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Share stories of betraying the party.

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I don't have much. Once I sold a guy health potions while he was dying.

Then there was the time I turned the party into team rocket members and got a bunch of children killed.

I think that's it.

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>Playing cleric
>DM throws clockwork Angels at us
>points in religion and history
>roll high for knowledge on creatures
>through some VERY thin threads of connection, come to the conclusion it would be against my faith to fight them.
>i bow out of fight
>whole party bows out of fight because no heals and im 1 of 2 tanks
>clockwork angels execute rouge party member who stole something or other from a temple before I joined the group.

DM did not see us backing out of the fight by sacrificing our friend and had to come up with another way for us to get info and better gear.

Rouge was a dick to me in and out of game. Fuck her.

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>forgotten realms 5e
>on quest to kill the Big Bad or w/e
>party transported into some post-apocalyptic future where almost everything is desert and water is scarce
>come across mountain with door in the side of it
>eventually manage to get in
>it's a dwarf colony
>i'm playing a dwarf
>the dwarves eat humans since meat is scarce or something
>eventually party has reason to fight the dwarves or w/e
>side with the dwarves since i'm a dwarf and pledged to marry the lord's daughter and DM describes the dwarves as numerous and all wearing plate armor/badass
>combat begins and i'm shooting at my party members (was playing PHB ranger [before the revised ranger UA ever came out])
>suddenly the dwarves all have like 5 hit points and go down retardedly fast
>realize dm changed the stats on these badass dwarven warriors and made them all weak because i betrayed the party
>betray the dwarves mid-combat by shooting at them
>party forgived me because lol PC
>got into a spat with the DM about it and he said the dwarves were malnourished and emaciated or something and we just didnt notice it (despite the lord's daughter being described as healthy/muscular)

It made sense at the time, since the DM wasn't really giving us any clues as to how we were supposed to go back to "our timeline."

It was my first real campaign and mistakes were definitely made, though.

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>be paladin
>do good deeds since the beginning
>DM only gives him crap, keep trying to push my character into darkness
>fail, my paladin stays convict in every situation
>suddenly pull the 'your god which gave you light powers, told you to protect the weak and help others was actually evil the whole time crap'
>make the party ally with a bunch of not-pagans to assault the church
>pissed off internally
>in the middle of the battle suddenly hack the wizard
>DM asks what the hell I'm doing
>tell him that I'm a paladin of the god, so I'm gonna strive for him
>wizard is squish and dies fast
>DM tries to pull other paladins from battle, but I point out how out of place that would be
>I charge the other PCs
>DM suddenly pulls a very high LV pagan king to support the party
>I point out that he has to walk near before threatening me
>I already killed other two party members while they are busy fighting
>I ignore the DMPC and go kill the last one
>DMPC cannot stop me from killing him
>suddenly makes the god himself descend and instantly kill all NPCs
>he tells me that I did well but he was going to kill me for it
>I point off game it's retarded to kill someone who is completely loyal to you
>gets salty in real life and says that I ruined his 'campaign'
>end game without giving an epilogue

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I've told this story a couple of times before:

>Testing out a homebrew system one of the guys in the group wrote up, I'm the GM.
>Had originally planned to run a 1-2shot, but the little plot ran longer than I thought, and the players got attached to the characters, so I was cobbling a campaign together as we went.
>But characters get rather powerful, and I start dropping hints of a larger, bigger plot, and an eventual BBEG to confront, whose agents they start stumbling across and interfering with their plans.
>As a siding to that, they go beat up a dragon and steal a very powerful staff the giant lizard has in his possession.
>Dragon is bloodied, but manages to escape, and hits one of the characters, a mage with a really nasty wasting curse as a bit of vengeance for being robbed before flying away to become a villain in a later campaign set in the world. (Another round of stories entirely)
>Curse hits the mage Celene.
>She starts dying, slowly, and in great pain.
>Rest of group is looking for a cure, and because I'm a sadistic bastard of a ref, run into some very good leads about the main villain right around that time.
>Go after the villain leads.
>Celene is really dying now, even a cure would probably be too late.
>Her player comes up with a way out which I hadn't considered; namely turning into a liche.
>However, in character she doesn't know the appropriate rituals to do so.
>Contacts the BBEG's men for the lore she needs.
>BBEG is willing to offer her the spells and help with some of the components if she would turn down the wards on the PC's fortified manor on a specific date.
>Dude shows up personally and wipes out 3 of the 5 remaining loyalist memebers, and the campaign ends on that note; the next one would feature the same world but different characters, and the two survivors were retired into NPCs.

Surprisingly, it didn't go down that badly OOC. It was more emotional and tragic among the group mood than "holy shit Erin, you killed us all".

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>betraying her companions to save her own skin
I hope she became a villain in the next adventure.

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Well, character became another NPC villain, which got killed in a campaign about 4 years after the betrayal. Erin herself would go on to play an archer type in the next campaign whose worst transgression against the party was to run off alone to defend a village when the group had decided they needed to defend a temple that was under attack in the same general area.

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>Once I sold a guy health potions while he was dying.
This is my favorite, and the exact reason I enjoy running games in WFRP or others that include detailed body systems damage.

You can always get one of your players with it. Some dumb boatman wanders away from his mates, gets clubbed twice and a knife stuck in his gut, except the assailant isn't interested in killing him, but merely selling him a Cure-All Salve of Wonderous Properties.
>the Salve is actually just feces, ground beef, frog slime, or some blend of otherwise useless parts
>the assailant just wants to get his rocks off fucking with the guy
>sometimes I'll have the same party member get ambushed two or three times because his assailant gained an obsession with tormenting him

Gut wounds are a magical thing.

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should have told dm that you were just doing wheat he wanted
he wanted you to become evil right? killing your ally is a pretty good example

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>pay for pizza
>ask them to send money
>I earn like 5 bucks/week off them

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Fuck off, frogposter.

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>Playing Delta Green
>My investigator had his family disappeared by a cult as a backstory
>Over the course of the game pull facts together, find the group responsable, lead the team toward them
>While leading the attack, I get confronted by the inner circle
>A brief monolog later, "you can be with then again"
>SAN check failed
>Turns and executes the other investigator with him, locks the others out
>Doomed most of northern and eastern Europe
>Got a short epilogue of my character and his family living "happily" in a noneucledian Outside realm.

Hey, I got a happy ending out of it. For a given value of happy.

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>friends ask me to bring food
>"hey Taco Bell is going to cost us like, 8 bucks for six tacos each"
>"hey cool man, do it"
>go to Taco Bell
>order a water cup and take a punch of the hot sauce packets
>roll over to a local mexican place (El Paso, whatup)
>order tacos for 0.63/per
>make a solid $25 that day
>group complains about their poops a few days later and we never eat "Taco Bell" again

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>group complains about their poops
Must've been the water.

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not me, DM's wife
>princes of the apocalypse
>character got turned into an ochre jelly, so she rolls an half-drow rogue
>joins the party saving us from a aboleth
>continue mowing through waves of bad guys
>fast forward to final battle
>my paladin is messing around trying to distract Ogremoch while the party deals with the chod and seals him up
>fight starts going bad
>traitorous drow tendicies surface
>casts darkness on the battle field, and shoots crossbow bolts at us
>havoc ensues
>manage to seal up Ogremoch
>carry party on my horse
>epilogue has me hunting down the drow
luckily there were no causalities but holy shit, the fight was really touch and go, before she even betrayed us.

