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What are the chances the Shai-Hulud Rape Van gets rules in 8e? I plan on running it counts-as a valkyrie for an Inquisitor's transport cause the model is so fucking cool but would prefer neato rules

>> No.54446170

Stratagems relics galor!
First thoughts?

>> No.54446186

Alright anons, start transcribing Strategems, Relics and Powers.

>> No.54446188

Like this. Anyone got a guide or an image of a painted model?

>> No.54446203

I believe forgeworld already said they aren't.

>> No.54446204

hello m8`s, i have a few questions and i hope you can answer them for me

How much terrain do you usually use ?
How much of it is LOS blocking ?
How much do you depend on terrain ?

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I stopped watching because of the announcers but that makes me sad....

>> No.54446208

So how big will you CHAD UP ?
Im preordering 2 repulsor, 3 Chaddread, 3 reiver squad and 2 Agressor squad for sure

>> No.54446215

Well, FW would be idiots not to make rules for HH units in 8th.... But its FW

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Got a rare 3 day weekend and nobody around to play. Anyone in the Southern VT, Western MA, Northern CT area for a few scraps?

I'd rather not beg for pickups

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So to continue, Deathwatch and Grey Knights are really cool and I like their models and colors. But on board, picking from these two - which one would you recommend?

>> No.54446261

Base coat mepheston red wash in naggeroth night highlight jokaro orange.

>> No.54446268

so.... I hear the White Scars are finally getting Dreadnoughts


>> No.54446271

>One pack of tacs and one of Sterns
Was gonna start collecting my army right before 8E was leaked.. Anons promised much wouldn't change but once they leaked I put it on hold.

Pic is shit as it's getting dark and the ceiling light is broken
Also don't have PSD installed atm and idk how to change res etc in mspaint

>> No.54446272

1. Go to retirement home
2. Set up board
3. Yell at old people till they understand whats going on

>> No.54446283

Finished my Bell Boy.

Not as good as I'd hoped but still decent IMO.

Starting on the plaguecaster. Ideas for the spell he casts?

>> No.54446286

>mfw imagining scourges in these colours

>> No.54446288

Psychic Powers

>Veil of Time WC6(?): Reroll charges
>Might of Heroes WC6: +1 S/T/A to the model
>Psychic Scourge WC6: your ld+D6 vs enemy ld+d6. If it's greater enemy takes D3 mortal wounds, if it's equal enemy takes one mortal wound
>Fury of the Ancients WC7: Beam. Roll 3d6. Pick enemy unit within that many inches and draw an imaginary line towards it. Each enemy unit under the line takes a mortal wound.
>Psychic Fortress WC5: Unit can auto-pass moral tests and ignores mortal wounds from spells on 4+
>Null Zone WC8: Enemy in 6" around psyker can't take invulnerable saves and must halve their casting rolls

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>25mm bases fit nicely inside the chimera section
>retarded 50km bases can't fit properly inside the trench section

>> No.54446292

I work in retirement homes and you don't want any memory care residents near your precious plastic crack.

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Bollocks, of course I post as the thread dies. Basically I'd like to know A) what do the Skitarii have as their preferred anti-armour weaponry nowadays and perhaps B) which is a good anti-armour/heavy knight to accompany an infantry heavy Skitarii army? I'm thinking about a big showy centerpiece for my infantry to fight around (at least, until we get any word on some kind of Admech transport)

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SM: July 29th
CSM+GK: August 19th
DG: September 23rd
T'AU+AM: October 7th
TYRANID+BA: November 11th
NECRONS+TS: December 9th

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yeah, its a shame that some bases just straight hinder placing models in good positions

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Started collecting in feb, spent about £1500 in total.

All Dark Angel HQs (sammael, belial, azrael, 3 integ chaplains, ezekiel)
Dark vengence
dark imperium
Shadow War
dark angel gaunlet squad
ven dread
dev squad
2 scouts
assault marines
2 vets
2 black knights
dark shroud
ravenwing pack with black knights, assault bike and land speeder
librarian on a bike from bits on ebay
deathwing knights
land raider
prim librarian
prim capatain
first assault starter set
termie librarian

think thats everything, plus tons of paints, brushes, palette pad, tools etc.

is this a lot for someone starting in feb or average?

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I realize this. My great grandmother lived in one for a few before she died. Place was so fucking depressing.

i was hoping anon didnt know :^)

>> No.54446330

*interrupts your ritual*

>> No.54446331

25mm bases are the best. Anyone that says otherwise does not play the game

>> No.54446344

Reposting once because the last thread died soon after my initial post.

Here's my current 1500 point Dark Angels list

Dark Angels Spearhead Detachment +1CP
*Azrael (+1 CP)

*Scout Squad w/Camo cloaks
**1x Scout (Heavy bolter)
**8x (Sniper rifle)
**Scout Sergeant w/Combat knife, Combi-flamer

Heavy Support
*6-man Devastator Squad w/Armorium Cherub
**4x (Plasma Cannon)
**Sergeant w/Chainsword, Combi-flamer

*6-man Devastator Squad w/Armorium Cherub
**4x (Missile launcher)
**Sergeant w/Chainsword, Combi-flamer

*6-man Devastator Squad w/Armorium Cherub
**2x (Lascannon)
**2x (Heavy bolter)
**Sergeant w/Chainsword, Combi-flamer

Dark Angels Vanguard Detachment +1CP
*Company Master w/Combi-plasma, Relic blade


*Company Veterans
**4x Space Marine Veterans w/Chainsword, Plasma gun
**Veteran Sergeant w/Chainsword, Plasma gun

*Venerable Dreadnought w/Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Dedicated Transport
*Razorback w/Twin lascannon

Company Master rolls with the plasmagun Veterans in the Razorback while Azrael and the Apothecary babysit the Devastators and Dreadnought. Scouts can join Azrael's parking lot, can sit on an objective, or can deny tablespace to would-be deep strikers, depending on the match-up.

What do you think?

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true, everything smaller than a terminator fits on a 25mm base

>> No.54446352

No need to parade your homosexuality in /tg/

>> No.54446357

jesus. How many points is that though? And shadow war is non essential

>> No.54446360

>Relics Strategem: 1/3CP for 1/2 more Relics
>Vindicator Strategem: 1CP. Select a point within 24" from Vindicators, every unit withing 3" from that point take 3d3 mortal wounds on a 4+(5+ for characters, 3+ for 10+ units).
>Pred Strategem: 1CP. +1 to hit/wound when targeting vehicles/monsters

These are really damn cool, actually.

>> No.54446363

The relics are all "Sword +1" or "Armor +1" really. Dreadfully boring.

The Stratagems are 7e copypasta.

Orbital Bombardment or Chapter Master are the best all-around; Orbital Bombardment gives Stormraven lists some more shooting/a workaround for no Snipers. Killshot is ok if you take 3 Preds (well, 4 to avoid alphastrikr). Everything else is shit.

4/10, try harder GW.

>> No.54446374

Everything fits in a 25mm base! Even stuff like Knights, you just need TWO bases

>> No.54446380

How much have you painted?

>> No.54446397

Egyptian christmas Confirmed

>> No.54446407

Is it chad or virgin if you do an entire piece of research coursework in 12 hours using totally fabricated data, but get the highest marks in the class and end up being held up as a shining example of how to perform and present a project because you tailored literally everything from the data itself to your interpretation of it to relentlessly pander to the personal biases of your professor?

>> No.54446411

>Chapter Master: Turn your Captain into Chapter Master. Reroll all to hit within 6.
>Ultra's Strategem: 1CP to give unit reroll 1 to hit
>Orbital Bombardment: 3CP. Select a point, all unit within D6 take D3 Mortal Wound on a 4+.
>Cluster Mines: 1CP. When Scout Bike are falling back, enemy takes D3 mortal wound on a 2+
>Born In Saddle: 1CP. White Scars Bikers can shoot and charge after advancing.

>> No.54446433

Overachieving chad. If that even makes sense

>> No.54446439

Necrons with
Gold instead of silver
Purple instead of green
Black and white to taste

Is this a garbage paint scheme

>> No.54446440

So clearly the dakkademptor is pretty good but I would like to highlight that the macro plasma is actually pretty good when overcharged. Its essentially D6 lascannon shots that have an extra AP in exchange for 1.5 average damage per shot. Being able to reroll that D6 for shot amounts can make that fairly reliable, plus it'll still have non trivial anti infantry capability.

>> No.54446441

About 6500 I think. Shadow War I played shit tons with a friend. Wanted scenery and that worked.

20 tactical marines
3 ravenwing bikes
6 termies
5 deathwing knights
1 company master
guilliman (forgot to add triumv of the primach)
3 ravenwing knights
1 librarian on bike
2 devs
all 10 vets
all marines from dark vengence
10 scouts from shadow war

think thats everyone off the top of my head.

>> No.54446450

Neutron laser

>> No.54446451

Patrician as fuck

>> No.54446454

Having played 20ish games of 8e with my Orkz now I could answer any questions my fellow WAAAGH lads have.

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>> No.54446471

definitely grabbing 2 reivers and 2 aggressors, not quite sold on the repulsor or dread, need to see overlord first

>> No.54446472

When you move you will be taking mortal wounds on 2s.

>> No.54446473

Black Templar relic is apparently +3'' to Auras, so a chaplain can be bootleg Grimaldus and your Marshall has a 9'' bubble to his re-roll to hit bubble. Its fine, I think you can also have more than one relic so it might be a good thing to have on an Ancient with the relic Standard.

>> No.54446474

if you do it right it would be hilarious

>> No.54446482

So would a good start do a deldar force be an SC and a box of scourges?

Also, what are some cool kabal colour schemes to do?

>> No.54446493

Eyo, Southern VT here. I'm new though and don't have much of anything, unfortunately.

