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SM: July 29th
CSM+GK: August 19th
DG: September 23rd
T'AU+AM: October 7th
TYRANID+BA: November 11th
NECRONS+TS: December 9th

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can anyone read the pyschic powers?

>> No.54449466

Faqs are removed from the Gw site. Wu Tang is now back to being legal.

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Is there a source for this, or is it just a meme? Why would they release multiple codexes on the same day?

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>Black Templars have the best anti-psyker defense and heroic intervention is 6'' for the warlord

Where is your god now, heretic?

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>No Orks

>> No.54449510

>heroic intervention

>> No.54449514

Why the fuck would you cast psychic scourge over smite?

>> No.54449521

Its the warlord trait.

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I have to ask this question, guys, dont throw bolters at me.
How come new starter being "balanced"? Death guard are on par with new Primaris Marines?

>> No.54449531

You can aim it, or you want to use both.

>> No.54449543

>spend 1 Command Point for a 50% chance of denying a power
>once per phase
Woo, soo good.

>heroic intervention is 6'' for the warlord
Yeah, so much better than a 6+ save-after-the-save

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leddit has a list of the codex shit if you can't read

Doesn't stop people on Facebook from bitching at Nick

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How to kill armies, P1:

>just gun down that their silly warrior blob, and laugh as your literal bolters reduced 1/4 of his army to uselessness T1
>grab some plasma, reaper launcher, autocannon, or whatever S6+, decent AP, and multi-damage weapon you've got, and shuffle away those destroyers. Who are also worse than Admech destroyers.
>then turn those same guns slightly to the side, and spray away his quantum shielded vehicles. That was easy!
>anything else he brought is easily taken down by any combination of the two, or some unconventional melee spam or something, so enjoy taking down the would-be terminators with ease!

What other armies are easy to hard counter? Let's get an idiot's guide to victory going

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Could you, ah, phrase this so it's actually a question that can be answered? Do you want to know if they are balanced? Do you want to complain about how they're not?

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Sorry, I don't read ant language and only read the reddit shit

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>repulsor tank can have the same heavy gatling cannon as the dreadnought
Oh me oh my.

>> No.54449634

>look mom, i do it in all the generals!

>> No.54449640

>Dark Eldar: Drown in low Toughness models so they'll rue the day they decided to use nothing but poisoned guns for their infantry
>Tau: Charge Warriors and Suits with your transports, THEN charge with your units

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A 50/50 shot to negate any power once per psychic phase is very potent, especially against armies that are built to revolve around certain effects. Cancelling Warp Time or Da Jump can be a lifesaver.

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What do you guys think Legion tactics will look like once CSM gets their book? I'm hopeful that Iron Warriors won't have to rely on god awful Obliteraters.

>> No.54449708

Is it T9 tho ?

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Do we have any idea what the other 9 stratagems are?

>> No.54449724

Any self-respecting IW player has at least one unit of oblits in his army at all times, if not more and mutilators, too

>> No.54449734

"Iron Warriors may spend a CP to automatically hit with a Demolisher Cannon or Battle Cannon."

You know they will just directly copy-paste from Traitor Legions, only they turn them into one-shot moba powers.

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So, now that we know that Horus has power on the levels of the Emperor, that makes me wonder: What if Horus is the one on the Golden Throne? Horrified by the death of his father, the state of his brothers, and what he has done, he took up the golden throne out of guilt? It would explain his rapid changes in policy, and why he has made no attempts to refuse godhood anymore.

That, or Pius backstabs him.

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>So, now that we know that Horus has power on the levels of the Emperor

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40K still has some awesome art, they just choose the most generic stuff for the main rules and such for some reason.

>> No.54449786

>>and mutilators, too

No wonder we're so fucking bitter.

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New to the hobby, so far I've got two Death Guard Halves of the DI box set.

So 2x Lord of Contagion, 2x Noxious Blightbringer, 2x Malignant Plaguecaster, 2x7 Plague Marines with Plasma Gun and Power Fist, 2x 20 Poxwalkers and 2x Foetid Bloat Drone.

Also got 3 easy build Plague Marines with Powerfist and Plasma gun and Blight Launcher.

What should I expand into? Anything I can do to refine this list? Drop stuff? Get more of stuff?

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Sure, but I wouldn't say it's that good. It's a slightly-above-average solution for the problem you created for yourself by picking an army that can't have Librarians.

What it does excel at is getting rid of powers cast with an above-average psychic test.

But with more armies getting access to bigger psychic disciplines, there may be more than one power you'd like to deny per turn.

And Warptime and Da Jump in particular really only need to work once, so a coin toss whether it screws you over or not isn't that impressive.

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>objective one: stay 13" away
>objective two: then just shoot him to death. Woo-hoo.
>oh no! He's summoned things! Well look at that, the little chaff champs up front at any charges, or you jut used any other trick to keep him over 9" away.
>Good work! Now kill him

>get a fuckload of S3 or a decent amount of S6 and fuck her (him? it?) so hard you'll bring another, better slannesh into existence.

>see what you just did to those necrons? Same thing, except the vehicles are even easier to kill! >No quantum shielding means those crabs and chickens will be running home as soon as a D6 shows up to the party

>remember when the nurgle player says virtually every weapon does diddly to stop him?
>we'll take a note from the guard, and bring a whole lot of diddly. Storm bolters, lasguns, shurikens, and poison, anything you want so long as it's got enough numbers to still do damage after 4/9 is lost to saves.
>the only thing that's really disgusting is how effective a fucking storm bolter is

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If the travesty that is MoM stays canon then Horus is probably just going to turn the Emperor into a slurry.

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Eh, debatable. Oblits were never cost-effective. In 5e, autolas killed mech better. In 6e, autohavocs were more cost effective. That and you needed to convert them up, because fuck Finecast.

Traitor Legions was fun for the 6 months it lasted if you ran a CAD. If you did a Grand Company, the Cult of Destruction wasn't worth it. You could do:

-Max warband + one Armored Crate ('dat stubborn obsec and shooting rerolls)


-A warband, buy a spare Rhino for a Havoc Team, and take Fist of the Gods.

3 Vindicators, give one Outflank, and give the Warpsmith the Rhino.

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>Any self-respecting IW player
No, any self-respecting IW player is still mourning his Basilisk.

Obliterators are so absolutely shit now that no self-respecting IW player would include them in their army by choice.

>> No.54449879

>IW players really are so stupid they haven't realized they can take basilisks still
Haha, your Primarch sucks and so does your legion

>> No.54449881

TG name my dog
40k inspired and trips decide
(preferably loyalist)

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>> No.54449915

Leman Russ

Naming a dog after a dog is only appropriate

>> No.54449916

Your Legion of choice has many negative attributes.

>> No.54449917

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, The Beast of Armageddon

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>> No.54449931

That would be hard to explain at the park

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>> No.54449945

roboute guilliman

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Which Contemptor looks best? FW or GW?
Also, would it be wrong to use a fouding chapter Contemptor for a successor? I mean, they are after all relics from the Horus Heresy era

>> No.54449966

For now I'd recommend keeping it slow and easy. You can expect a lot more releases very soon, so no need to jump the gun and get stuff that'll be outclassed soon.

Paint what you have and get to know your army. For your first few games, your collection minus one Lord of Contagion and one Noxious Blightbringer will make a great army.

If you desperately want to add something, add either a Helbrute or a Predator.

After that, sit tight and wait for the next wave of Death Guard releases.

>> No.54449987

>Chapter Master strategem
That's nonsense. Why the fuck would they make the chaptermaster a strategem of all fucking things?

>> No.54449993

FW. I'm certain that if a successor managed to get one of them they'd keep the markings the same, but might otherwise repaint it.

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>> No.54449999

>being a cucked marinelet
Yeah right pal, I'm serving the only God that ever loved me back- the machine one

>> No.54450004

>he uses FW books

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>> No.54450008

GW has a good contemptor and it's plastic, but overall the FW ones tend to look better and have more options, though now you could get the GW one and then get FW upgrade kits for it

>> No.54450015

The Lion

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>> No.54450022

So, how do you expect the new imperium to reogranite the grey knights? Hopefully something with more "your dudes" potential

>> No.54450027


Yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing, thanks!

Well, if you've gotta get them weps from FW anyway, could as well get the body from there as well

>> No.54450028

Marneus Augustus Calgar

>> No.54450037

Because it fits? All the Chapter Master upgrade does is to upgrade your Captain's "reroll 1s To Hit" aura to a "reroll all failed To Hit" aura.
The 3 Command Point requirement also forces you to either cripple yourself or only use him in the sort of big games he belongs in.

>> No.54450039

trips will take too long

anyway, name it... drukhari

sooo close

>> No.54450049

You realize they pretty much copypasted and translated assorted Formation, Decurion and vehicle squadron bonuses and just called them stratagems, not caring that they don't actually result in a customizable army, but encourage finding the best bonus for the least opportunity cost and encouraging spam even more than 7th did. :)

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>> No.54450075

>Grey Knights? Oh no, they're my own Chapter of anti-Daemon Marines, they just happen to look and fight like Grey Knights
There, fixed it.

I'm just hoping for some Primaris Marines with Nemesis Force Weapons, as implausible as that would be

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>> No.54450088

For like an extra 50% to the price?

>> No.54450091

Cato Sicarius

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>> No.54450113

Oh gee I don't know it's so hard to tell.

>> No.54450115

>off by one

On a side note, does anyone know if they'll ever bring back formations? Every list I played last edition was nothing but formations and now everything I run is more or less arbitrary.

>> No.54450135

>On a side note, does anyone know if they'll ever bring back formations?
Nope, formations are gone.
Good riddance

>> No.54450137

Battle of the (nearly) normals; A Krieger, a Catachan, a Cadian, a Skitarius, a Sororita and a Scion all get into a barfight. Who is the last one standing, assuming they're all wearing casual outfits and the only weapons available are glass bottles and pool cues?

>> No.54450138

as far as i know GW doesnt intent do bring formations back which is a good thing, at least in my opinion

>> No.54450139


>> No.54450140

Same prices in Sweden

Yeah, the FW obviously looks better like this but I've never seen one first-hand, figured there might be a difference

>> No.54450141

Are you shooty space marines? If so, you have no hope but aircraft, leviathans or knights to carry the day.

If you are literally anything else just look for your most efficient melee units and spam them. Boyz, Berzerkers, Genestealers, etc. etc. etc. and kill off the warriors in righteous melee.

Kharn+zerker buddies has killed a 20 warrior blob of mine on the charge before, as have stormboyz.

>> No.54450147

Formations ran 7th into the ground. Let them stay dead.

>> No.54450151

Okay, i was sort of in a hurry.
Is the new starter balanced pointswise etc etc?
Are Death Guard balanced compared to Primaris Marines and what is the difference statwise between Primaris and old marines?

