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What are some good uses for draconic humanoids in most fantasy settings?

Also post character art

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Set it up so that all monsters "evolve" into a higher form.
>Kobold > Draconic Humanoid > Actual Dragon
>Goblin > Orc > Ogre

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when the setting doenst include proper lizardmen.
I personally dont like draconic humanoids because it detracts from dragons.

i prefer dragonborn as beeing dragon worshipping lizardmen rather than half dragons.

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What do humans evolve into?

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Angels/ Demons, generally. But only after dying.

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I don't have much dragon art.

Halfling > Human > Elf?

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I was considering making them into some nomadic barbarian types, as obligate carnivores who don't really have a reason to jump into a static agricultural lifestyle.

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I haven't seen this in fantasy yet and that surprises me, but I'm I'm almost certain someone else has done this before because of how obvious it is.

There's an as-of-yet unvisited desert region in my campaign setting, and I'm planning to have it filled with on the one hand delicious brown elves and on the other hand various reptilian humanoids. The idea being that reptiles are coldblooded creatures that thrive in places with a lot of heat and direct sunlight. This makes them perfect desert creatures. Perhaps they'd dwell even deeper into the desert than the brown elves, meaning that to put it in North African terms the dark elves would fulfill the role of the Arabs and Berbers who live along the coast and in the hills/mountains, while the reptilioids would fulfill the role of the desert touaregs and bedouins.

They'd probably also spend a lot of time lying flat on their bellies, tongue hanging out, recharging in sunlight. Because the mental image of a bunch of lizardmen lazing around like that while following bypassers with their eyes is just incredibly amusing to me.

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Skeletons, duh.

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For deep desert lizard, I always liked viashino.

I'm using the cabir, mostly as forge or wizard assistants. A more cool headed scaly creature, they are expert at using fire magic for metallurgy or even to animate constructs for the more knowledgeable ones.
Also have lizardmen but they aren't related to dragon.

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I'm a big fan of the "proud warrior race" trope played by draconic humanoids. I like the dragonborn a lot aside from their physical design. I've actually wanted a to play a dragonborn knight whose family is dedicated to the protection of another human noble family.

I also think its cool that humans and dragonborn have around the same lifespan and sometimes values, so they could be more sympathetic to each other than the superficially similar dwarves, elves and etc.

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personally I like my dragons to be generally a reclusive people but very enlighten

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The only setting I've ever run that has draconic humanoids had them start as a dragon-worshiping religion made up of people from a bunch of other races who found a way, through ritual and devotion, to partially transform themselves. While other dragonborn cultures have spawned from this colony of dragon-worshipers, all of them carry some cultural baggage of either martial philosophy or asceticism. The ultimate goal of the original dragonborn is, of course, to continue along the path of the dragon and become the objects of their devotion. After all, the religious always seek a deeper connection with divinity. Emulation is the most extreme form of worship, and therefore the most profound.

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>humans arrive in setting as colonial/refugee ships.
>Most of the ships get fucked up en-route.
>One arriving in reach of PCs, all non-humanoids gets swarmed by PC forces as well as two other factions seeking the power of the fallen stars.
>Humans on the one that landed in PC territory are a somewhat mixed bag, but the majority are part of their botany and bio-science crew.
>Between eldritch magic and biology, the various agencies and PC habitual charopping, the humans adapt to the setting in various fashions.
>Diluted over generations it results in several strains; orcs, elves, beastfolk, etc, but in the pure forms in manifests as Draconic (via either dragon allies, subjugated foes in Xorvintaal, or draconic sub-species like Kobolds the likes of which a couple PC's and much of their forces were.).
>Dragons are still highly thought of over the years, and those with the lineage are encouraged to make the most of it in sorcery or draconic styles and aspects.
>Leader of the warrior caste of a game much later in that setting takes to leadership as a Pyroclastic Dragon Disciple.

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why does nobody play dragonborn as bangaa anyway

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Draconic or reptilian beings should not have developed, human-like breasts at all. There is no scientific or even logical explanation for it.

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Half of that is Tower Girls art; they're all purpose-made to be waifus.

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The logical explanation is that they were all drawn by humans, so they get tits.
Cuz otherwise that could be a pic of a lizardMAN that made you feel strange.
Also lots of reptiles aren't the females larger/meaner? So accurate depiction of sexual dimorphism in a lizardman race would have twink lizardmen and musclegirl lizardchicks?

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It's made to make your pingle hard.

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Most humans are indifferent to dragons, upset with the ones that attack cities. Dragonborn, they fucking hate dragons, will pay big money for anybody who hunts down any dragon. They feel "abandoned" by full dragons, and seek revenge/the "cure" to not being full dragon. This causes several would-be benign dragons to be a lot more aggressive.

