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First for being totally normal and loyal humans!

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Do we know anything about Marine Assault Squad options from the codex info that has been sussed out? Is it the same as the Index or did they make some changes?

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so how are primaris marines being adjusted into chapters? can a primaris Lt or captain hope to get command of a company? did they train like regular marines?

>> No.54493778

How does the Thunderfire look now that its been recosted and given a stratagem? Is said strategy any good?

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So are any of the new Marine relics any good? Most that I've seen look pretty crappy.

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Make your mind up about purestrain point costs already. God fucking dammit.

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You just get one per army and they replace a piece of wargear right? How much do they cost? The IH one seemed pretty solid as long as it wasn't dramatically more expensive than a power axe/sword.

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Explain. I didn't see anything different when I glanced at the FAQ, did they just take out the part about the lower point cost?

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They are now at 15 ppm.
Before that 10.
Before that 18.

>> No.54494085

If I recall correctly you get one for free, can get one or two more by spending CP

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how do I stay motivated to work through my backlog when there are so many exciting new models coming out?

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Okay, shit. I'll have to slightly revise my list, but that's fine. I'll probably contact my opponent to agree that this FAQ is what we're fighting with, as far as point costs at least. If they update anything else, we'll only take into account rule clarifications and such.

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Oh, well if they're free they can't be that bad, can they? All the weapon relics are pretty huge upgrades over a generic power weapon.

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I'm forcing myself to paint up specific amounts of stuff (1000 points, 500 points, whatever) before I'm allowed to buy anything new

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my backlog under 7th would have been about 4000 points of assorted imperium with another some 3000 points of assorted old chaos models (80% of which would be stripping and repainting, since I either bought them used or painted them when I was 12)

dunno what it is under 8th. I am thinking I should sell off a lot of old models instead of painting them...

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>how do I stay motivated to work through my backlog when there are so many exciting new models coming out?
Force yourself to only work on your old models before touching any new models. I've built 4 Dreadnought, 5 Marines, and am working on knocking together 30 Death Company so I won't feel bad building my new Redemptor.
It's just a matter of willpower anon. Iron within, Iron without brother.
I got 80 IQ/IG models to build but they're staying on the sprue until the codex comes out. Plus I still need to collect a ton of bits for them before I can build them.

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Im 12:1 with my orks so far in 8th

Tabled tyranids today

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>Plus I still need to collect a ton of bits for them before I can build them.
oh god I have ten old assault marines but one jump pack went missing

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So it seems OOE (who was already good IMO) got a bit of a buff in the new FAQ.
Now he gives himself +1 to hit as well.

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10ppm was clearly too cheap.

Basically they realized they fucked up too hard the first time making them way more than Hive Fleet ones after Hive Fleet stealers got all the buffs.

Then they tried to make them the same price but forgot that Hive Fleet stealers have a hidden cost from rending claws that isnt in GSC, so Purestrains ended up cheaper despite getting Cult Ambush.

Now they're in the right spot, I think.

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ditto this.

also have children, i have way less disposable income to spend of war dollys now that I'm a father of 2.

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If they are free, that would explain the Imperial Fists one.

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yeah 15 feels right.

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>oh god I have ten old assault marines but one jump pack went missing
I somehow lost the biggest section of track on my first Predator. I still ended up assembling it, but I haven't replaced the bit since luckily no one can see it ingame.
Still irks me though. No idea where it went or even if it came on the sprue in the first place.

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Nice. What's your list? What was the opponent running?

Yeah they finally fixed that bullshit. Also he affect Stonecrushers now, which was my last reservation about fielding them. Time to get like 3 of those suckers now and actually have a fair chance of one-shotting Rhinos on the charge.

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Does anyone have the fonts for the rulebook? They are DRM mangled and I can't find a way to unmangle them.

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Personally I would have split the difference and gone with 14ppm but that could be my bias speaking.

I'd really like to see Acolytes/Metamorphs get a points cut and Metamorphs weapons fixed now so it doesn't feel like a waste of time to field them.

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What point levels do you guys play?

Kinda want to have an endgoal.

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It used to be that 1850 was the standard. New standard game is 2000, with 1000 being a "small" game and 1500 being a medium game.

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Orks op please nerf

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I kind of with power levels were more accepted with unit upgrades better factored into them.

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eh. on their own that'd probably be fine. but they csn get some good support.

I've been doing horrific thins ambushing 20 with a primus for the reroll and a near by magus for might from beyond.
5 S5 attacks each.

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They are. It's called Points and has been around for decades.

>> No.54494393

It probably means that any relic beyond the first will cost a CP to prevent relics spam

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Why is there a new 40kg when the old one hasn't even reached 200

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We got any clue as to the new codexes past the Death Guard?

>> No.54494431

1500 or 2000 is what most games I've seen have been at. 2000 is what you might consider a "full" army, 1500 is sort of a medium/quicker game, and 1000 is a very quick game (with a greater potential for weird balance mismatches if either player techs their list in a weird direction).

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1000 is the minimum for good games, although I probably wouldn't play below 1200.

1500 is a totally acceptable limit.

2000 is tournament level standard.

More than that isn't really necessary unless you're just trying to expand your collection to have different options, or the occasional Apocalypse game every few months.

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the points are all over the place and every little upgrade is separate and a giant mess

What I mean is if they tune power levels assuming people will take a certain amount of upgrades, essentially baking in the cost of upgrades. This would streamline list building a lot while also addressing the reason a lot of people refuse to play power levels even in casual games ("but waac players can break the game with it and I don't know how to refuse games with waac players")

One of the things I like most about AoS list building is how quick it is to put lists together while also having the same amount of depth. Turns out, it doesn't actually matter if you give your character a bolt pistol or a whatever and having bookeeping around that just wastes time. Your choice of units matters so much more and is really the heart of the list.

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for my daemons my goal was getting all the slaanesh models, i'm short the forgeworld keeper and making a few superheavies

for my eldar i got to 1k with maybe an expansion up to 1500

wait, you meant play level right? 1500 to 2k is common while 50 power pops up often

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that's what they did. powerlevel assumes upgrades have been taken.

>> No.54494498

>5 S5 attacks each.
How are you getting 5 attacks?

2 base for Acolytes +1 from Cultist knife +1 from Might From Beyond

or 3 base from Metamorphs +1 from Might From Beyond


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then why do people complain about it? are they just unable to let go of points?

>> No.54494517

Tyranids, Orks and Astra Militarum are all very likely contenders to be in the next batch of 4

In fact if at least two of those aren't in the next 4 books I'll eat my shirt.

>> No.54494546

Because power levels are still shitty and inaccurate and fuck you over if you don't take enough of the "right" upgrades or are still too lenient if you max out on all the best upgrades.

Even GW uses points in their live games. Power level is a meme for young kids just being taught to play or friends just shitting around with non-serious games full of houserules and shit.

The only time you should play power levels is when using the Open War cards and not trying to match up your levels with the opponent whatsoever, the lower one just gets a bonus.

If you're trying to have an even game you don't match up equal power levels, that's completely devoid of the point of them to begin with. Points are for that.

>> No.54494552

People can't let go of a good thing. Powerlevel is a shit concept for a game modular as this.

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I'm doing it with genestealers.
3 base +1 for 10+ minis in unit and +1 for might.

>> No.54494591

Power Levels just aren't balanced. Like, at all. They're there for people that want to throw together small games very quickly right out of the box.

Note that the FAQs aren't really adjusting PL, but they're tweaking and fine-tuning points quite a bit. Points are where the actual balance of the game lies.

As an exercise to demonstrate this make a decent Astra Militarum army and a decent Space Marine army, all the goods, at the same power level. Then convert that into points. The point cost - what the armies are actually balanced around - will not be even remotely fucking close.

Unit upgrades can mean a lot, especially for units that get to take a lot of them. When you get them for free it creates huge problems. It really just comes down to that. PL works in a system without customization, but 40k is a system with a lot of customization and we wouldn't really have it any other way.

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Oh right right, I thought you were commenting on the Acolyte/Metamorph thing. Cuz those are still kind of bad this edition.

>> No.54494619

Wow, this is the first passable piece of 8th art I've seen.

>> No.54494641

The starter set box arts are fine.

>> No.54494692

I can see IG, unsure of the xenos as GW has expressed they're taking a back seat for a bit.

>> No.54494714

They're taking a backseat in model releases, but that doesn't mean they won't get Codexes soon. Not to mention IMPERIUM/CHAOS/IMPERIUM/CHAOS for the first four is already Xenos taking a backseat.

>> No.54494745

they've said were getting 10 codexs by the end of the year.
xenos may be taking a backseat fr the narrative but the major xenos factions seems likely especially us getting so many. Are there even 10 imperial codexs at all?

though i can also see them pushing nids and orks to next year for an octarius war focused campaign and such.

>> No.54494804

yeah sorry, should have been clearer.

i was basically saying I think the purestrain stealers are worth that bit extra because of the support they can (and in practice will) get.

>> No.54494825

>octarius war focused campaign
All the old pre-8th narratives are being cut short and glazed over so they can write new ones. There almost definitely won't be an Octarius War campaign or it would have been one of the Warzones mentioned already.

There will be some shit going down on Armageddon though.

>> No.54494828

>Are there even 10 imperial codexs at all?
Well, let's count.
Codex Marines
Deathwatch (might not be their own book unless they get more shit)
Grey Knights
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Space Wolves
Astra Militarum
Adeptus Mechanicus
Talons of the Emperor (probably won't be their own book)
Adeptus Ministorum
Questoris Knights
Inquisition (probably won't be their own book)
Astra Telepathica (probably will be in the guard book)

Granted, they may merge some of this into one "agents" book again, since a few of the imperial factions are pretty small.

>> No.54494861

That's my thought entirely.

SM, AdMech, IG, Inq, AdMin, That's five, but who am I kidding about that last one.

