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>pure sandbox
> 100% improv
> won't do any prep at all
>amnesiac scifi

No thank you.

What turns you off to joining a new game?

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> we'll be playing 5E

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There was a guy here on /tg/ trying to recruit players for an Exalted game, where everyone would play mortal characters. Not in a 'session zero' kinda way, but they were going to stay as mortals, unless the GM decided they were worthy of Exaltation. He explicitly said it wouldn't be an even thing, but that the party might end up with this guy being a Lunar, this guy being a Solar, and everyone else being mortals.

For those that don't know Exalted, this is like having a D&D campaign where everyone plays level 0 commoners, until and unless the DM lets you start taking levels in Bard or Paladin. And he was proud of himself, too. He was going to show off the true darkness and danger of the setting, and show all those spoiled Exalted players what's what.

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>the selling point of the system
Na fuck that.
Its like playing DND with a D12 instead of a D20

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>amnesiac scifi

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As in you dont remember anything in space

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We were playing a game in the uni library. A friend of our GM walks past, sees what we are doing, and starts a conversation. So far that's just the cost of running a game in a public place.

Then he starts talking about the game he's planning to run. He's already picked a system and the setting that comes with it and spends a good 5 minutes talking about that setting. He doesn't say a single word about the campaign he's planning to run. All he knew about what we liked was that we were playing a sci-fi game, the setting he had chosen was a fantasy setting.

So he did two things that annoyed me:

> Talked big about the setting without mentioning the setting or what kind of game he was planning to run.
I think one of the reasons this is such a red flag for me is that the worst game I've run was when I did the same thing.

> Interrupted the game we were playing to try and get players for his game.

He then left, we got back to our game, and I never heard about him again. So it turned out well.

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>your characters will be orphans and raised by community
>humans only. Fighter, ranger or thief
>this game will involve planar travel
>its sifi, but in dnd

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>not syfy

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Lol, then go to a planet.

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>no humans
>"I'm a philosopher first" -GM
>all the other players are obscure monster races
>more than 5 players
>constant bitching about the system

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>Core only
even worse
>Core only no magic items. What do you mean the system takes into account the chars have magic items? nah, I don't believe you
Shit nigga what you're doing
>Core only, no magic items, humans only
Death the destroyer of worlds
>Core only, no magic items, humans only, you'll be accompanied by my half dragon, half angel, half demon kitsune bloodsworddivinemage. No, you can't be a totem barbarian, that's furry

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>0% improv
>se tting is overly complex
>bog standard fantasy

No tank u

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I run a sandbox and my game is ~95% improv (I scribble down place names, names of NPCs, and 6-word plot hook ideas) and my players enjoy playing. They're renovating a dilapidated fort that they cleared of a vampire and his lycanthrope minions. Am I GMing wrong?

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Fuck DMPC if there are more then 2 players

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>My DMPC will be leading you on missions, if you can't handle it he'll step in to save you

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To each their own. It's not like most of these are hard rules that mean you're bad. It's a thread about personal dislikes.

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>What turns you off to joining a new game?
A lot of things, hence why I play with the group I've found that makes gaming a priority and screens out toxic people. Anyone who:
>is male and plays female characters
>plays gay, trans, whatever characters
>has dyed hair or any piercings
>wants to play Savage Worlds, Dungeon World, FATE, or FFG Star Wars games
>has ever watched Critical Roll
>has ever played Dark Souls or Skyrim to any significant amount
>are into felicia day or will wheaton
>smoke weed or any other drugs
>gary johnson / bernie sanders voters (easy to spot)
>want to play tiefling, drow, dragonborn, or any other non-standard race as their first character
>want to use homebrew
>want to port in ANYTHING from video games or anime
>hell, even anime itself is a pretty strong red flag
is not welcome in my game. Now you might think, "well shit bro, those are some pretty high standards. you must not have any friends at all, lol!" well then you'd be wrong. I carefully curated my group over the years to have the perfect players. You see, I don't need to look for a new group because I built my nest in the world early on. I am one of the best DMs out there, and there have been literal waiting lists to get in my games (I don't DM for groups of more than 5 players, and 3 is my preferred number) and I have had to exclude people before. See, when you run a game, you bring the value to the table. Players do, too, but for every person who wants to DM there are 20 people who want to play. It's a seller's market.

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>not wanting to research your shitty build from 400 splatbooks is bad
>not wanting to hand out magic items like candy and rob them of any value they have is bad
>not wanting to DM for a party of tieflings assimars dragonborn and 16 other shit races half of which are extraplanar, for a campaign starting in an average fantasy town, is bad

I agree that no-magic items and humans-only are kinda too far, same with DMPCs and shit. Core only is also kinda retarded, but was necessary for my game where they all played weird ass builds and then misinterpreted the rules for them so I finally lost my shit and said core-only because for fuck's sake none of them have ever played a core class in their life.

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Don't you have a giant spider possession movie to watch?

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>trying this hard

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That actually sounds kinda comfy. But I was part of one of those groups who liked standard 3.5 dungeon crawls.

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That was me. I am sorry.

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>my players enjoy playing
>Am I GMing wrong?
You cannot be asking this question unironically.

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>none of them have ever played a core class in their life.
As it should be, core martials are garbage and core casters are broken as fuck

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You should be. How dare you?

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5% makes a difference.
I just don't like sandbox anymore. I want a story that has a point.

>All books are available
>magic items come from book of blue magic
>all stats are above 16
>everyone's a lycanthrope
>using pathfinder

Or try

>modern setting uk
>everyone 17-21
>everyone students
>apart from GM's friend
>top armed policewoman aged 18
>has a trunk load of guns in England
>so sexy people are cumz just from seeing her.
>never gets hurt when fucking up.

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>I am one of the best DMs out there, and there have been literal waiting lists to get in my games
Sure thing buddy.

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What can I do to make you forgive me?

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Has anyone tried a game where core classes and spells are banned? You hear about them online but I've never heard the result of one.

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Shit dude who pissed in your kool-aid

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What part of "never" was unclear?

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I hate these, but the only Scifi GM I know adores this sort of opening. My life is suffering.

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There must be a way.

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I'll forgive you if you explain your line of reasnong to me.

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I've changed, I swear it.

There was none. I'm sorry. I was being stupid.

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Just sounds like bullshit because your boasting comes off as a ego trip

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>video autoply to a citroll video
>Three seconds in
>sky grows dark
No anon no, I didn't know I swear
>icy cold mist floats in
>smell of ben-gay over powering
Please, I'm sorry!
>falls to the ground
>tears fall

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There's a logic to it. You want to make your players go headfirst in a homebrew setting and have them behave in a way that's consistent with said setting all the same, you have two options:

- Hours of teaching them what their characters are supposed to know about the world ;
- lol amnesia

Guess which one is easier and doesn't turn away people from giving your campaign a chance

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>I've changed, I swear it.

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Shit I'd watch that.

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I think they might be still okay of there are 3 players and the DMPC is a supporter, but your point is valid.

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I got 4 points on your scale.

Does your dad work for Nintendo by any chance?

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This bait is so delicious I can't help but bite.

How are there huge waiting lists of people who
A: Haven't played Darksouls
B: Haven't played Skyrim
C: Have never seen anime
D: Play D&D

Those are subsets upon subsets, there can't be THAT many people.

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Don't be like this. You're hurting me.

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"You grew up on this one specific world, here's the primer on it. You know of interstellar society, but you've never really dealt with it before."

There you go. You're covered and your players will thank you.

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The answer is that it's just bait you moron

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Well A&B is to a high amount not just touched it.

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Stop power gaming

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Hey, I didn't say I agreed. I'm saying "ur amnesiac lol" is the easiest way to start a campaign.

