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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Casting Couch Edition: How far have you gone to prepare a character for a campaign?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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We were on page 6, cocksucker.

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I don't generally apply to a campaign unless I can build up a lot of passion for it. To the point of making a strong backstory, a fully-formed character, an appearance that can inform or display their personality, a bunch of extraneous detail in case it ever comes up, and a build to make it all work. Oh, and an F-list.

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Skulls GM is a slut.

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P A G E 6
A G E 6 P
G E 6 P A
E 6 P A G
6 P A G E

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What would it take to trigger another Ensoulmeme-tier app circus?

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A good DM proposing a unique campaign.

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I'm sick of not getting into games when I apply to them. I try and try and try and I just don't know what to improve or what I'm doing wrong. How do I write a good character? A good personality?

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A celeb GM and celeb player apps.

Lewdgame run by 2hu when?

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How was your weekend, /pgg/? Do anything fun or exciting, game-related or otherwise?

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That proves nothing

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>this proves nothing
Get a load of this retard

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>How do I write a good character? A good personality?

Read the tone of the campaign you're applying to, and drench yourself in it. I can't begin to count the number of technically good characters that never went anywhere because they were antithetical to the campaign they were applying for.

If the campaign is about fighting demons in the Worldwound and prominently features the themes of redemption, revenge and righteous fury, write a character whose backstory consists of revenge, redemption and righteous fury that leads them to fighting the Demons.

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>Can't form a rebuttal
>Procedes to ad hominem

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We rescued the princess from a mad alchemist and found out she's an unstable shapeshifter. Turns out the royal family has some weird shit in their family history.

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An established celeb running something /pfg/ thirsts for.

Slow, Disk, or Sappy running Linnorm game when?

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is DHB the key for a stable campaign?

The two campaigns he has been in were not only stable, one actually went from start to finish. The other is the farthest along out of /pgg/ campaigns (they're in book 3 now).

It seems DHB is the key to efficiency.

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It doesn't say the archetypes DON'T work, but it doesn't explicitly assume they should work. Remember that there's a lot of idiots who think the USummoner isn't compatible with regular Summoner archetypes, so doing any amount of legwork to do the easy conversions for Monk to UMonk archetypes is an alien concept. Let alone any of the less braindead easy conversions.

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Do you have any clues regarding this history, or did she simply reveal that she isn't quite human?

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I have a question /pfg/. If I'm a caster, any caster but let's say a Cleric, and I have a spell that is on both the Cleric list and the Wiz/Sorc list. Does that spell count as a Sorcerer spell? I want to take Eldritch Heritage and trade out one of the bloodline powers I don't want for Blood Havoc, but I realized while looking at Blood Havoc that it specifies "Whenever you cast a bloodrager or sorcerer spell". If it's not good enough for the spell to just be on the Sorc spell list, would grabbing a spell that's normally only on the Wiz/Sorc list (like with the Arcane bloodline) work?

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Can you into English, do you have proper reading comprehension, I'm trying to be write this for you in a very simple way, can you understand?

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We played through some tense situations, but I think in one game we're finally coming together as a team. And in the other, I think I ruined the GM's fun and just brought down the tone of the campaign.

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>With the execetion of monk these should work
As in, these should work, but not for umonk. As in, umonk doesn't work with previous archetypes. Is pretty easy, both RAW and RAI umonk doesn't have access to those archetypes, now, if your GM is kind enough to let you work around it, perfect, but that's a homerule.

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It's not a "Sorcerer" spell because it's not being cast using Sorcerer slots.

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I mean, to be fair, it does say 'they should work with all existing archetypes'.

It's just saying 'These classes archetypes should all work 100%', not that monk is automatically incompatible with all of them begone from this house.

There's a lot that aren't compatible, but if you use the rule from archetyping qingong monk with other things, then there's like zero issue.

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I've been sat here, trying to find something to do by playing random games here and there while subsequently browsing threads across multiple boards.

So in short, feeling pretty chill right now.

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Why do Shiba so often become fat?

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Damn, that's Idea #1 down the drain. Follow up question: is there anything else I can trade out the bloodline power I don't want for? I plan to go all the way up to Greater Eldritch Heritage for the Verdant Bloodline, but I don't actually want the 3rd or 9th level power I would get from Improved Eldritch Heritage and was hoping I could trade it for something better.

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Because shibe are very floofy, and any extra weight the gain gets accentuated more due to their floof.

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There's been a few hints before, enough to make the rogue come up with a conspiracy theory about the royal family being Oni. We're actually on friendly terms with the king after helping defend him from an assassination attempt, so we've spent a lot of time around him and his son and we've seen some suspicious shit. So far we've seen:

>the king bludgeon an assassin to death with a vase
>the son sing songs in a bunch of languages, including Abyssal and Aklo
>a family tree with multiple ancestors completely removed
>an ancient scroll that describes the first king's wife as "unspeakable"

During the rescue of the princess (who's apparently a total shut-in because of the shifting, handwaving why we've never met her) she panicked, grew tentacles, and scurried up a wall. When we left off we were in the middle of chasing her down because she went all "don't look at me I'm hideous," so we haven't gotten any concrete answers yet. My theory is either some Lovecraft shit's going on or something from the Abyss fucked someone at some point. Could even be both since Qlippoth are a thing.

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Smaller dogs, usually kept in a house or urban area with little room to run around, overfed by owners who spoil them, among other reasons.

You get the same problem with corgis.

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Can I take Improved Critical (Spells)?

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Yes, but why would you want to?

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What happened to make you feel as though the team has bonded? Why do you feel you ruined the GM's fun in the second game?

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So I can take Mythic Improved Critical (Spells) and get x3 crits with them.

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What sort of games have you been enjoying?

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In the first case, because we actually got some time to talk to each other about character interactions, had some downtime, and came back from it all with a better sense of understanding for each other.

In the latter case, because I'm not entirely sure my character is right for the tone anymore, like I've made someone who's too grim and angry for a game that should be fun and lighthearted.

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Technically it's not just (spells).

Gotta pick like, Rays or Touch Attacks or something I think.

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Any spell you can crit with does negligible damage.

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Star Wars Jedi Academy, Dynasty Warriors, that sort of thing.

I dunno, I just want a good in-depth RPG to sink my teeth into or something.

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Disintegrate begs to differ.

>> No.54631403

Except disintegrate.

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They're small dogs with gentle personalities and don't absolutely require high-energy activities such as walks or swimming; this makes them the perfect pet for the elderly, the city-bound, and the lazy-wealthy, and thus the perfect type of dog to get fat. You'll notice that you don't see many fat huskies or golden retrievers; their lifestyle and attitude make them too fussy and active for owners that can't give them what they need, you see.

