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Last Thread: >>54430990
Paste & Archives: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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go hog wild?

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Whatcha gonna pick, anon?

You ARE an author, right?

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How much lore is too much lore in cyoa? Is it better to leave things vague or to give it a large and interesting history.

Is it wrong to make all waifus suffering?

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Everyone loves lore, that's why stuff like Pokemon Personified is popular.

Nobody likes the waifus being suffering, that's why Pokemon Personified has had shitstorms about the ones who are.

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Cyber Eyes (-15)
Augmented Smell (-5)
Voice Modulator (-5)
Artificial Blood (-10)
Hypergrowth Hormone (-25)
Accessible Memory (-5)
Upload Knowledge (Seduction) (-5)
Assisted Aiming (-10)
AI Helper (-10)
Fast Thought (-10)

Manlets BTFO, I am super-Chad. Super-smart, able to detect the slightest changes in bloodflow and body language to detect changes in arousal, and tall and muscular as fuck.

Also, when the shit hits the fan, I'm an aimbot with an LMG. GG.


Picking the CYOA's only waifus, of course.


These seem to be the missions that play to my team's strengths.

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for what purpose

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Y'know, anon, there's no point to posting that thing anymore.

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Lore is great as long as it doesn't get too much in the way of the actual choices.

I like waifus being suffering as long as it feels organic to their situation and isn't just tacked on.

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'Nobody' is a hyperbole senpai. You understand what I meant.

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Right, but I was hoping to provide support for at least a niche audience if suffering waifus is what he wants to write.

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>Pokemon Personified is popular
Is it? Seems more like a niche cyoa.

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It has consumed multiple threads in discussion over it, so yes.

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>You ARE an author, right?
Soon to be author, i hope that counts.

>Invincible guardian of ocular ability
>Essential collection of lazy comforts
>Fetishy undergarments of reliable attractiveness
>Silky gloves of pleasurable content creation
>Virtual assistant of browsing and searching
>Goo maid of non-sexual cleaniness

With this i will become the best author in /cyoag/ Why this can't be real?

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>megacorporation cyoa still not finished

It's not the waiting that's the hardest part, it's accepting all that lost profit. All those lost sales.

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make it yourself you filthy jew

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Don't say Jew

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I cannot wait for Time Of Troubles 2 to be completed so that I can finally abandon the Magical Realm World that is cyoa general.

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You'll be back once you're done with your build.

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>Those digits
>tfw Pokemon Personified will never be made into a game.
>tfw even if it did a lot of the lore would be omitted.
It would've been good as a party based ARPG.

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I can't wait to be dissapointed when I can't turn russian boys into my cumsluts once again. So cruel.

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Was this index ever finished?

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No, thankfully I'm not you.
Why don't you make a russian mob cyoa like that?

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Missing a lot of old creators on this

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whats the criteria for making it onto the list?

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Some new ones too

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Sucking a lot of dick.

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how big are the ships, battleship in particular?

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>get back to working on a cyoa after half a year
>find out I deleted all the text ages ago

I think that does it in. I needed only one more category and I doubt I can find the motivation to do those 4k words again.

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>what're you gonna pick
Already posted my choices
>you are an author right?
Technically yes but it's been a while.

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A niche CYOA with a loud if small player base

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Dunno, big enough. Whatever makes sense.
Smallest you walk walk around in like a large house
Medium takes a little while to get to places, like walking around your neighborhood
Large taking hours to move from one end to the other.

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Why did you ...

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>cyoa has magic
>no spell to conjure frens

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>bullied by your past self
how low can you get...

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Have you considered the art of Necromancy[/Spoiler]?

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Heretic! Necromancer will never have frens!

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Who. Post their stuff.

Post work with a name it can be categorized by but you don't have to namefag. I usually only create a folder if the person's made 2 or more coyas.

There are a lot of folders that don't have an author name attached that I'm still sorting and typing up an index/catalog to. When it's done I'll release a mega link to the whole folder set for people to download.

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We have more creators than I thought.

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>QuietAnon's cyoas

It still hurts.

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As I had said a bit earlier, I hadn't really intended pocket dimension for multiplayer, BUT I certainly didn't say that in the CYOA so I can't hold it against you. I think it would only really be a big problem if you were using time dilation, which you did not select.

However, the major problem with your build is that companions don't get "fates". It says you can buy upgrades for companions, but fates are not upgrades. So, your trick of halving the costs of the physical upgrades twice will not work. Sorry. Companions already have all powers at discount; discounting them twice is absurd.

That's the point of CYOAs, anon, to slowly degrade your faith in your own humanity!

Will be updated as well. Not before next week.

Looks good to me!

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Which cyoa has the best grim reapers? Alternatively, which cyoa features the best afterlife?

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Why would you want to be a grim reaper?

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Pokemon Personified has both. Smert is best waifu and the afterlife isn't bad: Your soul either gets eaten, stays in the underworld, gets tossed back in the lifestream and reused for something else, you become a Ghost, or you go to heaven.

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>Not necRomancy

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>G-man companion gets nerfed
Thank god. i already have to respec some of my magics to imbue master of motion major, and imbue compulsion major, on my next incarnations to deal with the guy.

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Don't get too excited; it's not ultimately going to lose him *that* much.

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Yeah, But everything counts when dealing with him.

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I just wish I could make a build for it. Without autistic knowledge of pokemon I'm pretty much incapable of getting past the first steps.

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>Without autistic knowledge of pokemon
More numbers is always better

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>Without autistic knowledge of pokemon.
Unless you're a min-max fag, but even then: >>54443315

The only time autistic knowledge for pokemon comes in handy is when there is references to events from pokemon in there (Like Amew being the Mew who was experimented on to give birth to Mewtwo.)

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I'm still mad that the only build I bothered making got fucked because hypnosis isn't listed in the moves.

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I'm doing demonology now, not actively working on megacorp because I'm out of inspiration for a bit.
But it's playable in its current incarnation.

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You have to know what ALL the moves and abilities do and how they interact. You have to know typing, which ones are common and which are shit, and you need to know how the stats work and how much/what is worth investing in. Just reading through the near 1000 moves in the games is too much, but having some kind of understanding of which ones are actually decent is beyond me.

The alternative of course is just to look up some kind of known broken/exploit build and copy that, but that instantly takes all the fun out of it.

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Im not so sure about that because i sweeped with a whimsicott

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Don't suppose you have the picture for UniCo to share?

Also, between 5, 4 and 3, who has claim of Polynesia?
I'd think 5 as they have Micronesia and Melanesia also but you kind of cut out the entire Pacific Ocean.

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Where is this Pokemon Personified you speak of?

>> No.54443675

Go back a few threads, somebody dumped all ~37 pages at the end of one of them.

>> No.54443695

Sounds like it'd be easier to just make it a pdf...

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>~37 pages
And I thought Royal Revival was getting rather long (if still good) at 9.

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I don't have the unico picture anymore.
It used to be one of the first results for shaman I think.
Polynesia is iffy. You can take it as a part of 20, The Free Country or imagine it as contested territory.

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Italics, the guy who made Pokemon Personified made another cyoa that was around 50 pages long and when they put a pdf version it was 300 pages long.

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you need to make a hog cyoa first

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I still can not choose anything less than all the options

>> No.54444163

This seems like it should have more combination/expansion things like at the bottom.

>> No.54444174

It's a support move, dummy.

>> No.54444182

Stuffed, Vanilla, Warthog, Wild Boar
Be Cute, Locate Truffle, Charge, Squeal, Dig, Fly, Go Wild, Be Delicious
Piglette, Babe, Pumbaa, Twrch Trwyth, Bebop, Snowball
Miss Piggy, Petunia Pig, Anime girl with one of those weird nose hook things who is called "breeding sow" in the dialogue, Zhu

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Goddamn, I have so much more respect now for CYOA authors who write up many character descriptions for their CYOAs.

I'm at 27 of 35, and trying to come up with distinct personalities and traits is fucking exhausting.

>> No.54444248

No life extension?

>> No.54444295

>I'm at 27 of 35,
That is a really significant undertaking. Any reason you settled on 35?

>> No.54444297

The author said something about regeneration or shaoeshifting doing the trick

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So many pretty pictures...

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How do you get this mad over something as insignificant as it was?

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Attention whores get what attention whores deserve.

>> No.54444378

Did we ever determine if this was legit?

>> No.54444384

Yeah? Got any ideas?

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You guys remember that Linkin Park guy who offed himself. I made a couple references too the "Got soo far but in the end it doesn't even matter" Not too long ago in a cyoa and in a comment. Spoopy shit right?

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This anon >>54444248 just gave an idea. You were looking for some nice things the owners of a megacorp could get for themselves? Why not the good old life extension treatment? Only a high rep can get you into those clubs that offer it.

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>Wild Boar
I'm badass
>Locate Truffle
Makes a pretty penny
I don't know who this is, but I don't like the other choices.
>Anime Girl

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how is demonology going by the way?

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And I deserve nothing less than your unconditional love!

I blame his suicide on Gaythony Mantano. May screaming emo nu-metal meme man RIP in piece; it may be trash, but this shit was my middle school and Runescape days.

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>However, the major problem with your build is that companions don't get "fates". It says you can buy upgrades for companions, but fates are not upgrades. So, your trick of halving the costs of the physical upgrades twice will not work. Sorry. Companions already have all powers at discount; discounting them twice is absurd.

Ok, my bad. Will update my build.

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>Linkin Park guy who offed himself
I don't want to an ass, but did this really come as a surprise to anyone?

>> No.54444733

This is too complicated to actually play, I don't know what half my points do

>> No.54444747

I don't mean to be an ass, but why should I care about some celebrity offing themselves anyway? Plenty of people off themselves every day and I don't care about them either.

>> No.54444827

That's a good one. But what I really need is more followers.
Also, a more interesting bonus system for business focuses.

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>cyoa has warriors and mages
>mages are objectively stronger

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That's because magic is better than swords, anon. It's just a fact.

>> No.54444937

To be fair, I react the same way to every death I hear about. I can't speak for everyone, but the only reason I mention "celebrity" deaths in public is that others are aware of who I'm talking about.

My sister's friend died last week because he decided to drive a motorcycle at night while drunk, without a helmet.
I have no strong feelings on the subject, just a minor morbid fascination at how dumb people can be, myself included.

>> No.54444951

I'll never understand why people don't choose both.

>> No.54444969

Because specialisation always trumps master-of-none except in well-designed games.

>> No.54444984

But SDA, my love is worthless.
The best I can give you is the time it took to type this post.

>> No.54445087

>except in well-designed games

Well, yeah. But why have a game, when you can have a CYOA and make up everything beyond the core idea of what's happening?

>> No.54445112

Kill each other. Then kill yourselves.

>> No.54445120

Because CYOAs can be badly designed, and often are.
When they say "if you purchase this ability twice then you get MASTERY" you basically have to pick it twice otherwise it's wasted points.

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Repost and rebuild for the RP world.

>Immortal Wanderer (90)
>Tourist (70)
>Genius Level 3 (60)
>Memory of Ages (55)
>Polyglot (55)
>Economist (50)
>Mage Eye (48)
>All Physical Stats Level 0 (48)
>Master of Motion Major (38)
>Compulsion Minor (33)
>Disjunction Major (23)
>Pocket Dimension (18)
>Running Water and Toiletries (17)
>Chrono Computer with games and Book of Knowledge(11)
>Unpleasant Visage (16)
>Weak (21)
>RP World (31)
>Quests: Historian, Singularity, Free & Sustainable

"Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and... shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has... come again. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mister Freeman. Wake up and... smell the ashes."

