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Hellblaster Sergeant Edition

>Iron Warriors Legion Focus, Ironlets on Suicide Watch edition

>Konor Campaign: Chaos Rising Edition

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

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First for Da Goffs.

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Second for Night Lords halve a useless Tactic because moral is fucking joke

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>tfw I live in Iowa and a store opened up near me recently too
>I know where you are anon

I use Game Color from Vallejo and a couple of Citadels

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Whistle goes, Angron leaps at whoever is closest screaming wildly, Perturabo lunges for Dorn because he detests that guy, Corax uses his ability to fade from all forms of sensory perception and vanishes, Magnus starts blowing people up with his ridiculous psychic powers, and everyone else teams up on Magnus because basic survival instincts.

Some random member of the group Magnus didn't kill before going down, probably Fulgrim, Angron, Russ, Sanguinius or Horus, comes out of the brawl battered and bruised, then faces down Vulkan at which point Corax reappears and shivs whoever was winning.

Corax and Vulkan then acknowledge neither Can kill the other, and declare a draw

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Repostin to help anon

>>54644721 #
Then devs are definitely a good option, as are sterngaurd or termies, for all those bolter shots. You'll also want some good melee units, I'd suggest either Ass cents or TH+SS termies, sine their both good and fluffy for the fists

Also, konor will not fall

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You guys think we'll see any options for Renegade Guard in the new chaos codex?

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Third for even Horus knows chaos primarchs a shit

>Strange is it not, that so many I wish beside me stand against me, while at my back are only the flawed and damaged. I am a master of broken monsters… I cannot control them or their sons, and they know it… They all know that this war is no longer something that can be guided, only ridden out. But they never understood me, not truly, and they understand less with each passing second. They doubt. They think that I have lost my way. I can see it in their hearts — the pettiness, the pride, the seeds of ruin driving them on, feeding the tempest. With such creatures must I remake the future!”

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Alpha legion trait yay or nay

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Not even in Gravis and he still has the beer belly

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At least they're not the Word Bearers.

No chance whatsoever. Unless you want to ally Cultists.

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Do we know what happens when an attribute hits 0 this edition? Can the Night Lords literally scare units to death?

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Well maybe you shouldn't have joined Lorgar's shitty failure brigade then, even if he promised you could drive.

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I asked in the last thread but never got a response. How do you think this glow effect was achieved?

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Some he wanted Sang, probably Lion, and maybe Guilliman on his team instead of all the actual traitors

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If this gets dubs, we'll have good rules this edition!

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1 v 1 (psychic powers allowed)
1 Horus
2 Sanguinius
3 Angron
4 Fulgrim
5 Khan
6/7/8 ( not in order). Curze, Russ, Lion
9 Vulkan
10 Dorn
11 Corax
12 Mortarion
13 Guilliman
14 who cares past this point
18 Sigismund
19 Pre Chaos Lorgar

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>Unironically liking can't colour inside the lines glow effects

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Airbrush or carefule drybrushing. Blue then lighter blue then lighter blue then white

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That ship has sailed.

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Kek, leave it to lorgar to do nothing right

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It's photoshopped

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0% chance

It's FWs domain and they won't be releasing "full codex" this year or next. Index is what we got.

Proxy IG instead

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Sorry I meant psychic powers not allowed.

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Not airbrush.
Definitely drybrushing.

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>can't do anything right

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what's the best way to arm chimeras this edition?

Multi-laser, heavy bolter, twin heavy bolter or autocannon ?

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No, but you will be getting your own codex later.

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Name my Hive Fleet, continued from /WIP/

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Thanks anon.

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No. Renegade Guard are Forge World. Renegade Space Marines will be Games Workshop.

Also, Guard conscript spam needs nerfed a little, but other than that they aren't really that overpowered. Hopefully GW realizes this and doesn't completely fuck them over with a bum codex like in 7th.

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Who the fuck thought those iron warriors rules were a good idea?

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On behalf of Chaosfags around the world I would like to thank the Xenos players for keeping us in the race against the Imperium.

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What's the basic fluff for them?

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So based on the leaks, it seems Emperor's Children are pretty much trash, being just above Word Bearers, and World Eaters giving Zerkers +1A and 3 fight phases should put them into the top tier of CSM.

Slaanesh appears to be getting the "we'll pay you less and less until you stop showing up" treatment.

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>Codex: Renegade Guard
>More spikes and worse than Guard
>Primaris Guardsmen a year later

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>4 squads of devs with 1 lascannon each is harder to kill
but you waste more points on marines who do nothing but babysit the lascannon

some context: i have a set of deepstrikers who can bring the pain (GC devs + Kantor + terminators) but I need to soften up enemy mech before I come down. the backfield units have the dual purpose of doing either that and/or advancing midfield. combi-plasma might be useful in threatening advancing forces, particularly skimmers.

i agree that a full unit that reaches my backline means trouble but if the unit has been weakened when it arrives there (or by the first tactical squad), a power axe can make a difference.

that's why I am unsure whether to keep the sarge as cheap as possible or whether an upgrade might be worth it. (conversely, a combi-plasma means deploying as far forward as possible to cover the mdifield with it, exposing the unit potentially to more enemy fire)

it's really hard to tell for me if it's useful or not.

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Maybe found a solution for the Redemptor Dread's beer gut issue

We all know the carapace beer gut thing looks crap, and though it looks much cooler with the sarcophagus showing, it leaves a big shitty gap that looks really bad.

Here's how I've dealt with it

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> better repost so people can see MAH awesome animu grrrrl post!!!1!
Get the fuck out

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Nothing happens beyond what is usually related to the stat.

Move zero = immobilized autohits
Lead zero = guaranteed moral damage on model loss

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I figured, but heretics need their pipe dreams.

Heretics and Renegades and Chads.

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Welcome, good luck son of Dorn

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Horus never wanted Angron, he was at best a useful tool and not his enemy. This bit where he tries to kill Angron is my favorite part of Isstvaan.

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Hive Fleet Xanthus

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FW really fucked up with Renegades. Before their WHOLE shtick was having units at base that were worse than the Guard equivalent, but 1000x more customizable. Now they cut the customization so Ren are just left with the shit units. Basically the only reason to take them is if you want a Baneblade in your Chaos army.

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Suicide flamers and charge bait>>54644847

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Hivefleet Zoth-Ommog

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No full fw codex has been confirmed from fw

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Going first in combat universally is huge. Children are fine.

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GW did have the Lost and the Damned list back in the day for traitor Guard. They could very well do some list like that. Not in Codex: CSM, of course.

Release a cultist kit with some options, use the poxwalkers, tzaangor and other units in it. And make a GSC type sprue for Guard. It doesn't have to be an extensive list, just a GSC style thing, but for Chaos.

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can a detachment of space marines use chapter tactics if the army includes a non astartes detachment as well?

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Not universally you still have to alternate if you get charged you retardef faggot.

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It's weird that you fixed the beergut but not the more pressing issue of the limbs being mismatched to the bulky body.

>> No.54644998

why the fuck do chadmarines get so much plasma

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Will World Eaters get good rules?

>> No.54645001

"TSons", meaning Magnus with two Knights and bunch of fodder, seems to be best Chaos strat.

Magnus seems to be strongest Chaos unit in this edition as well. It remains to be seen if Morty can reach the same status.

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I dunno, this solution feels kinda weird too. Maybe just stuff an ammo box or some plasticard in there.

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>man all the FW knights are kind of weak-
>porphyrion will kill any non-titanic non-quantum shielding vehicle in the game in one round of shooting on average
>nearly half the cost of a warhound
>4+ invul, T9, 30 wounds

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Yep, so long as the whole army is battleforged.

>> No.54645035

Scions, cheap lascannons, hw teams, ratings, safe first turn charges with ogryns, manticores, T8 heavyflamerspam orders, stormlord, anything guard FW,

I'd go on but if that random little blurb of op guardstuff was my armylist I'd already be fucking you turn 2 anyway. Why bother.

>> No.54645046

I'll answer that question with another:

Will any chaos legion REALLY be good?

>> No.54645050

That's still universal since you're still striking before non charge units. It's a powerful ability to hand out free of cost.

>> No.54645062

On behalf of the Tau and my Gue'vesa, you're welcome.

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noone really wanted Angron. Best thing the Emperor could have done would have been to let him die on Nuceria

>> No.54645084

thank you.

does this hold true for stratagems and warlord traits?

>> No.54645096

I believe the levithan survives even if the knight takes the two lascannons

>> No.54645099

Your welcome on behalf of good ol' wholesome American DE!

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Fw released the RENEGADE index because gw enforced "you will be able to use any model day 1"

There is nothing stating they'll put any effort in making codex work. However they're not afraid to say that 30k is their focus this and next year

>> No.54645117

not everything good is OP.
having trash and op being the only possible options is stupid.