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That's pretty cool, especially the fact you survived it.

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Seeing the thread, it's interesting to see so many good characters being pushed into betrayal and
no 'rogue betray' for shit and giggles.

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We laughed about it later, but I was fuming at the time. The fact that I went down twice was not helping my stress levels either.

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Here's one by one of my players when I was a DM of a D&D 4e campaign. I enjoyed this guys' plays a lot.
>character is a half-elf warlock
>His characters personality is mostly based around being adventerous but also a coward
>He's usually the first to jump right into the cation but also the first to turn tails when things go wrong
>Party has to find a rare flower in a supposedly extremly dangerous forest to cure a princess' disease
>party spends a lot of time thinking about how to approach this and preparing
>one night the warlock decides shit is too boring and walks into the forest alone to get all the credit for himself
>Be pretty damn sure he was going to die because this was supposed to be difficult even for the whole party
>Rolls one one 20 on stealth, nature, perception etc. after the other and magically finds the flower
>Meanwhile party found out he went into the forest alone
>Follow him
>They meet him on his way back and start arguing
>Get attacked by trolls and giant mosquitos
>Get easily overpowered, close to a party wipe
>Try to flee but things look grim
>They manage to reach a nearby roadside where they tied their horses
>Trolls attack and kill/cut lose most of the horses, though
>Warlock-guy has 1hp left
>He attempts to teleport on a running horse
>"uhm, I'll need an acrobatics check on that, and it'd better be a good one"
>rolls 20
>Teleports on the horse leaving the other party members behind delivering the flower by himself
I think some of the other party members managed to survive, though.

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Ran a game with similar premise myself, even storytimed it a couple of times here.

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>Be NE human rogue
>I'm a fucking edgy motherfucker
>Pic related is character inspiration
>I snipe bitches with my heavy crossbow for money
>Get caught up with a group of adventurers because they seem to get half-drowned in coin wherever they go
>There's an uppity dwarf cleric in the party
>Man, fuck that guy, he worships a """good""" god like a fucking pussy
>I can work with him for now though, the coin is worth it
>Start following some reports of undead and demons in this one kingdom
>Seems the king turned out to be some kind of demon-worshiper and opened a gate to the Abyss
>Shits getting fucked
>Sounds like a good opportunity to get gold
>We start heading into the kingdom
>We get attacked by vampires at the border
>I get bitten
>Fucking hell
>I'm a vampire now
>Whatever I'll deal with it
>Man that cleric is annoying, he keeps trying to heal me even though I've told him over and over that it hurts me now
>Get approached by a representative of the demons in a tavern later
>Offers me a whole pile of gold to off the dwarf cleric
>Hell yes I'll do it
>Cue montage of various attempts on the dwarf's life that all fail cartoonishly badly, and yet are never traced back to me
>Party eventually gets captured by demons and forced to fight in gladiator battles for their entertainment
>I get paired with the dwarf cleric in a battle to the death
>This is probably my last chance
>Make a move to stab the shit out of him
>He uses metamagic to cast Create Water over my head and then Bless Water on the newly created water before it hits me
>Get showered in 10 gallons of holy water
>Die instantly
>Fucking dwarf clerics

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A tale of true betrayal, for the greater good.
>hanging out with dwarf barbarian bro in the city after slaying some pit lord
>start figuring out that I'm being possessed by a demon
>doesn't have full control over me just yet
>head to the religious mega sect
>fail check to resist
>starts making me want to not go there
>walking back
>asks me to close my eyes
>DM asks me what I want to do
>I trust bro with heart body and soul, would believe my own brother was a traitor over him
>close eyes
>knocks me out
>DM says that the dwarf never has felt this guilty in his whole life
>slips the priests 2000 gold and mumbles for them to modify my memory to have a drow knocking me over the head as my bro intends to clean his clock

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this one I did last Wednesday
>Playing Out of your Mom's Abyssal Vagina
>be a drow warlock, LE
>in Blindenstone, city of deep gnomes
>city is under siege from oozes
>led by some chap named the pudding king
>three pronged attack is planned to take him out
>our party gets into position, just a tunnel away
>takes a long rest in order to prepare for the attack
>IC the party doesn't know that my patron is the god of oozes
>patron tells me to delay the party which will cause massive casualties for the deep gnomes
>during the break i tell the DM that while the party is sleeping i go into the tunnel and cast shatter to collapse it blocking our only path
>sneak my way back, party doesn't suspect me
>Druid was able to turn into a dire badger
>still takes an hour and a half to get through
>come across a chamber filled with gnome bodies
session ended there nobody suspects that it was me IC or OOC so far
can't wait to see how it plays out especially with the Deep gnome PC

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lol, well played anon

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Top kek. That was pretty cool.

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You bastard

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Game set in whfb universe (2nd ed) with the game of thrones rpg ruleset.

I came in as a squire to an NPC knight along another's party member.

I began to ingratiate myself by assisting them how and whenever I could. I was very good in a battlefield, but one on one Albrecht was very good.

He ended up convincing a baron he was a undercover witch hunter through a great deal of luck, as well as being in the right place at the right time.

Albrecht fended off a platoon of bat riders singlehandedly after attempting a difficult shadow school spell and being possessed by a demon. Just prior to this he heroically shoved the barons favourite daughter back into the keep with instructions to lock the door behind her.

So I think might be more fair to say the demon fended off a platoon of bat riders. The possession wore off after a few minutes and aside from some brimstone and being on a bat 150 feet above the raging battle down below he was "fine"

He showed his true colours by selling them out, and taking the runefang he had recovered back to his patron, a noble lady seeking to claim the province with a ruenfang reinforcing her claim.

The party actually fought over my characters integrity, one half saying we had done nothing wrong, and the other claiming I was a heretic and worse.

I was actually the enforcer of a thieves guild and making a HUGE power play to go legit as the spy master of this noble lady.

I betrayed a) my old thief guild members, murdering them in cold blood b) the party, leaving them to die and later on orchestrating an ambush that led to a players death, and c) betraying the players who believed I was legit a witch hunter and on the trail of apostates they had encountered.

I worked with the DM and created an NPC the party and associates loved, and when it was too good to pass up I sold them out and made them HATE Albrecht. One of the players still says he was the best villain he ever encountered.

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So he was a special snowflake but I had created him alongside the DM to make a special breed of bastard for the party to love, and hate, and feel a surge of triumph when their suspicions were found to be correct.

He had such a strong emotive response to the party.

He was also incredibly fragile, with 2 stamina (or 6 wounds)

He was a powerful shadow mage, who had seduced and converted a trained shadowmage to become his tutor within the thieves guild many fronts.

I think the DM was building up to a chaos taint of some kind in his birth but we never got there.

He was fun to play, shucking outfits and personalities all the time.

He has a powerful rep in the underworld but because we played with such upstanding knights they had no idea who he was, so he'd let the illusion slip now and again when dealing with slippery folks.

Ahh he was fun.

His replacement ended up being stronger than a giant and winning the title of emperor via arena battles.

Was a silly game, but enjoyable.

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Does this count as a betrayal?

