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>YJ_Anon's minichain
Do you think you have enough resources to save the real world when you get back?
In terms of climate change/sixth extinction/nuclear war etc.

Oh I'll ask everybody.


Do you think you can save our world after you Spark?
How? What changes would you make to the real world with your phenomenal cosmic powers?

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so Jumpers, how do you henshin?
Battler G! maximum multi-henshin!
Drive! Type: SPR
Evolution correspondence blacksmith outdoorsman zone UFO hell bomb
infinity please
switch on:Key Gravity Signal Decoy
Roach! Defiler! Leviathan! RoDeLe RoDeLe RoDeLe
clinkclinkclink Crane Arm clinkclinkclink Drill Arm!
Cast off change centipede
level up! Maximum beetle battles! Grindhouse gorefest!
Kamen Rideo! Decade
Soiya! Mix: starfruit! Golden Apple! Harvest! Ha-Ha
saber Form!
"Infection! Let's Game! Bad Game! Dead Game! What's your name?! The Bugster!"
Buggle Up! Bleeding bodies , scary slashers Genocide! Grindhouse gorefest! #screeching sound# hyaku henshin!
#A strange windy whirling noise#

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first of all, all this disease, poverty,resource shortages and pollution are getting done away with Then it's time to Help everybody S.M.I.2L.E. S.M.I.2L.E. S.M.I.2L.E.!

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I don't know if I can save it, but if nothing else I'll be able to make the last years more bearable.

Reintroduce extinct species, poke around and see if there are any nature spirits that need help, try to bridge the gap, and consult experts in other realms on courses of action.

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>first of all, all this disease, poverty,resource shortages and pollution
sounds good
>Then it's time to Help everybody S.M.I.2L.E. S.M.I.2L.E. S.M.I.2L.E.!
see this is where you lose me. did you make it sound terrifying on purpose as a joke? I can't tell with you banchô

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>see this is where you lose me. did you make it sound terrifying on purpose as a joke? I can't tell with you banchô

It's not scary! It's an acronym For a very good thing!


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>first of all, all this disease, poverty,resource shortages and pollution are getting done away with
sounds good
>Then it's time to Help everybody S.M.I.2L.E. S.M.I.2L.E. S.M.I.2L.E.!
see this is where you lose me. did you make it sound terrifying on purpose as a joke? I can't tell with you banchô
>Super God comes to Earth with enough might to destroy and birth universes
>creates Jurassic Park and then fucks around hiking and interviewing random people

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see >>54656366

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Why does that skeleton have hair?

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Sure, I could probably just rewrite the world and everyone in it by then, but that's not as fun for me, and it's especially no fun for the people living here.

Better to get expert opinions on things I might have missed, and make sure the world can keep up with the changes.

By the way that's also why you reintroduce the non-aggressive extinct species first. Like passenger pigeons.

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Maybe? I'm definitely aiming to bring back a ton of science stuff from Fallout, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Batman the Animated Series. And if everything does go to shit, I could use Ritualist+Pocket Realm to evacuate vast swathes of humanity to my pocket dimension. But in terms of unfucking politics, that's more unlikely. I could use myself as a Damocles sword, but in all honesty that doesn't really appeal to me.

Speaking of my mini chain...

7. Ghost Rider
Age: 28
Origin: Rider
Perks: Designated Rider
Spirit of Vengeance (700)
Spirited (400)
Spirit of Justice
You Can't Live In Fear (300)
Hot Shot (250)
Items: Nice Bike
Companions: Import Ms. Martian and Nick Valentine, spending 400 CP to give them 800 CP. (-150)
Johnny Blaze (-300)
Drawbacks: Comic's Accuracy, Spirit of Jumper, Alcoholic (0)
Ms. Martian: (Demon, Satanic Strength, Blackhearted, Spirited, Child of the Devil, I Have No Soul To Burn, Elemental Evil (Water))
Nick Valentine: (Priest, I Can Still See The Light, Spirited, Saint, Divine Intervention)

Basically the same as canon, only Johnny is now an alcoholic and he has a few more powers.

>"Johnny, you must fight the demons."
"One more drink, Mr. Rattle Bones..."
>"Johnny, NO."

I'm also bringing him along, because how could I not after spending ten years inside his head?

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Of course I could. Just bringing high-tech sources of energy could end most conflicts once resources stop being limited.

So, I guess I could toss something up, although I'm not planning of sticking there for much longer. There are still many universes left to explore.

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so what level of the treatment is the treatment option in the IOU jump? Because there's like five levels of the treatment

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Keratin takes a long time to degrade in relation to other body tissues.

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8. Bee Movie
Origin: Human
Age: 21
Perks: Career
Bee-Stiality (900)
Beeautiful (700)
Bloom (400)
Ya Like Jazz? (200)
Items: Apartment
Companions: Import Ms. Martian, Nick Valentine, and Johnny Blaze, give Ms. Martian 300 CP to spend. (-100)
Drawbacks: Bee Puns (0)
Ms. Martian: (Bee, Jumper Larry King, God-Emperor of Beekind)
Nick Valentine: (Human, Career)
Johnny Blaze: (Human, Career)

Haha, funny bee joke.

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>Not becoming THE PAIN

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Is it me or does watching /jc/ get... repetitive over time?

It's been serious fucking cases of deja vu every time I come back to these threads. Exact same shit, different day, to the point where I'm starting to see this in everyday life. Cyclical bullshit that nobody seems to notice - or if they do, they don't care and don't make it obvious that they notice.

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I've been here since the start, and while some jumps do get frequent discussion, the threads overall have a forward direction due to the stream of new content. So I don't feel the same, no.

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Yes, it is. How new are you? No offense intended.

>see this in everyday life
We all notice it, barring the exceptional few who live very exciting and challenging lives

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>How new are you?

A few months, give or take a week or three of lurking.

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There you go. I personally blame the shitposting for /jc/'s cyclical feel. As >>54656899 said, we do mainly discuss new Jumps and their settings (except series like Fate and Exalted which always come back into focus)

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There you go. I personally blame the shitposting for /jc/'s cyclical feel. As >>54656896 said, we do mainly discuss new Jumps and their settings (except series like Fate and Exalted which always come back into focus)

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Yeah no it's the same topics. Waifus, OPnes mis-spelled deliberately, shitposting, more waifus, and more shitposting.

The jump topics do cycle through every so often, but we always come back to Worm, Exalted, or Fate/ as the primaries. Which does also explain why it might feel repetitive.

Senpai I think you glitched.

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You know what? You're absolutely right.

8. Bee Movie
Origin: Bee
Age: A Few Days
Perks: Jumper Larry King
Ya Like Jazz? (900)
God-Emperor of Beekind (600)
Bee-stiality (400)
Items: Honey
Companions: Import Ms. Martian, Nick Valentine, and Johnny Blaze, give Ms. Martian 300 CP to spend. (100)
Dr. Miles Manners (-100)
Drawbacks: Bee Puns (0)
Ms. Martian: (Human, Career, Bloom)
Nick Valentine: (Human, Career)
Johnny Blaze: (Human, Career)

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Everything is cyclical to some degree. As you get older you start to notice this more and more. It's just how long the cycle lasts. /jc/, being a fairly small community on 4chan, has short cycling for a lot of topics, including certain popular jumps, shitposting, power, powers, and waifus.

But there is still a gradual, but consistent forward momentum, due to new content being churned out, which allows for slightly new facets of those topics to be discussed, and occasional discussion about new settings. Not to mention the power creep, which has been very much a thing since the very beginning of jumpchain.

Anyway, it's more obvious during the winter months I think. If you really want to talk about something else, you should just try to start up a conversation about it. The worst thing that happens is people aren't interested, and at that point you've lost nothing by trying.

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Do Bloodbreeds in Kekkai Sensen have the traditional vampire weaknesses or not? In the anime it's talked about one time that apparently sunlight harms them, but it's never shown, and the jump itself doesn't mention it either.

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9. Batman the Animated Series
Age: 30
Origin: Scientist
Perks: Timm Design
Specialist (Botany)
Brilliant Engineer (800)
Crazed Chemistry (600)
Hybridization (300)
Powers: Face of Clay (-700)
Items: Costume
Lab Safety Equipment
Companions: Import Ms. Martian, Nick Valentine, Johnny Blaze, and Dr. Bees. (-1100)
Rogue Gallery (-900)
Drawbacks: The Demon's Head, Gotham Beyond, Past Tragedy, No Killing Rule, Mentally Ill (Delusional; I think I'm Jesus) (0)
Ms. Martian: (Scientist, Researcher, Specialist (Botany), Accidental Breakthrough, Florakinesis, Programmable Metal, Puddin's Pie)
Nick Valentine: (Vigilante, Secret Identity, Friend of the Police, Disappearing Act, Martial Discipline, World's Greatest Mind)
Johnny Blaze: (Drop In, Put A Smile On Their Faces, Madman, Joker Immunity, Yellow-Skinned Wacky Man)
Dr. Bees: (Vigilante, Secret Identity, Friend of the Police, Animal Hybrid (Bee), Trained Animal (Bees), Bee Signal)

Since this is my last Jump, even if I lose I still win.

Okay, so here's my origin story: after an explosion at a chemical factory gave me the powers of Clayface, my new archnemesis- the Sculptor- found my unconscious body in the wreckage and changed my face so I looked like Jesus. When I woke up, I looked at my reflection in a pool of water and saw that I looked like Jesus, and my mind, in an attempt to piece itself together after the trauma I went through, convinced itself that I was the messiah. However, some aspects of my scientific personality remained, giving me an unmistakable feeling of loss that I never shook. However, I did my best to clean up Gotham, and even if I failed it's probably in a better state than I found it. Probably.

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I want to make a chain focused on saving worlds and preventing existential risks.

Any recommendations of jumps and perks that would help with that?

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She has no pants on.

>> No.54657392

Shadow doesn't wear pants either, she's trying to be like her fursona.

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Being a shoggoth with lovecraft.

Xianxia cultivation for punching.

Supcom for energy and tech.

Valkyrie core for paradise habs.

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I've seen where this doujin goes.

>> No.54657434

Jorge Joestar for Time travel and power copy

civilization to use the stuff from>>54657402 on abstract concepts/environmental features.

Magika for resurrection.

Lord of light for Soul manipulation/reincarnation stuff.

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I don't remember it being mentioned that it does anything. Lucky Abrams explicitly mentions that they cannot be destroyed with any traditional means to kill a vampire without the curse of their cells kicking-in and recreating them.

Most fights against them are in the darkness, but the lower half of one fought in broad daylight against a master vampire-hunter without suffering any apparent damage from the sunlight. Also, the other Half was flying during all the fight and arrived from one side of the the world to other at night, so that part might also been exposed to sunlight for quite some time.

I don't think that it does anything to them. At most it would be like Alucard from Hellsing. They might not like it but it doesn't specially do anything to them.

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How come Commorragh, Eldar, and Imperium have their own folders in 40k while Sororitas and Tyranid are standing separately?

>> No.54657474

One of the Nier jumps literally has a perk about letting you quest to save the world.

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Oh, that's neat. I was getting worried that I accidently fucked myself over by picking that option.

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I feel that if blood breeds had traditional vampire weaknesses (crosses, garlic, staking), Libra would have used those against them.
In Episode 8, Raju fights the lower half of the Blood Breed outside during the day, clearly the sun is shining off reflections but since there's that cloud over the city, maybe that's enough to stop sunlight harming them.

If you want to stop x-risks, Eclipse Phase. /shill

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So, what was your time in Protectors of the Plot Continuum like? Mine was basically Pic Related, as I have a Decadriver and I'm one of eight folks in the Department of Mary Sues (Kamen Rider) who get's lent out to the Department of Crossovers often.

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What Pokemon did you choose as your alt-form and why? Did you base your decision off what you thought looked coolest/was your favorite or did you think about it from the standpoint of what would be most useful ranging from lore to the moves they can learn (like choosing Abra for teleportation)

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Any jump that would let us become a concept?

>> No.54657562

I died in Protectors of the Plot Continuum, actually.

Some dumb SUE that was an interdimensional traveller who received free boons from each world based on him fulfilling the whims of some omniscient dickburger.

... wait a minute...

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Ninetales, because of the abilities outside of moves it has been shown to have and because of the extreme fluffiness. I thought about becoming a Riolu for dat Aura, but the hand and breast spikes of Lucario look fucking retarded.

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>Dr. Bees: (Vigilante, Secret Identity, Friend of the Police, Animal Hybrid (Bee), Trained Animal (Bees), Bee Signal)

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>Protectors of the Plot Continuum
So what the fuck is that even about? Is it a webcomic, a webnovel, a quest? Is it just jc-lite?

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Is this the part where your Benefactor gives you a free pass while going "LET THIS BE LESSON TO YOU!" ?

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>clearly the sun is shining off reflections but since there's that cloud over the city, maybe that's enough to stop sunlight harming them.

They fight had also been taking place in other parts of the world until they arrived at Hellsalem's Lot, before they opened a gate from India to the city (in the manga it seems to be day-light in India as well).

The only vampire weakness that they have is that they don't reflect on mirrors. That's basically the only giveaway to identify them without using the eyes. And I think one of them mentioned something about having a weird smell.

Evangelion? I think Darksiders also does that post-spark. Maybe with sufficient experience and power, you could do that being an Avatar in DC Occult or a God in Marvel Magic.

Technically via your Madness Wavelength you can become one with the concept of your wavelength (for example, Asura couldn't be destroyed while Fear still existed).

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What's a jump that can be slotted really early in a chain that has a perk to protect my true name? I know about Skulduggery Pleasant and Bartimaeus, but those are still a bit too dangerous for me.