>Companion: Gordon Freeman (29)
>Genius Level 2 (27.5)
>Memory of Ages Level 2 (26.25)
>Mage Eye (25.75)
>Strength & Speed Level 3 (21.75)
>Impervious Level 3 (12.75)
>Regeneration Level 2 (9.75)
>Endurance Level 2 (5.75)
>Personal Omni-Wear for both (4.75)
> Omni-Godslayer for both (2.25)
>Iron Gut (1.25)
>Non Reactor (0.25)

"You've been playing too much Half Life Anon."

This better? I love the creature comforts, security, theme, and internet the pocket dimension provides, but if its too problematic I can always replace it with Homeland.

I'm sorry to say that the nerfbat was quite... forgiving to Mr. Freeman.

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yet another reason why monster hunter will always be the best designed CYOA

>> No.54445354

Found the Stinking Bark fan.

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Vote on which Superhero CYOA you'd rather see, Marvel or DC: https://strawpoll.com/kh39f58d

>> No.54445513

Which universe though? What time period?

>> No.54445534

Ideally I'd include elements of all major alternate universes and time periods within the publication. Power levels would probably be closer to modern than classic, since there's better art for modern stuff.

>> No.54445546

I want SJW Marvel.

>> No.54445547

I can accept that. Cast my vote.

>> No.54445561

Does a combination of Monster Within and a Phoenix soul allow you to reincarnate once a year?

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>western capeshit at that

>> No.54445569

Highly, highly unlikely. Not from me, at least.

>> No.54445571

As, I think it'd be neat to lean into the pulpy golden age and silver age aesthetic. Sort of like the Laser Eye War. Still, it's understandable because it'd take a lot of extra work.

>> No.54445575

yes it does. It says you can use that monster's unique ability, and that is how it manifests

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File: 2.66 MB, 1669x3235, Your CYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Why not make your own super hero universe like OPM, BnH, DC, and Marvel and allow us to become our own heroes or villains within your lore and interesting world?

>> No.54445631

Only problem remaining is that companions explicitly cannot buy items. They can use items you pay for, but you can't pay half price for items by having companions buy them for you. Sorry for not catching that first time around.

And I don't think the pocket dimension is that big a deal, especially without the flexible entrance or time dilation.

>> No.54445656

Because that's a lot more work, and I'm looking for a fairly easy project because I'm out of practice.

>> No.54445663

Oh, wait, my bad! They are half price because you are Tourist. Looks good, in that case.

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File: 5.96 MB, 1200x10000, Nemesis CYOA 1 of 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 5.30 MB, 1200x9742, Nemesis CYOA 2 of 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Somehow when I set up a build for this, I ended up with almost totally equal stats.

1 Strength
2 Defense
3 Agility
2 Intelligence
4 Skill

chose +1 Skill Point

Toughness +1 Defense
Martial Arts +1 Skill
Flurry +1 Skill
Athletics +1 Agility
Enhanced +1 Strength
Shockwaves +1 Strength

Finesse +1 Intelligence

One with Nature +1 Defense
Bloodlust +1 Strength

Bladed Arms +1 Skill
Ancient Weapon +1 Skill
Enchantment +1 Intelligence

Indomitable +1 Strength
Blessed +1 Defense
Recall +1 Intelligence
Pocketing +1 Agility

Stat total
5 Strength
5 Defense
5 Agility
5 Intelligence
8 Skill

Underground Ruins 3 Skull 45 Tribute Points
Ancient Mountains 4 Skull 50 Tribute Points

Physiology -5 TP
Age -5 TP
Gender -5 TP
Beauty -5 TP

Forge -10 TP
Market -10 TP
Healing -5 TP
Training -5 TP
Map -5 TP
Hot Springs -5 TP
Inn -10 TP
Club -5 TP
Bounty -5 TP
Scavenging -5 TP
Alchemy -10 TP

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I vote for Boku no Hero!

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File: 4.61 MB, 1200x9511, Nemesis CYOA 3 of 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54445744

>Only problem remaining is that companions explicitly cannot buy items. They can use items you pay for, but you can't pay half price for items by having companions buy them for you. Sorry for not catching that first time around.

I'm the one buying it. The discount exists because I have the Tourist fate. The companion is the one who puts them to use, so they are listed under him.

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File: 5.02 MB, 1200x10000, Nemesis CYOA 4 of 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54445760

There's already a CYOA of that.

>> No.54445772

Sorry, should have tagged you with this.

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File: 7.78 MB, 1200x10000, Nemesis CYOA 5 of 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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So stuff like this?

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File: 6.73 MB, 1200x9405, Nemesis CYOA 6 of 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54445804


>> No.54445820

Only the djinn page left. Got all the demons, still need to give them stats and flavortext.

>> No.54445822

That's post-modern. I don't acknowledge its existence.

I dunno, I'm not into the show, so I never saved it. I've seen it come up from time to time, though.

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neither desu

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File: 5.25 MB, 1300x9285, Alchemist's apprentice Page 1 v1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Promised to make a tl;dr version, but now I'm not sure if it's needed. Are there any people who tl;dr'd this but want to read a shorter waifu picker based on something else?

>> No.54445889

I just need more Philip and Thomas in my life.

>> No.54445967

what a boring cyoa, pls stop

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Your total size is the combined size of all the companies you create. Every company exists out of brands of certain sizes. Every brand dedicates its size to peddling certain products.

With every business you choose in what territories it does business, this comes with security or law costs (having to invest in mercs or laywers).
With every brand you choose its character and attitude, this, combined with the chosen territory lands it with a reach score and a name score. (how many people know you and how much they appreciate you)
With every product you choose a market and sector it resides in. This, combined with the Name and Reach score of the parent brand decide how much money the product makes you.
Easy as pie.

>> No.54446067

So, I downloaded all >1000 CYOAs in the archive and I honestly don't feel like working through all of them. Could anyone recommend some favorites?

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>downloaded all
Nigger, you have fucked up.

>> No.54446112

Now upload them all to a single folder so I don't have to download them separately like an autist.

>> No.54446180

Thanks for the (you), but I still want an answer.

Just use a download manager, took me five clicks and three hours.

>> No.54446187

... well, that's a fetish.

>> No.54446385
File: 4.10 MB, 1300x7103, Alchemist's apprentice Page 2 v1.1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fug forgot to post the rest

>> No.54446398
File: 39 KB, 656x755, 1500656150328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enter Marvel/DC universe
>receive superpowers
>try to become a superhero
>realize all other superheroes look like tall, muscular models
>become known as that one ugly superhero by comparison
>no matter how many people you save, none of them truly admire or love you like they would another superhero

>> No.54446406

There actually are fat superheroes. One example is a hero named Bueno Excellente.

>> No.54446414

Wasn't there a shortstack witch cyoa?

>> No.54446489

>Bueno Excellente


>> No.54446494
File: 2.75 MB, 3507x2480, Shortstack Witch CYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54446572
File: 51 KB, 657x527, 1470487206979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>become superhero
>just a normal guy trying to save people
>except you're not a male model
>people assume you're some sort of pervert or villain in disguise
>your entire character is just one big joke

I think I'd rather become a supervillain and regurgitate acid into the faces of pretty people.

>> No.54446613

>not taking Pig God from One-Punch Man's way out of it
Say what you want about Jap fiction, but it was one alternative.

>> No.54446624

This is why you become a supervillain (or super"villain"), anon -- you can hide your figure under armor and spikes and do whatever pleases you without concern for public opinion. You can even still save people and stop crime, just do it with a bad attitude.

>> No.54446660
File: 7.42 MB, 1700x9982, MentorLoverFriend1.0_Page1of3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had to stop at 32, or I might have gone insane. It also seemed a good place since that just fit into three images. I will probably revisit this after some feedback, and add a fourth page once I have a better feel for what is "missing" in terms of options. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to one of the three images from before that did not end up making the cut.

Image 1 of 3.

>> No.54446673
File: 7.58 MB, 1700x9944, MentorLoverFriend1.0_Page2of3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54446676
File: 4.29 MB, 1300x7375, Alchemist's apprentice Page 3 v1.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54446686
File: 7.08 MB, 1700x9958, MentorLoverFriend1.0_Page3of3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54446703

That sounds pretty fun.

>> No.54446709

The most appreciated feedback would be to know if any of the descriptions are *particularly* unappealing. Ideally most of them should have something that makes you consider them as an option.

>> No.54446731

If I merge Divine Diva, Bitch Queen, Drider Queen and Soul Split, do I become the most insufferable individual in existence?

>> No.54446796
File: 976 KB, 350x263, Por que no los dos.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Marvel or DC

>> No.54446823

Can I have 3 companions be my mentor+lover+friend?

>> No.54446827

I don't see why you felt the need to mention Ciara Ni Riain's sexual experience when nobody else that I've read does. It comes across like an unnecessary detail and really stands out. Especially since it's not really part of her personality.

I generally think it's a bad idea design wise, it's like, you go on your first date with a girl, is she going to tell you about how much sex she's had before/mention her exes? It's just not the sort of thing that comes up.

>> No.54446833

>I'm sorry to say that the nerfbat was quite... forgiving to Mr. Freeman
Oh well, i guess i had put too many hopes in to it. I will be the one who wins in the end though

>> No.54446834

Again, because I want an easy project.

>> No.54446870

The girls don't really appeal to me, I see a lot of a pacifist vs. bitch dichotomy, and I'm neither submissive nor the type to adhere to some strict moral guideline.

>> No.54446876

You have one primary mentor, one primary lover, one primary friend. You can pick one person to be BOTH your mentor and lover, but you can't say ALL THREE ARE MY LOVER.

I mean, you're welcome to try to seduce multiple people, but only one is fated to fall in love with you.

It's a fair point. I was trying to express that, while traveling around, she is actively finding men/women and taking them to bed for casual sex. The reason I don't mention it for anyone else is that for the others you don't *know* whether they are a virgin or not. You have to ask them. For her, it's obvious. Does that make sense?

>> No.54446880

Not the author, that just read to me as being part and parcel of her YOLO (and not for long) attitude... which I suppose means it could probably be assumed from the general facts of her outlook.

>> No.54446914

Yo, can I give you some minor critiques I have for your Altering History CYOA? I really like the premise, but I have two significant hang-ups with it.

>> No.54446916

I can tell you Nina isn't going to be a popular one. Nobody likes a girl that's going to flirt with and seduce other men.

>> No.54446942

But I can't have a polygamous fated love relationship?

>> No.54446943

I laughed, only because can you imagine me posting *anything* here if I wasn't open to critique? But yes, I'm always open to improve the things I make.

Can I ask which ones you view as a "bitch"? The only ones designed to be somewhat bitchy are Evet (noble alchemist) and Siga (Mageslayer)

>> No.54446985

The first is that "The Dustbin of History" drawback automatically makes most of the quests impossible since they require you to be well known. A few of them don't, but it severely limits you, far more than the 10 or 15 points it gives. It should either give more points, or have a slower effect, to enable you to complete the quests before being forgotten.

The second is that the quest for making an eternal empire cannot be applied to the Roman Empire, which only came into being in 500 BC, and thus cannot exist for 3000 years by the present day. That's more of a personal nitpick, since I went in with the intention of making the Roman Empire eternal before I ever noticed the quest, but I was disappointed I couldn't pick up that quest because the Roman Empire started 500 years too late.