> DND 4e
> Be Avenger of Pelor
> Everyone gets ambushed in the tavern, everyone gets knocked out except me as I escape via jumping out the window and running away
> Track the kidnappers and find out tracks lead to the sewers where we have some previous experience in
> Go to church, round up about 30~ acolytes and clerics
> Jump into the sewers with my new posse
> Because I'm a retard I take the wrong turn in the sewers
> Find ourselves in a giant chamber with shit-hives everywhere
> Everyone casts light or some shit
> Insects, billions of them
> I nope right the fuck out
> Take off running down the sewers, the sounds of dying clerics chasing me
> I got 97% of my church killed
> Rescue the party through DM fiat, never speak of why the city is missing all its clerics and diseases start to appear in the city

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More like you and the driver of Franz Ferdinand have something in common.

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Not really betrayal. You would probably die if you attempted to stay.

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>playing pacific rim fidge
>the world is almost destroyed, we're the last of the jagers.
>playing a french jager pilot.
>decide to go with 20th century existentialist drunken french steryotype.
>get in constant arguments about france being the best of the radioactive waste piles.
>last humans blasting into space to get to safety.
>throw control tower and kaihu.
>control tower makes rocket crash.
>decide fuck it, Humanity gone.
>pull out giant french flag , wave it and sing national anthem as humanity becomes extinct.
>detonate self and kill party.

And all with the worst french accent you've ever heard.
It was a good day.

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treachery done subtle
treachery done right

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I wish I could say it was made up.

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Campaign: the School of Mysteries.Set in modern-day London. System was GURPS with each of us having some sort of 20 or 30 point supernatural power.

I played a lanky eurotrash-looking pharmaceutical research worker. My supernatural ability was fairly tame: predict the future with some small degree of accuracy.

But I also had bought a good amount of money in character generation. The other characters were poor, so we used my apartment as our headquarters. The place was, naturally, bugged from head to toe. Hidden cameras were also installed. GeneSys Corp knew everything. Whenever the party came back from a quest with a new "artifact," in the next 24 hours it would either be replaced with a clone or stolen somehow.

I was also working to collect the DNA of the party members. One of them (who believed he was a reincarnated knight from the middle ages) was wounded in combat and hospitalized. He had no idea how to read or write, so I was complicit in signing his medical forms, including consent in having a retrovirus containing magical snake DNA from a beast we fought injected into him.

Sir Bedwyr slowly began to grow scales. His eyes became slits. His voice gradually got raspier and hissing. Throughout this, he trusted me implicitly and shouted down anyone who doubted my loyalty to the party.

Eventually, the DM PC used his "astral vision" to catch me typing a status report to my superiors at GeneSys. Since my time with the group was ending, the DM let my character have a final "redemption mission" where he basically double crossed GeneSys and managed to escape their BioBorg construct and get on a train to safety. This was apparently the happiest ending of any PC that ever played in that campaign. He was brought back as an NPC at some point in the future to give the party a hint before disappearing again.

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>Playing 3.5 Thrallherd with Illithid blood, fluffed as to be like Psychic Vampirism
>Party relies on me to be the “Face” because of my absurdly high Charisma and my mental
abilities making playing politics a breeze
>in this setting there are few very psions and no other Thrallherds so she’s the first of her kind
>Slowly start using mental abilities to put together a vast underground conspiracy in one of the
major trading nations
>Use party face abilities to influence and win support of world-wide government officials just by
having the party handle the dirty work but soaking up all of the praise and influence by being the
only one allowed to attend parties and meetings
>political capital continues to build, only grows even faster when my “quick thinking” and
“exceptional combat skills” save the life of the King and his ministers in a faux-coup initiated by
a few thralls implanted into a terror cell
>meanwhile Leadership and the Thrallherd abilities have developed me an enormous following
of fanatical chaff to use, and they’ve been steadily building an array of commercial and criminal
networks to feed my political and literal hunger
>Sell party a bullshit mission that sends them to the setting’s likely antagonist - a mageocracy
rumored to be building an armada of ironclads and clockwork golems to conquer a few of its
>Party fumbles diplomacy, gets one of the High Mages killed

>> No.54373583

>this starts an international incident that quickly spirals into a war between the merchant
kingdom and said mageocracy
>Pull strings so several nations come to the defense of the merchants
>Mageocracy calls its allies
>World War I begins
>Use my now enormous criminal underground to sell weapons to all sides and prolonging the
war through terrorism and assassinations of peace advocates and installation of
thralls/dominated people as government officials until the war has dragged out for nearly a
>Eventually the war escalates to the use of superweapons, as the “Entente” launches several
Locate City nukes after the spell combination was discovered in a temple uncovered by a
mysterious force (revealed later to be the party working under my orders, who did not know
what it was for)
>Sell the same spell combinations to the “Mage Powers” through intermediaries, who promptly
>Both sides have utterly exhausted themselves in little more than a month afterward
>Task my thralls to construct Dimensional Locks that can can shut down a large area
>Give the party a mission that will end the war as I have now thoroughly highjacked the game
>We go deep into a Temple to some devil said to be influencing the war to make it continue
>Party takes the fight to his domain directly, devil is super confused
>Ditch the party in his Domain and apply the dimensional locks so they can’t come back
>Get the disparate powers to sign a peace agreement, but my thrall influence is enormous and
I’m able to found a One-World Government in the aftermath
>Rule the world with a mental fist

Wew was the party salty by the end. Thankfully the GM just kept rolling with all of it.

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Make a storytime thread once you get an update bro, I'm running OotA and I'd love to hear how this plays out

>> No.54374220

sure thing but it may not be for a while

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You did good.
Fuck rogues who want the party to save them when the people they stole from come to get them.

>> No.54374838

It's ROGUE. How do you keep mixing that up?

>> No.54374983


Nah man, Screw those rosey red bastards.
Walking around, giving cheeks a healthy glow...

Rouges, Fuck em.

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I didn't really betray the party or anything, these guys were just kinda dumb

>Join new group, they urge me to play a Cleric or Paladin because they need heals
>Rest of the party is a bunch of glass cannon multi-classing warlocks or rogues or something, but they all assure me they're good-aligned and a LG Pally is fine in the party
>join up, the first thing they do is decide to contact the criminal underground and get a job to make some money
>I'm a LG Oath of the Crown Paladin who hails from the city they are in, worked in the city watch for almost twenty five years
>I'm really just perplexed and silent IC and OOC as they plan out a heist on the city's biggest bank right in front of my character
>they go to bed for the night, heist tomorrow morning
>tell the GM in private that I want to slip out and contact my old friends in the city watch to come arrest these assclowns
>GM won't let me, that would derail the session
>GM tells the group, group gets mad at me for trying to rat on them (despite none of them knowing I was doing that, this is all pure metagaming)
>I'm really just stupefied that my cop paladin is getting in trouble for calling the cops, offer to re-roll to a treachery paladin or an oathbreaker or a trickery cleric or fucking whatever
>"No evil or chaotic characters allowed anon"
>mfw this entire session

>> No.54376879

Take them in yourself. if they are as frail as they say you are you can pry take them make sure to have plenty of rope.

>> No.54376906

>not purposeful screwing their plan at the right moment
>not tripping, capturing and giving them to the authorities
>not getting a promotion for jailing such criminals
But I bet your GM would also jail you, because 'muh party needs to always be together'.

>> No.54376930

betray them for they betrayed you

>> No.54377063

>trying to destroy insane AI
>getaway driver sells out the party
>lures the hacker into an ambush, AI minions kill him
>tries to get the rest of us killed
>starts to disagree with the basic fiction of the campaign, claiming that we can't do anything to stop him
>quickly approaching "you can't kill me because i have a forceshield" leves
>sharpshooter shoots him while he's trying to drive away
>getaway driver's head is now splatter
>player gets upset and leaves the campaign
It was better without him.

