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Last suicide attempt - >>54407370

Paste Bin - http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

The box does not judge, only hates.

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The box is a chair.

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What did he mean by this?

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First for "wipe off your tears, Tok, you slipped and failed but I still believe in you and your lewds".

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But you're the seventh post anon.

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Corrected and Updated Build!


>Time and Place to be Determined by RP World
>Figure of Legend
>Memory of the Ages Level 0
>Gift of Gab
>Map Maker
>Mage Eye (Wizard)
>Strength & Speed Level 2
>Reflexes & Reaction Level 2
>Impervious Level 3
>Regeneration Level 3
>Endurance Level 2
>Super Senses Level 2
>Diet Level 2
>Sanitary Convenience Level 1
>Iron Gut
>Divination, Telepathy, Stormsage, Defiling, Compulsion, Master of Motion, Disjunction Major
>Teach Defiling Minor
>Godslayer (Upgraded)
>Personal Omni-Wear
>Cursed by the Spirits
>The Myth Maker
>A Dark God
>Sorcerer Supreme
>An Empire Eternal
>Multiplayer Build

A walking plague! A scourge upon the world! Even the spirits of the Earth strive against her! But she can be placated! Mortals' time in this world is short and their brief lives all that they have that's truly valuable. Sacrifice them to Madira-Hamsi! Join her armies! Build her pyramids of skulls and spread her legend far and wide! When the world has embraced the savage beauty of destruction and the blood flows like rivers in celebration her eternal rule, then she will take her place as the one true Goddess and elevate the world with her as she begins true ascension to unknown heights!

I could write up a Nemesis myself. But if a shared world gets started with the final version, then maybe someone will want to be my Nemesis instead.

Would kind of like to have Binding and Beastmaster Major magic schools, but I just don't see it happening. I think a pretty fearsome build regardless though.

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You have to read into it a bit, but the worst thing about this build (for the wellbeing of the world) is actually that you're going to teach thousands of humans defiling magic. (Which, by the way, will let you earn points to buy one of those two schools you want, once you complete the quest).

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>Yuki Onna
for them dick-sucking lips and storm magic
to hopefully learn more magic; maybe recover some lost texts too if I figure out some way of explaining it to people without any mention of demons being involved

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Do the Elf Femdom CYOA Tok. DO IT!

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Pokemon Personified Plus+ CYOA when?

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Yeah. Do this, but remove the femdom.

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Skelebro I admire your tenacity and vigilance but lets be honest here, if PPP+ gets release, it won't get any replies.

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Yep! They will spread pestilence, fear, and corruption across the world. With thousands of them that can turn up anywhere, it will be hard to stop. Certain areas may be cleansed for a time, but the threat of corruption will be ceaseless:)

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How the fuck do my niggas SaltedPotatoes and Fatposter get banned, but you slide by on your bony ass?

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It depends on if he gets reported and how the janny/hotpocket feels. I didn't get banned for UP posting.

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So did tok meltdown after failing to deliver or something

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>Time Period

Dropped In

Me, but fit

Immortal Wanderer (90)

>Fate Modifier
Metahuman (70)

>Mental Upgrades
Gift of Gab (65)
Map Maker (60)

>Supernatural Gifts
Born in the Water (59)

>Physical Upgrades
Strength and Speed II (53)
Reflexes and Reaction II (41)
Impervious II (45)
Regeneration III (40) I'm just rounding up from 4.5 on this one
Non-Reactor (39)
Endurance II (35)
Super Senses I (32)
Diet II (30) Rounding up form 2.5
Iron Gut (29)
Beauty (27)


Wanderer's Journal (24)
Personal Omni-Wear (23)
Personal Omni-Weapon (22)

>Pocket Dimension (12)
Home Luxury Pack (2)
Cooking Suite Upgrade (0)

Preliminary build. I'll probably re-do it after really reading through this. For now, I'm just a superhuman pirate.

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Naw, too much criticism, not enough masturbation makes Tok a melancholic perv.

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Yes, he said he's never making OC again.

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Srry anon, Im not gonna do a CYOA anyone wants or requests ever again. I will do what I want to do when I want to do it.

>you slipped and failed but I still believe in you and your lewds.
Thanks anon, but I honestly don't know if I slipped or what the fuck Eronomicon was about. Like I entered a CYOA contest on reddit with Eronomicon. Since they would give the winner 25$ on steam and If I would win I would recycle that money to make my own lewd CYOA contest with the 25$ on steam as a price pool. I posted Eronomicon and on only 1 day I am close to having the most votes in the contest. I checked the other CYOAs and they are pretty good and all I get is praise on reddit. Like if everyone thought Eronomicon was bad, I would think it was bad. But why are people loving it on reddit and people hating it on 4chan? It's just beyond mind boggling to me.

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I fail to see how asking for more corruption options is 'ruining your lore and artistic integrity.' It's asking for more variety in the same framework.

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>Srry anon, Im not gonna do a CYOA anyone wants or requests ever again
So expressing fake enthusiasm is a good way to get you to stop making something in the future? Helpful knowledge.

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>Srry anon, Im not gonna do a CYOA anyone wants or requests ever again. I will do what I want to do when I want to do it.
Well that's just great. We broke Tok. Wasn't this whole thing just a shit show?

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Cool! Always nice to see that people have such different builds.

Attached is the first five text descriptions. I don't intend to do the entire thing piecemeal, but I have not written character descriptions before for a CYOA, so would love to hear in what ways they suck before I do the other 30.

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>But why are people loving it on reddit and people hating it on 4chan?
You're still using the "But reddit!" argument? Reddit has no standards. Reddit has a community where criticism and speaking your mind is forbidden. The only the reddit will criticize you on is if you work in defiance of SJW principles, in which case they'll whine for ages. Otherwise they don't care. Is that batch of SJWs really who you want to throw your hat in with?

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It's because 4chan and reddit are very different, and do not exactly appeal to the same people, thus the tastes of the people in both places will be different. Also criticism on 4chan is raw and unfiltered, there's actually a good chance here on 4chan that someone would rate your work 7/10 or even higher, and do nothing but criticize it.

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That's because Reddit wouldn't know quality if it shit down their throat.

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>Like I entered a CYOA contest on reddit with Eronomicon.
Is this why you're reluctant to update? Because you want to win cash?

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Jesus fucking Christ.

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I realized after further reading the drawbacks that prevent you from altering history are right up my alley, so I'll definitely be coming back with more points.

I also feel like it's dumb to be a pirate with pocket dimension, but I'm literally incapable of not taking that option.

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Thanks, but I must respectfully decline.

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Keep reading, he wants to spend it on getting other people to make more cyoa.

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I personanlly really liked it.
Even if I didn't like a lot of the powers, there was enough to scratch my fetishes and have points left over.

Pretty nifty.

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>First place is 25$ in CYOA contest and if I win I will create my own CYOA contest with the 25$ as price pool
>Is this why you're reluctant to update? Because you want to win cash?

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It's almost like being an attention whore doesn't always get nice attention
Holy shit, are you still using "but reddit likes it" as your shield here of all places?

I say this with all sincerity, you belong there. It'll protect you from criticism that you don't want to hear after shilling your work for weeks and having it under deliver. It'll also fit your constant desire to make sure everyone knows who you are at all times.

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Involving money in CYOAs is a horrible idea.

Regardless of what you want to do with it, you still have to win it in the first place.

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I have never stressed over which Waifus I wanted more than I did over this CYOA.
Fuck you, Celt! I love you, but fuck you!
So after much consideration here's my final build because I realized I never actually posted it.
I'm gonna do the same autistic shit I did for Of Damsels and Devastation, so if you aren't prepared to cringe, you're not gonna wanna read this...

>"You there! Citizen!"
Jesus fuck! W-what?
>"It seems that fate has brought you before me this day."
...I mean... you're the one who broke into my house and barged into my room, but okay. I'm listening.
>"During my journeys I found and bound many demons..."
Wait. So you're telling me that, not only are Crusaders still a thing but demons are real?
...Fuck I better start going to church...
Oh, sorry. Please continue.
>"...But how can I bring myself to slay one that could be saved?"
Huh, would not expect a Crusader to be so forgiving.
I like you. I think I'll hold off on pressing charges for breaking and entering depending on where you're going with this...
>"...walk into the Holy City..."
...You mean Jerusalem?
I think you may be lost; that's about an 18-hour flight east of here.
>"You are actually the first man I've found that looked capable to handle a demon..."
...By which you mean I'm the first one not to immediately pull a gun on you or call the cops, I'm guessing...
>"As a fellow member of our Lord's Empire..."
Suuuuuuuuuure I am...
But nevermind that, I'd be honored to take in a demon to rehabilitate on your behalf! Show me what you've got.
By the way... What's with the box?
Seems kinda odd... Let me just-
>"wait, what are you doing? NO! Don't touch that!"
Okay, okay! Jeez man, I was just curious, no need to shout.
I promise I won't try to touch it again, just let me see the demons.

Continued next post

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It's largely due to expectations.

I quite liked Eronomicon but thought it was pretty similar to other ones you've done in the past and probably not as good as those previous ones either (the content being more or less the same and the structure being a little more obnoxious).

People on Reddit probably don't know your stuff or that this one wasn't quite as good.

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And you are mine! The recent album is amazing. Fuck that garbage SDA linked, no wonder he shitposts with that kind of shit taste.

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>he wouldn't make cyoas for a living

>> No.54415225

Here's the thing though, if you want to do CYOA's for a living you either need to turn them into a product (Highlanders Plan) or turn them into a long-crowd funded thing (Patreon Plan.) You'll need your own art and your own shit, as well as a means of getting money off the damn things.

Not that it isn't doable if you were incurably autistic and persistent to build an audience, but it would suck.

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>all of them are shit
Why even bother?

Is it some sort of secret all women are shit meme?

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Laura is tolerable enough personality wise, and hot.

>> No.54415337

What are some minor positive things that can happen to a person? I'm working on a CYOA where it's a pretty vital element, but I can't think of much.

>> No.54415374

Ill finally build for this.


Meditation ,Body , Vagabond

Unwilling God of Loneliness

Bitch, we journey to the east now. I'm gonna show Ar-thuk what he needs to be, the god of vagabonds. We shall adventure the lands, enjoying new cultures, experiencing life to the fullest, and overcoming great challenges.
Then with that under our belts, words of our lifestyle shall entice adventures and give my friend his power and place as a god. I shall then become a demi-god and we shall be best of fucking bros.

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Laura or Helen would both be fine by me, neither is 100% perfect but neither am I. Their flaws are more just things we don't have in common and yeah, they're both very attractive.

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- Finding money on the street.
- Getting a raise at work.
- Successfully flirting with that cute boy/girl
- Unexpected tax refund
- Discover a new recipe you love
- Discover a new restaurant that's cheap and good
- Discover a new tv show
- Get a great haircut that brings you compliments.
- Find something great at an estate sale.

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>> No.54415399

Looks good enough to me, they've got meat to them without descending into over-explaining Some people are going to want to know lewd preferences but frankly that doesn't seem to be what you're going for, so your template is decent.

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Rolling your waifu in a gacha.

>> No.54415408

>but fuck you
Buy me dinner first, babe.

>> No.54415415

You find $50 in your pocket that you forgot about

>> No.54415421

How minor? Are we talking about things that happen once or more long-term things? Acquiring a bit of extra cash you didn't expect is always nice. Being guaranteed to get a good night's sleep no matter what is something I'd appreciate a lot.

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>> No.54415437

>Laura is tolerable enough personality wise
Yeah not exciting, pretty vanila, but begin /fit/ is a big plus. Probably would be my choice too.
>and hot.
She's cute, and from the front at lest looks like she's got a nice ass. If she'd be alright with implants she could be a 9/10 imo.

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You should mention when you make an update. So is it finished now?

>> No.54415485

More of the former than the later of your examples. Small good things that would briefly distract from an otherwise awful life.


>> No.54415505

Thanks, anon; that's good enough for me.

>> No.54415528

Well, I'm definitely not a 9/10, so I'll take her.

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>Continued next post
>30min ago

He die?

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You have to be perfect to post here. Please leave.