>> No.54446498


Its got the range that you should be able to stand still after turn 1 t b h.

>> No.54446499

Except the Predator and Vindicator require you to have 3 of a kind before activating.

>> No.54446502

>that level of assmad

>> No.54446505

And I thought this place was filled with insufferable autists.

>> No.54446508

Luke is a fucking faggot if he wanted psyker he shouldnt have picked the BT, now they have the best anti-psyker buff short of Sisters of Silence.

>> No.54446510

>Was guided to Reddit to find Chinaman details by helpful anons
>Never been to Reddit so not sure what to expect. Could it really be that bad?
>Come across pic related immediately

Also for a board dedicated to buying bootleg minis they sure are self-righteous

>> No.54446511

Where abouts are we on power ranking?

How are Meganobz?

Best victory?

Worst loss?

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>> No.54446525

How are Valkyries this edition? I'm thinking of taking a couple with 1 Company Commander and 2 Command Squads with Plasma in each. I also plan on taking 2 extra commanders to give orders to 4 Lascannon Heavy Weapon Squads to support from the back with the rest of the army if I need 1 officer per command squad.

>> No.54446529

BT relic is pretty sweet.

>> No.54446532

Shield eternal is probably going to be popular again, depending on points cost. Halving damage taken seems pretty amazing.

>> No.54446536

waac fag mad. He probably posts here

>> No.54446539

Some of the shit that appears on the FB groups I'm part of makes me think Hitler was right

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>> No.54446545

>1CP. Sternguards add +1 to their wound roll
>Black Templars get to stop spells on 4+ with 1 CP
>Super Psyker: 1CP. Psyker can cast additional power. That power gets +2 to its casting roll
>Whirlwind Strategem: 1CP to auto-hit units that are within 12" from a Land Speeder
>Hellfire Shells. 1CP, model can only make a single attack, but if it hits enemy takes D3 mortal wounds.
>Iron Hands one: 1CP so vehicle ignore weapon penalties
>Salamanders Strategem: 1CP so unit gets +1 to wound with flame weapons


>> No.54446551

>I've run the numbers
>Numbers status: Run
>Army status: garbo

>> No.54446557

Aren't they literally the formation bonus' from 7th?

>> No.54446571

Yes you can spend CP to have multiple relics.

>> No.54446573

>Mostly painted
You're a-ok in my book, anon

>> No.54446574

Reddit is for real cancer. Check out the worldbuilding subreddit if you want to see some real dumb autistic /tg/ related shit.

>> No.54446577


they're pretty good, plasmas good with them but so are meltas, especially with rerolls.

>> No.54446580

>Aren't they literally the formation bonus' from 7th?
Literally? No. Effectively? Yes.

Having 12 lascannons hit and wound on 2s is some serious bullshit.

>> No.54446585

>spend CP and psyker powers to delete units
jesus christ, they really don't want chaos to win konor

>> No.54446590

Im solid on the purple and gold but I dont know if anything is better than black and white for the extra colors I may need

>> No.54446598

>worldbuilding subreddit
Oh god I'd rather not

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>> No.54446610

That's a good start, but not quite an army yet. Double it to 2 Start Collecting and 2 boxes of scourges and you've got a solid core.

>> No.54446611


yeah I think those 4 command point vanguard lists are going to disappear real quick

>> No.54446614

That's a cool sub, and gets linked from here all the time.

>> No.54446620

My deldar are black, gold, and purple. I add some details of really bright color to brighten them, so i can see white working

>> No.54446623

So the GK codex will literally be three new psychic powers, the stratagems, the relics, and the warlord trait? I'm not expecting a hobby section either since it wasn't in sm codex. Wtf gw.

>> No.54446633

We're top tier for sure, not the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, but a good list will smash some shits

MANZ are good to shove right up someones ass in a transport to delete a unit, not for much else because they are slow bastards

Best Victory I've had was a game last month, I played a newish Space Wolf guy, and he made the mistake of ignoring my Morkanaut as it walked up on him, instead trying to wipe out as many boyz as he could. Well the fucker caught up with him and it alone killed a Land Raider, ten termies, and almost two dozen tacticals, it also slapped around a rhino to the point where it was useless

Worst loss I've had was against my scion buddy, I went full tilt towards his wall of Tauroxs, only to have all his dude blobs drop in right behind me. So my army was caught between a wall of armor and a bunch of plasma/volleygun armed assholes with nothing but a 5+ invulvn from my mek shields, didn't end well

>> No.54446634


checked, he's still going

>> No.54446637

All these leaks and I still got no idea what warlord trait BT have.

>> No.54446640

Not enough for even a Patrol Detatchment? Every game you play is experience, friend

>> No.54446652


>> No.54446657


To be fair three new psychic powers and strategems could bump GKs up an entire tier if they're anything like the marine ones.

>> No.54446661

Luke is a fucking nigger, you dont stop smite with that you stop whatever buff they are attempting, warp time? DENIED! They can only attempt it once per turn and so can the stratagem, its pretty fucking useful and better than having a psyker of your own and if he doesnt like it then take another.

Luke aint my battle-knigga.

>> No.54446669

GW told us up front that strategems were the way they were going to try to offset unit spam and imperial soup.

>> No.54446678

The issue im having is what color to do the head crest with since im using gold for the main silver components. I think the black would be too stark but maybe if I did the hilighting like the vehicles so an edge of purple it could look okay

>> No.54446682

>Enemy Magnus tries to charge in
>Deny his Warptime
>Shoot him dead

>> No.54446690

wonder if there is a free rhino one we haven't seen yet.

>> No.54446691


Fuck me for not believing, I guess.

>> No.54446708

Do you mean Drakenhof Nightshade? Naggaroth night is a purple base paint

>> No.54446712

I won't bother doing Relics, since most are souped up weapons, guns or armor.

>> No.54446720


But you get 1 for free.

>> No.54446725

Edge of purple could work. Personally i'd probably take the crest to a bright silver then tint with a purple/violet ink

>> No.54446740

I seriously doubt it. The best stratagems either revolve around the mandatory captain, or involve taking 3 Predators (meaning "more" predators to offset an alphastrike), meaning spam.

>> No.54446741

Yeah, I suppose I do actually have enough for that. Just need to get basing done so I can mount the models. And I have some old assault termies I could throw in, too.

>> No.54446747

blame the ttgamingdiary faggot. you can comment without an account on his site so let him know we need bigger pics.

>> No.54446748

what about the others relics which aren't weapons, guns or armor ?

>> No.54446753

You're basing and painting them first? Duncan bless you. We need more new people like you in the hobby. What do you run?

>> No.54446761

Yeah that one! Sorry m8's

>> No.54446764

Didnt even think about the tinting that could work great actually

>> No.54446769

If you're all spearheads you are getting many CP to spend on all those preds.

>> No.54446779

>I've run the numbers, and even with the way they buff models the effect is negligible
Holy fuck, what the hell? What numbers has he run?
Grimaldus results in a crusader squad doing 208% more hits than they would without him.
The +1S is a massive buff, it makes them do 200% more wounds against stuff like land raiders, 133% more wounds against MEQ and TEQ and 150% more wounds against T5 models. The only time the buff doesn't make them more powerful is stuff like GEQ or models that are anywhere from T6-T7 or greater than T5.
Add helbrecht and grimaldus together and it makes crusader squads into absolute rape machines, making them do 278% more wounds against MEQ and TEQ, 312% more wounds against T5 models like bikes, and 417% more wounds against stuff like knights and land raiders.
Fuck this whiny little faggot

>> No.54446783

what csm units are good vs SM except rubrics?

>> No.54446789

Remember to post a test when your done! I love seeing good pimpcrons

>> No.54446790

>all those guns are heavy
jesus christ that thing is even worse than i thought

still makes my deff dreads look like hot garbage tho

>> No.54446794

Sallies get +1T, Psykers get +1 power, RG can charge after advancing(Jetpack only), BT gets +3" to auras. There's White Scars one, but i can't read it.

>> No.54446801

Oh I only have a few painted so far, but I'm doing a city base for all the new ones I get. I'm running R&H, but will likely do them as counts as IG.

>> No.54446807

Ill likeley try the tint out and worse case paint over with the black and edge with the purple

>> No.54446812

not bad

>> No.54446815

So the Inquisition Resurrection novel just came out today.

It's a long series about Thorians vs Horusians that will reveal a lot of the juicy secrets about the Emperor.

So what secrets are they gonna reveal? And what faction makes more sense to to you?

The Thorians want to resurrect the Emperor because he is the only hope for Mankind. The Horusians, as the name implies, are inspired by Horus. They want to recreate a being like Horus who managed to wield the power of Chaos. Through this new Horus/Dark Emperor they would enslave the Chaos Gods and usher a new age of glory for Mankind.

>> No.54446816

Have we got any points yet? I wanna know if the Redemptor is just mediocre or outright laughable.

>> No.54446821

You get 3 CP base, +1 for the Spearhead. 1 CP buffs 3 Predators. By contrast, other CPs buff one unit max (or your commander).

>> No.54446832

anon can't into % : the post

>> No.54446838

Meanwhile I run actual Guard. Love to throw waves of my men at yours sometime but we can wait till you're finished.

>> No.54446861

didnt people say they dont like spam?

and now GW encourages it with these rules? lmao ok

>> No.54446877

So with now we've had a look see at the aggressor stats, what's the point of tactical terminators?

Assualt termies and DW knights at least seems to have their own niche for the time being

>> No.54446883


I'm just glad Inquisition is getting any love at all again, especially old stuff like Thorians vs Horusians.

And dank ass MUI psycannons on shoulders.