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At that level everything is going to save and you'll do a whopping 9d6 points of damage with your huge crit on a 19 or 20 - if it doesn't deflect or cancel the spell outright.. Mythic power makes saves exceedingly easy to make.

>> No.54631449

So, how do we chase IDrive out of Skullfucks and Shackles to make sure he doesn't have a chance to ruin this game like he has so many others?

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Disintegrate does 2d6 per level. Or 18d6 at level 9 for a 36d6 crit.

>> No.54631515


I thought they were supposed to be guard dogs?

>> No.54631538

Yeah, and they were commonly used as hunting dogs, I think.

Don't sound lazy to me.

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Or 3d6+1 per level on a save. which is literally nothing even if you triple it on a crit. Considering almost anything you'll be fighting gets multiple chances to prevent that damage, it's a waste of effort.

>> No.54631562

You sure those are Shiba and not Akita?

>> No.54631583

Yeah, Shiba were bred for hunting and are quite independent, aggressive dogs. In fact, I'd call them downright cattish.

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Disintegrate does 5d6 on a failed save, so with a x3 crit that'd be 15d6 (still not good, but better than a blast spell that deals half of 20d6 on a successful save and can't crit). You're thinking of Slay Living.

That's besides the point though, I think it sounds like a waste of a Mythic feat too. You don't get very many of those.

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Road trip AP with guest appearances of every Celeb PC when?

>> No.54631665

15d6 + 3xCL, wouldn't it be?

>> No.54631675

When you app to https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/75987/the-feast-and-the-furious

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Can I get a list of recruiting campaigns?

>> No.54631697

They were bred for a non-lazy job, but they can easily live their lives not needing to move out and about for hours or days on end; this makes them great for lazy OWNERS, which in-turn lets them be lazy themselves.

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(From Stjarnagardr, my Saturday Campaign)

The game went pretty well, all-in-all. The party arrived at the city to where they heading, and dropped off the little boy that they had rescued. His cousin, a Half-Orc butcher woman, thanked the Ratfolk Monk and Kobold Warder who dropped him off, wishing them luck in their journey, and giving them a gift; five pounds worth of dried meat of a Bullette.

The party's Skald spent some time drinking at a bar with the group's pet NPC Orc-Bloodline Hobgoblin Sorcerer... followed by a storytelling performance to the bar's patrons.

The player of the albino teenage Rogue failed to show up for the second weekend in a row, this time without any notice. I'm probably going to ask her not to come back next time. She's been absent quite a lot.

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Fuck right off with the drama, please, thank you, die in a ditch.

>> No.54631717

What can you do with Mythic to make your enemies more likely to fail their saves, anyway? All I see is Mythic Spell Focus/Mythic Elemental Focus and the Archmage and Hierophant capstones.

>> No.54631721

Can I get a bit of excitement from you people at knowing the first AP for Starfinder is a galaxy-romp against Corporate Zombies and Hole Worshipers?

>> No.54631747


>corporate zombies
You mean a generic fleet of space undead.

>hole worshipers
You mean the cult of fake-Rovagug.

The BBEG will be a tzitzimitl from Eox.

>> No.54631755

>Defending the guy who decided to rape a critical NPC and then ghosted to destroy a game

>> No.54631766


A pity about the recurring absentee. Does the party have their next move planned? Do you have something in mind that you can share?

>> No.54631768

No, I just don't see the goddamn point in bringing up needless, stupid drama about stupid namefags doing stupid things.

>> No.54631779

Is this a meme game? Do you even plan on running this?

>> No.54631781

>You mean a generic fleet of space undead.
That's what the Corporate Zombies are? Because they're an Undead civilization obsessed with making a dollar?

>You mean the cult of fake-Rovagug
No, I mean HOLE WORSHIPERS, you jerk!

>> No.54631825


Yeah, it seems like it could be fun.

>> No.54631835

I've always wondered, FennecAnon... Do you actually own a Fennec Fox?

>> No.54631857


The party plans to investigate the old abandoned military outpost where they think the bandits are holed up.
They also have to deliver a missive to the local Lord in order to get their friend's son legitimized.

I have plans for them, and I think they might suspect what I have in mind, but that's okay.

>> No.54631869

>starts 2 years from now
>will require payment to participate
>Return of the Jade Regent GM
I wonder.

>> No.54631887


Then this seems like the right kind of game to soften his angry heart.

>> No.54631959

>still no actual dogfolk
>all fucking wolves

I just want to be a good boy

>> No.54631961


I do not-they are considered ineligible as pets under state law.

>> No.54631964


Anyone ever played a Monster Trainer? Is it a pain getting it to work in a format that doesn't necessarily have the same monster list?

>> No.54631991

Why can't you refluff a Rougarou?

>> No.54631993


That's easy, anon. All you have to do is STAY OFF THE FUCKING FURNITURE.

>> No.54632000

Good boys don't hump the guests.

>> No.54632004

Well, uh, I guess I could actually.

>> No.54632038

problem fucking solved

>> No.54632047

>White-Haired Witch.
>only 1d4 damage with hair, up to 1d8 plus constrict if enlarged with improved natural attack.
>but hair constantly grows, reaching thirty feet at level twenty, thirty-five enlarged.

I'm almost certain this isn't the intention, but does this mean I can grapple someone, hoist him thirty feet in the air, and then drop him?

>> No.54632049

2hu suicide when?

faggot has taken autism to uncharted territory and needs to die before it has a chance to breed

>> No.54632050

What about blinklings from Bloodforge? They are very strong mechanically!

>> No.54632051


>> No.54632064

Why not all three running the campaign in a sort of Triumvirate?

>> No.54632075

Followup question, if I take combat reflexes, does that mean I can grapple up to my Dex in people coming up to punch me?

This oddly pleases me.

>> No.54632076

They also look nothing like that and are, in fact, scraggly dog-faced midgets.

>> No.54632085

What's 2hu doing this time?

>> No.54632092

Just make your character the prized hunting dog of a nobleman that gained sapience and a human form through feasting on the heart of a dragon, or something equally fantastical.

>> No.54632106

Still breathing.

>> No.54632108

>but hair constantly grows, reaching thirty feet at level twenty, thirty-five enlarged.
Actually, it does not. Hair has growth limits based on genetics; mine only reaches a foot long, a friend of mine has only reached half a foot at most, despite not cutting it for years, and the longest recorded hair length has been something to the tune of ten feet.

