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>mfw the session took twice as long as usual because three of the five players started arguing about whether gardevoir counts as furry

Do your games get hung up by stupid shit, /tg/

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I, for one, am glad the banning of quests has improved the quality of threads.

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Once we argued for 2 hours about IoT dildos and cock rings.

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Most of our slowdowns are just the passive-aggressive shittery of one player.

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My slowdowns came from how mechanically complicated PTU is, but we've I've gotten a bit faster.

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Gardevoir counts as furry

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Tim I swear to god if that's you

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How silly. Everyone knows Gardevoir counts as furry.

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Why? She's not an anthro animal, or based on any animal for that matter. She's closest to some sort of fairy or an elf or something along those lines.

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>The closest my campaigns get to being 'hung up' is when the main story gets sidetracked because one player decides to have his character take the rest of the PCs out to lunch at a fantasy pizza parlor or something

I like my group.

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> session derailed and campaign fallen apart because a "closet" furfaggot couldn't keep the idea of fucking a lizardperson or dragon in his pants
>there weren't any lizardpeople or dragons in the campaign, he just sperged about it for no reason
Fuck you Max

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At this point I'm convinced that questfags intentionally post shitty threads, just so they can immediately turn it into not-meta thread, where they can whine about the split.
Fuck you, by the way, and get back to your ghetto.

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Fucking continually.

I love to do free form roleplaying because I enjoy writing my own campaigns but my players are just so fucking retarded they are incapable of even killing a handful of Orcs without it taking an hour long.

I even, for a test, borrowed their player character sheets and did out the combat myself and even took time to do some roleplay.

I was done in less than 5 fucking minutes. FIVE MINUTES COMPARED TO ONE HOUR.


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Constantly. It probably wouldn't be as bad if I played with anyone other than memeing weeaboos that spend most of their time playing Warframe and watching abridged series, but my town is too small and blue-collar to have any real roleplaying community.

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All the time

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Fucking living the dream m8. I only ever have one campaign go that well/fun. I hope to god the next group im joining will be as smooth as this.

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Never thought about it but do you think restaurants would become a popular business in fantasy land?

There's hundreds of rich people traveling around, most do not cook because their migrant status denies them proper kitchen. Or would lack of refrigeration still fuck over such an industry?

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I don't know if I'd specifically call it furry, but it's wrong to want to fuck an animal even if it's a magic one

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Hold the fuck on there's nothing wrong with fuck animals if the consenting sapient adults.

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It's the "migrant status" thing you've nailed on the head, but they can't *just* offer foodstuffs. There has to be not just dinner offerings, but also alcohol, and possibly a bed to sleep it off in, and then breakfast in the morning.

In short: fantasy needs an Inn.

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Xenophilia best philia. That said, Gardevoir isn't furry. She (barring emerald), is, however, for combat, not lewd.

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Not my story, but here is a real fun one. Game nearly breaks up due to someone's dragon dildo addiction.


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Bad dragon, not even once

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sounds like /tg/

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You're pretty much spot on, especially since the OP and the first reply bitching about quests being gone are almost always within a minute or two of each other.

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>Explaining character´s powers (or the ideas that we have about them) before begining playing
>That girl has Time related powers.
>She can make stuff old and "destroy"
>Someone states that vinegard cannot decay
>They start arguing about what would happen if she tried to "destroy" vinegard
>As they keep arguing I tell them that we should have that discussion when we meet a vinegard mage
>Neverthless the major part of the day is lost in that very useful an interesting argument between just two people

Funnilly enough, two sessions later they almost picked a fight with a cook.

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The same reason why furry means you wanna fuck dogs, its crime by association.

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>muh false flag

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How can something with literally no fur be furry.

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I dunno how can somrone be a faggot but not actually be a bundle of sticks?

Its simple, if you want to fuck a human with animal parts or fuck a sapient non human, you're a furfag.

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Even, like, a robot?

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>Do your games get hung up by stupid shit, /tg/
Sometimes but given we all tend to have fun it matters little. Additionally we always get back to the game eventually and the tangential discussion ten to provide some interesting ideas that we can use in the future.

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>Its simple, if you want to fuck a human with animal parts or fuck a sapient non human, you're a furfag.

Is that bad? I find certain degrees of furry acceptable or even enticing but wouldn't really call myself a furfag. Anything beyond borderline is a dicey prospect for me...

