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"Can't let you do that" Edition

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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Namefag bitchfest, but People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question:
Counterspells: What is their place in EDH?

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Counterspells should be used to stop game-ending plays, or to protect your own. Most decks probably only want a small handful to stop "Genesis Wave for X= Fuck You", or to stop the Doom Blade that would break their combo.

I'm fine with counters, but Baral Counterspell.dec is overboard.

>> No.54695157

Second for WotC makes custom unofficial black bordered cards.

>> No.54695178

I only come here to steal secret tech.

>> No.54695190

If I'm playing blue, I'll include a handful of counterspells to stop combos, but otherwise it's not the best plan to counter everything in a multiplayer game.

>> No.54695196

>Counterspells: What is their place in EDH?
They're alright. 1-for-1 in a multiplayer is kinda tough, but if you're judicious you can make allies by saving the board from some fuckoff huge threat

>> No.54695199

>Thread Question:
Threat assessment, just like other removal.

>> No.54695227

A card is not "custom" or "unofficial" just because you don't like it.

>> No.54695254

I agree with this. Counterspells should prevent alpha strikes, not be your main gameplan.

>> No.54695263

>Is Eminence stupid? Yes. Is it boring design? Yes. Would it be stupid on a custom card? Yes.

Well thanks for agreeing with what I've been arguing the whole thread, that stapling new mechanics that change the game onto a Commander to sell the newest product is stupid. I compared it to a custom card because it's bad design, breaks the rules and shouldn't be in the game, I never argued cards put out by Wizards aren't official MtG products.

>> No.54695271

I mean, mainly they shouldn't be a primary plan because it's not reliable, AND it just frustrates people.

Even in 1v1, you're unlikely to stop every single thing with 1-for-1 counterspells, and it's an utterly lost cause in multiplayer. But you'll be able to throw ENOUGH of them that it's just gonna piss everyone off.

>> No.54695279

>Breaks the rules
There is literally a rule in the CR that says "if a card's text trumps this document, the card wins".

>> No.54695297

the best place for counterspells objectively is monored-everything.
i play 3 counterspells in heartless hidetsugu and they are always useful.

>> No.54695345

Relentless Rats is bad design, breaks the rules, and shouldn't be in the game!
Additionally, I will start screeching and bitching at anyone who dares play with this "custom card" in person.

>> No.54695347

>breaks the rules
Where were you when they printed Relentless Rats?

>> No.54695398

>His waifu isn't indestructible.

>> No.54695402

The only counterspells worth playing are swan song, force of will and pact of negation to protect your combo and counterflux and mindbreak trap to prevent the storm player from going off. Counterspell, forbid, and arcane denial can also be pretty good.

>> No.54695419

>Mana Drain

>> No.54695424


>> No.54695429

>Dies to shock

>> No.54695434

>Serum Powder
It's fine. Fringe cards like that are not really a problem, because they are fringe. The pre-con commanders are the most popular by the nature of being in a pre con and a large portion of them are also the more powerful.

It's not like the existance of those cards really triggers me, just the fact that they are more or less the face of the format now.

>> No.54695437

cards i can't afford don't count <:3

>> No.54695441


>try to fug indestructible waifu
>can't get past her hymen.

>> No.54695444

Desertion is also good for the art and occasionally hijacking someone's wincon.

>> No.54695455

That doesn't mean the card isn't a badly designed piece of trash only allowed to exist because it sells. Look, I can't make you have a problem with a company exploiting the fact you don't give a shit about quality to reap monetary gains, so I'll stop trying. No it's not technically against the rules when you make the rules yourself and can change them how you see fit, but it's unprofessional and greedy and not creative at all.

Relentless Rats doesn't sell for $80 and doesn't provide immediate value over other players even when they're not in play?

>> No.54695462

You can if you're willing to pass her STDs.

>> No.54695467

>try to fug indestructible waifu
>die because she's the size of a mountain

>> No.54695474

For the fifth



You dense goddamned mongoloid

Nobody is saying that this is not bad design. Nobody is defending Eminence or Oloro as excellent design.

We're saying that just because you dislike a card does not mean you can pretend it isn't real.

>> No.54695486

>sell for $80
Last I saw Derevi was still $1.

>> No.54695491

40 Relentless Rats is $80 :^)

>> No.54695507


>> No.54695508

>Relentless Rats doesn't sell for $80 and doesn't provide immediate value over other players even when they're not in play?

What does?

>> No.54695554

Devastate that pussy, bro.

>> No.54695560

>We're saying that just because you dislike a card does not mean you can pretend it isn't real.

Are you having a stroke? You agree with everything I say and then just add "YOU'VE SAID FIVE TIMES THOSE CARDS AREN'T REAL" even though I haven't said that once?

All Commander sets that feature Eminence

>> No.54695580

Really? Check the other thread.

>> No.54695617

timetwister is broken, often provides value as soon as turn 1, and is far outside many players' budgets. should people pretend this card doesn't exist? what about imperial seal?
are you seriously aguing that gaining 2 life or casting giant growth on a CAT every turn is immediate value? having your dragons cost 1 will rarely ever matter before turn 5 and never be good enough to make a splash in cedh. c'mon now.

>> No.54695627

Most punny card names?

>> No.54695633

You're saying that the badly designed cards break the rules. Think about that.

>> No.54695645

Took me a week to connect the fact that Manalith was a Mana Monolith.

>> No.54695659

>are you seriously aguing that gaining 2 life or casting giant growth on a CAT every turn is immediate value? having your dragons cost 1 will rarely ever matter before turn 5 and never be good enough to make a splash in cedh. c'mon now.

Its still better than having your commander do nothing while in your command zone. Jesus, Its like players get a free emblem just for buying the precons. Its crap. Would you accept that in any other format?

Like what if there was a card that 'As long as this card is in your library cast giant growth for free every single fucking turn'.

>> No.54695683

Shut up with your "this card doesn't exist" autism. Noone is saying that, noone is arguing that, you moron.

>> No.54695701

>breaks the rules and shouldn't be in the game

>> No.54695718

>should people pretend this card doesn't exist?

