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when will ork anon release his tax returns edition

>Black Legion Faction Focus: Meh

>Konor Campaign: Astaramis was an inside job!

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

/tg/ discord: Reddit.com/r/cuckolding

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first for lewd

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Here's a good way to start this wholesome thread
What is a model you are getting soon or plan to get soon that you are genuinely excited for, what do you plan to do with it, any cool painting or modeling things you wanna do?
Pic related for me

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Well I just got the terminator suppourt carde, but my GW still has a tyranid swarm and eldar transport bundle in stock, which will be my next and second next purchase respectfully

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Wanna find old raptors with this cool jet-packs

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I just scan, someone else does the pdf, and if you want to speed the process up, download it and stick it in an imgur folder then ask to add it to the OP

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What is most lewdable faction?
>Nb4 genestealer cults

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The china man can.

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Those were cool jetpacks back in the day. Not to mention crazy bird feet! Now they're just spikey 30k assault marines.

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I fucking LOVE this model and I want to use it for my IG for 40k. Any idea what I could use this as?

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Mind trying to compare with a laspistol?
>Would if I was at a computer

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>not liking spikey 30k over spikey 40k

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Nth for new Grey knight Flyers are neat

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Where is the proof or purchase?
Show me the RECEIPTS

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Been tempted to start 40k for a while now and have about $250 to burn, is there any faction I can get a decent 1k list (for the new campaign) out of for this price (open to any faction, I just love the setting in general)? I dont have to worry about hobby supplies just yet as my local shop is very nice about letting people use their stuff so long as we actually shop there

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Scion's clown car

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For 250 you can definitely get a couple start collecting boxes for whatever army you like

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some work and it could be a taurox

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They have new fliers?

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Depends who you're interested in.

If you want marines you can probably get 1000+ all your hobby stuff easily for $250

If you want others it'll be more difficult

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ITC Results by faction

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Picking up one of the event only custodes to use as a conversion for Valdor

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Arguably just find an army that strikes your fancy and pick up two Start Collectings.

That leaves you you enough to grab one more kit and you should be good for one thousand

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They get the stormtalon and other fugly flyer finally

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when you think 40k what do you first think of, and have you played any of the computer games for it before

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Yeah, whats all this about?

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They just get access to the Storm Talon and Stormhawk Interceptor, that regular marines have had for ages now.

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I'd prefer lower model count and simple paint schemes for my first army, currently looking at second hand options here but very slim pickings

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not exactly new. They get the Storm Talon/Stormhawk in their dex so no more need to ally

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Check the GW blog, they have the fylers painted in GK colours

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Ah, gotcha

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>mfw I have one even older raptor but not those
>mfw I have no face

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Looks much more plausible

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Are Vendettas worth taking now?
How about two Vendettas?
230 points each.

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Who is this china man?

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but theyt're really shitty sans the flamer

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Thanks, found the pic, here it is for anyone else who was lazy like me and didn't check the blog first.

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The old ones or the old-old ones?

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Wow, that is one ugly flier...

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Can i give vexilia to my shield captain?

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What kind of disgusting degenerate obscure fetish is that from ?!

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plus not enough skulls

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Am I reading this wrong or are Genestealer Cults the top faction?

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I got a thing for lenses, you gonna judge me?

>does the sassy-neck-think

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I too can post shit that doesn't fucking matter, but I choose not to.
Keep your not GW rules and tourney results in your containment forums with the rest of the WAAC tourney players.

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Vendettas hit on fives if they move, you will miss a lot or drop into hover and get one turn if shooting before getting shot down, if you're gonna go forge world you might as well get something like the thunderbolt or vulture, the former does anti tank better for about the same points and the later does anti infantry better for less points

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Just got these - I've been enjoying trying random techniques out to try and improve, like checks. All of the primaris have been really enjoyable to paint, honestly. Much easier than normal marines.

I may pause after these soon because my elysian drop sentinel just arrived - I'm gonna headswap the pilot and make it a stormtrooper sentinel. I think it'll be really fun to paint.

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>Literally Elves
>Literally spooky elves
>Literally orcs
>Literally gundam commies

necrons and nids are the only vaguely interesting xenos. The rest are as generic as can be.

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>The army has bullshit deployment options for turn 1 charges with absolutely devastating melee units
>Ends up being top tier in tourney
Gee, I wonder...

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Robutts and Zerg, man. Its always been about the setting, rather than the races, for me

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They only have 11 appearances, Chaos are the top of the over 100 games lot (or bang on 100 in their case), despite all of their whining.

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How is the 40k scene in Hamburg Germany? I'm gonna be there for six months and want to know if I should bring my army for more than just painting

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Little salty there buds? Just sharing something I found.

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>despite all of their whining.
Warp Timing Magnus is good.

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Rate mah list
Patrool detachment
9 custodians with spears and 1 with vexilla+knife
2 custodians with spears and 3 with swords and shields

Auxillary support detachment
9 custodians with swords and 1 vexilla+knife

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From the stream:

Objective secured for Chaos.

Renegade Chapter Tactics: Advance and Charge.

Alpha Legion: Not sure what this was, stratagem, warlord trait or legion tactics. When your warlord dies, swap him with one of your characters. This doesn't count to Slay Warlord.

Demon Shells: Shoot any bolter weapon, 1 command point. If you hit, you do D3 mortal wounds. If you miss, you take d3 mortal wounds.

1 command point to give a unit a mark of chaos.

1 command point to ignore heavy on vehicles.

Chaos Boon: Roll between 2 and 12 and get stuff after you kill vehicle, character or monster. One a roll of 7 you get to pick what you want. Other examples: +3" movement. +1 to your armour/invuln saves. You don't need to set aside points for spawn/daemon princes in matched play.

Veterans of the long war: add +1 to wound. Limited to Infantry or bikers. Doesn't work on renegade chapters.

A stratagem to reposition cultists so they're 6" to a board edge.

Line Breaker for your vindicators.

Demon forge stratagem: demon vehicle can reroll hit and wound.

Kill shot for your predators.

Familiar stratagem: change powers in psychich phase.

Hellbrute stratagem: Shoot twice if it didn't move.

Alpha Legion stratagem: Deploy 1 unit in shadows , like Raven Guard.

Tzeentch power, 1 CP: get to use one more power at end of psychic phase

New Dark Hereticus: Death Hex, 8 to cast cast. Enemy unit within 12" can't take invulnerable. (Fuck you stormshields)

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>T. Idiot who was still assravaged by 7e Gcults

Pure cult it pretty bad mang. It's mostly just a way to link up Nid and IG cheese with a supreme command detachment.

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Who was suicidal enough to breed with Lilith?

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>necrons and nids are the only vaguely interesting xenos.

>> No.54698703

anyone have a spare Primaris? I wanted to paint one up for that contest or showcase or whatever, but I'm not buying a box of them for 1 model and the closest GW is over an hour away

>> No.54698708

Who'd be suicidal enough to say no?

>> No.54698713

patrol can have more than 2 troops, no need to waste that extra cp and gw said you can nominate a custodian squad as an HQ so you can do that as well

>> No.54698724


Just buy one of the easy-to-assemble boxes. You get three primaris for like $16

>> No.54698725

>Objective secured for Chaos.
Already knew that.

>Renegade Chapter Tactics: Advance and Charge.
See above.

>Alpha Legion: Not sure what this was, stratagem, warlord trait or legion tactics. When your warlord dies, swap him with one of your characters. This doesn't count to Slay Warlord.
Obviously the Warlord trait, since we know the stratagem and tactics.

>Demon Shells: Shoot any bolter weapon, 1 command point. If you hit, you do D3 mortal wounds. If you miss, you take d3 mortal wounds.
Now this is cool!

>1 command point to give a unit a mark of chaos.
I assume that means to give a unit a mark mid-game if it didn't already have one.

>1 command point to ignore heavy on vehicles.
Neat that all CSM get this while SM only get it for Iron Hands

>Chaos Boon: Roll between 2 and 12 and get stuff after you kill vehicle, character or monster. One a roll of 7 you get to pick what you want. Other examples: +3" movement. +1 to your armour/invuln saves. You don't need to set aside points for spawn/daemon princes in matched play.
Awesome. I assume it's 1CP?

>Veterans of the long war: add +1 to wound. Limited to Infantry or bikers. Doesn't work on renegade chapters.
Should clarify that's Wound rolls, not Wounds characteristic.

>Rest of stuff
Vaguely interesting. We know all the God-aligned Stratagems now except Nurgle.

