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How do you people handle prostitution in your games?

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Like this:
4 >> 3 >> 1 >> 2

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I hope you are reading right to left.

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Taxed where legal, prosecuted or 'disguised' as other services where not.

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As foreverDM i get payment in snacks and soft drinks.

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Looks like someone has the forest fever...

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Right to left
3 > 1 > 2 > 4

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Most of the time it's not really part of the game at all, rarely a player might want to do it as a joke or as a part of RP, but it's hardly ever handled more in-depth than that. Once though as part of a quest to investigate a rumored assassination attempt on a nobleman our DM hinted that the brothel in the seedy part of town might actually be a cover operation for female assassins, but before we could investigate the barbarian cocked everything up and the noble got killed. So though our game never really handled it I guess the DM makes prostitution an offshoot of the rest of the shady as fuck criminal underbelly of most cities.

Left to right

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>prosecuted or 'disguised' as other services where not.

I remember ads for "strict teachers" being a fad in Victorian England for wealthier men with peculiar tastes.

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How come there are both classes-races in Dofus and Wakfu but many NPCs aren't of these, what are they?

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Like any other NPC, their service is implied but the detail unnecessary.

Left to Right 3>>2>>4>>1 is the correct order, all others are heresy.

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Well if we run out of snack money we play a game of rock paper scissors after which GM drives the loser around the town so he/she can earn enough to fill our snack budget.
The GM takes a cut of pay for gas.

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And seamstresses for "darning" ones "socks"

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>Nobody ranks the most human looking one the highest
Blonde elf is CLEARLY the best. What are that other cheap slut and those furries even doing there? Blondie makes them look so bad, they'd better advertise themselves in a different alley altogether.

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From left to right:

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Dude, i know this may shock you, but people have different tastes.

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It's explained somewhere that everyone's genetically human, magic just causes some families to develop odd phenotypes.

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>How do you people handle prostitution in your games?
Well, typically you pay them before the session starts and a little more afterwards if the session goes over the time limit.
Unfortunately, you usually have to provide dice for the prostitutes, but you can save some time by giving them pregenerated characters.

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They all look equally human to me

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>Only liking humans
Low test.

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It was something about the god you take a liking to gicing you their blessings and thus making you transform into a furry, a leaf-person or some other type.

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It's the god you worship. The god you choose to worship has magic that makes you look more like them (Or rather, how they choose to have their desciples look). The thing "Locks in" at puberty though, so technically someone COULD go from a cat to something else if they changed their mind

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I personally would rather my players focus on the game rather than turning tricks.
It's just a distraction.

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it's hidden as long as players dont actively peek into anything related to it.

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Underrated post

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They're all human though

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Be that as it may, I stand by my words.

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Wasn't there some story about a guy who hired prostitutes to play D&D with him and they get really into it?

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Cra are kinda boring though. They're just good archers

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No sex at the game, we fade to black.

There was.
It was the inspiration for my comment.

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buffet style

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3 > 4 >> 2 >>> 1

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So your whores have sneezeguards, are frequented by the old and fat, and have a good chance of giving you food poisoning?

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It's also linked I think with how devout you are as a follower?

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Then how is that Iop prostitute exactly devout?
Or does she have a dildo in her purse that has a demon bound to it?

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they're also barely warm and are pumped full of additives

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There's always a good reason for prostitutes to turn down your party. The easiest one is that PCs tend to not bathe.

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Only some Iops have shushus. Presumably she just enjoys a good bar brawl. The gods in wakfu are pretty lax so they'll still give out blessings even if you aren't particularly devout.
I mean, Miranda acts more like an enutrof than an ecaflip (Or a sacrier possibly if you say the previous thing around her) and Kriss-Krass is a sacrier

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3>2>4>>>>1, 1 has crossed the line into actual furry territory (or scalie).

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She likes struggle-fucking.

