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It was seriously something I had no way of knowing.

>> No.54432949

Confirmation bias can't make me have stamina I don't physically have.

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Ignore the /x/ autist.

>> No.54432986

I am not autistic, and why do you hate what I'm saying so much? What about it threatens you?

>> No.54432992

Fuck off and die. EVERYONE arguing this autismal bullshit has to leave.

>> No.54433015

Stay in that thread, please, we don't want you scaring the children.

>> No.54433020

Why do you hate me so much? What about this topic scares you? I haven't been hostile, or insulting, or done anything but try to explain stuff.

>> No.54433029

Not him, but nobody want to see this shit.

>> No.54433034

How would I scare anyone? I'm just trying to say stuff and you're jumping all over me for it.

>> No.54433050

I don't hate you, hell, i know you've been polite, but this isn't the place for this.
I don't mean this in a negative way, but this is off-topic.

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But please continue displaying your retardation. I'm sure the little grannie putang is worth it

>> No.54433053

What's so horrible about me saying this stuff?

>> No.54433059

If you followed the last thread, you'd know that this isn't off topic, it emerged naturally.

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It doesn't need to be here. If it was occult matters relevant to, say, Ascension? That would be fine. But it isn't.

Take it to /x/

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What do you mean by "grannie putang"? I'm not sure what kind of point you're trying to make. Also, I physically could not normally do the stuff it let me do, and I had no way of knowing the information.

>> No.54433079

It's off topic to both the general and the board.

Discussion of CP might emerge naturally as well but that won't stop the thread being nuked.

>> No.54433088

The topic emerged naturally, you can't just say that anything that vaguely strays from the outline is wrong.

>> No.54433095

Yeah but CP is literally illegal and also against global rules, nothing I'm talking about is.

>> No.54433099

No it didn't you psycho get help.

>> No.54433104 [DELETED] 

>ITT Delusional fag wants to fuck your grandma
Wow 4chan wow. Keep being the new virt

>> No.54433107

>Barely 20 posts in and already brimming with autism.

>> No.54433124

It emerged from talking about beliefs held by a WoD writer, then progressed naturally from there.

>> No.54433134

What about this thread is autistic?

>> No.54433137

>Politics = Magic

>> No.54433143

the /x/faggot

>> No.54433149

The beliefs of a WoD writer relating to magic, and thank you for confirming you didn't actually read the old thread at all.

>> No.54433161

Again, why so hostile? Why does what I say make you immediately call me autistic and stuff?

>> No.54433171 [DELETED] 

What are you talking about with grandma fucking? Also what's virt?

>> No.54433180

So when are you cutting off your balls to turn into a trans becoming the magical herm?

>> No.54433190

Where are you getting that from? I never said anything like that, and I have no plans to do that.

>> No.54433208

birthday magicians get all the gilfs. It's the only reason they get into alternative sciences. You meet some sick sick men in the education system

>> No.54433222

I think the /x/faggot is actually the same autist that rampantly shitposted and moralfaged on /x/ for a while back. He finally revealed that he is both legitimately autistic and suffers from panic attacks when called out on being an insufferable faggot. The he got banned. They have the same posting style and pisspoor spelling.

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Except that real magic could basically never be used in a stage way, that's not how it works. Also I still don't know what virt is.

>> No.54433230

You just going to ignore all the trans posts? WHY learn to read Anon. It was in the last thread. It came up NATURALLY God it's like you've never been on the thread before

>> No.54433244

I am not that person, and where have I made spelling errors? Also I don't have autism and if I got panic attacks for being called a faggot I would not post on 4chan.

>> No.54433257

Fair enough, it would be fine to continue any such conversation but I wasn't involved in those conversations so why did you ask me about it as if I had said something in the last thread?

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>Real magic is worthless
Wow so you wasted years of your life on crap that you could have just practiced and got better at.

>> No.54433278

>why do you hate what I'm saying so much?
Because you're shitting up the thread, and not even in a fun way.

>> No.54433284

It's not worthless at all, it just has different uses. As I've said before, it's mainly good for information, probabilities/odds, or temporary self-improvement.

>> No.54433289

To the /x/ poster

Why flaunt your beliefs in a place such as this?You will only discover a mass of antagonizing individuals.

You're not going to garner any ground here.
I am not against you or with the others, but it would be wise to know that some boards have entirely different viewpoints.

>> No.54433296

How am I shitting up the thread?

>> No.54433306

I didn't come here specifically to talk about this, the topic came up and so I said my piece on it. That evolved into this.

>> No.54433308

>information, probabilities/odds, or temporary self-improvement.
So its good for two types of confirmation bias and placeboing yourself into doing better?

>> No.54433310

Take a look at it, retard. This isn't /x/. Go away.

>> No.54433315

You might as well drop it then, as it is going downward into nowhere-land.

This goes for the others as well.

>> No.54433333

I can vaguely see how you could get odds as confirmation bias and self-improvement as placebo, it's not accurate, but I can see how you'd draw that conclusion. But how would information be confirmation bias?

>> No.54433335

If you can't bother to back up your thesis statement. you really shouldn't be presenting an argument. Especially one as ridiculously outlandish as magic. I believe you suffer from a mental condition know as austism. your refusal to move on from your child like notions of the world or a general shitty practice of denying evidence .

>> No.54433347

Yeah. it really distracts from pointing out that Brucato is a goat fucking anti-Semite.

>> No.54433352

Why would I drop it? Every stage of this has been legitimate responses to things that have been said, on both my part and that of others.