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This month white dwarf comes with a free.primaris marine

>> No.54698737

Better question is how was their dick afterwards?

>> No.54698740


thanks anon, wasn't aware of this

>> No.54698743

As good as in every other civilized western european city I guess. Bring your army.

>> No.54698747

Nids are by far the most interesting Xenos.

Everyone else is literally Star Trek tier humans-with-rubber-foreheads.

>> No.54698748

>1 command point to give a unit a mark of chaos.

Can you explain the point of this power?
Don't Marks only give you a GOD tag for rules?
So can you get TZEENTCH and KHORNE on the same unit or to switch TZEENTCH to KHORNE midgame?

>> No.54698753

no it fucking doesn't, nothing in my sub, and saw nothing when I went to my store

>> No.54698765

I waste cp cause only 1 vexilla per detachment so ill do this anyway (its 2 spear or swordguys instead of tigurius and i thought he can buff custodes)
Shine gold ass !=gay

>> No.54698770


...Necrons and Orks are Star Trek tier humans?

>> No.54698773

Can someone not on a phone give me the top 5 factions please?

>> No.54698784

Not the White Dwarf, its the $8.00 Learn How to Play Mini-zine

>> No.54698790

that's not free

>> No.54698791

I think he means from maybe a design standpoint, as opposed to lore and stuff. Necros and Tau I can see that, orks not so much, even less so with perhaps liek the Rak'gul...

>> No.54698809

>Necrons literally act exactly like megalomaniacal humans out of saturday morning superhero cartoons right down to speaking english

Orks are more interesting than that, though. Actually I give them a solid second place after Tyranids, they even have a unique reproductive method and ecosystem and look different enough from humans to be very recognizably xenos.

Necrons are literally (not figuratively) robot human skeletons.

>> No.54698810

Thats why I said it was $8.00.

>> No.54698813

Nids are just cockroaches. They don't have any interesting motivations, they don't have any personality, and all of their models look the fucking same.

>> No.54698823

Nids have far more distinctive models than SM or Eldar

>> No.54698825

fark you, i dobt keep them

>> No.54698826

And where GW said "you can use custodians as HQ"?

>> No.54698841

They probably meant Warlord.

>> No.54698847

>Nids have far more distinctive models
You mean after their design overhaul to mimic Starcraft's Zerg?

>> No.54698849

>the giger dinosaur race
Fucking lol, your shit taste has been confirmed.

No one in the entire series has "interesting motivations" except for Imperial sub-factions, every single major faction just wants to murder all the others. 40k is a war setting, not an intrigue or political drama.

Considering the Tyranids lack of personality makes them stand out more than any of the other stereotypical "IM THE MOST ELITEST AND BADASS AND FIGHTY" factions wrapped up in boring-ass egos, I'd say they benefit from it.

>all their models look the same
>implying they don't have one of the more diverse model ranges compared to shit like Space Marines that is basically 4 things copy-pasted a thousand times with slight equipment changes
Holy fucking lol, if Tyranids had nothing but mid-sized bugs like Warriors, Lictors, Raveners and so forth they'd STILL have a more diverse range than SPESS MUHREENS

>> No.54698855

So they're oldcrons?

>> No.54698856

Im really looking forward to starting my primaris librarian.

>> No.54698857

dis niqqa, do zerg have 5 points on their carapace as well

>> No.54698858

In terms of win percentage over average...
Genestealer Cults
Chaos Daemons
Thousand Sons
Imperial Knights

>> No.54698860

Can a Thousand Sons army use any of these new psychic powers or stratagems that aren't legion-specific or are they boned until they get their own codex?

>> No.54698877

I have too many orks

>> No.54698878

Weird. Wonder what put GSC and Chaos ahead.

>> No.54698879

You should be able to, but just dont have legion tactics atm so just follow list from the index

>> No.54698882

I'm gonna need a source on that because I'm calling bullshit on all but GSC and Knights.

>> No.54698883

Its dark hereticus discipline and thousand sons use this in index

>> No.54698889

>Chaos confirmed most powerful Faction overall
>only one Imperial Faction in top 5
>Chaos bitches still whining the Konor campaign is rigged against them because Marines got a Codex for one week more than them

>> No.54698899

In one of the streams and on a FB post (cant be arsed to track it down atm) they were asked how were custodian only armies going to work and they responded by saying that a custodian squad can be nominated as an HQ instead of a troops choice

>> No.54698900

Marines got double points, and dark imperium counted as a get collecting, and 40kids only painted the imperial side

>> No.54698906

In terms of Win % on a game to game basis
Imperial Knights
Dark Eldar
Chaos Daemons

>> No.54698908

>Faction with troops, planes, tanks, bikes, dreddnaughts, terminators
>Faction where everything from your basic troop to your monstrous creatures is a white and purple spiky bug

>> No.54698909

Are eldars ears erotic zones?

>> No.54698911

Chaos can be held up by Brimstones and Warp Timing Magnus

Genestealers can take a detachment of Guardsmen for flexibility.

>> No.54698915

>Chaos bitches still whining the Konor campaign is rigged against them because Marines got a Codex for one week more than them
It's rigged because of the massive population imbalance.

>> No.54698921

What are the chances of the Black Templar transfer sheets coming back?

My guess is near zero. GW seems to have forgotten that any chapters other than Ultramarines exist.

>> No.54698926

Why does OOE not say Hive Fleet Behemoth, do all hive fleets just have a beat up Carnifex for a giggle

>> No.54698928

>You will never bully a refined space elf with your brute monkeigh dick

>> No.54698944

Just follow the arrows
Genestealer Cults had more tournaments wins than average but came 6th in percentage of games won

>> No.54698946

>do all hive fleets just have a beat up Carnifex for a giggles

Since Old One Eye Prime got digested and added to the Tyranid DNA Matrix?


>> No.54698953

Nigga buying models counted according to an GW I visited.

And painting them. Chaos probably won more on the tabletop in a straight Imperial vs Chaos fight because Imperials tend to be casuals and 12 year olds, while pretty much any other faction requires a degree more commitment to the hobby... but when a game takes 2 hours, you end up with 1 win for Chaos while Billy Thickpaints gives the Imperium 2 points for his Primaris Paint job.

>> No.54698954

Ultra-lisk nid when?
Oops I mean broodlord nid when?
>every nid flyer
Uhhh... I mean ravager nids when?

>> No.54698966

How is that not also the 'nids?

>> No.54698967


>> No.54698981

No because i hand sculpted all my orks and vehicles out of green stuff and plastic card

>> No.54698985

>What are the chances of the Black Templar transfer sheets coming back?
>My guess is near zero. GW seems to have forgotten that any chapters other than Ultramarines exist.
I feel your pain brother. I desperately want those crusader seals.

And heck, does anyone know of anywhere ELSE that would sell something similar?

>> No.54698987

>Marine in bigger armour
>Marine in a robot
>Marine in a tank/plane

Wow that's so much more imaginative than nids

>> No.54698988


>> No.54699003

The incorrect depths in the pictures are quite jarring

>> No.54699007

This is a good meme Brent
Orks deserve the bulli

>> No.54699018

they have many nerves in their ears, so they may be erotic zones, but we dont know for sure

>> No.54699023

>Visarch's face as he stands guard outside Yvraine's quarters as she plays hide the 18" sausage with Bobby G

>> No.54699029

>green stuff and plastic card

>> No.54699043


>US military
>dude with longer gun
>dude in tank
>dude in floaty tank
>dude in boat

You can literally do this to anything

>> No.54699049

Imaginative? Maybe not.
Visually distinctive on a game table? Yes.

>> No.54699059

Somebody needs to do an army purely of soul grinders during the Konor campaign.

>> No.54699061

I dont have receipts for my Eldar because I stole the whole army from some little kid at the flgs, stripped and repainted them and then played them against him a few months later

>> No.54699070

>bigger bug
>biggest bug
>bug with wings

>> No.54699077


>> No.54699079

Cunning Eldar

>> No.54699081

Has this week's mission for Konor been revealed yet?

>> No.54699088

You got things backwards

>> No.54699089




>> No.54699106

It would be funny

>> No.54699120

Iconic SM units

>Man in armor
>Man in armor with jet pack and sword
>Man in armor on bike
>Man with more armor
>Man with less armor
>Man in sarcohphagus in giant robot

Iconic Nid units
>Doglike bug with spikes
>Doglike bug with gun
>Flying doglike bug with gun
>Countless swarm of small bugs
>Fully bipedal armored bug with guns and swords
>Fully bipedal less armored bug with different geometry and claws
>Floating brains with vestial limbs and forcefields
>Giant praying mantis that turns invisible

There are some ideas revisited syre, but there's a lot MORE variation from nids than from Marines. I didn't even include Carnifexes or the centaur-like Guard strains.