>> No.54494870

These guys come up to you at the club and slap your infantry blob's ass. what do?

>> No.54494891

Deathwatch will get their own book, but not for quite awhile. Update priority is mainly aiming for oldest to newest, so Deathwatch, Imperial Agents and such are at the end of the line.

>> No.54494895

does that mean that i got lucky that my admech werent tabled in 5 turns to a giant horde of orks with one trukk with tankbustas and 3 deff koptas, still lost the match, it was kill points and he had 7 points to 5

>> No.54494900


forgot Imperial Knights

>> No.54494906

Shoot them off the table with bio-plasma or ram a Carnifex up their ass.

>> No.54494924

Well, I'm an Assault Centurion, so I guess me and my mates have a talk with those guys.

>> No.54494925

Questoris Knights = Imperial Knights. I can't remember exactly what they're named in the index but it's something like that.

Skitarii are no longer their own faction. They got rolled into AdMech as they should have been from the start.

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You do know that /tg/ started because old /b/ used to have multiple threads for warhammer on Warhammer Wednesdays and moot got tired of whiners and started /tg/?

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Our group balanced power levels with WYSIWYG.

>> No.54495172

The true way of Power Points that noone can seem to get there head around.

>> No.54495207

Ironclads: is there a point to having the DCCW when you have a Chainfist or Seismic Hammer? The Hurricane Bolter seems like the more obvious choice in this edition.

>> No.54495230

That doesn't fix anything though. My group has always played WYSIWYG with points too.

>> No.54495268

That doesn't do fuck-all. People will just model their shit with every possible upgrade.

>> No.54495297

it does. it stops poeple going crazy and taking all the upgrades possible.
they have to run the more moderate setup they assembled the minis as for points

>> No.54495343

>dark angels list
>battalion detachment
6 pl - libby
5 pl - captain with ppistol and psword
6 pl - scouts with shitguns
6 pl - scouts with CCW
9 pl - tac squad with ppistiol, pcannon, and pgun
4 pl - rhino with missile launcher
7 pl - dev squad with 4 ML
7 pl - dev squad with 4 ML

50 power

I'd calculate the points but it is late and I am tired, and it would probably take me an hour to flip back and forth to add it all up.

so... why exactly do scouts have a higher PL cost than tacticals?

>> No.54495423 [DELETED] 

IMHO the answer to the following is that it is yes, RaW. Still thought I would ask it here to be debated in classic Dakkadakka fashion.

When rolling to hit for overwatch, do modifiers still apply and cause additional effects to happen if they cause the dice roll to actually be that result, despite not mattering for determining whether it hit or not?

For example, an Extremely Loyal And Not In Any Way Traitorous Space Marine In Suspicious Black Armour who has a Combi-Plasma is charged by, I dunno, a Gretchin. He decides to be Extremely Loyal and fire both the Bolter profile and the Supercharge Plasma profile in overwatch. Now, let's say he rolls a 2 to hit for a Plasma shot. The rules for overwatch say it "uses all the normal rules" for shooting "except that a 6 is always required for a successful hit roll, irrespective of the firing model’s Ballistic Skill or any modifiers." Nowhere does it say those modifiers don't still apply. Thus, the rules for the Combi-Plasma kick in, giving the hit roll a -1, thus causing a roll of 1 to hit to cause the model to be slain. (The above example also works with a regular Plasma and something with a permanent -1 to hit like a MV5 Stealth Drone).

Likewise, if some bonus somehow gave a +1 to hit to Lord Kaldor "We shall provide the hams" Draigo (I couldn't find such an effect, yet, and there may be some come new codexes for all we know) and he decides to use a Psyk-out grenade for overwatch against, say, Magnus the Red, gets 1 attack on the D3 and then rolls a 5 to hit. The rule for the grenade says "Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+ for this weapon when targeting a Psyker or Daemon, the target suffers a mortal wound instead of the normal damage." Since he has a +1 to hit, he has a final roll of 6, even though the rules for overwatch say that it misses, the rules for the grenade itself don't care if the hit actually hits or not, just that a 6+ was rolled, thus it would cause a moral wound.

>> No.54495429

IMHO the answer to the following is that it is yes, RaW. Still thought I would ask it here to be debated in classic 4chan fashion.

When rolling to hit for overwatch, do modifiers still apply and cause additional effects to happen if they cause the dice roll to actually be that result, despite not mattering for determining whether it hit or not?

For example, an Extremely Loyal And Not In Any Way Traitorous Space Marine In Suspicious Black Armour who has a Combi-Plasma is charged by, I dunno, a Gretchin. He decides to be Extremely Loyal and fire both the Bolter profile and the Supercharge Plasma profile in overwatch. Now, let's say he rolls a 2 to hit for a Plasma shot. The rules for overwatch say it "uses all the normal rules" for shooting "except that a 6 is always required for a successful hit roll, irrespective of the firing model’s Ballistic Skill or any modifiers." Nowhere does it say those modifiers don't still apply. Thus, the rules for the Combi-Plasma kick in, giving the hit roll a -1, thus causing a roll of 1 to hit to cause the model to be slain. (The above example also works with a regular Plasma and something with a permanent -1 to hit like a MV5 Stealth Drone).

Likewise, if some bonus somehow gave a +1 to hit to Lord Kaldor "We shall provide the hams" Draigo (I couldn't find such an effect, yet, and there may be some come new codexes for all we know) and he decides to use a Psyk-out grenade for overwatch against, say, Magnus the Red, gets 1 attack on the D3 and then rolls a 5 to hit. The rule for the grenade says "Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+ for this weapon when targeting a Psyker or Daemon, the target suffers a mortal wound instead of the normal damage." Since he has a +1 to hit, he has a final roll of 6, even though the rules for overwatch say that it misses, the rules for the grenade itself don't care if the hit actually hits or not, just that a 6+ was rolled, thus it would cause a moral wound.

>> No.54495444

On a more specific note, the Necron Tesla weapons have the ability "Each hit roll of 6+ with this weapon causes 3 hits instead of 1." Once again this doesn't actually care if the shot hits, only that a 6+ was rolled. When combined with an Overlords +1 to hit aura, does rolling a 5+ when firing overwatch cause 3 hits on the enemy unit, even though it's normally a miss because of the overwatch rules.

>> No.54495449

>priming models
>not just painting on colored plastic

>> No.54495464

>Painting models

>> No.54495477

Because Power Level is fucking stupid and if you use it you deserve to be gassed with the rest of them.

>> No.54495480

That cuts to the bone, anon. 2reel

>> No.54495494

I remember a little while back there were people clamoring for the Dark Vengeance updated rules. Is there still a want for that or did everyone eventually just go to a store and ask if there was a spare copy of the insert?

>> No.54495542


This/these question/s is popping up everywhere.

(official FAQ)

Q: If an ability instructs me to resolve an attack with a different
characteristic (e.g. a Culexus Assassin’s Etherium ability) does
this happen before or after any other modifiers that also apply to
that characteristic (e.g. the Drukhari Serpentin Combat Drug)?

A: When resolving such an attack, change the relevant
characteristic to the new value before applying any
modifiers to that new value.

"In the example above, the Weapon Skill of the model
attacking a Culexus Assassin is treated as being 6+
because of the Etherium ability, but the Serpentin then
boosts it to 5+. "

>> No.54495567

This is completely unrelated to what I am asking.

>> No.54495584

company veterans on bikes seem to be gone now, as are librarians on bikes

>> No.54495591

Dumping some new sheets in case anyone missed em

>> No.54495599

So much for White Scars. Why have them in the fucking Index then rip them out in the Codex. Or is this typical GW not hiring an Editor idiocy?

>> No.54495601


>> No.54495606

it is really cute and fun that company veterans are taken in squads of 2 now

>> No.54495614


>> No.54495618

Index was always a gap measure to maintain rules.

Things are gonna phase out.

>> No.54495620

Doesn't matter.

Can I combine units from the index and a codex into one army?
The datasheets in the new codexes overwrite the same datasheets in the index books. You can certainly use units with updated datasheets alongside units from the index that have yet to be updated. Once a unit has been covered in the codex though, we assume you’re using the latest version.


>> No.54495626

You can still use the index for units not in the codex. It's GW doing the "no model no rules" stance because of Chapterhouse.

>> No.54495634


Start Collecting Orks isn't on the website anymore? What happened?

>> No.54495681


Maybe because Painboy is no longer a HQ but Elite instead, and they need to adjust the box with HQ one.

>> No.54495687

question is: can you still legally field missing units that are included in the index?

>> No.54495690

A lot of them are either gone or sold out. Probably getting repackaged considering I'm pretty sure all they still had the 7th ed datasheets in them.

>> No.54495697


>> No.54495698

Being reboxed to have half the models for double the price. The ork box was way too good a deal

>> No.54495701

i don't think the FAQ solves the flyer problem. we'll be seeing conscripts + stormravens now

>> No.54495703

Yes, you can https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/05/codexes-your-questions-answered-july-5gw-homepage-post-2/

>There are a few options that are missing in the codex that appear in the index: why is that? Does that mean I can’t use these models in my army anymore?
While the indexes are designed to cover a long history of miniatures, the codexes are designed to give you rules for the current Warhammer 40,000 range. There are a few options in the indexes for some Characters and vehicles that are no longer represented in the Citadel range – certain Dreadnought weapons that don’t come in the box, or some characters on bikes, for example.
Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons (currently, also in the index).
They still gain all the army wide-bonuses for things like Chapter Tactics and can use Space Marines Stratagems and the like, so such venerable heroes still fit right in with the rest of your army.

>Can I combine units from the index and a codex into one army?
The datasheets in the new codexes overwrite the same datasheets in the index books. You can certainly use units with updated datasheets alongside units from the index that have yet to be updated. Once a unit has been covered in the codex though, we assume you’re using the latest version.