>> No.54446897

The SM stratagems seem really great. Nothing to absurdly powerful, but cheap, flavorful, fluffy and strong enough to both be worth using and have the ability to actually have a potentially serious effect on the outcome of a game.
I'd say GW did really good with them, even if they are repurposed bonuses from last edition for the most part

>> No.54446901

That'd be a good time! I'd still be down to play, regardless, if you're ever looking to play. Last time I had a game was back in 5th.

>> No.54446911


2+ save and invuls, cheaper per model, longer range guns.


Its especially good when you consider how you can get more CP as Marines, which really ends up meaning tacticals/intercessors and actually taking fast attack for a brigade.

>> No.54446915

Can someone mathammer something for me real quick?
I'm new and idk what I'm doing..

I'm currently comparing the Leviathan with the Contemptor Mortis; at around which toughness and/or armour save does a Storm cannon array get outperformed by three Lascannons?

>24" Heavy 10 7 -2 2
>48" Heavy 3 9 -3 D6

>> No.54446932



>> No.54446933

You have a local your way or do you have to travel south?

>> No.54446936

m8... you don't need to go through all that trouble for a casual list

>> No.54446937

2+/5++ at T4 is still more resilient than 3+/- at T5.

>> No.54446939

Alright, then tell me how I'm wrong.
Or is 13.666... not 150% more sucessful to wound rolls than 9.111... in your mind?

>> No.54446951

Once we get the Reivers I'm probably going to make some alpha chads.

>> No.54446954

Travel south. Greenfield is the closest to me.

Wait, are you the guy who I talked to a few weeks back on here, who recommended Greenfield?

>> No.54446957

Yeah, you believed another one of BOLS' "reliable sources"

>> No.54446961

I have OCD; it's not like I'm trying to WAAC but I need to at least know what I'm doing

>> No.54446972

T8 high wound models. Exact number is not relevant - one is good at shooting down big stuff while other is better at everything else.

>> No.54446973

Oh actually there is one in Bennington, VT. It has nice tables but no one plays there anymore.

>> No.54446976

Not possible with out extreme convesions/10

>> No.54446979

No one is worried about Predator or Vindicator spam. There's no 3+ Stormravens strategem.

>> No.54447000


More like what's the goddamn point of Bolter strength shot spamming mark of Nurgle marines with twin power fists and an encouragement to stand still?

At least Temmies have more inclusive protection and aren't completely schitzo.

>> No.54447007


What did they mean by this?

>> No.54447012

I might just be. Greenfield is pretty close to me too traveling north. Come to think of it though they recently moved and Im unsure what their table situation is like now.

>> No.54447015

Agressors can't deep strike unless you're Raven Guard.

>> No.54447020


I gotchu senpai.

Also contemptor mortis have four lascannons so I'll run the numbers for that t b h.

Storm cannon against T7 3+ save: 5.55 damage

Storm cannon against T8/9 3+ save: 3.7 damage

4 contemptor mortis lascannons against T7/T8 3+ save: 6.48

4 contemptor mortis lascannons against T9 3+ save: 4.86

So a lascannon mortis will always beat 1 storm array against any vehicle.

2 storm arrays makes shit get real, 1 storm array 1 grav assfucker will also be tough to beat.

Contemptor Mortis can do all of this from the safety of your deployment zone in cover next to your captain though.

>> No.54447030

Land raider equivalent or greater. Basically anything T8 or more

>> No.54447032

Well yes that's the idea, I like crazy conversion projects.
Besides it's not like it'll be that hard to seperate the legs from the torso.

>> No.54447033

Primaris Sisters confirmed

>> No.54447046

Pic related

>> No.54447057

Would an Orky AT-AT make for a good gargantuan squiggoth?

>> No.54447069

I like new sisters and I like THICC so sign me up.

>> No.54447071

"Hellfire Shells" only work with Heavy Bolters, actually. Pay 1CP, fire one shoot, do D3 Mortal Wounds if it hits.

>> No.54447081


>> No.54447083

The Horusians are literally all Heretics.

>> No.54447087

Then in that case it looks fine, though the legs might look odd compared to the rest of the model since they'll be quite out of scale

>> No.54447106


>> No.54447108

So you just use it for a Chapter Master (dat accuracy buff) or Orbital Bombardment to get some extra wounds in and fuck up MSU castles.

>> No.54447112

there so much shit either rerolling 3+ or straight up rolling 2+ that i feel like its not even worht rolling for shit

just fucking give everything mortal wound guns and be done with it

the d6 system is REALLY showing its shit for this game in this edition (bad thing is that nobody wants to roll or buy a shitton of d10s)

>> No.54447120

But they do have a point. You cannot beat Chaos. You must tame it like Horus did.

>> No.54447121


>> No.54447123

Not sure the chest is worth the conversion work since the proportions won't match. The head and arms seem cool though.

>> No.54447137

So both could be used against high-armoured enemies but the Leviathan wrecks targets like Primaris, TEQ's, Dreads & light transports? Cool

Thanks senpai! And yeah, was just adding some because Leviathan is 50% more expensive; IE, you would get three lascannons per Storm cannon

>> No.54447144

>like Horus did
Horus was weak, Horus was a fool. Because he thought he could tame chaos.

>> No.54447165


>> No.54447190

The Alpha Legion parts are correctly scaled to the Reiver in the mockup, and as it turns out the slightly smaller alpha torso I think combines with the Reiver legs to form a very anatomically accurate look.

>> No.54447192

it's 50% more successful wound roles
a 150% more wound roles would be 22 wounds

>> No.54447195



>> No.54447196


Sure. Leviathans are fucking great but they have to get up in the enemies face to do their stuff. It has no rules for falling back and shooting, so if its got 2 guns its very easy to shut down with a charge.

Contemptor Mortis on the other hand gets to be comfy and hang out with your predator/hellblaster/captain/lieutenant blob and get rerolls to hit and wound too.

>> No.54447207

Gorkanaut or Stompa?

>> No.54447223


>> No.54447225


We're not sure if the torsos of regular box chads will be seperable, if they aren't then they'll be kind of a bitch to convert.

Also his arms will be short.

>> No.54447227

How far is Bennington from you?

>> No.54447238




>> No.54447240

I wonder if it stacks with IF's Bolter Drill?

>> No.54447246

He would have gotten away with it, if not for that meddling guardsman.

>> No.54447257

Ignore BOLS
Delete your forum account with them
Purge the site from your bookmarks and history
Never go back
End up a happier 40k player

>> No.54447266

I don't like to admit this but I'd buy some if they were real

>> No.54447269


>> No.54447270

Greenfield is a proper thirty so....hour and forty?

>> No.54447271


>> No.54447274

replying to: 54441620

i'm not good with gimp/mspaint .. someone fix this up pls

>> No.54447275

What's the big dreadnought in the middle?

it's not forgeworld is it

>> No.54447287


Chadnought. Coming out next saturday.

>> No.54447290

It's the new Primaris dread. I've heard mixed feelings about it, but it's one of the few new models I really life.

>> No.54447295

Well at least you're doing better than her ex.

>> No.54447298

i went with greens on my deathguard. working on the spell effect some.

>> No.54447300

Oh, I see what you're saying now. Shouldn't have added all the "mores" in there

>> No.54447310


da fuq how do you make a primaris marine out of a guy who is already dead-ish

>> No.54447316


Now that we've seen the rules there's nothing to have mixed feelings about, its pretty damn good. There's essentially zero reason to ever take a mortis kheres naught now.

>> No.54447331

dont paint the magic effect like its a fireball
its nurgle shit

>> No.54447332

Anon, you put dead-ish Primaris in them.

>> No.54447334

I don't know I think the smaller chest and shorter arms actually fits better.

Currently the Reivers fingertips would reach below his knees which is a bit gorilla armed.

>> No.54447337

Yeesh. Living in the countryside is truly suffering. I guess we'll have to find what the Greenfield situation if we want to play a game.

>> No.54447338


They make primaris marine dead-ish.

Also apparently they can just take an old dread sarcophogus and stick it in a redemptor body. That beer belly is on hinges and opens up to show the real dread underneath.

>> No.54447350

>2 years ago
RIP that guy

>> No.54447352

I'm a T'au player, and looking at the BT stuff has made me interested in getting into BT in the future. Charge re-rolls and the ability to deny key psychic powers is both potent and super thematic for them. Deus Vult.

>> No.54447356

Are Agressors kinda garbage? I mean, they are cheap and all, but W2 3+ isn't going to impress anyone. Not to mention their conflicting rules:
- Either stand still and shoot twice, or advance and fire your assault guns without penalty.
- Have fists, but inexplicably don't get a pistol gun like the captain has.
Not to mention their ranged at various S4 AP0 D1 is kinda pathetic.

Reivers are good though. With these deployment options they seem like a genuinly useful disruption tool.

>> No.54447357

>dont paint the magic effect like its a fireball
>its nurgle shit

i was thinking of going with some black drybrush on top .. make it heavy smoke looking with the burn hidden in side. kinda like the effect of the smoke in independece day .. (smite spam hooooo)

>> No.54447360


If the reiver was standing straight his hands would reach halfway down his thigh, which is normal.

If the alpha chad stood up he could barely put his hands in his pockets.

Its not a huge deal but it'll be noticable to you.

>> No.54447365

Primaris Eldar when?

>> No.54447366

It's a new style Dread being released alongside the Primaris. I don't think it's explicitly Primaris only.

>> No.54447370

Sadly I have plenty of stores to the South of me but that doesn't help you

>> No.54447379


>> No.54447389

>Dark Imperium says that regular marines will ultimately be phased out and totally replaced by the P-marines
>this implies that the Imperium stopped making regular marines

Like why? What's the point of the P-marines? What do they bring to the table that wasn't already there before. I don't get it. Why did they have to shit on my marines?

>> No.54447398

Well you can give it a dryfit and see how it works.