>> No.54699130 [DELETED] 

Klaws or Saws for Meganobz

>> No.54699131

There's designs around for BT transfers that you can have printed online

>> No.54699137

So if a unit with two CCWs (let's say zerkers) that have chainswords and chain axes use their axes for all their attacks, do they then get to make their extra chainsword attacks despite not using the weapon? I had a friend try and argue this but it seems pretty Jewy, is there an FAQ or anything on this?

>> No.54699146

>Sister in power armour
Anything else?
No... the army has been the same for 2 decades

But has Penitent Engines and Exorcist the two most 40k models ever made. So that must count for something?

>> No.54699156

Yes, he gets a chainsword attack, and you're trying to Jew him out of it.

>> No.54699160

Depends on if you have your receipt for them

>> No.54699162

>Chaos UK/World are actually (barely) dominating their area
>Chaos EU is losing
>Chaos US is losing by large margin

AMERICANS CAN YOU FUCK OFF. You screwed us in the first planet and now are doing it again on this new one. Get your shit together!

>> No.54699164

Think thousand sons and death guard will be able to use some of these stratagems? Pretty sweet

>> No.54699165

Its says
>make additional attack using this profile
If saying just "make additional attack" he can use any weapon

>> No.54699170

Yes you can definitely argue that Tyranids have more variants

But the OP was that Tyranids are more DISTINCT which I'd definitely say goes to Marines.

>> No.54699178

Klaws or Saws for Meganobz

>> No.54699179

>may make an additional attack WITH this weapon
But they didn't even use the weapon
I didn't start autistically screaming, I just asked if that's how it worked, said whatever, and now I'm trying to figure out the actual ruling

>> No.54699183

>freedom fries plays the faction where the emperor wasn't voted for
colour me surprised

>> No.54699193

Not enough people even play chaos in most regions.

>> No.54699194

Encourage the soul grinder army.

>> No.54699198

Put them under the Normie test.

Grab a bunch of models from different armies and games. Tell them to set them into different armies.
Marines always get mixed up with warmachine or infinity.

>> No.54699203

Nids have different body geometries, armor designs, and scales.

The only difference between tacticals, assaults, and devastators are what weapons they carry.

>> No.54699204

we almost won with xenos in the first round

>> No.54699205

They bear the weapon, the bearer gets 1 additional attack with it.

>> No.54699207

The real question is when will the transcripts of the Emperor's phone calls get leaked?

>> No.54699210

>> No.54699213

Marines are easily one of the most generic, don't even start

>> No.54699215

>ripoff of starship trooper bugs and zergs
Yes I know the release order, compare beginning versus post zerg nid models
Nothing against nid players, but let us not pretend they are the paragon of being unique and interesting

>> No.54699221

So, are Cataphractii Terminators useful for melee? They do have good saves, toughness and all that, and a squad of chainfisters could ruin someones day, but....halving their advance-roll seems a bit harsh for them. Can they compete with regular hammernators?

>> No.54699227

How about RECEIPTS

>> No.54699229

Marines are still pretty sodding boring though. Compare them to Admech, or Dark Eldar and they're homogenous as all hell, and those two factions aren't exactly getting the megasupport from Geedubs even if you include Forge World. Hell, even Marine LORE is boring in comparison, because it all boils down to RAAH MARINE SMASH. Admech, Orks, Deldar, Nids and any of the rest have a billion and one possible units to make in the future or for players to convert, Marines are so regimented and dull they have basically none, and have a bajillion kits for everything anyway so they'd never need to.

>> No.54699234

Seems gay but I guess that's how it is, at least I didn't scream and stomp my feet during the game grinding it to a halt like some people do when there's a rules issue

>> No.54699247

They aren't though. If weapons are the only way you can distinguish your three most common units, then it's not the model that's distinctive.

If you left the arms off a fire support nid and an assault nid, a complete normie could tell that they were two entirely different units.

If you left the arms off a tactical squad and a devestator squad, would they be able to do the same?

>> No.54699248


>> No.54699259

short answer: no

long answer, they sacrifice too much for +1 invun. Their only saving grace over TH/SS termintors is that PF are now only 12 points

>> No.54699262

Klaws are good for when you want to shoot with your orks, also cheaper.

If going for a pure killy unit then all saws.

>> No.54699270

This. Hell even same-sized nids with similar roles are easily distinct from each other. No one's going to mix up a Genestealer and a Hormagaunt, or a Shrike and a Ravener.

Good job getting some normie to tell apart your Assault Marines from your Vanguard Veterans.

>> No.54699276

I think the whole thing with marines is a non sequitor, everyone knows marines are generic as fuck normie models, but the original argument is nids are unoriginal and overdone pop culture rip offs as well, one has nothing to do with the other or qualifies the other

>> No.54699282

If only one melee, Klaw, if two, saws.

>> No.54699290

>Being surprised at this

>> No.54699292

>ripoff of star wars stormtroopers and crusader knights
Yes I know the release order, compare beginning versus post terran marine models
Nothing against marine players, but let us not pretend they are the paragon of being unique and interesting

>> No.54699295

>if you leave the distinctive part off, they can't be distinguished

no shit you fucking idiot.

>> No.54699299

How about you kill yourself

>> No.54699302

>Sanguinius is some old commie jew


>> No.54699312

the post in question said "All nid models look the same".

>> No.54699313

Yeah this is a weird tangent
Originality aside, nid models are more distinct from one another then marines. Basically same as the zerg/bugs, you can easily tell different types apart. Marines are the worst for that. Aside from knights I guess?

>> No.54699314

You're proving his point that nids are more distinctive because the entire bodies and silhouettes are different, not just the guns.

Good job dumbass.

>> No.54699316

Well, shit. There go my dreams of dropping a squad of them and autistically scream "PREPARE THY ANUS FOR AN IMPERIAL CHAINFISTING!".
Guess they might be more useful babysitting an objective with the heavy flamer, storm bolters and all that.

>> No.54699327 [DELETED] 

>turns out chaos was actually curbstomping the imperium on the table all this time
>imperium winning only because of kids buying and painting models
>GW fluffing it as imperial martial supremacy
Alas, this is pure pottery. I don't even know what to feel right now.

>> No.54699338

Except I agree that marines are less distinct than nids and that marines really aren't all that unique an idea?

>> No.54699346

>Imperium wins due to logistical superiority and Chaos infighting, despite Chaos being better 1 to 1
Seems about right to me.

>> No.54699355

>Chaos players trying to argue that they deserve the win when the results prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Imperium is far more popular and interesting to more people so them winning is more justified
You're just shooting yourself in the foot here

>> No.54699369

Holy shit fucking DESTROYED

>> No.54699378

I think it's more that no one fucking play Chaos.

Shitty models, shitty rules (until the codex releases tomorrow and they become broken as fuck), and awful lore.

The event might as well be Imperium vs Xenos because chaos isn't really doing shit.

>> No.54699379 [DELETED] 

>implying this is a popularity contest
>implying that logic wouldn't lead to the inevitable squatting of every non loyalist SM faction
Fuck off retard.

>> No.54699381

Neck yourself, he didn't prove anything.

>> No.54699384

GW only, or in newsagents etc?

>> No.54699394

>Imperium is far more popular
>contains 12 subfactions

>contains 4 subfactions

*excluding FW armies

>> No.54699400

>popular = good
If you're acting retarded on purpose, kindly stop.

>> No.54699407

I thought starcraft 1 started as a 40k RTS before licencing issues caused everything to fall apart...

>> No.54699416

Xenos is what the people want

No need to samefriend friendo

>> No.54699419

>Meganobz 55 points
>Terminators 40 points

>> No.54699429

I mean, that makes sense. Having far superior industrial and logistical capabilities has won a good few wars in real life even when the enemy has better individual soldiers, and the Imperials are fighting on a Forge World. If anything, it perfectly reflects how I would expect this to go.

(On a side note, I need to find a day to go to the GW and get points for my Ruststalkers. Been busy lately, but I think I'll have my Knight done for Lord of War week.)

>> No.54699430

>join Reddit a few years ago
>get annoyed at how a sub will obsess over one or two topics for an entire day like say a 30 second game trailer and milk it and overanalyze it to death
>realize it's unhealthy and cringy to use that much brainpower on such minutia
>quit and delete account
>start shitposting on 4chan
>discover 40k autism with some friends
>discover /tg/
>go on 40k general and obsess over and hyperanalyze the minutia of the day or whatever GW teased
>mfw /40kg/ is plebbit

>> No.54699433

What should I do if my picks for favourite army fluffwise and gameplay-wise are different?

