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They say bad ideas make for good stories. Therefore, let's have a /tg/ meetup thread. Post your location and see if anyone in the area is brave enough to meet with some fa/tg/uys. Brownies optional.

I'm based in the Orem, Utah area, and I've seen a couple of Utahns on the thread whenever Mormonism gets brought up. Anyone down for organizing a meeting?

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Polk County, Minnesota.

Don't bother replying if you're in the Cities area.

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Meetup brownies is a /k/ thing
Stop stealing our thing, fa/tg/guys

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Anyone in Hillsborough County, Florida? Specifically the Tampa, St. Pete, or Brandon areas?

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Munster in Ireland.

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Come on, you guys are our more active, outdoorsy brother who we occasionally share hobbies with. We steal your Shit now, and In return we stock your bunkers with entertainment after the nuclear blasts wipe out all electronics.

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Yeah, but you losers just put cum in your brownies.

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Malmö, Sweden

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Nürnberg, Germany

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Northern NJ.

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DFW, Texas

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Windsor County, Vermont here, with a (too) large boardgame collection.

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Yuropfag here as well. Not sure I'd want to attend a meetup if only because people around these parts seem autistic af, and adding /tg/ onto that would probably end up as a cringefest of epic proportions.

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Raleigh, North Carolina.

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San Francisco Bay Area here. I live on the peninsula. able to meet from sf to san jose and select parts of east bay.

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Hannover, Germany.

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Everyone on my group already goes on /tg/

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Columbus, Ohio
I know at least 2 other tg anons are in this city

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Bay area, California.

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Italy here
Let's have a fine lunch imbibed with some good wine. Then, after dessert&coffee, we shall relax under the sleepy rays of the sun, and delve forth into /tg/ matters

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where in the bay area?

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>meeting up with nerds
No thanks

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Oh, but think of the cringeworthy stories! You could brag about how terrible your experience was on /r9k/ or /fit/

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Pacifica (a suburb south of San Francisco).

How about you?

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Burlington here. How's it going?

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what the fuck man

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Adelaide South Australia

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oh hey, me too


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i don't know man.

/k/ at least has some O.K-if you are drunk traps.

a /tg/ meetup will only have fat beardy guys

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Panama City, Florida

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Canada West Coast.

And I Know there's a few /tg/ers around as well as girls from /soc/, /toy/soldiers, /fit/izens /pol/sters and /sp/ people.

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This post, also

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You must be muzzie.

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North York, Ontario

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>a /tg/ meetup will only have fat beardy guys

I'm a /fit/ handsome guy.

Toronto, Canada, but this thread is a fucking united nations, nobody lives even close to each other, so it's pointless.

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>this thread is a fucking united nations, nobody lives even close to each other, so it's pointless
You're literally one post below your own suburb.

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Yeah, we posted simultaneously, didn't see anything before that that was closer than 500km.

Mel Lastman-fag, come downtown to Ryerson then.

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Minneapolis, MN. Fat beardy guy confirmed, but nobody is going to be here anyway.

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Sure, might as well. Where and when?

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Pensacola Florida. I know some fatguys here.

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This Friday, Ryerson Hub Cafe, 6pm. There will be a mystery RPG or two.

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Las Vegas, NV.

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Will be there. I'm a skinny white guy with long hair and a short beard.

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Post a full report of events for our general amusement.

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Can't post gay sex orgies on a blue board, anon.

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Ayy me too. Isn't DC horrible? I have yet to meet a person that actually likes living here.

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Hey! I just moved here. Are you familiar with the area? Any places you'd recommend?

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Bullhead City, Arizona

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The confession thread we had a few months ago proves you wrong

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lex ky 859

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Remember that /tg/ stands for totally gay

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Just moved from Salt Lake City to Denver any good places to play 40k here? Right now I'm playing at a place in Colorado Springs.

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Just got some new games in the mail today; GMT's newly released reprint of 1960: The Making of the President, Escape From Colditz, and the Reinforcements expansion to Ogre (6th Ed). And the MLP: Tails of Equestria RPG book. All this, and no one to play with. I wonder why I bother sometimes.

