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Stop putting breasts on Lizard people

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Stop burning down my churches

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Reported for /pol/ spamming.

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Put MORE breasts on lizard people.

And BIGGER ones.

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Bite me you ass goblin

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Is it OK if I say they are something other than breasts? Like poison glands or bony protrusions?

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OP... do you want us to post lizard titties and triggering our contrarianism was the only way you could think of doing it?

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>Stop putting breasts on Lizard people
Stop giving them human-like hands, upright legs, and the ability to talk. All FAR more unbelievable than breasts.

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>do you want us to post lizard titties and triggering our contrarianism
Sounds like a fun way to kill a few minutes.

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Turns out there is a lot of Lusty Argonian Maid cosplay.

...TES was a mistake.

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Being able to stand on two legs and having opposable digits is way more believable then fucking tits. Tits on a lizard or bird wouldn't even make any sense since they don't breastfeed.

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>since they don't breastfeed.
Maybe not in YOUR magical realm they don't.

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Not everybody's lizard/dragon people have origins as lizards that became sentient. Often times, they're humans that got draconified

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The only way they could have them would be if they were mammals and not lizards or reptilian at all. Mammals are called mammals for a reason, and that's because of mammaries.

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Holy Shit, did not even know I want. Want bad.

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I don't do that anyways. You can't stop me from putting huge juicy tits on snake girls though.

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What if they're rocket powered?
They can breathe fire after all.

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>Implying the lizards are significantly heavier than air
>Implying they don't rely on porous bones and extensive hydrogen bladders and use of empty space

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Lamia have mammal top half, it's fine.

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Stop calling scaled mammal race Lizard people.

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Stop stopping.

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>cold blood
>no hair
That's no mammal

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Literally no "lizard" race I ever saw had to deal with implications of being cold-blooded.

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Stop putting lizards on people breasts.

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No, this is a dumb cop-out that eeks of trying too hard to justify your magical realm.

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>scaled mammal
Thats not a mammal

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are you gonna stop her from having tits?

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In actual settings? Yes, agreed. In stuff made for fetish? It's fetish, calm down.

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Dragons are different.

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okay, just so we're clear.

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Not that guy, but pretty sure lizard scakes arent made of keratin, but Pangolin scales are. Which means they still are basically wearing hair.

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Stop putting glasses on dragons!

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So what prevents us from hand-waving breasts and mammalian genitals on "lizard" people as them being some weird mammals?

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In my faggot tier home brew I have been working on I had a cold blooded lizard race that lived in a desert and only really thrived in hot environs taking heavy penalties to their (pretty good) stats if they wandered anywhere too cool. Though for PCs I wrote in a loophole that let them get away with reduced penalties for straying into other parts of the world with some lore about a specific tribe which had a unique symbiotic relationship with a heat generating form of microorganism that was ritually consumed as a sort of rite of passage.

So I'd guess that the real reason no one bothers with that shit is just because it's such a pain in the ass to apply and would require DMs to keep track of shit like the weather or geography (or at least fudge it all the time) and all that other crap if they want it to actually matter in the game.

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Justified, as they are less an actual unified race and more former people of other races linked together to a hivemind tree.
Justified. As they were originally reborn humans/elves. Now they are direct descendents of dragons mating with other races. Boobs=magic.
>WoW Naga
Justified. They are cursed night elves who were horribly mutated by the dark magics they wielded.
>Xcom Vipers
Justified. They literally are venom sacks that were removed along with most of their other traits when they were modified into thin men for infiltration purposes.
>Warhammer lizardmen
Justified. They don't mate, they come from spawning pools. Therefore, no genders, no boobs.

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It has three heads

It should have three boobs

Perfect Balance

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You may wish to check your count, your punctuation, and your use of the enter key.

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Vipers are the best. War of the Chosen should give you the ability to recruit them.

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I think he was trying to do a haiku but didn't know the syllable count.

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Why not just join advent fampai?

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Because I'm not a race traitor, Woolie

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>an XCOM mod where you play as a group of aliens released from Ethereal's control and working with humans to free their people

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We are mammals, we love breasts. It's only natural for us to try and put them in everything.

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Stick that in your mammal pipe and smoke it.

