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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also /pfg/)

How skimpily does your character normally dress?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>54654751

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Is a skirt and top and literally nothing else skimpy?

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What classes are suited for an elf working in a mercenary company?

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Alchemist, gunslinger, wizard, ranger from what I've played.

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So I'm putting together a world my first, actually and I'm going to do a continent with a wide variety of countries/climates all over very original, I know. I'm not trying to be original. If anything I'll probably go read some splats.

>European-ish kingdom in the plains, plenty of windmills. Tribal Rougadou and Centaurs also live in the area
>"Desert"-Based Sultanate, formerly subjugated by genies but recently liberated. Actually has a lot of Savannah. Native species include gnolls and some kind of desert elves
>Forest kingdom, with elves, skinwalkers, and some kind of fey. Has some kind of natural harmony religion going on, and the rulers are probably some kind of druidic council
What else could I shoehorn in? And what kind of environment would be best for a vaguely eastern culture?

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>want to finally play a foxtits for the laughs
>DM says no because they're "Unknown RP"

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>And what kind of environment would be best for a vaguely eastern culture?
I don't think it matters at all.

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The Byzantine Empire!

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I recommend some place loosely based on mongolia. Kind of cold steppes with roaming nomads living there.

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Why would an elf work in a mercenary company?

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What better way to conquer your own kingdom than to become the leader of an army full of people hungry for land?

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Kenomimi extermination campaign when?

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>European-ish kingdom in the plains

Could you explain this a bit more? The feudal systems of France were quite distinct from those of Frisia, or hell the Holy Roman Empire.

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WHY not start the euro based kingdoms in the desert? Why is the desert always associated with eastern and orientalist cultures? Don't want to be original? Rethink your approaches

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Group of dukedoms on the vast flat lands to the east that have lived under the Mongol yoke for over 200 years. More or less Russia before the rise of Moscow.

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So technomancer looks really cool. Every class for starfinder looks pretty great.

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Ancient ruins filled with aberrations and contains a container containing something of pure evil. Plot twist, the aberrations are guardians and trying to keep the evil in and just can't communicate to the party without turning them insane.

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>Why is the desert always associated with eastern and orientalist cultures? Don't want to be original? Rethink your approaches

Why not make them based on the Zoroastrian Persians?

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What's the kind of traits you see in male character art that makes you think "Oh my GOD I want him inside me"?

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Only you can make your crush see this.

I want you to PM your crush today!

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The person submitting it, mostly.

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Do you want to have a heat stroke sith these clothes?

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So "Be Captain Slow/DHB"? Lovely, I'll keep that in mind.

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Nothing cause I'm not a faggot.

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Everything commonly associated with a Traveler archtype.

That, or the Astolfo/Shroedinger cutes.

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The hell are Paizo games, anyway?

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Pathfinder and potentially Starfinder.

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> Ehrr art
Good taste.

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No. If you're someone I like, I'll always want you inside me. Are you someone I like?

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>having a crush like a 14 year old
how pathetic desu

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>he doesn't have a crush!
How sad and lonely!

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I would hope so, but that's a point entirely apart from being inside of anyone. I just want to think someone specific actually likes me.

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Well anon, why don't you PM them right now?

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>He doesn't already have a waifu to be loyal towards.

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I had to take my friendd to the dooctor. She's had a few surgeries and has been ill for most of three weeks, with a C. Dif. infection. They finally figured that out this week. I also work full time and have obligations. I plan on taking a few days off to run this mass.

But RL comes first.

BUT, that aside, I have a listing for ruling houses and ruling families, which will have gaps enough for the players to fill in their own needs/desires as well. Takes some time.

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>C. Diff.
That's no joke senpai. Hope things start to look up for you and yours.

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What level should a wizard be to be analogous to the ones from warhammer (capable of buffing and harming companies made of tens to hundreds of men)?

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See, without qualification, I just suspect cannibalism or a ghoul. Maybe a purple worm.

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It doesn't really happen since most Wizard spells specify hard limits to the number of people you can affect, especially for buffs.

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>Muscles on display without being too bulgy
>Confident, pleasant expression
>Aesthetically appropriate scars
>Visible eyes
And I can't stress that last one enough.

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C . Diff after having gastric bypass surgery. I've taken her to emergency services 3 times in the past 2 months for severe dehydration, and she was hospitalized once for one of those trips....most likely where she caught it. But we'll know in a week or so.

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aaaaaa I want to duo app as an unrequited love!

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Really now?
Hit me up on Discord sometime

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Mythic 6 tier at least, with 9th level mythic spells.

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App to B&BS and I'll app after you as your unrequited lover.

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Why do you need charisma to use magical items? Do you ask politely or seduce the object to do the spell?

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This one, desu.

With a touch of the first part of >>54665653
Not the weird trap part, though. That isn't for me.

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Sorry, I only do that one for twin girls. Otherwise it get requited.

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>mfw it's good Western art with prominent eyes

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Depends on what instance.
Sentient Items, literally yes.
UMD, you're basically aping a Wizard or Cleric.
Charisma is force of personality.

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>western art
Pls tell me where to find this?

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Fuck, I make male apps all the time, and that last one is more of a hurdle than it sounds like.

They're always either fey anime dudes, or they've got shadowed eyes or are wearing a helmet.

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How does that work? Can you hurt a magic object's feelings or bullying it?

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Force of Personality, anon. You convince the magic to do what you want, as opposed to what ity wants.

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Character art threads.

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Your fooling the item into letting you use it when you really can't.

Real Answer: So Charisma wouldn't be 100% useless even with no resource investment.

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UMD, yes, yes you can. Neutral Evil character had the Holy Avenger convinced they were a paladin. Said it was worth the negative level.

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A sentient item? Yeah, actually, a lot of them even have Ego scores and can try to Assume Direct Control of their user.

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Do you have any examples?

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Despite the fact that we don't talk about starfinder because we CAN'T because it's not OUT YET.

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Mythic spells and lvls? How do you get them?

>> No.54666032

It will be soon enough!

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Decent example, maybe a little more bulgy than I'd like.

Yes, it's Rory, but he's got the same qualities I liked in the other guy.

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You are like little baby, watch this.

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Both of you are small time.

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Hey guys, I got a PM! I actually got a-
>GM updating an FAQ thread

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You have either a genius or an idiot for a GM.