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The Wolf Queen
Witch of the Woods
Serpent Tongued Monster
Honey Giver
Storm Rider
That Bitch With the Spiders
Bear Sister
Flood Bringer
Ect, Ect...

>When and Where
10,000 BC, Random Starting Location
I threw a dart at a map, and ended up in Whothefuckcares, Lithuania.

>Game Type
Open to Multiplayer 10

Immortal Wanderer 100
General 90

>Mental Upgrades
Genius 3 80
Memory of the Ages 2 75
Commander 75
Map Maker 70

>Physical Upgrades
Strength & Speed 2 62
Reflexes & Reaction 2 54
Impervious 3 36
Regeneration 2 30
Non-Reactor 28
Endurance 2 20
Super Senses 2 16
Diet 2 11
Iron Gut 10
Beauty 8

Beastmaster, Major -2
Telepathy, Minor -7
Spirit Singer, Major -17

Five Open Companion Slots -23
A Shared Gift x5
-Strength & Speed 1 -24
-Reflexes & Reaction 1 -25
-Impervious 1 -26.5
-Regeneration 1 -27
-Non-Reactor -27.5
-Endurance 1 -28.5
-Super Senses 2 -29.5
-Diet 0 -29.5
-Iron Gut -30
-Beauty -30.5
-Telepathy, Minor -31.75
-Spirit Singer, Minor -33

Godslayer -33
Companion Godslayers -35
Personal Omni-Wear -35

Stormbringer -20
Nemesis 0

The Myth Maker

Here's a tentative build. Cunning and brutal, occasionally benevolent, and always on the move. Epic clashes with my Nemesis since the dawn of recorded history should help put me in the books.

I'll probably work in The Slow Pace of History to buff my Shared Gifts, but this is enough math for tonight.

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That sounds hilarious.

>> No.54415619

I didn't like Eronomicon because compared to your other works it seems bland.
Look at your Prison cyoa, you had a shitton of choices, and it really made you think what you wanted to spend your points on, but Erononomicon really was only a choice between bdsm, tentacles, timestop, femdom, or being hat guy who the rest of the thread is devoted to images that convey disgust or fear.
You certainly spent time on it, and it was an okay idea, but I know for a fact that you can do better. It would've been nice to have more than one choice for something, I.E. for necrophilia you could've made a spell that lets the reader make someone seem dead for a specified period of time or summon ghosts. There was so much potential and you just decided to not because you are probably busy doing your own thing or trying to make other cyoas too, but the thing is if you don't have the time, don't rush it and make a half-baked project, do the best you can and don't be so fuckig wishy washy about what people on the internet do or say because at the end of the day you can't think and act for them, you have to worry about yourself man, make some good fucking cyoas because people like your writing and you're good at it, spend a bit more time, don't listen to stupid one sentance blurbs for ideas, if someone has a good idea for a cyoa make them explain what they want.

>> No.54415624

yeah. Helen is definitely second best girl.

I feel like she was made custom for uggos with the "mostly blind" thing. That and the extra extra vanilla sex was a turn off.

>> No.54415681

She can still see you up close though so uggos are shit out of luck or have to stay constantly about a meter or so away.

>> No.54415715

Posting my build:

>> No.54415727


I love your build! The witchy druid/nature Goddess thing is great. I imagine you're much more on the chaos and freedom side of the spectrum than order, so probably not a fan of evil Goddesses walking around telling everyone what to do. So maybe we could be each other's Nemesis >>54414403

>> No.54415734

...I'm a retard and hit the wrong button

Eromancy build
⦁ Y: 7
⦁ G: 10 Secondary
⦁ U: 7
⦁ Pu: 12 Primary
⦁ Pi: 10
⦁ R: 7
⦁ B: 3 Tertiary
Mana Regeneration: Power of Darkness
Purple Spells: Summon Tentacles(Upgraded), Incubate(Upgraded), Banish(Upgraded), Spawn Monster(Upgraded), Spawn Parasite(Upgraded, Summon Abyssal Girl
Green Spells: Shrink, Enlarge, Gender Swap(Upgraded), Alter Age(Upgraded), Transform(Upgraded), Invigorate(Upgraded)
Black Spells: Curse (Eldritch Dreams and Spirited Away), Raise Dead, and Nightmare
Magic points: 1 left
Boons: Unconventional Mana (Power of Darkness), Tertiary School (Black), Immortality (25yo)
Corruption Points: 6 purple, 2 black, 5 green
Corruption options: Eldritch Girl(Futa)(1P), Living Clothes(2P), Corruption(1P), Spirited Away(1P), Eldritch Dreams(1P), Sinister Aura(1B), Cannibal(2B), Random Transformation(1G), Mental Change(2G), Fairy Rapists(2G)

>> No.54415804

Is that the most recent pacyoa? I've been looking for it.

>Mobility (5)
>Brain Implant (15)
>Enhanced Vision, Navigation, Thermal/X-ray, Ultrasonic, External Sensors (45)
>Voice, Translator (55)
>Hydra Nanites, Progenitor Nanites (80)
>Self-Repair (95)
>Cutting Blade (115)
>Plasma Shield, Distortion Field, Temperature Resistance, Invisibility (190)
>Additional Form (200)

Sword has re-loadable blades in case one shatters at high speeds. Additional Form gives me four wings to improve maneuverability in the air.

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>> No.54415832

>He die?
No, I'm just rereading this as I go and I'm a slow reader by nature.
I had to teach myself to read because my dyslexia meant the school had no idea how to do it.
>Prosperine "The Dominator"
Well, she's certainly alluring but I don't think we'd get along very well...
I prefer to be the one in control and being tied up isn't my flavor of a good time.
I think I'll pass on her-
>"I assume she does this since the comfort of one's bed is terrific for judging people."
... I won't say judging people in bed isn't normal, but I don't think that's quite the type of judgment that's going on.
You're the Crusader here, so you obviously know demons better than I do, but I'd recommend not letting her do that anymore.
But as I was saying, pass.

>Qarina "The Slothful"
Aww... That's really cute...
>"Good heavens, clear your mind..."
Hey man, I knew what you meant.
(I doubt you'd have the balls to try anything with her anyway...)
Dear lord, she sounds amazing...
I'll still look over the other ones, but she'll be hard to beat-
>"Please forget I said anything about hell science."
I can't promise you I'll be able to do that, but I'll my best.
(I wonder if I can major in that somewhere...)

>Ardat Lili "The Temptress"
Sorry, sorry, just... Ya gotta warn a guy before you throw tits that huge in his face, man...
Okay, I'm good, keep going.
>"the puppy eyes she gave me made me know she could be saved."
...Hey, if that's what you have to tell yourself to sleep at night, no judgment here. Go on.
(I'm starting to think this guy isn't a very good Crusader...)
>"...will be very grateful for you releasing her."
I was already on board when you mentioned the shapeshifting, but this keeps getting better.
>"...wait until marriage."
Pffffttttt... Y-yeah, I'll do that...
(Little late for that, buddy...)

>Conintued next post
Hit CL sooner than I thought.

>> No.54415842


I don't follow.

>> No.54415883

15% of the population is pretty high, even for the Americas.

>> No.54415900

>I'm starting to think this guy isn't a very good Crusader
Noooooooo, really?

>> No.54415916



>> No.54415953

Its a bit meta, but that's a goal for defeating you.
Seventeen kills should put you at zero fate points.
My timetable theoretically could go out past present day, but if you could also theoretically strip enough of the biosphere before then that the victory would be a pyrrhic one.

I need people to remember me, and you need power.

>> No.54415964

And 100% of warrior adventurers in medieval times were men, so maybe it should be a sausage fest.

>> No.54415967


>> No.54415974


I like it!

Would you object if I patched up a few spelling/grammar flaws though?

>> No.54415981

This one, I pick this one

Fuck you guys

>> No.54415982

Not like the Scythians weren't using female warriors and even the ancient greeks had legends about female warriors.

>> No.54415987

I would welcome it, in fact.

>> No.54415994

So, maybe just 5% women in the CYOA, then? Sound about right?

>> No.54416012

You seem to be getting really butthurt about this. Are you black or something?

>> No.54416048

this is too real

>> No.54416050

There was one cyoa a while back somebody made by requesting pictures from people. One of the pictures was two centaurs I think. Anyone know what I'm talking about it was a collab essentially.

>> No.54416086

my first CYOA, not detailed at all, how is it?

>> No.54416090

>> No.54416094

On fire

>> No.54416128


That's a good plan. Just keep in mind that killing me is not easy!

Without being meta, what would your character do? If you killed me three or five times and I just kept coming back, wouldn't it make more sense to try and banish me somehow where my corrupting influence is minimized? The classic sealed away BBEG trope?

>> No.54416167

>Clear Roads
>Racing Genius


excellent CYOA

>> No.54416175

Well that is disappointing. Look Tok you are a great author. If you post OC on the internet people will hate it and people will like it. I personally am ok with you pursuing your own cyoa but you got to understand it isn't entirely 4chans fault.

You did kinda spend a month hyping it up to be the best lewd cyoa yet and it just kinda flopped. Everybody has flops. In every story ever even gods have flops. That is fine. I don't think you need to take peoples opinions but just disregarding them seems a bit foolhardy. Everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt even this post could be seen as manipulative.

But in all honesty you just do what you prefer, some groups will hate your work, some will like it. But I hope you don't let it break your spirit since losing a great creator of OC would be a shame and a failure for us all.

-Sincerely randomanon who suggested the videogame/tabletop lewd cyoa which I completely understand if you don't want to do

>> No.54416183 [SPOILER] 

>pic related
Nice dubs.
And fuck you, I'm just writing out how I'd legitimately react to all this.
The ( )s are supposed to represent me mumbling to myself.
But in all seriousness, you're seriously offering me a succubus who can teach me to fast and/or sweet talk my way into and out of almost anything or anyone?
Damn, she's just as tempting as Qarina.
Choosing just one is going to be harder than I thought...

>Sori-Nir "The Rebellious"
Alright, I won't mention how weird these names are because they're demon names, but did you give them the titles or did they come with those?
Nothing against them, just curious.
Getting back on track...
Nothing against her, but she just isn't for me.
I have a slight tendency toward pacifism so I'm pretty sure I'd only bore and annoy her so I don't think rehabilitating her is within my capabilities.
Next, please.

>Mara "The Ignorant"
Okay, I hope you didn't give them the titles because that's just mean...
Accurate or not, I really hope that you don't call the adorable little thing that to her face.
>"What's that look for? I give my tithes."
Hey man, no need to get defensive. Like I said, no judgment.
That being said though...
I don't think I'm a good match for her. She seems absolutely adorable, but I can't really gauge her personality with what you've given me. Plus, there is no way I am going to be able to rehabilitate her. I am not strong enough to resist completely abusing her powers for my own gain.
I really hope you can find a kind hearted master for her because I'll reluctantly have to pass...

>Empusa "The Soul Broke"
Waaaaaaaaaay too... let's go with "inhuman" for me.

>Yuki Onna "The Stormbringer"
Oh hey, I'm familiar with these!
...Though that's not what I expected them to look like.
She's gorgeous though, so no complaints.
>"It was a business trip. With business."
...Course it was.

>> No.54416195

Sure, I'll be black this time.

>> No.54416224

Which selections?

>> No.54416226

Running in the 90s


screw driving, I'm gonna run like a motherfucker

>> No.54416231

>implying we don't lose authors all the god damn time
>implying Bliss isn't on the verge of giving up after he releases his next cyoa due to creative bankruptcy

>> No.54416279

Yeah we lose authors all the time. Guess what it sucks. If you lose a family member and they died it sucks, doesn't matter if deaths happen all the time.

>> No.54416302

Can I take an extra drawback for an extra point?

>> No.54416367

Eh, you'd get noticeably weaker with each kill.
It's not that you're easy to kill, in the first place. You have more magic, and most of my minions are just mundane animals, like deer, or humans. I just have time and tactics on my side.
It's not like I can or really want to kill you to death.

The fight is fun, and I don't have another way to seal you.

>> No.54416420

Oh, spirit born luck, as well.
On both sides.