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>draw a smaller lizard man with lighter colors, smoother angles, and wider hips
>dress them up like women. Hell, slap a cute red bow on top of one of their aural cavities
>basic human pattern recognition skills convinces observers that the depicted lizzerd is very definitely female

It's that easy. Lizardboobs are for lonely cheesecake artists pandering to even lonelier waifufags.

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Replacement of elves. Long-lived, elegant and sophisticated and magically inclined.

In fact I kinda wanna steal that idea.

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>I'm gay.

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>being butthurt about tits, not their six limbs

Look man I like sperging out about verisimilitude of hypothetical races as much as the next anon, but once you accept six limbs, a sack of fat/mana/whatever is way less egregious.

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I use dragonborn as one of the major races of the world, whose empire covers pretty much the entire region of the notMiddle East. They are basically a mix of Sumerian and Persian culture with elements of Islam mixed in. They are led by dragons who act as nobility, while kobolds are used as a lesser race which does the more menial and small person style jobs. They are also the biggest users of gunpowder weaponry, much of which goes to fighting against the "kaiju" that rampage around the western area of their empire. The sight of a dragonborn cannoneer or heavy gunner company is a mixed omen. They are there to protect the community, but it might also mean that there could be one of the behemoths of destruction heading their way.

As to biology, I use them pretty straight as they are presented, their mammal like features merely being convergent attributes that exist in certain drake species. Dragons are neither reptiles nor mammals but a separate group which has some features of both, while having certain unique ones not found in either.

Religion wise, their pantheon consists of three gods, a father, mother, and son, with a whole host of saints and lesser spirits.

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Glands to produce the breath attack. They grow outwards from the body so that they won't destroy the dragon's innards if an attack makes them leak.

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Platypus logic.

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>There is no scientific or even logical explanation for this fictional, fantasy race to have science-contradicting features
You don't deserve any more (You)s, but it really needs to be highlighted how stupid this logic is.

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Why the fuck does this have boobs. It's a fucking reptile it dosent need to breast feed it's offspring, then why the fuck does it have these disgusting flesh sacks.

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Probably result of evolution - same reason why some lizards give live birth - Helps to increase survival of the offspring in dangerous areas

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Because it's hot.

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What if it's evolutionary chain comes from humans to humanoid-lizard rather then lizard to humanoid lizard?

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It's convergent evolution. By exhibiting the features of female humans, the female draconian can receive attention and care from male humans and thereby increase the odds of achieving reproduction.

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might have originally been human

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That's not how this works. creatures don't just develop qualities that help it's survival. Not to mention that the first mammalians didn't have breasts.

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because why wouldn't you want a pair of tits on your body pillow?

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No it isnt you fucking shit stain furry

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id like to her to roll my d20.

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It does need to breast feed. Your making a lot of assumptions about a fantasy tace

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Then why does it need breasts.

No drilling it dosent count

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Because its a mammal

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No it isnt you fucking retard

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Yes, but they keep qualities that help - and why are you so sure that in some ancient times one of them was mutated? Or maybe it's a result of polymorph - which dragons can do - something to get left over in the genetics

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because i want to have sex with it.

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I care because it's gross

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Yes its.

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I can't jerk it to anatomically incorrect lizard-people.

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No, are you fucking blind

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You know what I love? Guys who reply to half a fucking thread to whine about their bullshit

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Let's talk about real topics then

Draconic butts

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Prove to me that these dragonoids lay eggs and do not get pregnant like a mammal.

Go on. Ill wait.

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Now this is some thing i can get behind

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everyone can go home now, dragon butts are fine

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Any thoughts on Dragonoids in a modern setting?

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Yes, but this is the problem of the argument - this is draconic thing - not lizardfolk

I agree - no boobs on lizardfolk
But dragons are weird in there biology, they are clearly hot blooded and can use magic to polymorth - which means they can reproduce in same way mammalians can - so why are we to say that one of the there offspring won't feel ill effects of that.

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Go to a kobold thread then you fucking scalie. Half the time dragon-related races are a result of pure magic, not evolution.

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Could be nice, there could be some weird scientific way they came to be (As well as reason for dragon boobs)

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Results of a very expensive and elaborate body modification job that bred true some how.?

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Well that's that setting. What about the ten billion other settings?

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It's still gay tho

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Give me one that has a mammalian dragonborn and ill give you a blowjob

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Then just stick to your own setting where everybody with scales is prohibited from having tits. Like, I hate gnomes with a passion, so I fix that by not going to gnome threads.

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Or whole race could be result of gene engineering - some dragon DNA getting mixed with human - and then modified to look pretty, because why not

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>i-it doesn't count b-because there are other settings t-that DO have dragon tits!!!