Necrons are my favourite in gameplay, but I love Dark Eldar fluff.

>> No.54699438

Marine players buy from GW.

>> No.54699444

>he said Tyranid models are more distinctive
>he says tyranids are still recognizable from each other even if you remove the arms holding guns, while marines arent
>(You) literally admitted the only distinctive part of space marines are the different guns while Tyranids all look completely different
>(You) literally objectively proved his argument
Ahahahaha what a fucking child

>> No.54699450

If I played a heretical offshoot of the Silver Skulls, what god would they follow? The fact that they chop heads off gives me a Khorne vibe, but then they coat the skulls in silver and autistically etch the surface with designs and symbols telling the story of the battle, and that just screams Slaanesh.

>> No.54699451

>Insulting based Sanders
Better the Captain Commander Marmalade

>> No.54699453

>implying their autism is accurate

>> No.54699458

bullgryns are less expensive than termies and better in every way except for less melee weapon options and no teleportation

>> No.54699459

Same shit, different name. No matter how much the autists try and spin it.

>> No.54699463

Breaking news, people who like a thing will talk about the thing!

Holy shit you're a genius anon.


>> No.54699465

What are we obsessing about today, receipts?

>> No.54699466

Play both.

>> No.54699468

>custodian 40points

>> No.54699475

Summer's almost over.

>> No.54699477

>acquire autism
>moment of clarity and break free
>discover newer and more potent form of autism
>moment of clarity
Break free now anon, while you sill can

>> No.54699478

Is this Kronos Campaign shit like Storm of Chaos?

>> No.54699483

Trips confirm. Marine weenies btfo.

>> No.54699484

>Obsessive about fate
>Will only go into battle if the prognostication is good

Obviously Tzeentch.

>> No.54699488


>"based" Sanders
>supported Chavez and Maduro
>tax people 90%
>your stuff doesn't belong to you
>the solution to corrupt govt is more government

I really wish I could just shoot all of you. Commies aren't people, they're things.

>> No.54699493

I mean at this point lets just say Daemons are the most distinct.

>But that's more about the lack of options than anything. 1 Battle Slot per God

>> No.54699494 [DELETED] 

Literally everything you said is your opinion. I like the new rules and fluff, and lmao if you think they're broken.

Stay mad and cry more, we're blowing you the fuck out like the weakling thronecucks you are and GW had to blatantly rig the entire campaign for you to stand a chance lmao

>> No.54699503

I now know why starcraft fags always use that dark image of the hydralisk to try and prove GW copies from the. Because it hides the round head and ridges on top of the head, similar (though more exaggerated) to the old tyranid warriors. Then GW made their warriors have carapace crown and suddenly SC2 hydralisks have those as well.

>> No.54699510

Are there jump pack Custodes?

>> No.54699516

True, but they don't have their voodoo librarian anymore, and SS aren't really known for any psykers besides him.

Still, guess it could work.

>> No.54699518

CSM really need a 2h power sword character or something. The lack of 2h swords in 40k is actually surprising.

>> No.54699527

>literally ran out of arguments so hard he resorts to summerposting
Thanks for the keks m8!

>> No.54699528

In 30k maybe. It was complete legion at heresy

>> No.54699530


>he thinks that is too many

>> No.54699545

>he finks dats enuff

>> No.54699549

What? I'm a different anon, consoling you that his kind will almost be gone.

>> No.54699558

literally just found some, i can tell you that i did not wait

>> No.54699566

guys i dont understand how to do these allies in 8th. is it possible to take these psykers and inquisitors in a IG detachment? what about using SOB with inquisition in their detachment? what about ALL THREE. or do they all have to be seperate detachments?

>> No.54699568

Image earthshake

>> No.54699571

>Huge clusterfuck of models
>99% are painted
>Only thing unpainted at a glance is terrain
Keep being based Ork players

>> No.54699574

>Gcult player projecting insecurities
Having masses of genestealers plus broodlords charge your shit is no laughing matter. Naturally the tourney fags cherry pick the best units from both books, and no one said pure gcult anyway

So go fuck yourself

>> No.54699576

Help me out /tg/ - I have a Death Guard army (some marines, 5 termies+lord, hellturkey, daemon prince, a rhino, a rhino/pred, 3 oblits, 2 hellbrutes and 5 raptors/warp talons).

The thing is I have an urge to finally build a Jugger Lord like I always wanted. He's gonna be accompanied by some spawn and 10 (for now) zerkers - blood warriors conversion.

Here's the kicker: the two tanks(a rhino and a rhino/pred), two hellbrutes and 5 raptors/warp talons (unbuilt yet) are all unpainted...
Which things should I paint as Death Guard, and which as World Eaters?

>> No.54699578

Your stupidity knows no bounds.

>> No.54699579

I think the real question is why a SM chapter has a Deathjester as their chapter symbol.

>> No.54699581

>3 S7 Ap-1 D2 attacks on a 2+ save OR 4++ T5 3W platform
>2 S8 Ap-3 D3 attacks on a 2+ save AND 3++ T4 2W platform
I wouldn't say they were better in every way by any metric, there's a large number of units either one would be better against.

>> No.54699583


Basically this proves that Zerg copied Tyranids, while new Primaris Marines copied Starcraft.

Nids 2 Marines 0

>> No.54699590

Konor started with chaos blown the fuck out now it's more of a match from what I can tell. But yes mentioning it can cause autistic screeching.

>> No.54699600

Well, ten thousand guys minus Webway casualties. That's about one army division IIRC, so enough to bodyguard even in huge battles like that Ork horde that Emps pulled Morty+co out of, and special ops but probably not enough to fight a war. They'd get Nuked From Orbit or stalled by swarms of chaff and shelled to bits.

I will admit those Jump Custodes look dope, though. They need models for those, make them glasscannony 6++ Custodes but with jump packs and flamers.

>> No.54699603

I know its much of them at ebay but its hard to find them at reasonable price (not fukken 10 man box) and its metal. Why FW dont produce this style packs?

>> No.54699604

Ah, fair enough m8, sorry about that! I thought he just couldn't drop the argument.

>> No.54699608

>>turns out chaos was actually curbstomping the imperium on the table all this time

>> No.54699612

If you get lucky you can pick up 2 talons of the emperor boxes

>> No.54699625

Even if they are it just proves that their rules are overpowered and they need nerfs.

>> No.54699635 [DELETED] 

>gets btfo
>y-you r s-stupid!!!
Top kek your tears are delicious.

>> No.54699637

are you the warboss that use M3 Lee as battletruks ?

>> No.54699639


Saws. Always saws. +1 attack is insanely valuable on MANZ and 2 static damage beats D3, not to mention that Ap-4 lets you throw them at anything in the game and carve it into little pieces.

Plus the Kromlech Killsaw models are just about the most awesome thing to ever exist, so there's that too.

>> No.54699646

How do Heavy Plasma Incinerators hold up as vehicle killers?

10 dudes standing still, overcharged with a Captain to hold their hands. S9, D2, AP -4.

>> No.54699652

I figured out which faction I wanted to play by playing through all the DoW1 games. And thus I fell for Orks. You should try the same and see what you like.

>> No.54699654

I had this same experience when I joined exclusively to keep ipdated with fallout 4 hype, cringe memes, cringe fan theories, and obsessing over every little bone Bethesda threw, I can only imagine how the 40k community is over there

>> No.54699655


>> No.54699659

I think the 8th ed rulebook says they're at 10,000 still. So who did Emps tell how to make them?

>> No.54699667

>can't deepstrike
>can't take more than 5 per squad if you want a transport

Nope. There's jetbike custodes tho

>> No.54699675

Hey, you were the one who said that it was Cult Ambush that let Gcults take top. I'm telling you that CA is mostly garbage and it was being able to take units from two better indexes that let them win.

I mean, you literally just listed Broodlord and genestealers, which are different and cost significantly less than a Patriarch and Purestrains, despite being just as good. And then you went on to say "When I said that Gcult cheesy deployment let them win, I didn't actually mean Gcult at all."

So you can stay assravaged, my friend.

>> No.54699681

>implying GW should make a decision that caters to the small niche subset of their overall fans instead of one that caters to the maximum number of people
The fact that you get points for painting models does in fact prove it IS a popularity contest. Maybe Chaos would win if you guys convinced more people to play Chaos. As it stands the side that deserves to win is winning, and the fact that Chaos has higher tournament rankings despite having less players proves that they're OP and will probably be nerfed soon.