>> No.54450157

The Krieger, their casual attire is a helmet, a gasmask and flak

>> No.54450160

Gone forever. However if the SM codex is anything to go by, some formation type rules will exist as stratagems you spend CP to temporarily activate.

>> No.54450165


They are now called strategems it seems

>> No.54450168

Anyone know how big Epic Knights are?

>> No.54450169

Didn't gw confirm no primaris for gk? THey would probably just say they are rescaled gk in case

>> No.54450171


>> No.54450176


You can also get some of the legion specific dreads and file a few identifying marks off them: Death guard is particularly good for this because the marks are very easy to take off and it looks really good as a Mortis dread.

>> No.54450185

Oh shit, yeah I had a brainfart, forgot about the complete nonpose the GW had, its only worth anything if it costs decently less then the FW

>> No.54450187

This. Kriegers are pretty much the 40k equivalent of hardcore /k/ autists

>> No.54450191

Does the Gorilla even know about GKs?

>> No.54450192

They are frigging epic big

>> No.54450204

No, they are replaced by Stratagems which effectively turn your detachments into formations. Basically more restrictions for bonuses which is better for the game as opposed to last edition were it was all free.

>> No.54450210

On the FW contemptor you can easily pose the arms, elbows, head, torso, hips, knees and feet.

On the GW contemptor you can choose at which angle the arms are connected.

You tell me which one is better.

>> No.54450226

Yeah no doubt about it, thanks for the info

>> No.54450231


>> No.54450233

Out of the box, Death Guard has a 9/10 victory rate over the Primaris.

>> No.54450234

The difference is that the GW is essentially 2D.

It's 60$ or 10$ cheaper than FW.

>> No.54450241

Okay, let me rephrase that.

Is it as large as a 40k guardsman? I want to run some as mechanicum robot troops, I need to know how big they are.

I know that epic termies are 1/3-1/4 the size of space marines, for instance.

>> No.54450250

Ah, okay.

The Primaris Marines are a few points higher than the Death Guard. If I remember correctly, you reach pretty much the same points for both if you add a unit of Nurglings to the Death Guard.
Either way, the difference isn't big enough that you'd feel overwhelmed playing as Death Guard.

The difference between normal Space Marines and Primaris Marines is that the new guys have 2 Wounds and Attacks each compared to the 1 of the normal ones. They also have slightly better guns but lose most of their options, so the new guys are tough and pretty strong, but nowhere as flexible.

>> No.54450254

Just had my first game of 8th today. Holy fuck guard got buffed. I totally tabled his muhreens on turn 3. The amount of firepower you can put out and staying power of commissars is insane.

>> No.54450279

You can pick up the Calthtemptor for 35$ on ebay. So basically two for one. I'd still go with a single FW over two GWs though.

>> No.54450282

Pretty much the size of a Marinelet, maybe a bit smaller.

>> No.54450285

Considering GK Voldus was in the Triumvirate of the Primarch. My gut says MAAAAYBE?

>> No.54450292

Skitarii are sealed inside their uniforms and their bodies are genetically modified to produce a natural anti-bacterial lube so they can wear them for years at a time. It also includes a helmet, rebreather, optics and carapace rather than flak.

Plus they're 50% metal and highly radioactive so everyone in the bar gets cancer and dies.

>> No.54450300

Oh. Right. Maybe he thought he was just a really shiny Ultramarine?

>> No.54450306


>> No.54450309

>highly radioactive so everyone in the bar gets cancer and dies.

great, now the Krieger feels like home and he started digging a trench in the bar

>> No.54450311


Though to be fair, if you want a Contemptor with the calthtemptor's equipment and have passable conversion skills, it's not hard to repose the waist and legs to have some basic dynamism, though you'll need something for them to stand on.

>> No.54450312



>> No.54450316

Man they went full grimdark with the skitarii codex.

>> No.54450330


>> No.54450334


>> No.54450335

Why would anyone want a contemptor? It looks terrible and gimpy as fuck.

>> No.54450347

pedro (kantor)

>> No.54450360

If you had to choose ONE SM faction out of these to field at your lgs, which would you choose?

>Imperial Fists
>Blood Angels
>Dark Angels
>Space Wolves
>Black Templars
>Raven Guard
>Grey Knights

>> No.54450369


off by one, you were close


admech is the grimdark/grimdork-iest of them all

>> No.54450370

am i the only one who doesnt hate primarines but isnt very interested in their minis nor their fluff?


>> No.54450372


>> No.54450387

Wait until you hear the fluff of the Onager, which is manned by one Skitarii Ranger and one Skitarii Vanguard. The Vanguard, who thanks to radioactivity already has a shitty life expectancy, has to be submerged in a radioactive tank that will kill him extremely quickly. Once he's dead, they toss his body out and throw another Vanguard in the tank then close the lid.

And one of the biggest honours for Skitarii who showed independent thought is to be given a piece of raw radioactive matter that kills them even more quickly so the independent streak in the maniple can be culled.

>> No.54450390

Probably Raven Guard. My armies' are pretty immobile and trying out lots of Jump infantry and (hopefully) Lightning Claws could be fun.

>> No.54450391

I played nids last edition and I loved the idea of fluffy, focused reasons to field half the models when most were subpar and competitive lists were dominated by flyrant spam. Shit like the hypertoxic node and skyblight appealed to me so hard.

That doesn't sound too bad. I love it when any game offers some type of incentive for playing thematically. Building formations last edition is what helped me get into the game last edition as I was otherwise lost on what to get/build next. I'm new as fuck so it made building up an army that wasn't netlisted/min-maxed/metagamed much easier and fun.

>> No.54450393

I hate the fluff and the whole space marine space marine bullshit. They do look good though, like a proper space marine should look. I'm going to get some and covert to deathwatch.

>> No.54450394

Nah, I'm the same and I just started playing during 8th. I'm just completely indifferent to them. Certainly doesn't help they seem to be overcosted.

>> No.54450399

I just wish they said it was mk10 armour and not a new breed of SM, they don't look that out of place compared to the newer DW, TS and DG minis

>> No.54450400

blood abgeks

>> No.54450411

Space Wolves, you can justify taking whatever dreadnoughts/knights/stormravens/centurions/conscripts you need from other codexes and get better melee options.

>> No.54450420

Fucking wot m8. Who wrote this edgy shit?

>> No.54450423

>I played nids last edition and I loved the idea of fluffy, focused reasons to field half the models when most were subpar and competitive lists were dominated by flyrant spam. Shit like the hypertoxic node and skyblight appealed to me so hard.
Too bad that's not what formations were.
They were either "take all the units you were going to take anyways and have the powerful bonuses" or "pay all these points for mediocre units and get these shitty bonuses"

>> No.54450437

Yeah pretty much all the fluffy formations were shit.

>> No.54450438

Really considering cutting off that huge cloud of shit from the Nurgle Sorcerer model.

It looks bad IMO.

But would the model still look cool without it? Anyone tried anything like that? I really like the psychich phase and I want my DG army to have two or maybe three psykers but I just don't know about this guy, all the other models are great.

Also name him Typhus

>> No.54450441

So how are they going to do chapter tactics for Tyranids, do different Hive Fleets war any differently?

>> No.54450448

I've been tempted for a while to do a genuinely Viking inspired Space Wolf army, so that my Thousand Sons can have some more dignified archnemeses.

>> No.54450453

Check again tomorrow, I would bet the newly updated FAQ with additional clarifications will be out then.

>> No.54450454

Lion would be a pretty suitable dog name.

>> No.54450457

Salamanders, I like their color scheme and I really like their "set things on fire" attitude.

>> No.54450460

>Same prices in Sweden
Buy plastic kits from Wayland Games with free shipping instead of being cucked by your local store and it'll be a lot cheaper than buying from FW

>> No.54450461

If I have a full unit of havocs can I still only take 4 heavy/special weapons? The rules are not very clear

>> No.54450463

Not *very* interested, no. I just wanna know how much torture porn the creation process adds to the Space Marine fluff. I mean, the normal Marine transformation is already pretty gruesome but anything that'll give even those guys a massive growth spurt has got to be horrifying.

And their models, well, they're nice and bland so you can customize them yourself instead of them already being decked out with bling from the get go, so that's nice.

The one model I am truly interested in though is the new Primaris Apothecary, because he'll make the perfect basis for a little Slaaneshi Apothecary project I've been thinking about for some time.

>> No.54450469

I only just noticed that guardsmens hands. What the fuck? Why are they hulk sized?

>> No.54450472

Has anyone ever tried combining the ground war game with Battlefleet Gothic, into a single game?

Something truly insane in scale. Imagine setting up 3 boards with 3 separate armies on your side, then right behind the boards, you set up your fleet of ships. For chapter vs. another chapter, each would have their battle-barge out, and a small fleet of strike cruisers or something.

Somehow combine the mechanics into a single table-top game.

>> No.54450477

C.M. Smashfucker

>> No.54450490

Decades of wanking off Howling Griffons and guard

>> No.54450495

Rangers seem to be treated better from what I've heard/read. Their guns don't give them cancer, they are not bolted permanently to any vehicle, and can't Ranger Alphas even become tech priests?

>> No.54450497

Badrukk (or Badruff)

>> No.54450499

I didn't know what was good, but it gave me a direction in which to build my army.

>> No.54450506

So how exactly do sacrifices to the Emperor work? I know they need a fuckton of psykers to feed the guy, but what's the process? Do they stick a knife in him, say some prayers, and the Emperor eats them? Do they need to shove the guy into the Emperor's skull?

>> No.54450514

Yes, read some Tyranid fluff sometime.

>> No.54450521

Plastic Cadians are more or less the models that singlehandedly broke the scale of 40k.
You can thank the fucker that designed then for the design direction that lead to Primaris marines.

>> No.54450540


>> No.54450543

Black Templars. Rules be damned, I like their style.

>> No.54450547

How new are you? The AdMech have always been basically Phyrexia in space.

>> No.54450554


>> No.54450559



>> No.54450566

Anyone knows what colors are these? I'm looking for ideas to paint my dark eldars, I hate green.

>> No.54450570

Same. I fell in love with Emperor's Wrath

>> No.54450577

I took the little Bug-Wing cape off because I was certain it'd snap sooner or later and that didn't ruin the model at all. The cloud however is just about the most distinctive feature about the model and if you cut it off, the focus will be on the gut and the face, both of which are much harder to paint than the cloud, so your choice.

Then again, if you can build a nicer Plaguecaster, just do that.

As for playing them, I'd say don't play two Plaguecasters, play one Plaguecaster and one generic Nurgle Sorcerer, because both Warp Time and Prescience are *really* good for a Death Guard army, but the Plaguecaster's rules are also very good.

>> No.54450580

You could add some rudimentary interactions. Sending reinforcements (or intercepting them,) orbital strikes, etc. Wouldn't be too hard.

