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What the fuck is wrong with GW modern artworks?
Just look at pic related. It looks like it was drawn by an eight-year-old retard.

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I disagree. Modern GW art is great.

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It's fine, it;s just a fantastical map.

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it's SHIT

this is what a map should look like

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The books have more art in them than they used to, but its padded out with not-so-great artists to compensate.

Basically you still get the same amount of incredible pieces but you also get some bonus content that isn't to the same standard.

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What bothers me most about that map is that it serves no purpose. Maps of complex geography help you understand the physical shape of a world and it's borders, relationships and main features. So you know how long it takes to go from City A to City B, or from Castle Cliche to Typical Town. And plan a route if you gonna go through Prolly-Goblins mountains or Bandit-Wolf Forest.

A map like that represents just places that exist and has no care for scale or geography, it's there just to inform you those places exist, making it useful if it was part of a vidya interface, so you could click the area you want to play at. But since we are not talking about vidya and there's no important geography, why even bother with a map? Just list places and make awesome, isolated art for each.

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holy shit, i hope thats just a few inches of a board game or something

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thread i guess

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that's one of the better pieces

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It's roughly what maps were before modern cartography. Since travel took so long and variable time, exact scale was not needed or possible to get for faraway places. Seeing as mortal realms are very nebulus, it makes sense.

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The problem is that it's just too fucking clean and smooth. And by doing so fails to create any atmosphere to the scene it is presenting.
This just looks like a generic piece fantasy art

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that's fucking garbage

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>why even bother with a map?

There's usually a battle that goes along with it.

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Nope. It's official Age of Sigmar "art".

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You guys just have bad taste.

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jesus, this looks like deviantart warcraft shit

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Digital art interns are cheaper than actual artists.

From AOS only a hand full of pieces are actually decent, and they tend to be from the older artists (karl the man kopinsky).

They need to fire the art director and purge the art department...

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I'm sorry, but it looks like ass no matter how you spin it.

Not only is it aesthetically unappealing as hell, everything on it sounds either painfully generic or incredibly stupid. Is this really a map actually published by GW?

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>Adrian Smith aka mister sameface

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>I'm sorry, but it looks like ass no matter how you spin it.

It looks fine and it serves it's purpose.

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Why does that dwarf have an armored tophat? Why is the balloon made of metal? This looks more like 40k than fantasy.

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what the fuck

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the AOS book is full of shit like that

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>Why does that dwarf have an armored tophat?

He is a pioneering merchant. He must dress for the part.

>Why is the balloon made of metal?

To contain the potent aether gold. It's unstable and dangerous I hear.

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>Why does that dwarf have an armored tophat?


>Why is the balloon made of metal?

It's not a balloon. It's a magic floating engine.

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Wow, this has been a real eye opener. I didn't realize it had gotten this bad.

We're actually heading toward the point where Warmahordes art is better than Warhammer art. Dear fucking lord that's depressing.

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especially whoever is drwning the maps
holy shit are they terrible

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>JewElfLow Pools
Dafuq is this garbage.

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Fucking this.

On this map you can tell that there's a 30 mile trek from Brigstadt of you want to to get to the Watchtower or Maylhof.

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I'll take sameface over this garbage

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You have bad taste.

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Is this modern GW art? I think its kinda cool

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Also, just seeing the 'ruin' rather than 'ruin of the city of lost souls of drakrazor blackmarch skulltown' is refreshing as fuck after looking at one of these AoS images.

The WHFB map feels like a world full of places, small and great, important and unimportant. The AoS maps look like empty plains with random scenic battle locations dotted at arbitrary points.

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>Necron just grabs a blood letters face

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fucking hell

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Nah, everything he quoted there is pretty atrocious.

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>Young Kairos

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I was a fucking child when I first went through the warhammer rule book, but I still think this is what warhammer should look like

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They are representations of the players playing the Silver Tower. If you look closely,
one of them is rolling dice

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I spent hours staring at the WHFB art as a kid, it's one of the things that got me into the game in the first place

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except players are human and generally play in someone's house

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Mfw when for a second there i asked my self what chapter of SM is this?

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>Elves = Jews
>Propaganda the Dwarves as the stereotype instead
It all makes sense now, nobody tell /pol/

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I really really hope this isn't art in a book

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I think thats true for alot of people in the hobby and rpg's as well, but then again look at dnd 5e art and its the same problem, overall art quality keeps getting worse.

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I like how those two on the left still attacking the pile of flesh, knowing he can regenerate.

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But their get projected as mysterious and horrible beings within the Silver Tower.

There is an event where the PCs gets a glimpse of the players and then freezes for turn trying to process what he saw.

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>Wow, this has been a real eye opener. I didn't realize it had gotten this bad.

Most of these are from the launch or near launch books from AoS which had horribly rushed art

where the fuck have you been?

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A few of the newer artworks in this thread are... sort of ok.

What's really depressing is how far they've fallen. GW used have unquestionably the best, most flavourful art in the business. Now all this new stuff is pretty much just the same drivel everyone else puts out. Some of it's alright, but it doesn't hold a handle to anything done in the older styles.

All flash, no substance is what comes to mind when I see most of this new stuff.

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I did to.

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Not ANIME enough.

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I tried the game once or twice, found that it was boring and new fluff looked uninteresting, and I tuned out. I haven't really paid any attention to what GW has been doing in ages.

Did they fire all their real artists or something?

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Wait a second is that D4C?!

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It's not even a case of this stuff being ANNIE MAY.

