and faction focus was actually better than the steaming pile of shit we had for 7th

Looks like I'm pre-ordering tomorrow.

Silver Bros [email protected]!?

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New Death Guard weapons. Guess its those melee weapons we saw in that promo ages ago.

Also a heavy flamer and flamer with reroll wounds of 1.

If you go melee orientated as Plague Marines, you get +1 attack. You can swap all your guys to have 2 plague knives (this is probably just the cheap version since its a free item) or a plague knife and a bubonic axe which gives +1 str, -2ap and 1 damage.

You can then have 2 guys take a bubonic axe and a mace of contagion which I belive is +2 str, -1 AP and 3 damage, its -1 to hit though. Kinda poor IMO.

You can have a further 2 swap to a flail (+2s, -2ap, 2 damage), this weapon does D3 hits per swing (so 2d3 per guy) and its damage spills over, so great for guardsmen. Instead of flail you can also go for a cleaver which is 2x str, -3ap and D6 damage, at -1 to hit.

All the weapons are plague weapons, so rerolling 1s to wound.

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Y/N on correct amount of boopiness?

2.5k cool guys
>Dominus: eradication ray
>5x 7 radtroopers
>2x 5 Sicarian Infiltrators (sword, burst pistol)
>2x 3 plasma kataphrons
>5 arc rifle breachers
>2 onagers (neutron, extra stubber)
>2 kastellans and datasmith (guns)
>2 kastellans and datasmith (guns)

Despite what people say Sicarians are fun, though is dropping the breachers for Electropriests a good idea?

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Now that we pretty much know everything in the codex now, what legion/strat do you think is the strongest?

For me, Emperor's Children seems strong as fuck. 20 squad of noise marines with prescience and slaanesh feel no pain spell on them and in a lord bubble shooting twice per shooting phase with plus 1 to wound sounds really fun.

That's not even mentioning their melee hit squads.

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Down here, in manlet town!

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The short answer is: Blood Angels are in a bad spot right now crunchwise. They were not in the best of spots when the indexes dropped and now that the first codexes have dropped, the disparity has only gotten worse. If you're still interested in Blood Angels, my advice is to check back when they have a codex.

I note that your primary concerns with starting this marine army based on your post is how the Primaris units fit in. Are you looking to be making a primaris only force?

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First army was Grey Knights, ended up getting a bunch of plastic but never used them, still in the processof converting a Dreadknight, glad to see them looking competitive

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Way ahead of you, broheim. They got me when they announced the Grand Master in a baby carrier. Not even ashamed to admit that.

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>plus 1 to wound
Wait where's that coming from?

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Ok, I have someone that is starting to piss me off. He says that auras and similar abilities don't affect the model giving off the aura. I say they do because they count as models in the aura. Who is right?

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Wow, pretty damn good. I'm impressed, mixing melee versions of them with a few drones, some HS havocs/obliterators, terminators (and whatever new guys ohohoh), and a horde of zombies looks viable and fun af. Plus of course a B E L L B O Y E

It's a good time to start

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I think the toughest thing about re-learning them will be when to use what stragem. We'll probably have no more than 5 or 6 CP in a 2k game, so it'll be a tough call wen we choose to blow a load.

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This is in literally the first faq they ever released.
Characters are always affected by their own aura as long as they have the prerequisite keywords.
The only time auras stop is when they're in a transport.

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Not sure 2 attacks per model for the melee versions is good.

Plus something like the flail and cleaver you just know will cost absurd points cost.

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Yeah, good time to be alive. We're a force to reckon with, and it looks like they made termies cheaper too.

>I am the hammer. I am the point of his spear, I am the mail about his fist....

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aho girl go tan anime?

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Its literally in the fucking rules. It says they are affected by their own auras. In. the. rule. book.

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They did? Here's to hoping they made paladins or at least daemon hammers cheaper too. Oh and psycannons. And gatling psilencers. Fuck. Gatling psilencers might actually be a thing now.

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Yeah, that'd be the hamper. The rules are nice, now it's time to see cost. They do cost the same PL, so further ruining that scene

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EC deamon prince is going to be insane.

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What do you guys think it would be like if Orkz met Warcraft Orcs?

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This guy will not believe me without a direct quote. Can you help me find it? I'm reading the F&Q but am having some trouble finding it

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Warcraft orcs are just green barbarians they're lame as fuck. At least 40k orks are unique and amusing. Pre-WoW goblins are way better.

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Those "noble savages" would get rekt with the amount of dakka these motherfuckers can put out.

>> No.54703449

They'd probably try and kill each other.

>> No.54703456

Yeah, but what about the kultur clash? Think any of those wimpy grots could cut it as a real Ork?

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Eh, my main concern was that I was thinking of 7e rules when I was looking into to getting the game, you know, where I could load up on melta and flamer and get army wide rerolling on them with Salamanders. But now Vulkan He'stan only gives that bonus to units within 6" of him, though the Chapter Tactics is pretty neat.

It seems like it would be more reliable to load up on plasma instead of flamers, I never actually got into the game during 7e, but I did a lot of my initial research before 8e came out.
Flamers don't seem as spectacular as they were in 7e anymore, sure the automatic hits are nice, but they seem really RNG dependent rather than positioning and strategy related.

My concerns about primaris are mostly because I was just looking into other units, since I'm not too sure on flamer units anymore, when like, for a Razorback, a twin assault cannon is 12 shots at 1 more strength than the heavy flamer, and three times longer ranger, and it only costs 1 more point. Or like Primaris Aggressors, where the Boltstorm Gauntlets and fragstorm launchers give you 6+d6 shots at 18" instead of 2d6 at a piddly 8" which really squanders the unit's ability to fire twice if it doesn't move.

Also the Blood Angels get a really fucking cool Chaplain model.

How is Deathwatch?

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awe yeeeee. goop gunz and crazy melee weapons. The flail looks hype as fuck with the spillover damage.

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>Think any of those wimpy grots could cut it as a real Ork?

No, they're not the same species.

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It's beautiful

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Pretty sure that Magos would be freaking out that the Xeno is gesturing at his divine holographic projection

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So what was the outcome of the BL vs GK game on WH TV?

>> No.54703550

Okay, my buddy is basically throwing a tantrum because he cant field three knights as a 1000 point army.
I was going to build a Deathwatch army, but fuck he's whinging like this. I'm new to 40K and he whipped 1000 points of marines and termies fielding 3 knights and 2 assassins last week, and now he's whining that his knights aren't viable because 3 come to about 1500 points.
>im now comvinced paladins are obsolete if i dont get wargear for free.

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>GW removes Objective Secured
>proceeds to add it back into every codex

>> No.54703559

>Don't touch my photons you skinny fuck.

>> No.54703565

They'd get assimilated like they usually do for savage orks. They'd probably enjoy all the new magic they have to throw around

>> No.54703572


Flamers are still pretty good, they're especially good if you're fighting sneaky beakies who like to penalize people on the to-hit roll. While the Salamanders don't get their buff army-wide anymore, you can really fuck up someone's day by placing Vulkan next to flamethrower aggressors, anything with meltas/multi-meltas (including vehicles - he can turn land raiders into death chariots), combi-flamers etc. The army-wide reroll also makes low-shot heavy weapons spectacularly good. I'm just getting back into the game and I'm super fucking excited to play Salamanders.

>> No.54703575


>Use Endless Cacophony on them
>Each Oblit is now functionally assault 8

>> No.54703578


I play blood angels, they are alright gameplay wise

their true strength lies in the fact that they are cool as fuck since you can give everybody jetpacks

>> No.54703579

>Blood Angels can't take Ironclad, Venerable or Contemptor dreadnoughts
Wow that's dumb.

>> No.54703624

Your "buddy" is absolute fucking scum.

>> No.54703627

Is it just me or are Vindicare's crazy strong? It seems like any Imperial army would benefit from taking a couple to murder an enemy HQ every turn.

>> No.54703630

>you will never fingerfuck a magos's holowaifu in front of him

>> No.54703633

What models should I use to deal serious damage to vehicles as Thousand Sons?

>> No.54703640

I for one welcome our new dreadnoughts with astral aim

>> No.54703643

Jesus Christ, I just looked. If you make an EC Slaanesh Deamon Prince with talons your warlord, give him that, give him the Slaanesh Wargear (plus one str and attack). That's 8 str 8 exploding attacks that hit on 2+ rerolling 1s to hit attack against Imperial fags.

>> No.54703645


>> No.54703647

That's more efficient, durable, and damaging than index AC havoks for their points. Seems pretty good. Really hoping they get the next 4 books out fast cuz holy fuck these factions didn't need those buffs.

>> No.54703657

>Lucius gets ten wounds against Characters when he's at two wounds
>between his armor saves and invul saves he usually has two wounds by the time he gets into melee with the thing I want him to fight
Sweet, sleek Slaaneshi excess that sound heavenly.
2+ to hit with rerolls, AP-2 D2 attacks no less.
It's also ten attacks at 5W Daemon Prince with Paired Malefic Talons, same AP and Damage but so much more likely to wound.

>> No.54703658

OK guys first release Space Marines! Naturally.

2nd release Silver Space Marines! 3rd release ugly space marines!

Can't wait for the next codex. Will it be red space marines? Maybe green or blue! So much difference!

>> No.54703662


What chapter is that guy? Some kind of Deathwatch member or BA successor?

>> No.54703678

They can still take Contemptors(But only the Forgeworld Variant), Deredeos, and Leviathans. If that's a small consolation.

If you want to use your geedubs contemptor, literally nothing is stopping you from just using the FW rules for it with the same loadout.