>> No.54450581

>battlefleet gothic will never be supported, remade or the minis recast

Just fucking kill me now.

Yeah I know but guardsmen hands are not that big. I just looked at mine and the hands are like half that size. Why did that guy use fucking huge hands?

>> No.54450584

Rogal Dorn

>> No.54450585

Dark Angels

Cool colour scheme, lots of plasma, angel aesthetic, some of the best looking models (Deathwing knights, interrogator chaplains etc).

>> No.54450586


>Not liking the eggnought

Box, egg, boat and DOOMFRIDGE are all special in their own way.

The only shit Dread is the new one.

>> No.54450592

At a guess I'd say that's pallid wych flesh & agrax earthshade. That is just a guess though.

>> No.54450597

>they went full grimderp with the skitarii codex.

First army I ever collected that I liked less after reading their codex fluff. I just try and ignore it.

>> No.54450600

>up to four
What about this is in any way, shape or form unclear? You get up to four per unit no matter how big the unit is.

>> No.54450604

He shall be named Alpharius.

>> No.54450606

>being this mad about the best dread ever made

>> No.54450608

Oh gee dubs. Your creative mastery is unparalleled

>> No.54450618

Lion El Homo
Check 'em

>> No.54450626

Inquisitor Hector Rex

>> No.54450633

iirc any Alpha can become a Tech Priest. A Vanguard simply gets some super-chemo treatments if he makes it that far, but yeah, in general being a Ranger seems a bit nicer. In the end both are mind-controlled Cyborgs who ritualistically have their feet cut off, but I guess being a Ranger is a marginally better fate.

>> No.54450636

What is the joke here?

>> No.54450642


>"Best dread ever made" so embarassing you post a different model

>> No.54450643

1.) Can you field lesser known chapters like Astral Knights?

2.) How do you choose the Chapter Master? Is there a generic Chapter Master mini you can customize a bit to make it stand out?

>> No.54450645

soooooooo close to based duncan

>> No.54450647

They still have their eyelids surgically removed so they can't deny precious data to their masters by closing their eyes, have their legs sawn off, can have their personality switched off by any tech-priest and can be basically controlled like a puppet by a magos in orbit who can read any thought that comes into their head at any time.

AdMech need a 40% reduction in grimdark imo. It's getting silly.

>> No.54450651

damn, do you really have to ask this question?

>> No.54450653

Newbie here. We had a doubt earlier in a game: can the Immortals fire at the plaguemarines? They are not 1" close to the necrons, and the immortal on the right has line of sight. Was it bullshit or the immortal could fire?

>> No.54450659

There's this huge pyramid-like thing with a thousand seats. They sit the Psyker down, then have him establish a contact with the existing network between the Emperor and the pyramid full of Psykers. And then the guy, like all the others around him, slowly has his life force sucked out to fuel the Emperor and his giant warp beacon.

>> No.54450661

>walking your dog
>qt grill walks past
>awww what a cute doggie, what's his name?
>inquisitor Hector Rex
>qt grill smiles awkwardly and retreats as fast as possible


>> No.54450665


>> No.54450668

Carab Culln

>> No.54450671


GW decided only some chapters are allowed to just take a chapter master, gaining the generic buff aura and a chapter specific ability.

Everyone else has to spend command points to boost a generic captain, gaining the aura but no chapter specific ability.

>> No.54450678

Roboute Guilliman, Master of the Five Hundred Worlds, Warden of Macragge, Primarch of the 13th, the Avenging Son.

>> No.54450684

As long as they were not in Combat then yes, nice necrons

>> No.54450692

FW are making an updated version of BFG set in 30k after they're done with Adeptus Titanicus

>> No.54450704

Leman Ruff

>> No.54450709

That pic is how truescale marines should have been done.

>> No.54450711


>Skitarii can become tech priests

Shit, can an Ursarax become a tech priest? Because I think I just had a character idea.

>> No.54450712


>> No.54450716

Okay ty.
You too.

>> No.54450719

Got it. Thanks a lot, and my friend says thanks on the necron paint.

>> No.54450728

Finally. I don't even know anyone who plays Gothic, but I'm still excited if just to paint the new models.

>> No.54450730

Sure. Models can look through other models in their own unit and all three can see the Plague Marines. The Plague Marines meanwhile are not locked in melee so are a target they may choose.

>> No.54450745


Interest peaked and then deleted. I don't want to play muhreens vs muhreens in space. Half the appeal of bfg was all the xenos races with crazy different ships and strategies. Imperial ships vs heretic imperial ships will be a borefest.

>> No.54450750

Open up your heart.

>> No.54450767

So then could a unit of Guardsmen shoot past their own chimera if set up like a barricade?

>> No.54450769

Really? Jesus.

How old are you, Anon?

>> No.54450775

I vote we call it the pregnaught from now on.

>> No.54450779

no, they're still up.


>> No.54450780


Don't think you can sway me with a strip tease, Redemptor-kun.

>> No.54450787

Piqued, you illiterate.

>> No.54450790

I think tanks and MCs block line of sight still. I might be wrong though.

>> No.54450797

>FW are making an updated version of BFG set in 30k after they're done with Adeptus Titanicus

Citation needed my dude. Literally the only thing said so far is that, at some point in the future, BFG is going to be redone.

>> No.54450799

No. You need to be able to see. If you can see part of your enemy you can shoot him. If there's a literal tank in front of you then you cannon shot the guy on the other side.

>> No.54450800

Pre-Orders up on the Kiwi site, here's the new points pdf

>> No.54450805

Is it a rule to lament when you win/lose when you're playing as the Lamenters?

>> No.54450814

No I meant to say peaked. As in my interest peaked the fuck out when I read 'new bfg' and then got deleted when I read it was 30k.

>> No.54450815


How did you get that green around the shoulder? Bought a bunch of green paints to do my green robes Biologis Admech, patterned off pic related. Was going to go Death World Forest/Athonian/Highlight Ogryn Camo, but I'm worried that will be a bit too light. Maybe do a layer of Kaballite Green under the DWF layer, if that would affect the colour at all?


There aren't really any, not enough about Titans at all.
I do want to read more Adventures of Legio Invicta, though I bet I'd be gutted when the Red Rage finally caught up with Gearhart. I honestly thought the Imperator would kill him in glorious combat.
I was thinking of getting a Warhound and painting it in black or dark grey/blue with a blue or purple sheen, as the "Sneaky Little Bastard" that they had to get 3 Warlords to put down. Or possibly a Reaver, since I think they're the best looking Titan. Not sure what scheme, though, if I don't do the complicated iridescence thing.


Still, those mods DO make them significantly more effective in combat, and hence, less likely to die. I always wondered how much a complete and utter knowledge of how much any troop is worth and the willingness to sacrifice any to protect more important ones would reduce casualties.
Sure, your masters might throw you in front of Plascal Boi to save him, but at the same time they'll be throwing away other troops tactically, meaning you win the battle faster due to better casualty exchanges. Does that increase YOUR chance of survival much if you're a basic pleb?


Deploy the GLORIOUS FORCES OF THE OMNISSIAH then? They're WAY more interesting than the Marines, the models are gorgeous so far and the fluff is versatile as fuck. I'm not really a Marine fan and I play HH just for the Mech.

>> No.54450820

New Dread is best Dread

Can't wait to get my hands on one, but a little pricey so saving up

>> No.54450828


I really enjoyed 30k. The games were shockingly diverse despite everyone using the same base thing, and people were usually more fluffy about their lists.

Then 8th happened and FW proudly announced they were keeping the dumpster fire known as 7th edition. Literally all of my desire to play HH is kill, and likewise painting up my CSM with it because my CSM were a crossover project.

>> No.54450829

I assume you'll always be lamenting about loss seeing as the whole of your army is basically 30 tacticals.

>> No.54450838

This is bait right? It's literally "piqued" for what you're describing.

>> No.54450844

I feel the same.

hopefully it's just backwards compatible enough like necromunda and SWA to use the old fleet rules with it.

>> No.54450845

For the purpose of the Tactical Reserve rule in matched play, how many units do I have to place in the table when I bring a drop pod with a unit and an HQ in reserve? That whole thing counts as one as its inside the drop pod, right?

>> No.54450851

You shorten it to "Rex" when talking to girls.
If you can't figure that stuff out, you aren't going to be able to talk to girls anyways.

>> No.54450859

I genuinely don't see the appeal of a few different base armies made 'Fluffy' by painting different colours and changing special and heavy weapons around. Super lame.

>> No.54450863


>> No.54450865

3. its 3 units so it counts as 3.

theres no combining units at all in 8e

>> No.54450874

How about you prove me wrong instead, fuccboi

>> No.54450880

>Implying the Contemptor isn't the final word on dreads

>> No.54450881

It's a fucking joke anon, Jesus.

>> No.54450889

i just... don't like the helmet.

>> No.54450890

>Availability: Pre-order product that will ship on 29/07/2017

>> No.54450893

>this unit is around the same price of similar units like chaos daemon engines
Wow shocking

>> No.54450903

Hahahana Holy fuck that things looks terrible every time I see it I laugh.

>> No.54450910

>his name is Amelius

>> No.54450920



>> No.54450922

The joke is that the plasma obliterator (the fortification) is equipped with a plasma obliterator (the weapon).

>> No.54450927

ADEPTUS TITANICUS FUCKING WHEN PLEASE. Im either waiting for that or chucking my money at a 30k epic recaster for a game noone else around me plays but i love the idea of epic 30k

>> No.54450934

I've been running my Iron Warriors with HH models for a long time now with the intention of getting to play HH as well. When 8th came out my game group basically stopped playing it. At least my models look nicer than the twenty year old Chaos sprues.

>> No.54450936

As in, it piqued my attention.
As in, it reached a peak and then plummeted down

>> No.54450945

kek you're the reason why everyone hates you

>> No.54450951

How badly did the Blood Angels get devestated in their last engagement with the Nids?

How much of the chapter remains at this point? Thinking of rebuilding my BA army entirely with Primaris stuff.

>> No.54450954


Again, that's what I thought. The legion rules really make things different. Like Night Lords getting +1 Hit and Wound for out numbering, but also falling back further.

I mostly got into it because I basically had 3 HH boxes fall into my lap. Now that HH is officially shit tier rules, I'm going to take my remaining MKIV armors and do Carcharodons while praying for plastic MKV at some point.

>> No.54450955


>Redemptor with no-brainer loadout is 202 points

A bit cheaper than I expected, but still comfortably inefficient. Nice.

>> No.54450964

tfw no one plays epic:armageddon anymore, despite it being the best 40k wargame

>> No.54450966


> Spout bullshit
> Shift burden of proof when called out

Let me guess, you're just pretending to be retarded?