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>no prep
>featuring memes xd
>freeform -> players always win
>challengeless tasks
Players who don't stand challenges or complain ooc

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>the gm's girlfriend is in the group


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>amnesia anything
Just fuck off with that shit.

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I have never played Dark Souls. I have never played Skyrim. I have never watched anime besides the first episode of Attack on Titan to get my friends off my back, and they sat with me and watched it. Nothing else.

No? I honestly don't know where my dad works, it's been a couple months since I've talked to him. Thanks for reminding me.

Maybe, but maybe that's because I've been constantly requested to GM games by dozens of people. I have quite a wide network and if I don't like you, I can drop a few hints on my way around and pretty much get you blacklisted from any game in a 35 mile radius.

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Fuck man. Your such a joke.
Don't come to close to me, I don't want to be cut by your edgeness

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>women in the party
>my gf in the party
>normies in the party
>people in the party expecting to be your friend/ally off-game, or be treated as such, if you partecipate
>drama queens
>discordian queens
>GM likes Harry Potter
>GM sets the game in an open world where nothing happens
>GM inserting magical realm
>more than 6 players
>cats on the game table

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It's not tho. It requires an explanation that isn't gay, which is almost impossible.

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So in short you don't like those icky girls getting into your secret boy's club where no Homers are allowed?

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>whole campaign trying to figure out who the fuck you are
>you're a rebooted brain with basic knowledge uploaded and a 3d-printed body, you actually have no past

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5e is so bad
d&d for normies tbqh

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>Maybe, but maybe that's because I've been constantly requested to GM games by dozens of people. I have quite a wide network and if I don't like you, I can drop a few hints on my way around and pretty much get you blacklisted from any game in a 35 mile radius.


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No, it's like playing dungeons and Dragons but the game all takes place in a small town where no bandit raids or evil wizards ever do anything that affects it, and the players can't get past level one.

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>an explanation that isn't gay.

Being a plausible explanation doesn't stop it from being gay,

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>Yeah, I know how this system works. I asked 4chan

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>We'll be playing core-only because it's balanced!
>This will be a low-magic Pathfinder campaign!
>This will be a WW2/modern/sci-fi campaign, using D&D 5e!

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I don't like girls crashing every game by being:
>obnoxious cunts, kawaii shrill voice screamers, GM-fuckers, messing up with IRL relationships in game, demanding attention in and off game, becoming the "emotional confessor" of the party only to spread gossip shortly after
>hate normies because they automatically become orbiters and never call out obvious bullshit bcuz muh soggy knee and white knighting

I like to avoid trainwreck games
>sorry, not sorry

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Playing as a group of level 0 commoners sounds like fun to me. Never looked into Exalt so I cant say much about that.

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>I recently binged on [show/game/movie series/book series] so this campaign is going to draw heavily from that one.

> I created my setting from the ground up making sure to have as little influence from other sources as possible.

Neither of theses extremes are acceptable.

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Well those are really fucking awful people to play with, but this still comes off as you being a misanthrope more than talking from experience.

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>you're right, but you're an asshole

>> No.54681791

>not wanting to play a breaking bad campaign as the side characters of the story e.G. as a police officer

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if your players are enjoying playing, you're not GMing wrong, no matter what grognard fa/tg/uys say.

>> No.54681866

>do the same
>except i map out the locations and put in work for all kinds of playstyles
>they reject some kinds of content
>prep wasted because players didn't make evil characters
>replaying the thing seems unlikely at the moment

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that said you dont really get to bitch if a player turns down an invite after finding out your gm style

>> No.54681882

>implying I want to be within a 35 mile radius of you

anon, I'm sorry your dad left your mom and hasn't called in a few months, but maybe if you cleaned his cum out of your asshole and took a shower he might be interested in you again.

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But how powerful are you in meaningful things like careers or relationships

>> No.54682111

The fact that you're a giant fucking sperg hides the fact that this is pretty solid except for the Dark Souls part and I'd limit Critical Roll's hardcore fans.

>> No.54682181

>Maybe, but maybe that's because I've been constantly requested to GM games by dozens of people. I have quite a wide network and if I don't like you, I can drop a few hints on my way around and pretty much get you blacklisted from any game in a 35 mile radius.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

>> No.54682200

That's until you realize that the GM's friend is the Gary Stu of the story and can do anything you can do better than you, 200%

And you can't kill him no matter what.

>> No.54682231

>other player mentions /tg/
Immediate red flag

>> No.54682245

"hey man I saw your post in the /tg/ gamefinder"

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>people who make pop culture references in character

>> No.54682406

>running a game in a public place
I hate you spastics so much, you're always screeching and yelling about everything in the fucking game, please end your lives

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I don't know man, my dual-wield rogue is a Goddamn murder factory.

>> No.54682496

>I'm a chaotic neutral gender-queer dragonborn fox-kin vampire fairy

Some people need to get laid

>> No.54682552

where do people here go to find games online

like lewd ones but with actual DM/rules and not just dumb fuckRP stuff

>> No.54682579

I played a game in where no core classes were allowed.

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>"we're playing D&D"
>oh... okay
>"I'll be using the default setting in the books"

>"we're playing a realistic fantasy game"
>"I'll be using Vampire Dark Ages rules"

>> No.54682606

Personally, I've always wanted to play a game where the party all take only NPC classes. Warrior, aristocrat, etc. Maybe more heavy on politics than combat. Seems like it'd be fun for a one-off or something.

>> No.54682691

This is good pasta, I remember seeing this the first time months ago. Well done, you got a lot of folks who don't remember.

>> No.54682737

>you're a giant fucking sperg but this all sounds good to me

time for self-examination anon

>> No.54682757

Eh, the people that got me into this hobby were all incredibly elitist so I kind of have a soft spot for that.

>> No.54683321

>breaking bad campaign as the side characters of the story e.G. as a police officer
We actually did this after season 2. Was good fun. used Funky Colts if anyone knows that system.

>> No.54683597

It's not pasta, though. I did type something similar a long time ago in a red flags thread but this is an updated list.

>> No.54683632

>Have a soft spot for people being shits
Might want to reevaluate that anon

>> No.54683640

I run 2 DMPC hirelings for my party of 3 right now since they're in a more dangerous area. It can be pretty good to help fill out the party.

>> No.54683644

What's your preferred edition and what do you like about it?

>> No.54683781

I once had a DM rule that their cat was part of the game once it jumped on the game table. The cat knocked my character off the map then proceeded to lay there for the rest of the session, so while the rest of the party was getting killed, I couldn't do anything.

>> No.54683820

>muder factory
Dude, you deal 35 with 10d6, that's nothing, a barb can deal that at 5th level. even if you have TWF and manage to hit with 3 attacks that's still 95 at 20th level, a barb can deal 300 at that lvl, and yet he's still shit comapred to a druid or a cleric.

>> No.54683832

Sorry, 110. I blame not sleeping properly.

>> No.54683840

>>"I'll be using the default setting in the books"

>> No.54683924

right, let me try and put this straight out:
A basic starting solar exalt, regardless of how they are constructed, can kill a near infinite number of mortals. A small group of fresh exalts can kill gods. There are many, many, many gods, so this is fairly normal.
The only thing that is a significant threat to a exalt (other than another exalt) is a "Wild Hunt", fey creatures en mass, or a group of Dragonblooded (the game's equivalent of Wuxia protagonists) which generally has a 50/50 shot of taking out a solo exalt.
Mortals are tissue paper, cannon fodder, nothing. Imagine having a 1 in each stat. Except HP, where you have a zero. That is the scaling problem with exalted for playing Mortals.

