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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also /pfg/)

What are your favorite natural attack builds? Wrath daevics can go and stay go.

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>54511871

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Wrath daevic.

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Wereboar skinwalker barbarians with the beast totem.

Claw/claw/bite/hoof/hoof/gore by level 6 last I checked

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We using this thread?

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Aberrant Aegis with natural attack veils and Broken Blade. Also Wrath Daevics because fuck you.

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If I wanted to make a Jojo-esque character, what class? I was thinking summoner

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Any katana / nodachi PoW build. You have such skill, the sword is as an extension of your arm, so your katana folded 10000000000000 times is actually a Natural Weapon.

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What will it take to declare PLD as having gone too far?

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Cry more faggot

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>by level 6
You're doing it wrong then, you can have all of that by level 4

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When the final boss is leaked and its name is PFG.

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Has Blood of the Sea been posted yet?

Kind of interested in the new Gillmen/other race shit.

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My personal favorite is the sneakstack raw exploit abomination brawloradin.

Not only are you natattacking, you're also a super support for the team.

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In a game with no magic items is, a part from running away of this game, +2 to two stats as human a better idea than the feat?

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PLD already went too far when they posted logs of rape scenes to the thread. Their atonement is still a work in progress, but for argument's sake, let's say that "too far" would be when one of Vult's outbursts becomes more than just whining for attention.

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Gimmicky beast strike club+ transferrence vellum druid stuff for improved natural attack and strong jaw on a butcher axe. Something like 48d6 at most given that the strong jaw doubles damage dice if you go past colossal. Potentially more if the GM also allows colossal+ damage increases

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I know it's in poor taste to constantly whine about the discipline errata, but I'd really like to play with fixed Broken Blade+Fool's Errand+Nat Attacks.

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Posting again. So I never got the criticism for DHB's character Talathel. "Too evil" seems like really strange criticism for an evil character in an evil campaign.

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desire to know more intensifies

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One time I raped a animal with my orc baransrisn

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You're missing Zealot after 3 Aegis with Primal Fury strikes and Golden Lion Command.
Also size stacking.

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Please respond

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It was the wrong kind of evil for what the GM wanted, basically. It wasn't "too evil" so much as "incorrect evil".

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It involves an obnoxious amount of dipping, Racial Heritage (Ratfolk), DCO Misfortune+Iroradin double reroll aura, and 3 levels that give you 5d6 sneak attack because paizo are fucking dumb and can't write rules.

I sincerely hope nobody ever plays the damn thing, because it would make the eyes of the GM fucking bleed.

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How do I expand my vocabulary, lads? I used to be so loquacious, but how I'm quite taciturn!

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Unfortunately there isn't anything specifically to make big guys stealthy. You're stuck optimizing like a small guy and being worse.

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Go incorporeal, incorps can't be detected through sound at all.

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Get a hat of greater disguise to become small.

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Anything that can grant teamwork feats to allies, and a bunch of unseen servants, and give them all stealth synergy.
Then get some way to get invisibility.

That's effectively +35 stealth. Should be plenty.

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>A GM who actually knows how the game works and what exploitsto look out for.
Y'know, I used to hate you, but now I think you're a pretty cool guy

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Very well

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stop being a tryharding faggot and go read a book. and anything with less than 600 pages is not a book.

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Just intimidate them into ignoring you. Nobody's going to acknowledge you if you are twice their size and have the ability to destroy the world.

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There's a book called "The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart" by Robert Bly. Just go read that

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I banned Initiator classes because I don't know enough about how PoW works to make those calls by case. I feel similarly out on deep water with some of the psionic stuff. Thankfully, I have people to ask for help about stuff like that, so yeah.

And besides, being hated is better than being forgotten. Most of the time, anyway! now go write an app, anon

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I didnt hate you for banning Initiators. I hated you because You told me to kill my baby, and I lost the drive to build for a good while because of it

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Depends on what you're making

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I wasn't thinking of a Krod-style character, I wanted to realize the stealth equivalent of an ogre mage in terms of subverting big = dumb and clumsy expectations

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I still hate you for banning initiators.

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Doesn't need to be Krod-style. You just need to be an inquisitor

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I notice there's no response to these valid complaints for why people don't want to app to Essentia. Ded gaem bamboozle like the first Essentia?

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Options are Magus or Sohei/Enlightened Pal

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Magus probably would like the feat more.

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It went too fucking far months ago.

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I dunno, starting with 18 on Int and Dex/Str seems pretty attractive, specially knowing that if I start with 16 I'm not going to see a +2 item pretty much ever, I can get feats by leveling 2 levels, I can't get a +2 till I level 8 levels. Also we start at 5th level.

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>I notice there's no response to these valid complaints for why people don't want to app to Essentia
You do know there are some people who DO like that kind of shit?

It's like saying someone complaining they don't want to app to, say, PLD, because they don't enjoy monster rape, and then someone else saying "PLD is a bamboozle because no-one responded to valid complaints".

If a game panders to everyone who DOESN'T want to actually join in, then it's going to crash and burn hard.

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He asked why some people didn't want to app, got more than one person saying why on the same subject, and it just got conveniently ignored. He WILLINGLY asked for this, so he should give a damn response even if it's only, "Shit sucks sorry, that's just what I want to do." Those posters aren't asking for it to be changed after all you illiterate cockgobbler.

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How long until it comes full circle and goes too far again?

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When you charge with a lance while mounted does "double the damage" mean roll once, double the result or "roll twice the amount of dice and apply bonuses a second time"?

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Are we seeing the end of the meme cycle? There aren't any games left!

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I'm sorry for your loss, but sometimes you've gotta make hard decisions. Check yourself before you rek yourself, and all that.

Have you gotten your inspiration back yet? What ideas do you have? Tell us about them!
Well I still hate most of PoW like it's the fucking plague, so hey. Like I'll be the first to admit the system has fun stuff in it, and some of the other stuff (like Deadly Agility etc) that PoW offers is sorely needed, but as a system it's just fucking dumb to work with for the GM. Psionics under transparency can work with normal magic, and if you do have one among your players you don't have to really change much in response. Same for (most) SoP stuff, as well as the great majority of other popular 3pp options. But having Initiators literally invalidates the existence of anything that isn't an Initiator. This means all martial enemies must be buffed to be Initiators themselves to be of relevance, and obviously stuff like big beasties can't really do that, so they become non-issues very easily.

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I'm afraid the explanation is much simpler than that
archi is asleep

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Mythic campaign WHEN?!

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>you will never snuggle a cute, sleepy DM

Why go on?

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You'll regret it, I played two few years ago, fucking awful unbalanced shit, even worse than vanilla PF

>> No.54522533

The futile hope that someone might one day care for you the way you care for them?

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Having high op initiators*
That's why you just have to screen apps for anything blatantly silly
That's like disallowing casters because they can make martials less than useful

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aaaaa I want to be an unrequited love!

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>What ideas do you have? Tell us about them!
WEll, its not for your game, however I have been kicking around the idea for an Occultistbuilt that's kinda neat. Its a Combat based based Haunt Collector that uses a dip in the Blind Samurai archetype from SoP and other cool stuff. Its certainly not optimal it only uses 1handed weapons, and an Ankus at that, but I like it

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Anyone interested in a short (level 1 prologue, level 3 start, running to a level 8 ending) campaign wherein Akashic veilweaving, Psionic manifesting, and Occult/Psychic magic (alongside limited, as in only 6th-level initiators, Path of War initiating of course) are the only forms of magic. No Arcane, no Divine, just those forms of magic and martial stuff. Any takers?

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Eh, some people might but not me

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>mega low level
God no, even though I like those systems.

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Roll double the dice.

>> No.54522686

It's only low level because I don't have TIME To run another long-spanning campaign.

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>no full initiators
How about you fuck off?

>> No.54522728

Well seeing as you're probably not actually Wist, and I know there's a short list of people who fake being Wist, you might just be.

>> No.54522758

Full initiators are nearly as cancerous as full casters, just in different ways.

>> No.54522770

You can still be a hidden blade, a psyarm warsoul, or a warpath follower though.

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>this post

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Tell me about a cool but shit 1PP archetype that you wish was better. What's wrong with the archetype? Did you ever try to use it, and if so did you know it was shit going in?

>> No.54522855

Feyspeaker Druid. Can we please get a CHA druid that isn't absolutely worthless?