A lot of manga have seriously impressive art. This stuff is just dull, lifeless trash for the most part.

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you're looking at stuff thats about 2 years old from when Kirby tried to get away with hiring deviant art tier artists for cheap, rushed work.

I think they realized their mistake as pic related is pretty representative of the new art pieces in books released this year.

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I love how this idiot keeps posting examples of shit art for everyone to make fun of, in the hopes that people will somehow have an art-induced aneurysm and start liking it.

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Taste. You. Have.Not.

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Just stop it please, its becoming unsightly.

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See this? This is ANIME.

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The design is salvagable, but what is the point of trident head?

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It's cool.

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No, this is trash.

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It's not a trident. The Eye of Sheerin is just Firing a LAZOR.

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That's dumb.

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Then he killed the Tyranids

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So many people. Little taste.

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No jokes no this is hard to tell that is is not WoW/LoL art at first brush.

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>sounds either painfully generic or incredibly stupid
So exactly like something published by GW?

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If GW wanted to go with a surreal, vast multiverse full of infinity possibility sort of setting, they should have at least gotten some artists that can make that look believable and interesting.

I cannot fucking believe that most of the webcomics I read nowadays have better art than GW.

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I know, anon, but it basically looks like a trident and I am sure this wasn't intentional, so what the heck, artist?

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Wow, this is particularly shit.

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Like this?

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>but it basically looks like a trident

No it doesn't, unless you can't distinguish between a red beam and horns.

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This is a good piece.

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No, that looks like a whole lot of nothing.

Even the individual points on this 'map' are uninteresting.

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Great artwork. The brave Empire Halberdiers, wading knee deep in filth water, hacking away at puking River Trolls. Each deep wound seemingly knits itself close before the next blow can come.

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I mean seriously, fucking Goblins has better art than this stuff

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Quick question, just for context on what kind of AoSposter we have here.

Artguy, do you genuinely believe that
are better maps than

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Oh man I'd forgotten about Goblins.

Is that travesty still going?

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>mfw people around me have bad taste

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Don't be delusional, if that piece was part of an AoS book then it would be listed in this thread as a prime example of how AoS is shit.

Face it, unless the maps are all like >>54406741 then bitches are gonna bitch.

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I post it to make slowpoke grognards upset about stuff they didn't pay for

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That's the latest page.

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Not better, but not worth shitting the bed about.
They're just there to give locational context for some battle.

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Let's face it Anon. You Needed Worthy Opponents.

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The principle of the composition and colour balance is sound but the execution is lacking.
Demon's axe position makes it look like he's falling backwards not ready to strike
Signmarine's hammer posture is a walking not striking posture. Should have emphasised hammer weight by being mid swing and bodyweight further back.
Bloodletter at bottom was holding his sword wrong.
Good effort but impovement needed 7/10.

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>They're just there to give locational context for some battle.

This mindset is exactly why those maps are so shit. See >>54407056

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This is pretty good.

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Why is everything so fucking clean?

Are you gritty or are you WoW?

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>This mindset is exactly why those maps are so shit.

They're not shit though. They've got a job and they do it well enough.

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It hurts to look at if you are at all a visual person. which is a shame considering GW's main offerings are all about the visuals.

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The Lord of Skulls is waaaay too big.

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>> No.54407954


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Oh great, now AoS is vampirising 40K

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This art beats seven different colours of shit out of any of the new stuff.
Despite the hideous wounds in its leg, the troll is GRINNING as it prepares to crush another soldier.
The trolls are huge but don't have ridiculously overdeveloped muscles. Their gangliness taunts the soldiers still further.
The soldiers are out of their element - knee deep in the swamp. The trolls are right at home.
The monochrome sepia further emphasises the dirtiness of the battle.

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That is 40k anon

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That's Age of Sigmar. Went from gritty dark fantasy to epic high fantasy.

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I don't know, it kind of looks like an iron maiden cover.

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Anyone that knew the basics of illustration would know better than to make that atrocious use of light and dark.

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"Unless things are good people are gonna bitch!"


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Their job is to help build a believable world.

They don't do that at all.

>> No.54408168


that's awful

GW needs to get Kopinski again. He could do battle scenes without making it look like that disgusting mess, and could actually capture a mood.

>> No.54408172

True. But as a whole I still feel it works. The lord of skulls is a batshit model in any case.

>> No.54408173

screw believable, I'd settle for interesting

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>what the fuck is bonekey keep
>it's this place i made to house all my bonekeys
>yeah, it's a monkey golem made from bones and animated monkey skeletons. i call them bonekeys because it's funny
>*starts laughing to himself*
>fuck's sake, dave. the hell's the matter with you

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>Their job is to help build a believable world.

No it's not. It so you can picture what happens in the battle. AoS doesn't attempt to be believable, it goes out of its way to be over the top.

>> No.54408187

A map can do a job and also look good though, a shittily-drawn map isn't fun to look at unless you literally just use it as a quick reference. But as you may know, many people take time to enjoy and appreciate illustrations, including illustrated fantasy maps.

The illustrator was either rushed or sloppy. He clearly renders individual features well, but the relationship between things doesn't make sense and the composition could look much better. It all looks disjointed and flat.

You might not see it or care but that doesn't mean these points are invalid.

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If you're defending shit like >>54406691 please don't talk about taste.

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In case anyone needs to be caught up with what the faggots are discussing in this thread, here is a summary:
>if the art is shit and it's from AoS, it's shit
>if the art is good and it's from AoS, it's shit
>if the art is shit and it's from something other than AoS, it's decent.
>if the art is good and it's from something other than AoS, it's the standard all artwork needs to meet or beat.