Why do people keep coming back to this when they have no argument?

Are you actually saing gaining two life at the begenning of your upkeep isn't free value?

Two free life, for FREE, E V E R Y T U R N

Isn't value?

Shouldn't be in the game and don't exist are two very different sets of words anon but your effort is admirable.

>> No.54695730

Yeah, but it exists. It shouldn't, it makes the format worse, it's badly designed and lazy.

We are angry that those cards exists, not arguing that they do not. What the fuck.

>> No.54695744

this is the first post I've made this thread. should i say "shouldn't exist" instead? it's really the same sentiment.
but here's the thing: the decks eminence cards support are shitty so it doesn't matter. selesnya cats will never be broken. esper lifegain will never be broken. if there's something that makes five-color dragons broken it's not going to be the ur-dragon that does it (ravos might though).

>> No.54695745

>breaks the rules
>an official product
>breaks the rules

>> No.54695750

Great start to the thread, everyone

>> No.54695760

>he still thinks lifegain is good

>> No.54695762

Yep. Two threads in the sack for the sake of pure unadultered autism.

>> No.54695809

As I said, Wizards could even retcon the singleton rule on a commander, or the 100 card rule. It would be official, it would also undermine most of the point of playing EDH.

>> No.54695810

>Can't quote people correctly even a little bit
>Still trying

Why don't you make like an Oloro and don't exist?

>> No.54695818

What is this from?

>> No.54695832

What kind of wizards are going to be reprinted for the tribal precon? Somehow I doubt we're going to see Azami again, but you never know.
Pic related is a given for me, also it would be funny to see Tim.

>> No.54695847

Guys who created the format don't like that Wizards is messing with the rules so much. They said it multiple times.

>> No.54695864

Ok, anon. You won the discussion. I can't compete with you. It's exhausting really. I guess I'm just dumb them.
Also, I'll make like Oloro and keep existing.

>> No.54695868

Or Wizards could just not change anything and instead design within the rules they themselves set instead of being uncreative and drawing outside the lines then saying drawing outside the lines is allowed.

>> No.54695870

Look at the previous pre cons/duel decks. The ones from there + maybe 2 more + new ones. Wizards loves reprinting the same stuff all over again.

>> No.54695882

I really like Oloro.
Comfiest lifegain deck in the game.

>> No.54695884

i bet we'll see the other niv-mizzet, dimir taigam, blood cultist, and either marchesa or nekusar as the reprint commander.

>> No.54695890

read my post again, I'm at your side.

>> No.54695914

I'm hoping for Glen Elendra, but I don't think they will do it.

>> No.54695939

you mean like the place?

>> No.54695957

That was more a mad at Wizards than mad at you , I agree with what you said, it just came off snarky. Instead of just having cards change the rules themselves, let Wizards do away with all the things that make EDH EDH, no singleton rule, up to five commanders, three upkeeps too because why not,

>"Rules are made to be broken." -Mark "Mad Dog" Rosewater

>> No.54695961

I think he means the Archmage.

>> No.54696018

>All Commander sets that feature Eminence
>Commander sets sell for $80
What kind of idiot are you? Is it genetic or were you dropped on your head?

>> No.54696042

>three upkeeps too
You can do that already

>> No.54696047

Yeah, what an idiot. Atraxa and Breya probably sell for more.

>> No.54696050

cards made for commander are cancer and stagnate the format

>> No.54696054

Alright this thread is shit, it's in need of some quality posting.

I swing for 596.392,105,496,495,104 trampling damage.


>> No.54696080


>> No.54696083

Cyclonic Rift, overload. Checkmate

>> No.54696085

Cyclonic Rift. The players response:

>lol, blue should be banned. Let me swing with my Craw Wurms. REEEEEEEEEE

>> No.54696086

A friend painted it for me.

>> No.54696105

Sacrifice Kami of False Hope

>> No.54696106

Mirror Strike. I'm taking you with me.

>> No.54696107

Selfless Squire

>> No.54696110

Slow down now, you never gave me a chance to respond to Craterhoof.

I cast Stifle in response to the ETB trigger.

>> No.54696141


>> No.54696173

Actually, they both go for $50.

>> No.54696203

Not even close.

>> No.54696310

Haha, OP, you seemed to have forgotten the Discord info. Here it is:

/tg/ EDH General Discord

Don't beat yourself up about it though. Just try to be less forgetful next time.

>> No.54696405



>> No.54696468


>> No.54696500


>> No.54696502

Actually got bitched at for doing this. I even warned the guy multiple times that I have 7 mana up.

>> No.54696518

Block each of your two attackers with a token, take 0

>> No.54696571


>> No.54696575

When I hear about things like that from you guys, I'm kinda glad that my playgroup is spiky. I'd put up with it if that means noone will REEEEEEE at me for countering his spell that wins him the game.

>> No.54696599

I run a Baral counterspells deck.


Counterspells in a multiplayer game are a delicate thing to work with. You simply cannot counter every card your opponents drop like you can in 1v1. if you try, you'll look like a huge ass and get hated out. So, the way you can do a counterspells deck is use counters, as well as the thre𝘢t of counters, to influence the political state of the board in your favor. Counter a hoser or bounce an alpha strike, suddenly that guy who almost got fucked is your new best friend. Allow people to resolve big, scary things; just ask that they play nice, and remember that you could have stopped it, but you didn't. Meanwhile, you''re setting yourself up for a gradual win, via tokens, utility creatures. and mass bounce.

The list should be pretty easy to figure out but here's what I know I need to do:

Replace Mnemonic Wall and Archeomancer with Relearn and Pull from the Deep. Having a chump, I've found, isn't nearly as important as getting Baral's cost reduction, getting Talrand/Docent triggers, and building up Runechanter's Pike.

I need more artifact tutors. I know I have a Fabricate somewhere, I just haven't found it yet. An Isochron Scepter would be awesome in this deck.