>> No.54416422

sure, i don't see why not

>> No.54416431

That's not anyone's fault, though. Bliss might quit because he can't think up ideas that fit his standards, that's just how things go.

>> No.54416441

>Everybody has flops.

He got enough positive (You)s to consider it a small success or at least an average work Cant say the same about the latest SDA's cyoa.

>> No.54416464

Fucking sweet.

>Powered By
>F A S T
>Racing Genius

>Challengers, Road Rage

My ol' car is great, but now it's time to take her to new heights. Racin around the US.

>> No.54416480

The difference is that women look good

>> No.54416485

Have the thumbnails not been loading properly for anyone else? Just thought I'd ask.

>> No.54416502

>Heavy (170)
>Engineer (165)
>Nerve Suit (160)

>Voice (155)

>Hydra Nanites (145)

>Storage (140)
>Automated Cleaning (135)
>Sentient AI (120)
>Tentacle (free)
>Self-Repair (free)

>EMP Cannon (105)
>Electro Pulse (90)
>Combat Drone x2 (60)

Temperature resistance_2 (45)
Improved Hull (30)
Distortion Field (15)
Physical Shield (0)
Plasma Shield (free)

Here's an idea. why not put the most armor on the guy that can heal? Sure I'll be slow as fuck, but that's what it takes to keep your white mage alive.

>> No.54416532


I saw that you have the spirits of the Earth on your side, while they're against me. It would (will?) be a hard fight. My hope is that my corrupting influence is strong, my military strategy good, my numbers great, and my magic powerful.

>> No.54416597

Who died this time Kit?

>> No.54416602

The Sloth slut. I'm not an ambitious man. Guess I'll take Iezebel as well before that slow-ass dlseyixc faggot gets around to that part.

>> No.54416617

Racing genius
Clear roads


Good CYOA, proud of you anon

>> No.54416625

Improved suggestion as it's like domination but without the drawbacks and needs to give commands over time.

>> No.54416659

Idk wtf anons are on about these are just like... realistic, moderately attractive people with upsides & downsides

>> No.54416668

I feel that you putting me on a pedestal as a comparison for success is nothing more than an excuse to call me out rather than praise another author's work, which is honestly more of an insult to them than me.

I liked how it turned out and have a good idea of how to nurture the idea from here. I'm having fun with the CYOA, its setting and characters.

A measurement of success should be on your satisfaction of the piece, and your integrity as a creator will determine if it holds up or not.

>> No.54416669

Nobody at all just an analogy thankfully for me. Still my point still stands losing authors sucks (I'm not talking about end of creative well, I am talking about someone flat up losing the will to work because of what others say.)

>> No.54416679

For me that's a good thing, makes for a nice change of pace from demons and catgirls.

>> No.54416684

Waifus are supposed to be perfect and pure, all upsides and no downsides.

Making a waifu cyoa where all of the girls are horribly flawed like actual women ruins the illusion.

>> No.54416689

>Clear Roads
>Racing Genius

>Police Cops


>> No.54416693

Don't call my precious a slut.

>> No.54416697

>people actually read what tripfags say when they aren't posting OC

why, exactly?

>> No.54416700

Why is this general always filled with waifu trash?

>> No.54416721

because you are trash and don't deserve anything better

>> No.54416725

Because waifu trash is a lot easier to make than strong, standalone content?

>> No.54416727

Because adventure authors can't be here all the time/have lives/need to feed themselves and waifus take little effort for a large audience.

>> No.54416729

Don't be gay. (You)s are all that matter.

>> No.54416735


>> No.54416740

Oh, it would (will?) be many hard fights! All over the world, and with many witnesses, if I can get my way.

When the spirits have forgiven you, I'll give you one of my companion slots because I have no sense of right and wrong.

Now don't you go blowing the Cold War into full blown nuclear armageddon on me at the last century. That would make me very cross.

>> No.54416751

Because most of us are desperately lonely and don't want to die alone.

>> No.54416757

Then why are people both so lazy and uncreative that they make it and so fucking stupid that they endorse it?

>> No.54416762


>Unwilling God of Loneliness
"Get in the car, m'lord. we're going on an adventure."

>> No.54416763

It will happen anyways, though.

>> No.54416778

I'm writing way more than I thought I'd be.

Anyway, I won't ask exactly what kind of "business" you had in Japan, keep going.
>"She'll demand to go to her temple in Japan to teach you."
Fuck, I'm on board.
(Don't think he'll know what I weeb is, so I won't mention how much of one I am...)
I need a way to get out of this desert shithole anyway and I've always wanted to go to Japan. Gonna take me a bit to learn the language, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
>"...way up and on the side of Mt. Fugi."
Well grocery shopping is going to be... a challenge, but she sounds absolutely wonderful!
But, wait, fuck...
Now I have three I have to choose between...
Alright, just give me the next one, while I work on figuring this out.

>Pandora "The Kingmaker"
>"...so she can train troops in the Order."
Wait, there's an "Order?"
Fuck, I really need to start paying more attention to the news...
Regardless, she sounds lovely, but I'm a tad bit too lazy to mesh well with her.
I'm sure you can find a better Master who's more willing to indulge her love of the gym. All expenses paid vacations would be nice though...

>Jezebeth "The Playful"
...I really hope you're letting these girls pick out their own clothes because forcing a girl, demon or otherwise, to run around wearing nothing but bandages doesn't seem very Christian to me...
>"...to find her high and playing something called "Demon's Souls"."
Goddammit man...
She sounds amazing just to spend time with, but she can't really compare to the other three, so I'll reluctantly pass on her...

Ha! Jokes on you! I wasn;t going to pick her anyway.
>that slow-ass dlseyixc faggot
Well, that's just plain mean...
How would you like it if I called you a "lazy, uninteresting pile of human waste who has no future and waste resources that those of us with the drive to actually do something could be using instead"?
Not very much I bet.

>> No.54416785


>Belief in Others
>Quest: Genre Shift

I deliver the post.... everywhere. The more post needs to be delivered, the more animals I conscript, and the more powerful I become.... at delivering the mail. This newfangled printing press sure has oppened up a lot of business opportunities for delivering the written word. Perhaps my giant bird-post cadre is going to be positioned to be the next East India Company

>> No.54416786

Then why does it always go lewd? I could honestly understand the whole thing if it was an exercise in characterization, like it should be, but more often than not it's blatant sexual fantasy/magical realm shit.

>> No.54416789

I don't mind dying alone. It's the time before death that I would like to have someone to hold.

>> No.54416805

Because most of us are also virgins.

>> No.54416819

So am I but I want no part of this pathetic shit.

>> No.54416826


>> No.54416828

Happens to me sometimes, the new image server sucks.

>> No.54416836

TokHaar here, if you want my name so fucking bad, take it! I quit!

>> No.54416848

He said with your trip on, faggot.

>> No.54416852

This thread isn't 100% irredeemable garbage.

>> No.54416872

Mm. Images won't load properly too. Keeps telling me to retry for a live version. It just happened overnight for me; everything was loading and updating properly yesterday.

>> No.54416875

Been there, anon. Aint all that hyped up to be.

>> No.54416885

Tok does not have a trip anon....

>> No.54416890


>When the spirits have forgiven you, I'll give you one of my companion slots

Together we'd truly be unstoppable.....

>> No.54416894

Don't quit Tok!

We all love you here

>> No.54416896

Memory, Telekinesis and dream weaving

>> No.54416899

Are you the meta faggot?

>> No.54416926

>Doesn't like quiet introverts.

>> No.54416930

I don't. Tok belongs on reddit, most namefags do.

>> No.54416960

Well, i think the box can suck a fat one

>> No.54416963

I do, but I like Laura and Helen more. I think they'd make for a better balanced life and encourage me to self improve more than an introvert that would reinforce my existing tendency to isolate.

Also they're hotter.

>> No.54416972

>Srry anon, Im not gonna do a CYOA anyone wants or requests ever again. I will do what I want to do when I want to do it.
And all was well once more. No more forced CYOA's were ever created since that day and all was well within the kingdom, The End.

>> No.54416983

Italics died.

>> No.54417036

Who's that?

>> No.54417043

Well, the pain killers they have me on are making it hard to read.

Talk to you tomorrow, have a great evening. Good night, /tg/.

>> No.54417047


>Nimue "The Allseeing"
Alright, she sounds positively adorable and I'm well aware what a heartless shallow, monster this makes me but....
She deserves a more loving, less superficial master than I could ever be...

>Iezabel "The Dream Master"
>"...holes in my loinclothes..."
Did you just say fucking "loincloths"?
What are you, fucking Tarzan? By a pair of modern underwear man, you'll thank me later.
As for the girl herself, while lucid dreaming and her obviously easily awakened submissiveness are endlessly appealing, she's just under my cut off line compared to the other three I'm trying to decide between.
Don't worry, I'm positive you'll find another guy more than willing to take her in.

>Hecate "The Conquerer"
>"but you wouldn't do that. Right?"
No comment.
Putting that matter aside, she sounds like a total sweetheart, but I don't think I could survive her training. This country's healthcare system is a shit show and I can't afford to pay for all the bills I'll now doubt incur thanks to her training...
I'll let some other shmuck conquer the wor-I mean take her in...

>"You have a sharp eye, don't ya?"
Wait. What? What makes you s-
>"I think you can handle 2 demons."
...What about 3?
Gah, okay. I'll try to narrow it down.
Luckily, I've been grading each demon based on how much they appeal to me this whole time...

(Grades revealed in the next, and final post.)

>> No.54417079

Alenso seems interesting, but there isn't much detail about what artificing is.

>> No.54417085

Good night.

>> No.54417096

Post proof.

>> No.54417122

This is not intended to be a fully defined world; I'm saving all of my detail-motivation for Altering History/World of Myth and Wonder. Rather, a lot of stuff from "Artificing" to "Nature Magic" to "Battlecalling" is lightly defined, with the details left to the imagination.

In this case, Artificing is simply the act of imbuing magic into objects. The limits and details of that are up to you to define in your head; you know from the text that Alfonso isn't a "master" at the art. What could that mean? You tell me. (If you want to).

>> No.54417232

Laura doesn't like quiet introverts, anon. She's not getting with you unless you're outgoing.

>> No.54417253

Not a problem. I'm an attention whore just like she is.

>> No.54417260

Weekend OC anon here. Not sure if I'll keep the streak alive his weekend but I'm going to try, and with in mind I wanted some feedback.

If I did a short 40k CYOA about being a space marine where you choose a chapter and a role, how many chapters would you want to choose from? And how big a deal is it if I'm vague about some of the details I'm not full bottle on?

>> No.54417287

Exactly, it encourages me to be outgoing like I used to be in my youth.

>> No.54417302

>I quit
Seems like the only reasonable option. I also don't post with my name since I already threw it on the ground >>54416836

>> No.54417330

Maybe Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Soul Drinkers, Space Wolves, Salamanders, Black Templars, Dark Angels?

>> No.54417340

Alright, so these are entirely based on how appealing I find them and their abilities, so they're purely subjective. They're all good waifus, this is just how much I like them, not a reflection of their quality, so please don't feel bad Celt.
That said, here are my personal grades:

>Ardat Lili
>Yuki Onna

As much as I love Qarinah, if I can really only choose two of them, she only fails in that her abilities aren't nearly as appealing to me as Yuki or Lili's (which is what I'll be calling both of them because I like pet names).
Ardat Lili's ability to shapeshift and teach me to be an expert in diplomacy and fast-talking are only icing on the cake that are her obvious... *ahem* other skills.
Yuki-Onna will teach me magic with glee and give me a home in Japan. She already sounds like prime wife material so I can't pass her up no matter what.
The end result is that I'll have two beautiful demons to live with in a luxurious home and become a charismatic and terrifyingly powerful mage.
I really couldn't ask for more.
But... If you somehow can't find homes for any of the girls that I gave a B+ or higher to, I'd be more than willing to take them in...
Either way, thank you very much. I'll do my best to rehabilitate them for the lord or whatever and make them as happy as I can.
Now, would you kindly get the fuck out of my house?

>> No.54417342

Honestly? All 18 of the founding chapters.

