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What did your character want to be when they leveled up?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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more swole, and of fluffier tail

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Dead, hopefully.

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>What did your character want to be when they leveled up?
Still playing.

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A singer! Her cha oid trash, though. So she became a punchgirl.

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Weeaboos killed Paizo.

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I want to be a nosferatu wizard presiding over a necropolis and amassing an army of the dead

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So I am thinking about my character. It's very difficult to function as a martial and be anything beyond middle aged. I was considering being a 64 year old cavalier knight.

Unfortunately that puts my stats at:

Where as when I am middle aged I hit:

One of these is clearly better. I'm having a tough time here.

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>want to embark on adventures with lewd on the side
>only three possible lewdventures up
>two are blatant bamboozlings
>one isn't starting for a month

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Why would you want to be an old fart?

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If your DM forces age penalties on you for trying to flesh out a character concept, then he's a fucking shitter

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Personally I'm fine with penalties since it makes sense, but I'd prefer it if it was an even -1 +1 to the relevant stats as opposed to the uptick in penalties physical stats get while mentals only go up by 1 every time.

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I may or may not start Intrigue up earlier. Why not app and see what happens?

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I'm considering it. Do you have an idea of the nonlewd/lewd ratio of it? Are you planning to run the game longterm, maybe into other adventures? Is House Karvane gonna be an author self-insert thing? Not taking the piss, just asking assuming you're Karvane.

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A God Wizard. Ended up a ferret instead.

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I mean, this campaign is the reason for my account name, not the other way around, and as far as I am aware House Karvane does not contain any big ulfen bards that I could possibly self-insert as, so no.

The game definitely is planned as long-term, and I have other adventures planned that connect to House Karvane itself and the plotline of Intrigue.
The lewd ratio is tricky, because it depends entirely on the preferences of the party. Some parts have a lewd bent at their base, of course, but those are the minority - and are usually fairly easy to skip over one way or another if undesired. While I'm not going to let things descend into constant blatant ERP territory (dangling futa penises in the middle of session etc), if players want to use seduction to curry favor with and win over male or female NPCs, well, I'm not gonna stop them, and I'm not gonna let them blueball anyone without consequences either :^)

Assuming a low lewd party, I would rate it as somewhere around minimum 2-3 Alexanders (out of 10). Assuming a high lewd party, we could peak at 7 or even 8 Alexanders, depending on how well the players use their talents for such things.

TL;DR - play for lewd, and lewd you shall receive.

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>I mean, this campaign is the reason for my account name, not the other way around

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Gonna be honest. I plan on playing a homosexual knight in his 50s in a marriage where it became obvious he enjoyed the company of men more than his wife some three decades prior. Warfare, wine, and soft nubile young boys, truly the chelaxian way.

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You have two options: be middle aged or find a way to get a mental stat to hit and/or damage. Easiest option would be Divine Fighting Technique -> Way of the Shooting Star for Cha to HIt and Damage with a Starknife. You're locked into worshiping Desna though, so I suggest Daring Commando or Luring Cavalier.

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That said though, regardless o how many Alexanders we PEAK at, I don't like lewd to be a constant thing. If it's an occasional or contextually fitting thing that comes up when such things fit into the situation, then I have no qualms at all about it - but if you walk around constantly reminding everyone of how lewd your outfit looks, or making eyes at every wench you see, then it gets tiring not just for me but for other people too. If there is no contrast to the norm, then there's nothing fun with it. It's a LOT more fun when it's the stoic and quiet paladin who tries to seduce the NPC, than when the loudmouthed Swashbuckler who always looks for a brothel first thing when he gets into town and who's already tried seducing 3 random NPCs does so again.

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I have ran House Karvane-related things in the past, for my own group.

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Hmm okay that explains the fourth letter of your nickname.
How about the first 3?

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What class, race, stats, alignment and traits would have Cao Cao?

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All of this sounds really good actually, exactly what I wanted, and the scale is nice too.

Lewd goings-on, lewd allowed, but not constant blatant ERP with futa elves running around all session is exactly the way to go imho. Lewds get boring if all you do is lewd.

Plus beyond lewds the campaign itself sounds intriguing :^) and I like Cheliax a lot and wish more stuff was done in it, and I like the houserules and chargen setup.

I very well may apply. If I can make a suggestion though try to keep in touch with applicants who've posted a while ago. Bamboozle games can be extremely disappointing and even if it's just been a week and someone hasn't heard back on their application they may figure it a jape and just quit.

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That, my friend, would be telling :^)

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Who knows, maybe we'll see a mysterious reviewanon pop up in the thread at some point :^)

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>If there is no contrast to the norm, then there's nothing fun with it.

This is a big reason I don't like F-List and where most "mature themes and lewd activity but totally not always ERP guys!!!!1" game ideas fuck up at.

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What's the WORST fighting style in 1pp right now?

and what's your BEST BUILD for it?

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Or maybe you'll just end up as ignored as essentia

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What do you want reviewed exactly?

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Everybody's a critic.

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Fabulously wealthy and feared by all

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If I have the time for it, I may or may not do some reviews for Essentia myself!
I mean I wouldn't push for reviews on the Intrigue apps right now, seeing as many of them are still lazing aboutWIP for many of their parts. But anyone's welcome to help out! As for what parts I want to focus on, good question, but tone and motivations are just as important as style and length.

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Something something Swashbuckler something something

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>want to apply for intrigue
>"lewd as you make it" this is good
>but worry that ill either make a character too lewd and no one else goes with lewd
>or make a character too unlewd and everyone else goes with lewd

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The best bet is to make a character who has potential for lewd/unlewd, but isn't crippled by either extreme too much. Take it as a challenge :^)

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>tfw smol girls are not for lewd

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>smol girls are not for lewd
That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Ever hear of shortstacks?

>> No.54512814

But what if a short is without the stack?

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>HEIGHT/WEIGHT: Flower Nymphs are generally between 4'6" and 5'6" in height, and weigh between 110 and 170 pounds.
i'll just leave this here

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Hey guys, I need your thoughts on a rule quibble I ran into trying to make a character.

So, I've been looking at the Occultist Panopolies from Psychic Anthology, specifically the Trappings of a Warrior. Now, for it's abilities it requires you to be wielding an Abjuration Implement that's a shield, however something has hitched in my mind. Now, one of the other items an Occultist can grab as an Abjuration Implement is a Cloak. There also exists the feat Dueling Cape Deed, which allows me to use and treat a wielded cloak as a buckler. So, would it be legal to use a Cloak Abjuration Implement, and gain access to the Panoply benefits with it by using this feat? Or does the Implement have to be a shield?

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Then you're deliciously petite!