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That pic is a total mess by every possible criterion.

>> No.54408263

>unless you literally just use it as a quick reference.

That's what they're for.
They're a cheap and easy solution to the problem of AoS battles being more over the top and difficult to picture mentally.

You're not meant tot pour over them for hours, but to get a basic sense of the fantastical geography that's going to be a thing in the battle story.

>> No.54408358


Were those maps sold in books, or just posted online as handouts?

If the former, a sloppy, unappealing rush job just so you 'get the picture' shouldn't be acceptable. if the latter it still reflects badly on GW who should have the resources to employ actual illustrators, but whatever.

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The map itself looks good, but that random mix of German and English place names annoys me to no end. And the German clearly wasn't double-checked by someone who speaks it.

>> No.54408414

Then why even colour them in? Why not just include a basic pencil sketch if visual fidelity doesn't matter? Why include any graphics in the entire book? Just print it on a plain white manual since the rule book is only for information and not pouring over art for hours.

>> No.54408451

Oh, anon.

Believable is not the same as realistic. You can be believable and over-the-top at the same time.

Maps are not just there so you can see lots of random unexplained things dotted around that could be battle sites. We make maps for make believe settings in order to ground the setting - to make it feel like a real world, to give it some sense of geography. A good map isn't just random ass shit everywhere like the AoS ones.

A good map draws you in and tells you things about the world it depicts, often without explicitly saying it in descriptions. I know more about a small portion of Sylvania from that WHFB than I learn about any of the AoS Realms in any of their maps.

>> No.54408461

>If the former, a sloppy, unappealing rush job just so you 'get the picture' shouldn't be acceptable.

It's fine. It does what it's intended to do, it's done cheap but it doesn't need to be anything more.

Some art they obviously do intend you to look at more. The maps they include though are just to give you a better sense of geography.

>> No.54408468

I miss the old art style

>> No.54408503

I wish more of these images were available in higher res.

They're infinitely superior to modern GW art and it's pretty clear that the company will never produce anything like them ever again.

>> No.54408505

I read that as Jew Elf Low Pools.

The /pol/ shit is fucking contagious.

>> No.54408524

>better sense of geography

There's no sense of geography on these maps. You cannot in any way get a sense for the lay of the land.

It's just flatness and then a random overwrought feature with no context or purpose other than to be a backdrop for a battle.

>> No.54408582

>Believable is not the same as realistic.

Yes it is.

>Maps are not just there so you can see lots of random unexplained things dotted around that could be battle sites.

These ones are you stupid nigger. How often do I have to say it? Every time you see a map like that in AoS it's because a battle goes on there.

>There's no sense of geography on these maps.

There is in the sense that it's locations that the armies in the story will visit or come from.

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>I hate fun and don't like to introspect either, I play games solely to escape the banality of my life and hate the fact they might make me think about myself for even a moment.

A healthy person is supposed to see that and think, "wow, maybe being a nerd who plays games all the time isn't so lame. I might as well be a god to the people inside the game. That's kinda liberating."

The only reason this level of meta-humor should bother you, is if you don't like being reminded that you are playing a game. Which should only bother you if you either hate yourself, or hate playing games. In which case do something else loser.

It's true that sometimes this meta-humor can be done poorly, and that that can get old quickly, but that's not the case here. It's a well done piece of art that sets a tone even if you aren't clever enough to notice that part of it looks like a map with a minifig on it, and one of the creatures is rolling dice while others might be recording things on character sheets or army lists. The backround might even be considered to look like some sort of GM screen if you want to get really abstract. (Although on close inspection it is actually a dark vaulted hallway leading away from the board, it also gives the feeling that something is somehow watching you behind the darkness)

Yes, it's a very good piece.

>> No.54408639

The good warhammer art's defining trait has always been its unsettling curves and spirals like this one. They need to do more of it because it's so good.

>> No.54408663


From what I've seen of this artist (at least I think it's the same artist) the consistent thing that makes it fucking awful is his terrible, terrible color choices.

The values are fine, when you greyscale it it's still busy but looks competent. The colorized versions make it look legitimately bad.

>> No.54408708

>the new THING IS SHIT
>the old THING was the last good one

Every time, for everything

I remember when kopinski was the laughing stock of the board for his shit proportions on space marines, now he's lauded as the good old times

>> No.54408756

AoS has best husbandus.

>> No.54408764


Kopinski's space marine shit DID have wonky anatomy, that's fair cop.

Almost all of his WHF stuff is on point, though. You can't really look at some of the art (particularly the maps) posted here and legitimately say it's comparable to Kopinski stuff.

>> No.54408771

you forgot
>and if its a really good piece from aos, then it wasnt for aos because either the artist made it before aos, or he was fooled into thinking it was for classic warhammer

>> No.54408918

The current artists are cleaning things up. They've stopped contracting out to random deviantart-tier fuckwits.

>> No.54408948

With the Kharadron Overlords Battletome, they seemed to take the criticisms there battletomes have to heart.

Both the art and the writing as a lot more content on the civil side with depictions of their cities, which btw are beautiful.

On the maps they abandoned the fantastical maps from the old battletome and instead release bit and pieces of the realms which can be stitched together into something that I think will end up resembling a world map for each realm. So far we only have 6 piece of Chamon which can be turned into 4 as you can see in the image.

>> No.54408969

I wouldn't say they're comparable because they obviously use different styles for different themes

>> No.54408971

I like Paul Dainton's new art.