>> No.54433356

>tfw Occultist / Spirtualist
>tfw unlike the /x/fag, I actually know how to keep discussions relevant.
>tfw I'm not a massive faggot and try to keep the threads on topic and not discuss my firearms collection outside of /k/, WoD on /gurpsgen/ or metaphysics on fucking /tg/
>tfw /x/fag should invoke a bullet into his skull and spare us all of his unfiltered autism.

>> No.54433360

It's not /x/, but the discussion emerged naturally from the last thread. I didn't force anything.

>> No.54433367

>new thread
>literally the first thing you do is reengage in off-topic posting
Not even the lgbt shitters do that.

>> No.54433369

>What is Faith
You literally substituted one Church for another. Do you really want Jesus to Cuckold you that badly? Where did the priest touch you? Don't worry it wasn't your fault. We can get you help.

>> No.54433371


>> No.54433375

My thesis statement had nothing to do with transexuals. Are you confusing me with another poster?

>> No.54433381

>I didn't force anything.
Except for when you immediately carried it over to the new thread.

>> No.54433394 [DELETED] 

It's not off topic, it was a conversation that occurred naturally from the last thread, why would the thread change arbitrarily end it?

>> No.54433407

I didn't force this conversation, it happened naturally, I didn't come here specifically to talk about this.

>> No.54433415

Why would a change of threads require an abandonment of all previous discussions? It's strictly a result of the bump limit.

>> No.54433416

Then kindly shut the fuck up.

>> No.54433421

Learn to read faggotkun. Anon said magic not trans. Chirst no one wants to know about your thai ladyboy fetish just go watch porn.

>> No.54433422

Faith wouldn't let me know things I have no way of knowing, it wouldn't even make my guesses more accurate.

>> No.54433435

Read a few posts back, the exchange was based on the other guy asking me when I planned to become a magic hermaphrodite.

>> No.54433445

Why? I didn't come here specifically for this purpose but the conversation, having occurred, is legitimate.

>> No.54433460

I'm not shitposting.

>> No.54433494

You kind of are, though.

It's getting a bit ridiculous.

>> No.54433503

Look I know you post here so I came "Anon"ly from work.

We would really like it if you Stop talking about "music" with us. Frankly the girls are kind of getting creeped out by the closeness thing too. Look I know I get it your lonely. No girl to hang out with. But seriously Stop asking to go out with the girls. It's creating a work place problem, and I don't want to have to fire you. Even with the mental condition I can't protect you from a Board hearing

>> No.54433504

Why do you think I'm shitposting then?

>> No.54433512


You can still shitpost whilst speaking(typing) your mind, anon. It doesn't prevent you from being an utter cunt.

>> No.54433515

I'm really confused, what are you trying to say?

>> No.54433526 [DELETED] 

How am I a cunt? I haven't been hostile to anyone, and all I've done is respond to things other people have said to address or continue on them.

>> No.54433537

The threads aren't seamless continuations. Typically a large portion of whatever was being discussed does get dropped. You immediately started your shit again in the new thread, deliberately posting off-topic bullshit.

>> No.54433546

So you are going under the knife. Nice. be sure to take lots of pics of before and after. Remember to always tell the shrink that you've just never felt right in your own skin. and then never take the meds they give you. It's all horseshit made to make you feel numb

>> No.54433563

You're a cunt because you don't fucking drop it.

>> No.54433566

But my whole point was that I'm not doing that and I think the other guy had me confused for another poster.

>> No.54433569

I miss the Magefags. They kept /x/ and Tumblr away

>> No.54433575

But why? There's no reason to have it that way, a conversation doesn't stop being legitimate because the bump limit was reached.

>> No.54433585

Drop what?

>> No.54433599

Do I have to spell it out for you?
She came into my office and told me you were being a creep. I had to cover for you and tell her you're just not good with chicks. Seriously just stop with the "music" talk. and we'll be fine.

>> No.54433607

This entire discussion? Are you daft or what?

>> No.54433610

I came to this thread to possibly get an idea for a monster to rp as that isnt a vampire, werewolf, insect, or related to cuthulu. Anyone got some or is the thread just these bickering twins?

>> No.54433629

Is this a meme or a copypasta or something?

>> No.54433630

>get an idea for a monster to rp as that isnt a vampire, werewolf, insect, or related to cuthulu
What do you mean?

>> No.54433639 [DELETED] 

But why would I do that? There's nothing wrong with the discussion.

>> No.54433645

What are you 12? Context is everything and you clearly have no context for you SJW trans awareness stunt

>> No.54433656

Except there is. People would rather discuss more relevant things.

I predict you will counteract with a "how is this not relevant" post, but the fact is that we would all rather discuss WoD than the occult.

>> No.54433657

I'm literally saying that I had nothing to do with any trans posting, what are you talking about?

>> No.54433660

If they'd rather do that, then why aren't they? I'm not forcing anyone not to.

>> No.54433677

You're a thorn at the moment. It's not an easy thing to get a word in at the moment. It's akin to traffic, and you're the biggest vehicle here.

>> No.54433685

Dude if you keep playing this shitty "music" game with me I will not stop the next teenage girl you ogle into a weird conversation. I'm being nice here, but you're being a shit by not taking care of your own problems

>> No.54433692

I expect the /x/fag to get banned for off topic shitposting here shortly.

>> No.54433707

Except that there isn't any limit on space. I am not stopping anyone from having discussions about anything.