Also Kapenia Dancer, because fuck Diminished casting. It's like they have to saddle all these cool archetypes with negative shit just to spite people. SASUGA etc.

>> No.54522856

Wildsoul Arachnid
>What's wrong with the archetype?
Weak as fuck, like srly. It basically gets 3+Stat uses of tanglefoot bag like feature like at 6th level, long distance grab unatended items at 10+th level and swing like spiderman at 18th level. For a NotSpiderman char is pure bs, people are like flying at will by 6th level and you have to wait to 18th level to swing around tall buildings? fuck off paizo

>> No.54522866

Eldritch Scion.
It basically kills the class it's made for and doesn't work without a lot of houserules fixing it.

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What, exactly, is the difference between incorporeal and ethereal? Both mechanically and lore-wise. Also, how do incorporeal and ethereal creatures interact with each other? Would it break anything if I just treated both as the same thing?

>> No.54522928

Yooo, I need some ideas for a short game. 3-5 sessions, hopefully. Meme me up.

>> No.54522930

Incorporeal means you're not solid. Ethereal means you're in the ethereal plane.

>> No.54522961

Hunting the white Stag as to present the noble beast's flesh to a wedding.

>> No.54522970

You just like posting that picture of Catmere, don't you?

>> No.54522978

Incorporeal just means you can move through solid objects. Ethreal is basically that you're on a whole other plane of reality, and as such can't interact with the material plane in any meaningful way, and can barely sense your surroundings, and are invisible at the same time.

Incorporeal is useful for moving through obstacles and being in combat, while Ethreal is really only good for infiltrating someplace that's near inaccessible

>> No.54523028

So ghosts, which are incorporeal, and, uh... Someone using the Ethereal Jaunt spell. They would pass through each other without interacting, just like a ghost would a regular creature? But two incorporeal creatures are solid to each other, as are two Ethereal creatures?

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I've been aaaaaaing since the day I was born and I refuse to sit down and let Wist hold a monopoly over aaa, aaaaaaaaaaaa

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The 4th casting fighter archetype, Child of Acavna and Amaznen, is a really cool idea, especially since it gets cantrips. It is unfortunately trash in ways that transcend trash, by virtue of fucking up basic casting shit (needing swift actions to partially ignore some SFC, instead of the more common "can wear x without incurring SFC") and trading too damn much for too damn little.

The Steelbound Fighter is a fucking AMAZING CONCEPT, a fighter who's so connected to weaponry it becomes an intelligent item? That shit's fucking rad! But... You incur PENALTIES if you're not carrying or wielding that particular weapon? And you lose access to AWT's, arguably the only thing keeping the fighter relevant, all for some piddly SLAs? What the fuck?

Construct Rider and Promethean Alchemist, no explanation needed

>> No.54523137

Storyteller, Kami, and Reanimated Medium

>> No.54523329

>Your character is sitting in a tavern
>They knock back their drink
>DM asks for will save
>DM says you've failed a will save versus a love potion a scheming NPC desperate for your character's affection spiked your drink with

How do you react to this sequence of events? Do you play along, or give your DM shit for forcing your PC to fall in love?

>> No.54523359

Lore Warden. It's even been improved recently by Paizo, funnily enough. The only thing I want is for monster-identification to be offer significant benefits. +2 Attack/damage for a couple rounds as a standard action (Move at 7th level when you get another ability, then Swift at levels no one plays) is an embarrassment of a reward for going through with maxing 6 noncombat skills to become the monster expert man (on a 4+Int chassis), not to mention giving up all the other things Armor Training could have been traded for.

>> No.54523387

Depending on the theme and tone of the campaign, my response could vary from "I'm perfectly fine with this turn of events as it feels appropriate for the campaign" to "This is unacceptable and I need to have a serious talk about the DM about how this should have no place here".

>> No.54523397

>It's even been improved recently by Paizo

Wasn't it nerfed by Paizo a long time ago? How did they buff it, was it just removing the old nerf?

>> No.54523420


Here you go folks, Queen Lua Culdranth's Demesne Setting Document.


You may now use The Demesne in your games. Also this is a rough document so if you find anything wrong please comment. Also if you have any suggestions, please comment.

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>It's even been improved recently by Paizo, funnily enough.
It's been just nerfed in a recent book, mates.
The nerf completely killed the archetype, making it unplayable. Here's the post-nerf Lore Warden:
It's utter garbage

>> No.54523446

Some parts are nerfed, Know Thy Enemy has a 1/2 level duration but now includes AC at 11th and an increased bonus later. Combats last longer than the duration at low levels, but individual creatures do not so it's not a big deal.

>> No.54523466

Man, I liked the original version best, where you got a big scaling bonus to your CMB for all maneuvers.

Why did they suddenly come back to this ancient-ass archetype, though?

>> No.54523478

>Why did they suddenly come back to this ancient-ass archetype, though?
Their explanation somewhere on the forums was that the "get all int skills as class skills" feature was OP so they felt they needed to nerf it.

>> No.54523538


should have gone with a better pic of best girl.

>> No.54523542

Dragonslayers campaign WHEN?

>> No.54523560

fu ck in
sa su ga

>> No.54523734

I have had the problem in online games multiple times where people want to court my evil character. A character they know not only dislikes the party (works with them out of necessity), but is criminally insane or in some way warped to the point he no longer is able to function in normal society. This has never ended well and often ends in the only logical thing for my character to do is defend himself to injure/kill the courting individual as their advances become more pressed.

>> No.54523757

I don't agree that it's an improvement in any way but whatever.

The lack of a class that does what you're asking for has bothered me for ages. It's what Favored Enemy should have used. And the best Monster-identification features, plus Bane and Greater Bane which tie-in to knowing monsters in a flavor way (just not to the skills), are fluff-locked to a class that is laser-focused on fucking religious persecution for some reason.

Knowledge Devotion in 3.5 was a nice barebones way, but a wider set of benefits as part of a set of class features or feat chain would be better. Porting KD itself to Pathfinder is a poor fit because the balance point on what is a level-appropriate Knowledge check is all over the place now.

>> No.54523777

It lost Appraise only though.

>> No.54523801

>I'd be happy to answer this for you, but I feel like I also need to talk about what made the old LW problematic from a design standpoint.
>1) It was not future-proofed well. The old archetype gave all INT skills as class skills shortly before we started seeing a bunch of X to INT traits (like the ones in Ultimate Campaign). As written, LW would let you take traits like that and instantly give you more class skills.

Never trust a furry to write rules.

>> No.54523834

>only logical thing for my character to do is defend himself
You sound like the sort of autist who convinces himself that whatever you first impulse is, that's the most logical thing.

Why not just entertain their advances a little further, so you can corrupt them into willing allies?

>> No.54523846

>looking for races
>most of the races that give a +2 Int almost always give a +2 Dex as well
I need help. Any other races that have the Int bonus, but aren't also Dex bonused?

And no, Humans, Half-humans, and Aasimar don't count

>> No.54523853

>Never trust a furry
fixed it four U sempai

>> No.54523890

Witchborn Changeling.
There's a Dhampir variant somewhere too.
Tiefling variants?
And so on.

>> No.54523893

>Never trust a furry to write rules.
But Ironclaw is supposedly good though

But PlagueofGripes is amazing though

>> No.54523915

Tieflings and dhampir come to mind.

>> No.54523918

Plague of Gripes isn't a furry

>> No.54523934

>people want to court my evil character

>dislikes the party
That's your decision to keep them disliking the party, unless they're all being dicks to you. If you work well as a team, and you can tolerate each other well enough to adventure together, you shouldn't keep disliking your companions for any length of time. Though giving the appearance of disgust is fine and dandy.

>criminally insane
>no longer able to function in normal society
Since when are adventurers normal society? Since when do you need to function in society to feel emotions or accept someone's love?

>defend himself
Okay, gonna have to stop you there. It's simply not possible that absolutely every instance of you being courted ended in them turning yandere, and even if it did, you should have fucking told the player that you weren't comfortable with it.

>> No.54523974

Lashunta is actually 2 in 1.

Male Lashunta = +Str, +Int, -Wis
Female Lashunta = +Int, Cha, -Con

Interesting race for unusual builds.

>> No.54523975

I'd rather have a Dragonlayers campaign personally.