>> No.54495716

only at the inflated index prices then, i take it. not good.

>> No.54495717

And that means you'll lose chapter tactics.

>> No.54495732

>lose chapter tactics
>on stormravens

>> No.54495753

Don't the chapter tactics mostly already not apply to the fliers?

>> No.54495771

Any word on a primaris techmarine?

>> No.54495787

Fucking idiot

>> No.54495793

>want to get into 40k lore
>look at all the reading material

hmm maybe tomorrow

>> No.54495803


Space orruk models soon...

>> No.54495804

just start with the core rulebook for an introduction

>> No.54495813

Man I hope they keep doing stuff for Shadow War, maybe release a real campaign or something. Such a fun game.

>> No.54495821


"And they shall know no turbulence"

>> No.54495829


Conscripts+Stormravens already solves the flyer problem.

The problem was that players were taking nothing but flyers and abusing all the rules they get to ignore in order to win matches. Taking a mixture of infantry and flyers is the game working as intended.

>> No.54495850

Sadly it seems like its dead and all they're going to be focusing for a while is 8th. They're really taking their sweet ass time releasing shit for 8th edition though.

>> No.54495856

nobody to comment on this? is the list really so horrible that it isn't even viable for casual play?

>> No.54495862

What? They're releasing a new codex every two weeks. In what way is that slow?

>> No.54495865

Conscripts will be made to either not take orders or not benefit from commissars, i'd bet my hat. Perhaps also make them 30 max.

>> No.54495875

How many different armies do you have?

I'm new, and while I'd like to go with some Chaos marines I see many cool ultra marines that I'd like to have at least one faction.

>> No.54495877

It looks like a generic balanced list. It'll be overrun by swarms and picked apart by flyerspam.

Emperor help you if you come across hemlocks.

>> No.54495884

Reboxing with 8th ed. Rules I'd imagine. They're probably seperate SKUs internally so that's reflected on their website. If it didnt go to "last chance to buy" you dont need to worry.

>> No.54495887

Don't do Ultramarines, they are boring and gay.

>> No.54495889

How are Dark Eldar this edition?

>> No.54495893

It depends. If you know how to use them, they wreck face like no tomorrow. If you don't they will melt immediately.

>> No.54495912

They're not suited for beginners then? I'm considering jumping in and I don't want marines. It's either guard or de, and I love how slick and fast de look.

>> No.54495915

Old 3rd edition Dark Eldar, haven't played them since though.

Small imperial guard force I mostly just use to supplement my other armies.

Sisters of battle, which was my main army for so damn long but I needed a change.

New mechanicus army I started with 8th, they seem like a lot of fun but I need some melee, I don't wanna be a ranged only army. Thinking of some rustwalkers and dragoons since I love the models.

>> No.54495921

It's fine for beginners but it's going to be a steep learning curve. It's also literally physically painful to own DE because the models actually stab you.

Your best bet is to read up the 1d4chan and DakkaDakka tactica pages.

>> No.54495924

They're fairly unforgiving of mistakes yes, but 40k isn't so complex that you can't start and learn to succeed with any army. DE are good and if you like them I'd say go for it.

>> No.54495927

Electropriests are what everyone swears by for AdMech melee atm but I personally run Dragoons and I love them. They shred light infantry and otherwise act as a great distraction with their -1 to shooting attacks against them.

>> No.54495948

They're the new WAAC race what do you expect?

You're just tau now.

>> No.54495956

Thats good to hear, dragoons just look so damn rad! I can't into electro-clowns, the models are just too hideous.

>> No.54495966

Kastelan Robots are also pretty viable for melee since they hit hard and can fight twice in a phase.

>> No.54495994

is it just me or are 3++ saves broken now?

in 7th they didn't seem too bad, cause most things only had like 3-6 wounds, but now we have shit like bobby g who has fucking nine, plus cp rerolls.

>> No.54496002

How does my main man fair in 8th?

>> No.54496004

I dont feel bad at all considering my army is beautifully painted

>> No.54496007

Prove it you faggot.

>> No.54496010

>We are told that Celestine is no match for Abaddon even with her powers. Abaddon casts her down to the ground with a humiliating bitchslap. Would have fed her to Drach'nyen if it wasn't for Creed and Grayfax

>Kharn charges Celestine and it's said that she fought him with all her skill and might. Kharn overpowers her with his brute strength. Smashing his axe repeatedly against her guard until her arms got numb from the punishment and her sword fell to the floor allowing Kharn to behead her in one swift blow

This pretty much confirms that GW hates the Sisters of Battle. Why else would they have Celestine be the chewtoy for the heretics? I sincerely believe that if Celestine was replaced with a space marine captain, then those humiliating defeats wouldn't have happened. It boggles the mind how Celestine, being said to be the greatest of the SoBs and an avatar of the Emperor, can be defeated so easily. Is it fucking sexism? No woman can beat those big badass dudes in a fair fight? To think I was glad that they brought her back. Now I wish they hadn't if they just want to treat her that way while the other Imperial male heroes get to be untouched and victorious.

>> No.54496017

Honestly it seems like Fate is going to just flat out be decided in Chaos's favor. Pretty much every Xenos will be on their side for the event and pretty much every Xenos race has some broken unit. While imperium is winning tournaments, Xenos are dominating the actual games.

>> No.54496019

Still Killy, Still Betray-y, Can shoot his plasma pistol in CC now and only takes 1 wound instead of dying (Cypher gets to never get hot).

>> No.54496028


>> No.54496029

Never played against Tzeentch in prior editions I take it?

>> No.54496044

>Character with main gimmick is being able to revive after getting killed.

>Get killed.

Oh wow I didn't expect that to happen.

>> No.54496047

Oh I fucking HOPE any possible "space orruks" look as good as the orks in the piece of art.

>> No.54496065

Guardsmen literally throwing themselves at Abaddon to protect Celestine was still one of my favorite parts in the book.

>> No.54496082

That's would have lessened the pain if they didn't add something stupid in Gathering Storm. Each time Celestine she loses a portion of her soul which breaks off into the Warp to be eaten by daemons. She has a limited number of lives and it seems that they aren't many left. Why would they write this if not to twist the knife in SoB fans? Sister ryona is all the rage these days at GW HQ? It doesn't make sense even. The Emperor can bring her back to life but somehow can't protect her soul? Why does her soul even break up like that? This is just bad writing for the sake of fake drama. I hate it.

>> No.54496108

It's damseling Celestine to make the guardsmen look good. It's obnoxious, imo.

>> No.54496114

And Eldrad was dying for how long? 20 years now.

She won't die, but she will exist as Chaos's punching sandbag due to her gimmick.

>> No.54496127

Eldrad died once and that was retconned in the following edition.
>Chaos's punching sandbag due to her gimmick.
And that's awful.

>> No.54496157

use bigger guns and hope for a failed roll

well, she's a woman after all :^)

>> No.54496162


>> No.54496163

I have a pile of mostly 3e spiky elves, some 9k points by modern costs, some admech that's mostly mixed 30k/40k robots because fuck yeah robots, and a handful each of spike-deficient elves, genestealers, and Vostroyans. Currently trying to figure out how to actually field any of that shit because it was bought on the basis of looking cool/themed army projects/daughter thinking it looks cool.

>> No.54496179

From gameplay so far it seems like Guard are good against infantry spam but shit against pretty much everything else. The problem is their lack of AP on pretty much everything. The chances of wounding are super low, and then the enemy gets their normal save on top of it. Facing any army with a decent save/toughness? Prepare to get your shit kicked in.

>> No.54496184

Hurricane bolter gives about the same average damage as reroll 1 to a chainfist. I could easily see going for the more consistent option since the melee matters a lot more.

>> No.54496199


That's where you're wrong, kiddo.
Conscripts win trades against pretty much anything short of a stormraven or LRC, and even then, it's fairly close.

>> No.54496205

if all the xeno races would ally against the Imperium who would win ?

>> No.54496211

Nigga that's MY army

>> No.54496214


>> No.54496222

Post more pics of your army ork friend

>> No.54496225

>Dark Eldar planes don't have vector dancer

What the FUCK is this bullshit

>> No.54496237

This thing is pain in the ass, why make something with so much shit no one will ever remembers its rules.

>> No.54496243

>meme char of a faction only a couple of neckbeards care about is overpowered in combat by one of the best champions of khorne and the pumped full of chaos leader of the csm
>muh GW hates SoB

>> No.54496247

Yeah, I'll take them if you have them

>> No.54496250


You have to pay for the DCCW either way, it's baked into the base cost of the model.

>> No.54496251

Its just guns and the repulsor field. PotMS and auto launchers are standard stuff.

>> No.54496258

50 conscripts still die to shooting easily and get you tabled, 100 conscripts is a significant tax.

>> No.54496261

It's just different weapon profiles

The Auto Launchers are just Smoke Launchers

Hover Tank is just telling you to not be retarded

Almost every vehicles has Explodes

All Land Raiders have Power of the Machine Spirit

The only unique rule is the Repulsor Field.

>> No.54496274

I think I'll end up with a lot of ones just because they look cool and I enjoy the assembly.

>> No.54496279

How do CSM resupply their lines? Are the traitor legion marines "respawned" from the warp after they are killed by mary sues or do the legions have a recruiting and gene seeding system?

>> No.54496281


>> No.54496292

I'd say 14 is a good price imo.

>> No.54496294

Both. Which of the two depends on which renegade chapter/legion you are talking about.

>> No.54496296

I fucking love aerial combat
Which army has the most dominant fliers?

>> No.54496302

The guns are what I mean, people will be forgetting their stormbolters or stubbers or krackstorms left and right, and rolling 5 different profiles slows the game down.

>> No.54496312

What units are you using? My Orks have had a solid 50/50 win ration which is better than the 40/60 I got in 7th.

>> No.54496326

40/60 is pretty good for 7th Orks.

