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Battle Janitor Edition

>Emperor's Children Legion Trait, Stratagem and Psychic Power

>Konor Campaign: Chaos Rising Edition

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

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How many different armies do you own?

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It simply says 'units attacked by this weapon do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover.'

This means that if ATTACKED- not even hit- the unit loses any and all armor boost from cover. Period. If it specified for a round, that'd work. But as is, it literally just means "boop, no cover for you. Sorry mandrakes!" and that's all

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>The average Admech player brings around 6-10 destroyers at a standard 2k game

Hardly anyone is bringing destroyers in 8th. But considering your dumbass claim I doubt you've even played 8th.

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It uses the same language as skull cannons etc, it is not a debuff the weapon itself ignores cover.

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You're fucking kidding, right? I bring destroyers literally every game, and they're great. 70 points isn't bad at all considering that next to cawl they're pumping out stupid amounts of damage. Literally everyone except you is bringing them, apparently.

Have YOU played 8th? 2 grav squads is the norm, plus maybe another squad mixed in. Wtf are you bringing if not Kataphrons?

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Has anyone done an analysis of which chaos named characters are good in 8th?

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You're retarded, they don't gain any cover bonuses against that one attack, it doesn't eliminate their cover bonuses for the rest of the game.

Kastelans and Neutron Onagers are the meta atm. The general consensus is that destroyers are overcosted.

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Yeah, and next round, when they are being attacked by bolters or whatever, then they aren't being attacked by that weapon, and therefore gain cover.

Stop being a huge shitter

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Maybe. I guess I'm stuck on the 7th function/rules, but it can be read either way in those cases. Odd.

Oh well, it's douchey for friendly games but could be fun for tournament play

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Depending on your army probably all of them. Kharn feels like the weakest, due to his aura being 1" and he only swings at S6 compared to a lot of named characters it doesn't really swing high. He does get 12 attacks though.

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It does not read either wayas it doesnt say lose the benefits or unable to gain benefits.

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Held the line against the dreaded PBJ Nids this Sunday what about you anons? Any interesting games for FoK?
And it was a 2000pt game.

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>shooting kastellans
>literally shit unless you double-shot, which is wildly impractical 90% of the time (unless American)
Fiststellans, brah. Also most times the Icarus is better, but neutron is still badass.

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Abaddon seems quite powerful. With so many 2+ to hit characters and melee weapons being strong the changeling is interesting.

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Typhus, Magnus, Huron are the top chaos marine characters.

>> No.54635744

Huron? Why?

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Karanak is pretty bad all things considered but yeah abadabba is pretty nice.

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Making a new post based on the answers that I got from the last thread about running low model armies w/knights. One anon suggested Grey Knights as a good buffer for a massive knight which I think sounds pretty cool as I like their look.

My new question would be how would you build an army with GK and IK? I think paladins look really cool but after looking at their point cost I'm pretty hesitant. Would it be viable to run a Knight Crusader, one Grey Knight HQ, and as many paladins as I can fit?

Once again, sorry for the noob questions. I have only just played my first few games of 40k with some Orks that I got second hand. I like my Orks but I hate moving like >100 models every turn.

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2500 game tomorrow, I need some help with my list.

Basic stuff:
Chaos lord
40 berzerkers
4 rhinos

What I have available:
7 hellbrutes
2 squads raptors
5 oblitarators
30 chaos space marines
20 chaos terminators
10 possessed

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Well you have to add the seven brutes. It's not even a question at this point.

>> No.54635786

Cheap way of making all your units immune to moral. And hes a psyker.

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>7 Helbrutes
You know what to do

>> No.54635795

Any idea what you're going up against?

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All the brutes all the time. Then Termies. Then Raptors. Then Marines. Then Possessed. Then Oblits. See what list you can throw together and get back to us.

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Loadouts on the brutes?

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Dug this bad boy up. He was made under far older rules than is current. Is the Venom Cannon and boneswords legit under the current rules?

This was assembled ages ago, so nevermind the wonky venom cannon

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Ultramarines, last time it was a lot tacs and sternguard in rhinos but that was 7th.

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Can I get a critique of my 1500point list? Gonna use Templar rules, say they're a Templar Brethren squad supported by two Dev squads. I know I'm clearly in the casual fluff build, I just don't want to get stomped every time I play.

Captain, SS + TH
10 Man Vangaurd Vet Squad
SS + P Swords
Chapter Ancient
Land Raider Crusader
Hurricane Bolters, Twin AssCannon, Storm Bolter
(2) 5-man Dev Squad
2/2 split ML and LC
(2) Razorback
Twin AssCannon, Storm Bolter
Contemptor Dread
CCWep and Kheres AssCannon

Plan is to load up the Dev squads into the Razors, everything else into the Crusader. Also considering dropping the Chaplain for an Apothecary and giving the Razorbacks Twin Lascannons instead. Thoughts?

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Typhus is a monster and ridiculously cheap. Stats of a Lord, psychic potential of a Sorcerer, buffs nearby pox walkers.

In combat you're looking at 4 S7 AP-3 D3 on a 2+, 2d6 S4 AP-3 on a 5+, Smite, and then another mortal wound on a 4+. In return he's T5 W6 2+/4++/5+++ and can cast Miasma of Pestilence on himself so enemies are -1 to hit him.

Good god, Typhus.

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What's a good tzaangor to rubric ratio for my TS army?

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Neutron Laser > Icarus
One fucks heavy targets in the mouth and is alright against infantry with heavy stubbers the other one is ok vs non-flying models and great against shit with fly

Not really sure where you're getting that dakka bots are shit from unless you're exclusively playing on city fight tables.

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That's the same wording for my smart missile systems.

I don't play like an idiot. But i'll be more than happy to play your way with you.

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3 snap fot multimeltas, 1 with missile launcher and plasma cannon, 1 with missile launcher and fist, 1 with fist and hammer, and an autocannon contemptor.

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I admire your spirit.

I'd drop the number of storm shields to maybe 4 or so. Is there a reason you are running 10x Vanguard as opposed to 2 units of 5x Company Veterans, which are statistically nearly the same, except for they can absorb hits for your Captain.

Other than that, I'd consider some Crusaders. The standard Crusader brick I run is 10 Crusaders (2 Power Axes, one on the Sword Brother) with 5 Initiates holding knives. I run two of those and just footslog them.

Love the Contemptor, wish I could get a hold of one that wasn't the static GW pose. Have you considered a Lieutenant? In the new book they're pretty good. Also, since you're only running the one character, save some points and give the Captain the Burning Blade, since it costs you a meager 4pts.

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Brothers, help me out on my quest!


I need to find the other combos!

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Are Wracks ever worth it as deldar? They're 11PPM and doesn't seem that great. I guess going to T5 with a Haemy isn't that bad maybe?

>> No.54636022

Its not perfect but im happy with it.

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Well, Khorne + Slaanesh should be obvious.

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painting harlelquins looks not fun

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So I've recently acquired the funds to allow me to start 40k. Only problem is that I don't know what to start with. I've played the first DoW and loved the colour schemes for Word bearers, world eaters and emperors children chaos marines, so they're an option. My other two choices are either orks or dark eldar (though the whole "npc" thing is a turnoff.

Can anyone give some advice to ease my pick, or describe how the different legions I listed play/have good lore?

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>tfw store hasn't reported anything for Konor yet because the owner put an incompetent megalomaniac in charge of reporting

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Don't listed to the SM and CSM dipshits who call them NPCs, it's a tired meme for people who shit talk other peoples plastic army men

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Downloads for all the indices are in the OP, and the CSM book is dropping in a week (and thus will have a digital copy available in the OP within a week after that). Read up on the armies, see what their units look like, what looks fun, what flavor sounds good, etc. You want to pick the army that scores the highest overall marks for you between:
1. Looks fun to paint and assemble
2. Looks fun to play
3. Has fun flavor

>> No.54636134

As far as Chaos Marines go I'd hold off a week or two and see what the Codex brings before making a choice; just off fluff I'd go Word Bearers or Emps Children of your choices, probably the latter because Noise Marines are awesome.


why would you let /tg/ memes dictate your army choice

>> No.54636138


Pick shit that you like the look of

Also it really depends on how much you like painting. If you fucking hate painting, then painting a bajillion ork boyz is not going to be fun

>> No.54636146

>Ordered my first SoB squad yesterday

I'll be glad when I have a few of them. Vehicles aren't too expensive and I can deal with other squads well enough but the basic ten person squad is a kick in the dick wallet.

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High impact sexual violence?

>> No.54636185

Any guesses on what the NightLords legion tactic will be? I'm curious because In Midnight Clad is their strategem. I'm kind of worried that they're going to get something like -1Ld within 3" or something because while fluffy, it's extremely limited, especially when you look at the SM tactics.

>> No.54636198

What do you guys think of Doom Sirens? Worth the 22 points?

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>> No.54636227


>> No.54636247

A more usrful ability would be to force morale saves, something that disables modifiers or auto successes etc.

>> No.54636264

Skin tone and then a wash over it maybe use a super detail brush for white eyes but skip pupils.

>> No.54636266

Power metal. Seriously, Khorne+Slaanesh is pretty much the Manowar combo...

>> No.54636268

IIRC, it was originally to cut down on Elite units that I had, but that was an older list and it would indeed be a straight upgrade, along with the Burning Blade for my dude. swapping those out. With 6 SS gone, I have 47 points. Would swapping the AssCannons with Lascannons on the Razorbacks be a good idea? Leaves me with 17 points, though I do have to rebuild the Vets.

>> No.54636276

It fits fluffy and the general trend of the current army rules. Nightlords have always been garbage in marine v marine fight due to their tactics not working.

>> No.54636352

Ye I tried pupils and the nigga looks cross eyed

>> No.54636366

How about K+T or K+N?
Fuck yes

>> No.54636370

If you can rely on your ranged support to remove hard targets and use your melee to engage MEQ's and the like, I'd go with Axes instead of PS, but otherwise, that's fine. Lascannons are fine on a Razorback, but I've heard they're more effective on a Predator, though I don't know what you have. Seems like your list is wanting to lean against your range to soften up the targets before you plow through.

>> No.54636380

>primaris HQs don't have the options for super expensive wargear
>instead they force dumb players not to pay 25 points for a moderately more effective weapon, instead investing it in more troops
>bad players willfully wipe away their tears with another plasma incinerator as good list building is forced upon them

Can't really complain

>> No.54636431

Skullhamma when

>> No.54636448


I doubt GW would give anyone an ability to force moral ignoring shit like Commissars.

How is -1 Moral within 3" in anyway on the trend of Ignores cover, rerolling dice, -1 hit, advance and charge, hit and run, a x rerolling charges? It's not even Marine v Marine because at least three armies straight up ignore moral.

>> No.54636466

no idea but i could see GW putting out an apoc or supplement for superheavies around Christmas (i would love it if they brought back some of the old superheavies that never got updated like the silver tower or subjugator)

might be time to try your hand at homebrewing up something

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Basically during, I think, Second War of Armageddon, the Black Templars and SoB were fighting Orks. I can't remember what happened exactly, but I think the SoB refused to retreat from a cathedral because it had relics in it, the Black Templars got mad saying they were wasting troops, resources and so on a pointless defence. As the Orks started to overwhelm the SoB, the Black Templars shelled the cathedral to a crater. The SoB killed themselves covering the relics so they weren't crushed. From then on the two hated each other.

That was before BT out and out think the same as SoB on Emperor's divinity so the event was retconned to BT and SoB defending the relics together.

I think. Plus the whole anti-heretic, anti-witch sentimentality.

>> No.54636513

It's even worse when you consider that -1 LD will at most just make a unit lose 1 extra model from a failed test. Now if they have stacking LD penalties it might be ok but most people either take something to help them ignore or mitigate moral damage, or take units small enough that you'll have killed the entire unit before they'll even need to take a test anyways.

>> No.54636553

Unfortunately GW has never once considered the meta when creating Nightlord rules

"Give them bonuses to Fear because they're scary!"

"But so many armies are immune to Fear, makong it stronger doesn't provide any kind of-"

"I'm spooked solid!"