>> No.54703679

>all these faggot CSMfags went from wailing about how OP C:SM is to drooling over how OP C:CSM is

Fucking hypocrites, the lot of you. That's the one thing I hate about this place the most, not the stupidity, not the arrogance, not the shitposting, not the /pol/ cancer, but the sheer hypocrisy.

>> No.54703680

>Slaanesh Wargear
I missed it, where?

>> No.54703690

This makes me moist

>> No.54703692

Looks to be Consecrators.

>> No.54703693

I don't know if I'd go that far, but fuck is this demotivating to try to get into this game.

>> No.54703695

I play IG and Tyranids, I get it. But you don't need to sperg out that the signature IP of the setting gets the first codexes. We'll get ours, just chill yourself.

>> No.54703697

Sorta like how CSMfags kept bitching about not getting drop pods and then suddenly never hearing a word about drop pods in 8E when they were no longer good?

You never heard marinefags gushing or circlejerking over their OP chapter tactics either, but apparently the most cancerous faction on /tg/ is SMfags according to who? Of course, the faggot Taufags and CSMfags who have the largest amount of shitposters.

>> No.54703700

>(you) need a nap.

>> No.54703702

Humans are hypocrites anon, it's are most defining aspect

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>> No.54703710

how many?

>> No.54703711

As an ork player with a ton of footslogging boys and characters, I find it really goddamn hard to keep my bosses/meks etc in a position where they can join the charge, but not get fucking creamed in the back

Like I have my warboss join the melee and I leave a gap with my boys, but then after fight consolidation I find my opponents are usually able to drop something in deepstrike or a flier to shoot him in the ass

>> No.54703717

Apparently you will now need to have ten or more pink horrors to cast d3 mwounds smite, otherwise it is only one mwound.

>> No.54703719

>not slaanesh

>> No.54703720

Eye of T is pretty shit desu

>> No.54703722

Whatever you chucklefucks we're gloating all over the place and after the hype for their codex is over it won't be so bad just like with your shit have a couple seats fag.
> impartial Xenos player.

>> No.54703725

thats breddy gud

>> No.54703728

We were annoyed you got yours first during a campaign, now we're excited the playing field is even and your 12 year old thick painters are going back to school.
>it's drugs
I knew it! I'm happy! Cocaine fuelled Daemon Princes in close combat!

>> No.54703734

It it... Dare I say it... Too loud?

>> No.54703736

>impartial Xenos player
>after 7E: xenos edition

>> No.54703739

Interesting art. Consecrators are rarely if ever represented.

>> No.54703741

Honestyl, people who look at pic related and go "Yeah, those are cool and epic, I wanna collect CSM!" must be pretty shitty humans anyways.

>> No.54703744

No Alpha Legion players gushing about how the Space Marine codex totally represents them better either.

>> No.54703746

Go to bed Timmy.

>> No.54703747

First aura in Xenos 1: "Your opponent must subract 1 from all hit rolls for ranged weapons that target the psyker or friendly Asuryani infantry or asuryanibiker units within 3" of the psyker until your next psychic phase"

Most auras usually read something like "You can reroll hits of 1 for friendly <KEYWORD> units within 6." Ask yourself these simple questsions: does the guy with the aura meet the <KEYWORD> criteria? Am I within 6" of myself? How the fuck do auras in most videogames work?

I'm sure some kind anon brought up the FAQ already.

>> No.54703748

This should be a problem with hordes, it's a fundemental question. The easiest answer is cut back on the number of sloggers

>> No.54703751

I've been told I want to keep Vulkan in a vehicle to move him around, so the Repulsor being the only vehicle capable of moving Primaris units, and not capable of moving any other units is super fucking lame, unless they make a Primaris Vulkan He'stan or something gay like that.

One silly idea I had was to put him in a Razorback with heavy flamers, and then have him go in with a 5 person sternguard squad armed with two heavy flamers and three combi-flamers, though.

I feel like mixing melta and flamer might be better though, but the flaming homos squad would be a fun thing to pull out.

Also are melee terminators good? I think it would be fun to mash together some TH/SS termies with a termie librarian and chaplain and be able to teleport strike those dudes in to be rude at people, but the terminators can only move 5" and need to get a good roll on charging to do anything the turn they arrive which I feels limits their usefulness, but I don't want to sink the points on a Land Raider for them when I already have a Venerable Dreadnought, a Chaplain Dreadnought and two Ironclads eating up points for my list.

>> No.54703752

>Not wanting a S14 Chaos Lord who strikes first a Chain Fist

>> No.54703753

>*du hast plays loudly in the background*

>> No.54703755

>calling others children
>faggots can't even spell properly with barely legible posts strewn across the entire general
>"it it"
>"it's are"

It's you faggots who really ought to be going back to school.

>> No.54703757

Whew I was in the Slannesh mindset and saw.
> puss cleaver
Time for bed.

>> No.54703758

Its fan art.

>> No.54703762

Derp, forgot mah pic

>> No.54703767

Chaos players unleash your grinders upon Konor!

>> No.54703772

>Xenos edition

>> No.54703774

Dark eldar 7th doe breh?

>> No.54703776

The binary...What does it say?

>> No.54703777

Eldrad meddles with mortals 2: electric bugaloo?

>> No.54703781

Why does everyone lump xeno players together? As an Orkfag I don't want to be associated with Eldar or Blueberries, I just want to chop them.

>> No.54703785

>tfw one of Galaxy's Loudest Faggots right now

>> No.54703787

2500 Point List using models I own

>Celestine + Geminae
>2x5 Dominion Squads with 8 Storm Bolters total
>19 Seraphime with 4x Hand Flamer

>Captain in Terminator Armor w/ Santic, Relic Blade, and Storm Bolter
>5 man Intercessor Squad
>5 man Scout Squad sniper-missile
>10 man Tactical Squad bolter-missile
>2x5 Terminators Assault Squad (8 TH-SH)
>2x5 Terminator Squad (2x Cyclone, 2x Chain Fist, 6x Power Fist)
>Venerable Dreadnought w/ Twin Las & Fist
>Predator with all the lascannons + Storm Bolter

Theory: Seraphim turn-1 charge the enemy (doable) while Dominions & Celestine follow close behind to support. Terminators teleport right behind them and charge by turn 2.

Predator & Dread work on vehicles.

>> No.54703793

Just like you chopped up your receipts, eh?

>> No.54703802

What is this forced meme

>> No.54703803

With Intercessor squads, are auto bolt rifles better for objective camping between 16-24" and standard bolt rifles better for infiltrating guys into enemy territory (as Raven Guard)?

>> No.54703806

It's just you, you waste 180 pts to kill a commissar per turn, which cost 30 pts. And it didn't even guaratee to kill.

That is not to mention said character could be inside a transport.

>> No.54703807

No shit anon. Chaos fags being obnocious babies? Would would have thought?
Like how they used to cry that the "best" codex they ever had was the one where they were so blatantly OP it wasn't even funny.

>> No.54703820

Holy shit the loyalist tears right now, look at you weeping XD

>> No.54703822

Not loud enough!
I considered the option, and I decided my new Daemon Prince needs to see the field instead, she's thirsty.
Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean I have to be an adult about it.
Also that's basically how Emperor's Children work, drugs. We aren't even the only army to utilise drugs in combat.
Calling it cocaine is a meme as old as Doom Rider himself.
Nobody wants the mutilators.

>> No.54703832

Well they got a 30% point drop

>> No.54703833

>There is no greater pain

>> No.54703835

I figured as muh you silly.

>> No.54703842

All I know is that the ork receipts have yet to manifest.

>> No.54703849

Look at it this way:
3 knights come to anywhere from ~1500-1750
The cheapest assassins are 70points and one of them is basically unkillable without flamers, especially at 1k points.

Your opponent was therefore fielding 1700-2k against your 1k-not-specialized-to-hose-superheavies list.

If you had managed a win or close game it would have been insane.

>> No.54703850

>Taking out the morale backbone isn't worth 180pts
Why are Imperial Guard players the most worst armchair generals in the fucking game

>> No.54703855

Would be fun to watch fighting >>54703263.

Loooks good both of them, not SUPER optimal 100% but works well

>> No.54703862

abaddon is 12 pp down from 13
kharn is down to 8pp from 9
daemon prince is down to 8pp from 10
sorcerer is down to 6pp from 7
chaos lord in terminator armour is down to 6pp from 7
warpsmiths are down to 5pp from 6
5x beserkers are still 5pp, but is you increase the squad to 10x beserkers, its only going to cost 9pp total rather than 10
rubric marines are 7pp rather than 8
noise marines are down to 6pp from 7
chosen are down to 7pp from 8
hellbrutes are now 7pp instead of 8
chaos bikers are now 5pp down from 7
mutilators are now 7pp down from 10
raptors now 6pp instead of 7
warptalons now 7pp instead of 9
defiler now 11pp instead of 16! that's a big drop
forgefiend drops to 9pp from 10
vindicators are now 8pp instead of 11
predators are now 9 instead of 10
khorne lord of skulls now down to 29pp from 39

>> No.54703869

>Eye of Night got nerfed to hell
T-thanks, Games Workshop. I was really hoping you'd pick the most boring of our relics and make it crap.

>> No.54703871

Very silly question, but do we know if the upcoming DA, BA and SW codexes will have Primaris in it? Or is it just normal marines? I wouldn't say no to robed Primaris models from the DA.

>> No.54703888

>do we know if the upcoming DA, BA and SW codexes will have Primaris in it?

They will.

>I wouldn't say no to robed Primaris models from the DA.

New models are no guarantee though.

>> No.54703890

It lets you pop a weak vehicle on 2+ at any range that you can see. I wouldn't call that bad, just circumstantial.

>> No.54703892

Holy Shit, Lord of Skulls down 25%
This assume PP translate to Points

>> No.54703893

Does anyone have a picture of pic related on a cadian body? Google has turned up nothing. But they look like some solid potential to make a Dalvar Chem Dog guard army with.