>> No.54450976

Thank you anon

>> No.54450977


Jesus fuck that's sexy.

>> No.54450988


>My fucking face when

Time to crack out the credit card. Aliexpress my best friend.

>> No.54450992

Tfw a single fan made system is out and its great but models are few and far between. 3d printing is still expensive and shit without a proper CAD or scanner system. And also noone wants to play it

Fucking kill me guys

>> No.54450999


Exactly this, my current 40k SM army were originally going to be a 30k IF list, but FW's retarded decision to stay in 7th despite 80% of the transition work being done for them has killed my interest in HH for the time being.

>> No.54451002

paenis cupcake

>> No.54451008

Was...was this meant for me. It doesnt sound related to what I was saying.

>> No.54451010


Would be pretty awesome if it came with 2+ skill stats.

>> No.54451012

ok, so stratagems and relics go away if you take a non chapter unit. how about tactics?

>> No.54451016

I imagine enough died that all the future BA art will be Primaris Marines.

>> No.54451028

I doubt it, they're basically Thallax i.e. morphine addicted shocktroops who spend their every waking moment either in agony or heavily sedated after killing something.

As far as I'm aware, there's no canon occurence of a Skitarius being elevated into the priesthood, they're very much lay-people/cyborgs within the Cult and Priests of Mars seems to suggest the Cult operates a sort of caste system where future priests are selected from a group specifically studying to become Magi, not from gifted menials or Skitarii.

The Skitarius novel also draws a pretty clear line between the Skitarii (who are just treated as particularly autonomous combat-servitors) and the Priesthood they serve. A Skitarius being elevated to the rank of Magos would be like a plantation slave being elected into congress in the 18th century, Skitarii are things, tools to the Tech-Priests, they're owned entirely by the Magos they serve, they're property.

>> No.54451034

They lost at least two chapter masters so plenty of chapters were probably crippled, I dont think they ever mention casualty numbers but its safe to say the entire lineage is being updated with Primaris Marines.

>> No.54451035

probably the same.

>> No.54451051

Anyone got one in Dark Angel colours? Also should I paint it green or cream like the Deathwing?

>> No.54451054

I believe tactics are detachment wide so you can another detachment of whatever else, someone can correct me if Im wrong.

>> No.54451071


Oh yea. Those plastic MkIII are great for IW players. They're ok for NL, but MKIV is where its at for them.

What do you use for termies? I have 10 plastic Catas that I'll be making my NL termies along with 5 actual CSM termies I use for characters since we don't have armor options. Then, I also have 5 plastic Tartaros and 5 recast FW tartaros that I'll be using for my Carchardons since they can actually use their better movement.


It sucks. I can't even use my Dreadclaw anymore because 200pts is waaay too steep for what it does. However, I AM glad I haven't gotten to paint my normal drop pods yet. I'll be using them for the 'Dons even though they're kinda meh, too. I'll be podding in assmarines because I can't give my Tacs Chainswords anymore.

>> No.54451076

That is not a flattering angle

>> No.54451087

No, not in a million years, since they are lobotomized and twisted horrors that are in horrific agony every moment of their lives aside from slightly after killing something.
However, the Malagra exist, Heretek and Renegade hunters with some pretty stupid duelling tech and Mad Skillz that make them basically Archmagos Paula Myo. They scare the FUCK out of every other type of Magos bar the Reductor, so one of them augmenting him or herself with a Rage Mode button wouldn't be out of place.
What's your character idea, anon?

>> No.54451091

Part of me wishes the Warhammer 40k setting would become more nobledark, it bugs me that very few factions like Space Marines and T'au actually give a damn about unnecessary casualties. Even fewer factions are allowed to enjoy anything, it's all but canon that only Orks can have a good time. I don't want a Star Trek noblebright fiction but please GW tone down the grimdark 5-10%.

>> No.54451099

Anyone know of anywhere there's a download of the new Farsight novel?

>> No.54451120

Ugh no thanks.

>> No.54451124


Just buy it at this point, you've begged too much

>> No.54451128


>> No.54451133

Being retarded is a lifestyle

>> No.54451135

I want to be a defensive asshole and I have one more Basilisk ordered from my FLGS. What should I add next to my force?

>> No.54451161


Was just the idea of a tech priest arising from the Ursarax through shows of piety and interest in secrets of the machine cult, opting to keep the body then augmenting from there. Eventually she ends up practically a four-armed Thanatar draped in a tent-sized robe from piling layers of killing augmentations onto her robotic frame housing only a brain and spinal cord.

>> No.54451162


Does that include all their guns?

If so you can get two of them for the cost of a single leviathan and its 23 points less than an index contemptor.

>> No.54451163

I can confirm that Irene is legit. It took well over a month to ship but the quality is there

>> No.54451169

Will new Indomitus models be ever released?

>> No.54451176

A sign that says no fun allowed

>> No.54451184

That tank with the Quad Mortar and a bunch of Mortar HWTs.

>> No.54451187

anon, I have multiple questions:
Do you have Parkinson's?
Do you live in a cave/had your electricity turned off?
Is your phone built from 2 potatoes and some copper wire?

>> No.54451189

200ish with guns.

>> No.54451195


Pretty reasonable, puts it in the same range as other fancy dreads.

>> No.54451213

Could probably be done with a Sicarian Infiltrator Princeps? Have one that ACTUALLY believes the holy broadcasts they transmit, rather than the killing machines the rest of them are.
Cyborg Leah Cohen with extra arms seems like a reasonable end point for a Malagra, some of them are duellists of the highest caliber with the best possible kit, some are hyper-detectives with assassination gear and some just MAGOS SMASH stuff.

>> No.54451217

If I pull those 2 eyeplugs out will you die?

>> No.54451218

2AM with minimal lights to not piss off roommate one door down
Ever hear of a "Huawei Pronto". Neither did I

>> No.54451223

>Orbital Bombardment (3cp): This Strategem can be used once per battle in the shooting phase. If you have an Adeptus Astartes Warlord that did not move during the Moment phase. Instead of shooting with your Warlord's weapons, select a visible point of the battlefield and roll a D6 for every unit within D6" of that point. Subtract 1 from the result if the unit is a Character. On a 4+, the unit being rolled for suffers D3 mortal wounds.

chads invite a big 20 man crusader squad out to play
use them to get a big melee going and bring a bunch of enemy units together

>> No.54451246


>> No.54451247

Green if the dude who's in it was from a battle company, bone if the dude was a member of the deathwing

>> No.54451254


Will also confirm Irene.

Pic related is MI, though the head might actually be legion forge.

>> No.54451262


Save a reroll for it and you'll have slightly over 50% chance of landing that on a character.

>> No.54451274


>> No.54451277

Trust me on this, this ability is shit. In AoS there's a Sigmarine Hero that can do pretty much this with limited range every turn and in effect it's barely worth the trouble. The only way to use this is when facing an opponent who bought into MSU spam. But against several big units, you're better off using a different Stratagem.

>> No.54451278

Preorders are up on Miniature Market if anyone cares. Shits probably going to sell out quick.

>> No.54451280

>At least theyre not calling legit GW sourced info as the BS for once.

>> No.54451281

>he doesn't take body guards

It's like you enjoy having your characters get sniped.

>> No.54451290

Seems like it'll be a better dakka platform than the Contemptor or box Dreads, but I wonder how it'll hold up vs Mortis Dread variants and Deredeos. Leviathans will still turn it into scrap in a single turn despite the obnoxious size of the thing.

>> No.54451291

Reivers are hella sexy, man. Love this look.

>> No.54451299

I think I bit off too much for my introduction to models

>> No.54451301

I love I SPY
Lemme know how I scored.

>> No.54451307


I'm so glad they came with actual helmets. The uncapped ones are fucking retarded

>> No.54451321


You could have bought a SC box...

>> No.54451331

GW needs to balance the GrimDark™ with humour, instead of just going all in with the ridiculous torture-fanfics that recent codices have been.

Read the Tempestus """codex""" if you want an example in addition to the terrible Skitarii fluff, you've got shit like every potential commissar-cadets being forced to execute their best friend on the last day of training, or being killed themselves, entire classes being cemented into walls to starve to death for disobedience and their skeletons left sticking out of the walls to warn the other orphans.

Because 'Nids eating your parents and being turned into a weaponised orphan in a harsh state-orphanage set up purely to produce soldiers and agents for an oppressive regime wasn't GrimDark™ enough apparantly.

Skitarii shit was dumb as hell too, from the perpetual-motion ostriches that literally never stop running (seriously, they can't even remember how to take them out of gear and let them idle, they have to stick them on a treadmill when not in use or have them running round in circles, with the rider lowered on by a crane as it runs), the Onager pilots being human-batteries that last about a week. Vanguards could have been volunteers who chose to martyr themselves for their faith, but nope, they're essentially just servitors bred for the role who have their personalities surgically removed so they don't care about anything but following the instructions the Magos tweets them via the noosphere.

>> No.54451333

Anon no. Do you have the receipt? Bring back everything but the robots and grab a Start Collecting box instead.


>> No.54451336

Haha he wasted so much money.

>> No.54451362

Get the FW Sorc. I like most of the plastic DG but that guy sucks.

>> No.54451371

Why don't they just grab the ostrich walker thing and flip it upside down quickly and hold it there?

>> No.54451372

This please! The money you save would pay for the Robots!

>> No.54451385

You don't ask, you don't get. If I could afford it, I wouldn't be wasting time trying to find it for free obviously.

>> No.54451387


Admech gets to be super grimderp to contrast with the settings Nobledark factions. Like what happened in the newest Farsight book

>> No.54451404

I do not have the rulebook near me right now and currently on my phone. Tomorrow I want to bring GM Voldus and 5-10 paladins in a small match - is that possible? What detachment do I choose? Is unbound available in 8th?

>> No.54451428

do this if you can you'd save enough money to buy another kit like kataphrons

but if youre just starting the hobby i strongly recommend returning that and just getting the start collecting box

if you simply cant return it start working on one kit at a time to make sure you like the hobby because otherwise thats a good selection of models for a new army

>> No.54451433

Dat foregrip.

>> No.54451436

Not MY tinmen. Their Magos loves them and cares for both their physical and spiritual health.

>> No.54451442

It doesn't seem all that powerful, but I just like that you can drop an orbital bombardment on your "battle brothers" now.

>> No.54451447

where'd you find that image? The pre orders arent showing on GW's website yet

>> No.54451453


>> No.54451454

Haven't read it but lemme guess...they tinkered/unearther something that was clearly evil/dangerous as shit, but still turned it on?

>> No.54451468

money isn't a huge concern, I'm glad i didn't choose poorly for units though

>> No.54451470


I tried to put together a campaign that was kind of like this. The Imperial players had both 40k and BFG regulars on their team, likewise with Chaos.

One room of the store was for the ground war, each table representing a sector of the planet under contention, and the other room was the Void around the system and all its planets.