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Professional degenerate here.

Animalistic traits in your object of lust signify furryism, but Gardevoir itself is a Psychic/Fairy Pokemon heavily inspired by Fey, and thus while it's non-human, it's closer to Xenophilia than it is Furryism, but the implied average intelligence of Pokemon makes it more like Bestiality, which can actually be distinguished from furryism altogether, like fucking a /d/orse.

It's not Furry, but it's on a spectrum of a similar, but different form of degeneracy altogether.

Agalmatophilia, or alternatively Technosexuality, is something entirely different, though it all falls under the same umbrella of Degeneracy.

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>but the implied average intelligence of Pokemon makes it more like Bestiality
Aren't psychic types generally really, really smart though?
"The average" doesn't really matter when the subject of discussion is above average by what I'm guessing is a pretty big fucking margin.

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>spend over an hour arguing about the relative size, speed and distance modifiers required to hit the sun with a spell, as well as the magic required and the possibly disastrous consequences
I still had a really good time.

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Degenerate, again. Technically, as a rule of imperatives, anything animalistic beyond human on human is considered furry. Cat Ears headbands are considered furry in a complete Black and White Is it Furry spectrum, However most people allow for some leeway, except for trolls trying to get a rise out of other anons.

Basically, do what /d/ does, and repeat after me: "Your fetish is not my fetish, and that's just fine. I respect your perversions with the intent and understanding that you respect mine even if they don't appeal to you."

Then replace fetish with "Favorite Traditional Game" and you'd fix about half of the problems on this board.

Eh... I default to the Harkness test on this one. Lack of communication really means that the only Pokemon you should be Fucking are Meowth, Mewtwo, that one Lucario, and any of the Legendaries that talked. Sure you might get a consensual toned syllable from other Pokemon, but when you take into consideration how that would hold up in a court of law, it's better to stay on the safe side of things until the Supreme Johto court's decision on Goldenrod City v. Bill is passed.

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Yes, usually when the players start to go aggro on each other. And one time about different models of vibrator.

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>"Your fetish is not my fetish, and that's just fine. I respect your perversions with the intent and understanding that you respect mine even if they don't appeal to you."
YKINMKATO is an ancient truth.

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Occasionally yes, but nothing on that level. Mostly because we start discussing our old characters in the same setting, what they are up to, and what have they been doing during the 20-year timeskip. And it doesn't go on forever.
A good GM-tip for situations like that is to first attempt to politely return the players to the game at hand. If that doesn't work, warn them that the game world won't stop just because of their tomfoolery. And finally, if the players still go on, the GM should make something urgent, possibly threatening happen in the game, forcing the players' attention back to it.

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I mean, I wouldn't consider Gardevoir furry, but if you're playing a traditional Pokemon campaign where you play as trainers, I feel like the subject of fucking Pokemon shouldn't really ever come up. Not to mention the questionable ethics of fucking something you've captured that considers you its master.

Unless it's a degenerate game, but at that point, you shouldn't even care if it's furry or not.

Though I guess it's not my place to tell others how to play. I just personally think it's questionable. I say this as a full blown degenerate who would fuck just about anything.

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we were stopped by the police (in game) and all panicked ooc because we're all minorities

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Gardevoirs aren't furry, but anyone unironically bringing up wanting to fuck one may as well be

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Why barring emerald?
XY were the games that introduced garde headpats.

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Pokemon TCG thread? I'm playing the online version, it's actually better than shadowverse/hearthstone.

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I think "pokemon is romantically attached to trainer" could be used as a dramatic point in a pokemon campaign

Occasionally getting your players to think about where lines are drawn can bring out the best roleplaying in them

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Eh. You know, that's a good point. I didn't really think about that.

I think that's fine honestly, and hell, probably something I'd throw in a campaign myself. Like having a trainer's Pokemon get jealous when a PC shows a little too much affection to a certain NPC and starts treating them badly/coldly. If I recall correctly, similar things happened in the anime even.

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>Lack of communication really means that the only Pokemon you should be Fucking are Meowth, Mewtwo, that one Lucario, and any of the Legendaries that talked.

In the game there's atleast one Zoroark that speaks to you while in Human form, and N is able to speak to Pokemon on some level, enough to confirm you're a good trainer to your Pokemon.

Plus doesn't the Marowak ghost in the original game speak to you, telling you to leave? I can't remember precisely, given it's been like 20 fucking years since I last played Red/Blue.