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>get PM
>it's from a player saying they won't make it to the next game

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>Eyes are indistinct
>Stoic, ugly face
>No visible musculature, it's all enshrouded by clothes and armor
>Receding hairline
This is well-drawn, don't get me wrong. It's got a nice color scheme, easy on the eyes, and he looks like he's ready to go adventuring.

But it's not sexy, you know?

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You are but children

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Obvious shop is obvious.

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Cool shoop bruh. But I can see the pixels.

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Better. Would be even better if it showed off his body.

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>Implying I meant to actually deceive
>Implying it would have any meaning even if it was real

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Black dudes don't look good desu, their face is offputting.

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>Sub-Saharan Negroid
>Thor's Hammer pendant

Fucking appropriation rite there m8

>> No.54666184

He's not bad. There's traits about him, like the close-cropped hair, that I don't like. But overall, this is pretty good.

And that's coming from someone who thinks bow-users can't be sexy.

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>Thinking Thor gives a flying shit what color your skin is or where you came from

Step up your game, or you'll never get to Valhalla.

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Its easy to find portraits for male character art, its usually what I tend to like more.

>> No.54666233

Body, BODY. That actually shows LESS.

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>t. Luna

>> No.54666248

How's this?

>> No.54666249

I'm not the same person but it highlights the body enough for you to understand how well muscled he is. Don't be so shallow, oh wait it's /pfg/

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Does your game have an opening song?

What is it?

>> No.54666271

>if you have an opinion on how people from somewhere look, you must be /pol/
Am I /pol/ for thinking Swiss and Italian dudes are hot too?

Isn't his anatomy a little, I dunno...off?

>> No.54666278

the Always Sunny theme

>> No.54666294

White's are above that "appropriation" bullshit, but I guess you niggers are too dense to see that.

>> No.54666296

>All his worshippers were White
>Hurrr he dont care!

Pretty obvious he did other nigs would have been worshipping instead of dung sculptures or whatever it is.

>> No.54666297

>Sleep and Rory characters

>> No.54666310

>Geological distribution isn't a thing.


>> No.54666311

Aethopians were legit though.

>> No.54666316

Why isn't anyone playing a big titty catgirl gunslinger?

Not literally gunslinger the class...

>> No.54666320

Geographical, presumably.

>> No.54666326

maybe the legendary gunslinger

>> No.54666327

I don't pay attention to celeb bullshit, unless it's been forced so hard I can't ignore it.
But they had good character art. That, at least, I remember.

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>> No.54666341

>all my pictures of dudes that have "distinct eyes" are all weebshit and/or twinks
>few smiles, if any, on western art
>all my armored dudes have helmets
>the only art I have that really covers the bases are catfolk on the far end of the scale

sometimes I forget how shit my collecting skills are

>> No.54666343

Okay, what about a legendary gunslinger (vanilla version, no archetypes) LYNX catfolk with Bloodforge Infusion?

She can still have huge boobs.

>> No.54666357

Because I'm playing a little cat landschneckt.

Because every time I play something larger than small it ends up dead, crippled, or worse.

>> No.54666373

Ah, y'know what I meant.

Point is that all of them having been white doesn't imply Thor has any kind of beef.

>> No.54666381

If they're not furry, it's okay. Just give something with an open shirt rather than a guy who's entirely hidden by platemail.

>> No.54666387

I mean seeing as Thor doesn't exist

>> No.54666402

What do you need to lead (and have) your own an army?

>> No.54666410

booze and wenches

>> No.54666412

What race do I even play for catgirl?

aren't catfolk like covered in fur and shit

>> No.54666414

That's not good!

>> No.54666429

>aren't catfolk like covered in fur and shit
Catfolk are canonically an incredibly diverse race, they can and are anything from cats-on-two-feet to catgirls.

That said, you could also play an Agathion-Blooded Aasimar.

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>> No.54666451

I mean those guys don't either

>> No.54666460

I'll never forget my first Purple Worm

>> No.54666486

This is always the terminal argument made by someone who's backed into a corner about cultural appropriation, "Well it doesn't matter because X isn't real!"

>> No.54666506

What kinda gunslinger, if not the class?

>> No.54666529


>> No.54666540

Because cultural appropriation is
1. The stupidest thing I've ever heard as long as it's not about rewriting history to pretend this was yours all along, as culture is literally about exchanges and reinterpretations, do you have any idea how many knockoff versions of Ishtar / Inanna or Wodanz there are and
2. Even when applied straight, about the culture itself, not what the object thinks about being approriated, and therefore whether or not Thor likes black dudes is entirely irrelevant to the fact that black dudes didn't worship Thor, unless they were slaves of some sort and even then it wouldn't have been the worship we're familiar with.

The Pope isn't real either, he's just a Major Image cast by that cap of his.

>> No.54666599

>The stupidest thing I've ever heard as long as it's not about rewriting history to pretend this was yours all along

Like insisting Hannibal was black and the descendants of West Africans have a legitimate claim to Egypt?

>> No.54666649

That's not cultural appropriation in my eyes, just stupidity, piecemeal evidence used to arrive at a conclusion that was decided before the logic used to get there, and some sort of strange demented form of grasping for glory (while ignoring, of course, actual African kingdoms like Songhai and Mali). Like can it really be considered cultural appropriation to engage in straight up historical revisionism like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Athena?

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Would you accept a player who used pic related as their char art?

>> No.54666740

Is there a reason I should not?

>> No.54666748

>player character has dead family backstory
>(his animal companion is named after his dead sister)
>wants to have his family resurrected
>they've been dead like 2-3 years I am pretty sure
>resurrection is expensive af (he's a level 5 ranger)
>now he wants to capture a djinn noble and use all 3 wishes on resurrecting his family members
>has looked at the stats and is pretty much convinced the party can easily beat it
>am considering giving it a bunch of sorcerer levels so it kicks the party's ass
>don't want it to be lethal though, just hold them at bay
>if the PCs choose to be somewhat diplomatic, the djinn will give them a cool extraplanar quest to do on the plane of air, then plane shift them there to do it
>never done an extraplanar adventure in my 10 years of RPG gaming so I think it'd be fun

How much of a dick am I for giving this thing a fuckton of sorcerer levels? What kind of spells are good for non-lethally kicking a party's ass? Is sorcerer a good class for djinn? Other thoughts? I asked about this before but now the situation has developed so I have more questions. It also annoys me that something capable of granting wish should be easily beatable by a party of level 6 characters.