The ground players started with some forces on the ground - mostly IG - fighting against a Chaos and Daemon insurgency. Daemons got more numerous and reinforcements became important, but they had to "land" on the system to enter any of the tables. To do that, the reinforcements had to arrive in system and land their craft unmolested, which took coordination with the fleet. Support bombardments were also a thing.

The big trick was figuring out how best to simulate time. The ships take days or weeks even at interstellar speeds to get to the system, and ground battles go faster than that obviously. I had to make a rough judgment call on how fast ships could travel in the Void room without speeding them up too much faster than the ground room.

My estimate was pretty off, and the fleets were way too fast to really simulate an extended campaign. Ships warped in, flew all the way to the planet, and dropped off legions before even single pitched battles were resolved on the surface.

The only way to fix this would be to slow the warships down and draw their campaign out reaaaaally long - like, just looking at their ships moving through the system maybe a foot per hour in a room that was 40 by 40. It would make the BFG side of the equation comparatively boring.

>> No.54451476

>harvest spider just crawled across my fucking foot

T..th..thats ok, I wasn't planning to sleep tonight anyway.

Anyone recommend any good recent 40k books?

>> No.54451489

It's legal, just.
>Vanguard detachment
>HQ: voldus
>Elites: 4 paladins
>Elites: 3 paladins
>Elites: 3 paladins
If you want to run the paladins as 2x5 then that's not legal, incidentally. You need 3 elites choices for that detachment.

>> No.54451490


Celestant prime is worth bringing for his ability to do this alone, although granted his lands automatically and just straight up does D3 mortal wounds to everything within D6".


Its the premier anti single wound MEQ not-leviathan dread, above any of the mortis or deredeos.

Comparing it to a leviathan is interesting. A double storm cannon/grav leviathan will clearly outshoot it but if they each have one melee arm its a *lot* closer than I would have thought.

Against MEQs a redemptor kill 4 MEQ per turn from its Onslaughts plus about 1-ish extra from its other guns depending if its in rapid fire range or not.

A single storm array will kill 3.7, heavy flamers will add 2.33 to that but they have their own limitations.

A single grav cannon will do 4.17 wounds to a 10 man MEQ squad, pretty good.

Redemptor will do 1.85 wounds in melee, leviathan will do 2.69

So in all a 1 gun + melee leviathan ranges from about 0-30% more MEQ kills than a redemptor for costing 50% more. Obviously you get a large increase in survivability too with the leviathan, so I don't think Redemptors will be replacing them but they are very viable choices for a 200 point dread.

>> No.54451497

But dude, what you chose its LITERALLY the contents of a Start Collecting! Skitarri box. Youre throwing away money getting them separately. At least exchange them and use the savings on a nice paint or tool set.

>> No.54451499

Dose cutoffs.

>> No.54451500


>> No.54451503

Still no intercessor?

>> No.54451510

your digits betray your meme

>> No.54451513

This will also score you 4CP for the match.

>> No.54451517



right here? one of the last images

pre-order shows up just fine for me

>> No.54451520

They lost five.

All the BA legions got Devastated. They were down to hundreds of marines between all of them pooled together. So feel free. That said, keep in mind that most of the BA power is in character auras that are on non-primaris characters. We hopefully will get Primaris versions of sanguinary priests and such with a codex, but in the meantime going Primaris exclusive is pretty awkward.

>> No.54451523

Did you get this at a GW? Did they not suggest the start collecting box?

>> No.54451534


There was a small population planet in a tug-of-war between tau and imps. Admech comes back to take back the colony. Marched Tau civilians to into volcanoes, and enslaved/servitorized humans.
Then some shit happens and Skitarii died by the billions to lava.

Ethereals were douchebags and tried to get Farsight killed off but Farsight is now pure noble goodness unlike the rest of the destined for misfortune Tau empire

So Nobledark protagonists and grimdark antagonists

>> No.54451537


>> No.54451540

Too autistic to return them, I'll just live with it and be more careful in the future.

Thank you though for your advice anon

>> No.54451549


They can get auto bolt rifles instead of the normal ones, assault 2 S4 AP 0 rng 24". Kinda meh. We're still waiting to see if they can come with Stalker bolt rifles.

>> No.54451563


>> No.54451569

I don't have a GW store in my town, I just ordered what looked nice online

>> No.54451570

IIRC the literal billions of Skitarii walk into a magma storm that kills them all because "they had no transports". Why the fuck a quantity of lava hot enough to kill about half the Earth's population would care if the Skitarii were in Chimeras rather than just slagging their tracks and crushing them was not explained.

Also, the Admech reconquered a planet from the Tau and threw all the sympathizers into volcanoes or horrible slavery, which I'm fairly certain is standard Imperial doctrine for smaller populations but was presented as a particularly horrific act. I don't think Phil Kelly likes us, bloopbros.

>> No.54451582

Anyone know which chinaman recasts pic related?
All I can find are ones with the helmet, torso and backpack i one piece when I really just want the helmets.

>> No.54451591


There is mention in the Skitarii Codex of Skitarii getting promoted to Magos and above positions. These Skitarii are usually those take from more independent human stock and allowed to maintain most of their authority. They usually become Princeps and get promoted beyond; the Codex itself specifically mentions that those that come from the Rangers become paranoid and those from the Vanguard continue to need constant rad-treatments or they'll melt into black goo. Usually they'd become Magos dedicated to studying war, acting as more generals to an AdMech force.

Of course, most of them end up dead long before they reach the level of Princeps, though. Fewer still survive even that.

>> No.54451606

u have to switch the country selector to New Zealand as its timezone-dependant

>> No.54451618

cool opinion, blog about it

>> No.54451623

>I don't think Phil Kelly likes us

Definitely not.
The Inquisitor and some Marines too IIRC got monologues where they shit talked the admech.

To be fair, most factions get thrown under the bus, even marines based off colours. Ultras got wanked while Fists successors died like idiots.

>> No.54451626

>Of course, most of them end up dead long before they reach the level of Princeps, though. Fewer still survive even that.

And not a single fuck was given that day, because the Skits are fanatics or lobotomized and the Techpriests are not short of fodder and can always clone more if needed. Also, if you DO make it to Princeps you can go full General Grevious on your enemies with four arms wielding spinning Arc Mauls or Arc Pistols.

How that is not objectively fuckawesome is beyond me.

>> No.54451637

>I don't think Phil Kelly likes us, bloopbros

What's not to like!?

>> No.54451644

That's pretty darn impressive then. Looking at the weapons load out I'm surprised the Onslaught Gatling Cannon is so strong. It basically defeats running a Contemptor-Mortis. A C-M costs what now, 160pts? So for 40ish points more you get the full guns of a C-M plus a whole extra array of weapons without losing the option to fist someone. I think we're going to see a lot of these fielded.

>> No.54451645

I'm hammered drunk

Someone tell me what the minimum cost for each of the new spanking units is please

Funny images in return

>> No.54451650

>>while Fists successors died like idiots.
Which ones?

>> No.54451655

I just did.

>> No.54451673

Looking at the pictures on the store its obvious that whoever built the display models we initially saw built the legs swayed back akwardly which made the redemptor look like it skipped leg day harder than in /fit/s worst nightmare

Not saying that its perfect but it doesn't look that bad compared to the other primaris stuff like the agressors
Need to figure out how I'm going to modify and greenstuff this thing for my army. Definetely going to kitbash in a new missile rack from some hunter killer missiles instead of that little rocket pod

>> No.54451677


>Priceps are general greivouses

Why do we have no model

>> No.54451679

I dunno. Power level 5, 5 and 8 for the dread I think.

>> No.54451689


Some Hammers of Dorn marines
They ran into not even hidden tanks and got slaughtered

>> No.54451690

I don't think that's a funny image, that's someone's child.

>> No.54451691

Neck yourself degenerate.

>> No.54451700

yeah that model really needed some special rule to spice it up
its so bland right now

also i dont get how they think the d6 shot plasma weapon is equal points wise to the guaranteed 12 shot gatling

>> No.54451702


>> No.54451703

My main issue is it's armoured beer gut. Just looks odd.

>> No.54451707


Yeah the dual Kheres is kind of in a weird spot now, its just sort of cheaper I guess.

Stuff like quad auto/lascannon mortis are still totally viable and do a different job.

>> No.54451732


Play Inq28 if you're up for modelling that stuff.

Well, Infiltrators and Ruststalkers are closer to that, but they're just Skitarii that have been blown limb from limb but couldn't be bothered to die. Would make sense that a Princeps promoted to the next rank is a candidate for something like Grievous if they didn't get seconded into Tech-Priest position proper.

>> No.54451736

It's special rule is "shitloads of different guns". It even comes with incidental anti-aircraft like it's a mini Knight or something.

>> No.54451741

>chapter specific ability
wow, rerolling is so unique!

>> No.54451768


Thankfully the beer gut is optional, theres a full normal sarcophogus under there

>> No.54451774

Dug it up, like I said, even marines can job if they're the wrong colour. Especially anything to do with Dorn.


>The first and second volleys had been aimed at the ochre-armoured fire warriors standing atop the rampart, but a force field of elongated blue hexagons protected them from each impact, detonating the bolts prematurely. Drexian had ordered his men to destroy the rampart itself, but it was slow going without armoured support. The heavy firepower of the Baleghast 331st’s Leman Russ squadrons would have torn them to shreds in moments, laying the floating fortress open to a lethal kill-strike from the Space Marines, but their allies were nowhere to be seen.
>‘Storm it,’ said Drexian grimly. ‘Tacticum Septimus from the Codex. First element advance, second element suppress. Flank and enfilade.’
>‘Aye, brother-captain,’ came a chorus of responses from Drexian’s sergeants. All around him, pockets of stark black and yellow armour appeared amongst the shattered ruins, one ten-man squad after another abandoning its drop pod beachhead to split into two five-man units. As their battle-brothers stood up to level a hurricane of bolter fire, the first elements sprinted, leaped and charged headlong towards the unprotected flank of the tau rampart.
>A dozen Hammerhead tanks drifted into view atop the crumbling lip of the Weeping Cliffs, their vantage point a perfect firing position to slaughter those in the open below. Drexian cursed himself. No heavy Imperial tank could have made it up there, but the tau used a kind of anti-gravity technology that was far more versatile. He had underestimated their warrior caste this day, and likely for the last time.
>Turret-mounted ion cannons whined to full power, and in a firestorm of plasma spheres, the Space Marines were cut down to a man.

>> No.54451776

Imperial Guard Dog or Guard for short

>> No.54451778

You mean, the chapter masters in game are all special characters and not everyone has one.

>> No.54451788


Its a Str +1 plasma gun, so overcharged its a D6 shot lascannon with AP-4 and D2.

It also still keeps the secondary onslaught, which is neat.