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I'm going to say Gardevoir isn't furry, but it's almost certainly degenerate. Depends on the setting.

You can't really make the argument that Pokemon = Animal considering how intelligent some of the buggers get. Even fucking MEOWTH has human level intelligence, let alone the super intelligent psychic ones.

Don't fuck your meowth. Your DM doesn't want to do the voice.

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If my DM can pull off Piccolo's orgasm, he can damn well give me a convincing Meowth!

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Gardevoir would be xenophilia if anything.
Gardevoir doesn't resemble any traditional or conventional animal we've seen or experienced, so there's no physical merit to saying "furry"....Like, Gardevoir is too alien to have enough in common with animals or animal people.
If you fuck a Gardevoir you're fucking an alien is my point.

Though, with all that said:

It's grossly immoral to fuck your Pokemon if you, yourself, are their trainer.

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>It's grossly immoral to fuck your Pokemon if you, yourself, are their trainer.

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So, what.. I can only fuck them in the wild?

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>three of the five players started arguing about whether gardevoir counts as furry
If there was an odd number, couldn't you have settled the argument with a simple majority vote?

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That pic happened before People and Pokemon lived separate lives.

You're ignoring the context that when Humans lived like cro-magons there weren't many cultural or intellectual boundaries between the hearts and minds of Pokemon: It wouldn't be outlandish at all to marry a Gardevoir or have a town elder/shaman who was an Allakazam.
Modern day Pokemon Humans ARE probably able to be psychic and as physically powerful as they are because they probably married and laid with so many Pokemon during their species infancy.

But now it's modern day times and Pokemon are seen as primitive animals who can't into Nintendo switches, drive cars, or have meaningful conversations about television dramas.
That isn't to say modern Humans aren't still canonically attracted to humanoid pokemon and vice versa, because they are. Word of god literally confirmed in universe people still find People-shaped Pokemon HOT.

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Brave>Mild>Serious>Quiet>Quirky>All the rest.

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I don't remember the Zoroark speaking, but I only remember the event one form Black/White, which I played quite a while back. From what I remember it just says "..." and not much more.

>Plus doesn't the Marowak ghost in the original game speak to you, telling you to leave?
The ghosts in general would tell you to leave before you had the Silph Scope. Honestly, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to believe most ghost and psychic types are able to converse with humans through psychic or spiritual means. Now, how sapient they are could vary. Perhaps a Haunter's consciousness is limited, with its only thoughts being "This is my territory, get out now!" or begging for some form of spiritual energy as sustenance, or perhaps vague emotions that it had in its previous life, if it is a spirit of the deceased.

All in all, there's a lot of room for GM interpretation in a Pokemon campaign for how sapient a Pokemon is. Even various Pokemon media have different portrayals of how sapient Pokemon are. From the anime which has things like Ninetales conversing with humans using Psychic powers, to HG/SS that has pretty much all follower Pokemon act like animals whether they're a Poochyena or an Alakazam, to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where all Pokemon are sapient and converse with each other on a human level.

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I once had a very promising game go down the shitter because a character decided to cook an "ejaculating pudding" and suddenly the next two hours was just endless cum jokes.

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>Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where all Pokemon are sapient and converse with each other on a human level.
Even in the anime, Pokemon have their own language that every pokemon knows, and Satoshi apparently understands on an instinctual level, and most people seem to understand human speech to varying degree (not including Meowth and movie pokemon).

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>and most people

>> No.54413350


Zoroark speaking to you was from Black2/White2. And like I said, it's disguised as a human, speaks to you, then turns back into a Zoroark and darts away.

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Derails happen often in most of the groups I join, though it's usually other members talking to people in the store where we game.
The longest derail, however, was a semi-IC argument about whether a Dragon Horse(a horse possessed by a fire elemental) counted as a Dragon, because one of us wanted to proclaim that he had killed a dragon.

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Naughty>Gentle>Careful>Bashful>Calm>All the rest.

>> No.54413419

i have yet to see a group than can get through an encounter in decent time.

>> No.54413426

Ah, I see. I never played the sequels, though I've been meaning to some day.
It's definitely not out of line with what I figured a Zoroark was capable of, even still.

>> No.54413478

Naughty > Modest > Bashful > Bold > Careful > All the rest

>> No.54413505

What exactly led up to this turn of events?