I'm not welcome into your magical realm, am I?

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You can stay if you're cute

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Need help carrying those goalposts?

They look heavy.

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Trust me he isnt

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Different guy here - but in mine dragonborn are result of a giant gnoll warlord, raping a dragon after kicking his ass, and giving birth to some few months later - While females don't have breasts all the time, they have them when expecting (Or if some weird cleric casts spell to make them lactate...Why did I offer that spell....)

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I like dragon bondage

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Ehh. Its mainly the depends on the setting deal. Which sucks cause then nobody is happy

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nty stranger danger

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I couldn't give a single shit, post more sexy Dragon people.

Bonus points if you can manage some boys too.

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You are the reason why we cant have nice things

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Wanted to make so different dragonborns...

Also needed to show why you don't mess with gnolls at low level

Also divine magic by gnoll gods....

That was a bit of weird concept...About as weird as lizardfolk dragonborn, that are children of lizarfolk cheftness dragon pet....

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What the fuck is wrong with you

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>Draconic humanoids
Is this is dragonborn?
If yes then I prefer it to be human who decided to become a dragon and on his path to gain wisdom and power to become True dragon.

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any kind of dragon like humanoid. Doesn't have to be dragonborn.

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>Human decides to become dragon, becomes dragonborn
>dragonborn is on the path to gain wisdom and power to become a true dragon
>in the meanwhile some fucks on /tg/ want to fuck it and hope it has tits

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Me too, I dont like how it's a relatively widespread race. It should be much rarer

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>Wears a top to cover her breasts.
>Doesn't wear pants of any kind.

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I am not a fan of breasts on reptilians or dragonborns but if this is what suites someone's tastes I can't see how it not could be considered as transitional stage of female until breasts just disappear

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I want to fuck that dragon.

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Human brains take a huge amount of energy to develop, so biologically speaking, if you want a smart animal the parent has to devote a lot of energy and resources to it. By far the best way to do this is with milk, you don't have to worry about finding food the right size or the right type and you don't have to worry about times when you cant find food because your body will use your own fat stores to feed the baby. It contains all the right nutrients, digestive enzymes, hormones and antibodies to keep your child healthy, look it up, it is the evolutionary superior option.

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I personally use them as harbingers of the apocalypse. When they start showing up in larger quantities than a handful, things start to get hectic on the planet, which results in one of the servants of the absent god going to check things out and deciding that "Welp, this isn't good. This isn't good at all." and initiating a complete purge of the planet by immolating it in holy fire.

Whatever used to be on the surface before the planet was cleansed is reseeded by another servant and basically sets everyone back to initial cultural development. This keeps happening because humans and dragons are the oldest and hardest to control species, so seeing them making a bunch of these results in a massive nope that puts a stop to it really hard.

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You do know that evolution dosent work that way right?
Sure it would be useful to have breasts, but ccreature dont just spontaneously develop useful features.
Evolution occurs with random mutations, and natural selection. most mutation are small and most major changes in a species occur because of accumulation of many small mutation.
I dont see a likely scenario in which reptiles develop breasts just because

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But do they have breasts?

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The point is that human-level intelligence is impossible without breasts, or something equivalent. So either your dragons/lizard people have them, or they're gibbering idiots with crocodile level intelligence. Or they're magic, in which case they can look however they want.

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Yes and no. They make milk because humans and dragons are both mammals and feed their young before they're big enough to go out on their own, but unlike their human side of the family, anything important stays tucked inside of their body until they need it. So, a male and a female are impossible to distinguish from each other visually.

At least when they're not in their human form, because residual polymorph spells from the dragon parent stick to them like glue for the most part. Few actually have the knowledge of their ancestry and desire to change necessary for it.

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Are you fucking retarded?
Sure milk may ease on developing a human sized brain , but it's by no means a necessity.
look at crows and ravens, they are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom , and they absolutely do not require milk.
Also even if we go by your fucked up logic ,and say that milk is a necessity for human level intelligence, might i remind you that milk can be produced without breasts ,(see the Monotreme group)

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I will settle this argumanet - if they are dragonborn and in that regard - halfbreed pretty much, then I have a suggestion

Hybrid's who's non-draconic parent was someone who's species has breast (Human, elf, orc), they can have breasts

If there other perient was lizardfolk, kobold or some other reptile, bird or fish race - they have no breasts and can have tails.

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Lizard people and dragons with crow level intelligence then, or echidna, a bastion of thought and reason, since you brought up monotremes.