>> No.54417355

Over half of them have fallen to Chaos.

Will you include chaos?

>> No.54417369

Probably not going to do Soul Drinkers. Might add Imperial Fists to that list though.
Loyalists only, no dirty heretics

>> No.54417403

>so please don't feel bad Celt
Senpai, I've been thrown from a car going down the highway and jumped up smiling. Takes a lot more than that to hur...
>Only B+

Oh. I'ma kill you.
You also forgot the box

>> No.54417406

Not proof considering it's MSPaint.

>> No.54417412

Loyalist dog plz

Chaos is humanity's only salvation.

>> No.54417448

>All them typos

>> No.54417527

Tokhaar uses MSpaint.

for everything.

>> No.54417541

Yes and so can everyone else. See my point?

>> No.54417576

Will there be SOB waifus?

>> No.54417619

Not at this stage, they are the emperors brides and thou shalt not cuck him

>> No.54417627

Come on Tokhaar, you've just had a bad day. Sleep the frustration off and come back swinging, you're an essential for the /trash/ threads survival.

>> No.54417642

>you're an essential for the /trash/ threads survival
Good argument for him to leave, actually.

>> No.54417666

I would a Gloria.

>> No.54417675

The /trash/ thread is a /d/ refugee thread anon.

>> No.54417681

How was the reception there to his work anyway? Same as here?

>> No.54417683

I know.

>> No.54417688

Exact same, bit more focus on fetish issues.

>> No.54417698

Pretty much

Oh I know you, you're the anon who was shiposting in the trash thread about why lewd cyoa threads shouldn't exist because you don't like them. Fuck off

>> No.54417743

I saw one on /aco/ too.

>> No.54417746

Honestly that rule is more problems that is worth, bunch of abandoned mods never get updated/translated by people willing to work because the nexus goes out of its way to cater to drama queens who quit the second something doesn't goes their way (totally unrelated and in no way a parallel of anything happening here)

>> No.54417756

Will there be waifus?

>> No.54417797

>ask for a book on how to help Nimue
>after she's fixed up ask for books for ways to get every other demon's deal
infinite knowledge infinite power

>> No.54417810

Well unlike DuesVult and Infected CYOA I didn't end up making a build for it. I Still spent two hours trying though which is more then most cyoas I read get. I don't regret those two hours either.

>> No.54417858

At this stage no, but I have one or two ideas that might change that, whether they're in the base CYOA or a later expansion.

If there are it will be silly, but 40k is always a little silly.

>> No.54417863

>Oh. I'ma kill you.
A B+ is still top tier waifu in my grading system!
>You also forgot the box
No, I chose not include it.
Plus, it's not really a waifu, but alrighty.
>The Harbinger
>Pic related
There, ya happy?

>> No.54417888

The real problem with Eronomicon was that there where no waifu options. And no the create a waifu options don't count.

>> No.54417917

Be the girl
Moxie, Others: Player

Source: "Networking"
Growth: Attractive
Job: Companion

Quest: Something Broke

Go fuck myself, eh? Don't mind if I do.

>> No.54417970

I'm kinda wondering how this works myself.

>> No.54417977

The first girl is literally perfect.

>> No.54417989


>> No.54418006

>below average sex drive
>will never try non-vanilla sex

>> No.54418122

>below average sex drive
Doesn't matter. She's Christian, so she'll take care of your needs.

>> No.54418131

Hello, yes, I want all your waifus please

>> No.54418144

Christians don't read Song of Songs and thus don't know that it's god's will that you have tons of marital sex all the time and knock up your wife over and over again.

>> No.54418150

Think of the time you'd save though
If you don't have that hour or two of sex a night you would with a normal girl, you'd end up with a bunch of extra free time

>> No.54418178

>hour or two of sex a night you would with a normal girl
Ha. Once or twice a week maybe.

>> No.54418199

That doesn't sound normal.

>> No.54418217

I love God! God is great!

>> No.54418248

I pick Diana because I'm a high test male or something

>> No.54418277

You don't sound like you've ever been in a long term relationship.

>> No.54418278

Could some of you kind anons please post pictures of air mages or aerokinetics?

>> No.54418282

God is a fucking dick tho

>> No.54418285

What's that sprite from?

>> No.54418310

Don't you have a different F.Priest to be leveling?

>> No.54418319

Perhaps you just have a low sex drive.

>> No.54418332

Yeah christianity has this built up perception that chastity is meant to continue into marriage. That god wants you to have as little sex as possible, only do it for procreation, and to not enjoy it. What the actual book says is the exact opposite, married couples are supposed to fuck all the time, basically as much as you two want so almost constantly, to enjoy it because you're designed to so obviously you should, and to take joy in the act itself because it's with your spouse even if it doesn't result in a baby.

Now contrast it with those puritans who refuse to even sleep in the same bed as their wife unless they're trying for a child and think it's a sin to see their wife naked. They're doing it completely wrong.

>> No.54418337


>> No.54418342

I sure don't. When I'm single I'm pretty much looking at porn multiple times a day.

>> No.54418353

>> No.54418360


I have two more if I want to catch them all, but I'm sick of leveling.

>> No.54418371

If Seed can shapeshift equal or greater than Singular then seed. If not Singular.
Brute Stength
Social Link
Fecundity Aspect

>> No.54418380

Then either your long term relationships have been with low sex drive partners, or mine are with high ones.

>> No.54418402


>> No.54418409

And then we find out that the beings we call succubi are actually angels that God created to spread the joys of sex on Earth, and their bad reputation comes from religious zealots misunderstanding them.

>> No.54418417

That original design looks inferior.

I think it's more likely that people like your partners, and myself, just have unusually high sex drives.

>> No.54418420

It's all the fault of protestant scum.

They went off all half-cocked and decided that they were going to make their own church with no blackjack and no hookers, and they ended up just fucking up the image of Christianity in everyone's eyes, because now when someone thinks "Christian", their first thought is the retarded protestant bible thumpers who only care about scripture insofar as it allows them to act morally superior to people who they're prejudiced against, and who have deluded themselves into thinking that God shares the exact same backwards beliefs that they have, regardless of all evidence to the contrary.

>> No.54418424

I'm not seeing where that sprite is used?

>> No.54418439

Just post a CYOA man, anything will do, I need my fix

>> No.54418451

DFO, my man. I was pointing you to the game.

>> No.54418457

Not sure where you got that from. Mind telling me?

Christianity and Judaism are completely against premarital sex even by the book, it's just that you're supposed to indulge in marital sex as much as and how you want, and take joy in it. There's no way either religion ever supported premarital sex, with an angel or not, so I can't see how a sex angel would be a good thing unless you're meant to marry them.

>> No.54418474


>> No.54418485

I see.

>> No.54418511

I don't know anything about catholicism. I was just raised in a Baptist household and read the bible myself before becoming an atheist, so I know how protestant teachings differ from the actual book.

>> No.54418575


>> No.54418586


>> No.54418597 [SPOILER] 

>Nerve Suit
>Brain Implant_2
>Internal Sensors
>Enhanced Vision
>Additional Form
>Sentient AI
>Cutting Blades
>Kinetic Strike Module
>Temp Resistance_2
>Improved Hull
>Deep Sea/Space Module
>Flight (Free)
>Time Slow(Free)
Star Platinum Online

Additional form is extra arms for punching

>> No.54418799

>I can't see how a sex angel would be a good thing unless you're meant to marry them.
I would marry a sex angel.

>> No.54418822

So would everyone, that's what Archangel Roommate is about.

>> No.54418823

So if I stop taking care of horus I'm going to lose the love of my life?

>> No.54418830



>Something Broke
I will prove my Kung Fu is superior to my clones'.

>> No.54418833

Fight 3
Int 2
Guts 3
Rep 3
Appeal 2

Weird school
One man and his hand, lone wolf, really bad

>> No.54418873

Apologies for the late reply.

>True Love
>Individuated Physics/Abilities (One of those two)

>> No.54418967

>> No.54419238



>> No.54419251



>> No.54419259



>> No.54419280



>> No.54419288

Why don't you just put these all in a single post?

>> No.54419304


Because they each have their own picture.

>> No.54419318

Special snowflake pictures I suspect

Better question is why post things no one is going to read

>> No.54419322

>>54419238 >>54419251 >>54419259 >>54419280

>> No.54419338

>But why are people loving it on reddit and people hating it on 4chan? It's just beyond mind boggling to me.
Relative quality. Reddit isn't exactly on par with /cyoag/ when it comes to quality and quantity of new CYOA. What was a disappointment here can easily be above average on reddit. On top of that, a very important factor is that you've promised much and built quite a hype here and then didn't deliver - but there were no the same expectations there. There are also people who will support you against redditors even if what you threw out there was frankly shit compared to your regular work.

There's really nothing to be surprised about.

>> No.54419343

because its angelanon being angelanon

>> No.54419501


Why wouldn't you read them? I thought CYOAGen liked lewd stuff?



>> No.54419524

I like lewd Angel stuff. What are you wearing?

>> No.54419570

>CYOAGen liked lewd stuff?
We do, but we prefer it as CYOA than builds.

>> No.54419571


A grey T-shirt with a white octopus on it from the aquarium and red pajama pants.

>> No.54419579

Sounds pretty comfy. Pics.

>> No.54419582


What's the point of CYOAs without builds?

>> No.54419591

>I am more powerful than Reddit, I can overthrow them. We can rule the thread, make CYOAs like we wanted
>I don't believe what I'm hearing, SDA was right, you've changed
>I don't want to hear anymore about SDA, 4chan turned against me, don't you turn against me
>I don't know you anymore... TOK... you're breaking my heart. You're going down a path I can't follow
>It's because of shitposters...
>it's because of what you've done, what you plan to do. Stop, stop now come back. I love you.
[chokes anon]
>Enough Tok. Let. It. Go.

>> No.54419598

Wew, ladette. You're not very good at this.

>> No.54419601


Damn, as much as I'd like to edit this, marking it up in paint/adobe would be a pain. If you pop on discord I can message you and perhaps receive a text file.

>> No.54419613

Can't decide between Sabrina and Arielle, both seem pretty good to me.

>> No.54419615


Very comfy for bedtime. No pics.


>sexting in cyoagen
>sexting on /tg/
>sexting on 4chan

No thanks.

>> No.54419618


What the fuck is this

>> No.54419638

Obvious. While people make builds when playing CYOA, they mostly make their own for themselves, to indulge their own fantasy and immerse themselves in what-if of CYOA. Builds of others may be intersting at times, but hardly even slightly as important as one's own playing with said CYOA.
I rarely post my builds because once I finish them for myself, the most of the entertainment is achieved - whether others will see or not what were my choices and why is of lesser importance. But I also know some minority of anons like to read "what and why" of others and I also find it a good way to prove that I played and enjoyed someone's work so sometimes one can see something I've made.

>> No.54419648

it's the 4chan equivalent of a real life fart

>> No.54419663

>tfw no comfy wearing internet waifu
I-... I knew it wouldn't be.

>> No.54419669

>Why wouldn't you read them? I thought CYOAGen liked lewd stuff?

I meant more why not post them like normal, I'm not going to pastebin to read builds, lewd it otherwise.

>> No.54419682

Probably some movie scene (I have suspictions) set up to underline the whole Tokhaar's Eronomicon drama, how he's in denial blaming shitposters and listening to people for his failures when it's not the case and overal turning to the dark side.

>> No.54419692

Star Wars Episode III. It's a le ebin /tv/ meme.

>> No.54419693

shitty OC incoming.

>> No.54419699

>> No.54419706

>> No.54419714

'Tis a good thing. Now we can imagine her being better than she actually is.

>> No.54419737

Can't leave my last CYOA "unfinised" or else some faggot might steal it and defile it and take credit for it and it was pretty imbalanced so I balanced it.

>> No.54419753

Looks fun & funny

>> No.54419772

>a waifu CYOA that isn't just varying flavors of wish fulfillment
>many of which are legitimately wife material and realistic
Probably the only waifu CYOA worth not throwing in the trash. If you made this, good job anon.