>> No.54433716

A monster to rp as, i feel like vamps werewolves and cuthulu like creatures are overdone and another player is an insect monster kind of like alien-tier but im having road blocks

>> No.54433729

Listen if you're trying to say something can you just say it?

>> No.54433732

But you are, and it shouldn't be this hard for you to grasp.

If you want to shitpost properly, go be a magefag. They actually know to stay on topic.

>> No.54433739

Case in point:

>> No.54433744

>Worst player in a WoD/CofD game you were involved in?

Joined a changeling game in pbp, close friend of the dm made a sand elemental who was a badass cowboy who was taken to work as a bounty hunter but he became so badass that he kill his keeper and got himself a magic sassy black talking rifle.

He was there for hundred of years so he doesnt have any family or understanding of the world. All of the game was him killing pcs/npcs because they "disrespect him" in duels which duel was code word with "he shoot you and you get to use nothing". Local freehold likes him because dm had the idea all changelings were true fae levels of sociopaths

>> No.54433745

So I rather like Freak Legion as a historical art piece, but how are you supposed to use this shit in game? What type of game were they writing these books for? When would this shit come up? How do I use this book I bought?

Some of the art in OWoD really makes me wonder what kind of games other people were playing.

>> No.54433748

If people don't want to talk about this then why are they still replying?

>> No.54433749

So you looking to cut off your pecker? have you decided on your female name yet? I knew a chick that went valley to mountain went from Jill to Jack. Straight shooter that guy. If he were a women, and I not married, I'd ask to marry him. But it was not to be

>> No.54433768

Unlikely. He's the same anon who made the current thread.

Because you don't shut up, apparently.

>> No.54433769

Why are you completely ignoring what I said when you reply?

>> No.54433777


I think other anon is telling you to stop being a weirdo.....and consider we are here that saying something

>> No.54433780

I think your boss is saying stop taking it up the rear with the magic mushroom in the bathroom. Going to work high will get you fired

>> No.54433786 [DELETED] 

How did you know that? Also, just because I say something doesn't mean people are forced to reply. I've said plenty of things in this thread that haven't been replied to.

>> No.54433795

How am I being a weirdo?

>> No.54433804

I'm still very confused. Why are you just saying stuff?

>> No.54433808

>How did you know that?

>Also, just because I say something doesn't mean people are forced to reply
I don't think you understand how attraction works when it comes to shitposting.

>> No.54433819

How does it work then? I really don't know what you're trying to indicate with that.

>> No.54433822

What are you talking about? I'm just saying whats on the topic. you wanted to talk about trannies for some reason. I'm merely continuing that conversation with a relevant life story. I mean really if you're going to be a dick about it fine. Stay in the closet for all I care

>> No.54433827

You're here for everyone to see, friend.

It's not difficult to see how you are stirring things up.

>> No.54433830

The initial shit poster is infinitely more guilty than follow up reply shit posting. They took it from 0 to 1, an infinite gain of shit posting. Any follow up shit posting can't possibly match such an egregious act.

>> No.54433839

I was only talking about it because someone else brought it up out of nowhere, and most of what I said about it was that I hadn't posted anything about it in the last thread.

>> No.54433844

I'm not forcing anyone to reply, I couldn't do that if I wanted to.

>> No.54433846


Thats between you and your boss anon

>> No.54433855

Maybe /x/fag is a wizard. Shitpostomancy like this is borderline paranormal.

>> No.54433869

What boss? What are you talking about?

>> No.54433870

He probably wants to believe that.

>> No.54433874

I don't see why that has any relation to you sucking off you priest's dick at confessional. Maybe you should be talking to the cops.

>> No.54433879

>Also, just because I say something doesn't mean people are forced to reply.

So what it would take for you to understand that we dont care to talk about "real" magic?

>> No.54433885

People not replying to posts about it.

>> No.54433890

Okay now you're literally just making stuff up. What are you trying to do here?

>> No.54433897

Why are you so against talking about "real" Magic as you call it? it works wonderfully Changed my entire life around

>> No.54433898

I keep telling you I'm not shitposting.

>> No.54433930

Anon stop talking to your boss on 4chan. It's an exhibitionistic disorder. and we're not mental health experts

>> No.54433938

I don't even have a boss what are you talking about?

>> No.54433948

Well technically you clearly are at this point

>> No.54433955

Not that anon, but the fact that you don't get it seems to imply heavy levels of autism.

>> No.54433965

Get what? Can someone just explain this to me please?

>> No.54433977

What about what I'm saying is shitposting?

>> No.54433991


Its okay anon, we know you can come off strong with women. Just relax and DONT BE YOUSELF around women. You dont wanna end up in the SO registry again

>> No.54433997

Bullshit. you said last week about you finding information about your co-working through an information spirit. but I guess now we know you're just a creeper covering for it coming out.

>> No.54434022

So what would an Autism Spirit look like in the Shadow?

>> No.54434026

Not every job has bosses. I work in a cooperative.

>> No.54434031


The old saying "keep it in church"

>> No.54434035

What are you trying to accomplish here?

>> No.54434044

Are you some kinda dirty hippy?

>> No.54434057

>So what would an Autism Spirit look like in the Shadow?

And anime version of brucatto

>> No.54434066

How does working in a setup where people can actually exist on their terms and be a part of something make me a "dirty hippie"?

>> No.54434068

A likely story.
>Has job
>has no boss
go back to magic at least those were entertaining lies

>> No.54434078


>> No.54434094

Do you know what a cooperative is?