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Wrong. Humans have two breasts so we can feed babies twice.
If the thing has three heads, it should have six breasts.

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It'd be easier to just give male lizardfolk "breasts" by giving them the fatty jowls that iguanas, tegus and other reptiles have and putting them on the chest instead.
They are not used to feed infants and are literally designed to attract mates.

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So... neck titties?

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Tittymonsters are love. Tittymonsters are life.

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literally the plot of the Mario/Rabids game

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Since a lizardfolk should be able to move their head around, the process of becoming bipedal would have shifted them to the chest. Also, since lizardfolk tend to also have long tails, big honking chest adornments would be a good counterweight depending on their posture.

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Anon, you can just admit that you're scared of adult women and you can only fantasize about naked children because they don't know enough about life to realize what a loser you are.

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Assuming that this dragon lays clutches of eggs, possibly numbering over a dozen, why stop there? If anything it should have at least 18 breasts to sustain its children.

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And you can just admit you are a pathetic man child with an Oedipus complex lusting after mother surrogates with big American teetees to nurse your malformed ego.

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But big American teetees have nothing to do with having an Oedipus complex. They're just nice.

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>implying my lizards can't have fucked up chemistry and generate enough thrust through shitting fire out of their ass.

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>implying we like tits because of oedipal complexes

please anon, everyone knows the reason we like boobs is because they're like second asses

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>Americans invented large breasts

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Breasts are for nursing
Nursing is the first thing a baby learns to associate with their mother

Therefore liking big breasts = wanting to fuck your mother, psychologically speaking of course.

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Ass > Tits

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Well obviously.

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Her tits and belly look like frog face.

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Trap lizards; isn't that already a race in TiTS (the sci-fi sequel to CoC)?
https://wiki.smutosaur.us/TiTS/Ovir (caution; possibly N.S.F.W.)

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straight up, they are keratin. same with bird feathers, which are specialized scales. google it bitch.

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Yep; the males grow breast-like fat deposits and use these combined with bright colors as mating displays; the bigger their pseudo-boobs, the more sexually desirable they are. Females have similar deposits, but much smaller.

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Are you implying that birds and insects fly because they are lighter than air?

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I figured we are instinctively attracted to women with big breasts because it shows that they'll be good at nursing children.
Just like we're attracted to wide hips, not because we associate them with our mothers, but because it means they'll give birth more easily.

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Except tits are above the ass.

That makes tits literally superior to asses.

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They are in pathfinder. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/humanoids/lizardfolk/

There's an Oracle curse that makes it even worse

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No other animal does this, and large breasts don't actually lactate any better.

It's just a form of mating display, like peacock tails.

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I would pangolin any day.

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What does "cold-blooded" even mean really? It seems to be misused in fiction

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>chubby chasing

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>massive curves
I bet she's black lmao

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Technically they're a type of dragon, which are a completely different class of organism, being warm-blooded and six-limbed.

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Cold blooded generally refers to animals (ectotherm) who's internal temperature, and thus it's metabolic processes, are governed by external factors rather than internal ones. If it's hot they will be hot they will be hot and speed up, if it's cool their blood will be cool and they will slow down accordingly.

The term cold blooded is also used in English as a euphemism for being emotionless, or not receptive to what would normally be considered emotionally moving.

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She's clearly green, anon.

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Daily reminder that you can make lizardmen cute without giving them retarded huge tits.

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cuck shit?

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What if we just put them on the males?

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Thassa frawg.

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Transforming gender-switch bimbo stuff is a really fucked up fetish to have.

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Sure, it's not like scalies need them to be sexy.

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I'd rather have manga about life and times of cute lizards, rather than boring lichfest

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Eh, maybe so

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Well duh, lizardmen don't have tits, it's the lizard women who have tits.

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I will put breasts on whatever I damn well please.

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This is literally how furry shit started. By taking stuff like non-humans away from being just an interesting part of the world building in order to sex them up to be sexually appealing to humans when they have no business being as such.

>> No.54679930

>when they have no business being as such
Muh dick begs to differ, muthafucka.

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>This is literally how furry shit started.
Sure, every furry is obsessed with yiff, and /tg/ is a single person.