Admittedly, that's still ten feet, and doesn't account for magical hair growth supplements, but there it is.

>> No.54632127

He was talking about the class itself you... You... YOU...

>> No.54632142

Well, what about those Indian shaman guys who've never cut their hair?

>> No.54632145

Why not play a blinkling maid boy?

>> No.54632157

This is what refluffing is for. Or are you going to say I am not allowed to play a dwarf and say it's a drap/doraf from Granblue Fantasy?

Playing games. You can see them talking about it on both Discord servers.

>> No.54632168

If we're gonna talk about magic Christmasland scenarios, then we're going all in.

So we start with a Mythic 10 level 20 Wizard who knows Disintegrate, which deals 40d6 damage. Well, he took Mythic Improved Critical (Ray) to increase the crit mod of Disintegrate to x3 for 120d6 if it crits. But we're not going to bitch out with weak, plebian spell for non-Mythic casters, let's use Mythic Disintegrate which deals 3d6 instead. Now our crit looks like 180d6. That's good, but we can do better. Our wizard has prepared Intensified Mythic Disintegrate, so the damage cap is raised by an additional 5 CL (UMD some Karma Prayer Beads and get an Orange Prism Ioun stone to actually CAST at CL 25). That raises the damage to 75d6 or 225d6 on a crit. That's cool, but you know what I hate doing? Rolling 225 fucking dice. Let's make things simple by making our spell a Maximized Intensified Mythic Disintegrate. Now we're 1350 damage damage on a failed save. That would be a 10th level spell, but our wizard has a handy Intensifying Metamagic Rod, so that Intensify spell doesn't actually increase the level. But we can do MORE. You know how else a Mythic spellcaster can get metamagic without increasing spell level? Why, by spending a Mythic point for the normal version of their Mythic Metamagic Feat. So, our wizard gets to tack on Empower Spell for free, making the damage 1,350+112d6.

I'm pretty sure you just shit out enough damage to kill anything in the bestiary... So long as you can manage to get through their SR, anyway.

>> No.54632176

Because blinklings are ugly, dog-faced weirdoes whose parents had sex with a literal dog (admittedly that has passed the Harkness test, hopefully)

>> No.54632183

>Your mother literally took the knog

>> No.54632200

Good question! There is no real reason not to unless you want to play a class which mechanics aren't easily translated into being a maid (like being unarmored).

>> No.54632224

Mithral chain shirt under maid uniform.

>> No.54632247

Friendly reminder that Mithral chain shirts are form-fitting.

>> No.54632250

>not play a plate armored war maid
faggot nigger cunt

>> No.54632262

>does this mean I can grapple someone, hoist him thirty feet in the air, and then drop him
Yes but by RAW it still uses your Strength modifier for lifting

>Followup question, if I take combat reflexes, does that mean I can grapple up to my Dex in people coming up to punch me?

That isn't as clear, your maximum number of grapple targets is generally handled by the number of limbs you have and the hair could in theory be considered one "limb", and so can only grapple one target at a time. If you hold that to be true then it seems reasonable that the hair cannot make AoOs while grappling a target. Ultimately, consult your GM. Also keep in mind grappling something moves it adjacent to you.

>> No.54632285

Not as form fitting as Djezet Skin armor.

>> No.54632302

Being fair here, i'm mighty distracted.

>> No.54632305

What does it feel like to be this retarded?

>> No.54632308

Even more form-fitting than this? Gosh.

>> No.54632328

Get his cock out of your ass and pay attention then.

>> No.54632331


Could there be merit in a blinkling maid boy gifted blade/psychic armory/war soul?

>> No.54632342

Not as form fitting as Astral/Psychoactive Skin.

>> No.54632344

Not nearly as form fitting as Mithral Fusing Full Plate.

>> No.54632359

No, there is no merit.

>> No.54632362

would mean they could always have the right maid/butler-ly tool available. Feather duster, towel, dinner plates, cooking utensils...cuffs, ball gags, ect~

>> No.54632391

Depends on if they keep their plug in, like master told them to.

>> No.54632419

inner-diameter vernier, pipe-wrench, diamond-file, riveter...

That one bladeskill is handy as fuck.

>> No.54632448

Hey, looks like IDrive's already finished his character. Why don't we tear it apart?

>> No.54632452

>DM proposes a starfinder campaign in the near future
>I'm apprehensive about the new races so I want to go with human
>DM says in her lore, humans worship Iomedae as the god empress of humanity
>she got that idea from 4chan

Alright fess up, which of you motherfuckers fed her this nonsense?

>> No.54632465

I don't think anyone stated that as fact per se, but I remember a couple of people talking about something like that a week or two ago.

>> No.54632476

To be fair, a racist, bigot with a massive ego for a god is fitting for humans.

And also, Paizo might as well have implied it, since they're pretty SJW.

>> No.54632491

>"We're a progressive company! Our regressive, facist, racist, totalitarian dictator-deity is a woman!"

Pottery paizo. Pure pottery

>> No.54632517

Not for the White-Haired Witch.

>> No.54632525

>why don't we
Because nobody cares.

>> No.54632535

That is literally true tho. Iomedae is the Godess of Humanity in Starfinder.

>> No.54632557

After what that motherfucker did to games and this general? We should care, he's worse than 2hufag!

>> No.54632572

Nobody cares about 2hu either.

>> No.54632577

Sup /pfg/
Any of you guys interested in ripping apart some homebrew classes I'm working on?

4 homebrew classes to be exact.

>> No.54632586

Dude I can tell you where he lives since you want to go suck his cock so badly.

>> No.54632590


>> No.54632595

This anon.
I like this anon.

>> No.54632617

Go away, Vult.

>> No.54632618

Is "mad science" more fitting for Pathfinder or Starfinder? You know, like the whole "Frankenstein's Monster" thing.

I would be but I feel like complete shit right now because of a migraine. These painkillers and water can't help fast enough.

>> No.54632627

God damn it, I forgot the picture.

>> No.54632657

Go away Witch Hunter, you're the worst person in this thread.

>> No.54632658

I'd say it's more a traditional fantasy trope. The sci-fi equivalent would be self-aware AI like Melfina or Cortana.

You could play a promethian/flesh golem in spelljammer or something.

>> No.54632677

I'm not as bad as IDrive! I've never pump and dumped a campaign after ruining it and kill off multiple PCs/raping every NPC!

>> No.54632688

I'm not Vult. I'm actually Heraldryfag anon. The guy who used to make insignias, coat of arms, etc for fellow players in /pgg/. I even got a bit of fame for making a few for Gareth.

