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Paizo Games General /pgg/

What does your character do to relax?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>54353539

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Eh, it's fine. I still have yet to even make it, and even then I have no idea how to run a game.

As for the level thing though, the idea I had for it was basically give everyone a level after X amount of trials/encounters, and a mythic rank and BOSS WEAPONS after each major boss. Said bosses will probably be able to create adds, and use MMO style area/shape effects as well

Also, either free or mandatory Divine Source, for story reasons I'm working on.

>Heavenly PROMOTIONS.jpg

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I can get behind this.

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Current listings:


fucking mods stop killing threads at 70 posts

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>Free or Mandatory Divine Source

Sir, I see where you are going with this and I like it!

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Apparently it is my fate to repost everything.
>Chanting Spells (SSDK Materials)
May or may not contain godslaying.

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>What does your character do to relax?
Attempts to encounter every sensory experience this strange new world has to offer.

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My character is a master craftsman by trade, and pretty autistic, so his relaxation usually involves sitting alone making things. His latest fascination is firearms. And anyone who makes the mistake of hanging out with him while he's on a crafting kick just gets an earful of half-coherent streams of consciousness as he works.

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>Character A: Reads, talks with people and tells stories at his favorite tavern.
>Character B: Drinks, wrestles, finds someone attractive to bed down with.
>Character C: Drinks somewhat less, enjoys the outdoors, pets his horse, watches the stars.

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/pfg/ I need some ridiculous small-to-large sized monsters of any type to make lycanthropes out of

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Sadly, I only have one in mind, and really only 2 bosses planned. It's a rapier that, when flourished, can release a cloud of rose petals to fly around the user. With an action, they can either be launched as razor projectiles, turn only a protective blinding flurry, or be absorbed by the rapier to turn it into a long and thorny vine

The boss will be called "The Rozen Sentinel", and will be about in the mid to late game. In terms of similarity to other bosses, she'd fulfill much the same role as Garl Vinland, Spear of the Church, O+S or Velstadt

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So, it's a mix between Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura and the Flower Knight?

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Don't know who the Flower Knight is. To be honest, I was actually taking inspiration for the boss and weapon from a mix of Gundam Rose from G Gundam, and Biolante from Godzilla for the 2nd phase of the fight. Yes, bosses will of course have multiple phases and tactics

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>Also, either free or mandatory Divine Source, for story reasons I'm working on.

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Are we talking Kingdom Death Flower Knight, or some other Flower Knight?

And I actually also wanted to have rose-themed knights at some point. But made from corpses that had magic roses planted in their skulls.

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Tomo-chan please, contain yourself, people are watching.

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Well too bad! That's what happens when your frozen in stone for millennia, then discovered during the end of days as a small cult is built around your stone forms and worshipped as forgotten God's by a High Priestess who's the descendant of the wizard who froze you in the first place.

Those would be common enemy types of that area. Along with living rose bushes that shoot lasers and stuff

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Is there anyway I can make a dark elementalist kineticist good?

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There's a pair of feats from Jolly's body of work.

You can also dip Harbinger 1 to add your Intelligence to damage if your GM is okay with Path of War stuff.

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From what I see, not really. Your better off just using a different archetype to be honest, or maybe a different class. Or just playing a Legendary Kineticist

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Harbigners Don't get Int to damage at 1anymore, just half Int to attack at 1 and Int to Damage at 10 or something.

Because Wis do Attack and Damage at 1 is fine, but the same for Int as absolutely Haram.
>There's a pair of feats from Jolly's body of work.
They seem helpful, but I'm not sure if they make them good.

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I wanted an Int based Kineticist for RP reasons but both it and the Cerbral Kineticist seem lack luster compared to other archetypes.

>> No.54363019

I get my terms mixed up, I meant Int to Attack.

>> No.54363061

Still Half-int

>> No.54363065

Not a bad deal if you're a Dex/Int race. Makes you REALLY accurate as a kineticist. Stack it with a stance that gives more bonuses to-hit and you'll be sitting pretty accuracy-wise for a while

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>Because Wis do Attack and Damage at 1 is fine, but the same for Int as absolutely Haram.

Anything that gives Wis to atk/damage replaces your STR or DEX. Harbinger gives INT in addition to your physical stat.

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Why'd the other thread get nuked?

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>Avowed will never see a final release anytime soon
>Avowed 2 will likewise need even longer to finish
>Avowed 3 is likely literal years away
>PoW Discipline Errata never

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>What does your character do to relax?

Drinks, eats, and is merry

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He's got to take care of his kids now that he has to face the music and can't keep sailing away, never taking responsibility.

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Combine them. Play a character who reads, wrestles, and pets his horse.

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Honestly, there wasn't much going on there besides "hurr durr wanna fuck a goblin"

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He could always end it all

>> No.54363194

Could probably do that on any one of them with just a little more money and some time to develop character.

Except A. He's a Dexfag so no wrestling for him.

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Yes but his girlfriend is hot so it all works out in the end

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So, he'll be a good, caring daddy?

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Oh, okay. I was just curious. I'm all for early threads getting nuked, I just thought maybe something specific was posted to trigger this particular nuke.

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The goodest and most caring-est of daddies, anon. Those kids will be taken care of!

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Better idea: watches stars, tells stories, and drinks

No effort required.

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Good shit.

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Hercules had a cute family and he still murdered them.

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He already murdered his first family when he was a teenager, he's not gonna do that again!

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That's pretty awful, Anon. How does he go on?

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At least he has a family. My character doesn't even have a last name.

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Ain't so bad. My character can't remember his first name, and from his last name he's always guessed his parents sold him.

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By understanding that he was completely mad at the time. Mad as in "mentally /gone/", not angry. He was HORRIFIED that he did it, thrown out of his community and branded a murderer, and then sailed all down the Inner Sea until he found a place where no one understood the brand he had on his back!

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>when games are still recruiting but you don't have time anymore

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World Tendency on Iron Gods apps?