>> No.54703896

Everyone except GK gets Primaris stuff and I imagine they'll have new primaris stuff to release alongside those books.

>> No.54703899

Hmm Alpha Legion get Teeth of Terra.

That's actually one of the best SM relics, I rated it worse than I figured.

>> No.54703906

>Rhino left with 2 wounds from a bad Lascannon roll, Pop EoN, shooty the squishy innards as they fall out

>> No.54703907

Why is Black Legion so shit?

>> No.54703908

Did their happen to be a cap of any Doom Siren profiles?
I wanna know if they stop being shit with the codex.

>> No.54703909


First off: bothers me so much that the skitarii box only comes with one of each special weapon...

But anyhow, omnispex or data tether? I'm thinking data tether for my vanguard since they'll be running up somewhere to take objectives and omnispec for my rangers since they'll be chilling back and sniping

>> No.54703910

I thought so. The WD has a Guardians of the Covenant in a robe in the Eavy Etal challenge, but seeing as how pretty much every painter converted their own dude, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just GS.

>> No.54703916

Look at the OP of a /wip/ thread to get some videos on how to case your own copies of weapons using green stuff. It looks easy as shit honestly.

>> No.54703919

Use GSC neophytes bodies instead. Sure some hands are a tad weird and you have to cover up an emblem once in a while, but the aesthetic fits much better. And the models are gorgeous.

>> No.54703925

That's my concern is... can I have fun with it? I don't want to be WAAC - but I've lost every game since 2008 except 12. Not even joking. I always make fluffy-fun lists and play fun... but I want to win some too.

Since FW ruined my Renegades & Heretics, I pulled my old Witch Hunters out & Ultramarines. All need painting... and I have much more... but just trying to figure out a path.

Would you say the list is viable, albeit not optimal?

>> No.54703927

So how much will the bubonic axe cost? Plague Marines are 21ppm base, ~27ppm for a 2 attack 1w infantry model is insanely expensive

>> No.54703928

Because Abaddon is their leader.

>> No.54703932

>Since FW ruined my Renegades & Heretics

You deserved it if that's the only reason you played them WAACfag.

>> No.54703937

start farming your points cost differences boys

>> No.54703948

>that feeling when you think 40k is better off right now than giving every faction retarded special rules that will completely fuck the balance of the game in the ass

>> No.54703952

But they were boasting about how Abaddon was a monster on the field

>> No.54703962

Plague Marines are 2 points cheaper. Interesting.

>> No.54703967

>Point values for the basic troops of Daemons are included

Now I'm really interested to see this codex

>> No.54703969

>If you had managed a win or close game it would have been insane.
Sadly I only managed to destroy 1 knight after it ran up to my squad.
I'm gonna rematch him. Here's my list so far: https://transfer.sh/xpJL9/Deathwatch-lits.md

>> No.54703983

I'm with you, but there seem to be hordes of people that were rather attached to their chapter tactics, relics and all that for some odd reason.

>> No.54703984

I have 1 renegade tank. WAAC-fag R&H is not ruined and works perfectly fine, and that is tank-spam with chaos marines/daemons.

I run a militia force that was already pretty crappy. Out of 4 years of games with my R&H I won 3. I'm tired of losing and I don't want to WAACfag them by buying tanks.

So I'm just going to one of my other armies for now.

>> No.54703986

So thats what it looks like when you die while having an orgasm

>> No.54703987

>brimstones are 1 point
All of my what

>> No.54703993

>Mfw he enjoys blandhammer

>> No.54703999

So something between a plasma gun and a battle cannon. kcool.

>> No.54704002

Oh neat - fallen are still in. Any change?>>54703937

>> No.54704008

What the actual fuck.

>> No.54704012

Blame GW they can't balance a game

>> No.54704019

Some guns seen.

New Death Guard flamer is 10 pts and heavy flamer is 19 pts for them.

>> No.54704028

>he (((enjoys))) 7e

>> No.54704029

That's interesting. Bloodletter, Daemonettes, Plaguebearers, Pinks, and Brims all went down in price.

>> No.54704034

My giant robot that has twice the firepower of the Leman Russ, twice the durability of a Leman Russ, and is twice the size of the Leman Russ...now costs twice as much as a Leman Russ!

How Unfaaaair!

>> No.54704039

Do what I do, have one main army you use all the models you like, then a second army that's just bare plastic, primer, or 3 colors that's completely WAACed out for tournaments.

I use melee terminator and power armor for my main army and my tryhard army is a couple grav centurions and a bunch of DV bikes

>> No.54704046

Pink horrors are down to 8 points.

I really want to see the new horrors unit entry now.

>> No.54704061

>brimstones are now 1 point
The fucking hell? What the fuck GW? Like seriously, what in the fuck? 2000 models in a 2000 point game? I'm not even mad, I'm just completely, utterly totally confused

>> No.54704062

That's good because they can't get any very good buffs in this codex

>> No.54704066

>can't make out any sonic weapons
>Doom Siren is still 22 points
Damn it, it doesn't have enough hits! Unless they fixed that.

>> No.54704075

Can't wait to see pics of the madman actually crazy enough to field that.

>> No.54704076

Like seriously though, what in the actual fuck. That means 2000 brimstones is actually a list.

>I brought more models than you did shots

>> No.54704077

You can't bring that many models in a legal army my dude

>> No.54704080

Sonic thing is 4 pts.

>> No.54704095

Man if Forgeworld wasn't so expensive, I want to take Guilleman (only because I have to, feh), a bunch of fucking marines and dreds, and just stuff them all into a Mastodon. Then just slowly drive the pain train across the board until it explodes hot death over everything.

>> No.54704100

You can almost make it out in the noise marine entry, it looks like it's the same to me

>> No.54704111


I can't wait to see the face of the guy who brings a leviathan with two grav-bombards. 400d3 attack ahoy.

>> No.54704133

That's the same as before, which is fine for an Assault 3 Boltgun that ignores cover bonuses.
What about Blastmaster, still 28?
Why is a scream of sound, which should have more range than a flamethrower and a wider arc, only d3 hits?
I was fine with it being a template like a flamer last edition because it made sense, but now it's just d3 hits, and I can't figure out why.

>> No.54704158

>and I can't figure out why

GW forced them to turn down the volume to a mere 11

>> No.54704161

I dunno, I don't care for it much either but it is a completely extra weapon that most models can't take. It's like a force multiplier, not intended to be used by itself

>> No.54704162

>150 points for a fully split horror squad

>> No.54704163

Flame pistol are D3 too.
Why? I'm not sure GW knows

>> No.54704167

Summoning anon. Bring some characters, some brimstone horrors and summon the rest in.

But seriously, this costs 8000$. I doubt anyone is willing to spend that much on a joke list. By the way, do they get the CSM version of DoH?

>> No.54704174

I got actual fucking flamers in my Craftworlds list that got nerfed from template to D3. It's just how the cookie crumbles man.

You can still take those guys in a normal chaos list. Buffs for all chaos players, not just CSM

>> No.54704177

Is it ok that hang around here if I just like the lore?

>> No.54704179

So? You need to spit out 8000 wounds to kill an army of 2000 brimstones. They literally cannot be killed anything in the game.

Oh fuck, do they get obSec?

>> No.54704192

Oh those bitches.

Tease my fuckin' nutbladder with the idea of a grey knight chaplain, then pull the rug out by not releasing a model AND tormenting me with that unobtainium-forged terminator chaplain they refuse to sell normally.

>> No.54704193

Not true, there are few CSM characters that buss all chaos things, most of them only buff heretic astartes <legion> or just heretic astartes. MAYBE demon prince will give them reroll hit rolls of 1, but the lesser demons don't have the heretic astartes or a legion keyword

>> No.54704197

No, it's autistic to care about the lore.

>> No.54704198

People brought at least 12 HB SoB. Unless you really loved the model there was never a reason to have more than 8 ever when playing SoB.
Some how people bought 12 of those $14 a pop for a meme list

>> No.54704203

Morale will rape them in the butt though.

>> No.54704205

How the fuck are we dark angels supposed to compete right now? Feels like everything without a codex will remain shit for a long while.

We're chilling here with super general rules and no flavor what so ever. Why doesn't gw just release everything together?

>> No.54704210

I don't have a picture capable of expressing this emotion. It's like sadissapointment.

>> No.54704213

How fucking dare they!
It's not worth 22 points though, unless I have exactly 22 points left over after buying every other piece of equipment for all my other units I have no reason to waste the points.
How many points are flame pistols?
What the fuck was GW thinking?

>> No.54704216

>CSM termies are 31pts
>loyalist Marines are 26

But y

>> No.54704220



I think I just came.

>> No.54704222

Is GW resin or finecast or whatever they fuck they call it still absolutely fucking worthless?

>> No.54704223

Recast is still paying too much, just make them yourself using greenstuff. There just fire with a face.
Seriously though, who on earth said "yeah, a 2W 4++ model should cost a single point"?

>> No.54704229

Loyalist marines have to buy power fists or something else, we don't have to buy them

>> No.54704234

I know DP can already buff daemons but I was more referring to buffs in the points cost reduction of the units (ie x got buffed or nerfed in the last patch) rather than the aura abilities.