>> No.54377245

why did he betray you in the first place?

>> No.54377260

>Surprisingly, it didn't go down that badly OOC
How thirsty are you betas?

>> No.54377371

Dude decided to set fire to a holy tree
so we retaliated and attacked his city stronghold.
In venegence he left open his portal to the southern continent the other end of which is connected to a kingdom down there which he overthrew in the name of the armies of darkness.
now said armies are threatening to spill out into our homeland and let our kingdom get conquered and possibly jeopardize our religion and allies in doing so.

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how would they not have noticed no taco bell branding on the wrappers and shit? I call bs

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>didn't kill the party or the demon
There WILL be a Reckoning you schlomo ass motherfucker.

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got mind controlled by the big bad and shot another PC in the back of head execution style.
they survived because it was ruled to resolve like an normal attack instead of an execution (He put a Makarov up to the back of the unsuspecting character's head and pulled the trigger.)

The rest of the party felt the BBEG trying to claw his way into the their heads too so they let him live.

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>DMing my first game
>5e, pirate campaign, playing it fast and loose
>the PCs for this sessions were a barbarian raised by apes, an escaped slave rogue cannibal, and an exiled commodore fighter all band together in last week's session (two of our players were working and couldn't make it)
>they're all glorified murderhobos and CONSTANTLY backstab and fuck with each other
>this comes to a head in the first cavern they're spelunking when I introduce a wench NPC that's a trap
>the commodore falls for it head first and rushes to slay her "captors" and bless him, gets a nat 20 to his charisma check to seduce her
>unfortunately he ruined his chances when he crushed in the head of her closest companions right in front of her and showered the whole party in blood and gore
>she pretends to be seduced to get just close enough to shank him and run for her life
>into the arms of our hulking barbarian
>he breaks her wrist in half wrestling her knife away and in his bloodlust, snaps her neck before stomping along on his merry way
>the cannibal hears all of this while he steals all the loot and goes to feast on her flesh, unable to control himself
>the commodore sees all of this and in a blind rage only a delusional whiteknight can have, tries to castrate the rogue
>they grapple for a few minutes until the cannibal whips out his ancestral brass knuckles and hits the commodore so hard he's left unconscious, bleeding on the floor, with 1 HP remaining
>we all agree to end the session there

They've been plotting all week on how to get back at each other. I'm honestly delighted that our pirate themed campaign has been nothing but fighting, bloodshed, wenches, drinking and looting. Not sure how I want to handle things if the rogue decides to kill the fighter though (which is incredibly likely).

>> No.54380559

>9mm Mak
There's a reason the Russians use the Grach these days. You did this to yourself.

>> No.54381110

Closest thing I've ever done to a betrayal is this:

>Playing in the DM's homebrewed Zombie setting (clearly it was heavily inspired by The Walking Dead.)
>(For context.) Not a whole lot of rules to the system he ran, since he wasn't interested in getting bogged down by game-mechanics at the time. This meant a large no. of PC deaths just sort of happened when he felt it was appropriate to kill them off based off die rolls and context.
>Other major rule was that if you died in any of the campaigns in the setting you couldn't roll up a new character until the next campaign began.
>I had managed to keep my character alive to the final session of the first campaign. The group has been reduced to three men: My Character, a One-armed PC and another PC who got bitten and was slowly turning
>We were stuck in a town that was built alongside a large river, as a huge horde of Zombies slowly begins to march into the town and completely surround us.
>Desparately start looking for a boat to ride the fuck out of dodge with.
>Eventually find one and push it over to the river
>Turns out it's got no fuel; we're going to have to make a run for a storehouse we've got good reason to believe may have fuel canisters in.
>There's one major issue: the horde has now started to fill the town and is blocking the street that we need to cross.
>My character has proven to be an absolute coward throughout the entire campaign.
>Whilst one-armed bro and the infected dude are setting up a plan of attack to get across the street, my PC is paralyzed with fear and considers trying to ford a horde of zombies is essentially suicide.
>I declare I'm going to 'defend' the boat whist one-armed bro goes across the street to the warehouse and the infected guy causes a distraction to draw the attention of the vast majority of the zombies.
>Somehow both me and the one-armed guy still got out of the town alive.

>> No.54381789

I'd give you an inspiration for that even if ass hurt.

>> No.54382559

opinion discarded

>> No.54382693

>campaign starts
>I create a LG paladin
>one person makes a CE psychic(I forgot the class)
>the other 3 make "LG" characters using overpowered homebrew classes
>it starts in a tavern during a celebration, and a royal tiefling family from a neighboring country is visiting
>a dragon comes in and burns down the tavern we were in
>some royal guards come by the next day and said that a prophecy told us we were coming and we would need to meet the king in about a month and the ship to where he lives takes two weeks
>CE character suggests to the visiting royal family that the king might have planned this
>we have two weeks to do sidequests as normal
>throughout the sidequests the LG players kept on doing pretty dark stuff, accusing people of being demons, getting poisons, attacking innocents, etc.
>one even killed an undead child
>the only voices of reason were myself and ironically the CE psychic
>one of the "LG" players accused the psychic of being a demon, and I stepped in to stop him
>the "LG" players attack me solely for suggesting that she might not be a demon
>3 overpowered homebrew classes vs 2 regular classes
>the DM conveniently brings in royal guards to order us to get on the ship
>we travel to the king
>I do a knowledge check and find out that he is from a extinct race, and he tells us to go kill the dragon, but to train first
>the CE character buys an airship because they got lucky
>first thing the party discusses is how they want to betray the king
>I stay silent after what happened last time
>We find out that the tiefling country from earlier, declared war on "attempted assassination"
>so the party wants that war to break out and for that country to win
>go there and formally meet the royal family
>party convinces them to go all out
>as soon as the session is over I pm the dm that I am not on the party's side

>> No.54382785
File: 49 KB, 676x858, 02d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>become a spy
>party goes on sidequests as wanted criminals
>I keep quiet for a while
>one of them frees a suspicious angel and I was warning him against it
>lots of more sidequests
>party checks in on the war effort
>the war isnt going anywhere, about 20000 dead and 100 killed in a month
>the party self appoints themselves as generals and gives new invasion plans
>they have absolutely no idea that im a spy
>party hears about plans for a new generation of airships designed for warfare
>they get the plans and make an escape
>I sabotage the ship so it will break down and give me a chance to destroy the plans
>ship crashlands in desert
>the party spends most of the session questioning all the NPCs that they brought along about who could have done it
>about 5 of them give hints
>party dismisses them all for being drunk
>they narrowed it down to one npc
>the npc says that I was walking away from the engine room
>make my escape using a dimensional gem thing the king gave me as a gift for my kindness
>after walking in the desert alone for a day a wizard finds me
>its the kings best friend
>he brings me to the king
>I get crowned champion
>princess falls in love with me
>party continues and I make a 2nd character
>party kills a giant queen
>party comes to emergency request of the tiefling family
>they only lost more troops and will formally surrender
>right as that happens an army of angels and an army of giants invade the country
>95% of their population is dead after a few days
>an airship shows up to help recover the country
>mfw its from my king
>mfw the party killed an entire nation because of their lust for conquest
>mfw all of the people in the airship tell of my heroic deeds
this is only about half way through the campaign
but the rest of it isnt really interesting