>> No.54419773


>some minority of anons like to read "what and why" of others and I also find it a good way to prove that I played and enjoyed someone's work so sometimes one can see something I've made

Yes. I like to share with CYOAGen, but particularly with the authors.


People get annoyed when I do that because they're so long.

>> No.54419776

Damn, is Tok really that butthurt that someone wants to make something out of his failure?

>> No.54419787

>People get annoyed when I do that because they're so long.
And we also get annoyed because you make lewd builds but refuse to become out heterosexual, loving, CYOA-making waifu. You need to really improve yourself and leave your filthy homo, dick-hating ways. You're squandering your potential.

>> No.54419788

Where's my cave waifu?

>> No.54419790

>Watch Animu

Hop to it, nyukka.

>> No.54419807

Either that or some anon is a little too invested in shitposting. Not sure which.

>> No.54419811

Win the war and you'll have your pick of the defeated tribes women or men, for you caveladies out there

>> No.54419816

What would you guys like to see in a dark Toku CYOA? I'm thinking it will be heavily inspired by original flavored Kamen Rider, Garo and Karas the Prophecy.

>> No.54419817

If it's him, I like that all it took is one guy suggesting he'd edit it to lead to such butthurt. How many times have people threatened SDA and every other author with that?

>> No.54419826

I'm a caveman, I cannot hold in my cavelust that long.

>> No.54419827

>I was a modder for Nexus
That explains a lot actually, feel free to leave whenever.

>> No.54419829

Kieva bat

>> No.54419833

Shotguns with elemental ammo.

>> No.54419836

>People get annoyed when I do that because they're so long.
That's silly, builds liven these threads up

>> No.54419849

Tok is probably not even awake. This is next level shitposting.

And I adore it.

>> No.54419859

could fool me, he's got the garbage grammar down perfectly

>> No.54419873

Her memory autist are you around?
I need to know if you'll still throw a hissyfit if the memoryloss option is OPTIONAL not mandatory.

>> No.54419875

Damn, I didn't realize we broke Tok this badly. I can picture him slowly spiraling into insanity shouting "IT'S IMBALANCED! IT'S IMBALANCED! IT'S IMBALANCED!"

C'mon man it was one criticized cyoa, and one random faggot who tried to get noticed by appealing to the crowd by trying to remake it. If you quit you're just disappointing your fans and making your critics even angrier. I sincerely hope this is a troll by some random anon, or you're just memeing with us.

>> No.54419878

>read the beginning of the new thread after I wake up
>tok mentioned
>skip to the bottom
>tok mentioned
Some serious samefagging going on?

>> No.54419879

Hands-3 Fists-1 Words-4 Meat-1 Eyes-1 Face-1
Memory- Good Tools, Bounty
Stuff-Bow, Preserved Meat, Robes

>> No.54419886

Where's the edited version?

>> No.54419889

Anything that gives me powers while listening to Eurobeat is an automatic win from me

>> No.54419899

Yeah, seriously. I know if someone wanted to edit my work is just ask them not to, and if they were going to do so anyway I'd just have them rename it to differentiate the two versions. Not... this.
I want to assume it's some random, but they sure know a lot of details about him

>> No.54419903

I really like it,good CYOA (:

>> No.54419904

If it's shitposting then I have to applaud the anon doing it. He's perfectly emulating Tok's style, he even mimicked Zynthia to a t.

>> No.54419916

>I want to assume it's some random, but they sure know a lot of details about him

Eh. I am pretty sure Tok is somewhere in the Western Hemisphere and probably not the west coast due to his posting times. Which means its the middle of the night for him. Could be up if he is extremely butthurt but doubtful.

>> No.54419927

>kieva bat?
Pardon? I've been marathoning shows today so maybe I just can't read.

You know it nigga.

>> No.54419932

Damn, a waifu CYOA worth saving.

Think I'd probably go for either Arielle, Courtney, Sabrina, or Gloria. Shani also kinda appeals to me, but I suppose I'd have to be feeling adventurous.

>> No.54419938


>> No.54419949

I've started browsing character art threads, and I feel so giddy when I recognize art form a cyoa

>> No.54419957

What CYOA are you even making, nerd?

>> No.54419963

Hey, isn't that from Alice Creator?

>> No.54419966


>> No.54419967

He could be a NEET.

>> No.54419970

>> No.54419974

You're right, this was a huge oversight on my part.

>> No.54419980

Fight: 2
Int: 1
Guts: 1
Rep: 3
Appeal: 3
School: Tough
Hair Style: Normal
Perks: Chick Magnet, Love Triangle, Legendary Delinquent
Gang: King of the Streets
Right hand: The Bro
Rivals: Yamaguchi (Cucked)
Girlfriends: Eri, Seo, Hotaru

>> No.54419999

Excellent. I pick Uhhhh. My tribe will not begrudge a few human sacrifices if they are our enemies, plus they'll make for a good dinner. Everyone wins.

>> No.54420004

>makes you berrypicker
>not real
ug think these girls a shit

>> No.54420017

It's from the guy who made The Game of Alice, yes.

>> No.54420023

Grog think Ug have unrealistic standards.

>> No.54420025

Ex-TokHaar here, I guess I should at least take the virginity of my last CYOA.
>Your Choice: I Quit
Nice and simple, was thinking about "Quit Being a Drama Queen", but I realized all my katanas hoes not have pommels so that is out of the question...

On to New Adventures:
>Play Age of Shitmar
It can't be worse then it was right? Having a points system should atleast make it playable right? I'm Not making a huge mistake am I?
>Don't Quit!
I will continue to make CYOAs, but only for Zynthia, only she is pure enough to play them and not steal my intellectual property and I have a feeling she will appreciate them. But no one else will even see them.

Can't have too many Zynthias

Who fucking wrote this? Fucking hell, I want more Zynthias but I don't want to deal with any of this shit. Fucking hell I guess I can sacrifice anime for another Zynthia. No on second thought, 2 Zynthias is enough. Like hell Subaru will marry Emilia, over my dead body. I will take CYOA Uprising then, hopefully the CYOA gods are just and will punish the one who stole my fucking work. I'm the kind of person that would burn down a house and burn down along with it as long as I took some people I despise along with me.
>CYOA Uprising
Still would have loved to be a little girl and have comfy sleepovers..... But If it means I can get some justice out of this I will take it.

>> No.54420038

grog need to check which thread he in. grog then need to take grock 18 and bash he brains out.

>> No.54420048

>On top of that, a very important factor is that you've promised much and built quite a hype here and then didn't deliver - but there were no the same expectations there.

I read that cyoa with no expectations or idea who wrote it (and if I had known who wrote it I wouldn't have cared) and considered it a perfectly fine CYOA, better than average and certainly better than some similar ones like the overhyped necromancer CYOA. It was good enough that I saved it, which I generally don't bother doing.

>> No.54420049

Ug will be forever alone, Grog think. Ug is lazy and only survive because cavemom hunt for Ug.

>> No.54420058

Seems like a pretty sweet tranformation method.


>> No.54420065

ug not care, ug have deerkamura. ug still closer to she-folk than grog will ever be

>> No.54420067

That's the important takeaway?

>> No.54420084

Does anyone have that CYOA where you're a hitman for an interdimensional necromancer? Been wanting to make a build for that one but can't remember its name

>> No.54420085

Grog not virgin like Ug, Grog not loser. Grog not hump dead deer like Ug.

>> No.54420088

>Tok is somewhere in the Western Hemisphere
We know he's swedish because
1) He's into rape and femdom
2) He said he was
Even if he hadn't told us we'd know for certain after he told us he's a cuck

>> No.54420089

Yes, I'm curious.

>> No.54420091

Could somebody please post the most recent version of Battlemage cyoa?

>> No.54420093

grog in denial. grog wishes he could have deerkamura. grog needs to check these digits

>> No.54420094

That's not true, he could have been German.

>> No.54420104

Grog laugh at failed digits. Ug not get what want.

>> No.54420109

Swedes are just a kind of German.

>> No.54420114

Ug got (you)s, ug rich

>> No.54420129

One that would be ruined if I told you anything. I would like a drawback that gives a shitload of points but erases your memories. As in, it's like those shitty anime where the protagonist doesn't remember shit but he still has all his skills etc. but it allows the writer to not give him a backstory or explanation for his actions.
I need to know if he'll still kick and scream even when the CYOA itself says you don't die despite what the autist believes, and it's optional.

>> No.54420140

No. Go to SDA's megaupload, found in the pastebin, and post it yourself in this/the next thread.

>> No.54420147

Why do you want to cater to that retard? Put it in if you think it's balanced and fits the CYOA

>> No.54420149

I can't, which is why I am asking this thread, obviously.

>> No.54420156

Simply saying 'you don't die' doesn't make it true. That's called a lie.

That said I don't care what you put in as optional unless it's basically mandatory to do the CYOA properly.

Though I'm not the only person you've called a 'memory autist' so I can only speak for myself.

>> No.54420162

Look, I like you and all, but you are going beyond an understandable amount of anger over the situation. We steal art from artists all the time, often completely uncredited. And while obviously extra work goes into the writing and so on, that's not all that different from someone deciding to take an idea and rewriting it.

I know how much it sucks to have people hate something you worked really, really hard on, especially when they're really angry about it. But this isn't really a good answer to that. Take a break and collect your thoughts, it'll be good.

>> No.54420165

>not wanting to die

>> No.54420172

If I wanted to die, I would have done it a long time ago.

>> No.54420173

So that's a yes, you will kick and scream as an infant.

>> No.54420184

I want to put it in and I will. I also don't want a dedicated shitposter to cry and derail the thread when it's posted.

>> No.54420195

you still need to watch inferno cop and realize that skeleton cop isn't mediocre

>> No.54420201

Sadly that's a possibility with any oc.

>> No.54420218

>Say I won't care unless you make it mandatory in all but name.
>You say I do care
Was your goal just to start a fight or something? I even wanted to talk about your CYOA in general at first instead of dwelling on this point that seems to be irritating you.

>> No.54420233

Give it time, friend. It seems he's been burned by autists before and much like a scared animal, is acting out of fear of getting sperged on.

>> No.54420239

I wish I could say you're wrong. I don't know what's up with autists that need to ruin things. But that's 4chan for you.
>talk about your cyoa
I'm not into building hype.

>> No.54420246

I don't know why that made me laugh but it did

>> No.54420247

kinda his own problem desu
spergery is to be glorified

>> No.54420249

Spot on.

>> No.54420250

It's like I picked the broken bird in a waifu CYOA.

I'm incapable of being hyped, so don't worry about that.

>> No.54420255

Question to people with experience with textures. How distracting is it to have the same texture repeat on something like all the textboxes? Should you find similar but slightly different textures for all of them within a certain space, so the repetition is less noticeable.

>> No.54420256

Anon you are the only person doing anything here.

>> No.54420268

-Hands : 4
-Fists : 1 + 2
-Words : 2 - 1
-Meat : 1 + 2
-Eyes : 1
-Face : 1

Me harness fungi growth to make early antibacterial agent uga booga

-Refreshing Spring Water
Berrypicker know good berries and bad berries. Berries make sleep berries make sick. Sweet berries sour berries. Sour berry water warm bit astringent. Umami flavor good. Good be berrypicker. Should write book.

Me like Snu-snu

>> No.54420439

>Rushed his cyoa just so he could get his hands on some money like a whore.
Fucking pathetic, if there's anything that corrupts a person more than their fetishes it's the lure of money.
The fact that you were gonna use it to make another contest is irrelevant.

>> No.54420440

Will kitty come with a knife to cut up snek?

>> No.54420478

5/6 ends of a kitty are already mostly knives.

>> No.54420498

Am I looking at another ZBGesc cyoa failure and budmad response?

>> No.54420509

No, because ZBG was able to admit he was overreacting and recover. Tok left screaming about how we were wrong and reddit was right.

>> No.54420525

Where is ZBG anyway? He missed this whole shit show, if he was here he'd probably be able to talk some sense into Tok.

>> No.54420536

Honestly, this level of detail feels kind of wasted on /cyoag/. Like... in terms of the thought that went into this, it's pretty damn amazing compared to your average waifu chooser but the thing is, the average anon here truly unironically just wants another busty catgirl who love them unconditionally. Anything else just detracts.