>> No.54666769

I like you.

>> No.54666826

> Be level 12 wizard in a party of 4
> GM tells us our plane is gonna be invaded in a year and a half in game time by 6 armies from 6 different elemental planes
> Party decides to just load up on powerful artifacts and give peasants guns
> Gets pissed off that I "wasted" time and money on automated clockwork factories to make clockwork soldiers
> Pissed off that I "wasted" more time making more automated clockwork factories that make food, weapons, armor, etc for our armies
> Pissed off I was close to achieving space flight via spelljamming and was planning on making kinetic bombardment rods until GM asked I back off that plan 3 months IRL after he approved it
> Pissed off I made groves of trees that produce ironwood and are making plans to make ironwood treants thanks to blowing all feats on crafting/growing feats
> A year is left and I already have a treant in the works, a regiment of clockwork soldiers and a regiment of zappers along with a citadel located in a desolate tundra full of ice elementals including a colossal fucking elemental that tries to constantly attack me
> They still bitch I did nothing for them after spending 300,000 gp on a fucking flying man o war that's fully equipped for them to use as a mobile base of operations

Am I in the wrong here?

>> No.54666831

Why do you play Pathfinder, /pfg/?

>> No.54666848

It's a meme character made to parody the Gamergate arguments. I forget which side it was ridiculing, but the point remains that the character is still considered inflammatory.

>> No.54666851

Honestly? At this point I only play it because I'm already in games.

>> No.54666858

Everyone I know is richer than me and better than me in every way, shape or form. It evens the odds a little bit until they make perfectly optimized characters and laugh at me for not being as smart as them. Oh, it lets me interact with different people, so that's good too.

>> No.54666863

>newish gm only my second time running something that wasn't an AP
>party is level 5, it is their first time in a major city since level 1
>now that the plot hooks are baited, they are officially off the railroad and the world is their sandbox
>It looks like we have some rogue elements who care more about their character's backstory vendetta (which I did try to work into the story) and an overall disagreement where to go next

Any advice?

>> No.54666868

Because I like it, warts and all. And because a lot of people I like play it, though that more informs my reason to play 5e or try WoD.

>> No.54666871

give me starfinder leaks RIGHT

>> No.54666875

Because my group refuses to try anything other then any D&D or PF ruleset saying whatever they need, the D20 engine can provide via homeruling and that it's too hard/time consuming to learn new rules.

>> No.54666916

Everyone I play with prefers Pathfinder. I hate the system but I'm stuck with it unless I DM, and sometimes I can't convince people to try something else even if I offer to DM and they want to play "a game".

>> No.54666921

Don't fuck up.

>> No.54666950

Besides Pathfinder, is there any other system that allows you to play settings analogous to the renaissance?

>> No.54666957

I said something like this the last time it was asked- Escapism from my miserable life.

>> No.54666979

>analogous to the renaissance
What fucking history have you been wrongly taught?

>> No.54667000

let them hash it out, but reign them in if it turns into an OOC argument.

Oddly enough, I'm planning on using Starfinder for a Final Fantasy styled campaign. Sure, it's not renaissance true, but it can cover a wide variety of themes and styles. More than Pathfinder can, certainly.

that said, I dunno if this is the right thread to ask that kind of question, because it's literally "hey, let's ask about literally any game other than Pathfinder."

>> No.54667014

This is no joke pretty decent art. Definitely saving it for future archer dudes.

>> No.54667017


>> No.54667020


Fuck off. Just put more emphasis on polearms and guns.

>> No.54667024

Sure, in a few days.

>> No.54667034

Are you sure Starfinder is going to cover what you're banking on?

>> No.54667040

If you wanted to make a setting inspired by the Age of Reformation (the 1600s) how would you go about it?

>> No.54667053


Every D&D/Pathfinder setting is set in a renaissance but withou guns, anon. You dont have big cities, centralized kingdoms, standing armies, and so on in the middle ages.

>> No.54667055

Pathfinder really isn't any more effective at playing that era than most pseudo-medieval systems are with the same emphasis.

>> No.54667103

You're fucking retarded mate.

>> No.54667124


Also full plate armor is more of a renaissance thing.

>> No.54667128


>> No.54667176

You now realize that many of the things associated with 'medieval times' (such as inquisitions, witch burnings, jousting knights in platemail armor, standing armies, serfs, powerful centralized monarchs, organized city marketplaces, and so on actually became a thing during the tail end of the Late Middle Ages into the Renaissance.

>> No.54667182


Late medieval and early renaissance overlap, anon. It's not my fault than England was a backwater place.

>> No.54667194

What do you do when you have nothing to do involving Pathfinder but still want to do something involving Pathfinder?

>> No.54667197

I love when players play cute women as their characters, and especially when they provide pics. It just makes it that much more satisfying to kill them off. I remember one time a female human ranger played in my game got caught alone by 3 ogres who beat her to death with spiked chains cause she was only level 4, I didn't jerk off or anything but I didn't mind having my hand on my dick as she took 12 damage, then 15 damage, then 8 damage, and so on. Also the fact they missed a lot cause I rolled shitty but she still couldnt escape cause she didn't have longstrider prepared and the ogres weren't wearing heavy armor.

>> No.54667198

That's literally one of Slow's apps.

>> No.54667203

Pick up an AP

>> No.54667211

>renaissance fairs

really makes u think

>> No.54667215

gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8.

>> No.54667224

Don't forget greatswords.

>> No.54667228

> Nine months later, Edda gave birth to a son who was svartan (dark). They named him Þræll (thrall, serf, or slave). Þræll grew up strong but ugly. He married a woman named Thír (slave girl or bondswoman), and they had twelve sons and nine daughters with names mostly suggesting ugliness and squatness. They became the race of serfs.

>> No.54667234

Your job, as the DM, is definitely to kill your players, setting up no-win scenarios for them because they dared to play something even slightly different than 'DudeGuy McBro'.

>> No.54667241

Make characters or play with gimmick/build ideas

>> No.54667245

>Traveling further, Rígr came across a pleasant house where a farmer/craftsman, Afi (grandfather), lived with his wife Amma (grandmother). This couple gave him good food and also let him sleep between them. Nine months later, a son, Karl (churl or freeman), was born, who had red hair and a ruddy complexion. Karl married a woman named Snör or Snœr (daughter-in-law; sometimes anglicized as Snor), and they had twelve sons and ten daughters with names mostly suggesting a neat appearance or being of good quality. One of the names is smiðr (smith). These became the ancestors of free farmers, craftsmen and herdsmen.