That's fine. Can I just drop them here for later?

>> No.54632690

No, you just think that you have a personal army, and that people actually give a shit about your samefagging, lying, discord-leaking, rumormongering ass.

Fuck off already.

>> No.54632706

>"This fish I caught was THIS BIG"

>> No.54632724

Yeah, sure. If I stop feeling like shit sometime in the next few hours, I'll look over them for you.

Oh, I remember you. That stuff was cool.

>> No.54632767

I-drive raped one NPC and killed another, derailing the campaign, not what you did, calm down.

>> No.54632783

: D

>> No.54632795 [DELETED] 


>> No.54632828


Whats old is new again, eh?

>> No.54632839

Thanks a lot.

Brief summary and a link then.

First is the Avatar class. A Divine Elemental Barbarian class. His role versatility is based around the element he embodies.

Second is the Empyreus class. A support and debuff class with some good abilities to support allies.

Third is the Geomancer class. A battlefield controller and mobile skirmisher with a lot of movement options, and can get bonus area manipulation spells through his Geomancy.

Fourth is the Mimick class. Think of it as a culmination of several Final Fantasy Blue Mage ideas slapped together.

>> No.54632860

Yep. Witchhunting season's started again. Remember to report and ignore.

>> No.54632872


That's a name I haven't heard from in a long time.

>> No.54632925

Cute maids are lovely for binding, especially when it's to better serve their masters.
Or of course, they could use those implements on any plucky potential thieves, setting them up for a good punishment.

>> No.54632952


No, you'd just shit up a threat rambling about someone.

>> No.54632956

I just made this shoop, but I can't seem to think of a funny caption for it.

>> No.54633026

mad science fits pathfinder more in its classical meanings.


an exploration of what mad science is/becomes in an already futuristic setting is worth a hell of a look.

>> No.54633088

I'm sure we're going to see a lot of Lamashtu inspired Corporations running around. Rain Poncho Inc., Waylaid Yetnani Holdings, and a whole bunch of others.

>Of Absalom Station
I think you did enough. We do have to remember that she misplaced an entire planet and covered it up. At this point, Hylax seems more competent.

>> No.54633101

"She fucked a dragon" in tiny, tiny text, like just a little whisper.

What do you think it would become? I assumed it would have been fazed out, especially since it usually refers specifically to the flesh-stitching, "Frankenstein" sort of stuff which you really don't need to bother with in Golarion since Necromancy magic exists.

>> No.54633128

>and covered with matches of dust

What did he mean by this?

>> No.54633162

>IDrive reappears
>Rory's Witch Hunter anon shows back up

Is this a shonen anime rivalry for the ages

>> No.54633177

Like another user above posted, you're going to get a lot of weirder, more cybernetic creatures. Everything from Adam Jensen augmentations to the Borg.

Plus, imagine what it means to character creation. Having to reroll at higher levels means you can start up way more decked out than most normal PCs would. Someone pulled out of a testing vat that becomes a new PC with organic jetpacks and no need to breathe in space is going to feel differently than some Envoy trying to get Space!Tube hits.

>> No.54633189

They're one and the same, man! It can't be a coincidence!

>captcha: mexico for sale

>> No.54633196

Is Rory /ourguy/?

>> No.54633209

Fuck no.

>> No.54633218

Sniper rogue: shortbow or crossbow?

>> No.54633246

Depends on if your GM has given proper AP and damage.

>> No.54633256

horn bow

>> No.54633261

*given crossbows.

I'm going to sleep. Night losers.

>> No.54633283

.... all hope for the future is lost now.

Thanks, Obamanon.

>> No.54633332

>not distance longbow

>> No.54633340

So, question.

Is there a template or reference one can use to stat an undead that isn't... all there? Like, for instance, a Zombie that only has the upper torso?

>> No.54633380

Wait Vigilante is a class?!? I thought it was an inquisitor archetype and/or hybrid class.

Can someone give me the TLRD?

>> No.54633383

some third-party publishers have rules for losing arms and legs. Alternatively, you can permanently apply called shot penalties to the limb, depending on the degree of destruction

>> No.54633392

Just drop their size category by one (but let them wield weapons/deal natural attack damage as a creature of their original size), and reduce their land speed to 10 ft.

>> No.54633464

I'm more thinking about the ramifications of creating undead that just never had those limbs in the first place.

>> No.54633472

You're welcome Anon! I'm off to make sure all the little rodentfolk get healthcare and I'm going to rewrite history for the benefit of the Iomedae anon.

Humans are actually the escaped pets of a Precursor race. Absolam Station is just a glorified hamster cage IN SPACE. Iomedae just got there first and called dibs.

>> No.54633480

Longbow wouldn't be much good with this spread.
>8 STR
>18 DEX
>8 CON
>16 INT
>10 WIS
>14 CHA

>> No.54633496

You have inspired me anon. I'm going to make a version that's with her having small "my feet hurt" type thoughts floating around. Basically something like pic related

Almost done, just need maybe a few more random thoughts for her to have, anyone have ideas? So far I already got trumpets, aroden-senpai, Milani, joke about Lashunta, the obligatory hashtag, Apsu cock, dragon son, and a few other ones. Can anyonethink of some other funny pointless thoughts

>> No.54633515

Imagine the Rogue had a baby with the Fighter and somehow the child wasn't disabled.

>> No.54633519

>16 int
>14 cha

what the fuck?

>> No.54633537

Nothing is going to do you much good with that spread, unless your GM softballs, or you happen to be undead.

>> No.54633541

Fair enough. Consider getting Kirin Strike though. If you're sniping you're probably not going to make multiple attacks per round, so getting +Int to damage isn't bad.

>> No.54633549

Do the casting manifestations of spells continue if a spell with a concentration duration is being maintained or can the casual observer not tell if something magical is still going on after the action that casts it?

>> No.54633618

I'd just buy a gun and hoep for the best. Unless you are playing an Int- initiator, having that kind of spread dashes any hope of a decent martial

>> No.54633619

That may have been partially my fault. 20-point buy, all of us had to fill a role (because we were always missing something), I chose skill monkey/ranged harasser. So it may have been me trying to fill too many roles (wrench, sniper, slightly better face than the rest of the party), hence the weird setup. My DM said it was fine.

>> No.54633647

I would say concentration doesn't leave any manifestations, except perhaps if the caster in question is being observed with something like Arcane Sight. But I don't think there is an official answer.