>> No.54451807

Man, these gun sure look fucking ugly. The only other option do not look any better.

>> No.54451812

Because GeeDubs REALLY don't like options where Admech are concerned. Hell, there's a Secutarii Princeps in HH Mech, and he has a page of options and possible detachment buffs all to himself and no model whatsoever. Why GW is so autistic about providing models for everything and parts included for every option is beyond me, it just reduces possible flavor and converting is usually a bit more expensive than just buying kits anyway.

Hell, check Secutor Dahan from Priests of Mars out. He's Grevious crossed with a Yuuzhan Vong Yammosk, charges into battle in an open-topped Rhino with quad-Hbolter turret and his first response to "Sir, the Black Templars are being outmeleed by ice zombie Marines outside their crashed Thunderhawk" is "Right, time to close to melee".

Admittedly that is with the old Skitarii, who were more tribalistic, savage and powerful, as well as being individually scarier - more like Myrmidon size.

>> No.54451813

>making the fun and over the top faction same stale flavor of "nobledark"
Dudemigo the hunor's arleady there, you just don't realize it. In truth it's all meant to be fun, just spergs take it too seriously- that's honestly one problem with all of 40k; people that see the joke and take it serioisly, or miss the joke and think it's the dumbness of the first group. Sad!

On an aside, I think statistically Skitarii aren't a great idea, especially since you can take scions-

Scions win out:
>killing marines or better in RF (9") range
>can take more and better plasma
>deep strike
>better Ld

Vanguard win out:
>killin GEQs
>that's really pretty much it.

For my games I like them better, but in competitive stuff (I think) fluffing up some tech-guard may be a safer option. Plus you get drop plasma and more cheap HQs.

>> No.54451820


I reckon that a crack-team of gw specialists have been working tirelessly for a couple of months and come up with something amazeballs like this.

Iron Warriors: get to take more Oblits.

Word Bearers: roll one extra dice for summoning.

Apha Legion: one unit can "infiltrate" but not charge on turn 1

Night Lords: -1 ld to enemies within 1'

Death Guard: armywide FnP, maybe points increase.

World Eaters: +1 charge range

Thousand Sons: +1 to psychic test and deny the witch.

Emperors Children: can advance and shoot but not charge if doing so.

Black Legion: +1 Ld

>> No.54451831

Looking good man, glad to see that Aquila is ready to play! Have you gotten a chance to wanger anyone with it yet?

>> No.54451839

So it costs money like a knight.
Sized like a knight.
Points and power like a dread.

A Leviathan is actually cheaper now...

>> No.54451847


The classic Dual Kheres + Cyclone Missile Launcher Contemptor Mortis costs 206 points to the 202 points of a dakka-Redemptor.

For that, you get the same number of -1 rend shots as the larger gun arm of the Redemptor, but with better BS and better chance of damaging light vehicles and monsters. You also get an almost-dual lascannon as backup, and a 5++.

The fist on the Redemptor is a waste: It's not cheap enough to justify moving and shooting at BS4 when it can just stay still and BRRT. Conversely, you're still paying for it anyhow, even with it being baked into the base cost.

I'd take the Contemptor honestly, by a slim margin. Better defensive stats, able to target a broader range of viable targets and it isn't even the best C-Mortis loadout.

>> No.54451849

The Raven Guard Talon/Pinion was pretty solid to be fair. If more formations were on that tier (cool bonuses counterbalanced by drawbacks such as losing obsec, or running mixed Tacs/Scouts), I doubt there would have beem as much formation hate.

Either way, when I think of "fixing 40k", I feel a gradual balancing and reduction of formation bonuses would have been a lot better, rather than "axe the formations, copypaste bonuses as stratagems hurr".

>> No.54451857

They look just like what the Centurions would look like as a smaller suit. Run then with cents and you have a very honogenous design.

>> No.54451862

What book is this from?

>> No.54451864


>> No.54451885

if they just looked a little more like they were walking and less like they were trying to balance the immense weight, they would look choice

>> No.54451887

Which Riever option is better?

>> No.54451889

I know, you really have to admire the dedication GW takes to making such a quality game, with interesting tactical abilities...

...I need a drink.

>> No.54451890


Well, there's the thing, they're also so lobotomized/brainwashed that they don't really mind. To them it's all just glorious work, if they retain their free will at all.

Some Forge Worlds let their Skitarii retain most of their autonomy, ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL only to upload Doctrina Imperatives or when they need a hand on the ground. Other just make them lobotomized trigger-pulling machines dancing on data streams. Everyone treats them as little more than RTS units.

Still, it wouldn't be remiss for Skitarii that have served exceptionally long services to be granted either more autonomy or choice of employment. Some might be seconded into private personal guard service or retinues by Tech-Priests. Still others might even be seconded by Inquisitors, if they choose to associate that closely with the AdMech.

>> No.54451891

fuck, dick, bugger, screw, boink, nail, hammer, boff, struggle snuggle

>> No.54451896

>Grapnel Launcher: When models with grapnel launchers move do not count any vertical distance they move against the total they can move that turn. In addition, during deployment you can set up this unit if it is equipped with grapnel launchers behing enemy lines instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the the end of your movement phase this unit can join the battle. Set it up within 6" of a battlefield edge of your choice and more than 9" away from any enemy models.

> In addition, during deployment you can set up this unit if it is equipped with grapnel launchers behing enemy lines instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the the end of your movement phase this unit can join the battle. Set it up within 6" of a battlefield edge of your choice and more than 9" away from any enemy models.

Can someone explain the utility of this please? Is this not just the usual behind enemy lines rule?

>> No.54451904

Stop trying to get him to bang his roommate

>> No.54451912

yeah on a model that doesnt ignore the heavy weapon penalty for moving so enjoy your round where you decided to not move and then roll a 1 for shots (not to mention that you overheat more if you move)

this weapon really seems schizophrenic to me

>> No.54451915


Crisis of Faith


Impressive I would've just thought copypaste of the Codex: Marines CTs
Like IW gets "Siege Adepts"
WE get "Unrighteous Zeal"

>> No.54451921


Not gonna lie without the stupid missile pod on the back the aggressors look pretty good if you ask me, I agree that the pose for the models makes them look like theyre going to fall over

It looks like from the rules I've seen these guys are a slow advancing gunline with all those assault weapons plus the rule that negates firing them while advancing

Is there any way to deepstrike these guys?

>> No.54451922


Wouldn't the muzzle blast pose serious injury to your fingers?

>> No.54451923

I want to get him to bang his roommate's army with that macro cannon

>> No.54451934

That looks a bit better sans missile pod.

>> No.54451938

>>Why GW is so autistic about providing models for everything and parts included for every option is beyond me

It's traced directly back to Chapterhouse studios

>> No.54451942

Question! Can you use psychic powers while locked in combat? What happens of you cast Gate of Infinity while in combat? Can you shoot as normal?

>> No.54451943

>Why GW is so autistic about providing models for everything and parts included for every option is beyond me, it just reduces possible flavor and converting is usually a bit more expensive than just buying kits anyway.
Because of chapterhouse. Fuck chapterhouse

>> No.54451945

>The models can be assembled as either a 10-man squad, a squad of 9 Reivers with a Sergeant or 2 separate 5-man squads, each with a Sergeant of their own. Each has an impressive selection of weapon options; 10 heavy bolt pistols, 12 bolt carbines and 14 combat knives are included, with the loadout options being carbine, pistol and carbine or pistol and combat knife. 2 of the sets of arms for combat knives feature a communications array on the vambrace, designed for the Sergeants. The bolt carbines each feature foregrips and curved mags for that tactical look, and 2 of them are modelled in the middle of reloading. Each model can also take a grapnel launcher – 10 are included in holsters, with a further 4 to be held in the right hand.

>Each model can also feature grav-chutes – 20 fins are included, 10 for each side of the Reivers’ backpacks. They have plenty of helmet options, too – 10 helmets featuring their unique skull design, 10 with the top removed and the lower half remaining and 4 Sergeant-specific bare heads. Each chest plate is decorated with a skull and crossed dagger motif.

DAMN, you have a great box there

>> No.54451948

That gun is ugly too anon... it look like a confused Chainfist....

>> No.54451952

>dat not so subtle predator bundle

>> No.54451958

its the skull codpiece dangling down that ruins it for me.

>> No.54451959

Is it worth buying or just pulse-rifle porn like the bulk of the Horus Heresy series is bolter porn?

>> No.54451961

Glue a plaguebearer head and arm to the cloud. Makes it 1000% better.

>> No.54451968

he's wearing a gauntlet from future armour that can withstand tank rounds, I think a little blowback is gunna be daijoubu

>> No.54451973

>GW needs to balance the GrimDark™ with humour
This would be ideal but unlikely, Games Workshop doesn't realize how many times they have crossed the grimderp line in the sand. How pic related managed to be modeled with an actual smile is a mystery.

>> No.54451980


>For that, you get the same number of -1 rend shots as the larger gun arm of the Redemptor

Even if I completely stand still and ignore my fist entirely I get 18 -1 rend shots instead of 12. I'm not even really sure missiles are worth 50 points at AP-2.

The bigger issue with the contemptor kheres is that its a 24" range vehicle without any ability to mitigate being tied up.

>> No.54451983

>Why GW is so autistic about providing models for everything and parts included for every option is beyond me, it just reduces possible flavor and converting is usually a bit more expensive than just buying kits anyway.
Chapterhouse is why.

>> No.54451984

no aquila on their chests? wew now THAT is some


>> No.54451990


I think the stay still to shoot twice rule is deceptive: These are an assault unit with the tools to punch vehicles and brrt nearby hordes.

They aren't as durable or able to alt-deploy as terminators though... But could charge out of the ridiculous primaris transport, or be Raven guard slingshotted into position.

>> No.54451999

But that's a fantastic sculpt

>> No.54452000

These scream obliterator conversion

>> No.54452005

It should be noted that the Gatling Cannon has a slightly larger range over the Contemptor's Assault Cannons, it's not a huge difference but it does give it an advantage. Personally I'll still be running my Contemptors, it's the 5++ that wins the day for me.

>> No.54452010

Between Tactics/Relic/Strategems the new marine chapters seem more interesting than any previous version included as part of the codex. Maybe with the exception of the "mix and match your own rules" in 5th(?) Edition. Even so, a lot of those rules were force org manipulation that you can just handle with detachments now.

>> No.54452015


Still relatively new to this, only been in the hobby for about 18 months at this point.
Never actually heard about how that went down. I presume their 3rd party stuff was not well hidden enough and they got C&Dd? How would that cause massive WYSIWIG autism from GW?

>> No.54452016

>the old Skitarii, who were more tribalistic, savage and powerful, as well as being individually scarier - more like Myrmidon size.