>> No.54645121

Nothing much other than they are cold-adapted

>> No.54645139

No, Anon. GW codex.

>> No.54645152

How about Amarok?

>> No.54645165

Seeing that GW has been working on smaller forces, like Genestealer Cultists, there's no definitive way of saying "they'll never do Chaos Guard codex." Not anytime soon, that's fucking sure. They'll be reworking their existing codexes into 8e for some time.

>> No.54645168

You can choose any two of the random-ass units I spit out and win against any non-ig "allcommer" index list on the planet.

In the realm of index armies IG is "good" when you try hard to lose and "OP" when you're picking good units and spamming them with a few blobs.

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Posting hopefully the right way around this time

I like them. Stood next to the plastic Venerable, it makes it look pathetic

What seems off to you?

>> No.54645184

>Servitors are lobotomized and do not gain a Chapter Tactic.
I object, Iron Hands are even MORE likely to replace significant parts of a servitor's shitty flesh with metal

>> No.54645193

GW won't release FW specific stuff this decade.

Genestealer cults has historically been a gw product. Not fw. Unrelated.

>> No.54645194

Hive Fleet Ticonderoga

>> No.54645208

How much of your army is painted?

>> No.54645213

LOL he plays ironhands.

Enjoy your shitty relic and tactics.


>> No.54645217

Not a lot!

>> No.54645233

>metal heads and manchildren hate authority figures
Who fucking knew?

>> No.54645258


I hope we get some overall stats for Xenos
This is a little silly

>> No.54645264

Bump because /wipg/ 404'd

>> No.54645274

If I'm reading this correctly, to get the stratagem you need a "space marine" detachment, so presumably a mixed one doesn't count. But seems that if you meet the criteria for chapter tactics, you'll get the stratagems too.

Warlord traits just require the warlord to be a space marine, amazingly enough. Relics require your warlord to be a space marine (so I think a marine detachment in an army with an IG warlord, say, couldn't take a marine relic).

>> No.54645287

You fucking what, mate? 2003 GW released rules for The Lost and the Damned.

>> No.54645303

At least the minis kick ass. Look great in my mix bag units of cultists.

>> No.54645328

I like how he has a cybernetic hand, considering his choice of side arm and all.

>> No.54645332

>This decade
Are you a time traveler or just retarded?

>> No.54645333

I got myself First Strike starter box and I tried to figure out how to expand it into playable army.

Buy another First Strike or buy either Know No Fear or Dark Imperium?

>> No.54645335

So are CSM any good this edition? My choice of army will probably come down to that, since I can't decide between WB, Deldar, and daemons of Khorne

>> No.54645338

Like Horus Heresy mate?

>> No.54645367

Some people play for fluff and not to project how much of an insufferable faggot they are.
I'm sure this is a difficult concept for you to understand, so feel free to reply with autism so we can help you work through this revelation.

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>No psychic powers
>Magnus uses psychic powers
I wouldn't have had to call you a retard if you didn't repost this

>> No.54645384

would be cool if that wasnt a shoop

>> No.54645388

Chaos Guard is not, NOT, FW specific stuff. They do not have any claim to it. Just like with Genestealer Cults, GW has made rules for them before and there's nothing, NOTHING, preventing them from making rules for them again in the future. We already got rules for Genestealer Cultists and Harlequins, who factions that previously have had WD published rules pamphlets.

>> No.54645390

>GW won't release FW specific stuff this decade.

Technically the HH box sets, Custodes, SoS and Shadow War: Armageddon are made by the Forgeworld team in charge of specialist games. So yeah, GW has already released 'FW' products, it really doesnt matter since its all the same company.

>> No.54645391

If every faction was written in at once people would bitch about that. It'd be cool if a particular faction really showed out they got a little fluff mention though.

>> No.54645400

Literally just one piece from my Maulerfiend. Waiting for the legion rules to come out so that i can decide what colours to paint my models with. The wait is fucking killing me!

>> No.54645408

Why would xenos want chaos to win.

>> No.54645422

Guys he's repeating himself for emphasis, EMPHASIS

>> No.54645424

Nearly all of it
Painting a valkyrie atm

>> No.54645427

I just need to see WB and WE to decide now if I'm playing chaos. I want to enjoy how my chosen army fights

>> No.54645469

>Expecting Magnus to follow a "No Psychic Powers" rule

A-Anon... I don't know how to tell you.

>> No.54645488

The imperium tries to kill them by choice. Chaos wants to kill everything like a force of nature. It's the difference between
"Pfft nothing personal kid."
"My dad told me to kill you because your funny looking."

>> No.54645514

They probably view it as the only way to really influence the event in one way or the other. Otherwise Imperium would win anyways.

That said, I would give my points to the Imperium because the biggest shitlords I've met are chaos players.

>> No.54645521

Highly unlikely. If they did it would probably be something equivalent to the GSC Brood Brothers rule.

>> No.54645533

Depends on the race. Orks and DEldar don't care which side wins - the Orks want a good fight and the DEldar are likely just coming in and taking whatever's not bolted down before leaving. Regular Eldar, Tau and Necrons might just want the Imperium to lose influence in that sector to make their lives easier. Tyranids just wanna eat everything.

>> No.54645546


>A Redemptor looks pathetic next to the plastic venerable

I couldn't agree more.

>> No.54645556

See: >>54644891

>> No.54645563

Did you mean to say "what weapon options are missing from the hive tyrant kit?"

If so, rending claws, devourers and deathspitters.

>> No.54645564

For Orks specifcally about 180 models painted to 35 unpainted.

>> No.54645581


>> No.54645596

Different anon, but does that imply WB and WE are getting shit on?

>> No.54645599

>DEldar don't care which side wins

I could see DEldar excited that Chaos is attacking, allowing certain worlds that were too heavily defended to be pillaged and raided.

>And the more Chaos wins the more the Imperium redirects their defenses, making new targets be available.

>> No.54645605

legs need more t h i c c

>> No.54645618

Question: Is this done with an airbrush or can you just use regular brushes?

>> No.54645621


I try to assemble and paint asap. I mean, I don't have anything else to do rn outside of work. So I just wanna get shit done asap. I love doing it too, so that helps.

This is one of my DG models for my warband that I got splitting Know No Fear with a friend. I feel like I'm bad at taking pics of minis still.

>> No.54645645

I would guess its done by brush, judging by the paint blotches on the base.

>> No.54645652

Alright hear me out. I really want to play Deathwatch because it looks really fun and x-com like to me but I don't really fuck with them. So I was thinking about homebrewing my chapter.
Since I already play Ordo Malleus Inquisition, I was thinking about how DW was founded by the Inquisition to fight Xenos and so they're really close.
Well, Koorland was pretty close to the Inq during the coup so I thought the Ordo Malleus might have gotten a chapter too, but instead of gathering starts from everywhere, they started from Imperial Fists geneseed. I don't really want them to be too much of a special snowflake, would this be too much? Would I look like some edgy kid with super powerful marines with no background?

>> No.54645674

>citing 2003 as precedence for traitor guard
lel, newfag

that said, I agree with you. the lost and the damned are fair game

>> No.54645681

>Post 1 (ONE) Bob Ross picture
>Suddenly youtube is recommending me hour long Bob Ross videos

>> No.54645682

Just go with Grey Knights, they're already Ordo Malleus space marines.

Other than that, just have a chapter of hard fighting imperial fist successors that do well against daemons, so they have good ties with the Inquisition.

Kinda like the Exorcists.

>> No.54645687

I'd say that other anon doesn't see the value 170 for 90x S6 AP-1, 10x S5 AP0 attacks with only 10 models for some reason. This is on the charge so the 2 fights base +bonus fight stratagem all go before any other combatants. First strikers alternate in after the first charge.

You could cheese the list by buffing them with a sorcerer or lord, but then you're putting too many points into it. It's really powerful.

>> No.54645694

You get a smoother result if you use an airbrush, but it's totally possible with a brush. If you want to keep the metal a bit shinier, substitute watered-down gemstone colours (Soulstone Blue and Waystone Green) for the glazes.

>> No.54645699

I don't really like grey knights either.. I mean I do but on the tabletop I always prefer to have my own chapters, clan and whatever, idk why. But yeah your idea is nice too, I like it.

Oh well, dubs choose the chapter's name.

>> No.54645704

awesome. thanks

>> No.54645708

if you do a good paint job, it will gloss over any weak fluff

>> No.54645712

Sounds pretty snowflake to me. Also, the Ordo Malleus did get a chapter: Grey Knights.

Don't quite get what you mean by "I don't really fuck with them" either? If they look fun why not just play Deathwatch?

>> No.54645717

Silver Stallions

>> No.54645722

Well, I like how they play but not their chapter, that's it.

>> No.54645723

Red Hunters are an Inqusition aligned chapter.

Exorcists too in some degree.