>> No.54434097

Well, you can look into Promethean (bascliy Frankenstein) Changeling= person abducted by Fae. Wraith = Ghosts, Geist= stand user + ghostbuster.

>> No.54434113

Bullshit. Supervisor whatever. You don't own your own business so you have to report to someone. Guess you're just a delusional skirt grabber.
You can buy skirts online anon you don't have to steal them

>> No.54434130

>How does working in a setup where people can actually exist on their terms and be a part of something make me a "dirty hippie"?
This really sounds like hippy talk. How do you not see that?

>> No.54434141

That movie looks fucking awesome

So to avoid all this bullshit going on, what's your favorite of oWoD? Werewolf? Mage? Vampire? Wraith?

>> No.54434145

In the place I work, we all agree on what we're doing and meet weekly to review whether or not it's been working. We keep records, and those are part of the meeting.

>> No.54434150

>what's your favorite of oWoD

Mage. Because it's the STRONGEST

>> No.54434152

How is that hippie talk? What's wrong with anything I said?

>> No.54434169


To help you anon, before its too late and you loose you job after a sexual harassment complain after you creep out a poor girl who just wants to end her work day without a weirdo coming to talk her about "spirits".

You seem like a half descent person if a little wacko (you sound a little like those scientology nuts) hate to see you loose your job or worse, sharing a cell with with a guy whos gonna make you his pixie and show you his magic mushroom

>> No.54434171


That actually does sound horrifying to a certain extent.
I would ask somebody to draw this just for laughs, but they would probably go mad from doing so.

>> No.54434176

oWoD is a tie between Mage and Wraith. V:tM and Orpheus have a bit of a soft spot too.

>> No.54434189

I've never done any kind of harassment or anything, where did you get that idea from?

>> No.54434191

Oh my god. We're 150+ posts into this and maybe 20 of them have been related to game. HOLY SHIT PEOPLE. Can we get back on topic?

>> No.54434209

1/3rd the number of posters compared to the last thread and already the thread is half dead.

>> No.54434214

Probably doesn't count, but Hunters Hunted.

>> No.54434216

>So to avoid all this bullshit going on, what's your favorite of oWoD? Werewolf? Mage? Vampire?

Mage when is run by the only dm.i have confidence wont fuck it up.

Werewold when i run it.

Vampire when i can play vampions with dark magic

>> No.54434219

Holy shit you're right, this entire shitshow is only 13 people. Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.54434244


Oruganicu fodu, desu sempai

>> No.54434251

Masquerade. It's my oldest love.
Dreaming after that.
Though I'm growing to like Apocalypse.

>> No.54434254

why do you hate people that try to help you? Maybe if you explain yourself better you wouldn't be so frustrated. literally and sexuality

>> No.54434261

I don't hate anyone.

>> No.54434301


Just because you dont think is harassment doesnt meant it isnt. Have a little empathy anon. People talk. But we can get a sensitivity workshop going but you gotta put an effort from your part to fix the issue

>> No.54434319

What are you trying to do here? It's like I'm talking to a brick wall.

>> No.54434326

What the fuck happened to this thread.

>> No.54434335

His blast takes the form of weeb engrish organic food advice and begging for donations.

>> No.54434338

This is what happens when you believe in *magic*

>> No.54434357

So /wodg/. What's that one game that you've always wanted to run but never found the group skilled or insane enough to run it with?

>> No.54434358

Well your views on the non binary sexual orientation is not exactly -cheerful- I mean really what did they ever do to you?

>> No.54434359

Same. I'm sure there's tons of hate for Changeling here but I had all the kithbooks, all the background material...fuck I loved that setting.

Also, how about Risen? V:tDA? Those were fucking awesome too. I am basically nostalgia-ing hard.

>> No.54434365

I never said anything bad about non-binary people.

>> No.54434377

Hunter, but only because my group is busy.

>> No.54434378

World of Darkness

>> No.54434379

There wasn't even any talk about magic, just a raging autism fire of arguing about arguing.

>> No.54434384


Thats because you arent facing your problems anon. Acknowledge that you have issues and then you can move forward. But doing the same thing over and over again is not gonna help you. Get professional help and maybe you can make the workplace safer for the rest

>> No.54434419

Okay, can you just lay down all the weird stuff and make whatever point you're trying to make?

>> No.54434435

I tried to do DA:V and just couldn't. I don't usually jive on historical settings. Risen are cool, but pretty broken (since they are just Crows with the serial numbers filed off).

>> No.54434439


He is followed by spirits of pitty and disapointment

>> No.54434454


Mage, any mage.

>> No.54434464

You're clearly running away from reality into magical belief. creating a delusional workplace where you believe your behavior is passable. I mean just stop grabbing people clothes for fuck sake.

>> No.54434478

I think it worked really well for me to bring people over from D&D. We had some fun with it before eventually coming up to modern era games.

>> No.54434496

I know that feel Anons. I just got something going after a solid year of the gameless life.

>> No.54434513


>> No.54434536

And that's awesome. Drawing in new people is really good, expanding the hobby. I found that Changeling was one that really drew in some of the Rifts/D&D-style players too, given the options and setting baselines for Dreaming.

>> No.54434592

So is it just me or is D:tD complicated as fuck? Like people give Mage shit for being a mechanical clusterfuck but Ascension and Awakening didn't give me half as much trouble as this.
And for the other 2 people here who play it. How the hell do you make interesting Cyphers for your PCs?

