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Why aren't there female space marines? They supposedly spend long amounts of time away from civilization, and yet their all guys. Wouldn't they be able to replenish their ranks way easier if they had female space marines to reproduce with?

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There are none so they can't reproduce you mongoloid
Also: >Responding to shit bait

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That's exactly why there aren't female marines. The Emperor made them as disposable soldiers, not a replacement for humanity.

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Big e wants humans to become a race of souls like himself.

Space marines might be great, but Psykers are nuts

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Don't take the bait guys, OP knows the real reason he's just a shitposter.

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But their better than humanity. Why wouldn't the emperor encourage as many space marines as possible?

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The fact that the Emperor explicitly did not want Marines to be reproducing is the very reason why there are no female marines - in addition to the fact that the implantation process utilizes the male hormonal system and essentially cranks puberty up to 1000.

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Because Space Marines are designed to be killing machines with a vague degree of mental stability. They are not designed to be people.

The Emperor wanted to guide humanity and use Space Marines to increase the reach of the human race, not replace that race with Space Marines.

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But wouldn't they be tempered and more normal after a few generations?

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Fun fact: 40K started out as a wargame played exclusively by homosexuals back in the 80s. During the 90s, pedos began playing and keeping their status a secret so young boys would begin playing. There's a large underground 40k man-boy social scene going on right now. Pretty much everyone sucks dick.

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>But wouldn't they be tempered and more normal after a few generations?

...how much do you actually know about the Space Marine implantation process? Really?

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Back to /pol/ with your retarded conspiracy theories.

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Because anything women can do as far as war goes men can do better because chemistry and biology.

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Wait is this true?

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>Wait is this true?

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Not true, go back to stormfront

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I literally cannot fathom a sentient human being being either this stupid, or desiring to pretend to be this stupid. Why do you do it? What is so amusing about acting THIS mentally deranged and incompetent? Your queries are so asinine that all comical value in pretending is beyond lost.

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Go read some actual lore. And no, nothing written by Goto counts.

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To be honest, they probably would be. Reproducing Space Marines would probably be much like the progression of wolves into dogs, just much faster (or not, but time moves slowly in the 40th millennium).

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They are legit in the same warlike conditions every day.

If anything they are getting more unstable

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OP, Space Marines do not reproduce that way. Even if the Emperor were to invent gene-seed organs that work with female biology, the result would not be space marines that reproduce.

Space marines are modified humans, and the way they are modified is through the implantation of 18 additional organs into a young man in early puberty. The organs are genetically distinct from their human host, and are not inherited in offspring. They're more like symbiotic parasites. These parasites modify the young man's growth through puberty, and only work in males. A female would likely die, or at best her body would reject the organs. One of these organs prepares new "seed" versions of all the organs, to harvest and implant in a new generation.

Female space marines are both genetically impossible and strategically useless. They would not make space marine babies. They'd be more useful making more human babies than getting implanted with dangerous foreign objects (the failure rate among space marines is high).

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There already are female space marines, but you just can't tell them apart from the male ones.

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How does Stormfront have anything to do with that post?

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>women in power armor
I feel like GW already did this.

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this man speaks the truth

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With some exceptions like women having higher body fat naturally and smaller stature, which helps them withstand gravitational force better? Yeah, generally speaking men make way better soldiers and the idea behind Space Marines is to turbo-charge male puberty like >>54614144 said. The big things female puberty brings are not that useful in war.

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>if you let people use the bathroom it'll make all crimes legal!

retard alert

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>If you let people use the bathroom it will increase the chance of crime happening causing suffering for many people

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I think they're supposedly better suited to be submarine crew, but I can't recall the reasoning.

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I could see that being a thing. Shorter people are generally better at withstanding pressure of all kinds, I guess women are denser?

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>people cause crime
>ban all humans 2017 guis

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>it's totally not a ploy to get retards mad at a tiny minority guis
>serious it's not bait

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Space marines are sterile anyway

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This is why space marines shit and piss inside their armor and have the waste recycled by the suit's systems.

How many bathroom related crimes involve space marines? Zero. Checkmate SJWs.

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Space Marines can't reproduce.
That means that there's no reason why they can't exist, but it also means your reason why they should is stupid.

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No, you guys are literally just being sexist right now. Men only make better soldiers because historically women have been kept away from the battlefield.

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Oh, you're doing that bit.