Sometimes she even loses. ;)

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Pussy, pussy, pussy! All summoned pussy must go. At the house of nymphs we’re cutting pussy in half! This is a pussy blow out! Make us an offer on our
vast selection of pussy! We got nymph pussy, dryad pussy, mermaid pussy, succubus pussy, erinyes pussy, elf pussy, triton pussy, halfling pussy, troll pussy,
vampire pussy, ogre pussy, dwarf pussy, rakshasa pussy, aranea pussy, centaur pussy, angel pussy, demon pussy, devil pussy, werewolf pussy, invisible
pussy! And if we don’t have it, we can summon it!’

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This is a reference to that one movie where a group of people fighta gainst vampires in a strip bar, wasn't it?

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I've never heard of any of those breeds of cat, are they foreign?

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>mfw furfags

The two elf sluts are good to go but the only good time you can get out of the panda is smores. Depending on the catgirl's particulars she might be more sores as well.

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The mythic Titty Twister

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>but the only good time you can get out of the panda is smores
i wouldnt mind some smores right now

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>he doesn't know Wakfu.
Everyone in that picture is human, anon.

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If that panda is human then I'm I an immortal loli

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What is a little vampire girl like yourself doing on a board like this?

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It exists. It's technically not illegal in the empire, but brothels, the act of pimping, and publicly offering or soliciting prostitution are. These all exist, of course, but are disguised in order to prevent it from being addressed and the law is barely ever enforced as long as you're not creating a public nuisance.

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That turned dark pretty quickly.
But I love it.

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Anon, be my waifu.

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Tangent: should I watch Wakfu? Sub or dub?

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Sub, why is this even a fucking question?

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I did. It's not something absolutely awesome but I think it was pretty okay, if you're someone who can also enjoy some shonen anime and like - arguably pretty smooth and dynamic - animation.

I watched the sub, got used to the language pretty quickly, even learned to enjoy it. But I had double-audio versions and from what I've checked, English dub was pretty alright too so it's really up to you.

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There's nothing stopping the monks and clerics from owning brothels. Sometimes, they are the best clients.

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Yes, S1 is pretty good, S2 is meh in comparison.
I didn't even know there was a dub, but sub probably.

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Quite well, no reason to be a dick about it

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>English dub was pretty alright too
Why would you lie like that? I'm not a Dub>Sub fag normally, but the English dub of Wakfu was atrocious. I could forgive New Jersey Percedal and valley-girl Amalia, and the rest of the cast was okay to good, but the made Ruel fucking sound like Grover from Sesame Street.

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I have a thing for blondes so I choose 3 and the others can go fuck themselves while I watch.

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I murder them for good karma.

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That's gonna cost you a lot of good karma.

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Low to middle tier ones are a one time fee sized based on quality, the state of the local market, and the level of negotiation each party bright to the table. High class prostitutes generally expect a stipend long term that acts as an increase to living expenses.

Low and some middle class prostitutes act as ready sources of information about their clients, but you'll have to roll to resist giving out the same information about yourself.

High class prostitutes have less up to date information, but it tends to go deeper, as they are educated enough themselves to know what's really interesting and how to pry for specifics, however they won't just give it out for free. They know how valuable it is, and how much of a risk they are taking on themselves by betraying a client's trust.

Being known to sleep with prostitutes can impact your social standing with all sorts of groups. The specifics of how you treat them can impact your standings with a few.

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Untill I can get a better look at blondie's ass, redhead girl has them all beat in the only category that I care about.

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Amalia a shit
Evangelyne a best

This is the objective truth

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Over the counter, unter the table... it's business just like any other.

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Ah, I see you're running a historically accurate atmosphere!

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Pretty much anything goes...anywhere, for a price. Just like my real life history of the world.

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>Being this boring

>> No.54675724

Historically accurate?
Think you'll find it still goes on in Rome...

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Would it be considered evil to force succubi into sexual slavery?

>> No.54675866

You are implying you would have to coerce a succubi into having sex.

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I think he's implying that he forces the succubi to work as slaves to earn sex.

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That movie is from "Dusk til dawn" and that was the biggest fucking twist for me when i watched it

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Prostitutes are probably the only honest women in the world. They tell you what they want, what they can offer you and that's the end of it. Unless you're like that one unfortunate motherfucker who had to pay childsupport to a hooker he impregnated even though she said she was on birth control

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Worth it.