You do understand that modern animal taxon are completely unlike the animals they diverged from, mammals with breasts came from somewhere, and it was the same thing reptiles came from. Fantasy settings clearly don't have the same evolutionary history we do, lizardmen aren't just modern lizards who decided to stand on two feet and use tools.

>> No.54517089

Why are you assuming you know the millions of years of evolutionary biology behind these creatures? Disregarding the, "it's a fantasy race" argument, which is just as good, you can theorize the evolution of normal, non-personified lizards. Sure. But these are walking, sentient lizard creatures that you don't know anything about. They could have come from humans first, they could have come from lizards first, they could have come from somewhere completely unrelated.

Stop this retarded meme of "lizard people can't have tits xdddd" for fuck sake, it doesn't even make sense

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Makes sense i guess, i just find reptilian breasts distasteful
My God you're dumb.
My point about ravens was that intelligence and milk aren't necessarily linked, and then you jumped to the conclusion that they represent some kind of intelligence sealing. monotrmes were brought up to show that breasts aren't even necessary for milk The point flew miles over your head while you were jacking your misshapen willie over scaley porn.
The second point is moronic as well, the reason that I like reptilian races, is because they have reptilian qualities, If a setting wants to keep it's integrity ,while delving into speculative evolution, i expect them to have the reptiles retain their qualities, and not slap tits on them ,based on half baked logic, in order to make their body pillows softer

>> No.54517232

Bitch they are reptiles, i expect their evolution to at least resemble real life reptiles, these moronic breasts just break my suspension of disbelief.

>> No.54517250

>half baked logic
>"the reason I like"
>"If a setting wants to keep it's integrity"
Opinionated garbage, integrity is subjective.

>my suspension of disbelief
It's fine if you don't like them, but that doesn't make them objectively wrong.

>> No.54517266

Next you're gonna tell me you have something against chimeras, basilisks, a pegasus, or any other magical creature that doesn't make biological sense

>> No.54517312

I'm arguing it doesn't make sense and only exists for subhuman furries who get on this shit.
sorry I can't find any integrity in your lackluster reasoning for this nauseating fetish

>> No.54517336

The creatures you mentioned don't exist exclusively as fapping materiel.

>> No.54517368

>combining the best attributes of dragons and humanoids
Obviously breasts were considered one of the best attributes of humanoids
Lizards don't have thumbs either, you gonna get mad about that?

>> No.54517419

I'll give you that it makes sense with defendants of human and dragons, even though I don't care for reptelian breasts

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No, the best aspect of humans would be a short life that pushes them to achieve more in the time they have instead of lying around doing nothing in caves.

>> No.54517648

I like lizards because they look cool due to this I have been playing Argonians in TES since I was 7, furries fucking ruin it because usually the associated reputation of people who play lizardraces.

>when you are playing as a dragonborn and the DM lets you use your head spikes as weapons after you get metal cast to protect them

>> No.54517702

Not with that attitude. Also, Medusas, Lamias,and Harpies, if you really want fap material you mong

>> No.54517744


giants, duh

>> No.54517804

I meant higher intelligence, y'know, like communication. If you want lizard people and dragons to be instinctual animals, that's fine, they don't need any reason to be like that, it makes sense and they don't need to be any different to actual lizards and birds. But if you want them to have language, /written/ language, social groups, planning, you need something, whether it be milk production, magic, or whatever to set them apart, else it doesn't add up.

Crows are smart in some aspects, they have decent memory and some problem solving ability, but that's about it, they don't hold a candle to social animals like rats, chimps, whales, dolphins, elephants, horses and dogs. Social skills require a staggering amount of brain power.

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>they don't hold a candle to social animals like rats, chimps, whales, dolphins, elephants, horses and dogs

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>> No.54518349

We could keep posting stuff like this all day, the fact is mammals contain by far the smartest animals and have the most examples of smart animals.

>> No.54518605

>Dragons are mammals
That's stupid.

>> No.54518641

What's wrong with making dragons mammals?

>> No.54518739

Dragons exhibit no mammalian traits. That's why it's stupid. You can't tell me that they resemble mammals when they are clearly reptilian in appearance and structure.

>> No.54518761

>Combining the best of man and dragon
Tits are the best. You just played yourself.

>> No.54518780

Depends on the dragon - asian ones have head of a camel, horns of a stag and fur - while not pure mammals, not reptiles either

And who said creature can't be a bit of both? After all all mammals came from reptiles, who are we to say that some fantasy world didn't have some hybrids, that evolved in whole new direction.

>> No.54518796

But there's plenty of mammals with traits that dragons have, albeit not all at once.