>> No.54683994

except against undead, oozes, elementals, constructs, and many other creature types who are all immune to your sneak attacks because they have no vital organs... edition dependant, of course. 5e stepped back off that, and 4e it was a fairly good place for rogues to be murder factories.

The problem with D&D 3.5 / PF / much less 5e is / was if the monsters behaved or prepared like PCs.

>> No.54684011

fuck, let me delete this comment, i meant to delete that last paragraph, completely untrue, half-formed idea.

>> No.54684044

Whats wrong with 5e? What are you playing, why is it better. Tell me so I can know about it and maybe have a better game to play.

>> No.54684104 [DELETED] 

>By own admission has watched anime

Literally kill yourself you FUCKING WEEB TRASH


>> No.54684118

>Watched anime.

Kill yourself, I'm not even kidding. Grab a noose and fucking end your life.

>> No.54684182

Talking about 4chan at the table in general is a definite skip for me.

>> No.54684206


>> No.54684256

That's pretty funny. I usually just play games with my friends and talk to them if I feel the way they're acting in-game is a problem.

>> No.54684302

>has ever played Dark Souls

So you don't like people who have good taste?

>> No.54684376

>I honestly don't know where my dad works, it's been a couple months since I've talked to him.
Seriously nigger? That's sad as fuck

>> No.54684391

>I won't do any prep


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File: 72 KB, 385x547, Screenshot_20170801-153612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1/10 bait

at least you got me to read the whole thing

>> No.54687538

>1/10 bait
I hate this thing where people just give any kind of bait a low rating. Obviously it's decent bait if it got as many people to respond as it did.

If it was really bad bait you wouldn't even respond.

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>go to D&D session
>DM rips my ticket, directs me to my seat
>10 minutes before game starts, the vice-DM directs everyone to the showers and gives us our falcons
>brought my own soap so it's cool
>get into combat with a goblin
>roll a nat 20 on attack, fuck yeah
>DM asks me what's wrong
>very confused, what's he talking about
>he points to a sign that says "mandatory nat 20 dance celebration"
>tell him I don't want to do that I can't dance
>DM just now notices I came in by myself
>violated the no singles policy, too
>sentenced to a year in the d20 mines

>> No.54688491

My own voice has turned me off of joining games.

I can't join Roll20 games because I am self conscious of it. I sound like a HUGE NERD.

>> No.54688672

I guarantee you nobody besides you cares unless you're screeching so loudly that you hurt someone's ears.

>> No.54688686

Just practice an over-the-top, old-timey radio voice throughout the day. Speak with your diaphragm, not your throat. You'll know you're doing it when you can feel the words in your chest. It won't be long before you develop a good speaking voice.

>> No.54688695

Also this. Speaking through your nose is what makes you sound like a nerd. Say stuff with your chest and you'll sound better.

>> No.54688749

You're precious anon.

>> No.54689164

Fuck yeah, I hate those GMs who do that so much

>> No.54689223
File: 2.99 MB, 355x201, 1423673058128.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have quite a wide network and if I don't like you, I can drop a few hints on my way around and pretty much get you blacklisted from any game in a 35 mile radius.

>> No.54689245

>core martials are garbage and core casters are broken as fuck
Objectively wrong in 5e

>> No.54689284

>I try to chop his arm off ..
Umm . . . I guess he loses -2 to hit
>Wait, why?
This is an unimaginative d20 system, we can't have real body location damage
>He should at least lose a lot of blood and bleed out
Sure . . I guess? He'll lose 1hp per battle round.
>How much HP he got ?
>I slice his head off then, that should kill him how much damage do I need
Ummm.... You can't unless you roll 250 damage or more in one strike.
Holy fuck. How can people play anything but GURPS.

>> No.54689290

>place names
>names of PCs
>short plot hooks
that's the stuff

>> No.54689927

by not trying to be power gaming fucks who use *teleports behind u* 'nothing personell, kid' *killss u with my dark edge katana* actions.

>> No.54689968

I did a sandbox game where we started out as level 0 muck farmers. It's surprisingly fun if you're friends with the other players or can bounce ideas off of them well enough.

>> No.54690066

Not that anon, but 5e is very unclear on most things, doesn't allow very much customization, results to 'Ask the DM' a lot, and generally seems to hate numbers yet give the players every chance to prevent a failure.
I mostly play Pathfinder myself just because its the only one I had access to for a while and I love the amount of detail that can go in to character creation (Granted I'm a forever DM and the weird shitty archetypes make for good NPCs). GURPS too, recently picked it up and again I love how it can be worked into pretty much anything you want but I don't know it very well so take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.54690080

>Living world
>8 Players
>No non core races/humans
>Restricting classes
>Pay per session (Wtf Roll20?)

>> No.54690274

The rating shows how obvious the bait is to anyone with a half-formed brain. The fact that /tg/ is full of retards due to summer has no bearing on it.

>> No.54690283

>still thinking that 5e is balanced
How's that Kool-Aid taste?

>> No.54690321

What the fuck...OK, I do use living world part myself - mostly because I tend to create that when bored or working

But no non core races, pay for play and restricting classes - that is just horrib thinking

>> No.54690344

Probably Forgotten Realms

>> No.54690401

> muh splatbooks are broken and unbalanced and thus totally unlike core at all meme
Whenever a DM says this, I shake my head, chuckle, and roll a Wizard.

>> No.54690431

>Not that anon, but 5e is very unclear on most things, doesn't allow very much customization, results to 'Ask the DM' a lot

Contradictory statements for 200 Alex

>> No.54690433

>Whenever a DM says this, I shake my head, chuckle, and roll a Wizard.

In that case i (gm) will choose your spells

>> No.54690496

So starfinder?

>> No.54690572

It's actually not even close to how bad this guy's making it out to be.
Seriously limited compared to playing Exalts, but it's hardly a terrible situation.
I say this having played a good 8 sessions before exalting in the game I'm in.

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File: 2.79 MB, 300x252, Sure is..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hot damn, good thing you're already gone. Would have needed blast shields to protect myself from someone wanking that hard.

>> No.54690668

Please tell us the story so we can point out how bad the game actually was :^)

>> No.54690698

> Using gay to describe anything that isn't to do with actual homosexuality
Sorry kiddo, you're too young to be on this ride.
Try screaming cuck a few times, I hear all the cool kids are doing that these days.

>> No.54690864
File: 28 KB, 500x384, One or the other.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy.
> A basic starting solar exalt, regardless of how they are constructed...
There are a lot of things wrong with this collection of words. Let's run through the big ones.

In Exalted there are gods for everything. Everything. Ranging from lost socks, the creek behind your garden and badly made disguises all the way to up entire mountain ranges, Exaltion and the literal god of The Sun, Perfection and Victory; Sol Invictus.
So saying a fresh group of Solar Exalts can kill a god is a pretty meaningless statement, due to the fact that gods range wildly in scope and power.

There are many things that can threaten an Exalt. Especially those that don't go for combat charms in their starting allotment. A Twilight Caste who's built with, say, Craft as their big focus will absolutely be beaten down and killed by a group of competent mortals.

Mortals aren't nearly as fragile as you make out. Sure disposable mooks are disposable, but any Character of note, ie PCs, is going to have more durability than that. Also worth noting is that sure, Solars' exalt theme is 'Perfect Action', but an untrained Solar will still do worse than a trained mortal. e.g. Grog the Mountain Smasher may be a combat monster of a Dawn Cast, but but him in a library to research the local gods and the mousy old lady who's been here for 40 years will beat him on that Occult roll every time.

In closing: Don't make such hilariously incorrect sweeping statements. There is more than you seem to be aware of in there.

>> No.54690903

Literally nothing. I've sat down to sessions of such garbage that I tell horror stories to this day, and I was still back next week.

