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Ok, so the last continuation thread Died with no replies, lets do this again

Previous Thread >>54559520

Bassic idea is that theres a loose Alien Federation (who isnt the tau/is a alternative to the tau) living in the Halo Stars that was created during the power vacuum either during or at the end of the Horus Heresy by the Cabal.

basic rules is either you bring old unused 40K/fantasy races back to light or make your own weird shit

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>all the members of the cabal races are unknown, only the highest of the high of council races know the face of atleast 5 cabal members
>some of the cabal are the last of an extinct race, others mutants, some exiled eldar, some are even client races
>a popular theory among council races is that the leader of the cabal is the last living old one
>there is atleast 20 members of the cabal and they are all assumed to be powerful and to some extent immortal

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Fell asleep when the last thread died.


Polynesian insects sounds like a good one. Perhaps a latent hivemind connection where the queen once was?

They shun planets and when they do settle down for a while, primarily building on asteroids or small lifeless moons.

Each fleet has its own Princess, but they do not have the strength to dominate their wills or access the latent hive mind, but strong enough to safeguard a small fleet from the perils of Chaos. Their FTL is slower than Imperial, but more reliable.

Being traders and merchants, they tend to avoid combat where possible, preferring to sacrifice ships and troops so the Princess and bulk of their people can flee. When they do engage in space combat, their ships are heavily equipped with hangers of bombers and fighters.

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Question: The Coalition covers the entire galactic rim, or am I misunderstanding and it's only a portion thereof?

Because that's a bloody immense distance, even for supertech jump drives.

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Well in the first thread it was changed from Covering the entire galactic rim, then it was changed that only the important Council races and Cabal lived there and the majority of the Client races lived where ever in the internal of the galaxy in micro empires like the Tau

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That's still a bloody lot of space for any sort of cohesive body. But hey, Have Jumpship, Will Travel?

Going back to the Men of Scrap, I was thinking of really pulling from Classical-Greece Hoplites.

Can that work relatively well against infantry-based armies? Assuming Imperial-level materials for their armor, shields, spears, and javelins.

And then random DAoT surprises.

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Sounds good to me

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Perhaps their warp travel is more reliable because they, like the ancient Polynesians, know techniques and methods of wayfinding through the story realm of psychic energy.

Working together, clan fleets are able to navigate the warp with frightening accuracy and safety. It's slower then the imperium's punch through method, but they experience far less danger and can arrive at the destination with frightening accuracy.

Maybe even having the ability if they stumble on a route, to travel forward or backwards in time by going with that flow of the Immaterium. Of course it's hard to do, and incredibly risky, so it's almost never done.

They used to be an ancient small empire of nomads before the dark age of technology, trading with both Eldar and Humanity. However, when slaanesh formed, the warp became unnavigatabkr even for them, so they were forced to settle on a planet, and they soon abandoned their nomadic life style.

However when the imperium came, and began to exterminate their species, they once more took flight, the queen passing on the ancient knowledge of Warp Wayfinding to her daughter before she was killed and her people were broken apart.

A queen is required to unify their species, and the princesses know this. However he knowledge to create a queen was lost with their final queen, and thus the Princesses cannot unify their clans due to instinctual rivalries and grudges.

The Princesses are the only ones who can meet in person while being from separate clans without the meeting devolving to hostility and fighting, and they use this opportunity to try and guide their race. However, the needs of different clans and their differing situations lead to rivalries and bitter feelings, and the Princesses still hold the instinct to have their clan be dominate pushing them.

The way to make a new queen is to have there only be one princess remaining, but that would mean a civil war that would undoubtedly doom their species to extinction

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The defenders of Paichnidia held their formation, shields raised for protection against the enemy bombardment. The crackle of energy filled the air as artillery shells impacted the shields and detonated. Some of the men staggered; a few actually fell, the holes in the formation quickly filled by the veteran soldiers.

Arrayed in their motly armor, the Men of Scrap held the line. The equipment of their ancestors would see them through to the next phase of this battle, which the artillery ceasing fire signaled.

With a mighty cry, the enemy infantry charged forward. The Men of Scrap did not know who they were, only that they had invaded a Coalition world, and Wanax decreed they would honor their covenant with the Cabal. The Men of Scrap did not care who they faced. Shields now lowered and javelins readied, waiting for the order.

"Cast!" shouted the commander, and hundreds of missiles launched from human hands. No simple pointed lengths; small rockets fired to accellerate in the direction they were thrown, and small explosive charges detonated at impact.

Holes were blown in the enemy, but they continued to charge. The defenders gripped their spears and prepared to receive, as they had trained.

The wave of bodies crashed like thunder on the line. The Men of Scrap held their line. Here and there it seemed they would buckle and falter as they fell, but they quickly adjusted and gave not one inch.

In the immediate aftermath of the battle, it was clear to see where the Men of Scrap had fought. A field littered with enemy corpses, thickest in a thin line of mixed enemy and Men - and beyond the line of the few Men fallen, not a single fallen body.