>> No.54382828

Fucking christ this sounds like a DM I had.
>whole point of campaign is to resurrect shrines to a god that my inquisitor was aligned with
>we resurrect like 3 shrines
>"lol you aren't resurrecting those to your god, thats just satan pretending to be him"


>> No.54382915
File: 89 KB, 700x980, dccaf936800be550fb9ca6822532aef1d799a78d_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing MAID RPG with some fa/tg/uys over Roll20 - text only
>roll up a cool and sexy vampire maid who summons a demon as a weapon
>high as fuck cunning, good athletics and shit affection
>pic related, basically
>hit it off great with the master and the loli, sexy maid of the group
>the first few days, we all have jolly cooperation in which we get as much favor from the master as we can
>the master is a lolicon shota because of course he is
>lots of "Hey boy, want to /ss/ ensue"
>lots of attempted seductions on rule 63 Dio who blueballs everyone but the master
>at this point everyone has successfully seduced the master, favor is pouring like rain in the start of a Noir movie
>robocop maid and the heroine team up to stomp loli, sexy housemaid into the ground
>right at the end, she manages to seduce the Stand user, who seduces her back
>plan is made
>me and robocop cleaning the attic
>suddently, loli maid appears and jumps her: with her and ZA WARUDO we manage to defeat robocop
>pack her in a crate and ship her off to Timbuctu
>spike Heroine's alcohol reserve and tease her into stress explosion
>she goes to drink
>passes out
>off to Orapa she goes
>at the end, decide to duke it out with loli to see who will be head wife and who will be mistress
>thanks to blind luck, ZA WARUDO manages to beat her and they all lived happily ever after!

...that was fun. Now I'm sad.

>> No.54383221

You fought the good fight. Rest, now, sir knight.

>> No.54383405

If I was that GM, I would have told those asshole players that their alignment was now Evil. Be it neutral or chaotic, it doesn't matter, they are certainly not good.

>> No.54383515

DM here, I'm thinking of trying to deliberately kill off one of my players because he let me know he was going to betray the parry at one point. Not to mention his entire character is painfully edgy.

Go through with it?

>> No.54383518
File: 532 KB, 480x360, Muttly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54383576

personally, I think that it's a dick move.

Just go with what the dice say and do not fudge rolls in order to keep him alive. Without plot armor and with decent challenges to the party, he should die eventually to an unlucky save-or-suck. I assume you are playing D&D since you refer to yourself as "DM"...

>> No.54383698

That can't really be called a betrayal to be completely honest.

>> No.54383741

What >>54383576 said. That Guys are usually destined to die once you remove the plot armor.

>> No.54383768

>he tells me that I did well but he was going to kill me for it
Your DM must be a real genius

>> No.54383776

Fucking frogposter doesn't even start with a story of his own.

This is why /tg/ is going to shit

>> No.54383853

The thought of a party teaming up with of a pissed of demon dose sound pretty cool.

>> No.54383926

>example on how a player working with the GM to betray the party ruins the game that was supposed to be cooperative

>> No.54383940

>(For context.) Not a whole lot of rules to the system he ran, since he wasn't interested in getting bogged down by game-mechanics at the time. This meant a large no. of PC deaths just sort of happened when he felt it was appropriate to kill them off based off die rolls and context.
>Other major rule was that if you died in any of the campaigns in the setting you couldn't roll up a new character until the next campaign began.

That sounds dumb as shit.

>"I feel like declaring your character dead. Don't bother showing up the rest of the year, you're out. See you in a few months!"

>> No.54383950
File: 75 KB, 193x183, fishonheadfurther.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>successful thread
>people are sharing fun stories
>people getting shit off their heart

>reee he posted the green amphibian and didn't even procure his own tall tale!
>truly these are the end times!

>> No.54384017

>oh fug these wrappers don't have taco bell written on them, better serve them on a plate like a normal person before everyone arrives

>> No.54384127


>> No.54384145

>playing DCC module
>literally every single PC gets visited by a chaos god and told to fuck the party over
>except me
>get to the thing each god wants
>immediately slaughter my PCs because we were playing ACKS, hello cleave rules
>whole party: "what the fuck"
>look at them all badass. "dumbasses, this is desired by the lords of CHAOS. I serve the Forces of LAW"
>swing hammer as hard as I can into the object
>turns out the thing was a fucking egg of the universe
>as I wind up every god of law screams OH MY FUCKING GOD DON'T DO IT YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT
>universe ends
>chaos wins because the entire universe is swallowed up in entropy
>chaos god of entropy: dude. Nice.
>high fives me
>dm glaring at me
>"okay, reroll."

>> No.54384198


Sorry, what?

>> No.54384216

>posts on mandelorian basket-weaving wallpaper
>acts confused

>> No.54384300


The DM likes DCC modules, and doesn't even slightly enjoy the DCC system. To be fair, the modules are -fucking excellent- if you like "hippie van art" fantasy with robots riding unicorns and fighting demons and shit. He uses ACKS(Adventurer conqueror king system) because he hates, hates and hates some more the constant rolling on tables. From what he told me, he ran DCC for two years(2012-2013) when it came out and ran into "rolling on tables" fatigue. Having to flip through a book to roll on tables for every single crit, fumble and spell casting can get -very- tiresome, apparently.

>> No.54384332
File: 1.01 MB, 1125x900, 1500110674611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Archduke's last words were to implore his wife to live for the sake of their children and peace

>> No.54384346
File: 199 KB, 450x450, 1481468283557.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless you and your GM

>> No.54384386

I don't have any because I'm not that guy.

>> No.54384639

As long as you are not a douche when winning, I don't see a problem with betraying the party when the game has rules for interparty conflict.

>> No.54384804

Again, I'm not that guy. I'm not concerned with "winning" games that are supposed to be cooperative in nature.

>> No.54384865


God I hate people like you, you are the reason why I never let Paladins in my group.

You could have just kept your mouth shut and not sperged out and play the game like a normal adult. But no you gotta be a sour faggot.

>> No.54384924

No, the group and the DM are in the wrong. They broke consistency and went against their own advice and alignment, and from the sound of it, the paladin did everything right.

>> No.54384955

Maybe I was not clear enough, so I am going to have to spell it out for you.

There are some games in which PvP is okay and encouraged, yes even in RPGs! Here are some examples
>Everyone is John

So now you can get off your perceived high horse and stop acting holier-than-thou in a norman mosaic-making pictureglass site.

>> No.54385045

summer is upon us

>> No.54385059

>living party
>with a devil

Your char is going to die screaming

>> No.54385074

I don't even fucking know. The AI promised him power and money, but he never actually got paid.

As far as I'm aware, it's mainly because he insisted that his character was a "bad dude", though that usually just meant doing petty crime.

>> No.54385171

>do this
>gm lets me have my moment
>start the 8th part
>gm annoyed as the official 7 part version is already on the long side of anthems
>continue on my way to the 15th part increasing volume
>gm says i get interrupted by kaijus
>use french sign language to say i kick the kaijus over while singing even louder
>gm tells me ooc to stop singing
>begin additional vendéens couplets as I supplex him
> I'm yelling at this point and gm's gf is crying

>> No.54385281

Shit son, he didn't bitch when the gm told him not to do it for understandable ooc reasons but when (after not doing it) the party gets back at him for knowing he wanted to.
He even offered in good faith to make the same character in a compatible alignment but got turned down by the gm.
That's not him playing lawful stupid that's the gm being a cunt

>> No.54385415

Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

>> No.54385849

>Get betrayed
>Don't get mad because the person doing it has a hole between her legs.
>Not being betas

>> No.54385948

Oh, you are so screwed and you don't even know.