>> No.54690984

No they won't. They'll ignore the primer and turn up at the first session with amnesiac characters, even if you wanted to start the game differently.

>> No.54691021

>its sifi, but in dnd

If I catch you talking shit about my Spelljammer again

>> No.54691053

I'm very apprehensive about people who describe their game in vidya terminology

>This one time, the tank did something or other, it was so cool!
>His build is hella imba, though
>And he can't keep the rogue from KSing and ninja-ing his loot either.
>We meet up on Fridays, want to join us?

No. No, I do not.

>> No.54691065

>when the GM targets his gf in combat to prove he isn't whipped

>> No.54691082

>this guy doesn't have a Captain Price style overwatching character who promises to help out the players from out-of-sight
>he wasn't planning on having the DMPC get caught so the players have to choose between their own safety and that of an ally
>he doesn't then turn the DMPC into a major villain after the party inevitably choose their own safety

I get what you're saying; if the DM doesn't use it well then it can be a bit shit, but done well, using a DMPC can improve the story, rather than destroy it

>> No.54691098

You're just describing an NPC.

DMPC specifically refers to an NPC that is used incorrectly. They're bad by definition. If they're not, there's no point in derisively calling them DMPCs.

>> No.54691126

honestly, this just sounds like the player doesn't understand how the system works and the GM isn't doing anything to teach them beyond saying "no"

basically, you can sum up this post as
>"If you don't know how to use the system you're playing it's shit, so it's a bad system!"

>> No.54691150

That's if they use spelljammer (not that I have ever looked at it) and not just homebrew

>> No.54691160

based on how I've read it, spelljammer plays like fantasy Treasure Planet

>> No.54691175

I thought DMPC just means a character with levels made by the DM otherwise statements like >>54683640 make no sense

>> No.54691178


Doesn't like 5ed

Likes Pathfinder
but also likes GURPS

I don't know where should I put you in my book anon. I hate pathfinder and 3.5 system with burning passion but I like GURPS

>> No.54691255

No anything with levels are still NPC. Like the bbeg, the knight lord, the champion fighter. They can be as custom as you can get.

A gmpc is like you got another player on the table. They have their own goals, take a share of the loot, travel with the party ect

Its a hard line to define with words, like coke and pepsi but really different.

>> No.54691261

To be fair: I only like Pathfinder because its one of the few I've actually been able to play.
The srd is very handy when you're a DM since I can have a tab for every enemy I'll need ready and look things up quickly. This and it being one of the 6 or so systems I've played makes it rank highly.
If it didn't have those odds are I wouldn't like it too much.

>> No.54691333

While I don't like the system. Paizo are a fantastic company.

>> No.54691512

100% accurate, good game guaranteed. Anyone who disagrees is obviously a numale piece of human shit.

>> No.54691561

Off screen deckers are great in shadowrun if you don't feel like also running a solo game in the matrix. Lets you fudge things pretty hard too. Players get time quotes for requested/required actions and have to deal with that in their planning, and then whoops turns out your connection was disrupted time to figure out a solution on the fly.

>> No.54691574

Lots. It puts classes on rails, offers less customization and RP support than any previous edition, and still uses D20 which is probably the biggest mistake in the history of ttrpgs.

>> No.54691585

I'm curious what you have against each of those games.

>> No.54691637
File: 74 KB, 680x473, Stop Liking What I Don't Like.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What turns you off to joining a new game?

Well, mainly, if the GM, or anyone else who will be in the game, is someone I know I don't like or don't get along with. Beyond that:

Any references to anime as an influence on the style or plot or setting or basically, just if the person pitching it is into anime.

Dito for my little ponies.

Kitchen sink settings.

When the GM cannot clearly or consistently express to you what the game is about or what sort of story it will be, or outright says there will be no story just random encounters and whatnot.

Or, the GM can't tell you what kind of characters are and are not appropriate, or just says something like, "do whatever you want, everything will work".

The game is designed by Fantasy Flight.

Anyone involved is a stoner. By that I don't just mean someone who occasionally uses pot, but someone whose whole life, identity, and purpose for existing is related to getting high. Generally I just stay the fuck away from anyone like that.

And although it's not an absolute deal breaker, I usually won't play anything with a high crunch system, like GURPS, d20, HERO, Shadowrun (although that is already out because of being a kitchen sink game), Traveller, or mother fucking Burning Wheel.

>> No.54691687
File: 200 KB, 1211x1597, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Swear to god, I had a GM invite me to a game where he said that he would be playing the leader of the party, who were thieves, and that we were all being blackmailed by a secret organization, and that if at any time we disobeyed his DMPC, we and all our family members would be assassinated.

The guy didn't understand why no one wanted to play.

>> No.54691756
File: 730 KB, 386x483, uh_oh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome.

>> No.54691859

If any of the players are black, women, trannies, flaming homosexuals, furries or democrats.
If the DM will have a DMPC.
If the DM is in love with full casters.
If the DM is into non mainstream anime.
If the DM doesn't have house rules, setting rules, and adjustments printed and handed out before session zero.
If the game will be played on friday or saturday.
If any of the players look like a "that guy" before they even open their mouth.

>> No.54691924

Someone likes the rails a bit too much.

>> No.54691968

>gritty, grimdark, realistic, low-powered, non-combat, historical, 'commoner game'
Any game that the GM pitches with these descriptors is a turn-off for me. It translates to either "I want to flex my god-complex but I'm scared of the players accomplishing something", "I fell for the 'Wizards Break Every Campaign Without Exception' meme" or "I just watched Game of Thrones."

Assuming it's a combat-focused high-fantasy system like D&D, of course. If you're running something like Golden Sky Stories, disregard the above.

>> No.54691978

Kill yourself.

>> No.54692076


[Recursion Occurs]

>> No.54692093

Cool, as long as you off yourself.

>> No.54692128
File: 2.82 MB, 414x382, MikePenceHeadShake.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54692159

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Adventurer's League, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the Underdark, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.

I am trained in THAC0 and I’m the top GM in the entire Pathfinder Society. You are nothing to me but just another character sheet. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.

You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of FLGS across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill your character in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my Monster Manual.

Not only am I extensively trained in CharOp, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the PFSRD and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.

You’re fucking BLACKLISTED, kiddo.

>> No.54692205

>I never select my friends by any metric

I like associating with people who have some social standards, maybe you don't?

>> No.54692223

>literal meme game hyped up by normies and journalists
>good taste

lol try again

>> No.54692333

>An entire planet is so simple the background of its culture and people can be reduced to a few sentences.
This is the problem with sci-fi. It destroys the grand scale of space and reduces it to a seafaring adventure with lasers.

>> No.54692427

sooo the four biggest rpgs out there? are you so contrarian that you cant enjoy something someone else likes you fucking hipter

>> No.54692462

See the way you phrased this whole thing leads me to believe that you are a massive cunt with a superiority complex. Let's be quite frank your social skills are probably shit, and you compensate for your failings by telling yourself the lie that you are better than most people and that is why you can't get along with them. That's bullshit. Come down off of your high horse. If they are friendly, and maintain a decent standard of hygiene give them a chance. If you just stop getting hung up on stupid shit i guarantee you'll be happier for it in the long run.

tl;dr don't be a neckbeard cunt, just try and get along with people and have fun rather than judging them for how they game, and you'll enjoy yourself more.

>> No.54692649
File: 314 KB, 1038x1393, 1501680279340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulations on the successful bait, anon.

>> No.54692723

It's copypasta, anon.

>> No.54692798

>Maybe more heavy on politics than combat
Why even use D&D for this?

>> No.54693004

If you need specific mechanics to RP you're doing it wrong. You're spot on about the d20 though.