>> No.54645727


This is exactly what my Dark Eldar are doing. They're jokingly calling themselves the People's Liberation of Konor and ensure safety from the dark gods. They're just raiding the shit out of imperial citizens during the fighting.

>> No.54645731


>> No.54645735

>implying you can't individualize your Grey Knights

>> No.54645744


>> No.54645745

Crimson Ruination

>> No.54645747

Deathwatch is already an organization used to combat xenos.

>> No.54645748

>Marines of almost any chapter can join the Deathwatch
>I dont like the chapter

>> No.54645750

Oh boy. Alright then lmfao

>> No.54645753


>> No.54645761

I wonder what releases this year after DG
I know Orks and Tau might get stuff but this year or another I dunno
More Primaris shit?

>> No.54645767

>The point

>> No.54645769

The Noun Verbers

>> No.54645773

So I was fucking around with the idea of a dreadnought army, but apart from picking what I think looks cool I've not much input on how good a job it'd do. Any particularly glaring issues or modifications that could be done with is? Also, Is the Mad Cat's autocannons one weapon or two seperate ones?

Ven. Chaplain Dreadnought with Inferno Cannon and CCW/bolter = 197pts
Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought with twin multi-Meltas = 160pts
Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought with twin multi-Meltas = 160pts
Leviethan Dreadnought with two Grav-flux Bombards = 309pts
Techmarine with Conversion Beamer and Power Maul = 69pts
Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Assault Cannon and CCW/Bolter = 165pts
Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Assault Cannon and CCW/Bolter = 165pts
Ironclad Dreadnought with Hurricane Bolter, Chainfist and Assault Launchers = 147pts
Redemptor Dreadnought with Onslaught Gatling Cannons = 198pts
Redemptor Dreadnought with Onslaught Gatling Cannons = 198pts
Relic Deredeo Dreadnought with Autocannon battery, missile launcher = 232pts

>> No.54645776

Nobody cares or wants to hear about this kind of dumb crap. Ever. The probability of you ever even having a conversation with another player about the lore of your custom chapter is low and the shit you came up with would just make them cringe anyway.

If you want to do an unusual paint job that's great, but giving excessive thought to making up special snowflake lore that is totally irrelevant to everyone is pointless.

>> No.54645779

Yeah dude idk how to explain it and I swear to god that makes me look REALLY autistic but I can't play marines if they're not a chapter made up by me. Playing an already existing chapter pretty much forces me to paint it with his right colors and even if I wanted to play pure Deathwatch I'd have to play marines from already existing chapters.
That's really all there is, I want my own chapter to field alongside my inquisition/scions and both DW and GK aren't customizable enough for me.

>> No.54645787

Just as planned.

>> No.54645793


>10 codexes by end of year
>count the number of Marine codexes
>Space Marines
>Grey Knights
>Blood Angles
>Dark Angels
>Space Wolves
>Chaos Marines
>Death Guard
>Thousand Sons

We get ONE non-marine Codex this year, which will probably be Orks do they can re-release the new SC! box that was taken down

>> No.54645797


>> No.54645798

Eh, I have no idea where you play but at our store there's definitely some people who like to write down their own fluff. Not that common and won't probably tell this shit to someone I meet at a tournament but between friends there's nothing wrong with having some bg written for your dudes.

>> No.54645799

All the Primaris shit should be in the codex, unless they keep putting out new models that come with their own data sheets.

It'll probably be more Imperial stuff, so everything that isn't space marines and maybe Custodes and Sisters thrown in to balance it out with them being so small.

Then we'll move onto the next important faction, Eldar.

>> No.54645805

I needed a second HQ somewhere to unlock the Vanguard detachment.

>> No.54645807

85% of my infantry but only 30% of my motor pool.

>> No.54645812

Are nids super expensive to start playing? Ever since I heard about 40k, I loved the bugs. Now that I can actually afford the game ($200 cad), and nids aren't appearantly god awful, I'm tempted to start with either them are dark eldar (another old favorite)

>> No.54645824

I sort of get what you mean, but
>if I wanted to play pure Deathwatch I'd have to play marines from already existing chapters.
is wrong, you could have deathwatch marines from custom chapters.

But anyway its your choice at the end of the day.

You are sounding nuts though.

>> No.54645848

Depends on if you want to have a large amount of tiny guys, which works great, or giant bugs.

>> No.54645852

I was tossing around the idea of a Deathwatch army but didn't want to do the DW scheme so I just went "Oh they're like a super secret non-codex formation my chapter master commissioned". You could even just say they're one of these strike forces we hear about but never actually get represented on table, as the game is bigger than the usual scale Space Marines operate at.

>> No.54645867

if the ITK anon is correct, and he did get it right till now aside from dates, we should have guard and nid by end of year. I doubt it though, think I heard GW say 2018 was the 'year of the xeno'

>> No.54645872

>Ven. Chaplain Dreadnought with Inferno Cannon and CCW/bolter = 197pts

Well, it's gonna take you time to get in range with that, so an assault cannon might be better but okay.

>Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought with twin multi-Meltas = 160pts
>Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought with twin multi-Meltas = 160pts

Augh! Why! Too weak! No!
>Leviethan Dreadnought with two Grav-flux Bombards = 309pts

Too strong! People will call you a WAACfag for this model despite your shitty choice in Mortis dreads! Just one bombard to a model please!

>Techmarine with Conversion Beamer and Power Maul = 69pts

Yeah okay, works. Can hang back with your ranged shit, Beamer keeps him cheap but useful.

>Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Assault Cannon and CCW/Bolter = 165pts
>Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Assault Cannon and CCW/Bolter = 165pts

Decent. Ass cannons are important in a dread list for horde work.

>Ironclad Dreadnought with Hurricane Bolter, Chainfist and Assault Launchers = 147pts

Yeah, that's the best way to run this model.

>Redemptor Dreadnought with Onslaught Gatling Cannons = 198pts
>Redemptor Dreadnought with Onslaught Gatling Cannons = 198pts

202 each actually. You could do better than this in efficiency or versatility, two seems kinda a waste.

>Relic Deredeo Dreadnought with Autocannon battery, missile launcher = 232pts

Yeah sure. You could actually do with more Autocannons. Maybe on the Melta dudes? You're also a bit short on punching for a dread army, a siege drill would be a good way to help your army's flexibility and be less WAAC about the Grav bombards at the same time.

>> No.54645877

Can someone post on the GW facebook page asking them to update their fucking official errata websites? Both https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Rules-Errata and http://www.warhammerdigital.com/Home/Faqs.html have not been updated with the 1.1 errata and FAQs

>> No.54645895

Cover saves now give -1 damage received to a minimum of 1. Does this make cover relevant?

>> No.54645896

Hive Splinter: Nid Nog

>> No.54645905

Well, pick up thirty Termagants on Ebay, then get a Tervigon and an Exocrine. This gets you most of the way to 1000 points on the cheap. There are a lot of ways to make a cheap Tyranid army, but also a lot of expensive honey traps like Zoanthropes, which end up being extremely expensive to field a useable unit of. Basically, play Troops and Monsters and get the rest in small quantities and you end up with a pretty cheap army by 40k standards.

>> No.54645919

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.54645920

Cool, this is exactly what I was looking for. Do you think I should drop a redemptor for something else? Putting a Siege Drill on the Leviathan and putting twin autocannons on the Mortis dreads (I only had multi-meltas out of point restraints) mean I need to shed 42 points currently.

>> No.54645923

Light is well known for staying in neat, orderly lines. It never bends, especially around corners or small gaps.

>> No.54645924

It should be alternating Imperium and non-imperium. GKs and CSM will be releases at the same time, DG will get as many models as the primaris stuff now, which will fill out this month.
After that probably a loyalist dex, TS and we are through with Chaos Marines.
That is just about halve. The rest could be basically any other faction.

And because we know that there will be AoS stuff and there aren't enough weeks left these year we will have more double releases with no new minis.

>> No.54645934

Sure why not.

Issue is that its almost impossible to get cover as a vehicle.

>> No.54645937

Hive Fleet NPC

>> No.54645970

Anyone has the leaked release dates? Did we get any confirmation?

>> No.54645977

Are you retarded? You take a wound from a weapon that deals 3 damage. Cover would reduce it to two.

>> No.54645992


Why don't you do it?

>> No.54645994

Hello, person who clearly has never played a game of 8th edition before.

1) No, it would not, since most models likely to be affected by cover in the game still only have 1 Wound, so it would do fuck-all for them.

2) It in no way makes it harder to actually get your units to benefit from cover.

3) Fuck off, the cover bonus is very relevant when it applies. GETTING it to apply is the problem.

The one thing to "fix" about cover is to bring back intervening terrain again.

>> No.54645995

Dark Imperium is a pretty solid way of doing so but check if you can get the models you need without dropping a tonne for the box

>> No.54646001

Fucking pussy starting shit he can't finish.