>> No.54386578

I came here expecting to read some Paranoia Hijinks.

I am disappointed, OP.

>> No.54386597

Was it ERP, at least?

>> No.54387587

>Not-Illuminati have decided that the end-times must now begin.
>Not-Illuminati use one of a set of magic scrolls to bring destruction upon the land.
>Party tasked with tracking down the rest of the set so that they do not fall into the wrong hands
>As a LN artificer with magic scrolls being my focus, the party entrusts me with the protection and transportation of these powerful scrolls
>My master soon is revealed as a high member of Not-Illuminati
>The party accepts this revelation and moves on, I know where my duties lie
>I am a man of loyalty and honor
>We retrieve the final scrolls and I am entrusted with the set
>The rest of the party performs some various tasks while I perform my honorable duty as bearer of the scrolls.
>Party suddenly remembers that my master is a high member of Not-Illuminati
>I am a man of loyalty and honor

>> No.54388178


My character was the BBEG for the following campaign. It was pretty sweet when they finally dropped a magical nuke into her feeding chamber.

>> No.54388482

There were erotic elements, kept low-key

>> No.54389390

I don't like party betrayal much unless it really makes sense. Like if the other players can walk away not being pissed its a good one.

This is not one of those. It was shadowrun and the Face and Combat monster troll didn't get along. Mostly it was one sided as the face was dismissive of the trolls intelligence and insulted him constantly, ignored his plans, and generally tried to pick fights. The troll, however, was very mission focused and pay focused so he didn't actually let the face piss him off enough to attack. Then it happened. The mission was over and the face followed the troll to his home, planted a bomb in his motorcycle, and when the troll got on it next he detonated it. The troll survived and the face was there to gloat at him before walking over to the battered troll and putting a bullet into his head....which the troll also survived. What followed was the troll beating the face to absolute death slowly over a few rounds as the face kept trying to pump bullets into him, ending with the troll just holding him in a fire while strangling him to death.

Moral of the story don't try and betray the guy who can soak LMG rounds to the chest.

>> No.54390434
File: 903 KB, 300x200, 1331759908639.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gloating over the body of a living troll
Man, that dick had it coming

>> No.54391520


>Be Criminal Artificer, inventing shit all day, killing and stealing shit all night.
>Urchins summon to a high stakes heist with a bunch of other famous and dangerous criminals in a months time.
>Spend the month preparing various items and contingency plans.
>Meet the crew, get the know each member and together we plan the heist.
>After all the set up and shit, heist night arrives and we set out.
>On the way the museum we're breaking into, I hand each member a small but complex looking ear piece with sending stones attached to them.
>Tell crew we can use these for communication and tracking in just in case a member get into trouble and needs help.
>Heist goes sideways but we make it out with the target items.
>Most of us are looking pretty beat up.
>We make it to the hide out, I choose that moment to act.
>Press button on a remote I've been carrying.
>Other members ear pieces detonate, sending them to 0 health.
>I finish each one off and eat their bodies.
>Return to employer and receive their shares of the payout.

And that was my first and last time our group played evil characters. Most of the group I play with regularly have yet to forgive me.

>> No.54391967


>> No.54392045

I'm guessing you don't know how alignment and role playing actually works.

>> No.54392142

Fucking Dick Dastardly over here. Thank you for the story. Top kek.

>> No.54392378


who the fuck buys dozens of tacos from Taco Bell for a group and then unwraps each individual taco before handing them out?

>> No.54392493

It was, but to be fair to him we were all 15 at the time and it was his first time running a proper game. Plus each 'campaign' was only 5 weeks long, so people didn't have to wait too long.

>> No.54393243

The DM totally deserved that. I don't understand why so many of them have a boner for trying to trap paladins in impossible positions and saying "hurr hurr gotcha now!"

>> No.54394349

Your GM must have a bitchin fedora/katana collection.

>3.fuck me here we go again

>Run human placed in a warforged body.
>Elves did it, on my sheet. Fuckers were unhinged as hell and wanted "smart gaurds" so they offered sickly members of "lesser races" an out. "Be our gaurds and live forever without pain." Now feel nothing.
>Ff to party gathering and we're off after starting town shenanagains. Warforged buys much oil as he can carry. Even sells shoe laces from his boots to get extra. had clothes because human habits. Naked save for boots now.

>Fight ork raiders. Orks have elven wimminz. Party agrees to escort elves to village.
>Kid sells warforged shoelaces in exchange for being hurled into lake "wee I'm flying" *splash*
>Village loves us, warforged is happy for once.
>Audience with village elder.
>Elder is one of the fuckers who made him.
>Warforged waits for everyone to fall asleep. Snakes into elders Chambers and makes noose with shoestrings. Grapples elder and strangles with said noose. Makes it look like botched session of "self indulgence."
>Shoelace kid happens to be grandson.
>Everyone sentenced to death over warforged obsession with revenge.

Gm was a bit mad cause he had a hook after we went after the orks told him flat out the warforged had an issue with elves. And he then baited my character with his personal BBEG.

>> No.54394716

>>He uses metamagic to cast Create Water over my head and then Bless Water on the newly created water before it hits me
>>Get showered in 10 gallons of holy water
>>Die instantly
>>Fucking dwarf clerics

>> No.54395174

Taco bell is greasy as shit and would just get soggy if left in the wrapper

>> No.54395349

Paladins literally lose their paladin powers when they break the law too much, faggot

>> No.54395509


How long are you leaving it in the wrapper dude

>> No.54395527


not in 5e ; )

>> No.54395590

It only takes 15-20 minutes, which is about how long it takes me to drive home.

>> No.54395627


So you unwrap them on the drive home?

>> No.54395690
File: 170 KB, 715x1000, kimono black vampire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have one, but it's not so much the 'party' as one player.

See, we were playing a Marvel game set in Japan. Because I wanted to take a backseat for once, I agreed with the DM to play an unusual character. One of the PCs was the latest iteration of the Silver Samurai, and I was playing his ancestral sword. Or rather, the spirit of the ancestral sword, who could manifest and appear as a Japanese maiden when she willed it. Effectively, she bonded with the wielder to grant him certain advantages, but could also independently manifest to cast spells and defend herself.

The thing is, a few sessions in, problems started to arise. The main thing was that I could not stand the player I was supposed to be working with. But for the good of the campaign, I didn't say anything.

Then things got interesting. We started fighting the Hand (there's a revenge plot somewhere that's too complicated to go into) the ninjas who get beaten up by every superhero ever, and who disintegrate when they die. The leader of the Hand, however, was an older man who always hung back from the fights and basically watched his loyal death-ninjas be slaughtered. He actually seemed to be pretty amused by the whole thing. Wondering exactly what's up with that, my PC manifested away from the fight to confront him directly.

The ninja master tells her that actually, he's been watching *her*. And then he starts to flirt with her. At this point, I'm thinking that, well, a sword-spirit who isn't happy with her master certainly won't mind reciprocating a little. Anyway, the campaign rolls on, and eventually it becomes a torrid affair. Like, my heroine is literally sneaking away mid-battle to make out with him, and it reaches a point when she's briefly teleported to the Hand's stronghold for an all-out, all-night long fucking.