>> No.54447405

Regular marines feel that way, Guilliman never says it.

>> No.54447413

We'll see how much they cost. If they can keep it under 40 ppm with the flamer fists I'll be happy.

>> No.54447414


That doesn't make that much sense either, aren't the Primaris marines new on the block, how can any of them be renowned warriors worth being interned in a dreadnaught when they haven't even done anything

It's a super cool model though

>> No.54447416


>Now that we've seen the rules there's nothing to have mixed feelings about, its pretty damn good. There's essentially zero reason to ever take a mortis kheres naught now.

Dear god, and I think you actually might even be seriously this bad at comparing units.

>> No.54447418

Man, how things change, huh?

>> No.54447422


Considering 6 of them is cheaper than 5 normal terminators, I think they're pretty okay. 3 of them can put out 36+6D6 bolter shots if they don't move and they still have a very non-trivial melee threat.

>> No.54447433

Because they look 1000x better, and this was the only decent way to make true scale marines without the space marine playerbase having an aneurysm due to the sheer autistic reaction they would have if their armies were immediately deleted.

>> No.54447451

Anon, it's M42 now, 100 years after Guilliman came back.

There's been a 100 year crusade using Primaris in Legion strength groups.

>> No.54447461

With the exception of the basic intercessor/hellblaster, that chaplain in the pic and the new dreads I find most primaris releases ugly as fuck.

Still better than Eldar though.

>> No.54447462


It'll sure be fun to see tau stratagems

>Riptide Pinion
>Apply all NOVA effects when utilizing the reactor

>> No.54447477

Here's my early WIP plaguecaster.

How to do face?

Also decided by accident to use retributor armour for the brass instead of my usual Balthazar Gold.

Will hopefully work since he's a special character so maybe the brighter trim won't look out of place for him.

>> No.54447483


goddamn i'm out of the loop

thanks anon

>> No.54447488

>Riptide Pinion

>> No.54447492

Reavers look fugly because of their silly booties

>> No.54447498

The primaris dreadnaught is just the new armor, but I'd imagine they're putting any mostly-dead marines in them regardless of what kind of whether they're classic or primaris themselves).

>> No.54447514

Because marines are not unique, legendary heroes that the Imperium actually care about, they are merely tools used to defend against the threats within and without.

And now those tools are outdated and being replaced by a new, improved tool.

You knew this was coming, marines have never been anything but bodies to die on the altar of humanity.

>> No.54447515

It's a way to phase in a scale change to the line.

>> No.54447516

Yeah, read Dark Imperium, basically brings you up to speed about what's been going on.

>> No.54447519

Dat 77

Forgot image

>> No.54447520

Dear Greater Good, please no. I really hope we don't get saddled with anything crazy like that, I've been enjoying being considered the scum of the earth a little less since 8e dropped. It'd be nice to have some balance tweaks to our stuff (commanders vs crisis really needs addressing), but I think we're in a pretty good place overall power-wise. What I'm really eager to see is the list of Septs getting special rules. Bork'an is on that line between major and obscure such that I don't know if it'll get anything. The anticipation is killing me.

>> No.54447536

This is literally my paint scheme - the golden army

>> No.54447538

So they made an event, but didn't announce it until the day AFTER it started.

>> No.54447539

>getting anything near that powerful anytime soon

>> No.54447547

Yeah, fuck making a character more durable or killy for free. Who needs that shit anyway?

>> No.54447553


Dark Imperium implies that the extra implants are just the cherry on top of what makes Primaris better than normal marines, which kind of implies a better chaos resistance among them.


The Indomitus crusade has lasted 100 years now, plenty of time to get some dread pilots.


yeah so 12 Str 7 AP -1 D1 24" range no melee


18 Str 5 AP-1 D1 24" range with melee, 2 storm bolters and frag launcher for about the same price.

Even with BS2+ the mortis Kheres will kill 3.33 marines and the BS3+ Redemptor will kill 4 with just its Onslaughts.

If you want to hurt T6/T7 you just take quad autocannons, which is still completely viable.

>> No.54447560

I guess, but I just glance at Assault Centurions and realize that they are better at fighting, shooting and durability. If you want a cheapo version of that they are solid enough.

>> No.54447581

Comparing an approximately straight Reiver arm with an approximately straight Reiver leg would put his fingertips at just above his knee, when they should be in the middle of his thigh.

>> No.54447592

So do you guys buy official figures, forgeworld, or a combination?

>> No.54447594


>> No.54447602

In the new Codex it says Captain Sicarius might be lost in the Warp after Guilliman gave him a fleet to command.

Is he gonna go Draigo on us? Return later with a new model?

>> No.54447617

It will all depends on the point cost. Surprisingly their rules makes them a very flexible unit.

They both give out a lot of anti-infantry fire and are a dangerous melee threat for multiwounds models.

Also they are both good at advancing and still firing and bunkering up in a place and giving out lots of fire (and being basically unassailtable, one unit of 6 that stayed still gives out 24d6 flamers hits).

Now, the big issue with flexible units is that usually they pay for both their roles. If that's the case they are going to be shit. If they are cheap, I can see them being very good against hordes.

>> No.54447620

Looks great. I like to use humanity in general. Scions, Guard, Inquisition, Ministorum, Militarum Auxillia. All that shit is good.

>> No.54447623


I just gave Greenfield a call, sounds like they have plenty of table space + terrain. I guess their wargame day is Sunday?

>> No.54447625

You pay CP, anon

>> No.54447629

I buy models from GW/FW if I'm actually taking them into the store.

If I REALLY want to know how a unit plays but don't plan on playing them in-store, I'll get chinacast.

>> No.54447637


Two things
Either GW/Guiliman found a reason to get rid of him
Or we're going to have a party in the warp, got a Tau sphere kicking around there too

>> No.54447639

I'm fighting an AdMech list with two Knights in a bit, should I use Genestealers or Biovores?

>> No.54447642


>for about the same price.


I'd lay down hard money that the price is more comparable to if you also give the Mortis a missile launcher.

And you're BS4 if you're maneuvering to use that fist mate.

>> No.54447650

chaosfags pls leave

>> No.54447665


>> No.54447680

Jaghatai is going to freak!

>> No.54447707


Yeah for over twice the price per model centurions get

2+ save, +1W, +1S, two melta guns, another AP on their power fists, -1A, less bolter shots.

So for every 3 centurions you bring you can get 2.5 aggressors who will bring more firepower per point but lose out on melta guns.


That leg there is inclined at about 30 degrees though, if it were actually straight it would look about normal.

But yeah I really dont think many people would notice the alpha chads arms especially when they're holding their guns anyway.

>> No.54447709

>he's never seen the various colors of vomit and plague

if i had never worked as a janitor i would never believe the different disgusting colors you find in the human body on the ground

>> No.54447714

Man up and take some leviathan stormcannon.
Get that mofo in the middle and BTFO those xenos with 2 stormcannon like a real man

>> No.54447742


>gets charged by 20 gaunts in synapse range
>is now useless

>> No.54447745

How do you guys kit your assault muhrines

5 man units? I love flamers but I'm not seeing much point if you deep strike 9 inches away and flamers don't reach that far.

>> No.54447746

What happened?

>> No.54447749

First of all, I'm pretty sure they have 3 Wounds, like the Inceptors.
And with 6PL, I assume about 40 points per Aggressor give or take a bit, so even wound per wound they are pretty cheap considering they're T5, meaning not even supercharged Plasma and Meltas can wound them on 2+. Then that S4 AP0 fire may not be impressive, but for how cheap they are they sure as hell toss out a lot of it. It will probably only work once every other game, but the one time you manage to double-tap the Flamers for 4D6 hits per model is going to put some serious hurt on the enemy and that's not even counting the grenades. The Assault 6 Bolters have the advantage of higher range, meaning they're much more likely to get the double-tap going.

The one problem I do have with them is that they're fairly schizophrenic, what with having only anti-infantry guns but then Power Fists for melee.

>> No.54447754


Reivers are THE most aesthetic Space Marine unit in the game. It's just perfect.

The dumb WoW-tier shoulders and 70s stompers are finally gone. In comes the /fa/marines.

>> No.54447772

>£20 for five models

No thanks.

>> No.54447775

God Fucking Damn It.
Iron Hands lost everything.
>no IWND
>kept the second worse relic
>TFW I will never field Smashfucker in 8th
And the new "FNP" doesn't include vehicles. Sure that's not new, but at least in 7th we had some way to recover wounds that didn't include techmarines. I wonder if it applies to dreads though, they're not counted as vehicles correct?

>> No.54447783


From the synopsis it appears Gulliman comes back and saves everyone

Goddamn we can never escape the spiritual liege

Matt ward doesn't even work at the company anymore what the fuck

>> No.54447787

2 plasma guns, combi-plasma and red power armour

>> No.54447798

>>How to do face?
palid flesh then aggrax earthshade.. that's how the right side zombies are done.. darker ones (left side) are skull white + reikland flesh

>> No.54447808

This is my hope
This is my fear

Maybe I should just get some more long-range/flying dakka and more bodies to hold the frontline

>> No.54447817

Those 20 gaunt are only 9 after overwatch.
Also I dont think the 20 gaunts will get to close combat with a Leviathan of you have 1700 points around.
also Tyranids can reliably turn 1 charge anywhere on the board. They can also trygon up your backline and charge woth 20 genestealer.

>> No.54447818

Why do their legs look so fucking weird?

>> No.54447822

I love the Scion kits, but the lack of model options and cost put me off from making a full army of them.

>> No.54447827


>> No.54447829

>Matt ward doesn't even work at the company anymore what the fuck

Ya, about that...


>More Iron Tears
Why do you people keep asking for broken shit

>> No.54447836

>BT Warlord trait is 6'' Heroic Intervention

>> No.54447839

Nah, the Crusade fails, Chaos is fucking everywhere and even Terra gets invaded by daemons.