>> No.54693213

I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over all the contrarian bullshit.
Maybe if you judged games off of what they are instead of whether people you want to pretend you're better than like it or not you could have better things to do than sit here and be a tool.

Though I guess if you unironically use the term "meme game" you're already too far gone.

See, this guy gets it.

I swear, reading /tg/ I sometimes think most of the people talking shit about popular systems in here don't even roleplay themselves.

>> No.54693256

>Maybe if you judged games off of what they are

I judge dark souls as badly designed trash that casuals love because OMG NINTENDO HARD IM SUCH A GEEK LOL

>> No.54693351

Except if you actually understood the game you'd know it's not actually hard and the OMG SO HARD crap is bullshit hype.
The game is good for so many reasons and its difficulty is pretty far down the list.

Btw d20 is pretty ok, I don't see how 5e sticking to d20 gets to count as the biggest mistake of any ttrpg or whatever someone said earlier. /tg/ is weird, man.

>> No.54693471

Personally I always make them for some reason ignorant of whatever setting they're wandering into. Like explorers, or foreign mercs, or ill-prepared spies.

Not even as a deliberate thing, I only noticed myself doing it recently.
have you ever actually had players like this

>> No.54693515


>> No.54693535

So's that post.

>> No.54693582

My dmpc's are always liabilities that are going to die within 2 sessions unless the party dedicates everything to their protection. Soon they'll man up enough to start killing them as soon as they meet them.

>> No.54693589

Then it's not a DMPC.

>> No.54694136

>those are bad
>but IRL most people don't do that

>> No.54694253

Obvious bait, but a lot of the regulars at the LGS here are unironically like that.

>> No.54694446

>3.PF with homebrew rules
>3.PF with no magic
>D&D/3.PF gritty/realistic campaign
>D&D/3.PF political/intrigue/social campaign
>3.PF player GMing GURPS (or any generic rulesystem) for the first time
>over complex homebrew system
>vidya setting
>more than 5 players
>no guidelines for character creation
>no session 0

I'm good with whatever setting or rulesystem except the above

>> No.54694448
File: 15 KB, 188x140, 1501849687283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54694569

These threads are always filled with horrible people you don't want in any game.
It's fascinating.

>> No.54694570
File: 101 KB, 350x600, atlas sharted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and show all those spoiled Exalted players what's what.

This kind of attitude keeps me out of games. I'm absolutely not interested in playing with a GM who wants to "teach the players a lesson." GMs who do this shit invariably have some juvenile fucked up highschool-level understanding of philosophy, and they're usually fans of some retarded bullshit philosophy that most people grow out of by the time they hit 20 years old.

They also tend to be the types who use "moralfag" in a derogatory way, grossly misunderstand the writings of Nietzsche, and eat well-done steak with ketchup.

>step into GM's home
>he has The Fountainhead displayed prominently on his bookshelf
>turn 360 degrees and walk away

>> No.54694605

I don't think I want to teach players any lessons other than "I'm an asshole" and "it's the cyber dystopic magipocalypse, deal with it"

Though I fucking love heavyhanded philosophy and propaganda of all branches. Communist, capitalist, democratic, dictatorial, it doesn't matter.

>> No.54694615

As a GM i will fucking flee if players wants:
>heavly story driven campaign
>also they want lot of agency (no railroading)
>also each one of them want to be 'the' only protagonist of said story
>also no one of them would like to do a session 0 to discuss about these requests
>also all of them write a shitload of background info with a fucking metric ton of plot hooks not related to setting/story

To me that happens more than you would think

>> No.54694636

Playing that shit up for fun is fantastic, especially if it's to the point that it becomes pulpy and campy.

My problem is with GMs who actually buy into it, and run the game like they're trying to convert the players, like some kind of bizarre tabletop roleplaying proselytizer.

>> No.54694694

I may stick to one type of propaganda for a certain game, but fuck if I won't get bored of all my games are communist flavor.
Though, a single game may run from anywhere from a couple days to infinite time forever, so mileage varies.

>> No.54694734

>no session zero stuff prepared: not a primer, pamphlet, or even a discussion about what everyone wants out of the game and what they want to bring to the table
>Their homebrew setting evokes Final Fantasy (flying ships, crystals, etc) or some stupid anime bullshit
>Their homebrew setting doesn't evoke the slightest bit of Celtic or Germanic or even Greek mythology or history
>Skips over wilderness exploration and random encounters ("those just bog down the story")
>DM thinks roleplaying is about him telling everyone else a story; implicitly unallowed to say "Let's not do this quest, I have a better idea"
>absurdly high point-buy or generous roll method for stats ("You're playing Heroes, of course you need good stats! lol!")
>campaign is D&D 3.x, Pathfinder or 4E

>"It's like Game of Thrones!"
>"It's gritty!"

or the other extreme
>"I don't believe in killing characters."

Like ffs I just want our group to be King Arthur and his Bros just running around stabbing monsters and getting awesome treasure, why is that so much to ask

>> No.54694868

Well people didn't like 4e so what can we do to fix it?
>how about we take elements from 1st and adnd? But update it for the modern day.

Can you imagine the backlash if dnd stopped using a D20 in its newest version

>> No.54694880

That's just a npc.
That's just the red shirt troupe

>> No.54694955

>>pure sandbox
>>100% improv
>>won't do any prep at all
>shitty char template
>explicit references to pop culture
>straight up copypasted ol' Tolkien
>doesn't ever take note of anything in game
>contains "Sword/Blade" on the title
>uses D6 instead of grorious D12/20/100
>anything related to sex, rape and such RP
>snowflake races (shapechanging foxes, half-demons)

>> No.54694989

>is male and plays female characters
>plays gay, trans, whatever characters
>has dyed hair or any piercings
>smoke weed or any other drugs
Forget red flags for being shit players, how about red flags for being shit people.

>> No.54694994
File: 351 KB, 263x239, 1464045540848.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Guy rolls up female character
>they just happen to have all the features and mannerisms of "his type"

>> No.54695039

>turn 360 degrees

>> No.54695056

>What turns you off to joining a new game?
A lack of roleplay, an adversarial GM, or a focus on gaming the system over using the rules to reflect a character (nothing wrong with normal powergaming, you know what I'm talking about here). Games fueled by edginess and grimdark can be a turn-off too, unless playing a more nobledark heroic type is possible without becoming no more than the GM's personal punching bag.

>Fantasy Settings
Alarmingly high magic, active intereference by gods and archdevils and the like, really anything that feels like it comes out of Final Fantasy (barring the original, IV, and tactics) or a similarly gonzo JRPG.

Alarmingly hard sci-fi that feels less like "I wanted to use the setting to explore what a world with X conditions might be like" and more like the GM's angry, bitter retort to people who like aliens, FTL, spaceship dogfights and all that fun shit. Also any time it's clear the GM is pushing moral objectivism on us through it, because this seems like a uniquely sci-fi problem in my experience.

>> No.54695124

>gets unreasonably upset/hostile at people for having opposing political views
>gets unreasonably upset/hostile over what other people do with their personal lives that doesn't affect them
>doesn't embrace the "I might not agree with or respect your opinions, but I respect your right to have them and will fight to defend that right" mentality
>is deliberately deceitful to the detriment of his supposed friends for personal gain

In all walks of life, these characteristics mark someone who shouldn't be breeding.

>> No.54695140

I knew you wouldn't be gone forever.