>Traveling further, Rígr came to a mansion inhabited by Faðir (Father) and Móðir (Mother). They gave him excellent food served splendidly and, nine months later, Móðir gave birth to a beautiful baby named Jarl (earl or noble), whose hair was blond and who was bleikr (bright white in color). When Jarl grew up and began to handle weapons and to use hawks, hounds, and horses, Rígr reappeared, claimed him as his son, gave him his own name of Rígr, made him his heir, taught him runes, and advised him to seek lordship.

>> No.54667246


>> No.54667277


>Going from this
>To Modern Scandinavia

Oh boy

>> No.54667282

No, it's just satisfying to do. It's either a dude playing a girl character cause he's a fag or tranny, or is into femdom like a cuck, or because he wants to make his friends uncomfortable, or it's an actual woman playing a female character. Women sometimes cry when their D&D characters die and that's fun to watch. The dudes are generally creeps and fags so it's fun to watch their precious waifu die and watch them get steamed over it.

>> No.54667284


>> No.54667285

In summary: Blacks are for thralls, and thralls don't get to fight in battles or worship jack shit. Valhalla does not let them in, because the valkyries never give a shit about them in the first place.

>> No.54667315

t. someone who has never dm'd pathfinder before

>> No.54667320

Wait, so are you telling me Helheim is full of black dudes?

>> No.54667326

Is it actually said anywhere that Valhalla doesn't give a shit about thralls?

>> No.54667335

Thralls aren't generally the sort who find the chance to get into Valhalla.

>> No.54667338

I mean, Hel herself is usually portrayed as two-faced, with half white hair and fair skin, and half black hair and dead/rotting skin.

I wonder where that came from.

>> No.54667377

I mean the "two faced goddess" isn't exactly new. I don't think the dead side is meant to symbolize black dudes, it's meant to symbolize corpses.

>> No.54667391

Yeah well the guy up there who started this whole talk is clearly a fighty-type person, so 'not getting the chance to be worthy' isn't really a point of issue.

>> No.54667397

You're not helping your case a whole lot.

>> No.54667410

Does this black person, for whatever reason, believe in Thor and the Norse gods? I know the Norse gods weren't exactly the sorts who demanded blind worship, but it's not like Norsemen thought brave Anglo-Saxon warriors who died with their hands upon their blade would be picked up by a Valkyrie.

>> No.54667433

youre assuming a heck of a lot here kiddo

>> No.54667445

I mean, presumably.

If he didn't, then it'd just be 'Hey this necklace looks cool ima wear it'

>> No.54667532

Not with /pfg/ players, no. But I did run a game for my friend's gf and she decided to play a ranger and during one of the adventures went hunting so I decided the ogres that were going to attack the party's camp found her then, instead. So she got attacked by 3 ogres at once, tried to run but they caught her and hit her. She went down after a few hits but it was like 5 rounds of combat, I couldn't believe it, I kept rolling in the 1-6 range and that wasn't enough to hit her fucking 16 AC. But anyway she finally went down and I described the ogres bringing her back to their camp and cooking her while she was still slowly dying (she actually passed rolls to stabilize and wake up).

>> No.54667555

You're the kind of person that makes people not want to play tabletop games.

>> No.54667570

Are bastard swords a better representation of ghe historical longsword?

>> No.54667578

>projecting this hard

>> No.54667584

What's so cool about that time period and why aren't you playing a system that can emulate it better, like Ironclaw?

>> No.54667610

what game would be best if i want to play a good game.

>> No.54667621

>but it's not like Norsemen thought brave Anglo-Saxon warriors who died with their hands upon their blade would be picked up by a Valkyrie
What? That's not true though.

>> No.54667623


>> No.54667644

I play Pathfinder to play with all of you!

>> No.54667680


>> No.54667685

I wish I could hate you back to the womb.

>> No.54667691

Don't worry, anon. He's just some fat, sweaty nerd who gets his rocks off by pretending that he has friends whose girlfriends he can harass.

>> No.54667703

>Your job, as the DM, is definitely to kill your players
>kill your players
>not player characters
seek help please

>> No.54667709

- dagger (light/simple) 1d4
- shortsword (light/martial) 1d6
- arming sword (1-h/martial) 1d8
- bastard sword (1/2-h/exotic) 1d10
- longsword (2-h/martial) 2d6
- greatsword (2-h/exotic {counts as one step over-sized if not proficient}) 2d8

>> No.54667763

Hey, I need advice for a god to worship for my character.

He used to be an aescetic, seeking peace and enlightenment in the Fangwood in Nirmathas, until eventually he decided to help people by taking in and caring for wounded militia and soldiers, regardless of what side they were. Some of the local Nirmathi found out, and were furious that he dare help Molthuni soldiers, so they rallied into a mob and burned down his home, with him still inside as he tried to help all the wounded he was caring for, both Nirmathi and Molthuni, out of the burning building. He escaped, and was able to get the patients out as well, but not without suffering from some serious burns, but tried hard to secret the patients away to different towns where they could continue resting and healing.

Nowadays, while he still feelslike helping and healing people is the right thing to do, he has lost much of the hope he had in others. He now believes that not only should he aid those who are wounded or afflicted, but should also take it upon himself to cut out the sickly parts of communities. So he travels as a wandering mendicant, offering aid and succor to those in need in excange for food and shelter, while at night he dons a dark garb and a fearsom persona to hunt downthose who are "ills" of society and make sick the hearts of men.

So, what deity would he likely worship, or would he probably be best written as a character who has lost his faith?

>> No.54667827

Play a game of 5e, set in Golarion

>> No.54667850

Apologies for having missed this, but the short answer is: yes.

Cast specific using staves and rods and the like? just refluff energy guns. Guns are a thing in final fantasy universes, you can use starship rules for airships, there's apparently going to be a huge number of odd races on top of converting existing races from pathfinder, it seems like fighter-types are actually decent...

It keeps going like that.

>> No.54667868

>truly the worst of both worlds

>> No.54667958

I wish I could grind your bones to dust to bake my bread!

>> No.54667973

>Tuvarkz gets into Godslayers with a generic OD/ZS warder
>generic anime fuccboi

>no backstory, no personality, no sheet


Why is this allowed? Is this the power of nepotism?