/Have some shitty writefaggotry

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Ancient humans, political dissidents, religious fanatics, survivalists and seperatists who delved too deeply into the madness of the Halo Stars, dead worlds and forgotten secrets man was never meant to know, and on meeting the horrifying guardians of undead cities and slumbering beasts in the dark between stars mostly decided to befriend them, by force if necessary. Basically, the Tau if they were inspired less by Animu and more by H.R. Geiger and the B-movies that aped (or inspired) Alien with very odd humans as the dominant race gluing the cracks together with their relatively high SAN scores

A weird mix of ancient hard scifi tech from before the Dark Age when Man first stepped forth from Earth and bizarre tech from civilizations that grew mighty in the dim dark or sailed from impossibly distant homeworlds across the gulf of space. Organically grown starships, though mostly not living, armed with devastating electric weaponry that channels partially through another universe before striking home and crude atomics mounted on oversized missiles. Armies lead by skeletal clones grown to be hosts for ancient disembodied vampires, draining the life-force of their enemies and converting the consumed into withered husks used for cannon fodder. Hive-minds created by ancient survivalist aliens from cold, bleak worlds from the dead and dying heading up research projects and leading elite commando units with their unique mix of perspectives and xeno instinct. Soldiers in armor of harvested chitin backed by crude flak with devastating radiation guns, psi-grenades packed with concentrate nightmares, and powered exo-skeletons for the elite and primitive autoguns and stubbers for the common infantryman. Culturally a mix of the Age of Earth and mannerisms from the dread civilizations of the impossibly distant past and futures that might have been. Pretty cool guys in general.

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So basically the Spartans from Samurai Jack? Sounds cool.

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You're reading my mind, especially with the bit about There Can Be Only One. I like it, especially matching the sudden cessation of Polynesian seafarring.

For some reason I have "You're Welcome" stuck in my head. Perhaps some sort of non-mortal entity took a liking to them at some point in the last 10k years?

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I like it, ideas for ships

>There ships have two major body's, one crew quarters and the other Royal.

>Both body's are connected via bridges that allow the crew to cross to each hull

>when not in warp travel the ships use solar sails to get from astroid to asteroid

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Sounds like better Xeno material to me, but fuck I love the idea of Dark age of tech looking like Gieger armor

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I hate to disappoint you, but I haven't seen that one. I was actually thinking of Athens rather than Sparta, and drawing from my mental recollection of a joint Briton/Saxon fight in a Steve White novel.

Of course, I'm also drawing from Homeric Greece - Wanax was the old title of the King of the Greeks, and it's the name of their Man of Iron leader (who may or may not be a Wizard of Oz scenario).

Can one of the Cabal leaders, especially the one that would be working more closely with the Men of Scrap, be named something akin to Poseidon?

It'd be a nice tie-in.

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Oh yea, I forgot I was going to post 40k Night Goblins

>Void Gretchen are a distinct sub race of Gretchen who live in both space stations that Orks have looted and left abandoned and Micro Space Hulkes formed by floating debris in the warp

>Unlike there domestic Gretchen counterparts they life fairly automonisly from the Ork, but will work with Warbands for teef and fuels/other chemicals.

>They don't use the Chemicals for anything practical, instead they use them to make intoxicating alchemical brew's guild with micro waagh energy. Basically making placino potions that rot them from the inside.

Not much but it works. Should I write something up for Forrest Gobbo's?

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Could be a cabal member who, despite being a higher being, has taken a liking to the race and are sort of helping them out, but not like dedicating themselves to them.

Delivering them large ships to live in (Pulling islands from the sea, raising the sky), giving them the technology to grow food (planting coconut trees), giving them technology from time to time (stealing and giving them fire)

The designs seems rather fragil no?

Though I do like the image it creates in my head so it could work XD

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>Feral Goblins are another distinct sub groups of goblins who grew on either death worlds or Maiden worlds and grew to worship all the dangerous wildlife found on the planets

>It's unknown exactly why there are Feral Gretchen on Maiden Workds, but it's generally assumed they either wondered on them from failed Ork WAAAG's, or that the old terraforming techniques the Eldar used had some weeds in the system.

>unlike there brethren who live in the Voids of space or safely underneath the boot of there Biggen overlords, they don't have advanced tech, instead they use flimsy flintlock guns while riding on the back of there pet beast

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More like pre-Dark Age mixed with Eldritch tech from beyond the Halo Stars. They'd also really fucking hate the Tyranids and be constantly clamoring for a Coalition strike against the Hive Fleets due to the extra-galactic minds and sapient technology among them warning of the dangers of them getting a foothold.

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Possible appearance for the Princesses

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No human face, either appearance of entire race or non-royalty

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I like the faceless one. Human faces make them less alien and harder to relate to.

Huh. Shades of Alan Dean Foster, perhaps the Men of Scrap enjoy the company/alliance of a few Pol'nys clanfleets? Something something the Soldiers of Wanax helping defend a Pol'nys asteroid from Ork invaders, a Pol'nys fleet breaking a blockade and delivering needed supplies to a Men of Scrap world?