>> No.54395771
File: 194 KB, 1100x906, ninjared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At this point, the ninja master makes his pitch. Basically, if she lets him wield her instead, they'd be unstoppable! Not to mention all the personal pleasures and advantages she'd enjoy as his wife. Since she's more-or-less completely corrupted by this point, she says "Yes".

So when the supposed final battle with the Hand rolls around, and the enemy phanlax of evil ninjas and demon-spirits confronts the hero, the villain is very, very surprised when the ninja master mounts a brief coup. One wing of the enemy turns on the other, and my heroine promptly rushes to his side, complete with a new, evil costume. The other PCs are rather confused by this change of events, but the PC she's supposed to be working with is absolutely blindsided. Like, I'm pretty sure the player had no idea what was going on, until my sword-maiden transformed back and shared a long, passionate kiss with her lover.

After that, with his new girl in tow, the ninja master basically went "I'm in charge now. I could kill you all, but why bother? You've delivered me everything I wanted."

I got NPC'ed after that (by agreement with the DM) but the Silver Samurai had a crisis of faith - he went on a quest to find a new power source, which doubled as character development for him. I mean, I know this wasn't really justifiable on my part, but it was honestly extremely fun. I do feel a little bad about it, even though I made sure not to fuck over the party specifically.

>> No.54395799


One last bit: I know the images might be slightly misleading, but our heroine's new beau wasn't a young guy. He was more of a powerful older dude, a bit like Retsudou from Lone Wolf & Cub or an L5R clan leader.

>> No.54395865


No offense, but you sound like a whore.

>> No.54396011


The better question is why anyone would side with the Hand. They EXIST to job. They never win! Every fight, DOZENS of them die.

>> No.54396218


If they're still around after hundreds of years, clearly they're doing something right.

>> No.54396375


Obviously, you killed them for no reason.

>> No.54396456

Evil people kill others for money all the time. There was a good reason to kill them (not in the moral sense obviously).

They were playing an evil group, they shouldn't be surprised at betrayal.

>> No.54396486


I wasn't sleeping with the PC.

>> No.54398175

>Play rouge
>become arcane trickster subclass
>wizard gives a ring to help me learn the ropes of magic
>I start to get better than him
>he curses the ring in my sleep, I can't take it off and it'll explode if there is too much magic
>I discover this
>an arms race begins
>eventually I just use the ring, to slap him, off a cliff, with the explosion, killing him.

>> No.54399697

I don't own a tesla. Fucking richfags.

>> No.54399705
File: 18 KB, 100x235, you have been spotted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>I'm a LG Oath of the Crown Paladin
Yes they do, fag.

>> No.54400072

>have a fun playing a game with your friends
>friend betrays you in the game
>w/e it was still interesting and we had a good time

>> No.54400193


>arcane trickster
>becomes better than the wizard at magic



>> No.54400755
File: 78 KB, 894x804, anon's story.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54400807

>end up stuck in a relationship with a man you hate
>being surprised that the sword-chan ran away

"whore" doesn't enter the equation.

>> No.54401548

>New PC is introduced in Necessary evil campaign
>They are wearing xenotech (Vsori) full coverage armor
>My character hates aliens to a degree normally reserved for 40k space marines
>stab new character in the face and kill them instantly, assuming they are a filthy xeno

>> No.54401579
File: 54 KB, 609x566, 1499013014972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely amazing

>> No.54401644

>>Party suddenly remembers that my master is a high member of Not-Illuminati
>>I am a man of loyalty and honor
i kekd

>> No.54401656

I hope you aren't playing with that assface anymore.

>> No.54401914
File: 85 KB, 600x398, acid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing a noble born lurk in 3.5
>character is incredibly arrogant, but works well with the party as long as nobody criticizes him to his face
>New player joins campaign
>Decides to play a barbarian named Conan
>Constantly insults my PC, both OOC and in character (ie: "What a pitiful coward", and "what kind of rogue only has 10 strength?")
> This continues for a few sessions straight, despite other characters warning "conan" of my characters short fuse, and my requests that he stop criticizing my character (again, both in and out of character)
>Barbarian decides he doesn't like being told what to do and decides to beat the shit out of the lurk.
>Midfight, I pass note to the DM stating I am sleight of hand replacing the barbs healing potions with my acid vials, beat the barbs spot check by a huge amount
>two days later we fight a dragon, and barb eats a breath weapon to the face
> WORRY NOT MY COMPANIONS, FOR I AM NO PITIFUL THIEF *looks pointedly at my character and proceeds to chug a "healing potion"*
>Dies instantaneously from damage (DM ruled that drinking acid inflicts way more damage than having it thrown on you)
>None of the other players or DM complains, and the barbarians player storms off in a huff, never to be seen again.

>> No.54402000
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>> No.54402123

>>Play rouge
Why didn't you play Navy instead?

>> No.54402226

Now that's just a shitty thing to do

>> No.54403278

Top kek!

This thread is gold.

>> No.54403448

>DM runs a campaign where we're trying to stop King Arthur from excising magic and non-humans from the planes.
>Party were non-humans unless playing a magic user. So all manners of wizards/sorcerers/clerics except for me going for elf duskblade One player is an imp.
>Duskblade sucks because every encounter has something large grapple my character with improved grapple so I can't fight.
>Finally get high enough to get grapple feats
>Fighting a flying fire elemental in the sky as we grapple each other
>Druid says "I'mma cast flame pillar"
>I realize I'm at 3hp and yell IC not to do it. She does it anyway
>Druid "shocked" that flamepillar does dick to the flame elemental and I die.

>Roll H-Orc Barbarian. In it to repopulate his tribe.
>Always rolls to seduce but purposefully made my character bad at it for comedy
>Even the prostitutes want nothing to do with me
>Party discovers a ritual to force bind magic to the realm so that King Arthur can eat a dick
>Ritual needs a specific size/cut ruby
>We go to the jewelry store
>Party steals ruby and casts invisibility and leaves
>Barbarian is left holding the bag to get arrested and is forced to berserk and rage out
>Barbarian quits the party

>I roll a Dwarf Wizard and learned my lesson
>Took only spells that ignore SR, initiate grapples, or prevents grapple
>Casts grease on self as action one every fight
>We have the ritual to bind magic
>DM keeps telling us to read the ritual as he had it written down
>Us: "Yeah we read it when you gave it to us"
>DM: "The Imp has the ritual"
>Us: "Yawp"
>Climactic battle comes and King Arthur can't stop us from casting the ritual.
>Ritual opens a permanent portal to Hell, so that devils come through and rampage over the land
>Imp player giggles since he had changed the ritual one session after we received it. This was twelve sessions later and the DM was asking us to read the ritual for a reason
>Campaign ends

>> No.54403566

/arthur/ was right

>> No.54403596
File: 68 KB, 267x200, cromartie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know?

After rereading what me and the rest of the party was up to and our prime motivations. Arthur really WAS right. Why did I not realize that until now?

>> No.54403622

The solution is clear: Remove lembas.

>> No.54404058

>ruled that drinking acid inflicts way more damage than having it thrown on you.
Don't get me wrong, drinking acid will seriously fuck you up.
But as soon as it is in your stomach the internal damage is a bit mitigated, because your stomach is designed to hold acid.
Now before you start hating on me, this is DnD where barbarians can "tank" swords and arrows, so a bit of acid should not do so much.
I am not an expert in any way on acid burns, but the larger the surface area covered in acid, the more damage it will do.
So "only" having your esophagus and mouth burned seems less or equal to being soaked by it to me.