I need to aquire/make cuts for a Crawlspace and a Propoganda, to help throw off aggro. It isn't actually huge problem, though, since nobody really wants to focus the guy who can make them never resolve anything relevant for the rest of the game.

Maybe put in 1-2 more beefy creatures, perhaps Frost Titan, Breaching Leviathan, or Torrential Gearhulk.

Aquire/replace Anticipate with Impulse, or cut something else for Impulse. Aquire a Dig Through Time

Replace Illusionist's Gambit with an Aetherspouts. Gambit is a nice meme, but it doesn't actually do anything but stall getting hit in the face.

>> No.54696628

I run Dralnu and this seems like good advice, I'ma check some of this out

>> No.54696694

>just ask that they play nice, and remember that you could have stopped it, but you didn't.
What better way to get hated out of the game than being a condescending jack ass?

>> No.54696722

Such is the nature of playing blue

>> No.54696731

why are blue and anti-blue players so annoying?
>hhhhuuuu buyuuuhhh why is blue allowed to do everything why can't green get a card as strong as time spiral
>huuurrrr duhhhuuuyy i play bluu because it challenged my unfathomable intaleckt *tips*

>> No.54696732

>I need more artifact tutors
Tezzy the Looker.

>> No.54696770

He's almost a must have for mono-blue. He ramps by untapping your rocks and searches up combo pieces.

>> No.54696779

>Allow people to resolve big, scary things; just ask that they play nice, and remember that you could have stopped it, but you didn't.
What are they supposed to do, owe you a fucking favor and not win afterward if they have the chance? "Oh, you're right, you didn't do a bad thing earlier, I'll let you live for a turn."
If your playgroup actually does this they are so casual it hurts.

>> No.54696810

I run him in Brago :^) and he's disgusting. Tutor out a Basalt Monolith, cast your shit, flicker him, he comes back in with 4 counters to tutor out something else or untap whatever you want.

>> No.54696819

A counterspell or two is fine in a blue-based deck without many removal options but when a deck has a ton of them it's just annoying

>> No.54696858

Reminder to get your check lands before Ixalan drops and they spike up.

>> No.54696892


>> No.54696894

>Having to be that blue guy because the rest of the group look directly at you because you have the only answers to stop combos
>each game is just a circle jerk amongst the others till you run out of counters so one can combo off
>others complain when you stopped 6 combos already but let this guy win

>> No.54696900

I run a bunch in my Doomtide deck but it's the shitty ones that trade for card draw like Dream Fracture and Arcane Denial. I try and make people feel better about their shit getting countered, but I'm an autistic idiot so it usually doesn't work and I get walloped. I might switch them to mass bounce and boardwipes.

>> No.54696910

they've been reprinted so many times that it doesn't matter that they're standard again

>> No.54696912

Explain this

>> No.54696925

You would obviously pitch it as being more bro than jackass: "yeah man it resolves, I just hope you don't use it on me lol".

Nah, just kill me last; I'm not doing anything, just generating tokens and minding my own business. Why would you even want to target me, lol?

Of course my group is casual, I wouldn't have it any other way. CEDH is boring.

>> No.54696958

>If any creatures with banding you control are blocking or being blocked by a creature, you divide that creature's combat damage, not its controller, among any of the creatures it's being blocked by or is blocking.
Banding lets you assign damage instead of them. You assign all damage to your creatures and 0 trample damage.

>> No.54696972

>2 dollar card spikes to 2.50
>poorfags want it banned
Calling it now.

>> No.54696978

how do i fight the arms race at my lgs so more casual players can succeed? gaddock teeg?

>> No.54696983

I had considered him, but planeswalkers are such hate magnets in EDH and I run such low creature density that stopping swings would be a pain in the ass. Really, it's more challenging making cuts than finding cards.

>> No.54696992

What are the arms race players playing? If it's Flash Hulk level degeneracy you run Anafenza and mull until you get a Leyline of the Void.

>> No.54697007

Banding was awesome, kids these days and their fancy mechanics, back in the 90's a 0/3 banding shield bearer was the bees knees

>> No.54697050

If you band with an indestructible creature, can you just assign all damage to it and essentially make the creature it's banded with immune to combat damage?

>> No.54697051

>Counterspells: What is their place in EDH?
to stop spells you dont like from resolving
so... same as any other format

>> No.54697057

there's a couple of fools playing stuff like derevi stasis and neheb and i want to knock them down a peg. i feel like gaddock can play all the stuff that answers decks like these without being too mean or preventing the casuals from casting their beaters.

>> No.54697070

plx not steel

>> No.54697096

>arms race

>> No.54697097

Wow you're such a master of ""politics"" you asshole.

>> No.54697120

neheb is waaaaaaaaay too strong dude... did you even read the card?!

>> No.54697139

Neheb is nowhere close to Derevi my dude

>> No.54697141

you should splash black and change your commander to pic related

>> No.54697150

You take 3 damage even if you block and kill him! 3!

>> No.54697158

>force of will
>cant affford mana drain

>> No.54697204

Good, fuck those guys.
I'd love for WotC to take over handling commander entirely, including making their own ban list for commander supported on MTGO

>> No.54697221

>a source


>> No.54697223

turn 4-ing a player is arms race enough for the casual players

>> No.54697227

>own ban list for commander supported on MTGO
holy shit that banlist is so cancer
I started playing at the beginning and had a lot of success on abusing wizard's shortsightedness
got boring

>> No.54697232

What advantages does this guy bring over a goblin electromancer in the command zone?

>> No.54697247

black > red
tutors are indispensable

>> No.54697260

Haha yeah lol

It must be easy winning when you play with dumbasses.

>> No.54697273

nigga what did I do to you

Neheb can get pretty explosive, but he's a long shot from competative. I feel you though.

>> No.54697276

The only way Neheb can turn 4 someone is with a godhand and zero interaction.

>> No.54697287

>I'm not doing anything, just generating tokens and minding my own business
People try to pull this shit on me all the time, and I always say "So I should wait until you are doing something?" Must be nice playing with idiots.

>> No.54697292

Neheb is explosive and a ton of fun, but he burns through your hand really quick and doesn't recover well if he gets removed.