>> No.54633657

I fucking wish. Gunslinger is my favorite class. Unfortunately the only campaign we had that actual guns was a Final Fantasy VIII campaign. It was pretty fun. Beyond that, medieval stasis for everyone.

>> No.54633661

You're a fucking idiot

You could roll a Questioner Investigator and use only INT for ALL skills (thanks to traits and the Orator feat)

You could roll a Hexcrafter Eldritch Archer Magus and be party crafter and bookworm

>> No.54633689

This good? Or is it too much? Probably should have left the original well alone.

Man, why don't we get more funny PF/Golarion images and shoops?

>> No.54633704

are any of the vigilante archetypes worth a damn, or fit into niche builds?

>> No.54633711

That would require more people here other than BC to be creative.

>> No.54633720

The best part is I just learned that we're doing a dragon campaign instead because the other players changed their votes. Apparently that might be for the best.

>> No.54633732

It's just.. Low con. That's pretty much a required stat unless your GM softballs combat, or you've got some absolute beasts carrying you.

That said, if either of those things are true, have fun. Pick whichever you want thematically, because either combat will be easy enough you can be the big hero anyway, or combat is the other person's time to shine.

>> No.54633733

Like, you guys are the dragons or you're going to be fighting dragons?

Or both?

>> No.54633753

Oh well.
I guess the next time someone needs a crappy MSPaint/Powerpoint shop, just ask. If I'm around, hopefully I may see the post and be bored enough to make one.

Also, as a gift to everyone,please take this explotable head reference of everyone's favorite neurotic God-Empress

>> No.54633760

When you try and build a better rogue it always better to be a bard. Dance and throw nets

>> No.54633785

My DM doesn't softball, but I do my damndest to stay out of combat and "support" when I need to. I rarely die, but when I die, I die hard. So I usually work off the second assumption.

We be dragons (I'm going brass), but I wouldn't be surprised if we're fighting other dragons.

>> No.54633833

>Silver hussy

>tfw you will never bone a Silver dragon waifu

>> No.54633863

What species are you limited to? Personally if I had the opportunity to BE a dragon I'd pick one of the Outer variants, but that's just me.

>> No.54633871

Peace Through Vigilance pls, its way past your bedtime

>> No.54633888

But she's so cuuuuuute! She knows all sorts of cool, popular humanoids!

>> No.54633901

I'd apply, desu

>> No.54633924

One of the players is going for solar, but I'm sticking with brass because I like going old-school every now and then. Apparently half the part is evil of one kind or another, so this is not going to end well.

>> No.54633939

>Personally if I had the opportunity to BE a dragon I'd pick one of the Outer variants

Are there any Dragon types that can actually convert their breath attack into a beam weapon? You know, like Godzilla or Midir.

>> No.54633941

Hey, it's Ok dude. Mistakes happen.

I just had this joke exchange with a teammate.

>infiltrate a compound.
>sneak up on a guy.
>extend hair over the rafters, then down behind him.
>grapple him, then reposition upwards.
>shorthang the fucker.

>> No.54633971

Thanks; that was also my take on it.

>> No.54633974

I am now in one of the most bizarre situations I have ever been in in a Pathfinder game.

This game has been set in Minkai all campaign. My character is Minkaian. My character is now in Oppara, and is accompanying two Minkaian yōkai kitsune who prefer to bare their vulpine ears and tail.

My character and the two kitsune have visited a newly-constructed "shopping mall," which is, for all intents and purposes, is a modern shopping mall. However, this seems to be a shopping mall catering exclusively to weeaboos, with mangled reproductions of kimonos, katanas, ramen, and the like.

The three characters have entered the food court, whereupon a gaggle of two dozen kimono-clad Taldans have collectively squeed, yelled about touching fluffy tails, and moved to swarm the two kitsune.

We are now in initiative, and my character is doing their best to defend the kitsune from screeching, tail-pulling weeaboos.

The weeaboos are circling the characters by entering and exiting stores, and the GM is using a real-life shopping mall floorplan. It is intensely amusing in its own way.

What surreal situations have you been in recently?

>> No.54633983

>joke exchange with a friend

Yeah, I'm going to bed now, this all-nighter is making me say things.

Good dreams, guys.

>> No.54634000

Sleep tight, kitten!

>> No.54634015

I'm not an expert but I think the closest you can get to that is breathing in a line instead of a cone. I don't know which dragons can do that but I know a few breath in lines instead of cones.

>> No.54634018

>point buy
>having that inexcusable of a stat spread
Just why anon?

>> No.54634030

The closest you're going to get is fire-based Line attacks, which I think is what the Godzilla-like monsters in the bestiary have.

>> No.54634138

Of particular note are Prism Dragons, which have a 20d6 Fire-damage Line attack described as a "scintillating line of pure light" which sounds an awful lot like a laser to me.

>> No.54634148

Sorry to break your heart after all the wrong answers, but no. Grappling someone does not allow you to lift them unless you are also moving up yourself. If you can fly, you can gradually fly up while grappling until a height of your choosing, and then drop them from there. The long hair does not let you elevate people beyond actions mentioned in the Grapple combat maneuver. Constrict offers no additional utility, either.

>> No.54634168

In all seriousness, I think you people give 2hu way too much grief about this stuff. Sure, he's a bit unconventional, but he seems competent enough. I don't understand the flak at all.

>> No.54634182

>mfw this is basically the concept behind a game I'm in
>FT9 has been enjoyable so far

>> No.54634203

Why is it always the damn Lamashtan corporations? Why does no one want to make a plot about an Urgathoan Corp making Space bioweapons in the form of futuristic magitech superplagues? That sounds delightful!

>> No.54634233

Have any of you actually tried co-DMing? How did it go? Would you try it again?
If you've never tried it before, are you interested in giving it a shot? Why or why not?

>> No.54634238

It's not competent if you can't GM worth a damn.

>> No.54634241

Well, last week in reign of winter, we got ambushed by a tank of all things. The sorcerer spent all of her hero points to avoid being turned into mist from a natural 20 tank shot, the alchemist and cleric shrunk down to fine to avoid being murderfucked, the kineticist was still unconscious after failing to drink a Russian POW under the table, leaving me, an enlarged monk effectively alone to take on said tank.

I recently remembered that the monk can teleport as a move action, and after physically threatening the alchemist into providing the serum, I teleported two-hundred feet above the tank, chugged the elixer of Iron Body in midair, and bodyslammed a fucking tank while weighing close to three imperial tonnes.

[Spoiler]There were no survivors.[/spoiler]

>> No.54634245

FT9, anon?