>> No.54446996

Eh i honestly don't care that much i already plan on romancing Abeta Ravencaller though but maybe i choose her as friend

>> No.54447002

To be fair, it doesn't say she seduces anyone. The only one that would fit the typical "slut" pejorative would be Ciara, in my opinion.

Not unless you channel Sartre. I have no moral objection to polygamy, but it is not the norm on this world. You'll have to work for it. Certain characters may be more open to the idea than others; infer from personality.

>> No.54447003

Accidentally, of course. Had the stuff in some random file and overwrote it when I had a batch of files automatically generated in that directory.

>> No.54447004
File: 146 KB, 396x335, 1361147303950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does that make sense?
It makes sense, but it displays how she's a really bad character for a waifu. You don't make someone who is actively slutty and fucking as many people as possible with you around a waifu. That's pretty much offputting to, well, basically everyone, concerned with virginity or not. You should really rethink that personality trait.

>> No.54447021

>To be fair, it doesn't say she seduces anyone
She uses her looks to get what she wants, which is seduction. Don't do the semantics thing.

>> No.54447039 [DELETED] 

Sulvora, unflinching nature fanatic. Lei is coldhearted and bitchy,

>> No.54447073


Ciaria isn't great as a non-mentor because of her live fast, die young nature -- at least that stood out to me. Death is an occupational hazard for mentors though

I don't mind Nina, she's not a Pure Waifu in attitude but she seems like she'd be a kind of kickass friend or OK mentor. Maybe even lover, knowing you'd be the only real target of her affections.

The zealots (Githiue, Siga and kiiiinda Dukon) don't appeal to me, BUT I know full well that's a personal issue, not an issue with them.

>> No.54447080

Why are men so obsessed with the purity of girls?

Meanwhile girls really don't care all that much. In this cyoa for example Edramir is my favourite even more so because he's such a fuckboy. The idea of him abandoning that lifestyle and all the other women to love only me makes me quiver.

>> No.54447107

Sulvora, unflinching nature fanatic, Lei is coldhearted and bitchy, Evala is arrogant and moody, Cilia is borderline personality disorder, Lothienye hates humans, Githiue is a religious fanatic, Nina is arrogant and manipulative, and Evet is an arrogant noble that treats you like shit.

>> No.54447113

She's fine. Some people like that kind of thing.

>> No.54447127

I've never met a single woman that likes a guy talking about his exes or bragging about his sexcapades before he met her. That's a real quick way to make her act jealous and pissy.

>> No.54447162

>Why are men so obsessed with the purity of girls?
Lots of reasons, but paternity is is the main one. Normal men don't want to invest in another man's child.

>> No.54447170

No, not after you start dating. Then it's a huge red flag. But the knowledge you stole away a man from all those sluts and now he's devoted to you is A+. Taming the playboy is the best trope out there.

>> No.54447201

None of these stand out to me as poor choices or badly written. I'd take Clara Ni Riain as my lover, Wulfe Bearskinner as my mentor (can I learn her ability to steal the power of my kills?), and then friend is a hard choice between Nina Milas and Kathil Songweaver. I'd probably go with Kathil just because she fits in better with the band I'm building.

>> No.54447211

You read to me like one of /tg/s anons talking about their genderswap fetish and related subfetishes than an actual woman, so I'm going to take everything you say with a big pile of salt.

Also you criticizing other women for being sluts kinda echoes the male attitude, don't you think? Doesn't put you in a place to judge it.

>> No.54447222

I'm not particularly moved on the first point. Drawbacks are supposed to make certain things hard, but I will give it another look.

I do take your second point very well, though, and will reconfigure that one slightly in the next update so that the Roman Empire can qualify, if expansive enough.

So perhaps she makes a better friend than a waifu? One of the reasons I made all characters from the same pool is so that I don't have to make everyone ideal waifu material. I appreciate the input on that point, though. As evidenced by other responses, though, some people are okay with it. My hope is to have a very broad range of appeal, personality wise.

As you like. She would certainly use her body to distract a guard. I don't view that as "seduction", but as you say, it's just semantics.

Excellent input; thank you.

With respect, I think you are greatly exaggerating the traits that I wrote them with. I don't say that you can't interpret them that way, in their worst light, but they do not have to be interpreted that way by any means.

>> No.54447226

One of the worst things about criticism here is always the lying devil's advocates. You KNOW you just want to encourage him and don't like the characters or want to share the girl with a dozen other guys. But you do it because of his feelies.

>> No.54447253

>they do not have to be interpreted that way
All I'm doing out is pointing those traits out, not reinterpreting them. Characters that expect you to bow and scrape, and who expect you to suck up to their religion, people who actively ARE bitchy to others, are not nice people no matter how you slice it.

>> No.54447260

What the fuck are you even talking about? You're so stuck up your own ass that people's opinions get classified as lies?

>> No.54447276

I'm not lying. I've seen anons say they like experienced women. Let them have their girl.

>> No.54447277

>So perhaps she makes a better friend than a waifu?
They're all meant to work as waifus, so I don't think this instantly dismisses the criticism.

>> No.54447283

None of the girls are going to be shared if taken as the lover. Nina sounds like a cocktease, not a slut, and Clara explicitly is stated as being monogamous for the right person. There are problems with a lot of the characters, but I don't see them as being overbearing. I'm perfectly thrilled with my fem-Viking warband.

>> No.54447291

Well, for one example, you took a character that wants you to refer to her as "Lady", and interpreted that as "bow and scrape". That's not written there. For another example, you took a character who has a duty to eliminate unnatural menaces and be a diplomatic envoy "Sulvora", and made her an "unflinching nature fanatic". Also not written there.

>> No.54447306

Mentor; Tige Ealhsin
Wind martial arts? Hell Yah!
Thou I take it I haft to travel to the Monasteries to learn everything?
Lover; Nina Milas
Lover is a personal taste thing, So long as she's loyal I don't care if she flaunts her bod.
Friend, Edramir dorwine
Hi's talents I think will help this awkward group.
And he reminds me of a friend of mine.

>> No.54447312

They're all meant to work as waifus/husbandos for some-anon, not for every-anon.

>> No.54447330

Much appreciated. I could live without the points from Dustbin if I could have my Eternal Roman Empire.

>> No.54447348

Fucking enter button. To continue, in regards to her as a friend, someone spending all their time chasing ass is going to distract from whatever we're doing, eat up our supplies, and generally waste tons of time and put us all at risk by bringing strange people along. She'd make a very bad friend.

You asked if anyone thought an option was completely anathema and had nothing you'd want, and that's Ciara. Hell I honestly think all of the girls are boring. I agree that finding a woman who A) Isn't going to talk down to me B) Isn't way too lawful good or C) Isn't a turbo slut is pretty hard in this CYOA, it limits it to one or two barebones choices.

And regarding people saying they like her, they only piped up after I complained. Someone always does that to any complaint in this thread. Wouldn't put any stock in them.

>> No.54447383

>I need these three ultra specific character traits
>People only spoke up when I acted like a retard

>> No.54447392

Expecting to be referred to by an honorific title isn't something people just do, it's something you insist on because you care about status. That you place yourself above and superior to the person who you are demanding call you by that title. So yes, she is expecting you to bow and scrape and adhere to etiquette... etiquette of an inferior towards their superior.

>> No.54447421

Evala. Imindis. Lei. Three on the first page who don't have those three problems. They have their own quirks, but none of them are snooty, slutty, or lawful good.

>> No.54447437
File: 1.74 MB, 1959x4969, Dream Princess full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54447474

I wasn't aware 'not an asshole' and 'not religious' was somehow a rare and super specific trait. What universe do you come from?

Evala, the person who only cares about her research and who experiences moodswings? Lei, the girl who is prickly towards you and doesn't care about other people's suffering? Who only cares about herself?

Yeah no, come off it anon.

>> No.54447487

Please do not misunderstand, I appreciate the criticism; an echo-chamber is not helpful in improving works. That doesn't mean I will agree with or adopt it all.

Can I ask who you consider the "bare-bone choices"? I'm just trying to get a read on how they are interpreted, because there are not many intended to be the kind to "talk down". The noble is certainly one of them.

As far as putting stock in people wanting more experienced women, I do not need input here to assure me of that reality. So, really, whether or not that particular anon is lying is immaterial (though I think it a bit crude to assume someone's opinion is a lie because you don't agree with it).

My CYOA is intended to create a broad range of appeal in personalities, not to have a large number of choices that appeal to everyone. I find the latter dull. Criticism is helpful, though, in that it helps me see whether there are gaps in personality.

In editing this, I'm far more likely (and almost certainly will) add more options to increase range of appeal, than edit those that don't appeal to your particular sensibilities.

>> No.54447495
File: 4.43 MB, 1000x7732, Hotei CYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54447497

I didn't say they were good, I said they didn't have the extremely specific problems you mentioned. You're moving the goalposts.

>> No.54447572

It could just be because I'm in a good mood today, but I actually like pretty much all of these companions. Usually, when I go through a companion list people are disqualified for being more trouble than they're worth, having characteristics that clash with my character, or being an inferior version of another companion. I could see myself enjoying a journey with any of them.

My top three choices, at the moment, would probably be Imindis Hornmarked, Mumbali, and Nina Milis. I like Lady Evet too, gotta love alchemists.

I think your art choice does a lot to make them more appealing and unique too.

>> No.54447576

>Evala, the person who only cares about her research
>Description of Evala: "...not without compassion, and certainly not without care for her friends..."
Given this deliberate dismissal of description, I don't think there is much I can do to please you, anon, without completely eliminating any hint of negative personality traits.

>> No.54447577
File: 560 KB, 447x684, 1234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could I request source for this image? I can't find it, even after cutting it out and reverse searching.

It's from this CYOA:

>> No.54447611
File: 592 KB, 1234x1078, 1500570429518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People typically only voice their complaints, though. The people who like things the way they are either post a build and get along their way or don't post at all until someone who disagrees with their opinions comes along. Furthermore, pessimists like you tend to amplify negatives for no good reason, like "they're all turbosluts."

>> No.54447614

Not an asshole and not religious eliminate a good 90% of this world, yourself included.

>> No.54447640
File: 3.34 MB, 1200x9769, Infected page 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RIP Tok, you were the greatest lewd author known to /d. We shall always remember you and honor your memory by re-posting the legacy you left behind. A titan has fallen, a god has died, a hero has quit, but the stories you left behind shall always be remembered.

>> No.54447662

>Two barebones choices
Imindis and Sheli. I don't share any of the first one's interests, but her only major negative is the confidence issues. Sheli is alright enough. Core problem is that 2 out of 16? (I didn't count the girls but I know it's 32 total) isn't a very good choice spread for any individual and they still don't have anything that really 'clicks' and makes me want to imagine hanging out with these people.

But they do have the problems I mentioned. They're assholes.

I don't care if she appeals to me in particular, I'm countering the idea that she's not bitchy. First part of that text reads like an excuse and the second isn't exactly endearing (especially since it goes on to explain what her attitude is going ot be like to you at first.)

>> No.54447667
File: 5.51 MB, 1200x9493, Infected page 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54447688
File: 4.99 MB, 1200x9600, Infected page 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54447717

1) They're not, and other people have already mentioned why you're completely unreasonable so I'll leave it at that.

2) You didn't ask for non-assholes. You said not lawful good, wouldn't talk down to you, and aren't turbosluts. Condescension is not the same as being an asshole in general; nothing indicates even the assholes would act poorly towards their friend/lover/student.