>> No.54434622

A lot of the work in powers and shit is frontloaded. Once you've got it in place. it's fine

Free Form to death. In a world where you can do anything. You almost do nothing with it.

>> No.54434650

One thing I've noticed about 2e is it really requires the story teller to do game development and make new rules in a way that 1e never required. Even the base char gen in Demon requires the ST to make no less than 4 custom powers or so per player. Changeling 2e requires you to make entire courts and their mantles. For an improved system it requires a lot more work to run.

>> No.54434656


Okay i can be a straight shooter, simply put you are making women in the workplace feel unsafe. Its like people in the thread have told you there is a time and place to bring your weirdness and wacko beliefs. Here is on/x/ in real life is NOT IN THE WORKPLACE or frankly anywhere but you "church", cult whatever

>> No.54434671

I'm running the second game of D:tD tomorrow and I still have no idea what their ciphers should be.

>> No.54434698

Although that is a valid criticism. The story teller has to do all the setting work anyways.

Real advice. Go into the player's fav splat book. take out the power they really like. Add one element to it. there you go

>> No.54434711


I am kind of intrigue by this human drama. Will the batshit insane anon face that he is crazy or will he get fired by the other anon?

>> No.54434754

>Although that is a valid criticism. The story teller has to do all the setting work anyways.
And there is waaaaay less to do in 1e. And it results in, near as I can tell in play, the exact same experience for the players, but they also have to do more work before hand. It just makes putting a game together, pulling players in, and getting them all on the same page that much harder.

>> No.54434811

You beat the shitposting /x/fag, good job guys, only took you 150+ posts.

>> No.54434848

It's framework. as the ST you still have to input ALL the npcs. so from the perspective the ST is still doing the work of slotting in what he needs. I believe they're crafting the court system in this manor to help them out. I mean we already had things these things to begin with.

They already gave out a version of one of the courts.
So they aren't leaving anyone high and dry. It's all optional work if you want from what I see.

>> No.54435532

And then the thread died. Good work.

>> No.54435546

In Awakening, which Arcana might boost Attributes and Skills besides Life and Mind? It seems silly to limit that kind of spell to those two Arcana when you have Creative Thaumaturgy, but no one seems to believe me.

>> No.54435597

I'd argue Forces and Matter in certain events.

>> No.54435621

Fate for sure.

>> No.54435630

I'd allow other arcana to provide bonuses to those rolls, but outside of life and mind it doesn't make sense to get actual dots.

>> No.54435644

Life/Mind do it.

Stop trying to squeeze it into other arcana. Fuck off.

>> No.54435688

No, you fuck off.

>> No.54435718

In Tome of the Mysteries it says that creative Mages can cheat at their ranking tests in a Consilium, where they test your skill in the Practices of various Arcana to see if you really are an Adept of Death, Disciple of Prime, etc, by using one Arcanum to mimic the abilities of another. So yeah, I would say you could mimic augmentation spells if you really put your mind to it. Use Forces to make a second skin of telekinetic energy around you, so you can punch and lift like you were using Perfecting the Form. You could maybe use Time to alter your own personal timeline speed, so you think faster and have better initiative. It's definitely possible, and I'm sure somebody could come up with more examples.

>> No.54435721

Arcana are not equal. Fate and time can give you bonuses for things that require precision. Only mind and life give you can actually give you dots in ability.

>> No.54435738

>stop trying to be creative

>> No.54435750

>Only mind and life give you can actually give you dots in ability.
Do you have a source for that?

>> No.54435766

That's literally not possible in 2e or even 1e unless the testers were unqualified to do their job.

More like stop trying to game the system.

>> No.54435768


Necessary sacrifice

>> No.54435809

Show me the spells that arnt Life or Mind that give dots in a stat.

Look fags, you choose firearms to shoot guns, you choose life or mind to boost yer physical or mental stats/skills.

Stop trying to game the fucking system.

>> No.54435837

If my best friend was an Archmage. Could he turn me into every single Template?

Could I be the biggest non-Archmage Mary Sue?

>> No.54435840

It's in the arcana descriptions.

>> No.54435867

This, Other arcana might make it easier to life heavy weights or jump further or whatever but that wont mechanically in game count as extra dots in a stat.

>> No.54435869

Show it. "Only Life and Mind can give dots in Attributes." Show me where it says that in the book.

>> No.54435888

>creative thaumaturgy is gaming the system

>> No.54435893

Sho me where the hell you would be able to put dots in things with other arcana?

>> No.54435897

Points to all the spells being life or mind that increase attributes.

somethings just dont need to be spelled out faggot

>> No.54435928

Either you have a source or you don't. Show me where it says creating spells with other Arcana that boost attributes is explicitly disallowed or stated to be impossible.

>> No.54435931

You use creative thaum to get the same end result, you dont use it to game the system and allowing yourself to use prime to give yourself dots in strength.

Sure use forces to make it easier to lift that heavy shit with gravity but it isnt extra points of strength you mongoloid

>> No.54435935



...because wizards

>> No.54435943

Still not seeing a source, anon.

>> No.54435950

Post more Stardust the Super-Wizard. He's CofD relevant, he's an archmage in a universe without the Pax or any peers.

>> No.54435976

It's impossible because of the nature of arcana. Only life deals with physical augmentation and only mind deals with social and mental augmentation. Arcana can vaguely cross but you can't replicate facets of arcana. Augmenting the body and mind rquires the body and mind. Unless you are a ghost or spirit than you need those arcana.