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>Are you implying that birds and insects fly because they are lighter than air?
I think he's implying that most dragons lack turbines and jet engines.

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>not liking your women thick
Chubby girls were considered more attractive than skinny ones in primitive cultures that developed in harsh, cold areas.
Having extra layers of fat makes it easier for people to survive the winter. And the survival of your woman means the survival of your children.
It also shows she's wealthy.

Skinny girls being sexy is something that only came up when fashion models started being a thing.

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How do you get "cuck" out of a lizardman asking a lizardgirl to marry him

Do you just associate normal romance with cucking

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Breast count will match average offspring count as close as possible, rounding up to the nearest multiple of 2 because the symmetry. Large breed dogs and well-fed wolves average at 7. Dogs have 8 nipples. Cat litters are about 5. 6 nipples. Pigs will have 10-14. 12 nipples. Humans 1. 2 nips. Kangaroo 1 baby, 4 nipples, but 2 give a different kind of milk meant for near-fetuses, while the other two are for older joey's, and will typically have one of each stage of baby at any given time, so effectively 2nip-1fetus + 2nip-1baby.
Cattle have 4 while only birthing 1, but 2 are inactive at any given time, rotating to not overwork, meaning effectively 2nip-1baby.

Those are defensive. Fatty deposits around the neck protect from neck biting during fights over mates.
So if you want women lizards to have (non-lactating, non-sensitive) breasts, then have them be the ones fighting each other for mates.
I'm pretty sure that's why homestuck trolls have them despite being a non-lactating insect race. Their females are definitely way more aggressive and treacherous than the males. So there's precedent.

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>Skinny girls being sexy is something that only came up when fashion models started being a thing.
Literally medievalpoc-tier delusions.

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If anon can't get a GF, obviously anybody who has one must be a cuck. Obviously.

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It is scientifically proven that girls always cheat. Only with traps you can find true love.

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That's a salamander, no scales. It's a slimy.

>> No.54680140

Somewhat correct till that "fashion model" thing. While borderline anorexia came into fashion more due to models and mass media, there has always been a trend away from higher body fat as an attractive thing as more primitive societies with food scarcity problems begin to transition into societies that have adequate, or even ample supplies of food. Though in some societies being overweight was associated strongly with being a noble, and thus was conceptualized as a mark of station and therefore had a positive association in some people's mind (this was often later reversed as various aristocracies were toppled and their corpulence was painted as evidence of their vices and decadency). Anyways yeah, thiccfags had their pockets of history where they reigned supreme, but for the most part those times occurred a long time ago.

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After I'm done with you, you'll be the slimy one.

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>can breath fire
>can somehow sustain their hunger without destroying the whole ekosystem
>can fly even though they have super heavy bones and scales
>can use MAGIC
>have brains that are better than human brains, the literall best brain evolution has ever come up with
>somehow defie the square rule

Mate, dragons that can somehow fly like they have jet engines is one of the least unrealistic things about them if you think about it. If you think fantasy rapes phisics you have never talked to a biologists who likes fantasy

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Anon, human breasts don't make sense in the first place. It's not like there's milk in there until she's pregnant, and other mammals don't have giant jiggly tits at all. They have the nipples, but they don't have sculpted fat-filled flesh blobs with no clear evolutionary purpose.

Experts can only guess at why humans have boobs, because nothing else on the planet does. The leading guess is "because it looks like an ass, and humans fuck face-to-face like a bunch of fags". We fuck backwards, so women grew asses on their chests because it made guys hornier, apparently.

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Must of just been porn then that I saw with a lizard girl like that, not the actual series

>> No.54680467

Birds and insects have light skeletons.

>> No.54680469

t. Da'qwan

>> No.54680471

>It's not like there's milk in there until she's pregnant
You know that you can induce lactation in non-pregnant humans of both sexes just by stimulating the nipples, right?

>> No.54680501

>humans of both sexes
Wait, I can cum through my nipples too?

>> No.54680563

I love both, but no tits is better than no ass.
No ass is just sad.

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>> No.54680581

I mean the joke here is that its a scam made by a american to make themselves a fame and fortune.