He has a big celebration aping Ullanor for propaganda but he's mad at himself for failing.

It's a pretty good read, actually. Guilliman's character is done fantastically.

>> No.54447840

Grav flux bombard + siege drill is objectively the best way to run the Leviathan

>> No.54447845


but assault marines don't get access to specials or non-pistols

wait a sec are u trying to trik me

>> No.54447861

no, but I am talking about blood angel assmarines

>> No.54447864

Chapter Master Smashfucker

>> No.54447870


>only 9 after overwatch

you will kill 2.78 of them with 20 overwatch storm cannon shots. Read the rules.

>> No.54447871


Do you guys glue on real grass for the base or buy fake grass?

>> No.54447877

Yes, and? If it helps my character do his job better, those are Command Points well spent. Any roll that would have failed with a worse version than the Relic weapon already pays for the Relic.

>> No.54447885


>> No.54447891

Even in artwork the jetpack primaris look like shit.

>> No.54447894


pretty much, you have a gun thats a ranged threat against literally every target in the game and still have beefy melee ability.

>> No.54447895

Have you at least LOOKED AT the Leviathan dataslate ?

>> No.54447901

he will not be missed.

Who is the new smashfucker?


>> No.54447902

I actually measured the length in pixels and it's still too long

>> No.54447909

Double heavy flamers..

>> No.54447913

It's called static grass. You can get it loose or in premade tufts.

>> No.54447917

bobby g
where have you been for the past few months?

>> No.54447924

Is using a green shade on nurgle stuff good, or should I go with nuln oil?

>> No.54447931


You hit on 6's in overwatch with the stormcannons and gaunts have zero issues making an 8.1" charge.

>> No.54447932

>Dark Imperium says that regular marines will ultimately be phased out and totally replaced by the P-marines
>this implies that the Imperium stopped making regular marines

I am really scared because i believe it is possible that GW will not squat normal marines and they are going to make weird/autistic excuse of why the imperium will still make both versions of Marines.

Because even though Chaos will have something like a Primaris equivalents they still released new bigger normal marines and 30k is a thing.

>> No.54447938

Well okay, that DOES look pretty fab
Can't imagine it looking much worse in 'death world forest' a la Raptors

>> No.54447944

Chainfist termies. Zerkers. your tears

>> No.54447950


>those fucking boots
>that dumb librarian head cover
>muh dual weeld guns

fuck this shit to hell

>> No.54447957

I use the real deal, it's free and you can always tell the fake grass is fake.

>> No.54447966

Get a leviathan. You wont regret it.

>> No.54447970

Question for all you lore enthusiasts. I'm reading the Ogryn article right, and it lists Khorne-worshipping Ogryns (Vraksian) and Nurgle-worshipping Plague Ogryns. Have there ever been detailed in some piece of lore what the Tzeentchian and Slaneeshi variants would be like?

>> No.54447972

>they have 3 Wounds, like the Inceptors.
Both only have 2W

>> No.54447983

Null oil will give a clean dark look. Agrax Earthshade will give a grungy but dark look. Athonian Camoshade will give you a sickly green look. If you Aren't sure what you want I'd recommend Agrax. Agrax also works best for shading the bronze so it can save you time.

>> No.54447987

>captain on bike
>shield eternal and thunder hammer
>bike apothecary following along
>T5, W6, 2+, 3++, halves all damage taken, ignores wounds that get through all that on a 6, recovers D3 wounds a turn
Not seeing the issue guys. this fucker still seems a bit of a nightmare to kill.

>> No.54447998

Havocs all day everyday

>> No.54448000

>The one problem I do have with them is that they're fairly schizophrenic, what with having only anti-infantry guns but then Power Fists for melee

Not really guns are there to protect you from being drowned in shitty chaff. Fists are there to punch whatever your guns can't kill's buns

>> No.54448016



>> No.54448026

Depends. Leviathan cam fill many role. They can kill a lanraider by themselves in 1 turn, or remove 40+ conscripts or be a decent lascannon alternative with stormcannon.

And they are really cheap in €£¥₩$ if you order on kiranda irene

>> No.54448032

Ogryns are too stupid worship either god, Slaaneshis would probably be more like slaves pumped up with too many drugs, not too different from Grotesques. Tzeentchians would just be chaff upgraded with magic stuff, probably about to become a spawn-like creature.

>> No.54448036


Forgeworld hasn't done anything with slaanesh or tzeentch, and I'm not sure they'll have the chance to do anything as indulgent as the siege of vraks now that they've hooked themselves into the horus heresy gravy train.

>> No.54448038

Miranda Irene*
Damn phoneposting

>> No.54448048

Well, any IH with Shield Eternal will still be an absolute bitch to kill. IF the codex has options for a Chapter Master upgrade he's still plenty good.

>> No.54448051


>> No.54448054

>Super-elite Sanguinary Guard : 25€ for 5 dudes
>Generic Assault Squad : 33€ for 5 dudes

>> No.54448064

>Salamanders tactics let you reroll a hit and wound
>Flamers don't roll to hit
>Salamanders get the their best benefits with non flame weapons

>> No.54448082

> too stupid worship either god,

How smart are Minotaurs from AOS / WHFB. Because Tzeentch has some Minotaur followers.

>> No.54448084

The Salamanders strategem is for flamers only.

>> No.54448092

The Shield Eternal is still around. Toss it on a biker or termi captain and he can still shrug off a tremendous amount of damage.

>> No.54448119

>old outdated models: cheap
>new fancy models: expensive
Wow didn't see that coming

>> No.54448131

What's the best loadout for Devastator Sergeants in 8e? I have 2 with regular Bolters but I have 5 more to build. Should I slap some Storm Bolters on 'em? Combi's seem a tad too redundant and melee weapons and pistols seem like they'd never get used.

Opinions? They're go to be part of my Flesh Tearers army so they're only rarely going to get to see the table but I still want to have the option to bring them.

>> No.54448140

melta guns

that bonus is literally made for melta guns

>> No.54448149

Northern VT

>> No.54448155

>more finecast

>> No.54448162

no one actually buys the finecast havocs, anon

>> No.54448166

Really liking those Reiver bolter models. Might have to use them as the basis for my Raptor army.

>> No.54448171

>Death Company are 5 for $33
>Assault Squads are 5 for $41
And that's why I have 50+ Death Company and only 12 Assault Marines.

>> No.54448172

Some have recommended it while others have warned me of its weakness but I haven't had anyone telling me to stay away
Think I'll get one; they do look fab after all
It'll be my lil' cutey until I can afford that lovely looking Acastus Knight Porphyrion

Yeah, wanna fit it with Stormcannons but fearing getting swarmed by blobs.. At least they won't hurt him much and he does have two heavy flamers aaand well if they do manage to kill it, Atomantic Conflagration.

>> No.54448180


>> No.54448200

Freshen your drink?

>> No.54448208

Eh, he's no longer unkillable but bike IH captian+Relic SS+apothecary is an utter bitch to kill. it takes 27 lascannons to kill him, and a fucking bellicose volcano cannon only does 4 wounds

>> No.54448220

MI isn't cheap by any means. In fact they're one of the most expensive recasters.

However, their quality is also one of the best.

>> No.54448244

Are there any audiobooks about Titan combat? Just finished reading Titanicus and it's cool as fuck but there's no audiobook.

>> No.54448251

Whoops, yeah, my bad. Still, they are apparantly fairly cheap and tough for what they're doing, just not as fuck-off tough as I thought.

Nice trips.
Never thought about it that way, but I guess that is a way of looking at it. Also just noticed how incredibly well the Aggressors go with the Ultramarines Chapter Tactic. Backing off then flaming? Oh dear.

>> No.54448267

So we are all replacing our Marinelets with Chadmarines, right?

>> No.54448271

I'd give them a Storm Bolter only if the rest of the squad gets Heavy Bolters, otherwise keep them cheap.

>> No.54448273

GW's Audiobooks in general are shite. Extremely overpriced, meh production values, and only available through a shitty website.

>> No.54448276

Yeah, they're tacticool as fuck.

>> No.54448285

Where do I get non finecast havocs, It's important.

>> No.54448286

that collar on the guy without helmet
fucking horrid

>> No.54448293

Yes. Just trow them away since Marinelets are worthless now.

>> No.54448301


>Unironically taking 1.5 times the effectiveness for 1.8 times the cost marines

>> No.54448302

Except the Sanguinary Guard still look better and fancier.

>implying we don't just buy the Devastator kit and add some spikes

>> No.54448310

I'm fond of power swords on my sergeants, though mainly because 4 points seems cheap for a little bit of insurance.

>> No.54448315

>Ul;tramarines Reivers with Grav Chutes and Bolt Carbines
Fuck, I was hoping those were jump packs. Oh well. I wonder if those bolters/helmets/backpacks are included in the new Reiver kit. It's weird they didn't advertise all the bitz in the box on the cover.

>> No.54448321

Alright faggots, now that we know what Relics do, suggest ones for your factions.

>> No.54448325

You get regular CSM kits and give them FW heavy weapons or MLs/Lcs from the Dev box.

>> No.54448327

That, or about seven or eight mortal wounds thrown at him. Oops.

>> No.54448346

I always thought the black/gold colour scheme the Knights from Master of Mankind are described as having sounded like it'd look cool.

>> No.54448347

>Marine strategems and relics only require Adeptus Astartes

>grey knights can use all of marine strategems and relics

>> No.54448367


>> No.54448368

It would be a fantastic conversion but probably not.

>> No.54448369

Gotta go with all autocannons

>> No.54448379

Are Skitarii clones?