>> No.54646012

So, in other words, only multi-wound models benefit from it, and only against ranged weapons that deal more than 1 Dmg. Get out of the trenches, Guardsmen, that's where our tanks go.

>> No.54646017

Hive Fleet Nahtaivel

>> No.54646020

Woah, so you only take double your wounds in damage, not triple. What a godsend! How didn't we see this before?!

>> No.54646044

>We get ONE non-marine Codex this year, which will probably be Orks

My guess is Aeldari.

>> No.54646051

Love the way you're rocking the old Tyrant.

Hive Fleet Euryale

>> No.54646054

That makes it even less relevant you tool

>> No.54646063

Cover seems almost pointless and I'm just throwing stuff out there that would make it a bit better.
Unlike this faggot that isn't contributing anything meaningful.

>> No.54646064

For my main army, at least 90% but I started them first. For my Orks, I'd say a little more than half. For my other two armies they're about 50% and 0% but they're smaller than my other armies.

>> No.54646066

So what are your thoughts on IW's tactics?

I'm pretty underwhelmed. Also, how often will one be trying to destroy buildings anyway?

>> No.54646087

>The one thing to "fix" about cover is to bring back intervening terrain again.

I'd like:
>If at any point the target is 50% obscured you get cover regardless of being in terrain

>If at any point after removing a casuality the shooter can no longer see the target all remaining Wounds are discarded.

>> No.54646110

Your idea is still making cover even worse and is as meaningful as me farting on last years snow.

Sry to bring this to you and hurting your feefees over it. Don't block me on twitter over it.

>> No.54646116

dubs decides the nickname for this guy.

>> No.54646122

The Khorne stratagem is overrated as fuck. What the fuck could possibly survive the regular two fights that a third one would make a difference against?

3 CPs? I'd rather spend them on VotLW.

>> No.54646123

Throwing out ideas without the first thought put into them isn't contributing. It's just clutter that does nothing but waste time as people take the piss out of the idiocy required to genuinely believe that the idea was sound.

>> No.54646126


>> No.54646129

>don't block me on twitter over it
I bet that sounded funnier in your head.

>> No.54646131

GW might come up with a reason to destroy buildings.
Just fucking with you. It's useless.

>> No.54646132

>I'm contributing something meaningful
>Like making a perfectly acceptable gameplay feature worse under the guise of improving it
Yeah, doing a real stellar job of it too, fagtron.

Here's a suggestion: Make cover a To Hit modifier. There, poof, done. Now it's useful. I mean yeah, the autists will now screech about shooting an enemy hiding in shrubbery makes their plasma explode more often, but you can't have everything, right?

>> No.54646134

Big guy.

>> No.54646135

I dunno the percentages.

8/12 Tanks
90/120 Infantry
10/15 Special weapons
3/15 Heavy weapons
3/4 Sentinels
0/1 Flyer
4/8 Bullgryn
0/24 Ministorum units
2/8 Special characters and leaders

Spent so much time kitbashing, building and priming the past few months. Finally onto the paint phase.

>> No.54646142


>> No.54646144


>> No.54646154

Winner winner chicken dinner

>> No.54646159

I don't use facebook because I am not a colossal faggot.

>> No.54646160

>shooting an enemy hiding in shrubbery makes their plasma explode more ofte
Plasma Overheating really should have been on a Roll of a 1 (before applying modifiers), not after modifiers

>> No.54646161

A unit? No.

Multi charge? Great.

If your enemy is a retard and place stuff within 3" of themselves, you can pile in 3 times and just move on after each kill.

>> No.54646164

Not really. Just contributing with great ideas and getting all millenial about it if nobody likes it.

>> No.54646169

Well shit, that was more boring than I expected

>> No.54646171

Actually, it sounds perfectly appropriate considering how shitter shattered you are because your "suggestion" was laughable bullshit that tried to fix what isn't broken and people called you on it.

>> No.54646172

You my Runtherder

>> No.54646181

Why did GW make IW/IF tactics so useless and irrelevant? Why are they pretending cover still even exists?

>> No.54646189

It would be easier to understand you if you didn't talk like some faggot trying to be edgy.

>> No.54646190

because it's fluffy

>> No.54646191

Do death gaurd have a reason to buy csm codex?????

>> No.54646192


Hmm... You could maybe do with a lascannon dread?

>> No.54646201

No, you're an edgy autist

>> No.54646202

Could someone remind me what the transport capacity for the Repulsor is?

Isn't it 10 primaris or 5 gravis?

>> No.54646204

MiG warhead metalic blue.

>> No.54646211


>> No.54646216

>your enemy has to be retarded for this to work
I rest my case. If only it worked on non-berzerkers.

>> No.54646219

I never got butt hurt over it. If the ideas shit so be it. But to lie and say I'm upset is laughable.

>> No.54646223


>> No.54646224

Eh, I think it's alright. After all, with the new Plasma rules you can always choose to use the profile that doesn't blow up in your face, so in case you think it's too risky, you can just fire in the normal mode.

>> No.54646229

Your choice, friendo.

>> No.54646232

Not the owner of the army, but I'd definitely go with this one.

Mayhaps Hivefleet Saskatchewan

>> No.54646244

Well, if you have a set of shitty rolls/your opponent is making saves like a mad cunt, and you do considerably less damage than the mathhammer suggests, you could use the stratagem to try and make up for it. But, if you do plenty of damage with your first two rounds, you can keep your CP in your pocket. You dig?

>> No.54646246


What does this hot mess Bradley thing cost compared to a Land Raider?

>> No.54646259

That's the joke fagtard

>> No.54646266

>salty boi

>> No.54646272

>I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.54646275

210 base and around 340 with the most expensive weapons.

It's also their TRANSPORT.

>> No.54646277

>Rhinos can't carry primaris
>Repulsors cant carry marinelets
>they have the exact same size door

>> No.54646289

How are Genestealer Cults?

>> No.54646300

Clearly the primaris transport doesn't have kiddy seats

>> No.54646301

Wait. Wait, wait, wait a god damn minute. Those side missile turrets have an option for storm bolters as well? I thought they were some defensive chaff-launchers or something.

Just how many guns that thing have?

>> No.54646327


3000 points of templars painted bar a centurion squad

>> No.54646341

I believe it comes with 9, and they're a mix of anti infantry, vehicle, and air.

>> No.54646353

Let's see:
>Allow numarines, marines specifically created to get people to replace their old marine armies from shame of manlet syndrome, to use existing, market flooded vehicles, OR:
>Make new expensive land raider, market it as the only possible transport, making its in game value skyrocket as the only way to get your important dudes to a place, THEN:
>later, release a cheaper, less armed/armored rhino/razorback equivilent, intended to be bought in mass.


>> No.54646367

anyone know where I can get Horus Rising or the Horus Heresy Audiobooks?

torrents aren't seeding

>> No.54646383

because plasma was a dieing craft and then gorill man said give me all the teck so there is now a resurgence of imperial plasma

>> No.54646395

This desu

>> No.54646396

All my paintjobs come out thicc.

Fuck it. Maybe this is just my limit

>> No.54646399

Slab Rockhard

>> No.54646402

>Xenos are fighting to make this guy win

>> No.54646412

You guys started on your Armies on Parade boards yet?

>> No.54646424


Yeah who cares about it being a transport so is the raider.

The key thing is: It's less expensive, but has more guns and can fly?

>> No.54646432

Seems like an alright guy that I have no knowledge of! :)

>> No.54646433

>taking pictures of random people and posting them on the internet without their knowledge

Truly the Imperials are the best faction, filled with great people.

>> No.54646437

Taking a common or garden Dreadnought with CCW and Twin Lascannon leaves me at 6(!) points over budget for 2k. While I'm sure most people probably wouldn't mind that casually or if using Power(And I don't play serious) would you suggest taking anything else off to drop the cost a little more?

>> No.54646462


Black library

>> No.54646465

>Yeah who cares about it being a transport so is the raider.

But the Land Raider takes up a Heavy Support slot and the Repulsor does not ;^)

>> No.54646481

This is the dumbest Anon I've encountered all thread.

Where the fuck do you spergs crawl from?

>> No.54646502

After the lastest FAQ... pretty bad.

Only beeing able to use Cult Ambush for 50% of your army forces you have to put the rest of your points into stuff that don't die right away.
Which is pretty hard to do if you think about the fact that everything except some vehicles have a 5+ armour save.
And playing without CA is basically playing a worse version of AM without orders etc.

Not the worse army ever but it's really hard to get into them if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Wouldn't recommend at this point.

>> No.54646505

Can't find /WIPG/ guys, how would you recreate this tan armour panel colour? No airbrush.

Tried various combinations of Zandri Dust/Zameesi Desert/Tau Light Ochre, but those are too dark and too yellow. Ideas?