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I sure don't going around demanding rights

If trannies want to go into opposite sex bathrooms, I want to be able to too

Because that will never happen, I think they should have to use the bathroom they are supposed to

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Female applicant graduation rate for newly opened infantry, infantry officer, and special forces courses says otherwise. Even sports remain segregated. You're ignoring blatantly obvious sexual dimorphism in favor of delusional political correctness. Women are perfectly capable of being frontline fighters, but not as commonly or to the extremes that men can.

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>baaw other people want the right to use public facilities!
>baaaaww people different than me exist

how about people just use the bathroom and shitheads like you mind their own business

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> Solution is diapers
> "Checkmate SJWs."
What does he mean by this.

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maybe he's into that kind of thing?

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Literally name any all-female armies in the history of ever that accomplished jack shit. Or any at all, really.

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They are legitimately MEN, who are asking society for their right to use the WOMANS restroom.

I really feel like I would do great in the female advents at the Olympics, maybe I should demand that I participate

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>Waaah people don't want drugged-up freaks molesting physically inferior women in the bathroom

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The graduation rate is largely skewed against women because the military is a boy's club. Women can be just as strong or enduring as men, and female space marines not existing is mostly sexism on the part of GW.

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The process for producing space marines actually centers around the implantation of artificial organs with their own DNA and doesn't really alter the DNA of the hosts. So sexual reproduction of space marines as is simply wouldn't work, you'd have to design a completely new type of space marine. As to why they were designed like that in the first place only the Emperor know. Literally, he designed them that way.

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>being this buttplastered about where people pee

Must be nice being so retarded, I bet you don't have a care in the world other than obsessing about people shitting and pissing

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Guilliman is living proof that space marines can be built differently and better.

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The Sisters of Battle/Silence are the female space marines (models not fluff). If they ever started selling well GW would trip over themselves leaping for the precious $$ and create models/rules/fluff for the Femarines and Primarch Caitlyn Frank-N-Furter.

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he's a primarch, nigga. He IS different and better

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Even though Obama himself presided over the female rangers graduation

Yeah right

If females were as physically capable as males they wouldn't have lower physical standards and abysmal graduation rates period.

The vast majority of male body builders are far stronger than the photo you posted to boot and that's not even considering she's hopped up on MALE hormone supplements

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>something that's never happened might happen!
>I better fearmonger about a tiny minority to make my dick feel big

So you failed at calling gays pedo and now you're trying the same trick with trannies? Yeah brilliant scare tactics alt-shithead

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I know this is bait.

Why are there different events for men and women at the Olympics? Why do female athletic record holders not hold a candle to the mens records?

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Rape is legiment concern with same-sex restrooms.

Imagine it in a world where you can use whatever restroom you want to, it would be nightmarish.

We should just make all unisex restrooms, at least people will be used to it

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Guilliman is not a Space Marine. He is a Primarch. Primarchs are grown from birth and are completely different organisms from humans, while Space Marines are manufactured using base humans.

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No, I'm saying that he designed Primaris Marines, showing that Space Marines are malleable, and designing a completely new type of space marine is nowhere near as hard as you seem to think it is.

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Alongside Belisarius Cawl, a guy who's been around for 10,000 years, and even then they only improved on the formula as far as we know. I don't see how it's relevant to femarines.

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Crawl designed them not him.

And the emperor must have had reasons for not using primaris marines.

Keep in mind that marines have been in fairly successful for about 20 thousand years, whereas primaris have seen about 100 years of combat

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They're not a completely new type of Space Marine, they're an improvement to an already existing formula of how to create a Space Marine.

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The Emperor's reason for not using Primaris Marines are because he got killed by Horus

The Emperor's reason for not using female Space Marines is because GW was sexist, because it was the 80's and everyone was back then.

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Not entirely.

The emperor is the smartest human in the history of mankind, and has a specialty in biology

If anything he found a pathway for making marines bigger, which the emperor choose not to use for "reasons"

Those "reasons" might be pretty bad, as we have yet to discover due to their 100 years of service.

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> Believing most rapes take place in public restrooms
> A guy on 4chan pretending to care about rape
Come on. I bet you masturbte to mindbreak on hentai haven regularly.

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Basically Cawl figured out that you could put japapenos on hamburgers for extra spice and found it fantastic - only issue is that he hasn't had a shit yet.

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Primaris where made by Cawl, one of the most bullshit characters in the setting with 10k years of work.