>> No.54447723

I rarely save the images from my cyoas...
Sorry anon.

>> No.54447773

Githuiue sounds like she wouldn't be very fun to travel with. Being unwilling to accept anything outside of your religion is a recipe for really aggravating conflicts.

Lothienye isn't very appealing either, mainly because from the way she is written it seems like she's really difficult to connect to. Anger "when she sees the slightest sign of nature being despoiled" makes her sound like a fairly unpleasant person to be around just because there are probably going to be a lot of things that set her off. Also, her disinterest even in more artistic works like storytelling or music if they happen to be manmade makes her seem kind of dull.

>> No.54447782

Thanks for the build. Yeah, the idea is that you have the *potential* to learn any of the skills, so Wulfe can definitely teach you those secrets.

Tige could teach you a lot, but if you wanted to be a true master, yeah, the Monasteries would be your best bet. As far as Lovers go, any Lover you choose will be loyal to you. And dear Edramir will definitely bring laughter to the group.

Very, very nice to hear, anon. Thank you.

I don't think this CYOA is going to be for you, anon. I apologize. I can't help but see your criticisms as inflating negative personality traits of flawed individuals. And I know you disagree, and I respect that, but I don't think we're going to reach a point of agreement. When I write something positive about a character, you say it is "an excuse". I do appreciate you taking the time to give input, though. With a little luck the fourth page will include some that have more appeal for you, but they will all have flaws.

>> No.54447790
File: 640 KB, 964x1058, corp security.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- Size 100
- Connections 20

Sancto Domini
- Loyalty
- Leadership (Employees are trained not just to be followers but to be leaders, and are encouraged to train those below them the same. This makes them highly robust to both change and crisis as every leader lost can allways be replaced by those blow him.)

>Head office
Area 3. Free Radical sports bionics US (size 20)
- Demo: Young people
- Image: Rebellious
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Medicine
Area 3. Razera military industries US (size 20)
- Demo: Buiseness-to-Government (+10)
- Image: Efficiant
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Transportation
Area 3. Razera sports cars US (size 5)
- Demo: Rich people
- Image: Innovative (+10)
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Transportation
Area 2. Free Radical sports bionics Europe (size 20)
- Demo: Young people
- Image: Rebellious
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Medicine
Area 2. DEES sports drinks Europe (size 15)
- Demo: Young people
- Image: Innovative
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Sports,
Area 2. Razera military industries UK (size 10)
- Demo: Buiseness-to-Government
- Image: Efficiant (+5)
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Transportation
Area 5. Razera sports sports cars AUS (size 10)
- Demo: Singles (+5)
- Image: Innovative
- Tactics: Establish Identity
- Products: Transportation

I have to say that i kinda got lost on the rest of the section. The words and buzzwords used seemed difficult to add up and track. So i'll just leave it what ive got.

>Security Forces:
Troopers 5 10sec (These are recruited from Free Radicals sports programs and come from the paintball and freerunning teams, aswell as the inline skating teams. They mostly come from the lower leagues of these sports programs and it is a condition of their employment that they augment the standard watchmen security guards.)

Thats enough for now.

>> No.54447797

OK gonna share my mind on all of these, just stream of consciousness whatever I think.

As a mentor offers a jumping-off point but not great long-term growth if you want to specialize and grow in power. As a friend, he's great for knowledge-type folks and less for others.

Pretty average as a mentor, like do you want to learn her stuff? As a lover she seems like the "Cold and distant ice queen but with a heart of gold" which isn't my style but some people really love because you see it everywhere. As a friend it seems like she'd take a LONG time to be not just business but loyalty is her strong suit and in business and beyond that's a good thing to have

Knowledgable enough to make a good mentor, chill enough to make a good friend, just don't rely on him in a firefight.

She will not comfort or coddle you. Great trait in a mentor, acceptable in a lover (at least for me), kinda iffy as a friend. I love the passion for the unknown though, that could make up for it if you don't mind her low empathy for outsiders

Total bro tier, good mentor good friend, he's just a little weird/foriegn

I like her better than Sulvora as a friend or lover (worse as a mentor -- you can't do thethings she does). I feel she's got a better personality to play the "Will take some time to warm up/open up" with. Honestly, I kind of want to take her as friend because she'd seem to need it as much as I would.

Great mentor if you want to follow his path and decent friend

Not a good mentor since her prime skills can't be taught but as a lover or friend, wow. I like having the waifu option of someone who's impetuous with her own desires, not just living waiting for that partner.

Seems like he'd make a good friend (If he's your friend you're cool with void magic) and was my favorite mentor of the WIP set, still top tier because he's deep in an interesting field.

-10hp :'(

>> No.54447811

Excellent! Hot warband, complete with skald, away!

>> No.54447830

Hypothetically, if someone were to be writing a waifu-picker with light chess theming, what should they call it? All the things I can think of sound pretentious as all hell.

>> No.54447832

Very useful! I didn't intend for Githuiue to be unable to accept anything outside of her religion, just unable to accept things that contradicted her religion. I can see how that would be overly aggravating in terms of her being unappealing. I'll consider the issue.

Similar for Lothienye, I can see where you are coming from, and consider weakening those traits slightly.

>> No.54447835

I just got here, someone tell me whats going on with tolk please.

>> No.54447863

Some people didn't like his latest work so he threw a hissy fit and fucked off somewhere.

>> No.54447875

Love: Black and White
Love is a Battlefield
That's Wizard's Chess
Game of the Heart
Check Your Mate
King Me

>> No.54447888

>They're not
I've mentioned their actual personality traits, what have you done but make one line rejections? I don't care what other people say if this is all they do.

I guess I should say that I consider being an asshole to me 'talking down'? If you really are so invested in being a pedant about it.

With a little extra thought, I think I know the core issue.

It's a lack of shared interests. I'm interested in science and study at heart, but all the academic characters in this CYOA are the ones with the worst attitudes. There's nobody I can get along with as a human being AND share my interests with. This is why I'm not into any of them.

Can't help but bead this post as just a dismissal. You and those anons act like you put up a spirited defense of these characters when all you did was maybe quote one line per reply but otherwise just post "No." Indeed, the case you're talking about here is a mention that 'she's not without compassion', which in writing is often used to denotate a character who is going to behave hateful/malignant but who you want to include at least one humanizing element to. While she doesn't go so far as to deserve those labels, just the statement of 'she's cold-hearted but she isn't without compassion' doesn't indicate anything else without some better examples of what she actually WILL be compassionate about.

>> No.54447898

can someone post magical awakening?

>> No.54447925

Alright i decided
>Mentor: Alion Ellonen - Blade Singer
A smug elf yes, but his decades(?) of experience, and his ability to cast while fighting makes him a great mentor with skills that i want to learn.
>Lover: Abeta Ravencaller - Witch of the eastern deserts
She wants to purge the worlds evils by fire and considering her(real) age probably for really good reasons. That fire, That conviction, she really does has something that i really like. Not sure what it is though.
>Friend:Nina Milas - Summoner
Heh, She really does seem like a person to share a good laugh with. Maybe a bit too vain but eh, i am already dealing with the elf so it can't be that bad

>> No.54447941

The last two seem pretty good.

>> No.54447951
File: 303 KB, 1200x1800, checkmate_amazon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54447979

Good shit anon

>> No.54447990
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>> No.54447999

>King me
>Suggesting a checkers-themed name for a chess-themed CYOA

>> No.54448017 [DELETED] 

Love's Gambit

>> No.54448024

Good point

>> No.54448047

Love's Gambit

>> No.54448049

I like Black and White for this hypothetical CYOA. Thank you, I appreciate the help.

>> No.54448063

Excellent detail in input, thanks. What's the "-10hp" mean, though?

>Interested in science and study at heart... This is why I'm not into any of them.
This is actually, really helpful, anon. There aren't many who are into academic knowledge. I mean, it's a fantasy setting, so there aren't going to be true scientists, but I'll add at least one "knowledge is power" type to the 4th page.

>bead this as dismissal
Think of it rather, anon, as recognition on my part that we are flatly not going to agree on that particular point, and a desire to move on to more productive pursuits. Descriptions are limited, and there is a certain amount of reading into the characters that must be done. I do not read them as you do, and that's all.

>> No.54448074

Well, my opinion is shit, but you asked for it.
I really like potions and alchemy, but I also have a strong distaste for haughty nobles.

/Ms./ Evet has a skill set I like, but simply isn't my cup of tea. That isn't to say that this wouldn't lead to an interesting party dynamic, and I've already considered several combinations involving her, but all of them combine Friend and Mentor into a single character while leaving her as a distant college.

Just my opinion though. Alchemy and weird nobles go together well, and she's a fine character. I just don't like her.

>> No.54448081


If it wasn't clear, I'm the one who'd shared that complaint about Ciara before.

Great friend if you're on his side, terrible if you're not, that's kinda his thing.

The magic mood swings are interesting. I think she'd make a better friend or mentor than lover but that's just me.

Fairly good mentor, I like the thought of being more a competitive junior than a straight-up student.

One of two whose names trip me up. She seems like a Druid Mentor and... that's about it. There's not a lot to her as a person that's not tied up in druid-ness.

Fairly good mentor, maybe better friend. I kind of like thinking of befriending him as a martial and doing the "Vitriolic best buds" act, as well as naturally as a mage.

The other real tongue/finger twister name and... wow this is the kind of bitch I hate. But she's more for the DEUS VULT crowd.

Great friend, actually comes with an arc built in, but I'm not sure what he'd offer as a mentor.

I didn't want to like her but I like her, there. It's the curiosity and wonder that won me over, I almost wonder if "Sense of wonder" couldn't be played up over "Purey pure heart". I mean she has and could still have both but it seems a better counterpoint to naive. Two sides of the same coin.

You can't trust him. That's a big imposition but I guess if he's your mentor he'll show you how to lie?

Very much the amazon/barbarian girl. She owns the trope but because she's stern and disciplined she might be a little light. I like that she's not dull and doesn't "Grr smash puny sparkly man" and instead respects magic and presumably trade skill as well as martial skill. Maybe hint the way(s) in which she could grow, though?

Seems a better mentor than friend, but will grow with a friend so that turns it around. He's interesting.

>> No.54448088
File: 7.84 MB, 1700x3994, USA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54448093

I'm curious about the people who choose to genderbend in their CYOA choices.


>> No.54448117

One SD?

>> No.54448141
File: 172 KB, 1218x671, bell curve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

standard deviation.

>> No.54448151
File: 1.80 MB, 250x189, 1263005555603.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imindis would make a good friendo. If we are just friends then she knows I don't have an ulterior motive when I tell her she's pretty and to not listen to children who tease. We would probably get along since we seem similar and we could relate.

Kathil would be a good mentor. I'd like to learn music and use it to inspire and entertain. Plus it would be nice to sing songs about..

Suse. It seems like she would approve of my profession. And I could play while she worked, so she would have the hippest hospital in the land. I would always be helpful and supportive of her and her work. We go around doing good, her healing the body and me healing the nerves.

>> No.54448167

1SD below average would mean being uglier than 84% of the population

>> No.54448207

Mate in One.

>> No.54448234
File: 114 KB, 500x281, 1500461223409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54448235

hmm... I'm not saying I definitely will, but if there were a male alchemist who I could make distinct enough from her power-wise, would you be more inclined to take him? (whether as a mentor or whatever)

As, that answers my question about Ciara.