>> No.54448389

Well sure, but that's the point of mortal wounds. And even then, most things that dish out mortal wounds are avoidable (like those that do it on the charge, or smite).

>> No.54448400

>£72 at FW
>$32 at MI
Why is it so much cheaper? Because China?
Never heard of the site before, can they be trusted?

>> No.54448412

Then check out the FW Kalibrax pattern ACs or convert HBs from the CSM kit to ACs

>> No.54448418

Yes. They are Space Marines.

>> No.54448427

Yes, and? Nobody said it was unkillable, just difficult to kill.

>> No.54448432

I'm kinda tempted toward the regular auto cannons but the kalibrax does look nice

>> No.54448433


>Battle brothers with Daemons and Necrons
>N-no xenos allowed

>> No.54448435

Stompas too expensive for what it does

Naut is just right, and it's 2/3rd cheaper

>> No.54448436

I like it! Looks very cleanly painted.

>> No.54448438

I'm pretty sure I'm decided that I'm going to start 40k with Dark eldar Kabal of the dying sun, but the only thing I'm unsure about is the lord of them. While I have a decent understanding of the imperium, chaos, and nids, I hardly know anything about eldar beyond that they made slaanesh and people who play them are faggots.

>> No.54448462

Does this mean that GK players will need to buy both the SM Codex and the GK Codex? Or will these be re-printed in the GK Codex?

>> No.54448465

Primarch's Wrath is pretty awesome, shame you can't replace just any Boltgun with one or I'd give it to the Primaris Lieutenant with the auto bolt rifle.
Tome of Malcador would be fluffy for my Thousand Chads.

Also, can anyone tell me in what way the Burning Blade is worth it if a Relic Blade with its D:D3 is just 25 points away?

>> No.54448482

Probably reprinted, Anon.

>> No.54448490

Are you coming out to us, anon?

>> No.54448496

>Yes, and? Nobody said it was unkillable, just difficult to kill
The old smashfucker was the definition of unkillable. Not this.

>> No.54448497

Yeah, sure, but you won't be able to actually use most of them.

>> No.54448506

So do you think there's anyway to run Renegades in a way that isn't complete shit? From the look of it FW made them just weaker Guard.

>> No.54448510

Certainly. But melee-Mortal Wounds like Grotesques will ruin his day and a couple of Snipers can also tear into him. He is very tough, but mortal wounds do precisely what they're advertised as doing and take the "un" out of "unkillable"

>> No.54448511

>grey knights

>> No.54448513

>grey knights can use all of marine strategems
>don't have predators, vindicators, land speeders, scout bikes

>and relics...
>don't have chainswords, bolters, storm shields*, combat shield, power swords.

Somehow that doesn't help GKs much

*unless Dragio can replace his shield with The Shield Eternal.

>> No.54448517


>> No.54448520

Yes, and?
Just because a counter to it exists doesn't mean that it's not a tough nut to crack

>> No.54448521

>Burning Blade

You are probably better off buying your army another relic.

>> No.54448531

We do?
I've seen one pic and the relics were basically illegible

>> No.54448545

Why the fuck does the SM career path go Devestator -> Assault -> Tactical?
I can kinda understand Rowboat's reasoning but turning specialist troops into generic infantry is stupid

>> No.54448551

Named characters can't take relics.
Only one that's hard to see is White Scar one in upper right cornet. You can tell what the rest of them do.

>> No.54448552

Sure, but ask yourself this: Will you pay the price of the Marine codex to get some marginally useful stratagems when the GK codex with its far more tailored-to-your-army Stratagems is only a few weeks away?

>> No.54448553

>you will never be a master painter who can churn something out at this level

feels awful, man

>> No.54448554

It means smashfucker is dead.

>> No.54448562

I *think* one relic is free with 2 relics costing 1CP and 3 relics costing 3CP.

So Burning Sword is worth it if you want to save 25pts

>> No.54448574

>Blood Angels
The Veritas Vitae returning would be cool. It was a neat little relic that added a lot of tactical flexibility to a BA army.
>Flesh Tearers
Either a weapon or a suit of armor would be nice. Something like a Eviscerator (ala Seth) would be a neat little weapon to slap onto an HQ. Past that, maybe something like Amit's Terminator armor? Dual Powerfists with dual Storm Bolters would be a fun thing to run. The Poisoned 2+ Bolter we had last edition would be great to get back since you could now fire it and still charge.
>Ad Mech
Something from the Heresy or before would be cool. Like a super special Volkite or Phosphex weapon. Past that, maybe something that buffs the units near the bearer? The Omniscient Mask was damn good last edition.
No idea. Maybe each ordo will get it's own relic?
Any armor that has a 2+ save or the grants the Fly keyword. I want something either semi-durable or mobile.

>> No.54448575

You don't know anything about warfare, do you?

>> No.54448578

.... that's tabletop tier anon...

>> No.54448579

>Knowledge of dakka
>Knowledge of melee
Combine that and you get a well-trained swiss-army soldier

>> No.54448582

Buy an airbrush. It's pretty much cheating.

>> No.54448588


Where is the pic you're referring to, cause I can't read the one I saw

>> No.54448597

That's why changes were made. I'm afraid having an unkillable hero was only fun for one player.

>> No.54448598

Unless I'm reading that blurry-ass text correctly and the BB is actually AP-5. Then it'd have its niches.

>> No.54448599

any more pics of them black grey knights?

>> No.54448606

which they should be able to desu

>> No.54448628


I figured as much.
But still overall. GKs won't get much mileage out of vanilla Strats / Relics.

Such a shame Empyric Channeling stated <CHAPTER> could have seen that really useful for GKs

>> No.54448635


Ah mortal wounds.

>Guy plays against my dread list
>He narrowly wins
>Two weeks later at game store he asks me for a rematch
>He darts out of the store, comes back 45 minutes later
>Game sets up, he says he's playing Nids
>Puts a Trygon and some Genestealers to one side
>I get first turn, move into position, kill a few things, no full on first blood
>Trygon deploys, guy bends down and takes hive guard out his case he hadn't put aside with the rest of his reserves
>Suddenly an astropath deploys
>"What's that?"
>"A Magus"
>"You never said you were playing Genecults as well as Nids?"
>"Genestealers are Nids"
>Genestealers come out with the magus
>Move on to rest of movement phase
>Genestealers leap forward, get really close to my gunner dreads
>How they doing that then?
>"I rolled a 6"
>Not where I could see it you didn't
>"It's over here on the other table where I put the reserves, on the other side of this divider screen"
>Ugh whatever
>Psychic and shooting phase do 13 mortal wounds to my leviathan in a 1000 point game
>Genestealers charge one gun dread and pile in to catch up the rest
>Yeah okay mate you win
>Pack up and leave

List tailoring, wheeeeee.

>> No.54448640

How bad are you that that is master tier?

>> No.54448642

We're talking about that one, anon.
It's -5. -5 just happens to be crippling overspecialization.

>> No.54448650


That explains why the GKs codex comes out so soon. Not because of any essence of caring, but because it is a copypaste rushjob aping the SM codex before it

>> No.54448656

Why? Because of the blue glow on the hand? Any idiot can do that. Paint Leadbelcher, then either use Girlyman Blue or thinned-down Soulstone Blue. Boom, done.
The scratches all over the armour are probably done with a tiny sponge dipped in Leadbelcher. Other than that, there's nothing special to this model, and this is coming from someone with two left hands.

>> No.54448661


>> No.54448674

After all this talk of Leviathans, how's this?
A bit worried both my Centurions and my Leviathan will be locked in melee

>> No.54448678

Sure, I was just stating that he's dead, and paying my respects.


>> No.54448679


Orbital bombardment, empowered fucking psyker

>> No.54448690

>Train a marine in heavy weaponry and melee weapons
>then proceed to give him a regular bolter
What's the fucking point of training in heavy weapons and melee if you're going to end up using a stock bolter?
And yes I understand the argument of knowing how to use multiple types of equipment is beneficial and that the experience is useful but in my opinion the progression path should go like this
Tactical -> Devestator OR Assault

>> No.54448692

But even then I'd prefer Primarch's Wrath or Shield Eternal.

>> No.54448708

I hate this shit more than anything, fuck that guy

>> No.54448711

>when a tight fucking piece gets ruined by gender bullshit
"Heard you like servo skulls and hammers

Also this one as well as my Watchmaster need names any suggestions would be appreciated.

The inquisitor is either male or female haven’t quite decided yet."

>> No.54448714

Reserves must be announced during deployment, anon. You got rekt by not knowing the rules.
But yeah I hate the concept of mortal wounds, wish they'd kept it just for specific things, or, at most, do something like psychic wounds which require a leadershi test to save

>> No.54448719


Considering I play primaris anyway and can mix and match strategems, sure

>> No.54448737


Grey Knights is a chapter tho

>> No.54448744

They know how to use covering fire, to hit where it hurts and to do melee if needed.
Tacticals use weaker weaponry than Devastators but they're more agile, flexible and experienced.
They're supposed to push objectives, something neither assaults or devs can as efficiently.

>> No.54448747

>-5 just happens to be crippling overspecialization.
Absolutely. I mean, aside from Land Raiders and Mega Nobz, is there anything with a 2+ save that doesn't have an Invul Save? Monoliths maybe. And all of those happen to have so many wounds that your puny D1 weapon won't bother them too much. But hey, at least it doesn't explode anymore, r-right?

>> No.54448760

naked miramda is 24 not 32

>> No.54448783

That dude sounds like an asshole, but he had to announce everything he's deploying during the deployment. Rules don't allow him just to say "suprise, here's my magus"

>> No.54448793

Its the most expensove and best quality recaster. I have 3 leviathan ordered (the pack) and the 3 malanthrope i received were perfect copy of my Original Malanthrope from GW

>> No.54448804


The Scout->Dev step, just like FWarrior-> Broadside steps makes sense. After that not so much. Broadside->Crisis makes sense but the rest of the marine training change is weird, devastator->what role you wanna fill rather than running the circuit to end up as a basic tactical

>> No.54448816


>> No.54448817


Oh I knew he was being a douche, that's why I let him wrap up his turn then conceded and left.