>> No.54646515

>implying transports are as important as they used to be after the price hike
>implying anything but Flamer-Aggressors even needs transports to function

>> No.54646523

>ironlets on suicide watch edition

I hope this isn't meant to mean chaos.
>2+ armour save on daemon princes
>6" fearless bubble on warlord for cultist blobs
>No cover saves allowed

People like this are what makes people think chaos are whiny babies.

>> No.54646529

>seats in your transport
wasting space that could be used for power/ammo sources for more guns desu

i know why they've done it, just tickled me for some reason

>> No.54646548

What would go down if The Omnissiah started manifesting in the warp and started actually doing stuff?

>> No.54646551

Everything but one Dragoon and my Dominus but the Dominus is still a WIP so I don't really count it.

>> No.54646560

>daemon princes
>cultist blobs

Nigga that's Word Bearers, not Iron Warriors.

They should have had something to do with guns or something. Like, ignoring the -1 to hit on heavy weapons or something.

>> No.54646561

Honestly, I'm fine with a bunch of little dudes, with a few big dudes.

I was hoping to pick them up in store tomorrow. I've got $200 cad. What's my best start?

>> No.54646564

The Dragon of Mars doesn't need to go into the warp.

>> No.54646568

Well he's chained to mars so can't

>> No.54646577

Can a chaos terminator lord carry two fucking combis?

>> No.54646587

IW DPs can take wargear that gives them a 2+ save and they recover a wound per turn.

>> No.54646605


>The legion rule

Decent enough if kinda boring, good for digging out entrenched objective squatters. I have never seen anyone bring a building as part of a list, and with the IF/IW traits being known now if they're present in your local meta I doubt you will now.


I'm dubious. 2+ armour is great for a jump pack lord, mounted lord, daemon prince or sorcerers, none of which really fit the IW theme, so you're really getting it to regen wounds on your warpsmith or terminator lord. At least its free unlike...


You pay 1cp to get a 1/6 chance to ignore wounds for one unit for one phase, something the Iron Hands do on all their units every phase, and which a slaaneshi sorcerer can cast on one of their units and have it last till the end of the next psychic phase, but theirs is a 1/3 chance. Really kind of a let down.

>Warlord trait

The faction focus hints at CSM being better in close combat, whether that's an illusion to the DttFE rule or the fact that everyone can exchange their bolter for a chainsword (but not take on in addition like editions past) I don't know, which if true this could have some utility escorting big blobs of shooty and punchy CSM forward to storm enemy positions.

Overall kind of a disappointment. More disheartening is the complete omission of obliterators from the post, when last edition IW were the obliterator legion, with obliterators as troops who were better then everyone elses because of their (minor) durability boost and bonuses to breaking shit. So chances are the roll 3 dice guns are here to stay and GW marketing couldn't bring themselves to hype them up.

On the bright side IW players are probably happy, because now they have something to complain about.

>> No.54646620

What? No

>> No.54646622

Iron Warriors are known for using Cultists as cannon fodder to clear minefields and even run the Imperiums guns dry. It's fluffy, just wish there was more than a warlord trait, stratagem, and legion tactics to differentiate same for marines. It all feels vanilla.

>> No.54646628

Tarantula turrets! What are your feelings on these FW things?
Anybody field them? I think they're pretty cheep for some mild distraction dakka.

>> No.54646638

Hey anon, that's a great Armies on Parade™ board to display your cool new Citadel™ Miniatures! This is one of my most favorite times to showcase my love for the Games Workshop Hobby™.

>> No.54646641

Got a few quick questions about building my army.

I wanted to run a pure melee Admech list but now my wallet is suffering. My second favourite army is Guard.

If I'm using Dragoons, Electro-Priests, Sicarians and a few Dominii, what are the best ways I could use a 1k Guard detachment?

Should I bring artillery, transports, hellhounds to bring fire support and block LOS?

I really don't know what would be best here because I've never touched anything but admech.

>> No.54646656

If the Emperor has been alive for well over 100,000 years, and has always been guiding humanity from the shadows, why did he let humanity get to the state where it would need reuniting again again? You know, after humanity warred against itself for millenia, then created wondrous technologies that it warred with, then warred with itself some more, then split in a great schism, then needed reuniting for the next huge schism that ironically his own sons would start?

>> No.54646667

>implying transports are as important as they used to be after the price hike
how do you get your marines to their objectives upfield?
>inb4 stormraven

>> No.54646675

When will Chapter Master 2'chan get rules?

There was a big warp-storm.

Fucking frodoposters man

>> No.54646677

I need to choose, /tg/:

>Make a Primaris successor Alpha Legion chapter
>Make Alpha Legion using Mk4 marines and run them using Codex: Space Marines

>> No.54646679

Because he went to molech during the Cold War to have the powers to save earth if it underwent nuclear winter, there he stole from the chaos gods

>> No.54646689


Man I want like 10 of those gattling guns to use for Flash Git conversions.

>> No.54646698

>no mk4 alpha legion and use them as SoB option

>> No.54646710

>There was a big warp-storm.
The warp storm that happened long after humanity nearly destroyed itself with its own creations? Hmm.

>> No.54646720

Next best thing.

>> No.54646732

How broken would it be if Night Lords get to take Raptors as troop choices?

>> No.54646745

Not him but fuck the zuck and his data mining

>> No.54646750

Dis iz Konork Newz.

Da first story iz Orks 'ave taken da stashun.

Second story iz everone' krumpin' and everyone else but noffin's 'appenin'.

In ovva newz, da Perium and da Kaos gitz iz a buncha panzees.

>> No.54646754


Ehh, looks a bit weedy. Needs to be T H I C C D A K K A

>> No.54646756


Start collecting box is always good

>> No.54646757

>So chances are the roll 3 dice guns are here to stay and GW marketing couldn't bring themselves to hype them up.

I still have the tiniest of hope that this will be fixed somehow till the codex drops.

>> No.54646758

No PC Marines got special troops so neither will rieverlets

>> No.54646769

buying individual boxes of tyranid troops isn't very economical because they're generally best fielded in very large units. Hence the other anon suggesting buying termagants from ebay on the cheap.

>> No.54646787

Wow, you sure are a pleasant person to be around.

>> No.54646791

Except that the tyranid start collecting box sucks, it's good value, but you wouldn't actually want any of the units in it.

>> No.54646794

Won't happen, but even if it did it wouldn't mean a whole lot. Raptors are kind of eh to begin with have an annoyingly expensive kit.

>> No.54646805

Aka. "We're totally never gonna change these rules."

I can imagine how useful it'll be once models can't fire all their guns at different targets.

>> No.54646818

Honestly? I sit long-ranged squads on backfield objectives, advance mid-range units towards mid-field objectives and objectives on the opponent's side of the field I just deep strike stuff onto.

>> No.54646819

Never seen that what do ya do? Is it some sort of painting competition?

>> No.54646837

>not using a hive tyrant
>not using warriors
>not using gargoyles just to see your chaoscuck opponents reaction when Abbadon dies to them because of blinding venom

>> No.54646844

Its not the best paintjob but im happy with it.

>> No.54646849


>> No.54646850

Why? Just play the 3 Fast Attack, 1 HQ detachment, there, fill your mandatory choices with Raptors. If you insist on those tasty Command Points, just play some Cultists or some Brimstone Horrors as Troops.

>> No.54646856

galing style guns are one of the easiest things in the world to scratchbuild tho

>> No.54646892

>Using the worst HQ choice in the codex
>Using the second worst troops choice
>Using the second worst fast attack choice

>> No.54646928


My sides

>> No.54646948

>blinding venom
All it does it cause a unit the suffers an unsaved wound from it to hit at -1 in close combat. Abaddon is T5 and has a 2+ save gargoyles aren't even likely to wound him at all and he hits on 2+ anyway, unless you have a fuckload of gargoyles they wouldn't do jack shit.

>> No.54646949

Take a 2'x2' board (either part of a GW board or a self-made one) and design it yourself, including terrain and everything, then add models to it. It can go from "place a few models onto a GW board piece" to "hand-carved board with indentations for the models' bases and absolutely gorgeous scenery to make your army stand out. Takes a fuckload of cash, work and skill, though.

>> No.54646956

If the swarm box was available, it'd be best to get it. If not, take your time on Ebay for cheap armies first. Also, don't listen to >>54646756 because it's cheaper to pick up a Swarmlord than buy the box, and Warriors and Gargoyles are still as worthless as ever because GW apparently has some quota that at least 5 or so Nid models must be unplayable at any given time.

If you've not got the patience or budget for any of that, just go with DEldar, dude.

>> No.54646994

I'll magnetize everything just to be safe.

>> No.54647003

>hive tyrant
You have to go back.png
>current edition
>not running troops in maximum numbers
Wew lad, they are blocks of 30

>> No.54647010

It's apparently a rule of the universe that tyranid warriors must be a bad unit.