>> No.54420547

Old IP sure is invested in praising that CYOA over and over.

>> No.54420567

Speak for yourself anon, I like that one a lot because of the fact that the girls have pros and cons.

>> No.54420576

Why fuck boring humans in your fantasy?

>> No.54420595

He used an image TokHaar was working on making himself that he posted maybe once in the thread, like a month ago. Plus he would have had to find THG's LoL account, or someone similar.

It's either a REALLY dedicated troll or TokHaal just went ZBG on us.

>> No.54420602

There are currently 91 different people in this thread. There's no need to construct paranoid conspiracies just because someone dared liking something you don't like.

>> No.54420614

Will Italics ever return

>> No.54420621

>able to admit he was mad

Dude he's trying to play it off as ironic shitposting now. His butt is still devastated.

>> No.54420631

We can only pray he won't.

>> No.54420641

Nah, annoying as I find the guy he's admitted a couple of times he responded badly and was lashing out.

>> No.54420644

Whatever, I'll take someone being able to stick around and still make stuff over someone ragequittnig.

>> No.54420667

>Cucked to death

>> No.54420693

Good, and I hope the fucking door hits that fag on the way out

>> No.54420700

>why are people on two websites with completely different userbases so different????

You've always been a cringe-inducing retard, but even then I didn't think you were THIS stupid.

>> No.54420718

I just don't understand, Tok's invested so much time in so many different cyoas, is he really just gonna throw all that away because some people were rude to him on 4chan?

>> No.54420732

>tok makes CYOA that is kind of shit
>we tell him it's kind of shit
>he activates autistic rage mode
well I suppose this is what happens when you let redditors out of their hugboxes

>> No.54420735

Yeah, it seems pretty plausible to me from how they've acted previously

>> No.54420738

Probably not. He's probably just going to wake up tomorrow wondering why people are shitposting rather than lewding.

I'll never stop waiting.

>> No.54420776

I do think it's kind of funny that he only started flipping shit once he started going to reddit. That site is like poison.

>> No.54420778

Suit: Mesh
Specialty: None+20
User Interface: Nerve Suit/Brain Implant 2
Hud: Enhanced Vision, Thermal/X-Ray Vision, Ultrasonic Radar, Navigation, External Sensors.
Communications: Universal Translator, Communicator, Wi-Fi.
Biology: Progenitor Nanites.
Utilities: Collapsible, Storage, Dummy AI, Automated Cleaning, Tentacle, Self-Repair, Sentient AI.
Combat: Non-Lethal Set, Plasma Gun.
Defense: Temperature Resistance_1, Improved Hull, Flares.
Locomotion: Skates.

>> No.54420789

>tok mentioned
Are you surprised? Tok making a huge hype and then failing to deliver is the newest thing to talk about and his subsequent deflections, "it's fault of people who wanted things, it's because I gave them what they wanted my CYOA is shit", "reddit says it's good" made what would be just a day of disappointment into full-on shitfest.

>> No.54420805

Reddit is absolute garbage for authors, I've has some of my stuff posted there and All I saw in the comments were builds, not a single bit of criticism, nothing pointing out flaws I could fix or spelling mistakes.

It's just a place authors can go to get their dick sucked from their cyoa. (Something alot of authors fall prey to)
Never went back.

>> No.54420816

>grasping at excuses to justify your hate

>> No.54420836

>Tokkar finally leaving
>ZBG mostly gone

Is /cyoag/ finally having some standards again? This is the best news I've had in weeks. If this keeps up then expect some good OC soon, I'm feeling my mojo coming back.

>> No.54420842

If it means less waifu CYOAs then it's all uphill from here.

>> No.54420848

Pfft. They can be done well. You just need to be reminded what a REAL waifu CYOA can really be like.

Which is what CYO/u/ is going to be.

>> No.54420851

actually I think ZBG has mostly sorted his shit out these days. And it's not like tok hasn't made good stuff in the past. He's a redditor now though, so hooray for him leaving

>> No.54420865

waifu CYOAs can be good, the girls just have to not just be perfect every single time

>> No.54420881

Out of all the ones I've seen only >>54414805 did something interesting instead of "choose between 10 sexy exotic women who would be happy to lick the toejam from your feet!"
It's not necessarily that I'm against them entirely but every single one of them is just such blatant wish fulfillment that I'd rather have no waifu CYOAs instead.
Or, worse, they come up with an interesting setting just as an excuse to feed you exotic waifus. Like the infected CYOA.

>> No.54420887

From the ashes of /d/generacy the pure heart and love of CYO/u/ rises. It's soo beautiful, so poetic. I cant wait!

>> No.54420888

Are you still shilling that shitty, low resolution disaster with the ugly bitches?

>> No.54420903

>Is /cyoag/ finally having some standards again?
Don't be a shithead. Tok made pretty quality CYOA on average, it's just that he dropped the ball now.

>> No.54420908

I like all cyoa's, waifu or no.

I just want us all to get along. I like us all being together.

I like reading your posts and your builds and seeing all the cool new stuff people make. It makes me sad to see all this meanness.

>> No.54420912

Waifu CYOA are /cyoag/ standard. One of the first things that came after buttons and "you're stranded on an island/locked in a room" and still loved to this day. Lurk moar.

>> No.54420916

It means more, because they're still popular and easy and a good topic for your first CYOA. Less experienced authors = more first time CYOAs.

So suck on it.

>> No.54420924

Pretty much the only time I've seen criticism from them is when they think the CYOA isn't PC or something.

>> No.54420925

what, anon's GF? nah, I hate that thing. I'm thinking more along the lines of cyoag roommate or branching heart

>> No.54420926

>not expecting or banking on /d/egeneracy
/tg/ has some of the biggest overlaps with /d/. Possibly even bigger than /h/ does.

>> No.54420927

The locked in a room ones had only one gf option that was usually priced so you had to give up basically everything else to get it.

>> No.54420929

All CYOAs are wish fulfillment, you just prefer power-based wish fulfillment and think that makes you superior.

>> No.54420930

A Jewish proverb goes "It's easy to be generous when you're rich". You say that and sound like such a nice guy, but it's likely you just haven't seen anything that personally triggers your autism. I have a strange feeling that on the day you do, all the bets would be off and you'd be shitposting and raging like the others.

>> No.54420939

I didn't even mean that, I meant waifu-oriented CYOa that came after "locked" ones. Though I guess it is still a good point - waifus didn't even come just after, they were already a part of the earliest CYOA, just to lesser extent.

>> No.54420940

Can someone link this new Eronomicon thing by Tok. Preferably the full (NSFW) version.

>> No.54420942

On the one hand
>kek Jewish proverb is about money
On the other hand, huh. That's actually pretty profound. I'm assuming the next bit is "the real challenge is being generous when you're poor"?

>> No.54420946

>the average anon here truly unironically just wants another busty catgirl who love them unconditionally
The average anon is a depressed NEET. No shit they just want a living onahole that says "daisuki".

>> No.54420948

Look around /trash/ or check pastebin with Tok's works.

>> No.54420950

Anyone who has been on the opposite end of triggered autism knows how to keep it in check, even if for no reason but to not subject someone else to it.

>> No.54420952

>you just prefer power-based wish fulfillment and think that makes you superior
If wanting a CYOA with an interesting setting that doesn't immediately ditch it just so you can whack it to more anime images ripped from google images makes me proud then I guess I better invest in a gold crown.

>> No.54420953

Pretty much. It's usually not added because it's assumed to be obvious.

>> No.54420967

Sorry, doll.

I've been trying to be less angry here. I'm mostly just posting when it's time for OC now.

>> No.54420982

>Ditch it
Yes, because the setting goes away just because you have a girlfriend while you explore it.

>> No.54420995

And what if he does? There's literally nothing wrong with not wanting to be nice to cunts.

>> No.54420996

Uh, yeah. Just check out how much of the discussion about CYOAS that do that remains about the setting and how much of it devolves into waifuwankery if/when they're introduced. People just completely forget about most other aspects of the game once they start ogling the animoo tits.

>> No.54420999

Honestly, I never disliked his cyoas, but he himself always typed and acted like a 14-year-old brazillian monkey. It was just painful to watch and I was always astounded that nobody ever called him out on it.

>> No.54421008

Then your problem is with the posters, not the work. I struggle to imagine more than a handful of CYOAs built like you want with an actual interesting setting and not waifu options. So again, your issue is you getting triggered at people's builds.

>> No.54421020

Let it be known that I'm one of the biggest, dedicated funposters on cyoag. Over the years I've created many funposting personas, angered plenty of authors, and brewed funstorm after funstorm. However I was rarely malicious. It can safely be said that I am experienced when it comes to annoying authors, yet with all these years of experience, I fail to see the purpose and justification for the hatred Tok receives. This isn't like spending an entire thread arguing with SDA over how unbalanced and biased his cyoas are even though I've never actually build for or even fully read his cyoas. This is just wrong. His cyoas are not offensively bad. They're decent enough and I can see how some people could enjoy them.

Therefore I ask you to reconsider your actions, put all of this behind you, and move on.

>> No.54421039

Tok is a harmless innocent little flower.

They're just jealous that he can find happiness in creating immersive lewds while they're stuck masturbating over imaginary waifus.

>> No.54421042

>biggest cancer in the thread is fine with Tokkar cancer

No surprises there. The problem isn't his CYOAs, it's him. People come to 4chan to avoid *actions* and other forms of autistic forum RP shit. He honestly belongs in Gaia, and there isn't even a place afwul enough to be worthy of you.

>> No.54421044

>I created an environment where authors have to make a choice between immediately crumbling to pressure or telling all critics to fuck off because of the intensity of shitposting I encouraged and modeled
>I was rarely malicious
You've admitted you want /cyoag/ to be gone so you can "be free." You're getting exactly what you want. Have the decency to own it instead of shedding crocodile tears.

>> No.54421045

Fuck those shitty waifu choosers with their settings or deep detailed personalities or whatever. It's time for some gourmet shit.

>> No.54421054

People like you are sad.

>> No.54421065

>haha look at me I'm important listen to me

Just shut up and talk about cyoas, not about people.

>> No.54421069

Very few people are attacking him for being 'bad'. People are upset with him for his personal actions and behavior.

>> No.54421091

I'm pretty autistic, but not the triggered kind.
What is it that people are upset about? I read the thread and it just seems like people are forgetting "different strokes for different folks".

Don't be sorry! Being angry shows it matters to you. If you didn't care, you wouldn't invest your emotions in it. So I understand where you're coming from.

I just wish there was something I could do, more than just saying I appreciate people's work to encourage them. Even with all the criticism, there are lots of people posting appreciation too!

>> No.54421092

>but I'm a deviant, I don't care what people think haha, I just care about fetishes and masturbation haha

People did call him out on it, and the above was how he responded

guess he did care after all, kek

>> No.54421100

No, all I want are (You)s.

>> No.54421111

Tok essentially said that our opinions are invalid, and this upset people at him. However, once someone said they were going to edit his CYOA and rewrite portions of it, Tok threw a huge fit and made a CYOA ranting about how someone was stealing his work and he was going to quit instead of tolerating it. Now, people thought he was overreacting, and combined with their already soured view of him from the earlier events, everyone is now just in a general mood of being tired of him.

>> No.54421113

Are you Doll? How's your cyoa coming?

>> No.54421114

>I just wish there was something I could do, more than just saying I appreciate people's work to encourage them. Even with all the criticism, there are lots of people posting appreciation too!

You just keep being nice and try not to let the rampant negativity here bring you down. I'm gonna try do the same.

>> No.54421116


His behavior hasn't been bad at all.

>> No.54421124

See >>54419737

>> No.54421127

>thread full of "wholesome" waifufags ridiculing, banding against an "fetish" waifufag and claiming the moral high ground
>they actually think they're not just as bad as him

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

>> No.54421131

>Steal it and defile it
Shouldn't TokHaar like that kind of /d/ shit?

>> No.54421133

Then on the other side of the scale is the apparent army of shitposters sucking AliceAnon's dick and parading the "realism" of a waifu CYOA that completely missed the point of the genre.