>> No.54695142
File: 153 KB, 1280x960, shog 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been part of a 3.5 group for quite a while with some friends I met in college
>Great DM, but he gets tired of running, suggests somebody else try
>I end up taking it up, first time ever running 3.5 instead of playing it so looking forward to it
>Write up a cool dungeon with the expectation of everybody playing like me, roll up a modest character from the PH
>Everybody turns up, looking over their characters
>Mostly normal until we get to one guy
>"Well you didn't say any books were banned so I used different books"
>Half earth gensai/dwarf knight with a tower shield and sword
>28 AC at level 1
>Everything in the dungeon gets fucking stomped
>Everybody slowly loses interest as I have to struggle my way through monster manuals buffing the shit out of everything so it provides even a remote challenge
>Game putters out after a few sessions because nobody is enjoying themselves
Players who slow the fuck out of the game by abusing every single rule through either poor writing or sheer powergame bullshit put me off joining any group, regardless of what game

>> No.54695191


It's his fault for being a dick to a first timer. Lesson learned, have your rules typed up, printed and handed out before character creation ever starts.

>> No.54695291

>The DM obviously ripped his setting from Game of Thrones.
>Bonus points if they also think they're the next George R.R. because their setting has tons of rape, incest, and murder.

>> No.54695433


>> No.54695603

>No humans.
>Can only play as 'monster' races (gnolls, catfolks, etc).
>All humans are evil in my setting.
>Borderline magical realm.

Fucking furries.

>> No.54695814

I've only had 1 bad DM, but I've had a few bad players.

>DM starts restricting Class/Race combos
>DM has homebrewed own class lore and throws out stuff in the book. 'In my world, this is how X class gets their abilities'
>DM tries to rework the system entirely because he thinks he can solve problems experienced in past games via mechanics
>DM complains at length about murder-hobo-ness and disparages combat, only presents combat related challenges

This is more of a specific story, but this really turned me off playing with 1 specific DM.
>Playing 5e
>Be wizard
>Start campaign at level 2
>Wizards can copy spell scrolls into their spell book with a Time and Money cost associated with spell level
>Campaign starts in big floating magic city
>Second session, trapped in a dungeon, can't go back to city
>No spell scrolls found
>No merchants to buy spell scrolls from
>No money even if I had spell scrolls to copy into spellbook
>No money to buy special material components to cast spells like 'Identify' or 'Find Familiar'
>Finally get out of dungeon
>Level 5 now
>Tell DM about my woes and that I am not having fun
>Suggest I just roll up a new character(since we are finally out of the dungeon) or change my character class to Sorcerer
>DM chastises me for being 'the player who wants to change his character halfway through a campaign' implies i am a 'that guy'

>Player makes his own Lore for DMs world and pushes the DM to accept it
>Player says 'I dont like playing with that mechanic' and then expects the rest of the table to not play with said mechanic
>Player fails rolls and gets so upset they put all their dice away in their bag and sits there till next turn before taking them out again
>Player checks out when they don't get their way
>Player tries to tell the DM how the mechanics work after the DM said "we'll do it this way"
>Player gets upset and bored when they aren't the center of attention

>> No.54695903

Truly majestic, I wish I could be like you!

>> No.54696496

I never understand why people do this, I mean were all trying to have fun here, the point is not winning. It's not us versus the dm we all have the same objective HAVE FUN.

>> No.54697303

I feel like an alien since my experience shows everything on this list (and many other lists on tg) to have negligible correlation with a person's toxicity.

>> No.54697359

in 5e wizards get 2 new spells automatically every level. At 5th level you should have at least 12 spells not counting cantrips. If that isn't enough flexibility without being offered new ones to buy then I think you're just a shit wizard.

as for the lack of resources to cast spells, did you tell the DM that you had spells you couldn't cast due to a lack of treasure? I can't imagine you guys spending 4 levels worth of time in one dungeon and not stumbling upon ANY gold.

>> No.54697385

A red flag doesn't imply a bad player per se, it's just a correlation to be aware

>> No.54697893

Yes, that's reasonable. Some correlations are stronger in certain populations than others. Some points just come off as strange, making me wonder "who hurt this child?" There are also those lists that imply they won't even give a player a chance (I might be the strange one, since to me players are a scarce commodity more precious than gold, and I mean that, I've never turned a player down). However, I also realize (or hope against my better judgement) that some of these lists are bait.

>> No.54698073


>If that isn't enough flexibility without being offered new ones to buy then I think you're just a shit wizard.
It isnt about flexibility, it is about the fact that there was a 1st level feature of a class that went unused. It was a dead feature. It feels shitty to not get to use your cool abilities. I think the copying of Spell Scrolls into the Spellbook is a cool aspect of Wizards. Probably the coolest aspect. You have a feature built into your class, as a mechanic, that benefits from a life of adventuring. Go find money and spell scrolls and get access to more spells. Not only that, but it exemplifies what it means to be a Wizard, this scholar who thirsts for knowledge of the arcane. So cool. You have an adventure hook built into the mechanics of the class. No other class has that. Because while many classes have features that provide benefits to adventuring. No other class has a feature that provides a benefit FROM adventuring.

>did you tell the DM that you had spells you couldn't cast due to a lack of treasure?
I shouldn't have to, this is a basic feature of ALL spellcasters. That when a spell requires a Material Component that has an associated Gold Cost, it cannot be fullfilled with a Spellcasting Focus. With that information alone, the GM should know to give the spellcasters in the party some Gold and a merchant with doodads and bobbles.
How hard is it to have some crazy fucker with a bag of holding in the dungeon who will trade random shit for gold. And that maintains the concept that we are still in the dungeon. Otherwise just go to the "bazaar" and talk to random merchants, but over 4 levels I could not do such a thing, there was no opportunity for such a thing.

>I can't imagine you guys spending 4 levels worth of time in one dungeon and not stumbling upon ANY gold.
If you can't imagine that, you lack imagination, because it happened.

>> No.54698091

>forcing your players to start at level 1
>getting trumped by a martial
>getting angry at a martial
Kill yourself.

>> No.54698191

>starting at level 1
>bad things
What did he mean by this

>> No.54698656


Congratulations, anon. You just made me reevaluate Spelljammer, and I think I like it a lot more now.

>> No.54700245

>I shouldn't HAVE to
no, you shouldn't

but if you don't ask when it doesn't happen, it's still your fault

>> No.54700261

yeah. funny thing that you should say that, because red flags are exactly for spotting those kinds of people. And from my experience, hair-dyed, transvestite, tattooed, pierced, pot-smoking people tend to embody all of those characteristics at a far higher rate than other kinds of people.

>> No.54700273


why would you not remember anything in space? im confused

>> No.54700295


so what does everyone think is an appropriate amount of improv? my dark heresy game is probably 40% improv, 60% written. I created the setting, NPC motivations, overarching plot, etc but I do a lot of improv as the players decide to take routes that I couldn't possibly always account for.

>> No.54700366

First session is 80% written, 20% improv. After a few sessions when the locale and NPCs are established I gradually go to around 80% improv, 20% written

>> No.54700869

What're you, some kinda fag?

>> No.54700955

that's all prep. that's not only prep. that's the best kind of prep. you're doing fiiiine.

>> No.54701790

>my gf

>> No.54701817
File: 196 KB, 698x1528, YOU (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this pasta fresh? It's delicious.

>> No.54701983
File: 1.88 MB, 291x244, 1493260936070.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54702102

>not playing a good old game of SwordBlade

>> No.54702120
File: 137 KB, 323x454, For what purpose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>high-fantasy system
>"yeah I'm gonna do historical realism"

>> No.54702179

Explain, please?

>> No.54702201

>this kind of attitude that's made up for (You)s on a Tuvan advanced-masturbation forum is keeping me out of gaming!
>Their homebrew setting doesn't evoke the slightest bit of Celtic or Germanic or even Greek mythology or history
We've found it. The total pleb.