>> No.54704238

I'm putting together a 2k point list for fun with local friends, but also looking to expand my Wolf army too (already have like almost 4k pts worth of deathskull orks)

so far I've got:

Land Raider Excelsior & Rhino Primaris (I have the models and think they're sweet, fuck they're expensive to field)
Rune Priest (In the Rhino)

15 Blood Claws w/ two flamers and a Wolf Guard (in a stormwolf)
2 squads of 5 grey hunters with plasmas (in the excelsior)

5 Wolf guard with frost swords (in the Rhino)

Fast Attack:
3 Inceptors

Stormwolf w/ las cannons and meltas to carry the bloodclaws around

this still leaves me with around 165~ pts to play with, but i was wondering what would be a good addition.

are aggressors any good? I would really like a unit that's just a persistent threat. I was considering cavalry because what's a wolf army without wolves, but they don't seem very good or survivable. I hear Wulfen are good, but I hate how their models look.

Anybody have any suggestions?

>> No.54704241


>> No.54704244 [SPOILER] 

>not spamming 200 basic squads
Pretty shit desu

[spoilers]looks like that WB summoning may be worth something after all.... [/spoiler] just as planned

>> No.54704246

6 points for 6" Pistol D3 S3 AP0 D1 auto hit

>> No.54704247


I'll say this, every sour prediction I had came true, though its nice that generic CSM lords/lords on jump packs didn't get cut, and that at the very least Obliterators got buffed significantly, overall though they still just kind of feel like SM with half the shit missing. Hell compare the number of unit entries in the back of the CSM codex to the SM codex, CSM have a little over half a page of entries, SM have 1 and a half pages.

At least a pride parade iron warriors army with double shooting helbrutes, havoks and oblits are probably legit, but it seems this edition is just going to be Khorne all the way down.

>> No.54704248

Aren't they like toughness 2 thou- oh shit, no more ID.

Fuck that is nasty.

>> No.54704256

nice trays

>> No.54704257


>> No.54704261

I agree, I don't like doom siren right now either. I kinda want to try taking a noise champ with doom siren and combi flamer to protect my noise marines from charges though if only to see the look on their face when I tell them to prepare their butthole for automatic hits

>> No.54704264

>mfw my suber sekrit Recaster does a flawless one of these

>> No.54704265

The same retards that made Repentias cost 17

>> No.54704273

I wanna learn about the two Lost Primarchs already. GW's been sitting on this shit for too long.

>> No.54704288

>my shitty conversion is useable now

>> No.54704290

I highly disagree, I think our codex feels really good, tons of shit I am excited about

>> No.54704295

She also sells a backpack add on for that exact purpose. I've got a bunch, if you wanna buy some.

>> No.54704296


Opportunity cost to get access to marks, DttFE being factored into their cost, or GW hates you.

>> No.54704300

My orks have been getting fucking pasted. In fact it might be even worse than in 7th.

>> No.54704303


They really need to turn all their finecast kits into plastic. Looking at shit to buy and the second I see "finely detailed resin kit" on the GW site I immediately start thinking of what I can convert it out of instead of having to deal with that shit.

>> No.54704305

22 points for 8" D3 S5 AP-1 D1 auto hit
I don't think 16 points is worth 2 inches of range, +2 strength, and AP-1
But the Champion can finally take a Sonic Blaster as well!
Which is nice I guess, but Doom Siren still needs either a drop in points or an increase in stats.

>> No.54704312

>current year
>nu GW
>wanting to make your dudes
Ha! Not any more! Just GW approved models! No hobby side, just toys!

>> No.54704313

I don't. GW does not have the competence to come up with something that is more interesting than the mystery of the two missing primarchs.

>> No.54704321

Look directly above it, retard.

>> No.54704326



>> No.54704327

>What was GW thinking
Probably that Dscythes were OP as fuck and needed to be nerfed or costed to high heaven.

>> No.54704328

It is worst than the over priced heavy flamer

17 8" Assault D6 S5 AP-1 D1 auto hit

>> No.54704330

It doesn't matter. Orkz always win!

>> No.54704332

So, are Primaris marines created FROM normal marines, or are they grown in vats, or recruited fresh from humans?

>> No.54704335

I agree, doom siren costs too much for what it does. Still though, someone charging me and soaking d6+d3 auto hits and then me looking for 6s with a blast master and 8 sonic blasters on top of that seems like it might feel pretty good

>> No.54704337


>> No.54704341

It literally refers to all of this stuff in the codex as flippin' conversions, goofball.

>> No.54704344

>Chaplain Psyker

Not sure if this is heresy or not.

>> No.54704348

All of the above

>> No.54704352

I figured that they left the other two out for people to make their own hombrewed legions/'your dudes' originally but I might of just dreamed I read that.

>> No.54704353

All of those except the growing in vats.

>> No.54704356

Looks like Konor will be a blow out. Chaos players need the Soul Forge!

>> No.54704366

Any news on the Ork Codex?

>> No.54704368

Those are basically kitbashes though.

>> No.54704372


Yeah but they failed - they're still fucking amazing.

>> No.54704373

I just played a game with my orks where I failed every single charge, even with rerolls

I hate watching 30 boyz get removed by shooting every turn.

>> No.54704376

>are Primaris marines created FROM normal marines,
Yes. it can work that way.

>or are they grown in vats,
Not that I'm aware of. But the process probably could be used on vat grown humans.

>or recruited fresh from humans?
This mostly so far

>> No.54704380

Anon, I hate you, I thought that this mode would be obtainable for a minute.
I guess I'll have to try a Chinaman for the first time to get this one.

>> No.54704388

This is the face of competitive 40k

>> No.54704401

So here's a list I was thinking about taking to a tourney

180 boys (6 squads led by PK Nobs)
2 Warbosses with Power Klaws
3 Big Meks with Force Fields one with a big choppa, the other two with power klaws
5 Weird Boys, one with 'da jump', two with 'warpath', three with 'ead banger'
2 Painboys to heal the Weird Boys mostly

I know I can't cast the same power, but the wierdboys not buffing and teleporting guys can just smite spam, and once I get to the enemy getting 'ead banger' off and killing characters will be hilarious

*OR* Should I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and field this instead?

210 boys (7 squads led by PK Nobs)
2 Warbosses with Power Klaws
3 Big Meks with Force Fields, all with big choppas
2 Weird Boys, one with 'da jump', the other with 'warpath'
2 Painboys to heal the Weird Boys mostly

>> No.54704408


bring more boyz then

>> No.54704409

Actully the majority were recruited from Space Marine Neophytes.

>> No.54704410

But my Doom Sirens weren't even OP.
I say just replace the Noise Champions bolt pistol with a chainsword and strike first, any units he manages to kill can shoot before they die and our stratagems and rules make us merciless in close combat anyway, let them come.
Also so not worth the 22 points.

>> No.54704413

Looks like I got some more shit to order/add to backlog.

>> No.54704414

What are you guys working on tonight?

I'm doing this and having a crisis trying to find a way to make this work with my Artillery and conscript spamming guard army

>> No.54704415

I can't quite make out blast master but it might be the same price in points. Stats for it appear to be the same

>> No.54704418

It don't matta how many times a grot getz iz teef krumped outta 'im, 'ez jus gotta pop up fer anudda go! ORKZ NEVA LOSE

>> No.54704427

I already run 120

>> No.54704428

I mean I'm not complaining, but rolling d3 unitwide instead of d3 or d6 per model is a pretty big hit compared to last ed and a minimum size unit costs over 200points by itself.

>> No.54704433

Not nearly enough brimstone horrors/10

>> No.54704434

lol can't wait to pop your commissar into a chaos spawn with my new psychic power

>> No.54704435

Surely if they use the model as an art for this new entry, they will make it readily available for everyone? r-right?

>> No.54704437

I don't even play Guard, I just can't think of any worthwhile target to even take the "crazy good" couple of Vindicare.

And this is what people at GW HQ thinking. Vindicare is "crazy good" folk, that's why he'll remain shit and overpriced this edition.

>> No.54704438

I play footslog boys a lot and I do okay man, what was your list and what was his? I can probably give you some tips.

>> No.54704444


>> No.54704458

Stop it

>> No.54704462

throw some elysians in it and shit out grenade shots

>> No.54704464

That's also fine 28 points for it's heavy profile is good, but it gets it's assault profile too for weaker mobs while moving around the field.

>> No.54704469

What the FUCK is that.

>> No.54704472

>that plastic chaplain terminator is a GK model now

Are they gonna releaes it without the paywall? It's like $100 on eBay.

>> No.54704479


>> No.54704481


The single D3 just makes for your most efficient use of a CP possible. Its also worth noting I play mine in Ynnari where soul burst makes them amazing.

>> No.54704498

Man chaosfags, you guys gotta step your side up!

>> No.54704500

Aren't you glad it was me who broke your heart though instead of finding out from someone you don't know or in the icy clutches of the codex?
But you get my point. The wacky part is how they remove rules and units that don't have models (autocannon dreadnoughts, brotherhood champion), but then ADD units that don't have models (chaplain, techmarine which is ALSO back in)

>> No.54704502

As soon as I get home from work, I'm going to be putting more work into my NL cataphractii termies. I've got the base colors down, now I'm in the process of cleaning up my shit so I can slap some Nuln down, do a bit of highlighting, and put some of that sweet ass lightning down

>> No.54704503

Still not 2000 brimstones.

>> No.54704504

Do you have the fucking models to do that my dude?

>> No.54704505

So uh, do you need to pay reinforcement points for that Daemonic Icon ability, that when you roll a 1 when taking a morale test you have no one flee and instead add d6 pink horrors?

Or can you load up on Brimstone mobs and start summoning in more and more Pink Horrors for free for each 1 you roll on morale checks?

>> No.54704509

It balances out with the 30% droop.

>> No.54704511

Damn, flawless indeed. Who did it?

>> No.54704517

Orkz is da best, so more boyz means more of da best.

>> No.54704521

I do, and they're all painted god help me

>> No.54704525

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
He can peer into your soul and see if you're pure, but then again, that was what the librarian was for. I guess dudes who fight weird, fucked up warp shit all the time probably need a regular therapist though.