>> No.54636581

While its not balanced, you have to admit it makes sense fluffwise; all the Night Lords have ever been good for is terrifying civilians, it makes sense that they struggle against Necrons and Orks and Tyranids and anything that ins't intimated by that shit.

>> No.54636584

But some fearless stuff can be mitigated, snipping commisars, synapse bugs or killing nobs for example?

>> No.54636591

So Possessed being 2 wounds now, what are your thoughts about them now?

>> No.54636599

Well morale is useless without something that can counter that shit.

>> No.54636601

Thanks for the help, dude.

I was originally buying stuff build a 30K Fists army, but with FW not going into 8e and no one in my area playing 30K, I'm gonna build a count-as 30K Fists army with Templar/Fists rules. What better model for an Emperor's Champion than Sigismund, right?

Sad that it's probably better not to run a full suite of SS + P Sword, the fluff appeal is so strong. Back to the drawing board for me for a bit.

>> No.54636604

Worth it

>> No.54636606



>> No.54636616

You're still only making them suffer a single additional casualty from a failed test, assuming the penalties don't stack at least.

Depending on how the army is built even if you gun specifically for all of their moral dampening units the penalty may not even be relevant until turn 3 or 4.

>> No.54636617

Chaos spawn still better offensively but they are pretty tanky now.

>> No.54636618

sniping characters is generally a pretty tough

>> No.54636626

yeah it wasn't a strong rule. hilarious against orks in 7th though since you could force a lot of leadership/morale checks on them easily

>> No.54636627

Idk. My last match I fought 3 grav destroyers at 1k and each turn wiped out one of my combat squads that were in cover, then cawl repaired damage they took while fisto kastellans marched up the field and fisted me

>> No.54636629


I do feel like those fearless things likely should have scaled for the number of dudes being lost. Like a Nob whacking 1/3 the number you would have lost to rally them or a Kommisar executing half that number. So as not to completely negate the effects of morale.

>> No.54636631

Repulsor with lastalon, twin lascannon, onslaught cannon, extra ironhail stubber, 2 krakstorm launchers and 5 fragstorm launchers

4 STR 9 AP-3 D3 damage shots

2 Str 6 AP-1 shots

6 STR 6 AP-1 shots

3 STR 4 AP-1 shots

5D6 STR 4 AP0 shots

Same price as a land raider, essentially is a godhammer with most of a crusaders weapons smashed on.

The only thing it loses is the 2+ armor save and range, the latters not a huge issue when delivering aggressors. Dedicated transport is just icing on the cake

Damn fine tank

>> No.54636639

So some people are saying Doomsday Arks are the only thing worth bringing and others are saying they're the worst Heavy Support Necrons have.

Any other Cron plays have thought s on them? I've used a pair of them in two games last week and they seemed alright. I do wish their damage output wasn't so random.

Also realize that once assembled the under side is going to be impossible to paint

>> No.54636656

They aren't a bad unit, they just aren't something that's a must include in every army like they were in 7th. They're just not a unit that is seeing wide usage because they're fairly expensive and there are betting things to bring for the same cost.

>> No.54636657


Take marauders, a sorc with infernal gaze, DS khorne meltatermies with IoW and warptime them, dunno anon, use your imagination

>> No.54636660

Even as an imperial guard, why would they be more spooked by the edgy bat-marines than they would by nids, necrons, regular chaos boys, etc ? Doesn't make sense

>> No.54636671

>better things to bring
Fuck I cannot type.

>> No.54636687

Just take heavy destroyers and laugh as all your opponents vehicles become heaping wrecks of ash on the field

>> No.54636711

Heavy destroyers are better at the anti tank job, although there's nothing really wrong with a doomsday ark. It at least has greater range and a bit of anti infantry defense.

>> No.54636712

Wow anon, you managed to get a lot of those weapon profiles wrong.

>> No.54636713

Arent those like 100 points for basically one lascannon shot?

>> No.54636719

Oops, didnt realise the old general was dead.

Reposting my question:

Am I just misreading the codex, or did they take away weapon options from Land Speeder Storms? Is it HB/Cerberus only now? I have a painted one with a MM already on it.

>> No.54636723

If you were to cast Fabulous Bill's buff on possessed and fail 3, would you lose 1 model and have 1 on 1 wound, or would you have 3 on 1 wound?

>> No.54636724

outright negating other abilities is probably a bit much.

could get something like "when a unjt takes a moral test it is also suffers 1 mortal wounds." Still lets you have an effect without beinng to much of a hard counter.

>> No.54636728

>File: 1501212365399.jpg (20 KB, 222x317)
Why put one person in charge? That's retarded.
In the store I work at, whoever is at the till just reports the results that get through at a given time.

>> No.54636730

At the moment

>Small force of chads and death guard I'm planning on expanding
>About 5000 points of 30k iron warriors
>About 3500 points of Eldar

At various other points in my gaming life I've had

>2k or so of Ultramarines
>8000 points or so of Tyranids
>3000 points or so of grey knights

>> No.54636732

75. Considering the doomsday ark is 203, you get more shots from the destroyers that are more accurate as they re roll 1's.

>> No.54636748

So I made a pretty madman list for tomorrow

150 Boyz (5 squads of 30 each led by a nob with a PK)

3 Wazbom blasta jets for my AT

2 warbosses with power klaws

2 Big Meks with killsaws and Force fields

2 Weird Boyz, one with da jump, the other with the extra attack power

never fielded a flier in a while, let alone most of mine, I can't imagine it will work, but I want to try and fly them in formation

>> No.54636749

Its not so nuch being a hard counter as removing a bullshit hard counter.

>> No.54636758


Onslaughts str5 instead of str6, what else is wrong?

>> No.54636767

Bumping my own question since a lot of people seemed to have skipped over it to help the guy with his list.

>> No.54636774


Lascannons are D6, not D3

>> No.54636779

>150 boyz with an invuln
God help the man if he doesn't bring any flamers

>> No.54636780

Once you allocate a wound to a model you have to keep allocating subsequent wounds to that model until it is dead.

>> No.54636790

Because edgy bad marines would have fun with you before they will kill you, if they even do, as they may find funny to leave skinned and half dead for your friends to find you.

Because they know stories, horrible myths and nightmares of how terrible they are, or heck, some of them may have even seen what the edgy dudes do, the flaying pits, the abuse of the bodies of villagers, dismembering, all of them while nuclear bombing the planet to make a long artificial night and hacking the TV and comms to project non stop videos and audios of torture actions in the best snuff style. Its not because they are worst than nids, its because they are the fear incarnate, of the malign beast that hunts you in the night, the terror that come for you to be the last one on the torture line after your whole family and being forced to watch it, knowing that you're next, knowing that'll take long time before the release of death. A time filled with endless, excruciating pain and madness. Because they bring hell and agony, maddening terror, and they have come for you.


>> No.54636791

>closest actual GW to me is in Canada
>none of my stores are involved in FoK, Armies on Parade, etc

>> No.54636807

Shame that doesn't work on 90% of the factions they fight

>> No.54636808


Paladins are great but don't feel like you can't take power armor Grey Knights either, they're very good at shooting in this edition and you'll still end up with a tiny army.

Knight crusaders are fine, Gatlings best. Feet stomps can handle most threats in melee. Just take 1 knight.

Take your full allotment of psycannons and always bring a paladin ancient and apothecary to help out your palabros

Stormravens are really good with Paladins too

If you're playing paladin spam you may as well take Draigo for your HQ while you're at it

>> No.54636812

lose 1 model have 1 on 1.
The unit suffers the wounds even though you're rolling for each mini.

>> No.54636814

Feel your pain. I need to take a plane to go to the closest store or an 8 hours trip on boat.

>> No.54636829

Orks fear nobs and bosses. Kill those and they'll fear you. Xenos know fear, anon.

>> No.54636835

Fuck I want to run some possessed with my Nurgle but the models look ass.

Any ideas for conversions?

>> No.54636850

Truly frightening

>> No.54636877

Nigga you crazy? The possessed models are some of the best Chaos has.

>> No.54636884

So, nothing worse than Dark Eldars.
Also if you know in advance you're fighting edgy saddists, that would be a reason for many soldiers to fight to the bitter end rather than get caught alive

>> No.54636893

limited abilities to deal with moral are fine.

they're abilities some units are built around and having all nightlords begate synalse makes them to good at fighting nids (as well as neing bery unfluffy)
but is of no use against say Tau or Eldar who nightlords should be able to terrorize.

adding more damage to moral tests that is useful against eveyone without being situationally overly poweful.

>> No.54636895

Sentinels are no longer available according to the online shop.

Not just temporarily out of stock, but no longer available.

Are we getting new sentinels for Guard?

>> No.54636903

Oh yes, a fucking meme. How about pic related?

>> No.54636911

Plaguebearers kitbashed with raptors/warp talons minus thebackpacks. The putrid guts, varied demonic heads and withered limbs could give a good sense of them being possessed whilst both kits have demonic looking swords and you can probably alter lightning claws to look like fleshy bone.

>> No.54636914

sentinels are getting squatted

>> No.54636915

Can I get some critique on this 1k Iron Hands list?


Captain with relic blade, bolt pistol, armor indomitus

Lt with power fist, bolt pistol, jump pack

5 scouts with bolters and a heavy bolter

5 marines with combi plasma and plasmagun

5 marines with combi flamer and heavy bolter

Contemptor with kheres

Vanguard with th+ss sgt with melta bomb, axe + ss, lc+lc, power sword + bolt pistol, chainsword + chainsword, jump packs

Predator with TL lascannon and heavy bolters

Razorback with TL assault cannon

Lt goes with vanguard, captain probably goes with the plasma marines in the razorback.

>> No.54636920

Aww, he found the local nick knick·knack. I heard they were having a sale on props.

>> No.54636922

Not that guy but some of the arms and definitely those wings look silly. I love the torsos though.

>> No.54636930

This. Does. Not. Mean. Anything.

SoB have gone 'sold out' for fucking years multiple times. It just means they have no plans to replace them atm. But they do small runs.

IG have way way WAY more shit needing updating first, like fucking troops. Give us some new ones, some female options and bring back Praetorians.

>> No.54636940

IMO gal vorbak are the best looking possessed.

>> No.54636942

i see your silly and raise you this

>> No.54636943

Agreed on deldars. To fight to the bitter end you should overcome your fear, and it's nice to think you're brave enough on Vietnamese horse breeding forum, but not everybody is equally brave, or bold, or resolute -only in the movies- and that's why you need friendly commissars to kill the dude next to you to remind you how brave you are.

>> No.54636948

>soulfein's porn gallery got put up on sad panda

W E W. That Fulgrim one is funny.

>> No.54636957

no sentinel packaging is all.

>> No.54636964

Why would anyone be scared of manlet Rievers?

>> No.54636970


It's different than Deldar, who have a tendency to strike quick and retreat. Once you're captured, you're fucked, literally and figuratively. Night Lords will draw it out and make sure you know how fucked you are at all times, and just before you finally decide to kill yourself because you've had enough, this 8ft tall lightning covered monster leaps out of the shadows, rips off your arms and legs, and mounts you to the wall.

>> No.54636979

A lot of stuff is sold out for the moment while they print off the new datasheets for them
Stuff like sentinels don't have high priority, so they wait longer

>> No.54636980

Will I have trouble assembling my Ork Nobz if I paint the face plate and face before gluing them together? It just seems harder to paint if I glue it on first.

>> No.54636984

if "the npc thing" is turnoff for you, then definitely dont start orks

we dont need GROTS

>> No.54636989

Nah he goes full cartel and skins you while he broadcasts it to your comrades.

>> No.54636992

Which is amusing as historically speaking, Night Lords get their heads kicked in when loyalist marines come to town and they have to stop picking on civilians.

I actually like Night Lords though, I think their over the top, Dick Dastardly style evil and designs are fun.

>> No.54637004


That, too. People forget that during the crusade, planets would surrender if they knew the Night Lords were coming because fuck that.

>> No.54637011

>another 'I believe /tg/ memes' post

I doubt you are genuine m8.

>> No.54637015

Night Lords do it for the terror
There is no reason for them to torture you after capture, apart from their own sadism.
Dark Eldar go in with the objective to capture as many people as possible, and take them back to torture them for as long as possible, to keep their souls intact.