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I live in Los Angeles, California. One of the largest cities in America and at least top 20 in the fucking world.

And there's only one real hobby shop within an hour's drive.

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What the fuck

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Places for what? There's a few FLGSes, can't say I've tried them all. Game Theory's nice. Even Horizon's bigger and better; has couches and everything. The salesguy trapped me and I had to talk Shadowrun for about half an hour.

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Alrighty. Look for the RPG books in the main cafe area. Cheers.

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Cleveland Ohio, know at least one other /tg/ goer in this area

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Columbus, here. I know multiple others in the OH area (at least three other Columbus-ites, at least one Cinci guy).

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i think i've bumped into you before. i think i've offered you a seat at my table if you ever find yourself in cleveland for a week.

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Near Newark, DE

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isn't this just an offline game finder thread?

San Jose, CA here. aeos#6012

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Njombe, Tanzania.

Applied to PC on a lark, and now I'm living innawoods with kids to do all my chores. Working on teaching them Onitama.

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>For what?
The gay sex, anon. The orgies, you know.

But really, I'm slowly getting back into 40k. I used to be big into Warmachine, but I sold out of that a while back. Mostly I'm just looking to meet people with similar interests. I don't have a,lot of friends in the area yet.

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Moscow, Russia

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Originally from CLE, but in RI now.

Eastside or westside?

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I'm in Alexandria VA, right on the border to D.C.. I still have no fucking clue what the tourists see in this general area.

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Kansas City. Overland Park to be exact.

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São Paulo, Brazil.

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Hey, join the club. Game Theory does 40K, I know, but I don't, so I can't really comment as to the quality of the groups. It's a pretty busy store; you could definitely try lurking there until people talk to you, or start talking yourself.

I don't have a car and the public transport is hogshit, so no game stores or gay orgies for me.

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Wew anon.
You won't get many bites here.

>> No.54417612

734 michigan. no stores, so many board game lounges and bars

>> No.54417674

hey now nothing's wrong with the occasional rules-lite

>> No.54417901

Cocoa Beach, anybody?

>> No.54417936

Same east bay here

>> No.54418118

Yep, that's fellow russian!

Moscow, Russia.

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>Life is suffering

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>> No.54419179

It's like that episode of Twilight Zone, I have all the time in the world now and a big table to game on, but nobody to do it with.

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Brisbane, Queensland

>> No.54419688

I'm about 30 minutes from downtown on the westside, I could be game to joining/starting a group.

>> No.54419716

If the ticket plane is cheap and they speak English I can head my ass to there.

>> No.54419782

1 Hour south of Atlanta, Georgia. (Newnan)

>> No.54419828

Bruh, you anywhere near Aviano? In Pordenone?

>> No.54419860

Not far from Patrick AFB, Florida.

>> No.54419868

Not in Houston right now but I'm going to be back by Saturday.

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I'm in Middle Tennessee, somewhere along the border of Kentucky.

...i hate it here.

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I don't think it's horribly expensive for the distance you're going, but you're gonna have to brush up on your swahili.

Worth it for the views if you ever feel like going outside. Tanzania is, like, basically Lion King.

Leo, ninafikiri labda nitacheza Mordheim, lakini ninahitaji wetu kujifanya.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

>> No.54420428

Saint-Petersburg. Russia

>> No.54420506


damn son, used to be. Now i haunt basically all of Massachusetts

>> No.54420679

Northeast Oregon?

>> No.54421015

Last bump of the night.

>> No.54421037

ayyyy me too, which part of the metroplex anon

>> No.54421070

Where the fuck do you get your rpg shit nowadays? Infinity?

>> No.54421110

Any Isralies up in here?

>> No.54421575

Geelong, Victoria

>> No.54422134

Lyon, France

>> No.54422398

Whats up my adelaide bros, didn't expect any of you here

>> No.54422706

See, the tourists I understand. There's all that stuff on the National Mall to see for free. But living here? It's like living in a fishbowl full of garbage and bad traffic.

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>> No.54422755

Any Polish fa/tg/uys in this thread? Kujawsko-Pomorskie here.

>> No.54422835

Mid. Tennessee here as well. Between Nashville and the Tennessee River.