>> No.54363338

If he could, would he bring them back?

>> No.54363387

Yes, yes he would.

Though he would have a LOT of explaining to do, because he didn't follow the tenets of EITHER of his parents. He didn't join the church, disrespected his Gorumite mother by being a tricky bastard, refusing to wear GLORIOUS IRON ARMOR, disrespected his Shelynite father by being a sailor rather than a priest, not really CREATING anything original despite participating in more than a few one-night stands and often being vain and adversarial.

But they're still family, and if he could, he would bring them back.

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Avowed is it paizio or third party shit?

>> No.54363423

It's third party

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>three new races in Bloodforge
>six alternate races
>all of them are suspiciously anthropomorphic

>one new race and two of its alternate races have 10 foot space and 10 foot reach

>one alternate race has +4 Intelligence and flight

What was Ssalarn thinking?

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Thinking of making a Dwarf or Wood Elf Shammy. How does the class play?

>> No.54363442

He wasn't.

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No clue, but are you getting usage out of that DSP wiki?

>> No.54363447

probably "PF needs more overpowered bullshit" or something like that

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Do you have a link to the one with the blood forge stuff. I can only find the one with the Psionics and Godmind stuff.

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Akashic Mysteries, not Bloodforge.

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Remember this question when he does have the power, Anon. When he or his companions have a wish or a miracle.

Never forget.

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C1: watch plays, craft trinkets and simple tools, exercise
C2: drink, watch the stars, write in her diary, arm wrestle, listen to people talk
C3: drink heavily, depending on the season he has different oral fixations like smoking or hard candy, reading

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Here's the link to the homepage. It looks like its under heavy construction


Here's the main Bloodforge Directory, though. It's 75% done, guy just needs to add in the feats and templates from the book it seems.


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That furfags have more money than brains, [spoilers]and that they're power-gamers too, I guess?[/spoilers]

>> No.54363507

>seasonal fixations
That's...odd. Why the change?

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>> No.54363526

How do I make a male (female) without anyone thinking I'm trying to magical realm?

>> No.54363539

Copy Guilty Gear and give them abnormal motivation to adventure, like collecting Gryphons

>> No.54363553

He's tied to a spirit of the seasons. Each season is connected to different concepts and an element, but the essence is change. Basically, when the season changes, he gets a different craving associated with the dominant element, and avoids things associated with the opposed element, as they become unpleasant.

>> No.54363599

More likely "we need to write more overpowered bullshit to sell books"

>> No.54363664

Where the hell are all the drugs and their effects listed? One of my players took the psychic discipline where they do a bunch of drugs

>> No.54363682

Honey badger

>> No.54363689

Archives of Nethys, look it up under Equipment, then the "Black Market" category.

>> No.54363773

Okay, that's pretty neat.

>> No.54363888

Thanks! He's been fun so far. Dunno if the campaign will continue, sadly. We're down to 3 players, and one has been busy with other things 3 weeks running. If he drops, the game is dead.

>> No.54363925

Find some new ones! Recruit some folks!

>> No.54364001

I'm trying to figure out where to recruit currently, but I'm also talking to the GM, since he might have some connections. I'm nervous, but we'll see what happens. Both of my weekend games have been pretty rocky, which feeds into my depression.

>> No.54364125

Post up a recruitment ad on /pfg/

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I know if a Paladin falls in PF, they can become an antipaladin... but what if they fall to a LE alignment/patron? What is their option then?

>> No.54364155

Tyrant Antipaladin.

>> No.54364156

Antipaladin, Tyrant archetype.

>> No.54364195


Thanks guys, didn't know this was a thing.

>> No.54364200


What if they fall to
E V I L?

Do they have to become an insinuator?

>> No.54364204

How should a bunch of Italian Dwarves behave?

>> No.54364214


>> No.54364218

Keep in mind falling into an antipaladin isn't an immediate thing. You don't just become one because you were a paladin. Being an antipaladin means being as dedicated to chaos and destruction as a paladin is to law and benevolence. It has to be a fundamental part of your being, and gods don't hand that shit out for free.

>> No.54364230

Constantly searching for a princess, but they always end up in the wrong castle.

>> No.54364249

Are you insinuating that I'm falling for that Kitsune? Because I am.

>> No.54364256


In this case it's a supernatural curse/fucked up destiny. Kind of like a mirror of opposition.

>> No.54364302 [SPOILER] 


Understandable. Neutral Evil is best waifu alignment.

>> No.54364333

I took a quick break from the DSP SRD in order to teach myself how to make maps in DOOM for my campaigns. It's not a bad idea. Feats are now 100% uploaded, which means that all that's left are the few templates that came with the book and the tables for height, age, and weight


A fellow man of taste

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Assuming the Fey are still a thing in Starfinder, how do you suppose the Gap would have affected them? I'm of the opinion that, in spite of not being able to remember vital bits of information about the past (such as the way the elves freaked out about it) the ones who are inclined to do so wouldn't skip a beat and still peddle that they know shit even when they don't and probably wouldn't be as put off as others would be.

More so estastic because now the fun of being mysterious can be a thing again

>> No.54364433


Well, I'm not sure we know enough about the Gap to even say whether it did affect them or not. Fey rather pointedly play by a different set of rules, after all. Would they even still deal with people when their favorite planet to hang out on up and vanished? Would they actually tell people if they knew what happened? There's just too many unknown variables.

My money's on the Pathfinder Society destroying Golarion after fucking around with the wrong artifact, and then using an even more powerful one to wipe everyone's memory so no one knows they did it.

>> No.54364449

I'm on board with the PFS Space-Illuminati

>> No.54364470


>Hey guys, I found a way to kill Rovagug forever
>.....Looks like we accidentally the entire planet...
>This artifact will make sure no one remembers are fuck-ups, not even ourselves!

>> No.54364499

Given that the end of the Gap and Triune giving everyone the Drift happened at roughly the same time, my money is on Triune doing the mass mind-wipe to hide something from other gods.