And then probably turn you into a grotesque when they're done.

>> No.54637025

-1 LD (stacking) for each manlet reiver unit within 6" of you. Another -1 if they're manlet raptor reivers, another -2 if said unit suffered a casualty from butcher cannons


>> No.54637028

Reminder, not much longer till we find out if this is true or not

>-Night lord trait should be : -1 ld by nl unit around you (6" and stack)
>-Iron warriors : +1 in cover and -1 vs covers
>-World Bearers : Reroll moral.
>-Emperors Childrend : Always pile in first (WTF?)
>-Black legion : +1 ld and a bonus for advancing and shooting (too small)
>-World eaters : Pass all morale while in melee
>-Alpha legion : Deep strike at 12" from ennemies.
>Night lord stratagem is : -1 to hit.

>> No.54637029

I'd put my Blood Angels and Vanilla marines as one faction considering they're all painted as one chapter, so that along with a couple of Grey Knights Squads and a small Talons of the Emperor force makes 3.

>> No.54637032

Because those are made for actual killing. Because of the stats for Reivers, you are encouraged to only take 5-man squads and just rush their shock grenades at someone for the debuffs.

>> No.54637056


Hnng. I love that model. It took me forever to realize it was a MKIV helmet. I took inspiration from it, but I am leagues behind.

>> No.54637062

WE also know VotLW is +1 to wound, not sure if only vs Imperium though or how much CP it costs

>> No.54637070

>+1 to wound

If this is true, it's insane.

>Khorne Zerkers
>S5 base
>S6 with Chain Axe
>T4 on 3+
>Titans on 5+
>combine with 3 fight rounds per phase

Bretty good. There any way to get another +2S for them?

>> No.54637072

>this Halloween I want to dress up as a Reiver mom

>> No.54637088

Orks VS Tau tomorrow, how's this sound:

>Big Mek w/KFF/Skorcha
>Warboss with PK/Skorcha

>20 x sluggas
>20 x sluggas
>30 x sluggas
>30 x sluggas

>5 x Nobz with skorchas
>Painboy w/grot orderly
>3 x Nobz on bikes w/skorchas

>heavy support
>Battlewagon w/rolla, lobba, rokkit
>Battlewagon w/rolla, lobba, rokkit
>3 x Killa Kanz w/rokkit

>Ded. Transport
>trukk w/rokkit

Goal is to send 40 boyz in two battlewagons plus Nobz in trukks and on bike on one side and footslog 60 boyz underneath the protection of the KFF and waaagh! field on the other

>> No.54637100

>tfw you realize reivers are shitty wannabe night lords

>> No.54637102

You still wound t4s on 3+ with or without Wrath of the Lich King

>> No.54637109

>The Magnificat (a brain implant)
>(a brain implant)
>brain implant


>> No.54637115

If BA got +1S on charge

>S4 base
>+1S Sangy Priest
>+1S charge
>+2 from Power Maul

That's S8. Shame no armour pen.

In my opinion, I think BA should get +1S on charge and Fights First if they charge to represent the old +1I. They won't do +1S and +1A cause that defeats what Black Rage does (unless Black Rage stacks to give +2A on charge). After all, BA are suppose to be faster and stronger than any Space Marine when they give into the Red Thirst. But can't really represent fastah.

So if you're S6 with VotLW you're wounding T4 on 2+?

>> No.54637117

Alright I got like six hours to paint 20 kabalites, 10 incubi, 6 reavers, a raider, a venom, a void raven and an archon.

That's doable right?

>> No.54637130

>can't represent faster
Give them +1 to charge distances ir something?

>> No.54637144

turn off your computer and better start painting, becuase that's a hard one

>> No.54637146

Get a fucking move on buddy!

>> No.54637147

Everyone's running their Nobz these days with Skorchas... it seems kinda expensive. What is everyone's experiences with it? I kinda feel like combat Nobz would still be the way to go

>> No.54637164

I guess? In 7th they had +1I on the charge which was neat. Giving them +2" charge would make them very good I think. Also thankfully GW is bringing back the old Pysker powers, so Mephiston can at least get his flying powers back.

>> No.54637171

Get Grimaldus and an Emperor's Champion in that LRC. For what they do, they're absurdly cheap. Also, they're cool as fuck, especially the EC.

>> No.54637177

Anyone else think Ynnari Eldar might be a bit broken? I just got tabled turn two by them because of their ridiculous soulbursts, plus general shenanigans like striking scorpions and dark reapers. Prolly would've lose earlier but he completely forgot about soulbursts for the first half of the game.

I play Ravenguard btw.

>> No.54637187

>anything in an ork list

I've got 3 squads of nobz
5 w/ power klaws
5 w/ combo-rokkits because fuck yes
6 on bikes w/ klaws for those far away problems that need to die

Burns's and skorchas are really good though- dude all the elite ork choices with special weapons are the best at what they do, you just have to protect them to get in the fight

>> No.54637192

>none of the primaris models has the option to take a plasma pistol (bar the hellblaster sarge)
>upgrade kit contains a plasma pistol
Why is this allowed?

>> No.54637194

any leaks as to legion abilities that aren't the loudest faggots in the Galaxy?

>> No.54637203

Three. Space Marines, Orks, Nids.

>> No.54637210

Because the Sergeant can take it?

>> No.54637228

So I'm wanting to start admech, have cawl already. Planning to get 2 start collecting boxes, a third onager, a box of destroyers, and a box of kastelans. What else should I look into?

>> No.54637229

The sergeant can't take a powersword, so it's a wash either way.

>> No.54637235


>> No.54637256

>World Bearers

You fucking fuck

>> No.54637258


They MUST have one of the Ynnari special characters or they can't play as Ynnari as per the latest faq.

>> No.54637260

Then give the power sword to an intercessor.

Also it might have a datasheet for a sword + plasma lt or something

>> No.54637261

You realize they can just include a rules insert that adds the plasma pistol and its stats/points in the kit? They do that now. Welcome to 8th edition.

>> No.54637265


depends on how >>54637028

pans out, tomorrow will have IW traits

>> No.54637274

Then I got the unholy fuck bamboozled out of me as did the other marine player he played against. We didn't even come close to a victory.

What do. He's the shop owners kid.

>> No.54637278

>imperial guard
>interesting game
Wow like you brought a lot of veterans and like you deployed them in line and like that's fucking it

>> No.54637316

>give -1 stacking Ld

Oh boy! Its a good thing Ld isn't totally worthless! All I have to do is never play against Orks, nids, IG, and dark angels or hope my opponent doesn't spend 2 CP!

>> No.54637318

would that be Necro,Guro or just BDSM? I'm thinking Guro though.

>> No.54637322

If its a mistake you correct him with source. If he ignores your correction you don't play him again m8

>> No.54637324

mostly been painting , gonna trun in all my minis today and hopefully win a few games
chaos is in controll of my store atm , but hopefully that'll change at the end of the day

>> No.54637326

Show him the FAQ, as he may just not be aware of it. If he doesn't abide by it, don't play him.

>> No.54637329

True, but I had hoped they'd include all that shit in a codex.
Foolish, I know.

>> No.54637343

>-Alpha legion : Deep strike at 12" from ennemies.
they already mentioned AL are the stelthiest, so my guess is +1 Cover

>> No.54637346

>iron warrior trait being objectively superior than the IF CT+IF warlord trait by a wide margin against all but the most specialized of units

>> No.54637349

Its not actually that much of a handicap. Yvarine is pretty great. She can fairly easily give out free soul-burst actions.

>> No.54637357

Leadership debuffs aren't worthless vs Orks, if you kill like half their mob in one round you completely negate mob rule and essentially reduce them to Ld 0

>> No.54637361

Probably for the people who just want to use the modesl and are just running them with regular marine stats.

>> No.54637362

Play with tactical objectives if that's bothering you, pleb

>> No.54637365

9 legions to pick and you picked the lighting covered cowards

>> No.54637373

That's why it's probably fake

>> No.54637382

Honestly don't buy an Onager on it's own. The SC box is a better deal and it gets you more special weapons for the Skitarii so you'll actually have the option to run a full 10 man squad with 3 plasma.

>> No.54637404

How is the Visarch as a solo Ynnari-faction enabler?

I'm not big on named special characters but like the Ynnari as a faction, he seems like the easiest to fluff as an Archon equivalent.

>> No.54637409

this is GW we're talking about
quite possible that diffrent people worked on the two codexes and didn't cross reference
or they did, saw WS always charge and said fuck that and made the EC trait

>> No.54637413


Except they only lose a d3 because of that stupid stick thing.



>> No.54637417

His list is 2x Wave Serpents with Maugan Rah, 9x Dark Reapers in 3 squads with 3 tempest launchers, 14 Striking Scorpions, 10 Fire Dragons, and a Farseer.

He doesn't own anything related to the Ynnari faction, he just jacked the free rules as he saw them.

>> No.54637423

>I want to abuse the faction abilities but not actually do it fluffy because hur dur.
What's the point on playing Ynnari if you're not going to use the Ynnari models as is? Having to fluff it as something it's not just to abuse the crunch? Just don't play the damn faction.

>> No.54637429


>Dorn being the buttend

sure seems business as usual

>> No.54637437


Because he's a WAAC fag pretending to be a fluff player by not wanting to use special snowflake characters.

>> No.54637448

So you don't want to play as your own dudes but be locked to a set of characters and armies?

>> No.54637454

It's a pretty stupid rule though
Like, there can only ever be 3 Ynnari battles going on at once?
A farseer can't lead a ynnari army?
Even as just a smaller part of a larger battle, which is what I generally assume most of them are.

>> No.54637461

Hey guys, I'm hyped by today's Slaanesh news and am thinking of getting that Favoured of Chaos box set to make a vanguard detachment of one daemon prince and three units of five possessed. I love Slaanesh conceptually and don't care too much about competition armies, but would you say this is at least a viable start for an army? Also it's $105.

>> No.54637466

>What's the point on playing Ynnari if you're not going to use the Ynnari models as is? Having to fluff it as something it's not just to abuse the crunch? Just don't play the damn faction.

Why can't a Ynnari army be lead by a Farseer? Are literally all the Ynnari hanging out in one place with Yvraine? It makes no sense. It's like saying you have to play Robot Gorillaman to run Ultramarines.

>> No.54637479

To be fair, Roberto is one of the most cost-effective units this edition. I get what you're saying tho

>> No.54637505


Literally yes. They're not that big of a faction, so they are all with one of the three at any given time.

>> No.54637509


I dig the idea of Ynnari as a faction, especially for a Dark Eldar Kabal that sees it as a way out of the backstabbing society they're stuck in, but I generally don't like using special characters because of Your Dudes reasons. It also feels silly that one of the Big Three is there for every single skirmish a group of Ynnari might get into.

>> No.54637518

>viable start for an army
i mean sure, but you will need more everything seeing as you have no variation and little ranged units. do your self a favour and get some marines squads whilst you are at it

>> No.54637522

You guys are retarded. Yvraine IS the WAAC choice in this case because of Word of the Phoenix. Ynnari without WOTP is way less strong.

>> No.54637530

There's a 100pt HQ only tournament coming up, any ideas for what I should run?

>> No.54637531


I wonder if / when we see Codex: Ynnari they will allow you to field them without the characters?

>> No.54637532

This. It's a tiny splinter cult that managed to necro a half-assed avatar up.

>> No.54637535


>> No.54637550


I hope you understand that the only reason the whole rebirth thing works is because one of the three is there to act as a focus. Ynnead isn't that big yet. You can't just say "Meh, I follow Ynnead now!" and all of the sudden not have you deldar soul leak out anymore. While in the presence of one of the conduits of Ynnead, absolutely, but away from that conduit, you still need to murder fuck for your soul.

>> No.54637551

a psyker of some flavour

>> No.54637560


>> No.54637582

space marines and admech

>> No.54637598

Orks and CSM/Deathguard

>> No.54637620

2 Dark Eldar archons, stock. Enjoy.

>> No.54637631

Guard and some space but never paint or play space

>> No.54637637

Word Bearers are pretty cool but don't get turned off by /tg/ memes, its just banter.