>> No.54413578

Got a source on that last one?

Seriously that sounds hilarious

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>Got a source on that last one?
>Seriously that sounds hilarious

Pokemon recently did an official promotional thing for a Gym or something and as part of it, they revealed a bunch of, lets say, more "personal" information concerning Machokes and Humans... Such as pic related.


It wasn't translated, but here's a link to the page that still remains up and running.

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Basically where the picture is from.

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>tfw you'll never be able to fondle both boobs, and finger her ass and her pussy at the same time.

How can humans even compete?

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>Like having a trainer's Pokemon get jealous when a PC shows a little too much affection to a certain NPC and starts treating them badly/coldly. If I recall correctly, similar things happened in the anime even.

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I blame Bayleef for doing weird things to my mind as a child, even when I was young it was immediately obvious that she had a crush on Ash.

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Seems legit.

>> No.54414641

Please give sauce, that pic NEEDS context for my own peace of mind

>> No.54414687

Looks like it's this, but I don't know where the translation is.

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I like the concept of different natures affecting the shapes of its crystals and dress, but the tits ruins the excecution on most of these.
Therefore Modest>Lonely>Naive>the rest

>> No.54414828

>run a gothic horror game for all the local goths/emo/scene/punk gorls at my FGS
>shit's actually going surprisingly well

I guess it helps that they're all theater fags and those that have ADHD get it out by lifting or running or something.

I do have one that I swear is playing on acid or ex or something. So fucking spacey and lolrandumb. But every time it might become an issue it turns into something awesome and unexpected.

>> No.54415598

My favorite variations of moments like these are when the GM just gives up and joins in, changing the nature of the campaign to something far removed from what it was before because everyone just latched onto that thing so hard.

After all, that was how my favorite session became almost entirely centered around our party starting an inn.

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There's literally nothing wrong with garde tits

>> No.54415875

Like Naughty she looks fun

Honorable mention to Gentle because I think she's got the bigges tits or is Relaxed?

>> No.54415881

See, I'm aright with the tits, but the super long arms on Naughty and Naive are irking me.

>> No.54415893

She's obviously a leafy.

>> No.54415908

>It's grossly immoral to fuck your Pokemon if you, yourself, are their trainer.
So, it's ok to pimp them out, right?

>> No.54415923

Also I'm pretty sure there was a folk tale in the games about pokemon being married to humans

>> No.54416044

Hardy, Brave, Hasty, Rash, and Quirky are good.

>> No.54416510


I want Naughty and Timid to sit on my face.

>> No.54416615

These variants make Gardevoir seem less like a Pokemon and more like a race.
PC stats when?

>> No.54417679

imo all pokemon should have variants like that- we just don't see it because budget reasons

>> No.54417801

Literally just a funny-lookin psionic elf

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Have you SEEN tg threads? Ofc shit goes off topic in our games.

Never had shit last that long though, hope it wasnt too much torture.

>> No.54417854

To a certain extent the anime and movies do this, but most of it is just in flat size increase/decrease like with the other Charizard Ash sent his off to train with.

>> No.54417880

mitsuboshi colors

>> No.54417893

Yes, they do.

...savor it, you poor bastard. Once your new job takes you away from your group and you're never able to find another that isn't composed of all uninterested flakes, this is the bullshit you're going to look back on with nostalgia. Yes, that's exactly as sad as it sounds like. No, that doesn't mean you shouldn't seize the day while you have the chance. Savor it.

Relish it.

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1d20 unarmed attack (crit 15-20, 4x) and absolutely nothing else.

>> No.54417932

I keep reading vinegar as vine-gar

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Fucking Leaf Dinosaur turning our kids into furrys.

On a unrelated note I would probably let Bayleef touch my peener

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>It's grossly immoral to fuck your Pokemon if you, yourself, are their trainer.
What if the mon is the one making the advance and the trainer is reluctant and uncomfortable?

Does that make it okay?

>> No.54418659

NGL I'd do the same.

Okay can we all just take a sec here and think about the fact that Nintendo and Game Freak put out a Pokedex entry for a Mon that not only has the term "reverse harem" in its name, but also spews chemicals that basically seduce any man (including humans!) in the area?

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>Okay can we all just take a sec here and think about the fact that Nintendo and Game Freak put out a Pokedex entry for a Mon that not only has the term "reverse harem" in its name, but also spews chemicals that basically seduce any man (including humans!) in the area?
I don't know what you're taking about, anon. That would be silly.