>> No.54364533


Or they volunteered to forget and agreed to give Triune the leeway she has in exchange for making Absalom station and the Drift

>> No.54364540

>in exchange for making Absalom station and the Drift
The Drift explicitly aggressively cannibalises all the planes, tearing off large chunks of them.
Literally every deity other than Triune is interested in seeing it gone as their own planes are getting hurt by it.

>> No.54364589


There is that fact isn't it.

For my own purposes I plan on downgrading the severity some.

1. The Drift would be similar to sigil in that it's another way into the multi-verse as it where
2. Things and individuals from these planes arn't actively being canabalized but can wind up in the drift under extreme circumstances (i.e. demons/devils fucking up their teleports or summons going horribly wrong)

This is mainly for the direction I want my interpretation of the setting to go though.

>> No.54364621

This is easily my favorite piece of Pathfinder art. The antipaladin's look of retarded, brain dead, idiot glee as he kicks a fucking pig for no reason is so perfect and describes the class so well.

>> No.54364652

What makes a paladin that happy?

>> No.54364658

I want to run a game where the players have pretty significant handicaps but they have to figure out how to counteract them in order to succeed. High power, but high risk.

Perhaps some kind of "assassination" campaign, where the goal is to tear through some kind of massive tower in an incomprehensibly MASSIVE city in order to kill one of the minor nobles in a bureaucracy that stretches up even to the Gods of the setting, to try and bring SOME change and start some kind of rebellion. In order to do this, a shadowy benefactor (i.e the Outsider from Dishonored, is what he'd be based on) would give them powers that would elevate them above and beyond the norm... but take from them something that makes them /human/. Consuming Power so to speak, that lets them compete against the Bureau, but which threatens to destroy them if they don't accomplish their goals.

I want to use the corruption rules, and have the corruptions be related to a near-death experience (whom the Benefactor would save them from). For example, a man working on machines, nearly crushed by them, could end up with the Promethean corruption, while someone nearly exsanguinated might end up with the Vampiric corruption.

The problem is, corruption mechanics SUCK and I have no clue how to fix them. Is there any third-party stuff for it or better versions of that ruleset?

>> No.54364669


Thean Tagonist is a treasure. Beats the hell out of me why they bothered with the duergar.

>> No.54364800

What is the flavor of an undead pact avowed?

>> No.54364892

You made a pact with a vampire or a ghoul or something, I guess?

>> No.54364915

Need help here, GM warned me that my party are going to have 1v1s against a CR 12 enemy who are known for having both good spell resistance and also saves. Normally since we start at level 17, if your PC is a fightman, this is easy, but my PC is a pure caster instead. Which spells are good for these? Sorry, this is my first time playing such a high level caster

>> No.54365072 [DELETED] 

You can optimize to beat his SR, or his saves. Or focus on buffs (if you'll fight alone - polymorph). Or you can try to find no-save, no-sr spells (like Stone Call and Black Tentacles).

>> No.54365111

Summon Monster.

>> No.54365117

Huh, I never noticed Stone Call before, this can be useful. Looks like a death trap if ever you dont have flight. Thanks anon

I would probably optimize against SR because this enemy is rated CR 12 and my much higher CL should make it easier against SR

>> No.54365124

You can optimize to beat his SR, or his saves. Or focus on buffs (if you'll fight alone - Time Stop, Gate - now you're not alone anymore). Or you can try to find no-save, no-sr spells (like Stone Call and Black Tentacles).

This is probably very easy challenge, considering that as a LVL 17 caster you probably have 9th level spells. And even if you're not - 8th levels are strong enough. Especially vs CR 12 enemy

Are there ways to get miss chance for a 5-6 level martial, without 3pp? Excluding consumable items and spells from other characters.
There is Mistmail, but it's only for one battle, and I'm not sure if AC bonus from armor still there.

>> No.54365143

In all honesty, yes, I probably am overthinking this one out of a worry that I dont want to embarass myself. I will look at my spell list more just in case

>> No.54365165

No problem.
There are also good no-save spells with SR, if you're planning to beat SR.
I would like to warn you that "good spell resistance" may result in actually "Immunity to Magic" aka

> An %MonsterName% is immune to spells or spell-like abilities that allow spell resistance. Certain spells and effects function differently against it.

In this case no-SR spells and buffed summons (gate, summon monster, etc) would be your best bet

>> No.54365641

So for my first campaign I'm multiclassing as a human rogue/alchemist and I'm trying to play it as a good disabler type.
Do you have any feat ideas that help with poisons or in general for this idea?

>> No.54365685

>multiclassing as a human rogue/alchemist

Why aren't you playing an Investigator?

>Parent Classes: Alchemist and rogue.

>> No.54365716

Investigator? Vivisectionist? There are different options, and right now your question is too broad

>> No.54365718

>>three new races in Bloodforge
Do you mean Akashic Mysteries?

>> No.54365919

Well I originally started out as a rogue but then I decided by third level to use the feat, Eclectic, to multiclass into alchemist. That's why I'm not running investigator.
I'm just wondering if there any good poison feats out there that would help this idea.

>> No.54366011

What is the best way to flurry with a scythe?

>> No.54366280

Women disguised themselves as men all the time in folklore and even history, just write her as a scrappy Brevic woman that wants to be more than meat.

>> No.54366300

How does a weapon with the Psychic weapon propriety from Ultimate Psionics work with weapons that are already enchanted?
Suppose I put it on my +1 Keen rapier, and I have 100 PP right now: is my weapon a +4 rapier, a +4 Keen rapier, or a +5 Keen rapier?

>> No.54366305

Keyword 'wants'

>> No.54366309


>> No.54366316

Take one of:
- Sohei 6
- Fighter (Weapon Master) 3 \ Sohei 1+
- Feat Crusader's Flurry

>> No.54366339

+4. Enhancement bonuses don't stack.

On top of that, you must have a +1 enhancement before the Psychic property can be applied. Meaning the +1 enhancement for having only 4 or less PP is pointless

>> No.54366356

That picture bothers me because those two ships in the bottom left are about to hit those rocks.