Only GK chaplain I remember in the lore was in the omnibus.

>> No.54704531

>Don't touch my photons you skinny fuck.
>step away from the tech assassin

>> No.54704534

Yeah it's weird how schizophrenic GW is with what units and wargear they include, remove, or create.

>> No.54704536

Sorry loyalist. Feel free to join the winning team anytime you want. Just remember though, being in a fight with a chaos spawn gives your conscripts -1 leadership. :^)

>> No.54704537

Fleshtearers, Eldrad, Grey Knights, and a tech priest dominus?

>> No.54704538

I keep telling these people to deploy squads of just soul grinders, but nobody is trying it.

>> No.54704539



>> No.54704542

>Therapy for peering into the realm of "cannot be" is some dude in a skull mask screaming litanies of the Emperor at you

I love 40k.

>> No.54704546

120 boyz, a gorkanaut, ghazzy, big mek and 5 nobz in naut, weirdboy, 10 tankbustas in a trukk

He had some chaos marines with meltas, terminators with meltas, missile havocs, some sorcerers on disks, a chaos lord, 2 helbrutes, a defiler and a predator

Tankbustas completely wiffed on my first turn then got shit on and died. Gorkanaut was killed turn 2 between the havocs, mortals from the sorcerers, and lascannon helbrute/ predator. Teleporting boyz into his field was a bad idea as I failed all my charges and the defiler alone killed 30 boyz in a turn

>> No.54704548

Why do you keep posting this though

>> No.54704549

What kind of orkz? I could only imagine how hard painting that many say, Flash Gitz would be

>> No.54704552

>All this Chaos joy.
Good lads you all deserve it.

>> No.54704557

This is not ok

>> No.54704566

I wish I actually could afford to play, as I want a Thousand Suns army + Magnus but it's expensive as fuck.

>> No.54704567

It is one of the craziest ideas ever and given the situation now is the best time to test it.

>> No.54704569

Will the real Alpharius please stand up.

>> No.54704571

Only breadcrumb I can drop is that his moniker is 3 letters. He's really tight about keeping confidential.

>> No.54704576

That guy looks like he has the biggest boner right now.

>> No.54704577

That chick in the background looks into it

>> No.54704579

Consecrators, not flesh tearets.

>> No.54704584


>> No.54704587

a tech priest, a space marine, a grey knight, and an eldar walk onto the bridge...

>> No.54704588

Yeah. So as much as I want to use a GK chaplain, I remember what happened the last time I spent a bunch of time and money making a GK techmarine, which is only just now back, and Inquisitor Valeria, who was killed off.

>> No.54704590

So is that boynips

>> No.54704595

lol kk

>> No.54704597

Thanks anon.

>> No.54704601

Akshually, there are plenty of occasions where troubled battle brothers go see the Chaplain in time of peace to discuss, the same way religious people go and talk to their priest. Except this one doesn't try to diddle little children.

>> No.54704612

Raven Guard
Primaris Captain: Power Sword, Master-crafted Stalker Bolt Rifle - 96 pts
Primaris Lieutenant: The Armour Indomitus, Power Sword - 74 pts

5 Intercessors: Auto Bolt Rifles, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - 109 pts
5 Intercessors: Power Sword, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - 108 pts
5 Scouts: Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles - 90 pts

Primaris Apothecary - 68 pts
5 Reivers - 90 pts

Fast Attack
3 Inceptors - 180 pts

Heavy Support
5 Hellblasters: Heavy Plasma Incinerators - 175 pts

Total - 990 pts

I figure I'll infiltrate the Lieutenant, Reivers, and auto rifle intercessors near the enemy, the other shooty guys form a gunline and camp objectives. Not sure if the Apothecary should be in close helping out the infiltrating guys or just on the gunline. This list assumes the grenade launchers are 4 points (they aren't listed but the french rules/leak apparently said 4 points), if they are I'm not sure what to spend 10 points on. Maybe grapnels for the Reivers for vertical mobility?

>> No.54704614

Why? You keep posting this but what's the reason

>> No.54704615

We don't know that.

>> No.54704617

Agreed, I was just hoping to for more pennies from heaven

>> No.54704619

> Note to self schedule therapy.

>> No.54704634

>chaos joy
We're really more shocked. In one fell swoop they balanced an army, and in the same motion, totally broke the game. Well played GW

>> No.54704640

Working on my Swarmlord. Carapace, base, and the little tubes are all thats left now.

Can I also just take the Death Guard models, and have something like Raptors in the same detachment? I know the Raptors wouldnt gain Disgustingly Resilient, but it works, right?

>> No.54704643

The fact the only time a grey knight fell was when Slaanesh took the form of a "beautiful young boy" in front of him implies otherwise.
Can you imagine if they were cheaper? They're be terminator slayers without a problem.

>> No.54704655

>Broke the game
Explain? Brimstones are just a meme so they don't count.

>> No.54704662

Here you go. Each little yellow dot is a horror. In total it's 2000 brimstone horrors.

This is the face of competive 40k in 8th edition

>> No.54704666

>The fact the only time a grey knight fell was when Slaanesh took the form of a "beautiful young boy" in front of him implies otherwise.
Excuse me?

>> No.54704671

Well, we don't know if it was a real GK, just a dude in silver armor.

>> No.54704672

That was a dude with a rune encrusted sword, which GK don't use.
It makes it doubtfull it actually was a GK.

>> No.54704675


Building my third Hemlock Wraithfighter tonight.

>> No.54704678

Orks are going to be nerfed in their codex. You know it to be true

>> No.54704679

At this rate I sort of fear how insane our codex is.
>inb4 10 years later.

>> No.54704683

>the last word in cheap chaff that can smoke objectives and outlast graviathan, conscripts, and literally anything else
Meme, but broken

>> No.54704688

>GKs get Chaplains and planes
>CSM still don't have Grav or Drop pods

>> No.54704690


>> No.54704699

oh its true, its true. true fact: jared fogel- the pedofilic child rapest who turned batshit crazy eating plastic subway bread was a in fact a grey knights player.

>> No.54704701

>just doing this with a WB dark apostle
>fly my pretties

>> No.54704703

GK can take Dreads and Venerable Dreads AND they become psykers when taken by GK?

>> No.54704706

Yeah but that's one single list, that no one will ever do. It's not like there's a whole system that is used by everyone in tournaments, like Grav-spam, scat-bikes and whatnots.

>> No.54704713

Correct. GK also pay more points for their dreads because of it.

>> No.54704724

Slaneesh? More like, "Gay, yeesh"

>> No.54704728

Adding a partial CP tax to a unit to increase the odds of rolling average is a nerf. There are plenty of other things you are already wanting to spend CP on.

>> No.54704730

>Tzeentch dubs


>> No.54704731


Yeah they pay like 15 points extra though.

But on the other hand, teleporting dreads.

>> No.54704736

>smoke objectives
They don't get the chaos version of defenders of humanity do they?
If so, then yeah, that's broken as all get out and needs an FaQ. If not, then it's a meme, one tactical marine makes them worth fuck all towards objectives.
Also, even if you can buy 2000 horrors for a dollar a pop your still spending more than the cost of a fuckinf warlord titan, for something that has fuck all offensive power, and defensive power that's BTFO'd by mortal wounds of the powers that turn off invuls.

>> No.54704739

When you bring boyspam, you ALWAYS, **A L W A Y S** bring you a motherfucking Big Mek with Force Field, keeping 1/3 of the wounds off of you is insanely good for their price. I usually bring 2 to 3

Also what the hell did that defiler have to be killing that many boys? I faced two the other night and they were shit

>> No.54704740

Why don't I see GK players with Venerables more often then?

I think my Twin-Lascannon Twin-Assault Cannon Venerable is my favorite long range fire support unit in my whole army as normal marines.

>> No.54704745

7e Chaos Daemons Codex, the pages about Slaanesh's domain tell the tale of a "silver armored Astartes" wielding a rune etched blade, with a will of Iron, who managed to walk all the way to the centre of Slaanesh's realm without falling.
Which is an impressive feat, but looking at Slaanesh in person forfeits your soul so it was kind of like a nigh impenetrable fortress of a mind just opening the gates willingly.
How many astartes wear silver armor, use anti-daemon weapons, and can actually withstand the warp that much?
Do they not?

>> No.54704752

Not quite. I don't think 2000 will ever show up, but 100, 200 to make a backbone to a TS army would be devastating. Hell, any source of 2W/4++ for ONE POINT is insanely hard to combat.

Even with falling back, this ruins 90% of lists as you can just drown people in bodies for pennies. The saving grace is the actual models are fairly expensive, but with recasters..

>> No.54704753


Not really - I don't use CP on much of anything else in my Ynnari list sans holding one for last turn rolls. Really unnecessary with the Farseer having his own built in re-roll and Yvraine's built in +1 to all casting rolls.

>> No.54704756

Twin-Autocannon, not twin-assault cannon.

>> No.54704765

Because you pay extra points for being able to do 1 mortal wound at 12'' on a unit that you want to use for long range fire support.

>> No.54704767


Why? You have to keep the ENTIRE unit within 9" which usually means at best you'll get one unit in the bubble at a time.

>> No.54704768

>be devoted of Tzeentch
>Playing them since 5th, have a tattoo of his icon
>Mfw I have 400 Brimstone, 200 Blue, and 100 Pink

>> No.54704773

Made a dark eldar discord. Curious to see if anything happens with it


>> No.54704781

If you're shit maybe, if you keep them positioned correctly you'll keep two units covered a mek easy

>> No.54704784 [DELETED] 

I'll put you in touch, I know him. Email me at [email protected], I'm putting in an order myself soon, figure I'll group up.