>> No.54647013

Anyone have the top 3 lists from the Bay Area Open?

>> No.54647014

He looks like a fat fuck

>> No.54647019

How is a Hive Tyrant a worse HQ choice than a Tyranid Prime? 2 of the Tyranids' excellent psychic powers, access to Monstrous Rending Claws and two Deathspitters on top looks pretty good compared to... a Synapse Creatures that makes the very mediocre Warriors hit better.
I'm assuming the worst Troops and Fast Attack choices are Rippers and Sky-Slashers respectively.

>> No.54647022

Damn that's pretty tight what's yours gonna be?

>> No.54647025

See >>54640222

>> No.54647037

Does the tyrant kit come with monstrous rending claws, and is it supposed to only have one bone sword foot

>> No.54647038

Conscript spam and Tau commander bombs.

>> No.54647048


You know it works on shit like Hellbrutes and non-berserkers, right?

>> No.54647071

I'd use it on Kharn if he ever charged a blob at least 15+, just for the pure blender-ness of it

>> No.54647079

I suppose orks are also on the table. Always thought they were fun looking as a kid. Any ork players in here who can give a waaaah'n good rundown for $200 cad?

>> No.54647080

That's literally what I have been doing in 8th already.

And then I stopped and just started using equivalent points of termagants and genestealers instead and it was more effective. They just aren't good enough at any given thing to be worth using.

>> No.54647081


I spent 20 minutes in a Savers looking for sprues because of you

>> No.54647082

SO I've heard, but do we have the actual lists floating around?

So far I've heard that IG and suits are top and that FW didnt seem to be a big factor

>> No.54647085


IG top 3
Conscripts and scion in 1st
Ravens scripts and Gully in 3rd

>> No.54647113

>mfw building that thing right now

It's being a cunt and I don't like it.

>> No.54647115

I'm failing to see the relevance of that question. You are allowed to use those options and therefore can convert them.

And even if you just give him double Deathspitters and Monstrous Boneswords (all of which are in the kit) he is still better than the Tyranid Prime.

>> No.54647117


>> No.54647123


>> No.54647124

What you listed for admech is minor fire support/melee, melee, melee and minor fire support/melee.

So you are missing big guns. How to supply them? Two options:

Scions (counts as skitarri guard)
Take normal troops plus command squads and especially the taurox prime with autocannons and the battlecannon. Provides mid range fire support with the others provide either decent AP or plasma/volleyguns.

Normal guard, but focused on fire support. Sentinals with lascannon/plasmacannon work well and keep in theme, devildogs and chem hounds also work well. Artillery is okay as well, as is bringing bullgryn (can also count as assault servitors or something)

>> No.54647125

I always wonder if the tournaments gives out dice to each player.

>> No.54647136


>> No.54647137

and you can attack with 24 of them in combat

>> No.54647139

Not the same guy.

>> No.54647144

>blob of Chosen

Step up your game, son. It's not like Khorne Berzerkers and Kharn are the only ones that can use it.

>> No.54647157

So is there any Chapter that specializes in defensive warfare with fortifications beside the Imperial Fists and that one warlord trait of theirs ?

Their Exo Lords were pretty much made to be a third party Deathwatch. Not as good looking but has some cool options like the cloaked power armor snipers for your team with stalker bolters.

>> No.54647158

I don't know, I don't play gay armies.

>> No.54647159

I'm asking because you play tyranjds so should have bought the kit and will now if it's there, as you say you can convert it I assume you do need to

>> No.54647161

For world eaters? Where can I find this?

>> No.54647163

Chad McThundercock

>> No.54647164

Well gee, being a shouty cunt sure makes me want to crack open my bitz box to check for you.

>> No.54647169

Who's the NPCs now, you chaos fucks?

>> No.54647172

Suicidle Xenos welcoming a good purging with open arms! YAAAS XENOS SLAY.

>> No.54647177

And they can charge and strike first

>> No.54647185

But anon nids are not marine. We all know that marines and specially DA are the gayest army in 40k.

>> No.54647188

The Flyers feet only come in Scything Talons flavor and there are no Rending Claws in the kit. If this stops you from converting them yourself, then I would suggest X-Wing to you instead of 40k, though.

>> No.54647196

Fuck off lmao

>> No.54647198

TAke a look, its in the book.


[Spoiler]Doesn't seem to from looking at the sprues.[/spoiler]

>> No.54647199


Quip know what's hilarious? You can can preview the sprues on GWs product page. Its like you didn't even bother to check

>> No.54647202

Being a shouty cunt is the only way to get noticed
And I don't want your bitzbox but your memories of building your tyrant/swarmlord

>> No.54647214

ya they could totaly down abby if it was just him verses them but he would always be with a unit

>> No.54647215

goddammit why din't someone warn me about this kit.

it needs to be painted before assembly. Fucking tons of nooks and crannies. goddamn latticework everywher.


>> No.54647223

Here's a rule question...

You have two melee weapons and want to attack with both. If the damage you cause with the first weapon causes enough wounds, and your opponent chooses to remove models closest to your attacker first such that there's nobody left within 1", do you still get to attack with the second weapon? Are all those fight phase attacks simultaneous?

>pic not related

>> No.54647244

Because Hive Tyrants are not only able to be focused down due to 12 wounds and having shit for toughness, but the Swarmlord can cast two psychic abilities AND use Hive Commander while having better melee viability and a 4++ that becomes Rowboat levels of hard to remove with TGuard, while the Swarmlord's less interesting cousins don't even have sprue options for their claws. T-Primes are not that great, but they can't be easily focused and are far cheaper.

As for what the worst choices for Nids are, here is the list:
LoW: Scythed Hierodule
HQ: Hive Tyrant
Troop:Ripper Swarm

>> No.54647247

To wit, anon, you don't need to use the "best" set up with an army.
That you could actually choose warriors without they not being an net negative against your army is a change from the last 3 editions.

>> No.54647254

How much you want to bet that this whole thing continues to fluctuate wildly until the winner is announced and it's the squats

>> No.54647260

I did but the index doesn't have a photo guide like the codex, nor does it list the parts properly like it does with most other nid kits
So what would you say is the best way to convert rending claws, make hands from green stuff and cut the blade off the swarmlord bone sabres, despite the T. rex look it will then have

>> No.54647266

>Are all those fight phase attacks simultaneous?

Yes, wound resolution is done after the attacker has finished.

>> No.54647270

I started thinking about it the other day.

Does anyone know how easy it is to make a water board? I was thinking of doing an Admech sea base, with some concrete pillars and Sector Mech terrain on top built around a dock for my Whalebird. Could station my Dunecrawler on a side platform with Icarus Array active, dot some servitors and Skitarii around the place and have my friend attack with his Dark Eldar skimmers, but I have no idea if doing water effects like pic related costs a bajillionty pounds or something. What is it, just molten resin poured in?I suppose I could just buy a sea battle mat, but those look considerably less cool.

Like pic related, but with most of it being sea surrounding a small Admech-fortified island with a bridge leading off the board.

>> No.54647274

Thanks for the clarification anon

>> No.54647287

You should ask somebody from the US, they know all about waterboard ing :^)

>> No.54647293

Hive tyrants are a physically gigantic model, can be targeted by shooting attacks, have a degrading profile and are expensive unless you just give them rending claws. They're a big fat easy target.

Primes are at least useful as cheap synapse that can't just be shot off the field turn one by a heavy weapons team or predator.

>> No.54647300

tyranid players really are insufferable elitist, strangest thing since they sucked for so long.

>> No.54647318

Honestly, if you can find the clawed legs of a Maleceptor/Toxicrene just use those. They're beefy enough to get the point across, but your Tyrant will be so swole it might make your other Nids feel inadequate.

>> No.54647329

Because it is your only transport in a Primaris only army?

>> No.54647330

So, I created a 1000 pt Black Templar list for a campaign. The idea is that for each victory, you add 100 pts to your list. I'd appreciate feedback.
Black Templar Battalion Detachment 1000/1000 pts
>Captain w/ Relic Blade, Combi-melta and Crusader's Helm
>Chaplain: Crozius Arcanum and storm bolter
>Crusader Squad: 5x Initiates. Combi-plasma, plasma Gun, and missile launcher
>Crusader Squad: 5x Initiates. Combi-plasma, plasma Gun, and missile launcher
>Crusader Squad: 9x Initiates. Power fist, power sword, flamer.
>Dreadnought: CCW w/ heavy flamer, assault cannon
Heavy Support:
>Predator: Predator autocannon and heavy bolters
Dedicated Transport:
>Rhino: Carries CC crusader squad and chaplain

>> No.54647335

It's not terribly hard anon. Go check out Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, that stuff is great.

Simple to use, too - no mixing, just pour a thin layer and wait a day for it to dry, then do another layer. Hot glue some cardboard around the edge of your board to keep the goop from getting everywhere, and you're done.