>> No.54667988

more proof that godslayers is a boozle

>> No.54668009

Godslayers app reviews when

>> No.54668040

>Is this the power of nepotism
Suck a dick or make friends faggot

>> No.54668042


>> No.54668059

Sarenrae is your best bet. Sounds like you are making a vigilante, maybe have his different faces worship different gods, furcas might be a good choice for his alter ego.

>> No.54668074

Psychic Bias Engine returns. He will give his answers succinctly.

>Charles Champion
It's shit

It's shit

>Elenora Veltrouse
It's shit

>Bertram Corax
It's REALLY shit

It's shit

>> No.54668078

Going for a QUALITY Vigilante build for my next game, stacking Exposed Vigilante and Noble Soul.

I'm thinking I should take Lethal Grace for my first talent. Is there anything I should know, like what feats to grab? A VMC that'd work well for this idea?

>> No.54668123


>> No.54668134

You're retarded for trying to argue that Pathfinder resembles Renaissance Europe in anyway.

>> No.54668164

Noble Soul?

>> No.54668169

I mean, let's be honest. Both systems aren't great, so you can't really go any lower.

>> No.54668195

13th Age

>> No.54668196

oh shit he's back

>> No.54668197

What the hell are the Priests of Sarenrae and assorted rankings / awards called? Should I just use Islamic convention? Do I use Eastern Roman Orthodox instead?

>> No.54668209


>> No.54668212

Pathfinder literally has a country where barbaric savages fight robots

>> No.54668215

Islamic. Sarenrae is essentially just a watered down female friendly Islam.

>> No.54668216

From Legendary Vigilantes--it's basically paladin-lite, lets you choose Lay on Hands or Smite Evil in place of your specialization.

>> No.54668237


>> No.54668249

Glad to see people using those archetypes.

Speaking of which, Legendary Gunslinger now has 3 new archetypes on the playtest; demolition soldier, faded slinger, and sky rider.

>> No.54668257

I take it exposed is from there too?

>> No.54668266

I'm pretty sure they're barbaric their leader is chaotic evil I think I haven't looked too deep into them

>> No.54668276

Yes. It ditches the dual identities, so I figure it's actually better for most campaigns unless they're all intrigue-focused.

>> No.54668293

Huh, it's not a noble savage? I was sure it'd be one. Weird.

>> No.54668299

It was created here on 4chan. Vivian James was made by a crowd-funded crowd-sourced game development effort, done by a bunch of "feminists" (the not-psychotic kind) who a bunch of anti-gamergate psycho-feminists absolutely hated.

So 4chan/gamergate supporters donated to have a character made, and vivian james got made. Even now she works as an excellent litmus test as to whether or not you can trigger someone. If they're a shit human being the flip upon seeing her. If they're a reasonable human being they go "oh cute" or "meh"

>> No.54668332

>How skimpily does your character normally dress?
Enough to please Arshea. She's got a strapless sport bra, a kimono that's open for the full length of her chest before being tied beneath her boobs, a tight see-through shirt, calf-high boots, a shawl, a necklace, a buckler, and a glove.* No pants nor underwear.

She's a Kitsune ghost, so the really sexy part is when she changes shape into a much thinner 22 year old Tian-Min and all her gear is still ghost touch even though her body turns corporeal. The shawl is a Shawl of Shadowy Disguise that she keeps active and she casts Haunted Fey Aspect and Breeze whenever they're about to expire so she's always super spoopy.

She looks pretty gross when people can see through her Nacreous Ioun Stone though and they see the saggy tits of an ancient furry uber-shortstack instead of an oppai loli.

*Vigil Cap, headband, belt, sleeves, fluffed away as part of other stuff.

>> No.54668336

Accident happened.
I had PMed my character concept to Miao, so I assumed it was an instant invite or something, but oh well, and for the sake of a fair application process.

>> No.54668376


>> No.54668390

Every day we move further from god's light.

>> No.54668415


>> No.54668431

Bamboozle levels dropping

>> No.54668448

Is it just me, or are there a shit ton of tranny things since Crystal Frasier wrote up the shaman iconic?

Class options directly involving Rivethun
>Medium (Rivethun Spirit Channeler)
>Psychic (Rivethun Discipline)
>Spiritualist (Involutionist)
>Barbarian (Geminate Invoker)
>Rivethun Emissary PRC

>Rivethun Adherent trait
>Soul-searcher's Strength trait
>Anderos salve and mulibrous tincture

>> No.54668458

Involutionist spiritualist is actually kinda cool

>> No.54668493

>mulibrous tincture
I love how this item existing and how relatively cheap it is makes the entire plot point involving the Paladin from WotR selling her Demon Bane Longsword kinda pointless

>> No.54668526

Only kind of. The tincture and salve only change the appearance, they don't change the actual gender. So chugging a gallon of mulibrious tincture is going to make you look an awful lot like a woman, but you're still going to have a dick.

>> No.54668534

I'm a big fan of the greyhawk setting, could anyone name a couple settings that have the similar "realistic fantasy" idea?
Other than that, does anyone need a new player or anything? Gamefinder threads are dead and Roll20 is full of cancer

>> No.54668537

The funny part is using the tincture is STILL more expensive than an item to just... Swap your gender instantly.

>> No.54668569

Do blunt weapons make more damage vs armored opponents?

>> No.54668583

Even getting a magical sex-change isn't all that difficult. IIRC the effect costs something like 250gp (though paizo has ridiculously overpriced potion costs for it).

Clerics give out free healing to the masses all the time. Gender swapping someone shouldn't be too uncommon. Might be a small bit of a waiting list, but nothing too extreme. IIRC gays/lesbians and trannies make up less than .7% of the population.

>> No.54668609

No, because otherwise that would be interesting, if somewhat annoying

>> No.54668626


Holy fuck this is some serious tranny angst and virtue signaling faggotry. Crystal Fraiser needs to go.

>> No.54668678

what are you on about? Its just a shapeshifting focused psychic with some shaman touches

>> No.54668687

But incompetence levels rising. The app thread is still "Apllications" ffs!

>> No.54668702

Can a wizard carry around a pavise, set it on the ground and cast spells while behind the cover?