>> No.54634258

DHB is the key to my heart and my lust for his cookies grows tenfold with each passing day

>> No.54634269

Volo Fluffy Tails, anon.

>> No.54634278

If you're worried about optimization you should have gone middle age.

>> No.54634283

Admittedly didn't get as much attention as the previous fluffygames, but that's probably a good thing

>> No.54634292 [DELETED] 

Is this an AP?

>> No.54634297

There are lots of other creative people, though. Think of all the homebrewers, Anon!

>> No.54634307

>mfw looking through old character sheets from games long since kill
>mfw see a level 7 character with an amazing 16 AC at level 7
>mfw it's an investigator whose only magic item at that point in the game is an adamantine +1 construct bane dagger

Adamantine tax must have been a hell of a drug in Iron Gods.

>> No.54634308

>Reign of Winter

Wait. What?

>> No.54634321

Oh shit, a fluffy tails game actually ran?
And someone's doing a cute bondage inclined psyarm meido for it?
That's awesome.

>> No.54634328

It takes a DM that isn't an imbecile offering to run a game. Don't pretend these latest specimens even approach Protagonist's intellect, thoughtfulness, charm, and manful vigor.

>> No.54634331

What's a yokai kitsune? They have the Ghost template?

>> No.54634332

My lust grows twentyfold.

>> No.54634346

How bad are they at keeping them contained?

Lamashtu cults in those corporations obviously don't follow proper safety procedures. They're just asking to be released on the PC's.

>> No.54634352


Never Forget

>> No.54634357

Ehhh.... one of the characters is a creation-focused spherescaster who has been fighting by dropping steel cages on people out of nowhere. We've captured two invading assassins with this method.

One had its liver eaten

The other is in the fungeon

>> No.54634371

Well that sucks. Can I at least try to throw them, or drown them with a [spoilers]bucket?[/spoilers]

Spoilers, but at the tail end of RoW, you [spoilers]go to Russia to murder Rasputin. We fought a bunch of Russians after getting teleported into a camp, tried to interrogate one of the survivors and failed miserably, and the session ended with the DM sucker punching us with a fucking tank getting the drop on us.[/spoilers]

>> No.54634377

I'm one of those homebrewers anon (even if it was mostly only for my own campaign), and let me tell you the kind of creativity needed for something like that has nothing to do with artistic talent.

One of the later books brings you to WWII

>> No.54634380

Huge spoiler there dude. The tag line "Rasputin Must Die" is what it says on the can.

>> No.54634391

>can't into spoilers
Oh go fuck yourself, What am I doing wrong here?

>> No.54634392

Elaborate on this...

>> No.54634393

No offense to you anon, but sometimes I forget that not everybody in these threads has been hear long enough to know everything. It's refreshing, honestly, since it means new people join in the conversations.

>> No.54634404

The Devil is a liar

>> No.54634407

If you're on PC just hit ctrl-s and that'll make it work just fine.

>> No.54634408

Spoiler singular

>> No.54634409

, not [spoilers]

>> No.54634422

That's actually a pretty great solution to that problem.

You could say you got a little Savage.

>> No.54634424

[ spoiler ] without the spaces

>> No.54634435

Can you GM worth a damn? Unless you've got some proof, you might just want to sit down and shut the hell up, Anon.

>> No.54634455

Anon, you don't understand. Urgathoan scientists can make literal zombie diseases. They can go full-Umbrella on some planets!

>> No.54634458

What else but a fun dungeon?

It's also currently a secret from the master of the house, so we're taking the time to train her to be a very good maid.

>> No.54634465

Get your dick out of your mouth Protag.

>> No.54634473

Why contain it?

>> No.54634475

2hu cannot GM worth a damn.

>> No.54634476

So just the one. Got it. [Spoiler]Thank you.

>> No.54634491

>tfw you will never plow Kyras' virginal booty

>> No.54634492

Yeah, I'm going to try and sleep now.

>> No.54634507

it's case-sensitive anon
sleep tight

>> No.54634510

If you take ability damage while casting, do you have to make a concentration check?

>> No.54634532


Good night, you silly little goober.

>> No.54634545

Stop capitalizing it

>> No.54634552


>> No.54634589

A hard one yes. Even while concentrating.

>> No.54634594

I need a little more, Anon. Just how organized is this group?

>> No.54634618

Training is quite lovely indeed, though I'm sure the master would probably enjoy knowing about such a fun place.
Both to play with anyone in the dungeon, and maybe to punish any maids that need it~

good, that's a first
And now end it with an uncapitalized [ / spoiler ]

>> No.54634624

If sleep hasn't claimed you yet:


>> No.54634643

>Space super plague
>Could wipe out a planet
That would be so nice right about now.

>> No.54634651

I've never actually played the class nor read that much into it, but the Magical Child archetype gives UC Summoner-level spellcasting to a class that normally has none.

>> No.54634659

I thought that little bit of trolling was sweet, back when I first read it. I think I'm slowly coming around to the author's original vision.

>> No.54634678

>You will never court Kyras on a midsummer's eve, amidst the fireflies and croaking toads

>> No.54634681


The problem with that is that the UC Summoner spell list is designed for a pet class, and the Magical Child pet isn't much to write home about-unless they opt for the Mauler Familiar/Familiar Vigilante form loophole.

>> No.54634683


How do I Wesker in Starfinder?

>> No.54634694

It's on the phone, hence my idiocy/problems. And this is two days of insomnia now, I think I'm dying.

>> No.54634716

So on the grand scale of things, what would /pfg/ think of a Kineticist archetype that:

Kineticists gain Combat Stamina feat
>Burn is now changed to a cost from your Stamina pool
>Everything that adds burn decreases the pool.
>Gather Power/Supercharge lower the cost
>Infusion specialization/Composite specialization/Metakinesis master all lower cost
>Internal buffer is a pool that allows you to bypass your turn by turn spending limit
>Elemental Overflow kicks in when you spend points ie. spend 3 points at level 6 for the lowest form to spend 7 points to gain highest benefits
>Burn costs for talents that last durations of time keep the pool lessened for their duration

This archetype would also specify that it stacks with other Kineticist archetypes with the specification that any ability calling for an addition of burn, is instead a reduction from the stamina pool.

>> No.54634719

They haphazardly build secret labs with abysmal security and safeguards in place, and then deny responsibility when their super diseases create legions of undead and monsters.

>> No.54634725




>> No.54634742

Leaks when??

>> No.54634745

Genetic modification and cybernetic enhancement are canon.

>> No.54634761

>Sleep will never claim me

I didn't need this pain...