>> No.54524007

Also if I recall there was an FAQ or something that said that DIDN'T work, that changing the derived stat didn't change what class skills you'd get.

>> No.54524016

Paizo don't read their own rules. More at 11.

>> No.54524017

Skinwalkers too

>> No.54524022

Yeah, someone in that thread literally mentions the same thing just a few posts later.

>> No.54524050

Tiefling is Dex, as is Daemonblooded Tief. Though Jiangshi Dhampir looks like it might be perfect. Thanks anon

Both Wererat and Wrerebat are Dex and Int.

>spends all day drawing sexy pictures of Winnie, SWAT KATS character, M'ress, the one wolf from Spooky, and nearly every furry character he can get his hands on, including even making up art for Female Lionels
>not a furry

>> No.54524052

Wait nevermind, that's Dex for the bloodmarked variant. You can't choose the physical you get in the transformation.

>> No.54524056 [SPOILER] 


Then he's sending some very mixed signals.

>> No.54524064

He isn't a goddamn furry, he doesn't go to the furry dick convention

>> No.54524112

Neither have I ever gone to a furry convention, but that doesnt change the fact that I fap to Plagues furry art. And most of his art in general really, its all very fappable.

>> No.54524123

Is Rory plague-bait?

>> No.54524140

There are almost enough Skinwalkers in Carnal Crown for an all-Skinwalker party! I mean, if it wasn't goignto be a bamboozle.

>> No.54524170

Either it works for me!

>> No.54524198

Plague isn't a furry, while Matt is. The difference isn't jerking it to anthro characters, the difference is having a fursona.

>> No.54524224

No, because Plague doesn't draw furry dudes, he draws sexy furry girls.

>> No.54524238

Is he a smug thicc chick that is very domineering and likes to put her hand on her hip and stand in front of sunsets? If not, then no

Tell me a Furry didn't make this. I fucking dare you. Plague is a Furry through and throug. Hell, I'd actually label his a step further as an Omnihetrosexual

HumanxFurry is a very big thing anon. You don't need a fursona to be a furry, you just wanna fuck furry characters, otherwise you'd be discounting around 75% of people who visit both e621 and /trash/ furry threads

>> No.54524291

I wanna marry a skinwalker!

>> No.54524296


>Another way to use The Demesne is as a "Magic Mart" that wont crash the local economy for decades.


>> No.54524324

but Rory can become a woman! It's canon!


...Ya do, anon? Do ya? Try to woo the awoo!

>> No.54524330

But I don't want willing allies.

My character has no reason to trust the party, and the other characters aren't doing the right things to make me trust them. So the ones trying to romance me end up trying to kill me.

>> No.54524439


The thing i love about Demesneian women is they all have such deliciously exposed tummies for me to raspberry.

>> No.54524447

I did not realize a bat could be that attractive. Also I like that it took me a second to realize that she was upside down.

Piggy-backing off this to ask a question that's been on my mind lately. Should a party of PCs become closer over time? As in, would you say it's ideal for a group of PCs to start out as strangers or mere acquaintances at first but over the course of a long adventure full of saving each other, sitting together at the campfire, and fighting for a shared goal become an extremely close-knit group of allies if not friends?

>> No.54524495


Sure. People frequently bond over the course of their adventures. Is it not something you see often in your games?

>> No.54524501

>As in, would you say it's ideal for a group of PCs to start out as strangers or mere acquaintances at first but over the course of a long adventure full of saving each other, sitting together at the campfire, and fighting for a shared goal become an extremely close-knit group of allies if not friends?

I'd be more surprised if they didn't, anon.

>> No.54524508

It's called Xenophilia.

I consider myself one too. It's not about them being furry, it's about them not being boring old humans.

>> No.54524529

>Short-tail Kobolds have fat rumps and juicy thighs
>That idiom

That idiom doesn't make sense, a fat ass does not mean you'll be shoving it up their ass, it just means you'll be fucking them from behind a lot more.

>> No.54524541

Oh, hey. I'll give it a look.

>> No.54524567

Well... I haven't been in enough games that ran long enough for it to really happen, but it never FELT like it was happen. I mean, sure, our PCs became drinking buddies, but I never really got the feel that they were spilling secrets to each other and breaking down the walls around each others' hearts... Hopefully that's not too vague for you to understand what I'm meaning?

Yeah, me too.

>> No.54524577


the thing is it also applies to the men.

male Short-tail kobolds have just as fat of rumps and juicy thighs.

>> No.54524613

How retarded am I for wanting to build a fighter who just uses a single Heavy Shield to fight, instead of an "actual weapon"? It'll be a gestalt game with feat taxes, but mostly 1pp otherwise. Heavy Shields are one-handed weapons, so I figure I can still power attack just fine. Aside from the Shield Bash tax, it can't be that bad, right?

I wanted a weapon from the Close weapon group I could two-hand, because I was looking into utilizing how Improved Unarmed had Improved Grapple mashed into it.

>> No.54524643


Shield Champion Brawler is all about that kind of thing, actually. Might look into that.

>> No.54524678

Last I checked, men can't get pregnant!

>> No.54524717

Shield Champion+Winding Path Renegard (Either Untwisting Iron or Unfolding Wind)

>> No.54524722

tuvarkz pls go

>> No.54524741

I want to make a true-everyman character soon, and I think Bard is probably the answer to the first question I'd have. I don't mind if it's gutter trash.

So I need general build suggestions to represent each class in one character.

>Rogue representation
Stealth, Sleight and Acrobatics as skills at minimum, maybe have a Sneak Attack archetype?
>Cleric rep
Just healing spells seems kinda lame, maybe also be religious and be a stereotypical hammer user in melee
>Monk rep
>Sorc/Wizard rep
Bard casting (spell selection matters ig)
>Paladin rep
>Ranger rep
Survival and some kind of tracking trait/feat?
>Druid rep
Animal Ally feat (requires Nature Soul)
>Barbarian rep
Be an Orc/half-orc with some racial feats? Or Skald.
>Fighter rep
I have feats, as a Pathfinder character who advances with levels

>> No.54524757

But they're still butt sluts

>> No.54524804

Let's get to bashing butts

>> No.54524814

So you are looking for bard that can do all of this?

>> No.54524864

Fighter representation should be that you know special tricks with your specific weapon.

Alternatively, Combat Expertise. The poster child for Combat Feat prerequisites.

>> No.54524879

I'm not quite sure what you're asking. You could represent being a Paladin by being LG, but that's probably not satisfying since you don't actually have any features of a Paladin. Instead, you should take the Believer's Boon (which gives you you one daily use of a domain power, like a cleric) and Believer's Hands (which gives you one daily use of Lay on Hands, like a paladin).

You're thinking of traps, not men.

>> No.54524882

It's not for heavy shields, but Bucklers, but Upsetting Shield Style's pretty neat.

Every time you whack someone, they take a -2 penalty to attacks against you until your next turn. And those penalties stack.

The second one in the chain gets you AoOs if they miss you by 5 or more when taking that penalty.

The third one makes the penalty apply to ANYONE they attack, and you can get AoOs from them missing badly on other people too.

>> No.54524924

I looked into that, but the lack of AAT and AWT made me want to neck myself, as did not getting the CMB bonus from old Lore Warden

I still don't get why that style is buckler-only, it makes no sense.

>> No.54525001

What combination of drawbacks and class features best lets me play a deaf/mute character?

>> No.54525056

There's an Oracle curse for that, just fluff it as deaf/muteness since it gives you free-use Silent Spell

>> No.54525063

Sounds good.

>> No.54525069


you can be a buttslut and not be a trap. You're just gay, bi, or really into toys.

>> No.54525070

Because Vanguard Style wouldn't make sense for bucklers?

You could probably ask your DM if Armor Training would let you use any shield for it. It'd be a reasonable houserule, since Armor Training lets you use some of the armor feats off-category.

>> No.54525135

That doesn't explain why a style all about shield bashing is not useable with... The shields that you normally can bash with. "But bucklers can't be used with this other, shittier style" isn't really relevant to that.

>> No.54525144

It's VERY difficult for a character to be Monk-like without actual Monk levels. Since you're using a weapon, the only way for a 'Monk aspect' to even be recognizable to anyone is to fight armorless in melee. As far as I know there aren't any Bard archetypes or feats that make that doable.