>> No.54496333

ok i lied it way more like 30/70 and a lot of those victories were against the tyranid player i play sometimes.

>> No.54496337

celestine is the only thing that makes SoB even slightly relevant because she can appear anywhere and sisters don't have any other named characters

still dies every time

>> No.54496352

Would anyone REALLY be upset if they get rid of SoB?

>> No.54496354


>> No.54496359

hi who are you?

>> No.54496384

Have you not read like ANY fluff? Most Imperial factions have some kind of pronouncement of doom going on. Admech has the Dragon under Mars and their inability to into teamwork, Bangles have the Rage and Thirst and until recently a whole bunch of Nids, Inquisition has infighting, Guard HAD Cadia being about to fall but that was pretty speedily resolved. And you're complaining that your faction flaw is one single human possibly maybe dying at some nebulous point in the future?

I'm not particularly surprised that the leader of Chaos Undivided and someone who's basically the God of War incarnate (or reasonably close, anyway) manages to take Celestine down, especially with how much GW likes wanking Marines, and Marine snowflake characters in particular. An Archmagos or Necron Overlord or something similarly smashy from another faction would probably fare no better.

>> No.54496387

Consider that a lot of stuff just got far more efficient against 2+/3++ than before
in 7th, you'd need to hitting such models with AP2 to reduce them to their 'lesser' save. Now Autocannons are more cost-effective against such enemies than Plasma cannons.

>> No.54496399

>decide to search ebay for electro-priests on a whim
>"used" unpainted but built Corpuscarii squad for $20

Well fuck, why not.

>> No.54496408

For all intents and purposes they already have.

>> No.54496414

Is it bad that I want to play for chaos simply so that the 'Yay Guilliman' lore gets its shit wrecked?

>> No.54496422

>Lack of AP
Scions, HWT, Veterans, Basilisks/Manticores, Shadowsword, Thunderbolt, Cyclops

Is this the new wave of retarded bandwagoners joining IG?

>> No.54496441

Am I the only one that hates this shitty terrain? My fucking local GW keeps this shit on its 40k table and the only thing it has accomplished is getting broken and stabbing the fuck out of me everytime I move or roll dice. This terrain is fucking shit.

>> No.54496442

Should I still put my warlock conclave on bikes or put them in a tank?

>> No.54496444

THIS GUY Is HOLDING THE LINE in the other thread.
What do you do?

>> No.54496456

How do I deal with hordes with Dark Eldar?

>> No.54496467

>shit against everything else
what are flyers/HWT/scions/tarantulas?
You can easily deal with anything as guard in a 2000 point list, like this list.
most likely

Also just generally rate my list, how is it?
deployment has two infantry squads+fleetofficer+platcommander+companycommander in vendettas, all command squads+2 company commanders+3rd infantry squad in reserves

>> No.54496470


>> No.54496479

Applaud his style, but give him advice on how to properly hold a power axe.

>> No.54496488

I'm talking about the normal, tournament-legal Guard here, m8.

>> No.54496489


I miss the old celestine that would come back no matter how many times you killed her. Made Necrons seem reasonable and easy to kill.

>> No.54496508

Looks solid as fuck my man. If you feel like being a douche keep in mind that the Elysian order Move and Fire RAW allows every trooper to fire their gun, and throw both grenades in the shooting phase.

>> No.54496518


Forgeworld shit is tournament-legal in every tournament I've ever played in/witnessed/heard of.

But if you pay $2,000 for a 2,000 point slightly-different-looking guard army, you got fleeced either way.

>> No.54496521

which dark eldar specifically?

>> No.54496527

>Forgeworld shit is tournament-legal in every tournament I've ever played in/witnessed/heard of.
Nice anecdotal evidence, FW-cuck.

>> No.54496538

So where's your evidence?

>> No.54496543


Oh sorry buddy, didn't mean to aggravate your autism.

>> No.54496545



>> No.54496555


>> No.54496562

Kek. They didn't even let him carry a relic blade.

>> No.54496568

>normal, tournament legal guard
bruh Elysians lose out on 60-70% of options in exchange for deep strike on infantry, normal guard could build this list slightly modified and achieve similar results with tempestus and conscripts just as easily.
>tournament legal
Elysians aren't tournament legal?
"Move and Fire" does seem ridiculous right now, not sure if it's RAI or RAW scummery right now, though if it is faqd assault HWT are still pretty good. Is there really nothing to add/change in it, I don't have much else left but I guess it's just sad being the only elysian player on tg most of the time
Also pic related when? They could rape 7e eldar consistently back in the day, leading to hilarious salt
Mine mostly recast (my vultures were dogshit, the entire mould had fucked up so fuck FW, and they put -20% effort into the indexes, including removing the only 2 named characters we had)
Oh and I 3d printed ODST heads for them since they look badass and elysian heads are meh

>> No.54496569


>> No.54496572

>people actually think orks are WAAC
Even at the head of nob bikers they weren't the most OP build

>> No.54496578


>> No.54496584


inb4 adeptus ministorum codex this year

>> No.54496587


>> No.54496595

If I had to change anything I'd find a way to fit in a Thunderbolt because they are amazing and consider special weapons on the troopers to give them some bite.

Depends on your model availability though.

>> No.54496601


>> No.54496604

Any good Ork and Chaos forgeworld stuffs I should get? I'm visiting the forgeworld store soon so yeah.

>> No.54496605


Wonder what the fuck is wrong with his lasgun

>> No.54496609


>> No.54496621


>> No.54496626

Stock up on Leviathans for CSM, dunno about Orks.

>> No.54496630

scions are so shitty with their 9" rapid fire how do i field them?

>> No.54496632

Last one. There are no points, just Power. The booklet does also have the regular "how to play" stuff earlier, but right after the page with the warlord traits, it begins with the DA stuff.

>> No.54496633

I believe that's a shotgun

>> No.54496636

With special weapons or in a Valk.

>> No.54496639

Not it all, it is a most noble cause if anything

>> No.54496647

Sadly I don't own a thunderbolt
As for special weaps to troopers I considered it but I don't know what to cut and what special weaps to put on them. Also I don't even know how to use orders, been playing drop troops for years but have always run D-99, which has no orders (don't know why) so yeah, gotta learn how that shit works now

>> No.54496650

2 specials per 5 man

>> No.54496656

I want NuGuard to go.

>> No.54496665

How do I use orders anon, been playing guard for years but never used them, help pls.

>> No.54496666

still a huge tax. 2 meltas/plasmas but you have to pay 3 guys that can't do almost anything on the turn they drop

>> No.54496671


Vrosh is good, I don't think there are any other Chaos liutenants.

>> No.54496672

Drop four plasmaguns and a handful of AP-2 rifles 9" from someones asshole then order them to Reroll 1s

>> No.54496677

>been playing guard for years but never used them

>> No.54496679


Are there any points for these units or just power level? Want to take Vrosh.

>> No.54496681

5 S3 AP-2 shots are so shitty

so shitty

>> No.54496684

I honestly can't help you if you sincerely believe this.

>> No.54496686

So are marine liutenants the type pronounced loo-tenant or the type pronounced left-enant?

>> No.54496696

they used to be much better as suicide squads because you could drop them within 2x melta range and actually one-shot vehicles

>> No.54496702

Sorry forgot to add I play D-99.
They never had orders, now I have to play vanilla elysians which have orders, wat do?

>> No.54496703

NuGuard anons don't even know the best troop in the game when it is given to them. Holy shit. Just quit everyone was lying to you, you're right Guard are bad. Post ebay link.

>> No.54496717

Fine, since you seem to be nice about it. Done in shooting phase, officer has to be within 6'', used to be done at the start but now can be done whenever. Select officer, select squad, select order no roll, they succeed automatically now. Orders went from ok to amazing.

Voxes mean your officer has to be within 3'' of one and the receiving squad also have a vox. Generally not worth it though, just get more officers since they are great to have.

>> No.54496722

So a 6 plasmas, a plasma pistol, and two hotshots ON OVERCHARGE, within 9" of someone's flank, hitting on 3+, rerolling ones sounds bad to you?
Im just making sure I get how bad you are this morning.

>> No.54496723

i played guard since 4th edition. doesn't mean i have all the models for guard

>> No.54496725

you're right
we do have the best infantry squads.
10 S6 Ap-1 Dd3 shots and 20 S3 Ap0 D1 at 6" or 20+10d6 (55 on average) S3 Ap0 shots is pretty good for 50 points with orders isn't it?

>> No.54496730


Well, lootenant is how everyone who isn't the British army pronounce it, but GW is a British company... So it's impossible to say.

Despite GW being British, that pronunciation would probably die out in the distant future due to the much lower number of people using it.

That said, high and low gothic are canonically completely unrecognisable languages only represented as dog Latin and English for convenience, so it'll actually be neither. Since it won't be the actual word the characters are using and only a representation, lootenant and leftenant are ultimately equally valid.

>> No.54496735

I don't know.

>> No.54496737

i don't have more than 4 plasma guns or any plasma pistols on my kasrkin and the only sergeant model is with a power sword. also deep striking a tempestor prime (40 points) just to get a couple more hits into his death is very wasteful

>> No.54496744

I'm not bothering with vox this edition as yeah it seemed pretty bad, though what orders are good and when go I use them.
I get
"Move and Fire" - All (infantry) weapons become assault, RAW apparently lets you throw grenades and shoot as others have said
"Hold the Line" - ignore <infantry) casualties until start of next movement phase
other orders are the same afaik

>> No.54496746

So I have a plan

Hordes of cultists backed up by berzerkers
Helbrutes with power fists, meltaguns
Maybe a bloodthirster

Could it work?

>> No.54496747

Then put the melta guns in a Valkyrie, jump out 3" away from the enemy, insert meltas into ass.