>> No.54408992

Here's a Skyport.

>> No.54409003

>> No.54409008


Oglaf Dwarfs.jpg

>> No.54409026

Here's another closer to the ground.

>> No.54409029


New things scare me therefore it's shit

>> No.54409037

>> No.54409043

I don't know why they can't do more than one thing. Some people like polished maps. You aren't everyone.

>> No.54409048

>Yes it is.

If you think this, you are the only idiot here.

Believable literally does not mean the same thing as realistic.

>How often do I have to say it? Every time you see a map like that in AoS it's because a battle goes on there.

This is why it's a bad map. If everything on your map is just a random ass site for a battle your map is bad. Hell, that's not even a real map.

Saying it over and over again won't make your point any better. If anything it just makes you look dumber.

>There is in the sense that it's locations that the armies in the story will visit or come from.

So there's no sense of geography, then? Just random places that battles have happened at?

Yes we agree, thanks.

>> No.54409059

All these Guardsmen are so irrelevant they didn't make a single fucking shot in this picture

>> No.54409066

It's the names that bother me most - it feels like they aren't even trying.

'Jewelflow Pools' - that's just saying that they're bright and sparkly and flow like water usually does. Wow, that probably took all of three seconds to think up. Most of the others don't really need any explanation to show why they're boring or just way too obvious that they were named by the creators, not anyone in-universe. Though I'll admit the irony of 'Pools of Tranquility' is at least good.

>> No.54409072

>> No.54409099

>people with taste roast my ass therefore strawmen

>> No.54409102

>> No.54409103


Your argument is, literally, "It doesn't need to be good, so the quality of the work is irrelevant".

>> No.54409135

>> No.54409162

>> No.54409176

Is Abaddon just so depressed at how hard it is to conquer the galaxy that he hasn't wiped the spiderweb off of his face?

>> No.54409181

>You aren't everyone.

I never claimed to be. But these are not what you want them to be. That's not their purpose.

>Believable literally does not mean the same thing as realistic.

It is if you only believe in things that are realistic. I'll never believe in Fantasy monsters, typically because they're not realistic.

>Saying it over and over again won't make your point any better.

I wouldn't have to say it if you got the point. It doesn't need to be any more than what it is. It's so you've got some clue as to what's going in in the story.

>So there's no sense of geography, then?

There is, it's very basic and surface level, but again, that's all it needs to be.

Pretty much, except that the quality is fine for it's purpose.

>> No.54409187

>> No.54409197

MSpaint with 3D effects!?

>> No.54409207


"I want my keep to be a giant skull that is on fire, because that's incredibly rad."

"Yeah, I want one too!"

>> No.54409232

That was Abaddon before he became the Warmaster. He was just a lonely space marine wandering the Eye or just hanging around the empty Vengeful Spirit.

>> No.54409233


You're an idiot.

>> No.54409234

I feel like most everything in this one is a little too vague - what am I supposed to be focusing on, the statues, the battle, the wall? - but I'm saving it anyway because that battle scene is at least trying and I like the look at fortifications. It does look essentially 40k, and is just blurry enough it doesn't look too clean or too dirty.

>> No.54409236

>> No.54409258

That explains why he's still in the Sons of Horus colors. Which are awesome, by the way, I can't believe that they were given up.

>> No.54409261

are bloodkeys just flayed monkeys

>> No.54409263

>> No.54409283

>> No.54409309

>> No.54409320

These are alright.

Ew, why would you post this as an example of good art? This is fucking awful. It looks like an actual amateur drew this.

>> No.54409324

>> No.54409328

I don't think the new art is nearly as bad as you guys are saying it is. Half of it is pretty mediocre while the other half is perfectly fine. Download some of the older artbooks and a majority of it won't be like >>54407115 or have nearly as much detail as >>54406741

Just as an example this is in the first HH artbook and it looks like someone just mashed a bunch of images together in photoshop

>> No.54409329

This guy gets it.

Lots of strikes against gw's art currently, but fwiw, if you don't like EPIC HEROISM IN THE REALMS OF IMAGINATION you're probably not going to like AoS art regardless of quality. A bunch of the quality sucking doesn't help either.

That being said, when you look at early gw books, there's a bunch of art no one posts as good, because its not. Its filler, stuff their friends did, etc.

Main problem with a lot of gw art currently is the scale's all fucked up. They want the huge doods to be huge, but also cram as many on the board/picture/emphasize selling models. Its also less and less likely they make depictions of things you can't buy, so it removes a lot of the power of implication for setting creation art can have.

Most of the stuff getting posted from the HH series isn't that great either. They're going for a certain grainyness instead of grit and aren't doing what I think would have been better if they did the scenes as illuminated manuscripts and 40kish future woodcuts.

>> No.54409349

No, I just understand a little about effort vs reward.
You could pay for a fully interactive 3d environment to be created for each battle. Pay historians and linguists to come up with a completely realistic history with appropriately named places for the area.
Or you could through together a little map that'll help people know what's going on in a story.

No one is saying this is the pinnacle of art, it just has a function that it performs adequately.

>> No.54409352

This art is trying, it really is. There's a sense of movement and battle, and people are actually getting shot and dying. But that ork getting punched just looks so ridiculous - especially since the Blood Angel scout punching him does not look like he's just swung a punch at all.

It's good enough to save, but man. Armageddon used to be a place of human heroes, of struggling against an unending green tide, of the unshakable tenacity of humanity in the face of overwhelming odds, in some sense the last bastion of the oldest of 40k fluff since it was carried from edition to edition, but never updated or changed. Now it's just a setpiece for not!Necromunda.