>> No.54668709

Remember, this is the same lady who says that actually wanting to be the other gender is unimportant for trannies and trannie chaacters, and that even if sex-change magic existed they shouldn't pursue it because "muh struggle" and "muh troubles with gender identity" is more important than actually feeling comfortable in your own body or choosing to undergo a transitions

It used to be worse. You should've seen the version that was posted to her blog way back. It was cringy as all fuck

>> No.54668716

I mean yeah, but its final form isn't like that so.. Who cares?

>> No.54668717

>You have embraced those aspects of your body that cause you agony, respecting the perspective they grant you if not necessarily the roles they’ve condemned you to in life.

"BEING TRANS IS ABOUT THE STRUGGLE OF TRANSITIONING" is the mentality of many attention whore trannies and social justice 'allies'. "I AM TRAPPED IN THIS BODY THAT I HATE" is an utterly psychotic mentality that leads people to mutilate themselves.

This is the shit that leads c.fraiser to write about characters who introduce themselves with "IMTRANSBTW" "LISTENTOMYTRANSPROBLEMS" rather than actually just, y'know identify with their end gender.

>> No.54668740

Yes, I know crystal is a regressive piece of shit, but that piece of writing is not explicitly about muh transition and actually creates a kind of neato psychic setup.

>> No.54668741

>It used to be worse. You should've seen the version that was posted to her blog way back. It was cringy as all fuck
have the old version handy?

>> No.54668753

She also wanted a significant number of Changelings to have male sex organs. Because she saw a mono-gender race and wanted them to suffer through gender dysphoria.

>> No.54668763

It's about as subtle as a sack of hammers, and it fetishize mental illness with 'hurr durr MAGIC-trannies'. All just to virtue signal.

>> No.54668764

>to write about characters who introduce themselves with "IMTRANSBTW" "LISTENTOMYTRANSPROBLEMS" rather than actually just, y'know identify with their end gender.

Anevia never does this, neither does that guy you meet in Hell's Rebels.

>> No.54668767

yeah, Crystal has a weird obsession with gender dysphoria and people suffering through it

but ask a real trans person if they could change genders with a magic potion and they'd be 100% about that shit

>> No.54668790

>but ask a real trans person if they could change genders with a magic potion and they'd be 100% about that shit
And have functioning reproductive organs at the end too.

>> No.54668798

And if you get there and 'oh I don't like this OH GOD THIS WAS A MISTAKE' you can just chug another.

>> No.54668838

So I"m building a Betrothed Avowed's companion, and I have a question. If a companion has the Tentacles idealization, which presumably doesn't replace their arms as it doesn't say it does, and uses Aether Rampage, are their arms still taken up by by the shape so they can't wield a weapon or shield?

>> No.54668839

>Crystal was part of the group that changed the Lashunta
>mfw she made those changes so we can encounter Lashunta who weren't born in the "right" city-state, and thus assigned a sub-race they didn't actually want when they became old enough

>> No.54668843

Pretty sure it's the beamdog baldurs gate trans character that was included for diversity / virtue signalling.

>"When I was born, my parents thought me a boy and raised me as such. In time, we all came to understand I was truly a woman. I created my new name from syllables of different languages. All have special meaning to me, it is the truest reflection of who I am."
That's her second line of dialogue in a casual conversation with a complete fucking stranger.

>> No.54668855

Luckily, based editors took her shitty idea, and tossed it onto Kobolds and ended up making them more interesting by turning the race into being constantly prone to unstable mutations, including hermaphroditism in the Inner Sea Races book

Thank you based editor for our wonderful futabolds!

>> No.54668865

>yfw there are no evil trans people in any adventure path installments that Crystal has written

Clearly, trans individuals are immune to the lure of evil. They can do no wrong.

On that note, can they sit on the throne in that notAfrica! kingdom she made?

>> No.54668869

>On that note, can they sit on the throne in that notAfrica! kingdom she made?

>> No.54668880

"If we're looking at getting into specifics—and I'm happy to having helped rework this aspect of lashunta biology—the lashunta evolved two distinct types of adolescent developments as a response to the severe swings in environmental pressures of their homeworld. Depending on the pressures they faced at puberty, they would either mature as hardy, combative korasha, or they would mature as adaptable, observant damaya. When their culture later developed a tradition of strong gender roles, the kinds of pressures that triggered development as a korasha fell almost entirely on males, while the pressures that trigger damaya development fell almost wholly on women.
As lashunta have move towards leaving their sexism in the past and opening social roles, education, and careers up to everyone regardless of gender, the distribution has become much more even, and many city-states even allow a child to choose how they will develop (by way of meditation and/or medication) rather than just relying on ambient environmental pressures. There are still a few conservative city-states where the gender divide exists and the subspecies are still largely divived by gender, but these are increasingly rare."
>t. Crystal Frasier

>> No.54668889

>Clearly, trans individuals are immune to the lure of evil. They can do no wrong.

Oh hush, trans people aren't evil villains in Pathfinder campaigns because they're an astonishingly rare percentage of the population to begin with. The number of Transsexuals in Varisia is probably in the double digits.

>> No.54668893

An Elixir of Sex-Shifting costs 2250 to buy.

So if there was a deity (Which, considering it's paizo) who considers it something to be fixed, then you'd be able to get it for 1125gp. Y'know, like how they provide holy water at-cost, they'd provide these at-cost.

>> No.54668906

>IIRC the effect costs something like 250gp
Sounds like 3PP bs

>> No.54668916

And on the other end of the spectrum, you have families that would go "hey we work well together, we should have our kids marry, but no pressure though", "Yeah that sounds like a good idea". Then it turns out the kids are both the same gender, but have been raised with the idea of "Hey, you reallllllly don't have to, but it would do all sorts of amazing things for both of our families if you married, because we're both nobles" and the kids go "Yeah sure whatever". One of them gender swaps (with a well vetted priest being the witness), they pop out an heir, they genderswap back and continue about their loving gay/lesbian relationship.

In sheer terms of political possibility, this would allow lords to consolidate groups weaker noble houses into far more powerful ones.

>> No.54668930

What do they have to do with anything?

>> No.54669003

It got old fast last time and it's still boring now.

>> No.54669035

I actually really like this.

because 'mutate like fuckos' is a GREAT trait for kobolds to have. You've got all kinds of kobolds!

Plantigrade. Digitigrade.
Fugly. Cute.
Tits. No tits.

There's Kobolds for all tastes!

>> No.54669044

>An Elixir of Sex-Shifting costs 2250 to buy.
Ah yep, that's an overcosted spell for that potion IIRC.