>> No.54680588

yes, not a lot but you can

>> No.54680613

You can trigger lactation, yes, but that's because the body thinks a baby is trying to use them and production/survival of offspring is the prime directive. Normally, lactation only happens when babies will need milk (because producing fluids the body doesn't use is otherwise wasteful), but you can trick your body into thinking it needs to feed a baby.

Yes. There are websites and weird subcultures about men who grow breasts for... reasons? Most of which are inexplicably non-sexual, for reasons I'm afraid to try understanding.

>> No.54680645

Sure, get some nettles and start rubbing.

>> No.54680719

>You can trigger lactation, yes, but that's because the body thinks a baby is trying to use them and production/survival of offspring is the prime directive.
Was there a point to posting this? The comment was that breasts don't contain milk unless the owner is pregnant, which is untrue. You seem to have made a pointless post just to have something to say.

>> No.54680729

Maybe it works like Kryptonians, where they use TK/Magic to achieve most of the other abilities.

Like, Kryptonians evolved a solar-powered telekinetic field to withstand 10G gravity without becoming immobile bastions of thick bone. And when it's not getting enough of the frequency it expects (red) it starts to store away what little it can get (don't wanna get crushed just cause it's night). Which means under a yellow or blue sun, it gets a lot more energy intake, but since it goes "oh I don't have red sunlight I must be starving" it goes into storage mode, which means there's a lot, lot more energy for their body, and especially that personal range TK field to use, meaning flight, super strength, impenetrability, etc.

So what if dragons get their improbable flight and defiance of the square rule, fire breath, smart brains, and oddly low metabolic needs from some similar innate use of magic?

>> No.54680765

The point was to demonstrate why the point you brought up was trivial and unrelated to the discussion, you autist.

>> No.54680787

If you look at the pornhub maps, tits are basically only a cold climate/Asia thing.

>> No.54680803

You can if you try hard enough, I believe in you. Don't let anybody discourage you from living your dream.

>> No.54680844

ADOM drakelings are literally coldblooded.

>> No.54680854

Asians search for "big breast porn" because Westerners just assume that their porn will contain big breasts by default. Your argument is basically saying that Asians aren't attracted to Asians because they don't specify "Asian girls" while searching.

>> No.54680858

I dont really need a explenations for why dragons can do all that shit, they are fucking dragons, i was just pointing out that more or less every field of science can get butthurt about fantasy but physicists are the only ones that do and they should cam down (well biologists tend to get angry about lizard tits for what ever reason). Allthough cudos on the nice explenation, im going to use that the next time one of my players has a spergout

>> No.54680966

asians have no ass or tits so im not suprised that chinks search for "big tits"

>> No.54681338

Hist gave them to Argonians to fit in more with every other race, which have them.

>> No.54681501

Titzards are just lazy attempts to make reptilian women attractive. If you're willing to put in the effort, you can make people want to slip it in the snake without adding meatbags to them.

>> No.54681681

But some argonians do come with tits. Some even are more mammal than reptile while others are asexual dinosaurs that breed like fungi.

>> No.54681958

I'll take "Pterosaurs" for 500

As it turns out large reptiles can fly

>> No.54681966

Lizard titties are unrealistic, but I'm pretty sure half the people in this thread posting them would throw a fit if stuff like they saw shit like gay marriage and women having equal rights and black people existing in in a european fantasy happening in front of them and call it unrealistic.

>> No.54682015

You can't fap to equal rights


>> No.54682082

>He can't fap over equality
Get a load of this faggot

>> No.54682125

When you really think about it, futa is just equality in porn.

>> No.54682131

The concept of equality or applied pornographic equality?

>> No.54682139

>Not being able to nut with the response
Fucking Plebian.
I have had black People in my European Fantasy game. Hell I even had gay characters. Who weren't token and actually came about more than once in the story.

>> No.54682286

>You can't fap to equal rights

Because when someone tries to get a lady-knight image dump thread going despite the historical bullshit of the idea nobody is beating one off.

>> No.54682388

You could make a strong case that "furries" are a result of two societal trends that sprang up in the 80's. The first being the emergence of AIDS and the associated fear of sex engendered in the generations following. Instilled by the media, schools and government educational programs. that focused on scare tactics to get their point across. And the backlash by those generations of children who grew up on Disney anthropomorphic characters and view them as safe and comforting. But that is just me spitballing.