>> No.54525154

You could also see about convincing your party members to take the Bonded Mind teamwork feat, so you can communicate with them still.


>> No.54525172

isn't there the dual cursed oracle that'd be able to do both?

>> No.54525218

Wand of Mage Armor, done

>> No.54525221

Well it's the style to LET you bash with bucklers.

I get what you mean though.

Although now I want to do a character that uses both Upsetting Shield Style and Shield Gauntlet Style. It's a lot of feats, but I think it'd work out well.

>> No.54525276


>> No.54525299

I actually have a character using that planned
A Vigilante.
I would abuse the Fist of the Avenger, Lethal Grace and Shield of Fury talents for it too.

>> No.54525313

I can dig it.

>> No.54525477


what domains do lil b the based god grant his followers?

>> No.54525581


I wrote rules for ability score adjustments from aging based on a character's attack bonus progression. Martial classes aren't completely gimped from becoming venerable, and classes such as Wizard still suffer full penalties from not being /fit/. (It's not like you're using that Strength score anyway. You have like a million ways to deal with your reduced carrying capacity.)

These rules also extend to young characters, reducing the penalties from being young if one trains in high BAB classes, and even allowing young characters to gain further increases if they continue training in these high BAB classes until they become an adult. (at max, +2 to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution)

>> No.54525642

Waiting for Starfinder leaks.

Then you'll drown in Star Fox/Wars/Trek games mixed with a large part of Macross' giants.

Maybe some attempts at Cowboy Bebop/Serenity games, but they'll mess up the tone and you'll wish they had been a bamboozle instead

>> No.54525661

As well as DEEZ nuts!

>> No.54525675

>Cowboy Bebop/Serenity
The trick with those is that the essence of them largely came from how the characters responded to things. you can't get that unless you've got exactly the right kind of group for it.

>> No.54525682

Suppose you had a full BAB class, with 2+INT mod skill ranks per level and all three saves as good saves, along with full weapon and armor proficiency (discounting exotic, of course).

But its only class features is that at every level, it gains a stacking +X bonus to each ability score. How large would X have to be for the class to be worth taking compared to other classes?

>> No.54525700

But I only just now decided on a joke character to make! It doesn't make sense for any game up now, so what do I do!?

>> No.54525721

Do you really think /pgg/ will be able to pull it off?

>> No.54525739

+2 and I'd play it. Though no matter what it is it's broken for multiclassing.

Imagine a paladin who grabbed 3 levels in it for a sweet +6 to all saves.

>> No.54525745

No. Not in the least.

>> No.54525752

2. You'd only take this class to dip and only on MAD builds. SAD classes are fullcasters so they hate losing progression to this.

It's a bad idea for a million other reasons but you probably know that.

>> No.54525776

Tell us about the character.

>> No.54525791

At minimum it'd have to be higher than 1 per level. Bard gets 1/2 level to his Knowledge skills, for example.
1.5 per level might be fair unless you really want to tip balance in favor of martials, and as already pointed out by >>54525739, multiclassing may be an issue.

>> No.54525813

>It's a bad idea for a million other reasons but you probably know that.

Oh yeah, but I'm only looking at this as a novel curiosity, not as an actual idea to use. I got the idea in my head and I was wondering at what point people would start to consider it worth it.

>> No.54525869

How many children is too many children for a character to have? For intrigue game I plan on having 5 children from my character's wife and two bastards I fathered while I war. One of the five children died young but in total I would have six kids out and about.

My character is 52.

>> No.54525938

I would say 16 is the limit, reasonable for major families in an intrigue setting, or large rural families. Above that is too much.

>> No.54525956

6 is not a large number of kids for pseudo-medieval-Europe. If you're a traveler who's fathered children on multiple mothers, and want the "has a lot of kids" angle to actually be notable about the character, I'd say 9+ would be needed to convey your prolificness.

>> No.54525965

What purpose would telling you about an idea for a joke app I'm saving for the right moment serve, except to cheapen the punchline?

Character level^2 divided by (21-character's BAB) plus 1. This is assuming you're only talking about how many they may have sired during their adventures, NOT how many they have taken responsibility for. Adventurers, especially high leveled ones, should be leaving a trail of kiddies in their wake.

>> No.54525974

>7 kids at age 52
Yeah, sound ok to me., thoughI guess it also depends on how many kids you had before and after the war, and how long you were in the war.

On average, just taking the 5 into acount, and assuming you started having them at age 20, that's about, if you round it down that's about 1 kid every 6 years if its evenly distributed. I guess it also depends on their age and wen you stopped having them, which can akew the math in one direction or the other, as well as at what age your wife started to go through menopause

So, if we isntead assume you stopped having kids at around 40 (when you supposed wife is finished with menopause) that would instead be 1 kid every 4 years on avg, which is still very much reasonable, as that's the number of years between me and my sister

Again, this is discounting your bastard offspring, which would depend on how many moms, and how long the war was

>> No.54525978

10 seems like a decent number to have. In a setting like this people are having more children because each one is at more risk than they would be in a modern setting. Who knows which of your kids will die in war, die to magically-induced diseases, or die to dragon attacks?

>> No.54525999

Dude, I can't understand why people are so keen on Star Fox or Macross or Cowboy Bebop when Star Wars and Serenity seem far more up to speed with the type of system presented.

Fuck, you want to know what I want? Space Feudalism, or Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

>> No.54526002

Shouldn't age be considered in a formula like that...?

>> No.54526041

And BAB should not be. A Sorcerer, Bard or Rogue are every bit as likely to have tons of kids as a full BAB class, if not more.

>> No.54526043

>Turning your wife into a babymaker

Ugh, breeders are the worst. News flash, you don't need a lot of kids in a world with magic, okay? Thanks sweetie, remember most women can and should have 0-2 children.

>> No.54526062

No, because long lived races don't procreate quickly, while short lived ones procreate very quickly.

>> No.54526081

The fuck, what does BAB have to do with having children?

>> No.54526083

I suspect the opposite overall across the totality of players online and offline. I predict the paizo forums will be flooded with "finally, we wanted a system where we could do the things from Firefly unlike that Traveller system we've never heard of that was probably copying firefly somehow".

Those trying to run things like Star Trek (Ashen Stars people, Ashen Stars!) are going to be disappointed; the style of mechanics and character capabilities just isn't going to fit that style of play. Which is fine, mind you: it's okay for certain styles not to match with certain systems. There's other systems better suited to that.

People who want Star Wars are probably going to complain that there's too much magic stuff going on. They'll be on the forefront of forumgoers demanding the 'mundane' classes be nerfed to hell because stormtroopers shouldn't be able to succeed and guns shouldn't be able to harm heroes.

Folks who want Star Fox are probably gonna run aground of the ship combat system like my kid sister in the original Venom's "landing pillars" areas back in the late 90s.

Later Macross though, with highly destructive Anima Spiritia usage? That'll probably work out.

Have some boobies.

>> No.54526088

I mean that a person who has been around 50 years would generally have more kids than an adventurer of equal level who is only 20.

>> No.54526096

Anon is talking about one wife and multiple lovers. And again this is for if the player wants the number of kids this character has to be notable, not what's good or desirable or enjoyable to parent for.

>> No.54526100

Survival of the fittest, anon.

>> No.54526103

Only for women. While the fairer sex is having children even into their 40s these days, the truth of the matter was fertility dropped SEVERELY once a medieval woman hit her 30s.

Ideally, peak fertility for a woman in these worlds was around 15-20, maybe into their mid 20s if a noblewoman with access to good food.

>> No.54526119

I thought we established that elves are just 90% homosexual with otherwise normal rates of conception between couples that happen to be able to.

>> No.54526122

Speaking as a non-breeder, fuck off. We don't need that brand of "you're having badwrongfun" in here at all..

>> No.54526125

Originally I used base Fort save value but since there are only two types of Fort saves (good or bad) I thought BAB (which comes in three flavors) would be a decent substitute for increased granularity.

>> No.54526131

That doesn't have anything to do with BAB.

>> No.54526148

Pretty sure survival is what dropped at that time, not fertility.

>> No.54526165

If I am to be honest my original draft had the following:
>7 children from first wife, 2 dead
>4 children from second wife, 1 dead
>4 bastard children, from 3 different mothers, all alive

For 12 living children. The eldest would be 31, the youngest 4.