>> No.54422857

Lyon or Grenoble, France

>> No.54422874

Oh merde alors. Qui es tu et que fais tu brave anon ?

>> No.54423013

It'd be easier to just drive to germany and hope they won't use their scheise language all the time

>> No.54423035

Anyone in Springfield, Massachusetts?

>> No.54423040

Adelaide anon #4 reporting in

>> No.54423173

Whereabouts in England?
Also suffering.

>> No.54423198

Yeah. Silesia here.

>> No.54423651

Je ne vais pas te dire mon identité anon je suis juste un simple joueur de jdr

>> No.54423729

NYC anon here. Didn't think I'd be the only one.

>> No.54423744

Fort Smith, AR.

If anyone's closer than Fayetteville, I'll be surprised.

>> No.54423779

London/Essex here

>> No.54423791

>there's only one real hobby shop within an hour's drive.

Are you fucking serious, mate? I think you're just exaggerating. On Google Maps there's

>Turn Zero Games
>It's Game Time
>Next-Gen Games
>Mega-City One

and more. You need to look harder, unless by the word 'real' you mean 'exactly what I want at the prices I want' or some other qualifier.

>> No.54423812

Looks like I missed my Capital Wasteland brethren.

We need to get out of this town.

>> No.54423836


Well I'm from Utah actually, South Jordan to be specific, though i'm out of town at the moment. Perhaps we could decide on a nuetral location at which to meet in August once i've returned to the states?

>> No.54423864

J'imagine bien mais à quoi joues-tu ?

>> No.54423899

Je fais MJ pour Antika et Atomic Highway surtout, après j'ai pu jouer a pas mal de jeu aux soirées du magasin Trollune? Ouikouméné,
Rogue Trader,Dragon Age, Numénéra...je ne saurais pas tout te citer.

>> No.54423912

NC - 828 & 336

>> No.54423976

J'habitais pas loin d'Ukronium quand j'étais tout le temps sur Lyon (et que le magasin était ouvert), maintenant je fais régulièrement la navette entre Grenoble et Lyon. Je fais MJ pour Shadowrun, Mantoïd Universe et Deathwatch/RT/DH

>> No.54424399

>Mantoïd Universe


>> No.54424423

Also Seattle

>> No.54424494

Conroe (just north of Houston), Texas

>> No.54424600

How about one of the Game Stores in Lehi?

>> No.54424874

A science fantasy game about pigmen, mantis men, clones duking it out with human centipedes and killer bots in in a post-end-of-universe metal setting.

>> No.54424899

Bowie county texas

>> No.54424909

Any UK fags in the East Anglia area?

>> No.54425638

Salem Oregon anyone?

>> No.54425717


Alright. Specific one you have in mind?

>> No.54425750

N.Yorkshire. Et tu?

>> No.54425768

SwivelDiscourse #9013
The Game Grid is probably the best location.

>> No.54425780


Shit, I used to live there not long ago.

München, Germany.

>> No.54425790

I'm in Hamilton, so this might be doable.

>> No.54426042


Well, we already arrainged for Ryerson Hub Cafe at 6pm this Friday, so if you feel up to a bit of a drive, come on up.

>> No.54426055

What part of houston?

>> No.54426100

Auburn Alabama here. How you doing

>> No.54426132

Went down there for vacation in May with my 40k army in tow. Could not find a game store

>> No.54426253

Colpar hobby town east in aurora saturday, 5pm to about 3am

>> No.54426433

Anyone in Wisconsin? I live in 414 but work in 262.

>> No.54426528

Columbus IN here, but I'm up in Indy all the time. Got a place in mind this weekend, Anon-kun?

>> No.54426735

between Bremen and Hannover.
not too sure if i want to meet you or vice versa, just wanted to say that there are likeminded people out there - don't know if that's good or bad news though

>> No.54426825

Ontario/Monroe County (Rochester area), NY. Got a nice amount of gaming areas around here, and having a huge-ass nerd college (Rochester Institute of Technology) really helps bring everything together, too.

I know a couple fa/tg/uys irl, and I wouldn't be surprised if more people I know are on here that I don't know about.