>> No.54704786

I thought we already had /d/

>> No.54704788

>this ruins 90% of lists as you can just drown people in bodies for pennies
It requires almost a full 30 man squad to do a single wound against MEQ.
They're good, but they're mostly an inexpensive inconvenience, designed to just be there

>> No.54704791

Slaanesh is pansexual.
Not the tumblr "all genders" meme meaning the actual meaning as coined by Sigmund Freud meaning;
"Man, Woman, Animal, Alien, Corpse, Child, any hole is a goal and any pole is a throne."
You have a chaos tattoo as well? Where's yours?

>> No.54704797

Archons sound off!

>> No.54704805

Pansexual? More like "detestable"

>> No.54704813

>twin auto-cannon
anon, I...

>> No.54704814

Between battlecannons, autocannons , 2 heavy flamers, and close combat he killed 20 boyz, and the rest ran from morale

>> No.54704815

Detestable? More like "Unbestable"

>> No.54704822

Yall realize that brimstone horrors only have 1 wound right? and can only be taken in groups of 30 right? and for every 3 units (90 horrors) you'll need to take a HQ right?

Your meme list needs some work

>> No.54704826


read the codex FAQ genius

>> No.54704829

But this one is in the webway! Way better drugs and blood sport guaranteed!

>> No.54704835

Ah that's lovely of you anon, unfortunatelt I'm moving around until October, so can't order anything like that. I do appreciate the feeling though.

>> No.54704845

Mortis Dread in IA index can be made into a GK dread with Twin Autocannons

>> No.54704849

"Unbestable"? More like "Smells like Nurgle's testicles"

>> No.54704851

And your conscripts need a commissar zip it corpse worshiper!

>> No.54704856


That's going to require some long ass movement phases with some real precise movement.

>> No.54704859

They said they'll release 10 codexes before the end of the year right? What do you think the 6 codexes left are?
Personally, I think they'll just release more space marine codexes and probably the Skitarri, Imperial Guard and Imperial agents codexes.

>> No.54704865

It's Slaanesh, I literally cannot argue with that one

>> No.54704868

Gk can't take anything not in their section, as FAQ states

>> No.54704871

Mankind wins yet again.

>> No.54704877

Top left shoulder, neat Icon of Tzeentch

>> No.54704878

We're the bad guys you nerd.
Also those don't even rhyme.
Anyway, Slaanesh is best chaos god, don't even need to be a sex freak to worship, anything in excess will do; drinking heavily, too much drugs, triple shot coffee, ordering a quadruple quarter pounder at McDonald's and calling it a "Pounder", even sleeping in, spending all day reading, or shitposting for hours at a time falls under Slaanesh if performed to excess.

>> No.54704885

Not so sure about that lol

>> No.54704888

>Yall realize that brimstone horrors only have 1 wound right?
Unless they were nerfed in the codex they have 2 wounds and a 4++.

>> No.54704892

6 of the codexes are marines of some sort and the others will be xenos of some sort and maybe guard. Admech and GSC will probably be the last ones released because of the low amount of players.

>> No.54704898

Nice, mine is a black and purple Icon of Slaanesh tramp stamp.
The black fades into purple which in turn fades to pink at the tips of the crescent.
What colours did you use?

>> No.54704904

Shut up, heretic

>> No.54704906


>> No.54704910

Non- trip GSCB?

>> No.54704913

Getting pretty cringy my dude

>> No.54704915

You're welcome anon.

>> No.54704919

It doesn't though, having played it a bunch, you just run the meks first, then when the boys run make sure to stop their movement inside the bubble

It's not rocket science, and you can crowd 30 boys a fuckload more than you used to be able to

>> No.54704932

>Left Guardsman
No wonder the guard never hit anything. They wear helmets over their eyes.

>> No.54704933


>> No.54704935

Damage rolls? Countercharge?

>> No.54704936

I want to have coffee with that Daemonette...

>> No.54704938

How is that larping m8?

>> No.54704943

Chaos space marine codex gonna lead to some teeth kicking in Konor finally?

>> No.54704950


the CODEX FAQ states that if you have a model with an entry in the index but not in the codex, that you can use the index datasheet with the codex point cost.

>> No.54704951

Page 179 of the rulebook, bottom right.

>> No.54704956

Yeah good call, I guess it's more like a cringy lie

>> No.54704957

Excessive amounts of coffee I bet. You degenerate.

>> No.54704965

You just wanna see a tramp stamp fish for flesh elsewhere bruh.

>> No.54704972

it'll only make a real difference a week after it's released or so, takes time for everyone to buy the book and make lists and shit

>> No.54704975

"Doesn't rhyme"? More like "heresy".


>> No.54704976

I need something to counter balance the excessive alcohol consumption

>> No.54704980

No thanks, just saying you blew it with the overcomplicated description.

>> No.54704982

>Nectar from Slaanesh's "Pleasure Garden"


>> No.54704983

What's GSCB?
It's not larping, I just got a tattoo of my favourite chaos god in a spot that will be hidden from public view 60% of the time and I like the design of.
She probably has enough sugar in there to count as a lethal dose and some extra but so do I.
That hoodie looks comfy as fuck too.
I'd post it but the last two times I did that I got a 24 hour ban for "off topic posting" somehow.
Still doesn't rhyme.

>> No.54704990

I'm not the tattoo guy fag.

>> No.54705000

"Still d...."? More like "killed"

>> No.54705004

Two different anons my dude.
6/6 would drink from the tap

>> No.54705011

Or more likely a mix of Slaanesh's bodily fluids

>> No.54705013

I don't really buy the whole 'you should only get tattoos of things that are important' thing, decorate your meat prison however you want, as long as they don't sperg about it it's just a thing

You could always ask for proof
You know you want to

>> No.54705019


I don't need to re-roll damage I only have 2 blasters and 5 fusion pistols in my list. The former are meh at D3 and the later are always within half range when they fire so the 2D6 averages out.

Also I don't worry about combat - I set up my combats so that once I lose the first unit I soul burst another out of combat and move back to shooting.

I finish most of my games with 2-3 of my 7 CP left.

>> No.54705021

lol okay well you blew it with the overcomplicated description then, whatever man

>> No.54705030

>Three different anons actually

>> No.54705042

Blue and Gray, I'd say it came out really well, my friends got a Mark of Khorne over his heart

>> No.54705046

What the fuck. Triggered.

>> No.54705059

>flamer with reroll wounds of 1.

A bit disappointed it isn't called a Bile Spewer like it was in DoW2.

>> No.54705063

Mfw i play daemons
Check again fucko, in the index theyre only 1 wound so unless theyve been BUFFED and made cheaper then theyre still 1 wound apiece.

Also the cheapest HQ from the index is a 72pt dark apostle so your 2000pt list needs about 800pts of apostles

>> No.54705072

I can put people in contact, my email is [email protected]

>> No.54705073

>Thirst incarnate.

>> No.54705074

Which ones?
How is overcomplicated?
I just described it accurately since I knew I wouldn't be posting a pic and some anons have probably seen it in this thread before.
Even better.
Sounds cool, why not gold though? Does gold tattooing work actually?
What colour is the Khorne mark?

>> No.54705087


Silver armored does not mean grey night. There are several marines that are silver armored in their color scheme.

There's literally a chapter called the Silver Skulls.

>> No.54705101

spoon feed me please. not even trying to shit post, I remember hearing you have to use what ever the 'latest' entry is.

>> No.54705105

Do they use anti-daemon weapons and have inhuman resistance to the warp?

>> No.54705107

>Which ones?

All you can imagine and then some ofcourse. Do you even Slaanesh ?

>> No.54705123

Nice. Mind if I see your list?

I'm moving into Ynnari from CWE (fucking LGS taking 3weeks to get my triumvirate it) and am curious how your list deals with armor and maximizes soulburst potential. Plus not needing command points seems nice and 7 is a juicy number.

>> No.54705128


Are you illiterate?

>> No.54705130

>no lightning

>> No.54705134

Certain body fluids I don't want to touch or ingest still.
I'm fine with blood, saliva, sweat and the actual sex ones though.

>> No.54705136

Well boys post your local store's day 2 so far .. this sat big day at the store i go to...
i got a win today and 1 model painted (helldrake), last week i got 10 points in painting and 2 wins (no losses).

i've got a bunch of picks of tonight's game i'll see about setting them up and posting them up.

>> No.54705142

>only finished one unit of plague marines so far
>want to spray the rest of army
>Tfw live in Texas and its constantly boiling hot and humid outside
>considering gassing myself and spraying inside

help me

>> No.54705155

Chaosfags being shitposters, hypocrites and generally some of the worst posters around? Say it ain't so!
Seriously anon, there's a reason most non-chaosfags agree chaos is the worst fanbase

>> No.54705159

>Certain body fluids I don't want to touch or ingest still.
That's quitter talk, son. This is why you're bottom bitch in the cult

>> No.54705161

Whatever you say my dude, just don't be surprised in the future if you think you're carrying off a bullshit story and everyone thinks you're a wanker because it's obvious you're lying

>> No.54705164


>5x Harlequins - 5x Fusion, 4x Embrace, 1x Blade
>5x Warriors - Blaster
>5x Warriors - Blaster
>5x Wraithguard - D-Scythes
>9x Shadow Spectres
>Starweaver - 2x Shruiken Cannon
>Venom - 2x Splinter Cannon
>Venom - 2x Splinter Cannon
>Wave Serpent - Twin Shruiken Cannon, Shruiken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Air Wing
>Hemlock Wraithfighter
>Hemlock Wraithfighter
>Hemlock Wraithfighter

>> No.54705167

Wonka wonka!

>> No.54705172

>loyalist still openly weeping about his bad luck hundreds of posts later

>> No.54705176

Is... is it really that hard for you to fathom someone getting this tattoo?