>> No.54421147


>> No.54421148

>you must cater to us!
>if you don't we will rewrite your cyoa and ignore the original
>this is fine because we are superior waifufags

If the fujos had done this, the thread would have imploded.

>> No.54421152

Tok doesn't receive that much actual hate, barring a few bitter faggots many anons dislike more than CYOA authors they criticize. But at the same time, in typical 4chan fashion we're blunt and direct when things go wrong - I suspect even the more scathing comments are made with little of actual anger, they're just unfiltered, honest impression of guy's fuckup. At least it's certainly so in my case as I rarely sugarcoat my opinions but I also never really go after anyone.

It's sad if it touched Tok so much, but people already gave him good suggestions in relation to that. Rather than just get all hurt he should learn from the whole thing, make sure to never hype things like if it'd be just a circlejerk and if he is sure to hype things - he cannot wing it half-finished and unbalanced so it can be posted for some reddit competition, but has to follow through.

>> No.54421154

>Retard crying because fucking /trash/ hurt his feelings
>Bitches for hours about how reddit is the only place that can appreciate his art

We are better than him frogposter.

>> No.54421156

You'd think. It's essentially like he's being cucked by the other author isn't it?

>> No.54421166

Only one guy said he was gonna rewrite it though.

>> No.54421169

Not going to speak for anyone else, but I just find namefags of his nature annoying in general and am amused at his meltdown.

I don't care for the content of his CYOAs but that doesn't make them bad CYOAs, they're just not of interest to me personally, and I'm sure other feel the same about some of the stuff I've put out; and hey, thats fine, as doll put it earlier up different strokes for different folks.

So yeah, not his content that bothers me, just his tendency to attention whore which has blown up in his face. But you're right in a way, I've spent too much of this thread talking about e-drama and that is something I'm a little ashamed of.

>> No.54421183

>a waifu CYOA that completely missed the point of the genre

This is a silly post anon.

>> No.54421199

Waifu cyoas are not a genre. They're cancer designed for the mentally ill to self-medicate with in exchange for (you)s and praise. I do think waifus have a place in cyoas but the moment you start including characters like "Cowbella, the Z cup cowbreed amazon who besides being anonsexual also experiences orgasmic pleasure when anon sucks her breasts and has a huge thing for NEETs" you're just embarrassing yourself.

>> No.54421219

The very word "waifu" by its definition, refers to unrealistic and obviously nonexistent characters. If stretched, it can also be used to carry the connotations of wish-fulfillment and unreachable standards of perfection. A "waifu" that is both realistic AND average looking AND who has more cons than pros and doesn't appeal to anyone in any way is literally the opposite of the term.

>> No.54421230

How do you guys implement yourself in cyoas? When I see any strength boosting stat I add it to my natural strength and sometimes forgo certain stats I feel like Im already decent in

>> No.54421231

You smell like "My fetish is superior!" and reeeing about monster girls on the monster girl board.

>> No.54421232


I think you're both overanalysing people combining pictures of girls with words and asking which one you like best.

CYOAs in general are light entertainment, some of them can be deeper than others but there isn't anything wrong with simple fun stuff, sexy or otherwise, so long as you keep in mind all this stuff is silly daydreaming at the end of the day.

>> No.54421236

I don't.

>> No.54421238

The bit about chan and reddit being different is true. You can expect chan to be more blunt. Reddit is notorious for being yes-men.

That said, from what you say and what I see, it seems like people are criticizing his personality. Which is mean, not constructive.

I've put lots of hours into it but this is my first time trying it so I've restarted many times. One version was constructing one and you had all the options for like what type of wood you used and what type of dresses and stuff, I think that's what I'll go with. As the dollmaker, you can instill love of certain hobbies, that'll be a section. What she likes to wear is another, especially what historical era clothing style. Idk, it's a lot of fun to make but I am second guessing everything I write.

y-you too

>> No.54421244

You know perfectly well what he intended. You could just as easily replace that description with "Christy, the supermodel genius gamer chick who shares all of anon's hobbies, plus cleaning and cooking for anon and having plenty of whatever kind of sex he'd like."

>> No.54421246

And on top of that with ideas from other anons it practically turned into not edit of the original as much as whole remodelling or creation of something new inspired by original.

I understand author's pride and how one doesn't like tinkering with their shit. I've made some small OC as long as stuff like tiny games and while many may claim it was crap, I wouldn't appreciate them tinkering with my creation as well. But in this case it wasn't even "I'll take your work for a spin and claim it's mine" but "I'll build upon your work something more, something that works, because there were plenty of issues anons mentioned and you straight up told them you won't do anything about it."

Maybe the rewrite will be shit as well. Maybe one shouldn't attempt such stuff at all - the scale of CYOA is huge, easily Traveller-sized if one wants to make it right. But all of that wouldn't happen if Tok wouldn't leave unfinished, barely cobbled together work and then even tell anons it's their fault shit's bad - it's like challenging the same anons to do it right at that point.

>> No.54421257

>average looking
Anon, some of the girls in >>54414805 are literal models and pornstars. All the anime waifus just completely skewed your standards. Hope you never have to find a girlfriend in real life, because you're bound for a serious disappointment.

>> No.54421266

Cute joke.

Man I've never seen any waifu written literally how shitposters like you say, it's kinda funny this strawman you construct in your mind.

>> No.54421274

>Which is mean, not constructive.
Kind of hard to be constructive when he says "Fuck you, all of you are wrong because reddit says so." then when one guy says he's going to do some edits Tok screams "FUCK ALL OF YOU I QUIT."

>> No.54421275

I was about to write up a big wall of text reply, but again, this is a silly argument. For what its worth I like Anon's Gf just as much as say Alien Matchmaker.

>> No.54421284

Your attitude is cancer, generalizing waifu works and using hyperbolic Cowbella strawmen to prove your point while anons themselves are usually able to tell what they like and why.
You're not some elected defender of good taste. You're in minority. If you think you can do better, make a better CYOA - if it'll really be good, it will be appreciated. Otherwise, passing judgement on a whole slew of CYOAs makes you look just pretentious as fuck.

>> No.54421289

>I just wish there was something I could do
Make cyoas, don't shitpost when you answer questions. Literally all you gotta do.

>> No.54421295

I wouldn't say most porn stars are attractive. A lot of them look plastic (because they are) or like empty-headed bimbos.

>> No.54421297

Didn't he make Anon's GF?

>> No.54421306

They're still far more attractive (at least by the common, first world standard) than the average chick you stand a chance to meet on the street, much less have a chance to bang.

>> No.54421308

It's not at all difficult to be constructive. There are certain anons who feel that it id their right to be as rude as they want while authors should only be allowed to meekly accept it. The ZBG DLC wasn't a tenth as harsh as the Fortune Cookies thread, but image hat is still used as evidence against him while you can count the number of anons who give a shit about the circumstances that spawned it on one hand.

>> No.54421309

>autists trying to justify waifu cyoas


>> No.54421313

>As the dollmaker, you can instill love of certain hobbies, that'll be a section. What she likes to wear is another, especially what historical era clothing style.
I like the sound of that, take as long as you need to make revisions and make it suit your liking. I wish you luck Doll.

>> No.54421315

I still don't agree. I'd go with a normal girl over a bimbo or plastic manaquein. This sounds like a taste thing on your part.

>> No.54421318

And the one Israeli chick Alice Anon thought it was okay to use her OkCupid picture in his game for some ungodly reason.

>> No.54421321

Did he? If he did, why is he throwing shit? Wouldn't then, as per my post, he get a good number of feedback on his work to see whether it's good and can show his arguments for itself, rather than making him go into shitty rant of "your taste in waifus is shit and you should feel bad"?

>> No.54421332

There was a lot of constructive crit before Tok started talking about reddit, though. That's the thing. People didn't start out hostile.

>> No.54421341

>actual autist thinking that strawmanning and throwing insults will disenchant anyone, on /tg/ of all places where niche fantasy escapism is leitmotif of the board.

Do you also go to /v/ to go "I can't understand how people can play videogames"?

>> No.54421357

>left you guys alone yesterday
>come back to a fucking blasted ruin of a thread
>Tok apperantly went nuclear
>rather than post builds and OC anons have been content to sit around and bitch through this like preteen girls
>the usual autism flared up something fierce
>won't shut up about reddit
>won't shut up about literal /trash/
>antiwaifufags try to use this as an example for their puritan vision of /cyoag/
>antiwaifufags try to think themselves superior to anyone despite their gripes being based entirely on not liking what other people like
>autism no longer speaks, it is shitting its ass while screaming.

Lets try to have a thread that doesn't turn into a dumpster fire next time guys.

>> No.54421364

Check out the first cyoa with waifus in this thread and tell me what you see. Almost all of them are of the Cowbella-type or otherwise special snowflakes, all of them beautiful, who for some reason like anon.

>> No.54421371

>Idk, it's a lot of fun to make but I am second guessing everything I write.

I found that for a lot of my OC too, especially the earlier ones (which is why a couple of them went through multiple revisions).

Thats okay though! Once you show people you'll find them looking at it in ways you never even considered, and at that point if you need to you can always make amendments.

>> No.54421374

>They're still far more attractive than the average chick you stand a chance to meet on the street
Shit, I was told that on average girls in my country are good looking but if people really believe than average pornstar is way above average girl on the street in looks, I call shenanigans

>> No.54421376

I highly doubt that. We know for a fact that Alice Anon is the one who made the Anon's GF series, and it's extremely unlike him to enter any sort of argument. Usually he just posts something then disappears for a few years without saying a word.

>> No.54421387

That anon isn't me, so your point is irrelevant.
I couldn't care less about peoples' builds. If you give someone shoddy materials they will make a shoddy product.

>> No.54421388

>rather than post builds and OC anons have been content to sit around and bitch through this like preteen girls

well I mean that sadly isn't that uncommon

>antiwaifufags try to use this as an example for their puritan vision of /cyoag/

be fair, it takes two to tango, both sides of the argument are silly for getting into internet slapfights about the presentation of words plus pictures.

>> No.54421416

>antiwaifufags try to think themselves superior to anyone despite their gripes being based entirely on not liking what other people like

>> No.54421419


>> No.54421438

They are all made to work with anon of particular taste but they're hardly all Mary Sue shit. Some of them I certainly would worry about getting along. The point of the CYOA is that with each girl you don't only get a potential waifu, but you also get certain benefits/powers/what-have-you but for that there has to be a high chance she'll like you. It's really typical escapism thing and while I would certainly say the girls aren't realistic, giving CYOA shit for doing what it wanted to achieve well is kinda stupid - and it does it well, with characters having a few more traits that what you try to use in your hyperboles. This CYOA, like many other waifu ones is still an entertaining thing stirring imagination, a main point of CYOAs in general.

>> No.54421448

I love Tok because he blatantly acts exactly like waifusfags except without pretending to be 18+. His sheer existence triggers them because deep down they know they're exactly like him.

>> No.54421451

Actual descriptions of personality, tastes, desires, goals, and powers. I'm not sure what your issue is. Only thing with 'Cowbella' I've ever seen was the Cowboy CYOA, actually, where the cowgirls being retards was the point.

>> No.54421457

Only Italics can save us from this evil.

>> No.54421470

>His sheer existence triggers them because deep down they know they're exactly like him.
Are you retarded? Waifufags never had anything against Tok. Hell, he made his own waifu CYOA. If anything, it's people who hate waifus that have an axe to grind with him because how dare he (and most of anyone else) make escapism fantasies rather than realistic, flawed partners for serious romantic considerations!

>> No.54421473

Only you not taking the bait can save us.

>> No.54421479

I was going to say something about Alice Creator, but I think that guy's transcended "Good" and "Evil" years ago to become an entity of pure autism.

>> No.54421480

I disagree. I find Acheld for example has designed his characters with infinitely more appeal. His characters are not designed around being sexy, cute, or visually stunning.

>> No.54421484

It's actually creepier than that, since his ramblings are full of observations an autist wouldn't have been able to make. It's more like a very specific form of sociopathy.