>> No.54512846

There's a mantle to ignore negative age penalties. You're not immortal, but you won't lose strength an you keep the mental stat boosts.

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You know, I'm 6'0" and been described as average a few times, despite weighing 150 pounds. I can only imagine that sort of weight on a girl under five feet.

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>deliciously petite
That is true enough at 27lbs and 2'10".

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smol is not short though
you have to be at least dorf-sized to not be smol

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>tfw literally anyone can pick me up and carry me around
Being smol is suffering.

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>Frequency Played: Every Other Week

Are you set on this for Intrigue?

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What's the livespan of an elf?
Assuming that's over hundreds or even thousands of years, what are the chances that they will get killed by accidents, murder, disease, poison, suicide, war, starvation etc long before their luck runs out. Everything that can happen eventually happens. Considering that, what would be the average life expectancy of an elf? How old would be most elves? How different would be the culture and ideas of the Old Ones who against all odds have lived the full lifespan?

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It seems to be practically infinite with good enough healthcare.
Starfinder will canonically have lots of millenia-old elves who are so old they remember the world before the Gap.

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Crossbows. You're down 5 levels into a fucking do-nothing class to get off the ground and perform at roughly the minimum level another style of weapon would place you, except that you also needed Rapid Reload in addition to the usual PBS and Precise Shot taxes, to enable taking other feats and for basically just attacking during any normal combat, respectively. It's so bad people think Bolt Ace is "problem solved" for the fighting style.

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Strictly a GM call on that one. The reasoning is sound, however and offers some roleplay addition as well; but you would defintiely not be able to use the cloak as an implement shield type unless you were actually using the dueling cloak property of it - i.e. had it wrapped about your arm in buckler fashion.

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Do that concept when you can afford the vest that lets you avoid penalties.

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What would be the culture of a race whose members almost never dies of natural causes?

>> No.54513025

You're underweight by quite a bit..

>> No.54513038

I am thinking of using Starfinder rules to play normal fantasy Pathfinder

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Depends. Elan life culture is literally based on being an adventurer forever, with the "I want to see, do, taste, experience everything I can eventually" being the quality they most look for in any potential Elan.

Lots of different funerary rites would be one aspect - different rituals for different kinds of deaths. They would revere older members of the race as incredibly wise and powerful, just because they've somehow survived so long, so 'wisdom of the elders' is a very potent cultural fixture.

>> No.54513062

True. I keep wanting to say one-handers because there's literally no gain over two-handing until you spend feats, but at least it fucking works before that point, just being slightly worse.

>> No.54513066

I am sure even if you can survive infinitely, you cannot remember infinitely
So the longer you live, more holes start showing up between important memories
Eventually they will be like ghosts because nothing makes sense to them anymore, they remember too much of the past to be natural in the present

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>> No.54513086

They reserve their memories to only things they care about
So the wizard who only cares about magic will eventually become really powerful because he knows like 10000 years of wizardry, but has regressed to the point where he no longer knows anything else
Just 10000 years of magic filling his head

>> No.54513088

I personally think one-handers are underrated. I mean, they're certainly not good, but it's not really that bad to take a longsword and have the option to one-hand it over a greatsword. Just having a free hand sometimes is nice for preparing an alchemical before battle or being able to grab something without spending a move to stash it.

>> No.54513107

The fuck

>> No.54513113

You can hold a two-handed weapon in one hand, just not use it.

>> No.54513158

I am set on _no less_ than every other week. I may well throw in extra sessions - especially during Stage 1/Prologue - if spirits are high and I'm well prepared, assuming everyone is good schedulewise. I don't want to burn myself out, though.

>> No.54513160

If you're not attacking you can take one hand off of a two-hander. You can also do the same with a longsword - it's a free action to switch to two-handing that longsword as soon as you're done doing whatever.

Longswords in particular have one thing going and that's the fact that they actually have a trait (Sword Scion) that gives +1 on attack and on combat maneuvers with them. It's minor, but that is something traits really just don't do except for this one case. So if you want to be extra-accurate, longswords do that. Dueling swords too but fuck them.

Anyway that's a benefit of using a weapon from the one-handed category, that you're still able to and would prefer to two-hand.

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I guess he'd have wanted to be a hero. Sword, armor, looking handsome and daring, all that jazz. If his wish were granted, he'd scale a tower, rescue some fair lady, and slay the beast keeping her captive.

But he's learned good and well that that's all impossible. The stars can't be changed.

>> No.54513172

A wizard. Like every Magus did.

>> No.54513175

Which book is that?

>> No.54513188

How much money/salary does the typical party needs per person? How much should they paid for job? How much money would you need for daily expenses?

>> No.54513203

>not being a wizard-in-training who only wanted to be a humble fighter the whole time

>> No.54513223

>I don't want to burn myself out, though.


Especially if the game has lewds you don't want too much of a good thing.

>i made this mistake when i tried to play 4 sessions straight of a nonlewd game with a friend when we picked up a new system
>we got tired of it by the third and agreed it was a burnout

>> No.54513227

>What did your character want to be when they leveled up?
Someone who knows what it's like to be loved

>> No.54513242

Except everything is extravagantly spacious from your perspective

>> No.54513245

I blame it on the depression.

>> No.54513293

Is it all but confirmed that CC and IG are bamboozles?

>> No.54513312

Just eat a pound of ground beef each day. Or use it to make some tacos or something.

Man, now I'm.hungry for some dank budget tacos. Like the one time I took some ground venison, put it in some tortillas, and just slaps some slices of provolone on that shit and threw it in the microwave. Man that was good

>> No.54513320

>When min-maxing is the only honorable thing to do for once

>> No.54513383

The book of SSDK Materials, my friend.

>> No.54513396 [DELETED] 

I might've applied now with a new concept.

idk if i have a chance

>> No.54513415

When does Intrigue start?

>> No.54513425

Anyone here like to play in the nude?

>> No.54513467

>tfw you're trying to Frankenstein a build, and suddenly the inspiration starts flowing
>tfw it's both crazy and flavorful as fuck
I don't care if it sucks, I'm having fun now! Just gotta decide how much I wanna invest in either it's combat or magical side. Leaning on combat though.

In a related note, are there any Cavalier Orders that work best for a character who is seeking penance for some care or failing? It's only a 1-2 level dip, so I don't need anything fancy

>> No.54513470

>crossbow fighter
>not Bolt Ace slinger
but why? do you enjoy suffering?

The app is a good start, but I'd implore you to expand more on the parts you're glossing over. Also, consider looking into the Knight Errant campaign trait if you want to start in a Martial faction.