>> No.54637648 [DELETED] 

this is my store at the moment
but today the imperial counter offensive begins, i'm sending in my elysians !
will report back tomorrow

>> No.54637651

>Codex Ynnari
Please no. It works as a gimmick to field all your elves at once, but there are more interesting and less Sue-infested things you can do with Eldar.

>> No.54637653

I use a fine tip sharpie for pupils, fite me.

>> No.54637661

Nice invisible store

>> No.54637662

>tfw you realize reivers are better night lords than night lords

>> No.54637668

this is my store at the moment
but today the imperial counter offensive begins, i'm sending in my Elysians !
will report back tomorrow with the results

>> No.54637672

In Biel Tan Yvraine learns the technique and talks about how she can teach it to others. So I don't think it's necessary.

Though I suppose Ghost Warrior will clear this all up in like a month or two when it releases.

>> No.54637682


That requires a Warboss within 3", which isn't always going to be happening.

>> No.54637707

For real though, how is the Visarch as a solo act? I like the model.

>> No.54637719


A faggot for faggots who want to cheese with the faggot faction

>> No.54637735

sure thing, buddy

>> No.54637741

So haven't been playing 40k in a long time. 6th edition release was when I last played. Have a big horde of orks, particularly lootas, shoota boyz and looted tanks. These guys worth anything these days?

>> No.54637745

>t. pissed Space Marine

>> No.54637764


>get Codex
>get tons of new models
>get all the love of GW
>smashing the current campaign

Even if I played space Marines, why on Earth would I be pissed?

>> No.54637779

Good FW units for Orks and Deathguard/CSM?

>> No.54637782

coz Ynnari would still rape you

>> No.54637797

any answers not from scrubs?

>> No.54637798

Tips for gold trim?

Duncan used Retributor Armour, Reikland Fleshade and Liberator Gold but imo that shade/highlight makes it look kinda dirty

>> No.54637808 [DELETED] 

Guys I am reading Fall of Cadia now can anyone tell me who built the pylons? The book doesb't answer just throws this line

>Even the identity of the pylons’ creators is shrouded in mystery. Some amongst the Cult Mechanicus believe the spires to be the work of the Necrons, or their mortal antecedents, but then there are those on Mars equally convinced that the pylons were constructed by the Old Ones for the sole purpose of destroying the Necrons and the C’tan.

>> No.54637819


Well if you're looking to deploy flamers, you've got the choice between Burna Boyz and Nobz with Kombi-Skorchas.

36 ppm for the Nobz vs 14 for the Burna Boyz.

Nobz are D6 Str 5 Ap-1 autohits each.
The Burna Boyz are D3 Str 4 Ap0 autohits each.

Basically to generate just the same number of hits as the Nobz, you'd need to use 2 Burna Boyz. Which makes the point comparison actually 36 vs 28, which is pretty damn close. But the Nobz are hitting at the magical Str 5 AND Ap-1. That's a lot of extra hitting power for 8 points more.

On top of that, Nobz are a hell of a lot more survivable than the the Burnas, being 2 wounds and a 4+ save base vs 1 wound and a 6+ save. Nobz even without CC weapons are pretty decent in CC; they're swinging at Str 5 with 4 attacks base. Burnas are swinging for 2 attacks at Str 4 but with Ap-2, which isn't bad, but if you really wanted the AP on the Nobz, you could just take Power Stabbas for 3 ppm, which give you 3 attacks base at Str 5 and Ap-2.

So yeah, basically they outclass Burna Boyz at doing what Burna Boyz are supposed to be doing. If Burnas were D6 attacks like every other flame weapon then they'd actually be an option.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that each Nob is also tossing out 2 Str 4 shots that hit on 6's AND can take Ammo Runts for 4ppm that essentially function as ablative wounds.

>> No.54637821

He seems not too bad for the points as a HQ killer
Though he's really squishy with T3 3+/4++

I would prefer Yvraine in most circumstances though, as getting free soulburst actions is super strong.

>> No.54637828

Guys I am reading Fall of Cadia now can anyone tell me who built the pylons? The book doesb't answer just throws this line

>Even the identity of the pylons’ creators is shrouded in mystery. Some amongst the Cult Mechanicus believe the spires to be the work of the Necrons, or their mortal antecedents, but then there are those on Mars equally convinced that the pylons were constructed by the Old Ones for the sole purpose of destroying the Necrons and the C’tan.

>> No.54637830

Necrons did. They literally can take Pylons in their army.

>> No.54637838


Not that I play Ynnari, but if we're getting Codex: Death Guard and Thousand Sons, pretty sure we'll see Codex: Ynnari.

I'd prefer to see Codex: Exodites though for some sci-fi dino riders and Ranger-like light infantry units.

>> No.54637841


>> No.54637861

How's this list look to play?

>Spearhead detachment with the assassins
>Add in a Primaris Psyker for the compulsory HQ to round out at 2000

>Custodes is a Patrol detachment headed by Celestine

Wanting a small model count for a fun army after orks

>> No.54637868

Cadian pylon looks different than a necron pylon

>> No.54637880

Cool beans, thank anon. I wouldn't mind having a second HQ option for a Kabal only force anyway, so I'll keep them in mind.

>> No.54637889

An hour and a half late, but has anyone painted up Gal Vorbak in different colours? Or the Mhara Gal? Because a Nurglified Mhara Gal contemptor with boils greenstuffed over its parchments is something i'm considering if i ever get around to painting my Dark Imperium nurgle, and some possessed that dont look goofy would also be a plus

>> No.54637900


You are aware most GW stores accept results over the phone and asume you are not a cheating dick? Just call in the results mate.

>> No.54637916

Maybe rather than harlequins getting a dex there will be codex ctaftworlds, codex drew carey and codex aeldari dissidents or something, featuring harlequins, ynnari and some minor exodite/corssir stuff? Like imperial agents but eldar.

>> No.54637919

What you quoted is about all we know about who built the Pylons. There is no definitive lore on who built them beyond "it was probably the necrons".

>> No.54637930

New Death Guard models when???

>> No.54637946

How are Assassins this edition?

>> No.54637951

there aren't that many pictures of gal vorbak painted to start with. Nearly all the ones on google are world bearers. Couldn't find a single one in nurgle colours. They look good in any colour IMO. They are also big guys, in case you didn't know. Bigger than normal marines.

>> No.54637952

Same, Ynnari seem cool to me compared to other eldar but I feel they are underdeveloped and hard to your dudes with.

>> No.54637968

Eversor rapes shit for his cost and culexus is scary to anyone who fields even one psyker. Havent had success witg vindicare or callidus yet.

>> No.54637978

>world bearers
I think you mean Word Eaters

>> No.54637982

Probably next month, since supposedly death guard is next dex after csm/gk

>> No.54637988

>2 to 1 ratio
Fair enough, that's what I was expecting. Guess I better start stocking up on bird people.

>> No.54638011

Chaos chads when?
wut? gal vorbak are HH shit for word bearers. The sculpts look nice though.

>> No.54638018

>I think you mean Word Beavers

>> No.54638023

ah fuck. Now I see it. I should go to sleep.

>> No.54638068

As a chaos player I don't want Chad Marines, I'm sure primaris will switch sides anyway, humans tend towards freedom so unless they're literally robots chaos will tempt them.
Not that daemons can't possess robots anyway but you get the idea.

>> No.54638085

Their inevitable though, aren't the new plague marines already taller?

>> No.54638087

Are chaoscucks actually this retarded?

>> No.54638091

What models would be a good base for plastic Acro-flagellants?

The ones I've seen all use VC ghouls but they're too small for my taste. I always saw flagellants as more roid-ragey than retard strong.

>> No.54638092

Genestealer Cult (classic army)
Orks (Snakebites)
Ultramarines with large IG contingent (3 lemans, a platoon, 2 chimeras) and small Inquisition addition
Black Legion with large slaaneshian daemons allies.

>> No.54638093

>good csm
Hellforged leviathan
It self heals and heals for each kill.

>> No.54638116

Only in the same sense communism means equality.

>> No.54638136

I think they're bloated with tumors anyway.
I'm not against our marines getting new sculpts and being slightly bigger than before, I just don't want them to call it something new and stupid.
>muh emprah
>chaos isn't freedom
>absolute loyalty to a god that doesn't want to be called a god is REAL freedom
>muh "a true god defies divinity"
stay mad loyalist
It's anarchic freedom, everyone is free, free to kill and enslave each other but at least I don't have bureaucratic chains holding me down unlike you loyalists. How's the ecclesiarchy working? Better yet, how are your inquisitions doing? Sterilising civilians still? Destroying planets of your own people?
The only redeemable faction inside the Imperium are Salamanders.

>> No.54638146

Empire Flagellants with guitar wire

>> No.54638147

Got into 40k a few years ago with a friend. We literally only played each other at my place (made for some interesting campaign stuff/comfy playing if not lacking in variety). Stopped playing for a few years and with 8th edition out I got back into it. I want to go get some rounds in against different people for fun and to get acquainted with/better at 8e, but my army is not fully painted. On top of that, a decent number of them are painted in a different (but similar kinda) scheme. How much of a faux-pas in general is it to bring primed-but-unfinished minis/mixed schemes. I don't want to be that guy, but I'm not particularly good at (or fond of) painting, can't afford to commission a paintjob, and would rather be playing than wondering why my brushes seem to never paint where I intend them.

>> No.54638155

Forgot to mention, CSM nurgle.

>> No.54638164

>commie chaoscuck loves niggers
Of course.

>> No.54638166

>humans tend towards freedom so unless they're literally robots chaos will tempt them

sure, trade one slavery for another, great idea

>> No.54638169

>I'm not against our marines getting new sculpts and being slightly bigger than before, I just don't want them to call it something new and stupid.

I think even the Tsons sculpts are slightly taller, someone posted a pic ages back but I didn't save it. I want them to redo the csm models, so I can get them. Not buying old shit unless it's from 2nd edtion. I like that era for no rational reason.

Also chaos ain't freedom, slaves to darkness and all that. The imperium sucks pretty hard too though.

>> No.54638170

Instead of bureaucratic chains you have your gods sending you off to die or sacrifice yourself in their name. Get ready to be wiped out of existence when you slight them. It's freedom on someone's terms, and your options are limited to "murder everything, ruin everything, torture everything, or spread horrific diseases".

>> No.54638196

chaos is slavery you idiot

>> No.54638202

How's that Slaves to Darkness book treating ya?

>> No.54638212

Can you use gate of infinity on a unit that is engaged in melee? it'd make it even more usefull than it already is.

>> No.54638221

They aren't niggers, they're skin is charred black, it's closer to having a full body brand/tattoo than having too much melanin.
>m-muh chaos slavery
We don't even keep slaves that often, usually we just sacrifice them so we can get some daemons or kick ass mutations.
Dark Eldar are the slavers.
Yeah, plus my noise marines are literally just some resin weapons, heads, and a powerpack you strap to standard marines.
A new sculpt would make sense at this point, Plague Marines got taller, rubrics are tall, all that's needed is some new sculpts for the standard marines.
I expected it after Cadia got destroyed but I guess I have to wait even longer.
Everyone is slaves to their desires and Chaos is literally our desires turned up to 11 and reflected back at us.
I prefer chaos' terms, bureaucracy is worse.
What? The old fantasy battles omnibus?
Of course they'd give my faction bad names, we're the designated bad guys.

>> No.54638227

Blonde right side head:
>Being decapitated is better than I expected.

>> No.54638234

I'm going for some Noise Marines, of course. Sonic blasters seem really good.

>> No.54638266

You can.

>> No.54638275

I'm a little annoyed that we just got a refluffed version of Quicksilver Swiftness as our Legion Trait.
But yeah, if you're doing a full Emp's Children army, Noise Marines are great troops, little pricier than standard marines but every gun is an Assault 3 Boltgun and Blastmasters are great, I wouldn't spend points on Doom Sirens though.
Music of the Apocalypse is great too, if a Noise Marine dies he can fire his gun before being removed, this works in melee and he ignores the normal 1" rule for firing guns with it.

>> No.54638286 [DELETED] 

>doesn't deny being a commie
Can't make this shit up folks!