>> No.54418719


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You're talking about a game marketed towards children. They would never get away with something like that.

>> No.54418758

... So what egg groups are you in?

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Gardevoir are anesama ningyou.


>> No.54419565

I hate the amount of effort and talent put into sexualizing a fucking pokemon

especially when some of it is actually pretty damn good

To be fair I've seen way better campaigns derailed over way less.

>> No.54419667

Believe it or not some people just use games as an excuse to hangout and have conversations with friends.

Activities are a guide for social interaction, not the other way around.

>> No.54419803

You're objectively wrong. The species has no hair. It is, however, bestiality.

>> No.54419897

I would argue about that part.
The appeal in pokemon love-making [Spoiler]to me at least[/Spoiler] is that they are not just simple animals.
Que the harker test. Pokemon possess for the most part human-like intelligence or slightly above/below. So you get to shag some weird animal-thingie, but because it can/could/might/would consent, it's a-okay...or not.

So I'm rather with the guy who says ist xenophilia, since basically all pokemon come from the moon or some shit.

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File: 1.86 MB, 227x400, 3d8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54420949

We argued about what the shape of different races dicks were like for basically the whole session.

>> No.54421120


>> No.54421165

I'm going to marry Gentle!

>> No.54421414

>sassy will never berate you as she sits on your face

why live?

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>Gardevoir's function in super smash brothers brawl
>>Because of it's name it guards you right?
Fucking jewtendo now days.

>> No.54421568

Well, they couldn't have her give you a handjob mid-battle.

>> No.54421607

Why not?

>> No.54422359

Share your findings with the group, anon. You may as well, it's not like this thread can get any more degenerate.

>> No.54422786

I want to make quiet scream


>> No.54422812

This man is correct, my god am I sick of /vp/ furshitters and their mental gymnastics as to why a pokemob isn't furry.
It's a pokemon, the same thing as lucario. It is a furry.

>> No.54422909

Magnemite is furry then.

Fair enough.

>> No.54422952

It is.

These are all male gardevoir.

>> No.54422976

Remember guys, this anon is the final authority on all things pokemon. If you don't agree with him, you're objectively wrong and don't actually enjoy pokemon.

>> No.54423000

At least you're consistent.

>> No.54423003

Better than just assuming a pokemon with a 50/50 male to female ratio and no sexual dimorphism is always female because I want to stick my dick in it.

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>mfw Pokemon is actually about making your retarded cousin-slaves fight for entertainment

>> No.54423086

I mean I'd fuck a Magnemite if I was given the opportunity. It lays eggs so it's got to have a hole somewhere. It eats candy, too, so it's gotta have a mouth.

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But would you fuck a fug?

>> No.54423291

Fug can make my dragon ascend, if you know what I mean

>> No.54423366

>Gardevoir would be xenophilia if anything.
This. It's like wanting to fuck an Asari is furry.

>> No.54423379

Well, isn't it?

>> No.54423387

>Implying I wouldn't stick my dick in a male gardevoir too.

Get on my level you gay faggot.

>> No.54423422

>It's grossly immoral to fuck your Pokemon if you, yourself, are their trainer.

Then how am I supposed to fuck a Gardevoir? Sir, are you suggesting I find a Trainer that owns a Gardevoir, and through mutual attraction lay with that Trainer's Gardevoir?

Are you suggesting I cuckold a player by raw-dogging their Gardevoir, a pokemon noted as having extreme loyalty and companionship towards their Trainer?

Momma didn't raise me to become some NTR machine.

>> No.54423441

You bring your Gardevoir to a swinger's club and swap.

>> No.54423451
File: 474 KB, 1200x777, 1446993875596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good taste

>> No.54423477

I wonder what businesses would be popular in pokeland.

You just catch a gardevoir, make a business and live out the rest of your days in comfort.

And buy a shotgun for the team rocket punks

>> No.54423573

Do it like James does. Have the pokemon join you out of their own free volition.
The games are restrictive in that way, that you either have to beat them to a pulp or trade them to get new pokemon.
In the actual setting, you could befriend them in many ways, one of them is hot dickings.

>> No.54423609

That's just not going to work out. When everyone can catch a pokéwaifu the market is saturated.