>> No.54513491

>I'd implore you to expand more on the parts you're glossing over


And hey, crossbows can be very good! D-don't laugh at me!

>> No.54513512

might as well be a water balloon fighter

>> No.54513516

App close right now is 20 Aug, but I am expecting to cut that down by at least one week. The only main issue is that I need enough good apps to make a party out of - I have the material for most of the first Stage already. So get to work! :^) And of course, if you've already applied don't hesitate to throw me a PM if you're wondering about anything or want a personal review done. I'm not gonna hold your hands, but I can at least point you in the right direction. And there's no time like the present to start working on WIP backstories!

>> No.54513524

Uh... Order of the Penitent?

>> No.54513536

Crossbows can be good, yes, and Bolt Ace gunslinger is a very good way to make them good. You should honestly consider it if it even remotely fits your style.

And I'm talking about stuff like this passage:
>All of this cynicism and grim martial bravado covers up what could potentially be personal weakness and socially awkward mannerisms, maybe even a fragile ego, but that's only speculation. She of course wouldn't show such vulnerabilities, if they're true, which they're not, perhaps.
A bit too vague in all ways.

>> No.54513551

Nah, it honestly sucks, and is built far more like "Order of the Batman/cop"

I'm looking for something a bit more...edgier? For lack of a better term. Something for a character that in order to redeem themselves has become a vicious and inhuman machine of retribution.
I'm taking Nameless One as a feat, of that helps

>> No.54513642

>Crossbows can be good if you set 5 levels on fire for them!
Stop pretending this is okay. Crossbows can break even with a featureless full BAB warrior in this way. You don't compare to other classes who actually did things other than reach a pre-existing minimum with their levels and their many feats over you.

>> No.54513740

As a bolt ace, you get sweet, sweet 19-20x3, which is the best crit range in the game.
You also get deeds which are pretty neat.

>> No.54513770

laughing falcata.png

>> No.54513776

Yes, but falcatas don't hit touch AC at 100 range, do they?

>> No.54513779

I'm not saying it's exclusive to bolt aces. It's just pretty fucking rad.

>> No.54513793

Nothing like some good D&D&D

>> No.54513797

They also don't require you to throw away class levels and feats aside from EWP if you're dumb enough to not get it from another source.

>> No.54513831

I would literally rather take up throwing falcatas and lose a bunch of feats than start tossing unreasonable amount of levels out like cash at a strip club. Crossbows are not nearly sexy enough to justify it.

>> No.54513852

Crossbows are pretty swag with autoloaders from steelforge (which is, as far as I'm aware, legal in Intrigue), though.

>> No.54513883


Well, that's the difference between basically all ranged and melee options (except maybe TWF) though. Ranged combat has a shitton of feat taxes, but the simple advantage of not being able to melee you back (among other things) makes up for that. Melee combat has a lot less taxes, but lacks those advantages.

I'm not saying Crossbows are a GOOD combat style - they're not - but a Bolt Ace can make them work in ways that lets them at least compete with other martials. And "throwing class levels", well, most of the time you need to throw class levels into Fighter or something to be able to throw away feats at a high enough pace to get your stuff faster than that anyway. Slinger is not the worst class to main, and considering the PRC rules I am running that might not even be a relevant factor anyway.

>> No.54513896

I do not know what Steelforge is, but if you wouldn't mind throwing me a link I'd be happy to take a look! Is it part of some content already on the allowed list?

>> No.54513918

It's DSP stuff, which is why I assumed it's allowed. It has, like, 10 magic items, all of which are pretty good.
They're generally all either in line with existing stuff or patching up weak shit like crossbows.

>> No.54513928

What are these aforementioned PRC rules?
I haven't gotten a change to play a landsknecht yet, and I'd jump at the chance.

>> No.54513934

Sorry, anon, initiator classes are banned in Intrigue.

>> No.54513945

I'm crying my eyes out right now anon

>> No.54513957

It's a reject DSP project that was murdered by Ssalarns fat cheeto-dusted fingers

>> No.54513992

Do Orange Prism Ioun Stones stack with one another? What if one of them is flawed?

>> No.54514065

>Do Orange Prism Ioun Stones stack with one another?
No. Untyped bonuses from the same source don't stack.
>What if one of them is flawed?
Grey rules area, I'd say yes, but ultimately DM call.

>> No.54514085

For the first PRC you take levels in, you get either Favored PRC or Prestigious Caster when taking your first PRC level (unless it's a 10/10 caster prc), and your PRC levels count as levels in your Favored Class (choose one if you have several) for getting FCBs and what FCBs you can take.

>> No.54514091

So, what's a good 1handed weapon to use as a blind warrior?
>Inb4 Katana
I'd rather not rip off Zatoichi wholesale

>> No.54514105


Well, considering you are just going to wave the thing around like a retard anyway, why not use a flail?

>> No.54514131

That could actually work, has a simple and brutal quality to it.

>> No.54514154

It doesn't look terrible and some of the options are fairly interesting. I'll take a proper look at it later!

>> No.54514420

https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/81935/essentia-our-last-days (Ends in 3 days)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/82673/iron-gods (Ends in 1 week) (high chance of bamboozle)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/83254/carnal-crown (Ends in 1 week)
https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/83277/the-fiends-and-intrigues-of-house-karvane (Ends in 3 weeks)

>> No.54514487

>many are still WIP

I hope you don't think mine is WIP because it's that bad!!

>> No.54514538

What actions do you consider to be evil instead of neutral?

>> No.54514590

>Neutral is bargaining up for more money from your employer
>Evil is stealing money and valuables from graves

>Neutral is killing bandits in battle or interrogating them roughly once you've taken them captive
>Evil is killing the bandits who surrender or using torture to get information

>Neutral is fighting the villains for selfish reasons without hurting others
>Evil is fighting the villains for selfish reasons with the intent to hurt others

>> No.54514625

Killing bandits that surrender isn't necessarily evil. Death is what outlaws get, fullstop. It's just when they surrender they can get the quick and painless shot in the head.

>> No.54514650

Doing something at other people's expense for your own benefit.
Doing something at your own expense for your own benefit is neutral.

>> No.54514660

Execution is neutral.

Killing a man who's got his arms up, hands empty, and is begging for his life is evil.

>> No.54514753

Is it okay to substitute Japanese words for the Tien language or is that bad roleplaying?

>> No.54514781

Isn't minkai canonically based on Japan? and hell, you've got Ameiko Kaijutsu as an important figure in two different APs; that's a pretty straight japanese name.

I'd say that if you know japanese, you can go for it without too much worry.

>> No.54514801

is it not more chinese

>> No.54514885

I need examples of lawful evil that could be applies to a merc/raider/bounty hunter.

