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We all make jokes about laying the dragon instead of slaying the dragon.

But has anyone actually pursued a relationship with a dragon in game?

How did it turn out? And issues crop up with that character, or the dragon even? Did it last long?

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One person tried

He chose poorly and went for a white dragon, frozen by ice breath and decided not to try and lay the dragon

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Well not romantic relationship, but I did have one of my lizardfolk adopt a wyrming - She found a nice place for her to hide, made some kobolds to be her minions and set up her witch's hut nearby.

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Ironicly, in games I DM white dragon is easiest one to romance, because they don't need much in terms of metals or looks, just someone crazy enough to go near them.

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>We all make jokes about laying the dragon instead of slaying the dragon.

No... no we don't.

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Man, frozen mid-coitus huh? This is why you always bring frost gear with a frost dragon. When they orgasm they can typically use their breath weapon as they cum, it's like a 50/50 chance. Basically revolves around if they've found something large enough to masturbate with yet.

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Things are a lot more liberal in this day and age. Dogs and cats living together, that sort of thing.

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I once stopped a drow player from going full edgelord not!Drizzit by having a young dragon go all deredere on him. Turns out all you need to stop the edge is a little bit of dragon pussy.

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A player of mine is in an eternal bond with a human-form dragon, their souls are bound together forever for better or for ill. So yes, someone has pursued a dragon romantically in my games. As of now, neither have had issues with each other nor with others. In fact, they keep their relationship tightly secret. Only a couple other dragons know the two are an item. In the meantime, they get to act mysterious together to the party and their NPC friends...

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Running a Fire Emblem campaign taught me just how easily it can happen

By the end there were dragon/human and dragon/dragon relationships all over the place, and it was adorable

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>dragon gf
It's like you're trying to get eaten.

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>Fire Emblem loli dragons
Get 'em outta here.

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My barbarian boned tiamat in one of our storyline climaxes

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You must be new here.

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Not a dragon, but I once played a 3.5 Healer class as sort of a virgin maiden and finished a quest about werewolves assaulting a city by having sex with a werewolf king.

I exchanged my ability to summon a unicorn for a magic necklace that summons wolf spirits and let me speak to the werewolf king whenever I wanted

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my dog and cat are unironicly the bestest of buddies

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that's a bit of cheating, but with one of my characters being a monster with a quarter of human blood, i managed to do so

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I think that's because animals of the same kind see each other more as competition.

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artist is sanzo btw.
he also made some with actual dragons, but not one bit of nsfw artwork to be found

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I think he meant this not as "we're not, that's terrible and disgusting", but as "we're not joking, we really -are- degenerates like that".

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I read a smut fic about that picture

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I have. As the dragon.

There would be a bit of an issue regarding all this, if it weren't for the fact that a) she learned to shapeshift early in her life, b) her family were in on this secret (and were kinda responsible too), and c) her great-great-something-times-grandmother the dragon queen is actually a worse hedonist.In truth, the fact she's married to the knight in shining armor who rescued her is considered weird because the dragon queen's realm is almost entirely sustained by flings and a genetic slot machine giving off all sorts of odd parent-child combos.

The knight's actually rather normal. Like "formerly faceless eroge protagonist" normal, aside from being married to a dragon. They're happily married, though the dragon has had to leave his side to carry out a diplomatic mission for the dragon queen.

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Crimson something or other?

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Dragon Laying is Knighthood's greatest calling.

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>being a furfag and then proceeding to inject your autistic fetish into this collaborative game
People like you should be shot desu

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If you're going in that direction then at least use the proper term of Scalie. You uncultured swine.

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>human-form dragon

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>sir, I insist you call my fedora by it's proper name, a trilby
>*tips autistic fetish*

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I was in a campaign that, for the first half, centered around a world spanning airship race. We had to land at some point to deal with a dragon before heading off again. Apparently the dragon became massively infatuated with our party-girl/con-artist/illusionist and would show up at every other stopover town to try and get in her pants, made more of a complex issue because dragons couldn't polymorph in this setting, but they could resize themselves. By the second half of the campaign, chasing down the BBEG and such, the dragon was paying artists to create porn of the two of them and then showcase them in towns we were visiting and paying dreamwalkers to give her wet dreams. She eventually gave in but put him under contractual obligation to pay her child support for whatever horror she gave birth to. Around that time we had figured out that the GM was using the dragon as a proxy to hit on that player, made extra awkward because they were both guys and the illusionist wasn't gay.

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