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Jumps where Jumper holds political office?

>> No.54657662

Dragon or Phoenix Jumpers?

>> No.54657671

Dragons are lame.

>> No.54657694


It's a meta-narritive about people trying to kill Mary Sues. Personally I like the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society better, as it makes Mary-Sues a fucking threat to be reckoned with.

>> No.54657732

Why not a phoenix dragon? It's very obviously a dragon, but it has phoenix characteristics too!

>> No.54657744

Thank you all!

I've compiled a list of things to grab in order to fix the environment:

Captain Planet
Anno 2070
Green Energy from Zootopia
Light of Terra part 2
Path of Life from Age of Wonders
Generic Sugar Bowl dance thing

I think the best one is in Generic Sugar Bowl of all places.

As for other x-risks like the ones from outer space, maybe I could set up an orbital defense station or leave an Innistrad Protector behind in every jump?

>> No.54657759

Inheritance Cycle has one for 200cp

>> No.54657761

If you're in charge of Kamen Rider related Sue-ery, could you please get rid of all those dumb "self-insert lands in [SETTING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KAMEN RIDER], gets Kamen Rider transformation device" fics. I don't understand them at all, they make no sense.

>> No.54657778

Recovering those devices is only about.... 93% of our job. I'm not in charge just one of only eight who happens to be in the Branch office at all, we're understaffed and overworked as is.

>> No.54657786

Dragons are awesome, but if I'm being honest with myself I'm probably more a phoenix.

>> No.54657787

Tortoise. No one gives tortoise any love. Dragon, tiger, phoenix and kirin get attention, but poor old tortoise is stuck there in the north (a place tortoises would not like to live in) with no one to keep him company but his snake.

>> No.54657808

Phoenix are birds in flame that are only good at dying. Dragons aside from being giant apex predator that are good at everything, also kill others using fire.

>> No.54657844

What is that? Does he even lift, bro, or is he a vegan dragon? All I'm saying is that Skinny McSmokemonster got beat up at Dragon School and was forced to give up his lunch money.

>> No.54657880

Nah vegan dragon is pic related.

>> No.54657889

I made a companions of tha dragon, then made him a she.

>> No.54657903

Looks like the poor thing had a hormone imbalance when it was younger and grew up deformed

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>> No.54657926

Why would you want this? (Ask not why I have the pic.)

>> No.54657947

So, after 90 years of adventuring in some of my favorite worlds and the Bee Movie I finally return to Earth.

Ms. Martian and Dr. Bees come with me; Ms. Martian because she's my wife, and Dr. Bees because he finds my power over bees inspiring. Nick Valentine returns to the world of Fallout, bidding me farewell, and resumes work as a detective in the new government set up by the Minutemen. Johnny Blaze also returns to his world, so he could protect it from Mephisto's plans.

Tragically, Dr. Bees died of an overdose of prescription Tylenol only a few weeks after our return to Earth. He was 46.

I brought with me most of the secrets of pre and post war Fallout, as well as some of the advanced science of Marvel and DC; over time, I'll leak them to the public, starting with Fallout's cybernetics and medicines before moving on to robotics, Hybridization, and then other engineering stuff. If it starts to look like it's being misused, I'll intervene.

Other than that, I'll spend time designing my Pocket Realm. I'll populate its worlds with all the beings I'm capable of creating with science, and with anybody I choose to come with me; I'll also use Ritualist to allow others to come to it, once this planet is on its way out.

It's not the opportunity to go on your own Jumpchain, but I'll also probably make worlds for a few of you guys, too.

>> No.54657964

1. Because I could.
2. I have a weakness for dragons.
3. Biology manipulation FTW!

>> No.54657971

Give me multiple reasons why you havent summoned the strongest berserker, Paul Bunyan


>> No.54657977


>> No.54657996

Can someone explain exactly how first magic works? And if possible what you need to do to pull it off? What setting is it from? I just have seen the term tossed around so I was interested.

>> No.54658015

It's in Val's Fate Jump. Look in the notes section. It's discussed pretty clearly there.

>> No.54658018

>Implying that a dragon needs to be fatter than that.

I bet you are one of those flying meat balls that can't even use magic.

>> No.54658019

>Not the best version of Paul Bunyan

>> No.54658026

How should I interpret Jojo vampires?
Their only weakness is the sun but they're fine when out when other stars are out in the night.
Should I interpret it as 'only the jojo sun harms them' or 'only the nearest sun harms them'.
What about settings like kingdom hearts which don't have suns where all the stars are other worlds?

>> No.54658034

An FGO JP event right now during the second anniversary of the game is releasing 1* rarity Paul Bunyan (girl) in promotion with the Riyo FGO Manga collection that Paul Bunyan was from, which looks something like this

Strongest was me having a giggle that a servant was memed into existance

>> No.54658044

Use common sense. It's not just suns, but full spectrum lights and hamon. If they encoutner that then they get rekt, otherwise they're fine.

>> No.54658053

The Sun is the source of all life on Earth, that's why it effects vampires, who are unliving abominations.

>> No.54658059

I had a very laissez faire outlook about the whole thing, on account of being a jumper in a setting where everyone took literary consistency very seriously.
So I was just kindof like, "lol k" about it. Like phonetexting levels of flippant.

The plants didn't much care for me. Plus I was technically a SUE, which never wins you any favors. But I overcame it on a lot of agents, on account of I bought all the drugs and wasn't shy about sharing them. Bleeprin is in pretty high demand, y'know?

I tended to surprise people with random gifts of food or baubles, blew off work any chance I got, and was not known for being very dependable for anything but killing Sues. Because after some consideration, I decided to take that drawback.
But, I mean, I didn't kill ALL of them. Sometimes I retained them for SCIENCE! And because of that, I was labelled "cute but psycho", which I feel is a massive oversimplification of my contributions.
Like, I thought the whole point was to get rid of Sues? It's not my fault if people start vomiting when I do it.

> "We're about to get all Event Horizon up in here. Director's Cut!"

On an unrelated note, I would highly recommend the Sue Souffle in the Protector's cafeteria. It's quite delicious.

>Is it just jc-lite?
Kindof! It's a shared universe, like, you write fanfics about a world where you kill Mary Sues in fanfic, with this whole organization devoted to it in-universe.
It's pretty dumb.

>> No.54658066

You see, Nazi's had a machine at the end of part 3 that used UV rays to kill them at night. So, what kills them is high-doses of UV rays. Other stars are too far to do any meaningful harm.

>> No.54658076

But why Berserker? I would have thought Rider.

>> No.54658085

Actually part 2 but yeah I forgot about that.
That makes sense now, i'll keep that in mind once I get around to my write chain.

>> No.54658090

I mean part 2.

>> No.54658093

Okay can you imagine something? That thing exists, even if only in your imagination, right? The First Magic is the act of summoning that thing, you have to start the engine but once you do you can summon virtually anything. The big problem with this is that Val states that you either have to be god or spend tens of thousands of years to summon even the most dull stuff in any quantity, not really I'm overestimating there by a bit but the training time on this stuff is really long and gets exponentially longer.

>> No.54658115

Rider Paul Bunyan would likely also have Babe and she's gotta be some kind of Divine Beast.

>> No.54658117

Luckily we have jumps that cut down years to hours or seconds. Also, some of them in Val's jumps.

Get the Ultimate Life Form and turn your First Magic into the Ultimate First Magic.

>> No.54658126

Because that's what Riyo decided, look if the other 2 Riyo servants come in it'll be time to give up on logic and reasoning and just accept that Fate/ does what it wants

Does that Paul Bunyan get a chainsaw

>> No.54658128

That literally isn't how that works.

>> No.54658132

>"We're about to get all Event Horizon up in here. Director's Cut!"
There's about 8 minutes of cut footage that didn't even make it into the director's cut. Some of it's really gory, some of it is just really neat that they had to cut because of time constraints.

>> No.54658141

Japan, could you not

>> No.54658143

>you either have to be god or spend tens of thousands of years to summon even the most dull stuff in any quantity
>not really
Ya think. You're exaggerating grossly here, admitting it but not clearifying just how much you are. That sort of time was mentioned when talking about noble phantasms, not 'dull stuff'.

Seriously, read the jump's notes section, or you are going to get misinformed.

>> No.54658150

Still one of my favorite movies to date. Too bad we didn't get to see what those scenes would have looked like edited into the movie.

>> No.54658155

But that's actually how it works. Once you understand how something works, you can upgrade it.

>> No.54658156

Is there any way to turn a Reality Marble into an actual dimension?

>> No.54658159

Look at the FGO video, Bunyan does melee with a Babe that's the size and shape of like basketball

I mean I know we've had Fou, the deadliest killing machine of all time, but still

>> No.54658164

Fate/ Stay Night jump notes. Read them because anons couldn't tell you the truth even if their fucking lives depended on it.

>> No.54658168

You mean the First Magic from Fate?

The First Magic is the first among True Magic. In the Nasuverse most Magi use Magecraft which is basically sufficiently analyzed magic that allows them to reproduce supernatural feats of varying levels of absurdity (ranging from making something unnaturally tough to literally "I reject your reality and substitute it with my own"). However, all of Magecraft can be explained. It follows rules. True Magic does not. It's total bullshit. It has no rules. It just works. It does completely impossible shit without any explanation.

The First True Magic is the Denial of Nothingness, which works on the principle that nonexistence is ridiculous and that therefore everything must exist everywhere at all times without exception. It works by summoning literally anything that you can imagine without any restrictions. The sole limitation is that advancing your understanding and mastery of the First Magic requires incredible investments of time and effort. True Magic is already basically impossible for a normal person to learn because it works on nonsensical principles that are completely alien and impossible to understand for a sane person. But the First Magic is even more ridiculous than the others, making it much harder to learn. But the trade-off is that the First Magic, because you're basically summoning something that's already there, costs hilariously puny amounts of magical energy to perform crazy powerful effects. As in literally snapping your fingers and burning a mid-level spell's worth of energy to create a city-atomizing explosion or summon a mountain-sized meteorite to hurtle towards your enemy at thousands of times the speed of sound.

>> No.54658187

>Paul Bunyan
I'm pretty sure that's a crime, like having John Henry use a steam drill.

>> No.54658190

>Noble Phantasms
>not dull stuff
Yeah, sure thing, anon. Noble Phantasms are so interesting. Look, they might be powerful, but that doesn't mean they're not dull.

>> No.54658201

It's Japan being Japan again.

>> No.54658224

Really? You see Noble Phantasms as 'dull'?
You are entitled to your opinion of course, but I can't say that I agree.
And you think you were being clear when you used 'dull stuff' in the original post? Did you think it would be clear to the guy that you were talking about NP rather than, I don't know, bricks and nails, when you were talking aout 'dull stuff'?

>> No.54658247

If it's not Omega Purple Saiyan Omnipotence, it's dull.

>> No.54658248

Case in point: >>54658168
90% of this is right. Can you guess the rest?

>> No.54658250

It's from the Fate series, and as for what it does...well, in canon it's kind of ambiguous. It's probably got something to do with defying thermodynamics, but the specifics are unclear. As such, Val more or less made something up for the sake of the jump. The version you can get in the jump lets you disprove the nonexistence of things. You assert that everything exists somewhere, and so there's no reason that a thing can't exist right here and now. So it summons/creates (it's debatable which, and there might not be a meaningful distinction for it) anything you can conceive of. Very energy efficient, as you'd expect from defying conservation laws, but very difficult to do.

>> No.54658255

Reminder that the best use of Ultimate Lifeform is to get in a screaming contest with Perfect Cell over which one of you is more perfect.

>> No.54658271


>> No.54658278

Don't tempt fate, anon. I'm fully expecting something like that coming up in DB Super.

Why are you talking about this? You're all just giving him a skewed view of the First Magic. Just refer him to the jump, rather than jacking yourselves and getting your facts wrong.

>> No.54658306

Oh, I'm a different person than the one who made the original post. I don't know what they think of as "dull stuff". I just know that there are only a handful of NPs that I think are interesting. The idea is cool, taking a myth and making it reality is a cool one. But in practice, 90% of them are either forcefields or energy blasts, just with some flowery language prettying them up.

>> No.54658307

>people in /jc/
>actually reading the jump
>actually doing their own research

Anon, are you new.

>> No.54658312


To be fair, something like three posts have done just that and he hasn't gotten back to us to say anything. People like to fill the void but say something unique rather than just a rehash of 'go the the jump'. Doesn't excuse them if they get things wrong though.

>> No.54658314


>> No.54658340

What about the descriptions given do you object to, anon? Because they're accurate to the jump, as far as I can tell. Please, explain what you think they're "jacking themselves" over and giving false information about.

>> No.54658343

Really this is why after a certain point in time jumpers should have sim versions of themselves studying up on magic/science/biology/what have you in time chambers after a certain point in the chain. Split a portion of yourself off and start going to work while you keep jumping that way you get the most bang for your buck.

Sufficiently analyzed magic for the win!

>> No.54658347

Then why the hell would you respond so ambiguously? Why did you respond to my post at all? Your opinion about NP or what you think of as 'dull stuff' is completely unsolicited, unwelcome and led to misunderstandings.
Next time, please make clear you are not the same person.

>> No.54658375

>thinking your conversations are between just two people
>on an anonymous public message board
Again, pick one. I get it, you're new and don't understand board culture yet, but the sooner you adapt the less uncomfortable this will be for you.

>> No.54658382

Except that does nothing here. First magic doesn't care how much you analyze it first magic is fiat capped to take decades to reproduce a pudding cup.