>> No.54697306

>spend over 50 dollar on a card
>cant spend 120 dollar on a card

>> No.54697307

but I like not having to think about optimizing my landbase

Gives me enough freedom to do dumb shit like counterspell tribal EDH, so it's pretty nice.

>> No.54697336

t Boy with Autismo Machismo when it comes to anything social

>> No.54697360

Both die, what's your point?

>> No.54697384

>must be nice playing with people who just want to have fun and play a game with friend

>> No.54697395

clearly he meant this

>> No.54697399

>It is impossible to play competitively with friends
Imagine being so casual you literally can't have fun while trying to win

>> No.54697421

It's sad when you're literally too autistic to not worry about securing a win and actually using politics with friends. Maybe this isn't the format for you.

>> No.54697453

>there's no such thing as friendly competition
Being a ruthless spike or a carebear aren't your only options.

>> No.54697455

>spending a total of 170 dollars is the same as spending 50 dollars

>> No.54697501

That's a false dichotomy that was never made in my post. You're the one that opened this discussion by in no uncertain terms showing you are completely ignorant about the concept of politics and chiding people who utilize it. Turn that critical gaze inward, anon.

>> No.54697542

That's dope as fuck. what uses does it have?

>> No.54697552

i saved up for like a month to buy my fow when i was in high school, and now that i'm responsible for feeding and housing myself i'm not really willing to spend that kind of money on a card game very often.

>> No.54697577


Yeah, no, that's just hoping people are dumb enough to ignore your shit.

>> No.54697581


>> No.54697606

When you have enough money to spend 50 dollars on a piece of inked cardboard why not 150?

>> No.54697645

Having any sort of board state is not politics? He never said anything about the amount of tokens, the opponents board state, or anything. You and the other anon just assumed that the Baral player is seriously suggesting countering a craw wurm will distract from the fact he has lethal on the board. Come on, anon.

>> No.54697671

We're running out of internet, anon. Next time don't reply and I'll just assume you have nothing to contribute. Don't waste internet because you're bitter.

>> No.54697694

Very nice

>> No.54697714

>people like this actually exist
>people like this are drawn to the same interests I am
i should start lifting or something instead of playing magic

>> No.54697719

Rare modern border RKF card

>> No.54697728


>> No.54697749

You really need some self awareness. I wasn't even the same guy, just pointing out that you were being a retard.

>> No.54697768

Gym bros also make the best EDH bros. Just don't play the gay kings around them if you don't want to lead anyone on.

>> No.54697790

Legit question, don't play EDH: is the modo 1v1 as cancerous as it seems?

>> No.54697798

Because thats 100 more? Basic math, anon!

>> No.54697848

Hey guys, quick question, why do you want to be Yugioh characters?

>> No.54697856

The mode itself isn't cancerous, it's just too different. I guess the whole cancerous thing would depend on how you play it, though. If it's MTGO or with randoms from a LGS, it's bad news for sure.

>> No.54697871

They have great hairstyle.

>> No.54697894

I xNissa since I can drop her late game for some aggressive plays or synergize her with Future Sight type shit.

>> No.54697926


yugi's hair will never not confuse the hell out of me

>> No.54697941

>why do you want to be Yugioh characters?
The real question is why wouldn't you?

>> No.54697950

Yes. Banding is great fun.

>> No.54697978

I never imagined posting my meme deck would make people this mad, honestly.

>> No.54698025

I think Lorwyn-Shadowmoor was the last block that RKF ever did new art for. And Drew Tucker.

>> No.54698081

>can never summon my waifu then caress her while waiting for my opponent to figure out if he wants to tap nothing, a few things, or a lot of things.
It hurts.

>> No.54698159

>It hurts.
it could be worse

>> No.54698275

Is Kresh just removal.dec?

>> No.54698287

Return To Foglio set when

>> No.54698406

About to pull the trigger and buy the commander 2017 series for $113...good decision? or do you guys think it will go lower?

>> No.54698423

It'll drop.

>> No.54698440

>Still no legendary Bear

>> No.54698476


but every commander series since 2013 is above msrp, you don't think with the start of spoilers it will go up?

>> No.54698485


>I punch bears as breakfast son

>> No.54698539

I'm thinking about building pic related, any tech?

>> No.54698578


>> No.54698610

>never gonna get topped by the Teeg
Why live?

>> No.54698621

Truly the end of good mtg art. Lorwyn/Shadowmoor is the best aesthetic of all time.

>> No.54698631

We just mentioned last thread that you can find the preorder for $99 which is probably the best price.

>> No.54698669


>> No.54698687

One goes up the rest drop, have to choose the one with the $20 cards because the rest will be jank,
Probably cats because everyone has a boner for the other 3 so they will pit the only value there to get them off shelves

>> No.54698714

How the fuck are bear faces so expressive when they are known for having literally no connection between their facial muscle and their emotional state

Been steppin' on the slippery slope of BUG the other day, now when people blatantly tap out for some nonsence and pass turn, all eyes turn to me so that no bullshit combos happen until their next turn. Spoiler: bullshit combos happen anyway because they are resilient as fuck and while I'm tutoring up a possible answer other people just start picking up their cards. Screw you guys, but at least I've got shit to do on my turn now that doesn't get me killed.

>> No.54698751


thanks, you just saved me some money!


>> No.54698775

where? they mentioned the price but not the store

>> No.54698794

Where exactly?

>> No.54698798


>> No.54698814


>> No.54698837



>> No.54698838

>not wanting to be able to topdeck and combo your way out of any situation.

>> No.54698840

>1 day before spoilers are released
>starcitygames raises the price of one of the precons for preorder
>spoilers show money cards only in that deck
>oy vey what another coincidence

>> No.54698861

Where do the Canadians on /edhg/ go to buy their precons/singles?

>> No.54698866

As long as it's not vamps, I'm fine.

>> No.54698893

There's this thing called the internet, not sure if you've heard of it.

>> No.54698914

Unstable is coming

>> No.54698917

Yeah and I'm asking where on the internet you go to not get completely jewed out of your maple money

>> No.54698952

You are a meme.