Get gud.

>> No.54699689

>So who did Emps tell how to make them?
The labs still exist in the palace. They never forgot how to make them it's just a more difficult / time consuming process compared to making marines

>> No.54699692

Just got into the game, bought the Dark Imperium box, decided to play marines.... but can't decide on a chapter. The set really seems made for Ultramarines, but I have no interest in playing those. Was thinking Black Templars because they look easy to paint and have interesting lore, but I've been told the primaris marines aren't great for them... Help me pick a chapter plz

>> No.54699695

> you want a transport
> when you have 3++
But i dont understand this "no deepstrike for you"

>> No.54699697

once you have one, rip it appart and recast them.
(btw the one in the bottom is so fucking rare, for a reason no one like 2xclaws back then)

>> No.54699700

I'd be interested if even one of their most basic infantry choices was from this decade.

I mean, I guess there's raptors, but you get my point. The csm range overall is just so old. Really needs some fresh blood at its core.

As it is, if you aren't one of the two chosen legions, sucks to be you. I still can't believe they had the rocks to link to their ancient ass havocs in their community article as if anyone is going to use those fucking things. God, how many space marine heavy weapon units have come out since those?

>> No.54699703

If you have death guard and world eaters going I'm almost tempted to advise you paint the raptors and helbrutes as Night Lords. If you bring night lords raptors with a nurgle banner, two night lords helbrutes, the chaos spawn and that bell guy from death guard you're looking at giving anyone they are fighting an insane -6 to their leadership. Mix that with your juggerlord zerker deathball and your hard to kill death guard and you've got something really disgusting going on

>> No.54699707

Wow are Death Guard really that bad? I started playing them and won my only game with them.

>> No.54699713

>Hyperbole and false information

>> No.54699714

Don't pick a faction based on rules, since those will change. If you like templars, play templars

>> No.54699716

Plastic steel legion was mentioned in stream
Necromunda is the best guess for the pistol now the imperial jet bike is out the way

>> No.54699719

Completely untrue.

>> No.54699721

Tournament lists are not about what is bad and what is good, they are about what is best in that specific meta and everything else is not best and loses.

>> No.54699730

Ah right, thought it was that the Emperor made each one out of necessity. Seems making custards was just his hobby then

>> No.54699733

>the imperial jet bike

>> No.54699741

Death Guard have placeholder rules right now, they'll be much better when the Codex comes out.

>> No.54699742 [DELETED] 

>rekt so hard he resorts to (you)posting

See >>54698415

>is winning his rigged campaign
>still assblasted about chaos having better players like the 12 year old casual he is
Cry more faggot your tears are delicious.

>> No.54699751

Ive seen then selling only as full 5 man squad

>> No.54699758

>no snipers
>everything is expensive except cultists
>some good chaos players perform in tournament

>> No.54699773

>having (finally) destroyed Cadia,
GW confirmed for savage

>> No.54699776

Ork players by far have the highest ratio of painted models

>> No.54699777

He literally praised breadlines.

>> No.54699778

>itc results
>in anyway proof that CSM are actually winning konor in games.
Dumb cheetahposter

>> No.54699781

>primaris marines
>literally tall marines with elements of their armour lifted from marinelet armour marks (MkIV helmet, MkIII grieves, etc.)
>total copies of starcraft

Dual gun jump troops are nothing new, Sisters had them in 2e, and just about every Marine jump pack has had two jets on them. I don't remember anyone accusing GW of copying starcraft when they made twin-flamer centurions. Fabius Bile had instruments on his backpack since he was introduced. Redemptor is just a big dreadnought, which have existed since early days of 40k. All the Nurgle stuff has existed as long as well, they even paid homage to original plague marine designs with the MkIII suits with MkII helmets on them. As for the bloat-drone, pic related, it's from Rogue Trader era as well.

>> No.54699784

I'm pretty sure that was what we refer to as "loyalist tears" lol

>> No.54699794 [DELETED] 

If it were a popularity contest GW would've outright stated so, retard. Everything you say is only your speculation.

If you're so butthurt about non-marines winning then fuck off to 30k.

>> No.54699797

How has 8th been treating you cheetah anon? A month ago you said you were having a blast with your admec if I recall correctly, get any new models?

>> No.54699802

A squad with fists, bolts and a chainfist on the sarge does well, as does max claws. Max claws doesn't have the flexibility, but murderates things (deploy with landraider)
Max chainfists isn't really that useful, since you are only getting ap4 and static 2 damage over ap3 1d3 damage fists that cost 10 less.

Ignore the minmaxers

>> No.54699811



>> No.54699814

>love deldar fluff
So anon, got any good slave torture/rape porn?

>> No.54699816

>still buying into the snipers meme

>> No.54699817


>> No.54699825


>> No.54699828

I picked up a box of assassins and will be working on them this weekend. How best are they played?

I'm thinking sniper and shape shifter on strong infantry (one ranged one close). Junkie on weak infantry, and blank just get in range of their strongest psyker. That sound right?

>> No.54699830

>Replied to save face, whats left of it
Sure thing WAAC fag

>> No.54699834

The BT fan base is split, half see primaris as an insult towards the Emperors vision and half see Guillmans return as a second coming and dont question his implementation of the primaris, you can look at it either way but I highly recommend researching the basic gameplay behind BT as crusader squads function much differently than normal tactical squads and are a defining unit for them

>> No.54699849 [DELETED] 

>where are muh proofs
>b-but not THOSE proofs because i dont like them!
get rekt lmao

>> No.54699863

In my contry there's been some problem with delivrery (not sure that is english) but some old raptor can go for 150 $ on our equivalent of ebay, so im waiting a lot for the 5 that is just bought for ~50$

>> No.54699875

>my ruse doesn't work
>better call them GWIDF
>that should do the trick

Look, if you're gonna accuse GW of copying shit, at least have a good argument. "It has turbines, just like starcraft!" is not very good, because I could just as well accuse starcraft of lifting their design from the stormbird.

>> No.54699879

BT... Booty Troubled?

>> No.54699886

Post store results, despite their codex buff marines are dead in the water at the minute, with only Xenos (mainly tau) holding them up. But only 11 games have been played so who knows how this will develop later in the week, will the new codex bring new players into the fold.

>> No.54699891

You're magnificient anon, keep up the good work

>> No.54699895 [DELETED] 

World Eaters, anon. Admech are the lamest faction in the game, every single model looks exactly the same.

And suffice to say the WE focus article had me jumping with joy, since I was already doing well with these bad boys (which you might remember since I've posted them before).

>> No.54699899

ITC results aren't in anyway related to konor. At most you can say that "chaos is strong" which would explain why they aren't being completely and utterly curb stomped. Without direct evidence that chaos has more actual wins in Konor, you're just talking out of your ass like you always do.

>> No.54699904

yes, the booty troubled black templars

>> No.54699905

Are they actually doing new guard models?

>tfw 100 guardsmen deep in Cadians

>> No.54699908

Black templars
They need to die in holy fire for their sins

>> No.54699911

What the hell are you on about cheetanon? Some dumbass said Cult Ambush was what let GSC win, I corrected him and said that it was GSC abusing their ability to mix the best of Nids and IG.

What about that is in any way Waac?

>> No.54699918

Well, the points might be a reason to just go with regular fists. But the 1D3 roll might ruin my day, over the D2 of the chainfists. Guess I'll just magnetize them, and/or get more of them.

>> No.54699919

>tyranids had thhe second most games played
>the fucking space locusts did better than the space marines
>what a time to be alive

>> No.54699926

To be fair, using some tourney with houserules results as a baseline for what's happening with 40k is far from the truth of anything, save the number of fags per square inch you can fit in a space.

>> No.54699936

>Post store results

>> No.54699937

This 'zerkers try to cosplat thousand sons?

>> No.54699945

>Still replying
Like Pottery

>> No.54699946

>using bloodbound rather than FW sculpts
>not even slightly changing the rock grinder ram
>undivided FW doors
>weapons aren't chained to the wrist
Wew lad

>> No.54699952

Have you guys been working on anything for fate of konor?

Been working on this, windshield isn't glued jn

>> No.54699969

On stream they said mordians, so who knows might just be a store celebration model

>> No.54699971


"false" information, eh?


>90% taxes

>your stuff isn't yours
this is the crux of all redistributionist tripe

>more gov't
what's it called when you raise taxes and expand entitlement? oh yeah, more gov't

You're a real dumb piece of shit, you know that?