>> No.54409363

That's where nuGW art began.

>> No.54409372

....is this 40k?

>> No.54409397

can't tell if you're autistic, trolling, just really dumb or some combination of the above

>> No.54409410

>> No.54409418


I will say I still like a lot of 40k art like >>54406691 or >>54407055 but I was always more of a fan of the more pulpy art like >>54407573 and >>54407595, or the more Tolkien-esque art like pic related or >>54407115 even thought its Warhammer Fantasy and not 40k but you get the idea.

>> No.54409434

>It is if you only believe in things that are realistic. I'll never believe in Fantasy monsters, typically because they're not realistic.

Still not what believable actually means, especially when talking about fictional subjects. If you don't understand the discussion you should leave it.

>It doesn't need to be any more than what it is.

It does in order to be good.

You may as well say no map is just as good. You don't technically need one, after all, you're never going to have to find any of these places. Why bother?

>There is

No, there isn't. There is absolutely no geographical detail on these maps. Just markers indicating specific places.

>> No.54409442

>> No.54409470

>> No.54409494

>You could pay for a fully interactive 3d environment to be created for each battle. Pay historians and linguists to come up with a completely realistic history with appropriately named places for the area.
>Or you could through together a little map that'll help people know what's going on in a story.

So basically your argument is that it's fine because it's shit and shit is fine?

You should have said that at the beginning. We all agree that it's shit.

>> No.54409507

>> No.54409518

There we go. Much better. Sense of scale, world detail, implication, impressionism and riffing on 19th century battle paintings.

I think the main thing that's lacking really is that chaos doesn't seem chaotic enough. They're too clean, too uniform. But that seems like where their art direction has been going for a while.

>> No.54409523

What. The. Fuck.

>> No.54409524

this guy is not nearly swole enough

>> No.54409525


>strongest treeman ancient
>uses a sword
>they probably invented sword after he was already full grown

>> No.54409549

>uses a sword
a sword that big is probably more effective than just wailing his arms around though

>> No.54409562

What are they even meant to be doing? That front rank down on the right are within arm's reach of a horde of daemons, yet they're not fighting or struggling or anything.

Fucking hell, the more I look at it, the more the geography pisses me off. Where is this fight even happening? What are those walls on the left and right? Are the daemons marching through a trench? If so, why can't we see a single lasgun being fired into the mass? In the top-right there's a daemon that appears to be a hundred feet tall, yet nothing is shooting at it. What the fuck?

And holy fuck that giant demon near the foreground is a fucking mess. For a while I thought that skull on its knee was its head, and it was some kind dragon, its that visually illegible.

Y'know what this reminds me of? Michael Bay's Transformers movies. It's the exact same mentality of crowding the frame with as much bullshit as possible, no matter how much of an unreadable mess it is.

>> No.54409576

>Still not what believable actually means

It's exactly what it means.

>It does in order to be good.

Does it need to be "good"? It does it's job well enough. That's all I need to call it good enough.

>You may as well say no map is just as good. You don't technically need one, after all, you're never going to have to find any of these places. Why bother?

So that you have an idea of what's going on in the story. AoS land is weirder than the most weird place on Earth so having a picotrial representation of things helps to imagine what's going on in the battle.

>No, there isn't.

Yes there. There's terrain and human activity. It's not in depth but it's there.

No, because I don't think it's shit. I think it's passable. It has a job and it does the job. Since it does the job I can't say it's shit.

>> No.54409578


That you keep emphasizing the word 'battle' demonstrates just how poorly you understand the word 'geography'.

I'm not a huge fan of the other art assets, but that's down to personal taste. What's at issue here are the maps and, frankly, the early AoS maps are barely maps at all. They're hastily cobbled together half-pictures that say 'these are places a fight happened' and, as is apparently shocking and alien to you, that is not what a map is. A map is a visual representation of a location, not an event. The events that occur at that location can be super imposed onto that visual representation (and, frequently, recountings of battles are just that), but even then, they describe how the event moved inside of, around, and over the location. The early AoS maps are obviously and intractably backwards: an event occurs, and a location is then created for that event to occur in. There is not a mountain pass into a valley over which a violent skirmish was fought, there was a violent skirmish at this point of the plot for which a mountain pass came into existence. Maps like >>54406741 possess that quality you denigrated earlier, to be believable while being unrealistic: verisimilitude. NONE of the earlier AoS maps possess that quality, in any measure.

>> No.54409585

Wow, BTFO by fucking Privateer Press.

It's like AoS was made by monkeys.

>> No.54409600

That's a brilliant way of putting it, you could stick a snaking path through it and have Age of Candyland

>> No.54409613

>Does it need to be "good"?


Yes, things need to be good in order to be called good. It doesn't matter if you find it 'passable', it's still an inferior product.

>> No.54409623

people on the mapmaking subreddit could make this any day while they would never be able to make OP's image.

OP's image shows the flavor of the world better, just with kind of mediocre art. That map is just a generic map.

>> No.54409636

Me too. They remind me of wayne england stuff. Which was always really flat, but had a horror to it that really sold the setting.

>> No.54409652

You could make OP's image on Paint.

Shit, half of it is just the same copy/pasted tree.

>> No.54409653


You're shitting me, right? *I* drew maps of the quality in the OP, by hand, when I was ten. That's not hyperbole or exaggeration. I used to have a folder of a few dozen of these things.