The Emperor, the guy who made Marines, even made better versions the Custodes and whole different kind of super humans the Primarchs, no other race couldn't make something equivalent, even Corax or Fabius Bile failed.

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It wasn't sexist, daily reminder that in rogue trader sisters of battle are equal to marines.

I don't know why people are even demanding this, it goes against the marines wolf-like sense of brotherhood, which lets them act as a well bonded team.

Custodians act singularly like tigers, so I wouldn't be opposed to female custodians, but marines are supposed to have a brotherly/fatherly bond which is cool

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t. woman LMAO

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Gays literally are pedo and so are trannies, and that doesn't even go into their insane rates of drugs, ridiculously lethal diseases, and suicide (because they're disgusting freaks).

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I care about rape because it has messed up some of my extended family pretty severely.

And jokes on you, my fetish is love and handholding

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Can be, but by and large are not.

Women don't wash out in very high numbers because military schools are "boys clubs", they do it because they can't meet the physical demand. Some women can do it just fine, yes. Most women, a very large percentage of women, simply cannot. Why waste time and resources on a clearly definable category of people who are statistically likely to fail? Politics and wishful thinking keeps sending women to those schools, but it's reality that washes them out. You can think otherwise, but anyone who's been to those schools and seen women dragging ass at the most basic physical tasks knows otherwise. But hey, it's not like the military is a life or death situation, so let's not risk people's egos or feelings and let girl power make some changes in how we prepare to wage war.

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>the military is a boy's club
>despite being open to girls and giving them lower requirements and special privileges and incentives

It's almost as if boys make better soldiers or something.

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Big arms? That's cute.

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> I care about rape because it has messed up some of my extended family pretty severely
Same here boyo. My partner actually.
> my fetish is love and handholding
What degeneracy is this?

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Post your arms. I bet your friends all laugh about how scrawny you are behind your back.

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> my fetish is love and hangolding


>> No.54615245

I mean I have other fetishes, such as mild yanderism and monster girls but those are my major fetishes

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Isn't this a violation of rule 3? Or is sexism allowed?

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Nah it's cool because it's on topic(female space marines thread)

And isn't guro, loli or furry

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There's no one to enforce it. Lurk the bans page. The rules are not enforced here.

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Sorry, I guess it's just racism. Sorry.

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It's an all boys club. No girls allowed.

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That Anon is right

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Space marines were created to be disposable tools who will die for humankind
The Emperor was wise enough to recognize that women's reproductive role in society was more valuable than the finest warriors in the galaxy and only modeled the Primarchs after males
The widespread induction of women into the Imperial armed forces happened after the Emperor was interned into the Golden Throne, and at the behest of a corrupt patriarchal system
Guilliman recognized all of these facts when he ordered the creation of the Primaris type and factors the value of women as a whole in the fabric of galactic society into his plans to rebuild the Imperium from the brink of destruction

tl;dr mothers > space marines, fighting women were a mistake manufactured by the patriarchy

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Is that a woman standing behind her? Or is that just a man who thinks he is one?

>> No.54616064

Girls are yucky
t. Big E

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I hate newfags so much.

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So the men are taking decisions as to what roles women should fulfill?
Also implying breastfeeding can' t serve as emergency rations on the battlefield.

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pretty much this
a few outliers does not functional equality make

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Breatfeeding requires food too if they are out of rations the last thing you want is breast milk

>> No.54616112

That'd make sense except women served and died in their billions in the Auxilia during the Great Crusade so a statistically miniscule number being removed from reproductive duties by elevation to transhumanity would be irrelevent.

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what part of emergency rations don' t you understand? It's like you' re saying "carrying emergency rations requires food too, because they' re made of food. So the last thing you want are emergency rations". They eat food, produce milk and carry it in their boobies. It's so simple.

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Yea but why?

You realize that human life is the emperors currency. We don't have infinite lasguns, so we give them to people who are more likely to survive combat, and are 100% expendible.

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You are still carrying the food weight, just in a different place.

And by sending rations through the digestive system, you lose some energy, thereby making the breast rations even less effective.

Is stupid

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Space Marines aren't expendable. If someone kidnaps a Space Marine and rips out the progenitor organ thingies, that's it. That's one less Space Marine that will ever exist.

Why not have female Space Marines that can reproduce with male Space Marines, creating a stable source of soldiers against the dark?