>> No.54699979


>> No.54699980


>> No.54699988

Whoever rolls penta decides what army gets squatted

>> No.54699989

>Xenos cockblocks chaos
Doing some terminators ATM

>> No.54699996

If you are keen on fighting things with a 3+ save and no invul, then chainfists obliterate them, especially things like primaris which have two wounds. You ignore their save completely.
Fists on the other hand give them a 6+, can do less but can do more damage, and cost 10 less points. That 50 points saved from a 5 man squad. It adds up.
However captain in cataphractii armor? Chainfist always.

>> No.54699998

Wow. That looks... pretty shit, desu.

>> No.54700001

The only reason mine has so many points for Chaos is because the entire Chaos side packed up and left as soon as the last turn ended, so the store manager had to guess.

>> No.54700004

Space marines

>> No.54700006

>taking political cartoons this seriously

>> No.54700012

>The only reason mine has so many points for Chaos is because the entire Chaos side packed up and left as soon as the last turn ended, so the store manager had to guess.
I want to know more

>> No.54700019


I'm brand new to everything Warhammer, so as far as painting aspirations go I simply want to get to a point where they won't look like complete shit.

>> No.54700020

Theorycrafting a list for my next army.
Night Lords
Outrider Detachment
Chaos Lord, Jump Pack, Claws
2x Raptor Squad, Mark of Nurgle, Icon of Despair, Champion with Chainaxe+Combiplasma, 2 Plasmas 2 Boltgun+Chainsword
1 Warp Talon x5 squad

Vanguard Detachment
Sorcerer in TDA, Force Axe, Combi Melta
5 Terminators 5 Combi Melta + Chainfist
5 Terminators 5 Combi Plasma+ Power Axe.

1 Helbrute Dual lascannon+Hammer

Could it work? I'm kinda new to chaos and want something both fluffy and usable.
Main idea is just deepstrike everything and melt shit on shooting phase.

>> No.54700021

I bought a second hand Carnifex for like 10 ameribux. I'm stripping him right now, also the guy gave me 5 random GSC dudes and I'm really not sure what to do with them

>> No.54700027

So when are the marine babies waking up, or did they spend all their money in the first week

>> No.54700029

>Coming to a board about plastic minis to vomit your political views because no one irl will listen to your dribble and /pol/ scares you too much
I'm calling up your mom to disconnect your internet until you think about what you're doing

>> No.54700035

Salamander... though those are open topped, iirc.

>> No.54700039

Fuck yeah

>> No.54700044


>> No.54700047 [DELETED] 

He's a different cheetah man

>i-it doesn't count I swear!
>implying it doesn't count more than konor results since they mix up imperium vs imperium, painting and purchasing in the results
>thronecucks literally btfo even though they have a new codex

>> No.54700049

Sounds really cool gameplay-wise... Huh, my gut reaction was to say NL are 3edgy5me, but now that I think about it I might be really cool to have more Legions represented...
>my DP is painted as BL anyways

>> No.54700059

Semi-Apoc game spanning 2 tables instead of little matches.

The entire Chaos/Xenos team pretty much left the moment the game ended instead of recording scores.

>> No.54700061

>Plastic Mordians


>> No.54700062


>> No.54700065

I gotta ask since im starting a guard army, tuaroxes or valkyries? Both seem pretty even in abilities

>> No.54700071

Is that a single sprue for like 5 different armies?

>> No.54700078

Wow that sprue is ancient. I still remember it being released during 4th edition alongside the first version of Apocalypse ...

>> No.54700084 [DELETED] 

>still look better than your models so ugly he doesn't even dare to post
Top kek

>> No.54700088


Living here is suffering

>> No.54700099

I'm planning a campaign for me and my friends that our 4 chaos warbands fighting over a system, the only problem is we don't have any battle fleet gothic stuff, what would a be a good way to cover the space portion of the campaign?

>> No.54700102

Pretty good, but I'm going to use primaris bodies to make these guys look more like marines.

>> No.54700109

>Both seem pretty even in abilities
nigga what are you smoking?

>> No.54700111

Just paint in thin coats and you'll have nothing to worry about
Nightlords are undivided sans their daemon prince leader, and marks don't cost anything
How many points do you have saved for summoning
Helbrute is iffy for fluff
When writing lists include the points cost of each unit and the total you're working towards, if 1k that looks nice

>> No.54700138

I think you need a better camera and lighting is all.

>> No.54700143

Did it come back in stock? If not why are you posting it here

>> No.54700147

>Using weapons that singe and burn the opponent, meaning no blood is spilled

Khorne is heavily displeased with you. Present your own skull as an offering or you will face his eternal wrath (and never ending unlucky dice)

>> No.54700148

I painted primaris marines as alpha legion. When asked who I wanted the points to go to, I said subtract them evenly from both.

>> No.54700149

IIRC there were something around 20 people there.

>> No.54700150

God-damn it, I want to play CSM, but so much of their model range is ancient and looks terrible.

>> No.54700157

I mean, the weird paintjob on these guys is fine, but that rhino was pretty ass mang.

>> No.54700158

Well, the weapons don't really work. Chainaxes would work better, in my view. And normal axes can be saved to be used on terminators.

>> No.54700165

Mark of Nurgle is for the Despair icon for a further -1 to Ld.
For the Hellbrute i'll use a FW Night Lord Dreadnought.
List is 1500

>> No.54700167

Once they are crispy enough they will bleed trust me.

>> No.54700169

It will be interesting to see their commisar and generals if they do, but I don't see that before the imperial guard codex which is January or q1

>> No.54700171


Started doing it as well because I found it quite humorous. Something about animals laughing at someone stings harder. I might end up just posting snow leopards in the end though.

>> No.54700173

All h8 aside I think those look pretty good if maybe a bit poppy, some cool conversion work

>> No.54700175

The kromlech jump packs aren't too bad. Not quite the same, either.

>> No.54700181

Anyone have an idea how to transport 30k Magnus? FW went all out with fragile bits sticking out for an awkward shape

>> No.54700182

Gentlemen, any chaos leaks I've missed?
Beyond what they've posted to the community page, naturally.

>> No.54700184

>that terrain
burgerland is a cold, dark place...

>> No.54700186

>Buy Blood Warriors
>glue Pistols and Backpacks on
>damn, still looks like shit
>better call everyone mad for pointing out how shit it looks

>> No.54700188

I got that sprue with the 3 Leman Russ box I bought for 4e Apocalypse. Sold the Eldar piece for a friend who was starting Eldar and put the aquila radar dish on a vanquisher I now use as a tank commander. The rest rest are still rattling around in my bits box.

>> No.54700194

I like the subtle green you used, how'd you do it?

The official GW scheme for them with edge highlight is horrid.

>> No.54700198


>> No.54700199

Pluspoint of CSM is that you can use pretty much the entire loyalist model range if you're willing to do some conversion work.
Because loyalist marines have the best model support.

>> No.54700201

Sisters of battle, Sisters of Silence and Inquisitors for the "forbidden fruit" appeal.

Guard, Eldar and Tau for Vanilla.

Dark Eldar, anything under Slaanesh and Genestealer cults for heretical fetish stuff.

>> No.54700202

If you can use FW, get a Decimator with Butcher cannons for further -2 to Ld.
Kill one guy, watch as 8 flee in terror.

>> No.54700207

Cheap Chinese overlords

>> No.54700212

Slaanesh got squatted and replaced

>> No.54700220


>> No.54700226

But i want a triangular packs!

>> No.54700230

Valkyries because Taurus looks shit even when converted
>blue on a flamer
Just fuck yourself with that chainaxe sideways, then there might be enough blood to make up for your mistake
>using that little terrain
Burgerkeks everyone

>> No.54700231

Ah, thank you.

>> No.54700238

>the climax of the cheetah fag arch will be the end of V for Vendetta but everyone has large cat avatars instead of masks

>> No.54700243

I'm not sure i'll be able, but i'll check that model
I just want to know if the list as it is will survive the table or it will be complete shit

>> No.54700250

Ork slugga
Ork choppa
Ork nob
Ork warboss
Ork weirdboy
Ork big mek
Orks with flamers
Orks with rokkets
Orks with uge guns
Orks wif stolen guns
Orks wif guns wot tear space and time
Orks wif traktor kannonz
Orks with lobbas, zappas, kannons
Ork dreads
Gretchen Dreads
Giant stompy bots
Finally, whatever the fuck we feel like from the other guys army, only made cool looking

Look out plebs, best varitey coming thru.