>> No.54514905

Two villages are having a spat over some land. You get a contract to defend one village, then secretly get another contract to defend the other village.

>> No.54514906

The Predators are a race of LE bounty hunters that only accept worthy marks

>> No.54514930

Mercs that pretend to be neutral but behind the scenes work as lapdogs for a tyrant is classic LE mercenary thing.

>> No.54514939

Is it just me or has it been like 2 weeks since we got a new game?

>> No.54515062

I really want to run a /pfg/ game, but I'm pretty hesitant for a number of reasons.

>never GM'd before
>haven't actually played in over a year because of real life shit
>inexperienced with Roll20
>unsure if I want lewd or not
>the kind of guy who constantly has to check and re-check notes and sheets
>slow typer

If it weren't for all that baggage I'd love to give it a shot.

>> No.54515101

Dont bother, you will probably bitch out at the last second.

>> No.54515104


Capture people alive and permanently blind them and castrated them because it was not specified in the contract to keep them intact.

>> No.54515150

Remember when astrus shilled, namefagged amd even pretended to be an anon to get attention for his game?
And in the end it was just a bamboozle.
You will probably end up like him.

>> No.54515164

What for?

Doing that just for the lulz is chaotic stupid, not lawful evil.

>> No.54515176

Essentia is actually picking up, somehow. Though most of them are randos, I think.

>> No.54515181

>too lewd
There's literally a campaign trait for shagging your cousin. Also look at literally the first app.

>> No.54515215

>slow typer
Use voice.

>> No.54515229

Nani? The campaign trait is infatuation, not an existing relationship. At most, you've pumped some out to thinking of them, not pumped some into them.

>> No.54515253

Someone did a calculation once for humans. Assuming that humans solve the problems of aging and disease, the life expectancy of a human is roughly 2000 years (give or take 500) once we factor in *current* crime rates, suicide rates, and random bullshit accidents.
In PF though, elves have a canonical life expectancy of something like 500-700.

>> No.54515263

>In PF though, elves have a canonical life expectancy of something like 500-700.
Fantasy crime rates and shit are much higher than current, tho.
Anyhow see this:

>> No.54515279

Tien is just (very poor) Chinese.

>> No.54515280

There are different sections of the country for that. Minkai is Japanese, but Xa Hoi is not!Vietnam, while Tianjing is not!China and Kwanlai is not!Korea.

>> No.54515288

Why does Minkai speak the same language as the mainland when they've never actually been conquered or controlled by the mainland?

>> No.54515290

>Fantasy crime rates and shit are much higher than current, tho.
Yeah, but are they? That's the question, because [violent] crime isn't necessarily much more common.

You start with a dose of essentially roofies, don't you?

>> No.54515294

What is Amanandar?

>> No.54515304

>Yeah, but are they?
The only basis we have to guess on is real life in the Middle Ages, where mortality was crazy high for random shit.

>> No.54515311

Why don't CG and LE have their own special classes like Paladin and Antipaladin

>> No.54515323

>is real life in the Middle Ages
...which were only really a thing in the European part of the civilized world, considering the core bits of the Middle Ages (800-1100) was also the Islamic Golden Age and one of the heights of the Byzantine Empire, and the Tang/Song golden era in China, and 1100-1300 being Pax Mongolica in China and parts of the Mideast and the Seljuk golden era in the other bits. Also most of it tended to be disease or shit like "bandit" raids whose leaders were, suspciously enough, flying the banner of the neighboring kingdom.

>> No.54515331

CG - Rogue / Gunslinger
LE - Arcanist / Wizard

>> No.54515336


>This alchemical perfume is distilled from a blend of humanoid pheromones and fey sweat. When applied as a full-round action, it grants the wearer a +2 circumstance bonus on all Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks for 1 hour. During this time, the wearer takes a –2 penalty on saving throws against charm and fascination effects originating from fey.

>Long-term use of lover’s breath eventually results in physical changes, causing the user to vaguely resemble a fey creature such as a nymph or dryad, although these changes are only cosmetic.

It's just Telvanni Bug Musk.

>> No.54515345

Huh, wonder what the fuck I was thinking of then. Intrigue GM should change it to some extra-tough aphrodasic

>> No.54515351

Has anyone tried a game where the DM is allowed voice but not the players?

>> No.54515353

Is that even possible?

>> No.54515363

Maybe they're in gimp masks and the DM only unzips them when they earn the right to speak.

>> No.54515388

Those don't really exist in Pathfinder, they do however exist in Eberron!

> A clear, tasteless fluid, Heartflow is a power aphrodisiac. Those that ingest it must make a Fortitude save, DC 15, or suffer a -3 penalty for the following three hours to any saving throw or skill check that would benefit from a state of heightened arousal. This includes uses of Charm Person, Suggestion or other certain mind-affecting effects, as well as Sense Motive or Perception checks to resist being distracted or lied to by a pretty face

>> No.54515406

I wonder why more people don't use The Demesne. Or Dragon Prince/ss.

>> No.54515408

You can just make a voice channel with restricted speech privileges where only certain users (say, the DM) can speak)

>> No.54515448

There are basically two types of people

Lazy fuckers who use other work wholesale. These people just run APs

Creative faggots who would rather use their own stuff

The only way the demeans would get used is if a player asked for it and showed the complete thing to the DM, who then allows it

>> No.54515472

We are all not lazy
We just don't have any free time anymore

>> No.54515490

Game balance reasons. Too many human languages make each one weaker.

>> No.54515491

RL is the greatest monster of all.

>> No.54515498

probably about the philter of love that has the same effect for practical purposes.

>> No.54515527

I can't see that ending well for anyone involved

>> No.54515554


The Dragon Queen, and her mutant spawn should be put to the sword.

>> No.54515642

I got a sword right here they could put themselves on!

>> No.54515743

Sibling love is the purest form of love.

>> No.54515753

you are allowed to bring your own elixirs of love

>> No.54515764

Essentia's applications are ending pretty soon and I wanted to make another poke at the thread before the final days.

I've been working my butt off recently and preparing a lot of stuff, and I'm pretty excited for the start of it- but I've also had a lot of people suggest I should bring it to the thread again so, here I am!

I'm always happy to try and talk a little about my custom setting, and if anyone has any doubts or big questions about it, I'd love to try and dispel any bad notions or confusion about it!

So, tell me /pfg/, what's stopped you from applying to Essentia?

>> No.54515820

That's the love of trust and familiarity, not gagging on your brother's cock or pounding your cousin from behind.

>> No.54515839


A sword? In the Demesne that is a table knife

>> No.54515866

And yet both will pierce your heart just as easily!