>> No.54366377

That's because they're being captained by PCs, who never take Profession (Sailor).

>> No.54366397

So when's the next gestalt game where I can be a monk/Paladin and flurry smite?

>> No.54366404

How do I write a female (male) character without coming across as magical realm?

>> No.54366443

Tribal birth where people born during certain times are always raised as female akin to Gwyndolin.

>> No.54366463

You really can't, even if they live in a female-dominated society the players will still see it as magical realm. Your only bet is "raised feminine" like >>54366443 suggests.

>> No.54366478

why did the gestalt mythic DM anon betray us ;_;

>> No.54366506


>> No.54366514

Because nothing in life can be good.

>> No.54366521

Fuck that, what happened to Land of the Linnorm Kings?

>> No.54366552

"Accomplished Sneak Attacker", unless you're Vivisectionist.
If you planning to use poison a lot - maybe also "Master Alchemist".

>> No.54366554

Some anon offered to run a gestalt mythic campaign for /pfg/, but shitposters scared him off and he disappeared.

>> No.54366608

>implying that wasn't all a false flag by mythic gestalt thirsters to get another anon to run the kind of game they want

>> No.54366639

>we know RotJR had a harvest festival episode
>we know there were cute smooches
>we still don't know who the happy couple is
What fresh hell is this?

>> No.54366694

I don't think they did, wasn't it someone basically saying "wouldn't it be nice if we had a mythic gestalt godslayers game?"

>> No.54366714

Yeah, excellent wordplay to suggest he'd run it but not really.

>> No.54366729

Ah thanks, I thought it worked like that, but had hoped that at least the keen would stay. Seemed a bit too good

>> No.54366733

Nope, I was there when this begun. He offered to run a mythic gestalt game and asked for theme suggestions.
The most popular suggestion was godslaying.

>> No.54366740


>> No.54366771

Fuggggg I want to kill Iomedae

>> No.54366814

He asked what people would want to see in a mythic gestalt game, he didn't offer to run shit. It was gamebait made to make it look like mythic gestalt godslayer games were the upcoming meta to potential gamerunners who wanted heat on their apps.

>> No.54366833

What if the demons in WotR are running away from a greater threat? Not the Qlippoth, not their ambitions, but the inexorable March of the blighted first children of the gods?

It could be called Wrath of the Titans, and the party acquires their first Mythic ranks when a Titan's heart-blood splashes onto them! Different Titans are featured in different campaign traits!

>> No.54366859

It could be called Wrath of Gensokyo, and the enemies would be built by 2hu using all 1pp material.

>> No.54366879

Why? Iomedae isn't a problem. In fact, she's the goddess of Humanity!

>> No.54366890

Fuck off Iomedae

>> No.54366916

My money's on Seht x Onryou, made all the more adorable since Onryou would have to bend over to smooch, or pick Seht up.

>> No.54366968

There is only one god of humanity.

>> No.54366979

>Powerful male gods


>> No.54367041

Delete this. Now.

>> No.54367051

There's not too many potential pairings, is there?
>Onryou x Seht
>Valeriya x Casimir
>Corwin x Valeriya
>Corwin x Ameiko
>Aranha x Onryou
>?????? x ??????

>> No.54367062

Monster Energy and the Golden Jew are powerful male gods!

>> No.54367180


it was Onryou X Corwin the whole time.

>> No.54367217

Gadzooks! Who could've seen that coming?

>> No.54367227

>Session 0
>GM doesn't like magic items and gold dependency
>Decides to remove craft feats, magic item market, modify magic item tables to the point is just random useless crap, etc
>Doesn't want to use automatic bonus progression either because he dislikes the +X stuff
>To compensate he's going to gives us 1 or probably a couple of mythic levels (decided by him, so we can't choose which path to pick, only powers)
How much are we going to die, /pgg/? we're a 5th level party with 0 usable magic items dealing with at lowest CR 5 monsters

>> No.54367251

I want to snuggle with Iomedae and watch tv together!

>> No.54367259

The more martials you have the more fucked you are.

>> No.54367276

Remember to roll an Arcanist.

>> No.54367289

TV exists in Starfinder, you could totally Netflix and chill!

>> No.54367301

That's dumb, ABP is VITAL for those sorts of campaigns.

>> No.54367343

Are we allowed to talk about how Asmodeus isn't listed as a core god for Starfinder?

He's the perfect evil-corporation foil to conflict with Abadar's corp.

>> No.54367347

Post NPC Ideas and then art to go with it.

>Salon owner who is a Material Manipulator Mesmerist to give people plastic surgery. Constantly "Improves" her staff and herself to look exaggerated, Like a caricature. Frequently works with nobles trying to find a new look or criminals avoiding capture.

>> No.54367366

He was too white, even for evil.

>> No.54367404

Actually, they couldn't make Asmodeus an evil corporation because the image of a red-skinned casino owner is kind of inappropriate.

>> No.54367430

Cheliax obviously got BLACKED

>> No.54367449

>Evil Corporation foil

There's the Aspis Consortium for that, besides AbadarCorp isn't "good," they're fairly shady and shackled into bureaucratic incompetence.

Which is to say, that is one of the many archetypes of megacorporations.

>> No.54367450


>> No.54367457

That bad, eh?
I had a conversation with the GM, he says the math is sound, rest of players seem to be ok. I know for a fact a 7th level group without magic items is not going to fare well against CR 7+ encounters (had horrible experiences in the past with similar stuff) and for what I see in the mythic manual, even counting the casters paths, I don't believe 1 level in mythic is going to compensate magic items at all

>> No.54367475

>Onryou x Seht
>Valeriya x Casimir
If it were one of these we probably would have heard about the relationship by now. They're weird, forced pairing so if they actually did it it would be for the attention. I'd wager on Corwin x Valeriya personally.

>> No.54367477

If she wants customers, she shouldn't look like a caricature. People are squicked by exaggerated proportions, she should just make herself a bombshell.