>> No.54496768

It's not for extra hits you mong. It's for safe overcharge so you can vaporize whoever is holding the real estate you just stole. I've won alot of games so far by using the command squad to paste some dudes then ordering the regular troops to move+D6 to the objective/cover I dropped 9" away from.

>> No.54496769


The actual word is Squibox, which Ultramar pronounce Squayboixe and everyone else pronunces Squeebook.

>> No.54496780

Get Back in the Fight! Makes the game a nightmare for melee armies, just layer squads you don't care about in front and retreat-fire your way across the board. Note that you don't have to retreat far, 1.5'' is enough and means the enemy doesn't gain any ground while still getting shot.

Take Aim! For anything with Plasma. Fairy obvious.

Bring it Down! For flamer units or

First Rank Fire! Use this for your troopers when they are out of grenade range, they are quite shooty with it.

Move Move Move! 12'' + 2d6'' of movement. Means a normal squad of infantry can move 19'' on average if they want. Great for objectives.

>> No.54496781

Why is the Talos so disappointing?

>> No.54496790



>> No.54496793

Celestine may be an "Avatar of the Emporer" or what have you, but that was the mortal champions of Chaos Undivided and the champion of the god of war...
If she had to job to someone, at least it was those tough cookies.

And yes, Kharne and Abaddon would have killed any other character in the writing involved.

We had a special snowflake Blood Angels chaplain job to Kharn in Traitor's Hate.

>> No.54496794

i remember being afraid of taloses because they had T7

>> No.54496804


A thousand thanks for these. Is there any chance you could post the Warlord traits too, if they're different? Cheers.

>> No.54496806

Go read up on the " Daemonculaba " and report back once you're done cowering in a corner.

>> No.54496829

So, it turns out that the one box of reivers I ordered has enough helmets in it to give almost all of my primaris a terror mask. gw being nice? that the fuck is this

>> No.54496839

They are the same 3 basic warlord traits from the basic rules.
Apparently I didn't put it ultra clear enough.

Outside of those pictures, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING different from a regular rules booklet.

>> No.54496842


>GW being nice
>Giving you lots of goofy Juggalo masks


>> No.54496846

Wait what how many heads?

>> No.54496859

>all these FAQs for the greater good
Aww hell yeah, GW still loves us.

>> No.54496860

The box is a 2 sets of 5-man reiver, each set had 12 head option. That's plenty of spare heads.

>> No.54496865

The sprue is available to look at on the site. Have you even tried? Does baby bird need his worm?

>> No.54496868

Scion boxes give you more than enough helmet heads with an equal amount beret. I used the berets for veterans after.

>> No.54496870

Thousand Sons primarily resurrect their fallen, most others primarily recruit from the human populations of chaos controlled worlds and have Dark apothecaries collect gene seed much like their loyalist brethren, everyone does a bit of both though.

>> No.54496872

Oh come on only Iron Warriors actually do that. Or at least are confirmed to do that, I think?
I'm sure the Emperor's Children have even more depraved ways of replenishing their reserves.

>> No.54496882

Dude scion kit is dope
Can't wait for more scions to get released

>> No.54496883

24 heads, 10 full helm 10 half mask and 4 sergeant. thats enough for my reivers, my stalker intercessors and my captain/lieutenant/apothecary/ancient.

>> No.54496885

thanks, I'll definitely use take aim for plas, bring it down could work for high strength shit like missile launchers and FRFSRF seems good for lasguns of course, move move move will probably go unused due to army wide deep strike and get back in the fight might be good though the squads going into combat are there to taprit generally
thanks anon, looking forward to using orders

>> No.54496891


I'm not even touching my Tau until they get their codex at this point: The index list is an incoherent mess where nearly nothing works the way it should.

>> No.54496893

>24 heads, 10 full helm 10 half mask and 4 sergeant
That's pretty dope

>> No.54496894

87% of wins are attributed to the play who gets fist turn ggworkshop

>> No.54496898

Honestly the only thing stopping you from using all the bits is a lack of bodies. If you could get 5 more cheap off eBay the value of an already radical box would triple.

>> No.54496903

You're going to be waiting awhile. Xenos are getting updated in order of who was updated the longest time ago.

Dark Eldar

>> No.54496911

Well what do you expect when I have two Basilisk, a Manticore, a Wyvern, a void missile silo and 6 mortar teams?

>> No.54496912

>im not touching my tau until i can netlist to victory

>> No.54496915

Its not uncommon for GW kits to give a big surplus of 1 or 2 bits, the gaunt kit comes with 36 guns for 12 minis for example.

>> No.54496918

You got a source for that statistic?

I think people are not playing with enough LoS blocking terrain.

>> No.54496928

I agree but not for the same reasons.
In my opinion without objectives, warlord traits, or tactics I feel like the game is lackluster.
I have high hopes though because the SM codex looks fucking awesome!

>> No.54496932


octarius is still going on tho

>> No.54496934

The Terrain thing is likely true as having terrain is very good for the weaker army because it solves most of the issues associated with gun lining

>> No.54496940

The kit is already relatively cheap for a GW kit so second hand ones on ebay shouldnt be that expensive

>> No.54496945

OK jokes aside, i seriously need an answer to this. what the hell is that gun?

>> No.54496947

They'll wrap it up in three paragraphs in the Ork or Nid Codex, whichever comes first, just like they did the invasion of Baal. You're deluded if you think GW cares about making a Xenos vs Xenos campaign.

>> No.54496948


I could netlist to victory right now, I have more than enough crisis suits to run the commander proxy spam shitty tourneyfags moved over to.

Tier is irrelevant, I'm just not touching the faction whilst it's a mishandled trainwreck. I'd much rather have them be the weakest army in the entire game but have a coherent codex than play them as they stand.

>> No.54496949

56% of wins are attributed to the play who gets fist turn ggindians

>> No.54496960

It looks a lot like a bit of sprue.

>> No.54496962

can someone post a pic of a johnny marine real quick

>> No.54496980

The things that just got nerfed by having their points doubled?

>> No.54496983

He said it was a converted shotgun

>> No.54496990

Trying to catch up with what's been going on in 8th edition. I was bumming around 1d4chan when it mentioned that gorillaman spoke with the emperor and divulged some of the details of their conversation. I read that section in the gathering storm book but it just mentions he went in then came out later. Did the details of their discussion actually get revealed in another book, or is 1d4chan just full of shit?

>> No.54497002

>GW won't publish the codex for the most played xenos codex first
lmao citation needed

>> No.54497009

>tau are most played xenos

>> No.54497014


I'd honestly rather they wait longer so as to have a better appreciation for how much of a clusterfuck they made of the index tau.

>> No.54497016

WH40k community news mentioned Grey Knights being next. After that apparently Chaos and Death Guard. Maybe the next 5 will be Xenos...

Who am I kidding, it's wolfs, dark angels, blood angels, inquisiton and admech for the rest of the year.

>> No.54497018

As long as they still have Vetock in the house.

>> No.54497022

Nah, whole thing kept mysterious
That's how they play the Emperor now
Surprised they even started letting writers have him in full conversations in HH

>> No.54497030

>most played xenos codex
lmao citation needed right back at you

But more importantly, they already said armies are getting prioritized in order of oldest armies first, and then proved it with Chaos Space Marines coming next. Tau was one of the last armies of 7th edition, it will be one of the last to be updated in 8th. No one gives a shit about how popular you think you are, you get outsold by any individual Space Marine Chapter just like all the rest.

>> No.54497033

Do imperial guard have any canon soft transports?

>> No.54497035

>I think people are not playing with enough LoS blocking terrain.

They do, and that's half the problem. Armies like >>54496911 only go mega-crazy with dense terrain turning the shit up to eleven.

>> No.54497037

> Be Guard player
>Looking through Codex to find out what is so bad about these Tau
>Look at Strike teams, holy shit s5 30'' 4+ save for 8 points.
>Ethereal + Fireblade combo, 'extra shot' wording means double attacks
>Throw in pulse acelerator drone and grav drone for 6 '' more range and -1d3'' to enemy charge.

160 S5 shots rerolling 1's at 18'' with 40 firewarriors, ethereal, fireblade and a pulse drone. And they all overwatch if anyone gets charged. Just over 400 points.

>mfw looking at Tau players crying over Riptides

>> No.54497039

i read here something about how guilleman was looking forward to talking to his father, but the emperor reguarded him as a 'useful tool, once lost, now found again' and he's now having daddy issues

>> No.54497041

What is a 'soft transport'

>> No.54497046

Saved another angle from WIP. He just cut the barrel down, snipped the stock guard and reattatched it as a pump.
Is your imagination broken? From the initial angle the only thing different from a Lasgun is no lens on the end.

>> No.54497052

Unarmored ones that aren't meant for combat.

>> No.54497057

It's not because they need time to release models for a bunch of those. They're never going to release Dark Angels/Blood Angels/Space Wolves back to back to back, that's a retarded business strategy that isn't feasible to produce for and can very well lose them money. They space them out every edition for a reason.

>> No.54497067

Salamander? It's a scout transport built for speed?

>> No.54497070

i dont know man, it just looked really blocky and lacking details. i guess it was the angle.

>> No.54497071

>what are flyers/HWT/scions/tarantulas?
High cost, pop instantly, useful for one turn then pop, FW P2W
>You can easily deal with anything as guard in a 2000 point list
Implying any local event is higher than 800 points.
"Hey guys want guard to not be shit? Just spend $3000 on ForgeWorld and superheavies."

>> No.54497072

Thing is people don't play tau for strike teams, they're boring. People play tau for suits or vehicles/flyers. Some people enjoy strike teams but they are in a minority (such as myself) and most people played 7th for riptide spam so it's not really surpring

>> No.54497074

Salamander, kinda. It's like an open topped Chimera built more for city zooming and officer recon

>> No.54497076

>prioritized in order of oldest armies first
Tfw you play an army released in 2015. Guess it's time to hunker down and wait. Maybe Fires of Cyraxus will come out some time before then to actually give me something new to use.