>> No.54515953

Because the setting document isn't finished? Or because it would just be background info?

>> No.54516004


Kinda hard to get to a heart through a, on averag, meter of tit flesh with a table knife

>> No.54516018

Because I never got the elevator pitch

>> No.54516048

Dragonslayers campaign concurrent to Dragons 1 and 2 WHEN?

>> No.54516137

>Not attacking from behind/above
It's like you don't even slay

>> No.54516139

Honestly, there's just too much required reading to make a character.

>> No.54516165

That's a fair point! I should have tried to be more active in the thread throughout the application process, but later is better than never at the very least.

Essentia can pretty much be best described as a cold-war era campaign with a focus on rising technologies and the way it's changed life, as well as previous dramas and the unresolved conflicts of today. Almost everything in this setting is handmade (with a ton of inspirations ranging from real-world mythology to books and such that I particularly love)

Tone-wise it's about a new council (the party) paving the way for an otherwise failing city, and it'll be up to them how they deal with various issues stemming from inside the city, outside the city, and generally how they want to shape the city and it's government and general state of being into.

That's something I was worried about in general. I tried to nail everything down into something more concise and organized, but it's hard to give a general feeling for such a custom world in few words, and even now I still haven't explained *everything*

>> No.54516169

Never stopped Ensoulment though, did it?
I agree with the amount of mandatory material being a bit intimidating, though. You might want to make a TL;DR that's decently accessible.

>> No.54516226

What's the difference???

>> No.54516258

It's certainly something I tried to accomplish with the Prologue thread and the general LFG description, I wanted to make those two the only really "essential" threads, with everything else serving as backstory, city detailing and generally providing the meat of the setting. I'm going to look into rewriting those two things before the deadline to see if I can't make it more accessible and easy to get into without eliminating the other threads.

>> No.54516289

To be fair? Ensoulment's 'required reading' really was fluff more than actual required reading. The basic gist is CLASSIC FANTASY, HIGH PHILOSOPHY, ARE YOU READY TO BE A HERO???, the setting info was just setting info. With Essentia, the whole "Craft (Essentia)" is offputting. What is Essentia even supposed to be? What are its capabilities? The whole thing is ill-defined and it makes me wary to apply with a normal character.

>> No.54516295


>> No.54516322

>tfw, didn't get in
someone pls run a copy

>> No.54516339

That doesn't appeal to me as a game. A book perhaps but not a game. There's no adventure!

>> No.54516341

Whatever happened to 2hu?

>> No.54516346

Adventure does not always involve traveling around solving problems, love.

Sometimes the problems come to you...

>> No.54516369

This is always something you need to aspire for when advertising a campaign for a custom setting. As dangerous as it is to say, I'd argue PLD is an exquisite example of doing things right. On the surface it's a dark fantasy smut game about special people with special abilities hunting down beasts, bandits, and the bastards that begat them both. There is plenty of deeper information about the setting you (should) can use to craft a character or join the campaign without sounding like a fish out of water, but that's not NECESSARY to even grasp the nature of the campaign.

That's what a good advertisement do. Tell us how the campaign be and what our roles are within it, and then dump the setting.

>> No.54516434

Being the one on the back foot is not what most people want to pretend to be. Most people want to be the Unmoved Mover, not the Unmoving Moved.

>> No.54516487

Suck it up and stop being a faggot. It's a -1 penalty.

>> No.54516493

Another thing PLD did right was Vult's insistence on every character being a Nightwalker (with all that implies) and every character having an encounter with a Tome Manifestation. One of the biggest obstacles to a compelling character is figuring out just where to begin, and declaring every character MUST be this or MUST have that story beat means you've already got the outline on what you need to do, and when.

Less is more does not simply apply to writing a short, concise story, it also applies to character origins.

>> No.54516506

>why is someone who's about to fucking croak, not as physically strong and nimble as a hale-and-hearty veteran?

>> No.54516536

The passages you put out for the game need some work. I could slog through the listing text by also acting as if I was an editor for it.

Going through the 'required' section is another ordeal. I can send you the edits for that one if you want though.

You know who I am.

>> No.54516555

GM speaks, players type.
Personally I prefer typing in character and all out of character shit as voice. It's much easier for the players and GM to communicate with each other about rulings and questions and stuff.

>> No.54516581

>Play a Fighter that's young.
>Acquire a Hat of Disguise

>> No.54516588

While it's definitely true Essentia won't be as exploration heavy as a normal campaign, there's quite the adventure and story to be had and defined by the party! It's no surprise that eventually a terrible war will take over, and we'll be stuck fighting for our survival, our people- and uncovering things that will turn our views on this poor little island upside down.

These are really good points, ultimately I admit I'm very zealous about creating a world that both makes sense and has depth, meaning and most importantly interesting, I think I didn't convey the actual proceeds of the game and how it'll play out well enough.

Like I said earlier, a lot about it is shaping this city into what the player believes it should be shaped into, facing the consequences of their decisions and experiencing hell and back with both, the council (and party) itself, and the rest of the city- but at the same time making a connection with the people and becoming these public idols, promising change in whatever method you want to bring change and just generally bringing hope back to this failing place.

From warfare to intrigue to discovering long-forgotten knowledge and investigating other factions and making sure they don't pose a threat to Mestys either, there's so much the campaign *can* cover, and my biggest focus is allowing the players to create and live their own story in this. I'm also a really big fan of having it be a generally slow paced campaign with a focus on character development and player interaction, rather than "doing the next quest" or such that was sort of my issue with some AP's I ran in the past.

As for Essentia itself, I had a big thread detailing it in the past but opted not to add it in fear of having more threads for people to read through that might make it all seem like too much to read. I did recently add a little blurb to explain it however.

>> No.54516901

>What did your character want to be when they leveled up?
She didn't know. She had powers and they so often just *happened*. All she wanted was to be in control and she never really was, not even after taking the first steps on the path to godhood.

>> No.54516960


Just finished up the population portion of The Demesne. Working on The culture/economics portion now.

How to accurately describe a place where everyone treats everyone like family... because its probably true...

This is hard.

>> No.54516969

>What did your character want to be when they leveled up?

>> No.54517492

Considering Aasimar and Tieflings are blatantly superior to just about everything else, why aren't there Nazi Aasimar trying to figure out how to reliably breed more of themselves?

>> No.54517538

The ancient Gold Dragon named Mengkare is already trying to do that, he's got an entire island-nation of apex humans he's breeding together to produce the perfect Human. He occasionally brings in Elves and Aasimar for their robust figures or longevity.

>> No.54517582

How do commoners roll their stats? Is it a normal distribution around 10 or do they use pointbuy?