Yet still spent all three novels jobbing to the fucking Cadians, who are the perfect soldiers whilst the Skitarii just get hacked/EMP'd and disabled during any significant fight, allowing the HFY Cadians to save the day.

>> No.54452027

>ya see deez pointerz hoomie? I'z gonna stick ya with em

>> No.54452029

It's been too long since DOW2 and DOW3 is too expensive.

How would you do a "on theme" Blood Ravens army in 40k? Librarian heavy?

My thought was to use "gifts" from other chapters, like Power Axes with Space Wolves iconography on it, or scavenged Ultramarines armor with Blood Ravens shoulderpads, for example. Maybe paint them original chapter and slapdash some Blood Ravens red on top of the old paint.

>> No.54452040

They sued chapter house, court ruled that companies could make models for rules that did not have their own model.

>> No.54452046

Pls respond

>> No.54452050


Yeah that's the idea. Plus they can charge up buildings pretty well since that normally requires movement to go between floors.


Thats an issue with every vehicle based plasma weapon, plus with 36" range its not like its going to have to move all that often.

>> No.54452051

>GW needs to balance the GrimDark™ with humour
I thought the point was being so much grimderp that it is hilarious

>> No.54452062

>The bolt carbines each feature foregrips and curved mags for that tactical look
lmfao we got the CoD audience hooked FOR SURE

>> No.54452065

Hard to sue someone for making a mini of rules you don't currently make a mini for.

>> No.54452068

Turns out new style Ratlings are GIGANTIC compared to old style Ratlings

>> No.54452069

>Is there any way to deepstrike these guys?
Play Raven Guard.

>> No.54452071

Here's what happened
> Geedubs released a SHITLOAD of rules for lots of unique characters
> 95% of them didn't have any rules, but they were copyrighted anyway.
> A company called Chapterhouse releases models for these model-less geedubs characters. They then file copyrights for the model.
> Geedubs lawyers up, files no less than 45 simultaneous lawsuits against Chapterhouse
Then the hilarious but unthinkable happens
> The courts rules that geedubs unlawfully filed copyrights for nonexistent products, therefore chapterhouse becomes the legal owner of all these 40k characters.
> Geedubs responds by issuing new codexes that have all of the chapterhouse characters removed.

>> No.54452072

>DOW3 is too expensive.
And shit, never think about wasting your money in a shitty and dead game

>> No.54452084

Ohhhhh! Now I get it. They would be good for assaulting imperial bastions for example, or other units entrenched somewhere high.

>> No.54452087


It should also be noted that a quad Bolter Contemptor Mortis is only 135, and is the more direct comparison.

Or even better: The cheapest dread in existence is the 109 point quad Bolter Mortis dread, you can take two of those for pennies more than a Redemptor and get 24 shots at slightly better range with three more total wounds.

>> No.54452088

Maybe, if so, they do a bad job of it, stuff reads more like edgy teenage fanfic than tongue-in-cheek exaggeration.

>> No.54452095

I hear the latest patch fixed some shit and they're actually listening to people. Still, waiting for sub $20.

>> No.54452101

A great box, but £65 seems a bit much

>> No.54452107

The point I'm at with choosing an army:
I've gone through three different "this is the one" moments today. First Tzeentch daemons, then DE (I then decided "Aeldari" sounds retarded), now I'm obsessed with khorne of all things.

>> No.54452109

That's the point I'm making, it is an awesome model and he is SMILING. EVEN THE GROT LOOKS HAPPY. Why can't this painboy be the rule, not the exception? At least make some more models like him.

>> No.54452132

Now that space marines are out of the way, what are we expecting for the GK codex?
My bet is:
>Literally nothing

>> No.54452135

If all the 6/7e redundant effects are any barometer for chaos, then this is about right.

>> No.54452140


Take the HQ detachment and fill it with Librarians, then fill out the rest as needed. That's literally GW's suggestion. Chapter Tactics are as you will flavor them.

Going too heavy on the stolen stuff is much too blunt. You've got to make it subtle, only letting characters have these items, never too obvious, and never more than one per character.

Of course, I'm a fan of paying lip service to a meme or affiliation without going to overboard on it. Too much leaves you with a lot of converted dudesmen and unless it's a pro conversion, it's going to really hit the cost of your army should you ever sell it. Keeping them mostly stock means you have a painted army that you don't have to explain the joke to as to why everything is converted to normal humans who haven't been on 1d4chan.

>> No.54452141

ah i see, totally agreed although I have to say I think most of the newer Ork scults are ace

>> No.54452151


It is a fun read since it gets a bit meta sometimes. I like my Tau painted up as Enclaves so naturally I'd be a bit biased. It makes Ultras and Tau look like the two most competent groups. So think of it as a counterpart to marine wank, a different flavour of faction fetish

>> No.54452152


>> No.54452158

Am I missing something or do the high strength Tesla weapons the necrons can use sort of useless? The high strength and extra hits is nice, but with no AP, they don't seem to pump out enough hits to chew through armor.

Tesla carbines on immortals being an exception.

>> No.54452160

Sounds like unified daemons time to me.

I had a tzentch-khorne campaign army once where a Lord of Change took control of a system and proclaimed himself the Lord of Blood and Flowers. He was trying to steal enough worship to become another Belakor.

>> No.54452168

Same. Would be cool to see some unique primaris stuff

>> No.54452190

Nope, they are worthless.

Necron shooting goes warriors, immortals, destroyers, gauss pylon. Everything else is hard to kill but shit at killing.

>> No.54452201

That is a pretty fair trade off. Purely shooting wise the Contemptor lands 20 hits vs the 16ish Box hits. That with the 5++ makes me think the extra 26 points are worth spending for the C-M.

>> No.54452207

Cool, will give it a look, I've always liked the idea of the Enclaves.

>> No.54452213


You can use psychic powers in combat. I don't have Imperium 1 to answer the specific question about gate.

>> No.54452236


You can tell what factions GW really likes and which exist as antagonists (npc I suppose you could say)

GW likes Cadians, Ultramarines, Yiffs too I guess, Eldar.
GW is less than fond of Admech, Chaos, Tyranids, GKs is iffy depends on writer

Not sure of a bunch

>> No.54452245

>Still, waiting for sub $20
Why? by that moment most games are death, and aside the shitty campaing, its lack a good single player options, they tried to sell the game as a competitive strategy game, something that failed since you can barely see more than 800 players online nowdays.


>> No.54452246


The C-M also has an extra 2 wounds and an extra 3 inches of move if forced to reposition.

>> No.54452266

This is not accurate. GW won some claims and lost some claims. Basically the won on things that had specific new and unique names and lost where they were more generic names pulled in whole or in part from fantasy and sci-fi tradition. Similarly the won in cases of more unique models that they had their own model designs for, but we're not able to protect more generic stuff.


This has pushed GW to try to give everything it can with unique names of GW origin and avoid making rules for things that don't have a model with a unique GW look. Basically Chapterhouse flagrantly infringed, but GW was embarrassed by how much they weren't able to protect in the face if that infringement.

>> No.54452276

See, if I did mixed daemons, I too would go tzeentch-khorne with an uneasy alliance between a lord of change and a bloodthirster to conquer the Konoris system.

Still considering Admech or Dark mechanicum though.

>> No.54452282


It also makes the main T'au look grimdarker and in for a rough time while making Farsight and co look like super great dudes and HOT BLOODED

>> No.54452283

GW did more than C&D they full on sued.
was a bigish case with several charges. GW won some CH won others.
on of the results is that you can't trademark a model of some unless you actually make the model, and making the model gives you the trademark.

So GW doesn't do modeless units anymore, because some 3rd party can freely make their own version. Plus once thats done if GW wanted to eventually do their own version of their own unit they couldn't anymore as the 3rd party has the trademark for a mini of that thing. Hence the tyranid Mycetic spore being renamed the Tyrannocyte.

>> No.54452287


>> No.54452291

More marines. Yawn.

>> No.54452295

In fairness, Skitarii weren't even an army back when those books were written.

>> No.54452302

So where is the tyranid prime and shrike models?

>> No.54452311


GKs are getting released so soon because it is going to copy a lot of the SM codex. Gets rushed cause it is a hack job
trust me

>> No.54452313

>look like super great dudes
>look like

They are super great dudes tho

>> No.54452316

the contemptor is literally the worst dread design, might be the worst design in all of 40k

>> No.54452327

Yeah. The Chapter House debacle was directly responsible for a whole lot of the shit everyone hated about 6th and 7th edition business practices actually. We're still feeling the repercussions of it.

Stuff like Astra Militarum, Aeldari, Drukhari name changes? For copyright purposes because of Chapter House.

Named characters removed from your Codex who didn't have official models? Because of Chapter House.

Models with no rules for options anymore unless they have a bit included in the model kit? Chapter House.

>> No.54452331

Priceless levels of mad. Stay angry xenos scumbag

>> No.54452336

Considering how shallow the SM codex is, I expect that, if they release no new models, they will simply get:
-new psychic powers
-warlord traits
and that's it? sounds boring to me. we won't even get a hobby section.. so we will never have a official color scheme EVEN IF THERE IS ONLY ONE COLOR SCHEME (fugg)
In case we get new models, which I find close to impossible, I bet we would only get remodels for stuff.

>> No.54452337


well, 140 but who's counting.

Tbh the quad heavy bolter mortis is only 16 points cheaper than the kheres mortis for literally worse at everything, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan.

>> No.54452339

Rate my lgs bros

>> No.54452352


>> No.54452356

Tyranid Prime is in the Warrior box. Shrikes are a Forge World wing upgrade bit that is no longer sold, but they got rules in the index because some people still have them.

>> No.54452361

So now that we now the codex is released on the 29th, can we confirm this or is it bs? I'm hoping to get my hands on the csm codex soon... But 19 August doesn't feel soon enough..

>> No.54452375


Fucking wonderful. Forge World appears to have done the decent thing and ignored them, though, judging by the Taghmata list. About 9 Magos types excluding Archmagos upgrades and 5 Special Characters, two with alternate forms and only 1 with a model.


True. Admech are yet to pull off a full win in the fluff aside from those little Codex timelines and the bits in Mont'ka GW cut away from to watch more Pask doing nothing of interest, and they took stupid losses in a whole bunch of those too. I have high hopes for IA14 though, maybe Bligh included some of his Admech love in before he died.
Also there was an anon a few threads back with a rather cool story about a Skitarii assault which made them sound fucking terrifying. You around, writeanon? Also there's the cool explanation for all the Mech Grimdark on the 1d4chan page, which actually got me into the faction. Something's wrong when two fans can do a much better job of portraying the faction in a few paragraphs each than the official writers in five books, no offence to you two.