No, no you've got to be a little more focussed here. You need to carefully construct a full team with the same dedication and attention to detail you'd give a combat or contest team.
Market research is important too. Which pokémon are most popular in the local area? How available are those pokémon already? Is it worth trying to catch niche markets?
Natures are important, but what about things like contest stats? Beauty is probably something you'd want to max out after all, so you need to consider that. Do combat stats have an influence? Is Speed desirable or not? Is there a sweet spot hurr?

Look, all I'm saying is if you're planning on opening a pokébrothel you need to do it properly.

>> No.54423633

The seedy underbelly of the Pokemon universe: sex slavery, forced breeding, mail-order catalogues, and the trainers that perpetuate it.

>> No.54423642

I was thinking gun shop but a brothel works too

You just want to get a business to support you and your harem, not help others get their harems.

Now that I think about it, just build an orchard.

>> No.54423670

Not gonna lie, I'd play the shit out of a Pokemon game that had some kind of economic system in addition to battling, even if it's a literal brothel sim.

>> No.54423702

Just buy 30 dittos


>> No.54423719

you could try what my DM did and give bonus loot/XP to people who can do their turns in a certain time limit. we had 30 seconds.

>> No.54423770

You'll need originals for them to mimic. That said a ditto or two is probably a good investment.

>> No.54425906


>> No.54425989

How did Gardevoir become hyper-sexualized? I mostly played the first two gens and the Bulbapedia article isn't showing any obvious reasons besides the vaguely feminine appearance.

>> No.54426105

You clearly haven't even glanced at the article.

Have you even read the pokédex entries?

>> No.54426147
File: 50 KB, 250x250, Lopunny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>besides the vaguely feminine appearance
That's literally it.

If I remember correctly Lopunny was waifued because of dem hips.

>> No.54426155

It's protective and makes black holes. Not exactly 'damn I gotta tap that ass' reasoning to me, pretty sure there were other very loyal 'mons that didn't get the same treatment.

>> No.54426216
File: 1.34 MB, 1440x900, 1480871916619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks close enough to a human female, is qt

I mean, this pic shows 3 mons that are among the highest numbers of porn made, and it's an actual Sun&Moon anime screencap from meowth having wild dreams when nearly dead

>> No.54426276

You see, now that's a furry pokemon. Anthro, clearly styled after a rabbit.

>> No.54426325

Jynx never got this much love. It's the blackface, isn't it.

>> No.54426360
File: 314 KB, 1280x1870, pokedate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jynx is fat as fuck, it's probably that as well.

Then again people with patrician taste go past humanoid shaped waifus and go to objectmons.

>> No.54426447

>Bellossom is clearly based on a Hula girl
>Have her speak Spanglish for some reason


>> No.54426532
File: 403 KB, 1209x996, why do you have shit taste.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never really liked the humanoid pokemon from Gen 1. Seemed too weird to have them, so I never used them.

>> No.54426556

Mr. Mime alone looks like he REALLY likes kids

>> No.54426568

No, because I retain control of the group and keep them focused on the game. Fuckwit.

>> No.54426572

idk, he probably has a lot of fun with Ash's mom.

>> No.54426623
File: 423 KB, 789x597, the only way I can dela with my depression is to joke about it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I won't let my dick guide me

>> No.54427385

... I've made worse choices.

>> No.54428584

If anything, to them it's bestiality.
Also pretty sure you don't actually "fuck" Asari, they just link their nervous system up with yours which is apparently very pleasurable.

>> No.54428677

I like naughty's body, but bold's "dress" more.
Also, is it me or does sassy look kinda like mega gardevoir?

>> No.54428705

>If anything, to them it's bestiality.
Not really, it's more taboo for an asari to have a kid with another asari than someone of another race.

>> No.54429068
File: 2.61 MB, 1920x1888, Diancie_outfit (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No Diancie

>> No.54429080

she was too busy crying to go on a date

>> No.54429210
File: 365 KB, 900x1138, primarina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>87.5% chance of being male


>> No.54429336

I nearly jumped when I got a modest female Popplio the first time, didn't even have to reset.

>> No.54430176
File: 71 KB, 647x594, 1500223230940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do your games get hung up by stupid shit

>campaign is set ~30 years in the future
>"gm how well did <minor upcoming event> go"
>"gm tell us about movie sequels"
>"gm what about <divisive current political event>"
>"gm what about <70+ year old celebrity>, are they still alive?"
>"gm do people still eat ricearoni"

>> No.54430201

>"gm do people still eat ricearoni"
Well? Do they?