>> No.54427020

Karlshamn here. Relatively near, I can say.

>> No.54427052

Used to live in SLC, I always had a blast at Mind Games on 33rd South and Redwood. There's an official GW store in South Jordan, and there's always Gaijo Games out in Sandy on like 94th South.

Fuck I miss SLC.

>> No.54427393

DC does indeed blow

Giant donkey or elephant dick, specifically.

I'm on my way out. Little over a year left.

>> No.54427547

Actual Chicago or suburbs Chicago?

>> No.54427592

Gencon is coming up. It might be easy to get a /tg/ meet up there.

>> No.54427625

>>Mega-City One
>east coast

>> No.54427631

Winnipeg, Manitoba

>> No.54427658

Devon, England.

>> No.54427697

Rather good, tons of geeks in ATL, the only person in my group who knows about 4chan is an oldfag /b/tard, our joke are mostly about rolling dubs and old memes.

>> No.54427708

Woot. I'm from Alma. Discord?

>> No.54427717

40 minutes from Cleveland here; you guys ever been to a place called Common Grounds in Lakewood? They can get a bit loud but have pretty good coffee and are open 24/7; my group goes there to play every once in a while.

>> No.54427726

Shit, I went to Mindgames too. I do kinda miss it.

>> No.54427791

4th year at RIT here; I don't live in Rochester so I couldn't really meet until it started up again

>> No.54427798


Poznań, reporting.

>> No.54427811

North Cornwall, England.

>> No.54427818

That's a helluva drive in rush hour, mate, but feel free.

>> No.54427836

North Houston, around humble and spring.

>> No.54427886


Right. Dismissed!

>> No.54427917


Po prostu zazdrościsz nam naszych rowerów i rogali

>> No.54427932


Shit. I gotta move first. I only work in Denver. I'd rather not drive an hour for 40k.

>> No.54427937

We gonna meetup and complain, or what

>> No.54427961

San Antonio, Texas? I know a few people at uni here browse /tg/.

>> No.54427974

Tuckerton, NJ.

>> No.54427986


Hopefully Chicago suburbs

>> No.54428007

So much DC talk about sucking dicks and nobody's booked a motel for you guys yet?

You can keep your low-speed conveyances and mohammedan baked goods, infidel!

>> No.54428092

San Clemente, California.

>> No.54428120

Yeah we're here.
Pozdrowienia spod Warszawy

>> No.54428256

I wouldn't want to live in Chiraq either. representing the Chicago suburbs FYI

>> No.54428374

what the fuck is a blue board?

>> No.54428422

It means we can devolve a thread into absolute degeneracy, but we're not allowed to have a dedicated thread to it. Thus, instead of us having a Weekend Smut Thread, we just ruin Pathfinder and the occasional outside thread with our fetishes.

>> No.54428485

That is alarmingly close to me

>> No.54428516

i mean this >>54428485 one

>> No.54428557

In MA but I'm terribly insecure about meeting people over the internet

>> No.54428567

Then meet them in real life.

>> No.54428581

Blue board background means no posting NSFW images.

>> No.54428630


Nope, but I can get one when I get back in town Saturday. Telegram?

>> No.54428906

I really played myself there

>> No.54428914

Area code 207

>> No.54428927

>tfw the only one in Copenhagen
>tfw not even Danish

pewnie cię znam

>> No.54429002

Ocala, Florida.
Drawfag and larper, occasionally I play wargames. I have some big dogs who love attention.

>> No.54429153

Paris, France

>> No.54429188

Yo! I'm conroe guy >>54424494
What's your game?

>> No.54429227

Also from Raleigh. 3 is enough for a meetup right?

Never been to any of the FLGS myself.

>> No.54429340

I'm in Pittsfield, MA.

>> No.54430371


>> No.54431040

If you've attended RWAG there's a decent chance we're at least acquainted. Ever done one of IGM's megagames? I'd recommend 'em if you haven't tried one yet.

>> No.54431074

Sure, Darek von Fuhrberger. :^)

>> No.54431547

Rochester, NY. Gonna be hosting a bigger game of Warhammer Ancients (like fantasy) at Boldo 's Armory this Sunday if anyone is interested. No armies needed, just show up at noon.