>> No.54517620

elite array

>> No.54517631


>> No.54517771

3 point buy or the normal NPC array (13 12 11 10 9 8).

>> No.54517884

Because their buds are nipped before they bloom, they are far too few in number (think albinos) and the social stigma that follows with having such heritage. Nazis became a thing because the propaganda could be turned against a small minority while raising the majority into ubermensch stratus.

>> No.54518081

Is it rape if you have a supernatural charisma?

>> No.54518084

Does anyone get the feeling that Starfinder is just meant to be a testing ground for Pathfinder Second Edition?

It sounds like they put a lot more thought into simplifying the game without losing comparability, and it does feel like a lot of the changes are for the better.

>> No.54518127

Sort of. The chapter about bringing in stuff from Pathfinder can be summed up as 'please don't'.

I think it's more of a marketing thing, like Macs running Windows apps. Besides, it has a bit more of the Star Wars games in them, since they share a dev

>> No.54518143

>The chapter about bringing in stuff from Pathfinder can be summed up as 'please don't'.
That's what they did for Epic Rules too, but then look at their replacement..

>> No.54518158

Starfinder IS Pathfinder 2.0
There will never EVER be new CRB

>> No.54518169


>pic related

Has PLD gone too far? Yes yes I know, paladins, etc.

>> No.54518242

What's a Tome Manifestation?

>> No.54518294

Is it against their will or have you somehow managed to charm them/dominate them against their will in a way that they are convinced that they are willing but not really since they are willing only due to external influences? If the answer is yes on either or both then yes, it is rape.

>> No.54518320

>(high chance of bamboozle)
It hurts.

>> No.54518322

In a nutshell...

No one knows. One player had it as "and then he burst into tentacles." Another had it as "her husband casually read from it while fucking her." A third person had it as "the commander had us die because lol" and a fourth was "it turned my daughter into a tree." and a fifth said "I wasn't there when it happened but my dad said it was bad so I should make sure it doesn't happen again."

In short, a Tome Manifestation can be whatever, anything, and has no defined form or consequences.

>> No.54518327

Does anyone remember 2015/2016, when we were all so FUCKING HYPE about Hell's Vengeance and acting like it was going to be the ultimate AP to end all other APs?

And then it turned out to be a huge letdown?

What were people expecting from Hell's Vengeance? What do you want to see in a "Hell's Vengeance, only done right" game?

>> No.54518355

You were idiots. Cheliax deserves to fall for abandoning truth for madness and depravity.

>> No.54518379

Thanks. Where can I read about it?

>> No.54518411

Way of the Wicked

>> No.54518456

I don't know what you people expected

>> No.54518467

>Way of the starting at level 1 with NONE OF YOUR GEAR in a dungeon populated by warrior 2 prison guards


I've never been in a WotW game that lasted beyond the dungeon right after the prison...

>> No.54518497

We were expecting some serious evil, not the soft evil a NuMale can stomach.

>> No.54518507

>So, tell me /pfg/, what's stopped you from applying to Essentia?
Because of this
>The game will likely be covering themes such as warfare, city management (specifically handling the population and training troops, etc) and maintaining a popular identity.
So pretty much the entire theme of the game. I don't want to be playing politics, or SimCity, when I play D&D/PF.

>> No.54518509

So the Vesk and the Rodent Race in Starfinder are pretty self-explanatory, but what about the Shirren?

How spread out should they be?

What types of character themes would fit with them?

Gimme some ideas for an Insect character, /pfg/.

>> No.54518546

The players have learned a great deal about what they are now.

They've learned the Veil is "the world of ideas as ties to the world of things, which is my magic works, thinking things need the world of ideas to think and manipulating that is magic.

Tomes are very powerful magic items that exist simultaneously in the real world (world of things as ties to the world of ideas) and the veil and have an unknown connection to very powerful undead that live in the veil (Cashmere just met them last week) and when they need to escape, the tome eats the soul of its host like a magic parasite, slams in a monster soul, and flees during the chaos. Doing so makes the veil and the real world overlap more than normal causing all kinds of chaos.

But that's just the end state. Tomes are teachers and wish granters like a monkeys paw. It teaches you how to solve your problem but in a way that causes a new problem. Sucks you in with promises and then eats you.

So at the end of the day a tome manifestation is really any disaster that has enough narrative punch to it. The necessary characteristic was it had to leave the character with an unshakable drive to chase the plot.

Sigmund was a 12/10 example of this.

>> No.54518609

>Cashmere just met them last week
How many did she fuck?
Also, are you saying Tomes are essentially conceptual items?

>> No.54518625

Are you just running shitty Planescape now?

>> No.54518626

>it had to leave the character with an unshakable drive to get raped
Fixed that for you Vult, you fucking faggot.

>> No.54518690

Cashmere is pure! PURE!

>> No.54518696

>A bit too vague in all ways.

That was kinda the point. I figured through the game we'd all introduce ourselves further. At least I didn't put WIP for the backstory.

>> No.54518713

Have you asked 2hu to mind control dom you yet?

>> No.54518715

Did you really not fuck them
Fuck that's one of my fetishes.

>> No.54518733

The heavy focus on city management and politics don't translate well into Text-Only for me.

I like lewd at least being allowed in Text-Only which is my own shitty reason for not applying.

Loooooots of stuff required just to make a character.

Still the biggest reason is no doubt that I just don't see at all how this type of mechanics-heavy management-style game is going to work with Text-Only. It sounds like it's going to be a multiparagraphical nightmare.

>> No.54518740

What kind of silver / cold iron weapon would you recommend as a backup, just in case?

>> No.54518763

Fucking demonghosts is your fetish?
What's your Discord?

>> No.54518764

Old is -3 not -1. I am deciding between middle aged and old.

>> No.54518802

Cold Iron shortspear, silver dagger. Those are both pretty cheap

>> No.54518811

How much do you like having music in your games?

>> No.54518824

[laughs in spontaneous caster]

>> No.54518841

It's atmospheric, but it also cuts into my loud punk music and booze drinking.

>> No.54518869

I played a WotW game that lasted quite awhile. That said, I was a Sorcerer that optimized for level 1 and more than one encounter ended in one spell. In my defense the DM told us it'd be difficult and he didn't think level 1 casters were any good.

I didn't think WotW was really good myself. I don't have HV to compare to but the villainy in WotW felt really boring to me and the tracks aren't well-hidden compared to Paizo APs.

>> No.54518884


>> No.54518945

Fuck off EGS

>> No.54518970

If the GM isn't blaring gachi for every fight then it's not a game I'm in.

>> No.54518995


I like Diablo II, Darkest Dungeon, Baldur's Gate or similars playing on the background.