He also tried to argue that a model I deployed right on the deployment line with a 24 inch gun couldn't shoot models he deployed right on the deployment line straight across from them because, and I quote, "Those are exactly 24 inches away, you have to be less than 24 inches away."

"I have the tape right here, it measures 24 base to base."

"Yes but it has to be less than 24 inches away."

>> No.54448823


Give it to a librarian with null zone, enjoy no saves ever

>> No.54448824

You better fucking be removing those marks and mold lines soon, mate.

Fair enough

>> No.54448832

I'm new to this hobby.. Recasting means 'fakes'? As in, they make molds based on the real deal then make their own?

>> No.54448861

Can't replace a Force Sword with it, only Power Swords and MC Power Swords.

That's the problem with that thing: Anything that WANTS to use it isn't allowed to take it and anything that IS allowed to take it has something better to use.

>> No.54448877


>> No.54448899

Should have told him off for being such a massive cunt

>> No.54448903

So.....how the fuck are you supposed to fight Necrons this edition? They have an anti-anti-armor vehicle that HEALS, units that can revive with no repercussions, cheap costs, good leadership, good weapons, good toughness.

Focusing down one unit at a time doesn't work because it means you're spending ALL of your firepower trying to widdle down a unit which will probably heal up the next turn. Anti-armor doesn't work because they can heal and 99% of anti-armor weapons don't deal enough wounds to knock out enough models.

Mass shooting doesn't work because they can heal and their saves are easy as fuck.

Melee MIGHT work but they're decent in melee and can still heal.

>> No.54448904


Uhh, have your captain play buddy cop with your librarian , he wants might of heroes anyway

>> No.54448925

I would use it to stop an 11 or 12 roll Smite. Nobody else is stopping those d6 mortal wounds but Templars can shrug it half the time. Seems pretty good to me

>> No.54448928

>imperial soup

Just the way we like them

>> No.54448935

Are dark eldar any good?

>> No.54448937

>that price

What the fuck is this shit

Lmao, not touching Forgeworld

>> No.54448977



>> No.54449009


It's a GW store, it happens. I could name two other guys I don't play anymore and one I got banned from the store.

>> No.54449018

01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 01001001 01001110 01000111 00100000 01000110 01001100 01000101 01010011 01001000 01001100 01001001 01001110 01000111 01010011 00100000 01000100 01001111 00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101 00100000 01010111 01000001 01001110 01010100 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 00100000 01001000 01001111 01001100 01011001 00100000 01001101 01000001 01000011 01001000 01001001 01001110 01000101 00100000 01010100 01001111 00100000 01001101 01000001 01001100 01000110 01010101 01001110 01000011 01010100 01001001 01001111 01001110 00100000 01000001 01001110 01000100 00100000 01001100 01000101 01000001 01010110 01000101 00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101 00100000 01010011 01010100 01010010 01000001 01001110 01000100 01000101 01000100 00100000 01001001 01001110 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 00100000 01001001 01001101 01001101 01000001 01010100 01000101 01010010 01001001 01010101 01001101 00100001 00111111 00100000 01001100 01000101 01000001 01010110 01000101 00100000 01001101 01000101 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000001 01010100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01001101 01000001 01011001 00100000 01000110 01001001 01001110 01001001 01010011 01001000 00101110

>> No.54449030

Boy am I ever sick of this. All the fucking Necron players are REEE-ing how shit their army is now and all the people who fight Necrons regularly are REEE-ing how bullshit tough they are.

Hey, if their units keep on reviving models, how about you focus your fire on one unit at a time until it's completely destroyed so it can't heal?
What do you have Split Fire for anyway? Right, so you can avoid overkilling units too badly.

The more the opponent focuses on big mobs of Warriors, the less mobile his army is, so you can just beat them on objectives and give no fucks about their toughness.

No, they're not decent in melee, except for (Over)Lords, Lychguard, Flayed Ones and Praetorians. Warriors are still shit in melee, as are Immortals, as are Deathmarks. Wraiths aren't too scary either, they just happen to be fucking invincible.

>> No.54449033

leddit has a list of the shit if you can't read

>> No.54449039

Dude list tailoring and hiding reserves is bullshit, but for that he's right. If your deployment is 24" from each other you can't fire a 24" gun without moving turn 1. If the tape shows that you are inside the range then you have deployed wrong.

>> No.54449067

Yeah, golly, a model that can fill half of a 2'x2' area of the board is fucking expensive, who could ever have expected that?

>> No.54449068

>Hey, if their units keep on reviving models, how about you focus your fire on one unit at a time until it's completely destroyed so it can't heal?

>Focusing down one unit at a time doesn't work because it means you're spending ALL of your firepower trying to widdle down a unit which will probably heal up the next turn.

Good luck with that one mate.

>> No.54449074


It's a 48 inch table, two 12 inch deployment zones.

>> No.54449091

Flesh tearers relic should be a Chain Axe.

>> No.54449109

so you have a gun that measures 24" from your base and the enemy is 24" away, meaning that he is not within 24". What are you missing?

>> No.54449110

So here's a crack at a 2k brigade list. It's 1990 points, I left a bit of wiggle room in case point costs for stuff change much with the codex, and I can add or remove some wargear in places.

Iron Hands
Captain with relic blade and bolt pistol
Techmarine with power axe and conversion beamer
Guard commander with axe and plasma

Infantry squad with HB and flamer
2 6 model tac squads with combi flamer and plasmagun
2 5 model tac squads with combi plasma and plasma cannon
5 sniper scouts

Contemptor with kheres
Guard command squad with 4 plasma
Special weapon squad with demo charge and 2 flamers

3 tarantula sentry guns, 1 with twin LC, 1 with twin AC, 1 with twin HB

2 razorbacks, 1 with las+plas, 1 with twin AC

Chimera with 2 HBs

3 predators, 2 with twin LC 1 with autocannon, all with heavy bolters

>> No.54449113

I've just been dakka'ing them to death with massed overloaded plasma calivers. Seems to work.

>> No.54449118

Not even the priciest thing there

A little weird, they're generally slightly buffed weapons.
Tau relics were tools and support things mostly with few exceptions so hard to say.

>> No.54449122

>standard board is 48" wide
>each deployment zone is 12"
>in anon's mind, this means a gun with a range of 24" isn't in range

>> No.54449128


The deployment zone is EXACTLY 12", meaning that two models directly across from each other can hit with 24" weapons

>> No.54449137

I haven't had any trouble. I just focus fire and focus melee and I stomp the yard. Get better at list building and target priority or get a new army that suits you better.

>> No.54449142


The fact that it's a 24 inch range, not a <24 inch range?

>> No.54449145

you literally could not be deployed "within range" since you need to be at least that range away

>> No.54449147

Good, Smashfucker was dumb.

>> No.54449149


Within includes the highest number, it is not less than 24".

>> No.54449151

Meant for

>> No.54449155

It's a Relic Blade for characters that can't get a relic blade?

>> No.54449158

I made mine all goopy and gross

>> No.54449163


This, I even asked him if he'd deployed on the line - A simple "No fractionally back" would have sufficed - but he said yes.

>> No.54449166

>cuntbag superfriends

>> No.54449169

Never said it was good. It was fun as a meme

>> No.54449171

The deployment zone has not a fixed measure. Is literally definite by their distance from the middle of the board.

You can't be at the same time 12" away and within 12".

>> No.54449176

Yeah I see it as something to give a primaris lt

>> No.54449190

The model must be WITHIN 24", which has a very specific meaning in 40k

>> No.54449196

If you have a 12" deployment zone and your models need to be within your deployment zone, then your model can realistically only ever be 11.9999" away from the board edge, so the no-man's land is actually 24.0000001", so yeah, you can't fire 24" guns turn 1 without moving.

That said, all of this does not excuse your opponent's other bullshit.

>> No.54449200

Can anyone suggest good terrain for this type of table?

>> No.54449215

Range on a gun with range of X is a disance <=X, not just <X

>> No.54449216

What's the best way to pick an army to play if you think multiple factions have cool models?

>> No.54449220

>Act like Horus
Look at me. I am the Warmaster now.

>> No.54449232

exactly, but for the gun to hit the range has to include part of the base, not just touch the base. WITHIN

>> No.54449237


List the factions you wanna collect

>> No.54449242

imperium army led by an inquisitor, or chaos worshipping multiple gods, or, if you are an npc faggot, the shit that allows aelves + daelves

>> No.54449243

>get any combination of
>30 stormbolters
>60 bolters
>10 hurricane bolters
>22 heavy bolters
>60 power sword attacks
>120 chainsword attacks
>36 special issue boltguns
>and so on
And just go ahead and spray down that silly little 20-man warrior blob. Literally every army has no trouble popping away 20 T4 4+ models, it's just a matter of learning to //focus fire// targets.

Don't get phased by alleged toughness, you just have to surgeon up and use your tools delicately. Yeah, that lascannon may not go through thanks to quantum shielding, but plasma or a squad of thunder hammer terminators? You've just found a good tool for the job. Beat him with your mind to beat him with your guns

>> No.54449244


Again, within includes =24". If they are exactly 24" away, you are within range to shoot

>> No.54449245

If two things are are exactly 24" away from each other you can't physically be within 12" of the first and 12" wholly within of the second.

>> No.54449246

The FAQ actually clarifies this situation!

A model that is exactly 24" away is within 24". 'Within' means 'up to and including'.

>> No.54449254

Chaos or Imperuim.