Make sure to paint the board whatever color you want the water to be first, as the stuff dries clear.

>> No.54647350

Honestly, you're right. I guess I'm having to decide between da orks, the dark eldar, and chaos of some variety (I'll have to see the rules)

>> No.54647355

When suggesting what someone getting in to an army should buy telling them to get a box set full of some of the worst units in an army is probably not the right answer.

>> No.54647367

So are most ladies.

>> No.54647372

I think everyone there is playing bugs right now. As soon as the indexes released, the nids shelves were effectively emptied by a few people

>> No.54647373

Does Forge World not sell the Death Korps Grenadiers anymore?

>> No.54647390

I have a vagina

>> No.54647397

Wow that's actually a really nice list I'm surprised you fit it all in 1k

>> No.54647408

Apothecary seems a bit pointless.

>> No.54647409

>windows 10

Even if they had warned you, you would not have listened.

>not painting everything before assembling
Haha, newfag pls.

>> No.54647410

I answered the question earlier in the thread when you made a barely intelligible capslock post you stupid nigger.

>> No.54647413

Don't I have the best luck?

>> No.54647423

can i shoot from both combi profiles in a shooty phase?

>> No.54647425

Grey Knights

>> No.54647426


The Porphyrion will do 13.33 with its magnas, 1.94 with the two lascannons and 1 with the helios missiles for a total of 16.24 on average per turn but its pretty damn close and with some non-exceptional luck the leviathan can survive with a few wounds.

>> No.54647430

It's almost like you haven't read the rules.

>> No.54647432

>LoW: Scythed Hierodule
Why the fuck does this cost more than a stormsurge.

>> No.54647441

Oh yeah, let's not tell the new person to actually spend his money on more viable units that will enable him to not get swept off the table

Don't go with Chaos. They're not really being treated well at the moment. Just go with DEldar if you're not committed to Nids. Orks are fun, but you're gonna get stuck into so many conversions with them. Which could be a good thing depending on where you stand on that.

>> No.54647449

>Today i totally saw or read great tactics for once

>> No.54647451

The rules of the weapon tell you this.
You suffer from -1 to hit.

>> No.54647457

GW reading?

>> No.54647475

I wish I knew.

>> No.54647477

I've math hammered every army and my impression of warriors certainly wasn't these dudes with heavy bolters 3w and 3 attacks for 30 points are the worst units in nids.

>> No.54647481


>> No.54647482

Anon? Don't tell me you also go there
Or did you just reverse image search

>> No.54647486

He is clearly using Firefox and not chrome.

How can you paint anything when you are blind.

>> No.54647491

TY. That stuff looks a tad expensive, but given that to have enough room on the board for a proper fight and to dock the Whalebird the platforms will have to be quite large I shouldn't need more than one lot.

Also local GW manager has done some rather nice massive blood pools on the Khorne board, so I may ask him what his trick is, although I suspect the answer is "buy a lot of the stuff you mentioned as store expenses".

>> No.54647506

What the hell is that?

>> No.54647508

And the uncomfortable trend of female players going for Tyranids continues.
Whatever happened to that chick who got off on the idea of Genestealer Cult and wanted a tattoo of their symbol on her naval? She was funny.

>> No.54647518

I'll believe you, for now.

>> No.54647532

I know the guy in the photo, he used to play in my gw but moved to reading. Hes a nice guy.

>> No.54647535

I saw you taking that picture, you fucking nerd. I'll make sure to let everyone know at the store.

>> No.54647543

I also have a Y chromosome

>> No.54647564

Hahahaha please post results sir. Rude anon needs to pay!

>> No.54647584

Even better

>> No.54647594

Ushabti Bone then Agrax Earthshade, Should be that uneven tan almost exactly.

>> No.54647595

CAIS or Swyer syndrome?
or just a faggot that got his dick turned inside out?

>> No.54647599

Yeah, Woodland Scenics stuff is usually high initial investment, low long term cost. That bottle of Realistic Water will last you a long time, as long as you keep the coats thin.

I think I've still got my old bottle, from 2012.

>> No.54647600

It's chrome.
All is botnet.

>> No.54647604

>3 females at my FLGS
>no tyranids

>> No.54647613

Are you sure your paint is drying out on your palette. Have you tried using a wet palette?


>> No.54647615

Space wolves and deamons all around huh?

>> No.54647626

Okay, we don't think they're bad because they have shitty stats for anything but Wounds or Toughness, we think they're bad because they're so goddamn mediocre and expensive in comparison to less mediocre options. If you ask ANY Tyranid player with two braincells to rub together, they will flat out tell you that that is, always has been, and will likely be the problem for Warriors until the end of time. They're a Jack of all trades, which makes them outclassed by literally every other troops choice besides Ripper Swarms. Devilgaunts? Far superior firepower and in greater synergy. Hormagaunts? Far better tarpitting and charging capability. Genestealers? Literally a better version of the Hormagaunt. They don't even have SYNAPSE of all things going for them, because you can take a Malanthrope for the same points and have a better benefit for it. They're just so damned mediocre, and it hurts to see them that way because the models are so damn cool and we'd all run them if they weren't so inefficient to field in every single installation of Warhammer barring SW:A.

>> No.54647630

Raider has a 2+. Repulsor is only 3+.

>> No.54647637

3 females at my LGS, one Tyranid, one Eldar, and one Dark Eldar.
The Tyranid one also plays Space Wolves.
I said it was a trend not a certainty, I remember in one of these threads some anons compared what armies female players tend towards, Tyranids was the most common, followed by Eldar, both Dark and Craftworld.

>> No.54647639


Possible side effects of using a wet palette include:
Telling everyone you use a wet palette
Being a bit of an elitist douche
Insisting that all the best painters use one despite there being an abundance of proof to the contrary

>> No.54647653

Grey Knights Plasma and Chappies inbound boys

>> No.54647660


>> No.54647684


>> No.54647685

Chill dude. I actually do not use a wet palette since I like to control the consistency more closely. But it's a handy shortcut for people who have trouble keeping their paints thin.

>> No.54647686

Infinity purity seal nigga is back!

>> No.54647691

Orks are good, lots of untis can just be "converted" out of spare bitz from other boxes.

-Start collecting kit to start off, don't use the nobz in a nob squad but to lead the various
-boyz squads trukk squad kit
-grotz squad
That's roughly 200 CA$ and gives you a nice chunk of troops you can build off.

Only problem is warboss model are, for some reason, one of the hardest things to get a hold of despite being so iconic. You can just make a biker or something in to a warboss but people are worried they'll get removed from the codex.

>> No.54647697

Ooh, nice. Somehow I have every applicable paint but that one, I'll pick it up next time I go to the store. I was scheming some complicated Zandri Dust/extremely thinned Celestra Grey/Washes plan that would take a bazillion years of practice to get right.

>> No.54647712

That chappie is already available

>> No.54647715


I don't think that plasma gun is for the grey knights, unless theres something in that blurry group photo that I'm missing.

Grey Knight chappie is cool though.

>> No.54647718


Fucking so? The kinds of weapons that work on T8 will blow through either pretty well.

>> No.54647720

That's just the Skullz promo Termie Chaplain.

>> No.54647735

I always seem to amass a lot of seemingly random hobby supplies. Still, I can always go for some water effects on Knight bases and such too. I think I'll get the board planned out properly before I buy some, but I'll keep it at the top of the list.

>> No.54647742


Pretty sweet if it's going up for normal sale.

I mean, stormbolter isn't great? But cool model.

>> No.54647748

Such a nice mini
can't get it anywhere near me but the China resin one was flawless

>> No.54647749

It's the difference between a 5+ or a 6+ vs. a Lascannon. Or a 6+ or nothing against melta. 16.7% adds up.

>> No.54647766


Not enough to not make the repulsor transparently better than the land raider.

>> No.54647769

please share the amazing browser you use that isn't

>> No.54647772

Storm Bolters are the shit now.

>> No.54647777

One SoB/ ministorum
One TSons/Tzeentch Daemons
One astra militarum

I know it's only a trend rather than a certainty just find it funny I don't know any. Even the 4-5 I used to know who've stopped didn't play them either. It's odd given everyone else experience

is that captain holding his stormbolter like some kind of pleb?

>> No.54647787

This kit?

Also, how can a nob go into a boy squad? And I'll have 5 of them (nobs)

>> No.54647792

Thats just some waacfag whining about a solid unit.
I'll accept gargoyles are trash and their half the box as a legit argument.

>> No.54647817

You can upgrade one boy to a nob for free in each of your units.

>> No.54647825

Fucking up the Imperium is easier than going into whatever fucking warp anomaly Chaos faggots are cowering in. So why would Xenos want /more/ daemon worlds and warpstorms?