And I'm calling them the Pol'nys for lack of better name and just getting off a 16 hour shift.

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I can dig a Pol'Nys Men of Scrap relation. They could benefit a lot from one another, concerning tech and food and such.

And yeah, faceless one is a go then

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Possible name for the race


Means shooting star in Hawaiian from what I could gather

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That would be a neat name for the ships

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Anyone wanna post ideas over the races posted in the last thread? Like for the Fimir and Membraines?

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>> No.54585095

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Posting/rounding up stuff for the Vex shrimp because I like them

>This species never developed FTL technology, instead developing a Espteric Time Machine that only the creators know how to operate.

>Ariund there ships you can occasionally you can see ghosts wondering there Outposts, this usually frightens other Client races, but taken for granted by the Sualx(I think that's there name)

>there guns also use time travel to reload themselves, teleporting the bullets straight back into the neutral after making contact with something

>they also have a surplus of troops waiting at different timelines waiting to be deployed at battlefields in the past, present, and future

>there also techno colored like weird shrimps I forget the name of.

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So the Men of Scrap are primarily infantry, a cross between space Marines and IG - but they have some advantages. Their shields have a small force generator that, in conjunction with other shields, gives extra protection. Their armor looks scavenged, but work as a very light powered armor - nowhere as good as even shitty Space Marine armor, but gives them extra toughness and strength over a Guardsman.

The Phalanx is strong on the defense but weak on the attack and in poor terrain. The men of scrap therefore prefer lightning raids and taking positions where the enemy must attack, strategic offense, tactical defense - as per the late General Bel Riose.

The exception would be General Iskan, a young and charismatic Scrapman who has equipped a core group with fast bikes, allowing tactical offense as well.

I'm thinking a possible split in the armed forces between the conservative Riosians and the radical Iskandans, nothing major yet.

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Name works for me.

The Finir are the warptouched non chaos guys, right?

What's their MO?

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Could they possibly be good at capturing and boarding ships? Like maybe a common tactic is to fire piercing hooks into ship, and either drag it into another ship or into the warp itself? Then when the ship is unable to fight, the clean it up and either repurpose it or sell it?

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Well so far the Fimir ore like there Fantasy counterparts, basically swamp dwelling amphibians who use to be the Lap Dog of Chaos.

They only really joined the Coalition to goin the military to fuck with and kill humans and Human Chaos Worshipers trying to gain the favor of the "only" gods

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>a Espteric Time Machine
>Ariund there ships you can occasionally you can see ghosts wondering there Outposts
>there guns
>waiting at different timelines

Ok, you've had enough cat food.

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Sorry about the spelling mistakes, Again, my grammar isn't the best. I'm also phone posting so I might type faster than I can think

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Ok so I just fucking reread what I wrote and dear fucking god that's bad

Just ignore that post and I'll write something better on the computer when I get home

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So what are the Hrud like?

>> No.54585407

>> No.54585420

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More specifically what are the Hrud's roll in the Coalition

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What do They hrud do? And why would the need the coalition if they are already infiltrating and being a thorn in the imperium's side alone?

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At most there would be some enclaves on various worlds that would keep to themselves

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The Blank species.

Cute six limbed fuzzballs with pretty decent technology and their own share of domestic problems that never experienced warp fuckery and other related problems directly. Also until Cabal found them they lacked FTL capability and even now they have a lot of problems with that part.

They literally can't emigrate in any decent numbers because warp drives go haywire and either malfunction or don't start up at all. Entering and leaving their home system is a herculean effort. As a result their presence in Cabal territories is minor and most civilians who see them would think that they are some savages from a backwater world. In reality little fuzzballs can be found almost everywhere providing counter intelligence services and psychic shielding working as mercenaries or through political deals.

The other thing about them that only high ranking Cabal members know is that due to the fact that they never experienced problems with warp and being more or less confined to a single system they concentrated on building "tall". Understanding that many space phenomena could wipe out their homeworld but being unable to leave the system they set up to the task of colonising their whole system. From smallest asteroid hurtling through space to gas giants. Closed habitat systems, recycling, micromachines. Everything was put to task. Currently their population is estimated at around 500 billion and their system defence starts somewhere deep in their Oort cloud, proceeds with a fleet that has no right to be this large, and stops around the sun-powered laser platforms.

But of course it was not enough. Ships with crew on ice were sent to potentially colonizable systems. It happened before they met Cabal and soon some of them will land. Problem is some of them will land in systems already controlled by Cabal members. Which puts fuzzballs in a lot of political problems.

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Technically they don't need to colonize planets and could be satisfied with "just" taking asteroid belts or some moons around gas giants. But who will surrender half of their system to some aliens that also don't have any problems with breeding in vitro or using borderline AIs for their tech without any problems that normally entails? Blink and they outbreed and outproduce you like its nothing.

As a result fuzzballs try to muster all the influence they can get, go for some shady deals and often can be found doing the most dirty work for the good of Cabal, just so they can have a couple of systems for colonization.

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