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>> No.54682438

Ah yeh, lizard tits.

>> No.54684030

Those heavy scales giving them great AC, and the dense bone claws and teeth, say they still weigh more than they should if you're using physics.

>> No.54684059

Nope. Elena Samko, Russian cosplayer

>> No.54684148


Or they could be like normal male breasts and signify how large the pectoral muscles are...

On that note, where are all the male lizard l-lewd chests?

>> No.54684161


I want this lizard guy to fuck me. Is there any porn of him? What's his name?

>> No.54684253

who you callin pinhead?

>> No.54684349

>As it turns out large reptiles can fly
Under very specific shapes specifically evolved to let it fly (actually mostly gliding with long intervals between wing beats), and also very much reached what's physically possible in size.

Dumb motherfuckers, we know about pterosaurs, but they looked nothing like dragons of which we are fuckign speaking about. Next time, maybe try thinking a bit more instead of just leaping to the easiest semantic win you could and then looking like a fuckign moron.

>> No.54684632

Make me, fartknocker

>> No.54684640

It's Kobe actually

Like the Japanese place

>> No.54684691

I've been trying to think of a way to add reptilian aliens to my setting and make them viable. Cheers mate, you've solved my dilemma.

My players are going to fucking hate me.

>> No.54685029

How do you know what dragons look like?

>> No.54685113

>Herp a derp dragons aren't real so they can be pterosaurs
>Ignores the huge fucking amount of cultural imagery and ideas of how dragons are conceived across the world that look nothing like pterosaurs
>thinks this is a winning argument in a thread talking about those cultural versions of dragons and not his special snowflake setting

>> No.54685152

Make a typical dragon smaller with lighter bones and it'd fly

The idea is that fairly big things can still fly

>> No.54685747

What the hell am I gonna do with light Dragon bones. I didn't just spend ten hours fucking around in a mountain to not get Dragon plate armour

>> No.54685808


>> No.54685840

>Make a typical dragon smaller with lighter bones and it'd fly
The typical dragon depiction, with long tail, spread wings, and long neck, would have to be the size of a cat to fly that way.

We know this since there were long tailed pterosaurs and they were all small sized. Later ones grew bigger and lost the long tails, an issue with weight. Quetzalcoatl is the biggest pterosaur and it looks nothing like the image I posted. Its also small compared to most dragon depictions.

If you squint and you could maybe say this is a dragon, but its only got a 3 foot wingspan.

>> No.54685855

Dragon bones that are light but still unbelievably tough because magic would make even better plate armor.

>> No.54685875

Light doesn't mean weak. Bird bones are hard, but porous. If nothing else, just fluff it as having carbon nano-tube coating on the bones or something more fantastical yet, like dragon bones are coated in mithril or something.

>> No.54685913

Is there a MYFAROG module for hot lizard titties?
On a more serious note, has anyone played MYFAROG? Is it any good?

>> No.54685988

That clown mermaid kinda looks cute.

>> No.54686046

Its mediocre and boring, the two worst sins of a system. Its not even so bad, its memorable. The rules are terrible and schizophrenic, but not in an amusing way like FATAL. The setting is just Christians ideology forced into a terrible and boring shitfest. Its not even clever with its bigotry but just barely concealed and boring.

>> No.54686201

Clowns are a fucking kink for me.
I don't know why.
I would fucking RUIN a cute, playful clown girl.
Like that mexican clown girl that gets reposted here sometimes, gotdamn, just thinking of her is turning me on

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>> No.54686937

Stop putting dicks on lizardmen.

>> No.54688018


>> No.54688254

I didn't I wanted a clown mermaid. Then Plague drew her and I entered his magical realm.

>> No.54688284

Stop giving lizard people mammalian traits and bitching when they have mammaries.

>> No.54688290

>implying my lizards can't have fucked up chemistry and generate enough thrust through shitting fire out of their ass.
Dragons are NOT assblasters.

>> No.54688306

If something is a phobia odds are it could be a fetish too. Some people even have both at the same time.