>> No.54700251

Buy betrayal at calth, then green stuff and tubing, from there just make an army of noise marines
Also chaos terminators have terrible moulds, so much flak on my guys and the torsos didn't even glue on properly

>> No.54700252


But that's a LOT of conversion work, basically every model has some kind of Imperial iconography on it.

>> No.54700258

You can blame GW for that one. They don't provide enough for the store.

>> No.54700270

Drop the chain fist terminator squad and get two of 10 chaos marines, or 40 cultists

>> No.54700276

Any chances to download these? Especially Flesh Tearers.

>> No.54700277

>fetish stuff
>tfw no faction of dickgirls in 40k

>> No.54700278

>posts every unit in the codex instead of a few of the iconic ones

try again plz

>> No.54700280

>Intercessor squad
>115 Kiwi dollars

Haha what the fuck man.

>> No.54700283

On the one hand I wanna convert my berzerkers this way because it fits, but on the other hand I'm still holding out on a new plastic sculpt for them.

>> No.54700288

Where you got this?

>> No.54700293

please go back to /d/

>> No.54700297

>what is Slaanesh

>> No.54700298

Will i need a transport for those?
I'm a bit short on money, and i don't really like the sculpt for the chaos marines.
if necessary i could buy the FW ones.

>> No.54700303

>What is Slaanesh Daemons

>> No.54700306

>GW endorsing fielding 8 dreadknights

>> No.54700312

ancient (last year) black library promo

>> No.54700313

Nowhere yet. But want to get.

>> No.54700315

They endorsed riptide wing, there is no depth they won't sink to.

>> No.54700319

Have you tried magnets and not using his scenic base
>not buying British
Then apply for a job, make up lots of terrain with your money, guerilla glue it to the board when you're closing up shop, then quit the job and go back as a fan

>> No.54700329

They're kinda shit on their own now anyway.

What do you call a group of baby carriers ? Kangaroo herd ?

>> No.54700334

>Your opponent is a Slaaneshi daemon player
>All his models are converted with dicks

Would you still play?

>> No.54700343

>hates vanilla so much he'd buy FW
Now this is why we need a new range GW
Cultists can't take transports, CSM can take rhinos and land raiders but they're not essential at 1.5k if your terminators tie up important units

>> No.54700344

As long as they didn't smell like he made the glue himself.

>> No.54700349

I wanna lick his models

>> No.54700364

>GW endorsing all terminator army
>GW endorsing all primaris
>GW endorsing all nidzilla

>> No.54700369

>should call chinamen more often then

>> No.54700370

I'll give it a tought.
I have some Bloodreavers i'd had no problem counting as cultists
My Meta has a friend who plays 2 Riptides, hence why i'm afraid of footslogging.
Deathwing Knights, DreadKnights and Imperial Knights are also part of my meta.

>> No.54700380

As long as he isn't talking about his models and how much he likes them and what he does at home with them all the time.

>> No.54700400

Tourneyfags will buy whatever's broken, then it will get nerfed, then they will buy whatever is the new thing that's broken, and the cycle will repeat itself.

>> No.54700408

Are flamers worth using? The 8 inch range feels crippling.

>> No.54700415

Did GW use the Dark Imperium Hellblasters on the Hellblaster kit shots? Don't see those stocks on any of the multi-part hellblasters and that purity seal on the side of the sergeant's gun looks awfully lot like the DI one.

>> No.54700416

>worthless goddess
>worthless tastes
Appropriate pic anon

>> No.54700425

On fast units or units that can spam them yes.

>> No.54700432

Um... weren't they always 8"? I thought it was the random shots that people disliked.

>> No.54700433

Against mass blobs of low-armored units IE Renegades/Guard? Sure!

Against pretty much anything else? Nah, they're worthless.

>> No.54700444

lol cadia, see you in hell shitplanet

>> No.54700446

Short Story time for first time playing a random Slaaneshi player.

His fluff for his army started with his Daemon Prince was once a human baroness who was raped as a child by her uncle.
I didn't even fake a text or a phone call just walked out because I hadn't unpacked anything yet

>> No.54700449

So are tourneyfags just rich people who like to waste money to win tourneys? There's no way the bottom 95% of tourney players make enough winnings to even pay for their army

>> No.54700461


You should have just smirked enigmatically.

>> No.54700464

>trying to decide which army to play

The only thing I can pin down is "I want to play Chaos".

>> No.54700467

If this is actually I true story that's kek
High quality autism

>> No.54700473

Yeah I feel the same way. I was never into DG, WE or NL and now i'm actually thinking that Chaos Undivided featuring members of all three seems pretty goddamn awesome.

>> No.54700475

>His fluff for his army started with his Daemon Prince was once a human baroness who was raped as a child by her uncle.

At that point I'd alert the authorities to check his hard drives and browser history. Yikes.

>> No.54700477

You know, you don't have to buy in bulk, and ebay is a thing. And if you're not a total faggot, you just keep your models and wait until they might become good again. That way you'll get a big army with lots of models, all of which might be good at some day, and you can paint them all inbetween tourneys and games too.

>> No.54700478

What about for Marines? I was looking at doing a Salamanders list, but for some unit choices it feels like the other weapon options are just better.

The way that Primaris marines are looking kind of makes me want to do a Raptors army.

Yeah, I mean the hitting automatically is a nice touch, but like, 2d6 shots with only an 8" range seems really iffy when like, for Primaris Aggressors, you could have 6+1d6 shots at 18" range.

So basically good vs one thing?
Hellblasters seem nice, but it feels weird taking plasma on a Salamanders army. Why don't Primaris units have any melta options?

>> No.54700479

Kek, what type of autist would think anyone would want to here that fetish shit?

>> No.54700482


>> No.54700485

Pick whichever god interests you most. If they all do, do Black Legion. If none of them do, Iron Warriors. If you just wanna scare niggas, do Night Lords. If you think marines are gay, do daemons.

>> No.54700488

Our Codex comes out on the 12th so you don't have long to wait before you can see all the cool new toys to help you make your decision.

I'm honestly really surprised at how great all the Chaos stuff seems. I was underwhelmed by Codex Space Marines but each preview of the Chaos Space Marines codex has me super excited so far.

>> No.54700496

Well, I recommend reading up on the lore of each individual chaos god on any source which does not include /tg/ memery, If none of them strike your fancy, read up on the traitorous primarchs.
Also, now that Chaos is getting new models, those might be a good thing to look into too. Thousand Sons and Death guard both look great.

>> No.54700499

And if you think chaos it strue loyalists choose Alpha

>> No.54700503

Can't even blame you honestly. That's fucked.

>> No.54700512

>tourneyfags don't just buy entire new armies to exploit them being op for a month before a nerf, FAQ, or people just learn to play around them
How many grey plastic GSC and jetbikes armies were in 7th? How many guard/daemon armies in tourneys don't even have base coats on them?

>> No.54700525

It works. I dropped a crew of chaos terminators with a termie lord to hold their hands and did the same thing and we fucked up a necron vehicle real bad real fast. I figure your result would be the same but better on any other vehicle barring something with 20 wounds or whatever.

>> No.54700542

Want some of the best models in the game? Renegades.

Want one of the most expensive armies (with proper models) in the game? Renegades.

Want some of the shittiest rules in the game? Renegades.

>> No.54700547

I could use some help /tg/. My tax refund just came in, retardedly late right, and I'm looking to expand my army.
I only just started a bit before 8th got announced and I'm doing Mantis Warriors with a focus on guerrilla warfare. So far I have tacs, a rhino, a stormraven, and some vanguard vets along with a chaplain and a captain.
What would you suggest to expand this army while keeping with the theme?

>> No.54700557

Out there somewhere is one fucking nerd who is excited about this, going "yat, finally I can field a whole army of my favorite unit, just like gk were always meant to be in my headcannon"

I want to find this person and kick his ass.

>> No.54700566

Oh I forgot, I also have sniper scouts both to kill characters and to show that they've started recruiting again.

>> No.54700578

How about this box?

>> No.54700583


Reivers, bikes, or assault marines would fit your fluff well if you're looking to make fluffy pickups.

>> No.54700585

Yeah I must admit that though I'm fond of New Games Workshop (tm) I'm not at all fond of how grey knights seem to be shaping up, seems like Tau riptide shit all over again

>> No.54700593

Imagine some fat, greasy fuck actually rolling up to the table with eight baby carriers. Would it even work? How many points would that even cost?