Yeah, Cilia is meant to be a fantastical embodiment of the stereotype of the woman with extreme mood swings. As a lover, she would not be for me either.
Lothienye does seem like she needs some work after two good criticisms.
Love the vitriolic buds bit with Umur.
You make a good point on Suse; I'll consider it.
Edramir... I may need to add in there somewhere that he's loyal to his friends.
Wulfwe, very interesting idea.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, anon.

>> No.54448238

That's a neat concept, but I think it would sound better with almost any other number of moves.

>> No.54448275
File: 274 KB, 346x408, AreYouTryingToHaveFun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ebin meltdown

>> No.54448288

Too vain for that sorry. i consider myself pretty good looking i would accept an equivalent exchange though Well not really i don't want to be hot i want to be cute and adorable

>> No.54448300 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.97 MB, 366x360, 1500666528303.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Check Em

>> No.54448322
File: 707 KB, 480x270, 1sg1ftrd.wizardchan.1398294769262.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

W-wah! I g-got 'em. D-did you see it g-guys? I got d-dubs!

>> No.54448335
File: 1.71 MB, 498x338, congrats.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You did it!

>> No.54448340

Tok if you are going to leave then do so.
We are getting tired of you autofelating yourself.

>> No.54448350
File: 97 KB, 520x600, 1470629865904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Everything was nerfed.

Wow it's complete dogshit now.

>> No.54448357
File: 130 KB, 600x1008, 1476904673332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have to agree with >>54444116 .

Anon, we're gonna have a hellish three years of suffering but damn it'll be awesome once we get past wanting to die from the agony and confusion.

>> No.54448363
File: 273 KB, 700x900, 1405698012727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Waaahhhh!! I g-got them twice!

>> No.54448364


A good mentor since she's a knowledgable specialist, if you don't mind her envious side. I don't like zealots, but a lot of people will.

Best mentor on the world itself, but other than his unknown-and-dont-you-dare-ask past he seems a little... plain? Like he's not bad but he;s business at business time, chill after hours, seems pretty normal... I'll give him a pass for that past.

Speaking of checkered noodle incident pasts, I like hers! The more I think of her the more I like her. She's flirtatious without being slutty (Which IMO is fine in a waifu/lover), has a nice little character flaw in that vanity that could be fun to work with, and seems really fun to be around as a friend while having a special skill to teach as a mentor.

Kind of a male Nina, he just seems like he;d be a blast without being unrealistically all-upside. Good character.

Has to trade a lot on dwarvendom. You say she;s Wonder/Pride but her text reads more like curiosity/temper.

A good mentor with some neat hints about the world in his text, but seems kind of hard to befriend. Might be worth it, though.

>Lady Evet
I don't mind that she's a noble who wants to be addressed by her title, it's her fucking title and I read that more as at least an affectation of being prim, proper, and standing on ceremony. Affectation because she's up for alchemy and the dark arts, so however much of a blueblood she is there's another side. I like her a lot.

Has a little more personality than just being Druid Mc. Druid so if one of the druids would be cit I'd keep him and cut/rewrite Lothienye since has more of a personality beyond job.

God-tier mentor, fucking wierd to Waifu since this incarnation seems like she's physically still a kid, weird but potentially good friend.

>> No.54448413
File: 376 KB, 1280x1495, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hargen, the Harbinger of the New World


Born Leader

Cursed One

Astral Mark

Witch Allyn


Hawk Griffin

>Starting Location
Putrid Slum

I will use my gifts to usher in a new age. I will rally those who despise the crown and make them my cultist. I will use them to wage war upon the crown and upon those who would dare oppose my rise to power, and I will crush them into submission. I will become the king of this new world, an absolute and eternal monarch. Those who worship me will be gifted, and those who oppose me will be killed.

>> No.54448445

Got verbose there...

Again, doesn't seem a great mentor choice because inborn powers, though maybe he could unlock hidden potential? Really he seems like a lover choice for those interested in a male lover.

Okay, she honestly made me chuckle. Seems like an overactor, which is common in performance-type people, but the positivity is a good balance point to avoid her becoming a drama queen. Just the idea at her waxing poetic on whatever slime pit we've fallen into makes me want to consider her as a friend or, with the right idea of the story to live, even maybe a Lover. And she's a master specialist so she's a legit mentor choice too, one who would be a little more interesting than just a teacher.

>> No.54448484

>Silent, Determined Servant of Servos
>Truthful Statistics of Myriad Information
>Virtual Assistant of Browsing and Searching
>Instant Break Time of Indefinite Length
>Goo Maid of Non-Sexual Cleanliness
>Control Center of Enviromental Status

Yea, would use the trutthful statistics for insider trading to become rich.
But I wouldn't be an asshole about it.
I'd use the monies on education and the indefinite break time to hit the books hard.
If it's something that can conceivably be reached trough enough contemplation I'd try to do so.

I'd also buy a latex suit for the Goo Maid and hit it off anyway.

>> No.54448530
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, DeathOfADeviant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So did I miss our funeral for Tok?
Who gave the eulogy?

>> No.54448550


Pump your brakes, kid. That man was a national treasure.

>> No.54448570
File: 2 KB, 189x160, REEEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I didn't get everything I wanted
>I actually had to make hard choices
>I will go ahead a screech like a autist I am

>> No.54448580


Mentor: Oakstrider. It sounds like he has the most to teach and the patience to teach it, and on top of that just sounds like a cool guy to hang out with.

Lover: Tough one. I like Kathil, Imindis, and Evala. I think I might prefer Kathil the most, but it's a close thing.

Friend: Suse. I want to ruffle her hair until she stamps her feet and insists that she's not a child and that she can take care of herself.

The only one I actively disliked was Lothienye. Her only role seems to be druid mentor, and for that I'd much rather take Oakstrider. The only reason I can really see to take Lothienye over him is that Lothienye is an attractive woman, but she's grating enough that I wouldn't really want her as a lover.

>> No.54448619
File: 4.81 MB, 2600x1988, 7th sorcery adventure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54448621

>would you be more inclined to take him
Probably. Alchemy can have more to it than potions and poisons, and depending on who you make, they may come into competition with my options for mentor. (Alenso, Ilhas, and Abeta, to name them.)

>> No.54448648

Yeah, I didn't really care about the number, I just wanted it to be a "Mate in X" name. You can choose any other number if you want.

>> No.54448652


What are you talking about? Not only is there an option to take 40 more points AND keep your immortality after the current day is passed once again, but he added more bullshit magic options like Compulsion.

It's basically a more refined version, with pictures and more options for rp worlds

>> No.54448665

>if there were a male alchemist who I could make distinct enough from her power-wise, would you be more inclined to take him?
More alchemists are good. I'd be totally interested in seeing one who's into transmutation or homunculus/takwin shenanigans.

>> No.54448680

With respect, anon, I'm not sure what you're on about. Presuming you are comparing to the 1st edition, I'm fairly certain the only thing nerfed is the imperviousness thing, and that's only for multiplayer. In all other respects the new version gives you more flexibility, and more assured immortality.

Thanks again for all the great feedback. Specific responses on a few:
Will reconsider whether her stated traits match her text.
Yeah, Alion I original chose as the trap option. But I actually found a way I think to incorporate him into the lore in a meaningful way, so that he doesn't *have* to be that. But if I can put an option in there that is appealing to some without compromising the integrity of the setting, I certainly don't mind doing so.
Yeah, Lothienye definitely needs work I'm now convinced.
I take no stance on people waifuing her. It's not to my tastes, and if anyone asks me under oath I'm assuming they wait until she grows up. Remember that Abeta has a soft spot for innocents, though, so god help them if she thinks they are pedos.
He was initially chosen as a pretty-boy, but the text at the beginning is supposed to indicate that anon has the potential to learn from *any* of the people. I should probably make that more clear.

>> No.54448695

Really cool that you made a moodboard.
That's one of my favorite things with overlord cyoas, the builds can become little pieces of worldbuilding by themselves.

>> No.54448712
File: 5.40 MB, 1500x9000, fk_Page_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Completed page 2 incoming.

>> No.54448752
File: 7.22 MB, 1500x9000, fk_Page_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54448796

Woah, an update. I've been looking forwards to this.

>> No.54448825

What would be a GrimBright setting?

>> No.54448851


>> No.54448860

The third level of strength and speed was completely removed it's not even there for non multiplayer only like impervious.

>> No.54448873

He's not dead, he just became an exclusive reddit cyoa author now.

>> No.54448958

poor stuff man, you suck

>> No.54448980

>when you post oc and some fag just calls you a fag

>> No.54449011

That's the last straw, I'm going to Reddit.

$25 gift certificates here I come.

>> No.54449028

Oh shit, I can get money from Reddit? Hold up, lemme come with.

>> No.54449037
File: 1.25 MB, 600x340, lolloli.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54449075

Oh hey Wyrm you are still alive! do you have any proyect in the making?

>> No.54449079

Other than Sex I'm not sure what else to pick.

>> No.54449111

I'm the one prepping this Superhero CYOA, as an easy project to get back in the swing of things. After that, I might do something more original with some actual lore.

>> No.54449119

>not picking the Familiar option as a way of thanking the guy who saved you and also his entire dimension

>> No.54449120

Yeah, it's official. Lothienye will either be changed or axed for the next one.

Thanks for the build! Love the imagery with Suse.

Takwin is a great idea, especially.

Smart, sexy, with access to forbidden knowledge. Sign me up.
>True Love, Mutual Major Advantage, +10
>Interests, Mutual Minor Advantage, +10
>Attraction, Mutual Minor Advantage, +10
>Libido, none, +10
>Empathy, Mutual Minor Advantage, +10
>Dominance, Your Minor Advantage, +5
>Support, none
>Others, Mutual Major Advantage, +5

>Pointy Ears
>Fairy Eyes
Charming King of Peace

>Sun's Tail

Hmm... I had to check, but you're right. I'm not sure why I did that, to be honest. (That's not "everything", though I will note). However, I have no issue adding that back in to the next version, restricted to non-multiplayer.

>> No.54449160

Nah, man. If I pick Maurelle, then Heartstone and Dark City are the obvious choices.

>> No.54449174

My cyoa is set in an alternative universe with technology comparable to our late middle ages. I'm looking for pictures of landscapes and companions, probably mostly females becaue reason. I want to try art different than than anime-looking stuff. Which link from the pastebin should I click if I want to something at least as reliable as boorus in finding various cute anime girl pics? Collecting pics is my least favorite part of cyoa making.

>> No.54449313
File: 120 KB, 392x495, 1500552130966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cyoa makes you choose between your love for mpreg cuntboy societies and your obsession for minmaxxing

>> No.54449330

the problem is that if you want a good relationship you'll end up with spare mg

>> No.54449356

Updating my build, with a bit of blending
>Mentor (/friend) - Tige Ealhsin
Learning spirit channeling, talking philosophy, not being a lazy shit - it's all good.
>Lover (/mentor) - Evala Harvest
She's definitely up there for waifus, and two different techniques that are powered by the spirit have to interact somehow.
>Friend (/lover) - Nina Milas
Too high energy to get into a proper relationship with, but definitely fun to fool around - and I might try to crib some enhancement techniques off her.

Pretty simple magic build, might dabble in shamanism or 'traditional' magic later.

The new choices seem just as interesting as the other ones, and there isn't any major role left unfilled - maybe a (female) drunken master, or spirit caller/shaman, but those are generally secondary.

>> No.54449359

As an ugly girl, I'm interested in the results of this poll too.