>> No.54430239

Sounds like a good reason to diverge the timeline sometime before the present day.

>> No.54430255
File: 153 KB, 736x696, 1498178248418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54430290

Source on image?

>> No.54430361

I love the top left.
>"Earnest, what are those knights doing on our lawn?"
"I don't know dear, perha-"
>"Make them stop, go out there and tell them to stop doing that!"
"I'm sure they're not doing anyone else any harm Martha, why don-"
>"They're ruining the lawn is what they're doing!"

>> No.54430370

just copy demolition man

>> No.54430485

Do people even eat it anymore now?

>> No.54431092

Rise of the Shield Hero, if I'm getting my animal-girls right.

>> No.54431689

I wish Diance didn't have a literal rock for a butt.

>> No.54431875

A little uncomfortable to be sat on, hm? Just think of it as trying to polish a stone.

>> No.54432110

The only upside to this is that if nobody can find your lower parts it'll put pressure on you to give amazing BJs to compensate.

>> No.54433120

I play online using tabletop simulator, we've known eachother for 5 years and have played a lot of vidya. I decided to learn how to DM about a year ago and we play as much as we can. The problem is we have 5 years of in-jokes that derail the session every other minute. One player is especially bad about this and basically cuts me off mid sentence with roaring laughter every time I mention something a little to close to an in joke, which again, we have a fuckton. I like my friends but holy shit they limit my vocabulary. Example:
>you strike the orc in the arm and hear his bones crunch an-
>you come across the bandits as they are sleeping, allo-
just let me narrate for fucks sake

>> No.54434294

This guy gets it, I appreciate a fellow who's economical in the bedroom.

>> No.54436642

Yeah, but sometimes we notice, point it out, and get right back to it.

>> No.54438823

I want to fug the bunny.

>> No.54439002

How do you RP by yourself? Did you just sit in a room and do their voices?

>> No.54439027

That's probably because he kept spelling it "vinegard" for some reason.

>> No.54439566

Xenophilia is bestiality. Anything outside your own species–even if it's sapient–is bestiality. It's treason to your own kind.

>> No.54439651

That logic only holds if sex is only ever practiced in order to procreate.

>> No.54439659
File: 32 KB, 750x391, TheLizardPeopleAreHere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My current campaign can get slow if the players start discussing random non-game related shit and references, but those usually take less than a miute.

Longer slowdowns are because one of the players goes on an amusing tinfoil-level conspiracy rant usually involving world-level secrets and events of the game. Scary thing is, he's usually right

>> No.54440057

Just looked up the definition and yeah, you're right.
I still hold onto my point that intercourse with other sapient species is okay in my books, be they furred, scaled or something. It's not like ist possible anyhow irl. And if there is something we all should have learned from kirk, it's that there is no shame in lying with an alien female.

I wouldn't consider gardevoir perse to be furry. Poke-Action in General...yeah ist mostly furry.
But there is nothing wrong with that. Furry culture is mostly made up of strange people who behave weird and are overly obsessed with eating each other, growth and HYPER GENITALS, but that doesn't mean that wanting to lay a beautiful cat-lady is a bad thing.

>> No.54441587


>> No.54442990

Yes. Yes they do.

>> No.54443783

I'd put my bayleaf in your paneer

>> No.54446338

But what about making half-breeds anon?

>> No.54448897


>> No.54449140


>Just looked up the definition and yeah, you're right.
Can I get a source on your definition? All the ones I've found specify "lower animals" or just "bestial" sex acts.

>> No.54449669

she's a planty

>> No.54450524

That's just disgusting! The very idea that a Gardevoir would sully his pride by bedding a lowly Earth woman is preposterous!

>> No.54450634

What about a female Gardevoir and human though?

>> No.54450708

It's illegal for niggers to rape Pokemon anon. That's why they play YGO instead.

>> No.54451475

>Campaign is put off for two hours because our general 'get it out of our systems' bullshit time went way over with us laughing like idiots over the idea of almond tits

>> No.54451565

Ah, but did they decide whether it is gay to fap to Gardevoir (male).

>> No.54451603

not if the penis is feminine, obviously.

>> No.54452419

But I hate YGO! I'd rather play Magic instead. Also, Gardevoir is NOT furry or even bestiality. Just xenophilia.

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