>> No.54497078

Tau sell more than even Eldar
Get fugged

>> No.54497085

>HWT, Basilisks, manticores, vets, scions
pick one
>FW P2W meme
nice goalposts and autism

>> No.54497092

The side of a Lasgun ISNT blocky and lacking detail? Don't forget the lefty Las arms face the Aquila and details IN. As seen >>54497046

>> No.54497093

and orks sell better than both. ;^)

>> No.54497094

I doubt you're going to get an actual response. He's just going to autism shitpost now.

>> No.54497100

Trucks and shit then

>> No.54497105

Aren't most Ork armies 90% kitbashes and scratchbuilds?

>> No.54497118

im sure they use a shitload of basic trucks/crawlers and the like, but i doubt any are reflected in the rules.

>> No.54497123

>>FW P2W meme
>nice goalposts and autism
Didn't change shit. Was a meme in 7th, but 8th. Have you not read the book?

>HWT, Basilisks, manticores, vets, scions
>what are flyers/HWT/scions/tarantulas?
High cost, pop instantly, useful for one turn then pop, FW P2W

Are you retarded?

>> No.54497125

Which is why they will never be top tier. GW isn't giving the good shit to people who son have to buy everything from them. The current index will be nerfed into oblivion once they get their codex.

>> No.54497129

Still waiting on that hard proof of sales figures which you don't have

The only thing Tau have been selling in great amounts this edition are shitty unpainted Riptides on eBay after 8th dropped the balancehammer

>> No.54497131

I wasn't concerned with rules, I was just curious if they had any particular examples.

>> No.54497132

Is this RGG? Holy shit what happened to him have meme-tier middle of the road skills? Like, so adequate it's neither good or bad?

Wait hold on
More importantly

>> No.54497134

Not according to sales stats

>> No.54497136


>> No.54497141

gib sales.

>> No.54497143


>> No.54497146

"Sales stats" which you're just making up, lol

>> No.54497162

Extra shot within half range means you'll have to scuttle your overcosted guardsmen to dangerously close to the enemy, most of the drones will be shot down with stray boltguns while that is happening and the ethereal requires you to not move for the Storm of Fire.
It's a good trick I'll give you that but it also as telegraphed as possible so you opponent has to be a retard (marine or ork player usually) to fall for that. Also I'm not sure you'll get 2x shots. It's quality GW rules writing but in previous editions it meant you get single extra attack per gun. But if you are correct then holy shit gun drones got even more ridiculous.
>don't mind me just dumping 8 s5 shots for 8 points

>> No.54497173

GW stocks are WAY higher than they were on the release of 6th and 7th editions. Is GeeDubz back baebee?

>> No.54497189

>most played xenos codex
Tournament attendance has Tyranids as the most played Xenos faction, actually. Stop being so transparently butthurt that you make shit up, it's embarrassing.

>> No.54497193

So Psi-titans and Librarian dreadnoughts are a thing.

Could psyker Knights exist?

>> No.54497201


>> No.54497205

I wouldn't move, I'd just anchor a vital part of the board with it and so cheaply. Drones are so small too they can be hid out of sight and still buff.

For the record I think Pathfinders are also amazing as well.

>> No.54497209

Why is GW shilling predators? They're awful.

>shoot predator autocannon at dreadnought
>only get one shot, it misses

200 pts well spent!

>> No.54497211

Gee, finally someone posts ACTUAL proof in arguments. Point proven, thanks anon.

>> No.54497215

Christ almighty. That's some gnarly shit.

>> No.54497221

Predator autocannon is minimum two shots.

>> No.54497226


>> No.54497228

I think they resupply mostly from renegades.

>> No.54497247

Just sitting here, waiting for my paycheck from my new job that Im about to start on so I can buy Dark Imperium, Burning of Prospero, Betrayal at Calth and the new Primaris Dreadnought all at the same time.

>> No.54497249


>> No.54497252


>> No.54497261

No it's not, I rolled a D6 (same thing as 2d3) to save time.

>> No.54497271

This is bad bait or a joke rite? You can't get a 1 with 2d3.

>> No.54497273

>I think people are not playing with enough LoS blocking terrain.

Doesn't matter when I can deepstrike and charge turn one.

>> No.54497288

Enjoy charging that bubblewrap. NEXT.

>> No.54497295

Should be given to >>54497261

>> No.54497316

How do you manage to breath?

>> No.54497326

Anyone finished Shroud of night yet? do SoB get dicked by Alpha or do Alpha job yet again?
Do they manage to maintain the status quo and introduce a third player Tau who will prevail upon the two so both factions can keep getting the shit they've been given for the last fluff?

>> No.54497350

stay in school

>> No.54497370

remember guys, a 1d100 is the same as 100d1's

>> No.54497383

And 2d6 is not the same as 2 d6

>> No.54497390

>Rules for the Chainsword in the Ravagers Dataslate
>None have it

Give back Chainsword to Chosen already.
They had it, we all fucking model them like that.

>> No.54497402


The Alpha Legionnaires ARE the third players.

>> No.54497424

Kill yourself

>> No.54497503

>DI comes with 10 intercessors but only 7 have scoped rifles
>coincidentally the 3 pack of primaris all have scopes

>> No.54497518

Go be tacticool somewhere else. Marines already have targeting programs in their helmets that do most of the aiming for them. A scope is literally just an ornament.

>> No.54497530

but muh WYSIWYG stalker rifles

>> No.54497540

Just make some scopes then, theyre simple to build.
Just a couple different sizes of plasticard tube really.

>> No.54497551

I can't unsee this now

>> No.54497555

Wait. What dude can take an axe AND a shotgun? Arnt axes and shotguns hot garbage? Granted I know nothing about 8th so I legit curious.

>> No.54497558

GW is trying to make a killer app equivalent with marines.

>no tears
>just Primaris

>> No.54497560

Is this supposed to be a reference to something?

>> No.54497564

Shotguns are kinda legit. Assault 3 S4 at close range.

>> No.54497570

From what i understand, no. They're a pretty technical army.

Also from what I've personally seen, they'll be a whoreson to paint for a beginner.

>> No.54497571

/v/ normies obsessed with Overwatch think it's a striking resemblance to the character Reaper

>> No.54497588

yeah because a hoodie and a skull mask is so innovative reaper did it first...

>> No.54497589

Hard not too. Specially when there is a miniature already.

Also the bloody game is like sports, you don't care about it, but still end hearing about it.

>> No.54497598

And are getting into 40k because of it, then start complaining about how Primaris don't have enough support and why regular marines are better in certain aspect and all that ...

>> No.54497601

hey guys
do we already have the new point value for robbie from the codex?

>> No.54497605

Eh maybe, i guess.

Skull mask and hood isn't exactly an original look though. Its not really distinctive to anything its used so much.

>> No.54497607

That can't be right. Brb remodeling all my vets

>> No.54497610

ye, thank the flying spammers because he is at 560 now

>> No.54497614

Too late now son. Ive been reading up on them with more detail and this combination of speed and sheer destructive power is the fucking nuts.

Literally gonna go pick up some kabalite fuckers today.

Also I'm decent at drawing, I know painting is an entirely different skill set but I think I can manage. How un fluffy would a pinup on a DE flier be?

>> No.54497615

Overwatch, do you live under a rock or something?

>> No.54497616

Exactly. Its not that there aren't similarities, its just that you could trawl through plenty of popular ficiton and find similar looks. Reaper is fun to play at least

>> No.54497623

No, just don't play much videogames.

>> No.54497624

Hey anons, it's the dubs guy from a couple of threads ago who turned to Slaanesh. Got a list built up for 1500pts and was wondering what you guys thought about it.

1495/1500pt List
1st Detachment - Battalion Detachment
Chaos Lord / 74pts HQ - WARLORD
- Power Sword / 4pts
- Combi-Melta / 19pts
Total / 97pts

Chaos Sorcerer / 90pts HQ
- Force Stave / 14pts
- Combi Melta / 19pts
Total / 123pts

Sonic Dreadnought / 72pts ELITE
- Helbrute fist / 40pts
- Heavy Flamer / 17pts
- Doomsiren / 22pts
- Blastmaster x2 / 56pts
Total / 207pts

Sonic Dreadnought / 72pts ELITE
- Power Scourge / 43pts
- Doomsiren / 22pts
- Blastmaster x2 / 56pts
Total / 193pts

Noise Marines (10 Man) / 160pts TROOP
- Plasma Pistol / 7pts
- Power Sword / 4pts
- Doomsiren / 22pts
- Icon of Excess / 10pts
- Blastmaster x2 / 56pts
- Sonic Blaster x7 / 28pts
Total / 287pts

Noise Marines (10 Man) / 160pts TROOP
- Plasma Pistol / 7pts
- Power Sword / 4pts
- Doomsiren / 22pts
- Icon of Excess / 10pts
- Blastmaster x2 / 56pts
- Sonic Blaster x7 / 28pts
Total / 287pts

Noise Marines (10 Man) / 160pts TROOP
- Plasma Pistol / 7pts
- Power Sword / 4pts
- Doomsiren / 22pts
- Icon of Excess / 10pts
- Blastmaster x2 / 56pts
- Sonic Blaster x7 / 28pts
Total / 287pts

The list is for casual games and I want the army to be mostly centred around the Noise Marine theme. Is this viable/functional? Any suggestions theme wise?

>> No.54497629

I have 2 young children, keeping up with whats going on in the gameing world doesn't happen. I basically don't even warhammer anymore.

>> No.54497631

Might be because I grew with models like this

>> No.54497644

Ill believe that when I see it

>> No.54497649

If by "pin-up" you mean hardcore bdsm, then yea, its fluffy

>> No.54497667

>mfw years old model pull the spooky mask better.