>> No.54409654

this map is busy, too much shit
still a billion time better than AoS maps
not better than the latest warhammer fantasy maps though

>> No.54409682

>That you keep emphasizing the word 'battle' demonstrates just how poorly you understand the word 'geography'.

Not at all. The battle is why we're being shown the geography.

>What's at issue here are the maps and, frankly, the early AoS maps are barely maps at all. They're hastily cobbled together half-pictures that say 'these are places a fight happened' and, as is apparently shocking and alien to you, that is not what a map is.

A map can be that. It's not something the Ordnance Survey would make, but it's still a map.

>Yes, things need to be good in order to be called good.

Sure, but what's good? It's good enough to do the job it was created for. I'm not upset that my toaster doesn't butter my toast.

>> No.54409697

People are describing it like the inherent problem is that the layout is bad or its too small or whatever but really it's just the art that is mediocre. Like >>54409585 and OP's image is not remotely comparable, they are two completely different things. OP's image isn't there for in-depth traversing, it's just showing the major landmarks of the world while I can't discern any important landmarks on the other map.

>> No.54409706

good enough =/= good
Its specifically different.

>> No.54409710

I love the way none of the AoS maps have arrows pointing off-map with "to [insert place]." Really drives home the fact that there really is no coherent setting, it's just random places made up on the spot next to more random places made up on the spot.

>> No.54409727

that fucking head thing is the one least practical thing I've seen in 40k art

>> No.54409744

>mfw this thread is over two hundred posts of an AoSfag admitting in writing that "it's not good, it's good enough"

When the best its ardent supporters can say, after over two hundred posts of this shit, is that something is merely passable, you know there's a huge problem.

>> No.54409768

It's actually the same.
Good is not binary.
Good enough implies that it is in fact good while not being as good as it could be.

>> No.54409778

People thought GW was gonna run itself into the ground and continue being greedy shits. They could easily hire thematically appropriate artists at literally any time.

Look at the little plastic men. Yeah, not everyone likes Primaris Marines, but the Death Guard stuff is taking big cues from "the old days", and that old art is specifically cited as a key influence there.

They clearly appreciate that stuff, and could conceivably want to commission more like it. Maybe not as good as it, but it's not like someone couldn't approach or equal the really great stuff. It's also not like everything that's old is like that either. Rogue Trader is very mixed, and some of it's gold, some of it is shit spattered tin.

>> No.54409786

Fuck, Cawl is huge. You don't really see it until you see him towering over Guilliman, axe in hand. That thing's practically a Dread CCW, how it still has the Enginseer Axe statline is beyond me. Makes my silly idea of an Archmagos with a huge abeyant made from Shelob or the Araknarok Spider seem less outrageous now I think about it.

>> No.54409825

>Fuck, Cawl is huge. You don't really see it until you see him towering over Guilliman, axe in hand.

That's not Cawl.

>> No.54409829

>It's good enough to do the job it was created for.

I'm actually of the opinion that the job it's created for is inherently flawed.

The AoS setting is bad. A setting with no true constants, no real geography, depth or consistency, may as well be no setting at all. A map of the AoS setting is always going to be a bad map because the setting does not allow for a good one.

The setting is bad, therefore all materials relating to the setting are bad.

>> No.54409847

Part of vast infinite possibilities is bes-shitted, ugly bullshit and banal, uninspiring blah.

You might run into that forever and ever.

You might also turn a few degrees left, and find yourself walking around last tuesday with a wombly snarferjarglely wootz neff, buzz.

Chaos is weird. Infinite possibilities can also be weird, and stupid.

But yes, I agree that it would be nice to front with the cool shit, as opposed to just plain shit.

>> No.54409862

GW is probably going to make more maps similar to the ones in the Khararon Overlord books. Like in the one in this post: >>54408948

>> No.54409873

I don't know how the fuck I managed to reply to THAT one. Meant >>54409162

>> No.54409878

Stop huffing your spray primer. That is objectively not true. Goblins is hot garbage.

It approaches being barely competent and disappoints because of not making it.

This stuff is competent but only approaches being good, and comes off perhaps worse in comparison to the truly good shit we are used to.

Goblins is less disappointing, but it's clearly worse.

>> No.54409920


>> No.54409932

That would be great.

They should really put some thought and time into this and make an actual world map for each of the Realms.

I'd love it if GW retroactively undid all this stupid "the Realms are infinite and everchanging and look like brutal legend backdrops", if only to see the people shilling the current terrible state of the setting switch their tune immediately to toe the party line.

It'd be nice if the game was good, too, but whatever, one step at a time I guess.

>> No.54409933

lol how do you not choke to death on your own tongue?

>> No.54409950

Bro, he's just being hyperbolic. That should be sort of clear.

>> No.54409963

They've been doing larger scaled maps, tying previously isolated location together.
The only real step they have to take it to populate them

>> No.54409985

I genuinely thought you were telling a joke. The "Ax in hand" sealed it

>> No.54410035

Good enough can and often does mean sub-par but usable.

In fact, that's almost always what it means.

Sub-par but usable is not good. That said, I wouldn't even call these maps usable. They basically have no purpose. Seeing as the Realms are apparently mercurial and infinite, showing you where these battles take place in relation to other places is utterly futile. Since they serve no purpose to ground the setting or show its geography, showing you where battles happens has no meaning, these maps do basically nothing. They're useless.

>> No.54410049

Is that a genestealer getting blasted?

>> No.54410050

Honestly, they both hit on 2+ with massive axes, are huge and red. Easy to confuse.