>> No.54658391

No that's not how it works. As Valeria has said >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/54438826/#54439419
>the Understanding/Copy power wouldn't work since it's just for abilities/powers and not skills/techniques
The First Magic is entirely skill based.

>> No.54658411

No, are you?
Do you not read the jumps? Or do any research?
How do you even jumpchain unless you do those things?
Seriously, I want to know. How?

>> No.54658413

Firstly wouldnt it be easier to figure out how to whip up something that already exists?

Secondly Yeah but afterwards you can summon unlimited pudding works.

And third, I wonder if you canncheat, get a spell in another system then use dark wisdom to translate it over to using first magic as the system you use it under for super spam spells.

>> No.54658437


>> No.54658447

That's for the copying powers part. Not improving. But we can wait until Val comes back to solve it out.

>> No.54658453

He's bullshitting, or shitposting. It seems we have a few of them in thread right now. Best just to ignore them.

>> No.54658471

>> No.54658472

It's including the improving part.

>> No.54658477

I just want to say that that doesn't make sense to me. I admit to never having read the story, but Understanding something that's purely skill-based doesn't sound like it should be hard to do.

>> No.54658487

He's thinking about it wrong. It's prudent to chase perfection.
>Make [Zerg DNA] great
>But not perfect?
>Never perfect. Perfection goal that changes. Never stops moving. Can chase, cannot catch

>> No.54658491

Yeah no, he's right. This is an open forum, anyone can butt into a conversation of they feel like it.

>> No.54658517

Hey Val
What kind of things could I do with First magic with 2000 years of practice? Assuming no learning perks.

>> No.54658528

Hello and thank you for weighing in on this one Valeria-sempai!

See above.

>> No.54658537

Well, OK then. Thanks for pointing it out.

>> No.54658543

Probably jackshit. Expect at least a few hundred thousand years to learn how to do anything good.

>> No.54658558

Different guy, just like you are definitely not the same guy ~wink wink~, but you are missing the point. Go back and read the posts.

Ha, no. How you expect to say such nonsense when Val is right here is beyond me.

>> No.54658560

Start making Noble Phantasm stuff of a low rank. You'd be better off having a lookie through the archives since loads of those kind of questions came up when the jump came out. Very sleepy now so examples aren't exactly leaping to mind.

No worries. Tired so I just waited until someone mentioned asking me. Setting up a new computer takes sooo much time.

>> No.54658576

>~wink wink~
I don't even have to say anything desu.

>> No.54658591

Oh, buddy old pal. ~nudge nudge~ You know, right?

>> No.54658601

Translating the desu
>I is don't even have to say anything.
Why do people do that?

>> No.54658615

Because they think it's cute, or cool (somehow)?

>> No.54658625

Yes, I know that you are literal cancer, and also the proof that 90% of the posters in this thread probably come from either tumblr, reddit, or SB.

It's an epic meme™.

>> No.54658656

You don't know what that word means, do you? Don't use big words until you've grown up a bit more, sonny, and after you know what they mean and their correct uses.

*Gasp* How did you know?
*Gasp* How did you know?
*Gasp* How did you know?

>It's an epic meme™.
>Saying 'desu' incorrectly is 'epic'
Are you sure someone hasn't just been playing a joke on you?

>> No.54658670

>It's an epic meme™.
I though it was just a guy RPing as a young Japanese girl in the thread. Like the Ebon Dragon but creepier.

>> No.54658687

>*Gasp* How did you know?
>*Gasp* How did you know?
>*Gasp* How did you know?
Aha, I bet you also come from SV and QQ, don't you swine?!

>> No.54658691

>Implying that's not what the Ebon Dragon does in his free time

Can you imagine what it must be to be a soul of him?

>> No.54658699

>You don't know what that word means, do you? Don't use big words until you've grown up a bit more, sonny, and after you know what they mean and their correct uses.
I do know that you are both a literal and figurative moron, because the word literally has been used in this context for so long on the internet, that anyone who hasn't realized it by now has got to be lacking some braincells.

>Are you sure someone hasn't just been playing a joke on you?
I'm not sure. If you were trolling all along, that would explain a lot.

It's literally just a wordfilter that changes desu to desu. That's it.

>> No.54658702

*Gasp* How did you know?
Please, man. I have standards.

>> No.54658721

Well there is a wordfilter that catches something, I don't remember what it was, but desu posting/spamming was once a big thing. ~Desu

>> No.54658736

>No capacity to respond outside of insults, snide insinuitations and deliberately taking what has been said out of context.
Congrats, you are everything wrong with 4chan in a nutshell. Well, the blue board parts anyway.
Be proud to be human scum. You'll have nothing else to be proud of so make the most of it.

>> No.54658750

Oh, does he get a trophy?

>> No.54658757

>Congrats, you are everything wrong with 4chan in a nutshell.
I am actually quite proud of that. When in rome, act like a roman, and all that.

>Be proud to be human scum. You'll have nothing else to be proud of so make the most of it.
Looks like someone's left their projector on.

>> No.54658793 [SPOILER] 

No, anon. If I gave out trophies for being human scum on this thread, I'd be penniless in a week.
I will however, give him a cookie.

>I am actually quite proud of that.
Enjoy your cookie. Try not to choke on it. I understand people like you find simple things... challenging.
>When in rome, act like a roman, and all that.
Now who's projecting?

>> No.54658811

Nothing according to val.

>Some people seem to forget that the jump was not made on the assumption that you've got eleventy bajillion learning boosters. It's made on the assumption this is your first jump. So using the First to do even the basic to mid level shit of any other Magic would take you tens or hundreds of thousands of years, far more if you wanted to get into the top tier stuff. The sort of timeframe where even a magus has long since turned to dust and the planet probably died and it turned into Notes or aliens attacked or something.

>And of course, in the time it takes for anyone to do all those years of constant learning, you could have almost certainly found another way to make whatever it is you are after in a mere fraction of the time.

>> No.54658815

I found you saying the following "using the First to do even the basic to mid level shit of any other Magic would take you tens or hundreds of thousands of years, far more if you wanted to get into the top tier stuff. The sort of timeframe where even a magus has long since turned to dust and the planet probably died and it turned into Notes or aliens attacked or something.
And of course, in the time it takes for anyone to do all those years of constant learning, you could have almost certainly found another way to make whatever it is you are after in a mere fraction of the time."

Damn I should have put Generic Xianxia after Fate in my chain... I don't know where else I'll be able to find that kind of timescale.

>> No.54658817

Are you ass-blasted faggots done yet.

>> No.54658826


I don't know. Are you done?

>> No.54658832

>Now who's projecting?
I literally just described my own actions. Please explain to me how that is me projecting. I'm waiting.

>implying there's anything else interesting happening
The thread's dead atm, might as well have an argument with some faggot.

>> No.54658837

I'm pretty sure between the nineteen kinds of magician and at least four world's worth of supertech shoved into my brain I could find a way to help out.

I typed up a massive, post-filling explanation about how I would do it, before I realized I had no fucking idea what I was doing. I only hope Jumper!Me would be smart enough to do it right. I would apparently fuck up everything in the process.

I happens. Some threads do kind of blend together. But I've not noticed it being a solid trend, barring shitposting tactics and a few similar sounding arguments about certain things. It's better when the one or two dedicated shitposters we have are less active.

Hell, I mean, last threat someone came up with a pretty fun challenge. That was a new idea right there.

Okay, that made me laugh.

Dragon, generally, if I have to choose between just those two.

>Little girl Paul Bunyan Berserker
There's something seriously wrong with the Fate/ universe.

As for your question, that's because I plan to summon the best and cutest Assassian, Hassan of Serenity! Who is seriously the best!

I also plan to summon Ratatoskr, the Norse Messenger of the World Tree, as an Archer. Why? Because I want something original and she would likely come with an eagle AND dragon related Nobel Phantasms. And, knowing Fate/, Ratatoskr would be a squirrel girl and I not missing the sight of that kicking around a Saber.
No, you can't prove this is specifically to prevent Gilgamesh from being summoned. I'm not sure what gave you that idea.

>> No.54658845

That was literally her post anon. I went to the archives like she said. That is what she said. It takes so long to do anything with it that the planet would die before you accomplished anything.

>> No.54658853

Magic, not magic. What I was referring to there was the other True Magics (though to be fair, the basic stuff would probably be achieved earlier, that time scale is more for the mid level stuff). Normal magic stuff like magecraft or whatever would be accomplish able in a far shorter time frame.

>> No.54658909

>far shorter timeframe.

So what, decades, millenia? What are we looking at here?

>> No.54658912

I highlighted how you are projecting, dumbass. It is right there in the post you are responding to.
You can keep waiting until you learn to read first and then respond like someone with two brain cells to rub together.

>The thread's dead atm, might as well have an argument with some faggot.
I share the sentiment, but you just aren't exciting me anymore, anon.
I need some space, maybe to shitpost with other people. It's not you... well it is you, you just aren't interesting me.
We'll always have this thred, mon ami.

>> No.54658922

Check out the archives. You might find your answers.

>> No.54658932

Oh okay thanks for the clarification. I should have checked out the description in Jump too, I read it a while ago and forgot it entirely.

So from what I understand, after 2000 years of practice, I should be able to summon a whole city right?

>> No.54658941

Am I the only one vaguely intimidated by the archives. There is just so much shitposting to wade through to get the good stuff.

>> No.54658943

I did and the only fucking answer there says it takes hundreds of thousands of years to kearn to wipe your ass with it.

>> No.54658962

Depends on what you're looking to do. The jump lists plenty of examples of stuff you can do in certain timeframes.

Um, probably, yeah.

>> No.54658975

>Projection is the psychological phenomenon where someone denies some aspect of their behavior or attitudes and assumes instead that others are doing or thinking so.
In my post, I said that I was proud for acting as a typical 4channer, because you should act like a roman when in rome. Please explain to me, in-depth, how this would be projection.

>> No.54658998

>please take me back
Enough. I know it's hard, but your shitposting just isn't doing it for me anymore.
We're over, accept it. *dramatically flounce away*

>> No.54659011

You need to give anon a Dear John letter, anon #2.

>> No.54659021

>says shit he can't back up
>flees the argument to escape his shame
Looks like I won yet another internet argument. I'll need to expand my trophy case sooner or later.

>> No.54659033

>Am I the only one vaguely intimidated by the archives.

I usually look up stuff by either buzz words or Namefag names, which is why I love the uptrend in Namefagging Jumpmakers.

I find that your opinion is neither correct nor useful to this conversation.

>> No.54659045

If that makes you feel better. It was nice while it lasted. *barely suppressed dramatic tears*
But, in the spirit of honesty, anon. All the times I sounded really in to it... I was faking.

>> No.54659063

You know, all the dramatics and flair doesn't make me forget that you were wrong.

>But, in the spirit of honesty, anon. All the times I sounded really in to it... I was faking.
Please, I'm currently shitposting in 6 tabs simultaneously.

>> No.54659073

>Looks like I won yet another internet argument.
Different anon, but you do know someone mocking you relentlessly and ignoring anything of substance you try to say doesn't mean you've won, anything right? Unless you consider it a forfeiture, which was only brought about by you blatantly lying about the things they said and demanding long-winded extraneous explanations.
I wouldn't say that 'being ignored' or 'being mocked and ignored' is 'winning', myself anon.
If that's 'winning' then timmy'e trophey case must be full to bursting.

>> No.54659078

Hey Val, i know you've previously stated that stats stack when having multiple servant builds, but i can't remember if you said anything about Noble Phantasms Stacking. So would they stack or would we just have two noble phantasms that did the same thing?

>> No.54659091

>some random guy giving his opinion

>> No.54659101

Does SCP-2400 contain a pocket dimension or is it a portal to an existing dimension?

>> No.54659126

>you were wrong.
Oh, about what? Tell me, in detail, over multiple posts, with citations and indepth analysis about how I was wrong.

>I'm currently shitposting in 6 tabs simultaneously.
You better not have been doing that when we were... together.

Timmy winning tropheys is like Hell icing over. A sure sign of the apolcalypse!

We are on a message board, anon. We're hardly private. Isn't that how you started courting.. i mean, shitposting at me over. Are you being a hypocrite?
Oh and don't pretend that isn't you unless you are willing to give a screen shot to prove it.

I always thought the former myself.

>> No.54659134

Due to Renegade Jumper giving Stands out in the Dark Souls 3 Jump you encounter this!


How screwed are you /JC?

>> No.54659141

That's the not!Hyperbolic time chamer, is it?

>> No.54659149


By the time my chain ends I will have enough knowledge and power to start terraforming other planets. I could introduce space travel in less than a decade. Create Dragonballs to fix climate change, ect.

I have so many mental boosting perks, the Princess Bride's Speed reading perk, Dune's Super Computer mind perk. Every world I visit I try and take all the knowledge I can.

My crafting perks and speed perks are god level at this point. But all of this it pointless if I no longer care about Home Earth.

>> No.54659162

>Oh, about what? Tell me, in detail, over multiple posts, with citations and indepth analysis about how I was wrong.
I don't need to, really. You said I was projecting when I was stating my opinion about my own actions, to divert attention from your own pathetic projections. And now you've been making multiple posts without any substance, to make it seem like you somehow "won".

>We are on a message board, anon. We're hardly private. Isn't that how you started courting.. i mean, shitposting at me over. Are you being a hypocrite? Oh and don't pretend that isn't you unless you are willing to give a screen shot to prove it.
He can give his opinion all he wants, and I don't mind it, but I simply can't bring myself to care about it either.