>> No.54421495

>opening your stupid fucking mouth and not letting the man eat his shit in peace
What do you gain from autism spirals like this? Why spark them? Why perpetuate them?

>> No.54421498

>Like Hannibal Lecter, except instead of eating people he just writes 80 page essays on waifuism

>> No.54421503

>anons have been content to sit around and bitch through this like preteen girls
One step closer to being actual preteen girls so many in /tg/ desire to be.

That aside, the whole shitfest certainly did grow ut of proportion and certainly antiwaifufags only makes themselves look retarded, but I think there is a good lesson in this all for all CYOA makers - "don't promise more than you can deliver and blame your own failures on people who sincerely tried their best to help and support you along the way".

>> No.54421510

>What do you gain from autism spirals like this? Why spark them? Why perpetuate them?

I think we all need to step back and just stop engaging with stuff like this. Imagine how nice (if quiet) these threads could be.

>> No.54421517

>lets take the very first waifu
>personality: dominatrix with a princess complex
>tastes: bdsm
>desires: performing bdsm
>goals: ???
>powers: tying people up for bdsm purposes

You're right. This is a deep and complex character.

>> No.54421519

>people who sincerely tried their best to help
Own up to your shitposting. You were as hostile as possible because it made you feel good. If you have half a shit about the quality of the cyoa, you would favor communication over how harsh you could phrase your thoughts.

>> No.54421521

Then you don't really disagree. You simply say someone done this stuff much better based on your preferences - and I have absolutely no problem with you having preferences regarding your waifus or liking some CYOA over other.

It's trying to belittle and mix with mud stuff that wasn't made to appeal to your expectations in waifus that's just bad of you.

>> No.54421531

This thread reeks of samefagging.

>> No.54421546

>there's nothing wrong with eating a shit sandwich just because you like pb&j sandwiches
>not liking shit on a sandwich is just your preference
>shit sandwich eaters just have a different taste
>nothing wrong with liking shit sandwich

>> No.54421578

I hope Tok is proud of the shitstorm he caused

Exquisite salt

>> No.54421584

>Own up to your shitposting.
Own up to yours, right now. Are you retarded or you really believe I will be spokesman for all anons, I'll apologize for the whole board? Or maybe you talk about me in particular?

>You were as hostile as possible because it made you feel good. If you have half a shit about the quality of the cyoa, you would favor communication over how harsh you could phrase your thoughts.
Do find my posts and tell me how I was unreasonably harsh. I am pretty sure you just project your impression of all anons, both harsh and not, onto me. Want to play such games? I claim that you're now judgemental and antagonistic because it makes you feel morally superior. You're not, you're not even aware with which of the many anons you speak when accusing me of things so get off your high horse.

>> No.54421588

You're wrong though. Whether a character is badly designed is not subjective. Subjectivity is a just lifeline for bad writers to cling to because they refuse to improve.

>> No.54421603

Sounds like someone needs to catch up on their Ernst Gombrich.

>> No.54421604

Anon, I'm not part of this argument, but please take a step back and look at your post and consider that this kind of "what I like is good, what you like is bad" reasoning is unnecessary and self defeating. Just let people enjoy what makes them happy in these imaginary world situation threads.

>> No.54421605

See >>54421473

>> No.54421609

Personal taste, eh?

>> No.54421611

go frog wild

>> No.54421612

>Subjectivity is a just lifeline for bad writers to cling to because they refuse to improve.
Anyone still have the 'literal shit on a canvas' screencap?

>> No.54421619

I've told you how it's not shit and how you went with hyperbole, but you just have preferences that you retardedly try to force on everyone. If you'd be intellectually honest, you wouldn't call it shit suggesting as everyone dislikes it but the most degenerate because you know you're in minority. If anything I find it like a difference between fried chicken drumstick and a caesar salad - you oppose the drumstick like a vegan on grounds of nutrition, animal cruelty etc while average person doesn't factor such considerations - they like meat, the chicken's tasty, they happily eat chicken without bothering anyone or even cook new chickens for enjoyment of others while you make retarded crusades and get into people faces like PETA.

>> No.54421621

>Or maybe you talk about me in particular?
Yes, I am talking about you in particular. If you characterize his response as "people who disagreed with me are whiners" then you can't read or pay attention, because he specifically changed multiple things as a result of criticism. And if you can't read or pay attention, then yes, you specifically are probably one of the shitposters. Especially now that you're trying to justify yourself as having been completely reasonable.

You're damn right I feel morally superior to people who aggressively shitpost OC they don't like instead of ignoring it or offering calm, constructive criticism.

>> No.54421624

Please no. The toxic waste will flood over to the new thread.

>> No.54421628

>A bondage demon likes bondage

>> No.54421634

I can tell you're jumpchain's shitposter. Hello faggot.

>> No.54421636

If anything, goign by your way of reasoning, that makes you or the anon disagreeing with me wrong - after all "objective" values of subjectively perceived traits are based upon preferences of majority. In which case escapism-oriented waifus are better written than realistic ones - after all they're designed perfectly for the role they were meant to perform without many of the flaws realistic characters suffer from the standpoint of realism.

>> No.54421642

>he specifically changed multiple things as a result of criticism
He fixed typos and made one of green's corruptions give an extra point.

>> No.54421649

Who gives you the power of objectivity?

>> No.54421665

If a character can be fully summarized as "bondage demon" then your character is shit.

>> No.54421670

You still go for a strawman. I don't "aggressively shitpost OC they don't like". I explain why things happened as they did and what lessons Tok could take out of it. The fact that he made some improvements absolutely doesn't change the fact that he promised more than he provided and that he blamed it when CYOA didn't work, improvements or not, on anons.

So yeah, you're not only on a high horse where you don't belong, you try to put a pretty stupid spin on me, while it's you who's actually personally, emotionally involved and going with aggressive shitting over others.

>> No.54421672

Unless that character was literally designed as a bondage demon by hell.

>> No.54421690

You know much more about Jumpchain than I do, then.

So, in other words, he listened to concerns, meaning he was not ideologically opposed to them the way you're portraying him as? But he committed the unforgivable sin of not listening to your criticism, which means he must have not listened to any criticism at all.

>> No.54421708

Hey fuck you, it's the family business. She's a good Hellish girl who follows after her Ma and Pa.

>> No.54421719

So your argument is basically that simple, 2D (personality wise) waifus are fine if they're meant to appeal to mentally ill autists who can't handle the real world.


>> No.54421721

>he listened to concerns
Lazily changing one line isn't listening to feedback, especially when he ignored the most common complaints.

>> No.54421729

>Arguing that escapism is wrong
>In the imaginary choice image thread
>On the play pretend game board
>On the anime website

>> No.54421736

>So, in other words, he listened to concerns,
Tok made a couple of the smallest changes and ignored majority of concerns, citing lack of interest in working further as much as happiness with how things are how they are. It's his right, but it's also right of others to point out how things are still shit even when he likes them that way. It'd end there if he wouldn't come out with excuses of "had to drop it for them reddit gold money in a contest already!" and "anons got what they wanted, their fault they don't like it" going personally against people who wanted to make his CYOA work. But he couldn't and in turn, as expected, when blamed for the state of things anons responded with personal remarks about Tok's shortcomings in general.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

>> No.54421762

No, my argument is that characterologically simple waifus are fine when they're meant to appeal to escapism fantasies based on simplified worldview and they perform their function very well. You however go with personal attacks against people because they are fine with it, being the only mentally ill autist in this situation, just with some oversized ego to boot.

>> No.54421768

Please kys with this thread so you may no longer bring shame and autism upon us all.

>> No.54421780

Whining cause people talk about stuff you don't like, only adding to the issue. Spoken like a true autist.
Wait patiently, the thread will die and with time, so will drama. Don't fan the flames, retard.

>> No.54421785

You're guys just prove the point of that gaywad that came in saying these threads were trash.

>> No.54421802

At this point, I almost hope they succeed in driving all OC makers away. It's exactly what they want and deserve.

>> No.54421807

All the more reason for that gaywad should stay away. We like our drama.

>> No.54421822

what else could they be after.

>> No.54421829

Won't happen since many of the people disappointed in Tok's reaction make OC on their own, me included. And once drama dies, new people will come and take place of the old ones. It's not the first time some OC maker disappeared and every time sooner or later there are others picking up slack as they actually see that in case of lack of CYOA they'd like, they're always welcome to make their own.

>> No.54421848

I don't like this drama at all. I just like posting OC that hopefully people enjoy.

>> No.54421855

Then I hope I never accidentally complimented your work.

>> No.54421864

>And once drama dies, new people will come and take place of the old ones
>every time sooner or later there are others picking up slack as they actually see that in case of lack of CYOA they'd like

>> No.54421868

I don't know, my work was complimented before and never "accidentally". Maybe even by you and in that case it was also not accidental because whatever you may think you know about me, I post my work and prefer it to be judged and stand on its own merit.

Suck it up.

>> No.54421883

Those guys want the thread to die, so they've created a fantasy where /cyoag/ has had the same community for seven years and thus everyone who leaves deals a dwindling blow. That way they can masturbate to us dying out. They're retarded, as is obvious to anyone with awareness.

>> No.54421905

Isn't it how it always work? Most CYOA striving for originality were made because there was originality to be had. I doubt we'd have even the better, more spoken about, old stuff made by people who made it if they themselves could already find exactly what they were thinking about already done. I've made my stuff because I wanted some to be made and there was no one to make it for me, and I am pretty sure at least some of the trip/namefagging, more renowned authors said the same in the past, making CYOA because they enjoy it and wanted something like this or that for themselves. I am pretty sure that's what Tok was always saying, at that.

>> No.54421958

Pretty much this. CYOA authors may be seen, appreciated or not for their work, but they only matter at all as long as they actually do any work. If a CYOA author disappears, if they didn't make something really awesome that is remembered and reposted long after they're gone it's often as if they wouldn't really exist anymore. Proven countless of times already with many big CYOA - how many dramas we had over the years with stuff like Conduit? Really nice CYOA but also one easily polarizing people in their power fantasies. And now, while people still may remember Conduit, no one really cares or remembers the drama and people related to it. It's questionable whether Tok will get even that far though I do consider some of his lewd work, like Deus Vult and Mindslaver, some of the better lewd CYOA out there, at least in a long time.
In the end, it's up to him. Whatever he'll decide, /cyoag/ will keep on trucking. Best luck to him either way.

>> No.54422020

CYOA for intermission.

>> No.54422417

Anon, all you did was show how dumb people can be. You may have been trolling, but you're still representative of the lowest common denominator here.

Thank you for letting me show everyone just exactly how cancerous this thread is, and why I am the way I am.

>> No.54422453

Reverse searching is giving me nothing, pls sauce.
Also is it porn?

>> No.54422475

>why I am the way I am
Are you implying that you are shitposter because of the thread? That is a stupid justification, and if you really believe that then everyone should be a bottom-tier shitposter like you.

>> No.54422504

I'm more weirded out that he thought 4chan wasn't cunts at one point.

>> No.54422532

Of course. I never said it was a good thing, but it does tickle my sadism. Nothing feels better than smacking around a few autists.

Welcome to /CYOAg/, faggot.

>> No.54422549

>Fuck Yeah Man
>Cowgirl Emma
>Mikey Hikaru
>Mikoto No Shiroitori
Time to head off on an epic quest to get Bird Samurai cured of his curse so that he can teach Mikey how to samurai for real.

>> No.54422832

I guess this is the end for Tok then.
I guess I just have to wait until someone else starts making lewd cyoas. (I can't really fap to the ones I make)

>> No.54422854

I'll make a few in about ten years. Please look forward to it.

>> No.54422897

I see that you and I have the same release schedule.

>> No.54423455

If you make lewd cyoas interest will increase. This will cause others to make them as well
I will continue to believe this even if it wasn't the case for /d/ nor /trash/

>> No.54423496

/d/ was actually starting to get more authors as time went on, but they almost all vanished with the move to /trash/.

>> No.54423502


>> No.54423580

I started because the /d/ threads were up. Lost my motivation a bit after the move. Never thought there could be a connection.

>> No.54424112

You can't stop me.

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