>> No.54518831

Halfling>Human>split -elf (if they are nutrual allignment) Demon or something on that line (if evil allignment) and angle (if good alignment)

>> No.54518834

There are a multitude of other mammals of varying levels of intellect and relation to us, and yet we are the only ones at this level. All there has to be is one success, in the case of this topic, that would be an intelligent draconic humanoid.

Your entire argument assumes that the way mammals accomplished a thing, is the only way, when convergence in nature itself shows that there is never only one way. You need look no farther than the wings of a bird, vs those of a bat and insect. They all are made for the same purpose, but in structure and mechanical function they are different.

>> No.54518847

Longs don't count.


>> No.54518919

Monotremes lay eggs, bats have wings, pangolins have scales, and humans can talk. These are all traits that dragons have, which are present in mammals. Depending on the type of dragons, they have horns, which plenty of mammals do. Reptiles really only lay eggs and have scales in relation to dragons.

tldr: Dragons are essentially the cooler cousin of the platypus.

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>> No.54518954

lusty dragon whores only exist to be sex objects

>> No.54518974

>Dragons are essentially the cooler cousin of the platypus
No. I refuse to accept that. It is far too silly.

>> No.54518977

Jesus Christ, that lady needs a sandwich.

Also, what is THAT.

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>> No.54519010

Just because they are related to platypus means they can also be poisonous - one more point for the mammals

>> No.54519022

The most generic dragons have the body and claws of a big cat, and the wings of a bat. They're just covered in scales.

>> No.54519023

>> No.54519029

We all know what that is.

>> No.54519033

Alter self and Polymorph technically have that issue where contortion to sizes smaller than your size category results in you being larger than you should in most cases, so common errors in proportions are a giveaway feature of such spells employed, the like of Madam Eva in Expedition to Castle Ravenloft is an example I think.

>> No.54519043

The trait we're talking about is a huge boost to resource intake for the nursing child, reptiles have no comparable trait. Birds have a crop, which they use to store and mash up food for their chicks, they can even regurgitate the cell lining to feed them, but it's still nowhere near as good as producing milk.

Do you really think that intelligent draconic humanoids descended from some prehistoric reptile could be realistically walking around among us today with no change to their reproductive cycle or physiology?

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>> No.54519076

>It's a furries give dragons shedicks for no reason episode

>> No.54519100

Would it make you feel better if I told you my dragons are sequential hermaphrodites?

>> No.54519106


>> No.54519130

Why do they need to be hermaphrodites at all?

>> No.54519163

Because it turns anon's Johnson into iron

>> No.54519179

This is the answer.

>> No.54519191

When you don't quite have the range of options that normal binary species have because there's only likely to be so many dragons in a given area, sometimes you have to make adjustments. Can't rear a proper clutch if it's a sausage fest or a clam bake.

>> No.54519231

>Dragons are now platypi and clownfish
This thread took a weird turn.

>> No.54519301

Given that there are some truly stupid mammals out there, but also some truly impressively intelligent birds, cephalopods, and so on, it would seem pretty likely that strictly milk isn't necessary.

I think you're looking at this from the wrong angle, in that you're seeing correlation and assuming causation. But the end-goal is simply neuron-dense brains. One way to get there is the human way, which involves babies being born before their brains have fully developed and then gradually building up those brains over the course of several years, of which milk plays a role but not necessarily as vital a one as you're suggesting.

Human babies can start eating mashed food as early as 4 months, which is well before their brains have finished developing. A brain really only needs protein, which can come from a variety of different sources. In humans it's milk because that's how we evolved, but part of that same evolution was being born under-developed, essentially "early", in order for our bipedal stance to accommodate our comparatively large heads.

A dragon-race might have its kids be relatively more "formed" when they hatch from eggs, already able to eat meat and gather protein to power their thinking brains.

>> No.54519308

I agree...And it started with dragon boobs (not even lizard boobs, which I do not approve off....)

I now want to see where all this will go

>> No.54519318

>Despite a passing resemblance to reptilian creatures, dragonborn are warm-blooded beings rather than cold-blooded reptiles.
Get that mouth ready, bitch.

>> No.54519343

Yes, and best way to have your kids formed like that, is to have live birth

Something multiple reptiles and fish do have.

Also some lizards nowdays start to form something akin to tissue for producing milk, so..it proves evolution can do that...

>> No.54519435

>Yes, and best way to have your kids formed like that, is to have live birth

...no? Most reptiles are born basically as miniature versions of adults. They hatch from eggs and are immediately viable and independent.

Corvids are hatched from eggs like every other bird, and yet are staggeringly intelligent, like to the point of planning and abstract thinking. "There's a thing X, I can't reach that thing X, but I can use that thing Y to reach that other thing Z which will let me reach thing X."