>> No.54634773

It would take some real skill for him to have accomplished that in the first place!

>> No.54634783


After a harrowing encounter involving weeaboos breaking down illusions, surrounding us, throwing genuine smoke bombs, and revealing one of themselves to be a portly fellow who had styled his neckbeard into some sort of fu manchu (the wrong culture), we had escaped.

The GM declared the encounter over, but then ominously informed me that the weeaboos had been set to the hidden layer; their tokens had not been removed. "They cannot be destroyed," said the GM.

The scenario has since evolved into a side quest wherein we have discovered that for the past few months and counting, Taldor has been gripped in weeaboo fever. It is now up to two foxes and a tiefling to cure Taldor of its Orientalism.

The current quest involves reinfiltrating the mall teeming with weeaboos and making it to the last remaining stronghold of Taldan fashion in Oppara: the store known only as "the Gap."

>> No.54634784

Color me interested Anon. Might make a fun Antagonist.

Or Protagonist

>> No.54634789

Yeah, not gonna lie, I'd have even more respect for the guy.

>> No.54634812

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is this. The only way you could even deign to design a campaign of such splendor that all of /pfg/ cries out in ecstasy you must have a solid head on your shoulders and the wisdom to wield it. This means not running an AP, not running an explicit "lewd" campaign and most certainly not running something that has hyper-generic art and only a single paragraph of backstory and/or lore.

>> No.54634823



>> No.54634825

But even if you fulfill all of these, people will find something to accuse you of.

>> No.54634835


Why are you being so aggressive? I was hyping the fact we can go Biological or Synthetic!

>> No.54634843

Truly, there are few surprises to be had in the present compilation of roll20 campaigns. For it is well-known that campaigns are written not for quality of prose or verisimilitude, but for squandering a prodigious amount of precious hours ponderously promoting ones own creation in the relative safety afforded by the far side of the screen of a computing device. Though, lest we be mistaken, one must recall the myriad of seedy DMs, for whom there is no greater goal than to perform debased and lascivious acts, with those blessed few capable of complying with their carnal commands; for they too engage in that all too familiar, yet repulsive and odious, practice. If I were to make an assertion, I would state that the progenitors of these pedestrian works likely enjoy relationships of the... Hellenic persuasion.

>> No.54634852

because people going 'HOW DO I MAKE X IN STARFINDER' are as bad of cancer as 'STAT ME /PFG/' posters.

>> No.54634859

goddamnit protag.

>> No.54634864

Listen here you little shit. I know you know where the fucking scans are, so give me the fucking books, alright?

>> No.54634876

Where did you pick up all these pretty words and the ability to put them in such an aesthetically pleasing order.

>> No.54634880

I don't even know why I play anymore.

>> No.54634885

Fuck off with your purple prose.

>> No.54634905

That's copypasta written by Disk ironically as a response to accusations that he used too much purple prose.

>> No.54634910


>> No.54634917

You seem bitter. Did your campaign get passed up, or ditched due to verbosity?

>> No.54634924

Stat me /pfg/

>> No.54634929

>mfw sometimes I dream of playing a mute character, or one incapable of realistically communicating with the party, because I'm good at writing everything but dialogue

>> No.54634932

He DOES use too much purple prose. He thinks he's writing a fucking novel instead of an RPG character.

>> No.54634947

Disk is a fucking treasure, you dumb fuck. Just because you're an illiterate poltroon doesn't mean everyone has to conform to your pisspoor example, m8

>> No.54634960

Good copypasta, brah. Now let's talk about our favorite LN dick-delivery systems.

>> No.54634961


But anon, dialogue is easy. Look, we're doing it even now.

>> No.54634966

hi Disk

>> No.54634968

Hello Disk.

>> No.54634969

forgot the image lol

>> No.54634971

Oi, lissen 'ere ya fookin' cunt. I'll break yer mum's fookin' 'ead, mate.

>> No.54634978

>yokai Kitsune
How does that work?

>> No.54634979

/pfg/ what do you do when you need to cheer yourself up

>> No.54634983

Leave /pfg/.

>> No.54634985

Kyras, because he's a hopeless dork.

>> No.54634990


See? Just like that. Nothing to it.

>> No.54634992

He writes a lot but he doesn't write purple, not that I can recall anyway. 13 PAGES was ridiculous, but I can kinda understand it when you are writing for the guy who reads and reviews apps all the time for fun (and because he likes helping people).

Also, in general, if someone is shilling an identity this hard
It is probably some random anon doing it specifically to stir up shit by making it look like the identity is self shilling, but with the exact opposite intentions (to make them look bad).

>> No.54635011

rofl hi disk

>> No.54635018

Who are your favorite apps for Fiends and Intrigue?

>> No.54635028

Drink, desu

>> No.54635030

Kyras is up there. To be honest, I'm not sure what my favorite is.

>Captcha: tarzan linton

>> No.54635050

Titanfal 2 multiplayer is pretty good. Even though I'm a console fag (the controls work decently well though, even with a controller) it's got really low TTK and hitscan weapons are dominant, I still enjoy picking up one of the shitty projectile weapons like the Mastiff, EPG, and Cold War just to try and do well in them.

fuck now I'm realizing I'm one of THOSE fags that picks really suboptimal choices in games because they look really fun. Like pre-buff Scorch or playing a Mesmerist in Iron Gods

>> No.54635080

Yeah, but that dialogue is anon-on-anon, not character-on-character!

>> No.54635082

i'll slash yer gabber, mate

>> No.54635092

I did. It didn't help.

>> No.54635094

I'll bash yer fookin ead in, I swear on me mum.

>> No.54635108

>> No.54635117

He needs to commit sudoku.

>> No.54635123

What do you like to talk about Anon?

Do you like D.C. Comics?

>> No.54635139

oh my god she's adorable

>> No.54635141

Well, who's YOUR favorite LN dick-delivery system?

>> No.54635143

PoW as fuck. Bushi Brutal Slayer Stalker, maybe

>> No.54635146

I've got a few anthologies. Somehow the introduction of Mr. Mxyzptlk was always my favorite as a kid.

>> No.54635150

But he's not from Minkai!

>> No.54635156

Fuck you, he's adorable

>> No.54635159

I love it, she's so cute! C U T E!

>> No.54635169

/pfg/ is bad civilization

>> No.54635171

disk please kill yourself

>> No.54635172

>Every thread it's the same old song and dance, bitching about Disk or Sleep or Vult

Why can't you guys find someone new to pick on?

>> No.54635177

Those three bring it on themselves.