I was planning on having leadership and squire through a class feature so as to have two cohorts, both my character's children.

>> No.54526189

This is actually much more reasonable.

>> No.54526198

I love you DHB!

>> No.54526226

If it is relevant my character is human so he is bordering on elderly. I have considered making him a more monstrous race but not many fit. Especially in cheliax which is so human centric.

>> No.54526232

Why not both? Fertility is a fickle thing and prone to being enhanced or subdued by the slightest things. Reaching old age (aka, 30s) seems like it'd take a number on the uterus.

>> No.54526250

I have to say, I don't much like this. Not because it's a bad idea, I just think the execution is... incomplete. It does a good job of introducing the basic idea and providing a plausible backstory, but then it just ends half-way through, at the point where it should really be getting into some detail about Demesne society. I realize that people will want to tweak fluff for their own games, but I still think you need to give them some basic foundation to work with.

What differentiates a Demesne dragon from a world-born dragon? What differences in belief, in society, in structure do they have. Are there physiological differences from never being able to fly long distances? Are they much more used to dealing with others of their kind, or demi-others of their kind?

Without that further detail, it just becomes a very well thought out "i've had this cool idea for a dragon/human race made 'coz a tear of god made this breeding dragon, cool huh, can I have it in your game?"

If I'm going to add the Demesne to my setting, I want to have it as a society- not just a name under 'place of origin'.

>> No.54526276

Only kind of. It's much harder on the vaginal walls, which is why having kids after 40 is troublesome. Humans have a finite number of eggs, though, so after 45 they usually undergo menopause and can't breed.

>> No.54526337

Is this DHB?

>> No.54526346

>Regular vampires are very Bram Stoker/Salem's Lot and recently turned (1-1000 years)
>Nosferatu are what happens when a vampire gets very old and powerful. They usually hide away in the dark corners of the world no longer creating spawn as they see it as a frivolous waste of immortality (1000-3000 years)
>Strigoi are nope-tier Noseferatu-Liches. They usually hide in their own demi planes unless they have the direct protection of an evil god because archons etc target the shit out of them (3000 years)

Fancy orcs are called orques

>> No.54526364

Intrigue with corporate courts and wealthy pseudo-Nobles will be fun.

Yes, the problem is none of those games have the Paizo name on them.

Yeah, I'll admit all those games you are way better suited and better at handling those games, but even R20 isn't going to get you that many players as Starfinder will.

I lol'd at the Star Wars one.

>> No.54526377


Yeah, i know, its pretty bare bones right now. I'll be adding more later.

thank you for your criticism

>> No.54526384

I've got some handy dandy charts from Wikipedia that seem to suggest exactly what I was eyeballing earlier, that 15-20 was the perfect range to start working on kids. Your thirties seem possible, but it's a significant uphill battle. The difference between a 20 year old and a 30 year old's ovarian reserve is staggering.

That bit about the vaginal walls is interesting, however in my eyes by the time you're 40 it's a lost cause. The number of living, viable eggs you've got left are in the double digits and even they are old and busted.

>> No.54526516

What do you leave on-screen when running an online game, between battlemaps?

An actual map?

>> No.54526607

For longer lived races that can get a half with humans and races that birth multiple regularly and have shorter gestation times (goblinoids, kobolds) 16 is attainable and probably expected.

>> No.54526617

Yeah, like a map of the region or the city.

My personal favorite are battlemaps for places without battles. Like a tavern, or a street with tons of shops.

>> No.54526639

I like my headcanon that fertility and virility increase with number of HD a creature has. The more potent and powerful a creature is, whether they be a great archmage, the strongest warrior in all the land, or an ancient and terrible monster, the more potent they are when it comes to breeding as well. In a similar fashion, there offspring are more likely to "inherit greatness" from their parent the greater the parent in question is.

>> No.54526646

It comforts me to know that I wasn't the only one thinking this. I was worried that I'd become some crazy stalker.

>> No.54526653

that seems dumb, and likely to ramp up the population in terms of power level rather quickly over time.

>> No.54526720

How do mythic tiers factor?

>> No.54526727

Fertility shouldn't INCREASE with experience. A powerful creature should have powerful children, but they're still bound to their own personal virility and the limitations of their race.

>> No.54526795

Mythic strikes me as the only thing that should drastically increase your virility/fertility. Mythology is full of heroes having oodles of kids, after all.

>> No.54526803

I have a page with a hexmap of the area the PCs are exploring, as well as an over-sized calendar I made with important holidays, PC birthdays, and the current date marked. That's the page I keep the players on when there's not some other map they need to be seeing currently. I also plan to get around to adding a section to the page to list and track sidequests on, but the calendar is so big that I'm not sure I want to add other things and I also need to account for the fact that later on I'll need to add other maps (when the PCs travel to other regions).

Pic related. I should probably move the calendar downward, so there is room for the eventual extra maps to be added to the left and right of the existing map (since those extra maps will represent areas to the East and West). Still no idea where to put a side-quest tracker, without having it be really out of the way and easy for the players to forget about. I also need to settle on a design for it, but that's a separate issue.

>> No.54526844

Maybe put the side-quest tracker in a handout folder, in the campaign's journal tab? I make sure to check it regularly, Wubu

>> No.54526846

>have my characters start at level 3
>one them wants to be a master summoner
>you mean a wizard with conjuration
>no it's an archtype for summoner
>okay sure why not
>every encounter is just him steam rolling because he can summon 5 hell hounds
How do I nerf him?

>> No.54526857

Uh, it's worth pointing out that the reason you had 6-20 was that most of them did NOT make it to adulthood.

Not just disease, but when you toss in accidents, famines, living around animals or encountering random nobility... Let's face it; even today getting kicked while shoeing a horse can kill you, and what's now just a three day flu vacation home from school would often leave your toddler dead.

>> No.54526869

I will add that I developed that headcanon before Mythic existed, and it really does represent the same concept the second post is suggesting. If I were in a game where Mythic was in use, I'd probably change it to work off Mythic Tiers/Ranks instead of HD. Ultimately, the idea was that high level characters and the monsters they fight are creatures of mythological renown, and mythology is indeed full of very virile heroes. I also have a bias in that I would prefer a setting where peasants and commoners are simply unable to have many children, rather than a more realistic one where they have lots of kids but most of them die so they're only left with a small number of kids.

>> No.54526876

Ban Master Summoner like most others.

>> No.54526885

Did you not do your research? Master Summoner is regularly banned by pretty much ANY Pathfinder-playing group.

>> No.54526912


>> No.54526939

When you guys play druids, do you leave wildshape as soon as combat ends?

>> No.54526960

Well, for one thing he has to be lawful evil to summon them - or else his evil use of magic is going to turn him lawful evil.

Second, at that level he can have, at most 2 of them - one from his summon monster 2 spell like ability and one from his spell of summon monster 2, neither of which he can even cast at his level, because you don't get to summon multiples until you are 5th level, and you don't get to use SM 2 or the spell like ability of SM 2 until 4th level.

So he's cheating in several ways.

>> No.54526963

Hii, sorry I fell asleep after a while, I've been meaning to fix my terrible sleep schedule but yesterday was not the day! I can assure you though that it isn't a bamboozle, I've been spending most of this time just mapmaking and working on extra content to try and flesh the world out as much as I can.

I don't think I can say too much to >>54518507 since Essentia is definitely going to be a very political game. It's definitely going to be less mechanically based on city management and more about these decisions being made and communicated after experiencing things that might change one's opinions, a big focus of mine is interaction and roleplay- specifically taking a slow pace for the sake of character development and providing a concrete feeling for how they truly feel about the world and the other councilmen.

My thoughts on Lewd are sort of the same as Intrigue, just that the campaign won't have anything necessarily of that nature inbuilt. Players can do lewd things and whatnot, but everything will be fade-to-black and can be resolved after-session, though I don't really want anyone to expect me to hang around for that. I've never been too big of a fan of ERP and can count the amount of times i've done it in one hand.

Otherwise, I definitely feel like I can find a way to make the management of the city be much more 'interesting' than say, playing simm-city. It's not going to be based off kingmaker and I mostly intend it to be a roleplay based thing, where each of the councilmen might have a specific concern for whatever the next big movement might be- and less of a focus on the specific, minute details (buildings made, exact punishment for some crimes, etc) and more on larger decisions (Religious focus/diversity, possibility of communism/fascism, etc etc.).