>> No.54449260


>play "Narrative" or Open Play
>collect what you want

>> No.54449264

Play multiple armies

>> No.54449265

>so the no-man's land is actually 24.0000001", so yeah, you can't fire 24" guns turn 1 without moving.
No, no mans land is exactly 24", since no mans land is what defines a board, not the deployment zones.

>> No.54449271

What if i play grey knights??

>> No.54449273


Yes you can because within includes the highest number, so if you are 12" away you are within 12"


Read the FAQ here

>> No.54449283

the fact that that question was even asked at all speaks volumes about GW's new target audience

>Is being exactly 24 inches away from something count as being within 24 inches?

Boggles the fucking mind

>> No.54449284

Sure, but I'd rather take the hint.
I mean, for 99% of the cases, AP-3 is damn well good enough and AP-5 is overkill. The difference between D1 and D:D3 however is rather massive.

And since Chapter Champions and Captains are both allowed to take a Relic Blade, in my opinion this means that all the models that SHOULD be allowed to take a Relic Blade CAN take a Relic Blade.

Currently I see precisely one model that can make use of the Burning Blade, and that is the Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword, as to him the BB is just a flat upgrade with no strings attached.

>> No.54449288

I would have done it, but the faq page has been removed from the community website.

>> No.54449290


You've got the storm bolter part covered, psycannons fuck them up too

>> No.54449299

Acquire some basic troops from each faction off ebay, paint them, see which you love the most.

>> No.54449304

However, he can be within 24" only in the case in which the two models are exactly frontal with respect to each other

>> No.54449310

-dark eldar
-Tsons w/daemons
-mixed daemons

Rule of cool is kicking my ass

>> No.54449317

>I have so little firepower it takes a whole army to kill 20 T4 4+ models

Just ignore the ghost ark when your done, and voila- 600-ish points of spam reduced to uselessness turn one. But really, 19 of these guys, a cryptek, and their ark is like 500 points. Gun down the warriors and you've literally reduced 1/4 of his WHOLE ARMY to uselessness, in one turn

>> No.54449342

Actually it does because up until 8th, the game was very clear about deployment zones being "more than 24" apart". The fact that this has been taken out, hell, the fact that there are deployment options where there's only 18" between deployment zones, is incredibly shocking.

>> No.54449349

Rolled 5 (1d6)

>-Admech 1
>-dark eldar 2
>-nids 3
>-Tsons w/daemons 4
>-khorne 5
>-mixed daemons 6

if you didn't like the answer, you didn't want it that badly so reroll

>> No.54449353


Which they were, because with alternating deployment I'm always sure to put my dual Kheres and cyclone Contemptor Mortis precisely across from any good targets that happen to present themselves.

>> No.54449368

>no 40k rules for this


>> No.54449369

The omnissiah calls you, disregard all other options

>> No.54449370

40K hasn't been truly rule of cool since best(2nd) edition.

>> No.54449374

>No Orks

>> No.54449403

Sometimes when I'm in doubt I try to tell my opponent "i'm putting this here so that i can be in range in case i go first". Then I proceed to move nonetheless and shoot something else. Kek

>space suppository
Shit taste

>> No.54449404


Someone needs to paint that thing yellow.

>In the town where I was born...

>> No.54449406

If you're just starting out, I'd set admech, Tsons, and maybe dark eldar, aside until you get a bit better at painting (and don't worry, almost everyone's first miniatures aren't great). The other factions are more forgiving, but those 2/3 are tricksy.

>> No.54449409

Imagine 7th ed 40k
Now make that worse

>> No.54449414

Do a mixed Chaos army. It lets you use the TSons, the Khorne stuff, the Daemons and once you've done a fair bit of both and feel somewhat proficient you can start converting some Slaanesh stuff using Chaos parts and Dark Eldar parts. And once you're done with this, you can look into Dark Mechanicus stuff in order to add some AdMech to your mixed Chaos army.

The only thing this doesn't cover is Tyranids, which are fun as a secondary army anyway. You can just bust the bugs out whenever you feel down and need a win.

>> No.54449428


New thread.

>> No.54449433


>> No.54449442

I assume Death Guard and Thousand Sons will have multiple relics since they're getting their own books?

>> No.54449444

Hey, since we're shittin on crons, I thought I'd add-

>OG necron destroyers literally worse in value, ability, and models than half-assed Admech destroyers
01000110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01110011 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 01110100 01100101 01101011 00101100 00100000 01101100 01100001 01100100 01110011

>> No.54449457

Yes. Expect book of Magnus to be one of them.

>> No.54449462

I used to play WHFB and have a fuckload of rats painted

>> No.54449479

Nice, no more getting cataracts staring at those grainy pictures, thanks anon.

>All models in the nut may replace their Auto Boltstorm Gauntlet and Fragmentation Grenade Launcher with Flamestorm Gauntlets.
Ohh, you lose the grenades when taking the Flamers. I thought those flamer gauntlets were too good to be true but if you have to give up both guns for them, they're a bit more balanced.

>> No.54449522

One of these things is rule of cool and the other is generic sci-fi. Let's see which you can identify based on the two criteria mentioned above.

>> No.54449541

Not according to the FAQ.
It's the whole Wu Tang Clan arguement.

>> No.54449588

What Faqs? Can you link them?

>> No.54449606

Well my weekend might have been suddenly filled with familial drama. Drop your email and I'll drop better contact info.

>> No.54449611

Are you retarded?

>> No.54449621

>No Orks

You'z a grot.

>> No.54449635

What are we expecting from fires of cyraxes? Some of this 30k mechanicus shit looks sick.

>> No.54449644

Are you?

>> No.54449658

It's at the top. In the OP.

>> No.54449672

I miss the old art ;__;

>> No.54449679

Anon please, compare codexes, not codex to rule book.

>> No.54449726

Are you less than?

>> No.54449732

It doesn't work.

>> No.54449736

I remember when I was younger and I had only first heard about warhammer, I loved the orks. I just don't think I have it in me now to paint another board army

>> No.54449740

Right there with you

The point stands that one is wholly separate from the other. Older art fully embraced the rule of cool. Nowadays it's a lot of generic sci fi.

Are you more than?

>> No.54449746

>t. butthurt conservative

>> No.54449766

You need to go back to pol and stay there

>> No.54449790

As an IMPERIUM faction you can use units from any other IMPERIUM army with admech.
>Tsons, daemons, khorne
All CHAOS units can be used in the same army
>Dark eldar
Ynnari, harlequins, dark eldar and craftworld eldar are all AELDARI and so can be used together.
Tyranids and Genestealer cults are both TYRANIDS and may therefore be used together. An genestealer cult army may also include Astra Militarum units. Genestealer cult rules also allow for armies to be comrpised partly of GSC, Tyranid and Astra Militarum units.

All of the armies you listed can include units from other army lists. Of those the most distinctly different would be tyranids and astra militarum, which are totally different factions that can only be included in the same army because of the special rules of genestealer cults.

>> No.54449898

Actually it's because the existing marines can be upgraded to prunaris, so why not just have more better guys

>> No.54449900

I'm a bit of a purest. If I did khorne, it'd be daemons and world eaters. If I did DE, it'd be space pirates. If I did Admech, it'd be skitarii and CM

>> No.54449921

Where the fuck is the new thread? OPs absolutely suck at new threads recently.

>> No.54449922

Some might be, depends on the forge world or mech sect

>> No.54449973

Are you shooty space marines? If so, you have no hope but aircraft, leviathans or knights to carry the day.

If you are literally anything else just look for your most efficient melee units and spam them. Boyz, Berzerkers, Genestealers, etc. etc. etc. and kill off the warriors in righteous melee.

Kharn+zerker buddies has killed a 20 warrior blob of mine on the charge before, as have stormboyz.

>> No.54450006

you inept blind kid


>> No.54450036

Cult mechanicus does not exist any more. It's just one army list now (as it should have always been).

I'm nominally a purist, but I think ultimately, so long as your army is thematically coherent and looks right together (with matching paint schemes etc) it's honestly fine to use whatever you want so long as it is legal. I mean why shouldn't an adeptus mechanicus army use air vehicles from other imperial armies when they have none of their own?

>> No.54450099

Thanks for the reply, justed wanted to know if it the extra $10 was worth it or not.

>> No.54450108

A kinder, gentler Smashfucker.
Smashlover, if you will

>> No.54450131

You need to learn what conservative means, buger

>> No.54450149

What a loser

>> No.54450162

Define generic in this context.

>> No.54450213

>Three posts
>Exactly 1:01 appart
Your samefagging is disgusting

>> No.54450266


>> No.54450301

but muh mspaint

>> No.54450348

>i'm not a dumb phoneposter
>muh mspaint

>> No.54450388

If I were a betting man I'd hazard a guess that we'll see the second FAQ update tomorrow. I believe that's why it's down right now.

>> No.54450402

>muh poorfag phone can't edit
>muh poorfag phone can let me samefag tho
>time to samefag and defend it

>> No.54450430

Give gk release date cucks

>> No.54450451

Your post makes no sense. How would you go about posting proof without pasting in ms paint or whatever, faggot. i ain't printing my whole screen for a coward like you, you don't even smoke crack

>> No.54450455

doesn't the marine index SPECIFICALLY refer to choosing GREY KNIGHTS as your chapter?

>> No.54450465

There are female Inquisitors and have been female Inquisitor models for a very long time. The fuck is wrong with you, you idiot.

>> No.54450467


>> No.54450494


>> No.54450518


>> No.54450536


>> No.54450656

the fuck is this idiot smoking?
rerolling charges is amazing for an assault army.

>> No.54450816


>> No.54450843

who dies to a pair of smites

>> No.54451375


gimme them guardians of the covenant

>> No.54451954


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