>> No.54497675

It's actually a pretty brutal list.

Have fun.

>> No.54497677

It checks what the roll ended up as after modifiers.
If the Tesla is buffed by MWBD it proccs on 5+ (as 5's rolled become 6's) and likewise if you shoot tesla without MWBD at fliers they can never procc as 6's becomes 5's.

>The totally loyal marine would die if he rolled a 2 that became a 1.

>> No.54497690


>Also from what I've personally seen, they'll be a whoreson to paint for a beginner.

If you go full armor and no exposed skin Kabalites aren't too bad with black base coat, a drybrush coat or two then a couple of washes to tie it together and you can get them table ready pretty quick. I'm doing something a bit like this, though not as well


Stuff like the Wyches and Coven stuff is probably more involved though.

>> No.54497700

No idea if its viable, but it looks like it'd be pretty cool. Certainly not lacking in firepower. Good on you for following through

>> No.54497725

That looks like a 30mm
I would absolutely use that.

>> No.54497756

They really do struggle against elite armies. I want to field more veterans with triple plasma and lascannon to help with that. I also want to field more artillery.

>> No.54497763

I want to do a Jack Morrison Primaris captain now

>> No.54497774

Battlescribe says Assault 2. That's a big difference. Is it wrong?

>> No.54497776

>It's actually a pretty brutal list.
>Have fun.
Thanks anon, I'll try my best!

>No idea if its viable, but it looks like it'd be pretty cool.
Yeah I feel like the rule of cool should take precedence over whether something will win you games, but anon above said it sounds good so that's nice.
>Good on you for following through.
I made a promise anon, besides, heaps of loyalists have started popping up at my LGS, so someones gotta show those clean marines their codex means nothing to Slaanesh.

>> No.54497783

>did it first
no one is saying that
but when both characters have a skull mask, a hooded long coat, and twin shotguns, you'd have to be pretty fucking dense not to compare the two if you'd seen Reaper

>> No.54497791

anyone else noticed the ultramarine apothecary from the intro video to the codex has the dead primaris guy that people thought would be part of mortarion´s base?

time 0:37

>> No.54497793

>Necrons not being sold
>What are you? The Adaptus Administratum?

>> No.54497809

>and two shotguns
You'd have to pretty fucking dense to confuse the real model with somebody's shop of it.

>> No.54497812


Yeah, the primaris apothecary is dismissively standing on his battle brother's corpse.

>> No.54497817

Where the fuck are you getting sonic dreadnoughts?

>> No.54497818

They're the black bar

>> No.54497822

Meganobz, Megaboss and a Mega Big Mek in a Morkanaut.

Fun idea, but is it any good?

>> No.54497826

Forgeworld Chaos Index FAQ

>> No.54497842

The models, are you just gluing the resin sonic blasters on to a hellbrute arm or what?

>> No.54497847

Are spyders good even if your not taking a monolith?

I wanna take a monolith but its 380 pts

>> No.54497854

What about a Doom marine?

>> No.54497860

Getting them from the Forgeworld FAQ. They have a Helbrute profile, but replace their keywords and can take Blastmasters.

Model wise, I'm just gonna use a normal Helbrute and kitbash spare Blastmasters onto a dreadnought arm. Shouldn't be too difficult. Greenstuff some fleshy bits on and maybe add some random scrap bitz and voila.

>> No.54497870

Or some high noon cowboy for your not GW approved faction.

>> No.54497871

more details get revealed in the dark imperium book. i havent finished that one yet tho so i cant tell you more

>> No.54497872

You can't fit all that in one Naught. They only have a capacity of 6, Mega-armour counts as two and Meganobz are minimum 3 to a unit.

>> No.54497873

There was an old sonic dreadnought model that that guy could have.
Alternatively, just kitbash with the tried-and-true gargoyle heads from the chaos vehicle sprues.

>> No.54497886

Ok, I chuckled.

>> No.54497890

Naut can only fit 3 mega-armored models in it lad

>> No.54497897


>> No.54497941

The chadmarines are coming to cleanse your dudes. Repent to GW and buy your army of chads or your dudes will be squashed under their boots soon.

>> No.54497954

isn't he stepping on a primaris though

>> No.54497955


>> No.54497957


>> No.54497962

I hope the Apothecary comes with a different pose, because it's going to look stupid that there's a few of these blokes all stood around looking exactly the same

>> No.54497965


>> No.54497983

Are you crazy?! Kids will have a hard time telling apart this wonderful and over detail models apart!
They must make all marines mono pose so their target Audience doesn't get confused and scared

>> No.54497985

> Thank you for the gene seed asshole.

>> No.54497990

Fantastic bait

>> No.54498002

Here is your (You), you deserve it.

>> No.54498003

>Your armour tells me you were a Chad, but your geneseed is telling me you were a Marinelet using stilts.

>> No.54498005

Any word on whether theres going to be a helmeted option for this?

>> No.54498007

That's also why Primaris units barely have any wargear options. That would just be way to confusing, all those choices !

>> No.54498013

>What is using a spare leftover marine helmet

>> No.54498016

So this uncaring monsters are the protectors of humanity?

>> No.54498017

So this dude can advance AND shoot AND give orders every turn to keep but with his duders. Neat. Sounds good for cityfight. What do PCs and CCs hit on now? Still 3+?

>> No.54498023

>why aren't there female marines? that's pretty sexist.
>wow you mean there's an entire God dedicated to sex and rape? this sexist hobby needs to change and advance into the 21st century!
>why are there no midget races? i guess this hobby is controlled by heightist scum
>I like the T'au. The Greater Good sounds very appealing! Greater Good! Greater Good! Haha XD

>> No.54498047

Axes are (most often) the best performing weapon for S4. Tho not by much, so picking the cheaper option (Sword) is usually the most efficient choice of minmaxing.

>> No.54498050

On that note when does Heroic Intervention happen? If a unit of denim-wranglers charges my heavy teams and he moves in, what's stopping them from shifting their Target on the charge and shredding his ass before he brings that axe to bear?

>> No.54498055

My sides will really left the orbit if any shithead seriously say this.

>> No.54498058


>> No.54498060

This is PRIMARIS seed, SON.

>> No.54498062

I will say that combo looks badass though. He's just waiting to drop that shotgun and go in swinging with that axe

>> No.54498069

>why aren't there female marines? that's pretty sexist.
Why would you want to have female tools? Are women just an object to you?
>wow you mean there's an entire God dedicated to sex and rape? this sexist hobby needs to change and advance into the 21st century!
What God is that? Are you sure we are looking at the same stuff?
>why are there no midget races? i guess this hobby is controlled by heightist scum
Ratling and non Primaris marines are a thing, Tau are short too.
>I like the T'au. The Greater Good sounds very appealing! Greater Good! Greater Good! Haha XD
The greater good is just slavery with extra steps. Are you from the KKK or something?

>> No.54498071

Can I order my veterans to reroll 1s and then order them to move in their shooting phase?

>> No.54498076

>I like the T'au. The Greater Good sounds very appealing! Greater Good! Greater Good! Haha XD
My selfloathing from playing Tau and thus being associated with that grows once more

>> No.54498077

read the rules

>> No.54498079

Oh that's bad.

>> No.54498090

>If a Character Heroic Interventions into combat, can the unit he charges target him, since he wasn't targeted by their charge.
>Or is it because he charged them, he's up for grabs.

>> No.54498091

What the fuck progenoid am I looking at

>> No.54498092

if you don't charge you will get attacked first

>> No.54498094

Implying anyone with that amount of reasoning power would understand your arguments.

>> No.54498099

How many sources of Mortal Wounds do marines have?

>> No.54498104

Or use command squad with a prime behind it for no dead weight non-rapidfire range las and just have 4 plasmas rerolling 1s

>> No.54498122

Smite, Orbitial Bombardment, Guilliman, Cato Sacarius, and Exploding Vehicles all jump to mind.

But I only play vs. an Ultramarine player. Could be more.

>> No.54498142

Sorry if it's been posted - what is the cost for apothecary? I'm considering getting a few and making an impossible to kill footslogging Iron Hands force

>> No.54498143

Question invalid; can't take two orders.

>> No.54498152

The new Vindicator stratagem as well, though I don't think its worth it.

>> No.54498159

Depends on the local meta I think

>> No.54498160

A unit can only attack a unit it has charged. So if they don't declare your character as a target for the charge, you can do Heroic Intervention risk free.

>> No.54498162


+ Scout snipers

>> No.54498165

Yeah that. Wait HI counts as a charge?

>> No.54498167

>mfw my army does not have mortal wounds
Guess I'll keep playing on hard mode.

>> No.54498174

Before I buy a start collecting Deathwatch set, can someone smarter than me let me know if the new Dreadnoughts are much better than the old and am I'm wasting my money?

>> No.54498191

Smite, orbital bombardment, some of the new Psykic powers, vindicator stratagem, HB stratagem, guilliman, interceptors, flakk missles (though that only works against units with FLY), cluster mines, the WS warlord trait, tellion and scout snipers.

There may be a couple more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head

>> No.54498193

primaris? unknown as of yet

>> No.54498196


Mortal wounds are a gimick only used to stop Guilliman and other things with 3++ saves.

>> No.54498201

Space Marines have a new stratagem that lets Scout Bikers deal d3 mortal wound when falling back from a fight.

>> No.54498202

Welcome to Retardville. Population: u

>> No.54498204

Post good iron warriors conversions

>> No.54498209

guard has plenty of access to mortar wounds xD

>> No.54498211

Unless I'm reading it wrong, the fact that if you fail the roll you've effectively wasted the turn of 3 Vindicators AND a CP means its not worth the gamble, especially as against characters its even less likely to be successful.

>> No.54498220

They're not necessary, just useful.