>> No.54702234

BladeSword is better
fite me

>> No.54702257

A sword blade is an actual thing. It is the blade part of a sword. The name is simple, elegant, HISTORICAL, and makes sense: just like the RPG.

Blade Sword, on the other hand, makes no sense and is just dumb anime bullshit anyway. "Blade-Sword"? Seriously? A sword made of blade?

Your system will NEVER be respected. Your system will NEVER be popular, and will NEVER come even close to how epic Sword Blade is.

>> No.54702411

Fuck you, just cause a game is from japan doesn't mean its anime bullshit. can you cut a building in half in "historical" sword blade, I thought not. Me and group have been playing blade sword for years and I've seen that game bring people to TEARS with emotion. lets see your dried up washed out old system do that.

>> No.54702540
File: 46 KB, 365x350, 1452556103082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>scifi but you're thrown into a fantasy world
>fantasy but you're thrown into a scifi world

Sorry fucker, you're not clever and when I want to play scifi or fantasy, I want to play scifi or fantasy.

>> No.54702679


Im with you on most of it but the "skyrim/dark souls" thing os a bit far. Id say that if someone wants to recreate those games, its a problem, but simply consuming media doesn't hurt someone's ability to enjoy unrelated media

>> No.54702779


>35 mile radius


Okay you're a retard boastig to the internet behind an anonymous account, cool.

>> No.54702896


Locational damage is a thing in D&D. Hell, there's rolls for random permenant injuries, and it can be utterly crippling.


This is true if you're playing one of the GOOD editions...

>> No.54702976

>Maybe, but maybe that's because I've been constantly requested to GM games by dozens of people. I have quite a wide network and if I don't like you, I can drop a few hints on my way around and pretty much get you blacklisted from any game in a 35 mile radius.

Holy shit dude, I sure know not to mess with you now!

>> No.54703061


My game is a 1 on 1 so its me and three gmpcs, but they generally bow to what i say for tactics and aren't constantly stealing the spotlight- the dm described me as the main character at one point, and he likes being able to focus on me like this(ie noone to complain they aren't getting focus when i lead the party off to fight the witch-proests who stole the scepter of hermes and are using it to hold the sporits of their dead, keeping them from staying dead)

>> No.54703088

"Amnesiac sci-fi"


>> No.54703094

>pretend to have a massive plot
>improv the whole thing

Players are none the wiser. Unfortunately the one time I did plan a game they all thought it was trash so it killed any urge for me to run a game.

>> No.54703167


Have you... Have you played it? At all? Its easy to pirate, just go till you reach the tauros demon at the end of the first area post-tutorial, and you'll know how you feel about it. Ive known plenty of people who didn't like it, but none who had played and couldn't see the appeal

>> No.54703169
File: 288 KB, 976x990, chucklefuck DM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that is nowhere as bad as the healslut or the mindvamp uberbitch of control.

speaking of "never play with this group"
lemme put the god emperor of minimal requirements in a list:
>the GM does it for moral lesson
>the players have something to prove
>any narcissism
>any forced morality
>immature peer pressure or 'card checking'
>'only my personal standards count'
>guaranteed audio sexual content: all hambeasts and lardtrolls
>drugs at the table
>do or dare is in game but also for players

and the biggie
> no concept of player vs. PC differentiation. see Blackleaf

>> No.54703184

>The campaign is set in some shitty normie TV show/video game universe like TES, GoT, Walking Dead, Mass Effect, etc.

Fuck people who have no fucking imagination. If you really cant handle world building just use Toril or something from the manual. I play TTG to get away from video games.

>> No.54703234


Moralfaf works if you're talking about someone pontificating from an unearned position of supposed moral authority.

The kind of person you're describing here, actually.

>> No.54703240

i like you.
come to my house and fuck my sister.

>> No.54703250

>Our campaign is set in an established canon universe that's had TONS of worldbuilding done
>The DM still cancels sessions constantly because he hasn't bothered to plan anything
>Complains constantly about how hard DMing is
>He volunteered to DM in the first place

>> No.54703283


I really dont understand how people can have problems world building in the first place. Then again maybe Im just an autist with alot of free time or something.

>> No.54703329


A group of scifi characters maruned on a remote fantasy world could be a neat opening to a scifi game as long as you fucking LET THEM USE THEIR SCIFI KNOWLEDGE

>> No.54703411
File: 42 KB, 441x335, 45c070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know why, but it triggers me beyond comprehension that people will unironically make "builds" for Tabletop RPG games.

Acutally, I do know why. It's because they're taking the single most valuable thing about TTRPG's, making a character, and perverting it into simply building a walking crunch of numbers. They're literally incapable of playing someone who isn't a min-maxed munchkin because the only thing they derive satisfaction from is having higher numbers than their opponent.

People like this are the reason I hate playing TTRPG's, because unless you find the perfect group of people you will never avoid them and their cancerous play-style.
>inb4 badwrongfun
if all your doing is making builds, why even waste the time of a GM by making him set up encounters and environments for you to fight in when you can just use a calculator to play every encounter there is since the only thing you ever do is roll dice to prove you have higher numbers and a better "build". it's typically these kind of people that have 0 concept of how to roleplay as well, ranging from introvert to severe autist.

>> No.54703451
File: 34 KB, 318x470, Nope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>World of Darkness

>> No.54703462


I agree, I think the best is a healthy balance.

Im not a minmaxer but I at least want to do some research so I can make sure Im helpful to my party.

>> No.54703513

>gets unreasonably upset/hostile over what other people do with their personal lives that doesn't affect them
Except when they try to smoke weed in your home and potentially get the fucking cops called on you when someone notices the place smells like pot. Weed smokers should all be gassed to death and the survivors have their throats slit in the street. I hope they all get cancer from that shit.

>> No.54703535

It does when they try to bring it into unrelated settings and waste my time with their stupid shit. No, you cannot play an argonian. No, you cannot play a Khajiit. Fuck off!

>> No.54703548

your setting is probably filled with boring bullshit no one cares about except you

>> No.54703620

That's what I do as well. However, occasionally I've felt generous to share my gift for running games with a larger audience, and that is where my need for a set of standards came from.

>implying Dark Souls is a good game
>anon salty he wasted his time reading the post, only to realize that every single red flag applied to him.
>projecting this hard
>implying gaming isn't meaningful
>retard pretending he has a psych degree
>anon makes exceptions for attributes that apply to him
>pure rage because he probably remembers me dropping him from one of my games.
>watching anime once implies habitual watching
>angry weeb wants me to die because I don't like his shitty Jap cartoon
Two bombs weren't enough.

>> No.54703632

Fine with me.

Okay. Still played full campaigns of core only and nothing was wrong. Try harder.

>> No.54703648

Yes. You are GMing wrong.

>> No.54703654


>What is every fucking setting ever

>> No.54703675

Excuse me, but my setting is different.

>> No.54703791
File: 49 KB, 408x260, (you).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54704592


>Thing i explicitly mentioned

Good to see your reading comprehension is high bud

>> No.54704607
File: 145 KB, 1777x935, 1494322385647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54704623

3 5 m i l e s

>> No.54704727

>that doesn't affect them
Anon, pay attention tow hat you quoted. That clearly affects you

>> No.54704886


Except we're talking about red flags. If he sees a correlation between the thing you find objectionable and the thing he does, how can that be anything but a red flag for him?

>> No.54705024

I have half a mind to stat this dude in M&M

>> No.54705102

There's a 200 strong list of items I'm not allowed to have in my groups. I won't join a game outside the group if a GM doesn't let me have (and these are just the ones I have consistently been told to not use in my regular group.):
Any kinds of fine grain items
Any animals
A Whetstone
More than a pound of salt
More than 4 sticks of chalk

Spray cans
Empty bottles
Potted plants (ficus or otherwise)
Exotic animals
More than a litre of gasoline
Electric Fans

>> No.54705163

>things you explicitly mentioned and pretended were separate
If they played Dark Scrolls but I never find out because they don't bring it up, then what's the difference?