>> No.54698995

>yfw hes been there since the second expansion

>> No.54699056

How does SCG get away with half of the shit they do? This comparison may seem a bit extreme, but it's like using the stock market with inside information on the largest companies and what they're going to do. And because they have such a large influence on the secondary market, what they do other stores are likely to follow suit.

Is it because they're the only ones with a tournament scene not ran by complete incompetents who shoot themselves in the foot?

>> No.54699080

>How does SCG get away with half of the shit they do?
I unironicly believe this

>> No.54699110

Am I the only one that's hoping this year precon boxes can hold a sleeved deck?

>> No.54699132

Why would the head of R&D have any sway over the actual business side of Hasbro//wizards/MTG and third party organizations.

It's not like maro makes the decision for everything that goes on at wizards.

>> No.54699133

It aggravates me that WOTC doesn't make deck boxes that fit sleeved cards. They HAVE before in the past, but they don't do it consistently.

>> No.54699134

Check a day or 2 before spoilers, see what modern/legacy cards drops value fast, its probably being reprinted but they wait till the last minute to cash out

>> No.54699150

>it's like using the stock market with inside information on the largest companies and what they're going to do.
Which still happens even though it's illegal. Magic isn't big enough for anyone to care and investigate.

>> No.54699169

Maro does have a pretty big voice about what's on the table to be reprinted but you're trying to make sense with 4chan's long history of gentile scapegoating.

>> No.54699195

>4chan's long history of gentile scapegoating.
(((rosewater))) is no gentile

>> No.54699220

I hope so. C15 boxes were garbage.

>> No.54699235

It is because we seek meaning where there is none and assign an emotional state to them. We have trouble believing anything that can change its face is capable of being a stone-cold killer. The best example is dogs. Dogs do change their faces to fit their mood but these faces aren't always so cut and dry for us to interpret.

Also what do you play in BUG? Want to make the switch to BUG turbocancer but can't quite find the right thing.

>Wanting to cheat everytime you play

It is just the backbone of competitive magic and therefore the backbone of the market. Everyone checks prices their when trading/buying if they think it will help make them more money.

>> No.54699241

>Counterspells: What is their place in EDH?

Front and fucking center. Nothing wrong with their use, makes the game a lot more interesting knowing that you can't just do whatever you wish.

>> No.54699244

Is Memnarch best ran with just artifact goodstuff and counters while stealing shit? Or is there anything a bit more out there that he can do?

>> No.54699298


There are different kinds of artifact decks you can make that are "out there", like charge counters or myr

>> No.54699308

>5/5 for 6cmc

>> No.54699322

>Von Ursus
>The Joke

>Your Head

>> No.54699323



>> No.54699349

Should I try for Akiri+Silas low curve Voltron?

>> No.54699367

Initially bought Sidisi, but didn't like the idea of putting too much creatures in a deck just for her to pay off. Switched to Tasigur, first seen him in 99 Leovold before he got banned. 4/5 smug human for B is too good and every time you got any left over mana, you can have a fair chance of reusing any of your spells, the chance amounts to 100% if you give the choice to a player who is also interested in not losing immediately. I've previously tried Karador with a lot of hatebears and ETBs, which was not bad, but not as satisfying as not having to just sit and wait for your turn

>> No.54699395

He's saying the gentiles would use (((them))) as a scapegoat.

>> No.54699425

Yes, it's fun as fuck. Being able to run shit loads of terrible 0-2 cost artifacts and shit on people makes the deck worth it.

>> No.54699427

well that makes more sense
I mean (((they))) did a lot of things but not everything

>> No.54699517

What's your favorite mana rock?

>> No.54699532


>> No.54699770

All of the signets. In budget EDH, it's such an efficient way to hop-skip to all your colors and four mana on turn 3.

>> No.54699812

For one thing, there's one less deck than normal and since they're tribal, they're bound to be less wanted than normal

>> No.54699854

Not sure if other people like it, but I like this one. Its decent even if you get it late game. (And good with proliferate.)

>> No.54699869

Based on the dragon deck spoilers, only one of the three commanders is actually tribal oriented. The other two are more flexible.

>> No.54699903

I love this in mono-r Neheb. It either ramps you into him or acts as a way to "store" mana if you don't have a good x-spell in hand.

>> No.54699938

I tapped out my lands casting this thing, silly me. No, you still can't cast triumph of the hordes

>> No.54699953

Pic related might be a better tool for that.

>> No.54700003

Oh I run that too, but Everflowing Chalice still helps me cast Neheb turn 3-4. I like its flexibility.

>> No.54700218


>> No.54700331

Is neheb the new shu-yun? Ive never seen a meme pushed this hard, not even as hard as scarred puma

>> No.54700340

>anything current is a meme

>> No.54700428


>> No.54700626

New Neheb is easily one of the most exciting mono-red commanders, and possibly the first in a niche. His newness is clearly part of why he's getting talked up, but folks want to know if there's something good underneath the appearance of possibility.

For myself, I think there is since he can go off the turn you land him but only time will tell if he can stand with the likes of Purph and Daretti or if he'll be perpetual meme/funsies tier like Norin or Godo.

>> No.54700702

How the fuck is Shu Yun a meme?

>> No.54700719

>New Neheb is easily one of the most exciting mono-red commanders

not so fast...

>> No.54700780

I'm pretty sure they all go in the same deck, regardless of who you're running at the helm.

>> No.54700840

Nigga I will fight you, Godo is the manliest of all commanders

>> No.54700930

The decks are completely different. Especially Daretti.

>> No.54700956

Godo's pretty badass, but he's a fairly distant second string when it comes to power.

>> No.54700989

>a legendary from a new set that does something unique has people hyped
Yup. Must be a meme. Go back to playing Atraxa.

>> No.54701056

He was pushed a whole lot on this general a while back

>> No.54701075

Ah, I wasn't around for that then. I do think he is a good voltron commander, and solid for 1v1, but by no means tier 1, or a meme in my opinion.