>> No.54431584


These guys could be talking about gay porn and we'd never know it.

t. burger

>> No.54431697


This anon >>54412127 here. I'm down for a meetup. Any preferences on where?

>> No.54432036

Boise, Idaho. Any anons with a spare 40k army? I wanna try out a game and see if I actually enjoy it or if I should just stick with the lore

>> No.54432066

Nah brah. Tuscany here

>> No.54432577

there talking about where they live in relation to each other. They also talk about the games they play and who they hang out with.

T. Burger that took 10 years of french

>> No.54432637

What store do you frequent? All of the places I used to go to closed--Gambit, Grotto, Edge, etc.

>> No.54432674

Probably on or near campus.

>> No.54433012


Nice try, Pierre. We know what's REALLY going on there.

>> No.54433052





>> No.54433112

St George Utah.

>> No.54433172

Anyone in Scotland?

>> No.54433555

What area y'all from, we should jerk off together or something

>> No.54433605

San Fernando California
I cruise to Pasadena to game empire to play

>> No.54433747



>> No.54433776

You're definitely not, most of us are just lurking.

>> No.54433903


>> No.54433925


Other NC anon here; I study at State. Good by me.

>> No.54433963

Melbourne, Victoria - Australia here.

Any other Aus-fags about?

>> No.54434586

The only store that sells anything larger than just a DMG and some magic cards is TIME WARP COMICS AND GAMES. They're still showing that same commercial

>> No.54435302

Norfolk, VA reporting.

>> No.54435693

That could put you anywhere either east or south of Nashville.

>> No.54435736

Moved a while ago to Savannag Georgia and am in desperate need of /tg/ friends. I play rpgs and boardgames.

>> No.54436623

I'm in Brunswick but I may be convinced to travel. I like to GM and I'm working on a story now. As for board games, Dominion is neat I guess

>> No.54436661

Dag life?

>> No.54436707

Middle Tennessee here as well. Half hour east of Nashville.

>> No.54437135

Hey there, my parents live in Auburn so I'm there when I visit every now and then

>> No.54437168

Northern Mississippi anyone?

>> No.54437356

Chico, California

>> No.54437487

I sometimes order from Matt cause he does the 50$ deal even cross state and stuff.

Used to play AoS with Horse, the rich guy who had no idea how to play but just bought everything and shit. Was a blast, he was fun.

>> No.54437513

Another Brisbanite reporting in.

Fuck this strange country and it's assbackwards culture. I for one embrace our new mechanical overlords.

>> No.54437605

Thaliondor. Dag has a retarded meta.

>> No.54437635

Best coast California where you guys at?

>> No.54437758

Adelaide seems to be doing well for itself though.

Newcastle, Australia

>> No.54438067

Yeah man, I go there to make characters and bullshit with DnD stuff often. We should get some coffee and make cannibal Bards or some stupid shit.

>> No.54438268

Du calme Donald, on n'est pas parisiens.

>> No.54438321

>Tfw from Halifax, Canada
>Tfw second time playing an online game, met up with another person from here
>Tfw he just got out of a game with two other people from here

/tg/ is weird sometimes

>> No.54438376


Carmel , here.

>> No.54438449


>> No.54438616

What part?

>> No.54438677

>Did you get the recipe?
Good lord my sides weren't ready.

>> No.54438773

Entre les parisiens qui se prennent en brochette et les provinciaux qui prennent lers animaux, chacun son petit plaisir hein. Ne jugeons point.

>> No.54438821

Au moins les seconds n'auront pas le SIDA.

>> No.54438867

Not anymore sadly, fled south to escape the webbies.

>> No.54439775


>> No.54439874

I'm in SLC

>> No.54439898

Great! Me and South Jordan guy: >>54423836 may meet in Lehi. Message me via my Discord: >>54425768 and we'll work on a time.

>> No.54440014

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

>> No.54440079

Near Kensi

>> No.54440105

Southern VA, 434

>> No.54440128

Haha, nice try /tg/ the last time I met with someone from 4chan she molested me. Not falling for that one again!