>> No.54659204

A lot, or very little. I guess it depends on whether the energies going about in Dark Souls counts as 'spiritual energy' and allows them to get stands in the first place. Assuming the Renegade gives them out using the arrow.
If it does then with all the conceptual things stands can get up to, in the hands of dereanged and well-trained people, monsters, dragons and assorted nasties that are difficult enough to deal with without stands... You're in for a hard time.

>> No.54659206


It's official. Spacebattles has declared the WoW update as having "no content."

>> No.54659212

NPs definitely would not stack. You'd just have two separate ones.

>> No.54659218

And this is why I don't post much. Can't just give an opinion on something without some anon implying samefagging.

>> No.54659228

Okay, thanks.

>> No.54659242

Please, tell me, where in that post, or in any other posts after it, did I imply samefagging? Like, why lie about something that can be disproven so easily?

>> No.54659243

Personally perfer this one.


>> No.54659245

>can't say anything without some anon implying samefagging.

And that's why there's a declining amount of jump critique among other things. If you say something that can be construed as negative, you become The Shitposter or worse.

>> No.54659283

Crossposter plz die.

>> No.54659288


I started the Pokemon Trainer jump with the Aura skill. I figured it would help me survive in a world of monsters.

>> No.54659290

In terms of what a typical jumper can do, saving the world in most ways is easy.
Weather machines for climate change.
Forcefields/supertech for extinction events.
Nanite swarms to disable nukes.
Vaccines for diseases.
The hardest apocalypse to fight against is an economic one.
If you hand out easy, dense power sources, oil-exporting nations are gonna collapse, i.e., Saudi Arabia and friends.
Not sure what'll happen when they have all that oil and infrastructure for pulling oil out of the ground, but no one to sell it to. I just know that it won't be pretty.
On the other side, massive corporations and big oil won't take kindly to some immortal godlike dickhead making them all obsolete.
Their death throws will be them doing whatever they can to hold onto as much power as possible for as long as possible, and that never ends well for the little guy.
And then you have to think about what'll happen if a rogue nation like North Korea gets ahold of your stuff. Even if it's blackboxed and they can't use it directly, I guarantee they'll find a way around it. Humans are resourceful, especially if driven by the urge to kill everyone.

I'm reminded of this creepy-ass video.

>> No.54659296

>no screenshot
Hah, yeah, let's pretend that wasn't you.

Dear John_Anon,
Okay, this little fling has run its course. I'm now certain there is nothing to salvage here. I had some fun at your expense so that's good, but you're just repeating yourself over and over with the same nonsense and stupid provactive tactics. It's cowardly, lazy and not what I want in my anon!
The thread has livened up quite a bit, so sorry but I'm going to ditch you now. You tell yourself whatever story makes your sobs a little softer, sweetie. I was a meanie, you 'won' the argument, you get a 'trophey'. Whatever makes you feel better when I'm off having the highlife.

Also, i wasn't the same anon you started this argument with. Bet you didn't notice.

>> No.54659307

Pick one, then drown yourself in your own irrelvancy.

>> No.54659310

> not killing your enemies with hugs

>> No.54659322

Then they can make their own.

>> No.54659323

Are you only pretending to be retarded or are you actually retarded?

>> No.54659348

Yeah, it's bad. I mean, the shitposter is pretty transparent so often that's pretty empty. But the moment you say anything negative, even with the best will in the world, you're suddenly the bad guy.
I just don't give out negative critique anymore. If I can't make it possitive or prompt the jumpmaker by asking a neutral question, I'll just keep my concerns to myself.
I don't know how common that mentality is in other people here, though.

>> No.54659357

>Hah, yeah, let's pretend that wasn't you.
Literally what? Yes, it was me, I didn't deny that at all. Mate, I think you've got some serious problems in regards to how you argue, because you seem to continuosly write stuff that simply isn't true, and can be disproven with but a glance at my posts.

>Also, i wasn't the same anon you started this argument with. Bet you didn't notice.
Eh, why should I care?

>implying I misunderstood something or did something wrong without actually saying what it was
Please, enlighten me as to my mistakes. From my view, you replied to my post (which literally only contained the word K), and said that I was accusing you of samefagging. So tell me, what were your actual intentions?

>> No.54659360

I've just flat-out given up.

I don't even know why I'm still here.

>> No.54659361

Why does he do it? What's the point? None of us care what goes on in SB. Any ideas, anons?

>> No.54659373


Give the world magic!

But seriously, I am sure if you "sacrificed" a single nation to make your point that you are a god like being and everyone needs to step in line or die. I think the vast majority will.

>> No.54659376

Why does anything happen in /jc/?

To foster bad feels instead of good or constructive feels.

>> No.54659409

>Eh, why should I care?
If you don't care then why post? Actually don't answer. I don't care.
Like diarrhea, you've ran your course.

For jumps? To shitpost like above? For the pictures that are sometimes posted?

Probably some personal thing. A stupid grudge that he or she can't let go from so long ago they've probably forgotten all about why they're doing it.

>> No.54659426

Well, that's a grim view of things.

>> No.54659439

>For jumps?
Used to be.

>To shitpost like above?
Maybe. Maybe.

>For the pictures that are sometimes posted?
I mean there is some good art or stuff posted here and there, but I'd be better off trolling a booru.

>> No.54659447

>If you don't care then why post? Actually don't answer. I don't care.
>Like diarrhea, you've ran your course.
It's actually laughable how pathetic you are. In the last few posts you've either accused me of things that were disprovable in an instant, or slung childish insults at me that you probably think are funny. But you didn't argue at all, because you know that you've already lost. Hilarious.

>> No.54659464

How do we un corrupt the law system?

>> No.54659468

Not wrong though.
Outside of people posting jumps and talking about them, things can get pretty shitpost-y here. See >>54659447
Worse are the shitposters who just can't turn off. They are just constant sludge all the time.
Oh, and I bet that guy will say I'm samefagging. Watch.

>> No.54659474

I just want to help people.
I don't have the time or patience to be a babysitter/tyrant.
I'd rather just leave them to their own devices.
I think I could wrangle together a perk combo that would let me pull people who ask for my help to my location. My location in this instance being an untainted parallel Earth. I can leave behind all the assholes to their fate, and come back every so often to see if anyone else is interested in seeing what post-scarcity paradise looks like.

>> No.54659498

>Oh, and I bet that guy will say I'm samefagging. Watch.
Yeah, I don't even need to say anything. It's just sad to watch people throw tantrums like that. I'll just end this "argument" (>implying you ever argued) with a fitting quote:

"You cannot reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into" - Albert Einstein

>> No.54659534

I like the idea of creating deva (Exalted Infernals) that are wholly and completely focused on the law and have all sort of charms and abilities to perform their duties.

You know Elfen Lied, there's a perk their to allow future generation to inherit instincts. It's been a while since I read it, but I wonder if the effect could be duplicated with retroviruses from settings where they work like magic, like Stargate and use them to influence people in an entire culture to change their values or enforce societial norms.

It would allow a lot of influence without direct control, and no Big Brother as people would police themselves.

But would that not be a violation of their intrinsic rights? Something to ponder. Thoughts?

Also that article on the right is bullshit. Britian has welfare and benefits that could support the family; that should not stand as justification for letting a paedophile go free. Assuming of course that snippet has all the relevant information.

>> No.54659542

You can't remove corruption from where it doesn't exist. Allahu akbar, comrade

>> No.54659546

You can't argue with someone who is mocking you. You autistic faggot.

>> No.54659549

Well, the simplest and easiest way to remove humans from the law/judgement system, and replace them with some sort of AI or custom-made spirit of law and order.
Humans are all naturally biased to some extent, some more than others. Replace them with impartial, highly logical super-intelligent beings devoted to the task and everything gets better.
>B-but muh jury of muh peers!
Is it really worth more than fairness in the law? Really?

>> No.54659573

Well, when I'm in charge of the system, I usually just kill people I don't like.

I don't pretend it's fair.

>> No.54659575

Let off, he's new here. He doesn't understand how things work.

Ever hear of a old sci-fi show called Blake's Seven. The Mc was sent to prision wrongly by an AI. It was hacked or something to make it happen, but still. They aren't perfect unless you make them absolutely inviolatable. Which for a jumper I guess is doable..

>> No.54659589

I can, almost certainly. For a moment. But over time, my Jumper has grown into the mentality that if you just wave your hand and immediately fix everything, you'll only end up making it worse in the long run.

So the plan would be to Penance Stare the higher-up in North Korea and the shittier Muslim countries, broadcasting it around the world. I will announce that I have three gifts for all the world to share:

The fist was cleansing the world of the worst dictatorships that crushed innocents beneath their heels.

The second is advanced technology and knowledge, such that no man need ever go hungry again or fear the inexorable march of time and the stars are but a carpet laid out before them to walk and explore in the vastness of space.

And the third is a series of public portals leading to fantastic – oft-thought fictional – worlds.

Do with these as you will, I will say, but keep in mind the small price I ask for them: that never shall you infringe upon the freedom of one who had not infringed upon the freedom of another and that all who follow this tenant have equal rights to this technology.

And then I will depart, probably reincarnating myself into a weaker form to live with struggle again until that form dies or triumphs.

>> No.54659598

If I get my Hell Lord dimension to devour my Territory from Traveler's Gate, will I need to find the Hell Lord dimension new Travelers to keep it from collapsing?

>> No.54659601

Indeed, because you gave up the argument the moment you stopped arguing. Whether that is because you couldn't handle losing an argument on 4chan of all places, or because you simply had time to waste, it doesn't matter. The result is the same either way: you flinging shit for several posts.

>Let off, he's new here. He doesn't understand how things work.
Please, you likely don't even browse 4chan beyond this website. Don't start talking about >muh age now.

>> No.54659616

Remove the whole thing. The only law that matters is the non-aggression principle.

>> No.54659638

I think the law shouldn't be totally impartial, though. Someone who kills a pedophile in rage because they raped his daughter or a woman who steals food to save her starving children should get leniency.

>> No.54659639


Territories are pretty much a waste of CP.

>> No.54659643

There are perks for making your tech uncrackable.
And in any case I doubt anyone could hack a spirit.

>> No.54659649

He's just trying to rile me up and keep me talking and arguing with him because he's bored. Sadly he's doing so in a way that is so dishonest and boring I can't be bothered.
I bet he'll accuse you of being me.

I get the impression he's been here long enough to know how things are. Like I said to the anon above, he's just trying to entertain himself by trying to keep a dead argument alive.
It wasn't even over anything substantive and I'm not even the original person he was talking to. It's pretty funny and a little sad when you tihink about it.
At his point I'm just ignoring his posts until he calms down or shuts up. I'd recommend the same otherwise he's just going to 'assume' you are me and try to argue pointlessly with you. He's pretty provactive so it's easier for him to do than it sounds, it's how I was roped in earlier.

>> No.54659653

>doubt anyone could hack a spirit
One hundred percent sure that's possible in a lot of settings.

>> No.54659685

>ad hominem
>accusation of accustion of samefagging
>afraid to reply directly to who you're talking about
Meh. These really seem like the typical /jc/ and tumblr tactics.

>> No.54659688

Territories dont even need that much upkeep, tossing it a person every 20 decades is more than enough to stabilize one, fuck just the fact that you link it to other planes in jumlchain should make it never require more micromanaging.

>> No.54659691

You could totally program such things into an AI, or weave them into a spirit.
Some sort of compassion subroutine.

I was thinking more about mundane Earth, but I see your point. Just stick to unhackable AIs in that case. Problem solved.

>> No.54659692

They aren't wrong.

And besides that fact, the jump's not relevant anyway given the other jumps that have been coming out.

>> No.54659695

Ah, sorry, I focused on you're mentioning AI and overlooked you mentioning a spirit. My mistake.
I'd find a system of justice like that (>>54659549 ) quite a bit better than what we have now. No corruption, no bribery, no racism or prejudice of any sort, positive or negative.
And the whole 'jury of your peers' (please note I am no expert in law here) is something you only get sometimes, many courts just have the judge making a decision and he/she's rarely going to be a 'peer' to the defendant.

If we are talking about a Jumper going back to Earth after the chain, there shouldn't be a real risk of that. Unless I've lost track and we are talking about just making a justice system in general?

>> No.54659705

Alright, I'm gonna finish the DxD update I was supposed to do yesterday. I got distracted by salt.
>You mean shitpost-
No, not /jc/ salt. That's (usually) hilarious. I got super salty at video games instead.

Anyways in addition to the discount, humans are getting a slightly smaller stipend of +200 CP for Sacred Gears.

Someone also suggested Khaos gives a discount to racial choices, since they're meant to be an all-inclusive faction of...well, chaos and being magic terrorists, basically. I actually kinda liked this idea, and wanted to give Dragon a discount for Independents so they're not left out.

Good idea? Bad idea? Alternatives? Shitposting? Pop tarts? I might go the extra mile and make actual items for backgrounds, though it's likely to be a collection of either mundane or OC items.

>> No.54659707

Could you be anymore obvious?
Seems like the shitposter warning earlier was a little premature.

>> No.54659722

That's even a thing in Exalted, isn't it. Don't Autochthon's machine spirits have Compassion as a virute or do they have different things replacing virtures?

>> No.54659725

Would humans that become reincarnated devils also get that stipend?

>> No.54659746

>Pop tarts?
Hmm. Oh, you are getting me hungry, Heavens.
I like these ideas by the way. Giving Khaos that discount, the rationale you give for it makes sense to me. And anything that makes being a Dragon easier is automatically okay with me.
Thanks for all your hard work.

>> No.54659760

>I might go the extra mile and make actual items for backgrounds, though it's likely to be a collection of either mundane or OC items.
Yes, please. That sounds like it could be pretty fun.