>> No.54435979

I didn't realize the faggot had spoken


>> No.54436018

Okay, great. And where does it say it's impossible in the book?

>> No.54436029

You cant just pull out its "Creative thaum" fuckers and ignore the arcana purviews you assbandit.

Have you even read them? Show me where matters purview lets you increase an attribute?

>> No.54436076

Ever thought that no one believes you because you are wrong?

>> No.54436131

I'm pretty sure the only other Arcanum that can boost stats is Spirit.

By melding with a spirit of *insert talent here*

>> No.54436167

>Taking a spirit into yourself for fun and profit

>> No.54436180

So still no source?

>> No.54436200

does becoming claimed boost your stats?

>> No.54436213

it's called read the the book and have common fucking sense. No st will allow that bullshit and you won't find help here.

>> No.54436224

>Show me where matters purview lets you increase an attribute?
Create a super steroid with magic.

>> No.54436238

Wow. Ive provided ample sources. You just dont understand them.

Go read up on purviews. Now its time for you to explain to us how to use other arcana to give bonus points in an attribute. Show us your superior knowledge of how this is accomplished.

>> No.54436257

That's alchemy which requires life.

>> No.54436312

Go read about steroids. Thats not how they work.

>> No.54436338

No. It's not a magic steroid. Just a super one made with magic.

>> No.54436359

No? What about a shot of enhanced adrenaline that you made with Matter?

>> No.54436406

you need life to make adrenaline anon

>> No.54436440

It is with magic. You want to make blood to acid you need matter and life. You want to make a pill that replicates honing the form you need matter and life. Normal steroids don't give you strength just muscle mass. a "super steroid" doesn't work and couldn't work without life as a component. Just stop being obtuse.

>> No.54436468

You'd need life to conjure adrenaline inside someone anon, summoning an epipen into your hand is pure matter.

>> No.54436470

No you don't. You can make material derivative of Life with Matter. You don't need Life to change water into orange juice.

>> No.54436509

Why are magefags obsessed with making boner pills with matter?

>> No.54436538

>does becoming claimed boost your stats?

In 1E yes. In 2nd i dont know

>> No.54436543

Disregard Matter

Acquire Life

>> No.54436551

The only thing you might have right is needing Life to transmute blood. The rest you're pulling out of your ass.

>> No.54436561

Disregard life, acquire Death. Put a ghost into your dick to possess it.

>> No.54436565

Yep ok fine.

And maybe id let the matter mage give somebody +1 strength for 3 mins if they inject somebody with it. And then maybe i make that person roll stamina and have a heart attack.

You got me anon you used matter to give somebody +1 strength for afew mins

>> No.54436611

>Being this mad at people using magic creatively in a game about using magic creatively.

>> No.54436692

people not understanding arcana have limitations, there is no one arcana does everything

The fact that nobody else has sprung to your defence and you couldnt get others to agree with you in your first post doesnt suggest something to you?

There is being creative and there is being a retard. You are the latter.

>> No.54436791

It's literally in the book that Matter can do things like transmute gasoline into orange juice. Wood can be turned into gold. Water into wine. Stop being so mad that the game allows people to be creative with magic.

You're arguing with more than one person, genius.

>> No.54436796

>Anon gets called out my multiple people
>Cries samefagging
>Calls others retarded.
wew there lad.

>> No.54436831

Why is the fucking world of darkness thread never about world of darkness except for all the magefags?

>> No.54436845

Yes so matter can transmute shit, good lad.

You can make adrenaline, good lad. Now i would say that it doesnt even give you a temp bonus to strength if injected. it'll wake up somebody up sure, maybe even let you ignore would penalties even and at tops a +1 bonus dice to a physical roll but that still isnt a attribute increase just a bonus dice

im sure you can think of many more retarded ways to get bonus dice using any arcana but it still is not increasing an attribute.

>> No.54436956

Supersteroids aren't a thing they don't actually give you strength so much as the ability to work with more muscle mass which you till have to personally build. Matter can't remove the detrimental effects of steroids. Yeah you can make adrenaline shooting that up has a chance to kill you. If a super steroid was scientifically possible the side effects would be completely detrimental to your health.

>> No.54436991

To banish the /x/fag?

>> No.54436999

>Now i would say that it doesnt even give you a temp bonus to strength if injected
I would say that it does. Adrenaline is commonly thought to be the cause of enhanced strength in dire situations. The old story of a parent lifting a car off their child, etc. Actual supporting evidence is scarce, but it hasn't been debunked either. So I would allow it as a temporary stat boost, because I'm not an anal retentive party pooper who is being a sore loser and because it's been made more potent by magic. Matter is explicitly able to enhance materials, you know.

>> No.54437007


This man is correct

>> No.54437012


>> No.54437021

Attributes like Strength etc are properties of living beings (spirits etc have different ones) right?

To raise/lower said attributes requires a perfecting/fraying spell that covers the targets purview right?

What arcana has living beings under its purview?

Oh dear. Good job explaining how perfecting/fraying spells of other arcana are raising a living things attributes.

nobody has said other arcana cant overlap in some situations they just do it by other means (ie temp bonus dice, reducing penalties)

>> No.54437025

Are you samefagging?

>> No.54437036

Or just pull a Ghostbusters and cut out the middle man.

>> No.54437038

So you want to give people boners? I'm still not seeing why you want matter instead of life for sexual shenanigans

>> No.54437049

Better that than the shit flinging argument about literally nothing the thread started with.