>> No.54527020

>SM 2 or the spell like ability of SM 2 until 4th level.
nigga what, did you even read the archetype?

>> No.54527026

>Second, at that level he can have, at most 2 of them - one from his summon monster 2 spell like ability and one from his spell of summon monster 2
But he gets to use the spell like ability ones for 5 + his charisma level

>> No.54527053

>possibility of communism
Make it happen, comrade.

>> No.54527069


God no, that's just asking to be jumped

>> No.54527078


>> No.54527119

Holy shit, a filthy little communist.

>> No.54527127

Yeah, it's still a summoner and has to wait until 4th level to get second level spells, which is when it can get hell hound. He's STILL cheating.

>> No.54527172

What are you two on about? summoners increase their summon monster level at 3rd level and every two levels after

>> No.54527174

>not the Les Mis edit

>> No.54527180

>just want to climb
>keep getting retards going Xayah and Twitch mid
>the Twitch built AP

What the fuck did I do wrong? I haven't flamed anyone or done shit all to provoke this garbage, what the fuck is going on

>> No.54527181

Fashisty and kapitalisty please go and stay go.

>> No.54527208

>he still believes that centrally planned economy is viable in any form that isn't in a tightly restricted autarky on a local scale
We get it, you flunked out of your ecnomics and planning courses in school. No need to get all barista on us

>> No.54527214

What are you talking about? Twitch, like Twitch-the-website?

>> No.54527223

t. man who has straight up NEVER looked at the summoner and is talking out of his ass

>> No.54527224


>> No.54527228


I think you may have had the wrong tab open, anon.

>> No.54527254

>/v/fag in our midst
>a lolfag at that even

>> No.54527289

Seriously tho, why are your threads always full of anime girls, furries and other degenerate shit?

>> No.54527308

>anime girls
Welcome to 4chan
Monstergirls are not furry. Pic related.
>other degenerate shit

>> No.54527339

Why are your threads always full of retards who don't know the rules and screech whenever they're talked about?

>> No.54527340 [SPOILER] 

I got an example of your shit right here!

>> No.54527413

>anime girls
4chan shitposting
very few actually, most of it tends to b weeb kemonomimishit, and the few furries tend to be Koboldfags, which are a staple of /tg/
>other degenerate shit
Lonely autists who can't keep it in thier pants while on 4chan, same as /tg/ has always been. Bascially, after /wst/ was shitposted to death, and the Quests all migrated to /qst/, this place became the new containment thread for the perverts, unfortunately all the smart and creative perverts left with /wst/ when it migrated to /d/, so all we had left were the shitty perverts that aren't useful or creative

>> No.54527459

I mean, you guys actually seem to unironically use some retarded loli snowflakes as references for your games. Doesn't look like only shitposting at all!

sorry for triggering your autismo

>> No.54527482

Give us a non-meme LoL character to stat in Pathfinder, it'll be fun.

>> No.54527489

There is some kitsune poster who won't upgrade to the new models, we are trying to fix him. Sorry about the inconvenience

>> No.54527507

All league characters are shit, because league is shit

Dota is the superior game.

>> No.54527541

Fuck off lolfag

>> No.54527545

Is Catmere the current mascot of pfg?


>> No.54527561

>muh gommunism

>> No.54527650

>You can tell the DM doesn't have any material prepared and is stalling until the session ends

>> No.54527691

Pls no. Even Onryou was better than that.

>> No.54527729

>not liking the nerdy cat girl
I bet you don't even solve mysteries.

>> No.54527758

>Posting Aqua

>> No.54527766

I prefer to actually solve mysteries and not give the GM an excuse to fap by jobbing every other session.

>> No.54527779

Why LoL?

>> No.54527782

Really? What's giving you that idea?

>> No.54527790

I vote for Onryou. Meme character from THE meme game and blends together a lot of /pgg/ staples. Weeb, punchgirl, poor social skills.

>> No.54527805

Beats talking about le ebin G*rmaniums.

>> No.54527813

I just want a non-/pfg/ game mascot. Like, can't we have... An always annoyed mephit who hates his job as a cannon fodder minion for hire and who is a forever DM as a mascot, or something else like that that's more fitting to /pfg/?

>> No.54527832

>or something else like that that's more fitting to /pfg/?

Arueshalae is a pretty iconic character that checks off a lot of what /pfg/ is.

>> No.54527835

>let's invent a new meme for our general!
>that's how memes work, right?

>> No.54527842

/pfg/ has no always DMs. Everyone who runs games plays in a few.

>> No.54527851

Looking at this makes me miss the pre-flood days of /pfg/

>> No.54527865

How did it even start? Wasn't there a Hell's Vengeance or Wrath of the Righteous game before RotJR?

>> No.54527866

make him a depressed loser and it'll be a dead ringer for most of you

>> No.54527888

>How did it even start?

How did what even start, the Flood? That was Rise of the Jade Regent, that was entirely Rise of the Jade Regent. The only proto-meme that came from before RotJR was Godlings and Land of the Linnorm Kings, and all their memery amounted to was popular greentexts.

Arueshalae as shown above is one of the Elder Memes, her and Greta were the only "waifus" we ever discussed at any length on matters of sex and sensuality. It was a simpler time.

>> No.54527921 [SPOILER] 

Is this the post where we respond with stupid old memes that keep sticking around for some reason?

>> No.54527928

I for one welcome our new memelords. At least when they behave themselves.

>> No.54527931

I remember Downtime God was saying he was planning on running a Wolfenstein-esque game. I have no idea if it ever happened or not.

I remember we once had a really nice and civil thread which was almost entirely spent discussing what bestiary entry had the nicest rack. And it was okay, because the thread didn't descend into the cringiest of fetishism (impossible to imagine now, I know) and it was pretty much just a one-thread vacation from discussion about APs, Paizo devs, Pathfinder rules, and character builds.

>> No.54527935

Promemetheanfag, tell us a story!

>> No.54527955

That was never a stupid old meme and was entirely one guy spamming his joke while people either sandbagged it or called him out on it.

>I remember we once had a really nice and civil thread which was almost entirely spent discussing what bestiary entry had the nicest rack. And it was okay, because the thread didn't descend into the cringiest of fetishism (impossible to imagine now, I know) and it was pretty much just a one-thread vacation from discussion about APs, Paizo devs, Pathfinder rules, and character builds.

I miss those days, I really do. If I recall, people got in a shitfit over the argument that tit size should be judged by how proportionally large they were, rather than sheer size. Factoring in the NPCs, the Mummy's Mask chick had by far the largest rack followed by a few Iconics.

>> No.54527964

DHB is basically a mascot, just not sure how to visually represent him.

>> No.54527989


>> No.54527999

DHB is the banner of those against the trends of /pgg/.

>> No.54528005

Oh yeah, the Iconics. Man, we use to talk about them a lot, didn't we? Sometimes they got waifu'd, and that was like the height of cancer for the threads back then.

>> No.54528024

Were owls like how fennec foxes are now?

>> No.54528028

The iconic oracle is pretty cute.

>> No.54528053

Better: Potoos.

>> No.54528055

>and that was like the height of cancer for the threads back then.

Oh no, that wasn't the height of the thread's cancer. It was worse, much much worse.

Ready to recall the absolute summit of antediluvian thread degeneracy? It was when we had a very civil and quite informative discussion on Winter Wolf society that ultimately concluded Greta was not only a runtish yet charming example of her people, but she was a power bottom that preferred taking it doggystyle.

That was it. That was the worst. Using reasoning to deduce a character likes it from behind.

>> No.54528065

Essentially, yeah

Oracle is kinda cute, but Adowyn is bae

>> No.54528079


Isn't it just the one anon posting fennec foxes? If I recall, owls had some serious jam sessions.

>> No.54528083

Some collage of the art he's used for various character apps. Something that looks like an abomination. That, or just a depressed-looking homebrewer. Probably in a suit with a briefcase.

DHB was loved and hated at the time. The personalities and "celebs" we had back then were fewer in number. DHB, BUILDPOSTER, DrowAnon, DSP Devs, Mr. Bubbles (even though he never namefagged in-thread, I think he counts)...

>Using reasoning to deduce a character likes it from behind.

Seems like classic /tg/, really.