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We used to handle a prostituiton ring on our Evil campaign (as in, the pcs were pimps). Mind you the entire thing was, somehow, played for laughts.
We eventually carved our own kingdom in the post-apocaliptic world. Fun times

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But if they are earning it, wont it count as un-taxed labor?

>> No.54676170

We usually just hire one before the session, share her around, and then settle down for a nice stress free session.

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Good point, for the purposes of tax filings let's claim that the sex is a charitable donation to needy succubi.

>> No.54676256

Can you donate sex?
I know you can donate money and clothes but I've never heard of sex donation before.

Would it be similar to sperm donation?
Then shouldn't the donor be given a pay?

>> No.54676270

By selling the best one for the highest price and pricing the worn out ones so low that even old Farmer McWheatgrinder can have a happy night once in a while

>> No.54676328

I thin that's Rogue. Look at the purse. Or maybe Sram, but I doubt it's Iop.

>> No.54676349

>Can you donate sex?
Beats the heck out of me, but if the infernal revenue service comes around and decides to audit our semen demon accounts we can always just take the gold and leg it.

>Would it be similar to sperm donation?
>Then shouldn't the donor be given a pay?
Good point, perhaps we can pay ourselves to donate sex to our servile succubi sex slaves.

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I dunno, guys, i think it's a bad idea, with the whole "succ your soul out" business.

>> No.54676519

They think they're gonna get sex, but it turns out the place is full of traps

>> No.54676542

>Can you donate sex?
It's not a novel idea.

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Wouldn't change shit because ">>" is independent of reading direction.

Work on your bantz, mate.

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Dofus: Treasures of Kerubim is better than Wakfu honestly. Also subs.

>> No.54676734

Regular traps or...

>> No.54676774

Whelp, time for you to get on my shoulder then.

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>show for kindergartners
>Better than s1 wakfu

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I don't recall saying Wakfu wasn't good. Nox was the only memorable part of season 1 but they're both worth watching regardless

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Why are conservative Asian girls who play Magic a thing, and what can I do to obtain one?

>> No.54676956

Sooo, is there a full version?

>> No.54676977

what makes you think she's conservative? In either definition of the word?

trumpers aren't conservatives, they're neoconservatives which is hilariously and ironically very lax on many of the economic and environmental regulations classical conservatives would enjoy.

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nvm found it

>> No.54677020

I hear you can hire kidnapping gangs in LA.

Google "sexy asian vote for trump", first result.

>> No.54677021

Post the rest of the pic, queer

>> No.54677024

>Trumpers as a whole
>Coherent ideology

>> No.54677031

>there are different kinds of conservative than "classical liberalism"
Wow, you're a genius!

>> No.54677040

Actually I googled "asian trump pussy".

>> No.54677055

anon called someone who is very, very, likely not a conservative a conservative. So I mentioned it. No need to be upset anon.

>> No.54677125

You don't know what they are or aren't, and judging by their trump support and confederate flag they are definitely a conservative.

Your use of "classical conservative" is telling.

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You don't know if they are or aren't is my point brainlet. Anon said "tfw no conservative gf" and I said "it's very likely they aren't so be careful with that term".

If anon seeks a conservative gf, a trumper would leave him dissatisfied. The only thing we know about the image is that she's a trumper.

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Two campaigns ago our DM had us manage a brothel, basically be pimps, we thought it was gonna be some thug nigga magical realm shit but it turned out to be a really in-depth economy game about having and keeping the best whores and driving the other brothels out of business.

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I almost gave an entire city an STD once. In one town I discovered an underground fighting ring and since I was an 'ex-monk' (multi-class) I became champ and celebrated. Skip ahead to a few towns and there's a festival going on for a goddess of 'love and war'. So there was a team skirmish tournament and the winners got invited to a temple orgy.

Me: "Wow if 1 guy had an STD wouldn't like half the people there be fucked?"
DM: "Didn't you spend a week surrounded by prostitutes after the fighting ring?"