>> No.54519438

Hatchlings coming out of eggs properly formed and able to eat meat is not unusual by any means. If they don't get milk, what is it that makes them out compete other reptiles? Depending on the size of the egg, it has to be something pretty special to beat 10 months of being attached to a placenta.

>> No.54519467

> what is it that makes them out compete other reptiles?

Their ability to breathe fire, one would presume.

>> No.54519487

So magic?

>> No.54519498

Yes, I am just saying, that live birth is common in reptiles, and is advantageous, why?

These reptiles survive much harsher conditions, then egg laying ones, for they don't need to find a place to guard the eggs in.

Proof? Lizards and snakes that live in most northern areas of the world, give live birth.

It's not about intellect, it's about survivial

>> No.54519507

Most dinosaurs were worm blooded ,you mongoloid.

>> No.54519537

Which lizardfolk can use as well - ones that could give live birth and be able to reproduce asexually.

Now the real question - if dragons are just reptiles, why lizardfolk are not superior in all ways ?

>> No.54519575

I think you're missing the point , sure life birth and milk are definitely advantageous, but, as was demonstrated, by no means a necessary conditions for intelligence

>> No.54519615

This is the thing, I am not arguing about that - I just say they would be superior in terms of survival, so they would have more time to become intelligent.

I suggest how dragons could out perform there competition while still lacking magic

One more reptile advanatage - Parthenogenesis
Females giving birth to identical clones of themselfs - good when there are not other dragons around

>> No.54519666

But the appeal of dragons is that they are reptilian. sticking tits on them just takes away that appeal for most people who don't share your depraved fetish.

>> No.54519722

I was not talking about breasts...Like at all....Just about ways how dragons could survive in places they are described to live in

(No normal reptile would survive in the arctic, where white dragons reside)

P.S. I am not scale, just a meisophile

>> No.54519759

I have them in my setting as psuedo Hindus
>Caste system
>The more bad karma you have the darker your tint with Black being the worst
>Whites are the best, followed by Blues
>There are the occasional "metallics" but htey're effectively treated as monsters

>> No.54519771

It's additional fuel tanks for longer flame-breathing.

>> No.54519881

>having a fuel tank permanently stuck on your chest
What could possibly go wrong

>> No.54519905

Depends. As long as they aren't pierced by something really hot...

>> No.54519971

Maybe they give live birth and feed their young milk.

You know the infant dragons in ASoIaF drink milk

>> No.54519984


>> No.54519994

Yeah, I agree, that could be the case for them.

As reptiles have both in one way or the other

>> No.54520001

>stab dragon tits
>tits explode outwards, covering you in fire
>dragon has deflated tits but is otherwise okay

>> No.54520107

Looking at these, I begin to question the point of non-humanoid dragons, when bipedal man-sized dragons are simply a much superior race, overall.

>> No.54520153

So of the dragons could polymath into humanoids - getting to be both

>> No.54520188

>> No.54520219

>worm blooded ,
There's a mongoloid here, but it's not me.

>> No.54520241

Nah. I'm thinking just remove the quadrupeds.

Nothing compares to a dragonborn waifu.

>> No.54520254

What the fuck is this shit

>> No.54520255

You also have half-dragons - template you can slap on your favorite waifu

>> No.54520358


>> No.54520882

I like using dragonborns by mixing dragons with lizardfolk, so they would have tails

Make for some great characters

>> No.54521210

>> No.54521302

You make a good point anon, but now I don't know what to do with this erection.

This is your fault.

>> No.54521830

>> No.54521860

That's not a dragon, that's an anime girl.

>> No.54521861

>on a snake

>> No.54521889


>> No.54521943


The great debate.

>> No.54521959


>> No.54522023

She's got a dick on the left too, it's just more subtle.

God I hate futa.

>> No.54522032

I though lizardfolk are taller...Oh wait it was my game where lizard's are giants

>> No.54522121

They're obviously part humanoid. The breasts are just another humanoid trait, like primate-style shoulders or digits.

It's like saying a dragon can't have front legs because it just so happens that similar animals with 6 limbs don't exist.

That kind of taxonomic argument is fucking retarded to begin with; it falls part whenever you find a Platypus.

Of course a fantasy or sci fi creature could have traits we associate with both reptiles, and mammals, despite the fact that no such creatures exist.

(1) That's the whole reason why we came up with them to begin with.
(2) There's no natural law that says aliens can only ever evolve to be taxonomically identical/similar to earth creatures. The exact same argument could be made to say that all aliens need to literally be earth species. It's complete nonsense.

>> No.54522142

>lizards is are giants
Which is it, Tyrone? Is they giants or are they giants?