>> No.54688622

Has /tg/ ever successfully justified the existence of lizard tits, in setting?

>> No.54688869


It's easy. "A wizard did it." Done in one.

>> No.54688893


No. They just screech "lizards don't normally walk around either" or "that's part of anthropomorphism" or something like "dragons are magic I don't have to explain shit."

In the end, it's not possible to justify. Reptiles do not have mammaries and any sort of biological coherence would dictate that you not do add them.

Giving the lizard tits is done by schlock artists to convey gender because they can't figure out any other way and most artists pretty much draw females the same regardless.

>> No.54688915

Egg sacs. When a lizard has big tiddies it means she's about ready to give birth.

>> No.54688970

Why not just turn the man into a younger person similar to the women's age?

>> No.54688989

poison glands

>> No.54688990

I've considered going full magical realm and having them produce an aphrodisiac. Maybe some form of paralysis as well for forced mating.

>> No.54689003

the tits are filled with glands which produce milk which acts as sustenance for babies unable to eat actual food yet

I know it's kind of out there and might be hard to convince your players though

>> No.54689017


>> No.54689020

So, is that a no?
There is a difference between "explaining" and "explaining away".
/tg/ likes coming up with answers to crazy shit.

"A wizard did it.", "It's magic, I don't have to explain shit.", and "Depends on the setting." might all be valid responses, but they kill discussion and exploration of ideas in favor of being a smug prick.

Variations upon lizards tits are useful for showing sexual dimorphism in humanoids in a way that Human Players can easily recognize, as opposed to learning real lizard genders or making up snowflake features.
The only explanation I've ever seen was poison sacs that just happen to look exactly like breasts, even though, to my knowledge, that never happens in nature.

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>> No.54689115

>it's not possible to justify.
That's just a challenge to be risen to.

>Reptiles do not have mammaries
Excellent point and a key factor.
We can either have "reptile-like women with tits" or "reptile women with something tits-like"

>any sort of biological coherence would dictate that you not do add them.
We added bipedal skeletal structure, so there is definite wiggle room to work with.

>Giving the lizard tits is done by schlock artists to convey gender because they can't figure out any other way
We could come up with other ways to convey "female".
As others have suggested, there is always the feminine ass.
Smoother scales, less horned ridges, slighter build, thicker hips, etc are all good.

But let's justify "snektits" instead.

>> No.54689150

>Egg sacs. When a lizard has big tiddies it means she's about ready to give birth.
Is there any examples of this in nature that even remotely resemble tiddies?
Because replacing one biologically implausible inaccuracy with another defeats the purpose.

>> No.54689176

>poison glands
>The only explanation I've ever seen was poison sacs that just happen to look exactly like breasts, even though, to my knowledge, that never happens in nature.

We need a herpetologist with no shame in here.

>> No.54689201

>I've considered going full magical realm and having them produce an aphrodisiac. Maybe some form of paralysis as well for forced mating.
Well, that's venturing into snowflake explanation territory, but it could work if there were breasts-like sacs that produce x, in nature.

>> No.54689239

>the tits are filled with glands which produce milk
Well, reptiles don't have tits and don't produce milk.
So the question becomes, why don't they?
Hang on, I got something.

>> No.54689256

Literal airbags for mating display.
They don't even need nipples, but if you want them anyway you can say they're there for sucking in the air.
There are reptiles in real life that have similar mating displays, just that it's usually the males doing it.
There, explained lizard titties.

>> No.54689401

I landed on this.
How would you explain the airbags lingering for longer than frogs puffing up their vocal sacs?

Or, you could have the flat chested lizard girl shyly standing there, only to puff out her chest as an attractive male approaches.
Combines a couple fetishes there.
Basically makes all snektits into temporary fake boobs.

>> No.54689469

Wouldn't agree with that. When I think of the representations, there always seemed to be a balance between top and bottom in terms of curves, like pear-shaped (medieval Europe), full-figured as above or hourglass (Victorian). Flappers were the first fashionable figure where there was a minimum of shapeliness on show, going so far as binding breasts. But that's just off the top of my head and I'm stoned.