I had to make 3 time-travel wisdom checks to see if I would avoid the dirty hookers. Thankfully I passed them all and didn't get kicked out of the town.

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well fade to black is all their getting but setting wise

legal for the most places

Sacred Prostitutes are the most well treated and repected at least by their own religious followers and while not every religion has them or every city allow them they are fairly common in large cities

regular prostitutes and brothels in said cities offer services the churches won't (althought nothing to far) to bring in customers or in the brothels case something exotic and for the most part mistreatment and abuse is rare

in cities were prostitution is illegal is where the most abuse happens and I'll leave it at that

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Well, I go into lavish details about these prostitution and make the players feel uncomfortable for a start. Then I grind the game to the halt if a player decides to bed a prostitute whilst I describe in detail of how she rides your bone, this usually lasts an hour.

I then continue to spend the rest of the game completely devoted to the prostitute and her daddy issues, because I'm such a hack to think that all prostitutes have such as well as other poor writing choices that make my players question being in the game

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sauce of cropped hentai

>> No.54678314

can't help with that one unfortunately

>> No.54678570

Looks like Mizuryuu Kei,

Yep it was.

>> No.54678929

>thug nigga magical realm
Sounds interesting

>> No.54678999

They're technically human variants, modified by the local gods but all are still genetically compatible not only with baseline humans but eachother as well.

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Right to left,
2 >> 1 >> 3 >> 4

>> No.54679410

That's almost enough to stop Ozymandias!

>> No.54679414

It's pretty clear he means counting them from right to left, hence him saying to the person that made the post that he hoped he was reading right to left, and not he himself reading the numbers from right to left.

>> No.54679667


Brothels are in every town, and are basically a way to turn extra money into experience points.

>> No.54680409

I used to have this system in place to subvertly insert my prostitute fantasies into my games before I stopped running alignment.

If a player buys a whore and is...
They gain a good reputation as she gossips around town about what a nice person they are, and they are treated better.
The whore doesn't feel like she's being judged around you and begins to open up. She tells you stories, and potentially you learn some juicy rumor going about town
You treat the whore like shit, and she winds up not liking it. You aren't kicked out, but rumor quickly spreads that you're a shitstain and people treat you worse.

Naturally, this works best without telling them the alignment part.

>> No.54680445

why are french such degenerates?

>> No.54681354

>le evil means mean meme

>> No.54681402

>being this bitter of a virgin

>> No.54681492


I run a brothel/gambling-den/inn/eatery/bar-tavern-pub (with partners) when I'm not killing things and taking their stuff. Midweek there's pitfighters, nut one partner is into avant-garde poetry, jesters, and music, so that's regular entertainment.

We had a war with another brothel run by another PC; he tried to illegally get the whores and doxies form a union (ours, too, the cheeky cunt); the Kobold witchdoctor spiked his booze supply with kobold laxatives in partial revenge, plus got him into trouble with the local guilds.

What was the question, again?

>> No.54681523


In nicer places, it's regulated by the Courtesans' Guild, which also teaches ballroom dance, baking, and various other techniques of entertainment like massage and catering. The larger Guildhalls have rooms you can rent for parties, complete with herds of attractive young people who can chat up either on your own money or the host's if they paid for it. Clients who get abusive are dragged out back and shot, so it doesn't really happen. The largest Guildhalls of all also have huge restaurants in them, with party rooms and musicians in the halls, and you can order a room for yourself and your significant other(s) for yourselves or with a courtesan to spread the pleasure.

Outside the Guild territory, it's a rough and dirty as it would be in any other place without legal protection or a union.

>> No.54681572

If I let you drink a pint of my blood, might I smash dat loli puss?

>> No.54681686

It usually doesn't come up because I don't magical realm.

The one time it has come up, players went legendary levels of white knight, storming a brothel like some sort of full plate wearing, Bardic Performing, spell-slinging S.W.A.T team with as much accuracy as the LAPD.

they killed nearly every prostitute present just to eliminate one pimp and his three level 5 thugs.