>> No.54705177

QQ more bitch.

>> No.54705180

>that autist trying to impress the Deamonette with his book but to no success.

Poor guy can't even make eye contact with xer.

>> No.54705189

It's worse here in Florida. It fucking rains every other afternoon!

>> No.54705202

Is it really that hard for your to fathom some autist lying online about doing something they think is cool but actually isn't?

>> No.54705203

Fellow Tex-anon! The heat/humidity pisses me off, too. Can't prime shit until March/October. I can't wait till the comfy months of October-December, myself.
I took a risk last week priming in 94 degree heat and 45% humidity and it turned out fine. So, there is some leeway on what the limit is.

>> No.54705204

What is the Daemonette doing in that scene?
What is anyone doing in that scene?

>> No.54705215

>implying I play marines of any flavor
You're really gonna act like the faction that gave us such wonderful posters such as carnac, cheetahposter, the slanneshifag, IW bitching, the drop pod frogposter, curzefag and many more isn't a beacon of shitposting.
Stay delusional I guess

>> No.54705216

build a paint box and vent hose

>> No.54705218

>What is the Daemonette doing in that scene?
>What is anyone doing in that scene?

>> No.54705228

That's what Florida rooms are for broseph! Central Florida here I just have to make it out before 12 most days.
Pic related proof of Florida.

>> No.54705245

>I have no authority or evidence for this but I think I speak for everyone when I say my opinion is the correct one

>> No.54705247

Look man brain fluid is not safe for human consumption, I'm not a space marine I can't filter those toxins.
I'm sure Slaanesh's are lovely, but I'll hold on that, the scat, the piss, and the mucus.
Also anything found in the intestines up to the stomach, inside of the mouth is fine but still.
you say bottom bitch like it's a bad thing
You really think people do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?
Seriously though it's a tattoo man, I paid 150 dollars for it, it's not like I'm claiming I own some solid gold icon of excess or something like that.
Daemonette is tripping balls because it just got summoned, everyone else is summoning and tripping multitudes of balls for varying reasons.
So yeah, what >>54705218 said, partying.

>> No.54705252

>I like to post on 4chan but my secret is that I treat it like reddit
kek, what a loser

>> No.54705253

Hoping that maybe successors get more love/fluff/options in the new Codexes, especially with Counts As getting the heave ho from GW in terms of special characters.

>> No.54705261

Buddhist thing.
They spend weeks/months making that amazing thing and then... destroy it. It teaches them patience, creativity, and dealing with the fact that the cycle of creation is destruction.

Teaches them the ways of the universe.

>> No.54705263

You should definitely invest in a solid gold icon though.

>> No.54705268

My dude you are way too fucking booty blasted over something that could not be more insignificant

>> No.54705274

>attention whoring
>/mlp/-grade autistic storytelling
wew laddie

>> No.54705285

>shitposters are fin you guys, if you call them out you need to go back to plebbit
Top kek

>> No.54705288


>> No.54705303

I so would, but unfortunately I can't afford it.
>attention whoring
I direct your attention to the fact my god is Slaanesh, so no shit.
it's my folder of Slaaneshi reaction pics, I have to filter through the SFW ones. There are not a lot..
>autistic storytelling
I just wanted to discuss tattoos with a fellow chaos anon who had one, you're the one who got an autistic stick up his ass for some reason.

>> No.54705304

can someone do me a solid and post the terminator interrigator chaplian datasheet?

>> No.54705305

>angry over a tattoo on the internet guy.

>> No.54705308

Nice list. Urge to convert crimson hunters into hemlocks rising....conflicting with urge to field maximum aspect warriors because biel tan.

>> No.54705316

I'm sorry, what?
I'm not sure what you mean, what tattoo? Do you think I'm a different anon?

>> No.54705324

I've had some luck with priming. Humidity only ruined about 5 of the 12 mini's I was priming earlier this week. The rest turned out fine but I'll have to strip and re-prime those 5 later. I've decided to wait till late August or early September as the weather starts reaching acceptable levels in Austin around that time of year.

>> No.54705330

What's more fun this edition GSC or Dark Elder

>> No.54705335

Yep wrong guy. Your alright anon hope your family is doing alright!

>> No.54705338

>calling someone autistic when you have a meltdown over a tattoo anon says they have

>> No.54705339


I meant Crimson Hunters are OK but Hemlocks are fucking amazing.

Also there are only 2 aspects worth fielding right now - Shadow Spectres and Fire Dragons. Sorry 3 Dark Reapers are amazing.

>> No.54705345

Ok then. You too anon.

>> No.54705354

Dark eldar GSC dosent have enough players to warrant lots of updating-n- such.

>> No.54705367

>How the fuck are we dark angels supposed to compete right now?

By being happy you don't get Codex Space Marines: Beta Edition for the first time in like, 3 codexes?

>> No.54705374

>some keyboard tranny has managed to collect a couple white knights

>> No.54705382

I'm not a tranny, stop projecting dude.

>> No.54705394

why are these threads always such garbage

>> No.54705396

I'm pressing the Exterminatus button but it ain't workin

>> No.54705403

>white knight desperately reporting someone who is laughing at m'tranny

>> No.54705404

Because you keep coming back to hand out (you)'s nigga.

>> No.54705407

Did you try turning it off and on again?

>> No.54705409

Nice to see you dropped any pretenses and went full /pol/ there buddy, that sure proved your point

>> No.54705413

Zog me boys but something about that waist, hips and long slender legs is kinda sexy.

>> No.54705422

I think he was talking about exterminatusing me, seeing as I'm the heretic, dumbass.

>> No.54705432

Because autists find something stupid to obsess over and will not shut the fuck up

>> No.54705437


>> No.54705439

Anyone else encountered a club that makes everyone roll from cups/other containers rather than your hand?

They said something about people being able to cheat by manipulating rolls, which seems vaguely possible but also incredibly paranoid and it really ruins the atmosphere

>> No.54705449

They did, but for the the first edition of Space Marine/Adeptus Titanicus/Epic. Which was set during the Horus Heresy and thus meant low numbers of Space Marine factions.

>> No.54705451

Aww and you gave depressed anon a (you) in return! Now kiss :^)

>> No.54705460


CSM players.

>> No.54705467

>he's still got hot fresh tears running down his face because his codex is bad and ours is really really excellent

>> No.54705469

How the fuck am I supposed to fit shit into my CSM lists? I always feel like I'm out of points.

>> No.54705474

The techfaggots said not to. Wouldn't even let me re-plug my turbo controller.

>> No.54705477

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.54705479

After seeing this picture many times I've only just noticed this big guy

>> No.54705487

What are you bringing right now? I feel like I can bring a ton of great stuff at the now-standard 2000 points

>> No.54705497

>sm codex
Nit him, but nigga what?

>> No.54705506

Stay mad anon.
Our heretics do it all the time, usually during a screaming match with the daemonic machine spirit.
Well, Bane was originally basically just a roided up jock, right?

>> No.54705527

>sm codex
Nit you, but nigga what?

>> No.54705532

>CSMfags so stupid they out themselves

>> No.54705538

>y-you guys that are laughing at m-me are s-stupid!

>> No.54705541

>sm codex
>good or bad
Nit xer, but nigga what?

>> No.54705550

I suppose the worst that could happen is i'm out 2 fully-painted 60$ models. Might just try magnetizing both of mine while I'm at it.

Later anon!

>> No.54705554

It's fine. Not broken, but neither are any of the other dexes. And if we want to actually break the game, C:SM has guilliman.
So, besides the retarded meme of 2000 horrors, how on earth do you reason that CSM is somehow leagues above C:SM?

>> No.54705561

>The dude posting Slannesh images this whole fucking thread
>'Outing themself'
You almost have to be pretending to be this retarded

>> No.54705566

Ld-Bombs biiiiiiiitch

>> No.54705567

>out themselves
As what exactly?
You didn't even imply anything.
Are you okay?

>> No.54705568

Good rules. And if you're going to bring up Girlyman I just wanted to remind you that Magnus beats Girlyman 10/10 times

>> No.54705582


>> No.54705602

Magnus is TS, which is not part of CSM dex.
And yeah, the rules are good, but nothing sticks out as absurdly better than the SM dex, hell quite a few of the rules are ripped straight from there. The unique ones are certainly different, but, as far as I can see, nothing to the extent of putting it leagues above C:SM

>> No.54705604

lol wut? They both have good and bad legions/chapters. What exactly are you referring to?

>> No.54705610

Part 1
>Be 40k Noob trying to still learn the ropes since 6th.
>Sign up for League to learn and to get into practice more.
>Third match.
>Meet up with competitor.
>Ask 'hey, are you ready to set up?'
>'Not yet, just have to make my list.'
>"Make my list."
>Already, Non courteous. I already have a pre-made one. It's a damn League.
>1250 points. Big guns never tire.
>It's space marines vs space marines.
> He has the new 8th edition codex.
>"You have the new codex?"
>"Yeah. Haven't asked anyone if i'm allowed to use it or not. But If it's there, It's fair gain.'
>Only damn codex out.
>Luckily, I am also marines.
>Use the codex anyway cause screw it.
>My army is 4 troop choices, mostly tacs stuffed into rhinos, 2 elites including a dread, Captain and chaplain, Assault marines, devs and predator tank with auto cannons.
> He brings a stormtalon gunship, three tac squads at 10 each, sergeants have powerfists and storm bolters all around, Two rhinos, Rowboat Giurlyman...and an apothecary was added in while I told him about my army.
>Set up.
>mainly he is in the middle of the table. So i counter act by positioning my devs in a secure spot, pread out of most sight, Scouts on an objective, rhnos in dread on the mid left ready to push in and lastly, Assault marines in reserves for more options.
>He puts mostly all the tac squads in front of RG and stormtalon to the left.
>The battle ends up being that he is using 30 tac marines surrounding RG to utilize the re rolls for hit and wound. He tries to just charge up the middle. I am positioning things around terrain, making use of specific attacks from weapons, command points abilities form the new codex, and baiting him to come to me by maneuvering squad out and in with rotation.
>He just uses the stormtalon to annoy my tank and absorb shots and runs up with the 30 marines shooting at whatever they can.
> I kill 23-ish marines in the end (a few multiple times) along with the stormtalon , wound RG once and a rhino.