>> No.54528123

>DHB, BUILDPOSTER, DrowAnon, DSP Devs, Mr. Bubbles
Don't forget QANON and Ryan McGosling

>> No.54528125

I remember that whenever a new book came out, we'd often engage over any interesting pieces of art of the Iconics that came with it. Or art of Thean Tagonist, since he wasn't technically an Iconic and that name was only one we gave him.

>> No.54528135

I mispoke, I meant "bad jokes"

>> No.54528142

I didn't mention QANON because she's around but I did forget about Ryan. Poor Ryan.


I also remember DTG now, forgot about him.

>> No.54528145

>mfw we've been getting more and more art of the Iconic Swashbuckler
>mfw she's actually incredibly cute
>mfw we've ignored her entirely in favor of discussing local games

>> No.54528174

Because even though she's cue, she pretty unremarkable and in the poor iconic for one of the game's shittiest classes. Heck, even Yoon the Kineticist is cooler than her

>> No.54528193

>Because even though she's cue, she pretty unremarkable and in the poor iconic for one of the game's shittiest classes.

That's never stopped us from waifu-ing a character before.

>> No.54528201

If you left out people that are still around now, you didn't need to include Mr. Bubbles. Mr. Bubbles is Captain Slow.

Can the next /pfg/ be Iconics Edition, please?

>> No.54528220


Well, they've been discussed pretty heavily. The antipaladin forgot his race was immune to poison, Valeros is actually pretty good at what he does, Ezren needs someone to review his spell list every morning, and Harsk got drunk and shot a bunch of human commoners thinking they were giants and had killed his brother.

>> No.54528223

Jirelle is a treasure.

>> No.54528233

>Can the next /pfg/ be Iconics Edition, please?
I second this motion

>> No.54528243

Note the observers.

>> No.54528247

>Yo Seoni, I found this assassin an...the fuck's up with your head?

>> No.54528250

Honestly at this point /pfg/ has its own iconics

>> No.54528262 [SPOILER] 

>When your racial characteristics are perfect for tracking down and retrieving an errant husbando

>> No.54528266

>bottom left
>"Now I wanna marry a drow!"

>> No.54528268

I like the coy Thomas Jefferson there in the middle.

>> No.54528270

God dammit, Jirelle would've been high-octane waifu-bait if she hadn't been getting serious picture presence Post-RotJR.

>> No.54528282

They're better, too.
Why would I care about paizo's iconics? The only thing they have going for them is more art.

>> No.54528287 [SPOILER] 

>When your racial characteristics are perfect for hunting down and drowning an errant husbando

>> No.54528303

Anybody have that picture of Lem giving an elf girl a flower while another elf laughs his ass off? That picture was a meme unto itself for a while.

>> No.54528312

Don't forget the Power Lesbians
that is until Merisiel cheats on her with that one martian skank in the Red Sonja comic

I still remember when I made this shoop

>> No.54528325

Man, that comic was just one BTFO on the assumptions we had about Paizo after another. Doesn't Valeros bone Red Sonja in that one?

>> No.54528349

>until Merisiel cheats on her with that one martian skank in the Red Sonja comic

You know, I'm slightly bitter about the fact that this scene is the most recent thing I can recall being discussed about the Iconics in /pfg/. Hell, that was post-RotJR, wasn't it?

>> No.54528364

It wasn't Lem, it was a normal Halfling, and sadly I don't have it.

I do, however, have a small folder full of lelfs

Yes he does. Sadly, that comic was also just as poorly written as the other ones, and it seems the whole thing was written as a poor kneejerk to all the criticisms of the first comic, to the point of completely chaning their charcters and masturbating the whole time over making the Cleric chick suffer and get kicked around

>> No.54528390

I don't even know who Jirelle is, can someone give me a quick rundown?

>> No.54528399

How so? He does not stand again them, he merely does not participate.

>> No.54528417


>Expecting elves to be good girlfriends

Man, I knew better by the time I finished the Baldur's Gate series. Viconia gets a pass by dint of dark elf and NEUTRAL EVIL, though.

>> No.54528431

We made so many images out of that elf's face. I remember the shoop of it being plastered all over the mindscape one of the other Iconics was trapped in by Mel, the Iconic Mesmerist. I also remember how retarded I thought Paizo was for thinking it was clever to name him Mel.

>tfw the screenshot of Lini's art you took is still one of the top search results you get in Google Images from "lini pathfinder"

It's kinda like pride.

>> No.54528466

I'll give you the reader's digest
>Be half-elf girl
>Mother is a pirate, raises you to be a pirate.
>You don't wanna be a pirtate, rebel like the plucky teenager you are and become a swashbuckling hero
>Find out years later Mom is a ghost basnhee pirate. Start shitting pants and run as far away from the Shackles as you can
And that's he short of it. For the unabridged version, come here http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lg5a?Meet-the-Iconics-Jirelle

I remember /tg/ had WHOLE THREADS dedicated to that fucking elf

>> No.54528510


Don't sell yourself short, anon. Lini could always use a little love.

>> No.54528535

My favorite exploitable Iconic image

>> No.54528542

>"Why are people with atypical sexual preferences common on the Traditional Games board of this Yotsuba board and why do they like anime?"

>> No.54528559

Speaking of plucky rebels, I'm surprised /pfg/ was able to recruit and start a Hell's Rebels game without lapsing into its old hate for Sorshen, or whatever that reincarnated aquatic elf's name was. You know the one, JJ's old PC that used some really scummy and probably not rules-legal use of Reincarnate to get drow features.

>> No.54528577

When are we gonna get some JUICY LOGS of today's games?

>> No.54528582

That was Sorshen, the adorable Drow turned into an aquatic half-elf Diva celebrity loved by all and waging a secret sex war with the evil aristocracy!

>> No.54528593

Everyone is more appealing than the cleric.

>> No.54528602

Elves should make incredibly faithful and passionate partners, I mean if you think about it Calistria's entire shtick is around making sure your waifu or husbando is being as good a man/woman they can be.

>> No.54528610

>Dota is the superior game.
League is actually deeper because of runes, harder picks in the lobby, and lower cooldowns-thus more interaction/room for outplay. The micro is also higher for 95% of the characters because of mechanics like ability buffering that double the micro needed when orbwalking at times. The fact that it's harder to solo carry games also makes the game more teamwork-oriented.

>> No.54528627

James Jacob's worst work is still miles better than Crystal Frasier's best.

>> No.54528628


I thought it was taking enormous vindictive pleasure in ruining their lives if they so much as look at someone else.

>> No.54528660

I'm pretty sure the raw stuff is only kosher if you've got solid evidence they're cheating on you, my man.

>> No.54528669

yes yes, keep regurgitating the riot propaganda, you're wrong and nobody cares but you.

>> No.54528711



>> No.54528729

If we're looking at getting into specifics—and I'm happy to having helped rework this aspect of lashunta biology—the lashunta evolved two distinct types of adolescent developments as a response to the severe swings in environmental pressures of their homeworld. Depending on the pressures they faced at puberty, they would either mature as hardy, combative korasha, or they would mature as adaptable, observant damaya. When their culture later developed a tradition of strong gender roles, the kinds of pressures that triggered development as a korasha fell almost entirely on males, while the pressures that trigger damaya development fell almost wholly on women.
As lashunta have move towards leaving their sexism in the past and opening social roles, education, and careers up to everyone regardless of gender, the distribution has become much more even, and many city-states even allow a child to choose how they will develop (by way of meditation and/or medication) rather than just relying on ambient environmental pressures. There are still a few conservative city-states where the gender divide exists and the subspecies are still largely divived by gender, but these are increasingly rare.
>t. Crystal Frasier
Fucking really Paizo?

>> No.54528731


>> No.54528746

Speaking of, who's ready for Blood of the Sea tomorrow? I'm not, that book looks boring as shit.
Still going to leak it though.

>> No.54528750

>and I'm happy to having helped rework this aspect of lashunta biology

>> No.54528767


I fail to see the problem.

>> No.54528785


>> No.54528802

No, it's Lem, it's very clearly his hair and facial features.

>> No.54528803

Dude 3 new pc races including octopus girls

How are you not hype.

>> No.54528805


I look forward to that. Will we also see Vault of the Onyx Citadel too?

>> No.54528807

Sausage Paizuri
You can only project so hard

>> No.54528820


Some people don't need hentacle.