>> No.54689484

>Egg sacs.
>poison glands
The problem with egg and poison sacs is that they tend to be very internal an protected.
You don't want either breaking.
Also, they tend to be very close to the point of ejection with venom having a more direct connection than the human neck has from the chest to the head.
So for venom, you really need thicker necks for venom bite delivery.
Or chest stingers. Those aren't nipples!

Eggs are gonna be oddly placed in the chest, as that's a long way for fertilizing material to travel, unless it's implanted in the mouth, which would be new to me.
And then you have to figure out where those eggs are travelling to.
And all that would mean only pregnant sneks have tits.

>> No.54689508

>Anyways yeah, thiccfags had their pockets of history where they reigned supreme, but for the most part those times occurred a long time ago.

Would you mind giving a gal a hand, anon?

>> No.54689513


yall realize there are Five heads there right?

>> No.54689591 [SPOILER] 

>the tits are filled with glands which produce milk
Reptiles lay eggs, aren't warmblooded, don't drink milk, don't give milk to their young, and don't have tits.
But maybe reptile humanoids lay eggs, are warmblooded, do drink milk, and do feed milk to their young.

Do you know who else does that?
pic related.

Perhaps snek tits are really a crop, or pair of crops why not, that provide milk for their young that have developed to be large, even when not producing, as a sexual attractant.
No fucking nipples though.

I'm good with this.

>Stop putting breasts on Lizard people
First? No.
Second? They're not breasts, they're crops. So fuck you.

>> No.54689605

He's right.
Ten boobs it is.

>> No.54689634

But they need to breastfeed the egg

>> No.54689657

It doesn't need to be air from her lungs; it could be mantained by the same kind of muscles that allow us to stand upright, so they can keep it puffed up for a long time and, to make sure she wouldn't have trouble mantaining thiccness, have the air that fills them be routed in a different path than her regular respiratory system, so it doesn't tire her or require her to hold her breath to keep them tiddies up.
I imagine even then they'd just deflate when she falls asleep. Which is a plus, every morning you'd have reptile girls taking deep breaths for half an hour just to try and get some lovin'.
I also like to think that sneezing would instinctively empty the airbags. No particular reason, but I think it'd be cute.

>> No.54689724

This makes sense.
I don't know if there's an animal that does something exactly like this, but there certainly are some that to stranger things for sex.

This idea is a good answer and is more alien and has more potential for interaction and activity, like the scene you described.
But, I'm liking the crop explanation as a basic answer.

>> No.54689866

> Even before written history, there existed the thiccfag.

>> No.54690243

Zaryusu Shasha.

Not sure if there's any porn, seeing as he's more or less a bit character, but rule34 works in mysterious ways.

>> No.54690971

The tits are actually sagging sacs of fat forming from the lower part of the neck
they were a result of sexual selection in the early evolution of the race
they were first positively selected in the males because they were the ones with the parental role of looking after the eggs, meaning they would spend long periods of time without eating

the tits can be engorged with blood for seduction purposes and can have small bony growths that get especially colorful
the designs of these bony growths is an easy way to identify the clan of origin

apart from attracting mates, scaring opponents and keeping fats, they have no other function

while it's the males who develop the "breasts", with the females acting as the bigger and stronger of the sexes, there exist a fair amount of exceptions of females that look like their males and males that look like their females that became part of the genetic variability when the the species first developed a primitive social structure that ended up keeping males and females separated for long periods of time, where the "crossdressers" were able to keep breeding away from the other group
with the difficulty of breeding and looking after eggs with the more active strong females, females croosdressers that stay with the sedentary males happen more often.

>> No.54691238

Stop euphemizing fat girls as thicc just to try and feel better about fat pussy you fucking idiot.

>> No.54694279

Moors existed. There were free blacks.

Blacks as inequal wasn't a thing until widespread colonialism.

>> No.54695648

Exactly. There's a difference between being curvy and being fat.
Smoothness, mainly. If you got jelly rolls and cellulite, that ain't curvy it's lumpy. Ya fat.

>> No.54695689


>> No.54696057

You can't stop me! Nobody can stop me!

>> No.54697230

Imagine being this guy

>> No.54697711

That's a fish tho

>> No.54697731

>Rape Chameleon

>> No.54697732

Deathclaws are tarrasques.