>> No.54659781

The stipend was removed in the latest update, instead everyone gets a discount on one sacred gear, or in the case of the Heaven faction, a free 400CP or less, at base price, Excalibur Fragment piece.

>> No.54659793

Did you not read the post I replied to?
>Anyways in addition to the discount, humans are getting a slightly smaller stipend of +200 CP for Sacred Gears
Seriously, what's up with people replying without knowing shit?

>> No.54659799

Keeping in theme, yeah. Most people who get reincarnated are scouted for Sacred Gears, or at least for the Hell Faction.
Alright, I'll see what I can do, then. Expect the update...eventually. Then I can get back to outlining Thunderbolt and binging GGG.

>> No.54659821

~hyped~ No pressure, but I am really looking forward to it.
I never knew I could enjoy puppet shows untiil Thunderbolt Fantasy. Even things like Thunderbirds just seemed silly even when i was a kid.

>> No.54659830

Its in the change log.

>0.3: Removed item stipend, all races now receive a one-time Sacred Gear discount. Members of the Heaven Faction can trade the discount to receive one Holy Sword of 400 or less. Had to adjust Sacred Gear prices to have an even base price - some were increased, some were decreased.

>> No.54659839

If val is here, can I use the 'dont feel like using this skill' on a np?

>> No.54659846

Dude, just read the fucking post holy shit. He's updating it again.

>> No.54659902

>Someone also suggested Khaos gives a discount to racial choices, since they're meant to be an all-inclusive faction of...well, chaos and being magic terrorists, basically. I actually kinda liked this idea, and wanted to give Dragon a discount for Independents so they're not left out.
I /do/ like this idea. Those factions seem a bit underwhelming at the moment.
I don't suppose you managed to find the sections about Caliburn?

>> No.54659930

Oh, yeah well that's fine. Thought you were saying you wanted it to be totally impartial.

>> No.54659932

I'm working on it as we speak. My only concern is that it's apparently 'the strongest Holy Sword in existence, above Excalibur'. So that leaves me a little confused about what to price it at, figuring in the discount and the fact Excalibur itself is already a point sink.

So what would Caliburn's base price be, and should I bump down some of Excalibur's price depending on what I pick?

>> No.54659944

A spiritual plague that targets people based on their religious beliefs. You gotta deal with the root of a problem. Alternatively Black Dynamite has a perk for this.

>> No.54659951

>collection of either mundane or OC items
Gender bend raygun?

>> No.54659964

Something I love about the Khaos Brigade is that they're an all-inclusive multicultural faction...of racial supremacists. Ophis, what the hell were you thinking? I mean, I know vetting your candidates was never a real skill of yours, given how they betrayed you and became sueprvillains, but did you put any thought at all into your recruiting?

>> No.54659982

>all-inclusive multicultural faction
Wait, what? That's fucking hilarious.

>> No.54659988

If it's that powerful, maybe price it at 1000 like a Longinus?

>> No.54660039

>Thought you were saying you wanted it to be totally impartial.
I guess a better word would be unbiased. And in any case any law/judgement system set up by me as a Jumper would be much less about punishment and a lot more about rehabilitation.
Norway has apparently made some groundbreaking advances in normalizing inmates and setting them up for reintegration into society. I'd probably borrow heavily from that.
I feel like the penal system in most countries is backwards and shortsighted, but everybody gets upset if you say convicts should be treated like human beings.

>> No.54660096

Yeah. Despite the fact that every single group in the Khaos Brigade has a contradictory goal of "kill all the other races, establish ours as the rulers of the world", they somehow keep recruiting people from all over. How do you people work together, you have all publicly stated that you hate each other and think you all should die. And given that, why are you all so surprised whenever one of you betrays the group? What possible reason did you have to think that a group made of evil dragons (to the point that that's the name of their sub-faction, the Evil Dragons) wouldn't betray the rest of you for their own desires?

>> No.54660101

Is bretonnia as harsh as this video portrays?

>> No.54660133

I'll let you know after I get past this motherfucker's voice long enough to listen.

>> No.54660220

>tfw want to take the Adeptas Sororitas scenario for The Josian Campaign
>but tfw don't want to bring along Sisters due to not being all that loyal to the Emprah.

while I'm negotiating a massive gear lists and committing what I assume to be /jc-heresy, I just want to hear on when you guys turned down, rejected, avoided, or otherwise told an otherwise tempting offer "No." Yes this means going into detail.

>> No.54660231

Thanks for adding it in.
Maybe a thousand like the longinus? Or just under that? Despite being stronger than Excalibur, it has far fewer abilities iirc.

>> No.54660249

I know. Aren't they great?
A lot of things in DxD are silly.

>> No.54660291

>1000 like a Longinus
I just want to point out that, if you surrender your Sacred Gear discount, getting all the fragments of Excalibur costs 1200 CP after discounts. I don't know enough about the series to comment, but I Heaven said that Caliburn is stronger than Excalibur, so offering it for 1000 doesn't seem right.

That, or maybe buying all the Excalibur pieces should give you some kind of bulk discount.

>> No.54660320

How about 1200 for the base price? Mostly since you'd be spending about 600 points for raw power and the ability to cut through space, which has much less utility than the range of abilities Excalibur has, but is a bit of a point break if you just want a really strong Holy Sword.

>> No.54660325

Getting the full Excalibur with discounts is 1400, isn't it? Depending on how Caliburn compares to the Longinus I feel like it'd be better to drop the Excaliburs' prices slightly and put Caliburn at 1000. Even if it's stronger in raw power it doesn't have all the specific powers Exca does, so I think a price along those lines would be fine.

>> No.54660342

Would Cloud (ff7) be a good husbando for daughteru?

>> No.54660358

On the subject of DxD, out of nowhere I had the idea of a jumper countering the protagonist's "talk to breasts" spell by using Excalibur Ruler to command said breasts to shut up.

This idea bothers me more that it should.

>> No.54660367

>A good husband


>> No.54660376

If you go by original FF7, yes but technically he's already got a waifu in the form of Tifa.

if we go by Advent Children or any of the other shit, no. Absolutely not.

>> No.54660396

After he works through his mental trauma and actually knows who he even is? Yes.

After he gets character assassinated and turns into an emo fuck? No.

Also he's taken.

>> No.54660407

So what did you have in mind for the dragons? I didnt really understand it earlier, I myself took dragon but didnt buy any items. I like the custom magic system option though, that part is awesome.

>> No.54660423

Not at all, hes a crossdressing emo faggot. Literally.

>> No.54660460

>but tfw don't want to bring along Sisters due to not being all that loyal to the Emprah.
According to the notes, they just follow whatever you're into after the jump.

>> No.54660461

If we get a jump for Kamen Rider Build, would it be a dedicated jump like Ex-Aid?

>> No.54660484

If ValkyrieAnon is here, can you (or someone else) give me a slight resume of what exactly Wave Force Manipulation actually is? Because I'm reading throught the SV thread right now and it just seems like a very powerful Wave-Motion Gun or something like that.

>> No.54660486

>Paul Bunyan is a loli
I don't know why I like Fate still

>> No.54660490

Fuck you, the cross-dressing was hilarious.


>> No.54660491

Sounds about right.
But are you sure it's stronger than a Longinus? I got the feeling it was a bit of a step down, particularly beings it had less versatile abilities than most of them.
The reason why Excalibur is worth more than one was, I assumed at least, because it gave such a wide amount of abilities.

>> No.54660510

Unless you wanna wait two whole years for both Build and a second Rider afterwards, probably.

That said, not sure I'll still be making Kamen Rider jumps by then, so don't hold your breath.
Just giving them a discount for people who pick Independent faction.
Trying to actually figure out what's 'stronger' is a bit of a misnomer since the universe seems to actively bend in favor of the protagonist and his harem most of the time. I tried to make sense of the power levels in this setting, but since we focus almost exclusively on 'exceptions' or high-tier bullshit, all I did was give myself a severe headache.

Anyways, it'll be either 1000 or 1200. I'll be bumping down the price of Excalibur Ruler to 600 to compensate, making it easier to complete/combine with Durandal.

>> No.54660559

He sat in a wheelchair crying about how life is unfair and nothing matters. For months.

>> No.54660565

While we're on Holy Swords, I remember someone requesting Kusanagi at some point. What was up with that?

>> No.54660571

Saving the planet itself is easy, saving humanity on the other hand is hard because even if everything was perfect, someone would always want to hurt others unless you take away their free will, and I just can't justify myself doing that. So ultimately I think I would just return to earth, demonstrate my powers, then create my own utopian afterlife of alternate dimension and give everyone the option of living there, this way I can help people without killing anyone and manipulate things to keep everyone happy.

Jackie Chan Adventures.

Dragon, is this even a question?

I don't think so, but here's a list of jumps that let you get actual pocket dimensions.
>D&D, Genesis
>DC Occult, Dimension Lord
>Generic Creepypasta, Pocket Realm
>Generator Rex, Portal Creation
>Minecraft, MystCraft
>Traveler’sGate, ATerritorytocallHome
>Terraria, Frequent Flyer Miles
>Exalted: The Infernals, The Inner World
>Marvel Magic, Hell Lord

>> No.54660572

Okay THAT emo, I'll give you. I thought you were talking Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus levels of emo.

And he got his shit together out of the wheelchair after that.

>> No.54660654

Questionable, but... maybe try using one of the various magic/spiritual system combiners we have to try and merge your Reality Marble with your Infernal Inner World?

>> No.54660688

>Ward save
>Take a cannonball to the face
>Doubt that a minor Chaos god could pull it off
This guy's an odd duck isn't he?

>> No.54660690

Use the infinity perk from 7ds to make it permanently stay our and grow stronger.

>> No.54660730


>> No.54660747

How do i gain the ability to defeat enemies through sick dance moves?


>> No.54660778

Head to Crypt of the Necrodancer
Take the Dance Dance Revolution drawback
Keep the drawback after the jump ends
All enemies are forced to fight you with dance battles
All enemies
Get gud

>> No.54660795

Erfworld has a perk for it.

>> No.54660802

I don't think Reality Marbles grow stronger, they're basically as is from their inception.

>> No.54660816

It's been a while since I played the game, but wasn't his time in the wheelchair less "crying about how his life is unfair" and more "his mind and identity were shattered due to having been plunged into a planet's worth of raw souls and lifeforce?"

>> No.54660856

Any chance on lowering price of dragon ?

>> No.54660867

I organized a Mary Sue uprising by convincing a lot of the "redeemed" Sues that they were being duped into hating themselves by a poorly written narrative (The PPC). I have nothing but contempt for the PPC at best and absolute seething hatred for them at worse (Which is the default). I gave them magical girl powers and went to work at once dismantling this whole horrid affair. I was a Sue, of course.

Because I have Always An Ending, there would be no need for the PPC when I destroyed them, so the continuum would unfuck itself naturally and in best cases Sues would never be born. So I killed all agents that refused to work with me and flooded the PPC with conceptual weedkiller liquid (With some more concepts stacked in them in case they had protection against it) so the plants would die. It's not the Mary Sue's fault that they were created this way, and a lot of the "stories" in my version of the PPC were heavily twisted recounting of stuff that actually happened to make the agents feel better about killing sentient beings.

Can you tell I really don't like the PPC's concept?

>> No.54660883

They are magic though right? The perk makes magic grow stronger and never run out.

>> No.54660884


>> No.54660970

Infinity- 1200
This is just unfair. You hold the power of Infinity, allowing you to extend the duration of any magic spell you cast for as long as you want, making it impossible for it to run out until you say it should end. Flames that burn forever, ice that never melts and even stopping one’s own time is all within reach, normally impossible for the energy drain they’d incur.

>> No.54660990

Well you're not wrong.

I don't think you're right either, but you're certainly not wrong.

>> No.54661003

Never run out, yes. Grow stronger, no.

You want Old Patient Magic from Circle of Magic for that.

>> No.54661018

Huh, somebody's offended.

>> No.54661091

Of course you would be the one who says nothing is wrong with Mary Sues and twist everything around to make everyone and everything else wrong.

>> No.54661123

She fucking creeps me out. I don't typically find children horrifying (Or I don't try to) but It's very difficult for me to find her benevolent because she looks incredibly eerie.

>> No.54661160

Well you just fucked over all of the Word-Worlds and their inhabitants.

Congratulations. I'm sure you feel good about yourself.

>> No.54661164

Yeah, maybe I was a little extreme about my methods, and seeing it in retrospect maybe I was a little boodthristy. But I tried my best to play nice with them. However, my patience ran out with trying to play along. I'm a jumper, I don't need to put up with this.

>> No.54661205

Always An Ending from Sidereals makes it so that you can destroy something "necessary" and that there will be no need for it. I'm not fucking over the World Words. The continuum will naturally unfuck itself now.

But you really did try.

>> No.54661241

Are there any perks that help me ship people together?

>> No.54661263

The only matchmaking perk I actually know of is in that white knight jump with the medieval magic mechs.

>> No.54661273

Except the PPC was formed in response to the creation of SUEs, crossovers, and fanfictional additions.

Just because you get rid of the PPC doesn't mean this shit will stop happening. It just means there's nobody to take care of it.

>> No.54661274

Any chance for Gram?

Exalted Sidereals jump and Sekirei jump I think

>> No.54661281

While I am in favor of removing the PPC, I'm not entirely certain Always An Ending works the way you think it does.

>> No.54661310

Alright, I'll just rewrite it so I took over the PPC then and completely changed how they dealt with sues and taught them how to mess with meta stuff via magic so they didn't need to kill them.

Is that better?