>> No.54522189

I've scaled them in my game: dragon > dragonborn > lizardfolk > kobolds

I keep breasts on my dragonborn because it shows the fusion of the two bloodlines and makes for a great cultural rift. They have their own sense of vanity and take pride in it, even though their bodies aren't necessarily attractive to the mammalian humanoids (humans, etc.) or reptilian ones. So it is a bittersweet existence. Always exotic and looked at, not necessarily wanted.

The other reptilian races display their beauty through sexual dimorphism and the size/color of their frills, scales, or physical build. In some senses it makes the dragonborns jealous because the lizardfolks' frills are a truly exotic beauty that attracts the eye instead of breasts which they are familiar with...only scaly.

>> No.54522195

They might be giants.

>> No.54522287

Human > Demi-God > God

>> No.54522368

You have a point there, too bad it's lame and gross. these tits ruin the reptilian aesthetic and make the design less coherent and more trashy.

>> No.54522385

Dragons are also not lizards, at least in D&D.

Mammalian body shape, with legs directly under instead of splayed out.
Warm bloodedness.
Pangolin style scales.
Higher intelligence
Hard shelled eggs, unlike lizard's soft leather scales.
Bat style wings
Six limb configuration
And probably a few others I can't remember right now.

But from this we can see that Dragons have more in common with birds and mammals than they do with lizards. Whats to say that they arent their own taxonomic category away from reptiles and mammals? Nothing except the simplistic categories many anons learned in grade school, and which they base the vast majority of their fantasy creature decisions on, despite it being wrong, simplistic, and stupid like >>54522368

>> No.54522584

I just want to remind you that dinosaurs also had warm blood. Not to mention that birds are technically dinosaurs.
>But from this we can see that Dragons have more in common with birds and mammals than they do with lizards. Whats to say that they arent their own taxonomic category away from reptiles and mammals? Nothing except the simplistic categories many anons learned in grade school, and which they base the vast majority of their fantasy creature decisions on, despite it being wrong, simplistic, and stupid like >>54522368 (You)
my complaint was based upon aesthetics, sure ill grant you that dragons share a lot of attributes with mammals and birds, but still at their core they are designed with a reptilian aesthetic in mind, slapping tits on it just takes down the deign and makes it more sleazy

>> No.54523223

>slapping tits on it just takes down the deign and makes it more sleazy
Well, whatever deity made dragonkind also made dragons capable of fruitfully mating with everything under the sun for no reason, so that might be consistent

>> No.54523317


>> No.54523570


>> No.54523746

>> No.54523762

Cool, I want to be acute angle!

>> No.54523806

Incomplete transformation.

>> No.54523895


>> No.54523989

Dragonborn in my upcoming game are basically the high end servants and warriors of the ancient dragon empire.

Shit was about to hit the fan so the dragons took their dragonborns and put them in stasis for a later time.

Dragonborn wake up way later, their masters are gone, and now they're basically a race of javik from Mass effect.

>> No.54524019

Aside from all the other anon's correct responses, that says that dragonborn 'originally hatched from dragon eggs,' making it part of their creation myth /origin story, not necessarily part of their usual reproductive process.

>> No.54524036

This exact same setting an edition and also and edition and a half ago.

>> No.54524048


>> No.54524078


>> No.54524298

You are correct, but hear me out here:
What about being both?

>> No.54524387

>> No.54524414

>> No.54524445


dem egg laying hips

>> No.54524636

This dragon dude, he.. he makes me feel things
EROTIC things...

>> No.54524696


>> No.54524775

My wife

>> No.54525463

Thats fucking Smaug as a humanoid. Its a dude.

>> No.54528128

So, if a dragon is just a deadlier platypus, what animal does the fire breath come from?

>> No.54528318

You know how bombardier beetles have those glands in their abdomens that produce and store chemicals that, once they meet each other and oxygen, combust?

It's like that. Imagine that the draconic diet includes components that could, when expelled at high speeds from the mouth, produce an effect similar to a flamethrower, or maybe napalm.

>> No.54528999

>> No.54529231

But you only encounter male Mizutsune...

>> No.54529251


Color me motherfucking surprised it took that long.

>> No.54529305

Tohru pls

>> No.54529351

>Implying it's not just a flatchested Dragonborn

>> No.54529624

go be gay somewhere else

>> No.54530739

>dinosaurs also had warm blood.
What? I thought that all reptiles, including prehistoric dinosaurs, are cold blooded and only mammals and birds are warm blooded.

>> No.54530888

Birds evolved from dinosaurs. So they must share similar traits to an extent, including one that makes them warm-blooded. The cassowary, the vulture, and the eagle might give you a better idea of what you're dealing with instead of just the crocodile, the komodo, and the alligator.

>> No.54530923

That's some tasty bait, I wonder if you get a bite before I get done posting.