>> No.54698793


>> No.54698807

Reptiles also don't have the mental functions for society, so reptile people shouldn't either.

>> No.54700322


Exactly. this is all the result of biology "enthusiasts" ie nerds with a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of assmad getting all up in arms about a non-problem.

>> No.54700661

It's not like that wouldn't work.

>> No.54702266

Lizardfolk females can be shown to be feminine with shapely feminine hips

>> No.54702430

Deathclaws are to tarrasques as corgis are to Fenrir

>> No.54702451

Him and the screeching the token DFC pedo

>> No.54702518

That's not how it got started, this is. Say hello to Heket kneeling on the right. She's the Egyptian goddess of Fertility. She also has a frog's head.

Egyptians were the original furries.

>> No.54702531

Friendly reminder. While it's not the way things turned out. Birds and Reptiles could have developed 'breasts'. In fact one group of reptiles did. And some of their descendants spend all their time arguing about bullshit on the internet.

>> No.54702595

>dragons can't exist

Actually they fucking did. The Yi Qi was a real animal. Though it was rather small. So flying Wyverns did exist. They were just tiny and adorable.

>> No.54702719

Ah the old 'what the fucks a furry?' discussion. I'd argue that just giving a person the fetures of animals, in this case the head of a frog. Does not make a furry but a monster girl. A furry is when you want to fuck Kermit the frog. but that's just me.

>> No.54703344

Anon, as the poster of >>54685113 I already addressed that issue here >>54685840

I still contend they arent wyverns as they lack barbed tails, a distinct feature in every description in heraldry and RPGs.

>> No.54703668


>> No.54703961

You addressed Pterosaurs, which the Yi Qi is not. It is a scansoriopterygid dinosaur, totally different.

But hell, it couldn't even fly. Just glide.

>> No.54703970

Any dragon with true wings is a Wyvern

>> No.54703995

What are these breast brandishing descendants of reptiles of whom you speak of?

>> No.54704045

a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail.

>> No.54704124

You, dumbass. You evolved from a fuckin fish, which then evolved into proto reptiles, and so on.

>> No.54704127


Human beings. Did you think the first mammals just appeared out of the clear blue sky? They evolved from synapsids, who evolved from reptiles. (Or altenately, evolved from the things that became reptiles. Early synapsids were certainly very similar to reptiles, enough that any layman looking at one would say "that's a reptile" - but it appears all the common (very reptilian) ancestors of mammals and reptiles are extinct, meaning we can technically class them as separate.)

>> No.54706135


>> No.54706183

The most ancient pepe.

>> No.54708524


Stop killing your bandmates

>> No.54708553

>necromancing this shit thread
>not once, but several times

What kind of super faggot are you?

>> No.54709055


Oh, wait.

>> No.54709070

For some reason I now want deathclaws modded into skyrim as another race

>> No.54709349

Massive tits can sometimes even be a hindrance to breastfeeding.

I quite like Lindybeige's theory that breasts started out as a way for females to avoid unwanted sexual attention that back-fired because a few /d/eviant males found it attractive instead of repulsive, and those males were able to breed more often than the others, so the trait became widespread

>> No.54709457

>The only explanation I've ever seen was poison sacs that just happen to look exactly like breasts, even though, to my knowledge, that never happens in nature.

Mimicry happens all the time in nature. Either to lure prey or dissuade or hide from predators...

>> No.54709488

>muh every evolutionary feature must be a vital biological function
So long as peacocks exist, you can justify anything as a courting display. Their breasts are there to attract mates.

>> No.54710219

>Egyptians were the original furries.
Nope. Pic related predates our favourite geometry fetishists by a few tens of thousands of years.

>> No.54710250

Every vertebrate is fish. Or alternatively fish don't exist.

Land-dwelling tetrapod vertebrates (i.e all land vertebrates) are really highly derived tetrapod fish, which means coelacanth and lungfish are actually more closely related to us than to, say, sharks or salmon. Fish as a taxonomic group doesn't really make much sense as it consists of multiple only extremely distantly related groups (including things like hagfish which are barely vertebrates) that are group to get due living in water and having sort of similar appearance.

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