>> No.54638287

>anarchic freedom
yeah, being literally enslaved to gods is so very free
enjoy spending your next millennia bound in your chains of 'freedom', cuck
how are people like you still alive

>> No.54638293


It's up

+1 to hit and wound buildings

Ironlets will be so let down

>> No.54638299

>Fly across country with army
>mfw my old Apoc Case gets manhandled and 3 of the 6 clasps snap off
Time to die I guess.

>> No.54638308

>we don't keep slaves
no, you are the slave retard

>> No.54638311

They look like a nightmare to deal with in close combat. Their overwatch is rather hefty, then they can stab you first even if you charge, and even if you kill one they shoot you with assault weapons.

>> No.54638315

>just wait guys, our no new models release will have good legion rules for all legions, I swear on my mum!

>> No.54638332

nice ruse alpharius

>> No.54638348

>Thinking the members of the IV Legion are this easy to bait
It's not even near the time they come out anon.

>> No.54638359

If I have two grav talons in my reaver squad, can I inflict up to 2 mortal wounds per charge?

>> No.54638372

IV legion? Cuz you always have intravenous therapy after loyalists take your ass.

>> No.54638373

Actually the way Quicksilver Swiftness and Flawless Perfection are worded; which is the same way.
If one enemy charges they don't get to attack first for charging, but it's still his turn and he can activate his unit to fight before you because his charge and your Flawless Perfection cancel each other out.
It means multiple squads charging don't get to all go first but he's still the turn player and activates a unit to fight before you.

>> No.54638383

I'd love to see chosen having 2 wounds. We don't need primaris shit.

>> No.54638385

>We don't even keep slaves that often
you are a slave, chaosfag. you just traded one master for another

>> No.54638393

>Twin-Lascannon Razorback with a stormbolter 117 points

>Two Lascannon Centurion Devastator with a hurricane bolter 134 points

How does this make any sense, why did they make this change?

>> No.54638396

I'd use them to represent traitor Primaris.

>> No.54638407

Obviously we aren't commies, that didn't even merit a response.
Imperium works like communism the most besides Tau, killing thousands of your own troops while denying you did anything wrong.
>enslaved to gods
>says the Imperium
>who enslaved themselves to the Emperor
>who isn't even a god
the irony
>muh slaves to the chaos gods
I didn't realise the Emperor gave people mutations and psychic powers to help kill their enemies too.

>> No.54638412

>After loyalists take your ass
You mean the mouthbreathing retards that walk directly into incredibly obvious traps? Besides, what loyalists want my ass, Dark Angels? That's gay.

>> No.54638415

Mind you, an Avatar that looks like half-Slaanesh.

>> No.54638428

>I didn't realise the Emperor gave people mutations and psychic powers to help kill their enemies too.

Celestine can literally fly.

>> No.54638441

>Nyaaa, Eldrad, it was me, Slaanesh, all along! I will rule Eldaria!

>> No.54638445

So what?
Do can dark eldar scourges
Just sew that shit in

>> No.54638450

Half the time your Inquisition kills mutants, sometimes they weren't even chaos mutations, Celestine surviving the Imperium's bullshit long enough to do something important is a miracle in and of itself.

>> No.54638453

It's part of why I wanted to go full Slaanesh. I like the idea of getting in spiteful, parting shots as my units are destroyed, which will be often, as I'm not exactly running a WAAC list.

>> No.54638459

>How many different armies do you own?
Okay so
>Large Ultramarine army (2.5 - 3 full companies) inc Thunderhawk
>Guard, Inquisition and SoB allies
>Small Grey Knights army
>Warhound Titan

>Unit of Fallen

>Company of Word Bearers + Renegades
>Company of World Eaters
>Nurgle Daemons

>Large Nid army
>Genestealer cult army

>Dark Eldar & Harliquines

>Small ork army
About 25-30% fully painted

Also a crap load of Inquisitor stuff, BFG and some Epic.

I-I t-think I have a p-problem.

>> No.54638466

It's already confirmed EC ASF which is far better than pile ins
What face plates
>female guards
If GW does this I will slit my wrist into a Slaanesh symbol on both sides
>the laspistol is someone shooting out the cockpit of a sentinel at an ork for the CATACHAN ORK HUNTERS

>> No.54638468

>no argument
>tries to redirect back at the Imperium
Just explain to us already how you aren't slaves to the will of your chaos gods
>Tzeentch followers are all just pawns in some unknowable scheme
>Khorne followers are just mindless slaves to throw at the enemy until they die
>Slaanesh followers are just sources of amusement to feed a never ending addiction to excess
>Nurgle followers are just the worst case of Stockholm syndrome the galaxy has ever seen.

>> No.54638474

Play Ynnari, then your 'spiteful parting shot' from the next elf over has enough weight to wipe a unit and trigger a bullshit resonance cascade.

>> No.54638476

Right now; Nids, Black Legion, Iron Snakes, Sisters of Battle.

I've owned and sold pretty much every army except tau at some point, but I've been playing since 1990 and worked for GW for a while in my teens/early 20s back when staff discount was 60% and you could order metal minis by weight which made collecting armies easy.

>> No.54638478

Cool, but the point remains.

>> No.54638485

Always happy to help a fellow Slaaneshi player.
Also from what I've seen and tested, unless Possessed get an upgrade in the Codex they aren't the best close combat troop to take as Emperor's Children.
They're cheaper than my go to option but you aren't really playing Slaaneshi if you don't take your army to excessive levels.
Point is Chosen with Lightning Claws are more dangerous in close combat than Possessed, more expensive but oh my god is it worth it.

>> No.54638486

>enslaved themselves
First off, that's *God* Emperor to you, cuck, and don't you forget it.
Secondly, the God Emperor doesn't promise me riches beyond imagination and then tie me to a pole and have birds eat my eyes for the next millennia as a joke. He promises eternal salvation from the shitheap that is your festering pile of sub par 'gods' and their fucking slavery racket.

>I didn't realise the Emperor gave people mutations and psychic powers to help kill their enemies too.
ah yes, i really needed that eighth mouth on my penis and that claw on my two, they really help me - same with the fact all my skin keeps sloughing off, great time

>> No.54638497

I use balthasar gold, null oil, more balthasar and then gehennas gold or runefang steel

>> No.54638504

>I didn't realise the Emperor gave people mutations and psychic powers to help kill their enemies too.
>th-thank you glorious chaos gods for gifting me with a 3rd arm that stabs me continuously. I'll be sure to spill more blood in your name the next time we raid the Imperials.
>Please consider someone else for the great gift of spawndom.

>> No.54638506

Explain how you aren't slaves to the emperor
At least we can choose where we make war

>> No.54638510

Not at the moment

>> No.54638513

But I like the fluff of the Emperor's Children more. The decadent noble duelist thing is great.
The possessed designs and conversion potential are too good for me to pass up, though. And what kind of Emperor's Child would I be to pass up artistry?

>> No.54638520

>we can choose
>being allowed to choose
yeah, im sure you all choose to be mutated freaks

>> No.54638523


They look like Obelisks.

>> No.54638528

Tau 1.5k
Chaos 2.5k
Dark eldar 1.5k
Space marines 1.5k
Grey knights (1metal terminator squad)
Caliban rebelled because Luther got BLACKED

>> No.54638535

First time player here, how awful is this necron army?


Warriors 2 x 10

Deathmarks 1 x 5
Triarch Stalker

Fast Attack:
Tomb blades 1 x 3

>> No.54638536

I find Khârn to be incredibly strong. Everything he's charged so far has been decimated in that fight phase and quite often he eats into another unit with his 2nd fight. Only thing he hasn't beat down was a Knight and even my Bloodthirster didn't finish him off after.

Too be fair though he's the only named character I've got so can't really compare and I always use dark apostles for my zerkers so don't miss the 1" buff.

>> No.54638538

Because we won't get shot by our leaders for displaying chaos mutations.
Also you know their are Chaos factions that use chaos as a tool right?
One mutant gets lucky enough to do some important shit so it must be a miracle by the emperor is not exactly a solid point.
>explicitly states he isn't a god
>tries to starve the actual gods of worship in a vain attempt to kill them
>fails at both of these
Nice god you have there.
If you fuck up, you fuck up, it's 40k, we're all going to die horrible deaths, might as well have fun with the faction that isn't communists dressed like Hugo Boss rejects.
Spawndom is a punishment dumbass, it's literally the gods saying "a mindless beast could do your job" and making good on it.
3rd arm that stabs you is probably a punishment too but I'm sure at least someone might enjoy it, like a World Eater that's off in the head, a Deathguard that can't even feel it, an Emp's Children that literally gets off on it, etc.

>> No.54638543

You don't get to ask a question until you answer the ones asked of you first.

Imperial worlds are free to live as they wish as long as they follow the Imperial Cult in some way and provide their tithe, a tithe that wouldn't even be necessary if Chaos hadn't fucked everything up in the first place.

>> No.54638552

>Because we won't get shot by our leaders for displaying chaos mutations.

Instead you get your throat slit so your masters can summon a daemon more useful than you are.

>> No.54638557

Doesn't matter, at least we can choose who we fight, unlike marines who have to go against unwinnable odds or have their planets exterminatused

>> No.54638559

Painting problem. WORK!

>> No.54638560

Fair enough, I'm getting Possessed as well, just because I can't afford to run Lightning Claw Chosen in every game I play.
Slaanesh Grey and Fulgrim Pink are good flesh tones for Daemonic Mutations btw, and if it's in the kit give the leader the most crab or lobster like claw, it's Slaanesh's thing.

>> No.54638567

>get shot by our leaders for displaying chaos mutations
I hope to the golden throne you're fucking shitposting, because that is the single most retarded thing I have heard today, and I go to a school filled with actual downs sydrome cunts. They shoot you because Chaos mutations aren't 'free tools to fight your enemies', they're fucking dangerous to everyone around them. There's a reason the Chaos Legions are so predisposed to fratricide, because your 'freedom' is full of backstabbing cunts, backstabbing gods and mutations that half the time only exist to stab you in the back.

>> No.54638569

Have you tried not being literally more useless than a Nurgling?
I know it's hard for loyalists to imagine not being utterly useless but at least try.

>> No.54638573

Oh yes, you 'choose' to fight whatever your champion wants to unless you want a demon maul up your ass 24/7 for the next century.

>> No.54638574

Use immortals not warriors, get another Stalker

>> No.54638587

>chaos mutations are too dangerous!
Yeah, to you cucks.
Possessed are a unit that shows, both in fluff and mechanics, that daemons and humans can actually work together.

>> No.54638590

>implying the Beast wouldn't exist or eldar, or tyranjds, or putting down separatists

>> No.54638598

I'm at work, that's the problem!

>> No.54638600

>choosing who to fight
the only faction who chooses who they fight is the Orkz, you fucking retard

Have you looked at Konor at all? Chaos is so fucking useless they need xenos to fight their battles for them 120% of the time

>implying people don't need to defend themselves
What's your point here?

>> No.54638612

>your champion
He bested me in combat so why is he not worthy to lead us to victory

>> No.54638613

Yes, Chaos clearly has a deep respect for their followers and greatly values their joe schmoe cultists. They would never think of just sacrificing anyone who was just trying his hardest.

>> No.54638622

This, the gal vorbak are proof we can live in harmony together
That the tithe would always exist because of how overextended your false empire is

>> No.54638636

so, you're saying here that the average chaos mutation is controllable and useful, and that letting something that would like nothing less than to eat you to share your body is a good idea? Are you literally 15? Did you fail school? Have you read any of the fluff? Can you read at all?

>> No.54638638

Well as per your question;

Word Bearers lore is all about summoning daemons and being heralds of the end times. They are the Doom Sayers and cult leaders ready to let themselves be taken over by demons. They have some awesome FW minis from HH that can be easily used for possessed etc, and you should likely choose them if you like the theme of summoning demons and using possessed etc.

World Eaters are all about Khorne and melee combat. They suffer a little because the current Berzerker minis came out in 1999 and feel dated. But if you have the $ the HH world eaters are Famtastic. There's also a ton of cool khorne minis in the AoS range you could use, and imo the most classic Demon units. Go full theme and take a big Daemon prince and melee army with obliterator support and KILL MAIM BURN.