>> No.54530995

>muh taxonomy

>> No.54531264

Can I please get a source on this?

>> No.54531973

Can you imagine - some fool suggested to add boobs to this lizardfolk

>> No.54533042

Not wholly related but kikurage draws some of my favourite dragons.

>> No.54533056

I also really like the implied setting.

>> No.54533071

Medieval fantasy operators.

>> No.54533610


>> No.54533815

>> No.54535478

>> No.54535744

Is that a top or just different coloured hide/scales?

>> No.54535783

>> No.54535933

Presuming they have a proper cloaca, there's not much need.

I've seen other stuff with the chick, it's definitely cloth around her chest.

>> No.54537420

>> No.54538754

No it seems

>> No.54539103

is this etheross?

>> No.54539547

>Homebrew setting

Dragons were biologicaly engineered to be magic-battery. When their masters disappeared, all the engineered races evolved according to certain concept :
-Dragons are now hoarding magic items and gold (gold, silver and platinium are part of most advanced magic items)
-Humans were for multitask labor
-Orcs for travel
-Elves were servants
-Halfelins and gnomes were servants on the lowest part of magical cities. The first for working in sewers and sanitation, gnomes for repairing and maintaining machines.
-Dwarves were made for mining and industries.

Different races evolved from them. Noticibly Kobolds.
>Born in large sac by dragons who can't find a suitable partner.
>Made to serve the dragon and to find more magical items.
>When a kobold is old enough, he's sent to find kobold from another kin or another dragon to reproduces. Only kobolds from different kin can produce a dragon egg.
>Kobold from a same kin will only produce more kobold.

>Animal races were modified by the ambient magic and made them intelligent, but not as advanced as the other races.

>> No.54539585

Missed a major point :
>Engineered race comes from the same ancestor, which name is translated as "Hand", for it was a slave.
>They can produce offsprings, even if some can't reproduces.
>A dragon will not breed with a human willingly.

>> No.54540961

D-do I save this under dragons or kitsune?

>> No.54541037


>> No.54541214


>> No.54541233


Good lord imagine all the juice those gigantic milk factories produce....

>> No.54541399

Bad dog! Get off the bed!

>> No.54541672


>> No.54541848

>Draconic or reptilian beings should not have developed, human-like breasts at all. There is no scientific or even logical explanation for it.

>Draconic humanoids are a result of Dragons taking human forms and fucking the mortal raises like humans and elves.
>Dragons, being magic, are able to impregnate/get impregnated by those human/elves/etc.
>The resulting offspring is a long lived "Reptilian" species with significant mammalian traits, such as mammary glands to nurse their young, genitalia and anus as opposed to a cloaca, and warm blood.

It's fantasy, faggot.
I mean shit, if you're so incapable of using your imagination, what are you even doing on this board?

>> No.54542505

>> No.54542696

That's an interesting take on the concept, I personally don't like dragon-men because lizards already fill the "scaled humanoid" niche and kobolds are already fun-sized dragons. But lizardmen who get dragon powers... I can dig it. Maybe that's what dragons originally were, big lizards infused with magic?

>> No.54542797

This thread is magical realm and I am scared. And mildly aroused.

>> No.54542864


>> No.54542920

Was it the dragon tits, hermaphroditism or platypi that aroused you?

>> No.54543029

Clearly it was the Dragon x Ohio fapfic

>> No.54543139


>> No.54545319

>I like something about dragons
>you like something about dragons
>depraved fetish

>> No.54546101

Dude I think it's just your imagination...


>Well, even with dongs (even the one on the right,) I would still tap that.
>The real question is "Can I tap all three and make this a hat trick?"

>> No.54546139

This. It's a shame the Drakken quest was so shit in EL though, really felt like they ran out of time to write and had to rush it before releasing the game.

>> No.54546146

Judgement this poor AND a futa fan? What are the chances...

>> No.54546181

If I understand this correctly... Kobolds are sentient Dragon sperm

>> No.54547015

I... did not think about that...

>> No.54547131

why boner

>> No.54547229

>lizard tits
not even once

>> No.54547348

everyone in this thread is gay

>> No.54547376

shut up gay

>> No.54547391

I had sort of dragonish humanoids as artificially created super soldiers, but thought they came from science they were convinced they came from a real live dragon on account that they basically seem to be generations ahead of genetic manipulation.

Something about the heads puts me off, too small or flat and it pings as less intelligent despite depictions otherwise.

I agree, I think >>54506355 is a female dragon, look at those exposed hips and everything.

>> No.54547407

>> No.54547431


>> No.54547441


>> No.54548137

>this thread
>as usual

>> No.54548636


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