>> No.54705174

At least stat me in a non-shitty system.
>capeshit from this past summer
Wow. You sound like the kind of person I was warning about.

>> No.54705279
File: 147 KB, 320x240, 1409097827826.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Has ever played Dark Souls of Skyrim
>Smoke weed or any other drugs
>Gary Johnson/Bernie Sanders voters
>Hell, even anime is a pretty strong red flag

I have people I know like you. Most of them I just shovel into the category of "cunt" and be done with them.

> I am one of the best DMs out there, and there have been literal waiting lists to get in my games

Off to the cunt pile you go, anon.

>> No.54705416
File: 2.40 MB, 1920x1080, 1462756081251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bluffs on /tg/
>nat 1
>/tg/ fucks his shit in
>everyone laughs

Never change, /tg/
I love you all. Except HIS MOST SERENE GM.

>> No.54705455

>this lack of self-awareness

I get what you are saying but the way you are stating it doesn't make you look better than the other party.

>> No.54705519

Are you kidding? I'm the one fucking you all. I run and play in games on a triweekly basis (i.e. 3 times a week) and most of you sad fucks troll Roll20 to try to get into a game. Some of you pay for it. You know what? The kind of person you are paying, is someone like me.

>> No.54705520
File: 48 KB, 192x256, 1423878405345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't tell if real or if just troll, but either way, this place is better rid of you than with you in it. You're a toxic GM if you're not just full of shit and lying on the internet, which I was told recently people just go out an do.

I hope you live a considerable distance from me regardless ad that we never meet.

BTW I run a GURPS campaign and we have great fun, despite the fact that half of us don't watch anime, the other half live on it, we generally have a favorable view of all Bethesda games with mods, and we allow all sorts of people with different styles and sexuality to play as long as they're focused at the game table and can roleplay to a degree.

>> No.54705533

alright, i'll bite

>> No.54705551
File: 104 KB, 1920x1080, 1404240022321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm actually a GM and have great fun with my player cast of what you might affectionately call degenerates. You're just an asshole with someone's better-and-having-more-fun-than-you-as-a-gm stick inside you.

>> No.54705606

Why am I toxic? Because I don't allow cancerous people who are addicted to shitty Jap cartoons, bad video games, retarded opinions on sexuality, shitty crutch races, and whatever the fuck else, into my games? Also i never said I didn't allow actual fags and trans into my games, they just aren't allowed to bring it up DURING games which is when it becomes the problem. Read my original post you fucktard.

I hope you and everyone in your group gets AIDS.

>> No.54705619
File: 339 KB, 500x294, 1487415037774.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He mad because someone burned him.
I'd hate to see him as a player

>> No.54705622
File: 147 KB, 790x562, iqXcOFa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54705624

>Let's give you level 1s each 7 end-game tier magic items in the first 30 mins

This happened twice with the same DM. His argument was "well we can just increase the challenge of what you fight".

Appreciation for game design and understanding the value of earning things is very important for anyone who wants to be a DM. He was a nice, creative guy but you couldn't even explain it to him. He was completely blind to such concepts.

>> No.54705628

>He mad because someone burned him.
I think you're projecting. Please share what the fuck you are talking about and how you arrived at this "conclusion."

>> No.54705663

Welcome to 4chens new friend. Plz let us know your trigger warnings in advance next time, its really important to all of us that we respect your sensitivities here.

>> No.54705750
File: 107 KB, 650x596, 1386885133336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why am I toxic?
Without provocation, you decide how much fun someone is in a game by who they are outside.
An IRL flaming homo in my current campaign in a Greek hoplite who is definitely an ephebophile in game. But, that's his character and it works since we're in Classical Greece. He's a wonderful player. His character is neither gross nor disruptive to gameplay.

I doubt you don't hate people in the LGBT community IRL, so that's two strikes for him.

I have a kid who lives and breathes anime, and he plays a relatively sensible Carthaginian merchant. This kid also loves Dark Souls.

Two strikes for him.

I have a guy and his little brother playing Galatian mercenaries. The older one had bright blonde hair and probably 20 tattoos and several piercings. His little brother is 9. He likes Skyrim because you can hit stuff with a big sword.

Strike for both.

We love our game and have a lot of fun. Everyone is focused and ready to play and we all get along great. Your real life interests do not necessarily determine how you play TTRPG. Your skill on the board is not predicated by your interests in life.

tldr: You are an asshole and my previous statement stands.

>> No.54705792

I'm >>54705606
You have no idea what projecting means, throwing that out there.

>> No.54705839

Oh ho ho no, last time was you in a wig.

>> No.54705858

You better shut up or he's gonna suck you into his 35-mile reality marble fuccboi

>> No.54705860

Honestly, I can imagine you run successful games with happy players that you like and prefer. But I don't see how a lot of those things are an issue if the person doesn't bring it to the table. Maybe you want people you can relate to with outside of the game, I don't know.

Even then, that is pretty crazy to me. My best friend and I really hate a lot of each other's tastes in video games, hobbies and music, but we still have enough common grounds on other things and similarities in other ways that we're pretty close.

Its OK to have high standards I suppose. I just don't know what a number of those things have anything to do with sitting down and actually playing the game. People aren't that heavily defined or homogenized by specific activities, beliefs, or tastes.

>> No.54705923
File: 60 KB, 720x720, 1439316626914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let him try. He couldn't handle my considerable girth. Even if he is just one giant anus!

>> No.54705937

This. If your players are actually having fun and feel like they are getting what they came for, no harm done. I don't know if I'd personally like it, but there is no pleasing everyone.

>> No.54706130

Jesus christ, kid, why is your heart so full of hate? Does it physically hurt you to enjoy things other people enjoy?

>> No.54706266

I personally like "you've all been in cryostasis for X amount of time, so now its the Fuuture!". Gives them some grounding in the setting, lets them shape the history of it with their backstory, but also gives a reason why they dint really know shit about what's currently going on.

>> No.54706301

What stops me from joining a game? a GM who starts off like this.

>is not welcome in my game. Now you might think, "well shit bro, those are some pretty high standards. you must not have any friends at all, lol!" well then you'd be wrong. I carefully curated my group over the years to have the perfect players. You see, I don't need to look for a new group because I built my nest in the world early on. I am one of the best DMs out there, and there have been literal waiting lists to get in my games (I don't DM for groups of more than 5 players, and 3 is my preferred number) and I have had to exclude people before. See, when you run a game, you bring the value to the table. Players do, too, but for every person who wants to DM there are 20 people who want to play. It's a seller's market.

>> No.54706359

He left. Thank the chan gods.

>> No.54706433

>I can blacklist you from any game in a 35 mile radius
You showed your hand. I almost believed you until that point. 8/10 though, you got a ton of assblasted replies that actually took you seriously

>> No.54706467

I thought it was pretty good, anon, timing and everything was pretty good. Here's your (you).

>> No.54706494

>people like this actually exist
Dear god how horrifying

>> No.54708075

I can live with Kitchen Sink if I have to (purely because games are hard enough to find anyway), but otherwise you're spot on.

>> No.54710133

Hopefully you live 36 miles away

>> No.54710165
File: 104 KB, 535x535, ux-designer-tim-drake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading this, I don't think your a troll.
I just pity you

>> No.54710189
File: 31 KB, 645x363, 23533-13730-23464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy gets it.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother.

>> No.54710318


don't pretend to be someone else.

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