I think the main problem is they can't get out of the old rut of us being a bunch of idiots who only poke and prod, cause problems and don't actually know anything, which is on the same tier as assuming that Guard has no tactics aside from Human Wave, Tyranids are just random mindless beasts, Inquisition and Commissars run around constantly screaming HERESY and ordering Exterminatus/BLAMMING everything and other idiotic memes.

>> No.54452379

So I'm behind on 40k news by a few weeks. Is the Forge World Chaos index not out yet or has battlescribe just not added it yet?

>> No.54452386

I didn't get one in my box link a picture of the model.

>> No.54452387

we will not get a color guide*

>> No.54452398


Given the average people I see in my FLGS, they're going to be replacing a lot of those chairs quite quickly. Unwashed overweight neckbeards and non-reinforced office chairs do not mix.

>> No.54452404

>>Official color scheme
You mean an "official" set of paints to use? Because the Marine codex does have sections with color diagrams for various units and chapters. If you want a paint listing just follow one if the Warhammertv videos that covers GK.

>> No.54452409

Forgot sub-faction rules.

Every Codex is confirmed coming with them, so there will be a selection of Grey Knights Brotherhoods to choose from with different bonuses.

>> No.54452412

I'm hyped for all the different faction specific stratagems. I got to say there are a really neat idea. Also hyped for confirmation of 6 psychic powers again. I knew that was almost guaranteed, but there was slight room for doubt.

>> No.54452415

Tyranid prime model can be made out of the tyranid warriors box. Shrieks you get from forge world.

>> No.54452420

The HH market is so much smaller that I think there less incentive for 3rd parties to infringe there.

>> No.54452421

Don't use buttholescribe it's fucking garbage

>> No.54452423


>Every Codex is confirmed coming with them, so there will be a selection of Grey Knights Brotherhoods to choose from with different bonuses.

I would be really happy with this but I highly doubt it for GKs.

>> No.54452426

The codex "reviewer" specified there is no hobby section

>> No.54452432

Where do ya live? All of the lgs' we got in Houston have a decent amount of space for gaming, but none of them that open.

>> No.54452436

Really interested if everyone is going to end up with unique stuff, of if it's just going to be recycled chapter tactics.

>> No.54452445

Its been out for weeks.

>> No.54452447


Of course


Way too early, in a few weeks when the Codex CSM gets revealed we'll know

>> No.54452453


>Tbh the quad heavy bolter mortis is only 16 points cheaper than the kheres mortis for literally worse at everything, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan.

It's identical against T4 infantry and only against T4 infantry, so if you want to hurt those and don't care for flexibility, it's your dread I guess.

Still, I prefer regular Mortis for quad Bolter purely because I run a pure dread army and it makes for a decent list filler, being the single cheapest option (freeing points for elsewhere) whilst being good at anti-infantry, the area that a pure dread list needs all the help it can get in.

You can drop it in a corner and largely forget about it, whilst having it plug a useful enough tactical role.

>> No.54452457

It makes sense to me given that adding a handful of rules to each codex is a great way to pad out the material without having to do any real work

>> No.54452461

It's literally just a variant torso and head with an extra spiky shoulder bit and central dorsal spines like the back chimneys on tyrants.

Maybe you bought the old 3rd edition warrior kit that was repackaged in 4th/5th instead of the new 6th ed kit that comes with the boneswords and lashwhips.

>> No.54452472

No, fuck GW for their extreme policy afterward.

>> No.54452478

What do you suggest? The online one died a month ago. Should I just be doing it on paper like a caveman?

>> No.54452490

It's going to be totally unique. Look at the rules last edition in Traitor Legions, or the Space Wolf Great Companies in Curse of the Wulfen.

>> No.54452494

>Priceless levels of mad. Stay angry xenos scumbag

But I like GKs, I'm just being realistic.


We're gonna find out but it'll take a few months and a few faction releases to get the feel for how the first and late codices compare
ala 7th codices

>> No.54452496

>reading and writing
>like a caveman
On the contrary my dude

>> No.54452501

Right. As is no "here's how to paint these guys" with step by step painting photos. There are still color plates and markings guides.

>> No.54452505

What part of "every Codex is confirmed coming with them" do you not understand. Even AdMech are getting rules for different Forge Worlds.

>> No.54452515

No, fuck chapterhouse. What GW did after the lawsuit was literally the only option they had besides literally getting cucked out of their own IP

>> No.54452518

not the guy you are replying to, but i'm curious about this brotherhood thing. could you provide source?

>> No.54452536

I have never seen an admech army in the table, what is it that is unique that they bring to the same?

>> No.54452540

Eh. GK don't have a <your dudes> tag. AdMech do. I'd be surprised if GK get sub-faction rules.

>> No.54452551

They didn't specifically mention Brotherhoods but that's what the various GK "companies" are called in the fluff.

What they did say was "sub-faction rules will be found in each Codex" in the preview article about Codexes on the community site not far back.

>> No.54452554

>I have high hopes for IA14

Can't wait. I want BIG robots and Thallax.

>> No.54452560

Fancy guns with lots of special rules that no-one else has mostly.

>> No.54452568

>iron warrior player
>self respect

>> No.54452582

the chapter house case forced their hand.
any company would have done the same in GWs place.

>> No.54452586

The index rules get completely superseded by the codex rules. Just because they don't have a <Brotherhood> keyword in the index doesn't mean they aren't getting one. There are tons of omissions and mistakes in the indexes.

>> No.54452588

Thats racist

>> No.54452596




Every Xenos Faction has <>s
Guard, AM, base and chaos marines do too.

GKs and snowflake chapters like yiffs do not

>> No.54452609

They're a shooty army with reasonably cheap troops, no transports, high toughness creatures/robots/servitors and various nasty ranged weapons.

>> No.54452613

What's the best place to buy additional parts that would normally come with kits? Maybe one day GW wont just sell kits with one upgrade item when you need four.

>> No.54452621

Fuck chapterhouse for not being smooth operators, its just sade.

>> No.54452627


Except a kheres retains efficiency against T6/T7 for a pittance, even with 3 heavy bolter mortis you're only saving 48 points.

>> No.54452629

>Lots of special rules

Not anymore.

>> No.54452641

checked the article, all i got was:
>For you gamers out there, one very exciting addition are new rules representing specific sub-groups in many of the major factions;

>> No.54452648

The actual line is:
>>For you gamers out there, one very exciting addition are new rules representing specific sub-groups in many of the major factions; these range from old classics like theSpace Marine ChaptersorChaos Space Marine Legionsto returning rules for individualcraftworlds, as well as previously unexplored groupings likeNecron dynastiesand Adeptus Mechanicus forge worlds. These will be included in each codex.

Operative word here is "in many", i.e. not all of them. It does say the rules with be included in "each codex" but in context that clearly means that for each faction that gets these rules it will be included in that codex. You're setting yourself up for disappointment friend.

>> No.54452650


Because Grey Knights are already a sub faction of space marines, I think you're taking the "every faction will have them" a bit literally.

>> No.54452651

Back in the day you used to be able to buy single sprus, but then they realized why do that when you can force people to buy entire kits?

>> No.54452684

eBay. There are a bunch of bits sellers on there. For certain things like weapons there are also third party companies that will sell you things like ten Melta gun equivalents. Similarly forgeworld often has good weapon accessory packs. Particularly for marine heavy weapons.

>> No.54452686

Yeah. It's great of them to provide only one psilencer/incinerator per Strike Squad or Purgation Squad box. Thanks GW.

>> No.54452690

GW brought the lawsuit, they brought it down entirely upon themselves.

>> No.54452700


That's actually not at all why the stopped bitz ordering. Source: I worked at the GW Memphis Production and Distribution Facility for 8 years.

>> No.54452701

Blood Angels will have Flesh Tearers rules and Space Wolves will have Great Company rules, since these already existed last edition and many of them have unique characters with actual models, this is pretty much confirmed.

If that's the case I see no reason why GK won't get some slight sub-faction bonuses.

>> No.54452707


You get two psycannons per sprue, who cares about the other garbo

>> No.54452711

this so much.

every other company made their space knights and bug swarm kits for years and it was fine.

>> No.54452715

>TFW people are not allowed to trade bits in the local GW store\
>Because "If you want the bit, you buy the entire kit"

Some store managers might not be literally Hitler, but they're close.

>> No.54452728


Because its completely unprecedented and already represented with purifiers and paladins.

>> No.54452734


This is not a GW store policy. Call GW customer service.

>> No.54452749

>in many

Well alright then, guess the <> gives it away for all >>54452596

>> No.54452754

yeah looks like it'll just be for people with <tags>. GK won't get subfaction rules because they're already a subfaction themselves.

>> No.54452758


New thread

>> No.54452768

Copyright law is uphold it or lose it. So no, they'd lose the rights to their IP. Chapterhouse definitely had the ability to operate like armorcast did, but chose not to.

>> No.54452812

>Because its completely unprecedented
So are rules for T'au Septs, Tyranid Hive Fleets, and so on, but these are already confirmed happening.

>> No.54452814

>Blood Angels will have Flesh Tearers rules
But Anon, Flesh Tearers are an entirely different chapter than the Blood Angels. Your lack of knowledge is so lacking I'm not sure if it is pathetic, hilarious, or both.

Keep up the baiting though. It's very funny.

Psilencers might be kinda alright this edition (meaning they're not absolutely shit for once) but Psycannons are still easily the best choice.

>> No.54452821

you just have a shit manager.

My local GW has a "leave a bit, take a bit" box behind the counter.

>> No.54452850

You field a flesh tearers army using the blood angels codex you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.54452854

>But Anon, Flesh Tearers are an entirely different chapter than the Blood Angels.
This isn't a fluff discussion. Codex: Blood Angels will come with sub-faction rules and one of those will be Flesh Tearers. Whether or not they're a separate Chapter doesn't figure into it.

Also you notably didn't address that Space Wolves last edition got individual special sub-faction rules for each Great Company and that's all in the same Chapter.

>> No.54452884

Is it costs?

>> No.54452917

What is that beautiful knight looking thing?

>> No.54453003


Costs paired with an increase in un-recyclable stock. The issue was that people might oder 100 of sprue A but you have to produce sprue A with sprue B and people used none of sprue B so we were left with 100s of B sitting on racks. Some of it could be re-ground but not all of it.

I hate to be the bad man but I was actually the one who proposed the end to the bitz ordering system.

>> No.54453007


I have a Kheres as well, that 48 points saved on my backup anti-light infantry ranged dread is 48 points I can use elsewhere.

>> No.54453110

>literally harmless insect
>not even a real spider
>afraid to sleep

>> No.54454139

Intercessors with dual plasma thingys are 2d3 rapid fire S7 Ap3 each right?

Does that seems bonkers to anyone else or do they cost a disgusting amount?

>> No.54454379


>> No.54454779

new stuff is up on the GW website yall

>> No.54454852

they probably cost a disgusting amount, given that the bolter ones already do.

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