>> No.54449377
File: 7.41 MB, 1696x7648, 1500574323625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449398

He should give us an option to spend extra mg on fairy absinthe and LSD

>> No.54449405

deviantart, artstation and coolvibe seem to suck, at least for image hunting
pinterest and pixiv require an account so didn't check them
the rest is full of anime

>> No.54449430
File: 1.05 MB, 900x1100, 1500517461076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449432

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not in love with the public works. The thing bothering me is that some of them almost punish you for not picking them. Example: not picking Seasons implies certain fairies and spirits will die.

>> No.54449461
File: 1.14 MB, 1510x1994, 1500533476867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449488
File: 1.44 MB, 1510x1994, 1500533604488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449513

THis. Personally I'd pick Breeding Rights as the second choice. Can't have too many fantastic creatures in a fairy kingdom.

>the problem is that if you want a good relationship you'll end up with spare mg
Does it matter? You're not penalized for having MG left over, and if you get the kind of realtionship you want anyways, I don't see the problem.

>> No.54449515

Thank you for not abandoning this.

>> No.54449519
File: 1.19 MB, 1510x1994, 1500533540375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449527

I've seen shit like it (i.e. probably fanart from the same "series" or whatever) in the Scary Waifu threads on /d/. You could look there.

>> No.54449540

Yeah that's a fair point. Changed weakening to weaker which should get rid of that implication.

>> No.54449551
File: 1.85 MB, 1510x1994, 1500535389671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449579
File: 1.13 MB, 800x1400, 1500493613881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449589

>Everyone hates the previous king/queen and sanctioned fucking everything
How the fuck she managed to survive 5000 years?

>> No.54449596

i dislike wasted points from a design principle. besides, i would like to be able to convert them to points that can be spent elswhere.

>> No.54449609


>> No.54449616

If I was ugly, yes, but I don't consider myself like that.

I want to be equal in attractiveness. More is alright but mostly equal.

>> No.54449619
File: 2.85 MB, 1812x4480, 1500180437829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449622

So, in Altering History, is there any negatives to failing a quest? It seems like there isn't, so you should just take all you qualify for just in case.

>> No.54449638

So we have 6 actual trannies.

>> No.54449643

Yeah, I kind of agree. Getting amazing marriage in literally every way is too... easy, I guess? If you make extra points from that section spendable on removing more sanctions (one more per 5 positive points or something) it will make the decisions for the contract harder. Which is a good thing.

>> No.54449661
File: 2.47 MB, 1600x3958, 1498013195256.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54449663


>> No.54449664

You only get the reward from two.

>> No.54449667

The only case in which you have to declare a quest in advance is if you take the Quester fate modifier. Otherwise you just complete any quests you meet the requirements for.

>> No.54449698

Please, never speak to me again.

>> No.54449714
File: 53 KB, 389x361, Purrfectly sane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ilhas Weoham


Alenso Asodil

>That annoying rich girl I argue with a lot despite constantly exchanging information about chemistry and alchemy. Honestly, if she would quit going on about the material of her dresses and put on a lab coat, maybe she would be able to tell her valences from her humors. She should stop lording her knowledge of magical reagents over me so we can start figuring out /why/ they're magical. What a frustrating woman.
Ms. Evet Heathorp

>> No.54449727

>anon chooses justice
>uses a copyrighted image in a CYOA
>is punished by the book

Points reward, anyway. There is still benefits to completing any number of quests.

>> No.54449744
File: 18 KB, 134x147, stalin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54449761

pls no bully

>> No.54449763

Justice is a whiny book in order to achieve true JUSTICE you need Courage and because of that i am going to take the sword

>> No.54449773

Free car, Powered by, awareness.

I get a free car that will never need refueling or repairs and as I don't break the law I won't have to worry about the popo.

>> No.54449779

the poll is shit, I rarely pick those options but when I do, it's not because it would make me pretty

>> No.54449780
File: 2.02 MB, 330x275, stalin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54449807

Did I say you could speak to me?

Or did I, in fact, say the exact opposite?

You are very disrespectful.

>> No.54449813

I'm uglier!

>> No.54449836

+clear roads, powered by, racing genius

as long as the music is on, I will run in the 90s wherever I go

>racing guys on the way to work
>racing guys to the grocery store
might be good, might get old fast, who knows

>> No.54449845

>discovered hidden fourth category
Got a laugh.

>> No.54449859
File: 1.43 MB, 3840x1304, 1500660407927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Choose your friendo, or perhaps more than friendo?

>> No.54449860

the refueling perk only works when eurobeat is on
enjoy those long highwayrides man

>> No.54449870

I like this quite a bit. Companions are one of my favorite parts of a CYOA, so this is right up my alley.

Sir Calladan
Kathil Songweaver
Imindis Hornmarked

I'll admit, I'm pretty disappointed to see that the lizard man is gone.

>> No.54449872

what about "foulmouthed drunken bomb man"?

>> No.54449889

why there must be some pedo shit in almost all cyoas holy fuck

>> No.54449891

Man I really wish I could take more than one modifier. Would really help.

The unique reward from a few of them are really nice. A few are borderline worthless like the Technophobe one, but the Singularity one gives you a power you otherwise wouldn't have.

>> No.54449892

make me not speak to you desu

>> No.54449957

Fun build, thanks! And I promise the lizardman will be on the fourth page. I just really, honestly, had to stop for a while.

I thought about the more-than-one-modifier thing quite a bit. Ultimately, though, from a design point of view making that decision harder is a good thing.

>> No.54450047

We should have a funeral. Could you provide the corpse?

>> No.54450052

Have you made any other cyoas?
Because I really did enjoy it a lot.
Lots of different people to choose from and they're all fairly different.
If the lizard man is gonna be in the fourth page, maybe adding some more fantastical people might be a cool idea? Merfolk, fauns, golems, etc.

And a cool idea might be something of the gentle giant trope. Maybe a half giant (or giantess) that's fiercely protective of his/her friends, almost to a fault?

>> No.54450084
File: 4.85 MB, 1893x1928, Blood Elf a31-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Fourth page.
Blonde elf sorceress plz.

>> No.54450112

>A few are borderline worthless like the Technophobe
You say that but in multiplayer that shit is golden when you have another one trying to achieve singularity quest and want to establish dominance after you beat him. There is also the fact that if you took technophobe as a quest you probably want to keep the world like that

>> No.54450118

>other cyoas
Altering History, World of Myth and Wonder DLC, Olympus: Now and Then, Cantripification, Path of Righteousness. Also made a couple things for a spin-off of CYOA which shall not be named here.

But this is the only companion CYOA I've done.

Good suggestions in general. Definitely not doing more than one more page, but several of those things might make the cut, thanks.

>> No.54450198

Oh yeah, it makes sense. I appreciate what I have more since I actually had to sit and think about what I wanted.

Though I will admit that the fact I couldn't get all the magic I wanted makes me sad. I only have nine Majors :(

>> No.54450200

To be honest, if push comes to shove, I could put her in the lovers category for some entertaining drama. She's attractive, and shares my passion for making weird concoctions that make you feel funny. But I adore "roughing it," and am particularly adverse to anything to do with high society.
At least it wouldn't be boring.

Siga or Kathil are more my speed.

>> No.54450208

Anti-mage black chick seems a bit overpowered/Mary Sue-ish

Other than that, I love it

>> No.54450224

Powered by SEB
Running in the 90s
Free Car
All Drawbacks

>> No.54450255

Anti-magic is inherently overpowered/Mary Sue-ish

>> No.54450259

Don't forget the lanky foreign sniper.

>> No.54450278


Which should never be the case, and usually isn't even in popular fantasy settings.

>> No.54450281 [DELETED] 
File: 70 KB, 852x944, 1500159407986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm but a poor travelling frog looking for cyoas with druids. Is there a fren amongst you who can help me?

>> No.54450305

kill yourself frogposter

>> No.54450317

Anti-magic should inflict greater odds supporting the non caster combatant, but to outright beat every caster? That's a bit silly.

It's also an annoying trope that mages apparently can't (for some reason?) also practice said anti magic.

>> No.54450328
File: 911 KB, 2000x2000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mentor: Lenth Alchus - Whisperer of Ishtu
Lover: Wulfwe Bearskinner - Ironskin Barbarian
Friend: Alenso Asodil - Artificer

>> No.54450332

Dumb frogposter.

>> No.54450339

Needs both a good picture, and something that makes her distinct from the other sorcerers/sorceresses. But I promise to look.

I know the pain of not having all magics.

Thanks! The thought for her is that she's very specialized. Anyone with good combat skill can dismember her. For her to counter magic, it needs to either be aimed at her, or she needs to "touch" it with her glove, so she can't completely disable a mage, she can just completely prevent a mage from affecting *her*. Does that make it more palatable? I picture a lot of mages just "peace out" when they are confronted with the glove, or throw meat shields at her.

>> No.54450345


Mentor - Lothienye
Lover - Imindis Hornmarked
Friend - Sir Tige Regrove

>> No.54450362

Turned out great!

>Lothienye as Mentor
I like nature magic and druidic shapeshifting, but usually they are kinda underpowered, but here the overall level of magic is not very high so it works. The only problem is that i like cities and she hates them so not ure how that will play out. Alternatives would be Cilia's Elementalism or Sheli's Earthcalling, their personalities are better, but i kinda wanted druidic, i dunno.

>Mumbali as Friend
Seems like a bro negro dude. I would also like Kathil Songweaver as a freand for some reason, but i am not sure about having female "friends", it probably can work when you in love and happy with someone else, but still.

>Nina Milas as a Lover
I guess that is a blondie i was asking the author for and surprisingly she even turned out to be my choice. I love cheerful, happy girls, shee looks the way i like, and while she is flirty it doesn't seem like she is actually a slut, it says she uses her body to *distract*, not to actually *get* what she wants and i guess if she slept around it would be mentioned like in Ciara's description. It also seems she is prone to some lies, but not in a bad manipulative kind, so it's alright. And since i would be able to shapeshift, she would probably be able to infuse me without infusing a human, but also infising at the same time! Also we could employ some interesting pack tactics with me and her summons.

And my second best choice for a Lover would have been Evala Harvest. I also kinda like Kathil Songweaver's personality, but she is not fully sold on her looks. And an elf trap is a funny addition.

>> No.54450366

Alion Ellonen- i have always loved fighter/mage mixes

Marson Xarae-he's just starting out, like I am and he seems like a cool guy to have a drink with

Kath Sonweaver-I am a sucker for singers and I can teach her some songs from my world

>> No.54450381

>she can just completely prevent a mage from affecting *her*

I'm reminded of the film Stardust when the protagonist is magically protected from being affected by magic. So the antagonist (a witch) decides to just telekinetically throw shit at him instead.

A clever workaround regarding innate magic protection.

>> No.54450392

>. Anyone with good combat skill can dismember her.
Which won't be most mages so this random girl or any random person with antimagic can instantly kill any archmage.

>> No.54450417

I think he means that spells, curses and jinxes etc can't affect her. They would have to rely on more direct methods. Like fireballs, terrain management or telekinesis (that doesn't target her) as >>54450381 mentioned.

>> No.54450419

See >>54450381

If an Archmage can't figure out a workaround, they deserve to die.

>> No.54450440

Yeah, thank you for making anti-magics that are not basically ''You use magic? haha you just lost''. Disjuntive magic in altering history is a good example because it actually requires effort in its use.

>> No.54450473

Thanks. Gonna look into archives, as the current thread have nothing similar.

Doesn't look manga-styled to me, but if you claim seeing it, then I will check.