Emperor's Children are also melee oriented but they're more about speed than pure fury. We just got a tease of how they play with the upcoming codex. If you want rules>theme wait for the codex but IMHO you should pick the army you want and think is the most interesting, not the one you think will win because you'll spend many more hours assembling, converting and painting than you will actually playing. It's a hobby after all not just a board game.

Anyway, Emp Children actually rock that purple pink and black scheme really well, and noise marines are very unique and versatile. I play Black Legion personally but always field a unit of Noise Marines because they look amazing and always pull their weight against the entire spectrum of enemies. They might be my favourite Chaos unit in 8th so far (if you don't count hellforged contemptors with butcher cannon arrays)

>> No.54638644

Using her jumpppack.

>> No.54638645

>I got bullied so I'll do whatever the bully says and that's ok
Chaoscucks, everyone.

>> No.54638654

>gal vorbak

>tithe would always exist
this is true, but it isn't a bad thing. Taxes are good

>> No.54638665

>Imperial worlds are free to live as they wish as long as they follow the Imperial Cult
and before the Imperial Cult came to power the Imperium would kill you for worshipping the Emperor.
Because the Lectitio Divinatatus was written by Lorgar.
Your own god isn't even a god and I doubt he's too pleased with you idiots for worshipping him.
In my local game store alone I saw an Imperium and Xenos player farming wins off each other and taking the points away from chaos.
Store Owner said it was legal, Imperium fanboy that he is.
Not that I'm surprised, GW has to rig it in favour of the "good guys" or the kiddies that play that faction might throw a tantrum.
I never said that, I said try not to be more useful than a Nurgling, most of the time we don't need to sacrifice each other, you provide us with plenty of Guardsmen just fine.
Obviously the daemon possessing you is probably a dick, actually almost definitely a dick, but the power trade off is probably worth it, if you can keep said dick under control.
Make a deal with the devil, let him eat your enemies, let them spread disease and let them make plans, the Tzeentch daemons are definitely the most annoying to deal with, damn fool idiots will plan plans around their own plans to sabotage themselves for some damn idiot fool reason.

>> No.54638675

Just like how humanity had to have a tithe to survive during the Dark age of Technology... oh wait no, it was Chaos that fucked that up too.

Considering the level of technology that would have been at humanity's disposal it's debatable if tithe level conscription would be necessary.

>> No.54638682

But that's the beauty anon, it can be changed, updated, improved, nerfed at ANY point

>> No.54638686

If I'm buying stuff on eBay, how low below retail price is good for a fully assembled model I'll have to strip
Tell me again how the emperor has a claim to all these worlds
You said it wouldn't if not for chaos
>was chaos and not post humans which we all evolve to be

>> No.54638689

>rigging konor
nigger if they wanted to win it they'd remove xenos
your shit would be conquered within a week

>power trade off
you do realize possessed go insane right
how fucking retarded are you guys
read literally any Horus Heresy book

>> No.54638691

I would like you to get newer sculpts though anon

I want everyone to get a nice upgrade

>> No.54638700

Imperial fags continue to say Nurge is evil when Nurgle is canonically is not a wrathful or hostile god. When it's said that his heart has no hate for mortals, just endless love. The Emperor canonically doesn't love men. He just loves mankind, the idea of mankind. Nurgle on, the other hand, personally loves EVERY man, woman, and child. EVERY Human being gets a portion of his attention and love. You can't beat that Imperials. Join in the group hug.

>Nurgle is the Great Lord of Decay and the Master of Plague and Pestilence. All things, no matter how solid and permanent they seem, are liable to eventual corruption, and Grandfather Nurgle sows the seeds of that entropy with carefully brewed infections and epidemics. Yet despite this grim work he is not a morose or dolorous god. Life begets death, and in turn death gives birth to new life, in the form of pallid, wriggling things that crawl free from mouldering corpses. Thus, the Plague God sees himself as a benevolent fellow, and goes about his business with laughter and honest joy. He sees mortal souls not as things to be dominated and destroyed, but naïve children to be plied with flesh-rotting gifts, and thus enlightened as to the true wonder of disease and decay.

>There was precious little malice in the workings of Nurgle. Cruelty, yes, as life was cruel. Rapaciousness, even. But the horror of Nurgle was one of cosmic consideration. Khorne cared not from whence the blood flowed, but Nurgle cared for every life, no matter how tiny. Nurgle noticed every life. Every soul that crossed the threshold of the Lord of All Things received a splinter of his attention, and suffered for it.

-8th ED Nurgle lore

>> No.54638703

more than one person realizes how stupid you are, mate

>> No.54638704

>was chaos and not post humans which we all evolve to be

Is this even English? Or are you seriously trying to suggest embracing Chaos is the next stage of human evolution?

>> No.54638709


What makes immortals better than warriors, just the lower point value? Another stalker seems good but may be a bit expensive for my first army, I'd really like to fit a ghost ark in somewhere too.

>> No.54638714

I care about ISIS, mate
I care that they get wiped off the planet

>> No.54638715

Anything over 50% retail for a painted model is too much
Unless it's professionally painted, but I'd only pay retail for that

>> No.54638723

Except GW released a marine codex and models at the eve of the Konor thing to add to the Imperials number advantage. If they wanted to balance it, they would have waited until all got their codexes so no faction gets a massive momentum push from painted models.

>> No.54638734

>pays personal attention to every soul and living things
>all living things and souls suffer because of this
>not evil
>it's not even cosmic horror, it's personal gleeful malice

>> No.54638738

Why though? They are not a threat to the US.

>> No.54638746

Ah yes, I just love hugs that cause full body rashes, super aids, and an unending agony as my body slowly rots from the inside.

>> No.54638755

GW released that because unlike you. most players aren't literal retards and either play Imperial or Xenos, and of those a good chunk are space marines. GW is a profit based company, and they want to sell models - they didn't release the space marine shit to boost Konor, they released Konor to boost sales of said space marines.

I generally dislike most things that hurt people, and I'm not an American.

>> No.54638763

The suffering comes from not understanding what Nurgle is doing to them and why. It's only temporarily. Nurgle ultimate goal is to make these creatures happy but the process is a long and painful one but the results are worth it. Just ask anyone who embraced Nurgle.

>> No.54638767

Ah, just like boot camp all over again.

>> No.54638769

That got retconned my little ironlet friend.

>> No.54638778

>you only suffer because you haven't developed Stockholm syndrome yet

>> No.54638780

They're a threat to any civilized country, especially when people from Europe etc. go over there and get trained then come back and murder people. Have you not noticed the monthly islamic terrorist attacks that are happening by people claiming allegiance to ISIS?

>> No.54638781

i tried, they couldn't speak through the fact their jaw had fallen off and maggots were eating their brain.

>> No.54638783

>GW released that because unlike you. most players aren't literal retards and either play Imperial or Xenos, and of those a good chunk are space marines. GW is a profit based company, and they want to sell models - they didn't release the space marine shit to boost Konor, they released Konor to boost sales of said space marines.

They released the SM codex and models in tandem with Konor to boost says. In this way they rigged the campaign. To win the campaign the Imperialfags will buy tons and models and paints. The more they are winning the more they are going to buy and play. The campaign was based around making their biggest fanbase happy.

>> No.54638793

>Ironlet friend
>implying the Iron Cage won't ever be a thing that happened
Hurr durr, I'ma fist! I can't even realize that a building is literally just rooms with bolters pointed at doors!

>> No.54638796 [DELETED] 

>the US is the only country that matters
Simple answer: they're an Israel funded terrorist group that is the main cause of the refugee crisis and promotes everyone's favorite religion of peace. Now shoo.

>> No.54638799

I swear when we have chaos releases later in the campaign and you still lose, you'll find something else to claim the campaign was rigged

The iron cage was/is one of the most hilarious things

>> No.54638812


8th ed described it as an equal fight till Guilliman broke it up.

Ergo, not an ironlet victory

>> No.54638814

I do want newer sculpts, I just don't want "Traitor Primaris" or whatever they decide to call them.
I'm also happy to keep doing conversions and green stuff customisation though, the fact the fluff supports individual design amongst Chaos is nice.

>> No.54638815

It's not really ISiS's fault. When the sheep invites the wolf to its home, who is to blame?

You don't see ISIS attacks in the US or Aussy land. ISIS is not a threat to the US so it shouldn't bother with it. It's only wasting money and lives for nothing.

>> No.54638821

Vindicare's are 90 point Lascannons that can target commies and nobs. Which is useful, but outside of making sure you can attempt to try beating IG and Orks.

Eversors are the best. Vindicares are only useful to removing Commies.

>I don't even click the fucking link: the post

K Y S.

>> No.54638823

Imperial Fists are actual, certified retards. Like goddamn, I might be a tool of a bitter turbo-autist, but at least I'm not that stupid. Also, checked.
>8th Described it
I'm gonna go ahead and stick to the 30k books, as that's an accurate account of what actually happened. Also, if we do look at 8th, you had to get saved by the Ultramarines? God, what a loser.

>> No.54638827

>I swear when we have chaos releases later in the campaign and you still lose, you'll find something else to claim the campaign was rigged

I said numbers + momentum from the sales. If we have a Chaos release I expect a tie at most.

>> No.54638834


>> No.54638839

>replying in a chain
>not using not him to state you're not the original guy
Wew lad
No the emperor proved we will all eventually be psykers, but he wants us to all kill chaos then with mind lasers rather than have the symbiotic relationship Argel Tal had

>> No.54638845

Why does everyone like the fists then?

>> No.54638847

>Equal fight
>Girlyman breaking it up

Yeah, nice try
But just cus someone comes in and dismantles a trap after it's already been sprung, doesn't retroactively stop you from stepping in it.

>> No.54638851

>they're an Israel funded terrorist group

Your antisemitism is not welcome. Israel is not behind everything. The region is violent before Israel became thing.

As for the refugee problem and promotion of the religion? That's on Europe. Why should the US always fix the problems caused by the EU? Fuck off.

>> No.54638853

I don't not enough people play chaos (for a reason). The simple fact is that both the main aesthetics and themes of Chaos are retarded and don't appeal to most people, because most aren't sperging retards.

yeeah, chaos is great. Sure worked for the eldar, huh?

>> No.54638860

You can only achieve 50/50 after springing a trap, lmao how embarrassing.

>> No.54638861

they don't. Banana boys begone!

>> No.54638862

Bright yellow a good color. It's only better when supplemented with Hazard Stripes.

>> No.54638869

The only reason I play "chaos" is for Alpha Legion.

>> No.54638870

Shit character (terrible and useless fluff) shit special rule. the free WL trait rule from 7th got deleted. and he's more expensive than Yvraine for some reason.

>> No.54638871

>As for the refugee problem and promotion of the religion? That's on Europe

>> No.54638872

>implying it wasn't described as a horrific meatgrinder that brought the fists down to the last man and STILL had to get saved by Bobby G
Holy fuck how decimated can you be anon?

>> No.54638873

>Actually falling for the 8th edition ultrawank

How does it feel being legally blind?

>> No.54638883

>I don't not enough people play chaos (for a reason). The simple fact is that both the main aesthetics and themes of Chaos are retarded and don't appeal to most people, because most aren't sperging retards.

Somebody post the page that has the numbers about the player spread across factions. You really need to see it.

Xenos in general are lower than Chaos, IIRC.

>> No.54638884

Have you read shroud of night?
True AL don't let themselves be mutated.

>> No.54638886

It's fine for casual games but my changes were to make it more competitive at 1k
Tyrannofex goes for £35 on GW store, this is £16.29 atm, but I do like the base, because it's bugs in space

>> No.54638888 [DELETED] 

>wah wah muh antisemitism
The real question you should be asking is why a militant Islamic group (which mind you, Islam actually IS antisemitic) hasn't mentioned Israel, a country that threatens the existence of their fellow muslims (Palestine) at all. Also it's well known that the Saudis fund ISIS and we all know how chubby the Saudis are with Israel.

In other words, it's basic fucking logic, not antisemitism. Begone kike.

>> No.54638896

those were HH alpha legion marooned on planet thunderdome. Plenty of alpha legion are full chaos.