>> No.54700599

>things that no warboss have said ever
weĆ­rd boy detected

>> No.54700604

From the article, it seems like it would cost roughly 2000 points

>> No.54700612


I think I'd like to play World Eaters, but Berzeker models show their age so much, and my conversion skills aren't up to being able to modify the AoS stuff.

>> No.54700622

That hurts anon. You a sharks player?

>> No.54700630

Anon, converting starts somewhere. And swapping arms and hands is pretty trivial

>> No.54700636


If you're willing to splash dosh, get some of the Legionaries with chainaxes. They'd make fine stand ins. Or work on some converting magic.

>> No.54700648

I was very surprised to learn that there isn't a modern khorne berserker model. I guess they haven't been good in a very long time so maybe that's why. If nobody is playing them because of shit rules nobody will buy them and if nobody buys them then GW won't waste money making new models.

Seems like with the new rules though GW could print themselves some free money by making new berserker kits

>> No.54700659

Dreadknights aren't that great on their own anymore. They have nowhere near the same amount of anti-infantry firepower compared to PAGK costing the same amount of points. Their shooting is best against multi-wound models with a bad save, and their melee is only good against multiwound models with a good save.

>> No.54700664

Here's an article that might help you out


>> No.54700672

Good lord.
You know someone fucking will. >>54700585
Mercifully, the dreadknight doesn't look like the cheese it used to be, but things could easily change with the codex.

>> No.54700681

My Wraithlord has a pair of flamers and he's a fucking legend.

He once defended an objective by burning through THREE squads of tyranids through overwatch in a single turn.

Another time he was brought down to 2 wounds. With the last of his strength he charged the Swarmlord and landed a solid 7 wounds, finishing the beast off.

Easily the best 155 points I've ever spent.

>> No.54700693

This is across 7th and 8th editions. Who cares?

>> No.54700704

I have a daemon prince that I feel the same way about. He does WORK every single game, I love that guy. I've only lost him a time or two and every time I find myself making stuff up in my head about how he actually survived.

>> No.54700720

Heh for my Wraithlord I can hand wave it as spirit stones. Just thinking about him makes me want to buy some Wraithblades and a Spiritseer to back him up.

>> No.54700721

If it's THAT good they'll nerf it in Chapter Approved. I doubt it will be.

>> No.54700732

Alright, I've discovered something neat about the Warhammer Community site's address system, and I'm going to test it tomorrow. Not posting examples because I don't want them to fix it before they upload something, just keep an eye out for a weird url leading to a hidden article posted that day IF THIS WORKS LIKE I THINK IT DOES.

>> No.54700747

When your beautiful, fully painted army gets btfo by shittily painted chaos

>> No.54700752

I have a suspicion World Eaters may get an update somewhat soon. 2016 saw Thousand Sons (Tzeentch), This year we got Death Guard (Nurgle). Considering how much GW dislikes releasing Slaanesh stuff, World Eaters are logically next year.

>> No.54700766

What's everyone working on?
Work just slowed down for me and I'm gonna try and make a serious dent in yarrik,squat scions, commissar, tempestor prime, company commander, and bullgryns in the next 4 hours

>> No.54700771

>2016, 2+0+1+6=9
>2017 ---7
>2018 ---8

>> No.54700792

Why do the guardsmen have vagina faces?

>> No.54700793

My daemon prince once fighted with bunch of sslyths, archon and one of dark eldars boat. He not just survived, he killed them all and at his last wound he shoot last DE scum on battlefield
this game i rolled 95% of my 5+ saves

>> No.54700796

>Slaanesh - 2026
Yep, sounds exactly right

>> No.54700797

can a psyker cast from inside a vehicle?

>> No.54700800

I approve your back Guardsmen.

>> No.54700803

I am >this< close to buying a wraithhost, those models are just too damn cool

>> No.54700807

at a glance they looked like Maccabian Janissaries and I was about to congratulate you on your patrician taste

>> No.54700815


>> No.54700817

Disposable income. Dropping a few hundred every 3 months on the new hotness isn't a big deal for most of them. Gets costly when they start getting their shit commission painted. Then again they can normally resell for 50% value or more based on paint.

Start with CSM, but not because their book is coming the 19th.
Start with CSM because they are flexable.
Get some basic marines, a box of termies, a termi HQ and expand from there.
Add other shit as you find your focus, be it god and/or playstyle.
Add Daemons if you want, or expand into a Daemons force as well.


>> No.54700820


>> No.54700821


Painting up some Salamander primaris.

>> No.54700824

Yeah luckily My Dude is from the Warp so he can go back there for 10,000 years of getting tortured for fucking up and then come back here in time for the next game. It's the Warp, don't gotta explain shit. ;)

>> No.54700837

I have been building a renegades army while waiting for the death guard codex to drop. I have been getting cheaper models from mantic to make it a bit easier, since it is not my main force.

I am using the 3rd gen troopers as Mutant Rabble. I also got their Plague Zombies for Poxwalkers. I may use them as Renegade Cultists to pad out my ranks a bit. They are unarmed...just outstretched hands like zombies do...so that could be a problem but as I am just a garage / flgs player I dont think it should be an issue.

I am also running bane wolves / hellhounds...and loads of artillery. My earthshakers are actually some ww2 artillery models that are the same size, my heavy mortars are again historical cannons. The heavy quad launchers I am totally just making myself out of bits.

I am using Nurgle Blightkings on large scenic bases as Plague Ogryn (their profile is just as large as an actual Plague Ogryn because they are standing on about an inch of cork rubble.

And my ogryn brutes and beast handler are the mantic Plague dudes that also come in the mantic plague starter box...they are also quite large dudes. the chaos mauler hounds are GW Chaos hounds.

so it works. official vehicles, I will also get an a GW Baneblade in there at some point in the near future

>> No.54700851

dayum dat fake advertising

>> No.54700859

are they planning on releasing new admech units?

>> No.54700870

I keep tellin you chaos players, now is time to soul grind

>> No.54700872


>> No.54700875

no. its almost treated like if a model is in a vehicle...they dont exist

>> No.54700877


Yeah, I was gonna start with CSM, but I can't choose a legion or even a god, or if I want to be Undivided.

>> No.54700878

i assumed so.

seems fair.

>> No.54700883

God DAMN that's depressing.

>> No.54700896


New thread

>> No.54700901

It's not a bad army core if you make them Ynnari.

>> No.54700912

Why's that?

>> No.54700919


Actually that doesn't really phase me all that much

It's the faction for people who want to pretend to be degenerates anyway so whatever

>> No.54700946

Greyfax 85

10 scions - 121
3 flamers
10 scions - 124
2 melta guns
10 scions - 115
3 grenade launchers

2 sentinels - 120
2 lascannons
3 sentinels - 165
3 plasma cannons

tarantula - 24
twin heavy bolter

Crassus armored transport - 232
4 heavy bolters


>> No.54701041

Did their flamer got 10" range or cost 5 points now?

>> No.54701073

because those are the models I have

>> No.54701078

I found them in a bargain bin is why they look a bit janky, I like them though, nice faceless riot cop or storm trooper feel

>> No.54701145

FW upgrade kit combined with Assault Marine box makes pretty nice 'zerkers

>> No.54701176

no chains/10

>> No.54701177

Hard to go wrong with Wraith units. The only thing I'd change is give the Wraithlord the ability to fall back and shoot like Wraithguard and Wraithknights can.

>> No.54701202

The officio Assassinorum board game seems to be at a nice 50-60 bucks at a variety of locations - get some Marine and Cultist unit filler from there, has a Terminator Sorcerer in it too. Most likely, someone is willing to take the assassins off your hands for more than half of that.

>> No.54701290

Looking to get back into 40k and expanding my ork collection. How are deffdreads/kans/gorkamorkanauts? I was thinking i'd build a dread mob type list, something very stompy. but i'm flexible if they're all absolute shit. not playing any tournies, just with friends, but id rather not make a list that shoots me in the foot, ya know?

>> No.54701336

Can any sisters players report on which models are not super ancient looking? Is my list about right?

>celestine and friends

>> No.54701474

Just got a Rubric squad and enlightened tzaangors to kitbash some Sorcerers on Discs and use the leftover bits for a flamer squad because I already have 20 bolter rubrics with cannons. >>54699162
I'm trying Anon, but the Xenos players keep giving points to the Imperium when their mass-Genestealer and Swarmlord lists win.

>> No.54701576

MiG warhead metalic blue
Glaze over with 50/50 waywatcher green/lahmian medium.

>> No.54701584

There are 30 players registered at my LFGS and only THREE of us are Chaos. Cut me some fucking slack, m8, I'm doing the best I can.

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