>> No.54661315

A little bloodthirsty? You eradicated a race of sapient flowers with the equivalent of plant nerve gas because you didn't like them. Not to mention Sues have some sort of mental effect on worlds they interact with to let them do what they do. And you gave them magical girl powers too, which is just adding kerosene to this tire fire you got going on.

The Sidereal perk is the only reason I'm not more genuinely horrified at this. As like you said, things will sort themselves out. Maybe the Sues fade away once their conceptual enemy isn't there to enable them. Maybe they learn basic human decency. Who knows?

>> No.54661353


Arguing this is only going to end in salt, guys.
It's happened before.

>> No.54661396

Actually, Sidereal perk won't work.

>Always an Ending[600 CP, discount Chosen of Endings]- The Exalted were built as weapons, meant
>to kill that which could not die. But the ghosts of the dead titans have come back to cause problems of
>their own. You have internalized these truths to a greater extent than the other Chosen. All defenses, no
>matter how perfect, have a flaw, and Samsara will reveal a new flaw to you even if one did not exist
>before. Using this, you may permanently kill any being, no matter how immortal. What's more, this
>death will in no way harm others or the world at large. If a demon's power is the only thing holding a
>castle erect, it will continue to stand even without the demon to hold it up, and if the universe is nothing
>but a mad god's dream, his dreams will survive even as he dies.

>And as they draw their final breath and see that the world will impossibly go on without them,
>death will say to them, “Baby, don't you know? There's always an ending.”

Only works on killing singular beings, and prevents anything from falling apart on killing that singular being.

>> No.54661407

Exalted Sidereals is very good at that
There's also a perk for it in Gravity Falls

>> No.54661418

I legitimately can't think of a way to just say "Yes" that doesn't read like passive-aggressive bitching to myself, fuck.

Anyway you done did good mothy moth.

>> No.54661493

Honestly I thought there were more flowers outside of the PPC. I only killed the ones that worked with the PPC in this hypothetical scenario that I changed, unless I got something wrong about the lore and they're all at the PPC. In which case I am genuinely sorry and did not know about that because I am not pro-murdering an entire race generally.

>> No.54661497 [DELETED] 

To those of you that know your fluff/lore, how powerful is your voice?

>> No.54661642

Between Exalted Charms, Avengers and Thu'um...powerful enough.

>> No.54661698

Hundred Miles from the Clustertruck gauntlet has this note:
>Q: Can I harvest infinite energy from my infinite stamina with Hundred Miles
>A: No. It’s entirely arbitrary amounts of stamina. Now if you have a magic system or some shit that uses Stamina, yeah you could.

That basically means it's A-ok to use it power Inheritance Cycle, right? I've been looking for something to replace Tireless from Overlord for ages.

>> No.54661708

What are some fun bloodlines to import all of Yorha into for the Naruto jump?

>> No.54661725

Obviously reaction speed perks would work for this, but are there any perks specifically designed to let you transform (magical girl, kamen rider, etc.) before getting attacked?

>> No.54661731

The Clustertruck Gauntlet's useless for anything and everything.

>> No.54661737

Most enemies will just stand around and let you transform. It's part of the whole kamen rider/magical girl gig.

>> No.54661748

Did I miss something? Why?

There's a perk in the Hyperdimension Neptunia jump that prevents enemies from attacking you during your transformation sequence.

>> No.54661753

There's also No Need To Think About It, from Nier, that makes it so that your decisions never permanently lock you out of courses of action.

>> No.54661770

Hey Heavens, are the Gamer Driver's Stage Select areas pocket dimension instances or just places nearby?

>> No.54661779

Just that guy who really doesn't like the Clustertruck Gauntlet. I think he wanted to powerwank it and the maker shot him down or something. It was months ago and he's still got a grudge about it.

>> No.54661804

Wew, /jc/ really does bring out the best in people.

>> No.54661813

Are you sure you're not getting Record mixed up with somebody? I remember his name getting brought up when Clustertruck was dropped.

>> No.54661820

Record is connected to anything and everything stupid, of course he'd have something to say against Clustertruck.

>> No.54661828

To be fair it was months ago. I could just be misremembering.

>> No.54661838

First one, I believe. Anyways.

0.4: Humans receive a small +200 CP stipend for Sacred Gears, in addition to the one-time Discount. Excalibur Ruler price bumped down from 800 to 600. Caliburn added to Holy Swords. Khaos receives a discount to any buyable race purchases, while Dragons are discounted for Independent. OC companions receive a free Sacred Gear of 600 or less, imported companions get the usual discount but no stipend. Longinus are now unique purchases - you may only have one of each different Longinus in your party. This is to compensate for the fact a full party of these is now feasible.

Things to consider adding later:
Proper item section.
More Holy Swords, as soon as I can find anything unique about them that isn't 'stronger than x'. I really don't want to go too deep into OC just on the off chance they reveal something new.
OC Sacred Gears?

This should hopefully be the last update for a while, so I can get back to work on clearing my plate. It's like a fucking hydra. Cut one off, an IP I like suddenly grows in its place.

>> No.54661866

Didn't you want to decrease the price of the Loginus to 800 CP? Really, they're not as op as people claim, not by far.

>> No.54661890

Considering anyone who wants a Longinus is only paying a net of 500 (or 300, if human, the same price as a discounted capstone) now, lowering it any further is just overkill at this point.

>> No.54661937

who is bestgirl?

>> No.54661957

How much raw strength/potential does being a dragon give?

>> No.54661974

It's a tie between Rias and Asia for me. Mostly Asia. Because blonde, nun, adorable, kind, and has a fantastic backside.
Didn't I or someone answer this already? In short: A lot. At base, you'd make short work of most early antagonists and Rias' group until things started achieving hax. At which point, you really need to git gud.

Overall potential is around the same as the Heavenly Dragons and the Dragon Kings if you work at it long enough.

>> No.54662016

>It's a tie between Rias and Asia for me.

No need to hide your words behind spoilers, friend. Everybody enjoys having something bodacious to grab onto.

>> No.54662026 [SPOILER] 

For me Koneko.

>> No.54662061

>Holy Blades lack the evolution potential of Sacred Gears
Will spending points on swords cause you to fall behind in the long run, or do you just have to focus on making yourself stronger instead of making your weapon stronger?

>> No.54662066

IOU:Illuminati University
Smith and Wesson Scholarship +100 the nation's leading supplier of acid and DMT
Campus (In-)Security +200 I don't need weapons.
Roll(1d8)+0:5,+0Total:5 5. Borgia Center . Fair enough, I'll probably be eating somewhere else or just relying on my Century Shoup generating Grill
College of Metaphysics (CoM) yeah, I learned how to be a God, the hard knocks way. It's time to get a certification While I have the chance
A Doctorate in SCIENCE!-600 I read the book, If this is what I think it is. It's very good!
Mysteries Unravelled free for CoM need to figure out how to give this the mother box
The Eighth Degree:applied theology specializing in Genesis-300 discount for CoM you knew I had to take this
Illumini Association -300 a bit meta but very nice
Bare Skin Rug -50 perfect for bedrooms
A Daily Illuminator Subscription-50 I love these kind of things.
The plan: use multi-presence to simultaneously animal house and study seriously, donate some buildings. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to bring forth luxury space communism since it breaks Rule number four, and she is a lady who may very well have the ability to destroy me despite everything I have going for me.

>> No.54662072

Looks good, thanks.

Actually, quick question. Are dragons literally just power given physical form or are they actually born from dragons mating?

>> No.54662085

Fall Down Dragon Spear gives you potential access to all of Fafnirs abilities right?

>> No.54662093

How much scarier is a dragon with Magician?

>> No.54662110

Will I be considered weird if I go dragon and mostly fight in human form?

>> No.54662119

Second one. There's a Holy Sword wielder of note in Iseei's harem. Just need to git gud.
I...actually don't remember off-hand. I think either works for background fluff, if that's what you were going for.
Possibly, since it looks like it was being powered mainly by the covenant it had with Azazel. So it's likely you could access some Dragon-ish power from it after some work, since you're not dependent on said Dragon.
Pretty spooky, but not as spooky as a skeletal Dragon wizard.

>> No.54662130

Not really. Almost all the supernatural races are humanoid as fuck, with some exceptions. Some Dragon traditionalists might grumble about kids these days, though.

>> No.54662133

>Will I be considered weird
I don't even need to read the rest of your post.


>> No.54662248

There are dragon children, and half-breeds. So mating is a yes.

>> No.54662272

Dragon + boosted gear as first jump. Will I be powerful enough to survive it and how hight in power levels I will be at start of jump ?

>> No.54662290

Question can you import weapon/armor for the longinus?

>> No.54662367

If you get Legacy of the Great War, would it provide as prominent a boost to your murder potential/ability if you were a dragon as opposed to a devil? Also, could you choose to be descended from Ophis or Great Red?

>> No.54662369

ff2 when?

>> No.54662414

so I noticed that aren't any 50 CP options which with discounted 500 CP options leaves 50 CP spare

>> No.54662470

Whoever ends up making FF2 better add a perk for splitting yourself into a good ("good") half and an evil half, like Emperor Mateus did. Otherwise I'll be very dissapointed.

And by dissapointed I mean I'll choke them in their sleep.

>> No.54662511

One to take over hell, the other take over heaven, right?

>> No.54662541

That's the ticket.

>> No.54662573

Would things sealed inside you such as Ddraig inside the boosted gear or a tailed beast from Naruto be able to move around your inner world?

>> No.54662598

I'm honestly a bit shocked any of you consider it okay to murder people just because they're too 'special' for you.

>> No.54662629

It's because the tortoise is neither supernatural or powerful. The Dragon, Phoenix, and Kirin are super magical beings, the Tiger is a giant predator even if he's mundane too, but the tortoise? It's a turtle, man.

>> No.54662644

I want to protect that dragon.

>> No.54662652

Phoenix, because they're feathery and cool and bright and colorful. Dragons are cool but objectively aesthetically the phoenix is cooler.

>> No.54662655

There are no 500cp options.

>> No.54662658

When their "specialness" is actively mind-raping everyone around them into subjugation and tearing the fabric of reality, and their reaction to opposition is to either violently murder it, mindrape into their harem, or otherwise leave a trail of destruction and horror in their wake, there's not much else you can do.

And yes, I know I'm describing Jumpers as well. Just saying, SUEs are an enemy in PPC for a sodding reason.

>> No.54662663

When everyone exists in unending despair, no one has the motivation to break laws anymore.

>> No.54662703

Is the manga canon to the game?

>> No.54662705

>Stories where a dragon is slain
>Like, a bajillion

>Stories where a tortoise gets killed
>Somewhere around 5 in all of human history
Much like you'd expect, the tortoise is playing the long game. It intends to simply wait out all its competitors, and then seize power.

>inb4 Phoenix rising from the ashes
Not dying in the first place>Respawning

>> No.54662724

>but the tortoise? It's a turtle, man.
Not to nitpick, but they are different. Tortoise are land animals, while turtles live in the sea. ~The More You Know~

>> No.54662728

Is combining holy swords something they do in canon, or is that just for the ones you purchase?

Because going around hunting down and adding swords to your sword sounds like it might be fun.

>> No.54662736

Can anyone remember what jump it was that had a perk that weakened other people’s hax the greater the power difference was between you and them?

>> No.54662738

Good God, why? It's face is horror! It's something that needs the sweet kiss of gasoline and a lit match.

>> No.54662740

>PPC was potatoes all along


>> No.54662765

The perk you're thinking of is Heretic from Seven Deadly Sins.

>> No.54662780

You obviously don't remember the Great Potato War Crisis from HeavensAnon's run through there. That shit was insane.

>> No.54662783

What about this one?

>> No.54662786

I prefer squid. But dragon if I have to choose from those two.

>> No.54662803

Of course I remember after I post.
Heretic from Seven Deadly Sins.

>> No.54662804

All the different Excaliburs are the result of the OG being broken, so them coming back together is normal. Durandal was reforged to use the complete Excalibur as a sheath, which (potentially due to Exca-Mimic) meant it could shapeshift the various Excaliburs around itself and split them apart in order to let other people wield them.

You could probably reforge other holy swords into yours if you tried hard enough, is what I'm saying.

>> No.54662809

Why do you think the Great Potato Crisis War happened, guys? REMEMBER FINLAND!
It is a thing they do in canon. They slap Durandal and a partially-completed Excalibur together.
It's still a general increase in in both competence+power as well as a unique power from your bloodline. And yes, though it's more of a boost than immediately making you equal to your ancestor/progenitor. I don't think Ophis would be the type to sire a bloodline, though...fanwank it as appropriate.
Nah. Unless I added that option and forgot. Then totally.
Congratulations you are now a dragon who has a dragon within their dragon. Dragon dragon dragon. You're probably more than fine, just don't forget to train.

>> No.54662833

How many Balance Breakers or Sub Species can a Longinus develop? Because I remember the Boosted Gear/Divine Dividing having a shitton of different abilities and transformations.

>> No.54662857

You? I like you.

I suppose you have never hears of Genbu, guardian of fucking awesomeness, also called the black warrior and spirit of the north AKA the bad ass motherfucker who is probably sleeping with your waifu if your waifu wasnt too brittle to handle his massive godly turtle cock.

>> No.54662879

Is anyone working on/interested in making a Teekyuu jump? I like the series, but I've no fucking clue how anyone would make a jump for it.

>> No.54662891

>you will never be that one guy who just walks off and eats coconuts on an island, left alone on the grounds of everyone else being too busy with each other

>> No.54662893


>> No.54662920

>stories where a tortoise dies

RIP Lonesome George. Heart attack's a poor way for an endling to go.