>> No.54450474
File: 3.38 MB, 1200x8795, Micro Druid CYOA v2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54450475

Umur Sanzig
Githiue Wybury
Dukon the Pure

Forces of evil, prepare to be smote.

>> No.54450532


Monster Hunter

Class: Noble
Blessing: 3 stats, 2 Int, 1 Agi
Magical; Finesse, Arcane, Combine, Mana Sphere (3) Barriers (3)
Spritual; One With Nature, Monster Within, Soul Spirit, Hybrid,
Elemental; Adaptation, Affinity, Duality, Enhance, Rekindle (3)

Final Stats: 1 str, 6 def, 7 agi, 9 int, 6 skill.

Liscenses; Underground Caves, Twilight Forrest. (80 favor)

Favor Expiditures:
-5 For physiology change. Need this to get rid of my eyesight problems, the hybrid thing is just a bonus.
-30 for Forge, Library and Market Access
-10 for Scavenging and Training (especially in weaving)
-5 For map
-15 for Diner, Bar and Hotsprings
-5 for Bounty
-10 For Inn

First goals after getting my feet under me include searching for and taking down an arachnid. If I have to I'll
even let someone else get credit for the kill, but I need that soul. Once I have it's soul, my next step is making
enough silk to make myself a full set of light armor using it. The silk's Magical Conductivity will be central to
my hunting, allowing me to set up traps for monsters by laying out silk over a large area and using it as a focus for
my magic. It will also help my defenses, allowing me to use my barriers more efficiently.

Next target would be a fox, with the ability to set up traps it should go down pretty easy, and it's
ability to store large amounts of energy will be very useful, especially since I can absorb energy from the land
with Mana Sphere and use it to protect or heal myself with Barriers and Rekindle.

Once I have those two under my belt, I will spend some time filling my quota, while looking for an opurtunity to bag
a phoenix soul. The Phoenix soul is there as a backup incase I bite off more than I can chew or get screwed over
in the culling or something.

>> No.54450557
File: 85 KB, 200x232, 85a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mumbali: Lover
>Mesym: Friend
>Usum: Mentor

Usum sounds boring as fuck but hey, the theme of the build. My goal is actually to have Mumbali and Mesym both. Mesym is easier to seduce I think, hence Mumbali is my lover. I'll need some magic to keep us alive so Usum can teach me that and then let us adventure in peace while he becomes archmage.

>> No.54450595

some of the characters dont work for every option seems to be the standout problem, if you were really willing to put in the work you might make younger/older versions of some characters to more easily fit

>> No.54450683
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1470245786212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Shaylee Takes a Big One For The Team" would have been hilarious.

But no we're going hextech with this and none of these manage to quite hit that niche right.

Cobbling sounds cool in this context, Chill downtime sessions, and potential solutions to half of the other queens' problems so that we can keep a stable political atmosphere despite BLATANT CORRUPTION AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

>True Love, Mutual minor.
Can't risk falling short, but don't wanna go too far.
>Interests, Mutual Minor.
Gotta be able to get along as well as have our own things some days.
>Attraction, Mutual Minor.
Gonna have to work to make it magic but if I read that letter right she's got some ideas about that.
Naw I ain't messing with that. We've got shit to do other than each other even if that's on the menu.
>Empathy, Mutual Minor
Let's not go crazy but neither of us are great at communication by the look of it so we'll cheat a bit.
Don't need it, I already do this and if she doesn't I won't mind.
Major Mutual Advantage. Politics sometimes requires fluidity, but I know who I'm coming home to every time.

>Pointy Ears
Going to need headphones customized.
>Fairy Eyes
I see you. And forever. Possibly dead people.
Think this comes with musculature for show too?
Gonna need that strength for all the headgear.
Fun times with wall climbing ahead.
Yeah we're doing this. Not sure if Maurelle swung this way before but hope the contract works that out.
Let's stretch that out nicely. The fork'd probably be a bit much though.

-Married a Dark Elf, got the Drow support prolly.
-Unshackle the Fantastical Familiars for support of the Courts.
-Open up the Mousways, got the little folks and my Secret Service.
>Work with Maurelle to see about getting at least some parts of the Fetch Factory working again for their help.
>Tongue/Tail buffs for Light Elf support.

>> No.54450697

Thanks for the builds, anons.

Thanks. You're the first person to pick Lothienye for anything, that's for sure. Well, in honor of your build I will keep her around, but I think she may still need some tweaking personality wise. Glad you liked Nina! I'll confess I didn't have her in mind *specifically* as "the blonde", but was going for a variety of looks, so I'm glad it worked out.

Thanks for the build. I assure you that Kathil will be delighted to learn your new songs, and turn them against your mutual foes.

yuuup. Watch out for falling rocks.

A magical fireball she could protect herself from, but the other stuff would definitely work. Smart archmages keep at least one meat shield around, too, and at least three escape routes. If there was a rogue Archmage, with a capital "A", The Tower would be sending a hell of a lot more than just her. A solo mission for her is more like a journeyman wizard who turned to void magic and is terrorizing some tiny village.

Smite away! Githiue will insist on being married under the rituals of her goddess, but I assume you don't mind.

Poor Umur (I assume that's what you meant; that's the trouble with fantasy names! Hard to keep straight). I wish you the best of luck in achieving your dreams!

I think it's too much to try to make every option a great pick for all three. If every option is something people consider for at least two of the three, I would be very happy.

>> No.54450737

What if the fire wasn't magical in nature? Just plain pyrokinesis contorted from a bonfire, rather than a conjured fireball?

>> No.54450772

Heh, this is more detail than I really thought of, but I'll try to answer. I imagine that if it is magic that is pulling the fire toward her she can counter it. If you pick up a burning log and throw it at her with telekinesis, though, that's then plain old physics. Or, if she's trapped in a building and magic *starts* a fire and then it's just burning naturally after that, she's not going to be able to "counter" the burning building.

>> No.54450825

Mumbali - He Who Whispers. Seems like a strong fatherly figure, capable in a fight and facing challenges. His courage hopefully rubs off on me.

Wulfwe Bearskinner - Ironskin Barbarian. I respect iron discipline. She is someone I could count on and trust as a companion.

Ilhas Weoham - Lifeforce Mage. An intellectual, would make a great conversation partner.

The three have good synergy as well. Wulfwe absorbs power from those she kills - Ilhas could perhaps study this and replicate it. Mumbali has connection with spirits that could perhaps provide insight on the energy that Lifemages manipulate.

>> No.54450832

That makes no sense. By that logic she wouldn't be able to counter a fireball either, especially if it's physically explosive.


>> No.54450887

Thanks for the build. Like the insights on synergy between their abilities, especially Mumbali and Ilhas, which I hadn't thought of.

A "fireball" to me, when I hear that word, is a magical creation. It's fire burning without fuel. I mean, it can set other things on fire, but the fire itself isn't natural, and isn't dependent on fuel to exist. If you created a physical explosive, and then set it off with magic, then no, she could not counter that explosion unless she was right next to the explosive device at the time you cast.

>> No.54450938

I was thinking more of the impact/shockwave of the fireball, which wouldn't be magical in nature. Rather a direct by-product of its usage.

Similar to magical fire chaining natural fires.

>> No.54450979

I think we're just talking at cross purposes. When I think fireball I think burning flames, but not an actual concussive blast. If you're imagining a fireball that creates an actual *explosion* at its center, and that forces the air outward, then no, she could not counter the shockwave of air.

>> No.54451021

Fair enough. I've always pictured fireballs as explosive in nature, but I might have played too much D&D to properly think any other way.

Interesting talk. Thank you for the replies!

>> No.54451037


I made a build for this the other day. I'm posting it now instead of applying for a dream job just to cheer TokHar up. Don't be a wimp man, keep on keeping on. Nemesis is one of the bestest CYOAs ever for sure.

* Supreme Sorcerer (16 shards)
+Holy Magic (free power)

* Human (+1 shard = 17 shards)

Death Option:
* Invulnerability (-8 shards = 9 shards)

* Nullification (-8 shards = 1 shards)
* Necromancy, Arcane, Elementalism (fire), Black Magic, Ferromancy (-15 shards = -14 shards)
* Limited Divination, Divine Essence (-3 shards = -17 shards)

* Seekers Map (-2 shards = -19 shards)

* None

* Fair Warning, Witch Hunter, Adventurer, I See You!, Signature, Skimpy Outfit, Deadly Defeat, Double Trouble, Time Limit, Infamous, Personality, Unexpected Enemies (+19 shards = 0 shards. Fin.)

* Archmage
+Counterspell (free power)
+ Elementalism: all types (free power)
+Familiar (free companion)

* Transcendent Being
+Final Form (free power)
+ Unbendable Time (free power)

* Chronomancer
+Chronomancy stuff (free powers)

Preferred: Agent of Chaos, The Apocalypse
Also fine: Conquest, Forever Alone, Monster Hunter, Worship, You're the Hero!

Just for TokHaar Gol optional Pervy Time Sex Magic Jumpstart:
* Companion: Bound Demon -2
* Drawback: Pervert +2
* Combo: Demonology

>> No.54451137
File: 2.77 MB, 1100x1320, AlchemyMentor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found your new mentor, anon.

>> No.54451222

The Coin
Brook, Hot Spring, Bug Song, Fog, Events
Living Room (2, 4, 5), Kitchen (1, 2, 5), Bathrooms (1, 3, 5), Guestroom (1, 2, 4), Game Room (5, 5, 5), Computer Room (4, 4, 4)

I feel a bit ungrateful thinking about how I actually prefer the reddit rip off of this one since you can get a larger outdoors area and the room options have more useful effects (for instance: instead of cutting calories in half there's an option for all the food you eat to have the perfect nutrition, and the library has options to get all books, even unwritten/unfinished ones), but there's still a special place in my cyoa loving heart for the original pocket dimension cyoa.

Also, as much as I'd rather have the bar, I just have to have as many Nervegears as possible.

>> No.54451349

You can skip the section, it only affects the marriage anyway and having a knock on effect on other sections would probably be unbalancing.

The dimension implodes when the monarch dies. Most of the setting is horribly mismanaged as a result.

Just to let you guys know I'm bumping the amount of Public Works allowed to three.

I'll post the slightly altered pages and the .pdf in next thread.

>> No.54451351

He does look pretty cool.

>> No.54451400

>Just to let you guys know I'm bumping the amount of Public Works allowed to three
Thank you

>> No.54451435


Build explanation:

This nemesis has no subtlety. It arrives in spectacular fashion and begins ending the world in a warping storm of magic and unrelenting power. Arrogance itself, the young godling of magic has gone all in on undiluted, complete arcane mastery with absolutely no deviation or elision. This grants phenomenal cosmic powers, but perhaps a weakness as well.

The major engine is unlocking Transcendent Being. The magi-titan is in Final Form at all times- it is a massive, naked star-scape form squatting on the horizon and blotting out the stars even as it seems to blends among them (Skimy Outfit). Archmage and Chronomancer combine to ensure that when the entity arrives, immediately stops time for 24 hours and begins unleashing nation and world breaking levels of magical power while the world is frozen. If archmage takes fireballs and makes them level cities, I assume Final Form + Archmage allows this level of scale increase. Alternately. the being can be holy and good, being selective in it's 24 hours to bring massive arcane storms and spell effects only where evil lies (Seekers Map and divination magic presumably let's you find those things and perhaps you are in a You're the Hero! quest type world). The magi-titan will also need to leave something other than a shattered globe spinning through space as a new asteroid belt if Worship or Conquest quests are going to work out.