>> No.54367497

It depends on what you are fighting. If you fight other humanoids without magic items then you will probably be okay. If you fight dragons, outsiders and fey you are going down. Hard.

>> No.54367504

If your party is all-caster, with summons playing close-combat role, you'll be totally fine. Having one summoner, even unchained, and one divine spellcaster (preferably cleric) in that "all-casters group" will help even further.

>> No.54367508


>A crusader with mostly decorative armor and glowing golden hair, approaches looking for aid in championing a relatively minor cause, claiming that she was touched by the divine. In reality she was pranked with a permanent light spell.

>> No.54367541

Martial casters using Arcane Strike is probably a really good idea. Also, nobody can stop you from crafting weapons out of special materials (unless your GM is a colossal dick and doesn't allow you to find the ore etc).

>> No.54367546

UMonk, Barbarian, Pal/Oracle, Bard is the group
Can't change for now because this is the continuation of a game characters are deeply conected with the plot

>> No.54367613

We could watch futuristic HBO dramas together!

>> No.54367626

>Slow getting cucked
That's wack

>> No.54367642

> UMonk, Barbarian, Pal/Oracle, Bard is the group
The Lord tells me ... he's pretty sure you're fucked

Although, Pal/Oracle will be fine for a while.

>> No.54367660

So in my campaign a Winter Hag has made herself a monarch of a frozen island nation. A true ice queen. Now she wants to gather an army to invade the slightly bigger nation to the south. My question is what kind of troops would be in a Winter Hag's army? I figure she has a few ice giants guarding her keep and her coven acts as her honor guard/advisers

>> No.54367683

The Bard wants Arcane Strike badly and right away.

The Oradin will be fine as long as he builds responsibly. Remember to buff.

UMonk and Barb...set prayer power to max and hope your casters can buff you enough to matter.

>> No.54367688

>UMonk, Barbarian, Pal/Oracle, Bard is the group
>no magic items

>> No.54367699

Has he got any action in the many games he's gotten into? I can't think of any despite all the hype.

>> No.54367726

Daddies getting BTFO

>> No.54367734

Like that hit new series "The Sport of Kings," a fantastical reimagining of the Chelaxian Civil War!

>> No.54367736

Is the Oracle Double-Cursed or Spirit Guide? You're right fucked with that group.

>> No.54367742

Alternately, check with your GM if the barb can be allowed to retrain into Bloodrager or even Skald (or any combination of Skald 3/Barb or Skald 3/Brager). Then apply Arcane Strike there as well.

The UMonk I've got nothing except multiclassing for.

>> No.54367745

Source on this

>> No.54367750

Oodles and oodles of Fey, preferably of an icy variety.

>> No.54367762

Don't forget Ice golems everywhere, and special-designed large scale AM fields that make casting Fire spells really difficult inside her kingdom.

>> No.54367776 [DELETED] 

What are some fun Ki powers for a Teisatsu vigilante?

>> No.54367794

A ranger who acts as a wilderness guide in some of the roughest enviroments. Rarely speaks, but typically corrects someone else's grammar when he does.

>> No.54367809 [DELETED] 

It depends of CR you're aiming for.
Also there are different themes you can go. You can take ice spirits and [grim] fairies route. You can take ice golems and general ice creatures (there was a template in 3.5's book Frostburn - look it up) route. You can take primitive cannibals and primal fauna route. And you can combine all of the above.

>> No.54367848

There are different themes you can go. For example, you can take ice spirits and [grim] fairies route. Or ice golems and general ice creatures (there was a template in 3.5's book Frostburn - look it up) route. Or primitive cannibals and primal fauna route. Etc.
Or you can combine all of the above.

>> No.54367874

It's no "The Guarils," but honestly, what is? Plus Iomedae gets all hot and bothered by the historical wars and stuff, which is a definite plus.

>> No.54367877

>What are some fun Ki powers for a Teisatsu vigilante?
Abundant step, empty body, insightful wisdom.

>> No.54367888

Well its a good thing he can also appear as an LN black woman then

>> No.54367921

We certainly know that Sigmund didn't get anywhere.

>> No.54367957

You're so dead

>> No.54367977

How'd your weekend games go?

>> No.54367983


>> No.54367995


>> No.54368006

Guys, here's an idea. What if, we were to take Pathfinder, but completely remove and rework the base combat system?

I'm workshopping a rough idea right now, but am thinking of waiting until a new thread to post it so it can get better notice and discussion

>> No.54368009

What weekend games? ;_;

>> No.54368021

Why are CN characters so popular

>> No.54368035

I've been trying to do that, but honestly all that needs to be changed is the full attack paradigm

>> No.54368043

Fucking CANCELLED because some people manage to have sleep schedules even more fucked than mine.

>> No.54368047

Being a selfish, ineffectual, degenerate imbecile is easy for most PF players. It just comes naturally.

>> No.54368057

>Being a selfish, ineffectual, degenerate imbecile
That's not what CN means though, law fag.

>> No.54368067


>> No.54368073

Are there even any evil ice themed fey that make good soldiers?

These are both great ideas I will use

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look up the template

>> No.54368074

That's not even Chaotic Neutral. That's just "Players". Please get it right.

>> No.54368079

I've been thinking on that, and also having a pre-built system of Active Defense options, pre-built Power Attack/Combat Expertise, incentives for using shields, and providing Str with some options. Again, I'm thinking of posting more once the thread turns over

>> No.54368088

I know that feel. Sorry, anon.
It's used to justify being selfish and self-serving without the brand of evil. Also doing wacky things for laughs. "Chaos" to most reads as unpredictable and with little motivation for actions or regard for common sense.

>> No.54368101

>Nuh uh
Typical Chaosfag. No articulate position, just a vomit of bile and aimless hostility.