>> No.54440160

Photographic evidence or it did not occur.

>> No.54440198

I don't think even the most exhibition of exhibitionists would take pictures of their own molestation anon.

>> No.54440243

I am living proof of your ignorance.

>> No.54440353

If nothing else, the book is metal as fuck.

>> No.54440368

Was she hot?

>> No.54440423

Nottingham, UK. Gotta be a few fa/tg/uys here, it's like mecca for hobbies.

>> No.54440537

The cover is litteraly the tamest illustration of the book.

>> No.54440711

Marietta (suburb of Atlanta)

>> No.54440728

South of columbus. Are you like super duper into rules and shit? I like following all the rules but yknow fun is most important bro.

>> No.54440816

Same fag here. Maybe you can message me on discord/stem!

>> No.54440900

Any of you fags in Oahu HI play at other realms or arm chair adventurer?

>> No.54440976

Bielsko-Biała mate

>> No.54441192

Eh. It depends on the game man.

>> No.54441223

West GA, Bremen but I am frequent Carrollton very often.

>> No.54441380

So, wo wollen wir uns treffen Leute?

Wenn ihr nach Hannover kommt spendir ich euch 'n Eis

>> No.54441476

Not the person you're responding to, but....

>tfw I also live in Pacifica

What a small world. I'm too much of a shut-in to do a meet up, but if you have 3DS you might tag me at various places.

>> No.54441502

Scottish Borders here. Could probably get to Glasgow for a day, but any further's kinda pushing it.

>> No.54441589

Well,did he?

>> No.54441617

Melbourne, Springvale wbu

>> No.54442059

It's a long shot, but Hikone, Japan. Willing to travel anywhere in Shiga or Kyoto.

>> No.54442076

Bellevue, Nebraska anyone? Omaha works too.

>> No.54442118

try not to Judge. ;D

>> No.54442151

>DC talk

>> No.54442186

Huon Valley

>> No.54442229

>If you attend /tg/ meetups, you will be forced to have constant sex, with women, on demand. Now, am I the only one that finds that a bit tacky?

(SFX: desert wind)
(cue tumbleweed)

>> No.54442265

Seattle as well, but I hate people from my own city too much to ever want to meet either of you.

>> No.54442291

With an attitude like that, I fancy that the feeling is mutual.

>> No.54442296

I'd offer to meet someone from
>Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
But ninety percent of the nerds around here are hyper-autistic Weebs, and the ones that aren't are crusty as fuck.

>> No.54442417

I live in kennesaw, GA. Let's shoot guns and have a one-off

>> No.54442617

>hyper-autistic Weebs, and the ones that aren't are crusty as fuck.
Losers like you can't afford to be too picky.

>> No.54442680

Did I hit a nerve? It's okay, you can hang out in your hugbox over here

>> No.54442697

Hit a nerve? No, he was pointing out the obvious. You judge people you've never met, yet they are your peers. If that is all they are, then you are no different.

I suggest you leave. We aren't going to.

>> No.54442744


Yeah, you people up north are so... Normal.
Every time I work with someone from up there they got no sense of humor.

Tacoma, btw.

>> No.54442920

Mitch's, maybe?

>> No.54442940


This has been a nice thread. Please don't sperg it up now.

>> No.54442953

I only recently learned from tourists that apparently Seattle is so notorious for our aloofness we have a term called the Seattle Freeze, I never noticed it I guess. Tacoma is fine, but the coast definitely has the best places to be in.

>> No.54442976

What is it you guys say? Come and take them? Actually go ahead, we can make extra.

>> No.54443000

>trying to be a master of philosophy on 4chins
I keep my own company by choice. I have a close-knit group of friends and that's it. I have met with and had really great discussions by chance when I'm in a used bookstore and someone notices I'm looking at the fantasy books, or they notice my (totally not autistic) d20 necklace. By and by, most of the geeks in my area that I've met randomly have been cool people. The ones that have soured the experience, however, are the vast majority. I have to watch my step when I go to certain establishments because there are sperglords who will corner me and talk for hours when they notice I'm there. There are a few decent-looking shops that I refuse to patronize because the folks that haunt the place are the kind that get talked about in "That Guy" threads. So yeah, I may not be a social butterfly, and I'm certainly not one to cast stones, but I'm not some hermit who looks down my nose at everyone who crosses my path. Also, fuck you for getting me to respond.