I kinda want to see Cawl throw down against Scoria or Kelbor at this point, have a proper Archmagos fight. Other than ripping the shit out of a bunch of Abbadon's pet termies with his meltagun we haven't seen him fight yet.

>> No.54410066


>ignoring the entire rest of the post because you have absolutely no response for it

And the one point you picked up is STILL wrong. There are no hills in those maps. No valleys. It's a nation-scale map drawn with a battle scale in mind, and yet the battle scale remains completely unrealized. We're shown the twisted ruin of a tree-fortress bridging some kind of chasm, with literally no idea how large either thing is in relation to the other, or to anything else on the map. The only things on these maps are vague, handwaved open stretches dotted with colossal edifices to denote an event. Hastily drawn sand-maps in war movies look better than this because, again, they're depictions of locations, not events. Nowhere are maps created so backward as they are in this style. >>54406785 is especially egregious: the spike clusters and army routes are so divorced from eathother that the artist could neither be arsed to simply describe the arc of the troop movements to clearly indicate intent (did the south eastern force stop by Morr's Gullet, or is it just wavy for Reasons?) or to make the paths exact enough to avoid what amount to utterly superfluous stamps that couldn't even generously be called terrain. Also, how tall are the various cliffs, and how far do they run? How big are ANY of these buildings? Are they individual towers, scaled up for cartograhpical purposes, or are they markers for settlements? The detail of the tower sides, and the blood moats at their base, would suggest they're simply individual towers, but the relative scale between the moats, the rivers, and the cliffs, to say nothing of troop movements, makes their scale or intent impossible to guess.

This is because, I would wager, the answer is 'neither'. It is painfully obvious that all of these maps were created under the direction of "These fights happen. Make places for that."

>> No.54410067

I see they're slowly pulling back on the super mega high fantasy, too.

Good, good. In a decade AoS may have an acceptable setting.

>> No.54410070


see? this thing is....decent. The composition is good, there is some semblance of solemnity.

If just they took out those fucking lighting effect, and dialed down the white it could work.


>> No.54410082

having infinite space isn't a problem, having undefined space is.
Have the areas in question be defined, and there relations to other spaces defined. Then have open undefined unexplored areas so you can add in new stuff as you want.

Having no space to move was one of the problems with the old setting. I loved it, but for making new stories you had to erase what was there. I say this as a guy who played lots of WHFRP.

>> No.54410101


ffs look at this shit. Those are supposed to be portraits of named characters, why there isn't a single clear line???

>> No.54410115

> But these are not what you want them to be. That's not their purpose.
Clearly if they were what I wanted them to be, I wouldn't be arguing with you. I never claimed that the purpose of a fantasy map is to look pretty. What I do claim is its better when it is. Same with the rest of the art.

Doesn't hurt the gameplay, but leads to a slightly less polished physical product. Its not even a huge deal (to me at least), but its a valid criticism.

Look, GW isn't perfect. Its ok.

>> No.54410122

I always loved John Blanche.

>> No.54410145


Neat, what is that creepy crawly lurking around in the top right bubble?

>> No.54410170


That is pretty fucking good. At last

>> No.54410209

>Have the areas in question be defined, and there relations to other spaces defined. Then have open undefined unexplored areas so you can add in new stuff as you want.

You know what would have been great for that?

Using the Old World as a post apocalyptic fantasy setting after the world is saved from Chaos but at the cost of almost every civilization being shattered. Then you could have a compelling narrative about fledgling nations rising to explore and reclaim the world, full of fun nods to the past the actually make sense.

That would've been great.

>> No.54410216

>>ignoring the entire rest of the post because you have absolutely no response for it

I'm pretty sure I covered everything relevant.

>And the one point you picked up is STILL wrong. There are no hills in those maps. No valleys. It's a nation-scale map drawn with a battle scale in mind

There are geographical features though like the giant chasm for instance. They're not usually nation sized either.

>The only things on these maps are vague, handwaved open stretches dotted with colossal edifices to denote an event.

And that's all they need be. They're not there to be impressively detailed maps, they;re there so you know roughly where everyone is at in the stories. You seem to be under the impression that a map must be to a certain quality known only to you in order to be a map. That is incorrect.

>> No.54410247


why the fuck only one of the flying sm is motion blurred?

>> No.54410250

>I see they're slowly pulling back on the super mega high fantasy, too.

I wouldn't say that. The latest thing had a Stormcast exploding in Nurgles face violently enough to launch all his friends home through the dimensions.

>> No.54410320

Skaven Parasite Engine.

>> No.54410398

> (*sighs internally*) Chill down, dude. Climb off my power pack, I'll make your family leave.

Meanwhile, in the bottom left corner
> Do you frat boys never clean the coffee machine? Step aside, let me show you how to do it.

>> No.54410405

GW's biggest weakness in art currently is that almost everything needs to be a model already.
Skitarii and Stormcast have had it the worst.
Sometimes even having the same poses as the models

>> No.54410458

I disagree with that. The books of 6e Warhammer overflowed with art, especially background and margin details, and it wasn't trash. By comparison, so much of AoS is egregiously bad that you notice it right away, instead of it being complimentary pieces that flow into the book.

>> No.54410477


You're still missing the point I'm trying to make, which is genuinely impressive. It hasn't been subtle. I'll make it again on its own, just because I'm bored: these maps were created backwards, and lack any verisimilitude because of this. They are not maps of locations where events happened, they are events with locations created after the fact for those events to take place in.