>> No.54368121

>selfish, ineffectual, degenerate imbecile is easy
>not aimless hostility

>> No.54368140

I dunno, a lot of CN characters are very motivated, its just they're locked onto one idea

>> No.54368170

Simple, its the alignment for people who don't want to be beholden to anything, or responsible for thier own actions to anyone. Its the alignment "i dun giva fuk!", which makes it the ideal alignment for murderhobos and people who don't feel like rules and ethics should always have to apply to them.

The one thing that makes them not quite as assholish is NE is that while a CN character values his own personal freedom, generally they don't feel a constant urge to fuck other people over like NE or CE does, they just aren't apposed to the idea of screwing other people if they think its the best course of action. Basically its a sort of uncaring selfishness, while the Evil alignments are a more malicious selfishness

>> No.54368198

>Are there even any evil ice themed fey
Winter Fey and Cold Rider springs to mind. Then there are things like Wendigo, Ice mephit, Yeti, etc that aren't technically "fey", but still falls in similar category. Simple search will fetch you a lot of ready-to-use monsters, plus you can reflavor other monsters

> http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/tools/advanced-monster-search/

> that make good soldiers?
This you should decide by yourself.

>> No.54368269

Because it fits the adventuring life style the best. You're not really stable and most adventurers are people who for one reason or another don't fit into their society or don't wish to fin in with their society. They do dangerous and honestly insane things on a regular basis instead of living the life of a farmer or something.
Pretty much this though I will disagree on this point
>or responsible for their own actions to anyone.
I feel like Chaotic Characters are more likely to own up for their actions, they just wouldn't care beyond the implications to themselves and those close to them.

>> No.54368304

It's easy to be Lawful Good and adventure. There are so many wicked and chaotic people in the world causing trouble that you have to travel from place to place, destroying them.

>> No.54368305

What separates TN and CN, then?

>> No.54368341

>It's easy to be Lawful Good and adventure
Yes, but it's not the *best* for adventuring.
TN tends to be "path of least resistance" they enjoy their freedom but wouldn't inconvenience themselves terribly to maintain it to the extent a CN character would.

>> No.54368402

I have a system for this for my homebrew system, but it doesn't fly with BAB too well (I think).
And speaking of getting more discussion for things, here's the first revision of Chanting Spells, featuring a much less fucking complicated Curved Beams for everyone.
>Chanting Spells v1.1 (SSDK Materials)
Also still has godslaying, of course.

>> No.54368453

Curved. Beams.

>> No.54368645

Wasn't there some speculation about Andrik?

>> No.54368693

What, is he boning the Necromancer?

>> No.54368827

Somebody certainly is.

>> No.54368995

Swordlords BTFO

>> No.54369374

>Demon Slave
Good to see those who still appreciate the classics

Megumin a shit, she's just a discount Lina Inverse! Yeah, I said it motherfuckers

>> No.54369484

I just found the most retarded combo in Pathfinder, lads.
First, let's take a look at the CRB:
>A check is a d20 roll which may or may not be modified by another value. The most common types are attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks and saving throws.
Second, let's take a look at the FAQ:
>>Alternate Ability Score-Based Checks: If I change the key ability score of a skill (or other check), for example, if I change Knowledge from Intelligence to Charisma, is it no-longer an Intelligence-based check? Is it now a Charisma-based check?
>Generally yes—at the time of rolling a check, if you substitute the ability score, the check is now based on the new ability score. In the example, at the time of rolling, Knowledge would now be a Charisma-based skill and not an Intelligence-based skill for you, which would affect things like feats, spells, or items that grant bonuses on checks based on their key ability score (like circlet of persuasion). However, if you are adding a second ability modifier to a check, this is not the case. For instance, when adding both Wisdom and Dexterity on initiative checks, initiative is still a Dexterity check, not a Wisdom check. Also, this changes the check only at the time of rolling, so this does not change static class features or options made during character building such as your class’s class skills. Classes that receive “all Intelligence-based skills” as class skills, for instance, are the victim of sloppy writing, and furthermore sometimes effects might muddy the water by only changing the ability dependency sometimes and not others, which is why you check the new dependency only for a specific given roll.
Third, let's take a look at this item:
> http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/c-d/circlet-of-persuasion/
Need I say anything more?

>> No.54369561

Does your character ever change, physically speaking, in small or gradual ways?

Do you have your character grow a beard out when he's been out adventuring, or develop a tan from going on a quest through the desert?

>> No.54369570

>the most retarded combo
>the ability to add +3 to things based on charisma
>something which will likely only come up for skill checks because the average DM would slap your shit otherwise

What did he mean by this? Are you implying any GM would actually let me get away with adding that +3 to say, my attack/damage rolls with a Starknife? Or to my Reflex and Initiatives if I'm a Noble Scion (War) Lunar Oracle with the Cha-to-AC/Reflex revelation? Or to adding it to my attack and damage rolls with a vigilante's Lethal Locks?

>> No.54369583

>4500 GP
>+3 to attack rolls and saves
I'd say it's pretty retarded.

>> No.54369589

I've had a character grow his scruff out into a full, big bushy beard before, though I can't imagine how agonizing it would be to get a full-body sunburn in the desert!

>> No.54369597

Not damage. Only d20 rolls are legit.

>> No.54369598

It says checks. Meaning skill checks and stat checks. Attacks rolls are, well, roll, so they don't work.

>> No.54369612

You're a man of legitimate taste, my friend. This is Darkstar, my WotR vigilante

>> No.54369616

I literally quoted the CRB for you.
>A check is a d20 roll which may or may not be modified by another value. The most common types are attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks and saving throws.
>The most common types are attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks and saving throws.
>attack rolls, [...] and saving throws
Please learn to read.

>> No.54369625

That's still pretty retarded.

>> No.54369631

Works pretty well for some of us.

>> No.54369632

I agree, but that is the RAW.

>> No.54369662

I'm having my character grow a beard out--it's still mostly just long stubble, but hopefully it'll look good to a certain someone.