>> No.54437058

sore loser. LOL

who is to say that somebody lifting a car of a child isnt spending willpower to increase their strength roll? They dont suddenly have +3 strength now do they?

>> No.54437063

you guys just have a shity understanding of human biology

>> No.54437100

Maybe that is the case, with a naturally occurring rush of adrenaline. Why would a deliberate of injection of adrenaline give you willpower though? That makes less sense that having it as a temporary stat boost.

>> No.54437116

That's not a no.

>> No.54437118

Come on i want to hear how this genius uses fate to increase his strength attribute (not give himself bonus dice or whatever) to lift a car.

This will be fucking good.

>> No.54437119

You're fucking retarded.

>> No.54437136


>> No.54437138

>using matter instead of mind
are you high?

>> No.54437143

Good luck breaching this wall of retardation.

>> No.54437154

are you retarded? Im saying even if a adrenine shot gave you a boost it would be to a strength roll as bonus dice you arnt going to be marking extra dots of strength on your character sheet for taking shots of adrenaline.

>> No.54437167

you done being a fag?

>> No.54437180

Lets you lift that car, you didnt increase your strength attribute to do it though

Nice try.

>> No.54437183

Are you?

>> No.54437188

Why wouldn't you, if you enhanced it with Matter to last longer?

>> No.54437196

Why are you trying to fuck a mom while she's lifting a car?

>> No.54437212

...What? Did you respond to the wrong post?

>> No.54437226

Because it can't enhance adrenaline. you can't make magical drugs without prerequisite arcana for the same reason magical metals require component arcana. when you go beyond factual drugs and into pure fiction you need life.

>> No.54437229


supposed to be the reply to CHAOS CONTROL (mastery)

>> No.54437244

>magefags are retards
well you have whatever belief you want I guess. but calling magefags retards is not really all that helpful

>> No.54437251 [DELETED] 

Why are you trying to be a fucking retarded nigger faggot?

>> No.54437253

>no u

Sums up the entire thread
We're already near the 300 post mark, you fucking asswipes.

>> No.54437268

do you want to return to the thread before this one?

>> No.54437270

I didn't say magefags were retards. They are, but I didn't say it.

>> No.54437277

That's no excuse. Fuck off mate.

>> No.54437280

Dyed-in-the-wool Ascension fag here but I'm running werewolf because I can make that shit pop.

I'm a /k/ommando and a vet and when you strip it down to its basic level, werewolf is a military action game. It helps me disguise muh /k/ 'tism.

>> No.54437282

Well you just never really explained you fascination with gilfs

>> No.54437283

It took until ~150 posts for the thread to actually be about the game.

>> No.54437293

I am not the /x/fag shitfaggot.

>> No.54437300

In all honesty. These threads have become hilarious as of late.


>> No.54437314

This is by far the worst /wodg/ in quite a while.

>> No.54437321

Deflecting your fetishes on another anon doesn't really get you confront your own life problems

>> No.54437328


>> No.54437330

What about them?

>> No.54437339

Nigga that is exactly why I love Werewolf the Forsaken. I like my "Shamanistic Spec Ops team" version of it over the "Furry gangsters with anger issues" version.

>> No.54437342

Go choke on a dick.

>> No.54437351

I am sexually attracted to Phil Brucato

>> No.54437372

so your oral fixation started with your father? that is quite a confession to make

>> No.54437373

You should be.

>> No.54437378

>> No.54437389

What's the issue?

>> No.54437402


>> No.54437403

It started with your mom.

>> No.54437416


>> No.54437433

This thread really is something special, isn't it?

>> No.54437441

I vote this for our next OP image after the last 2 threads

>> No.54437447

What's so bad about them?

>> No.54437476

Kill yourself.

>> No.54437481

So the mother superior held your head for the father's cock? well anon I can't tell you what your fetishes are. but if you're not strong enough to defend yourself against a little woman. are you really a man?

>> No.54437500


>> No.54437509

Bullshit. You can change adrenaline all you like with Matter. You're just using magic so that you don't have to do it manually.

>> No.54437520

You suck

>> No.54437523

Tumblranon and /x/fag last thread
The anon here that's obsessed with incest and is assblasted about magic in Mage.
The one or two other anons that are just butthurt about nothing.
We've had some premium autism here the past couple days. Not to mention the Magefag infestation we've had lately, which is a lesser tier of assburgers but assburgers none the less.

>> No.54437524

She was so fat, I had no options.

>> No.54437525

Nice edit.

>> No.54437535


do it

>> No.54437538

/x/fag for half of this thread too.

>> No.54437554

Honestly the magefags defend against the premium autism, as much as we might not like them, we need them.

>> No.54437571

What would other examples of the premium autism be?

>> No.54437572

And before that Aspel defended us from the magefags

>> No.54437582

Who's Aspel?

>> No.54437584

There is no real way to enhance adrenaline without matter. You can transform it into other drugs but you can't straight up make it do more than it does with just matter. Matter deals with magical drugs but not without the alchemy rules which require component life effects.

>> No.54437590

They're the chemo of this thread, you loose your hair and feel like shit but they keep the cancer away.

>>54437572 Aspel was a worse strain of AIDS though. I'll take Magefags over that dipshit any day.

>> No.54437591


>> No.54437631

Don't make a new thread

All of this ass will just pour over

>> No.54437679

>you can't straight up make it do more than it does with just matter.
You literally can. Matter can enhance materials. You can change the chemical composition of it. Stop being obtuse.