But even assuming that you were buying it at cost, if you had no stat bonuses and a single point in a profession and you were effectively taking 10 every week (getting an effective result of 14 for 7gp/week) and living an 'average' lifestyle of 10gp/month, you'd be able to afford it in the not-psychotic amount of time of four and a half years, of literally just taking 10's and never getting any better or earning any milestones for your profession which would cause you to level up, or putting any feats into it.

>> No.54669059

snoots and no snoots

>> No.54669073

What's your basis for calling it overcosted?

>> No.54669093

That was a similar, but unrelated event which was properly lambasted at the time. Also a different writer, the character was created by Amber Scott.

>> No.54669094

Kobolds are NOT cute.

>> No.54669108

Samefag or /pfg/ is extra shit tonight.

>> No.54669114

>which was properly lambasted at the time

Wasn't the expansion pack regarded as an unmitigated disaster? I remember people bitching and bitching and bitching about it in some white-hot rage until it just... Stopped, like people realized letting the thing die in the corner is better than tearing it apart over and over again.

>> No.54669119


Funny thing. It's actually not a Potion. Because 'swap the gender' isn't an existing spell effect.

It's actually a fucking wondrous item like all 'Elixirs'

I don't know WHY it's not a spell, but there you go.

Alchemists can't make genderswap potions.

I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

>> No.54669122

You guys forget that
>Paizo doesn't buld the setting around the rules most of the times
>Paizo sure as fuck wouldn't build the setting around the busted as fuck economy the skill system indtroduces
>Elixers of Gender Change didn't exist when most trans characters were written it was a fiat thing

>> No.54669136


It just occurred to me.

Did it actually take until Breath of the Wild for Link to be able to actually do that in a game?

>> No.54669141

>Edda gave birth to a son who was svartan (dark).
This doesn't mean dark-skinned, though, it means "swarthy". As in, the story is saying the brown- and black-haired men are stunted and ugly; slaves to the gingers and blondes. They didn't call actual nogs "dark", they called them blámenn, "blue men". They only knew about them in the first place from seeing some in the Cordovan Caliphate and Constantinople IIRC.

>> No.54669146

A lot of the rage was directed at that character for a number of reasons, but apparently the expansion also suffered from being complete and total dogshit on a programming level.

>> No.54669153

>Because 'swap the gender' isn't an existing spell effect.
It's basically an alter self spell that's permanent in duration.

>> No.54669160

I think so if you don't count bomb hovers which are basically just this but backflipping.

>> No.54669180

The character was horrible. Then it came out that the game itself was a nuclear disaster zone.

>> No.54669195

Technically it's a curse, like the girdle of genderswapping.
Which, incidentally, costs like 1,000 gp to craft.

>> No.54669212

Glad we've established that it's priced appropriately.

>> No.54669221

>What's your basis for calling it overcosted?
Imagine an alter self spell that provided no real mechanical benefit, but had a permanent duration.

The effect is easily within the scope of a first or second level spell.

>> No.54669252

What's your first class gonna be in starfinder?

>> No.54669258

Technically, it's neither.

The Elixir is an instantaneous effect. It cannot be 'removed' like a permanent effect or a curse can be. All you could do is chug another to turn back.

Also, it doesn't necessarily say you have to swap to a different sex. Just that you get different sexual characteristics. There's room there for it to just be used as a 'I wish my tits were massive' solution.

>Convince temple to provide it at-cost under guise of dysphoria
>use it for massive tits
>Laugh and run away into the sunset

>> No.54669273

It doesn't matter if it gets the mechanical perspective from an item creation rules perspective. If you want to make it cheaper because it's shitty mechanically, that's fine, but the game only cares about the level of spell required to produce the effect, not if there's a bunch of other things the spell offers that you're not getting. All that matters is the minimum skill a Wizard needs to craft it, which is determined by the spell it's based on.

I agree that paying for RP sucks. I'm the Nacreous Ioun Stone Kitsune player so I know the feeling.

>> No.54669282

I think they'd put you in counseling before they gender change you.

>> No.54669292


>> No.54669298

Soldier, probably the Marksman.

I just want to shoot things good so bad.

>> No.54669308

Does Golarion have gender counseling?

And I mean I suppose if they're doing it at-cost rather than for free it doesn't actually disadvantage them except for lost labor. And they're clerics anyway, the fuck do they have to do with their time?

>> No.54669317


But what if you made them too massive and can't run any more?

>> No.54669336

It says a different set of sexual characteristics. If your character has female breasts I would say RAW bigger tits aren't a "different set of sexual characteristics" but are a variation of the same sexual characteristic your character already has (female breasts).

Yea better give people counseling for breast reductions too.

>> No.54669349

Why the fuck would they do counseling? You brought the coin, they're selling shit on the market.

>> No.54669352

Same. Prolly gonna go for more of a balance between ranged and melee though, seems much more do able in starfinder.

>> No.54669354

The spell they used to price the potion was polymorph. Instead of alter self.

>> No.54669367

Then you have been UNDONE BY YOUR OWN GREED. Reflect upon your failings and how to be a better scoundrel in the future.

Yeah, but there's little to no difference between a man's tits and a girl's ones. I mean heck, dudes can lactate if they want to bad enough.

>> No.54669381

>but are a variation of the same sexual characteristic your character already ha
So you're telling me if I want a bigger dick I should start making Efreet Simulcura?

>> No.54669395


>> No.54669402

>I mean heck, dudes can lactate if they want to bad enough.
As an expert on boobs I'm very skeptical of your claim. From wikipedia's article on human male lactation: "the cases are not sufficiently documented to allow distinguishing of possible pathologic galactorrhea."

I call bullshit.

>> No.54669403

I mean I'm pretty sure you can just use some custom-researched variant of Enlarge Person.

>> No.54669419


>> No.54669429

Now /pfg/ knows why my PC's a ghost.

>> No.54669433

It's what I've been told.

I mean I'm not exactly gonna defend an Internet Fact(tm) to the death. All I heard was 'physical stimulation and hormones, go'

>> No.54669456 [SPOILER] 

Play dragons crown. The Amazon is amazing. You hit shit and you keep on getting faster and faster the more you hit shit until you turn into a big tittied, big thighed axe/hammer/polearm wielding whirlwind/blender of death. And if you throw your weapon at shit, you can always just use your ass and thighs themselves lethal keijo!!!!!! style.

haev loli amazon

>> No.54669490

Its a side effect for medicine like risperidone.