>> No.54498224

How the hell do you guys know so much about the new codex already? Because all I saw was few pages of cloudy-as-fuck quality leaks

>> No.54498229

16 hours a day on 4chan

>> No.54498235

Well you can use a CP to re-roll the results if you really want something deader than dead.

>> No.54498238

Mortal wounds are far more than just a gimmick.
And as for guilliman, I've found that most sources of mortal wounds just can't put out enough to deal with him.
Running a termie libby and a unit of TH+SS ass termies has been doing pretty well for me, get off null zone to deny him his 3++ and then use veil of time to make it easier to get off the charge

>> No.54498240


>> No.54498258

Usefull enough to have 6+ Primaris psykers or Astropath dropping from a valk/chimera?

>> No.54498260

Source? I'd love the idea of that dude stepping up and cleaving a few Panty-raiders after they shred the squad.

>> No.54498269

astopaths are 15p a pop so hell yeah

>> No.54498270

Using the UM Warlord trait is probably they to go if you're bringing it though for maximum CP ecenomy

>> No.54498274


>> No.54498287

The way*
Fucking autocorrect

>> No.54498294

This, got to play a game using the codex this weekend and that warlord trait is so good. I started the game with 12 CP but probably ended up using 19 or 20 CP.
Granted that was a bit more than is staticall, but even then, 6 CP becoming 8 or 12 becoming 16 kn average is still amazing.

>> No.54498296


>> No.54498312

Meh, I'll keep playing. In fact, I'm glad Tau isn't one of the first codexes in this edition; this will give more time to people worldwide to test their units to exhaustion and propose changes before our codex is printed.

I bet SM codex will suffer some FAQ changes it wouldn't need if their codex wasn't the first one

>> No.54498316

all that samepose is driving me crazy

>> No.54498369

Personally I've fallen completely in love with Electro-Priests. Get a big blob of 20 and park it behind your Cawsle block, makes it basically immune to assault from anything but hordes or serious MSU. Guilliman will get to kill one thing before the Rave Sticks morris-dance him to death with a statistical 18 wounds from the full block charging. Hell, with Reroll Ones they can put down Magnus if unmolested in the meantime (which is unlikely, but they'll still make him rather sad).

>> No.54498372

pg. 182 "3. Choose Targets"

>Models that charged this turn can only target enemy units they charged in the previous phase.

>> No.54498383

Chaos and Orks. I have a very small pile of Tyranids I got from a friend for cheap when he sold his army off.

>> No.54498388

You're talking about the staff priests, not the static shock ones, right?

>> No.54498415

Can someone explain to me what sense it makes that baneblades get a penalty to firing on the move yet russes don't?

>> No.54498423

Are electro-priests worth getting then? Been looking to expand my army and I'm torn between 10 priests, 10 sicarians or a set of kastelans.

>> No.54498426

Design oversight

>> No.54498452

It's called balance.

>> No.54498467

russes do for non-turret guns

>> No.54498478

Yeah, the Corpuscarii aren't QUITE as good, but each of them dishes out 3 S5 hits at 12" so they're a decent horde death sentence. Punch at what is statistically 2A S5 2+ hit because of Tazer, too.

13.33 dead Marines, 26.66 dead Guardsmen or 10/6.66/3.33 wounds off 4+, 3+ and 2+ save vehicles respectively. Not TOO bad, but they are only 12" range, have 5++/5+++ with no Electroleech 3++ for wiping units and move 6", plus the full block costs 280 points, so probably not worth it unless you're running a themed list.

Maybe once we get IA14 we could do a Numinous Cult army if Triaros aren't like 400 points, with two Triaros filled with Fulgurites and one with Corpuscarii, plus a couple Crawlers at 2k. Inefficient as balls, but fun. If there was a way to get a +1 To Wound they'd be INSANE.


10 staff priests is a decent unit, although I prefer the full block of 20 because if they manage to kill something that's 20 3++ 5+++ Student Manhattans charging down the field and giving no fucks about pretty much anything. Kastelans are probably more critical though, since they're our primary Marine sweepers.

Just FYI, it SHOULD take 12 Priests to kill Guilliman or a whole squad of Termies or something on the charge, so a unit of 15 is a decent number there if you need to trim down from the full 20.

>> No.54498483

Does anyone else feel their autism going when someone removes models from the back? I know it's stupid, but if I'm shooting you from the front, why is dave hanging around at the back falling over?

>> No.54498489

Superheavy guns are too big to stabilise

>> No.54498491


>> No.54498500

Imagine that the guys at the front ARE being cut down, but the ones behind are quickly pushing forward to take their place

>> No.54498515

I wonder, if you pop Girlyman and he rolls his 4+ reanimation protocol, since he doesn't get back up till the end of the phase does that still technically count as eliminating a unit?

>> No.54498518

I feel it but sometimes those squad sergeants are too saucy to physically remove

>> No.54498529


>> No.54498532

Anybody got the Codex point values for marines?

I needs dem

>> No.54498543

>40k is musical chairs

>> No.54498554

Given it says "set him up again" I would imagine so. He WAS gone because the rule says nothing about RG not being removed after being reduced to zero wounds, and the reanimation doesn't always kick in, so how would the Electroleech work then? They all get their 3++ against hits in the rest of the phase then RG gets back up and it magically goes away? That makes no sense.

>> No.54498557

Kill yourself, retarded phoneposter

>> No.54498560

Honestly what's the point of bringing a suit commander with anything but 4 fusion blaster?
I'm trying to find other combinations that work but it's really hard to argue with 4 FB

>> No.54498565

Do you mean the Index point values? Because the Codex is not out for several more days.

>> No.54498569

I need ideas for fancy Bad Moonz vehicle conversions.

>> No.54498570

4 CIBs are good too

>> No.54498588

How does one make mono Daemons work as an army? I got into them as my first army in 7th edition and enjoyed the fact that they played differently to every other army I looked into. In 8th the index took away a lot of their cool wargear and rules though.

>> No.54498597

Its always been justified by imagining troops stepping forward over the corpses of their comrades.

>> No.54498612

>How does one make mono Daemons work as an army?
You don't.

>> No.54498624

Yeah, but we've got leaks from a ton of stuff, and someone posted the primaris values a few days ago. The rest of the revised values are floating around somewhere

Are YOU so retarded you didn't notice the multiple leaks literally posted earlier in the thread?

>> No.54498643

Battle wagon with weirdboy tower. To scale with the tower on the epic model.

>> No.54498650

>How does one make mono Daemons work as an army?

Which god? Varies greatly depending on the one.

But overall I've found it to be painful. None of our "middling" Daemons got a durable increase while their vehicles counterparts have a ton of Wounds by comparison. And are more a glass cannon with only T4/T5, 2-3W and a 5++

>> No.54498654

You are too retarded to save shit that's important to you? Or too retarded to check archives? Learn to lift your own spoon. It's not heavy.

>> No.54498663

I forgot about all the cool Epic Ork stuff like that.

>> No.54498670

Damn, that's a bit unfortunate. I was thinking about playing a mixed god army, but I don't think the rules are shaping up to let that be a thing anymore. I guess mono Nurgle? Or having Daemons as allies to CSM works too.

>> No.54498680

I didn't notice the swastika on the Blood Axe banner when reading this as a kid.

>> No.54498685

New thread

>> No.54498692

What swastika?

>> No.54498694

i a l r e a d y d i d t h a t

On an aside, here's some of the relics for people that need em.

>> No.54498701

Second banner from the left on the Blood Axe Clan.

>> No.54498704

Carbines or Knives on the Rievers? I've bought 2 boxes, why not both?

>> No.54498712


NVM found it.

Why do old Ork armies have swastikas? This is on GW's community site.

>> No.54498717

>Damn, that's a bit unfortunate. I was thinking about playing a mixed god army, but I don't think the rules are shaping up to let that be a thing anymore.
Will still be a thing, but probably won't have the best bonuses. But sometimes the utility will be worth it.

I've found either a CSM Character / Bel'kalor being good for multi-gods as it lets them Summon anything. (And Bel buffs all Daemons.)

>I guess mono Nurgle? Or having Daemons as allies to CSM works too.
Wait on Deathguard release. If nothing else CSM can help augment the slowness of Nurgle Daemons with Rhinos and Deep Strike

>> No.54498739

really? Isn't just better to bring other units to deal with mass infantry?

>> No.54498741

I'm not an expert on old Ork armies, but I figure its because Orks are generally based on skinheads and hooligans, which over here often ended up part of the neo-nazi parties like the EDL and NF.

>> No.54498760

Just saw the Developer's commentary on modifying characteristics.

If you put Girlyman with the warlord trait that increases his wound characteristic by 1, bringing him up to 10, I assume he loses the character immunity to shooting.

>> No.54498762

CIBs are good vs heavy infantry

>> No.54498785

Yeah, this seems the likely reason.>>54498741

>> No.54498871


>> No.54499023

What model is that?

>> No.54499054

Well i hope when i get my army done I'll get to pit my Ravenwing against you.

>> No.54499077

I would say no?

If a hive tyrant gets whittled down to 9 wounds, it doesn't mean he can't be targeted.

I would definitely say the rule for Characters applies to un-modified statistics.

>> No.54499164

If I get +1 to shooting and roll a 1 on a supercharged plasma weapon, do i still die?

I know 1's auto-miss, but they auto-miss regardless of bonuses, which may mean that bonuses are still applied for non-combat purposes?

>> No.54499298

No, bonuses to your roll prevent plasma overheating in the same negitive modifiers make it more likely.

>> No.54499345

Let me help you make a good army.


Hordes of khorne bezerkers

>> No.54499570

must be some sort of engineering genius..

>> No.54499582

that amount of points spent can get you like 5-6 warbosses

>> No.54499893

<obligatory conshit meme>

>> No.54500034

>fails one of those 3++ against a lascannon
>takes 6 wounds
I think it's fine how it is

>> No.54500081

>you now realize why conshits are a thing

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