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What if they had something in the Gene-seed to optimize the process?
Also, rations can be lost in combat if not on your body. Then again, boobs can be lost in combat.[\spoiler]

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>Space Marines aren't expendable. If someone kidnaps a Space Marine and rips out the progenitor organ thingies, that's it. That's one less Space Marine that will ever exist.

And Terra has not failed to replace these marines and even wholesale chapters. They are elite and require an insane investment in time, currency, flesh, and blood; but they are ultimately treated as an expendable asset.

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Because it stunts humanities growth into soul beings.

And they where meant to be expendable.

If space marines could reproduce, they would be in large numbers. You don't need a super womb to grow space marines if anything implants would be detrimental to the womb

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I dunno I found your response funny

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You can only replace a space marine if you have their progenitator or whatever. If that's destroyed you can't make another, as the process for making space marines was lost anyway

>> No.54616261

>You can only replace a space marine if you have their progenitator or whatever. If that's destroyed you can't make another, as the process for making space marines was lost anyway

Do you even know what you're saying?

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Lets make an entire organ to improve breast milk efficiency, never mind the fact that organs are heavy and it took a god to make them, and a really old robot to alter them slightly

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Yes. Imagine there are 100 space marines left in the galaxy. Given tens of millennia of peace, there would still be only 100 space marines, as you can't make more space marines, only replace the fallen.

>> No.54616325

They keep their helmets on.

>> No.54616341

each marine has two progenoids, m8
learn your lore

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I feel like people who support the bathroom bills forget that transmen exist, and they almost universally are either fit or bearmode, because testosterone treatments are one hell of a drug.

I don't know about you, but I'm more comfortable with a skinny effeminate dude whose dick no longer works due to the hormones being allowed in the womens bathroom, than a guy who looks like this being told that he's legally required to go into the women's bathroom.

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>They're more like symbiotic parasites.
You mean symbiotes.

>These parasites modify the young man's growth through puberty, and only work in males.
>A female would likely die, or at best her body would reject the organs.
Hypothetically, considering just how easily GW do things like 8th edition to their own lore, I don't see why the symbiotes couldn't be modified by someone like Cawl to produce a functionally equivalent super soldier from a prepubescent male or female.

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>disagreeing with me is sexiest

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Guys, this completely misses the point of the thread. What if the emperor had been the empress..... would things have played out differently? Would female space marines be the norm?

>> No.54616503

Fuck you asshole, being sexist is sexist.

>> No.54616530

No because males already produce hormones which are useful for battle, and the emperor is the most emotionally detached person ever.

>> No.54616541

>What if the emperor had been the empress..... would things have played out differently?
Of course.

It would be Lovedagger then.

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Okay newfag. Let's give it to you simple:
Space marines require additional, vat-grown organs to be STUFFED inside the astartes initiate. These organs cannot be grown naturally by the body.

Also the process for making Astartes is reliant on the MALE body chemicals during growth, specially puberty.

Females lack the naturally occurring chemicals that males have to become Astartes. No amount of trying to add said chemical in the female body will work. It will only make fucking degeneracy and aberration to humanity. Think Fabius Bile's experiment with woman birthing full sized space marines

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Stop Trolling.
1/10 You made me Reply.

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40k alt-history where the Emperor was instead the Empress and GW themed the entirety of 40k off of what it believed female customers would want.

So all of the Eldar are various shades of sexy elf guy, all of the orks are vaguely homoerotic sexy bara orcs, and the tyranids are exactly the same.

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>Wait is this true?

Fuck that comment made me reply to a troll thread. I hate you dude I really do!

>> No.54616962

People like you need to shut the fuck up. You don't care about the game, or the hobby, or the universe, or anything else. You just want to complain. I know you don't care because if you did you would have looked at literally any of the other factions and found some with females, like the Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Sisters of Battle, Sisters of Silence, etc. All the girls I know collect either Nids or Krons, hell, one of them even collects Space Marines because she thinks they're cool and doesn't fucking care that they're an all boys club. Because they care about the hobby and the game. But you don't, and if GW finally caves and makes female Space Marines so all the complainers shut up, you won't be pleased, you won't stop complaining and start engaging in the hobby, you'll just find something either equally or more retarded to complain about without even bothering to spend any amount of effort to research the topic like, "why aren't there any female Orks?"
You don't actually want female Space Marines, you don't want a solution, you just want to complain. Do everyone a favor and go die in a fire so we don't have to hear anymore of your bullshit.

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>Primarchs are different and better than Normal Marines

In other news, retards still retarded, hope for future dim

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>Truth is sexism

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