>> No.54681827

Depends on the God. Some are more strict in how they expect their followers to behave and will punish them. In the animated show, Ruel overwhelmingly refuses to use Enutrof magic because he would have to pay Enutrof himself for the use of it. Enutrof normally gives his magic as long as you make a small tithing each month, but Ruel has refused for so long that Enutrof gouges him for it out of spite when he's finally forced to call upon it.

All souls in the World of Twelve are human, but each is inherently geared towards a certain god. Souls are reincarnated into new bodies fitting the god, and are given until their thirteenth birthday to change before entering puberty and being locked in.

>> No.54681834

>prostitution is magical realm

How far /tg/ has fallen, how terrible this loss of clarity and muddling of terms

>> No.54681915

I feel if you have to go into detail about the prostitution in your world, it's toeing the line of magical realm, at least.

It's not hard to understand what a prostitute is and how it works.

Those women near the gas station aren't being nice to you because they like you, Anon, and your mother doesn't work overnight at an office.

>> No.54682204

You sure? Google images gives me some confederate shit and coontown nonsense.

>> No.54682218

>there are closeminded prudes that ignore or downplay the third most popular profession after farmer and fisherman

one day you might grow up and play a proper game with adults

>> No.54682372

>popular profession

>> No.54682760


Fade to black. Possible surprise action on the guy engaged in the act if he was a hit out on him.

>> No.54682828

Do you understand what the words "agrarian society" mean

>> No.54682906

Copper for AIDS.
Silver for Trips.
Gold for nothing.

>> No.54684268

No, I'm pretty sure it was that IHitItWithMyAxe guy and his Playing D&D with Pornstars thing

>> No.54684293

Thicc brown sassy princess will always be better than wet blanket elf

>> No.54685903

he's right though, white knight

>> No.54685944

There's a leprechaun somewhere in there

>> No.54686105

Are you suggesting your would-be Conans don't blow all their money on booze and whores?

>> No.54689796

Obvious bait is obvious.

>> No.54689963


Go back to your containment board.

>> No.54690346

I don't mainly. Most I've really had them pop up for was info gathering on a mob boss.

>> No.54691403

Geisha aren't prostitutes.
If you want some actual prostitutes I've got some nice honour loss for you. Also some prostitutes of varying quality.

>> No.54691423

Nah mate, you only need like 5 farmers to feed a city.

>> No.54691474

I don't, that's what we have the rogue for.

>> No.54691481

keep the best for last uh

>> No.54691660

It's a commodity, same as anything else that is a non mechanical gold synch. Sometimes I break out the BoEF and give the player an STD if it's a particularly dirty area.

>> No.54691724

Once upon a time some dag brought a 12th century party to the Titty Twister from that Tarantino movie. Watching Salma Hayek bully the halfling made it worth watching Sex Machine having sex with one of those vampires.

>> No.54691727

One of my players is a prostitute (not the character, the player), so fairly straightforwardly historical, it's not particularly magical realm. There are cheap streetwalkers, there are the ones who work in whorehouses, and there are escorts, etc. all the way through various social strata.

>> No.54691785

>geisha aren't prostitutes


>> No.54692640

>A group of barbarians, rangers, and other rough folk hire a high class escort
>The kind that you hire to be your arm candy and talk to other nobles so they get jealous you get to hang out with a beautiful woman who is not airheaded
>The party is hunting down a group of cultists, and a member is about to throw a party for the local aristocrats to try and recruit more acolytes
>The party also can't into high society
>At all
>The escort agrees to show them the ropes, how to talk the talk and walk the walk
>She's also unaware of the party's plan, and thinks they are either representatives of a local rural town, or a bunch of nobodies that fantasize about being aristocrats
>The plan gets in motion and the local cutists are dealt with
>The escort, having never felt such a rush, invites herself into the party for further adventuring
>The party agrees to take her in because the other cult member are even higher on the social strata and could use the help

An interesting way of introducing the party face
High charisma and wisdom (At least, street smarts), with high enough intelligence to speak with more educated folk. Rounding it up with some support abilities, like medicine, or some low key magic, like illusion, and done.