>> No.54635197

I'd argue worse.

The latter can actually result in some thought, provided it's not some literally who the poster refuses to elaborate on.

>> No.54635201

We haven't evwn started on Vult yet, Vult!

>> No.54635204


Alright, let's pick on gnolls. Stupid gnolls and their stupid gnoll faces.

>> No.54635210

If the pool can recover like stamina does, you now have an all-day supernova class once composite blast and AoE infusion come into play.
Not to mention Stamina is BaB +Con-mod, way higher than Burn's 3+Con-mod.

>> No.54635214

i mean its basically a 'stat me' post, but worse because its for a completely different system that we know nothing about

>> No.54635220

The only thing I hate more than gnolls are gnoll sympathizers, I fucking despise collaborators.

>> No.54635231

Read the Grant Morrison run on Action Comics. It does some really interesting 5th Dimensional plot.

>> No.54635236

I don't like SwimmingEagle making threads that were BORN TO DIE.

>> No.54635237

Good, maybe you can help me with some world building stuff I was thinking of using for Starfinder.

The Justice League is composed of Monsters.

Basically, what if all the super heroes were monstrous in appearance. Do you think you'd play a monstrous creature that was trying to do the right thing in Metropolis? Even if you had rolled to be an 8ft tall bug person? Would the world react differently if the Amazons were just Gorgons and Medusae who hijacked the name?

>> No.54635238

Part of me hates lewdposting.

The other part of me wants to play in a session that's basically "Toriko but with waifus instead of eating".

>> No.54635260

Why would you even bitch about Sleep? He's harmless.

>> No.54635274

At least one does.

>> No.54635286

Use Mythic Severance to make them unable to use their mythic power at all, Steal Glory to steal mythic power from them, the base ability Force of Will to reroll failed attack rolls or failed caster level checks.

The number of ways to counter mythic spells is higher than the number of ways to force the spells through on purpose.

>> No.54635287

Disk antagonizes the thread intentionally, Vult antagonizes the thread because he's stupid. Sleep is innocent and fucked off when people got tired of Kyrasposting.

>> No.54635295

Moe tieflings were the worst mistake of all /pfg/ has ever done.

>> No.54635299

Think about the person that I love the most; act out fantasy adventures in my head; distract myself with an activity that requires my complete focus like a complex game; things that alter brain chemistry e.g. sexy time/exercise/drugs.

Alternatively you can forsake all want and try to reach enlightenment.

>> No.54635311

I'm pretty sure literal rapegame was the worst mistake of all /pfg/ has ever done, bruv

>> No.54635325

yeah and drinking and crying about his daddy problems on 4chan was the worst mistake Gareth ever made.

>> No.54635330

And pray they don't have Mythic Deflect Arrows, the Spell Block guardian ability, or Mythic Spell Reflection, because if they do there's an excellent chance you disintegrated yourself.

>> No.54635376


>> No.54635390

Tieflings are lovely, though!

>> No.54635396

I'll try and get hold of it, thanks.

Hm...how monstrous does each hero have to be? Is it directly proportional to their powers? Are they all uniformly monstrous? Are any of them more human?

>> No.54635406

Even if they're not Mythic, Ray Shield would make for an entertainingly annoyed deific wizard.

Man that's an entertaining thought.

>> No.54635430

This nigga right here gets it.
Especially if their tails are very sensitive, and you manage to find some rope that contrasts good with their skin tone, as well as being nice and tight around their voluptuous bodies

>> No.54635436

Grab a random song from your music library. Make a character concept based on it, and then come up with the first foundations of a build for that character.

>> No.54635446

>music library

what year am I in?

>> No.54635475

I think even Apple calls it a library, don't they?

>> No.54635476

Yeah, I just don't know how much to push it.

So people with a ton of powers, such as Superman or Wonder Woman, have a real monstrous appearance. People with powers that can go real high, like the Flash, also have a stranger appearance. I just don't know how hard to push it, you know?

Humans like Cyborg still retain their human appearance though.

>> No.54635488

>using itunes

>> No.54635497

Why? What purpose does your gimmick serve? Is the only justification monster fetishism, or something deeper?

>> No.54635506

I don't know, I've been known to lust after a pretty aasimar or two.

>> No.54635507

D-don't people still give Apple money? I didn't hear about them collapsing...

>> No.54635515

What else do you call the music on whatever device you listen to?

>> No.54635517

Hm, maybe roll randomly for it?
Or try to match their monster form to their role on the League. Superman is a dragon, Batman probably either another dragon or a mind flayer or something equally prep-time-oriented, Wonder Woman can be something more physical but Charisma-based.

>> No.54635524

>giving apple money
only if you're a fucking normalfag
like you do know that like

pandora and spotify exist.

>> No.54635528


A pyrokineticist desperate to spice up her boring country life of lighting candles and being essentially a walking lantern.

>> No.54635530

I'm still disappointed with Sappy about that choice of art. I expected more from a Living Meme.

>> No.54635535

I don't know i just fucking go into pandora or spotify or turn on some fucking lofi hiphop chill shit.

>> No.54635542

Sappy is art carried in the extreme.

>> No.54635546

But you can't really get a random song from those...At best, you could make a really broad station on Pandora, and then skip once.

>> No.54635554

point being, I don't have a music library

>> No.54635558

Well, that art was terrible. Gaudy and needlessly provocative without adding to the aesthetic value of the piece. Shelyn could have been served so much better, even if it was all for some degenerate TuvGame anyway.

>> No.54635576

Sleep, go to bed.

>> No.54635594

Ironically that art was originally going to be used by Qari's player.

>> No.54635660

What's recruiting right now?

>> No.54635676

hey guys iron gods closes tomorrow



>> No.54635707

Okay, snowflake

>> No.54635714

New thread:


>> No.54635722

I'm always building a pdf that looks like this for my characters

>> No.54635734

Can't take the heat bitchboy Vult?

>> No.54635753

Where do you find decent male art? I only know where to get anime girls.

>> No.54635756

Yup, but Gareth learned his lesson and left unlike Vult.

>> No.54635794

Yep. It's running well so far. Definitely different from anything I've done, but it's super cute, and the players are great!

>> No.54635835

here's an interview with Jason Keeley and Owen KC Stephens about Starfinder.


>> No.54636054

Silver dragon waifu's are too ara ara and pure for this world.

>> No.54636172

Wait we chased off devs. again? goddamnit /pfg/

>> No.54636251

You should've stopped Vult when you had the chance, before he could desecrate the corpse of this General beyond repair.

It is too late now.

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