>> No.54437751

we know what he means

you cant just use matter to create a magical "super strength" potion, drink it then gain +6 strength

>> No.54437773

Yes that doesn't let you straight up do something it can't. You can have more pump through your veins (if you have life). It can't become super adrenline(tm) even if it could without life it would kill you in a matter of minutes. One adrenaline shot has a chance to kill you in normal conditions. Super adrenaline(TM) would fucking destroy you again without life. Magical metals require components of said metals. Prime for thaunium,
magical drugs would do the same.

>> No.54437813

So, how 'bout them Seers of the Throne...

>> No.54437831

There's nothing inherently magical about it. It's just been enhanced with magic. And as for heart failure, you could use Wonderful Machine to combine it with a drug to counteract that.

>> No.54437857

OPP should just call them Jews and stop pretending.

>> No.54437867

But what did he actually do?

>> No.54437880

Is someone going to make a new thread soon? I'm on mobile so I can't.

>> No.54437893


We're crashing this thread with no survivors

>> No.54437905

Super adrenaline literally doesn't exist. a druge that's captain america's super soldier drug isn't real. You can't make it without cheating with magic and matter can't enhance drugs that effect living organisms. They can just make them. You'd need life to enhance adrenaline.

That doesn't work there's no counter drug for adrenaline it's a stimulant if you have multiple types of drugs it just fucks you up even more.

Just play DnD if you want to make strength potions.

>> No.54437925

chronicles of fagness

start a new thread

>> No.54437961

Also this is my last post on this ridiculous topic. I'm sick of the topic. if your st allows it he's a moron but good for you.

>> No.54437973

>OPP should just call them Jews and stop pretending.

Don't be silly, Jews aren't allowed.

As confirmed by Brucato, Zionists and Jews apparently -trigger- too many hard left WW readers.

>> No.54437974

Does anyone know how to start a thread on mobile?

>> No.54437994

So acknowledge them as the enemy. It's that simple.

>> No.54438026

>So acknowledge them as the enemy. It's that simple.

And openly concede the antisemitism of the left? Again, stop with the crazy talk.

>> No.54438042

Guys, we all know the Jews are Vampires now

>> No.54438062

Ashkenazi are Ventrue, Sephardi are Daeva, Mizrahi are Mekhet.

>> No.54438075

>we all know the Jews are Vampires now

We all know the Jews are Mages now.


>> No.54438085

Nah nigga. 1000 Years of Night has Jewpires, Mage 20 had its Jews removed.

>> No.54438090

>Ashkenazi are Ventrue, Sephardi are Daeva, Mizrahi are Mekhet.

>L O L about those crazy Nosferatu gentiles

>> No.54438105

>matter can't enhance drugs that effect living organisms
Where are you getting this from?

>> No.54438114


Besides Deborah, the immortal Biblical badass Hebrew judge who *hunts* vampires, what other Jews are in ATYoN?

>> No.54438119

And of course, the real reason why the Lions got edited out. They hit a little too close to Phils magical realm.

>> No.54438120

Why is there not a new thread yet?

>> No.54438152

>Mage 20 had its Jews removed

Well, that's helps explain why M20 is complete crap.

>Brucato is now known to the Secret Jewish Cabal(tm) that rules the world.

>> No.54438161

Jewish, Irish, and Armenian.

>> No.54438184

>Jewish, Irish, and Armenian cabals

>TFW Freemasons get no respect

>> No.54438263

Where did the /x fag go? he was fun if insane

>> No.54438273

Hopefully banned or back to /x/

>> No.54438336

I suppose people are waiting for the autism to burn out.

>> No.54438423

It actually wouldn't be extra dots, just bonuses to the roll. That's how drugs work.

>> No.54438532

Whats a good way to derail a HTV game? My DM is kind of a push over and will let nearly anything happen.

>> No.54438674

take a vampire to cops. pull out the stake.

>> No.54438834

Start a blog about your hunts. Follow that road to being a celebrity hunter.

>> No.54438972

Would anybody be interested in a Werewolf 2e game?
I'm looking for 1 more player, to, ideally, play an Ithaeur Bone Shadow(we already have one of every other auspice and tribe, and I'm a fan of rounding things out, but it's not necessary).
>Game is set in Portland, Oregon
>PC Woofs know each other through University of Portland
>Game is starting with the Pack having recently formed
>Nobody else in the group has ever played cofd before(I've played a few games and run a few games, but I apparently have the patience of a saint so I'm fine with teaching them as we play).
>Saturdays, Noon-3PM, roughly, GMT -7

>> No.54439003

Fuck Bone Shadow

Hello Thyrsus

>> No.54439055

Oh right, thanks for the reminder
Yiff is ban, no awoo, $250 fine
No mages allowed

>> No.54439061

Voice or text?

>> No.54439082

IC text through Roll20, OOC voice through Discord

>> No.54439105

Bah. Worth a shot. Hearing is fucked so I'd end up being pic related the whole time.
Good luck finding someone who isn't retarded, anon.

>> No.54439140

>No mages allowed


>> No.54439163

>No mages allowed

>> No.54439632

/x/fag told us already that Jews are the enemy, as revealed by great Satyros

>> No.54439638

Are there any published rules so far for Deviant: the Renegades? I can't find anything.

>> No.54439705


>> No.54439742


>> No.54439941

We don't even know what Deviant really is yet. And don't hold you breath. Dave is MIA.

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