>> No.54694156

>Trader down on his luck needs to pass through some dangerous terrain
>Gives his helper the last bits of money he has to hire escorts for them
>Helper returns with "escorts"
>After a thorough chewing out the merchant asks the escorts of their labor policy
>"We get paid, we do what the customer wants"
>So begins the tale of the all prostitute party on their epic quest to charisma their way through problems they encounter

>> No.54694924

This is now cannon in my setting.

>> No.54696812

> out of business.
Did you buy out the failing brothels to create a lesser priced avenue for the less fortunate?

>> No.54696965

As long as it is not forced I dont care.

>> No.54696986

GM has to give a handjob under the table to whoever buys a prostitute.

>> No.54698011

>How do you people handle prostitution in your games?


>> No.54698501

why are ecaflips so perfect?

>> No.54698608

you all forgot about the best race

>> No.54698848

Pretty much this. The number of prostitutes in medieval history or ancient history is actually mindboggling. Learning about all the variations from place to place is pretty fascinating stuff.

>> No.54699107


>> No.54699222

Indeed. They just need some sort of guild to promote their services. A Seamstresses' Guild.

>> No.54699304


I know you're joking, but this is always really noticeable in RPG settings. I don't care enough for it to bother me, but it's funny how no one realizes the crazy number of farmers and the amount of farmland it took to feed a premodern city.

>> No.54699330


You don't need a ton of farmers. Just make resettable "Create Food/Water" traps on archways, so food/water is created whenever someone walks under them.

Yet another setting problem completely solved by intelligent application of magic.

>> No.54699507

So that's why magic is so rare in most fantasy settings.
>Mages magically create food
>Farmers are out of a job
>Sudden influx of low skill labor who only know how to agriculture
>Nobody hires the unskilled peasants
>Peasants revolt
>Large numbers of farmer lynch mobs cause a sudden downturn in mage numbers
>To avoid anarchy, the king decides to make usage of food conjuring illegal
>Farmers return to their fields and magic is generally frowned upon

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>> No.54699594

>fucking hookers bareback
Deserve everything you get

>> No.54700723

>president two scoops images

you're the one who needs to leave, that meme is over

>> No.54700748

>>fucking hookers bareback
>>fucking women bareback
>>fucking women

>> No.54701088

I could see widespread depression, but employment isn't a huge concern post-scarcity.

>> No.54702362

The main PC in my campaign is the madame of a brothel, so...

>> No.54702598

I found Kerubim enjoyable, but quite obviously (even) more disconnected than Wakfu. Also, really obviously geared towards a younger audience.

Both have the perfect amount of near-lewds though, so both are fine.

>> No.54704561

There isn't any. Anti-conceptives are common and reliable, and women aren't greedy whores. So sex is readily avaliable for the average person.

>> No.54707492


>> No.54707515

you fuck, now im sad

>> No.54707598

>and women aren't greedy whores.

>> No.54708021

>Infinite food
>Post scarcity
Or are you implying that the mages are going to do everything in the society from this point onward?
Casting houses, bridges, roads and any and all materials that people would ever need?
Wouldn't this sort of society keep on exponentially growing until it starts fighting genocidal wars against other nations of the land in order to obtain more lebensraum?

>> No.54709982

Create Food & Water traps and Rope Trick traps cover just about everything.

>> No.54709995

Come to think of it, that would be a neat town

>> No.54710014

>not knowing how those traps work
Despite what /tg/ memes would have you think, those have to be reset by the spellcaster.

>> No.54710083

Ideally never in-depth. I mean sure I WANT hot mercenary dyke on elf lesbian erp action, but I have my own venues for that and have no desire to make everybody's day that much worse in the name of an erection I won't be able to summon with another fat grognard

>> No.54710151

Sound wrong to me, may be out of the look, haven't seen anything wotc since 2006

>> No.54712967

Google may throw different results depending on location and search history.

>> No.54713175


>> No.54714875

They are just lucky.


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