>> No.54369663

Yes but it's an interaction that will have GMs slap your shit and tell you to fuck off. This is also not "the most retarded combo" because it's not some kind of roundabout fuckery, it's just a bump to numbers for people who decided to fuck themselves in the ass by making shit charisma-based.

Fuck off Taveena, you have nobody to blame for that but yourselves for greenlighting bloodforge shit

>> No.54369670

Now accomplished sneak attacker was an idea but I'm thinking of leaving the actual damage to the fighter while I just continue to take away the opponents stats.

Master alchemist however sounds like a really good feat since I'm thinking of going for the item creation route. Thanks for the suggestion anon.

>> No.54369688

>New archetype for sluts everywhere
>the social identity is a slut
>The other identity is just a giant pussy

Why did i get this idea

>> No.54369704

Starfinder leaks when

>> No.54369790

This is why desert dwelling societies tend to fully cover their bodies instead of running around naked.

>> No.54369805

Why does Paizo basically always ignore Nex and Geb?

They have so much potential to show what a REALLY high magic Material Plane society looks like.

>> No.54369812

because they're both hellholes

>> No.54369826

Three more weeks, anon.

>> No.54369842

Why do you think that?

>> No.54369844


An android Mystic who was an aspiring doctor but lost his license to practice after experimenting with necromancy. Now runs with various mercenay crews and does house calls for people who need discret medical care.

>> No.54369859

Because that's when Leakanon said he'd be able to leak Starfinder.

>> No.54370176

Don't hide it from me, /pgg/.

Tell me about the time you settled for imprisoning your enemy forever instead of destroying him completely.

>> No.54370178

Because they'd have to explain why they'd still be shitholes and deal with the issues of high-level magic just dominating absolutely everything when ubiquitous.

>> No.54370240

Well you can't very well just leave it at that!
Who's he trying to impress?

>> No.54370338

It's the cornerstone of any wizard I play who is ungood enough to stuff people's souls into gems and use them for crafting later.

Also a decent way to make bank off of those scripted NPC deaths because those guys are more likely to have more valuable souls.

>> No.54370441

Those full-body robes are actually quite cool, too. Does a better job than your naked flesh at dissipating heat.

>> No.54370555

I think I tend to play female characters because male character art is always sorta bland and I can never find anything I'm satisfied with. Is it just me?

>> No.54370596

My party did that at one point. It was a "PvP" game (our party and the other party were on opposite sides of a war, and would often fuck with each other in various and hilarious ways), but one of the PCs in the other game went a bit too far with his build (he was a bit of a That Guy, and the GM was kind of sick of his shit). So, one of the players in our party hired a hitman (which was a retired character of his) to knock out the character, take him away from the enemy's camp, and then drop him off at a high-level Wizard's place who owed us a favor, which resulted in his soul being ripped out of his body and sealed away. I can't remember the exact specifics of what happened, but the other party managed to get the body back and attempted to resurrect him, but because his soul itself was sealed away the resurrection backfired and he became turbo dead and incapable of further resurrection. I think the end result is that the old character became a vestige that the player's new character bound.

And then the new character got blown up by a space laser completely on accident.

>> No.54370602

I actually had this explained to me; they have vents down by the hips and up by the shoulders, and the black color means they absorb sunlight and heat the air inside, which rises up through the upper vents resulting in a constant draft through your clothes that keep you sort of cool enough to not die.

>> No.54370608

Well, I tend to play exclusively male characters, but yes, I agree with you.

Good male character art, or even halfway-decent male character art, is a bitch and a half to find.

>> No.54370654

What should you do when you find the king of enemy kingdom among the prisoners that were in possetuon of an army belonging to a third party (also enemy)?

>> No.54370710

Aggressive negotiations should ensue with less than fair terms on the table.

>> No.54370737

Kill the king and make it look it was the work of the third party. Hopefully they'll be at each others's necks for long enough for your side to sweep in for a decisive victory while they're still weak.

>> No.54370742

Ransom him or, more likely, kill him.

>> No.54370745

Get the Spymaster to look into things, see if there are any connections between the two, while outwardly not showing any suspicion, and waiting for proper evidence one way or the other about any possible connection

>> No.54370774

Oh, you know, just trying to look his best and match the fashions from her neck of the woods. Maybe just split the difference and go with a fiendish goatee.

>> No.54370791

Rolled 2, 2 + 3 = 7 (2d4 + 3)

Don't mind me

>> No.54370806

Rolled 5, 3 + 3 = 11 (2d6 + 3)

Actually, while I'm here...

>> No.54370854

>Need male art for NPC
>Spend literal hours combing through "males" and poor art

>> No.54370895

>Fiendish goatee

Only Tieflings and Chelaxians wear goatees, anon, and I don't see any horns on you.

You ain't gonna start them Ave Satani's while I'm around, are ya?

>> No.54370900

Would it make more sense for tiefling to have a -2 in diplomacy? Shouldn't they be good at intimidating at least?

>> No.54370907

Rolled 3, 10 + 4 = 17 (2d10 + 4)


>> No.54370931

>Shouldn't they be good at intimidating at least?

Some of them should, and some of them do. Demodands and Oni in particular get +2 bonuses to Intimidate.

>> No.54370948

That's quite a result anon
Where's it going?

>> No.54370956

In my experience, finding a variety female art with semipractical armor to fit a concept is harder than finding any specific type of male art.

>> No.54370981

Why, it's going between the local tiefling boy's skirt. Gonna need one that goes down WAY below his knees.

>> No.54370982

>fucking Devilspawn of all Tieflings gets a Cha penalty

What the fuck is the logic here, Paizo? Am I not understanding something? Aren't devils meant to be convincing and tempting?

>> No.54371013

Sounds like that's not the only thing going between his legs at that rate.

>> No.54371016

Hey now, Devils are good at figuring out tricks, they aren't good at discussing them.

>> No.54371019

Well they couldn't very well give all tieflings a Charisma bonus.
But what's really strange is that they gave it to Demon-spawn of all things.

>> No.54371044

Demon-spawn are the de facto Paladin race, just like Angel-Blooded.