If you're a male, and you are lactating, something is seriously wrong and you should go see a doctor and bring it up. Especially if you are on any medications.

>> No.54669515


>> No.54669523

I'm not saying it's NORMAL, hell no.

But on a pure structural level, there's little difference between a manboob and a girlboob. Just the hormones and shit that run through it.

>> No.54669526

Do Wizards violate the NAP by having more money than you?

>> No.54669538

Why do you think we're arming the child soldiers?

>> No.54669546

Gastric Bypass is fucked up. It's way better if the person can just learn self-control or has someone to watch what she eats. Obviously I wish the best for her and I'm not saying she deserves this, but this is what happens when people mutilate their bodies with invasive surgery to overcome psychological problems.

>> No.54669567

I dunno
Child Soldiers have lower mental stats, so they're more susceptible to Dominate.

>> No.54669600

They have a higher Dex mod, which means they're more accurate with the guns!

Can't waste bullets.

>> No.54669602

Nah m8.

Child soldiers are small enough you can shove 'em together and call 'em a swarm. Don't have to worry about it then.

>> No.54669613

Yeah, but if a Wizard Dominates your soldiers, you've basically sold your goods to him for the low low price of 0 bitcoins

>> No.54669625

Don't they take a penalty on all rolls that offsets the Dex? Do they get a size bonus?

>> No.54669647

Even under my interpretation, if your character is a girl with a completely flat chest that didn't develop at all due to a medical conditional or insufficient hormones, it would be reasonable to rule that her breasts are male for game mechanic purposes and she could use the elixir to grow them.

>> No.54669649

How fast can a wizard cast Dominate?

Is one Dominate worth one shitty child soldier?

C'mon man we'd have like 30 of the fucks at least.

>> No.54669659

Would it actually be some version of Enlarge Person, or would it be something like Lead Blades?
Selective Enlargement
0th level spell
Lasts for 1 minute
You can enlarge a single limb or part of your body as if it alone were under the effects of Enlarge Person, increasing its reach, damage dice, weight, and other effects, though without offering any enhancement to your your stats and without changing your size category. This targeted enlargement does not create any issues that would accompany something like that, including lack of blood or blood pressure or issues related to the suddenly increased weight of the limb.

>> No.54669672

Yea I don't know what Anon is talking about. Mass Charm Person and high Diplomacy is clearly the way to go but his Wizard pea brain can't make the Diplomacy checks.

>> No.54669674

>is one Dominate
You have infinite money and infinite spell slots since you have an infiniwish farm.

>> No.54669680

>Implying the Wizard can cast a dominate.

That's what the Quickling assassins we employ for the low cost of 0 bars of gold per year, and not shooting them for violating the NAP by attacking our kobold child soldiers, are for!

>> No.54669691

>Mass Charm Person
Mass Charm Person only makes them your friend. Are you saying your child soldiers wouldn't kill their best friends when you tell them to? Looks like you need to train them properly, I'll do it for the low low price of 200 bitcoins per second of training per child*
*training can take an arbitrary amount of time.

>> No.54669711

If your child soldiers have friends, you fucked up your child soldiers.

>> No.54669738

Mass Charm Person is also 3pp.

And again, just put them in a swarm. Spell doesn't work because it doesn't just hit 'all'

>> No.54669750

>spending money on your child soldiers to give them immunity to mind affecting
Come on now.

>> No.54669802

>Mass Charm Person is also 3pp.

>> No.54669864

>spending money to give your child soldiers resistance to mind-affecting when you can just hire surrogate parents to give them love and affection, which the children can pay to spend time with, so that they don't want to turn against you and gain a +2 on many saves.

>> No.54669898

>swarm composed of small creatures
Oops I stopped reading before I could get to this gem

>> No.54669925

If they don't fit, you just need to squeeze them harder.

>> No.54670017

>Localized Enlarge Person

>> No.54670020

Rolled 4, 5 + 2 = 11 (2d6 + 2)

>> No.54670154

Pretty good anon. Who's it for?

>> No.54670206

New thread

>> No.54670215

You know what I want to see?

A celeb sextuple app. 6 players applying to a game with a full family of characters.

Given the current crop of celebs, who would be who?

>> No.54670257

>Slow as the Daddy
>Sleep as Elder Brother
>Wist as Cutest Daughter

That's what I've got so far

>> No.54670265

If you have fair downtime and a lot of scrolls, 7th-9th. That's when you have all of the terrain shaping battlefield control spells of note, GMW becomes something a company wouldn't want to leave home without, you can do wacky shit with Shrink Item/Minor Creation, and Fireball is still something worth prepping without Dazing Spell. By 9th you can just prep Dazing Fireballs with metamagic reduction because fuck it.

Fireball is artillery piece range, so evocation specialists can make it their bread and butter without getting laughed at.

>> No.54670273

What are celebs? Just really good players/GMs that are well known for their aptitude?

>> No.54670295

Not even. Just people who get known for their Roll20/Discord handles.

>> No.54670301

Nah, just people well known in the Discord chats we have that post constantly and make themselves known to everyone.

>> No.54670311

An agathion that just got his stats finished up so you can fill out that part of the bingo card.

>> No.54670333


>> No.54670345

No, it goes in the options field.

>> No.54670350

Rolled 4 + 19 (1d4 + 19)

>> No.54670366

Why doesn't it say 23

>> No.54670409

11 is really excessive, Anon. Only vain, greedy girls will appreciate it, and only so they can boast about it to their slut friends.

>> No.54670451

>vain, greedy girls

>> No.54670479

Oh. This is for that game. Yeah, go nuts. Pump those bodacious babes until their booties burst.

>> No.54670771

Cum inflation is a patrician fetish

>> No.54671109

Can you take weapon focus in ranged touch attacks?

>> No.54671138

i believe you can do 'rays', but not something as generic as 'ranged touch attacks'

>> No.54671165

But a ray just is a ranged touch attack

>> No.54671189

Yeah, its not the only kind of ranged touch attacks

>> No.54671418

How many high level spells are Ray's?

>> No.54671430

not that many

but those are the rules man, I don't make em, I just enforce them

weapon focus 'ranged touch attacks' would be likely equivalent to a weapon focus of an entire weapon group

>> No.54671536


"Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.
Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon."


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