>> No.54638897

>I-I promise it was equal guys! Even if I had to get saved by the Ultramarines because my legion sucks fat cocks and can't even fight Perturabo!

>> No.54638899

Yeah, that seems like a good price.
As long as it's got the weapons you want on it.

>> No.54638904

Sounds like the angry crinkling sounds of a tinfoil to me.

>> No.54638905


Pooper peeved ironbabbies cant stomach new lore setting things straight


>> No.54638907 [DELETED] 

Not an argument my dear redditor friend.

>> No.54638909

Khorne sorry you hate Jews so much because of their magic money trees
I thought Tyrannofezes only had that weapon

>> No.54638910

>Why should the US always fix the problems caused by the EU? Fuck off.

US led the push that destabilized the entire region creating a breeding ground for ISIS you twat. Then we get a flood of refugees from this which our bleeding heart politicians welcome with open arms. The US and the EU are both at fault here.

Honestly I wish they would just EXTERMINATUS the whole fucking region. Nothing of value would be lost.

>> No.54638919

I saw no argument. I saw assumptions but no PROOF.

>> No.54638922

Whats the deal with Khaine's Gate in Commoragh? Have they released any fluff other than "it opened, get recked, deldar"?

>> No.54638925

/pol should stay on /pol despite GW being a very British company, unless we're complaining about chinks ruining the resale market on warhammer

>> No.54638927

maybe retarded alpha legion, sure
true blue(green(grey(yellow(orange(invisible))))) Alpha legion understand that being mutated isn't a double edged sword, it's a suicide vest.

>> No.54638931

>Written in multiple books and novels that it was a slaughter
>One line from Matt Ward says otherwise

Only an ultramarine...

>> No.54638934

>Calling us pooper peeved when you literally cannot dislodge Bobby G's fat cock
Has the slap slap slapping of those ultraballs on your forehead before Bobby shoots a fat load presently and pleasantly into your mouth made you retarded?

>> No.54638936 [DELETED] 

You can't prove a negative. You should be the one trying to prove a positive to prove me wrong.

>> No.54638937

It opened, it got buried in mandrake zone, crisis averted.

>> No.54638940

>US led the push that destabilized the entire region creating a breeding ground for ISIS you twat.

Europe and the US were hand in hand in this. The US dealt with the aftermath relatively well. It's not the US's fault that your politicians failed you. I see no EU airplanes or forces helping with ISiS. Only Russians sinking their claws in everything.

>> No.54638941


>m-muh Matt Ward

Lmao so desperate

>> No.54638945

Im halfway through shroud.

>> No.54638949

yeah nah. Even the group in shroud of night has a madman, a possessed cunt and hypocritical leader who makes a pact with a sword. That's a proper chaos fall man. Only retards fall to chaos on purpose. Their goose is cooked. Chaos has them now.

>> No.54638952 [DELETED] 

Also see
Really makes you think huh?

>> No.54638957

Alpha Legion only went chaos to eventually destroy it, if failadon the harmless ever gets to terra they'll come back.

>> No.54638958

They stopped putting the writer's names on the books, Matt War is hired back on, and suddenly the lore is total ultramarine fanfic

You are actually brain dead if you can't work this one out.

>> No.54638959

>Calling me desperate when you don't acknowledge that literally every piece of fiction on that event describes it as a wholesale slaughter
I didn't mention Ward in my post anon, you really can't see while you're blinded with that thick, hard ultracock can you?

>> No.54638960

You enjoying it?
I liked it, even if I was really sad when what the spoiling cunt of
said happened.
Hope you like it man

>> No.54638961

I don't read the books. How did this change?

>> No.54638962

If I use an army in store for a game, then strip it, then paint it in store, do I get points for painting it

>> No.54638964

The Emperor has a plan for them though

>> No.54638965

Im liking it, though legion is a bit better imho but I will read anything alpha legion related.

>> No.54638966

How's Cadia?

>> No.54638968

Dan abnett pls fucking go

>> No.54638970

Matt wars changed it so iron warriors almost lost despite controlling 1/4 of all imperial forts, and most of the scourging removing IW forts

>> No.54638972

In our hearts

>> No.54638977


So desperate to defend your autistic Iron manlets you resort to samefagging

>> No.54638978

>denying the second best writer
Then ducking Laurie Golding kills a primarch with fucking bolters

>> No.54638983

Yeah, i liked legions too. Alpha Memegion are my second favorite 'traitor' legion after the boys in bitter. Don't like the whole 'went chaos to destroy chaos' angle, but whatever.

>> No.54638986

Codexes are propaganda, Carnac.

>> No.54638989


I just realised something. 40k is not about Chaos vs Imperium. It's ADB vs Matt Ward.


>> No.54638992

I thought this was the rulebook, and I'm not carnac I'm a tau fag/ neutral IWs

>> No.54639001

What he did with legion was kill my love for alpha legion. So no, worst writer, worse than goto because everyone even GW ignored his bullshit. Abnett becomes gospel. Then your stuck with retarded shit like the cabal and wolf fag executioners. He should've stuck to writing gaunts ghosts.

>> No.54639002

I always liked the meme that girlyman is Alpharius because girlyman got his ass kicked by the alpha legion comes back and says he killed Alpharius.

>> No.54639003

>Iron Warriors baited dorn in hard, and he was incredibly determined to break into the fortress.
>Spent months and months, and lost almost every imperial fist on the planet
>Eventually broke into the centre to find Perturabo wasn't ever there, just guns pointing at the door

And then one single line from new lore, about girlyman coming in at the last minute and saving the day, and ultrafags are blinded by his glorious radiance and all other lore pours out their ears.

Nice one, faggot.

>> No.54639005

Matt Ward wrote the fantasy end times.
Carnac is a taufag.

>> No.54639013 [DELETED] 

Whoever wins we lose

>> No.54639017

Pre-2012 Dan Abnett

>> No.54639020

Codex>black library
Therefore Ward

>> No.54639021

Ward has written lots of stuff. But he at least doesn't suck Chaos cock like Goulding and ADB do.

>> No.54639022

We're clearly two different people you goofball.

>> No.54639025

I thought /tg/ liked ABD

>> No.54639029


>> No.54639031

>Those tabs
>Those saved links
Anon what the fuck

>> No.54639032 [DELETED] 

>/tg/ likes mr. daddy issues feminist
Good god why

>> No.54639033

Which book was that detailed in?

Also, thanks for the quick reply, bruh

>> No.54639040

You mean apart from all the EU aircraft and such helping to fight ISIS that are plainly obvious from about ten seconds of googling. Completely ignoring your allies isn't particularly helpful either way, although personally I wished we'd left the bloody Yanks to their proxy wars and never gotten involved.

Anyway, tiny plastic mans and tiny plastic mans tactics.

>> No.54639044

>those tabs
you cheeky cock

>> No.54639061

>Ywn feel Perturabos hard, pulsing muscles after he removes his armor
>Ywn listen to his dreams, and how he really feels while gently cradling him
>Ywn congratulate him on his victories, recognizing him as the hero he was
>Ywn keep him calm, and truly know the lord of iron

>> No.54639062

>he's taken it seriously
How to spot a newfag: 101.

>> No.54639068

I stopped liking him from talon of horus. Many people hated Master of mankind didnt bother reading it. A bunch of faggots read his blog and determined he had daddy issues and post about it endlessly. I just hate how every marine protag gets a waifu. It's like a checklist.
>power armor check
>bolter check
>waifu check

>> No.54639078 [DELETED] 

>gay sex
Why you fucking degenera-
>with hats on
Oh sorry sir, didn't mean to offend. I duly apologize for any insult. Truly a man of taste.

>> No.54639083

No trouble friend, have a wonderful day.

>> No.54639085

Im an iron warrior and perturbo is suck a shitty husbando
Kyr Vhalen is objectively the best husbando. Maybe Roboute comes second, or some of the other Ultramarines. What does Thiel look like again?

>> No.54639091

Who is the most liked primarch?

>> No.54639093


>> No.54639094

>Being an Iron Warrior
>Saying Pert is a shit Husbando
You take that back right now, your husbando Is also a great Husbando, but I relate more to Pert.

>> No.54639096

kyr is pretty based

>> No.54639100


>> No.54639101

Chaos renegades have snipers anon....

>> No.54639107

didn't everyone want to bum Sangy for some inexplicable reason?

>> No.54639111

"inexplicable reason"
He's a girly boy with a sweet ass

>> No.54639115

Sangy. The only reason He's not my husbando is because He's literally too perfect.

idk, I don't like old men and as much as I've got a fetish for fixing hurt people he's pretty broke.

He's even attractive imo, despite missing most of his face.

nah, vulkan was a tad autistic imo
probably didn't get on with everyone as well as he could have

>> No.54639120

I think Fulgrim is best husbando but I guess I'm a bit biased.
I just want to be whipped a little and spoiled rotten guys I swear

>> No.54639121

That's understandable, I feel the same with fixing broken people, but at the same time have pretty heavy daddy issues.

>> No.54639139


>> No.54639141 [DELETED] 

I can't believe we just turned into >>>/lgbt/. Can we please go back to screeching about antisemitism?

>> No.54639145

I want that too, but fulgrim is a little ehhhhh for me - i want to be spanked, not cut
not too bad, anyway

daddies are hot. idk what it is about pert for me, but he just kinda weirds me out.

>> No.54639147

Don't worry Chad marines are more expensive than SoB now for some odd reason.

>> No.54639149

No. Anyways, what Primarch has the best cock? My money is on Lion, I bet he has Inches.

>> No.54639150

Primarch? Sanguinius.
Legion? Sons of Horus and Salamanders.

Sanguinius because he was just like daddy and was basically perfect and good at everything. But he didn't get Warmaster because he was a mutant and Horus saved the Emperor and Ullanor.

>> No.54639151

I don't like anyone with a hyphenated last name

>> No.54639157

No way
He's a ftm tranny for sure
The big secret it out now

Ferrus probably has a huge robo dong tho

>> No.54639159

you can't discuss primarchs cocks, they're either nonfuctioning or too big to use without ripping and tearing

>> No.54639163

>Vindicare's are 90 point Lascannons that can target commies and nobs.
they can also target 3/4++ units for they're ignoring their ++. where they really shine is in a list with more snipers (and ideally a mobile source of mortal wounds like a jumppack librarian) because suddenly no character is safe anymore.

>Eversors are the best. Vindicares are only useful to removing Commies.
eversors are only useful for anti-horde duty. if you got that covered, you don't need them.

>> No.54639165

Vulkan, is it even up for debate?

>> No.54639166

Anon, I can take a XL Fenrir no problem. You really, really think I can't handle a Primarch?

>> No.54639168

box naught best naught

>> No.54639171

Can we quit the homoerotic and politics talk and concentrate on plastic dudes? What are you anons currently painting/building/converying?

>> No.54639173

>without ripping and tearing

>> No.54639176

...... I was gonna argue but I don't think there's any counter point to that

>> No.54639177

If you mean in universe then its Horus and anyone who disagrees doesnt know the fluff.

>> No.54639181

He said best, not biggest. I'd say Sang, everything about him is perfect, so would his wang.

>> No.54639183

do we have any drawfags?
I want a pic of kyr vhalen hugging me

yeah, dildos don't weigh 400kg and hit you with a couple of 1000 of Newtons of force when they cum

>> No.54639187

>don't weigh 400kg and hit you with a couple of 1000 of Newtons of force when they cum
Tell me more.

>> No.54639188

>cause massive refugees through constant warfare
>refugees stream into europe
>'hey, the EU caused this problem!'
the EU is a source of many problems but this one is on the US voters, electing neocons like John McCain time and time again back into office

>> No.54639190

Imperium is beating Chaos!

>> No.54639192

Vindicares have never really been good. Like really good.

He eats with the wrong hands. I just put it down to him being an Asgardian but fork goes in left and knife in right, being left handed isn't an excuse.

[Citation Needed].

>> No.54639196

when they ask to vote for gay marriage I will vote no based on this thread.