>> No.54528826

I haven't even heard of that book. What's it suppose to be about? I'll probably be at work while it's getting leaked, though I'll probably peek through it later.

Actually, what's on the schedule for releases in the next few months? I'd just assumed they didn't have a lot to release right now what with Starfinder being on its way out the womb.

>captcha wants me to find the hats
>One hat has "PFG" on it


>> No.54528839


All the releases or just the ones that aren't hardcover and not AP?

>> No.54528869

Thank you for restoring this both to my memory and my laptop's folders.

The latter, I'm more interested in what new content or setting lore they're planning on putting out than what the next AP is.

>> No.54528873

>removing the one cool thing a race had over "muh gender politics"
I bet these guys would hate Iroquois people

>octopus girls
My body is ready

>> No.54528876

Isn't this literally just a quarantine game for 2hu?

>> No.54528879

Stop perpetuating a lie just to stroke your own ego and cock. Fuck off.

>> No.54528899

mad anon

>> No.54528900

Octopus girl? We talking Ursula-tier no legs or tentacle hair shit? I want to be legless, senpai.

>> No.54528920

/pfg/'s Hell's Rebels game had a very amusing take on the AP's original style, and if I hadn't been on a several-months long haitus from /pfg/ around that time I certainly would have been interested in trying to get in.

You know, it was a very sudden system shock when I came back to /pfg/, since when I had left we still have DSP devs and no /pfg/ games.

Can't you just use merfolk for that? Or is it the octopus part that gets your attention?

>> No.54528935

From the cover art, hell yeah full on octolegs.

>> No.54528937


For the Campaign Settings:

Nothing until November

For the Player Companions:

Elemental Masters - Out some time in August (might be before or after GenCon, unclear)

Anti-heroes Handbook - September

Blood of the Coven - October

Hardcover that isn't a rule suppliment:

Book of the Damned - Available after GenCon.
PDF - September 27th.

>> No.54528951


I'll just read about the stuff involving merfolk thanks...

>> No.54528956

I'd really like to recreate my 8 tentacle Aegis grapplemonster with Steel Coils, so getting tentacle attacks would be fabulous. Also octopus traits like camouflage and compression would be cool as hell to me. That's not likely going to happen with just tentacle hair.

I'd be even happier if it was full monstrous, it'll just be tougher to find good art.

>> No.54528962

>The latter, I'm more interested in what new content or setting lore they're planning on putting out than what the next AP is.

The next AP is Ruins of Azlant, which deals with the lost island-continent of the Azlanti and perhaps even a foray into the Mordant Spire!

The AP after that is... Get this... The AP we've been wanting for years; War for the Crown, an AP set in Taldor concerning Taldor's future! Not only is it a major AP focusing on intrigue, mass combat and a touch of downtime, but it's notable in that the developers outright state it's a "lore-advancing" AP in the same spirit as Wrath of the Righteous and the consequences of closing (or failing to close) the Worldwound.

>> No.54528971


Some people think it will use more supplemental rules from UI, like verbal combat.

>> No.54528979

>Elemental Masters
Could be neat, sounds like a trainwreck waiting to happen though

>Anti-Hero's Handbook
My body is ready for maximum overedge. Do you think there will be a feat that lets me quietly brood for bonuses?

I have your art right here!

>> No.54528993

Anon, you can waifu whatever you want, but the book seems to be aimed very specifically at aquatic campaigns. Not everything's better down where it's wetter.

Maybe, depends on if people actually want to see the entire ending to the AP. I'll probably share some nuggets from the ending sections though, like any interesting bestiary entries or whatever random fluff section is thrown in.

Next month is:
>Elemental Master's Handbook, containing the Genie Binder prestige class, elemental-based archetypes, and probably a large section devoted to trying to make Kineticists not unplayable.
>Ruins of Azlant 1: The Lost Outpost, in which the party hopes that the DM is allowing both Aquatic Adventures and Blood of the Sea material
And of course Starfinder.

>> No.54528995

>/pfg/'s Hell's Rebels game had a very amusing take on the AP's original style
You mean it's literally about big titty expansion magic.

>> No.54529000

Sorshen is the Runelord of Lust, you're thinking of Shensen. Easy mistake.

>> No.54529007


>> No.54529016

That's somewhat promising, though a human top probably means no camouflage or compression. Still, interesting! I had to retire a character that was essentially a Scylla with the sex bits scraped off when a campaign died, and the race was custom, so I thought I'd never get to remake her.

>> No.54529017


>Easy mistake
Not really, one is attractive and the other is... not.

>> No.54529022

When she reincarnated, she uh...

There were a few issues with the spell, had to get a cheap-o cleric to do it.

>> No.54529029

>Not really, one is attractive and the other is... not.

That picture isn't flattering, but she's got some art in the campaign that's pretty cute.

>> No.54529031

I would play this in a fucking heartbeat.

>> No.54529033


Well the cover art is nice for Elemental Master's...

Also they bringing back the genie binder from 3.5. So there's that. New Kinestistic feats especially for void and wood.

As for Anti-heroes, the description hasn't been updated.

>> No.54529035

New thread:


>> No.54529040

Huh? I thought it was about everyone playing college drop-outs and artsy hipsters who run a plucky rebellion out of the local coffee shop?

>> No.54529043

The problem is that they are taking established canon - a biological sexual dimorphism - which was an integral part to the identity of a race - changing it to a purely social construct - which continues to cement the concept that Paizo is against biological basis of sex/sexual dimorphism and that they are willing to change interesting aspects of a race to suit this view that gender identity is a fluid entity that is solely socially introduced and effective to the growth of an individual.

In short, Paizo is retarded, they retconned something interesting cause the team tranny wanted it, and functionally wasted all previous writings on the aspect of the game.

>> No.54529045

it is, witch-hunt anon is just witch-hunting 2hu

>> No.54529046

apparently its amusing take is 'anime madness'

>> No.54529049


I wouldn't MIND seeing the bestiary at least.

>> No.54529059

Nope, it's about anime tiddy expansion, ask 2hu.

>> No.54529089

The only person pushing any of this is Crystal Frasier, and if you had to ask me I think the primary reason they're entertaining her views is because the Paizo staff's either too small or too anemic on talent to risk losing her. In other words, Paizo is doing what Crystal wants because Paizo would die if Crystal left.

>> No.54529090

But the Samurai class is garbage.

>> No.54529105

That's putting a lot of weight on Crystal being relevant desu
It's thinking like that that's letting Crystal shit out this refuse

>> No.54529110

I meant because their names are almost the same word.

Here's the earlier art.

>> No.54529154

>The problem is that they are taking established canon

A canon that was established in a couple paragraphs in a book that's never been referenced.

Even if we take it that the canon is sacred, Societies change over time. It's been thousands of years since that bit of fluff was written, what's the problem with having the society grow and change in that time period?

>> No.54529173

And we've clearly seen that other members of their team produce much higher quality material
>see: Inner Sea Races

>> No.54529180

Its more likely that they share the belief to some degree.

Jessica Price holds similar views.
JJ wants to steer clear of any potential issues and probably partially shares the views.
Mark Moreland at least partially shares the views based on some posts.
F. Wesley Schneider shares the views.

>> No.54529215

>what's the problem with having the society grow and change in that time period?

It didn't grow and change in the direction *I* wanted it to! I don't like it, anon! I don't like it!

I'm so mad, I'll completely ignore the fact the Elves have become hyper-traditional xenophobic assholes with an inbred sense of cultural paranoia! I should be loving that, but I don't!

>> No.54529289

To be fair, that's already annoying because EVERY space-elf has that same goddamn racial quality in fiction.

>> No.54529382

I'll just use the fluff for a different class.

>> No.54529681


True, but if elves weren't tremendous douchebags, they'd hardly be elves.

>> No.54530132

He's SUPPOSED to be all sinister in that picture, but then we remember the spell only fucking works if they're attracted to each-other to start with.

So it's nothing more than skipping that shitty will-they-wont-they of bad romcoms.

>> No.54530281

Which spell is being depicted?

>> No.54530337

That or Spiritualist

>> No.54530439

Actually, the spell still works if they're not attracted to each other. They just can't be incompatible--Valeros wouldn't be affected if he was gay, and Merisiel is bi so she's affected as well.

Matchmaker. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/m/matchmaker

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