>> No.54662927

Much better. Although that knife and her shadow leave me feeling awfully concerned...

>> No.54662936

Seems like the writers are intentionally exaggerating and misunderstanding the intent behind sues just to make them unsympathetic.

>> No.54662943

I mean if its a heart attack technically nobody killed him. That drops it down to like 4 stories.

>> No.54662948

>Good God, why?
Because she's weak, skinny, fragile, and mutated. She looks like she needs protection.

>> No.54662972

You don't need special stories about turtles dying because turtles get slaughtered for food every day.

>> No.54662994

Protection? Anon she looks like she'd eat your soul as you slept, or suffocate you with the teddy bear your benevolent heart would give her.
This is like wanting to protect Cthulhu! You are the one that needs protection form her, Anon.
You see that face and see it smile, it shall be from the joy in your suffering and the promise of your eternal damnation! Run while you still can!

>> No.54663014

That is all

>> No.54663026

Bambi vs Godlizza.

>> No.54663031

>Because she's weak, skinny, fragile, and mutated
So are most of the things you'd kill in any Resident Evil game. Do not Daughteru, anon!

>> No.54663035

I've never read the series.

I know that murder is probably a bit extreme, but should I at least kick Issei in the balls while I'm here?

>> No.54663050

It isn't fair to judge people on their appearance, anon.

>> No.54663057

That sounds awesome., but actually thinking about it would probably be very disappointing.

Isseis actually fine. He's no where near as perverted as in the anime and he's got a pretty heartwrenching inferiority complex.
There is however plenty of other people who deserve to be kicked in the balls. Too many for me to list.

>> No.54663058

I'm sorry anon, but I agree with anon.

I will mamoru that smile.

>> No.54663067


>> No.54663073

As long as there's a person inside, everyone is a candidate for protection.

>> No.54663091

On one hand I'd like to commend you for your compassion, on the other I can't help but fear for you. In either case, God speed, anon.

>I will mamoru that smile.
I don't get that reference. Please sleep in riot gear, for your own protection.

If there is a person inside. IF.
Me personally, I think the only person that could be inside that abomination in one she recently caught and is still digesting.

>> No.54663117

Honestly? Most of his shitty perversion personality is mostly because of his inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence (plus trauma from Yuuna / Raynare's backstabbing him).

Help him grow past that and he's good people.

>> No.54663144

Just castrate him and it'll solve the problem.

>> No.54663146

Obviously you have never heard of the ninja turtles.

>> No.54663159

Those guys are mutants.

>> No.54663167

Jeez. Why are you acting like Bancho at his worst, anon? Did Issei piss in your cereal or something?

>> No.54663195

I don't see the problem. Guy commits sexual assault, you want him to stop right? Well castration permanently removes his ability to desire performing sexual harassment.

>> No.54663216

>That sounds awesome.
It was an actual animated short - Somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds long.
You see Bambi munching on grass... Then a large foot comes down.

Not exciting, but it was hilarious and unexpected to see while waiting for a movie to start in the theater.

>> No.54663225

The problem is the guy isn't a faceless fat old man acting out of shits 'n giggles, he's a traumatised kid with an uncouth coping mechanism who sharpens the fuck up in the future when he has to actually manage his harem responsibly

>> No.54663242

Mutant Turtles. As everyone knows just being a mutant does not make you better, all of marvel proves that being a mutant just makes reality hate you (and tmnt is part of marvel, they are in the same city as daredevil) but by being mutant turtles the awesomeness of turtle cancels out the crappiness of mutantness.

>> No.54663252

>Guy commits sexual assault


Anime depiction a shit, the actual depiction of Issei is... well he's almost hilariously reliant on informed consent. He'll ogle and vocalize all damn day, but won't go further.

Also he's really just a fucking idiot. A well-intentioned idiot, buuuuut an idiot.

>> No.54663290

Is just being a "mostly" mentally healthy person who's both willing to listen to him and tell him to cut that shit out going to help, or will we need perks and/or actual therapy?

>> No.54663292

Besides the fact that chemical / magical castration would be the more morally correct response to rape, any form of castration in response to grabbing a tit is just plain ridiculous, especially when therapy could do the job and, you know, actually help them become a better person instead of leaving them a broken person

>> No.54663295

Ironically that sounds like the complete inverse of most the original Fate MCs. Senpai in the streets, sexual assailent in the sheets the lot of them

>> No.54663306

Probably the former. He kinda grows out of it after interacting with actual girls long enough.

>> No.54663317

Angel pls go and stay go

>> No.54663325

The former. No perks necessary, he just needs a shoulder.

If you can be a mentor for him that'd be pretty fantastic, honestly.

>> No.54663329

*Type Moon

>> No.54663355

Isseis parents: We expect nothing and Issei gives us less.

>> No.54663368

Let's face it, the whole thing starts out with a trio of completely ordinary kids (as in, not super devil soldier dragons) with porn addictions and a tendency to sexually harass girls.
Shit happens, breaking Issei's heart (betrayal does that, y'know) and killing him. For all his apparent perversion (which I see as more him trying to keep something "normal" in his suddenly fucked up life) he doesn't actually do anything. His girls literally throw themselves at him, but he's so fucked up in the head that he doesn't believe that it's even possible that they're serious (see betrayal above.)

Mind you, he's perfectly willing to go risk his life for them, he just doesn't believe that they'd be interested in him. Unlike many such protagonists, he actually has a reason for his seeming obliviousness (he's not oblivious, he just writes it off as teasing because of trauma.)

>> No.54663385

Well, I guess I'll need to take another 100 CP drawback so I can take that Heaven perk that reduces the severity of breaking the rules, 'cause an Angel spending that much time around someone aligned with Devils sounds like a good way to fall.

>> No.54663421

Michael's Ace wishes to disagree with you.

>> No.54663424

God his parents are terrible. Not Gendo Ikari level horrible but still pretty bad.

>> No.54663458

Do you get a free magic system if you take human as your starting race but become a reincarnated devil?

>> No.54663507

This is what I like about Shirou as well. They actually spell out in his backstory, why he's the kind of idiot who'd walk into Zouken's house, with full knowledge of what he is, and yell at him for being a bad person

>> No.54663551

>More Holy Swords
I'd asked before, but don't know if you saw.
How would the complete Excalibur compare against a Longinus?
Is buying Excaliburs
200 Transparency
200 Nightmare
200 Blessing
400 Rapidly
400 Destruction
600 Mimic
600 Ruler
So the True Excalibur would be either
2,600, or 1,300 with discount, or 1,100 by forfeiting the Sacred Gear discount.
Compared to a Longinus being 1,000, or 500 with the discount.
Is the True Excalibur actually over twice as good as a Longinus?
>that spoiler

>> No.54663597

Shirou sacrificed everything "human" about himself just to take another step. His mind is operating on the level of Nrvnsqr or some of the completely inhuman of the 27+. Issei is understandably traumatized, but also still understandably human.

>> No.54663733

If we go Dragon+LotGW, and we choose Ddraig/Albion, can we just fanwank they are our father?

>> No.54663806

Fanwank that they are BOTH your parents and you are the result of a heated hatefuck between them. That would make for maximum awkwardness alround!

>> No.54663829

What would they be called then? Since Ddraig is the Oppai dragon and Albion is the Butt dragon.

>> No.54663851

Tina T&A

>> No.54663918

Also, obviously a trap.

>> No.54663944

But there needs to be oppai. And futa is disgusting.

>> No.54663983

How's WoW going? When you said there'd be a new WIP this month when in this month did you mean.

>> No.54663996

Ssh. Let it come in it's own time.

>> No.54664011

What is between oppai and butt - belly!
The bellybutton dragon! Strikes fear into the hearts and bellybuttons of his (?) enemies

>> No.54664028

Or the abs dragon.

>> No.54664036

What would happen if the Death Lamp from STALKER hit Lobo?

>> No.54664037

>And futa is disgusting.

>> No.54664063

Urgh, bellybutton fluff.

I do like me some abs. There's just something.. hypnotic about them.

>> No.54664069

>Cursing Issei so that his spells turn women into futas
Mean and fetishy, but hilarious.

>> No.54664076

Middle of the month for a more up-to-date WIP with items, a few more drawbacks, and the rest of the Undead companions (plus a few mechanicals and maybe a Giant if I can wing it). Going well besides that, it's also getting imaged in part thanks to Ancilla-Anon, scenarios are a bit of a mindscrew due to my issue with being unable to write anything except goddamned SMUT but are chugging along.

>> No.54664094

Jump # 182 Kamen Rider Heisei pt 7
Gender: Female
Background: Earnest Youth
*Soft spoken (0)
*Unlucky Day (0)
*Singularity Point (300)
*Hot Coffee (200)
*On the rail (200, Discount)
*Catch the wave (200)
Equipment (+300)
*Jumper Wars – Previous Henshin Device + Den O (100)
*J-Liner (300, Discount)
*Time Trippin’ Ride (0)
(I tried watching some of this… no; so if I got stuff wrong sorry)

So someone is really on a Kamen Rider kick (pun intended). I had no Idea my Benefactor was such a fan. Well figuring best to keep the boss lady happy I Kamen Ridered as hard as I could (I have done it so much it’s now a verb for me. I have that right).

So… damn there were a lot of Fangire in this jump. I mean I am used to fighting lots of enemies but by the time I started they had pretty much subjugated things and were doing as they please. Humanity was pretty well screwed as they were being used as Cattle, Den-O was doing his best but overwhelmed. I am surprised there wasn’t a Fangire specific Rider that rose up to deal with them but apparently that was me. Thought I wasn’t empowered by them so it was just odd.

Anyways I did what any good Kamen Rider would do and started to kick ass. I fought them some times by the dozens and even once by the hundreds when they tried to lure me in to a trap. I fought them through time and space. By the end I wound up fighting their king and managed to bring down their empire. I also helped Den-O fight the Imagin though honestly the fangire were also fighting them so they weren’t as big a problem.

>> No.54664102

Share the lemons with the class?

>> No.54664106

Then right smut, I would enjoy it.

>> No.54664126

You did good YJ.

>> No.54664135

I'm listening.
A scenario for lewding a Dragon Aspect?

>> No.54664137

>scenarios are a bit of a mindscrew
What's the point? Do you think you'll be WoWing people with your vague storytelling and annoying rail-roading? They shouldn't be longer than a couple paragraphs, at most.

>> No.54664139

Is someone working on a warlock in magus world jump?

>> No.54664152

Better to stop bothering. You won't be getting anywhere, especially not since SB has declared your jump full of non-content.

>> No.54664164

Not that I'm aware of.

>> No.54664178

Timmy, put a sock in it. No one here cares abot either you or some shithead on SB and what they may or may not have said.

That'd be very nice, but no, not that I'm aware of.

>> No.54664188

Yeah, ask in the irc. Or dont. Up to you.

>> No.54664190

I wouldn't really call that a "declaration" so much as a negative observation briefly expressed by one guy. Maybe if they had one of their ridiculous "critique sessions", but they didn't.

>> No.54664191

And we care about SB's opinion since...when exactly?

>> No.54664198

Thank you for putting in the time to work on it, I'm sure it'll turn out excellent by which I mean I know it will because I saw the last WIP.

>> No.54664202

Could it maybe kill you to make Warlock not a trap option?

>> No.54664204

Ddraig is welsh. Albion is british.
Following the theme, their child would be... scottish.

...Ness. Nessiaan.

Nessiaan the Abyss Dragon Emperor.
Ness the ABS Dragon.

Goddamn, the joke just writes itself.

>> No.54664235

>Ness. Nessiaan

>> No.54664236

>Albion is English

>> No.54664239

Scenarios are just drawbacks that give disproportionate rewards. They shouldn't be hardest part of the jump to write.

>> No.54664267

Both the IRC AND the Discord are claiming they could do a better job with this.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how does this make you feel?

>> No.54664268

Claims aren't valid unless they're posted in the thread. Get the author to say it here if you want it to count.

>> No.54664284

>Scenarios are just drawbacks that give disproportionate rewards.
Have you even read any scenarios? The vast majority don't give all that much as rewards. Some might go further but not enough to make a generality out of it.

>They shouldn't be hardest part of the jump to write.
Different things are difficult for different people. Also, all he said is that they a 'bit of amindscrew'. You could take that several ways.

0, because you are full of shit? Because no one cares even if that were true?

>> No.54664291

Even though this kinda reeks of
>muh irc
posting, he does have a point.

>> No.54664294

Bull shit.

First bullshit because the irc is not saying that, second bullshit because discord is trash pushed by that bubbles bitch and the only person who seems to like it is bancho who loves it.

>> No.54664296

>Tragically, Dr. Bees died of an overdose of prescription Tylenol only a few weeks after our return to Earth. He was 46.

NOOOO not Dr.Bees he was so yo- he had so much to live for, all those bees he could have helped.

>> No.54664298

0. Now shut up Timmy.

>> No.54664320

I don't think anyone else believes him either, if that's any consolation. He's pretty easy to spot nowadays and has all the credibility of a pile of dog feces.

>> No.54664321

Discord is everything the IRC is but better.

>> No.54664329

I wish it were this easy to get him to just leave and die alone and unloved.

Isn't it just a messenger system/chat room?

>> No.54664330

I think something like a drawback to start you at level 1 was mentioned a while ago. But I was kind of... assuming we would start there? At what kind of skill/power level would we start the jump otherwise?

Also, are you still thinking of doing demon companions?

...Why would it be?

>> No.54664340

IRC doesn't have bancho, so your statement is inherently false.

>> No.54664350

Sure if you love bancho and his fetishes its great.