>> No.54701108

>Plot twist: they are actually talking about RB neheb minotaur tribal

>> No.54701115

>plays Sun Quan
>Lorthos, the Tidemaker learns to ride a horse.
>Breaching Hippocamp learns to ride a horse.

>> No.54701139


How is this card interesting?

>> No.54701165

Of course you'd build them differently, I'm saying they're each good in the other's deck.

>> No.54701207

Hello /TG/
What are some essential changes to the commander "Plunder the graves" deck? I've started making a few small changes but I'm new so I don't really know what staples for black I should be buying and adding to the deck to make it more competitive, does anyone have suggestions? The commander is Meren

>> No.54701221

Its not, but on paper they think they its good but thet havent even played a game, also there is probably no standard general

>> No.54701238

But why do they think it's good on paper?

>> No.54701273

Goto edhrec.com and look for meren, copy paste the entire list into a word program, work out what you already have and what you can ad from newer sets or whatever is in your price range, whittle the list down to 100 and play the deck a while, you will know what works and what doesn't after a while

Also do the manabase first!

>> No.54701288

Because it looks like it's tooled to Make Aggro Great Again by converting "Tis but a scratch" damage into something that actually matters in EDH: Big Mana. Neheb goes big with anything that grants extra combats (at least followed by extra main phases) and infinite with at least one other card (Aggravated Assault) when two-card infinites are generally, eeh, at least decent.

A lot of it's smoke and mirrors (Neheb isn't actually great with "Aggro") but there's an OK commander there which get the people sold on the promise of his surface read even more excited.

>> No.54701292

Because they pulled it in a pack and thought omg I can fireball people for x every turn

>> No.54701352

They vomit out their entire hand with 1/1 and 2/2 then get boardwipes t4 and sit there topdecking and complaining about other colors, magbe getting 3 afflict damage when ahab gets chumped

>> No.54701404

Oh, alright. I love overextended guy who gets boardwiped in the boardwipe format then complains.

>> No.54701417

Based on seeing another friend of mine building Neheb, he hardly does any of that. He instead uses pingers. Lots of pingers. And ways to deal damage to multiple opponents like Flame Rift, Chandra's Ignition, etc.

He also backs a shit ton of anti-control in there, and games usually end with what you would expect: xboxhueg damage.

Though I question how said person resolved Tower of Fortunes early on 4 out of the 6 games we played.

>> No.54701443

He's perfectly viable outside of your autismal cEDH games.

>> No.54701552

Never said he wasnt viable, I said its a forced meme with 20 posts every general sucking his mono red goat dick, rakdos has been doing damage to get out huge shit for years and has access to black

>> No.54701603

I think the issue is that all the C16 commanders were incredibly boring and uninspired, so it's refreshing to get a new commander that does something different.

>> No.54701647

Rakdos has a fraction of Neheb's combo potential, though (at least as an individual piece, getting an extra color is important)

>> No.54701703

How can one man be so based?

>> No.54701714

>all the C16 commanders were incredibly boring and uninspired
You fucks will never be satisfied. Tempo with Atraxa, group hug with Kangz, fucking Cascade with Yidris, crazy combo potential with Breya, and a distributed damage doubler with Saskia. The commanders weren't boring and uninspired, you're just upset that they're actually useful. Something new? 2005 called, they want Sakiko back.

>> No.54701910

I just realised I can do this with my emrakul deck. Pretty cancer if your opponent uses a different sleeve for his commander.

>> No.54702121


You can just desleeve a land and shuffle the commander in

>> No.54702165


I don't get it

>> No.54702199

im new to EDH and i've been looking at the teferi precon to get to get into edh, is that good or no

>> No.54702345


Teferi is very very good but the teferi deck is very bad

>> No.54702398

Ackshully, keeping a different colored sleeve on your commander is a good a way to keep track of your commander in your deck as any. Thanks to cards like Bomats Courrier and Duplicity, you have to be able to know when your commander is being exiled so you are able to apply your replacement effect. There are other ways to get around it (namely using a third party to check all cards you exile face down) but it shouldn't really matter if you just keep it in a different sleeve.

>> No.54702424

So buy the single not the deck? ok

is his non-plainswalker cardfrom time spiral any good for edh?

>> No.54702447

While controlling your opponent, you make all decisions for them, including which zone the commander goes to. You swing your opponent commander at you, block it with emrakul, and then let it hit the yard. then you shuffle it into your opponent's deck.

>> No.54702479


But isn't it illegal to know the order of cards in your library? If one of your cards is different color, then you can really shuffle properly since you'll always know where the commander is

>> No.54702499


>> No.54702507


Can't*** really shuffle properly

>> No.54702523

If you value winning over playing your skeleton tribal deck you are playing cEDH and shouldbt be in this thread, this is for casual shitbrews

>> No.54702534

I am detecting sarcasm.

>> No.54702566

I wish it was, but try to make a deck with any sort of synergy here and you are too cool for school, thats why its mainly shitposting and cat pictures and not really anything useful for mtg

>> No.54702584

Forgot my cat pic

>> No.54702725

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty on it, sleeves count as marked typically after a day or two of use, so you can make all of your friends (and yourself) buy new sleeves for each EDH deck they have every week or you can stop caring.

Before you go and look in the CR for this I can save you some trouble and tell you it (along with all rules regarding sleeves) are DCI rules, which means you would be at an event with a judge to have any of these enforced. If you had a judge, then you would indeed have a buttmonkey to check every single face down card you exiled and let you know you can apply your replacement effect.

If it's just you and 3 friends playing a game at your place, different colored sleeves are probably going to be the superior solution.

>> No.54702743

I sure love playing against my cousin's $4,000 sisay deck. I told him it wasn't fun and he said 'winning is fun'. Finally convinced him to make a second deck and he built counterspell Baral with no win con. FUN!

>> No.54702769

what is a win con in EDH

>> No.54702777


Ladies, please don't argue with each other through me. If I wanted to put up with this shit I'd move back in with my parents.