>> No.54647847

>not wristmounted

Confirmed pleb

>> No.54647899

Well I don't know what to tell you, everyone is different man, I play dedicated Slaanesh, Daemons and CSM, my friend plays two different Space Marine chapters and Khorne Daemonkin, and the Tyranid girl I know also plays Space Wolves.
Hell, my little brother plays Tyranids, barely, he has a Start Collecting and hasn't painted them yet, and he hasn't bought any paints or new models in a year because he's saving money for a new computer.
Everyone plays what they like man, the generalisation is that majority people know at least one girl who plays either Tyranids or GSC.

>> No.54647916

Oh god I can't decide between getting a Knight or two start collecting Skitarii boxes or both

Shiny new toys uhiugwhueoahtkjahkjhdf

>> No.54647937

This isn't waacfagging, goddamit. This is about the fact that they can't fucking balance out our army properly. If you walk onto a table with Warriors, you're going to get laughed off as every other army sweeps your overly expensive but still squishy Troop off the table with their own basic infantry. Gargoyles are obvious trash, yes, but the problem with Warriors is that they're trash that GW keeps trying to get us to believe are not.

>> No.54647938


>> No.54647956

I roll poorly on saves, so I figured a little insurance wasn't a bad idea

>> No.54647972

Iron Hands are kinda harder to get rid of with their 6+ FNP
Raven Guard are harder to hit from 12"+ away.
Ultramarines can run away from melee and give some dakka as a fuck you.
You might not want to get near a Salamander hotspot with each unit (each character is their own unit) getting a free to hit & to wound reroll.
The others are mostly offensive.

>> No.54647975

you always inspire me anon, ive ordered a bunch of steel legion look alikes from victoria minis, and hope to make mine look as good as you did with those valhallans

>> No.54647980

>Buy stuff so that you can be allowed to buy something
Oy vey

>> No.54647992

Has anyone found there's a point in learning to paint where everything just starts going reasonably right at once? Previously I was stumbling around trying to paint Mars Skitarii badly because I didn't understand the ways of based Duncan or sprayed them with Leadbelcher, so I had to slowly do all the metal in one coat with a brush. THICC occurred.

Took a two-week break from painting until about a week ago, came up with a new colour scheme, bought a LB rattlecan and learned how to do passable basecoating, washes and edge highlights and all of a sudden decent tabletop standard was achieved. I always wanted to do a bunch of conversions, but felt that I would just ruin them with terrible paint afterwards, but I might actually start a couple now.

>> No.54648021

Deathshroud predictions?

>> No.54648027

I would recommend hand painting metallics. It's way more noticeable in unreachable areas of the mini than white or black primer.

>> No.54648030

Painting is a skill you learn like any other. It certainly gets easier with practice.

>> No.54648047

God I fucking hope so. I'm so buttfrustrated.

>> No.54648050

I expect DG termies to be Grave Warden based actually.

>> No.54648051

Just start doing it now
Who cares if you fuck it up, you learn by trying.

>> No.54648068

Well, there is a "viable" option for warriors: Max unit with barbed stranglers and whips and a prime in range to have a very tanky synapse unit in the center. It's under 250 points (for the unit) and you can soak up a lot of dmg and block most cc-units your enemy will throw at you. the barbed stranglers hit on 2+ against big units, so it's decent firepower.

It's nothing to brag about but it's actually better then gants in holding the line because there absolutelly are units that will murder 30 gants in one round but won't get through this unit without beeing crippled.

But to be honest I still prefer gants in front and genestealers to eat up the unit in a countercharge. More expensive but also much more versatile.

Oh and rippers are great for certain roles too. Wouldn't ever go for more then a single minimum unit but it was always very much worth it so far.

>> No.54648085

It's unlikely. They've never had their own print codex from GW proper. Are you using any Chaos stuff where you can't just run them as "counts as" Astra Militarum?

>> No.54648117


>> No.54648126

third party plastic robot.

>> No.54648127

One is upgraded for free.

You can just give a boy nob weapons and run them as a nob but using the bigger, most impressive looking models is just worth it.
Also, the nob squad nobz get the full range of wargear options.

>> No.54648153

I don't deny that they're hardier than Gaunts, just that their defensive capabilities don't mesh well enough with usual Nid playstyle. What do you use Rippers for, pray tell? I haven't found a good spot for them.

>> No.54648164

Oh, and you can put two in to the boyz squads as leaders and proxy one nob as a warboss.

>> No.54648173

I do hand paint metallics that differ from the standard, but when the vast majority of a Sicarian squad's nooks and crannies can be dealt with with a leadbelcher spray and Nuln Oil wash instead of two hours messing about with a brush and possibly messing up the thinning somewhere I know which one I'm picking. I think I'll try a 50:50 split on my next Skittle box and see which I prefer for those, though, since they're less of a pain.


Yeah, that I know, but rarely do I run into a skill where the basic level of competence seems to appear almost entirely at once, especially after a break. Certainly a nice change, although I suspect it's down to discovering Lord Duncan of the Many Layers.

>> No.54648180


>> No.54648183

Where I am in choosing an army:

Nids: since the SC is no good, probably not

Orks: Meh. They're funny but their models all look the same to me

IG: Maybe? Is the SC any good? And I'm not sure if cadians are my favorite

Deldar: Still on the table (the longest "surviving")

Chaos: I'll wait a few days to see what the other legions have. Looks like a no right now

Admech: tempted to do a dark mechanicus or Ryza force

>> No.54648184

Of all models that are typically on 60mm bases, what's the highest number of wounds? Somewhere around ten?

>> No.54648187

poster here.. it's firefox. with 4chanx script in greasemonkey.

fucking wings have so much goddamn lattice i feel like it's better painted before putting them on. (same with arms)

>> No.54648195


>> No.54648215


Don't play guard if you're on a small budget

Also if you're not sure about Cadians you really shouldn't since that's the only realistic option you got.

>> No.54648238

Thanks for the warning friend. Will stay away from.

>> No.54648239

>They're funny but their models all look the same to me.

So build your own.

>> No.54648251

Old Lord of change is a 60mm for 16 wounds but it's something absurd like 100mm or some shit these days

>> No.54648257


new thread

>> No.54648267

You should choose based on what you want to play, how you want to play, and what you like. Not based on the start collecting box.

>> No.54648268

Dream Forge

Source of THICC SoB and Guardwomen with carapace ASSets
Also normal dude work fine for Storm Troopers

>> No.54648288

I think deldar probably suit you the best, it just depends on how much of a waac faggot you are. If I was starting now I would go with them

>> No.54648302


Same thing happened to me too, anon.

Following Duncans advice and drinking my paint water really turned my life around.

>> No.54648335

You can just walk along with the warriors no matter what style you are playing.
They are just not much fun or exiting. And you don't really need them. So I understand if nobody wants to use them. I don't feel like it myself.
At least until somebody starts playing a decent cc-army around here and I have to cockblock him with all the whips.

Rippers are great as first turn objective grabbers, overwatch sponges for other units and generally at beeing annoying. Similar role to spore mines, except they don't do shit to the enemy except beeing annoying.
I love using Brigarde detachments to compensate for my bad luck and both spore mines and rippers are great at making my opponents cringe wasting firepower on them while the wall of bodies comes closer.

>> No.54648356

Yeesh, pricey

>> No.54648359

Expensive as fuck, requires lots of shit
Like Nids but less expensive. Sameyness can be remedied with conversions. Looots of conversions.
Expensive, and you will be labeled a waacfag for using them.
In the sweet spot of relative cheapness, powerful but not overly so, and low model count.
Garbage tier, but may be fixed by the codex
Garbagiest tier, with no codex in sight to fix it. Avoid at all costs unless you're a masochist on the level of 5th Editon onward Nid players

>> No.54648377

I can see that. Might go with that if I ever find more Rippers and play an army where 9 CP is necessary.

>> No.54648401

>Wanting rootkits from xp
>Wanting the terrible performance of Firefox

You must play dark angels

>> No.54648496

I get that they're very minorly cost inefficient next to mono use options but they're way better than the spergs in this thread are pretending. They're worse at tarpitting than horms but they have a gun. They're worse at shooting than devils but they have cc.

Being multi faceted isn't always useful and sometimes you pay a cost for abilities you don't use but it's. It meaningless that they have multiple roles.

>> No.54648590


>> No.54648687


Khorne Berzerkers + Dark apostle certainly does a magnificent job for me. Plus havocs with autocannons chew through the new W2 bikers and similar units.

>> No.54648722

Mine only has one. She plays space wolves and deldar

>> No.54648871

The boyz box has a nob body for the exact purpose of running them with a nob.

>> No.54648987

dat drum mang

>> No.54649756

If only chaplains were useful if you already have a chapter master...

>> No.54649820

>Be somewhat sane Phaeron
>Hate Chaos
>Join the fight for Konor
>Everyone at FLGS only plays Imperium
>[eternal suffering intensifies]

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