The magi-titan is prophesied (Fair WarningI) and it even if it makes its Final Form subtle it cannot hide its sheer power and might (I See You!). It has many enemies (Infamous, Witch Hunter, Unexpected Enemies, Double Trouble) but human level powers and effects are entirely beneath the scale of power wielded (Nullification, Invulnerability). It is a young godling and behaves as one at all times, speaking only in esoteric prophecies and ancient languages with religious undertones (Personality, Worship)

>> No.54451479

>Just to let you guys know I'm bumping the amount of Public Works allowed to three.

>He does look pretty cool.
I know, right? Search over, I said.

>> No.54451521



True Love, Mutual Minor
Interests, Mutual Minor
Attraction, Mutual Minor
Libido, Mutual Minor
Empathy, Her Minor
Dominance, Your Minor
Support, Your Minor
Others, Your Major

Large, Claws, Tongue, Tail, Horns, Wings

Breeding Rights, Seasons, Heartstone.

>> No.54451547

Thank you

>> No.54451558
File: 3.58 MB, 1200x7130, ArchDemonCYOA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alternatively, which cyoa features the best afterlife?
ArchDemon Roommate, if you pick Lynneth.

>Your soul either gets eaten
>gets tossed back in the lifestream and reused for something else
Any afterlife in which these things are possible is not a good afterlife.

>> No.54451595
File: 353 KB, 1556x816, demonology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This all started in a corner of my parents' garage. Me and a few friends, just messing around with runes like the magic geeks we are. If you had told me then that everybody would be using this stuff ten years later I 'd have laughed at you.
>Sancto Domini
We grease palms with them, better to stay on the good side of the big shots, but really, we're nothing like them. Not that they're bad people, just, you know, old-fashioned.
>Diligence, Smart
This market is growing ever more crowded. We had to make a big push towards a more professional culture in order to stay on top. It was painful and it broke some friendships, but I'm happy with what I was able to create.
>Two Companies 40:10
I started Kolski Holding with a few mates. Head Office in Iceland. What people don't know is that I also own a merc company called Blood Water, head office in Australia.
Both are entered everywhere in Sancto Domini territory. But Kolski Holding has used entered The Whites by making use of our own Blood Water people to get rid of No-Man thugs. (-10 security)

Kolski Holding:
>Two Brands: 35:5
The Kolski Charms are my bread and butter. They're what made me who I am today. A bit on the expensive side, but you buy it for the brand name. (Young People, Innovative, Establish Identity) But Kolski Holding also hosts the Outreach Program, which is a charity brand. (Rich People, Socially Engaged, Re-Enforce Behaviour)

Blood Water:
>Blood Water Security 10
A Combat force that does odd-jobs and spreads chaos. (Business-to-Business, Rebellious, Attract Attention)

Calculation Time:
Kolski Charms: R = 5 + 10 = 15, N = 10 + 10 + 5 + 10 =35
Outreach: R = 10 + 5 + 10 = 25, N = 5 + 10 = 15
Blood Water Security: R = 5 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 35, N = 10 + 10 + 5 = 25

>> No.54451610

Full version of sex image?

>> No.54451616

The concentration score for Kolski Holding is about 6 and Blood Water less than 2.

Kolsi Charms:
>Runic Labs (5), publishes research on Rune development, some of which is kept classified and used internally. Spiritual Research. It's our research wing. Vertically integrates with the Augment series by doing the technology. (+5 B -> -5 Sp) We have the best people, tools and facilities around to create the highest grade runes and the focus here is technology (+1 effective size.
Profit: (9*35 + 15 - 5*2 - 6)*6 = 314*6 = 1884
>The Augment Series (20), Runes, everybody uses them now, in every part of life, the can produce a variety of useful spell effects, depending on the rune, like creating fire, moving objects, or creating constructs out of light. It's Spiritual Design, aided by the research of Runic Lab it has nothing to worry about in terms of technology and instead lays a heavy emphasis on Customer Service. (-1 buyer Power)
Profit: (9*35 - 8*2)*20 = 299*20 = 5980
>Design Partnership (10), aspiring rune crafters can sign up and become part of our brand, they're ultimately financially accountable only to themselves,but we let them use our name if they pass certain requirements, it's a spiritual franchise, we try to keep tabs with all our partners and Human Resources is our focus here (-1 suplier power)
Profit: (15*35 - 3*2 - 3*1 - 4*5)*20 = 525*20 = 10500
>Law Influence: Soft Power (The Whites) (+40 law) -50 profit
>Project: Take-Over (The Whites) (-30 security) -150 profit
Sick of the influence of No-Man I move in and make the area my own.
>Project: Redefine Humanity X6. (-60 law) - 60 profit
you can't not use runes, how would you get around?
>Law Influence: Control Information X2 (+20 law) - 20 profit
No-Man was opressing that area, I freed it.

I was planning to include Disruptive Technology in this, but fuck it, I'm not re-calculating.

>> No.54451619

Or just someone who has basic human compassion.

>> No.54451629

>The Money Show (5), Every Year celebrities try to find a cause related to some personal story from their past in this live broadcast. A charity Match-up. It's all sponsored by the Kolski Holding and a non-profit venture. It's therefore a philantropism project. (Subtitutes to zero). The biggest concern is that everything goes well, so the focus is on operations (-1 competition)
Non-Profit: (15 + 225 - 2)*5 = 3375*5 (+1687 concentration, making the whole soft power thing possible)

Blood Water Security:
>The Team (10), a ragtag bunch of misfits, causing trouble everywhere, Security Service, 5 points of size sacrificed in order to get free security, the people in Blood Water are the same battle mages I use for personal security. Their focus lies in inbound logistics. They know where to get weapons even when surrounded by hostile forces. (-1 competition)
Profit: (3*25 + 7*35 - 2*2 - 5*3)*5 = 301
>Trade Agreement (Capitol) (-5 profit)
>Take-Over (Capitol), Anarchy
>Security: Battle Mages, however many times required, since they're free anyway

So, yeah, you get too much profit. I had expected to have to take the bookkeeper to make Blood Water work, but nope. Also, I now have 1884 + 5980 + 10500 + 301 profit, which is more than I can ever spend.

>Shared Vision: Networker
This can change my build, bend in odd shape to get the whites
>fellow: shill
very useful, since often either reach or brand is strictly more important for a brand as a whole
>destiny: Blackmailer
can take valkyries instead of battle mages, don't even have to worry about the law anymore

>Supernatural Privilige
Power a whole lot of times
>Cult of Personality
Icon for every area

I don't really care for this part.

>> No.54451685
File: 291 KB, 960x926, ohnoshewasretardedallalong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54451688


The magi-titan is accompanied by a herald, in the form that looks like a tiny sun (Familiar) that stays nearby and speaks for it at times.

The quests are self-explanatory if the magi-titan is just uninhibitedly ending the world (Agent of Chaos) and the entity also stirs up planetary wide wild magic and bizarre magical warping effects even beyond those spells it is deliberately casting (The Apocalypse). I'm pretty sure that things will resolve well ahead of the 4 year limit given (Time Limit).

Again, the entity can be more selective in its destruction to achieve world domination and veneration (Conquest, Worship). Alternately, the entity can be a demon form that brings about hell on earth and has only the most sexual intentions (Bound Demon + Pervert version), it leads the way with 6 Demon Princes as well as its familiar as heralds and messengers, at least when it's not busy sitting on a throne of magma surrounded by succubi as it watches the world break.

The build is not without weaknesses, I don't see anything that would prevent The Needle from making the magi-titan undergo a massive personality shift and there is some sense that the beings absolute reliance on magic has limits, such as the Spellbreaker, who is apparently completely immune to all magic. I assume that Final Form also comes with a massive increase in raw physical power if simple brute force fighting is needed anywhere in the process. Given that arrogance is the greatest weakness of the Supreme Sorcerer, perhaps the entity does not even consider that something could thwart it with magic resistance.

Although the weaknesses were chosen to avoid anything that stops immediate power or exerts control (no Elemental Weakness on Fractured Power, no Bad Influence) there is still that mention of the full moon... the star-scape being apparently still answers to the cosmic tides and ebb and flow of power in the cosmos.

>> No.54451698


>> No.54451699
File: 31 KB, 320x256, 1415938987895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 11, 1, 18, 9, 2, 6, 22, 14, 6 = 89 (9d24)

-V200 Hijacker
-V300 Worker

Get S W O L E with a V300 cyberbody with V200 Neural/Circulatory system and decentralized Cone cognitive stations controlling my various bodyparts. Glu for adaptive energy-dispersion epidermis and to hold in place my foes with the Power of Midichlorians/Mitochondria.

-Dig a Hole
Helping it's it's own reward. I need a huge amount of mass before I can go full Tetsou anyway.
-Wrangle Wild Microbes
Mystery Box Get.

>> No.54451762

If true love is not about the subjects in the other clauses then what is it about?
How can my queen be "completely and forever madly in love" with me without emulating the advantages of other clauses?

>> No.54451769
File: 349 KB, 307x281, Daft brows.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, because basic human compassion demands suicide from the emotionally distant.

>> No.54451802

I guess everyone around Chester must have had loads of basic human compassion.

>> No.54451815

Fairy King CYOA:
The Ladies of Faire:
Marriage Contract: (+10)
>True Love: Mutual Minor Advantage (Free)
>Interests: Her Minor Advantage (+10)
>Attraction: My Minor Advantage (-5)
>Libido: My Minor Advantage (-5)
>Empathy: Mutual Minor Advantage (Free)
>Dominance: My Minor Advantage (-5)
>Support: My Minor Advantage (-5)
>Others: None
Fae Aspect: (+7)
>Pointy Ears (Free)
>Fairy Eyes (-1)
>Horns (-1)
>Tongue (-1)
>Cute (-1)
>Magic Fingers (-2)
Public Works:
>Dark City

>> No.54451892

Love is a ham hock in your cornflakes.

>> No.54451924


>> No.54451941
File: 383 KB, 500x376, sIyYPVj.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you pick Lynneth.
What kind of idiot wouldn't pick her?
>Enjoy all the benefits of being her slave
>After a year return to her and make her your slave instead
Best afterlife achieved

>> No.54451992

Should we bake a new bread?

>> No.54452047

Coolness. Adding Breeding Rights to the set then; get the Fauna something nice too.

So that makes
>Littlefolks in the pocket because of the mousways.
>Fauna get their big beasties back and at least have an easier time if they're stuck being nomadic while I look for a more settled place for them.
>Give the Changelings a chance at fixing the factory via cobbling it back together.
>Dark Elves in the Palace.
>Playing along with the Light Elves to win them over.
>Actually say hi to Orla and get her online so that if she's going to be a Neet she can do it properly. She's already got the right mindset hanging out at home all day in her underwear.

The only ones I don't have something for directly are the plant folks. Gonna have to see what the hell I can do about
>get that birch the internet.
Oh right. Electronic archival and connectivity will either be a godsend for them or a sincere concern due to potential availability, but considering how Maurelles first internet stump was mostly ignored by Faerie already I think we can probably keep that in-house for now enough that Nokomis'll appreciate it.

>> No.54452052

Toast it.

>> No.54452126
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Yes chef!

>> No.54452136


Amazing CYOA

>True Love
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
Her Major Advantage
>pointy ears
>magic fingers and tongue (to help prep)
>sun's tail
>dark city

>> No.54452175


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