>> No.54702802

Lab Maniac

>> No.54702813

90% of the decks I play against use Eldrazi as their main win condition. I still refuse but am about to cave. I hate it.

>> No.54702827

Night's Whisper vs Ponder vs Promise of Power

which do you guys usually go with? i feel like cantrips arent that great in this format but things like promise are too expensive even if they draw a lot of cards.

>> No.54702860

What are some good blu doods to go with non Planeswalker teferi? cant think of any

>> No.54702872

>Heartless Hidetsegu

Why does mono-red have the coolest commanders but the shittiest support for edh?

>> No.54702887

>Tfw omniscience is tutored to be third from the top
>Narset attacks
>plays omniscience
>he had enter the infinite in his hand since the first draw
>he plays fury of the horde
>Narset attacks again
>storm heard
>31 pegasi
>he plays the rest of the cards in his library
>plays beacon of tomorrow
>think he's going to swing with the pegasi on his extra turn
>have stoic resolve ready
>before the end he grapeshots me

>> No.54702895

Get a $5000 tarzi foodchain deck, and have more fun than him

>> No.54702904


That's silly, I like it.

>> No.54702931


You're both strawmanning it pretty hard here. One of you is talking about how anything with synergy is considered competitive and everything here must be shit to be discussed and the other is saying that ultra cutthroat competitive decks aren't fun to play against.

Like gender, there's a spectrum. You don't land all the way to one side or the other. One of you doesn't want to play with or against garbage and the other doesn't want to play with or against ridiculous decks. Thing is, neither of you is actually advocating for that.

So let's shift gears here and take a good, long look at the posts. You'll see that you're getting mad over nothing.

Although that cat picture is really cute and it's the same colour as mine so I kind of want to do this now.

>> No.54702997



>> No.54703100

Depends on the commander and deck honestly. In a vaccum, I guess maybe Night's Whisper? I don't have any reasoning to back that up.
Try going to edhrec. You can type in a card or commander and it will give suggestions. Baral, Azami, Venser, Glass Spinner, etc. Like above, depends on where you are going with the deck. You technically could go Teferi merfolk tribal if you wanted.

>> No.54703122

That question is kind of meaningless with out context like a deck list.

But generally I will say that in EDH you don't want one time use draw cards like any of the ones you mentioned. You want repeatable card draw. Phyrexian Arena, Greed, and Bident of Thassa are all better card draw options in your colors.

Out of the options you listed I've only ever seen ponder used and it is mostly to smooth out early game draws and bump storm/prowess count. IMHO deck manipulation is generally better than card draw but they work best together.

>> No.54703199

It's an Esper control deck. There's a good amount of repeatable draw but I have some slots to fill and I don't know if it would be best to use things like Ambition's Cost which are a little expensive for draw or use cantrips to smooth things out early on or between bigger plays.

>> No.54703211

Working from this:

What are some good cards to "weaponize" strategies? For example, what cards would a lifegain deck want to use to win with their extra life, or an edict deck want to use in tandem with their creature sacrificing?

>> No.54703285

Lifegain decks use cards that say "if you have x life you win the game"

Sacrifice decks usually have cards that double the effect (dictate of erebos, grave pact etc) as well as cards that benefit from your creatures dying and/or return creatures from the grave so you can sacrifice them again

>> No.54703296

Because any true mono-red player can topdeck exactly what he needs at exactly the right time, no support required

>> No.54703327

The opportunity cost of running Brainstorm or Preodrain is almost nonexistent and can save the game by letting you access a critical spell earlier. Think of them as switching around the turn on which you draw a specific card, and how much that entails. Even just ensuring you can hit an important number of land in your curve is worth it in some strategies.

>> No.54703365

Thoughts on Breya or 5-color eggs in EDH?

>> No.54703377

Felidar Sovreign
Aetherflux Reservoir
Test of Endurance

Butcher of Malakir
Grave Pact

Lifegain can get pretty fun. I like a deck with a lot of interaction and used to mix Serra Avatar, Cradle of Vitality, Sanguine Bond, and Celestial Mantle. You'd gain, they'd lose, your creatures would pump, they'd lose again when hit, you'd gain... It got crazy. Or Prossh with Rage Thrower, Goblin Bombardment, Butcher of Malakir, etc.

That weaponizing specific strategies you're talking about I've found make for the most fun decks.

>> No.54703382

i'm about to get into serious legal trouble over an EDH game.

last week, my younger sister had some friends over, one of whom didn't fit in well with the rest. he brought some cards, so to spare him having to spend time in awkward silence with a bunch of girls, i played some EDH with him for 15 minutes while he waited for a ride home. he was like a typical nerdy kid, i think he was around 16. had some asperger's going on but he was pretty functional.

cut to today, i get an angry phone call from the boy's father accusing me of smoking pot with him. he's threatening legal action for giving drugs to a minor.

how the fuck does this happen?

>> No.54703386

Why does Wizards keep reprinting this card? It's 3 years old and it already has 4 printings.

>> No.54703394


>> No.54703406

>yfw their only answer to bombs is chaoswarp and they warp into another bomb

>> No.54703446

Did you do pot with him?
If yes then bad luck
If no then why id you even type this?

>> No.54703455

I'm leaning toward this. I don't think those cards alone would be great but combined with a good amount of repeatable draw seems to be a good way to compliment your deck. I've found that I always have the answers in my deck, they're just in the goddamned deck and not my hand. And a long time ago I had a deck that would scry a hell of a lot. Definitely made my life easier as some turns I would put 4-5 cards on the bottom of my deck and grabbed the one I wanted whereas I'd normally sit there and just pray.

Striking the balance between cantrips and draw will be a challenge though.

>> No.54703494


Idk though man, for me it's not about the rules for the sake of following rules, it's the spirit of the rules. If your commander got tucked, and you wanted it back, how could you shuffle your deck in a nonbiased way, you would see exactly how likely you are to draw it again soon. And if an opponent cut your deck after shuffling they would see where to cut it so you wouldn't draw your commander again. Seems fucked

>> No.54703514

Get a drug test, no drugs = case dropped

>> No.54703515


There is no card called stoic resolve

>> No.54703555

stoic rebuttal is what he meant

>> No.54703666

Baton really is great 'secret' tech. I have the banding reminder text printed out and glued to an insert card in a sleeve with my other tokens.