>> No.54705626

You've got me there, Magnus isn't technically in the new dex, but he's still better than everything in your dex, most of it put together, honestly.

My favorite thing about our glorious new codex though? How you're trying to downplay how mad you are about it. :^)

>> No.54705645

fuck buddhism is so cool

>> No.54705658

>30,000 Space Marines defended Baal from Leviathan
>Leviathan numbered in the trillions
>5 Chapter Masters die defending Baal
>Saved by Girlyman and Ka'bandtha

Bit depressing, really. If there isn't a scene with Death Company Terminators I'm quitting the game. Literally said in The Beast Arises series if a Terminator suit has a teleport homer (and why wouldn't they) you can call it back even if the person inside is dead. So teleport DC Terminators into a place you want killed, have them kill until they're either dead or killed the target, then summon the back, take them out, repair the suit and put somebody back in. It'd be harder to subdue a DC Terminator and then get him out (and most fluff says they don't ever come out of their suit when they turn).

Real shame desu. Especially since Primaris exist now and apparently the Red Thirst et al is completely cured and the only genetic deviancy left is that they have vampire teeth. Same for Space Wolves and huge canines.

>> No.54705676

I'm not mad, I'm just confused. The dex is certainly good, but not better or worse than the other ones, which is a good sign for future dexes.
I'm just confused as to why you're acting like people are somehow real upset over the new dex like it's 7th eldar all over again? Are you just fishing for (You)s or is there honestly something I missed?

>> No.54705678

I know right?

>> No.54705681

Part 2
> He killed everything but a rhino.
>I lost drastically 4 to 13 because RG in melee and the fact that the match ended at the 7th turn instead of 5th. I would have maybe loss a bit less drastically with some models still.
>He shakes my hand telling me how great I did and how I kept him on his toes.
>He answers a phone call saying that 'Yeah, it just ended. I would have been back but he took a while.'
> Guy talks to about 5 different people during the match and has about 7 minute convos, interrupting me and buys three different model kits while this goes down.
>I say 'It was nice playing you' and leave.
The things I sacrifice.

>> No.54705688

What happen to the necron help defend Baal subplot?

>> No.54705694

Guess you'll have to just keep wondering about it :^).

>> No.54705697

I don't know why, but in my extreme autism I can see this webm as a metaphor for the Horus Heresy. The Mandala(colored sand) is Big E and his creation, the Imperium, while the monks are the Chaos Gods, and the instruments they're using are the Traitor Primarchs(even though there's not 9).

>> No.54705700

You're forgetting Ka'Banda and a presumed army of Demons as well as the fucking warp storm.

>> No.54705706


Hydra Dominatus, Brothers. Migrate.

>> No.54705710

So just fishing for (You)s then. Oh well, have fun with that anon. Good night, have fun with your new dex. Hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed C:SM

>> No.54705716

Written away by Neo-GW.

>> No.54705718

Sleep tight, loyalist. :^)

>> No.54705719

>threatening to quit as if anyone gives a fuck
>doing so over a paragraph of text in the rulebook
>implying the dumbass tactic you made up is even cool

Just wait for your dex to come out. I'm sure they'll flesh out Primaris in legions with shitty genes. GW is dumb but not "removing the things that define a legion" dumb.

They're advancing the story now. Something is gonna come around and knock primaris marines on their ass.

>> No.54705721

holy fucking shit abadon the despoiler is going to be beastmode chaos army!!!!

(see pic)

1 point cheaper than codex indext.. 4+invuln (has mark of tzench) sorceror of tzench can cast spell on him to make his invuln 3+

still re-roll misses
still units wihin 12" auto pass morale

Loyal faggots BTFO.
Chaos Space Marine Christmas has begun!!!!
how can girleyman even compete??

>> No.54705723

I did it and now everything is flashing red someone help

>> No.54705732

He's just baiting

>> No.54705735

what a retarded fucking idea.

>> No.54705747


I had to pad out my drops with cultists because I have 6 things dropping.

>Night Lords Battalion 2000pts 101PL
Jump Pack Lord with Lightning Claws
Jump Pack Sorcerer with Combi-Plas and Force Sword

Melee Cultist x11 w/Flamer and Shotgun
Melee Cultist x11 w/Flamer and Shotgun
Shooty Cultist x10 w/Heavy Stubber
Shooty Cultist x10 w/Heavy Stubber
Shooty Cultist x10 w/Heavy Stubber

Terminators x10 w/Combi-Plas and Lightning Claw

Hellforged Contemptor w/Fist, Chainfist, Havoc Launcher, and Soulburner x2

>Fast Attack
Raptors x10 w/Mark of Nurgle, Icon of Despair, Plasma Gun x2, Combi-Plas, and Lightning Claw

Dreadclaw Drop Pod

>Heavy Support
Havocs x10 w/Autocannon x4 and Combi-Plas

>> No.54705757

Man that's not autism, that's appreciating that these simple lessons can be taught in many different ways and are an intrinsic part of life. Even in the plot behind a game of shooty bang between army men.

>> No.54705762


>> No.54705770

Oh shit, quick turn it back off, unplug it man, game over.

>> No.54705778


>> No.54705780

I mean...i wouldn't run 2 in a 1k game, but he could... why does he need 3 to function?

>> No.54705786

Seems fun. Do you do okay without very much anti-tank?

>> No.54705810

Corpse on a throne can't save you now fuccboi!

>> No.54705892

If only they actually looked like that, they'd be good rape material. There is something romantic about the idea of raping a daemonette, but they're far too ugly and female(male) for that.

>> No.54705919

Just use Juan Divas models and disregard the new models.
Alternatively get Daemonettes, Witch Aelves, and green stuff then kit bash them together.

>> No.54705925

>Juan Divas

>> No.54705946

I mean Juan Diaz, I'm kind of tired and pulled an all nighter.

>> No.54705973

Why are CSM so good now, guys? Is this a prank from GW? This all feels too good to be true.

World Eaters truly the best fighters in the game... Death Guard awesome tough with lots of options... Tzeench with their insane cool psychic powers and Emperor's Children being just loud and amazing at close range...

It's almost like a dream. Thank you GW.

>> No.54706005

I wasn't talking about models anon but thanks I guess.

>> No.54706037



>> No.54706061

They're only ugly in recent history because GW changed art direction, this was largely considered a bad shift in art by many fans.
They even refluffed it as the old appearance being some kind of glamour.
I largely ignore this and keep my daemonettes as dancing, lithe, lobster clawed titty daemons.
I play Emperor's Children, we'll gladly suck your geneseed.

>> No.54706063

The termies are basically free to overcharge with the sorcerer and/or lord and they'll nuke down just about anything in front of them, and the contemptor is very capable of murdering whatever it touches, especially with 2 soulburners. I wanted to run melta raptors, but I didn't have the points.

>> No.54706089

Thousand Sons. Though I RP as pre-HH


>> No.54706097

If the cultists are just to meme around with and they're going to break and run anyway you might as well take some/all of the special weapons off them and put those points into meltas, right?

>> No.54706124 [SPOILER] 

Don't threaten me with a good time.
does this count as NSFW, you can't see anything but still...

>> No.54706139



>> No.54706157

But it's too funny, Slaanesh being into it, Khorne being angry about it, Khorne's fucking face.
Only metaphorically?

>> No.54706181

yes. You slaneshii heretics are all about too much. It's moderation that makes things enjoyable.



>> No.54706204

All things in moderation is a corpse worshipping meme.

>> No.54706225

Then why do you Slaneshii get so burnt out so quickly? Think of how good things would be if you paced yourself.


>> No.54706234


Maybe, yea. That's a good point.

>> No.54706255

I'll show you, you faggot. I'm going to have so much fucking moderation, it's gonna be moderation out the wazoo. The amount of moderation I will have will be so excessive I wll become the perfect penultimate form of moderation incarnate.

>> No.54706263

>trying to reason with esdese
You're talking to a brick wall

>> No.54706271

I don't, because I relax in excess afterwards until I'm ready to shock my system afterwards.
What's an esdese?

>> No.54706281

Autistic tranny who floods the thread with Slaanesh ERP on a regular basis

>> No.54706302

Never heard of them.
They must be online at like, the complete opposite times as me.

>> No.54706337

One asshole does not AL players make.

>> No.54706351

Don't worry, we have hundreds of examples of people spouting Alpharius memes and asking for the green and blue metallic color scheme tutorial.

>> No.54706431

Standard is pretty much always better, honestly.

>> No.54706717

But not complaining that SM codex better represents them.

>> No.54707033

Black Mace is still in. All i care about..

>> No.54707449

>They're only ugly in recent history because GW changed art direction

The Diaz Daemonettes are the outlier, man.

If anything, the current plastics are the second most attractive set they've ever done.

>> No.54707530


My fellow sex-savants, do not waste your precious breath on >>54705374

Nothing more then a hatespawn of Khorne. Wriggle in your own lack-of-accomplishments, bloodhound.

>> No.54707823

Cut a blood claw and put a wolf priest or Ulrik with them.

>> No.54708008

Uh, that's doesn't sound that bad for your first match in the league.

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