>> No.54443023

Woah, I kinda thought I was the only shit poster of the south, Bournemouth England here

>> No.54443225

Nice trips, nice blog. If you're not interested in meeting people IRL, what are you doing commenting in a meetup thread?

>> No.54443316

West of Nashville actually, but you're right otherwise. I hadn't realized the river was shaped like it is.

>> No.54443396

...yeah. West was what I meant to say.

Roundabouts where I'm at, actually. Seems like there's 3 of us in this thread. I'm in a no-so-little place called Clarksville. It's pretty awful here.

>> No.54443403

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Internet connection sucks, and Local Gaming Stores are few and far between
Welcome to hell : )

>> No.54443529

Long shot, but anyone in the Silver City, New Mexico area?

>> No.54443560

Any particular reason you posted here, then? If a thread doesn't interest you, move on, coming in just to announce "THIS IS NOT A THING THAT INTERESTS ME!" makes you look like an ass.

>> No.54443588

Dude. You're way closer than I would have thought. A little less than an hour away. I'm assuming you're a student at APSU? Less likely would be a soldier, but still possible.

Clarksville's not too terribly awful. You could be stuck in one of the myriad of small towns surrounding it that don't even have game stores. Surely there must be college kids willing to roll some dice.

>> No.54443605

I'm actually looking to move to Seattle in the next few months, what's the /tg/ scene like around there?

>> No.54443611

Orlando, FL.

>> No.54443624

schon mal beim lord gewesen?

>> No.54443629

Vous allez souvent à Trollune ?

>> No.54443630

Since there may be other RPG games in the same area, look for the one with the TALISLANTA books. Cheers.

>> No.54443637

I was a student at APSU, but I don't like to talk about that.

The gaming scene isn't too bad here, either.

It's everything else that I despise about this place.

>> No.54443642


This >>54422857

>> No.54443742

Fine if you can handle hipsters and overpriced venues.

>> No.54443747

Portland, Oregon?

Saw a couple other Oregon people.

>> No.54443826

Shit I should have given a less snarky reply:

If you're looking for rpgs you'll have to network a bit if you want anything other than D&D (though there are plenty of D&D groups), but there are also tons of story gamers in the area (playing games like Fiasco). I shit you not I met an Eclipse Phase GM out in the wild during a non tabletop related event in Redmond so there is a huge unadvertised scene as well.

If you're looking for card games Magic is massive here. You'll have no trouble what so ever finding people to play Magic with.

If you're looking for other board games there are tons of places to buy them, but your main problem will be finding people to play them with.

>> No.54443855

Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Much appreciated, Anon.

>> No.54443860


Suffolk, so not close enough for a quick rendez-vous.

>> No.54444232

Atlanta, Georgia. 4th year gatech.
>nobody on campus would know a good board game if it slapped them in the face
At least there's some tabletop interest and a good diy workshop

>> No.54444328

Yeah you seem great.

>> No.54444466

Never did RWAG, probably should give it a go though.

>> No.54444577

Sounds like a plan to me. Not really familiar with anything but 1e and pf though.

>> No.54444633

Laaaaandaaaaan. I'm /IsleOfDogs/.

>> No.54445171

Easthampton is close enough? Im mainly on here for 40k

>> No.54445200



>> No.54445277


Make that ~4 hour drive to Moose Jaw, buddy. We'll hook you up.

Also, look for the Alien Space Marine cosplayers in your area, I think they're gamers.

>> No.54445290

>talking shit

I’m sorry I don’t do as much crack as you

>> No.54445437

Where at, friend? Im in southern MA

>> No.54445687

Je traine le plus souvent à Hobby Shop à Grenoble pour les figos, aux 7 Royaumes pour les bouquins. Je suis souvent à Lyon mais en général je joue plutôt chez des potes. Pour les figos il y a Juman'jeux a Lyon qui organise des tournois sympa.

>> No.54445981

what's aeos?
I'm near santa clara

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