>> No.54639200

I just don't want scars on my flawless skin, if he's got the daemon magic and drugs to fix that then I'm fine with a little blood play.
Are we counting daemon primarchs?
Because I think Fulgrim wins by inches there, or maybe feet.
If we go by before Daemonic Ascension but still alive I think Vulkan, of all time I bet it's Ferrus Manus, it would explain why Fulgrim liked him so much.
Finishing up my Chosen squads for next week, already finished my Soul Grinder for week three, still waiting on my Herald of Slaanesh for week four. Might get some Raptors for week five, need to paint some terrain for week six, you?

>> No.54639201

the US is the driving force behind this, especially in Syria, where, like in ukraine, they see a chance to diminish their russian rivals. europe is literally the yes man after the US has decided on its policies.

>> No.54639204

pick a nice legionary anon, you'll just get hurt if you set your sights to high.

anon, i want you to bum me
up the pooper

>> No.54639212

>Vindicares have never really been good. Like really good.
not an argument

>> No.54639213

>[Citation Needed].
He was the warmaster for a reason you retard.

>> No.54639214

not too keen on the daemon thing
i like my husbandos thoughtful, kind and wholesome

>> No.54639215

>40k general
>either dissolve into /pol/
>screech at posters for being /pol/, even the ones who aren't
>or post homoerotic stuff about your plastic dudes
I love this game, and I love you guys, these threads are just the right amount of weird for me to enjoy it.

>> No.54639218

You should be voting for gay genocide off principle in the first place.

>> No.54639225

Covering my Knight in nuln oil to darken the skeleton down before Agrax hopefully makes it into a reasonable approximation of pic related, and cursing the patchiness it gets. Some bits are perfectly darkened down, others not touched at all.

>> No.54639228

It's part of the game
You don't put your models together with hot glue?

>> No.54639229


learn to draw, i want picture of kyr chalen

>> No.54639233

I'm curious about how exotic his nether regions are after his apotheosis, and just imagine what he could do with that tongue!
I bet he could take the phrase "tongue down their throat" and make it literal.

>> No.54639235

i've never understood this fetish
it just seems dirty

>> No.54639240

>I hope she gets the job

>> No.54639241

maybe in an idealized 40k where the chaos gods aren't dicks, but i don't think he's much the cuddling type in standard 40k

>> No.54639242

>Be big gay bearish man that plays Steel Legion
>mfw I found a twinkish guy who plays Orks
And five years later we're married. It's something about this community.

>> No.54639245


Cool, I'm working on some plague bearers doing the skin and the guts, not sure what to do with the horns though..

>> No.54639252

I mean, not really, depends what you mean by hot glue and I'M NOT UNDER TRIAL HERE!
I'm not much of an artist, I can sketch okay, and paint my models, and I guess I'm alright with greenstuff.
Okay so technically most 40k players are artists by definition but not that kind of artist.

>> No.54639254

Large areas aren't easy to wash: you need to mix your inks with a glaze medium if you want some form of even coverage and do two or three very thin coats, you can't just ink it like you would anything else.

Windsor Newton makes a good matte medium for this.

>> No.54639256

The Primarch's didn't make him the Warmaster; the Emperor did. Horus and Sanguinius were the two in contention and several Primarchs though that Sanguinius should have been the Warmaster. But Sanguinius was the first to bow to Horus. He was happy with that. The reason Horus was chosen over Sanguinius was three fold.

1. Sanguinius was a mutant.
2. Sanguinius was a psyker (second only to Magnus)
3. Hours was put to a test at the Battle of Ullanor; where the Emperor purposefully got caught by a huge Ork Warboss and was being strangled (unsuccessfully) and the Emperor did it to see if Horus would try and save him or would let him get killed (which he wouldn't have been). Horus attacked the Warboss and 'saved' the Emperor. The Emperor deemed Horus loyal enough for the job ahead.

The Emperor knew that Horus might turn traitor and his actions (delaying return to Terra until after Ullanor) and testing Horus was meant to prevent this. But as the Emperor says, seeing everything that could happen all at once, changing every second, means it's near impossible to actually alter to a specific path.

Sanguinius was there because he was upholding to the ideal of the Imperium, was loyal, was well liked by every Primarch and was on level with Horus in power. But, again, Horus proved himself more worthy by his act on Ullanor, not because he was better liked. They were equal until then. Again, some Primarch's thought Sanguinius should have been Warmaster and that the Heresy wouldn't have happened if it was so.

Sanguinius literally became Emperor.

>> No.54639278

This seems to be going kinda OK, but I'll certainly look into that for future projects. Still kinda scrubbish at the whole painting thing, but I think I've hit a decent tabletop standard now.

>> No.54639297

Slaanesh is the god of excess, I bet the daemons won't stop cuddling after they finish abusing your body sexually.
Party for a week, sleep in for two and all that.
Also aggressive cuddling is totally a thing.
>not wanting to be aggressively groped, molested and cuddled in bed all day the night after hot, sticky, totally nonsexual partying
what are you, gay?
The system works.
Not sure what the system is exactly, but it works.
My boyfriend used to play grey knights, now he has Tau. Good fun.
Nurgle's horns have always been antlers right? Maybe go for something that makes them look like decaying wood?

>> No.54639318

Completely disagree with your three reasons. Sang was perfect mutant, all the Primrachs were psykers, and the evidence for the Emperor 'testing' Horus is shaky at best. Either way though I dont even see why thats relevant. Horus was the only choice because Horus was the only one that everyone would follow.

Horus was the most liked by the Emperor but he was also the most liked by the other Primarchs. In fact the only Primarch I can think of that didnt like Horus was Corax.
You forget that Sangy was seen as aloof and in the end his legion didnt have many close allies among the others because of this.

>> No.54639324

Honestly if you're painting at all you're a mile ahead of most [kids?] these days. One of the local GWs is populated with people who play with bare plastic, it's kinda depressing.

Not to assume you're young just most people seem like kids when you over 35 :\

>> No.54639327

but anon i want them to love me
i don't know that daemons can ever truly love me ;-;

>> No.54639336

The warp is filled with all emotions, daemons are totally capable of love.
Sick, twisted mockeries of love in the eyes of some, but love nonetheless.
Daemons of Slaanesh would probably obsess over you if they loved you though, full yandere style.

>> No.54639346


Every dread is special in their own way, through the Redemptor is maybe a little too "special" for it's own good.

>> No.54639349

Ok we have the most liked primarchs being Vulkan, Sanguinius and Horu.
Who are the most unliked? Alpharius was hated by his brothers save for Horus.

>> No.54639350

>all the Primrachs were psykers
Dark Imperium has Girlyman say he isn't a pysker.

>shaky at best
>"The Warboss was STRUGGLING to choke the life from the Emperor".
He wasn't in trouble.

>He didn't have close allies
Imperial Fists, Ultramarines and Salamanders are all Battle Brothers with them.

1st. Salamanders (seriously, loved by 7 (SEVEN) Legions, plus the Mechanicum and Imperial Army, including Emperor's children)
2nd. Iron Hands
3rd. Raven Guard
4th. Blood Angels
5th. White Scars
6th. Ultramarines
7th. Imperial Fists
8th. Space Wolves
9th. Dark Angels

That's how many people loved those Legions. Sanguinius is literally the 2nd most worshipped being in the Imperium.

Again, the Legion is irrelevant. The fluff states that Sanguinius was loved and 5th says many thought he should have been Warmaster. Girlyman crowned him Emperor of Imperium Secundus. You don't do that if he wasn't worth while.

>> No.54639353

We'll know for sure in a few hours, but if this is correct the iron warriors tactic is some shiggedy.

Poor word bearers though.

>> No.54639354

I'm just not comfortable being in a relationship with something that wants to hurt me, and besides, kyr would disown me if i even thought about that
i think i'll stick to my husbando, but you enjoy yours anon

>> No.54639357

Time to set the record straight on what happened at the Iron Cage. Pic related is the true story of what went down, and the rest is imperial propaganda designed to portray Dorn as no retarded given how stupid the fists were for charging to their doom

>> No.54639361

How do you usually loadout your noise marines?

>> No.54639366

Almost finished painting up my Crimson Talons!

My first army/painting/40kanything in about 15 years or so, its been fun. I'll take a picture when I'm done so you can see how shit I am.

>> No.54639372

And if anyone wants to try straining their eyes. There's definitely a 12" near the end of the AL one, so that might be right.

>> No.54639374

> Tfw alpha legion tactics gutted

>> No.54639379

Fair enough, wasn't trying to get you to change husbando, enjoy yours too.

>> No.54639390

>Alpha Legion trait is literally just a copy paste of Raven Guard

>> No.54639392

Alpha legion confirmed cuck tier

>> No.54639394


>> No.54639395

>Dark Imperium has Girlyman say he isn't a pysker.
The exact opposite actually. Also see him in the room with Cawl Inferior.

>"The Warboss was STRUGGLING to choke the life from the Emperor".
>He wasn't in trouble.
Anon did you think it would be easy to kill the Emperor?

>Imperial Fists, Ultramarines and Salamanders are all Battle Brothers with them.
Yes and compare that to Horus and his sons.

>Sanguinius is literally the 2nd most worshipped being in the Imperium.
By the Imperium at large yes but were talking about someone who had to be in charge of the other Primarchs. You ignored that Sangy was seen as aloof by his brothers because of his fears and worries.

>You don't do that if he wasn't worth while.
I never said he wasnt worthwhile. He was just not the most worthy.

>> No.54639404

Thanks, I might try to do them more of a brown, the grey I tried is not working out

>> No.54639406

It's a fucking fake. Someone here on 4chan said "This is my thoughts" followed by that stuff. Some retarded rumor website is saying this is fact.

>> No.54639408

>Anon did you think it would be easy to kill the Emperor?
why bother with thunder warriors if hes so tough?

>> No.54639416

Any grey knights leak? Any White Dwarf scan/pdf available?

>> No.54639418

Yeah, my local store is the same. Only people who play fully painted are the chap with the pink Marines and one of the many Blood Angels players. Probably others I haven't seen yet, though, given I can only game on the occasional saturday when the place is full of kids with grey tides.

Mostly just cursing the randomness of the whole thing, though. Vast majority of the thing is fine apart from a few areas on the backs of the hip joints on each leg, where no wash will stick ever, and one random dot on the front that will be covered by the armour plate. Think I'm just going to have to very slowly build up really thin layers of wash there, since otherwise it'll just slide off.

>> No.54639420


>> No.54639453

Why shouldn't I use C:SM to run Alpha Legion? I don't want any of the specifically Chaos stuff that C:CSM brings, and Alpha Legion gameplay is far closer to loyalists than it is to traitors.

>> No.54639465

> and Alpha Legion gameplay is far closer to loyalists than it is to traitors.
That's just, like, your headcanon, man.

>> No.54639557

> Black legion = +1 and Rapid fire weapons count as Assault weapons if the unit advanced.

How would that work with a boltgun, it's just assault 1 even if it's 12" or 24"?

>> No.54639586

>Alpha Legion gameplay is far closer to loyalists than it is to traitors
How many loyalist marines use massed cultists as bullet catchers and tar pits?

>> No.54639596

I think it means, while still being rapid-fire weapons, they count as assault weapons as well, not instead of.
So you get the benefits of both I think.

>> No.54639608

replace cultists with guardsmen and basically everyone but Salamanders.

>> No.54639730

really? I don't think I've ever seen Marine players using massed guardsmen. I mean sure in universe but this was a question about gameplay

>> No.54639743

>forcing my opponent to spend 2 cp a turn is worthless

>> No.54639761

Oh, well in gameplay I've seen a Blood Angel player use Krieg guardsmen like that.

>> No.54639778

I used combined inquisition, grey knights and blobguard last edition

>> No.54639827

>his Swarmlord is out front
Congrats on the free game

>> No.54639887

But that's inquisition not marines, also pretty fluffy I like it.

sure,but my point was that it's unusual. The neat stuff in 7th for Alpha Legion was all based on cultists and chosen which isn't how loyalist marines usually play. That said,the notion of playing scions and sternguard/vanguard sort of appeals

>> No.54639901


>Be GW
>Open Horus Heresy rule books
>Copy and paste night lords +1 to wound against units they outnumber rule

Seems appropriate

>> No.54640412


>> No.54640479


>> No.54641830

You need to work on your reading comprehension

>> No.54641948

Where do you live?

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