>> No.54404130

>because your stomach is designed to hold acid.
It's designed to withstand a 0.5-1.0% solution of HCl - by constantly secreting mucus to keep that weak solution away from the cells. For reference, what we call "concentrated" HCl is somewhere around 37%.

Acid concentrated and/or strong enough to quickly burn skin would rapidly eat through that. Don't overestimate the body.

>> No.54404132

It would still do full damage or at least 90% damage, since you did not actively try to evade it and you are not trying to get it off your skin and face before it melts it all off.

The acid not only will hurt your stomach, but your mouth and throat, too.

>> No.54404153
File: 501 KB, 598x588, 1329188496610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Druid says "I'mma cast flame pillar"
>I realize I'm at 3hp and yell IC not to do it. She does it anyway
>Druid "shocked" that flamepillar does dick to the flame elemental and I die.

Was there OOC bad blood between you two or was it just a case of lolrandom?

>> No.54404160

>Gm and party hear about Pally
>Literally assure OP that it's all OK
>Go back on that
>OP tries to make an interesting twist
>"Nah, fuck you because reasons"
>Players are mad because they're immature, metagamed and hate OP for trying to play the game his way
>Op literally offers to change his entire character to be more in line with what they want
>"No, that's not allowed"

Op is fine here. The Gm and players sound like dicks.

>> No.54404196

It would burn through your stomach and at that point you have acid flowing over your major organs. It would fuck you up bad. Your skin is really bad too but at least it just gives nasty scars if you get helped quick enough.

>> No.54404220


tl;dr Women are fucking awful.

>> No.54404243

>It would fuck you up bad.
Quite the understatement. Swallowing concentrated acid results in necrosis and internal bleeding. Death is usually the consequence. Your insides almost literally get digested and cooked (from the heat released by the chemical reactions).

I'd imagine these bubbling green fantasy acids are nastier still than industrial grade HCl or H2SO4, given that they eat through almost anything in seconds.

>> No.54404268

I'm not saying that my scrawny ass can hold acid, but we are talking about a DnD barbarian here.
The toughest and baddest dudes on the planet.
After the first gulp, even a barbarian will notice something is wrong and stop drinking.
Leaving the acid very diluted, because of the already existing stomach contents.
Full damage on a failed con check or half on a pass, at least that is how I would rule it.

>> No.54404321

I'd honestly make him drop to 0 on a failed save and full damage on a success. Acid is just this fucking nasty. Swallowing halfway strong real acid is a crippling disaster. Swallowing fantasy acid that corrodes anything is a death sentence.

>> No.54404332

A real barb just slams the acid, not take a sip like a pussy

>> No.54404358

The player is normally absolutely benign. But as it turns out she's a bit of a pyro. So her solution to everything was burn it. But she's actually the only member of the group that I still talk with, excluding the ones that moved away.

>> No.54404362

>sipping a potion of healing
Yeah, sure.

>> No.54404576

>halfway strong real acid is a crippling disaster
So is getting hit by a couple of arrows while not wearing armour, but that doesn't seem to bother most barbarians.

This conversion reminds me of a something completely off topic, but surprise story time.
>I'm playing a barb that is defending a keep from a horde of undead, but we are safe because we high walls and a strong gate.
>Some kind of ninja undead climbs over the walls and dashes to the gate to unlock it for the horde outside, with me on hot pursuit.
>I pass my observation check and see him drop caltrops ( don't know why I need a check, because I'm right behind him in a fully light courtyard, but okay).
>Keep running at full speed and just "tank" the caltrops, because if he opens the gate we are all fucked.
>I pass my con check but am still crippled for multiple hours and if I failed I would not be able to move at all.
>My party got the undead ninja, but i'm still salty about that fucking caltrop.
>The mage can do all kind of reality bending shit, but a barb stepping on caltrop stops him in his tracks.

To get back to the our topic. Getting hit by acid does as much damage as getting hit by a Greatsword, so clearly DnD acid is strong as fuck.
But most barbarians can shrug off a couple of greatsword hits without even wearing armour, so fuck logic.
Wizards can bend reality, barbs are Hercules and can take most kind of damage.

>> No.54404731

If only Arthur pulled that damn sword out of the stone faster.

>> No.54404771


I remember someone saying that one's HP is just a way of representing the ability to avoid lethal damage. AC is a way of dodging damage all together, but if it does manage to hit a high HP character, you might visualise it as them just stopping the blade with their arms. Yeah they are hurting and hit, but it didn't hit any lethal spots.

At least that's how I usually see it. So 'tanking' greatsword hits in my eyes doesn't mean he's literally standing there getting whacked, but he's using his body to catch the blows in places that don't hurt as much.

Opposing to this, actually ingesting an acid is going to truly fuck you up. It's the same as if the Barbarian would let someone wilfully plunge a low-damage dagger right into his heart. He would still die, even though he has a lot of hitpoints, because he's not trying to actively avoid lethal damage.

But yeah again, that's just my interpretation and in no way RAW. Seems logical to me.

>> No.54404820

D-did you just make that?

>> No.54404840

I agree. It also avoids weird situations where it becomes truly impossible to assassinate a sleeping character, just because they leveled up enough. PF tried to avoid this with coup de grace autocrits and death saves, but this was still a rather poor jury-rig. It's the old debate of HP as literal "meat points" or as luck, fatigue, fate etc.

>> No.54405404


By about a game he was (not) actually in?

>> No.54405421


Lying about a game**

>> No.54405963

I don't think you understand how awful corrosive chemicals are.

>> No.54406002
File: 92 KB, 728x546, 1498645755960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, there's one particularly nasty time where I played a necromancer who was a little too close to going off the deep end AT CHARGEN.

My character was nice and affable so no one really realized his methods were cruel (if effective) and he was pretty good at diplomacy. I don't know what the GM was thinking but after taking down the leaders of an orphanage putting the children to use for "street urchin" duties (pickpocketing on the streets, stealing expensive food/drink from vendors, etc), the party just said "well SOMEONE has to take care of the orphans now!".

Anyway my character being a kooky spooky + a place full of young test subjects (apprentices if they could handle casting) + the party being fond of this new hub town = army of pint-sized deathsingers.

It came to a head when we stormed the palace in search of a cursed amulet the King had (basically made you a super-wraith with psionic and mind control powers, but drove you insane). I tipped my hand like "here's what I've been doing" and besides the party's SHOCK of children exploding mind-controlled guards they didn't think much of it.

Until we got to the amulet. Everyone wanted to destroy it. There were about 15 tots with high-level spells and a cultist-like devotion to my necromancer.
>inb4 "just cut through them!"
Since the party was mostly Lawful they didn't want to try and fight through the children, so my character made away with the amulet.

Overall, it was real fun.

>> No.54406141

>Lawful they didn't want to try and fight through the children
Child soldiers, my one weakness! The perfect response to first world morality strikes again.

>> No.54406161

It was a pretty high stress situation, to be fair.

>> No.54406174

So was Vietnam.

>> No.54407315

That sounds like the GM prepared so you two killed each other

>> No.54408538

He had about 5 hp left

>> No.54408580

This, dude even mimed slamming it back.

>> No.54408824

Just pointing out, Heracles was killed by acid/poison.

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