>> No.54371062

Rolled 6, 5 + 5 = 16 (2d10 + 5)

Here we go!

>> No.54371071

Look a little harder
But nah, I'm just trying to work around a bit of a troublesome face. A full beard wouldn't complement it so well.

>> No.54371103


>> No.54371108

What are people actually rolling for right now?

>> No.54371113

He's a kyton spawn. Tie him down and use him like a toy. he enjoys it

>> No.54371125

Penis length or tit size.

>> No.54371139

Rolled 2, 6 + 4 = 12 (2d10 + 4)

Might as well do his fraternal twin sister too

>> No.54371141


>> No.54371161

This chesty tiefling barbarian grill was even chestier than I thought.

>> No.54371214

>Play with friends on roll20
>They start to tire of this adventure
>Write a hasty ending and call it there

>Play with other group of friends, this time in real
>Get almost to the point where crappy hasty ending begins
>Scramble to get a satifying one
>Can't come up with nothing, been thinking for a week straight

Is there a worse feeling? I know point A, B and C and all that happened inbetween. Now the road between B and C has to change.

>> No.54371246

Lies and slander, anon! I have a goatee and it's not at all fiendish.

>> No.54371314

How do you deal with a campaign where most of the roleplay going on has all the substance of
>*notices ur bulge*
>"oh nooooo"

>> No.54371318

Through some unfortunate rolls my PC is, uh, pregnant. How would a child born into a cult of Asmodeus be raised?

>> No.54371344

Quit it, probably. A campaign with shitty roleplay is more of a game than a tabletop, and I've got quite a selection of better titles than something like that.

>> No.54371360

By walking the fuck away.

>> No.54371370

Your character is going to spend the next 9 months in service to a cult of Asmodeus?

>> No.54371376

Been there. Doesn't help that I've still got the distinct impression the GM only asked me to join because they wanted someone to make fun of.

>> No.54371380

>How would a child born into a cult of Asmodeus be raised?
Literally Tuvarkz.

>> No.54371424

What's B and C? Maybe someone can help.

>> No.54371426

I deal with it by never playing with women or Guy-In-Real-Life players again.

Seriously, this is always how it turns out. Entire sessions of pretty dresses, yuri memes, and bullshit, and every combat is basically just there either as a poorly-planned afterthought or as a way to humiliate and dick around with the PCs.

>> No.54371430

Come on now, we all know she has been blessed with the greatest fortune known to humanity.

>> No.54371446

Just take a triple dose of night tea. Problem solved.

>> No.54371477

But that's against the LAW, anon
Asmo won't like that shit

>> No.54371482


>> No.54371505

No it isn't, unless your living in a city run by that loser Bazzy.

God's not named Erastil and Lamashtu do not give a single fuck about reproduction.

>> No.54371570

>God's not named Erastil and Lamashtu do not give a single fuck about reproduction.

>The goddess of birth
>Not giving a fuck about babies

That said, get a pitcher of Night Tea and flush that fucker out, you should be having a kid with someone you love.

>> No.54371604

>implying Pharasma gives a fuck about anything but her autistic little cycle.

>> No.54371665

My games with cute girls always end in atrocity and violence

>> No.54371700

Oddly enough, Asmodeus sponsors many orphanages across Cheliax and Isger, and is one of the few forms of relief aid an orphan can get there.
A child raised in the Infernal Church will probably grow up in a strict and disciplined home. Obedience, reverence, and discipline will be drilled into them from an early age, and chances are any misbehaivior will be dealt with molty through punishment and castigation rather than lecture and lesson teaching. Children will probably be expected to follow a strict curfew and schedule, and will generally be rewarded for snitching on other children's misdeeds, and they will be probably encouraged to form their own hierarchy amongst themselves.

While children growing up in this way will become probably dour, stern, and rigid, at the same time they will probably develop a strong sense of discipline and propriety which will give them an edge in pursuit of academic and business careers, or possibly skill in learning how to curry favor and information in diplomacy and politics. Monastic pursuits and law enforcement are also common career paths, with a well-known example being the Sisterhood of the Golden Erinyes, an all female martial order that recruits from female orphans and is very active in Isger. Sadly though, they may end up being lacking in fields of creative expression and ingenuity.

Pharasman clerics are very often midwives, and in many places such as Ustalav they fulfill the roles of doctors and undertakers both, providing succor for the living, consolement for the dying, and peace for the dead. In fact, the fact that Pharasma also sees the safe passage of new life into the world is one of the reasons why Urgathoa makes her clerics sneak around and cause abortions for couples, to both gain more undead slaves and to specifically spite Pharasma's midwife aspect.

>> No.54371802

It starts with some terrorized kobolds that are being slaughtered and infected with alien substances.

They tell the players about their old ruins where they lived, and players find zombies and druids of this god.

After they clean the area, they find some grim-looking gryphons that druids used to travel here, that basically have GPS, that travel back to this very secret forest, where they kill this High cleric and end the trouble.

Now, my problem is replacing the Fast Travel part. How to lenghten the way and add some more stuff. I'm looking into modules and Society scenarios for ideas right now.

>> No.54371850


>> No.54372200

Well, the gryphons aren't going to land directly in front of the high cleric, right? They're going to land in a location where the gryphons are raised. Then the PCs have to travel through the forest, figure out some way to avoid being detected, and discovery where the high cleric actually is located. Maybe he's hidden himself in a small pocket of the first world, which you can only reach by way of a special ritual. Maybe he's in a mysterious cavern beneath the earth where his god sleeps. Maybe the head cleric isn't a cleric at all, but a manifestation of the forest that you need to draw out into a corporeal form. Maybe the forest IS the cleric, and it's a Genius Loci, which is why the cleric keeps coming back after being killed as a different person.

>> No.54372433

There is no practical armor on males or females. But even so it's easier to find females in practical armor than good male art.

>> No.54372450

Fresh bread:

>> No.54372632

Page 7, you unwashed profligate.

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