>> No.54664365

IRC is Valeria's clique, to the point of kicking out one of the mods.

Tera has no such power.

>> No.54664378

And because the pussies in the IRC couldn't handle bancho, we have to deal with more of him in the thread. Seriously, who the fuck just bans people from a community because they say something that you disagree with? Either way, he's not leaving.

>> No.54664401

Oh, I see. You're pissy cause you got banned from IRC. Everything makes sense now.

You literally just said we have to deal with more of him in the thread, so how could he be banned from this community? Are you retarded?

>> No.54664463

He's not banned from this community. He's banned from his favored community, the IRC, and posts his shit here instead of that trashbin. Are you?

>> No.54664467


>> No.54664480

Well he does love to talk about torturing and molesting children, genocide, demands others do what he wants, screams incoherently when he cant get his way, and talks and posts pictures of his fetishes when asked to stop.

I would say he is the shitposter except even timmy is nicer company.

>> No.54664491

Warlocks exist without dying every damn day.
They might not be socially acceptable, but they thrive. Some of them die, but not nearly enough to warrant a "trap" accusation.

So in short. Grow some god damn balls. Don't flaunt your demons and your fel like a goddamned moron. And you'll live.

Any questions?

Without taking any of the perks that boost you up in level, you start out as the equivalent of Level 1 / a newbie.

And yes, Demon companions are going in. Most of them are done aside from the Doomguard. Doomguard I can't nail a personality down.

>> No.54664513

Hey Nika what happens to the dragons in The Realm of Dragons when you leave to another jump? Does the land retain any changes you make? How many do you mean by a 'band' of Manaketes?

>> No.54664525

If it helps OOA, I think you're doing a great job.

>> No.54664531

To be fair to Bancho, he is sooo much better now than he used to be. Now we just have to deal with his nightmarish commissioned artwork.

>> No.54664540

>Well he does love to talk about torturing and molesting children

I do not talk about molesting children. I talk about preventing children from being Molested!

> genocide

okay I'll give you that one,but only of evil

>demands others do what he wants

I haven't in a long time

, screams incoherently when he cant get his way

again, haven't in a long time

>and talks and posts pictures of his fetishes

That Wasn't when asked to stop that was and Until asked to stop which I did when I was asked. I know I've done a lot of bad things and I'm not asking to be treated better, but at least get my record right and don't make up crap!

>> No.54664544

We don't deserve your garbage. Could you please log on to IRC and transfer jump ownership to Valeria?

>> No.54664548

Yeah, and he does that anyway. By banning him, the IRC is willingly inflicting his bullshit onto a greater number of people, because they didn't have the moral fortitude to contain him themselves... out of fear of violating their safe-space. And they're somehow "better" than Discord. Yeah, what a load of shit.

>> No.54664566

Your school starts soon, pathetic shitposter. I bet you think about shitposting all day at school and that's why your grades suck.

>> No.54664568

I like what you have got so far OAA, it is all pretty great.

>> No.54664594

Valeria doesn't want you pushing crap on to her, Timmy. Even if she was willing she's got plenty on her plate already.

I'm pretty sure the first is Timmy and the second is another guy who shits on Bancho because he can't let go of an old grudge.
But, yeah, Timmy has not got a bright future ahead of him. Does it make me a bad person when then brings a smile to my face?

>> No.54664612

Hm. They probably come with you, yes it retains changes you make.

>How many do you mean by a 'band' of Manaketes?

Not a whole army of them, that's for certain. Probably 20 to 30.

>> No.54664618

If for no other reason than to try and cut through all this spurious shitposting from Timmy and other shitposters; you are doing fine.
I'm not familiar with WoW but even I can tell it's looking good and shaping up nicely.
Thank you for all your hard work and I'm sorry you have to put up with all this nonsense.

>> No.54664624

No, some people deserve to suffer.

>> No.54664634

I mainly want to go to WoW to slap the idiot ball out of everyone's hands, including people like the Naga.

>> No.54664638

>your grades suck
Yep, they sure do. And I'm tooootally the shitposter, and you haven't been reduced to slinging projective bullshit at people on a Peruvian llama dressing site. /s

>> No.54664653

You're a shitposter, I honestly don't care how much you insist on being someone else, that fact remains true regardless.

>> No.54664656

>checking on thread after doing shit around the house
>Pic related

>> No.54664660

I like what you're doing with the jump. After all I gave it to you so I know its in better hands.

>> No.54664666

>implying the jump wouldn't be loads better with Val's crew at the helm.

>> No.54664668

>Hm. They probably come with you, yes it retains changes you make.

Yay my dragon empire shall rule the world.

>Not a whole army of them, that's for certain. Probably 20 to 30.

Less then I thought but still pretty great.

Thanks fir answering Nika.

>> No.54664669

>Magic System [100+/Free*]
This is rather unhelpful, since I have no idea what it means. From what little I knew of the series (mainly one fanfic) I assumed everyone used the same magic system (magical physics) the same way both Americans and Russians both use physics and science.

What are the systems available in the setting. What system(s) do Heaven, Hell, etc. use. This should probably be put in the notes.

If you have a valid race and a valid faction can you choose two magic systems?

>> No.54664688

Yeah, that question comes up pretty often. Would be a good idea to insert some notes about it in the jump.

>> No.54664702

This reminds me.

How many jumps do we have that allow you to turn people into dragons?

>> No.54664716

That jump and PrincessAnon really need to go and stay gone.

>> No.54664719

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Shadow Realm, with White-Eyes Ritual.

>> No.54664721


[Insert Duel Monsters Shill here]

>> No.54664726

I prefer Dual Mobsters.

>> No.54664729

Would each head have a different personality? Would that technically be polygamy if you waifu her (them?).

>> No.54664747

People who say that tend to be the very people who either are suffering or deserve to suffer.

I can understand the impulse, but then you should be patient. It is coming and it will be worth the wait. The only thing impatience can bring is frustrating OOA into abandoning it, which is bad for you, me and everyone else here except for shitstains like Timmy.

>Implying they aren't trying to cause pointless shit
>Implying they aren't Timmy when everyone here can tell because you are so godamned obvious
It was 'creative' of you to try and use Val like this Timmy. Really good for you. But it's not good when used repeatedly. Get some new material.

Forgotten Realms, Highschool DXD, Fables, Generic Xianxia.
Just off the top of my head.

>> No.54664748

Yo I'd rather read your smut than your jump right now, to be honest.

Do all the jumpmakers write smut?

>> No.54664751

Eh, I gave up on criticizing it and am planning on going harem route and stealing every single girl from every single tower. Even if it's not allowed by the rules, I'll find a way.

This thread is going to shit but I might as well ride it out. Still not gonna forgive him for chasing off Lycoris.

She's one person, I'm not sure if they ever decided if each head has its own personality or not, but the idea was that each head represented one of her five daughters.

>> No.54664752

Archanea has a staff that lets you temporarily turn people into dragons.

>> No.54664756

That's not up to you, Satan.

>> No.54664760

>Highschool DXD
How do you turn people into dragons there?

>> No.54664761

>Would each head have a different personality

Yes they do have their own personality

>Would that technically be polygamy if you waifu her (them?).

The same way a siamese would I guess

>> No.54664767

>People who say that tend to be the very people who either are suffering or deserve to suffer.
I feel that I'm both, honestly, but I disagree with your moralist position. The world is full of monsters, and they don't deserve the happy lives their wealth has bought them.

>> No.54664787

Each head clearly has a different personality. Just look at the various facial expressions on each one.


We know Yoro does.

>Harem Route.
Given his scribblings on the endings at the bottom on the Jump, that's not appears to be a valid route, but one with more rewards.

Lycoris is a shit of a person though and we're better off without her dramafagging.

>> No.54664794

>Without taking any of the perks that boost you up in level, you start out as the equivalent of Level 1 / a newbie.
Ah, okay. Thanks, that's what I was expecting. Just that drawback mention confused me.

As an aside, what are some of the perks that boost you up in level then?

>And yes, Demon companions are going in. Most of them are done aside from the Doomguard.
Cool. Sounds good.

>Doomguard I can't nail a personality down.
Hm... Maybe a general/commander type, with a love for surfing and Fel Napalm in the morning? Only slightly based on Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore?

>> No.54664809

Eh, while I don't like how you said it (probably just oversensitive given the amount of shitposting) I'm actually kind of interested myself.

>Still not gonna forgive him for chasing off Lycoris.
Oh, I know you. Your SoAnon's dog. Woof woof.
Not to get into an argument about it, but she flounced off of her own free will like the drama queen she was and wouldn't have used any excuse to do it. Don't blame other people for her craziness.

Right. Well for once I am going to avoid a minefield and just steer clear of that. Hope things get better for you soon Anon.

>> No.54664822

>chasing off Lycoris.
Can it be called 'chasing off' when she chose to have a disporoportionate hissy fit and leaft while making unreasonable demands? I'd call that 'leaving' myself.

>> No.54664831


Do you believe there is some sort of justice in this universe?

>> No.54664842

You're a shit person who ranted for 3+ threads about how much you hate someone you've never even met just because she wanted to pull her jumps.

Your samefagging is also super obvious. Why do you always do that?

He was the direct cause by making a lewd jump, so yes.

>> No.54664845

There's no point being reasonable with him, anon. He's SoAnon's bitch she left behind when she left, or SoAnon herself lurking around like the two-faced hypocrite she is. He's being trying to whitewash her behaviour for months, as if this thread would let anyone forget anything ever.

>> No.54664858

>while I don't like how you said it
Sorry, tired right now and didn't realize it came out less as a joke and more as a shitposting attempt until it was too late.

>> No.54664865


>> No.54664887

Hey, Val, a while ago someone said that First magic does nor require mana and is just pure skill, like an Extranormal ability in Forgotten Realms. Is it like that or is the mana consumption just practicaly negligable, as it relies on skill instead of power?
Also, does skill in making things (like Item Creation EX and knowledge of technology) make it easier or shortens the amount of time needed to learn making things with the First Magic?

>> No.54664900

>lewd jump
So are you just going to continue to ignore the fact that Princess backpedaled so hard he just about reversed the flow of time? Or the fact that he was never planning to make a lewd jump in the first place and Lycoris threw a hissy fit after reading a few anon posts?

oh, wait, of course you are.

Personally I hope Princess writes a note in the rewards section that you get kicked in the taint instead of getting any princesses at all.

>> No.54664903

>> No.54664906

I'm pretty sure what anon meant was is that you can make more mana with it.

>> No.54664922

You will only be disappointed, anon.

>> No.54664930

It must be sad being you. So convinced of SoAnon being such a sain obviously only one person can take issue with how she behaved, right? See pic related and get fucked.
SoAnon was a nasty piece of work and as long as I am here you won't get to whitewash what she did and how she behaved. I don't care that I don't know her in real life and I don't care even if you did.

>> No.54664944


>> No.54664947

You're not "making" anything. You're "summoning" it out of existence. There's not any fabrication involved.

>> No.54664949

From what I remember, what people claimed when the First was first available is that the prana cost is so small you can literally summon more energy than you're consuming to do stuff once you get skilled enough. Also, while being able to put things together would let you cheat by summoning components, the point of the First is that you're summoning things that already exist, not making them.

>> No.54664952

I know, but I have surprisingly high amounts of hope

>> No.54664971

Don't worry about it. I'm just glad I reread your post rather than just reacting. I kinda got my dander up a little.

Of course he's going to ignore it. SoAnon can do no wrong, dontcha know. It'll always be someone elses fault because she can't possibly be expected to take responsibility for acting like a little shit.
>notes section
Fufufu, that'd be great.

>> No.54664980

>just because she wanted to pull her jumps
While doing it as dramatically and spitefully as possible, yes.

>> No.54664982

Some of the Mixed Discounts and most of the Paths of Darkness count for "class levels," but unless explicitly stated more tend to confer their own benefit in some manner. In the PoDs case though while the benefit's big, it comes with being potentially targeted by god'n'everybody - a boss fight, if you would.


Ooooh no you don't. I've fallen for this one already.

Besides, the magical realm gets a little too deep.

>> No.54664983

>Honestly, I don't know. I didn't even think about that being a rule. I don't believe I've ever seen it mentioned before. I mean, if it's a huge deal, I could call it Generic Rescue the Princess Jump and just note it was inspired by Towergirls.
>I could just call it Generic Rescue the Princess Jump
>call it

The fucked up thing is that Towergirls has a non-lewd version anyway, so he could have avoided all this drama by making a jump of that instead of lying.

>> No.54664988

Only what we make, anon. Hogsfather taught me that much. RIP Terry Prachet.

>> No.54664990

Hit up Kamen Rider Wizard then, they weaponize Hope I believe.

>> No.54664999

The only mana cost is starting the system up and the actual summoning has no cost, you just need to be good enough. Knowledge from other methods does help a fair bit but it's not a major reduction to the time you need to spend.

>> No.54665000

>> No.54665023

Humans rely on delusions to function. You either commit suicide, or you pick the principles you care about and live with them.

>> No.54665039

Tower girls is always lewd, you dipshits in this thread always defend something you don't know about.

Anyone can inspect source, you idiot. You posting in the same format with the same accusations makes the samefagging obvious, not your overall opinion.

>> No.54665044

Like how long would it take to summon a mundane sword, a bunch of paper, a magic sword, a mystic code tome able to cast lighting (as in illuminating) magic, and a E Rank Noble Phantasm? This would help us get a baseline for what kind of speeds it takes to summon.

>> No.54665047

Then what do you actually learn when training in the First Magic? Do you just, like, memorize the signature of the things you want to summon?

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