>> No.54518998

Not here. The faggots of the thread made sure that any greentxts is met with shitposting.

>> No.54519025

>Also, are you saying Tomes are essentially conceptual items?
They are investigating that currently, so no comment

>> No.54519061

I'm new, what is this Alexander scale of lewdness?

>> No.54519148

>Tfw the only non-dragon would be Rory

For what purpose anon

>> No.54519150

Not just greentext either.

>> No.54519240

What? You'd be playing non-dragons living in the Demesne who are utterly squicked out by the hyper-degenerate lifestyle of the place, so when you're kicked out once Culdranth gets off her fat ass and starts doing things, the party dedicates itself to using their innate Mythic/Legendary might (natural radiation of the Demesne, after all) to grow mighty and use said might to challenge the other parties!

>> No.54519273

>the opportunity to kill Rory
Where do I app?

>> No.54519324


Steelforge was their magic item thing

>> No.54519359

What do you call those games like Kingmaker where it's not actually "open" but you can take on events in different orders?

>> No.54519431

Reminder that Ensoulment was a bamboozle that has never met since the first session. Don't trust anyone involved with it ever again.

>> No.54519436

That's open-world, anon.

>> No.54519456

>The opportunity to hate-fuck Rory

>> No.54519469

Confirmation on this? What happened?

>> No.54519483


The thing about the shirren is they are all about choice and free will, something they didn't have before being enslaved to the Hive so they can be anywhere and do anything because it's literally a cultural thing for them

>> No.54519486

Yeah...about that...Ensoulment has had two sessions and a huge-ass greentext so far. Unless a freak accident happens, tonight will be the third session.

>> No.54519523

Speaking of the greentext, here it is!

>> No.54519529

PLD failed miserably in grasping my attention when making a character because there was actually no information about it. Vult just said make it up, and never even described what a Tome was like or what the major cities were. It was carried ungodly hard by being a lewd game.

>> No.54519578

Is Dragon's Dogma too popular to use for character art? I know /tg/ likes it.

>> No.54519589

>mfw not apping to pld


>> No.54519607

>2hu will run mind control Starfinder lewdgame when it comes out

You gonna apply, guys?

>> No.54519637

Wouldn't that make you targets of EVERY Shirren?

True, I'm just running low on ideas and they seem cool. Might go with a beetle theme on them

>> No.54519678

At least Karvane's not a 'boozle.

Shame about Carnal and Iron.

I'm still strongly considering running a Text game with some kinda AP and then maybe going into homebrew.

Where lewd's allowed but not the main focus/it isn't constant ERP.

>> No.54519701

>True, I'm just running low on ideas and they seem cool. Might go with a beetle theme on them

Beetle theme?

>> No.54519708

You shouldn't even mention lewd at all.

Just run a campaign, and if the players want to follow and NPC, let them

>> No.54519746




>> No.54519747

Make them look more like Beetles and let them inspire stuff.

Bombardier Beetle Shirren with explosives and flame throwers

Hercules and Rhinocerous Beetle strong guys/gals flexing on the battlefield and pushing for Large size boosts.

Cute ladybugs to trap the kitsune poster who doesn't upgrade to the new hotness in kitsunes: flight suits and blasters

>> No.54519766

I too have a bureaucracy fetish.

>> No.54519800

Jokes on you, paperwork is my fetish big boy.

>> No.54519804

>You shouldn't even mention lewd at all.

We're talking about text R20 games where lewd is allowed though. The idea is to run one where there's a mix of smut depending on the players and actual adventure and story.

>> No.54519806

Insectoid space ancaps!

>> No.54519838


I am fine with this and will adopt it for myself as well.

That said, I almost mistook the last thing you wrote as cute ladybug traps

>> No.54519870


>> No.54519883

But I wanna be a space foxgirl.

>> No.54519900

Cabal please

>> No.54519908

Do any other GMs have trouble getting set up for a game? I mean, taking an idea and sticking with it. I feel like I keep sabotaging myself while looking for more material.

>Plan to run a game, start setting up for it
>Get interested in another published setting, end up changing gears to look at the other setting
>Study that setting, then eventually decide that the deities are lame and the world needs an improvement
>Throw the setting out, start building a new one from scratch
>While mining for ideas, I get interested in another setting...

>> No.54519943


Cobble together a half-baked scenario and just RUN.

When your feet are put to the fire, you will be forced to commit to a setting and scenario.

>> No.54519976

I can't wait for Starfinder game season and the accompanying memes.

>> No.54520006

I was hoping someone would respond with a Bug's life image.

I'm not talking about banning it, just don't advertise it. Get some adventurers together and statistics show that 100% of the time someone will pursue a romantic interest. Leave mature content as on, but get regular players instead of ERPers.

You can, you just have to update your Kitsune, Rougarou, Tiefling, Aasimar, and a few other races to the 2.0 stuling

>> No.54520056

I wanted to run a heavily edited module, so I guess I should just include things that are relevant to that and player's backgrounds?

>> No.54520160

But what if you want ERPers?

Good ERPers tend to be ridiculously literate and verbose.

>> No.54520175

I need idea for a caharcter to join a ragtag bunch of misfits that act like mercs and conspirators.

>> No.54520178

I don't understand.

I would have understood if you had said that was your face when apping, but not when not appping.

>> No.54520180

do you guys think DHB would be a good GM besides the bomb collar memes?

>> No.54520185

What's this Alexander meme?

>> No.54520205

Wait, was DHB the one with the 3d6 bomb collars?

>> No.54520207

>when not restricted to 1pp or avowed or human


>> No.54520222

Yeah but apparently the story is exaggerated to a silly point.

>> No.54520299

Verbosity does not a good game make. Long posts take forever to type in a text game, and if they talk like they post, you don't want them eating up time in a voice game either.

What you want is meaningful action, not a constant reminder of what their hair and clothes look like. So go ahead and recruit ERPers, they'll sit around talking endlessly about what PRECISELY kind of armored boots they're wearing, what EXACT color their hair is in this particular lighting. And your game won't get anywhere.

>> No.54520326

aaaaaa I want to eat his cookies

>> No.54520352

honestly, i'm pretty sure most people would do better if they learned the "yes, and" principle.

>> No.54520357

Yeah but you had to be grappling the guy for it to damage you. The problem was the player held on when they knew it was a bomb collar and they knew the guy was about to blow. I though it was 2d8 not 3d6 though.

The worse part of it was he gave random hobgoblins initiating.

>> No.54520360

It's tough to describe all that visual stuff. I don't even dream in color...
ERPing is tough, but it's another place to practice descriptive writing, which is nice.