>> No.54703670


Ohhhh I misunderstood, I heard of stoic rebuttal but thought he was saying he had like an aetherize type card for the pegasus attack, he meant he had a Counterspell for the beacon of tomorrows

>> No.54703685

its bad jund Ghave

was my first EDH

honestly it was a lot of fun because of damage-based boardwipes in red, counter support in green, and targeted kills and tutors in black
(plus red and black's fling effects of course)

great casual commander

>> No.54703694

So, yes, then?

>> No.54703704

>have meta
>is fun
>deck tuned
>new deck introduced
>totally revamp deck to hate on new deck

does anyone do this? i dont know if this is dickish. it doesnt stop him from playing completely but it definitely makes things harder and now just with the addition of a card or two.

doesnt feel genuine though. like i pooped on my real deck for this abomination created only to destroy.

>> No.54703732


>> No.54703742

Throw em in. I'd recommend Serum Visions and Preordained over Brainstorm in a control shell due to you having the time to scry instead of a more aggressive deck digging for anthems or whatnot. You can even get cheeky with Ponder and Scroll Rack to reset the top cards after shuffling 5-6 dead cards back in.

>> No.54703799

I want to make a BG/x eldrazi deck with that new land-tutor from HOU, Cabal Coffers and Vorinclex. Which colors should I go and which commander should I use?

>> No.54703800

Use Mazirek and play ALL the sac effects and counter doublers

also manlands and Arcbound Ravager w/some good artifact creatures like solemn and burnished hart etc

>> No.54703825

They're in. Ponder, Preordain, Brainstorm, and Night's Whisper. It's a control deck but not incredibly competitive so I don't have a boot on peoples' necks in terms of what they can and can't do. Pushes my total draw spells to 13. Between that and some scrying I'm feeling more confident about future games.

>> No.54703957

>but it's like using the stock market with inside information on the largest companies and what they're going to do.
That's literally what they're doing, but because they're doing it with cardboard instead of paper nobody cares.

>> No.54703978

Just Black Green, Froggy Fresh.

>> No.54703990


can anyone elaborate? i'm not really in the know when it comes to the background of magic as i just use cockatrice

>> No.54704036

>Dual lands are worth HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS
>Star City raises the price of dual lands for seemingly no reason
>literally the next day, Legacy Pro Tour announced
>wait no one believes it's just a coincidence? Damage control that shit!
>"Well we knew, but we didn't know it was going to be the very next day! Come on guys, we're not THAT dumb"

They basically admitted to it, but because they acted incompetent people kind of forgot that shit. They do shady shit like this all the time, but this example is super recent and was obvious as all hell.

>> No.54704057

wait but one guy said precon prices went up. and how does a tour everyone knows is coming anyway affect sales?

>> No.54704063

New thread!


>> No.54704084

He was shitposting while speculating about that.

And they didn't announce the pro tour until AFTER SCG raised the prices on their dual lands.

>> No.54704093

Wtf are you on m8?
They are the only 4 color commanders, Atraxa is by far one of the most popular commanders since release and only 2 of them remain near msrp. Your just ass pained that you didn't grab them while you had the chance.

>> No.54704117

Wasn't Breya the most popular because it taught kids combos?

>> No.54704134

Atraxa is the most popular of them because Proliferate is retarded. Breya is a very close second, though.

>> No.54704144


Serum visions is better than Brainstorm if you don't run at least 5 fetchlands, in my opinion

>> No.54704169

Due to deck thinning from fetches?

>> No.54704183

Due to being unable to shuffle away crap you put on top of your deck with Storm.

>> No.54704196

I am saying if you don't replace your sleeves nearly every day, your sleeves are marked anyway, and anyone that has a mind to cheat you could be doing so already with a sleeve they know has a bent corner or a larger scratch or a piece of dirt in a particular spot on the back for one.

For two, you need to have a system in place for Duplicity & co, because right now it's a really awkward corner case ever since Sheldor got rid of tuck.

If you don't want to allow different colored sleeves that's fine, but if you don't have a third party to look for exiled face down commanders you aren't following the rules.

>> No.54704200

Is a good point.

>> No.54704266

Already got Gitrog in my Mazirek deck, and I want a (at least 3-color) deck for my Eldrazi

>> No.54704375

Yeah the popularity of superfriends and proliferate being easy loyalty counters, it really was the perfect storm for an expensive deck.

>> No.54704391

As long as you're not siding in cards betwedn/immediately before games for specific matchup, alter you're deck however you want.

>> No.54704430

>Make atraxa superfriends
>but don't put anything really stupid in it (like JTMS, Sorin Markov, etc.) aside from MAYBE teferi if you count him
>never get to do anything because everyone gangs up on me the moment the game starts just because Atraxa

>> No.54704667

I like to run mine
1/2 +1\+1 shinaniguns
1/4 walker win cons
1/4 Proliferate matters
Bant tamiyo, Dovin bann, and vraska have all put in work, but everyone thinks if you have a doubling season, you have 60$+ walkers.

>> No.54704735

I didn't throw in a single card worth more than $20 (fetches aside), but because it's Atraxa, people just assume the worst.

>> No.54704984

Untap me baby.

>> No.54705081


>> No.54705192

>one of the

>> No.54705636

Would you accept someone playing a CE or IE edition? Keep in mind that you probably wouldn't notice the square edges anyway. Would you prefer they played FBB instead even though it looks worse?

>> No.54705722

>real world flavor text
very good

>> No.54705766

Only time i've ever played breya's is when i'm desperate and go to the shop for a casual pick up game and they turn 3 thopter foundry/sword of the meek combo for game. Everytime. The worst was when there were two in the pod and I stopped one with a mana-tithe but the other combo'd off. Don't be that guy. Run something that is not from a pre-con. That shit is for people starting out and scrubs.

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