>> No.54410491

Huh. I've a whole folder of WHFB maps in my WHFB art folder

>> No.54410498

Does it need to be strict German if it isn't in, you know, Germany? It evokes a feeling, and that's the point.

>> No.54410545

I didn't miss your point at all.
You don't like the way they're constructed.
I don't care. They're there to aid the reading of the story and they do that.

>> No.54410548

whoever did all the book covers is good.

>> No.54410593

Paul Dainton is pretty cool.

>> No.54410636


>> No.54410658

End times were shit, but the art was tip top.

>> No.54410664

That marine does not look at all bothered by the weight of the mutant grappling up his back and swinging around a knife. He's just standing there in a stock pose, firing away at something out of frame. Low marks.

>> No.54410670

I really don't like the new vermin lords.

>> No.54410694

new stuff looks like ass

>> No.54410707


>> No.54410712

that looks like a beatman with a rat skull. Meh/10

>> No.54410715

>> No.54410745

>a member a race of anthropomorphic animals looks like an anthropomorphic animal

>> No.54410766


>> No.54410770

>it fits to my low standard
>so its good
yeah, nah, you're wrong and dumb.

>> No.54410779


>> No.54410797

No, the art is shit because it's from AoS. They had a chance for good art, and decided they didn't need Blanche, and instead starting paying interns per piece of digital crap they could crank out in an afternoon. And if company does a thing well, then shits the bed completely a few years later, people will expect them to get back up to snuff.

>> No.54410822

Those aren't terrible (even if all the features are way too clean), but whatever happened to labelling maps as you're drawing them, instead of slapping some WordArt on at the end?

>> No.54410827

It does the job it's intended to do, so yeah, it's good enough.

>> No.54410835


>> No.54410860

I'll admit for a second I thought that was a guy riding a griffin that had a dude's face.

>> No.54410863

>> No.54410870


>> No.54410880

>> No.54410881

They're not actually part of the picture.
It's text in the ebook placed over the picture, so it can be resized and what not.

>> No.54410900

Is this the White Dwarf dressed as a Space Marine for a joke, or is this actually what AoS dwarves wear when they aren't in metal top hats?

>> No.54410901

>> No.54410954


I dare you to show me anime screencap as retarded as this.

Jesus fuck GW.

>> No.54410974

Mordheim had some cool artwork

>> No.54411003

Why is Bretonnia so empty compared to the Empire? By how it's described you'd think it'd be filled with tiny villages and castles everywhere, but there's so much empty space.

>> No.54411023

Isn't it hilarious that warhammer is more alive than in decades because of total war while AoS is half dead?

>> No.54411034


>> No.54411035

So the actual map is entirely unlabeled? Why?

>> No.54411044


>> No.54411048

all the neat old ones I like... new ones are pretty terrible.

>> No.54411061

Mordheim map

>> No.54411070

So you can resize the text.

>> No.54411077


That's just incompetence. Not designs being completely retarded.

>> No.54411078

I like the art that makes me go 'I want to make that happen in my tabletop army. I want to kitbash that unit.'

>> No.54411091

There likely are tiny villages everywhere, just not important enough to put on a map.

>> No.54411098

What the fuck? Is that Berserk? Is it a video game?

>> No.54411108

Joke. His model was featured by a giant anniversary cake

>> No.54411114

Have a better quality, on the house

>> No.54411140

Same thing

>> No.54411151


Doesn't count.

>> No.54411195

But why do you need to resize the text is my question. If they need detailed maps of certain areas, they're going to need to redraw the map to include more granular details. If it's just zoom and enhance, it'll look like ass.

>> No.54411204

Nice goalposts, friend.

>> No.54411222

>But why do you need to resize the text is my question.

If you got bad eyes.

>> No.54411247

>> No.54411260


>> No.54411320

What is supposed to be happening in this picture?

>> No.54411321

That would be a good map...if it was large enough that I could make out any detail beyond the general landscape. I can't tell which neighborhoods are which, for instance. All it's telling me is that 'it's huge.'

>> No.54411365

They're forcing the shards of Magnus back together.

>> No.54411535

So do they sell a giant version of the plain map, with big arrows saying "THIS IS HERE"?

>> No.54411593

Nope. It's made for the ebook.
So the image is plain, then there's a seperate layer with the text over the top and you can alter the size of the text.

>> No.54411623

>> No.54411656

I did not know that ebooks had gotten to the point where you could resize layers of an image. That's actually pretty neat.

>> No.54411713

There were shards of him? Did the shards have any significance - different parts of his personality, different powers?

>> No.54411726

From the thumbnail I thought it was something indecent.

>> No.54411773

>There were shards of him?

Several times because McNeil is a hack.

>Did the shards have any significance - different parts of his personality, different powers?

Yes. Each had a different personality and varying strength.

>> No.54411927

This is a better one

>> No.54412105


>> No.54412135

You're not alone

>> No.54412516

Have you given ANY thought to what this means, AoS? What difference is there between you, and 40K NOW?!?!

>> No.54412638

I don't care what all those fags say, I like it.

>> No.54412649

Artists these days fear dirty, they get lose the forest for the trees, fixated on the actors they forget their place in the picture

>> No.54412835

It's more of a "shit has gotten so bad that an artist with shit proportion is light years ahead of the shit GW has been putting out lately" kind of thing.

>> No.54413029

That and as a result of having to shocase sales items its all too clean, reminds me of when trabsformers art is bad, some deviation from the toy is better sometimes

>> No.54413719

Looks like a photoshop collage more than a single piece of art.

Not an abomination by any means but they clearly can do better.

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