>> No.54520377


>> No.54520386

surge pls

>> No.54520399

Man, I'm confident in my dialogue and my range but I am downright shit at description. I'm not an ERPer but sometimes I wonder...

>> No.54520405


>> No.54520429

Surge? Is he the DHB fetishist? Is it some cabal person?

>> No.54520450

anyone who doesn't play sufficiently aged dragons as megalomaniac amoral super geniuses needs to be shot. I've seen too many dragons act like big dumb animals.

>> No.54520458

All I know is that surge wants the cookies...literally. I have no idea who wants to fetishize DHB.

>> No.54520485

aaaaaa I'm not surge! surge has real talent!

>> No.54520537

If you're trying, that's good enough. Just don't overdo it.

>> No.54520565

Foxtits used dragon's dogma art and only one person made note of it

>> No.54520659

I'm not sure this is the place to ask but I'm about to play a game in the near future.
I've never played Pathfinder before though. Would you guys help me create a fun character?

I'm kinda good at playing charisma-based classes. I like talking for the group and being a leader.
I've gathered my choices are Sorcerer (theres already one) and Paladin. Am I missing one?

We begin lvl 5.

>> No.54520666

What does it mean if you PM your crush, but your crush never initiates PMing?

>> No.54520679

They should dip into an initiator class.

>> No.54520687

Oracle is also a Cha fullcaster, and Seducer archetype Witch is a Cha prepared caster.

>> No.54520690

Well, satan, maybe they're not into it like you are. Have you tried asking them?

>> No.54520691

I applied to Nodachis with Dragon's Dogma art. Someone else applied to Journey to the West with another different piece.

>> No.54520700

Why do throwing weapons suck so bad?

>> No.54520708

Bard and skald as well. Is 3rd party shit allowed? Any restrictions on Paizo material? We need details, man!

>> No.54520711

Fuck you, Satan, Jesus doesn't PM back to you because you were mean to him in the desert.

>> No.54520775

I only offered my brother a place at my side! He was too blinded by our father's idiotic "plans" to realize how worthless you mortals are!

>> No.54520778

>who wants to fetishize DHB.
Ah, that was me. I haven't been posting recently.

>> No.54520803

I'll look into that, thanks

Are bards and skald any good in pathfinder? I thought bards were pretty bad/unfun in 3.5/pf. That's very interesting, bard is my favourite class to play.

Sadly I don't have these details yet. I'm asking here mainly to know what to look at.

>> No.54520813

search the archives for "Spiriting of the Flower Court"
The one you want is Spiriting 3
i regret nothing
Of course you will, but you need to let us know who and what you'll be introducing, or we'll never care enough about them to let them in.

>> No.54520850

Skald's pretty legit

>> No.54520878

Skald will do you and your group good. If you can put unchained rage on it, it'll sync better with your allies.

>> No.54520883

Bards and skalds are both amazing classes, but Skald is a hybrid of Bard/barian and plays very similarly to a Bard but with a few key differences. I'm going to help you out by posting the litmus test of "IS MY BARD A SKALD?" so you can choose the right option.


If yes to at least 2 of the above, then chances are your Bard is a Skald!

>> No.54520900

>Your brother
>"Our father"

[Screams Theologically]

>> No.54520925


>> No.54520939

So I never got the criticism for DHB's character Talathel. "Too evil" seems like really strange criticism for an evil character in an evil campaign.

>> No.54520943

Hi, All Hungry Again. I'm Dad!

>> No.54520951

Satan, important question here: Do you mean PM as in "Overture to ERP" or PM as in actually talking to them?

>> No.54520971

How would one make a sneaky character out of a Large (or bigger) race that's still at least okay-ish in terms of optimization? I know Nightstalker exists but it only works in the dark, which seems unreliable.

>> No.54520973

My Catholicism hurts.

>> No.54521033

Sauce me on this art, anon?

>> No.54521099

Jesus christ, you people need to wank before posting.

>> No.54521122

My bard is archery-ey, though.

>> No.54521141

I just left to go wank, came back, and this is the first post I see

>> No.54521147

I swear, the moment I come into any amount of money is the moment I'm dropping all this bullshit forever.

>> No.54521163

Hope that works out for you.

>> No.54521168

The former only on occasion, so the latter a majority of the time.


>> No.54521204

That answers it, then. They're not initiating because they don't like you, they're not initiating because they don't care about having idle conversations about nothing.

>> No.54521205

But my ERP games are how I wank

>> No.54521254

New thread:

>> No.54521258

nigga, wank during those then. just don't come into the thread when you're in heat like a mongrel.

>> No.54521267

Has Starfinder leaked yet?

>> No.54521297

In a game with no magic items is, a part from running away of this game, +2 to two stats as human a better idea than the feat?

>> No.54521298

Please report and ignore this page 7 garbage, /pfg/. Let's be better and wait until page 9-10 for a proper thread.

>> No.54521336

I think you should wait for Starfinder, personally.

>> No.54521355


>> No.54521372

Hey man, I post only about mechanics and setting building.

It's the people without games doing the shitposting

>> No.54521375

All of our threads have been page 7 recently.

>> No.54521387

There have been several page 9-10 threads recently.

>> No.54521425

Starfinder is the sci-fi sequel to Pathfinder and, among other things, more or less removed magic items while making attribute increases significantly easier, I'm talking +4s at level 5 or some shit.

>> No.54521464

Nice, but this doesn't help me in the slightless, the game I have been invited is PF, not Starfinder.

>> No.54521494

Is this Blazbaros OP thread any better?

>> No.54522665

Was that one anon earlier raped by a crossbow as a child?

Crossbows and guns require equal investment to not suck (PBS + Precise + Rapid Reload + Stat to damage). Guns have a few extra ways to invalidate the Gunslinger (Savage Technologist, Trench Fighter), but crossbows have ways to invalidate the Gunslinger with spells (Launching Crossbow + any Alchemist that doesn't trade their Int to splash weapons). Crossbows don't explode, guns hit touch at near point blank ranges unless you use Musket Master/Advanced firearms. Guns have scatter, crossbows have splash. Repeating Heavy is a step less damage than the Musket but with better capacity and the ability to get a full attack off more easily.

The worst (as in useless) combat style is probably using any non-Trip/Grapple/Dirty Trick/Overrun Combat Maneuver The worst (as in bullshit hard to put together) combat style is Ranged TWF or free-handing without spellcasting.

>> No.54523082

"woo I want my waterballoon fighter to be as good as the guy with the greatsword!"

>> No.54523141

weaboos killed /pfg/.

>> No.54523597

/pfg/ was always shit. Get outta here with those rose colored glasses.

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